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  1. steeleywhopper

    Reactor 40 from garmin

    My buddy just got rid of his TR1 gold and put the new Garmin Reactor on in August of this year. He absolutely loves it and goes on and on how it is better than the TR1. I know he went down to a shop in Oregon to have it installed as this particular place is dialed in with the installs. Can’t...
  2. steeleywhopper

    Striking gold !!

    I went up last weekend and whacked a grouse and then picked a couple pounds of Chantrelle's. Think I'm going to do it again this weekend while out elk scouting.
  3. steeleywhopper

    It's time!

    I put the boat away last week and started scouting various public lands up in the Nooksack unit. My Quality Rifle Elk season opens on Oct.5th and I want to have every ounce of public land opportunity dialed in before I get the Sierra Pacific key at the end of September. I am very excited to be...
  4. steeleywhopper

    Eatin’ good part 2

    That looks awesome and I am going to give it a go tomorrow.
  5. steeleywhopper

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    That’s a dandy for sure! Can’t wait to hear about the tug of war with that beast.
  6. steeleywhopper

    Washington Permit hunts

    Very lucky to have pulled a Nooksack Rifle Any Bull permit. Hunting opens on Oct.5 and those bulls should still be fired up.. I’m stoked to say the least.
  7. steeleywhopper

    One time at band camp 2011

    My bucket list trip. Great video!
  8. steeleywhopper

    Cannon Mag5 ST Downrigger NIB

    Selling a brand new in the Box Cannon Magnum 5 St Downrigger. I have Scotty's on my rig so this one has to go. $350 I am located in the Marysville area. Here is a link with all the specs.
  9. steeleywhopper

    Updating wiring question

    You guys have been really helpful here. I realize that I really need to do some research on this whole project. I don't feel that the wiring is a complete abortion in the boat now, I just would like it to look more up to date and cleaner. Maybe I am over thinking it, but in the end I really...
  10. steeleywhopper

    Updating wiring question

    Well my mechanical skills are basic and I really don’t know where to start and what I would need to start with. I’m sure getting online and researching would be best as I’ll start that tonight. I really would like to talk with someone that does this regularly to get some pointers or do’s and...
  11. steeleywhopper

    Updating wiring question

    I purchased a bracketed 19ft 1980 Glasply a couple years ago and the only thing about the boat that I would like to do is update the wiring and really tidy up the Battery area. I am not an electrical guru nor will I pretend to be but for the guys that have redone their boats wiring and cleaned...
  12. steeleywhopper

    Shrimpin ain’t easy

    Stuffed pots and the kids getting after it are priceless!
  13. steeleywhopper

    Pursuit 2350 Rebuild

    The boat is coming along nicely and it will be nice to see what she looks like when all the hard work is done.
  14. steeleywhopper

    What to do with TUNA

    My grandfather bought a flash frozen whole gutted Tuna one year from a outfit that was selling from the docks in Tacoma. Gramps asked me to cook it at a family get together, I had never cooked one so I just put the whole darn thing gutted on the grill. The one thing I do know is that there was...
  15. steeleywhopper

    Need new disc brakes on boat trailer

    Whats the go to place in the Snohomish county area to purchase new disc brakes for the boat trailer?
  16. steeleywhopper

    Time for new Disk Brakes on trailer

    Opps wrong place for this
  17. steeleywhopper

    Eclipse Stealth Shrimp pots

    Thanks! I will check them out.
  18. steeleywhopper

    Eclipse Stealth Shrimp pots

    I know these are sold but do you know where a guy can find these new? I have a couple of them that I got at a yard sale and I’d like to get a couple more.
  19. steeleywhopper

    Drilling hole in boat for Sonar cord

    I was thinking that right below the rub rail was the place to go. Thanks for the input, I was over thinking it a bit. Being that I am now a Glasply owner maybe I should take up drinking again and name her "Rotten A$$".
  20. steeleywhopper

    Drilling hole in boat for Sonar cord

    I purchased a 19ft Glasply this summer and it was converted from Inboard to Offshore bracket with 175 Suzuki. The previous owner added the support for the offshore bracket over the existing holes for transducers so there is no way to use those holes to thread the transducer cable for my new...
  21. steeleywhopper

    More video w rookies

    That was awesome! I've lived here in Washington my entire life and never fished for tuna. This video really shows why I need to get out there.
  22. steeleywhopper

    My greatest day as a captain.

    Sometimes it takes watching someone else and how they see things to make us stop and realize what we take for granted. Great story Norm and glad that those guys got to experience the cool things we have to offer here in the NW.
  23. steeleywhopper


    Does anyone have a trusted source for high quality fuel lines that they would care to share? Just purchased a boat this summer and I am about to dive into the "what do I need to fix on this thing".
  24. steeleywhopper

    Need electronics for new boat

    I bought a boat last weekend and I need to get myself a GPS/Sonar combo unit. I was wondering if there is anything that really stands out in the $500-$1000 budget that I have set? I did stop by Cabela's today and they had the Garmin Echo Map Chirp 73cv Sonar/GPS on sale for $539, would anyone...
  25. steeleywhopper

    WTB McKay crab pots

    I am looking for a couple Mckay crab pots, either fast fishers or no escape will be fine. I had a couple of the Octagon "fast fisher" pots stolen out of the boat last week and need replacements. Hoping someone might want to part with a couple. Im in the Marysville area.
  26. steeleywhopper

    Shrimp ticket

    Got a ticket for not marking keeper crab on our cards "immediately". Buddy had the punch cards in his hand and I had just put the pot on the floor of the boat after pulling it up. enforcement pulls up as I am starting to pull a crab out. Turns out 7 of them in the pot were keepers and we had...
  27. steeleywhopper

    La Push Salmon

    I am headed out there for some king action on Saturday. Hopefully it's fish on!
  28. steeleywhopper

    Samish River Hatchery Closing?

    I personally don't care what goes on in the lower river, but what I do care about is one less spot that I can drive to and fish without a boat. We as sportsman keep paying more for less opportunity. If I did not have a Family Reunioin to go to on Thursday I would be there for this meeting.
  29. steeleywhopper

    To catch a thief, what would yhou do?

    We need to get these pussified laws changed. I should be able to shoot any piece of Chit that steps foot on my property and tries to take something of mine. The only good thief is a dead thief! Glad no one was hurt in your incident, but I too think calling the Le would have been a good idea...
  30. steeleywhopper

    Kicker on Drift boat and Licensing?

    Well it looks like the kicker is going to stay in the garage. Thanks guys
  31. steeleywhopper

    Kicker on Drift boat and Licensing?

    Just wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on this. I was thinking about throwing my 8hp kicker on my 16ft drift boat next weekend while fishing the upper Skagit. Question is, will I have to license my boat if I do this?
  32. steeleywhopper

    Any news on additional shrimping days in areas 8.2, 9 or 10?

    Pisses me off that they only give us two friggen days in 8-2 and then they act like we're getting a damn Christmas gift. Wife had a double mastectomy on the opening day so no shrimping for us this year. Cancer sucks! I hope they decide to throw us the proverbial bone with another day, but I...
  33. steeleywhopper

    Baker Lake Sockeye

    I fished both this year and my success was better in the lake. I would still like to see a river fishery.
  34. steeleywhopper

    Qcove Break-Away Flashers

    I love the Q Cove's, but I have had three of them out of the package now that had parts screwed up on the heavy line that comes with em. Two had no Swivel crimped on the top and one had no crimp to keep the big bead in place.
  35. steeleywhopper

    Marysville Bd'er

    I like snakes and sparklers! Nice mailbox stand
  36. steeleywhopper

    9/22-23 ma9 everett derby

    I think it was lucky that this was a fishing derby and not some other crazy gig. Fisherman are patient other groups may not be. I felt for ya up there Nelly. All in all it was another great year of me catching nothing but short fish. Just like last year, maybe next year. Thanks to all that put...
  37. steeleywhopper

    Baker Lake Sockeye

    I am a native American. I was born in the USA, so that makes me a Native American. :finger: By the way, it's my first post and I love to fish. If you can't beat em, marry one.... Thanks to all that made the Skagit fishery possible. It was fun.