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    Dungeness Crab Opening Day Ritual

    That's great bud, crabbing tends to continue to be good until the commercial season opens then we see a drop in our crabs per pot. Like you said make a weekend of it. Plenty of great places to eat within walking distance of the lot. Send me a PM and I'll point you in the right direction.
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    Dungeness Crab Opening Day Ritual

    Nice work and great write up. You may consider cooking them right at the dock. Crab don't always survive for that long and they start to spoil real fast once dead. Overall great effort and happy you had a chance to enjoy crabbing up here.
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    East Cape Bite picks WAY up May 31, June 1 & 2

    Great job, Bite Me has a great crew, I've fished on that boat many times. Thank you for the post.
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    portable vacuum sealer

    I do quite a bit of fishing down in Mexico and do not always have access to a good processor. Wondering if anyone has had any luck with a good small vacuum sealer that fit in a suitcase well without being too heavy. I have a chamber vacuum sealer at home but obviously this is way too heavy...
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    East Cape Deep Charters

    The hotels don't seem to mind, we get our lunches from the hotel and we typically charter boats that are not affiliated with Palmas. No differential treatment. All very cordial to each other, or so it seems.
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    PV mid June surf and offshore ?'s

    Tony, Lora is really professional and will get you on fish. He is an experienced inshore fisherman and you can do a half-day and be back in the harbor by noon. Best case scenario will be to convince your wife to come along. If not, set her up with a massage that morning. Have her meet you at...
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    Sayulita in July

    Agree with the above recommendations. Lora will get you on fish!
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    East Cape in October/November?

    Things typically start slowing down by November, October is really nice. Always fun
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    Shotguns for Kids

    I found a good deal on benelli montefeltro with an interchangeable stock. My son started hunting at age 10. Great gun light and the shorter stock promotes proper shooting technique. He's now 12 and has used it on both upland and ducks. It is a bit of an investment but works out for us. He...
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    East Cape Bite Me report - Oct. 9 and 10

    Good job, fished the Bite Me several times, Chuy does a nice job, great pic of the Wahoo with the flat fall in his mouth. Caught a few huachinango last year using the flat fall and gave the lures to Chuy at the end of the trip. Thanks for posting.
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    East Cape Grand Slam

    Awesome pictures! Nice to see that you had a blast
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    dove recipes

    Check out Hank Shaw, he's got a series of outstanding cook books for wild game. Here are some of his dove recipes.
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    Punta Mita in January

    I've been thinking about booking a family trip to Punta Mita/PV over NYE. I will be taking my wife and 4 kids ages 2-12. My older boys are experienced fishermen. Wondering if anyone can recommend a nice place to stay for the family. It looks like Lora with fortuna sportfishing is highly...
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    GoPro Trolling Monterey Bay

    Extremely cool, how did you get your footage?
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    East Cape Jen Wren May 21-26

    I'll be fishing with Mark in August, really looking forward to it. Truly a first class operation. The wahoo looks perfectly prepared, nice job
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    Cabo Gordo Banks 4-26-17

    Fantastic report, makes me wish I was there
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    La Paz, San Jose Del Cabo, I know wrong forum...

    I've had good luck with Family run business. Octavio is a really nice fellow and reliable. I have no idea if would do a whole day type of activity, but his drivers regularly go between San Jose and La Paz
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    Any recommendations a Ranch Leonero?

    Jen Wren sport fishing with Mark Rayor, independent outfit but regularly picks up clients from the Rancho. Really top notch. You'll see plenty of positive reviews on this site. Have a blast.
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    East Cape near Palmas de Cortez boat for 5 + 2 kids

    I highly recommend Jen Wren. I have fished with him for over 7 years. He and his crew are as professional as you get. His boats are outstanding and should take care of your family without a problem. I have four kids and have brought my kids with me on multiple occasions. Not sure how old...
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    Grest day in Capitola with my 8 year old

    That's awesome, looks like you guys had a blast
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    Cabo fishing june?

    Toro can fight, let me know if you have recipe to cook that boy up. I sure haven't found one
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    I am looking for (current) charter boats on Kona please

    I fished with Captain Russ on the Lepika. Solid capable captain, uses the Green Stick for Tuna, pretty cool.
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    More comfortable boots

    Thanks guys, advice appreciated
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    More comfortable boots

    I have a pair of brown Xtratuf boots and with time they seem to have become tighter. I have a wide foot. Wondering if anyone knows of a more comfortable boot for those of us with wide feet? Thanks
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    Report, Inshore with Cuyuyo

    Looks like a blast, all good eating fish. WTG
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    Cabo San Lucas

    If you bring your own rigs, I believe you are limited to 4 poles per person. If you are traveling with someone in the same household you can include them. Just make sure you go through the customs line together.
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    East Cape/Los Barilles 10/6 - 10/9

    Part of the reason to head to the East Cape is that the experience can not be replicated here in the states. Herman's , Trinis,the smoke house. Killer food cheap beer and a completely laid back attitude. What else can you ask for. Every time we head back we are treated like family. Damn I was...
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    East Cape/Los Barilles 10/6 - 10/9

    Outstanding report. Looked like you guys had a blast and caught some nice fish. Herman's is a great place. Even if you don't bring him your fish, he always has some of the freshest fish around.
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    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Gary, I am not sure why you need to publicly condemn an area. I agree with you, the last few seasons have been different. However the town,people and area are still beautiful. I have been going to Baja for the past 20 years. Sure it has change some but that's life. I remember you posting...
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    East Cape Update?

    Fat Cat report is spot on. Fished with Mark Rayor, Saturday through Monday. Amberjack and Snapper for us. Caught some incidental white bonita (the ones with teeth), wow they make for some awesome sashimi, much like albacore in taste. Had a blast. I love the East Cape. Looks like the Tuna...
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    Epic day in Capitola 9/6 - PB halibut

    Right on buddy, hell of a catch.
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    East Cape 7/4-7/13 Lots of Variety!

    Fantastic Report! Good job on he wahoo and bottom fish! I love it down there.
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    East Cape help needed Questions

    I second the recommendation for Mark. Outstanding outfit, been fishing with him for years. Nothing but good times. You may also want to look on vrbo and check the villas de Cortez. All the amenities of Palmas but the rooms are a bit newer
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    Wyoming Trout 6/9

    Nice string of fish
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    Pt. Sur Sunday

    Great quality Nice job
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    Los Cabos Panga trip 4/28

    Nice report Marc, the huachinango (snapper) are great eating. Great way to celebrate you 10 year. Good luck to you in the upcoming season. We've also been waiting for the seas to settle down hear in SF.
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    East Cape Trip

    They are all inclusive, meals included.
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    Friday 13th giant king salmon

    Thanks for the video, flat calm water, your wife catching a beast, your daughter having a blast, perfect gaff, what else can you ask for. You are living the life
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    Planning a trip to East Cape in 2015

    Eric you have lots of choices. Depends on how big a crew. I've been fishing down there for years. Over the last several I have been going with Mark Rayor with Jen Wren sport fishing, as many other can attest he runs a first class operation, great boats, outstanding crew and unmatched gear. If...
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    Buy maguro

    I was in Maui last month and bought 30lbs of various sashimi quality filets for a wedding rehearsal. I used maui seafood LlC They ship to the mainland. Quality and packaging was superb. . Price was much cheaper when I picked it from the source but...
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    Bodega WSB

    Great report Matt, nice to see Pop with a white sea bass. A day to remember.
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    Solid Day on the East Cape

    Good job, you definitely beat the odds by getting a yellow tail.
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    Bottom fishing charter in Maui in early November

    I am planning on going to Maui for a buddy's wedding in early November. We will have a house and plan on having a BBQ for a rehearsal dinner. I will be there a few days earlier and would really like to go out and catch some fish for the BBQ. I understand the reasoning for the captain and crew...
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    Cabo San Lucas with Santi Sportfishing 8/23/2014

    Nice report buddy, happy you had a good time. The pompano are really good eating, next time bring that one to the restaraunt
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    Going to East Cape. Should I bring my equipment?

    Do you know the name of your boat? I agree with Gary, that is the biggest factor. I wouldn't worry about rods. They are the biggest hassle to bring down. I agree with the flouro but you may even want to get some lighter test like 20 and 25 and may skip the stuff over 50. Fly lining is...
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    Wake Up Down in East Cape!

    Funny you say trigger fish. On the last day my boys wanted the chance to pull on some more fish. Mark found us a little spot and we loaded up on a bucket full of them. Looking forward to making some ceviche. Everything goes in cycles down there, hope you get into the big ones.
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    Wake Up Down in East Cape!

    Gary, I think you will have blast. It seems like you have the right attitude. I've been heading down to Mexico for 20 years and every year is different. Sure we've had better luck other years but I think you are timing things right this year. I think you either go for the home run and head...
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    Wake Up Down in East Cape!

    Just got back yesterday. Overall I think the fishing was pretty good. Fished on the Jen Wren III. Went outside and found the porpoise on the Sunday and Monday, Got some bigger class tuna the first day and a Sail, Monday the Tuna were there but not biting ended up with a couple more Sails...
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    Kona Charter in July?

    Capt Russ on the Lepika, great captain with a nice set up. Uses the Green Stick to go after the Ahi. Good luck.
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    San Jose del Cabo charters?

    A friend of mine is heading out to San Jose next week and will be fishing with is wife and two sons 9 and 11 years old. Wondering if someone can recommend a good charter out of the marina in San Jose. I've heard good things about gordo bank pangas but I think they will need a larger platform...
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    Long trip to Los Barriles

    Great report, nice pargo and tuna.
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    East Cape Report - Los Barriles 6-11 to 6-15

    Fantastic report, good quality tuna. Amazing how things could change any second in the Sea of Cortez. Thanks for putting the time into your report.
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    East Cape in June - w/underwater video of Hammerhead and Marlin!

    Outstanding report! Thank you, getting me excited about my upcoming trip. Good luck on your remaining days and keep the reports coming
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    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Great story and incredible fish. Question is did you give the guys who flaked on you a piece of the fish or did you keep it all to yourself
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    Buying Rods In Cabo?

    Travel rods is another option. I've been using the ones from chark-bait with good success.
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    East Cape Recommendations

    I bring my family down every year. They love it. I've been bringing the boys out fishing with us since they were 3. The beach is nice and much safer than most the beaches in Cabo. Shore fishing tends to vary depending on if there is structure in the area or the bait situation. The docks...
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    shelter cove on the 13th

    Great looking fish, way to go! Shelter Cove is an amazing place
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    East Cape Recommendations

    I've fished with Mark for years, he and his crew are truly first class. He also has a house on the beach that he rents. Otherwise plenty of choices on VRBO for places to stay. Of course there are plenty of hotels, each with their own appeal. Have a great time. PM me if you need more details
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    Vac master VP-215C

    I bought one recently and love it, running out of bags. Wondering who has the best deal on bags? Any recommendations?
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    Looking for Tips on Crabbing and fishing in San Francisco Bay area

    Where are you staying and when are you coming? Salmon opens April 5th. Like "taking drag" says, bite typically is better South early, but this was not the case last year. HMB did much better overall. If your son's spring break is next week, the Emeryville fleet would be a better bet. If you...
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    Kona fishing?

    Capt. Russ on the Lepika is very professional and uses a green stick. Good luck
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    Best East Cape Spot...

    One other thing to look into is staying at one of the condo's at villa de cortez. If it is just you and the wife, check out one of the studios. Go through VRBO and you will get a much better price than what the website/hotel offers. Very nice rooms, well maintained and right next door to the...
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    Vacuum Chamber Bags

    I bought a VP 215 vacuum chamber sealer. Wondering if anyone has tried to use the food saver bags with this device. I have a bunch and wondering how well they will work.
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    Best East Cape Spot...

    Mark Rayor with Jen Wren sport fishing. Great boats, crew and equipment. Go after the fish with a relaxed attitude, customer service comes first.
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    It depends on your family history. If you have a male relative with prostate cancer 40-45. Otherwise 50. Controversial topic in medicine at this time.
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    Great pics, looks like a great time. Thanks for the report.
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    Targeting Octopus

    Unfortunately in California we can only use hook and line or grab them by hand. Did a bit of research and found some info on comercially fishing them in Alaska. Most caught with traps, terra-cotta pots as well as wooden lair traps were used. Lair traps seemed to be most effective. Too bad we...
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    Targeting Octopus

    Exactly what my boy said. Total rookie move by the crew. He said he should of been on the gaff. Mark I'll check to see if I will be free to go give it another try with you tomorrow. John, thanks for the reply, I remember seeing that post. Sounded like it was pretty easy for them, but...
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    Targeting Octopus

    Went out crabbing on Sunday with my 8y/o son out of HMB. Had to work for them, but got our limits. Went rockfishing for a few hours for a slow pick. As we are wrapping things up I get a solid take down. I reel it up to the surface and see a 15-20lb octopus on the end of the line. As my buddy...
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    Getting sick from eating Wahoo? (also posted in recipe forum)

    I had he exact same experience this year. No one got sick, but the steak I had was just foul. The snapper, dorado and tuna we caught this year was perfect. We took good care of the fish, bled it and immediately, placed it on ice. I think the smoke house does a good job, never had a problem...
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    truly amazing,love watching your videos.
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    East Cape Fishing with Jen Wren sportfishing Oct 26-28th

    I appreciate your comment. The boy loves to fish. He has an incredible amount of patience and relaxed attitude. Don't think he would be the same if just sat in front of the tube and played videogames.
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    East Cape Fishing with Jen Wren sportfishing Oct 26-28th

    Thanks for posting the pictures Mark, been pretty busy once I got home. Thanks again for an outstanding trip
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    East Cape Fishing with Jen Wren sportfishing Oct 26-28th

    We decided to head down to the Cape for my father's 84th birthday. I was able to bring my 8 year old son and couple of buddies along. On Saturday water was a bit choppy and we decided to stay in close. Fished Punta Pescadero and caught a nice size dorado early on. A little later the reel was...
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    Emeryville Sportfishing Crab Combo advice?

    You typically don't need 16 oz, but if you go out to the Farallons you may. I personally would stick with a diamond bar if need to go heavy. The hooks get pretty big if you use that big of a lead head and you are bound to get stuck on the bottom. I actually change out my treble hooks to...
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    Emeryville Sportfishing Crab Combo advice?

    You will likely need to buy your shrimp fly leaders and lead, but they will have them on hand. Bring your favorite jigs, diamond bar, swim baits, whatever you like to fish with for rock cod. Weight will depend on the depth. Bring some jigs up to 12 even 16 oz just in case there is a strong...
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    Cabo Report 7th-13th

    Thanks for the report, can't beat fresh grilled fish for tailgating and a good game by the Chargers to boot. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the report, can't beat fresh grilled fish for tailgating and a good game by the Chargers to boot.
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    Another great trip on El Regalo out of the East Cape

    Looks like a fantastic trip. Not sure what is better, catching a big blue or a little dorado off a dingy. Happy you enjoyed yourself.
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    I cook them that way some of the time. When I have a little more time I saute the whole bird in olive oil, garlic, onion, port wine and tomatoes. Add some cinnamon and allspice. Place it over some rice or Orzo. Overall it seems that the birds were not as plentiful up North. I did not hear of...
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    I have found them to be even tougher than mourning doves, how did you prepare them?
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    Where to fish in the end of October?

    I am pretty open to any style. Budget will depend on how many of my buddies I can convince to join me. I've been fishing with Mark Rayor on the Jen Wren III for the last few years so I've been pretty spoiled.
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    Where to fish in the end of October?

    Thank you all for your advice. So I think I have decided to fly into SJD. Simplest way since there are direct flights from SFO. Question would be to stay in SJD, go to the East Cape or keep driving up another hour and stay in La Paz. Anyone have any luck with bottom fishing in La Paz that...
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    Where to fish in the end of October?

    I am thinking of going Oct 25-29th. Didn't think about flying out of TJ.
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    Where to fish in the end of October?

    Thanks Bob, not sure what days there are flights into La Paz from LA. Seems like it is only a few days a week
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    Where to fish in the end of October?

    Just found out that I will have a long weekend off at the end of October. I have fished the East Cape and Loreto multiple times during the Spring and Summer, but have never had the chance to go in October. Had great luck Marlin fishing earlier this summer in the East Cape, but would like to go...
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    East Cape'n 8/4 to 8/10

    Nice post. Nothing better than fishing with family and friends.
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    Mex Fishing License for kids?

    I spoke to Mark Rayor on the Jen Wren III in the East Cape about this very subject earlier this summer when I was fishing with my kids. He states that it is not very clear but since someone under 18 is not considered a legal individual (my lingo is likely very off), they do not need a liscense...
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    Kids on the Condor Video

    Just awesome, great fish, handled like a season pro. How old is he?
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    San Francisco Bay Stripers

    Great pictures, too bad there are fewer and fewer stripers like that.
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    East Cape water still cold?

    Water is warming up, Marlin bite is down right ridiculous. Just came back into town. Fished Monday through Thursday. Haven't had a chance to download any pictures yet. Caught 7 marlin yesterday fishing on the Jen Wren III. Tuna still aren't biting very consistently but some of the guys got...
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    Boat Recommendations for Los Barriles??

    x4 for Mark. Great boats, excellent captains. Will always go the extra mile and tends to not follow the crowd. Crew is always very respectful. My family and I will be fishing with him in a couple of weeks.
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    Kids and the East Cape

    Take look at Mark's website, [url=] Bit more than the cruisers but it works out really well for me, especially when I bring the family. Very comfortable boat. Take a look at VRBO for the Villa condos you get a much better price than going through...
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    Spot Prawn & Ling Cod Kebobs

    Making me hungry, looks great, thank you
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    Kids and the East Cape

    Agree with the Villas, I've been renting out the first floor presidential suite for the last 4 years. I've been bringing out my extended family with plenty of kids in tow. The pool at the villas is exclusive to the villas guests and typically has only a few families hanging out. If you want...
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    Peso Exchange!!??

    Is there any place in Los Barrilles? Typically I have just used dollars at the super market and haven't really payed too much attention to the exchange rates they were using. What are your thoughts about exchanging them stateside? Thanks in advance for the info
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    HMB 04/23

    Great job Khahn, nice to see you get everyone fish.
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    Great job, catching a ling like that off shore is impressive.
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    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    Good job Tues. Your situation has ruined many individuals and families. I am on the other end of the matter and need to prescribe the medications post-operatively. I typically limit the prescriptions to a short term. Who was prescribing you these medications? It is easy to treat the symptoms...
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    Octopus looking lure

    How heavy are the ones you poured? Bought a few commercially available ones. Looked great. Tried using them up here in Northern California for rockies and Ling on a relatively calm day. Wasn't able to reach bottom very well using a 4 oz variety. Not sure if you plan to use an additional...
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    Quick Kona Sashimi report

    Russ is a great captain. That would be quite a sight seeing those big tuna hit the squid off the green stick
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    Key to E. Cape Fishing

    I can't agree with you more. I'll be fishing with him this upcoming weekend. Outstanding crew with unmatched equipment and gear. Looking forward to the trip.
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    East Cape today. Thursday 7/12

    You are on a good boat, Ramon is a quality captain. Nice to see that the sardinia are available. I'll be there in a month.
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    East Cape Question

    I have fished the East Cape for several years with several different captains. Although several of the captains are great, you can easily get stuck with a guy who follows the crowd or just takes you on a boat ride. If you are going to spend the time and money to go down there, do your...
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    Epic Trip to the Sea of Cortez- 12/26-12/31

    Awesome looking trip. Very jealous.
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    fishing charter in Los Barilles

    I agree with everyone's sentiments about Mark, he is really great and have been fishing with him over the last few years but I have also fished with several boats out of Palmas and have found the Bite Me crew to be excellent. The captain Jorge speaks English well, fishes hard and is laid back...
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    Palmas de Cortez: Need help to select boat

    Mark Rayor on the Jen Wren and Jen Wren III. Excellent boats and crew. Lots of local experience with a good track record in tournaments. Excellent gear.
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    Thanks - Chris

    I have had my fish processed by the smokehouse on multiple occasions and have only had excellent experiences.
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    Hard to beat a day like this!

    Nothing better than a day of fishing with your father and son. Especially when you hook up on some trophy fish. Great job.