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  1. SD Bass Assassin

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    We left the bait receiver with a load of big bad ass sardines. We headed south to the hurricane bank. We arrived at the bank approximately 9am and started trolling around. The Independence was already there a few days in front of us and anchored up on one of the high spots. We started to catch...
  2. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite set ups

    Just came back from June Heat a couple of weeks ago. I used the boats kite gear, a big ole 80 reel, not sure which rod. The outfit was just to big and heavy for me to handle. I saw other anglers struggle as well with the gigantic tank of a reel. So the objection of this thread is I want to put...
  3. SD Bass Assassin

    Cow reel service

    I need to send my cow reels in for service. Just wondering if it's best to send Accurate's to Accurate, Okuma to Okuma, Avet to Avet. I think the Accurate's need pinion bearings. Or is there a better place to have my reels serviced. I would like to hear your suggestions and experience's...
  4. SD Bass Assassin

    2012 Holiday color

    Love the new holiday color. Marine blue with silver highlights. I need a couple of the new dawg reels, he he.
  5. SD Bass Assassin

    Jig stick handle

    Jig stick handle, reel seat or not. I would like to hear some opinions, pros and cons of having a reel seat on a jig stick. Or is it better to not have a reel seat? Right now I use a cork puppy, but it rubs my inner arm sore. Thanks for your input.
  6. SD Bass Assassin


    Does the atd 6 have any applications to long range fishing?
  7. SD Bass Assassin

    Another Excel question

    Was looking at the Sept. 15th, 8 day. This trip fits my schedule. How does the Excel fish with 32 passengers or 33 if they overbook by 1? Has anyone fished the Colonello charter?
  8. SD Bass Assassin

    Blue Avets

    I have 8 blue Avets. How come some are darker shade and some are lighter shade. Why are they not all the same color blue. Just wondering.
  9. SD Bass Assassin

    Is 10 or 11 day long enough?

    Just got back from 11 day this week, my first cow trip. The lower banks were not happening. I had 1 small tuna after the first 5 days. Probably 8 little tuna for whole boat. Water temp 66 degrees. We then ran to the rocks, some of the boats had been doing good there. Well, we get to the rocks...
  10. SD Bass Assassin

    ATD 50w topless

    Does anybody know when or if accurate is going to build a topless 50w? I want one.
  11. SD Bass Assassin

    Kite reel question

    Happy thanksgiving guys. I have an old shimano tts 50w, two speeded by cals. I was wondering if this reel would work for kite fishing. Line cap, drag, balls, etc. I'm guessing the gear ratio is 1:3 to 1 and 3:5 to 1? Don't know for sure. I would like to get a atd 50w topless if they make one...
  12. SD Bass Assassin

    single strand vs 49 strand

    Whats the pros and cons of single strand and 49 strand? For iron, bombs, bait, etc. How about the titanium stuff, any thoughts? Thanks.
  13. SD Bass Assassin

    Extra spectra

    How much extra spectra do you guys bring on a cow trip? Yardage and pound test?
  14. SD Bass Assassin

    100# & 130# set up

    Going on first cow trip in Dec., 11 day on polaris supreme. What reel should I use for 100# test? hxw raptor, 30w avet, accurate bx2 30? How about 130# test? Bx2 30, 50, avet 30w? Plan on using 770xxh 80-130 & 770xxxh 80-unlimited grafighters. What # jb hollow to use on each of them? Any other...