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  1. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Rare Kencor Rods and Original Phenix

    Addiction is the right word, i have a problem lol
  2. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB Seeker 1008

    Very nice perfect stick for the school size tuna
  3. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB Seeker 1008

    Selling a new Never fished Seeker 1008 green s glass, Composite. Beutiful light jig stick, Fuji Sic Guides. Has that beutiful Blue Tint Finish. This rod is great for the smaller Colt Snippers. $400 7148751153 i will have more pictures shortly.
  4. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Rods/Blanks

    Roddy Power master. 7'6 super thick wall soft tip and completely shuts off. Best chovie stick ever. $100 Roddy Br80 all factory full glass beutiful 25- 30lb rod glass $120. 10'ft Chochalete Sabre unknown model, would make a Sick old School Jig stick, 30-40lb no problem $230. All great...
  5. socal_fisherman

    WTB I need a 610 H old glass rod

    I have 610 i might part with
  6. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 DC & Seeker and Uc Blanks

    Selling a Shimano Trinidad 20Dc. The reel performance is perfect, in great condition except the left side plate has nicks and scratches . Filled with 3/4 of the way of 70lb Saltiga Boat Braid & 40lb top shot. $800. Super Seeker Long beach made cjbf6465 6'6 20-50lb S green glass composite...
  7. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline, Grafast & Lb Super Seeker

    70 and 4x sold. Graphast still up $250
  8. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker 6480 Trulines $100 each

    Hi Chuck nice to hear from you.
  9. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker 6480 Trulines $100 each

    Selling 2, 4x Trulines both original Chocholate glass. Both 7'6 have beutiful thick wall, smooth glass with original finish. Both are spinners. Asking $100 each. SOLD SOLD Seeker Classic Series 6480 all glass 20-40lb. Great all around rod. Rod is ready to fish clean condition. $$$160 714...
  10. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Looking for a United composite blank

    I have a 100 mega 10fr 20-40lb for $100
  11. socal_fisherman

    Irvine produces

    Great Job ,fun lake.
  12. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Newell P 322-F

    Selling a newell P322 works smooth, strong drags $180.. 7148951153
  13. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Custom Truline m100

    Selling a custom chocholate Truline M100 fishes 25 -30lb no problem. Feels like perfect bait stick. $280 714 8751153
  14. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker 6470h & Fenwick PJ83

    Selling a Factory Custom Seeker 6470h 30-60lb all top of the line fuji components. Great tuna stick $175 Vintage Fenwick pj83 Grizzly Glass. This is Fenwick's D8 version. Wraps are not in the best shape. Nice 30-40lb stick. $150 714 8751153
  15. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker white Tiger Cjb90f

    Selling a brand new Seeker 2nd gen White Tiger 90f Rod is brand new custom made never seen the water. 9ft 30lb stick. Hard model to come by. 714 8751253
  16. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Factory Green Glass Truline & Penn Squider Jr

    Selling A Beutiful Avocado Green Factory Truline, this rod is marked as 80. Its 8'2 thick wall 25lb stick. $220 Penn Squider Jr 140 with a Accurate frame and nice, Power handle. The reel is in exellent condition $100
  17. socal_fisherman

    For Sale 11'5 Ft Silaflex Jig Stick

    Selling a 11'6. Silaflex thick wall and pretty Small tip for a long rod. Perfect 40lb long Rod, has some nice pulling power, nice taper action. Not so parabolic like most of the long old stuff. Rod was stripped has Varmac Nf4, $250
  18. socal_fisherman

    TRADE valiant 600 2 speed

    looking to trade my valiant 600 2 speed for a 600N 2 speed in the same color o myb I'll take a purple and black o blue & black with braided line, my 600 is full of 65 braided line also willing to trade for old saltiga 30t gold o blue shimano Trinidad DC 16 LB CEX rods I will ad cash if needed...
  19. socal_fisherman

    For Sale UC Blank's

    Great for Smaller surface irons or colt snipers.
  20. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline, Grafast & Lb Super Seeker

    Truline 4x 8ft deck hand style rod, the rod is very clean pretty glass. She needs new cork tape and shes ready to fish. Perfect 15-20lb rod. $240 Sabre Grafast 270-8, 8'2 hard to find graphite to Honey glass. It makes a great 20- 25lb stick, great soft tip and shuts of nicely. $300 Virgin...
  21. socal_fisherman


    Sellling a Roddy Br100 full glass nice wall on her. Rod is 9'10 and ready to fish. Solid 30lb stick, could fish 40lb no problem. Rod was refinish with modern guides. I had several Br100 in the past, and most of them are shy of 10ft. In my opinion this rod is full lenght. $350 7148751153
  22. socal_fisherman

    FREE Need help on identifying rod.

    green glass so it can probably be seeker baby ulua
  23. socal_fisherman

    FREE Need help on identifying rod.

    take a picture of butt showing the inside by looking at the type of glass you can tell what can possibly be
  24. socal_fisherman

    FREE Need help on identifying rod.

    looks like a seeker rod check the bottom by removing the butt cap and there should be a sticker if it's a seeker
  25. socal_fisherman

    For Sale UC Blank's

    United Composited 1000 mega 25-40lb. Makes a great composite Light Jig stick $130 Sold United Composite 900xf best 20lb stick around 9ft 12-25lb.. $130 Both are Virgin Composit blanks. 7148751153
  26. socal_fisherman

    For Sale UC Viper & Shimano Tiagra 30 2 speed

    United Composite 7 Viper 80-130lb rail rod built with Fuji SIC heavy duty guides. Very clean beutiful rod only used a couple times. $390 Shimano Tiagra 30 2 speed in great over all condition had braided line not sure on LB test. $390 714 8751153
  27. socal_fisherman


    I have a large WFO tackle bag in good condition all zippers work. No rips or tears, just a bit dusty. $45 714 8751153
  28. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Factory Roddy Br100

    Selling a factory Roddy Br100 rod is exellent condition for its age all labels are there. 10ft with Aluminum factory pipe. $225
  29. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintaage Sabre Rods

    Rare Factory Sabre 540-9 20-50lb very good condition for its age. They just don't pop up in factory. $350 Sabre 550 8'6 cut 2 from tip and 4 from the but 40-50lb stick $165 Yos wrapped Sabre 610 7ft 30-40lb stick. $140 Beutiful Yos wrapped Sabre 6870 7ft 30lb rare stick does not...
  30. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Glass Rods. Calstar& Sabre

    Thank bud always a good time.
  31. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Custom Calstar GF 800h

    Selling a Calstar GF 800H 8ft 30-60lb great all around stick. The rod is custom made has a Aftco ligh weigh aluminium seat and Fuji guides. Rod is ready to fish has a nice fade wrap. $180 714 8751153
  32. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Trinidad 10a Saltiga 30T Limited Edition

    I believe i still do let me double check.
  33. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Trinidad 10a Saltiga 30T Limited Edition

    Selling a very scarce Trinidad 10A the reel is basically new used one time. I upgraded the handle to a Tranx handle. No scratches reel is like new in box $500 Very Rare Saltiga 30t Gold. In exellent condition all the way around. Works like new, reel has a few nicks but nothing to major. $490...
  34. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Glass Rods. Calstar& Sabre

    Sabre 670h. 7'2 custom made SOLD Early Calstar 610h 7ft. custom made by Angler Center good condition ready to fish SOLD Early Clastar 270h-8 15-40lb also custom made by Angler Center $100 714 8751153
  35. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB Factory Seekers

    Super Seeker Factory 270-8 in perfect condition lightly used. 8ft 15-25lb $340 Seeker Black Steel G980-8 15-40lb. Also in minty condition, the 980 is hard to come by $250 714 8751153
  36. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Cousins 670-8 factory rod

    What deal some one grab it
  37. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Rods, Calstar, Phoenix, Shimano Saber $300 for all

    I will take seeker s36 pm sent call you 10 am
  38. socal_fisherman

    For Sale SS cjb90f

    I recommend you dont cut it its perfect just as it is, perfect 25-30lb stick I got mine paired with a 500n
  39. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Torium 14 and Progear V40

    Selling a Torium 14 in great condition. Few nicks but work perfect. Has 50lb powerpro $155 Used once Progear V40 exellent narrow reel. Great for throwing jigs. Works and looks like new. $155 7148751153
  40. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker 6490 , Teramar & Torium

    Long Beach made Seeker Black 6490 Jig Stick 20-40lb. $230 Shimano Teramar Jig Stick TMC90h 25-40lb great condition $165. Shimano Torium 30 works great $130. 714 8751153 text me or pm me for Pictures.
  41. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Roddy H9

    Selling a Gorgous blondish/orage glass Roddy H9 full glass to the but. Rod is 9'1 30-40lb jig stick. Almost to pretty to fish rod is perfect condition. Hard to find Rare stick. $400 cash is King. But open to trades. Seekers or Trulines. Text for Pictures 714 8751153
  42. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Vintage Glass/ Seeker,Roddy,Conolon & Sabre

    Hey Loui hope your doing well. Got a new cell # it's in the add save it.
  43. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Vintage Glass/ Seeker,Roddy,Conolon & Sabre

    I do but BD is not letting me dowload any more pictures. You are welcome to Pm me your cell # and i could send you more pictures. @mike mitchell
  44. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Vintage Glass/ Seeker,Roddy,Conolon & Sabre

    Rare Virgin Long Beach Seeker Blue glass Extreme Series 6460 XXH 6ft tuna killer. $300 $250 Conolon Raw blanks have 2 available both 9ft Jig Sticks. Fish 30 or 40lb on them. Small tip, medium/thick wall blanks. Sold $200 each. You don't see these often. 7'6 30-40lb Roddy old school...
  45. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 95 J Mag

    Selling a brand new Cousins 95 J mag. Custom made never used gorgous Rasta Fades. Some Say it's the BEST JIGSTIC EVER MADE. $1000 714 8751153 Cash Is King No Trades unless you got some trulines.
  46. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline BH89 & UltraLight Cousins Trout Blank

    Selling a very clean Chocholata Hershey Truline BH89. 8'9 30lb stick. Very fun rod ready to fish. $400. Cousins Ultralight Blank Model CDR 7300-1t XX-7'6 UltraLigh. 2-8lbs 1/32-1/8lures.. This blank is amazing Trout Or PanFish blank. Graphite Composite blank. Very soft tip and shuts off...
  47. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Super Seeker 93h Lb

    Minty Seeker 93H Lb Made Greenie. 9'4 gorgous rod ready to go. $600 Cash is King, might be open to trade looking for old glass rods. 7148751153..
  48. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Super Seeker 90M

    Selling a Virgin Super Seeker 90m OC blank $165
  49. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Shikari 1009 H Jig Stick Price drop $550 obo

    My favorite Light Jig Stick of all times GLWS
  50. socal_fisherman

    SOLD talica 20 2 speed

    still looking, any 10k twin powers? saltiga 7k van stal VR I'll definitely add cash on a nice spinning reel
  51. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker's & Cousins

    Cousins 100m 15-40lb 10ft blank. Lght and powerful Jigstick. $145 Seeker Inshore Series 909 15-30lb (40) . 9ft. The rod was a old Inshore Series completely re done.$240 7148751153
  52. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker Baby Ulua

    Selling a Custom Made baby ulua 10'1.Long Beach made S Green Glass Composite. $400 or Trade For Glass Rods
  53. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousins 530 clean

    What I don't get is if you know where to find two of these 530s, for $140 why don't you go get them??? By offering half of what Ken is asking you look like a low baller. You know better Mr Reggie. Let the man make his money and go buy the other 2.
  54. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousins 530 clean

    Great rod great guy, buy with confidence
  55. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline

    Selling a Minty Truline 36 8'1 thick wall 30lb stick. $350.. 714 8751153
  56. socal_fisherman

    SOLD talica 20 2 speed

    I'm at Santa ana river lakes if anyone wants to check the reel
  57. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Shimano TwinPower

    Interested in any trades ?
  58. socal_fisherman

    SOLD talica 20 2 speed

    what's up BD I got a used talica 20 that I bought from another member, I mounted on my rod took it on 1 trip and didn't catch anything so now I would like to trade it and what I'm looking for is Tranx500hg light spinning popping rod like a 8ft mh megalodon shimano spinning reels in the 8k size...
  59. socal_fisherman

    SOLD OG Saltiga 40

    Those pin heads with No little boy are basically second generation. Still s glass but different batch of glass. These were transition rods, right when The LB factory closed, and move to Oxnard. Not made in long beach or OC. For exapple if you strip a 36 With a Boy stiker 99% of chance that it's...
  60. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker 90F Shikari SW 909

    LB Made Super Seeker 90f 9'1 full lenght 20-30lb. Green S glass. It's custom made, has a graphite Fuji Reel seat and SIC guides. Rod is in exellent condition. Ready to be fished, blank is straight very clean. $400 Shikari SW 9ft 909 15-30lb gorgous custom rod was made 10 years ago and never...
  61. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16N & Blank's

    You have a good Eye Mike, I might of missed a few blanks
  62. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16N & Blank's

    Selling a minty Shimano Trinidad 16N, lightly used. No boat rash some miner nicks from handling. 9 out cosmetically, performs like new. $365. I think i have a Tiburon clamp for it. SOLD Beutiful Heavy 6 Foot Conolon 40-50lb maybe even 60lb stick. Heavy wall, tuna cord and carbide Tip. Gorgous...
  63. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline D8 Roddy Br90 & Shimano 20 DC

    Pleasure in meeting you bobby sick Rods forsure thanks alot.
  64. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Saltist 30TH Saltist 40 Super Torque

    Thanks Robert . Let me know bro what ever you need.
  65. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Saltist 30TH Saltist 40 Super Torque

    Daiwa Saltist 30 TH in very clean condition lightly used comes with original clamp and box. This is one of my favorite Jig Reels. 3/4 spool of 65lb Power Pro. $165 Daiwa Saltist 40 Super Torque 4.9:1 gear ratio beast of a reel. This thing pairs grate with a 540 or ULUA, perfect for the biger...
  66. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker LB S Glass D8

    Thats the one Right there look at her But
  67. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker LB S Glass D8

    I have a Minty Seeker PinHead Original S glass with the little Boy. The rod is in perfect condition. The Rod was only used 2 times according to the original owner. Looking for other Seeker rods/blanks,Saber Jig Sticks/ Trulines Or other glass rods.. Let me know what you willing to part with...
  68. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Tallica, Newell's & Cosins

    P220 sold Cpx Sold Tallica Sold. Cousins 80h available, don't sleep on this thwy arw getting harder to get. Price lowered $280.
  69. socal_fisherman

    For Sale OG Loomis GLX 7' bass rod

    that valiant is so dope man
  70. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline D8 Roddy Br90 & Shimano 20 DC

    Than'ks Bro. Few more pics added, lots of nibbles no takers.
  71. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Big Fish Gear Okuma Avet Super Seekers

    Buy with confidence, top of the line gear. Great guy easy to work with.
  72. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline D8 Roddy Br90 & Shimano 20 DC

    Truline Chocho D8 40lb stick. Thick wall.8ft $500 Roddy Br90 completely restored, has the OG Seeker finish, Rod was wraped 5 years ago still haven't fished it . She's to pretty, Top of the Line Fuji SIC Guides. Minty glass. $350 Trinidad 20 DC .. In good condition. Has nicks on the left...
  73. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousin Blanks

    908 m added 20-30lb fishes on the heavier side. $120
  74. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Fuji Heavy Duty HBNG Guides& Alps Reel Seat

    Selling 2 sets of Heavy Duty, Polish Silicon Nitride Rings. HBNG, the set comes with 9 guides each 25 20 16 x2 10x3 8 x2 $60 per set. Black and Gold Alms Reel Seat $25 714 8751153
  75. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousin Blanks

    Price droped $120 per blank
  76. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Small Wood Tackle Box

    Selling a Small Tackle Box This is also new and was made frome local guy in Long Beach. Holds over 30 Jigs and has a deep hull, to store floro plier or what ever. Perfect size box in my opinion.. 12 inch lenght 12 inch. Hight 8 1\2 width $ $80 714 8751153
  77. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Tallica, Newell's & Cosins

    Up cpx back up Tallica and newell added
  78. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousin Blanks

    Always a pleasure brother, thanks for helping me out today man. Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything.
  79. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousin Blanks

    Cousins 909xf 20-30lb 9ft all graphite. Awesome light and powerful Stick. $140 $$120 Cousins 85 xf this one is painted Midnight Black 8'6 20-40lb rod. $140 great 30lb stick. $$$120 Cousins 8025 xh composite rod this thing is a beast 8ft 40lb stick. SOLD SOLD Willing to trade for old Sabers...
  80. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy,Calstar, Seeker,Kencor&Phenix

    Roddy br80 nice 20-25lb clean rod ready to fish.$170 Early calstar 550 cut from the butt to 8'9 amazing, 40 50lb stick. $140 Kencor Zebra 6'6 20-60lb hard to find has fancy old school wraps. $140 Seeker 270-8 blank has tuna cord ready to wrap -$100 Phenix hybrid blank 760xh 30-80lb . Blank...
  81. socal_fisherman

    For Sale S Glass TNT Greenie Seeker

    Price drop $300, Christmas is arond the corner
  82. socal_fisherman


    Price dropped on the Seeker 806h, $320 gorgous rod she needs a new home. 909 shikari is sold
  83. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Tallica, Newell's & Cosins

    Selling a fresh out the dryer Cousins cpx 808 15-40lb 8ft. Rod has tuna cord, it was custom made with factory colors. $145 great all around rod. Back up for sale. Cousins GC 80h 30-50lb gorgous custom made rod. New never fished double wrapes with a tiger fade. $300 Newell p332 converted to a...
  84. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Torium 14,Curado,Cousins&Shikari

    Shimano Torium 14 first gen well used the left side plate has a good amout of rash. Reel works great recetly service. Has a full spool of PowerPro 50lb.$120 Shimano Curado 70hg 7.2:1 gear ratio . Reel looks and works like new filled with braid. Paired with a Couisins GHS 792-1T. 7'9 Mag-Heavy...
  85. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Butch Green Tackle Box & Albocore bag

    Selling a very clean hard to find Butch Green wooden Tackle box. Albacore model, its small and fits a bunch of stuff. Perfect Small box. $100 Small Albacore Bag hard to come by, it's used but still in great condition. No rips or tears, all zipper work. Normal wear a little faded and its...
  86. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Pt 90 Silaflex Magnum

    Silaflex magnum pt 90 9ft, all glass to the but. Gorgous clean glass.. I would rate the rod 15-40lb. Very similar action To Roddy Br90. Rod is custom made Spinning. Would make a exellent 30lb light Jig Stick. This rod don't come up often specially, solid glass to the but. 90 % had a pipe...
  87. socal_fisherman

    For Sale S Glass TNT Greenie Seeker

    Lb made Seeker TNT S glass 7ft 30-60 custom made gorgous rod. Heavy duty alps ready to fish. Solid 50lb stick. $375 pictures suck i will have better pictures in the am. $$$$300 price lowered $$$ 300 714 8751153
  88. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Factory Truline and Kencor Panga

    Factory Truline 4x 7ft in great shape. Very gorgous orange cobra glass. $120 Kencor orange magnaglass model 707 5'10 10-40lb $100 714 8751153
  89. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Open Water Bag . New full of JerkBaits/Swimbaits

    Selling a new Open Water Bag model 606. Its loaded with plastic Berkely Jerkbaits power Minnos and Swimbaits. All new never been open. Also included is 5 packs of ownwer weedless hooks and 15 leadheads. All is new un open. $60 takes it all see pictures. 714 8751153
  90. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage New Rapala Magnum

    Selling 2 new Rapalas magnum new in box, Purple Mack and Red Head $20 each. Swimming Depth 18-21. 7inch. 714 8751153
  91. socal_fisherman

    SOLD SKB Backpack & Large Turners Tackle Bag

    SKB model (Tackpack). The back Pack is used and a little faded. A Little Dusty But in exellent condition, all zipers work. Hold 5 boxes, missing one all boxes are super clean. No rips or tears. $65 Large Turners Bag lightly used exellent condition hold 4, 3700size plano boxes 3 are missing...
  92. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Irod's

    I will be in Orage county all weekend
  93. socal_fisherman

    TRADE white unicorn

    i got this white unicorn for trade it's a long beach made CJB90F looking for other heavier unicorns preferably 9 & 10ft rods o old heavy glass trulines thanks
  94. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Irod's

    IRod Kaimana Fishing Rods the perfect all around rod. They are strong, lighweight and well balance. Great on your back graphite composite. SWK805 8ft Power Heavy, 20-30lb 2-6oz. Split grip great big swimbait rod. Retail $200 asking $160 SWk 764Br 7'6 Power Heavy,Jig & Bait Rod 30-60lb...
  95. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Trinidad 12 Calcutta 50 &Newell p322

    Shimano Tn12 filled with 50lb just enough for a top shot. Reel is in great condition. 8.5 out 10 cosmetic, 10 out 10 mechanical. Comes with long screws and a awesome Boiling Trigger clamp. $245. Rare hard to find Shimano Calcutta 50. Lightly used . Looks and works like new. $200 Newell P322...
  96. socal_fisherman

    WTB JRI Surface Iron's

    Looking to buy any model JRIs have cash or plenty of trading material. Vintage Jigs,Newells and Jig Sticks. 714 8751153
  97. socal_fisherman

    For Sale White Tiger Ulua Factory Rod

    Selling a white tiger Ulua 10ft 25-60lb one of a kind rod factory Custom For Long Beach Fishing Supplies.. New never fished has tags. $1000 714 8751153
  98. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Black Glass Fenwick Jig Stick Sabre 690j

    Yellowtail at the muscle farm. I was on the freelance.
  99. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Black Glass Fenwick Jig Stick Sabre 690j

    Selling a Vintage Fenwick Jig Stick HARD TO find black glass. Model J85 8'6 20-50lb . Rod is Custom made has Original owners name. Its ready to fish new tuna cord. Bumble Bee old school wraps. Stainless guides with carbide Tip $240 Beutiful Sabre 9ft 690J 20-40lb. Great light iron but even...
  100. socal_fisherman

    For Sale 3 BLUE Shikaries

    Selling my set of Shikari's all blue hard to find models. Selling as a lot, all 3 rods have top of the line fuji components from back in there time. One of the strongest and lightest rods around. BT8040 20-50lb BT 8030 20-40lb Bt 7050 30-60lb $800 for all 3 rods 714. 8751173
  101. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Blue Seeker 909

    Selling a very clean Seeker Inshore LB made BCBW909-9T 20-30LB. Pretty hard to find model, rod is complete factory. I belive it's graphite composite with green S glass. $300 714 3056452..
  102. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar 6460 xxh & Newell's Calcutta

    Calstar 6460xxh 6ft 40-100lb custom made all Aftco rollers and reel seat. paired with a Og Newell 646-3 awesome huge Newell with lots of torque. $260. For the set up. Both ready to fish . has 200yds 80lb Seguar hallow. Newell s533-5 great iron reel works and looks great. Filled with 80lb Seguar...
  103. socal_fisherman


    Thanks Man that white one was my favorite, those Lawn pictures are where my old place. Working on my new lawn its curently dry lol.
  104. socal_fisherman


    The golden and the Chocholate Are Early Yo's wrap I belive.
  105. socal_fisherman


    Lb made Super Seeker 806h 8ft 15-30lb pretty rare model. Rod is freshly wrapped, all ALPS components. $350 Rare Shikari SW 909 9ft 15-30lb rod, custom made also basically new I think i took it out once Mint. $340 714 3056452
  106. socal_fisherman


    Selling a set of the mighty and legendary 540s .One of the first, Jig Sticks that started this obsession for many. If you know you, Know. Pretty much all the 540s that Sabre produce, One Stop Shopping. All rods ready to fish. Pictures up tonight. $2000 for all firm. Cash Super Rare Chochale...
  107. socal_fisherman

    SOLD United' Composite Viper 7"6

    Text me bro I coul'd proabably ship.
  108. socal_fisherman

    SOLD United' Composite Viper 7"6

    UC VIPER 7'6 80 -130 lb Blank . One of the best tuna sticks in the market . First $160 takes sold out in most stores. 714 3056452
  109. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker TNT

    Thanks brother, same goes to you another great guy.
  110. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker TNT

    Thanks Brother. You are a solid 100% great guy and easy to work with. Looking forward in doing business again.
  111. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Vintage 3 Jay /JFK

    Selling a 3-Jay 919 Tuna Killer 7ft rod fish anything from 25lb to 50lb. Fast taper with some insane back bone. Original 3-Jay snake pattern glass. I belive the rod is a Factory Custom. Thick Wall, clean rod ready to fish or collect. Pulls like a 45lb Xr7. $320. 714 3056452
  112. socal_fisherman


    I have 2 vintage 90js one Lakers color purple brown and gold. The other black purple and gold. Pm if interested .
  113. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline hd8 green

    Sick rod should sale Fast
  114. socal_fisherman

    For Sale *Accurate ATD/ Boss Magnum 2 speed Reels-Pictures Added

    Great reels and even better seller GLWS Jim. Gio
  115. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Rare NOZ Tadys,Candy,3n1

    Tady 4/0 light blue and white $40 Tady 4/0 light attitude Squid NOZ $50 Tady Albi attitude Squid NOZ $50 Tady 3/0 light attitude Squid NOZ $40 Tady 7 attitude Squid $25 Tady 45 attitude Squid $40 Vintage Tadys Cs $10 each Vintage Tady 45 Chrome $15 Vintage Tady 45 Polish $15 Starman Candy...
  116. socal_fisherman

    SOLD SABRE 670-8h

    Selling a Orginal Sabre rare 670-8h honey glass thick wall solid 40lb stick. Rod is brand new black on black. Has ALP's guides, turks head with tuna cord. Solid, simple classy look $245 714 3056452
  117. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker TNT

    908 and 90xf sold
  118. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Tallica 20 NIB& UC Viper Torium 14

    Like the title says Shimano Tallica 20 2 speed, paired with a custom United Composite Viper Fuji Turbo SIC GUIDES, ALPS REEL seat 7ft 80-130lb. Both new Never fished. $1000 PRICE is not Firm, but lowballers will be ignore. New old stock Torium 14 never fished in box $200 7143056452
  119. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker TNT

    Long Beach Made 1st gen TNT S glass, Pinhead in mint condition, lightly USED. Looking to trade for 1st Gen Pinhead BH89. In same condition . Now it's for sale $300 takes it. If you know you know dont sleep On basically super seeker TNT. 714 3056452
  120. socal_fisherman

    WTB Seeker jig stick

    Great Guy simple smooth business sale with confidence.
  121. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell P322 and UC blanks

    Newell p322 works and looks great $250 - BLANKS US 900 Wahoo 9ft Rated 40-80lb . Hard to find in all gtaphite US model.$180 US Phantom 8'6 25-50lb my favorite from UC Rods. This rod is built with the but end and back bone of a Moster, and the top half of a much more sensetive Mag. Ideal all...
  122. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Delete Delete Thanks

    Newell p322 works and looks great $250 - BLANKS US 900 Wahoo 9ft Rated 40-80lb . Hard to find in US model.$180 US Phantom 8'6 25-50lb my favorite from UC Rods. This rod is built with the but end and back bone of a Moster, and the top half of a much more sensetive Mag. Ideal all around...
  123. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Cousins GG 95j-mag

    Time to start buying all the Calstar Jig Sticks. Sooner or later changes are going to accure Since Leon's passing . Those rods are going to go way up in price. How can you go wrong?? 690j,90j ,90jmag, 100j ,100jmag gg90J , Gg100mag' honey tip 100mag . Just to name a few. Has any one compared the...
  124. socal_fisherman

    SOLD baby ulua & UC+talica

    what's up BD I got a baby ulua long beach made and custom wrap for $400 UC predator 7.6 custom wrap & paired with a talica 20 2 speed with 100lb braid & 60lb top shot for $850 take everything for $1150 not splitting the combo
  125. socal_fisherman

    WTB 60# stick

    Super Seeker 70h lb made Seeker TNT Blue Seeker composite 70xh blank Pm if interested.
  126. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline, Roddy Shikari,Sabre&Seeker Blanks

    Truline 5x gorgous cobra glass custom made. $360 $320 Roddy Blank. I belive its a Br90, just shy of 9ft. Nice 30-40lb jig stick. $155 Roddy Br90 9ft root beer glass, gorgous glass. $120 Cinamon Sabre 672 7ft 30-80lb factory rod missing a guide . Pretty rare rod great project $80 Rare...
  127. socal_fisherman

    Bone, Horn & aboloni Jig & and Barracuda jr.

    Like the title says I recently picked two jigs both in great condition. ? Any info And value? - thanks BDs
  128. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Jigs (jax?)

    Lol those are ugly. But different should work GLWS
  129. socal_fisherman

    FREE Great Sellers

    Amen to that one . I feel flattered much love BD
  130. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker's Truline & Calstar

    Hey Mike im missing pictures of the calstar 670-8h I will upload tonigh.
  131. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker's Truline & Calstar

    Super Seeker 70h 7'2 30-60llb Full lengh Long Beach made cherry blank. Very clean rod custom made, nice dragon scale wrap.Turbo guides pacbay reel seat.. $300 Seeke PH TNT Greenie factory paited sky blue. 7'2 thick wall 50 -60lb stick. She defetely pulls on the heavy side. Built like a light...
  132. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Trinidad's 12-16N Stradic 1000 & Saltiga 30t

    Cash is king but willing to trade for old glass rods.
  133. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Trinidad's 12-16N Stradic 1000 & Saltiga 30t

    Saltiga has 3/4 spool of 65lb braid with 40lb mono top shot.
  134. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Trinidad's 12-16N Stradic 1000 & Saltiga 30t

    Shimano Trinidad 16n very clean works and looks great. Filled with Power Pro to the top. Also comes with Tiburon Clamp. $350 Shimano Trinidad TN12 very clean looks and works great. Filled with braid. $300 Shimano Stradic 1000 NFL well used works good $100. Saltiga 30T well used but still...
  135. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB Super Seeker 70h Sabre 540 10

    Price droped on the the sweet Super Seeker 70h LB Made. $330
  136. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Newell C338 / Calstar 670-8

    Killer Deal on some solid combos Won't Last GLWS bro
  137. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB Super Seeker 70h Sabre 540 10

    Yea thats what he told me that it was kencor. I explain to hime it was not.
  138. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline TNT Newell P447 Narrow

    Selling the mighty Truline TNT 7ft full lenght red glass 40- 50lb stick.. $650 PRICE droped $550 Original Newell p447-5 complete serviced new drags and bearings. New narrowed Tiburon frame amd spool. Amazing free spool, and strong drags. Upgraded power handle. $$260 714 3056452 Mostly...
  139. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB SS 1x3

    What up bro i have a 93h super seeker jig stick long beach made. Any interest in trading.
  140. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB Super Seeker 70h Sabre 540 10

    Super Seeker 70h 7'2 30-60llb Full lengh Long Beach made cherry blank. Very clean rod custom made, nice dragon scale wrap.Turbo guides pacbay reel seat.. $350 obo willing to trade for other Seekers or Shikaries... Golden Sabre 540 10ft jig stick. $300 7143056452..
  141. socal_fisherman

    WTB Trinidad TN 16 Narrow Special

    I have one clean clean $350
  142. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell's & Trinidad 12

    I have a Frankistin Newell g-338 side plates, p series bars, reel seat and spool. 332 Size Great jig reel works great $150 Very clean newell g229-f works and look's perfect $150 714 305 6452 cash is king
  143. socal_fisherman

    WTB Looking for these reels !

    I have 322 and a 30t pm if interested
  144. socal_fisherman

    Long Beach Rod & Reel Gun Club Swapmeet Aug-8

    Come on down folks Tomorrow Saturday Aug-10. will be selling a bunch of Vintage Jig Sticks Sabres 540s,530s,Roddys Trulines D8,36,5x .JFK,Lamiglass LONG BEACH Seekers & BLANKS. To much to List. Cash & Trades welcome.
  145. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Rods, Cousins,UC, Trulines& JFK

    Willing to meet call me or text me.
  146. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Rods, Cousins,UC, Trulines& JFK

    Cousins CPX like new 809 25-40lb 8ft. $150 United Composite 900 mega 25-40lb rod is like new condition. Great rod light and strong. $220 United Composite Wahoo 900 30-60lb . Blank full lenght Jig Stick. $160 United composite Viper 7'6 100-150 rail rod blank. Super ligh and strong, $180...
  147. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker inshore

    Sick Rod bro good luck with your Sale
  148. socal_fisherman

    WTB Seeker Inshore Series

    I agree brother they are super Light, and strong had a few when i was Kid. I remeber by dad buying my 908 at LongFin when i was 15. Killed everything with that stick paired with a newell 229. Killed 30lb albocore and multiple yellows, Untill i got it stolen at Newport Pier..
  149. socal_fisherman

    WTB Seeker Inshore Series

    Looking to buy the original Seeker Inshore Series in 8'6 or 9ft. Let me know what you got. 908 or 909 open to other models. Pm me cash in hand. Pictures from another post
  150. socal_fisherman

    WTB SS TNT or 70XH Blank

    I have TNT pin head pm
  151. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar's Seekers

    Text me or call me 714 3056452
  152. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar's Seekers

    Sabre 220 8'6 awesome light stick deck hand Slstyle. $100 Calstar bt 690j 9ft 20-40lb great light jig stick $125 Calstar t690j 9ft 20-40lb great jig stick $120 Calstar Graphiter 850m 8'6 20-40lb, has fuji Guides. Great all around Rod. $160 First come first serve to many flakes lately. Thanks...
  153. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB Seekers Baby Ulua

    fat butt like a regular Ulua but lighter line rating
  154. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB Seekers Baby Ulua

    friend of mine wrapped it
  155. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Rod's Truline's,Sabre's ,Roddy&SSeeker

    What up bro, yea thats Jeffs old rod, he always does a great Job.
  156. socal_fisherman


    Fenwick and and Sabre Sold. Calstar 690j price droped $140
  157. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Rod's Truline's,Sabre's ,Roddy&SSeeker

    Factory Truline 4x in great condition gorgous Red glass 7ft $100 Factory Caramel 4x 7'6 Cherry condition $150 Green Glass Truline Beutiful stick thick wall, fast action rod is 7'9. $200 Root Beer Roddy Super thick wall' lots and lots of glass. Fast action bait stick. 7'7 $ 200 Virgin Super...
  158. socal_fisherman

    WTB SJ90F and GFDH850m

    Have a custom 850m for $200
  159. socal_fisherman


    Early Calstar Bt 690j 9ft light jig stick 20-40lb deck hand style ready to fish. $160 Factory chocholate Sabre 7'1672 30-80lb awesome old school stick that still puts in work. Great 50lb stick. $100 Factory Fenwick pj83 8'3 20-60lb heavy 39 OZ all original in perfect condition. $225 714...
  160. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB Seekers Baby Ulua

    baby ulua price reduced
  161. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Sabre 530 Super Seeker 93h

    8 to 10ft jig sticks In glass
  162. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Sabre 530 Super Seeker 93h

    Sabre 530 9ft Jig Stick nice light 40lb stick' beutiful wraps by Taka'S $225 Long Beach Made Super Seeker 93h 9'3 30-60lb. Light factory root beer finish' almost translucent, you could see the green S glass. $350 or Looking for a clean 20a might consider a 16a. Gone. 714 3056452
  163. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Spare rods

    I ill take the bass stroker
  164. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker's

    Let me know bro i like them purples
  165. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker's

    30t sold D8 pending trade
  166. socal_fisherman

    WTB Truline ultralight

    Anybof the other trulines for sale ??
  167. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker's

    Seeker 6490h 30-60lb old school seeker nice jig stick black on black turkshead. $200 Seeke PH TNT Greenie factory paited sky blue. 7'2 thick wall 60lb stick. Built like a light rail rod. All Alps components, 19ich front grip, 12 rear. Looking to trade, for other Seeker Long beach Rod's 714...
  168. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 10 ft ulua

    Which ulua all glass ??composite?? ssr ??
  169. socal_fisherman

    WTB Calstar 540

    I had it for $250 obo
  170. socal_fisherman

    WTB Calstar 540

    I have one bt 540
  171. socal_fisherman

    SOLD New Old Stock Vintage Tadys & Penn 4500 SS

    Total of 9 80's Tady 45s all surface iron all hard to find colors never fished. Fish them or great addition to the collection. $180 Penn 4500 ss mint condition, made in the USA used 2 times $160. 714 3056452
  172. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB Seekers Baby Ulua

    Tuesday bump interested on trading for a tranx 500hg
  173. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar Bt 540 Saltiga 30T Gold

    Thanks brother some one will be stoked, the reel is very well balanced on that rod, plus they match.
  174. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Sold

    Tady 4/0 light dorado pattern Starman Candybar Fix Hook both great swimers Sold 7143056452
  175. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar Bt 540 Saltiga 30T Gold

    Selling a custom Calstar Bt 540, custom made exellent condition. Rod is 9'6 3 of the tip 3 of the but. Amazing 40-50lb jig stick. $250 obo 714 3056452
  176. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB Seekers Baby Ulua

    $120 on the curado $220 on the rod. Combo for $300
  177. socal_fisherman

    FREE Thank You BD- titan05

    Miss you Jim glad you doing better.
  178. socal_fisherman

    SOLD LB Seekers Baby Ulua

    hey what's up BD I got my baby ulua for sale long beach made, beautiful cherry color almost 10ft 2 inches for FOR $400 now $375 o trade for 9 to 10ft rods and high end reels with cash on my end (tranx500hg,saltigas 35 o 40,talicas 12 ,torques 25N o 40N ,okuma makaira 15t komodo 471 ss)
  179. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker 100 proto price drop

    will you consider a trade for a baby ulua long beach made and cash on my end
  180. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Torium 16 Older Model

    Just got it back from shimano, new gears and serviced. Very smooth performs like new. Reel is very clean light scratches no major rash. $135 Firm 714 3056452
  181. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell 533 & p322

    Newell S533-4.6 apears to be like new Mint condition. Comes in box with all accessories. $250 Newell p322-5 just service amazing free spool works and looks great $250
  182. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy, Lamiglas,Kenedy&Sabre

    Custom made but has factory model stiker , maybe I should of priced it at $400 lol , I would of proabably gotten more hits.
  183. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Vintage Surface Iron's

    Vintage Surface Irons Dad-e-o polish Dad-e-o white Big Schnabel StarMan Candy Bar 112 Tady 4/0 light Tady 4/0 light Tady 4/0 light All great collectable jigs, plus they all swim great. All in good condition $180 714 3056452 willing to separate, but proabably won't like the idividual...
  184. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy, Lamiglas,Kenedy&Sabre

    Roddy Br80 30lb stick very clean rod $150 Lamiglass old school 9ft rod , great for tossing small baits 20 25lb rod. $150 Kenedy Fisher gorgous rod super thick wall rated 15-60 lb 7'11 exellent condition $140 Sabre black glass 7ft model 970, ready to fish nice all arounds stick $80 714 3056452
  185. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Sabre Stroker 530-9

    Old school black glass nice still available Pm sent
  186. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline's & Newell's

    Factory Truline 75 L 7'6 Chocholate glass in great condition paired with a original blakie 220f also in exellent condition no craks. Perfect 15-20lb set up. Great fast tip and shuts off, perfect chovie combo. Fish it or hang it on the wall $500 Factory Truline CXL 7'6 factory Chocholate...
  187. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstar's Newell & Cousins

    Great making Business With you Larry, see you soon thanks Gio
  188. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstar's Newell & Cousins

    Vintage Calstar 9ft 690j awesome old school light jig rod or bait stick. Rod is in exellent condition ready to fish $180 Early Calstar GFDH 900L awesome stick light and powerfull. Well fisheb but nothing wrong with it ready to slay $210. SOLD Cousins 6480 8ft 25-50lb rod is basically new all...
  189. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstar 100j Mag Seeker D8

    Few shitty pictures added , will have better pictures tomorrow.
  190. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstar 100j Mag Seeker D8

    Factory Calstar gfdh 100jcMag graphiter early one fished but very well taken care . $250 Seeker Pinhead Greenie D8 used but in good condition $200 714 3056452
  191. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstars & Kencor

    Calstars 800m SOLD
  192. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstars & Kencor

    Vintage Calstar T6480 30-60lb 8ft.Custom made all glass, new tuna cord and turks head $170 Vintage bt6480 8ft 30-60lb original e glass, dark, black chocholate, 8ft. Custom made cleam new tuna cord and turks head $160 Calstar graphiter 800m 8ft 20-40lb factory rod 2 of the ceramic inserts...
  193. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Super Seeker F100 Lb

    I have a Long Beach Super Seeker f100 20-50lb full length, rod was only taken on a boat ride. It's basically new has Fuji Alconite Guides, tuna cord and Turks Head. $400 Cash Is King but open to trades. USA made Xtra-Tuff boots size 13 very good condition maybe used 5 times. $60 7143056452
  194. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker 80h Torium20

    LB made all glass Seeker cjb 80h 8ft 30-80lb heavy duty Fuji seat, perfection guides carbide Tip. Custom made beutiful rod lighly used. $200 Older style Rainshadow, 909 all graphite nice, 15-30lb, also custom made ligthly used. $170 Older Torium 20 in box lightly used, no rash has a few light...
  195. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Factory 6480 Calstar

    Vintage Calstar 6480 8ft 30-60lb in mint condition, ready to fish $175. Great all aroud stick, 714 3056452.
  196. socal_fisherman

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    You mean this one hd8 ???? Tell you what brink $7k and you take 2 of the most rare trulines. Black hd8 and cobra 39 .
  197. socal_fisherman

    For Sale UC Rods/Rail/BaitStick/JigStick

    New BLANKS US Predator 30-50lb . Perfect 40- 50lb bait stick, ideal for the 100lb blufin that are biting.$180 Cx Raptor Rail Rod 7'6 50-80lb $180 US Phantom 8'6 25- 50lb perfect 30-40lb Jig stick. $180 714 3056452 Prices are not firm but no low ballers, these are the hottest blanks in...
  198. socal_fisherman

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    The reason i change my price to 3k is because, you couldn't put together the $2900 we agreed on . No drama here just don't make cash offers when you don't have the money in hand.
  199. socal_fisherman

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    Hes ,trolling sorry i don't take Layaway. Next time you make a offer, please have the cash in hand.
  200. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Factory Sabre 540,Harnell&Fenwick

    Custom Harnell 8'9 it has a 3 inch extension to make it 9ft rod is solid has a thick wall, 25/30lb stick great action shuts of nicely. If you don't like the extension it could easily be chopped. $150 PRICE DROPES $130 Fenwick Fenglass pJ 8 8ft 20-40lb , solid 30lb stick light 40lb, thick...
  201. socal_fisherman


    Sick Rod and even cooler Dude buy with confidence.
  202. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar's Saber, kencor

    8ft heavy jig stick or Yoyo rod like Robert said ..
  203. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar's Saber, kencor

    Calsgtar Gf 800xl 8ft 10-25lb custom made awesome bait stick $120 Calstar gf 700ml 7ft 20-40lb custom made deck hand rod $120 Calstar 270-8 15-40lb 8ft deck hand rod all glass 20 year old rod well fished, fuji SIC guides $100 Golden Saber 665h 6'6 30-80lb nice tuna stick $80 Saber 670-8h...
  204. socal_fisherman

    WTB Shimano trinidad 16NA Stock Clamp Or Tiburon

    Like the title says looking for a shimano Trinidad 16NA reel clamps or Tiburon clamp kit. New or used thanks in advance. 714 3056452
  205. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Salas 7x or Tady 45

    I pm you have a bunch of 7x
  206. socal_fisherman


    Calstar BT6480 8ft 30-60lb early e glass . Clean ready to fish new Turks head and Tuna cord handle. Sick Old school Jig Stick. $165 Sold. Roddy br80 factory rod, 8ft pulls nice . Would make a nice 25lb-30lb stick. $100 Penn Baja Especiall 114h filled with 80lb PP. Awesome yoyo Reel...
  207. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Truline and Conolon

    Truline Bo36 8ft gorgous red glass, brand new rod. Solid 30lb rod pulls nice $350 Conolon 8'2 skipper Special new Rod blond glas 15-30lb $200 714 3056452
  208. socal_fisherman


    I will take both
  209. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Original Gloomis Rod's

    Gloomis Hybrid 80h 20-50lb medium heavy, very rear rod custom made deckhand style,. Extremely light and powerfull. Gorgous blue wraps and matching guides, turks head's. $380 obo Gloomis BBR Mag-Heavy 8ft 17-40 rod, mint condition, great rod for big baits. 3-8z.$200 714 3056452
  210. socal_fisherman

    For Sale OG PinHead Ulua 93h SS F100

    I have a original Long beach Pinhead ulua S glas greenie 93H 9'3. Rod is used but in great condition. Rod is solid well taken care of. Might need new cork tape soon, has a rip where my Tiburon clamp was mounted . First run Of Pinheads, hard to find and no longer produce in greenie glas. $250...
  211. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Rod's, Phenix Truline's

    Factory Truline octagon OG 830 beutiful green glas 7'6 $250 New Custom Phenix Black Diamon Hybrid, 8ft , top of the line component, Aluminium ALPS reel seat 20-50lb i forgot the model 808 ??809 ?? $300 714 3056452
  212. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Avets & Truline's

    Nice meeting you bro glad you liked it. .
  213. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Avets & Truline's

    Looks brown but its actually very early black e-glass, Leons early stuff when he started Calstar company. Also on the inside of the blank it has that white spine, which is basically aCalstar Signature.
  214. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Avets & Truline's

    Avet MXL 2 speed great condition all the way around comes with 3/4 spool of power Pro. Works perfect $200 Truline co7 7ft rod custom made by Bob's gorgous Tigger glas. Exellent codition, would make a perfect 25lb bait stick. Nice soft tip and shutts off with lots of back bone. $250 714...
  215. socal_fisherman

    For Sale LB SEEKER CSJ90

    Have a beutiful Seeker CSj90 9ft 20-40lb composite/ green S glass. The rod has that midnight Dark blue finish. Awesome light jig stick or bait rod. I fish 30 on this. Deck hand with Fuji Alconite guides, beutiful fades. Rod is mint lighly used rod was built in 2013. $340 714 3056452
  216. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Penn Baja Special nice

    Tank perfect 40/50lb reel , should go fast GLWS
  217. socal_fisherman

    For Sale 50s Surface Iron's &Bone Jig

    8 Jigs all Surface. Bone Jig Outlaw Maverick StarMan CandyBar 112 Homicide 6 x2 Homicide 7 x2 714 3056452 $100
  218. socal_fisherman

    For Sale UC/GUSA & Calstar's

    New custom made UC/ Gusa 8'6 mega mag 20 -40lb. Rod is new deck hand style, perfect 30lb rod . Great all around rod from bait to jigs. $200 SOLD Custom calstar GF800xl 8ft 10-25lb, great bait rod. $150 Custom calstars 530 9ft rods. Both custom made all glass great jig sticks -$140 each
  219. socal_fisherman

    SOLD White Tiger 6480

    @SaintJeezy thanks bro love the Sauce @Tsampson Hi Its Gio
  220. socal_fisherman

    SOLD White Tiger 6480

    Looking to trade a gorgous 6480 8'2 White Tiger for a f100 or Ulua White tiger only. The rod is in mint condition black on black with Gold fade. Only other trades I'll cosider is a Truline. Might add cash for the right rod. Must be in Same condition Minty Clean. 714 3056452
  221. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline OR36

    Willing to Trade for LB Seeker Rods, or a 60/80lb reel willing to add cash on my end for the right reel.Shimano TAC 16 OR 20, Makira 16Se Penn International 16xv.
  222. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline OR36

    Selling Truline OR36 nice red glass, 8'1 pulls very nice 30lb stick nice thick wall . Nice strong glass not soft. Custom Rod Mad by BOBs. Rod is clean just needs a new cork take. $400 $380 714 3056452 Willing to Trade for LB Seeker Rods, or a 60/80lb reel willing to add cash on my end for the...
  223. socal_fisherman

    NOZ Salas Question?

    That is awesome thanks for sharing. Great info
  224. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Sabres,Lamiglas & Uc Glow

    Sabre Noz blank it's marked as F ?? 80f ?? 8'1 would rated 15-30lb. Beutiful soft tip shuts of very nice. $100 Sold Sabre 610h blank 30-80lb $60 sold Lamiglas heavy stick rod mesures 7'8 40- 50lb stick would make a sick YoYo heavy bait Rod. Thick wall $160 United Composite GUSA US900...
  225. socal_fisherman

    NOZ Salas Question?

    I found this NOZ Salas 6x light. My question is the package from Salas facotory it self, or it was pakage at a tackle Store ?? Any info? Thanks in advance.
  226. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Black Hd8

    It was a typeo, you people missed it for $250
  227. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Black Hd8

    Selling a black HD8 Truline rod 8'2 full lenght beutiful black glass. True collector's Item. Arguably the most rare and desirable D8. Has original finish , custom made deckhand rod. $2500 no trades. 714 3056452
  228. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar and Gloomis Salwater Series

    Selling a Calstar T-670 8ft 20-50lb. Rod has light weight Aftco reel seat and hypalon. Rod in great over all condition $170obo Original Gloomis Salwater Series model SWR 84-50c 7ft 40-60lb medium heavy fast action.. Rod has great action perfect 40-50lb yoyo or live bait rod. They don't make...
  229. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell's And Penn 9/0

    My dad decided to sale his last one , o well killer spinner bro
  230. socal_fisherman

    For Sale StarMan Candybar's & Schnabel Irons

    3 candybars 112s 1 candy bar 200 1 Schnabel $100 All surface iron 714 3056452
  231. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell's And Penn 9/0

    TN16 Saltiga 30t Newell p447 Pending
  232. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell's And Penn 9/0

    16a is straight mono tn16n has 65 full spool of braid.
  233. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Newell's And Penn 9/0

    Newell G338-f very clean reel lightly used $165 Newell G229-f very clean $160 Newell c 631-3 minty condition in box apears not to be used, unfortunately original owner put his initials on the left outer ring. Not very noticeable , i believe you could polish it out. $250 Penn 9/0 very clean...
  234. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 16 a Saltiga 30t

    Minty shimano Trinidad 16 a used 3 times comes with clamp, no box.$375 OG Saltiga 30t 9/10 condition filled with 60lb max cuatro OG clamps. $350
  235. socal_fisherman

    WTB Varmac Reel seat

    Thanks for the help i might be interested on that RS6 its for a virgin 39 wrapping it in factory colors and need a reel seat. I will pm you swami.
  236. socal_fisherman

    WTB Varmac Reel seat

    Looking to buy a Nf5 or Nf6 ?? Did they make them that big ?? Thanks in advance.
  237. socal_fisherman

    SOLD ONLY Seeker White Glass 540

    Only if it was First Gen still Sick Rare rod.
  238. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy Br80 Factory Rod

    Roddy Br80 full lenght factory rod 8'2 pulls nice taper action. 30lb stick but ideal 25lb rod. All glass no aluminium extension all original all guides intact. Would be a great project to fish, or hang on the wall $200. 714 3056452
  239. socal_fisherman

    WTB Calstar 900XL Graphiter

    Looking to buy a Calstar GF900xl factory rod, customor even a blank. Thanks Pm me .
  240. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar 70H and Blank's

    Used Calstar Graphiter 70h custom made 7ft all fuji components. Very clean rod hypalon fuji reel seat . $150 Seeker White Tiger Blank cjb80 8ft 20-50lb 3rs gen $150 Long Beach Super Seeker Blank F100 10'2 jig stick 20-50lb RARE SOLD Lamiglass 11ft jig stick sick action 40lb stick not...
  241. socal_fisherman

    Jig Info 3 N 1 mash Up Strggler ..??

    Awesome makes so much sense on that straggler, defetely keep that one.
  242. socal_fisherman

    Jig Info 3 N 1 mash Up Strggler ..??

    Any info on this weird surface iron its a big iron something you proabably burn in for wahoo or big yellows. Straggler and 3N1 ??? Any info how old ??
  243. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Seeker SSR 810 Swimbait Rod & Trinidad 20

    Selling a Seeker ssr10 model 810 8ft 20-40lb big swimbait rod lightly used $165 SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 gold good condition works perfect, great free spool, and strong drags $300 714 3056452
  244. socal_fisherman

    I am

    I am
  245. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Stick's

    Yes both available text me or call me
  246. socal_fisherman

    WTB looking for 2 decent reels

    what's up FAM looking for 2 reels to match 2 blanks I got 1.UC 76 predator 2.8.6 cousins blank I think is 15-30 o 10-25 thanks
  247. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Stick's

    Text me maybe we meet half way ??
  248. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Stick's

    Calstar 530 9ft Jig Stick $160 Calstar 530 9ft Jig Stick $160 3-jay 820 7'7 beutiful snake like glass, 30lb rod. Has a Nf3 thick but wraps are old but still fishable.$250 $220 Truline 36 well fished missing a guide and cork tape. Fishable but would be a better project. 8ft $200 Truline 4x...
  249. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Harnell 705 & 724 10ft

    Always fun talking to you bro, thank you.
  250. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Harnell 705 & 724 10ft

    OBO willinf to trade show me what you got
  251. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Harnell 705 & 724 10ft

    No bro i dint grab that did you ??
  252. socal_fisherman

    For Sale JigSticks, Sabre,Calstar&Seeker

    Calstar 591 9ft jig stick rated 20-40lb old school rod ready to fish fuji guide's deckhand style. $160 Sabre 670h-8 thick but 8'2 old school fuji USG guides. Solid 40lb rod $180 Seeker CEX 6480 Long beach made 7'10 cut from the but 40lb stick $250 SOLD 714 3056452
  253. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Harnell 705 & 724 10ft

    10ft 705 Harnell, would make a nice light Jig rod or fun bait stick. Not parabolic has nice taper action 30lb . $280 $250 10ft Harnell 724 ready to fish 40-50lb rod $470 $450 714 3056452
  254. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Deckhand style rod

    Calstar factory 2708h 8ft 15-40lb very clean rod . Pm me
  255. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar,Kencor & Penn 6/0

    Original Calstar e-glass Factory rod, in very clean condition no rust. 270-8h 15-40lb awesome light jig rod or bait rod.$150 Kencor Rod model A610-86S 8'6 10-40lb rod awesome surf rod Jetty or Catfish rod. $220 Vintage Penn 6/0 114HS very clean reel no rust has a Tiburon Frame works perfect...
  256. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy Power Master & SABRE PSYCHEDELIC

    Selling a Roddy Power Master rod is in gorgous condition 7'11 rated 15-60lb. Rod has amazing soft fast action and shuts off, ultimate small fin bait rod. Lots and lots of glass in the but. $250 Rare Sabre PSYCHEDELIC beutiful rod Made by Hermosa Tackle Box. Exellent condition Full Length 6'2...
  257. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 36 & Lm9

    Had you in mind bro, dint hit you up because i seen that you had piked one up.
  258. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 36 & Lm9

    36 sold pics up
  259. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 36 & Lm9

    Truline 36 Deckhand style in great condition thick but,ready to fish sold Truline lm9 full lenght 8'9 beutiful Deckhand style ready to fish. $400 Both rods have original finish on the blanks and appear to be cobra glass.
  260. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shimano Stella & Seekers

    Thanks bro always a good time chopping it up.
  261. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 8ft Truline

    Hey chuck how you doing, asking price was crazy but ended getting it for way less Rod has simple single wraps that look like shiet lol. Basically its just a blank but its cherry, it will be in bumble bee colors soon. This defetely fishable not to heavy on the arm. And yes its 8ft on the dot...
  262. socal_fisherman

    Xr7 ?? ID

    Thanks guys for all the help . Turned out to be a conolon.
  263. socal_fisherman

    SOLD 8ft Truline

    Rod is primo appears to be lightly fish glass is cherry still has original finish. Gorgous cobra glass and its fishable 50lb rod.
  264. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shimano Stella & Seekers

    Seeker White Tiger first Gen cjb70f 20-50lb Sold Seeker White Tiger 3rd gen cjb80 20-40lb $200 Seeker limited run cjb80h blue glass $220 Seeker Limited Run OSP 2x4 7'6 80-130 SOLD Seeker Hercules 80h 30-60lb Lb made purple blank. $280 Shikari sw 809 rare blue blank has cork handle and...
  265. socal_fisherman

    Xr7 ?? ID

    Xr7 7'2 thin tip nice thick wall, fast action 40+lb rod ??? Truline ?? No writting.
  266. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shikari & Seeker Blanks added.

    The albino white tigers im holding on to
  267. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shikari & Seeker Blanks added.

    Super seeker sold , 708 and 80f pending
  268. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shikari & Seeker Blanks added.

    Seeker White Tiger cjb80-f 15-40lb 8ft 2nd gen $210 Seeker White Tiger 708 15-30b 7ft first gen. $200 Rare Super seeker 806h blank with alps reel seat.$250 Rare blue shikary SW809 8ft 15-30lb has cork and light weight pac bay aluminium reel seat and tip $250 Limited edition Seeker osp 2x4...
  269. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Rod and blanks.

    Roddy Br100 very nice glass,has corktape ready to be wrapped $165 Lamiglass deck hand rod model 963 has thick but great action solid 30lb rod .The rod stands at 7'11 Very similar action to a Truline 36 . Rod is fishable needs new Tuna cord $250 3 Jay / deck hand rod thick wall rod has a new...
  270. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Random Newell parts

    Have cash and a curado 300dsv
  271. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Random Newell parts

    I will take this pm sent
  272. socal_fisherman

    WTB Older rod wrapping thread

    Check my posting just put a bunch of thread up for sale.
  273. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Pacbay wrapping machine Gudebrod thread

    Selling a bunch custom rod wrapping parts thread guides,reel seats and more. Also comes with a PacBay rod wrapping machine. First $200 takes it all. The Gudebrod alone is worth that much.. 714 3056452
  274. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Phenix Mirage 801

    Have a phenix mirage ultralight 8ft 1-5lbs great mini jig rod. Used maybe 4 times, rod is mint $165. 7143056452
  275. socal_fisherman

    WTB 9ft Jig stick

    Sabre 591 9ft 20-40lb $175
  276. socal_fisherman

    WTB Older rod wrapping thread

    I have some gudebrod 50 yds spools in red and yellow.
  277. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Penn Torque 25 & Truline D7

    Price dropped again on a sick reel $300
  278. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Lamiglas Jig Stick's,Harnell & Trinidads

    Ttt price dropped, Trades are welcome on the long rods.
  279. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Penn Torque 25 & Truline D7

    D7 Sold price dropped on torque $320
  280. socal_fisherman

    Cool i will send some Tomorrow in the day time.

    Cool i will send some Tomorrow in the day time.
  281. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Penn Torque 25 & Truline D7

    Penn Torque 25 in mint condition, in box half spool of braid. $340 $320 $300 Truline Hershey Chocholate D7 7'2 30 -40lb rod nice thick wall. Custom made in mint condition $250 Sold 714 3056452. Cash is king but willing to trade.
  282. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline and Sabre's

    I Pm the pics.. Pictures added
  283. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Stella 5k SwPg Calstar 900m

    Shimano Stella 5000 Sw Pg used hadful of times filled with izorline braid $650 Calstar 900m 9ft 20-40lb in great condition $230 7143056452
  284. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline and Sabre's

    Truline B36 8ft i believe is Tiger glass. Nice 25-30lb Rod thick wall.. $325 Sabre 670-8h bad ass og rod thick wall, has heavy duty fuji USG guides. Rod mesures 8'2 nice 40lb stick. $170 Sabre 210 8'1 beutiful bait stick has all fuji SIC guides. $125 714 305-645
  285. socal_fisherman

    WTB WTB Sabre 670H

    I have 670-8 h and 670-h both bor sale.
  286. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Lamiglas Jig Stick's,Harnell & Trinidads

    Lamiglas 13ft beutiful old red glass, deck hand rod with turks head 30-40lb rod no problem. Beutiful stick and condition, has all carbide guides $300 $250 Lamiglas 11''6 beutiful lemon Neptuna glass Model 1165 also 30-40lb rod. Rod is great condition, all it needs is a new handle and its...
  287. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Rods, Roddy,Silaflex,Truline,Sabre,Seeker&Shikaries

    Roddy Br100 full length all glass no aluminium pipe extension. Beutiful glass exellent condition mint . 30-40lb jig stick.$400 Roddy Hunter H9 all factory all labels intact. Thick wall 9ft jig stick 30-40lb rod. Wont find another . $400 Factory Caramel truline m-96 nice 9'6 30lb rod $200...
  288. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar Graphiter 800MH

    Selling a beautiful Calstar Graphiter 800MH 20-50lb . The rod is custom made with top of the line components like Fuji Alconite Guides. Deck hand rod 8ft beutiful wraps. Rod has only been used 2 times mint condition. $300 714 3056452
  289. socal_fisherman


    Original Seeker e glass D8 thick wall fishes just like the original Truline D8 40lb rod. YO's custom beautiful Deck Hand rod. $300 Rare Hard to find Sabre 591 9ft Jig Stick, rod is rated 20-40lb has a thick wall. It's a perfect 30lb rod, perfect for tady Cs or 45s. All Fuji guides deckhand...
  290. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy and Sabres

    Sabre 660xh blank heavy 6ft tuna blank . $55 Chocholate Sabre 870 7'4 15-40lb custom made by Rod Shop. Great bait stick nice fast tip and shuts off nicely. Thick wall rod $85 Chocholate Saber 670-8 8ft rare rod beutiful 30lb rod. Also custom made my The Rod Shop. A guide needs to be...
  291. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Factory Green Truline and Sabers

    Selling a one of a kind factory green glass Truline model 1600, This rod was a custom order. Made at the factory for my friend back in the day. Rod is in exellent condition all factory. Rod is 16ft long great surf rod. Wont find another one. $300 Cinnamon sabre deck hand rod clean condition...
  292. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vitage Rods, Sabre,Truline,Harnell & more

    D8,Harnell, 3jay are sold. Everything else available up.
  293. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vitage Rods, Sabre,Truline,Harnell & more

    D8 pending 3 jay pending Saber 670 pending
  294. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vitage Rods, Sabre,Truline,Harnell & more

    Sabre 670 made by Yos 7'2 solid 30lb, light 40lb rod deck hand with beutiful Turks head.$150 Rare 3 Jay 820 made by Yos 7'8 beutiful glass thick wall rod. Would make a great bait stick light 30lb, perfect 25lb rod. Deck hand style with Turks head. $175 Harnell 724 10ft jig stick, 40lb...
  295. socal_fisherman

    Jig ID and cool stuff

    Blast from the past .
  296. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Penn Torque 100 For Sale

    Selling a mint condition Penn TRQ 100 filled with 50lb izorline dont have much use for it . Great little fly line reel. $350 714 3056452
  297. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Silaflex Jig Stick's Surf Rods

    Selling a beutiful Silaflex Magnum Pt90 the rod is factory and its in amazing condition for its age blank is straight and clean. The rod is 9ft + it has a fast tip and shuts off, amazing action. Would make a nice jig stick $250 12 ft Silaflex surf rod or jig stick rod spinning $200 714 3056452
  298. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Seeker and 12ft Chocolate Sabre

    Seeker old stock 670-8 8ft 20-50lb beautiful custom made mint condition lightly used. Best 30lb rod in my opinion... Deck hand style turks head and x tube.. $170 Chocolate Sabre 12ft 8 oz Surf rod excellent condition $200 Hard to find cinnamon Sabre 660 6'6 20 -60 lb factory rod clean...
  299. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 & Ultra Light Truline

    Selling a lighly used Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold works like new. 10 out of 10 mechanically 8.5-10 cosmetically. $300 Hard to find Factory caramel Glass Truline Trout Rod model c70-2 7ft rod. Rod is beutiful great action and in great condition for its age. $150 7143056452
  300. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Roddy's Seeker and 4/0 Yellowtail Special

    Roddy br90 9ft jig stick deck hand style ready to fish nice 30lb rod. $220 Roddy Br 80 8'2 blank would make a nice 40lb stick. $150 Seeker 196-8 8ft rod custom made Mexican Series perfect 20lb rod. Rod is in new condition. $150 Penn 4/0 yellowtail special Pro Lee conversions Just Like...
  301. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Calstar and Truline D7

    Calstar 270-8h 8ft 20-40lb Original Vintage E-Glass calstar. Great all around rod from live bait to light jig stick. $140 Calstar 270-8h 20-40lb this is the old stock tan e-glass beutiful custom rod deck hand style 8ft light jig stick. $160 Take both rods for $250. Both rods are ready to...
  302. socal_fisherman

    Tuna Feather Heads

    Selling 3 jars of very old Tuna Feather head's 80 + of them.. pm cash offers or willing to trade for surface iron. 7143056452
  303. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    Good looking out bro. Yea haters going hate I deal with them all the time Im use to it..
  304. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    Good for you Sir more stuff for me.. Its funny because made a few nickels and dimes from you back in 2010.. ..
  305. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    Thanks for the free bump.. I guess it sucks almost winning
  306. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    Super Seeker cjbf-80 25-40lb limited run purple Super Seeker Long Beach made hard to find. The rod is custom made and in in exellent condition lightly used. Top of the line component heavy duty guides deck hand style. Perfect 30 or 40lb rod great for jigs or live bait applications. $325 Mint...
  307. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Calstar,Fenwick,Seeker's,Saber's And Truline

    Calstar 800xlh custom wrapped 15-25lb. 8ft absolutely beutiful Spider-Man weave. FUJI guides rod is ready to fish and its in exellent condition. Made by Webspinner Custom Rods perfect patty fishing rod. .$200 .. Truline green glass BXM beutiful rod 8ft nice 25lb rod. Rod has new fuji...
  308. socal_fisherman

    Vintage Wood Tackle Boxes

    I have 2 beutiful vintage tackle boxes. First one is a Semco its in mint condition it appears not to be used. I think its a perfect 1/2 day to overnight trip tackle box. Its small, but fits a bunch of stuff perfect size. 16 in wide 10 inches tall. Cute lil box made in Long Beach Ca. $75 This...
  309. socal_fisherman

    Roddy H9 Help??

    Looks like we scored bro. If you ever sale it hit me up have lots of stuff to trade also. It would be cool to have a factory rod and one that i could fish..
  310. socal_fisherman

    Roddy H9 Help??

    Thats what i was thinking im going replace everything and keep all the decals and logos, I love the corkbut the reel seat has to go.. It sure feels like a 30lb jig stick.. I payed 30 bucks at a yard sale..
  311. socal_fisherman

    Roddy H9 Help??

    I recently came accross A beutiful Roddy H9. The rod if full factory reel seat with Cork. The blank is straight and in great condition, the guides and wrapping show signs of corrosion. The rod is technically still fishable. My question is should I restore her??? The rod on the left is a Roddy...
  312. socal_fisherman

    Sabre rod, fat butt small tip ultra fast taper

    Beutiful rod frankie i want to pull on that forsure
  313. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Saltiga Star Drag and Newells

    Saltiga 40 first generation excellent condition comes with original box,Daiwa bag and clamps $340 Saltiga 50 first generation excellent condition comes with original box, Daiwa bag and clamps $350. We all know Saltiga reels are tank's one the best star drag reels ever made in my opinion. Both...
  314. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Saber,Truline,Seeker and United Composite.

    800L,Seeker 806, 672 sold 610 pending
  315. socal_fisherman

    SOLD Saber,Truline,Seeker and United Composite.

    Calstar 655xh 40-100lb nice rail rod original E glass exellent condition $175 Calstar 800L 15-30lb great patty fly line rod $170 Custom Calsatar 700m $100 Saber Stroker 672 7'1 30-80lb beutiful stick great 40lb stick $120 Saber 610 7'1 beutiful custom made varmac reel seat and hypalon...
  316. socal_fisherman


    Vintage Shakespear Ugly sticks Butt Guts edition model BGU-84-5. Beefy fast taper glass. Pretty much indestructible this is the old stuff made in The USA blanks are 6'11. 20-40lb solid 30lb sticks maybe even 40lb. $60 each i have 2 available. Vintage Saber e196 -8ft blank old school Eglass...
  317. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Ultralight Chocholate Saber And Daiwa 500c Vintage Trout Set Up

    Selling a hard to fiind Chocholate Saber Ul-122 5 1/2 ft. 2-8lb. In exellent conditio paired with also hard to find Daiwa 500c made in Japan. Perfect Vintage ultralight combo. $100 for the combo 714 3056452
  318. socal_fisherman

    For Sale 12 ft Jig Sticks /SurfRods

    Up willing to trade .. make me a offer
  319. socal_fisherman

    Candy Bar Starman For Sale

    Candy bar 112 Candy bar 200 Candy bar 150's x3 All 5 Vintage Irons For $100 willing to ship. 714 305 6452
  320. socal_fisherman

    For Sale 12 ft Jig Sticks /SurfRods

    Selling a 12 ft Conolon nice 40lb stick $150 12ft beefy 40 or 50lb stick beautiful rod not sure what blank it is has lots of pulling power all Fuji guides deck hand rod. $200 714 305 6452
  321. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Vintage Sabers and GUSA

    Saber 670-8h 8"2 amazing action. Solid 40lb stick. Has a beutiful tip and shuts off amazing. Lots of pulling power. $200 Saber 8'6 beutiful live bait stick reel seat and hypalon I would rate it 15-30lb. Beutiful light bait stick perfect for a newell 220 asking $120 Saber 610 7ft 20-60lb...
  322. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline Tnt And 36 SOLD

    Seliing a pair of Factory Truline Rods both rods are ready to fish. Both rods in over all great contion. Both are the Hershey Chocholate glass bullet proof strong glass. TNT 7ft, 20-60lb solid 40-50lb rod $350 Truline 36, 8ft 20-40lb solid stick nice 30lb rod has lots og glass in the but...
  323. socal_fisherman

    WTB Honey gold glass blanks

    I have a e196-8 blank and a 670-8 h complete rod
  324. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Truline, Saber 540,Seeker, Newellp322-f and Trinidad

    Selling a Truline bxm 8 ft beautiful green glass 25-30lb rod $350 Saber 540 White 20-50lb beautiful factory rod is 9ft I think it's rolled in a 530 madrel beautiful light iron rod perfect for tady 45s and C's $300 Seeker Csj90 20-30lb beautiful blue blank clean bait stick made by moon $250...
  325. socal_fisherman

    House of Jigs for sale

    Willing to trade for starman 112s
  326. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Izorline spectra 80lb 500yds x2

    Selling 2 new spools 500yds each in green. $60 each or both for $100. One retails for that much.. 7143056452
  327. socal_fisherman

    House of Jigs for sale

    Selling this Uber rear House Of Jig Jr Surface iron. This Jig is from the 50s. What makes this Jig extra special is that this particular model was never in the market. Correct me if I am wrong but I only found 7 different Jig models that were sold by House Of Jigs. Check out the cool brass rings...
  328. socal_fisherman

    For Sale Rod's and blank

    Calstar Gf800m 20-40lb factory rod with a custom basket weave and Turks head. Rod is in mint condition only used a handful of times no rust on guides. This rod is beautiful. Good bait stick to light iron rod amazing stick all the way around. $250 . Seeker Black Steel 990-9 9ft 20-30lb...
  329. socal_fisherman

    Vintage Salas,Hustler's and Crocodile

    One Surface iron Salas O-Pop One Surface Iron Yoyo 3 Hustlers ×2 Surface iron's Salas yoyo 3 moon heavy. Large Crocodiles ×2 All 7 irons for $75 714 3056452.