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    For Sale California Police/Sheriff Department Entrance Exam Books

    The governor is an assclown and absolute joke. This state is so fucking ass backwards it's comical. If your not vested and new to the profession, maybe buy a book on how to lateral out of state? Stay safe all...
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    Ensenada YT today

    That is awesome..I'm assuming not too much boat traffic? I thought I read the harbor masters weren't letting boats into and out of the harbor? Obviously not- well done!
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    BOLA 3.13-15 with Joel Prieto Jr...Awesome!

    So happy to see a BOLA report - thank you.
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    Awesome Baja lures. I will need to get another order of the heavy deadheads for BOLA this summer. Hope all is well Dennis....
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    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    No info for you buddy but it's cool your heading down again. Me and Matt are holding off til late May. Might make a Colonet or San quintin run before then though. Hope all is well..
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    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    Those are great pics- thanks for the write up. It's nice to read anything related to baja fishing right about now.
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    Quick trip to BOLA 10-14 thru 10-17

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for the write up and pictures.
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    SOLD JRI Jigs

    Very interested in the 66's..If you split them up or if someone here is only looking for the 4's and 7's let me know...
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    Bola dodos?

    South of Animas.. Your gonna have a great time. I'm heading to the sierras tomorrow and probably back to bola late Oct for a look at the WSB?
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Dennis- Matt fished your dark blue glitter deadhead and did very well. I fished the light blue JRI 66. Current was ripping, hard to get down. I'm going to have to order more of your dark blue heavier deadheads.
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    Bola dodos?

    Fished last week (14th, 15th?) with Daggetts. They said only (2) dorado were caught for the week. We didn't see anything and we ran south to Barnabe.
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    For Sale Tiagra 30W LRSA reel

    PM'd as well. I'll take it if you ship to OC. I'll pay shipping and insurance. Left my cell. Leaving for the sierras tomorrow for a few day- let me know.
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    Hi. I'd take that reel if you would ship to Orange County. I'll pay shipping for flat box rate...

    Hi. I'd take that reel if you would ship to Orange County. I'll pay shipping for flat box rate and insurance. Let me know. I'm heading to mammoth tomorrow to fish until weds. Justin 949-482-9776
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Sorry- I tried to post earlier but I obviously screwed it up. Me and Matt and a couple buddies got back a week ago. Roads (at least HWY1) was in exellent condition. Few potholes after Chapala but lots of paving going on and better than I have seen in many years. Fished South at Barnabe...
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    BOLA July 3rd-4th with Captain Juan Cook

    Great write up and pics buddy. You guys killed it. Did it right for sure. It was a pleasure meeting you guys and sharing a few cold drinks. We are going to head back down in August, maybe we will see you guys down there next summer.
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    Chiflo does it again.

    Agree with everyone here- Chiflo is a great dude. Good fisherman, does a ton of hunting down there too, always smiling and laughing, English is good (I think he went to college in Riverside). Fished with him many times. They do a blast and cast in January for you duck hunters as well...
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    BOLA 06-30 thru 07-02

    I am surprised the Captains have any time to post, BOLA has been busy. Drove down 06-29 with Phatmatt HB and our friend Nick. Drive was fine, no issues, and HWY is in pretty good shape. Got into BOLA late Sat afternoon. Headed to Los Vientos (which is about 125USD a night but the only place...
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    Share a boat at BOLA

    I'll be fishing the 30, 1, and 2. Pangas are usually 350 - 380 now. Prices going up a bit since last summer. Should be numerous questionable subjects from this forum down there at the same time- gonna be fun.
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    Zooboys June Trip to LA Bay

    Thanks for the post and the info on Tecate. We are heading out in the morning. Fishing the 30th, 1rst, and 2nd. Looks like we just missed you. Should be a bunch from BD down there at the same time. Going to stay at Los Vientos this time- everything else was pretty much full. I'm sure there...
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    Klamath CC Redo

    When you rolled up in a Black Flag shirt I knew it was meant to be. Although anybody with numerous tattoos is extremely questionable! I hope it is an enjoyable build and it sounds like you have the skills to do it up right. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to the progress on...
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    Daggett's sport fishing.Bahia de los angeles b.c

    For clarification- my reservation is with one of his captains on one of his 5 boats- not Enrique himself- just "Daggett's". I'm certain you are good if you had the foresight to plan this thing 8 months in advance. In fact I saw your reservation on their table calendar 4 weeks ago when I was...
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    Daggett's sport fishing.Bahia de los angeles b.c

    Anybody reading this know of an available BOLA captain July 1rst and 2nd? I have a group of 4 but waited too long to try and lock in the first and second. Enrique has an opening for us on June 30th, but I don't want to make the run with 4 guys to fish one day. I don't have facebook or...
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    SOLD Price drop Calcutta Rod 81/2 ft 30-50lb

    interested in the calcutta... might be in oside tomorrow- I'll text my cell..
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    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    good post. Love fishing the iron down there. Need to get back down soon....
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    very nice Juan, I think we will see you at the end of June. Matt and I are trying to head down. PM me if you need anything brought down. Nice pictures buddy,
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    First time bahía delos Angeles

    Scott gives good advice. It will be very hot- lots of sunblock and beer are necessary. 60 pound on the dropper loop, 5/0 circle hooks, 16 ounces of lead. Sabikis with med hooks for the macs. You will be mostly bait fishing. Salas 6x jr in blue and white should do the trick on the yo-yo...
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    Bahia De Los Angeles - Fished 05/25-26/19

    Nice post. Daggett's and Alfonso was a good choice. Looks like Gordon and Rockodile John got a nice Mako on the Grady white- well done. We will be back down in 4 weeks. Any info on what looked like a bit of a red tide in the bay last week?
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    Bola 5/27-28

    Great pics! who would have thought you would blow shit up? #issues. Too bad the fishing wasn't a little better. Glad you got that first trip under your belt. Me and Matt are trying to put together something for the last days of June / early july. That should coincide with your next run...
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    BOLA 05-21-19

    Fun trip buddy- End of june for sure. Looks like they did OK weds despite the winds. Sorry about the sierras- we will make up for it in BOLA..
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    BOLA 5/19 - 5/24

    Good trip. We made bait right next to you on monday and fished south island next to you that day as well. We elected not to battle the winds on weds and headed home. Glad it worked out for you guys. Good times.
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    Deadhead Lures

    Denis I've got your cell and I'm going to order up (6) for my next run. Ruffo- your buddy Gordon says what's up. Had a beer and shared a few stories with him down there last week.
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    BOLA 05-21-19

    Glad your still around buddy- miss you Tim!!! I've talked to Doug a few times online- all good. I wasn't even running that hard there was just no one out on a Monday morning and the drive was pretty smooth. We are heading back the end of June- Going to try and meet up with Juan, Denis, maybe...
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    BOLA 05-21-19

    Started the timer on my Silverado the second I left my street and stopped it the second I pulled in to Daggett's. 9 hours 15 minutes- that is the run time of the truck- doesn't include turning the truck off for 30 min at Santo Tomas construction, gassing up, stopping for lunch, and piss stops...
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    BOLA 05-21-19

    No pics because I'm lazy. Refer to fishnsnow's post for cool pics- especially the mission pic. Drove down on Mon 05-20 with no issues. Me, Matt and (2) buddies who have never been. Standard 30 minute stop a the construction on the grade (Santo Tomas?) Made it to San Quintin and stopped for...
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    LA Bay 5/13-5/19

    Thanks for the timely post. Heading out at 5am in the morning. Looks like tues weds might see some winds but we will have a good time none the less. I'll post something when I get back.
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    Hi Denis - I will just call or text you when I get back. It would be nice to talk to you a bit...

    Hi Denis - I will just call or text you when I get back. It would be nice to talk to you a bit. I'm fishing tues and weds- should be some wind. I'll be back once in june july aug and sept. I will try and meet up with you in june or we can coordinate something through Juan. Talk to you soon...
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    Bahía de los Ángeles 5/13

    both sailflow and buoy weather have a healthy afternoon breeze- might have to start heading in around noon? Bring something waterproof and lots of beer. Should be mid 70's but much more comfortable then 100 plus with humidity and no breeze whatsoever. Those fishing thurs fri sat sun look like...
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    Bahía de los Ángeles 5/13

    Mark my name is Justin- Chris we are driving home on the 23rd, I'm just going to miss you. Looks like good weather for you guys- might be a little breezy in the afternoon for us.
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    Bahia de los angels...

    Denis I'm pretty flexible but the first week of June I'll be in the sierra's. Probably a week in late June. If your down there I want to buy a box of your lures if we can arrange that. If Juan is down there I will try and hook up with you guys. I'll PM you a message.
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    Bahía de los Ángeles 5/13

    Mark- it's a tiny town just ask anyone where Joel is and they will tell you. Either one of the two Markets on the right after the roundabout will tell you where to go. It will be easy to hook up with him once you get down there. We will be pulling into town on the 20th in a lifted silver...
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    Fish report Bahia de Los Angeles

    I'll be down fishing with Dagget's on 05-21 and 05-22. Fred1 we will probably bump into you guys making bait out front. I'll be the tall ugly dude with all the terrible tattoos. My buddy Matt will be the fat guy who hates beer and good looking woman. Let us buy you a cold beverage or 5 and...
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    Bahia de los angels...

    Thanks for the timely report- nice write up. I will be down with the Dagget's and fishing on the 21rst and 22nd. We like to fish mostly the iron- I just picked up a couple of JRI 66's and JRI 6's in mint and blue and white. Looking forward to giving those a try down there. I also need to...
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    SOLD Phenix Elixir 802-2

    June Lake time- PM sent- I would like to buy it.
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    Eastern Sierra Bridgport Reservoir - 4/29

    What an outstanding report and pictures. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us. Looks beautiful up there. Can't wait to get back up.
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    Anybody going to bola & need 1 person

    Hey buddy- It looks like my Gonzaga plans next week with me and matt might have fallen apart. It was to be a mid-week trip (tues thru fri). Most of my buddies have "real jobs" and can't make it..."real jobs" sound incredibly over-rated, especially if they keep you from fishing...
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    Interested in the other 2 calcuttas. What are the line ratings?
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    Yoshy Tackle Shop - Camalu BCN

    I fished with him about 4 weeks ago. Thanks for the write up- Memo is a good guy. His tackle shop has moved to his house. I'm with you on the lack of directions ( no F-ing idea), but turn right on the dirt road that takes you to the Pirate Hotel and he is like the 2nd or 3rd street (right...
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    Bahia de los Angeles Fishing Report + Road Northbound

    Thanks for always posting your trips. I appreciate the road info. I hope they can do some patch work before this summer. I went down south about 4 weeks ago and tried to come home through TJ on a Sunday night. What a dipshit move. 5 hour 30 minute border wait. I'm going to have to explore...
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    Gamefisher charter Ensenada

    Derek- Hope all is well. Thanks for the pics and report. I'll be heading down to Camalu March 1,2, and 3 for a taco meat trip. Then back down in April to see Captain Juan in Gonzaga. PM me if your interested in either and can get some days off. If you don't mind PM me the cost on that trip...
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    Hey buddy- Your daughters are getting big..Matt and I are going to hook up with you in Gonzaga in april- I will send you a message and get some dates squared away. Hope all is well.
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    For Sale 2016 Lund rebel xs 1750

    Liked the June Lake pic alot... clean, beautiful boat..Asking price should help you out on BD- not nada "value" -there are some savages on this board..
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    SOLD Calcutta rod WA made 815

    Had several back in the day. Loved them. Great rods.
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    Looking for BOLA report

    Surf Launch gives good info... Dagget's is 6 bucks a night to camp, has showers and a shitter, and offers a grill. I've never seen it rowdy or loud down there. Thefts have become a problem and you stuff should be safe sitting out at Daggett's. Don't leave anything in your the back of your...
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    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond Rods 700H x 6 760H x1 Used $125 each

    next in line for all rods and reels if first guy falls through. Good deals..
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    SOLD Tranx-400-HG

    I guess when you take care of your equipment and price it right, it goes fast...Late again..
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    SOLD 16Ft Klamath 60Hp Mercury

    says $3500 right under his phone number... bump
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    For Sale Gregor 21’ ocean price drop

    I wish someone had given me some honest advice 20 plus years ago before it was "cheaper to keep her" but here goes.... If the girlfriend is "pissed" about a second boat and keeping you from a river house or whatever you want please do yourself a favor...Get rid of the girlfriend and not the...
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    BOLA October 19-20

    Thanks for the detailed report. Driving at night on those roads while towing and after a storm - YIKES.. Glad you made it and it sounds like the drive was relatively uneventful. At $350 a day for a panga I'd much rather not deal with the madness of towing down and cleaning up. Good to hear...
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    I will buy all of your calcutta rods..
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    Bahia de Muertos

    Gerardo is a good guy- glad he is still around. He helped me purchase some land down there 15 years ago. Those Pargo are beasts- did you get them up top slow trolling ladyfish? Does Gerardo still have the fish house in La Paz and drive out to Muertos in the mornings to fish?
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    San Diego to LA Bay Road Conditions 10.09.18 Mex 1

    Derek shoot me those dates- are you going with Chris? I need to get something together. Going to hit the Sierras once more before it closes then hopefully BOLA next month..
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    Battlefish Netflix

    I agree ^^^ with Nate's post above. Much respect for you brother- being a father of 3 and seeing your pain brought me to tears, and reminded me of what is truly important. Keep fighting the good fight. I also binge watched the whole season.
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    Just bought a Traeger but re-thinking.

    I have vacuum sealed smoked marlin from the east cape and saved it for football season. I had zero issues with vacuum sealed smoked marlin, even after several months.
  64. Beer Goggles

    For Sale 26 farallon pilot house for sale , turbo diesel . In dana point

    Rob, Justin, and Timmy are all huge homo's but the boat is sick...Also for those of you that don't know Rob- or won't admit to it- his stuff is top notch and always taken care of.
  65. Beer Goggles

    Bahia de Los Angeles Update?

    Don- when are you and the zoo boys gonna head down? Im bored and might make the run in two weeks. Probably hit up Daggett's and fish and stay there..Might be going solo.. #loser
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    San Quintin 9/8-9/9

    Scott thanks for the write up...Im torn between the short drive to SQ or Camalu or making the run to BOLA. I will probably just run to BOLA in a couple of weeks- hit me up if you want to go... #bored
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    Two marlins, one cup....I mean day.

    I think you need to post a link to the two girls one cup video along with this post...I also think i just threw up in my mouth a bit....
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    Going to BOLA have a ?

    A question about fireworks and BOLA and nothing from Derek? Each time I have run into Derek down there he is putting on a one man firework display and blowing shit up. PM noslow64 and get the ins and outs from him. Have a great trip, take your time getting down. Make sure you have you TIP...
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    BOLA August August 3-4 HOT!

    I like the report..Sucks about the fine..Did you leave Coco a pair of your sweaty used 1000% humidity panties?
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    BOLA 7/30-8/4

    Thanks for the report. Was the Navy still down and was the Mexican version of Fish and Game (Conpesca?) at the docks? If they are still sticking to Mexican limits of 2 dorado and your done for the day- then I'm not keeping Dorado. It would suck to go that far for 2 dodo's...2 dorado for...
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    Shark season in BOLA???

    I have asked Enrique and Alfonso Daggett and they say YES there is a shark season. Enrique is a little more serious about it then Alfonso. Last year we hooked and 200 pounder at the boat with a 100 pound mono leader..It laughed at us and snapped it in a few seconds. We were there two weeks ago...
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA

    Clear as Mud!! I was always told even my kids (who were 6 and 7 at the time) needed fishing licenses. I would much rather be safe then sorry- especially due to the selective enforcement and ambiguity. You could roll the dice and probably be fine with it but that's your call. Thank you Juan...
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA

    Unfortunately all about the dollars down south- yes kids need fishing licenses. They are available in BOLA now and you can pay by the day to make it a little cheaper...
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    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Um, some stuff on my boat isn't working either- do you have any pictures of this stripper neighbor? You know, she might be my suspect too...
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    BoLA advice needed

    Just got back a few days ago- I agree with the "talk to Daggett's" suggestion. If the weather is down they have been making the run to the south end of La Guardia and then running east a bit to the reef. We got limits of YT (up to 32 pounds) in just a quick hour or two. Fished mostly the iron...
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    East Cape Report 7/4-7/8

    Holy crap that wahoo is huge!!! congrats...
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    Fishing in BOLA 13,14,15 of july

    I will be down the 17-20th staying at daggett's and fishing with either Enrique or Alfonso on the 18th and 19th. I will be the really tall dork with all of the disgusting tattoo's- come say hi. It's just me and Matt fishing so if anybody else is going to be down there and might want to jump on...
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    Bola July 1st-3rd

    Looks like you had a great trip and did it right. Glad you got to blow up some more stuff down there. Btw- it's hard to fish (and probably wipe your ass) with a nub for a hand...ask that dumbass that plays football for the Giants...It looks like we will be heading down there in about 10 days...
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    Cedros Yellowtail

    Absolute PIG.. Congrats- curious on estimates. 50 plus?
  80. Beer Goggles

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    Congrats Brian- great trip!..Please send your buddy fishing with me so I can show him complete disappointment, zero fish caught, and maybe some boat motor issues, just for good measure..I'm just here to help bring him back to reality- that's all... Talk to you soon...
  81. Beer Goggles

    Need one guy fishing Santa Rosaliita

    BUMPPPPPPP... Did you ever fill it? can you flex on the days a bit or are you pretty set?
  82. Beer Goggles

    headed to old mill on Friday, then to bola

    I'm stoked for you that your heading back already! When your at Molino Viejo look for my dollar bill up on the wall- it reads "I have an incredibly small penis"...I guess I am honest after more than a few bloody mary's? Slay a few fish for us working class stiffs...If your getting wifi while...
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    I appreciate your baja reports and you share good info. I admit I had to read your report a few times before it made a little sense to me. Thanks for finally throwing a name out there- It is what it is... Kind of weird that when I read your report the 3rd time, I glanced up at Sportscenter and...
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    For Sale Vintage Krocodile s

    I'd like to take the Krocodile lot from you...PM sent
  85. Beer Goggles

    TRADE Trini 40 trade for

    I've got a couple of Tranx 500's..Might be interested in the 40 if your coming to South OC...What's it spooled with and when was it serviced last? Send me a pic..
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    Bahia report for June 2-9.

    Great trip. Thanks for the report. Just curious about the 5 minute border crossing- Where did you cross and what day and time? I've gotta get a few of those 5 minute border crossings under my belt! I'm heading back mid july for a sunburn, sore arms, and a hangover- can't wait..
  87. Beer Goggles

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Hey Scott..Looks like fun...I was there a week before you this time and we had similar results.. Me and Matt are going to wait about 4 weeks until we head back down. When is your next trip?
  88. Beer Goggles

    Bahia de los Angeles 06.04-06.12

    Thanks for the detailed report. Sounds like a great way to spend the week. I have to wait about 4 weeks until we can make it back down. MAYBE the red tide will clear out by then? Sounds like you guys just fished the iron- lots of sore arms for sure. When are you back in BOLA this summer?
  89. Beer Goggles

    bola 5/27 & 28

    I forgot about Cora- what a cool dog! It was good seeing you down there. Kinda bittersweet now in light of what has just happened down there. Two lives taken over an f ing boat???? I know I will be back down again but I am curious as to what, if anything, will be done about it. Isolated...
  90. Beer Goggles

    Increased crime in Baja?

    Sounds like it is safer than Chicago! Expect the crime rate to drop drastically in Chicago... Breaking News: "The Chicago Police Department has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem, to...
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    bola 5/27 & 28

    Great report and thanks for the write up. It was great to see you guys down there. Your report pretty much nailed it. The hospitality over at Dogman's house was much appreciated. He has a great set up out there and you guys rolled with a good crew. Met more than a few BD'ers down there and...
  92. Beer Goggles

    For Sale Camo Pants 2X

    I will take them if the sale falls through..
  93. Beer Goggles

    headed to bola next Friday

    I will be fishing the iron also, but a good 20 or 30 minute stop, usually right in front of the ramp, is probably wise. It doesn't take much to fill the tanks. Bring a sabiki and 4 ounces and just bounce around in front with the rest of the pangas. Always good to have a little back up plan...
  94. Beer Goggles

    headed to bola next Friday

    We are heading down early sat. FIshing sun,mon, heading home tuesday. Going to take the 1 and stop in SQ for fishing licenses. Probably going to take the 5 back- depending on how bad the dirt road is. Do me a favor if you can and clock the mileage of the dirt portion and tell me how long it...
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    Nomad Madscad Lures

    Just a quick heads up- my order arrived in 2 days with free shipping. They look good. I
  96. Beer Goggles

    Nomad Madscad Lures

    I just order four today from Stryker and they ship same day. I'm heading to BOLA memorial day weekend- like alot of other people apparantly. It was Captain Juan's post that made me want to give them a try...
  97. Beer Goggles

    oops..did that last post just go to you and not Zika? My bad buddy. I just PM's Enrique about...

    oops..did that last post just go to you and not Zika? My bad buddy. I just PM's Enrique about bola over memorial day since we cant fish Gonzaga with Juan..
  98. Beer Goggles

    Passport ZIKA? WTF? I'm gonna ask the real fat boy (Horner) to kick you off the second floor if...

    Passport ZIKA? WTF? I'm gonna ask the real fat boy (Horner) to kick you off the second floor if you don't get a passport and fish Mexico with us...
  99. Beer Goggles

    Nomad Madscad Lures

    Quick question- For those of you that have ordered the Madscad through Stryker tackle- Do they come rigged or do you also need to purchase the rings and hooks separately?
  100. Beer Goggles

    SOLD Shimano Tranx500 Tiburon Clamp

    ill take and text sent
  101. Beer Goggles

    Thanks Denis I got a message back from him. I'm trying to hook up with him in May. We might...

    Thanks Denis I got a message back from him. I'm trying to hook up with him in May. We might see you guys down in Bola in June as well. Take care...
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    2012 Hobie PA for sale

    I've PM'd a bunch and left my cell- no response????
  103. Beer Goggles

    For Sale Float tubes $35

    I'd take the "U-boat" if it holds air and the fins for my son. Only issue I have no plans to cheat death and take the Ortega across. If business or something is bringing you over this way I'll meet up with you and grab it. PM and let me know.
  104. Beer Goggles

    Eastern Sierra Trout Opener 4/28

    Hey buddy- I will be driving up with the family on Sunday just to head to the loop for 2 days. We will stop by Sunday around 1100 for lunch and to support the cause. See you this weekend.
  105. Beer Goggles

    Finally! Fishing SQ! Need some advice.

    PM me with the dates your thinking and/or reach out to noslow64 and his crew- they may have a july opening. I just PM'd Juan to check his April Gonzaga schedule/availability. My Bola trip is June but I usually try and go each month over the summer.
  106. Beer Goggles

    Hi buddy..Should we try and run down to Gonzaga and fish with Juan for 2 days in May and the go...

    Hi buddy..Should we try and run down to Gonzaga and fish with Juan for 2 days in May and the go to Bola in mid june with the crew? I also need to do a family trip down there this summer with Kristen and the boys.
  107. Beer Goggles

    Bola April trip

    Makes me want to bump my june trip up a month and go in both May and June. Denis if you are still reading this how long is Juan going to be in Gonzaga- I might run down and fish with him soon so I can get my fix...
  108. Beer Goggles

    Finally! Fishing SQ! Need some advice.

    If you can afford it fish with Kelly's operation and his sons. Old Mill is fine for sleeping. Jardines will have really good food and will cook up your catch. The little resteraunt at the Old Mill also has really good food. The guy that runs old mill right now is a trained Chef by trade and...
  109. Beer Goggles

    2012 Hobie PA for sale

    Don- I PM'd you back. I'm interested. I think it was the fish porn that did it for me.. text me, I left my number on the PM
  110. Beer Goggles

    BOLA next two weeks

    It looks like June 6th thru the 10th for my group...Staying and fishing at Daggett's- anyone down then? Hitting the sierras in 2 weeks for the trout opener- can't wait..
  111. Beer Goggles

    Camalu fishing report 3/18 and 19

    thank you for a current report and good detailed information.
  112. Beer Goggles

    For Sale Sitka Gear 3X Shirt

    What's up big ugly? 3X won't fit me anymore as i'm down about 25 pounds ( the stress diet from work- not good)...Jump in with us on one of our Bay of LA runs this summer- I'll get the shocks on my truck adjusted to hold you. Take care of yourself buddy.
  113. Beer Goggles

    Bajia de Los Angeles Hotel recommendations

    Even though I'm a Daggett's guy, with a female you might want to try Los Vientos...although it's not "in town" but a few miles away.. Rooms are nice, good AC, they have a pool, it's on the beach, and they have a restaurant there.. A little pricey ( I think around $120 a night vs $60 at...
  114. Beer Goggles

    Mirro Lures-Trolling lure lot

    Nick's gear is always legit! Nick if the other guy doesn't take them, I will. Let me know- hope all is well...
  115. Beer Goggles

    Taxi or Car Rental

    I was wondering the same thing- Do they have Uber or Lyft down there??
  116. Beer Goggles

    97 Bayrunner 22

    Opinions are like assholes, but I'm not here to eat opinions... GLWS, I've owned three bayrunners ( and several kidney belts!)..Great economical boats..
  117. Beer Goggles

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    PM'd ya..I'm bored and maybe heading down same days..Check your messages...
  118. Beer Goggles

    Lake Mission Viejo trout FIshing

    That's great to see, thanks for the report..I hope they have that all in check- grew up fishing that lake and it was one of the cleanest, purest lakes in so cal...From that pic it looks like your on a boat just outside the restricted area??Are you soaking a bait?
  119. Beer Goggles


    OK Ruffo this actually explains alot! I'm trying to get down to BOLA or down to see Captain Juan and yo yo some iron if you want to go.
  120. Beer Goggles

    Need East Cape Recommendations and Info

    Good write up. Palmas is a good choice if the wives are going, but very expensive. If you do just a guys trip check out martin verdugo's. Good hotel on the beach just a few hundred yards down from palmas. Package deals- cruisers and pangas and MUCH less money than palmas. Greg (American...
  121. Beer Goggles

    Gonzaga Bay / puertecitos

    Those are the perfect sized pargo to gut and scale and just fry up whole. Tastes amazing... When we would invite our captains to dinner they would fight over who got to suck the fish eyeball out - they loved eating the eyeball- nothing goes to waste! If someone has a good panga captain in...
  122. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    It's not too late for the hashtag #metoo if Kevin Spacey touched you too?
  123. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    old apache...a couple other old jigs??..and those two MAC jigs..
  124. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    I tried to reply to all..Thank you guys for being understanding- I'm thinking I should have done some research first! I am not attempting to turn this into some sort of bidding thing- just trying to figure out some of these older jigs.My experience with the iron is limited to fishing a few...
  125. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    I'm pretty sure everything you read on the internet is factual and there was a law passed that you can't lie or exaggerate on the that somewhere ( I think it was on the internet).. Sarcasm aside I appreciate all the feedback. I am getting some cool PM's, responses, information...
  126. Beer Goggles

    Candybar Starman 150's

    I appreciate all of the feedback and PM's I've been getting.. Several offers have come in on the whole lot so for simplicity I won't be separating them out. I'm not sure what proper protocol dictates but PM me a decent offer- worst I can do is say no thank you...Oh and No thank You to the guy...
  127. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    elreytut was first to reply on the house of jigs and had some info for me to go along with it- so he would be first.. I am trying to figure out how to price some things and I'm doing some internet research- thanks for the replies..
  128. Beer Goggles

    Candybar Starman 150's

    Yes a few are marked H... Thanks for the info- makes sense...
  129. Beer Goggles

    Candybar Starman 150's

    Possibly...I would like to see if anyone has an interest in the lot first and what the jig fisherman have to say about them...
  130. Beer Goggles

    Candybar Starman 150's

    I don't know enough about them to know what constitutes the "heavies". Are they marked differently? I will do some internet research...
  131. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    I have not been schooled on what constitutes "vintage" gear. I am including a list of items and some pics of old lures that were passed down to me and have been sitting in the garage for years. The names include: Creek Chub, (3) pencil poppers and (1) surface plug, Stan Gibbs Company, Rapala...
  132. Beer Goggles

    Candybar Starman 150's

    I'm not sure if they count as "vintage" but I'm going to lean on the BD community for some knowledge. I just came across (19) Canybar Starman 150's in the garage. They have the "R" stamped next to them so I am told they are originals...? Some of them appear to have been unfished-I have...
  133. Beer Goggles


    Tire shop was there 2 months ago when I drove it. From the pavement ending, all the way until meeting back up with highway 1, was about an hour and 15 minute drive. Not too bad, some areas moved a little quicker than others. When I was on it, big semis, car haulers, and boats/trailers were...
  134. Beer Goggles

    Scammer Alert!

    I just drove home past Crowley on Monday on my way home from Mammoth and June Lakes. I was thinking about your post as I drove through. I am glad the jigs finally somehow "miraculously" appeared. I wonder if your posts and a little pressure from the BD community didn't help those jigs in...
  135. Beer Goggles

    Tranx 500pg to flyline live bait?

    Agree with Southbaykiller. I also use my Trini 16 narrow for the same application. It is much easier to walk the spool back with no obstruction, especially if you have fat oddly shaped toes for a thumb- like me. I wouldn't worry too much about the possible "friction" caused by the levelwind-...
  136. Beer Goggles

    Tranx 500pg to flyline live bait?

    Hell yeah- I do it all the time in Baja...Flylining big macks for YT in Bay of LA is a blast. Never lets me down. It is such a kick ass all around reel..
  137. Beer Goggles

    Tilapia at Lake Mission Viejo

    The world record bass was supposed to come out of that lake, sucks.. I saw pictures of numerous 50 plus pound dead catfish piled onto the dock after the algae bloom. They have had it "under control" for 2 years now but still can't get much but a tilapia stock to sustain...The trout stock the...
  138. Beer Goggles


    Happened to me 5 times in the states. It's everywhere. Got hit at Schatt's bakery in bishop a few years back coming home from June Lake. No real way to avoid it- if you use your card, eventually it will happen to you..
  139. Beer Goggles

    June Lake Loop 10/19-21

    I'm heading up friday through monday. Pulling the kids from school so they can see the fall colors up there. I'm trying to teach them that fishing and going to the Sierra's is more important than school. I'll probably fish silver and rush with the boys and walk Lee Vining creek solo...
  140. Beer Goggles

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    HI Scott - Thanks for the report. I'm laid up with shoulder surgery and some health issues for the kid. I only made it down once this summer- two plus months ago. You came to say hi to Capt. Juan at my room at Daggett's a couple months ago, I'm sure u remember. Just keep perspective, I...
  141. Beer Goggles

    Halco Haymakers

    Great seller, great price- I just picked up 3 poppers from him a while back.
  142. Beer Goggles

    Excellent Trip to SQ with Captain Juan!

    I miss it, badly!!! Capt Juan is the man. Jardines does it up right. Looks like you made some good choices. After discovering a while back how easy the Tecate crossing was, I will never do TJ again. Was anybody catching tuna while you were down?
  143. Beer Goggles

    Pic Heavy Bluefin!!

    Good point.. Well played.. Why would I actually need to catch fish when I can just sit here on this internet thing and watch you post pictures of big fish?? My wife keeps spending all of my money and gets shitty when I try and go fishing.. HMMMM. Maybe your onto something with Tim and your...
  144. Beer Goggles

    in san quintin right now

    Derek- thanks for the quick report. Take some of your fish and head over to jardines for dinner one night- also great food. You will have a good time down there, hopefully one of your three boats can go look for the tuna. I had to cancel my Bola trip last month on the morning I was supposed to...
  145. Beer Goggles

    Pic Heavy Bluefin!!

    Zika- I just texted you. Great trip for Russell. Good call on ditching, school is overrated anyways. I am glad Russell got out with his two "dads" and that's cool that he didn't disown you because of your "lifestyle choices"... I can only imagine the sounds coming out of that cabin overnight...
  146. Beer Goggles

    Oside to 209, 181, 182 report

    Sounds like Von Muse bought a Whaler when he "retired"???
  147. Beer Goggles

    Bola report

    Doug we will be down there friday as well- fishing with Enrique..Might head out saturday with daggetts also, or might run up to San Quintin for the yellowfin 12 miles off the point. Maybe see you on the water friday, are you going to be in your bayrunner?
  148. Beer Goggles

    San quintin yellowfin

    Got a PM from Captain Juan yesterday and he said they were getting them. I already have plans to go to BOLA tomorrow or I would be all over them. San quintin has been waiting to go off and I hope this is it...Good weather window coming up- GO!!!!
  149. Beer Goggles

    SOLD Phenix Axis 720H 25-60lbs $160

    Nick I'll be up tomorrow to grab hose lures and I'm interested in taking a look at this.. text me if your going to be home or I'll text you when I'm on my way- shooting for 10am..
  150. Beer Goggles

    Splitting a Panga BOLA (August 4, 5, 6)

    I'll be fishing with Enrique on the 4th with only one other person. We would also like to pick up the 5th with Alfonso. Check your PM and text me, I'm heading out from OC on thursday at about 0800..staying a either daggetts or los vientos. Very familiar with fishing down there and would split...
  151. Beer Goggles

    BOLA route?

    I'll be there and fishing with Enrique on Friday and not sure what the plan is for Sat. I'm taking the 1 down and returning on the 5 through San Felipe and Mexicali. I'm going to try and stay a tLos Vientos for a couple of nights this time to see what that is like. If not, I'll be staying at...
  152. Beer Goggles

    Bay of La Report 7/20-7/21

    Thanks Scott- I met you down there last month at Dagget's with Captain Juan. I'll be headed down to fish Aug 4th. I'll be fishing with Enrique as usual. I appreciate the report. Any rumblings about the dorado showing up? Water seems warm enough and it's about the right time. Bait fishing on...
  153. Beer Goggles

    WTB Shimano Baitrunner Reels

    Not sure what size your looking for but i have a 6500 that I would part with for a decent price. It's loaded with 40 lb and it's been sitting on a rod rack in my garage for 6 years. PM me if interested as I don't use it and it just sits there.
  154. Beer Goggles

    bola July 16th & 17th

    Got your PM and text thanks...BTW wasn't it a little too hot to be wearing that fur coat down in BOLA?
  155. Beer Goggles


    Holy SHIT! It could be mostly from me on my last trip down there after eating some produce rinsed with their water... Apple Harbor- Thanks for always giving us all the updates on baja and always posting info- even the shitty ones...:shithappens::shithappens::shithappens:
  156. Beer Goggles

    Great day in SQ

    Nice to see an SQ post..Thanks for the update.
  157. Beer Goggles

    bola July 16th & 17th

    Thanks for the write up and pics...Looks like you guys had a good time. Nice job on that 34 pound YT. I'm heading down to fish on the 4th and 5th. I will also be fishing with Enrique on the 4th. If you guys haven't used him you should give him or his brother a try. You can send him a PM...
  158. Beer Goggles

    Halco Haymaker Poppers

    Nick- I PM'd you on one blue and one green- let me know if you can throw that in with the others. PM me back and I'll use paypal gift. Thanks
  159. Beer Goggles

    Documentation checklist for Baja trip...

    Not to take away from the seriousness of the last post ^^^ but go to SQ for sure. Captain Juan Cook absolutely is the man! Try the "new" restaurant at the old mill - amazing food! I think it's called Eucalyptis or something similar..Oh and nothing to do with the food suggestion but don't forget...
  160. Beer Goggles

    Current BOLA Bite

    Thanks for the updates Derek...I'm glad you got back down there so soon. I just PM'd Enrique to ask if he or Alfonso is available for Aug 4th and 5th...I need to get back down there soon! You deserve a good trip buddy...Have fun.
  161. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin panga prices

    Somebody pulled up an oldie- the prices reflected in this post are from 6 years ago! Gas prices are way up in Baja and the hard working people are getting screwed! I don't know what current SQ Panga prices are, but I know there are great captains in that town who will do whatever they can to...
  162. Beer Goggles

    BOLA - Update from June 27 - July 1.

    I always fish with Enrique and Alfonso and stay at Daggett's...Might have the girls with us next time and we are thinking of staying at Los Vientos...How was the pool, was it usable or did it look gross? Do they offer a chest freezer for their guests to freeze the fillets solid? What about...
  163. Beer Goggles

    BOLA FIRST TIME report 6-25-6-26

    Nice yellows...Sounds like a good trip. You spoiled the hell out of your buddy and he is going to think that is what "normal" fishing is like. BOLA is a great place- hope they fill some damn potholes soon!!
  164. Beer Goggles

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Thank you Derek...All is right in the world again...
  165. Beer Goggles

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Jesus you guys need to move on...It's all good- lots of "lessons" learned...Let it go for fuck sake..Someone please post a picture of boobs..
  166. Beer Goggles

    Late Report for BOLA - 06/10 - 06/16

    What a great write up..thank you. That was so cool to see that whale shark that close to the ramp. It looks like you had a great adventure. 3 hours on that dirt road though is a pain in the ass. We weren't towing and it took us about 1 hr 15 minutes. I think I'm going back down in about 3...
  167. Beer Goggles

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    Glad your home Derek. Sorry you had to experience that BS first hand. Maybe leave the boat next time and just keep going on the pangas? It doesn't sound like it's worth the hassle, stress, and attention you get when towing down. Thanks for sharing your experiences for everyone for everyone to...
  168. Beer Goggles

    (3) Halco 130Max @ $26

    Nick - I'll take them..I'll be up in Fullerton tomorrow between 0900 and 1200. Will you be around? I'll PM my cell..
  169. Beer Goggles

    Just got back from BOLA trip

    Any pics of that 70 pound WSB, that thing must have been huge! I'll be back down in about 3 weeks.
  170. Beer Goggles

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Oh, I'm driving a pretty nice truck and pulling a pretty nice boat. Do I have to worry because they look good? Nothing to worry about- remove your TRUMP 2016 sticker and add a brahma bull sticker to your car door. Might I also suggest curb feelers and a "Los Raiders" sticker in the rear...
  171. Beer Goggles

    18.5 wahoo offshore

    Were you able to store that in your garage? I tried to zoom in on the tongue to see if it's detachable. Seems priced right...
  172. Beer Goggles

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Guys- Derek will be back- give him some slack..Spotty WIFI in Bola doesn't help when something needs to be explained in detail...Hopefully he slays some fish and at some point makes it back, with his boat and trailer, all in one piece. Sounds like he had a few issues with the trip but he will...
  173. Beer Goggles

    Bahia de los Angeles 06.14.2017

    Thanks for the updates while your down there...
  174. Beer Goggles

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    Big Pargo...I like the tranx 400 in the background- I think I'm geeting one for my next BOLA trip...
  175. Beer Goggles

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Have a good time Derek, be safe. We will be heading back down in late July again. I'll shoot you the dates when I get them.
  176. Beer Goggles

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    Logged on today and I can't see my pics either.. Can one of you computer guys fix that- I'm pretty clueless.. Both with pictures and in life.. Roy-good to hear from you, I hope your doing OK. Let me know if you have time to shoot down to BOLA in July.. I can swing by SQ and pick you up if your...
  177. Beer Goggles

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    ** PICS ADDED at bottom ** My buddy Matt and I drove down to BOLA on weds June 6th. Took HWY 5 down this time, which was a first for me. It didn't take that much time off the drive down (9hrs 10 mins vs 9hrs 30 mins on HWY 1). The section of dirt road after gonzaga took about 1 hr 15 mins to...
  178. Beer Goggles

    Bola June 9,10

    Scott- God report and it was nice meeting you down there (I was with Captain Juan at my room at Daggett's). I haven't logged a report yet but mine is consistent with everything you said. Great time down there.
  179. Beer Goggles

    BOLA - Best place to stay

    Daggetts. AC works good and beds are good for Baja standards. Showers work fine. Use of a few freezers out front helps a lot too. I think it was $60 a night last summer for (3) beds in a room. I will be leaving tomorrow (weds) and staying there so I'll update when I get back.. Have fun.
  180. Beer Goggles

    bola - memorial weekend

    Derek- Thank you for the write up and the text. We will follow your advice on the surface gear. We should be heading out on the 6th to fish the 7th, 8th, maybe 9th. I'm just watching the winds and counting down the days. I'm going to take the 5 down and probably back up again. I know you...
  181. Beer Goggles

    headed to bola weds night

    Derek - I am happy it's finally here for you..I'm excited to read your report and hear the stories when you get back. Drink a few cold beverages for me and Matt- We will be going down June 6th thru 10th...Weather forecast looks good for you and wind isn't supposed to be that bad...I hope you...
  182. Beer Goggles

    LA Bay Report; May 10-13

    Rob - Thanks for the report, it's been a while since I've heard much from down there. I'm heading down June 6th though the 10th. I talked to Enrique who is expecting it to start to kick off soon. Tough break on getting sick and catching some wind, but if it makes you feel any better I worked...
  183. Beer Goggles

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    Zika- I really didn't like you much before and I hate you now. Jealousy is a stinky cologne my friend. Get back to work and wipe that disgusting smile off your face you ass....Oh yeah- Get your passport!
  184. Beer Goggles

    Hobie PA 14 for Sale

    That is a nice set up...I like the last picture on silver lake!
  185. Beer Goggles

    Update: Eastern Sierra

    Can you post that Grant lake pic? It has been so damn low we were driving halfway across it just to fish last season. It will be cool to see it all filled up again.
  186. Beer Goggles

    4/16 reds at the nado's & red bull race

    Good job buddy..The Bay of LA countdown has begun!
  187. Beer Goggles


    Cash for the 40N if its available..please put me in line if it falls through...
  188. Beer Goggles

    BOLA Trip Road Conditions 03/25/17

    Dweir- Thanks for the updates. We appreciate the road reports. I'm going to take the 1, cut the 3, and shoot down the 5 next time. I need to see if that saves me some time over the 1 straight down. Derek- I haven't given up on meeting up with you in BOLA on those dates but I don't think I'm...
  189. Beer Goggles

    Magma BBQ

    If this is still available put me in line. I have weds off and i'll be doing a shakedown run out of Dana Point. Let me know please.
  190. Beer Goggles

    Eastern Sierra Update

    I also look at the webcam quite a bit. Huge difference between this week and last week. They plowed it and it looks like the thaw has started. If you look closely, it looks like the shallow water in front of the boat rental is starting to open up. I have a week in Silver lake campground...
  191. Beer Goggles

    Northern Sea of Cortez

    I would love some more info- where you were fishing, when you were fishing, and who is the vagina that drinks Michelob Ultra while in Mexico. Good looking fish and thanks for posting but that trip deserves some kind of write up...
  192. Beer Goggles

    3/10/17 Ensenada

    Properly bled and iced, Bonito makes incredible sashimi. Last time in San Quintin we took the bonies to the new restraunt at the Old Mill (Eucalyptis?) and it was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. If Bones aren't cared for properly it's a mushy mess and even your viet neighbor/...
  193. Beer Goggles

    Boston Whaler 110 Custom Center Console

    One more bump- just because I still wish I would have but your fishing sea doo. All your stuff looks very nice and clean.
  194. Beer Goggles

    SAN to Bahia de los Angeles Road Conditions on 02.16.2017

    We will be following you down for sure on those dates, not sure if I'm towing my aluminum or not. I am going down to BOLA with Matt at the end of May before the holiday weekend and I need to figure out if I can store my boat down in SQ so I don't have to drag it all the way back and forth all...
  195. Beer Goggles

    Juan San Quintin

    You weren't kidding about taking two of the generic blue pills were you? Congrats buddy...
  196. Beer Goggles

    from blue on blue to gray on grey,sq.

    Hi buddy. Looks fun. I'm trying to get fat Matt to go back with me at the end of the month. We will be up in the sierras on weds, trout fishing the Owens river and Pleasant valley reservoir. I'll hit you up at the end of the month or early March. Take care.
  197. Beer Goggles

    July/August SQ Trip Planning

    Hey buddy, go with Juan on his Parker. Priced well and a wealth of knowledge. Book early. Old Mill is fun and cheap plus the new resteraunt is amazing. Old mill is right at the launch ramp and about $16 per person per night, much better than camping. Great advice by Dwayne, take his advice to...
  198. Beer Goggles

    'anyone making/selling lead weights?

    Jer Dog just took care or me. I picked up (30) 16 ounce and I want to go get 30 more in a bit. I don't know the other guys so I'm not knocking them but Jer Dog took care of me and I am very happy with the price and the product.
  199. Beer Goggles

    Bahia de Los angeles

    What is the most accurate site that forecasts wind for BOLA? I use sailflow to try and look ahead. I would make a BOLA run, even with the gas situation, if I knew I could catch a few days without wind.
  200. Beer Goggles


    I will happily take one order if they are available. I would prefer the 16 oz torpedo but I am happy to take the pictured style of sinker. Let me know when you have the new batch in and the best way to send payment. PM also sent
  201. Beer Goggles

    San Quentin brant

    Tiburon's pangas has packages and will take care of you guys. His son Chieflo kills it. I don't think they are on BD but I'm sure a google search should get you contact info. If not get ahold of Captain Juan Cook and he will point you in the right direction. I was just down there a few days...
  202. Beer Goggles


    No raw meat was brought into or out of the country. A Ralphs meat, cheese and cracker tray with salami pepperoni etc...I'm hoping the stuff was cooked or today I'm going to be blowing out an O-ring and I'll have some serious ring sting.
  203. Beer Goggles


    Thanks Juan we all had a great time as always. You take great care of us when we are down and we appreciate it. You have a couple of new "fans" from our trip if you know what I mean.. "Juan is so nice" and "Juan is so patient". "Why can't you have patience like Juan does"."Juan has cooler...
  204. Beer Goggles

    headed to bola in June

    Derek- I picked up a 17 klamath and Matt and I are interested in trailering down with you and buddy boating if you want. The days shouldn't be a problem and we will stay at Daggett's again as well. I will keep in touch as this gets closer. We will also be down next week fishing with El Juan...
  205. Beer Goggles

    Bahia de los Angeles.b.c/Daggett's sport fishing/27 oct 2016.

    Enrique has anyone been out fishing lately? I would love a bola report if you have any info. Me and Matt are heading down Dec 7th thru 10th but we are leaning towards San Quintin or Camalu.
  206. Beer Goggles

    WestCoaster Widebody Rebuild

    Kick ass rebuild- You have some obvious skills. I just picked up a 17 klamath that I'm looking for ideas on- so thanks for the thread detail.
  207. Beer Goggles

    YETI 75 for sale

    PM sent- full price offer if still available.
  208. Beer Goggles

    10\19 - 10\22 sierra trip

    Great report- thank you..well thank you and no thank you because I just canceled overtime for thursday, called in sick for sunday and I'm throwing an impromptu trip together right now. Leaving tommorow (thurs) at 4am to go fishing and exploring. Looks like high possibility of rain and maybe...
  209. Beer Goggles

    9 Day BoLA trip with my Dad 10/15-10/24

    Awesome write-up. Thank you for the detailed report and the pics. Congrats on being able to get 9 days away down south, seems like an amazing trip. How was the wind, weather, and drive? I'm considering a mid November run, I've been spoiled on the last 3 trips down this summer.
  210. Beer Goggles

    SURFDOC Remembered

    Shari thanks for keeping the memory of "Stanibuns" alive. Funny dude...R.I.P.
  211. Beer Goggles

    Price Drop: Fall Cleaning: Phenix, Shimano, FS/ rods

    TTT for you- payment sent on the (2) 7 foot tallus rods. PM or text me with pick up location and we will work on a time today. Thanks
  212. Beer Goggles

    Price Drop: Fall Cleaning: Phenix, Shimano, FS/ rods

    Interested in both Tallus rods. I can send payment and pick up in a week or so. PM sent.
  213. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 10-07 and 10-08- Amazing

    Look at Hillary's turdcutter though- would you hit it? be honest...Do you think their Weener's were touching in that photo? She must duct tape it to her leg- She's side-piping.. Dumb and dumber- Finkle IS Einhorn!!
  214. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 10-07 and 10-08- Amazing

    Well, well, well.. Long time no talk..I thought you had to flee to Texas because the Feds were looking at that child porn stuff on your computer? FYI - I was giving that Mako the death stare because he wanted to rip my arm off when I tried to pet him and take him home...He looked lost and...
  215. Beer Goggles

    Las Arenas Area near La Paz

    Tortuga Fleet and Gerardo are good to go! I hope Gerardo is OK- I haven't talked to him in about 10 years. He helped me buy some property down there about 12 years ago, I'm not so sure his health was so great back then. Does Gerardo still keep a fishing house for his guests in La Paz? I agree...
  216. Beer Goggles

    Is towing an 18' aluminum to LA bay on 13" wheels a bad idea?

    Good advice- Just got back last night. Can't avoid the potholes heading into and out of punta prieta so slow and easy. Road wasn't as bad as I've seen it in the past and more than a few sections are freshly paved. Bring extra parts for everything- in duplicate. Have fun- we had a great trip...
  217. Beer Goggles


    Hey Juan it was good to see you. we made it to Jardines after BOLA on Sat night. Everything is kind of a blur after that- One thing is for sure 6 foot 7 inch drunk Gringo's should not dance period- even in San Quintin. See you soon...
  218. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 10-07 and 10-08- Amazing

    Just got back in from 2 days of fishing in BOLA. Drove down Thurs 10-06, several sections of road being repaired but the drive was smooth. The section before the Punta Prieta turnoff is being repaired but the potholes are still pretty bad. The work is slow but at least they are addressing...
  219. Beer Goggles


    Hi buddy- I'm going back down with Matt, Luis, and Paul on Thursday the 6th. We are fishing on the 7th and 8th with Enrique. Any word on the bait situation or any info on the yellowtail would be much appreciated. As usual your pictures are outstanding. PM me if you need me to drop anything...
  220. Beer Goggles

    Boston Whaler Project

    Title of the rebuild forum says Montauk 17..Looks like he's off to a great start. I'm way too lazy, so I give him credit.
  221. Beer Goggles

    BOLA Updates?

    Awesome- thank you very much for the current update. I love me some BOLA- gotta get down..
  222. Beer Goggles

    Tranx 500hg clicking in freespool (when i cast or spin the spool)???

    Shimano service is excellent...Soild guys who take care of their customers...
  223. Beer Goggles

    BOLA Updates?

    Did he answer your other questions about the fishing and whether the dorado are around? I might be considering a run the 6th,7th,8th but I too was hoping for a current report. I would much rather fish the iron than bait but the forearms sure get burned out fast down there. The last couple of...
  224. Beer Goggles

    Silver Lake / June Lake Loop 9/5 thru 12

    That is a great post. Thank you so much. I love it up there but its been about six weeks and I need to get back. Got one planned for October and one planned for early November to try and get some of the big browns coming up Rush creek. Thank you for those pictures, they actually made me...
  225. Beer Goggles

    16.5 Lowe Aluminum

    Jason if it's not too much of a pain in the ass could you include a few pictures of the interior layout?
  226. Beer Goggles

    Fishworks shirts-size 40-mint condition and not worn

    Robert is the lot pending? If not I'm interested in the Aftco Camo..Let me know.
  227. Beer Goggles

    Sierra trip

    Great report. I'm going to head back up in mid September- when all of the kids are back in school. Sounds like you got a lot done in just a couple of days. Great trip.
  228. Beer Goggles


    Captains must be super busy- They were booked solid for the full month. I tried to get my 3rd trip this summer going at the end of this month, but my friends all have commitment issues and huge vaginas. Have a great trip- safe travels. I'm sure you'll slay the yellows. Make bait in the...
  229. Beer Goggles

    17' Gregor with 40ph outboard power trim

    Jason- Any chance of posting a few better pics of the interior layout? Do you know length of all for garage storage for those of us who have nazi-like ASSociation rules?
  230. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    This is not a new issue down in San Quintin. I'm as AMERICAN as they come and I absolutely disagree with the SD sportboat fleet hurting the hard working mexican skippers. Have you ever fished locally to get shit on by a sportboat who parks right on top of you when your fishing? There's is not...
  231. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 7/15-22 & Front Page BD Picture!!

    Looks like a great family trip- thanks for sharing. Great memories for the kids.
  232. Beer Goggles

    BOLA next week 7/29 what to bring?

    In case it didn't register with the first couple- BRING SUNSCREEN. We fished the bait and killed the YT and got WSB and grouper but- we switched to the iron and had much more fun hooking and catching- Salas 6x jr's. 60 and 80 pound leaders, 12 and 16 oz torpedo's. We used three way swivels...
  233. Beer Goggles

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    XRAP 25's and 30's blue mackerel and green mackerel- bring many 6X's- color wasn't a huge issue in the past. Always several of the standard deadly blue/white. Dorado, birdshit, sardine, mint and white work well too. It's always nice to kick down a few good 6X's along with a healthy tip. The...
  234. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 7/6-10... PB YT. Great trip.

    I do respect the beer holster! Great job on finding some big boys. I've been down twice in the last few months and I'm planning to go down ago in about 4 weeks. I've had two great trips. I applaud your for finding your own on the bayrunner. I'm sure it takes some patience and some balls to...
  235. Beer Goggles

    Bola July 1st to 3rd, golden grouper

    Great trip, great video, and good read on the post- and I was fishing in the panga right next to you guys! It was fun to fish with you on friday, sorry we didn't have more time. It was really cool to see you catch and release that golden. I'm sure your crew had a great trip and fishing with...
  236. Beer Goggles

    1980 B.W. Montauk 17 $3500

    I was up second and spoke to you once but didn't hear back from you. Still cash in hand, and live right by you, if this is still for sale. Hope you are doing OK...Let us all know.
  237. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 6/20-6/25

    That last father/son pic is really cool. Looks like you guys had a blast. I'll be pulling in there late tomorrow for a quick trip.
  238. Beer Goggles

    BOLA Report

    Thanks for the great report. I am heading down tomorrow (weds) at 4am. I will be fishing thurs and fri and staying at Daggetts. Hoping to get into the yellows early and then go exploring a bit. We are going to meet a few other BD'ers down there ( noslow64, obtunaman, and ?) for some beers...
  239. Beer Goggles

    Fair tip

    I like it buddy- biggest fish thursday. It's only appropriate the wager will have to be in cases of beer. Safe travels to you and your crew and we will be in weds night around 6 or 7.
  240. Beer Goggles

    Fair tip

    Damn Derek - your killing me. I also do 20 percent, and I thought I was being generous. You high rollers make us working class folks look cheap! On a side note I am looking forward to drinking many beers with you in 7 Days in BOLA.
  241. Beer Goggles

    what happened to the "bajanomad" website ?

    Clear out the cookies from all of those websites you frequent...If you are married also delete your browsing history.. Isn't it odd how you type the letter "A" and autofill automatically pops up with Asian Ass Porn???
  242. Beer Goggles

    wts g-loomis and phenix trout rods

    are you ever out in south OC? I would be interested in throwing you an offer on the Phenix..
  243. Beer Goggles

    LA BAY,6-9-10.WIDE OPEN.

    Great report Juan, thanks. Did you get to fish the tranx for those cabrilla? Me and Matt will be down in bola 06-29 thru 07-02. Fishing 06-30 with Enrique and 07-01 with Alfonso. We will be drinking with obtunaman and his crew as they will be down at the same time. Anyone with a license...
  244. Beer Goggles

    1980 B.W. Montauk 17 $3500

    Please consider me next. I can come look at it anytime, I'm in Trabuco Canyon right next to you. Thanks
  245. Beer Goggles

    Check your rigs before coming down!!

    I'll be down fishing with Enrique June 30th and his brother July 1rst. If anyone is interested we are looking for 2 more to join us to keep the cost down. If we can find two more that means we get to go back 4 weeks after that trip too. We were down 4 weeks ago and had a great time. I got...
  246. Beer Goggles

    Tailhunter La Paz/Muertos Fleet Reports June 5th, 2016

    Debbie Dunning still looks amazing..You are a lucky man Timmons! Nice work.
  247. Beer Goggles


    Great report Juan. Me and Matt are headed back down to fish with Enrique and Alfonso on the 30th and July 1rst. PM me if you need anything from the states. We need to stop by SQ on the 29th for lunch and to get Matt a license. Congrats on the TRANX- those are awesome. I am saving for one...
  248. Beer Goggles

    In bola right now

    I'm glad your down there and I'll be stoked to read your report. How is the weather and wind? I just re-booked again with Daggett's for june 30th and july 1rst and I am excited to get back down. Any issues with the drive or the roads? I hope you guys slay the yellows tomorrow- good luck.
  249. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-26-16 Chica Dulce Slays Huge Trigger Fish

    Sorry you had a tough time with the wind. I am planning on heading back down in about three weeks the 22 - 26th. We fished strictly iron and killed it with the trusty blue and white 6x jr's. I'm glad you scratched out a few and thanks for the post.
  250. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-26-16 Chica Dulce Slays Huge Trigger Fish

    Sorry you had a tough time with the wind. I am planning on heading back down in about three weeks the 22 - 26th. We fished strictly iron and killed it with the trusty blue and white 6x jr's. I'm glad you scratched out a few and thanks for the post.
  251. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin or El Rosario overnight stay

    just did it last week- Jardines x'3. Very nice, inexpensive, secure, excellent bar/resteraunt. Might want a reservation in advance- it fills up sometimes.
  252. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-12 and 5-13 Lots of YT

    Roy I'll PM you. Let me know if you can go down in about 3 weeks. Me, Jaime (who has been to your SQ house) and Matt. We could take one more if you just want to jump in. Let me know..
  253. Beer Goggles

    Gonzaga Military Inspection....Approved!

    I would much rather see the military then the federales or local cops. I have never had an issue with the military and they have always been professional. Policia however is a different story. Thanks for posting- Did you get Juan home safe and in one piece????
  254. Beer Goggles

    Bahia de Los Angeles bound 5/25

    I posted about 05-12 and 05-13 and we killed the yellowtail yo-yoing the iron just a couple of miles out (make sure you have a few blue/white 6X jr's). Flat calm beautiful conditions and insane fishing. I know Joel Prieto and his dad both run pangas and you can find him on here. Enrique and...
  255. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-12 and 5-13 Lots of YT

    Thank you Enrique. I'm pretty sure it was left between the two front seats. WillDoggy has offered to grab it and bring it back to the states if it is there. He will be down in a couple of weeks. Glad we booked with you guys and had a great time. Me and Matt will be down again- probably in...
  256. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-12 and 5-13 Lots of YT

    Funny you should mention that, we are planning for early July and late August right now. Does anyone know a bloodydecker who may have a house for rent?
  257. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-12 and 5-13 Lots of YT

    Me and my buddy Fat Matt decided to charge to BOLA first chance we had when the weather looked good. We checked the weather on 05-08 and drove out weds 05-11. Posted here for a couple open spots- but no takers. Got to BOLA in about 9 hours, roads were good except about the last 20 miles into...
  258. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 05-12 and 05-13 need 1 or 2

    We are going regardless but would like one or two more to help split the cost. I will be driving from OC Wednesday (05-11) and would like to get out early and into BOLA before dark. Probably staying at Daggetts and fishing thurs 05-12 and fri 05-13. It's just me and my buddy, Fat Matt (not...
  259. Beer Goggles

    East Cape Fishing From Palmas De Cortez

    African Pompano are really good eating, and those last couple pictured are huge!
  260. Beer Goggles

    Eastern Sierra's 4/19 & 20

    Thanks for the report. I'll be up two weeks after the opener and can't wait. Camping at Silver lake.
  261. Beer Goggles

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    I'll bring you a loaner "Thong"... :D a loaner implies that you want it back afterward? OK BOYS.... trips over.... PICS ???????? UMMMMMMMM- UHHHHHHHHHH ?????????
  262. Beer Goggles

    Klamath Bayrunner 18.5ft 40 HP Suzuki 2stroke

    I am interested. Any idea on length of all for garage storage? Does the trailer have a folding tongue?
  263. Beer Goggles

    PVR Lower Owens report

    I fished the weds, thurs, fri before the tournament. Fishing was slow the first two days. Took the float tubes out and fished from the damn all the way up to the launch ramp. Weather was nice weds thurs but the wind blew on friday. The rain moved in friday and the hills were getting snow all...
  264. Beer Goggles

    Castro Camp

    Thank you Bob...
  265. Beer Goggles

    Castro Camp

    The "guy at the tackle shop" in Camalu is Memo and he always puts you on the fish. Memo is an awesome fisherman who speaks great English. His daughter is usually running the tackle shop if he is out fishing. She can get you connected with him. It is a beach launch panga out of Camalu. He...
  266. Beer Goggles

    Port a boat $550

    I'll take it..I need it for silver lake and the june loop..I'll PM you..
  267. Beer Goggles

    A Place in San Quintin, Free

    Im interested...I'll email for pics.
  268. Beer Goggles

    Castro Camp

    San Quintin won't cost you 3 times as much...?? Panga should be around 300 and last time I was at castro's i think it was 225 for a panga..It does take 30 minutes to get out of the bay, but that's no big deal. The main road in was being re-graded when I was down after the rains last month...
  269. Beer Goggles

    Q about fishing the lower Owens next month

    The Blake Jones Derby is Sat March 12th at Pleasant Valley Reservoir. I will be up from the 9th to the 13th. They usually stock pretty heavily for the week leading up to the tournament. If you fish the creek remember barbless artificials only. If you fish the reservoir you can bait fish if...
  270. Beer Goggles


    Juan thanks for a great time on Friday. Nice pictures- except that first guy with the jacked up teeth. It was fun fishing with you again. Glad it laid down a bit for you guys on Saturday. We were going to beach launch out of Camalu on Saturday but Captain Memo advised against it because of...
  271. Beer Goggles

    5.11 TDU PANTS

    I got them today. Thanks Teddy.
  272. Beer Goggles

    5.11 TDU PANTS

    PM sent for the black XL
  273. Beer Goggles

    Customer Service Shout Out

    I have no affiliation but I also wanted to give a quick thanks. All too often we are too quick to throw out criticism and sparingly offer praise. The customer service is a huge part of the reason I have always stayed with Shimano. Even when many people were commenting/complaining about the...
  274. Beer Goggles

    PL68, 7X, 5X for sale

    put me number 2 behind Jose...Will meet at your discretion in OC if first buyer falls through..
  275. Beer Goggles

    The Dream Becomes Reality. #BajaSQ BlueMarlin

    Way to go...Thanks for the sweet write up and pictures. Congratulations to you guys and Captain Roy.. Roy is one of my fishing buddies and I have hit my head on that T-top more damn times than I can count. I thought Roy could only catch a Marlin during the tournament down there?! Guess he...
  276. Beer Goggles

    lake irvine bans private boats.

    I saw that they were selling off all of there boating gear and electric motors on craigslist. If the county is now running it does that mean the fees might get a little more reasonable? 75 bucks for me to take my two boys shore fishing on a bog formerly known as sulfur creek is a little...
  277. Beer Goggles

    Captain Hector puts anglers on 26-lb. white seabass

    lots of money spent on that beer belly- let it hang!!! I like all the empty beer cans in that second pic, that's a nice start...That WSB definitely looks bigger than 26. Nice to see a post from SQ, weather looks awesome.
  278. Beer Goggles


    I'm trying to get up there as well before the fishing season closes (11-11 through 11-14). No bugs, no crowds, nice and cool, and the leaves are changing. Looks like the fishing season closes Nov 15th but Silver lake Campground (the tent and camping side) closes Nov 7th. Silverlake resort...
  279. Beer Goggles


    Is the calcutta taken? I noticed a couple guys said they wanted it but when you updated yesterday it's not marked sold. I would like to buy the calcutta if it's still available....
  280. Beer Goggles

    Ensenada Mordida

    Thank you guys for posting all of this as it does help. I will try and remember next time I'm pulled over and shitting my pants. I love Mex and will continue to go. With that being said does anyone still use/have Sindicatura? was that ever anything other than a $20 sticker that said you won't...
  281. Beer Goggles

    Babom 39 pound yellowtail

    I just got back in right now (Sat 09-26) from SQ. They were saying Levi pulled that 39 pounder out of the bay..That's awesome..Hell of a fight on 20 pound- thank goodness for no kelp stringers and no rocks at the high spot..We fished thurs and fri down south (you know where). WSB and...
  282. Beer Goggles

    SOLD** 1994 Bayrunner Baja 21' w 90hp Merc 2-stroke ** SOLD **

    just saw you put it sent prior to in hand- let me know..
  283. Beer Goggles

    Mercury 60HP 4-Stroke Outboard

    Don't feel bad - I hear alot of bloodydeckers need to add inches when measuring their shafts...That seems like a decent deal good luck with sale and shaft envy..
  284. Beer Goggles

    lake irvine bans private boats.

    I saw some tool is suing old spice because the commercial said if you use their deodorant you will get chicks. This guy couldn't get laid (like alot of bloodydeckers) so now he is suing for false advertising. Attorneys are the absolute scum of the earth..They steal more with their briefcases...
  285. Beer Goggles

    Three weeks in San Quintin

    I have had similar experience in Tecate. Got pulled over because "my rod was hanging six inches" out of the back of the truck and no red flag was attached. Took about 15 minutes of my spanish speaking buddy arguing to get the warning. Then the cop told him he wanted some of our fish from the...
  286. Beer Goggles

    Tipping question for Cedros Outdoor Adventures

    I usually go $60 just because I know how much the extra $10 or $20 bucks means to a hard working Panga Capt. With that being said, I've never had the pleasure of doing a Cedros trip. If a couple extra bucks doesn't kill you- it would mean alot to them. If you've got three guys $20 each is a...
  287. Beer Goggles

    bayrunner baja

    Kind of a D-Bag move, even for a boat flipper, to jump in fourth and "bump up" the price on a conditional site unseen offer. Ron, once you have gone through the first two guys please call me and we can discuss a possible price reflection based on condition. I sent you a PM the other day with my...
  288. Beer Goggles

    bayrunner baja

    Ronnie I sent you a PM as well with my cell. Please put me next in line. I'm off this Fri and Sat- let me know...
  289. Beer Goggles

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    That is a good story. Glad he got it back. I'm embarrassed to say I dropped a rod overboard in Los Barilles about fifteen years ago. I was a dumbarse and not paying attention. Set the hook on a big tuna and the rod slipped straight through my hands (just put on sunblock). The only...
  290. Beer Goggles

    Silver Bullet Strikes Again

    Classic first pic, looks like you got your ass kicked...Something about a girl that will jump in and skin dive a paddy- makes them super hot! nice work...
  291. Beer Goggles

    Dana 8-6-15

    Good Job again Zika. That is so cool that you take pale, evil, freckled faced, ginger kids out fishing. Looks like gay Root is actually dressing himself these days. I'll PM you my new cell number if you want to take a 6-7 300 pound special needs adult out fishing.
  292. Beer Goggles

    What a Day 7-24-15 !!

    ZEEEKA- glad you got out and took the boy. I'll have to check my phone- must have missed that message? I'm stoked for Russell and even I gotta say- I love your attitude. I dont think I've ever seen you pissed off even though I've been trying for years...Good to see Jaime getting out with...
  293. Beer Goggles

    Isla Cedros Torneo de Pesca 7/19/15

    Great report and great job kicking down and taking care of your Captain...I'm sure that goes a long way for him and his family. Congrats on the trophy and bragging rights.
  294. Beer Goggles

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    I checked the website and it says total length of all 20 feet 10 inches. Total width (im assuming outside trailer tire to tire) is listed as 7 foot 6 inches. BTW is the boat name Therapist or The Rapist?
  295. Beer Goggles

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    Any idea on the total length for garage storage? Just confirm welded not riveted, any electrolysis issues that you know of?
  296. Beer Goggles

    Loreto Yellowtail and a side of Marlin (Pics and Video) Fish Porn

    Great video- looks like alot of fun..and hooray for BEER!
  297. Beer Goggles

    20ft Chaparral $5000

    BUMP- Cause Root loves Da Cock...
  298. Beer Goggles

    2011 10' PORTA-BOTE - SOLD

    I will be up at silver about the same time. I have float tubes for me and the 2 boys but I am looking for a set up like the porta-bote for the wife and daughter to come out and hang with us. That would also be perfect to beach launch from June at the beach area or straight into the reeds at...
  299. Beer Goggles

    2011 10' PORTA-BOTE - SOLD

    Pat- If that pending falls through put me up next. I can pick it up weds if its still there. That would be perfect for the June Loop.
  300. Beer Goggles

    the buyer flipped it and i dont know who he sold it too..the plans went with the boat. sorry no...

    the buyer flipped it and i dont know who he sold it too..the plans went with the boat. sorry no info..
  301. Beer Goggles

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Point to counter point of original point about refuted point well taken..If you pass on Adelita's then go to Hong Kong- better girls anyway..If you pass on Mordita then go to sindicatura- might help... OK, good talk.
  302. Beer Goggles

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Nothing personal and you kind of miss the point. Pick up your tourist visa, like you are supposed to, and you don't have a problem. They probably don't discuss how to best appease the people who don't follow the law when they decide where to place a checkopint. I'm guessing they are more...
  303. Beer Goggles

    5 Day Owens River/Pleasant Valley Reservoir Rumble Reasonably late Report

    Those pictures are awesome. Looks like you parked at the water plant and walked down to PVR? I am so stoked I will be up there next weds, thurs, fri- before the Blake Jones Derby. Im also looking forward to some fishing and cold IPA's by the fire! Congrats on a good trip..
  304. Beer Goggles

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Its not that hard to follow the rules if you know what they are... I guess the Mex gov should consult with you as to where you feel a check point would be advisable? Stop at the crossing and pick up the free 7 day permit or pay the 30 bucks and be legal for half the year. It takes about 15...
  305. Beer Goggles

    Snowboards and Fly Rods

    So stoked to have read that report. Great pictures, great write up, and what an amazing fish...Only thing is that ever puke from something and then the site of it makes you dry heave???Damn you Fireball.....
  306. Beer Goggles

    949-283-0449..Even if the jigs dont work lets plan some fishing down south..

    949-283-0449..Even if the jigs dont work lets plan some fishing down south..
  307. Beer Goggles

    My bad on placing this on your profile page..Let me know what u r asking..I'm just looking for...

    My bad on placing this on your profile page..Let me know what u r asking..I'm just looking for some heavy yo-yo jigs but didnt know what these retailed for..Let me know what you are thinking price wise and sorry about missing the start conversation button and putting this on profile..
  308. Beer Goggles

    would u take 25 for the lot? im heading to San Quintin on thursday and can pick up..

    would u take 25 for the lot? im heading to San Quintin on thursday and can pick up..
  309. Beer Goggles

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    If you look really close you can see where you gaffed that moon fish...I'm buying you wet wipes for your next SQ trip!!
  310. Beer Goggles

    19.5 Valco Westcoaster Bayrunner w/50HP

    I texted him on the other bayrunner he had for sale, at the above listed number and he got back to me within a couple of hours. Might want to hit him up via text at the number he listed for a response...
  311. Beer Goggles

    16 foot 1996 Valco Bayrunner with 40hp Mariner

    His phone number was in a previous post. I texted him and he said the boat was sold...
  312. Beer Goggles

    Golden Algae at Lake Mission Viejo

    Thank you for this excellent info...If anyone will treat it properly its LMVA- but that is a shitload of damage on a formerly great lake...RSM lake doesnt really even qualify as a "lake" and is pretty damn disgusting even when it's "healthy"..I think Oso reservior (owned by the Boy Scouts) got...
  313. Beer Goggles

    Golden Algae at Lake Mission Viejo

    Saw a picture from a kid who works at the boat dock. The picture was a pile of about 10-15 huge catfish dead on the dock. All of the fish were at least 50 pounds..Seriously! So all fish are affected across the board.. I am obviously a high class privileged individual (see avatar and screen...
  314. Beer Goggles

    99 16' Westcoster aluminum boat

    Bump...still for sale?
  315. Beer Goggles

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    Rich- I think we saw the big bad donkey sitting in someone's yard (maybe Pedro's?)..If that was yours it is an awesome boat! Sorry to hear the wind got you on Saturday. I actually got lucky for once and somehow timed the weather right.. Much thanks to Captain Roy..
  316. Beer Goggles

    Mexico Charging A Fee To Cross The Border

    I enjoy washing Joe's back while he farts in the bathtub.....Fee is only for pedestrian (foot traffic) and only if you are staying more than 7 days- if i understand it correctly..It has always been on the books and is being enforced at the foot crossing...It should have negligible impact on any...
  317. Beer Goggles

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    I went last week and didnt write a report because I am fat and lazy. I have not seen the roads in such good condition in a long time. They repaved large sections and not too much construction. Weather was absolutely amazing-no wind, sunny and warm. Not too many boats fishing, but it was a...
  318. Beer Goggles

    1st time driving down to Ensenada for fishing.. Any tips

    Bring an extra $80 and stop at Hong Kong in Tijuana on the way back...Your Welcome..
  319. Beer Goggles

    Pleasant Valley Reservoir Tips

    Fish only with barbless artificials in the lower owens..The dam is decent bait fishing- some sort of garlic scented power bait, 2 foot flouro leader with 2 pound test (pretty boring unless u r drinking lots of beer)..If you can bring a bike, ride the path to the little driveway/launch ramp- that...
  320. Beer Goggles

    Erendira fishing 11-7 and 11-8

    Great story - thanks for posting the link...There are a couple things I absolutely agree with. 1) Rumor is much better than truth down in Baja 2) Big money will always buy corrupt politico's and silence and 3) It is DAMN STRANGE to offer a Mexican a beer and have him not accept it!!! Number 3 is...
  321. Beer Goggles

    Erendira fishing 11-7 and 11-8

    Great trip. We were in San Quintin on the same days and had the same experience. Weather and seas were amazing- drive was smooth, roads were great, border wait was less than an hour. That being said-anyone ever notice that "Danish Compound" supposedly has armed guards on the perimeter? I...
  322. Beer Goggles

    Owens River gives em up, Big Time!

    Looks like a blast. I miss it too. I was going to try and get up to the loop before it closes next week but I'll be heading to San Quintin instead. Gotta love the Owens. Just a heads up on "pinching down" barbs on the artificials. I had a friend receive a $500 dollar ticket last year when...
  323. Beer Goggles

    Erendira fishing

    Panga was about 200 cabin was 50 a night when i went down there last year. Serious black mold problem in the cabins and you will be sleeping on a bunk made of plywood. No bedding is provided {and that might be a good thing}. I think u r getting good advice to man up and push a little farther...
  324. Beer Goggles

    Lexa 400HS

    pm sent..need pics
  325. Beer Goggles

    (Almost) No Love Front Side of Cat 9-21

    I still can't get past that sentence, " A quick 600 gallons of fuel"...
  326. Beer Goggles


    If these are still available hit me up. I'll just pay cash for the 300ej..
  327. Beer Goggles

    FOR SALE: New Salas Irons and Warbaits Slayer Heads

    If the sale for the irons falls through please put me next in line...
  328. Beer Goggles

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Her shit was OK in the begining?
  329. Beer Goggles

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Apparantly I type slow and Juan posted while I was typing.
  330. Beer Goggles

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    You probably should not speak for the willingness of Americans to continue to travel to baja and fish SQ. I will continue to do so and so will countless others. I think the locals were pushed too far and had to do something about it. They have alot more riding on their local spots than some...
  331. Beer Goggles

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    I have fished with both Frank and Juan and I gotta say, I have never seen Juan pissed off. I highly doubt Frank will be responding on this forum but it certainly was good to hear Juan's side. I sort of giggled when Bob would not name the mystery captain he fishes with, who is the nicest guy in...
  332. Beer Goggles

    East Cape/Verdugo's last week.

    Good trip. I also stay at Verdugo's as and they have everything I need at fair prices, and they are good people. Glad you got into the tuna and had some decent fishing. Just curious, did you have any problems at the airport with the "security" wanting some of your fish or did anything go...
  333. Beer Goggles

    Camalu Tips?

    Memo is a nickname for Guillermo in Spanish. Same guy. His cell phone is 0115216161098537. I was wrong with the name of his trackle store. I forgot what it is called. Cuyoyo is a panga that I used in Los Barriles not Memo's store. Good luck on your trip.
  334. Beer Goggles

    shimano lifetime rod waranty going away 8/1?

    All of you that are claimng "lawsuit" and court are the answer are fucking lame. Been in Kalifornia a bit too long? I have owned nothing but Shimano products for many years. They are high end quality products. I have received at least 10 new rods over the years,with the no questions asked...
  335. Beer Goggles

    Camalu Tips?

    Bring your own little BBQ, as nothing is provided at the Pirate. You can bring your fish to the resteraunt and have them prepare it for you and make some good ceviche. For clams- At low tide, walk out to waist deep water and start to dig your heels into the sand by doing the "stingray...
  336. Beer Goggles

    Camalu Tips?

    Pirate Hotel is about $40/$45 a night and Ive stayed there on numerous occassions. The resteraunt is nice but a little pricey. Never had an issue with theft, but I bring my gear inside and keep it with me. I park my truck with the fisherman at the camp right on the beach when I fish, and I...
  337. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin Tiburon Pedros review and Report 6/30-31

    Chiflo is cool and a good captain, but if that is a recent picture, tell him to cut that Fro!! He actually went to college up here in riverside if I'm not mistaken. Anyway sometimes things like this happen in baja and you just need to go with the flow. No sense in getting pissed about stuff...
  338. Beer Goggles

    June Lake Loop Review

    Great report and thanks. I fished it two weeks ago and the wind blew all 3 days. Did well with nightcrawlers under the bobber and seven foot leader. Float tubed at June and Gull and waded rush creek. Did much better at June then anywhere else. I couldnt believe how low Grant was- hadnt seen...
  339. Beer Goggles

    Which Knot to use

    Tues prefers you use the balloon knot.. Send him a PM and he will give you detailed Pics...
  340. Beer Goggles

    Mammoth/Upper Owens Report

    Steve I will be up late next week the 15th - 18th (Thurs thru Sun) Shoot me a PM if you make it up that week. I will buy you and Albacore 11 a few rounds at the tiger bar if you can make it. Don't let the avatar scare ya! but dont let it encourage you either. Im going to float June in the...
  341. Beer Goggles

    18' Alaska Aluminum Grayling Boat --$13,000 OBO-- ---priced reduced $11,500-price reduced $10,000

    Sweet Boat- my neck hurts. Please don't tell me you are buddies with Chip from the Dirty Bird? That man can drink!
  342. Beer Goggles

    Mammoth/Upper Owens Report

    I'm glad someone finally posted something from the opener. How were crowds? I will be up there in two weeks concentrating on June and the back side of Grant for the late bite. Tiger Bar is a good time. Also try the Double Eagle resort at happy hour. The wife will probably enjoy that place...
  343. Beer Goggles

    Sea Bass w/ Capt. Dave Hansen today

    Do you at least cuddle with him after?
  344. Beer Goggles

    La Paz Question?

    You will pay an extra $120 just in taxes from flying outside of Mex into the country. Volaris, out of TJ will probably be about $150 cheaper per ticket. Only issue may be bringing coolers full of fish back and then walking them across the border. If not, fly LAX to SJD and try Alaska...
  345. Beer Goggles

    Eastern Sierra trout recommendations

    Yes-Won't be a problem. The store at Silver Lake will have them.
  346. Beer Goggles

    Eastern Sierra trout recommendations

    I will be up at Silver around the same time. Grab a beer at the Tiger bar or hit happy hour at the Double Eagle Resort! Just got back from Bishop a few weeks ago as well. All of your gear is still relevant and should be fine. If your going to fish bait just soak some garlic chartruese power...
  347. Beer Goggles

    Owens river mammoth?? Help

    Pleasant Valley Reservior is a good place to bait fish and about 30 minutes down the hill from Mammoth (and the only place within close proximity thats open to year round fishing). If you fish the Owens it is divided into Upper, Middle, and Lower. All info can be found online as various...
  348. Beer Goggles

    Rock Cod Sinkers package

    Hey- I will take one of the lots- I work in Mission Viejo so I can meet you after work. Let me know.
  349. Beer Goggles

    fishing San Quintin 3 -22-23 -14

    Good report..I cant help but notice the Sierra Nevada's on the table in that pic..Nice Work
  350. Beer Goggles

    1976 15' Starcraft tri hull

    What is the length of all-including trailer( I need to fit it in the garage). Could you send me pictures of the deck rot?
  351. Beer Goggles

    Where to go camping right now with good fishing? Sierras, lee vining...

    The Eastern Sierra opener is the last saturday in April- so u wont be fishing the sierras. Pleasant Valley Reservior in Bishop and the Owens River are open year round. Pleasant Valley Campground is $10 a night with no shower and 4 vault tiolets. Depends on what kind of girl u have, but she...
  352. Beer Goggles

    Bishop- Pleasant Valley Reservior

    Went to Bishop and fish PVR and the Owens above the lake. The lake is wayyyy down and the walk from the power plant was longer than I can remember in many years. Float tube fishing near the boat ramp was awesome with (2) 30 plus fish days. I used mini jigs, Thomas Boyants, and Kasmasters...
  353. Beer Goggles

    WTS Float Tube and Accessories

    Hey guys..I was the pending but I am in San Diego all week and can't pick it up..Obviously a great deal and a good seller. Scoop it up this week or I will be back in the game..
  354. Beer Goggles

    WTS Float Tube and Accessories

    PM Sent- I would like to buy for my son but I am in South Orange County. Do you make it down tis way ever or are you willing to ship? Leaving tonight for Bishop so I will be offline through the weekend. I left my cell number on PM for text. thanks
  355. Beer Goggles

    9 Mile Bank 2-25-14

    Nice report..The girl on the 50 cal looks like she has some nice assets..
  356. Beer Goggles

    Owens River January 18th and 19th

    They stock the Owens heavy two days before the Blake Jones Derby (this year it's sat 03-15). The river above Pleasant Valley is always a good time before the derby.. Might want to consider heading back up in March and get your fix before the season opener at the end of April. I'm heading up...
  357. Beer Goggles

    Castro's Fish Camp

    I was down last month and must have stayed in the same cabin. Black mold on the ceiling and incredibly uncomfortable stack "bunk beds" - which were 2x4's and thin plywood. Bring a sleeping bag because it got cold! Fishing was good last month and we hammered reds, lings, whitefish. Went...
  358. Beer Goggles

    16.5' 1973 Starcraft Super Sport Aluminum Hull

    I am interested- did you get a chance to measure length of all? Obviously looks like you did a very thorough job, did you need to bore out and replace any rivets under the boat prior to sealing and replacing the floor?
  359. Beer Goggles

    16.5' 1973 Starcraft Super Sport Aluminum Hull

    Any idea on the total length of boat and trailer? I would need to store it in a third car garage...If you could measure and post or PM, I would appreciate it...
  360. Beer Goggles

    Great Winter Fishing in San Quintin!

    Great pics and write up...X's 2 on the road conditions.. I'm not sure if your boat is down there or if you towed but any updates on the tecate route would be appreciated..
  361. Beer Goggles

    Pleasant valley

    Pleasant Valley Reservior is always fun..You should do fine soaking bait from rocks on the dam..If I'm not mistaken, the Owens river below is also open year round. Be mindful of the barbless artificial rule and I believe its catch and release from the river..As a side note the 2014 Blake Jones...
  362. Beer Goggles

    Laguna Niguel Lake stocks 4000+ lbs of Nebraska tailwalkers & trophy trout 11/20/13

    $28+$5 to get in the gate and $10 to use my float tube? Those of us that have lived here long enough realize "Laguna Niguel Lake" was named sulphur reservior :shithappens: before they stocked fish and changed the name. Read about the ducks all dying off from diseases before you enjoy those tasty...
  363. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin Saturday 9/14

    I agree with Scott..Hit it and quit it!
  364. Beer Goggles

    4 free Hens

    Biggest T is grabbing the chickens monday...not sure about losing a bet to Tues..I'm friends with his brother who is just like him, but heterosexual...My plans aren't for the ASSociation Pres but for the douchebag neighbor who cries like a bitch..The weaseldick has 12 cameras mounted to his...
  365. Beer Goggles

    4 free Hens

    My ASSociation says the chickens must go. 4 free hens, all healthy and laying, about 6 months old. I get 2 or 3 eggs daily and will include 5 pounds of laying mesh. I live in South Orange County near OSO/241 toll road. If u dont want them as pets, have a BBQ, use as shark chum, feed them to a...
  366. Beer Goggles

    Panga to the Stars

    I'm thinking Rob Lowe also...Last time I saw that dude holding a snapper he was making a video with two 16 year olds...
  367. Beer Goggles

    1986 20 foot Westcoaster

    Called him yesterday and he said two people were on their way to see it...Either of you buy it? Needed a new transom due to electrolysis but still a decent deal- especially if you can weld aluminum..
  368. Beer Goggles

    Exotics are for fairies..Rock Cods are for real men

    I gotta admit that is the best post I have read in a long time...Just when I thought BD couldn't get any gayer! Nice work...
  369. Beer Goggles

    Headed to SQ on May 4th...

    You are definitly over thinking it. Bring some frozen squid for bottom fishing, or frozen macs for lings,and a sabiki for bait in the bay. Bring a bottom set up or two, a bass rod, and a jig stick or two, some plastics, krocs, and jigs. Bring some gallon ziplocks for fillets. Bring warm...
  370. Beer Goggles

    Anyone going to Blake Jones?

    Blake Jones Derby 03-16-13. Anyone else going to be in Bishop? We Will be staying at Creekside Inn and drinking at Rusty's on friday/sat nights..:hali_olutta: Always a fun time and the weather looks great for next weekend..
  371. Beer Goggles

    Silverwood Lake snow !!

    ZEEEEEEEKA- you are still crazy my friend...I bet your vagina was freezing the entire ride..I'll call you soon for a Mex fishing trip...
  372. Beer Goggles

    Blake Jones Derby in Bishop

    how about the 2013 Blake Jones Derby?
  373. Beer Goggles

    Christmas Day with Surfdoc!

    That was very cool..thanks for sharing..
  374. Beer Goggles

    Missoula Fly Fishing

    What a cool video..Beautiful up there- thanks for sharing..
  375. Beer Goggles

    Asuncion yellowtail bite wide open

    Shari- I am sorry if it's too soon to ask but have you thought of organizing a yearly STANIBUNS tournament/memorial? I never met the man, and I have never been to your part of Baja, but I would make it annualy to fish such an event...Maybe a charity event for the kids in town???Alot of BD'ers...
  376. Beer Goggles

    Boise Idaho Year in Review (Pic Heavy)

    I've been following Scott's posts for a year or two as i contemplate a move to Idaho...He seems like a decent guy and I'm sure he wasn't trying to offend purists and flyfishermen...Just relax and appreciate the pictures and the post for what they are..I appreciate the fact that he would take the...
  377. Beer Goggles

    Google earth - OC

    Holy shit- Hamas rockfishes? See they can't be that bad!!!
  378. Beer Goggles

    Scamming guides & six-pack operators?

    You guys have it all wrong!Mr. Bernard Smith is a stand up guy...In fact he just helped me win a Nigerian lottery that I never entered...I can't wait for my millions to arrive...Apparantly my millions are tied up in customs at LAX and if I just wire another $500 to Nigeria they will release the...
  379. Beer Goggles

    San Nick Island

    Glad to see you were able to get that H mo Jason on some fish...If you took Paul's boat I'm glad I wasn't chipping in on the gas...Lemme guess Devin was sleeping or hungover?
  380. Beer Goggles

    Eastern Sierra's 9 / 15~21 Trip Report

    What an amazing write up..Thank you...I almost always make it up in October and love the scenery as well as the fishing...I appreciate the time you took to document everything...I tried to "like" your effort by clicking the button- but I refuse to have a facebook account...This is your...
  381. Beer Goggles

    Learning to fish the WARM waters in San Quintin

    Big Whitey has a nice Brown Starfish...
  382. Beer Goggles

    New diesel truck ?

    Federales should appreciate a new 2012 Duramax Diesel..I think the are getting tired of the Suburbans and Escalades...
  383. Beer Goggles

    Dana Lobster

    Hi ZEEEEEEKKKAAA..Glad to see you got Rusell and Jaime out too..How is Jaime's knee?? Is he still mad at you for jacking his thresher shark two years ago??Let me know if you girls would want to make a SanQuintin run soon...I'm thinking about getting down there before Halloween...
  384. Beer Goggles

    Fishing Dana point. Patty hopping

    I wonder whats going to happen when someasshat pulls up on Tito's paddy, flips him the bird, and proceeds to park on the paddy and shut down the bite? Just sayin'- you know some newport kid in daddy's boat is gonna do it...
  385. Beer Goggles

    Dana Firecracker !!

    Zika-You and your domestic partner sure did adopt a cute daughter. Congrats...
  386. Beer Goggles

    Need help planning a trip to Bishop / Mammoth Lakes

    I just got home yesterday from a stop at Silver lake on my way to Reno...Fishing was slow, the lake was way down, and the flow on the creek was low...If you soak bait with the kids get out early in the morning and try Garlic power bait and light line (2lb leader)...It's always fun on the loop...
  387. Beer Goggles

    Playa Del Sol or Martin Verdugo

    No pretty much sums it up- unless your bringing some strange and need to get some play...Then again, you'd be smarter to rent that too...
  388. Beer Goggles

    Verdugo's or Leonero next week

    Grand Grouper that is really cool of you...Can't beat the case of beer rental...Brian I have done Verdugo's for the last 15 years and it has everything you need within walking distance...Much easier on the wallet, but some people aren't limited by cost...If you want to be secluded and dont mind...
  389. Beer Goggles

    San Elijo Question

    What he said..but still the best camp spot ever..San Elijo rocks...
  390. Beer Goggles

    Big Bear to BOLA 6/15-6/25

    What an awesome report...looks like you and the boys had a trip that will always be remembered...Congratulations goes out to you on the Johnny Walker Blue as well...Nice work...
  391. Beer Goggles

    5 Crazy East Cape Days! Pics Attached

    You had me at "crapping in the pool"...Nice Dorado...
  392. Beer Goggles

    June 2012 La Paz

    Maybe as you said not the most productive fishing trip, but one the boys will never forget...I especially like the picture of them showing off their dorado- angry bird shorts and all...Congrats on making some great memories for the boys...
  393. Beer Goggles

    Los Barriles Resorts

    Martin Verdugo's is the best trip for the money with decent rooms and cruiser and panga packages..Easy walking distance to everything..If you've got some cash to blow stay as Palmas De Cortes...Nice but very expensive for everything...I've been stayinig at Verdugo's every year for about the past...
  394. Beer Goggles

    Dana point pier bottom feeders

    Maybe the "ramp of the pier" next to the launch ramp? I only say this because that sounds like the type of girls I drink with at Turks...God bless those dirty monkeys...
  395. Beer Goggles

    Los Barrelies

    With luggage restrictions by the airlines just bring your reels on the carry on and use the boat rods. They will charge for a rod tube and treat your rods like shit..I've snapped a few down there...Fishing might be for striped marlin but check smokedoggs report at the EastCape smokehouse online...
  396. Beer Goggles

    Mako shark off La Jolla , on the troll

    I was admiring your boat when my friend was looking at the stripper in the next slip Seriously???You were admiring boats when there was a STRIPPER in the next slip?:boobies:
  397. Beer Goggles

    fresh dead squid oc

    You can get an Asian Tako on Harbor- usually about $120 for the full service...Usually can get a handy for $40 at a few "massage" places in North County...
  398. Beer Goggles

    Octomom gets naked

    Half of you liars would hit that shit sober..She is like a shrimp- just pinch the head off...
  399. Beer Goggles

    BD Sighting on Freeway in Boise, ID

    Scott - Haven't seen any of your reports lately..Have you been out fishing???
  400. Beer Goggles

    Frog Lube

    Just left the cleaning room at the Sheriff Range on Katella and they are using it there..Used it on my glock but did not clean my AR...
  401. Beer Goggles


    A couple of quick points before this thread gets shut down..First off "Fish and Game" is not "Law Enforcement"...The fish police (based on warrantless searches of vehicles) actually appear to have more discretion in searching a vehicle then do real police officers (based on the court decision...
  402. Beer Goggles

    Blake Jones Derby????

    Thanks for the update I was bummed I had to miss it...I had (3) kids under 5 going with me so I didn't want to make the drive and get stuck with the weather...I will have to get up their for the Eastern Sierra opener at the end of April...Anyone have any pics of the derby???
  403. Beer Goggles

    Blake Jones Derby????

    Did anyone make the Blake Jones Derby in Bishop this weekend (March 17th)? We had to cancel because of the weather and I haven't seen any results/ pictures posted online..??
  404. Beer Goggles

    Yet another swordie in PV!

    Tues-why doesn't your gay brother write up his PV trip? I am hearing he got a YT close to 350 a couple weeks ago...???
  405. Beer Goggles

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    I have a feeling you and shirtless Rob will still be spending some quality time in Laguna..Gotta change Timmy's nickname from "the mayor" though...
  406. Beer Goggles

    Fishing with Captain Dave

    Go ahead and cross the Farnsworth off of your list of fishing spots...Closed...
  407. Beer Goggles

    tha baja that most will never see #2

  408. Beer Goggles

    OLDMAN &GANG day2

    Good job OLDMAN...Wonder why they call a jig that actually works the Obama? Maybe the jig wasn't made in the US either?
  409. Beer Goggles

    OLDMAN & GANG in Asecion

    Thanks for the quick report with actual pictures this time...Don't let that spell check button get in the way either...The whitefish looks almost as big as the yellowtail...Have a great rest of the trip...
  410. Beer Goggles

    SRL Tailwalker

    Obviously hit the 8 instead of the 3.........
  411. Beer Goggles

    East Cape Fishing Report - Nov 6th

    Cut and paste Dan, cut and paste..Yes i did go to your blog...Nice trip..
  412. Beer Goggles


    I am Caucasian and I have eaten plenty of smelly vagina..San Diego State!!
  413. Beer Goggles

    Krillin' and Chillin' 11.2.11

    I have to agree with the ROB comment..
  414. Beer Goggles

    Good Ol' Boys 2011 Report (Fall in the Eastern Sierra)

    Outstanding report with great pics..Couldnt agree more on Mammoth Brewing Company...FYI Just found out that BevMo carries Mammoth Brewing Co..
  415. Beer Goggles

    EasternSierra Rises

    Please use small words and lots of pictures on bloodydecks...the shirtless pictures of guys should be a real hit around here...very keen raiders fan observations...great post, it's refreshing to hear from a raiders fan who actually passed an English class...Keep em coming...
  416. Beer Goggles

    oldman day 2

    Have to agree with your boy- how about a fish report or some details and pictures later? 0 for 2 on the BOLA reports...I need something to read...
  417. Beer Goggles

    June Lake 10-06 thru 10-09

  418. Beer Goggles

    June Lake 10-06 thru 10-09

    Lastly I would like to suggest the Mammoth Amber Ale, Golden Trout, and the 395 IPA..All very good beers...
  419. Beer Goggles

    June Lake 10-06 thru 10-09

    still more...
  420. Beer Goggles

    June Lake 10-06 thru 10-09

    a few more pics..
  421. Beer Goggles

    June Lake 10-06 thru 10-09

    I haven't been able to get down to baja so I decided to take the family up to the June loop...This is my fourth trip this summer and the weather was by far the best I have had..A recent healthy dusting of snow had everything looking beautiful... Stopped on the way up at the usual Bass Pro...
  422. Beer Goggles

    La Playa Yellowtail in Asuncion!!!

  423. Beer Goggles

    Rosarito Area

    Popotla usually (or used to) charge only $40 USD per angler to go out for the day (2 or 3 anglers)..Not bad to go pick at the can also rent one of the trailers there very cheap...
  424. Beer Goggles

    Newport Squid

    Root looks so gay...I'm going to San Quintin on Sat to fish Sun and Mon either one of you CockGobblers want to go???
  425. Beer Goggles

    First Time in BOLA .. Tips for you!

    Great write up and nice pics...The Toro's taste like :shithappens: unless making machaca out of them (even then its a stretch)...I'm also curious if you ate them yet???It seems a bit more satisfying to take your own boat, do it yourself, and find your own fish...Congrats...
  426. Beer Goggles

    Which One is the Real Barn-eee ?

    Why is this post on page 2 and Tues has made a shirtless Rob comment...Something's not right...
  427. Beer Goggles

    NPH fullday on a skiff

    Seriously? The dude has a marijuana leaf tattoo on his forearm and you guys are trying to preach fishing ethics??? Future looks bright...Repeat after me- "Would you like to supersize that order?"
  428. Beer Goggles

    LA Bay Report

    good trip...great looking boat...congrats on both...
  429. Beer Goggles

    Limit of bass in under 20 minutes...

    HMMMMM...I see the TURKS shirt but I've never seen girls that look like that at TURKS...Actually after Dennis pours me a few they all look like you- My bad......
  430. Beer Goggles

    Kick his ass Seabass

    ZEEEEEEKA- So stoked to see you got one...(Leopard Shark that is) eyes still hurt from seeing that many pictures of Jaime...Nice work on the Martin Verdugo's shirt hanging over the back of your seat..Seeing you hold that fish makes me understand why they say White Seabass are GAY!!!!You are...
  431. Beer Goggles

    94 Valco Bayrunner 23' **$6,900**

    Hey Guys believe me this did not work out good or smooth for me either...It is my fault and numerous people were interested with "Cash in Hand"..I blew it by not honoring the first guy to call and things went sideways from there...Tons of calls and messages with more than asking price..If I...
  432. Beer Goggles

    Shake That Thing Off

    GOD DAMNIT- Tues beat me to it- again...I wonder if Rob didn't have time to shave his chest and do a few push ups before going out????
  433. Beer Goggles

    94 Valco Bayrunner 23' **$6,900**

    SOLD***SOLD***SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD*** 1994 Valco Bayrunner 23' -Purchased from original Owner in 08- (2) 62 gallon fuel tanks,T-top with canvass side curtain enclosure, reinforced swimstep, large 43 gallon bait tank, custom leaning post, seat, and tackle...
  434. Beer Goggles

    buncha fishing line, 20-60 lbs

  435. Beer Goggles

    Ensenada Offshore 6-24-2011-Lots of non-biting Bluefin

    So bluefin don't like Tupac either..interesting- wonder what Reverend Al would say about that...
  436. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin panga prices

    I Didn't think the question in the post was that difficult and I can see you haven't had a legit response yet... 6 months ago Juan charged me $300 for a full day in his panga- great day of fishing and wonderful experience.. Killed the YT 2 years ago Tiburon charged me $230 for their small...
  437. Beer Goggles

    Cabo 6-4 to 6-11, air - land - surf

    Great write up and sounds like a nice trip...Do yourself a favor next time and book a fishing trip to Los Barilles..Stay away from CABO and the overpriced scams...Either look into Palmas De Cortez (if budget isnt an issue) or Martin Verdugo's (Same great fishing/area for alot less money)...If...
  438. Beer Goggles

    East Cape Report - Palmas de Cortez

    Thank you for the detailed write up...A "slow" day on the East Cape beats a "great day" of barracuda fishing with 100 boats and shitty attitudes out front...I am sure the sunshine and drinks by the pool made up for the marginal fishing...Maybe our expectations are too high due to excellent...
  439. Beer Goggles

    South Coast Condition Report 6.9.11

    Thanks for the conditions...Good luck with the GAYNESS next time...Maybe a shirtless Rob on your boat will up the GAYNESS factor?
  440. Beer Goggles

    Volaris Air

    It is user friendly just click the English button...???I looked yesterday for a trip in Sept from LAX to SJD..Alaska was $352 and Volaris was under $200...However what gear do you plan on bringing and how much fish are you going to bring back??? Do your own research - it's simple...
  441. Beer Goggles

    Calico Ghost Town area

    ZEEEEEEEKA- Who's van is that in the last pic??Looks good..Ivans is building out his van and I am looking for another one that is 4x4 and diesel...If you get this before this weekend I'm fishing either sun or mon or both..Wanna go?
  442. Beer Goggles

    Lake Sabrina

    Fished Convict this weekend (05-13, 14, 15) Late afternoon high winds at convict had us moving elsewhere...Did well at rock creek and silver lake...Snowstorm Sat night/Sun day- woke up to about 4 inches on Sunday morning...Hit the Tiger Bar for some white trash drunkeness instead..
  443. Beer Goggles

    La Paz/Los Barriles/San Jose del Cabo, 4/28 to 5/12, no good fishing

    "Maybe not WFO but fish were caught every day. If Roger chose to sit on the porch good for him but don't spread false info." Mark might be splitting hairs but he said "virtually no fish were caught" By your own admission you are calling it "Scratch Fishing"...I guess it depends on how you...
  444. Beer Goggles

    La Paz/Los Barriles/San Jose del Cabo, 4/28 to 5/12, no good fishing

    Beats the hell out of the way I spent my last two weeks..Sometimes you slay them and sometimes it's slim pickings...I guess people don't fish Baja with slim pickings in mind...It happens.. Mark- I think he's giving an honest and accurate account of his trip..Sounds like you are calling him out...
  445. Beer Goggles

    Dana Point Condition Report 5.13

    Almost warm enough for a shirtless Rob photo..Time to shave up and call The Mayor for some "Seabass Action"..
  446. Beer Goggles

    HB flats

    ZEEEEEEKA- I went to June Lake instead of fishing out front..Good weekend in the mountains...Fished Rock Creek, Rush Creek, and Silver Lake..Call me this weekend and we will figure out when we can get out front..
  447. Beer Goggles

    Tackle Bag, Gaff, Sunglasses, Trolling Lures and Jigs

    Interested in the mirrolure lot and the gaff...PM sent..
  448. Beer Goggles

    Cear Lake, ID 3/19

    Glad to see another post from you..How has your first winter in Idaho been weather wise??
  449. Beer Goggles

    Bayrunner westcoaster 15'

    Ross- Intersting that you posted this..I'm looking to downsize to something that fits into the garage...I've got the 23 that I am willing to trade (with cash)..This could work out good...Give me a call again.. Justin
  450. Beer Goggles

    Catavina fish report?

    Cantavina is next to camalu I believe..I was just down last week (Camalu) and fished one day with Capt Memo- I have his number at home- PM me if needed...We camped in his yard at night for free and drank alot with his family members(he lives in the next town over from Camalu in...
  451. Beer Goggles


    Hey Juan- Me and Luis were down yesterday and fished with Memo out of Camulu...Lots of bottom fish and incredible weather...One of the most beautiful days I have seen in a while...Lots of whales moving through as well...No Yellowtail on the other side of the island, but barracuda a few miles...
  452. Beer Goggles

    Sadness at Don Eddie's in San Quintin

    Also very saddened to hear of his passing..I remember him always taking the time to come shake my hand..The few times I met him he made me feel like more than just another guest...God Speed to you Sir.
  453. Beer Goggles

    bayrunner 19'/20' wanted

    Hey I have a 23 bayrunner that I may be looking to sell..Don't know if that fits your needs or what price range you may be looking at...I am down in Orange County but my brother is in Morro Bay..PM me for pics if interested and we can figure out a price that works...FYI about a year ago I posted...
  454. Beer Goggles

    Boise River (Eagle)

    Scott- Meant to ask you how the weather was treating you. I still think I'm too much of a puss for a real winter. I think we hit 80 here the other day. We are going to have a few days of rain through X-mas but still in the high 50's low 60's. Got out on the big pond a couple weeks ago for a...
  455. Beer Goggles

    Two T-Sharks & Limits of Cod

    Dave- Just curoius if you have any bikini pics of Finseeker fighting the thresher? Congrats on getting out more weather coming in today through X-mas.
  456. Beer Goggles

    Should have gone to the bar

    Should have brought the bar with you - Shame on you for being unprepared...Also Qwell is the generic shampoo for them - just sayin'
  457. Beer Goggles

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin

    Fun trip...made the trek from Estero beach down to Quatro Casas and out to Mike's Sky Ranch a few years back...Kick ass riding- when you get really tired from the long day it's easy to meet one of those boulders sideways with your ribcage...maybe some snow up there with this storm? cold enough...
  458. Beer Goggles

    Hospital Thresher !!

    What's up Timmy...Zika good job on the T...Next time fall asleep on the boat and you'll get a different T (bag) -Avatar...Now you know why Curry won't fish with me anymore...Guess I should have done some manscaping prior... Jaime your up next sorry Zika was selfish and stole your fish and all...
  459. Beer Goggles

    Our Daughters 1st fishing trip, Lake Irvine 11/17

    Great post...good job on the water with family...I cannot stop laughing at your avatar...
  460. Beer Goggles

    Any local Rock Cod Areas?

    If your going to fish the 14 MB remember even if you meter 340 feet by the time you set up and drop you'll probably be deeper than 360...Mostly small reds too so try and deflate them and sink them back down, otherwise seagull food..East end of Cat probably a better shot at some tacos...
  461. Beer Goggles

    Banana Trout...?

    For what little it's worth, I really appreciate reading your Idaho reports. I almost made the move this summer from 37 years in SoCal to the same area (looked at Eagle/Boise/Meridian). Decided not to pull the oldest out of High School, but the two litle guys would have loved it...Tired of the...
  462. Beer Goggles

    2 spd reels and more

    PM sent for handheld and kill bag
  463. Beer Goggles

    Handheld Marine Radio

    Want to buy good or like new handheld VHF..PM me and let me know what you've got.
  464. Beer Goggles

    mexicali crossing beware! Just a fyi Obey laws

    Mex is awesome - but you need to be informed and possess some common sense. I too am a member of S.O.S. and have been for years. Like Lorenzo says the forms and a camera phone seem to stop the bullshit. Please be respectful and careful when trying to snap a picture, as shit is likely to hit the...
  465. Beer Goggles

    Rancho Leonero 9/23 - 9/29

    Felipe- Not to jack a thread but Martin Verdugo's is the place to do the East Cape on a budget...Very similar experience for what used to be half the cost...Not as fancy but very functional and affordable... Frank "the offshore prop changer" might have some more updated info as I haven't been...
  466. Beer Goggles

    What happened to Kelly girls post

    I'm claiming BS on Stans ass pimples without pics....
  467. Beer Goggles

    19 for 23,taILS IN SQ.

    Juan - Great job again on the Yellows...I'm putting some calls in right now to see if I can make it down next week...Luis was the one asking me when we could get down to fish with you again...Thanks again... If anyone is interested in possibly going down thurs and fish fri we could use one...
  468. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin Yellowtail..on the iron

    Kelly-I met your boys last week when I was cleaning fish with Juan...They were super stoked about the swell last saturday but I think the wind might have killed it..Good to see you got some family time out on the water and remind your boys they are living the good life...
  469. Beer Goggles

    Dana 9-26-10

    Zika- Might go sharking friday solo..Let me know if you want to get out..I have some Yellowtail for you so it would be worth the trip down..Let me know.. O
  470. Beer Goggles

    09/25/10 out to 209

    I believe he said he trolled out to the 209 for nothing..So it's an all to accurate/typical fishing report for this summer...
  471. Beer Goggles


    All of the Tuna I have come across seems to bleed itself about once a month. Stay out of the way for about 1 week.
  472. Beer Goggles

    beergoggles,on the yellowtail in sq.

    My bad Timmy- I'm sure you were slaying something up this way...We need to start playing ball again- the beer gut is getting out of control...
  473. Beer Goggles

    beergoggles,on the yellowtail in sq.

    Juan- Just needed to say Thank You for an epic trip...I had heard good things about you and they were all accurate...A lifetime of fishing gives you an amazing ability to see things on the water before they happened...Thank you for your patience, skills, and willingness to teach... Quick note...
  474. Beer Goggles

    Lower 9 mile and vicinity AUG 29

    Congrats on the scrotum...From what I've been reading, I'm glad you finally got one LOL ...Does Ed still sell his jigs?? If so some info would be appreciated...
  475. Beer Goggles

    SCI Bad Case of the Grumps 8.19.10

    Have to agree with Timmy...Rob looks like a giant H MO...
  476. Beer Goggles

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    my bad- Verdugo's and save hundreds of dollars and have "Lupe" seal and smoke my fish for pennies on the dollar compared to pricey hotels- and not get skimmed- ripped off.. If you haven't give Verdugo's a shot...
  477. Beer Goggles

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    What I will do next time: 6) Stay a few doors down
  478. Beer Goggles

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    What I will do next time: 6) Stay a few doors down at
  479. Beer Goggles

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    What I will do next time: 6) Stay a few doors
  480. Beer Goggles

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    What I will do next time: 6) Stay a few
  481. Beer Goggles

    Bola 9/10/2010-9/13/2010

    Thanks for all the detail and photos..Great report and it looks like a great trip...Must be nice to have buddies who aren't Scurred to go to Mex...The fishing out front is painful and pointless...Thanks again..
  482. Beer Goggles

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    Did Greg change his name to Craig or have I really been a drunk asshole all these years? Your right probably a drunk asshole...
  483. Beer Goggles

    XXL Neoprene waders only $75

    Shark Killer Kenny- Enjoyed fishing with you...Lets get some ducks or let me kn ow if your interested in the dove opener in Yuma Sept 01...Thanks for the waders...
  484. Beer Goggles

    XXL Neoprene waders only $75

    Kenny- If there still available I'll take them...I'll send a PM as well...
  485. Beer Goggles

    Not only can she outfish me, she looks like she could beat me up too...Thanks for the kick in the nuts...
  486. Beer Goggles

    WFO !!

    Gotta tell you the best part- The yellowtail was landed on a double dropper loop with a 3" scampi and a squid strip in 170 feet of water- see pic number 3..WTF???Cuadras next time listen to me when I tell you it's a batray and cut the line...Thanks for the fillets..
  487. Beer Goggles

    I when from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Catalina, Dana, La Jolla, Coronados's...

    Nice to finally put a face to the C bass are gay posts...Your kids looked stoked and the mayor :supergay: is still the man...He looks so lonely without Rob...
  488. Beer Goggles

    bass love my gas

  489. Beer Goggles

    TWO TIMER - WON Tourney and a pair of White Sexy Bitches and $192 per lb of Butt

    Tues...If C-Bass are gay, Timmy is the mayor of Laguna Beach...I think your sister was fishing while Timmy and Rob played in the cabin... Congrats Timmy and Rob- both you fags are shitty basketball players... O
  490. Beer Goggles

    san quintin

    Good point Steve..I'm assuming the case of beer is for the drive...leave TJ at 6am and when your out of beer at 10am you'll be pulling into San Quintin for more beer..:hali_olutta:mmmmm...BEER
  491. Beer Goggles

    san quintin

    Sounds good..The most important fact that was not overlooked was a case of beer which is included in the package..Nice touch...Just curious, will the shuttle alone be available (without package deal) and if so what is the cost for the service??? When you factor in gas, toll roads, and a free...
  492. Beer Goggles

    XXL Waders

    Surfdoc- won't steal your thunder but if for some reason it doesn't work out I'll take them..This dude looks to big to F with ...Stan are you buying my bayrunner this summer or what...I might store it down in San Quintin so I think a trip this summer is in order..Let me know..Kenny if Stan is...
  493. Beer Goggles

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    Very much with MIKEY LIKES Mexico..All the rules, regulations, closures, confusion, fines, taxes, stamps, fees, zones, restrictions, red tape, government, MLPA, etc...I just want to fish with my boy and drink a beer...Sink California and Obama into the ocean- we have lost...
  494. Beer Goggles

    Mono to Spectra

    Just tried the balloon knot...Wasn't very tight...Guess it's all who you know???
  495. Beer Goggles

    San Clemente to Dana

    Last time you put a fish in my pocket it made it to the washing machine..Bastard...Glad you got the kids out on the water...I'll talk to you soon..
  496. Beer Goggles

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    "bigdaddyjohn" you are a f***ing kook for even posting something that stupid in response to a distress sale...Either help the guy out or shut the f up...Don't comment on what you believe his pension to be..."It's better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone assume your an idiot, then to open...
  497. Beer Goggles

    Dana Point Squid news

    Went with the kids and some co-workers last night (Thurs) looking for the squid out of Dana..No love...They are gone for now...nice night on the water but nothing doing...Gonna hit up San Quintin on the 23rd for the yellowtail bite...I'll probably miss that as well...Oh well- beats listening to...
  498. Beer Goggles

    got soaked

    Brian- You've got some serious issues that you need to work out with yourself...Don't know what your doing on either tues, weds, or thurs night but if the weather is down I'm gonna kill some squid off Dana Point..Shoot me a PM if interested.. O
  499. Beer Goggles

    Dana Squid !!

    Congrats on making it out- FAG...You guys look like you had a fun night...I'm sure Jaime got drunk and went to town on you two like a circus seal...You can tell by his smile in that first pic he's got something special planned once he gets you two offshore...Tell the rest of the crew I'm gonna...
  500. Beer Goggles

    Perko trolling rod holders

    What's the angle??30??
  501. Beer Goggles


    Thanks for the first hand account..I'm hearing more rain thurs, fri, sat...We'll see..
  502. Beer Goggles

    East Cape overnight change of plans

    I'm a broken record but stay at Verdugo's and charter a panga...Save money and please post more pictures of topless women...
  503. Beer Goggles

    Raymarine C-80 Combo Package

    James- I'll take it..I PM'ed you with my cell phone again...Give me a call and we can do this thursday or friday.. Merlin- if you read this and are still interested in the radar give me a PM..
  504. Beer Goggles

    Day Trip To East Cape

    Thanks for the heads up on the road out of Los Planes..I didn't know it went all the way through or was fully paved..You may have just saved me...Also Kevin confirm for me that Volaris (sp?) out of TJ is $77 round trip to La Paz???
  505. Beer Goggles

    Day Trip To East Cape

    Fat Cat has it right..I think it's still $65 a night for a beach front room with nice clean beds at Verdugo's...Simply walk over to Palmas after fishing and pee in their pool at the swim up bar like everyone else...Why not fish Cerralvo island out of Muertos since your going to be in La...
  506. Beer Goggles


    OK- I might get some flack but I gotta ask..What is an "OBAMA" and why do you throw them back??? Is it because they are dark meat and worthless??? If so I think I understand the nickname...
  507. Beer Goggles

    going to Johnson's Valley

    Cash (as in my son)...Not PotRoast from work (you H-mo)...Have a good weekend with the kids-we'll catch up later... O
  508. Beer Goggles

    No more fishing at Cerralvo Island...

    Don't think the "official" name changes anything...Unless I have to fish it in a red Euro speedo...Still Cerralvo Island- BTW it was for sale (like everything else in Mex) for 30 million dollars...Did anything ever happen with that???
  509. Beer Goggles

    going to Johnson's Valley

    Zika- I'm going to fish Lag Niguel lake on friday morning with Cash...Pull your kids out of school and come fish with us...We all no nothing good can come from going to school... O
  510. Beer Goggles

    Irvine Lake report

    Sam- Don't know you but I'll be there friday with my 2 year old...I think they are right, it's going to be packed...Little pond first and then if nothing doing trout island...Look for my van as I always have some ice cold Newcastles in the van fridge....
  511. Beer Goggles

    98 Econoline -poor mans sportsmobile

    Jim- no problem...I'll send you some pictures...I think you have my contact info and cell as well...
  512. Beer Goggles

    98 Econoline -poor mans sportsmobile

    I'd rather just fish baja and rent a panga...Too many regs/ closures/ taxes/ storage fees etc..I'm tired of all the BS...Pacifico and Pangueros in my future friend...
  513. Beer Goggles

    Barn Kelp 10-12-09

    Hope the sick day was worth 40 hours without pay...OCSDofLA is watching you little buddy...The dumb bitch will probably get re-elected by the clowns here in OC... Good job on getting the rugrats out...Get ahold of Z and lets try and get out for some mako fishin'..Let me know...
  514. Beer Goggles

    Fully rigged hoop nets w/ cages- Cheap

    TeamIrish I appreciate the offer but Ytail says he's coming through OC on friday to buy all of them..I gotta give first responder first crack at it...I'll keep you on the list..thanks
  515. Beer Goggles

    Fully rigged hoop nets w/ cages- Cheap

    Thnx for the responses- Ytail has first dibs since he responded first and they should be sold this week..If something falls through 3 bears I'll hit you up next because you want to take the whole thing (not just the tip)...
  516. Beer Goggles

    98 Econoline -poor mans sportsmobile

    For sale or trade- 98 ford econoline V-10 w about 128 K miles. Seats 4 people- Queen bed in rear, single bed across front seats (only about 5' 6 across) Queen bed on roof w/ pop up camper on roof racks (sleeps 2)- I am 300 lbs and have slept up top as well as hung out on the deck...
  517. Beer Goggles

    Fully rigged hoop nets w/ cages- Cheap

    Fully rigged hoop nets with bait cages (not pictured)...(3) different styles 1) Promar 36" ringed hoopnets (lay flat) - 4 total $20 each w/ bait cages 2) Promar conical style hoop nets - 5 total $25 each w/ bait cages 3) Danielson conical style hoop nets - 2 total $25 each w/ bait cages Nets...
  518. Beer Goggles

    San Quintin 9/16 - 9/20

    Nice write up..I was down there same days and one of chifflo's boats was down (something with the motor)...ended up not fishing SQ but instead hired a panga out of the town of Jaramillo... Chifflo and his dad run a good operation and are a nice family...For those of you that don't know they...
  519. Beer Goggles

    Barn Kelp

    ZEEEEKA- actually looks pretty good the way you fried em up...I agree with jaime about Eppipotimus..If the camera adds 10 pounds, Eppy had at least 10 cameras pointed at his belly...Long live Quato and shovelnose tacos...
  520. Beer Goggles

    Dana 9-5-09

    I'm surprised your parole officer lets you be around young boys still...
  521. Beer Goggles

    Good Barracuda Fishing 8/20

    Tyler congrats on the Cuda's..Just curious how you cook them up??? Smoker???
  522. Beer Goggles

    My Mako !!

    Thanks Zika fun day on the water...I still don't believe you about the yellowtail but Kreeke is vouching for you...We had a baby mako that sliced through 50lb while trolling back...He is wearing a nice Rapala for a while...Get the bait tank fixed and I'll fix my bilge and lets get back out...
  523. Beer Goggles

    San Mateo point bassin

    :rofl: Is that gay butt pirate Timmy aka "COVER BOY" for W.O.N. aka "the best WSB fisherman you've never heard of"...if so don't exaggerate the WSB count he's only caught 34 the last couple weeks....And yes he is a gay butt pirate (ask Rob from Dana Marine):loverz:
  524. Beer Goggles

    Need 1 or 2 for San Quintin run

    I just got your Message/ Messages..PM sent..Right now it looks like it might just be me going...Not sure I want to trailer the boat solo and deal with the hassel/stress when it's just 2 days fishing....I might leave the boat until late july or August and go again when/if the white sea bass pop...
  525. Beer Goggles

    Need 1 or 2 for San Quintin run

    Anyone out there available to run down to San Quintin Next Weds 07-01 to fish thurs and fri- and return Sat 07-04..Want to split the costs with someone or maybe 2 others...I am familiar with the drive down and the area...I am flexible on departure times and can come home whenever but would like...
  526. Beer Goggles

    shimano trinidad 14

    Bet you'll get a shitload of looks by marking Free Trinidad 14...nice work...
  527. Beer Goggles

    Insulated Offshore Kill Bag

    Bag is sold- thanks for the intrest..
  528. Beer Goggles

    Mexican insurance, Truck and Boat

    Not trying to thread jack but thanks for the post Stuart that was helpful...
  529. Beer Goggles

    I Love San QQQQQQQQQ

    Thanks for the laughs..Looks like an insane trip...I'm not saying nothing about nothing but you drank tequilla till you passed out and then you're showing a picture of some bloody underwear???
  530. Beer Goggles

    Shimano Tiagra 80

    SOLD- Thank You
  531. Beer Goggles

    Insulated Offshore Kill Bag

    I supposed I'd mail it but I'd need you to pick up shipping/packaging charges. I'm not sure what that would cost or if it would be cost effective.
  532. Beer Goggles

    Insulated Offshore Kill Bag

    Insulated heavy duty kill bag with drain. Still new in packaging. Measures approx 7 ft long by 3 feet high. Asking $150 obo
  533. Beer Goggles

    Shimano Tiagra 80

    Shimano Tiagra 80 spooled with 950 yards of new 200 Spectra W/ 125 Fluoro topshot. Trolled 1 time for (2) hours- thorough cleaning after use. Not a mark or scratch on the reel appears as new in box. Included is all unuused mounting hardware, tools, manuels, box, and other papers, as well as...
  534. Beer Goggles

    BIG "T"...?

    If it was Highway Patrol or a Motor Cop I bet the guy still got a ticket for having an obstructed view...
  535. Beer Goggles

    To Whomever let the Dogs Out-Thanks

    Kyle is a class act and hopefully he'll keep the El Cardon a float..Please send or post some info for your Charity tournament...Thanks for the updates..
  536. Beer Goggles

    To Whomever let the Dogs Out-Thanks

    And to think I had to sell my Las Arenas property to stay afloat up here..DAMN..Did Kyle Turley take over Giggling Marlin yet???I know he has a beautiful home right around the corner from Muertos...Hope you guys are staying busy down there...
  537. Beer Goggles

    Please send a letter

    Got it done and still have plenty of time to look at internet porn...
  538. Beer Goggles

    Hotel Palmas de Cortez, East Cape, Baja

    Dan- as far as the $600 being closer to $1600 I was being somewhat serious..However alot depends on how much beer you can drink and how many $20 sushi rolls you need at the swim up bar...You sound like you have done your research but just don't be shocked when an all inclusive package (that...
  539. Beer Goggles

    Hotel Palmas de Cortez, East Cape, Baja

    Dan- Palmas is nice no doubt about it..The pool and swim up bar are great..Just be advised you will be paying American prices and then some for everything associated with the Palmas De Cortez..Not trying to rain on your parade but expect your $600 per person to be about $1600 per person by the...
  540. Beer Goggles

    San Q. YFT Run

    Peshooter I'm not exactly sure you need to make a point..Yes, we all get it - Baja has it's share of problems...Either go or don't..The world won't stop without you..All the guy is trying to do is post some pictures and details of his San Quintin run... BajaBaby thanks for making the run and...
  541. Beer Goggles

    New 2008 Lobster Reg's. DFG Report Cards

    Quick heads up- I just learned to purchase the cards you apparantly need to have your fishing license with you so the business selling it can record your fishing license number. I was denied a (2) seperate locations because I did not have my fishing license with me when I attempted to buy the...
  542. Beer Goggles

    Tony Reyes Trip 8-17 to 8-22-08-Report & Pics

    Louie- Thanks for the great report and pics...You have convinced me I need to jump on next years trip...Steve and Kyle (the kid) are my neighbors and he will be stoked to see the pics you posted...That kid has a great life and it seems like all he does is fish and surf...(bastard)..Anyway both...
  543. Beer Goggles

    1st DoDo

    Congrats Penis breath..Im glad you had the little ones on board with you...Russell looks stoked in that pic...Don't worry about missing our east cape trip this year because that local dodo was better than we did down south...Let me know if you and Jaime are in for a San Quintin drive down at the...
  544. Beer Goggles

    any reports from the east cape ?

    Mejor- Thanks for the up to date info..Any info on what airline you flew and any new restrictions regarding luggage (rod tube charges or 2nd bag charges)...John I'll be down the 21 - 25th what are the dates on the shootout???
  545. Beer Goggles

    Catalina 6-27 and 28

    Is it true that Gonzo wasn't man enough to live with his tattoos and had to have them removed???Isn't it also true that Zika is a big fan of the penis???
  546. Beer Goggles

    Camp Gecko Bay of L.A. Lot for sale

    I'm going to send you an email..Why does it seem like folks are bailing out on camp gecko???Is it something with the camp or is it the whole Mexico travel deal???Are people leaving Gecko for Dagget's???
  547. Beer Goggles


    Lorenzo- No need for anyone to try and print the sticker and that is a chickenshit way to go...I asked them for an additional sticker (smaller size) and they sent me two more no questions asked...Along with the $25 you also get a package of sorts including paperwork to report the name of the...
  548. Beer Goggles

    Catalina Island

    ZEEEEEKKKAAA- Just go you puss...Drink heavily and go...Or dont go and meet me over there next weekend (fri the 13th)...I've got a condo set up for the family so you should stay on your boat with Jaime "manlove" and Gonzo "I'm getting my tattoos removed" so you can take me fishing on both...
  549. Beer Goggles

    LA Bay Report (Accosted and robbed on our return)

    Sounds like a great trip..Think I met you and your crew at the Palmas De Cortez pool last September???I remember being very scared of the large black dude, and thinking you firemen have waaayyy toooo much time to work out on duty...From what I remember you had a little trouble getting your boat...
  550. Beer Goggles

    I Want To Travel Down Baja, Need Thoughts

    Kent- Zack Thomas' book "Trailer boating in baja" will answer any and all questions you may have...Or just shoot him a PM as he is a really friendly guy, or there's not much to do in Reno..Also Fred/Gloria Jones "Baja Camping" covers what your talking about...Time at Ensenada De los Muertos (or...
  551. Beer Goggles

    La Paz/Muertos 05-18,19,20 - Tortuga

    Hey Zack- I guess a little confusion about Alaska's new policy as a couple of people have PM'd me as well...I spent some time at the La Paz airport counter haggling with them because the policy changed on the day I flew back 05-21...From what I gathered with my piss poor spanglish they will let...
  552. Beer Goggles

    La Paz/Muertos 05-18,19,20 - Tortuga

    Short Version- Pargo Perro, Pargo Liso, Pargo Mulato, Pargo Rojo, Wahoo, Amberjack, Cabrilla, Pompano, Jack Crevelle, and too many F'in Bonito and Needlefish. No hassles, accept Alaska Airlines changing their policy on my rod tube while I was on the trip (they too now charge). Brought back 100...
  553. Beer Goggles

    La Paz 05-18 thru 21 08' anyone else?

    I decided to jump on a plane last minute and head to La Paz to fish solo...I'll be fishing 05-18,19, and 20th and I have room for one more on the Panga..If anyone is down near Muertos and wants to get away from the wife for a day or two of fishing, beer drinking :food-smiley-014:, and telling...
  554. Beer Goggles

    A Class Act in La Paz

    AguaChico- Alaska Airlines is $335.70 (including the ridiculous $103 in taxes) right now round trip from LAX to LAP..That alone should save you over $200...You would have to fly on a Sat or Weds from what I could find..If not LAX to SJD is $261 (at least until the end of this month) and a 2 hour...
  555. Beer Goggles

    New Baja book, Del Mar seminars

    oops.....getting the book done...Looking forward to meeting you and getting a copy...
  556. Beer Goggles

    Fishing trips out of san diego into Mexico (San Quintin?)

    Boom Boom from the Valley???Don't ask don't tell I guess...Don't be escurred to make the drive...Like everyone says drive during the day and get insurance...If you post the dates you might be able to find someone to follow down to show you the ropes...Well worth the drive and you can always load...
  557. Beer Goggles

    Where to go in Baja question.

    My bad...Getting on with the East Cape nicest hotel (and expensive W/ American prices is Palmas De Cortez) waterfront pool W/ swim up bar a a large fishing fleet..Very nice experience but you'll pay top dollar (as far as baja is concerned).You can be 1/4 mile down the beach from Palmas and fish...
  558. Beer Goggles

    Where to go in Baja question.

    If you've narrowed it down to the East Cape or La Paz you should be happy. Most "La Paz" boats are launching out of Muertos bay(45 min drive from La Paz). You can fish the mouth of Muertos for Yellowtail, Pargo, and Cabrilla. Even if winds are blowing (as they might still be in March) you can...
  559. Beer Goggles

    Waltzing with YT in Asuncion!

    Glad you have a sense of humor...Your typing is about as good as my triple post..I'll check out the website and figure out how to set up some dates down there with you..
  560. Beer Goggles

    Waltzing with YT in Asuncion!

    And those last two show you how stupid I am..Anyway PM me with info as I'm taking a trip down...I'll bring you some board shorts to cover the goods and you can show me how the fuck to use a computer....
  561. Beer Goggles

    Waltzing with YT in Asuncion!

    I'm not that bright but the www.bahiaasucnion just takes you to more worthless links...Couldn't find your site...Anyway if
  562. Beer Goggles

    Waltzing with YT in Asuncion!

    I'm not that bright but the www.bahiaasucnion just takes you to more worthless links...Couldn't find your site...Anyway
  563. Beer Goggles

    Henrietta in La Paz

    DAVID- Thank you for the update. Glad to hear it wasn't too bad for you guys. Any word on what to expect for the next week or so? Any other weather looming on the horizon? I'll be down in Los Barilles on the 17th. In your experience how long after a hurricane/tropical storm does fishing...
  564. Beer Goggles

    Baja 8/3-8/23

    Absolutely sick trip..Pictures turned out awesome as well...Let me know if your dad wants to adopt a fat, tattooed, thirty five year old before the next family trip down...I'm guessing the tractor in Los Barilles was at Verdugo's...Nice family and a good place to stay...Anyway congrats on an...