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  1. Brogan11

    Broadbills Exist

    was following along on his IG story, badass. Congrats!!
  2. Brogan11


    Easy rider gets bit once again. Should we pull the bait tank, more room to fish??? Pro tip - dead baits with their heads pointed left worked better than the ones pointed right. Also, make sure they are missing at least 50% of their scales and one eye.
  3. Brogan11

    10/9 YF

    I can confirm your normal fishing buddies have huge regrets. Way to get Papa Fish bit!!!
  4. Brogan11

    9/6 - Wide Open @ the 425

    Hell ya!!! Glad you guys had good day.
  5. Brogan11

    9/6 - Wide Open @ the 425

    Pushed off the dock at 5, Couple boats ahead of us line for bait a few minutes later. Grabbed 2 scoops of pretty terrible looking deans and pointed it towards the zone. Grease calm on the way out, lots of birds and porpoise around the south 9. Got down around 20/25 where several boats were...
  6. Brogan11

    9/3 Big BFT - YFT Limits and a short boat ride

    that'll do....that. will. do. thanks for the report!
  7. Brogan11

    8/28 afternoon - Missed 'em by a few hours

    dang, good catch. Hopefully i can get a mod to change title to 8/28.
  8. Brogan11

    8/28 afternoon - Missed 'em by a few hours

    Quick report, plenty of others on here with good info. Left work around lunch and headed out the big bay @ 1:30pm on 8/28 with a few buddies (saw @Hardcor pulling his boat out of the water when we drove by). Grabbed two scoops of really good looking bait and pointed it towards the 226...
  9. Brogan11

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Hell ya Corey!!! Heard u heading in with limits while we were trying to get a school to go, no dice...managed a few amongst the armada tho, great video and report as always
  10. Brogan11

    7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Better have a lot of fuel...
  11. Brogan11

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    You guys were awesome, i was stoked your son got to bend on that fish!
  12. Brogan11

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    Greg is not afraid to burn fuel
  13. Brogan11

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    Forgot to give props to the best short range boat in the fleet. Capt and crew of the Aztec are as good as it gets if you are serious about catching fish. They do whatever it takes to give you the best opportunity to catch fish. period. The ENTIRE fleet was down there today, mostly drifting...
  14. Brogan11

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    Short but sweet this time. Booked a trip on the Aztec as a father’s dad gift. Pops flew down from up north and we jumped on the boat with my buddy + his son and ~20 other anglers. Capt Greg had found a new zone of fish down about 80mi on Friday so we were headed down that way again (along...
  15. Brogan11

    6/23 offshore

    We had the exact same plan as you Sunday and about the same results. Dues paid.
  16. Brogan11

    6/23 - 425, Nados, Wet

    right on!!! i don't think we chatted with anyone at the barge but it was early and i didn't have any coffee so who knows haha
  17. Brogan11

    6/23 - 425, Nados, Wet

    Left SI around 5:30am with a couple buddies in the skiff. Grabbed a scoop of chovie/dine mix that was less than stellar but definitely doable. Weather on the way to the islands was fine, slight wind chop and not much swell at all. Started off trolling from Pukey around the weather side, back...
  18. Brogan11

    Local Bluefin Setup

    you're fine. Get out there!!!
  19. Brogan11

    WTB Fujinon Techno-stabi 14×40

    Guy just sold a pair on here!!!!
  20. Brogan11

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    Took the words right out of my mouth, Corey...haven’t even seen a sport boat report a dodo yet
  21. Brogan11

    AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    Aztec likes to fish the drags a little light. Having said that, the reel performed perfectly. I never even had to put it in low gear.
  22. Brogan11

    AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    Five star was at the dock when we got back, i think someone must have called them.
  23. Brogan11

    AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    First report (story), I'll try not to screw it up. Buddy and I have been eyeing a BFT trip for a few weeks, finally decided to pull the trigger and get on the water. Both big fans of Seaforth and operation they run so we did some homework and decided on the Aztec (great decision). Strong...
  24. Brogan11

    WTB Fujinon Techno-stabi 14×40

    If those don't work out, take a look at the seller "Adorwin" on eBay. I just bought a brand new pair from them and got a screamin deal. If they have a pair posted, just make an offer and cross your fingers.
  25. Brogan11

    WTB Fujinon Techno-stabi 14×40
  26. Brogan11

    For Sale Long Beach 93 SS Ulua

    Great seller. Thanks Everet.
  27. Brogan11

    Sacramento River stripers

    this report was from 2010. I got confused as well.
  28. Brogan11

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Too hard to pass up. Thanks for sharing.
  29. Brogan11

    Coronado 6/9 on The San Diego (late report)

    Despite the packed boat, it was a great day on the water. Good work out there Aaron!!
  30. Brogan11

    WTB 60# rod - phd 700xxh or sim

    Looking for a lightly used 60# rod. Seeker, Phenix, Calstar, UC. Primary function - flat fall. Secondary - heavier bait in a pinch. Local pickup in San Diego ideal. Cheers
  31. Brogan11

    ebay 20% off site wide

    Brand new out the door $145, thanks eBay
  32. Brogan11

    6 Pack Recommendation out of San Diego

    X3 on sauerfish. Always a great time.
  33. Brogan11


    Im in. Pats 24 Eagles 20
  34. Brogan11

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    In a very similar dilemma, curious what you end up doing DrewSki.