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    Squid at Catalina

    Where the best spot to make squid at Catalina tonight
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    Any mackerel in the Long beach area

    I need to catch some live macs for shark fishing anything in the long beach harbor area
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    1.5 day and gunny sacks?

    We have gunny sacks hung up so the fish can bleed out and cool down before we put them on ice
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    If I were you I would go down to Oceanside they caught 600 on one boat and on a other one they caught 500
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    I think oside boats are still a go
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    Heading Out Tomorrow For Giant Squid

    Helgrens had one boat out last night and caught 750 and there only 10mins from the harbor
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    anyone fished out of Oceanside?

    See what happens when you have fresh dead squid
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    revo, toro,chronarch 200e7, shimano...

    seeker does not make a D-8 in the super seeker series. can you send me pic thanks