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  1. Tar Pit

    OC fishing clubs

    Very happy you got your girl back. :appl:
  2. Tar Pit

    OC fishing clubs

    New Location starting in 2020. Lighthouse Community Church. 300 Magnolia St. Costa Mesa. Third Thursday of the month 7:00PM.
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    Fishing Group/Club near Huntington Beach

    I go to FIB'ers. It's a Christian fishing club but all are welcome. The club is free and they have 5-10 charters a year. Most are 3/4 day to 1.5 day from Dana Point or Newport. First meeting for 2020 is March 19th at Lighthouse Community Church in Costa Mesa 7:00PM. Corner of Santa Ana St. and...
  4. Tar Pit

    November Catalina Tuna

    I have a friend who is currently on a 10 day trip and the YFT their getting are all under 20 pounds. Nice fish!
  5. Tar Pit


    Well maybe our local tackle shop owners will make a profit and stay open.
  6. Tar Pit

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    I think is could have been Jason. Tall, thin, glasses with a beard. Talks a lot on the PA us on deck.
  7. Tar Pit

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    Just returned from a 2-day charter on the Aztec. Day one. 15 skipjacks and we did see some bluefin (#100-#150) crashing on bait Great show and we and hook 4 with light line and all went by-by. Empty kelps and 15 skipjacks all but 4 on the troll and we stopped on meter marks we were told were...
  8. Tar Pit

    Aztec 2-day charter next week. 9-25&26.

    I know the local offshore fishing over the last two weeks has been up and down but what I'm reading is this... Light line. #20-#25 with fluorocarbon. Small hooks. #2 #4. Bait is poor. Need spectra backing as bigger fish are in the mix. A rod with some backbone. A rod for #30-#50. Colt sniper...
  9. Tar Pit

    Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    So many times I've seen the first fish or the last fish of the trip take the jackpot. Well done Dan. I'll be over later for some bluefin.
  10. Tar Pit

    Interesting video

    Don't try to post that video on facebook. I tried and got slammed by their lefty police.
  11. Tar Pit

    The yellowtail?

    Great tuna counts coming from SD boats but the lack of yellowtail is odd. Over the last few years we have seen thousands of small (rat) yellowtail and this years the offshore kelps are MIA. It is the lack of Mexican hurricanes this year? I know the fishing runs in cycles so maybe it's just a off...
  12. Tar Pit

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    At todays news conference the Sheriff said that not one person sleeping below deck made it on to the deck. I'm a light sleeper and I get up a few times to pee. People snoring, generator running and water slapping the hull makes it hard for me to have a deep sleep. Heat, smoke, smell and noise...
  13. Tar Pit

    Costello 6-day Long Range Trip on Polaris Supreme

    I have fished the RR-3 five day trip a few times in late July where we were never more than 80 miles from SD. There was nothing offshore south of Ensenada and Cedros was closed to us. IMO the 5-6 day trips are not good unless the boat can fish Guadalupe Island.
  14. Tar Pit

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    I agree with this. The exits are clearly marked and Andy on the RR3 tells us about it. You need to climb a ladder straight up and with one hand push open the cover and move it out of the way. Then you need to pull yourself up and out. Not a easy exit.
  15. Tar Pit

    What happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    I think that's what he called himself. Great weekly posts and offshore weather information.
  16. Tar Pit

    Yellow fin US waters

    Even the long range boats are fishing there.
  17. Tar Pit

    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    Kansas City.
  18. Tar Pit

    Yellow fin US waters

    The Freedom and the Thunderbird killed yellowfin yesterday. They are not fishing in Mexican waters on a 1.5 day trip.
  19. Tar Pit

    Apollo, August 18

    Did Sportsmans do the processing? If so was he at the dock or did you take to him?
  20. Tar Pit

    Tips on my first long range trip!

    Trips under 5 days is more of a multi day trip not really a long range trip. I have done 5-day trips where we were never more that 80 miles from SD. Now when you do 6-8 day trips that will open areas like the ridge, Alijos Rocks and Guadalupe island. Now here's the twist in this. You could get...
  21. Tar Pit

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

    You guys are very entertaining.
  22. Tar Pit


    Labor Day weekend at the big 3 is a parking nightmare X10. I did it a few years ago and never again.
  23. Tar Pit

    2.5 day returned this morning

    Was this lite line small hook stuff or were they biting 30-40 pound mono?
  24. Tar Pit

    Fish processing prices?

    What he said.
  25. Tar Pit

    Bad News

    From some of my Bluefin Jim 5-day trips.
  26. Tar Pit

    Bad News

    I have fished his July 5-day trip for years. Great guy and fun to fish with. Jim and the RR crew would joke around all day long.
  27. Tar Pit

    Jackpot nightmare.

    I also stopped getting into the jackpot. Too much drama.
  28. Tar Pit

    A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    The boat had many more fish over 200 on the same trip.
  29. Tar Pit

    Jackpot nightmare.

    PLEASE DON'T NAME THE BOAT OR ANY OF THE CREW. 25+ years ago I was fishing a 3/4 day trip and we had stupid yellowtail fishing with 80 anglers on board. The limit was 10 back then and many had limits. The fish were all the same size 10-11 pounds and when it came to jackpot it took a long time...
  30. Tar Pit

    A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    Reports of as much as 7, 300 pound bluefin landed out of SD yesterday . The biggest going 327. :eek:
  31. Tar Pit

    Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    BD will not let us link to the other site.
  32. Tar Pit

    Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    Thunderbird wrap up report Aug, 5 07:46 pm.
  33. Tar Pit

    Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    My problem with fishing the Navy Island on a ON trip is the boat must start heading back early afternoon.
  34. Tar Pit

    Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    Thunderbird out of NB finds big bluefin returning from Cat Island. One fish hooked up but lost in fight. Report on 9 seven 6.
  35. Tar Pit

    Question about tip

    Just my two cents. Don't get in the jackpot and don't run up a $70.00 beer and soda tab and don't be seen playing poker with money you don't have for the tip. I saw this happen on a Q trip in 2009. Crew and Skipper were not happy with the guy.
  36. Tar Pit

    Sea Adventure 80

    This should make you feel batter....... Or not. :-)
  37. Tar Pit

    Sea Adventure 80

    The catching has been poor the last few weeks. Some boats will do the tuna or bust trip while other boats want their customers to go home with something. Over the last few day boats are finding kelps offshore holding yellowtail. 10-18 pound fish and limits by 9am. I have never fished on the...
  38. Tar Pit

    RR3 5 day report

    Every trip I do on the RR3 Andy pulls something out in the bottom of the 9th.
  39. Tar Pit

    7-30-19 A.M. half day

    Was it a Lucha libra trip?
  40. Tar Pit

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    This time of year we should see huge numbers of sand bass in the OC fish counts. Is the water too cold? Too warm? I remember taking my kids on Davey's Locker twilight trips and it was stupid fishing all night long.
  41. Tar Pit

    Good Luck Rituals

    I go to the bow and pray. I give thanks I have the physical strength and the funds to be on board the boat. I pray for the safety of the crew and passengers. I also hand off my first fish to a kid on board.
  42. Tar Pit

    1.5d bluefin.. where are they fishing right now?

    97six report from the Aztec today said they found BF much closer to home. "one day range".
  43. Tar Pit

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Good price. I leave on a 2-day two weeks after yours. The last few fishing seasons have started late by a month. Things should take off mid August or so. You will fill your charter when the counts get better.
  44. Tar Pit

    Do yellowtail eat the chunk?

    I did see yellowtail being hooked on chunks of Calico bass on a trip to Navy Island years ago.
  45. Tar Pit

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    The Bluefin Jim 6-day is fishing now and before Andy turned off his transponder he was south of Ensenada running parallel to the coast at 10.8 knots. They have only made one post on Facebook with very little information.
  46. Tar Pit

    So 5 day in 2 days

    Reports from the RR-3 now on a 6-day had to travel a long way south to find yellowtail the same size and numbers that are now getting at the Coronado Islands. The bluefin are off of Ensenada so I bet you fish these two locations all 5-days. So I would read the 2 to 2.5 day trips for the best...
  47. Tar Pit

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    When I was a kid in the early 70's my dad and I would fish a overnight for albacore on the Holiday with 70+ anglers. So my question is. Today the Tribute (old Holiday) charges $230.00 for a ON taking a max of 36 anglers. Would you fish a ON on the Tribute with 60 anglers for $160.00?
  48. Tar Pit

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Just my 2 cents. In 2005 I was fishing a 7-day spring trip on the Q105. 5-day summer trip on the RR-3 and a 2.5 day fall trip on the Pacific Star. In 2007 I dropped the spring trip on the Q. In 2010 I dropped the fall trip on the PS. Now I dropped my RR-3 trip that is leaving today. My budget...
  49. Tar Pit

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Funny my Dad said the same thing about 2-speed reels.
  50. Tar Pit

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    ?:confused:? If you know something negative about the boat or crew please let us know. That's the reason for the OP.
  51. Tar Pit

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    Under hand/pitch the butt hooked bait. When the bait hits the water the bait should be looking away from the boat and they swim like hell away from the boat. The butt hooked bait should also swim down so if the fish are boiling on top they will not see the hook under the bait. I don't overhand...
  52. Tar Pit

    1.5 day trip on the Endeavor

    Thanks for correcting your post. Thanks for the report.
  53. Tar Pit

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    I found this. Looks like a very nice ride.
  54. Tar Pit

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    I saw this boat in WON and looked up the boat on their facebook page. Very good looking boat for the photos but I know nothing about this boat. Is this a new name on a old San Diego boat or this boat new to SD? Anybody fish her yet? Open bunk room or state rooms? Bait storage? Tackle box...
  55. Tar Pit

    Aztec went looking at new area.

    9:30am report from the Aztec said they went looking at new area and found biting fish. BF&YF 25-40 pounds. So far 17 fish for 19 anglers. Great news for the weekend.
  56. Tar Pit

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Fishing albacore on the Holiday (now the Tribute) with my Dad the weekend before school started in the early 70's. 60+ was what the boat took on a ON trip.
  57. Tar Pit

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    Last year I was at the Island in July and hooked a few calicos when I was fishing for YT. Biggest calicos I have ever seen. All released. The 2 YT I did get were 39 and 42 pounds.
  58. Tar Pit

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    I see the 7 to 8 day trips are heading to the ridge and then back here for a few days of bluefin fishing. This time last year many boats including my 6-day on the RR-3 fished Guadalupe in July. Is it not happening at the Island or is it a permit issue again?
  59. Tar Pit

    Full Speed BFT 7/8

    The best way to fish the local bluefin is in a small fast boat. Nice job!:appl:
  60. Tar Pit

    RP going south.

    Looks like a 8-day RR3 trip just returned. JP's 41 pound BF 36 pound BF 35 pound BF Trolling JP 10.5 pound YF Looks like good yellowtail fishing at the ridge.
  61. Tar Pit

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    My 2018 6-day trip on the RR-3 fished Guadalupe Island in mid July and many boats were fishing there weeks before we got there. It looks like the boats are fishing the ridge and the rocks now and skipping Guadalupe. Has anybody fished there in the last 5 months?
  62. Tar Pit

    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    Check the heads for inappropriate reading material. :eek:
  63. Tar Pit

    6/22/19 Liberty

    Looks like the yellowfin and yellowtail moved to a new location.
  64. Tar Pit

    RP going south.

    The Royal Polaris is fishing at the ridge and doing well for yellowtail. As far as their reports say they found nothing between SD and the ridge. No YFT or kelps holding fish. I like to follow the spring 8- day reports as they are looking for fish all the way down and It gives me an idea of what...
  65. Tar Pit

    Aztec 6/18

    Question on the boat. Are the heads in the bow or galley seating area?
  66. Tar Pit

    Live on the water East Cape report.

    A friend starting today (6-21) at sunrise and had limits of yellowfin before 8 am Smallest YFT 32 pounds largest 41. Then they went looking for marlin and they got 2 before 9 am. No live bait all trolling feathers.
  67. Tar Pit

    What's an average SD bait barge sardine weigh?

    Go to a park or public school and stand on a outside lunch table. This will let you practice your underhand.
  68. Tar Pit

    Aztec 6/18

    If we start seeing 50 plus pound YF in the counts in June this will be a wild year.
  69. Tar Pit

    Aztec 6/18

    So a yellowfin won the JP? How big?
  70. Tar Pit

    New Lo-an Layout and Boarding process

    I see what you did. LOL
  71. Tar Pit

    Newport Harbor info needed..

    APPROXIMATE* Measured at 4.6 Ft. Mean High Tide Coast Highway. 20ft.
  72. Tar Pit

    Boat Review for Davey's Locker & Dana Wharf

    Parking at Dana is free and close by the landing. Newport Beach not so much and the traffic getting to the NB landing can be a nightmare.
  73. Tar Pit

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    Fishing Catalina Island last weekend (6-15) we hooked two sea turtles or the same one twice. A lot of warm water species showing up very early.
  74. Tar Pit

    Bluefins R US...AZTEC 1.5 Day 6.12 to 6.14

    Agree about the sandals. Invest in some deck boots. Flip flops are for cocktail hour after the shower on the ride home.
  75. Tar Pit

    The do's and don'ts of putting together a charter.

    I'm thinking of putting a charter together. Maybe start with a 1.5 day midweek trip out of Dana Wharf or Seaforth Landing. What are the common mistakes made by new charter masters or the "fine print or loophole" in the contract with the landing that bites the CM in the butt? Thanks.
  76. Tar Pit

    Saturday 5-5 on the Sum Fun.

    Fun little trip on the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf. The last few years all I have fished was a 6-day July trip on the RR3 so I had to drag out a bunch of rods and reels that have not seen the light of day in 10 years. A charter of 24 and a crew of 6 made the 3 hour trip to the east end of Cat...
  77. Tar Pit

    At what point?

    RR3 just canceled a July 8 day trip and made a bunch of 1.5 day trips. I fished the RR3 on a 5-day trip in 2017 and we fished next to the Thunderbird out of Newport Beach for the first two days. We have great fishing just 50 miles from most So Cal ports so why do a 2 day boat ride south to catch...
  78. Tar Pit

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    I was thinking of the 1/2 and 3/4 day boats, Catalina water taxi and Harbor site seeing boats.
  79. Tar Pit

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    Any talk about using the new Tesla semi truck electric motor to power larger boats? I saw the trucks are getting 500 miles before a recharge is needed.
  80. Tar Pit

    Empire yellowtail

    We limit on Garibaldi there all the time. :D
  81. Tar Pit

    Albacore season

    I'll play. The Shogun July 15th.
  82. Tar Pit

    5-5 Dana Wharf trip the weekend.

    I have a call in to the landing about the game plan so I don't bring a bunch of unnecessary gear but I'm thinking the Cat Island will be the location. If it is has anybody fished it lately? And if so are the fish Line shy or were you fishing #30-#40? Any kelps holding fish in the channel on the...
  83. Tar Pit

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    Twice I've seen a rod go overboard and the rod got tangled up in somebody's line and they got the rod back.
  84. Tar Pit

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    Also they reported yellowtail some to 40 pounds found offshore.
  85. Tar Pit

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    Just my two cents. If it's a bluefin trip and the fish are 50-90 miles south of San Diego then I take a boat out of SD. Much more fishing time.
  86. Tar Pit

    Anybody fly Volaris airline to Mexico?

    Brother is getting married in Guadalajara Mexico next year and my wife found that Volaris has the cheapest flights but I know nothing about them. LAX to Guadalajara Mexico. Thanks.
  87. Tar Pit

    Yellowfin in June...

    I saw a photo of a YF caught last week on a private boat and it looked to be in the high 30's. Is that the average?
  88. Tar Pit

    Yellowfin in June...

    You still have the best avatar on the site. :appl:
  89. Tar Pit

    It this legal?

    IMO It's wrong to speculate on the boat. Three boats have been named in this thread and the only witness to this will not name the boat. spec·u·late /ˈspekyəˌlāte verb Form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.
  90. Tar Pit

    Epic day on the San Diego

    Great photo of the 7 fish.
  91. Tar Pit

    What do you think it weighs???

    My guess is 85-90 pounds.
  92. Tar Pit

    Yellowtail MIA

    Catalina Island is having a huge sea lion problem and packs of dogs are following the sport boats all over the island. I was told only 1 of 3 YT are making it to the boat as the sea lions are taking the rest.
  93. Tar Pit

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    Very good.
  94. Tar Pit

    San Quintin whores

    That's a old photo of crabby Sue. She not working in San Quintin anymore. I think she was Miss Allcoast 2001 and a sales person for Pacific Tuna Ventures. :spammer:
  95. Tar Pit


    Fishing trips has changed over the last 5 years. I can now fly to PV and fish a 2.5 day trip and catch a cow YF or fish a 1.5 day trip out of Newport Beach and get a cow BF. Local boats are catching 20-30 pound YT at Catalina. My last 5-day trip in 2017 in late July we tagged #12 YF #18 YT and...
  96. Tar Pit

    possibility of coastal islands opening

    I'm told the fly in to Cedros has been a huge success for the area and Mexicans are looking to expand the idea at other locations in Baja.
  97. Tar Pit


    I tip on the price of the ticket. I don't tip for fuel surcharge, Mexican fishing license, Mexican Island permits or any other taxes or fees. If the advertised price is $2000.00 and I know at check in I have an extra $300.00 in fees I will tip 15-20 precent on the $2000.00.
  98. Tar Pit

    What else?

    Sleeping at night when the boat is traveling. Some of the staterooms are next to the engine room.
  99. Tar Pit

    What would you bring. 3 day May 31-June 2nd??

    Best post of the week. :appl:
  100. Tar Pit

    What else?

    Just my two cents. Anything you need for fishing will be on the boat times 10 but personal stuff like shower towel, ear plugs, solo cups for happy hour, booze, extra sunglasses, reading glasses, book, laundry bag that can be stored up top, pen and paper, flashlight, water bottle and I pay my...
  101. Tar Pit

    Any old guys remember her?

    My first LR trips were on the Q.
  102. Tar Pit

    4/24/19 1.5 day Topgun80 Small but fun grade bft

    Great report from a grateful servant. Jesus broke with God’s long tradition of employing shepherds and chose fishermen instead.
  103. Tar Pit

    Chiefs new colors

    I'm told the BF are eating the sardines. Looks like the red crab have taken a brake this spring.
  104. Tar Pit

    Fish processing prices?

    I now stop tagging fish when I get to 250 pounds of whole fish. This is what I can afford and will fill my freezer and give me some fish to give to friends. If the price moves up to over a buck a pound I'll just tag fewer fish. I have used all three processors and Mario's is #3 but I have never...
  105. Tar Pit

    2.5 vs. 3 day trips

    The larger LR boats will give you more bait capacity. Running low on bait or trying to fish with half dead bait on day two sucks.
  106. Tar Pit

    Jackpot Money

    I've seen mystery show up after the weight in was done to win and big fish just disappear from the fish hold. I just don't get in the JP anymore. If the crew worked hard I just add on the JP fee to the tip.
  107. Tar Pit

    The H&M 85?

    The photo came out of a Newport Harbor High School 1966 yearbook.
  108. Tar Pit

    The H&M 85?

  109. Tar Pit

    The H&M 85?

    Someone posted on Facebook a old photo for Davies Locker when it was located across from the old cannery in Newport Harbor and one of the boats tied up next to the Thunderbird and Del Mar is the H&M 85. I don't remember this boat and it looks newer than the other boats in the photo. Is this boat...
  110. Tar Pit


    How much should I tip? :rolleyes:
  111. Tar Pit

    Fishing rod truck rack.

    Love the President Pain sticker.
  112. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    That's more than I payed on my 6-day lupe trip on the RR3 just last week. I think I payed $335.00 for visa, Mexican FL and lupe fee. Add the $35.00 jackpot and it still comes to less than $400.00.
  113. Tar Pit

    RR-3 Lupe very short report.

    I don't think any tuna came on macs. Maybe some of the yellows did.
  114. Tar Pit

    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    We were checking into Ensenada when you guys were checking out. The conditions had changed at Lupe a few days later. Our first day of fishing on the 21st was only a half day and our best day as we put on 30 fish from 90-40 pounds. I think we tagged 40 more fish over the next 2.5 day of fishing...
  115. Tar Pit

    RR-3 Lupe very short report.

    Just returned from a RR-3 6-day trip. Day 1 we travel to Ensenada and went through customs. Easy and quick. Drive all night to the Island. Day 2 we arrive at the Island about noon and this 1/2 day of fishing is the best day for fishing at Lupe. I get 2 YFT both 45 pounds and at sunset I get a...
  116. Tar Pit

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Someone posted from the AA 5-day trip. He did well fishing straight #60 but others were getting bit on #80 with #80 fluorocarbon.
  117. Tar Pit

    Ranger 85 with 5 cows.

    Ranger 85 calls in with 5 BFT over 200 pounds. I don't have the number of fish lost or their total count but 5 cows on a local trip. :D
  118. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe fishing time

    I'm on trip #7. A 6-day that leaves this Friday. I was told we are going to Lupe if the local BFT is still slow. For years this charter has been a 5-day trip but the charter master bumped it to a 6-day so we could fish Lupe or the ridge. I should have a report posted before you leave.
  119. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe fishing time

    I was told on a 5 day trip you get 2 or 2.5 days of fishing.
  120. Tar Pit

    Nice surprise

    AM 1/2 boat out of Newport Harbor got a dorado today.
  121. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe Now

    The size of those yellowtail were impressive. 50 pounds maybe.
  122. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe Now

    The Royal Star is there now and catching yellowfin #40-#130 and yellowtail. 7-14-2018 Tim Ekstrom A very productive beginning; near perfect paced sport fishing for yellowfin tuna mixed in grade from 40 - 130 pounds. We...
  123. Tar Pit

    I can't stand it anymore!

    I fished her once and had a good time. Staterooms, food and boat were great. Only down side was one jr crew member was a little off with the customers but maybe he was having his period. :gay:
  124. Tar Pit

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    any news from the AA or Vagabond at Lupe?
  125. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster Bluefin Jim's 6-day trip roll call.

    Bluefin Jim Charters has a July 6-day and a Oct. 8 day both the the RR3. He's (carcass) on the 8 day I am on the 6 day leaving next Friday July 20.
  126. Tar Pit

    Lupe 2018

    The AA should be there now. The Vagabond in a few hours.
  127. Tar Pit

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    When I look up the Vagabond on MT it shows the boat going just north of the Coronado Islands.
  128. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster Bluefin Jim's 6-day trip roll call.

    Just got the e-mail. If fishing remains slow were off to Lupe.
  129. Tar Pit

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    But, but...... I have a med card...... :gay:
  130. Tar Pit

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    That's the way I see it. Or they just dropped the person at the bait dock where he/she was picked up by the landing. What ever happened is was a waste of time and fuel. :(
  131. Tar Pit

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    Ouch. The only thing I can think of is the bait died. Where do you get the site that shows the boats movements?
  132. Tar Pit

    Wahoo moving up? Independence.
  133. Tar Pit

    Wahoo moving up?

    Fish Report for 7-9-2018 HALF MOON BAY ON THEIR WAY 7-9-2018 John Collins Technical difficulties will require the office to post reports during this trip. The annual Half Moon Bay Sportfishing trip got underway Saturday morning. After making a stop at the live bait receivers and picking up...
  134. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 4 day, July 16

    The Rooster is on a 4-day trip now and I don't see any posts on their facebook or web site on how the fishing is. Looks like the fishing last year. Yellowtail and lockjaw bluefin close to home and small yellowfin and bigger yellowtail way south. On our 5-day trip last year we traveled 35 hours...
  135. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 4 day, July 16

    I'm on the trip after you. I bet you fish close to home all 4-days. Bluefin, yellowfin offshore and fish San Clemente Island for a day.
  136. Tar Pit

    Heh Heh Heh

    Are amberjack a good tasting fish?
  137. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster Bluefin Jim's 6-day trip roll call.

    My 5th or 6th trip with Bluefin Jim Charters. Looks like the Rooster at the end of their 8 day found school size yellowfin yesterday on top of all the big yellowtail you want. Anybody else on this trip?
  138. Tar Pit

    6/27 on the Tribute

    Thanks for the report. I have been reading about some yellowfin but your the first to give a size to the fish.
  139. Tar Pit

    Rally people for this trip to go! Searcher 1.5 day- Saturday 6-30-18

    Most of the ON 1.5 day boats I fished in the past are open bunk room. The Searcher had great staterooms. If I'm sleeping going out and coming back I pay the extra $135.00.
  140. Tar Pit

    Lupe 2018

    From the RR3 web site. ***Surcharge for trips to GUADALUPE ISLAND $335/PERSON. That's over $10000.00 per trip. :eek: Not counting the crew.
  141. Tar Pit

    What to Expect - Early Sept. 3-Day

    A lot will change in 3 months and Sept is the best time for a 3-day trip. Good luck and please post a report of your trip.
  142. Tar Pit

    What to Expect - Early Sept. 3-Day

    Some non fishing stuff. Solo red cups for sunset cocktails. ear plugs. laundry bag. extra shower towel. small flashlight for your room. gift for crew. I give them 12 pack of socks. pen and notebook. For your fishing report. :-) you could be fishing or making bait at night so have clothes for that.
  143. Tar Pit

    Light load 8-day on Shogun June 6-14

    Any report on the trip?
  144. Tar Pit

    El Nino is back?

    A true El Nino comes with heavy winter rains on the west coast. When I see that it's a El Nino.
  145. Tar Pit

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    I'm told that the 1/2 day trips out of Newport Beach are fishing the local bass spots and hooking up 1 or 2 "mystery fish" every trip. They think the fish are big WSB. I bet they start landing a few soon.
  146. Tar Pit

    General Info on the Independence

    Looks like they found small (25-30) bluefin at the start of their 8-day trip.
  147. Tar Pit

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    I think they get down in the fishing area today. :appl:
  148. Tar Pit

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Guys. The photo could be just a stock photo of fish from any long rang trip on the F&W facebook server.
  149. Tar Pit

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    Personal limits. Don't punish anglers for catch and releasing the small fish and being patient waiting for the bigger fish late in the day. My 2 cents.
  150. Tar Pit

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Your correct. A few extra dorado will raise the (Mexican fish count) real fast. In the F&G photo of #28 I think I see 5 or 6 dorado. That's counts for 15 fish in Mexico.
  151. Tar Pit

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    I like it. And maybe try this. Any fish landed after you reach your daily/trip limits is not eligible for jackpots. Maybe people will hold back and save that last tag for a contender fish.
  152. Tar Pit

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    The fish and game and the anti hunting/ fishing people read this site to. We give them fish counts sometime over limits with photos. :Beat_Them
  153. Tar Pit

    3 - 4 Day

    The Rooster has a few 4-day trips in mid July. I fished the 4-day Chark Bait charter a few times. Good charter master.
  154. Tar Pit

    NON - Smokers

    Look for a Christian fishing club charter. Not a 100% smoke and booze free but far less that most trips. This one is in Costa Mesa but I bet more are out there.
  155. Tar Pit

    What are your top 3 boats for 1.5 day?

    I fished the boat years ago and the stateroom held 6 not 2 or 3 like the LR boats.
  156. Tar Pit

    Fuel surcharge in 2018?

    Local Chevron station in Costa Meas Ca. is selling diesel fuel for $3.99 a gallon. I know the boats pay less but what is the price that trigger the surcharge on the LR boats? We have been very lucky over the last few years and I know fuel surcharges is a hot button on BD. :deadhorse
  157. Tar Pit

    Best beginning LR trip?

    I hate to dump on a good thread but will a LR boat take a unaccompanied minor on a multi-day trip fishing in Mexico?
  158. Tar Pit

    Help Chartering a Full Day Trip in Sept. 2018

    IMO. The 7-8 guys is a problem. Too many for a 6-pack boat and the other 1.5 day boats would make it a expensive trip. But Seaforth Landing is the call for the parking.
  159. Tar Pit

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    At first most people thought they had just misplaced or forgot the bag of hooks or a crew member bummed a smoke in a hot bite. The missing meds came up late in the trip and nobody saw the kid in any rooms. When we were sorting fish at the landing someone mentioned missing hooks. Then someone...
  160. Tar Pit

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    The last few years of the Q105 the owner lowered the prices on their spring 7-day trips. We had one person in his early 20's stealing stuff from tackle boxes and talking beer with out marking the board. Then if he found an open box of cigarettes he help himself. Near the end of the trip people...
  161. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster returns with local cow bluefin.

    Look at the first post. The info came from the RR3 facebook page your link is their website. They landed 2 cow bluefin and a 190 pounder yesterday. 3-20.
  162. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster returns with local cow bluefin.

    I don't see anything about 180 miles in their posts so I'll take your word for it. They landed cows yesterday and were tied up at the dock at 6:00am today. IMO. For a 15 day trip that's local.
  163. Tar Pit

    Long range Reports

    They fished the local bluefin the last two days. Got 2 cows today and a 190 fish. 30 more fish 40-60 pounds.
  164. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster returns with local cow bluefin.

    Looks like the RR3 was fishing local today and found cow bluefin. Yesterdays FB post. 3-19. The Red Rooster Travelled up and spent the day fishing Bluefin tuna. They had a long day of searching but the work payed off on a shot right before dark for 25 fish 40 to 60 pounds They saw a fair sign...
  165. Tar Pit

    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    People waiting in line to get into the show is huge failure on the people running the Long Beach arena. The vendors pay Fred Hall and Associates a lot of money to be at the show and having customers waiting 30 or more minutes in a line is not a good start.
  166. Tar Pit

    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    Nice to see people going to the show. Hope the people make some money this year.
  167. Tar Pit

    Long Range On Board Fish Handling

    I have only seen a few big tuna landed of my RR3 5-day trip and I have never seen the crew gut the tuna like that. Maybe that do on the longer trips.
  168. Tar Pit

    Jesus #2 weave completed

    Jesus's first disciples were were all fishermen. Love your work.
  169. Tar Pit


    Sorry if this has been posted before.
  170. Tar Pit

    Intrepid - 15 day Soft Steel Trip report - Jan 27

    Mayor Al is a first class guy. I fish with him on a 5-day trip. Great report.
  171. Tar Pit

    doing research would like your help

    Spring 7-8 day trips have a better price. Long boat ride south. Summer 4-6 day trips. I have fished south of Cedros to north of San Clemente Island on my 5-day. Every year is different. Fall 2-3 day trips. Fish have moved up to us by this time and you have many boats to pick from. The RR3 has...
  172. Tar Pit

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    The Pacific Star has had a love/hate relationship on this board. I wish them the best with this.
  173. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 MIA?

    I'm a Red Rooster customer and read their reports all the time. If their have a bad day or bad weather they will report it. I bet the office would love taking 100 calls a day asking about the fishing. :repost:
  174. Tar Pit

    Basic setups for 5-8 day trips

    On my 5-day trip late July of last year we found a school of small bluefin tuna (12-20) a few hours north of Cedros Island. This was light line small hook fishing so don't leave your light gear at home.
  175. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 MIA?

    The RR3 facebook page shows the 3 jackpot fish. 226, 232 and 252. Maybe someone will post a report.
  176. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 MIA?

    Update.................... ETA for the Red Rooster 3 at the dock 6:30 tomorrow. :D
  177. Tar Pit

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Tuna Tar-Tar on the RR3 in 2013.
  178. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 MIA?

    In the past if the wifi was down they sat-phone a report to the office and the staff would post something. Back early Saturday so I hope to hear something soon.
  179. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 MIA?

    I have friends on the RR3 Bluefin Jim/Sunny Jones 15 day trip that left on Jan 20th. I have not read any reports on the RR3 facebook page or their web site about their trip and they return this Saturday Feb 3. Anybody have news? Thanks.
  180. Tar Pit

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    I still use my dad's trolling rod and old Penn international reel. The old Saber rod has some of my dad's ashes in it so I can say my dad and I are still fishing together.
  181. Tar Pit

    Holy crap

    Great lingcod bait.
  182. Tar Pit

    Gearing up for Colonet

    On the last day of a RR New Years 5-day trip they found BFT up to 70 pounds off of Colonet.
  183. Tar Pit

    Long Range boat check in at Ensenada Mexico.

    So the LR boats could take some people and just drop them off at the dock and pick them up 6 days later.
  184. Tar Pit

    Long Range boat check in at Ensenada Mexico.

    Could a San Diego LR boat that needs to check into Ensenada for immigration take extra passengers who just want to stay in Ensenada for a few days? Then the American tourist just take a LR boat home and go through US immigration with the other anglers. A extra 10 passengers at $100 each could...
  185. Tar Pit

    Wish list fish.

    After 40 years of fishing I'm still waiting for my keeper halibut. I landed hundreds of shorts but never a keeper. Bigeye tuna. Wahoo. Yellowtail over 30#. Lots of high #20 but still waiting for a bigger girl. A cow tuna. Yours?
  186. Tar Pit

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    I did a 2.75 day trip on the Vagabond many years ago and the crew filleted the fish for us at no charge. On my trip the boat owner had his wife and other family and friends so maybe the free fish filleting was a one time thing. Great skipper and crew.
  187. Tar Pit


    Travel to and from the Island covers a lot of water. I hate to come on a bunch of bluefin or albacore and not have a #25 or #30 pound set up ready to go. The gear left home is no help to you and the boat has the room to store it. Just my 2 cents.
  188. Tar Pit

    Penn formula 10kg.

    I saw that online also but this a large 2 speed reel. It's the same size as my accurate boss 600. The guy who gave it to me used it for fishing 50-80 pound halibuts up in Alaska. The reel has 50 or 60 pound mono on it now. I just don't see fishing 20# mono on this heavy 2 speed reel. Thanks for...
  189. Tar Pit

    Penn formula 10kg.

    Someone just gave me his old Penn formula 10kg. What is the mono/spectra for this reel? Thanks.
  190. Tar Pit

    Boss xtreme fails again?

    Dropped the reel off today.
  191. Tar Pit

    Shogun and Fisherman's Processing

    Okay first poster I'll bite............... Who's FishPros?
  192. Tar Pit

    Fishing:out of Newport Beach or SD; when,who?

    Bongos. I would recommend getting on a boat that will be fishing at Catalina Island. Fun place to fish and scenery is great when the boat is moving around.
  193. Tar Pit

    Long Range FISHING Reports

    How much should I tip the crew? :p
  194. Tar Pit

    G-lupe intel ??

    IMO. 2 or 3 days fishing south for YT, YF and dodos. Then 2 days fishing the big BFT. You will get a lot more fishing time.
  195. Tar Pit

    Now Cabo is a mess.

    This link has some audio of the shooting. On a public beach in the middle of the day. :cussing:
  196. Tar Pit

    Now Cabo is a mess. Three killed in Mexico Cabos beach shootout AFPAugust 6, 2017 More than 230 people have been murdered in Los Cabos alone so far this year (AFP Photo/PAUL J. RICHARDS) Los Cabos (Mexico) (AFP) - Three men were...
  197. Tar Pit

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    Fish looks great! Fast in and out and had a great lunch too.
  198. Tar Pit

    Boat limits

    I can see the OP's point. On a old Q105 trip the charter master called out in a wide open YT bite. "If you have your YT limit go inside and have a beer on me and give the others more room at the rail. Like people say all the time on this site. "It's fishing not catching" If you have your limits...
  199. Tar Pit

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    I'm picking up my fish at Sportsman's tomorrow or Friday. I'll let you know how it looks.
  200. Tar Pit

    Anyone hear any good reports from the long range fleet this week?

    The RR3 is on a 5-day trip now. Look at their facebook page they do a great job of posting info. I came back from a 5-day RR3 trip last week. Limits YT 18-30 Limits YF 10-18 Limits dodos 10-15 18 bluefin 12-18 We traveled for 30 hours south before we started fishing.
  201. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    I'm not complaining about it I'm just giving people a heads up. We had the kill box overflowing with yellowtail 4 or 5 times in a 2+ hour wide open bite. The crew was trying to weigh and recored the bigger fish, keep bait in the hand wells, gaff fish, tag fish and move fish in the RSW hold all...
  202. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    For you guys going out on the RR3 they have changed their jackpot procedure. The larger fish are weighed on board before being put in the RSW hold. We had a few issues on our trip. 1. Make sure your happy with the weight. The boat is moving and a ounce or two could make a difference in the...
  203. Tar Pit

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    On our way in from my 5-day we were told the 5-Star charges more for fish under 15 pounds. Check this before you give your fish to any of the processing people. Also you can get .75 pound with a little talking. :-)
  204. Tar Pit

    Boss xtreme fails again?

    This happened to me 2 years ago on the same 5-day trip. After landing my fish the deckhand tells me to put the reel in free spool and the reel won't go into free spool. I just had the reel looked at by the Accurate office a week before I left. Anybody have this issue? Boss xtreme 600 narrow.
  205. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    Just back from a Bluefin Jim 5-day on the RR-3. Short report as I need to clean up. Day 1 (travel day) we traveled south. Day 2 we travel south and start to find kelps for nothing. Late in the day we start to get small YFT #6-#8 all went back. We take a look at a small kelp full of yellowtail...
  206. Tar Pit

    3 day on the Shogun

    I'm on the Red Rooster now. The crew is loading bait and 5 guys bailed on the trip at the last minute so we only have 25 on board. Thank for the info
  207. Tar Pit

    Savon Tackle 1-1/2 report on the Eclipse

    Who's the new driver? Fished that boat many years ago when she had a different name. Great boat to fish on.
  208. Tar Pit

    3 day on the Shogun

    Thanks. I leave in the AM on a RR3 five day. Are the kelp pattie fish line shy at all or will they take 40 & 50?
  209. Tar Pit

    Funny Boat Names

    I had a friend with a small sail boat named Wet Dream.
  210. Tar Pit

    WTH is the Goat doing?

    If you don't know blame the Russians.
  211. Tar Pit

    Yellows, Tuna and Dorado, RR3 4 day

    If I hear anything I'll let you know.
  212. Tar Pit

    Yellows, Tuna and Dorado, RR3 4 day

    No. Looking at the RR facebook page their 4-day trips are fishing offshore and finding big yellowtail (22-30) off kelps and small yellowfin. My guess is we will do the same thing but we get a extra day of it.
  213. Tar Pit

    Yellows, Tuna and Dorado, RR3 4 day

    Is that his dorado or a weapon? Thanks for the post. I leave on a 5-day next week.
  214. Tar Pit

    New Mexican curveball.

    I'm on the RR3 and we are not fishing Guadalupe. The RR office e-mail came yesterday and their staff has been on top of everything so far so I was a little shocked that they gave us so little time get this done. That's why I asked if the Mexican Government pulled this out of thin air like they...
  215. Tar Pit

    New Mexican curveball.

    Looks like the Mexican Government wants a copy of our passports 48 hours prior to the visa payment by the boat. We leave next week so the office needs a copy by next Tuesday. Is this new? I just got the e-mail today and I'm lucky I was at home and had my passport here. Was the boat office late...
  216. Tar Pit

    How to add pictures in posts

  217. Tar Pit

    Excel 5-day.

    Thank you for the update. Looks like your the person in the know. The Excel just raised the bar again. Hope they find biting tuna.
  218. Tar Pit

    Excel 5-day.

    And nothing from the Excel. No news is bad news.
  219. Tar Pit

    Big Tuna in 7 day range?

    I think the only tuna is at our front door. Good luck to you.
  220. Tar Pit

    Excel 5-day.

    The Excel just started a 5-day trip and reported they are going to look in a new area for offshore fish. I wish them the best as a lot of 4 and 5 day trips are coming up. If anybody hears info please share.
  221. Tar Pit

    Excel and 5 star

    I'm a RR3 guy but last September I did a 3 day trip on the RP. My buddy and I use 5-Star so our fish went into a cart with 2 other fishermen's fish. Why do you need 30+ guys to sort 1 cart? 4 guys fish 4 guys do the work. We had no problem with that. We had all of our fish weighted, payed for...
  222. Tar Pit

    Shogun 5 Day

    I don't remember boats fishing Quadaupe in June-September. 5-day trips in October was what they did before the island was closed. Now with check in and out in Mexico you need to add a day for Quadaupe. If the conditions are off you really don't have the time to wait it out. Also I was told the...
  223. Tar Pit

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    A 8 day in October is nothing like the 5-day trip fishing now. The ridge is kicking butt but way to far for the 5-days. As what lm seeing today (6-22) things are bad but the fish are there and we just need to wait.
  224. Tar Pit

    It's that time again.

    The lack of offshore fish south of the border has been a problem for the last 3 years. I fish the same RR 3 trip every year late in July. The past few years have been a test but I always bring home fish. The boat owners and the crew are the ones I feel for. Nobody makes any money when the boats...
  225. Tar Pit

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    From the Shogun..... Just a little update. We retured Sunday from our Penn 8-day with an excellent number of YT, Sculpin, Sheephead, Lingcod and Rockfish. A 8-day trip and they are talking about sculpin and sheephead. Ouch!
  226. Tar Pit

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    It's on a 5-day trip. The 5-day trips are not in a good place with the Mexican coast closed to the LR boats. I pray the tuna start to play.
  227. Tar Pit

    Big Local YFT - Late Report 6/17

    When you dressed out that fish did you notice what it had been eating? Red crab, anchovies, squid or sardines? The last few years the fish have been full of crab and squid.
  228. Tar Pit

    It's that time again.

    Great boat and crew. The best of luck to you and please give a report of your trip.
  229. Tar Pit

    It's that time again.

    My RR five day trip leave in a month and just like the last 3 years the fish are close to home and have lockjaw. Mexico closing their coast to LR boats will kill the 5 day trips as it was always an option when the weather was bad or the offshore fishing was bad. Anybody leaving on a 4 or 5 day...
  230. Tar Pit

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    On a 3-day trip on the Searcher 10+ years ago the fish were only 10 miles out. Small albacore 12-15 pounds. Yellowfin 15-20 pounds, yellowtail 10-12 pounds and mahi mahi 10-12 pounds. The jackpot fish was a 24 pound halibut caught at the bait receiver by a 12 year old kid. As the dad was taking...
  231. Tar Pit

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    I fished a Searcher, Red Rooster, Royal Polaris and the Shogun over the last 10 years and all of them were back in the Harbor too early to dock. We anchored in the bay or tied up to the bait receiver until we could offload at the landing. I don't think the crew had a choice.
  232. Tar Pit

    Galley Grub

    I fish the Red Rooster and after 2 days of eating their great meals I would love just a cheeseburger with the yellow paper.
  233. Tar Pit

    SoCal cattle boat advice

    I live in Newport Beach and I never fish out of DL or NL. Parking sucks and on a weekend I stay away from that part of town. I say Dana as I have never fish out of LB. good luck.
  234. Tar Pit

    Baby yellowtail.

    Where did all the baby yellowtail go? Only 1 yellowtail yesterday in the big 3 counts and Seaforth with only 4 YT for 4 boats and 1 trip was a 2 day trip. Ouch. Looks like it's back to rock fishing. Good luck to you guys going out this weekend I hope things change.
  235. Tar Pit

    Question Squid for bluefin

    A 3 day trip on the RP last September we tagged 14 bluefin from 75-145. All but 2 on squid. The other 2 were on flat falls.
  236. Tar Pit

    Interesting report from the Royal Star

    I love how that never have the island in the shot.
  237. Tar Pit

    EXCEL fathers day 5 day JUNE 16

    It's been like this the last few years. No fish offshore south of the border and the local fish full of red crab and micro bait. The baby yellowtail saved many 4-5 day trips last year. My 5-day leaves the end of July so I keep praying the water warms up and fish want sardines. Good luck and...
  238. Tar Pit

    Shogun 3 Day leaving 6/1 Roll Call

    If the weather is good I say you stay offshore all three days. With 3/4 day boats getting bluefin the fish are close and you should be fishing on day 1.
  239. Tar Pit

    No body talking about

    The nice grade yellowfin showing up in the counts. 30-55 pounds yellowfin in May? The 7-8 day spring trips should give us a lot of intel of whats moving north for July fishing.
  240. Tar Pit

    Royal Star 1.5 day Friday 6/2

    Some people fly first class. Some people take the bus. Some people live in San Diego and some people don't. :rolleyes:
  241. Tar Pit

    Sober Fishing

    And doing it with Christ Jesus by your side will make it much easier. Well done young man.
  242. Tar Pit

    Sober Fishing

    Newport-Mesa church has a fishing club that does charters and Mariners Church in Irvine does a 3-day trip on a LR boat. They may not be 100% booze free but the drinking should be lower. I know both churches have web sites.
  243. Tar Pit

    mexican waters closures ??

    I only fish out of SD on 3 and 5 day trips. 90% of the time we fish in Mexican waters. (The last few years are not the normal) If the islands are closed and the permits costs are sky high I'll do something else.
  244. Tar Pit

    mexican waters closures ??

    This is why I stopped buying new fish equipment years ago. Very sad to read this news.
  245. Tar Pit

    What to bring on 4 day excel trip.

    On a 3 day trip last year on the RP the deck was full of bluefin 50-175 pounds. If the big fish are still around and I think they will be you need to have 60-100 pound set ups. If you don't have it rent it from the boat. Have fun!
  246. Tar Pit

    Eclipse Sportfushing

    How does Mark still have his captain license?
  247. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster III WiFi

    I had the best luck late at night. Very slow in the day time.
  248. Tar Pit

    Thanks 5 Star!

    I've fished the RR3 for years. Last year I jumped on the RP for a quick 3-day trip. I was shocked at the extra work that the RP crew did to my 130 pound bluefin. By far the best fish I ever ate
  249. Tar Pit

    Long Range Fishing Questions

    I'm also on a 5 day trip on the RR in late July. I see your in HB. Are you looking at the Charkbait trip? Things change year to year. Last year we were getting 100-175 pound bluefin on a 3-day trip and 2 years before on a 5-day trip 12-18 pound yellowtail. So I hold off on gear until a few...
  250. Tar Pit

    Bow State Room on the Rooster

    The stern rooms sleeps 5 or 6. A ton of room for two guys.
  251. Tar Pit

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    Stay away from #14. It's next to the AC, Damp and noisy.
  252. Tar Pit

    Charger wifes house shopping in Newport Beach.

    We have 2 houses for sale on my street in Newport Beach and I was told by the realtor that the wifes of the front office executives are house shopping/looking in NB. The team's looking at a property at the 73-55-405 intersection called the Hive and it's only a few minutes for John Wayne Airport...
  253. Tar Pit

    Looking for deckhand job in SoCal

    A few weeks ago the whale watching boat out of Davey's Locker in Newport Beach was looking for a deckhand. Also this week the Christmas boat parade starts. I bet somebody is looking for help down there.
  254. Tar Pit

    San Diego parking

    If you question is parking Seaforth is the place. I will never fish out of the big3 on a holiday or weekend.
  255. Tar Pit

    Best Time of Year

    IMO pick a boat than can fish Guadalupe Island and 6 day long trip. As of now I think only 3 boats have permits. Shogun, RP and RS.
  256. Tar Pit

    Royal Polaris 3-day.

    BTW. All the bft were deep and the yft were close to the boat. I never saw a yft hooked up on a long soak.
  257. Tar Pit

    Royal Polaris 3-day.

    Just returned home for a 3-day on the RP. Slow fishing but I had a good time. Day 1 and 2 we fished the bluefin with 50+ other boats. Total was 20 bft from 137-40. I think we had 3 over 100 pounds. Day 1 was flat fall fish and day 2 was on live squid. 50 or 60 mono with fluorocarbon worked well...
  258. Tar Pit

    CONDOR 2016 LABOR DAY BF trip

    Thanks for the report. I leave on the RP tomorrow for a 3-day trip. What hooks worked best for you guys?
  259. Tar Pit

    Malibu Tackle 3-day on the RP.

    Looking at the fish counts a lot more yellowfin than bluefin are being landed. I don't see any info on the size or location of these fish. Anybody have dope on this?
  260. Tar Pit

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    I know 2 or 3 other posts looking for people this weekend.
  261. Tar Pit

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    This was the problem on the Rooster. Guys were posting photos of their food.
  262. Tar Pit

    Malibu Tackle 3-day on the RP.

    Looks like one spot just opened up on this trip. We leave a week from today.
  263. Tar Pit

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    The FP donated fish will go to meals on wheels who deliver food to older people living alone in San Diego.
  264. Tar Pit

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Years ago my son and I came back from a 7-day trip on the Q105. The skipper picked my son and 3 other young bucks to push the carts full of fish up to the parking lot. The 5-star owners had their nieces helping at the tables and the young guys never made a second trip back down to the boat. :D
  265. Tar Pit

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    I call my wife while the boat is traveling to the bait receiver. After a "be safe and have fun" the phone is turned off and the put away in my stateroom. I also take off my watch as I don't care what time it is. The Rooster has wifi but we always have some kid or a NED play games and taking all...
  266. Tar Pit

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    Rosie Flowers is leaving? She always did a great job for me.
  267. Tar Pit

    St. Archer 2-Day Limited Load Aztec 9/1 & 9/2

    With the light loads many skippers don't want to drive around looking for new fish. One new post has 30-75 pound yft off the west end of Catalina.
  268. Tar Pit

    Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    I don't think anybody is looking at other areas. Great score.
  269. Tar Pit

    We only live once....8/22 and 8/24 O95

    good luck getting those big fish in those gunny sacks. :-) well done men.
  270. Tar Pit

    CONDOR 8/23 Big Tuna Trainwreck at the 43

    I can't tell what size but the RR3 is having great luck on the big tuna today on the jigs. (See their facebook page) I know some boats fishing the same area are doing well while others can't get a bite.
  271. Tar Pit

    Malibu Tackle 3-day on the RP.

    Roll Call. I'm on this open charter that leaves Sept. 7. First time on the Royal Polaris and going with a bunch of old high school friends (Newport Harbor). Looking at the other 2-3 day trip reports we will be fishing for the big tuna just offshore. Question on boarding. First in line first...
  272. Tar Pit

    Strength training for fishing

    For my it's my lower back.
  273. Tar Pit

    Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    Looks like smaller YFT (18-30) showed up for a 3/4 day boat yesterday. Mexican limits before noon. Where did all the big yellowtail go? Everyday things are changing out there. Thanks for the report. One of the best this season.
  274. Tar Pit

    newbie looking to book first long range trip

    Guadalupe Island is open to only 3 boats. So IMO you need to pick one of these 3 boats. Look at their web pages. Nobody is getting fish like that. Royal Star Royal Polaris Shogun
  275. Tar Pit

    Grande 1.5 8/21

    So they were biting #50,60,80? Thanks for the report. They have been few this year.
  276. Tar Pit

    Vagabond 3 day leaving Sunday 2 spots.

    No report? How did you guys do?
  277. Tar Pit

    Eclipse 1.5 day Wed 8/17/2016

    Thanks for the report.
  278. Tar Pit

    Help me choose a trip?

    Check out the extras. Is food and permits included in the price?
  279. Tar Pit

    Rats everywhere

    Why don't we see the same outrage over 12 pound yellowfin or 5 pound mahi mahi? BTW. On a audio report from a H&M 3/4 day boat they're reporting the yellowtail are 15-25 pounds. :rolleyes:
  280. Tar Pit

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    bigger than some of the YFT being tagged on the SD ON boats.
  281. Tar Pit

    News of bigger yellowfin?

    Looks like the Aztec is on the nicer YFT today. #50-#90 on their ON trip.
  282. Tar Pit

    3-day in 3 weeks.

    Thanks guys. I always spend too much money at the tackle shop buying things I never use on my trip.
  283. Tar Pit

    3-day in 3 weeks.

    I leave in 3 weeks (9-7-16) on the RP for a 3-day trip. Reading some of the 2-day and 3-day reports on BD it looks like 10-15 pound YFT, 15-20 pound YT and a dodo here and there. From a on the water report it was said to bring light line 20-25 with the same in fluorocarbon and small hooks. Are...
  284. Tar Pit


    Thanks for the news. I just checked their FB site and it looks like they found those fish late afternoon yesterday and they were back at the dock at 6am today. I leave on a 3-day in 3 week on the RP. Hope those fish stay around.
  285. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    An old friend fish the RP at Lupe a few weeks ago. He said anglers on his trip were releasing yellowtail that were bigger than the jackpot yellowtails from the other boats 5/8 day trips. On the last day any yellowfin under 80 pound were released.
  286. Tar Pit

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    Question. If the SD boats work together so well why are the Frank LoPreste boats the only boats with Guadalupe island permits?
  287. Tar Pit

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    When I read boat reports and they say their fishing for yellowtail at the beach are they talking about San Q?
  288. Tar Pit

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    If this works we will see this happening all over baja.
  289. Tar Pit

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    The local fisherman don't see any of that money. They live on their local fish and Americans who come down there to fish.
  290. Tar Pit

    Internet on Red Rooster III

    I also fish the RR3. Don't plan on using the wifi. It's unreliable at best. The sat phone is the way to go. One of the things I loved best about fishing long range was getting away from the world's problems. It will all be there when I get back.
  291. Tar Pit

    Big eye tuna?

    As far as I know no local yellowfin have been landed at that size. No bigeye have been in the fish counts and a lot of bluefin over 100 pounds have been caught in the same area. I say Bluefin tuna.
  292. Tar Pit


    I fished the Vagabond 8 years ago. It was the their last trip of the season before the boat went into off season repairs. The boat is older and smaller that the other LR boats I ride but Mike was a class act all the way. I think most people fish the Vagabond because of Mike.
  293. Tar Pit

    8/8/16 looking for tuna

    thanks for the report.
  294. Tar Pit

    Okay so where are the fishing reports....?????

    Three weeks ago I went out on the Shogun and was shocked at all the ON-3 day boats tied up at the dock. And I'm reading that the boats that are going out are fishing with less than 20 anglers. People are waiting for huge fish counts or just can't pay the money anymore.
  295. Tar Pit

    News of bigger yellowfin?

    I'm hearing that bigger yellowfin up to #60 are now showing up in the local SD counts. Are these fish mixed in with the bluefin or are they mixed in with the smaller yellowfin down south? Thanks.
  296. Tar Pit


    I stopped getting into the jackpot years ago. I saw too many questionable things with crew and deadheads. If I'm happy with the crew's work I just add the jackpot fee to their tip.
  297. Tar Pit

    This was my first LR trip.

    Skipper Joe told us that story about the groupers and the sausages.
  298. Tar Pit

    This was my first LR trip.

    My first LR trip was a Glenn's tackle 7-day trip on the Q105. Glenn's tackle and the Q 105 are both gone now and so are the prices. I'm paying the same for a 3-day trip this Sept. Bobby from Glenn's tackle gave away 3 custom rods and they were truly a work of art.
  299. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    This is what I'm talking about. Anglers and charter masters moving over to the RP or Shogun because they have the permits.
  300. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    Don't the boats owners and landings pay the Sportfishing Association of California to work out permits with Mexico? Why are the boat owners doing this on their own?
  301. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    The boats with permits to fish Guadalupe island just hit the jackpot! How many 5-day fisherman will be changing boats?
  302. Tar Pit

    Fishing the chunk bait.

    Is anybody trying to fish chunk bait for these local non-biting bluefin and yellowfin?
  303. Tar Pit

    Speaking of Opah...

    Just a few miles off of Dana Point was a good spot for getting Opah the last few years. And it's true that you don't get a lot of meat off a Opah. I saw 5-star give a guy a discount on his 110 pound Opah from our 5-day trip last year for that reason.
  304. Tar Pit

    Frank on the way up the Baja coast.

    looks like frank is moving away from shore.
  305. Tar Pit

    Frank on the way up the Baja coast.

    Love to see some rain come our way.
  306. Tar Pit

    Frank on the way up the Baja coast.

    I know. I was thinking the same thing after I posted it.
  307. Tar Pit

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    I was on the Q 105 7-day trip when Michael Jackson died. My wife said the world was coming to an end on TV and we had no idea. I liked the old days when the boat had no wifi.
  308. Tar Pit

    CONDOR Trifecta Yellowfin, YT, Dorado 7/19

    Looks like you guys did okay. Any Idea why some boats are going out with less than 10 anglers? You lost more fish than I had hooked up on my July 5-day trip last year. :-) Thanks for the report.
  309. Tar Pit

    Royal Polaris

    Are you on the Malibu tackle charter? If so I'll see you at the boat.
  310. Tar Pit

    Bigeye 7-13-16

    Anybody know the size of the bigeye that was landed on the Ocean Odyssey today?
  311. Tar Pit

    New to me Crystaliner - Beyond Stoked!

    I can see my old house on the east end of Lido Isle in your photo. Great looking boat.
  312. Tar Pit

    Sponsored trips

    The LR boats do a good job of telling you on their web sites.
  313. Tar Pit

    Royal Star 4 day - july 15 - what to expect

    The Red Rooster is on a 4-day trip now. They do a great job of posting on their web site and facebook page. Good luck to you and please make a report.
  314. Tar Pit

    First String/Todo Santos Offshore 7/10

    A lot like the last two years.
  315. Tar Pit

    The 4-day trips are leaving to dock.

    From the Rooster: Good evening group folks. We left on our first of three four day trips today. We had a nice raffle with some great Phenix rods , shirts and hats for the people and crew. We will be fish our way down to Bonitos tomorrow and if we don't find anything to stop on we will be at...
  316. Tar Pit

    The 4-day trips are leaving to dock.

    The Excel just go back from a 4-day trip and the Rooster left yesterday for it's first of three 4-day trips. I like to watch these trips as they tell me what's down south where the 2-3 day trips can't get too. The last two years that area was dead and the boats all fish close to home. The...
  317. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster going to PV.

    Two fly down/fly back 4-day trips on the RED ROOSTER III leaving Port Vallarta, Mexico. The Rooster will be fishing the TresMaria Island area for giant yellowfin tuna. The cost is $2800.00 and limited to 18 passengers. The trip will include: Tackle, Mexican clearances & taxes, Mexican...
  318. Tar Pit

    Fuel surcharge-Fuel rebate

    I use to do a spring 7-day trip and a fall 2.5 day trip every year. Then a 5-day summer and a 1.5 fall. Now I'm only doing a mid summer 3-day trip. I can't justify spending that kind of money on fishing anymore.
  319. Tar Pit

    Deep water rock coding.

    Is this even done anymore? I still have my gear and about 50 pounds of lead. :-) Big fat reds 6 at a time and always a colorful bunch of anglers on board those trips too.
  320. Tar Pit

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    I just paid $500 for a 1.5 day trip on the Shogun. Killer food and permits included. No fish cleaning on board the Shogun. :-(
  321. Tar Pit

    Still rolling on dry land.

    I think I have my winner. :-)
  322. Tar Pit

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    We have this fight on BD this time every year. People won't pay the money to jump on a boat if the fish counts are low and the counts will stay low as long as the boats are tied up at the dock. IMO. The landings and boat owners should have a list of regular customer, good tippers, jackpot...
  323. Tar Pit

    Still rolling on dry land.

    Over the last few years I find myself still rolling and a little light headed days after returning from a LR trip. Most of my trips are 5+ days but I just came off a short 1.5 day trip and I still have moments when I fell movement. Anybody else get this days after getting back?
  324. Tar Pit

    1.5 Shogun charter fish San Clemente Island. 6-29-16

    This was a 1.5 day charter by the meals on wheels charity. It was scheduled to be an off shore trip but was changed last minute to San Clemente Island after the Shogun came back from a 3-day trip and had poor fishing. We had a light load of 26 and 10 people needed rental rods. If you ever wanted...
  325. Tar Pit

    Shogun meals on wheels charter.

    Looks like I posted to soon. Tough fishing the last 3 days. The Shogun is coming back from a 3-day trip tonight I'm waiting to see how they did.
  326. Tar Pit

    Top Gun

    Good call! I leave on the Shogun tomorrow. :-)
  327. Tar Pit

    3 day trip report June 23-26

    The Vagabond is smaller and older then the rest of the LR fleet but owner/skipper Mike Lackey is a solid guy.
  328. Tar Pit

    3 day trip report June 23-26

    The last few days the 1.5 day boats have reported limits of good grade yellowtail before noon. I wonder what going on?????
  329. Tar Pit

    3 day trip report June 23-26

    Thanks for the report. I leave Tuesday for a 1.5 day trip.
  330. Tar Pit

    1.5 day trips.

    I'm fishing a 1.5 day trip on the Shogun next week. The boat leaves the dock at 4:00 so I think we could be in a fishy area before sunset if the 3/4 day boats are finding YT and tuna. Are any of the 1.5 day trips fishing on departure day?
  331. Tar Pit

    Thoughts on 2.5 day trip next thursday 6/23

    Looking at your OP your out there fishing now. I leave for a 1.5 day trip on the Shogun Tues to fish on Wed. Please let me know what you did off shore.
  332. Tar Pit

    Bullet tuna on 3/4 dat boat?

    3/4 day boat out of Seaforth reports 1 bullet tuna. Is this true? I don't remember any bullet tuna out of SD.
  333. Tar Pit

    Shogun meals on wheels charter.

    Looks like the 1.5 day boats are doing much better today 6/23. :D
  334. Tar Pit

    Shogun meals on wheels charter.

    Just signed up for the Shogun 1.5 day meals on wheels charter fishing June 29th. Anybody on this trip with me? Or have anybody fish the trip in the past? First time on the Shogun for me so any info would be helpful. Tar Pit out.
  335. Tar Pit

    Crew treats?

    This is what I do. It's sounds odd but the crew on the RR3 love them.
  336. Tar Pit

    Can we see another great fishing season like 2015?

    Went on a 5-day trip in mid July last year. I tagged 4 fish in total. :( I think the hot stick of the trip had 8.
  337. Tar Pit

    Pacific Queen Trip Report - Pair of 200 lb. Bluefin from 6/2 Overnighter - Joe Sarmiento Article

    One sad reality of SD sport fishing is the fish count. If the Queen comes in with 4 bft and the Condor has 17 bft many people will ride the Condor.
  338. Tar Pit

    Roll Call: Trip 6 Vagabond Leaving July 1

    Also good for the trolling team. Is this your first time on the Vagabond?
  339. Tar Pit

    First trip on the Searcher June 23rd-26th - Questions?

    Most of the better boats will have loner gear at no charge. You just pay for a new top shot. Don't drop $1000-$1500 on a #80-#100 set up for one trip.
  340. Tar Pit

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    You are my first ignore on this site. Congratulations!
  341. Tar Pit

    Is anyone fishing?

    When I log on I go to (new posts). Three pages of new post and not one on fishing. Things have changed around here.
  342. Tar Pit

    where should I fish for YT, Tuna or ?

    Boats fishing out of LB and SP are getting white seabass and small yellowtail. OC boats are getting small YT but the seals are all over the boats. IMO don't waste your time on the bluefin. If I was to go out I drive up to LB and fish for the seabass.
  343. Tar Pit

    2016 Albacore...

    The Holiday was the boat my dad took me on every summer. Skipper Steve was the man.
  344. Tar Pit

    Question about San Diego Fishing

    Fish out of Seaforth landing. The parking is much better.
  345. Tar Pit

    2.5 day

    RSW. Refrigerated salt water fish hold. The crew should care for your catch. A spike to the tuna's head will stop him from bouncing on the deck. They should bleed the fish and then it goes into the 32 degree salt water below deck. The extra money you spend on the boat and crew will be made up...
  346. Tar Pit

    RR3 7/14 - 7/18

    I have fished the RR 5 times and every trip was advertised as 30 anglers. 4 trips had 31 and the last trip had 32. Call the charter master and I bet you get on.
  347. Tar Pit

    2.5 day

    IMO any trip over 1.5 days I want a stateroom. I don't like my 3-days of stuff unsecured in a open bunk room. Also look at bait capacity. Can they hold 3 days of live bait in their tanks? Running low on live bait on day two sucks. Is the cook experienced in feeding 30 plus guys for 3 days? Maybe...
  348. Tar Pit

    3.5 Day, early Sept or early October?

    My two cents is to stay away from the weekends. The last 3 years the fish have been real close too home and the boat traffic was a mess. Also the big 3 parking is a joke on the weekends.
  349. Tar Pit

    Most Useful Freebies?

    My first LR trip was a Glenn's tackle open charter 7 day on the Q105. The charter master gave away two custom rods he made himself. Works of art IMO. We also got a bag of "useful stuff". I did that trip for 2 years until the Q stopped fishing. Then I moved over to the RR-3. Angler Center...
  350. Tar Pit

    Tuna crabs return.

    Balboa Island had the crabs all over the beach again last Sunday. Crazy..............
  351. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 15 day ... Jan. 23- Feb. 7 ... Roll Call

    Jim is more of a dresser than a fisherman on the trip. :)
  352. Tar Pit

    Going to try the Shogun next year.

    Looks like the office has canceled our 3-day and the next 3-day trip and made a 6-day charter. Going to try to move over to the RP.
  353. Tar Pit

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    Just talked to a guy who was on a Apollo charter fishing the Island. $300.00 pp permits for 2 days at the Island. Even with the permits Mexican navy ran them off after 1.5 days. He did say the fishing was great, but a huge hassle and fishing time lost with check in at Ensenada.
  354. Tar Pit

    Davey's Locker Freelance

    Many years ago I fish that boat with 88 people. It was Oct and the yellowtail (10-12) were wide open. I bagged 7 and lost 50. I gave up fishing and started to help the crew and the rental rods. It was crazy but fun. IMO the service on boats like the freelance is well below the SD boats, but it...
  355. Tar Pit

    Going to try the Shogun next year.

    After 5 years fishing on another LR boat my group is going to try the Shogun next Aug. Can I get some info on boarding, 3- man staterooms, rooms to avoid, 1 seating for dinner or shifts and any odd things about the boat or crew. So far the front office people are great. TP
  356. Tar Pit

    Travel insurance.

    Thanks guys.
  357. Tar Pit

    Travel insurance.

    Two or three months ago on the Let's Talk Hook Up radio show they had an interview with the owner of a travel insurance company. Does anybody know the name or the phone number of that company? Thanks.
  358. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Our boat was all live bait for BF.
  359. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    We were told to fish 50/60/80. The guys who got bit were fishing 50 pound.
  360. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    We had almost no wind at all. We used balloons and one did get bit late in the day. The others were fly line sardines and mackerels in the early AM or sunset. 40 and 50 pound far from the boat.
  361. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Good God. What a bunch of boobs..................... One guy on FB is saying that the fish is 150 pounds looking at that photo of him at fishing at the rail. LOL. I was on board at the time. He did everything the crew told him to do.
  362. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Paul was my roommate on the trip. IMO Paul was in the top 10% on board who knows his stuff. I'm in the other 90% of guys trying to fill my freezer for the winter and drink too much at night. He worked his ass off for hours on that fish in the heat with no almost no wind at all. Paul told me he...
  363. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    The fishing can change very quick so keep reading the reports. We fished south with the Excel and Searcher and looked around a large area for nothing great. Good luck.
  364. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Just returned from the RR 3 bluefin Jim 5-day trip. Short report was poor numbers of fish tagged but great time on the water. Travel day/day1. We head south and start looking at first light. 170 miles south of the border and we get stopped on very small yellowfin 12-16 pounds. The cedar plug...
  365. Tar Pit

    6 bft from 120-175 lbs on New Lo Ann today

    I just got off the Red Rooster on a 5-day. We fished next to them and landed 2 and lost maybe 5 or 6. One guy was on for over 3 hours before the line broke. The skipper could see solid fish under the boat for 2 days. Huge fish crashing 100 yards away. The big tuna are full of red crabs and are...
  366. Tar Pit

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    I love it when the overnight skippers are telling their customer to bring #60, #80 and #100 set ups.
  367. Tar Pit

    Wahoo ....coming soon !

    I leave Friday on a 5-day. I want to buy a jig or two for wahoo. Any help on kind, color, size and wire/knot? Thanks.
  368. Tar Pit

    Trip Gifts - Crew

    I I do the socks.
  369. Tar Pit

    Rpt.-Sun. 07-19-15 Ensenada Tails!

    Question on the black sea bass. When I read some LR reports they say they release the bsb. I always thought it was because it's illegal to take in Mexico like in the US or they taste bad. Now both of my assumptions are wrong. So why do the LR boats release them? Sorry to hijack your great...
  370. Tar Pit

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    Looking at the 4 and 5 day reports the football size yellowfin to the south are gone. The boats are looking offshore while moving north to fish their last day in US waters. I leave Friday on a 5-day trip so I hope they find the yellowfin.
  371. Tar Pit

    Roll call for Bluefin Jim's RR3 5-day.

    Nice fish soda pop. I though you were on board to hook and hand off to the kids. :D Looks like the LR boats want nothing to do with the local fishing as there all going south for the smaller yellowfin and toad yellowtails. If the beer's cold I'm happy. Any tricks to get a mossback like that one?
  372. Tar Pit

    Roll call for Bluefin Jim's RR3 5-day.

    We leave in 7 days. (July 25th) This is my third trip with these scalawags and the trip is always a sell out long before sailing time. It looks like the LR boats are finding the better grade yellowtail and small yellowfin in Mexican waters. The Red Rooster is on back to back 4-day trips so Ill...
  373. Tar Pit

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-15-15 Offshore Slam on the Kolo.

    And at the same time the Long Range boats on 5-day trips are coming in with 27 pound jackpot fish. Well done guys!
  374. Tar Pit


    Popcorn time. :rolleyes:
  375. Tar Pit

    Outer Limits Overnight 6/13/15

    Thanks for the report. Any 411 on bait and what worked?
  376. Tar Pit

    30 yft on a 3 day

    I think the landing may have the call on docking time. Returning from my 5-day trip last year we sleep overnight in the harbor and stayed there until well after sunrise before docking. The fish processors may have something to do with it also.
  377. Tar Pit

    30 yft on a 3 day

    You are correct about the fish counts. One boats out of ten is doing well. 976 will have an on the water report from that one boat, but being a weekend I know many SD boats are offshore fishing and nothing coming in today. I know of 5-day trips coming home with 27 pound jackpot fish the same day...
  378. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Crazy. The AA 5-day trip comes home with a 27 pound jackpot YF, and the Intrepid bottom fishing on a 3-day. At the same time we have big bluefin covering the decks of local skiffs. :eek:
  379. Tar Pit

    Making bait for the next trip

    Making bait for the (next trip) is a cool thing to do for the guys on the next trip.:appl: I think I read that the big sardines are crap this year.
  380. Tar Pit

    Any boats fishing cedros?

    What they said.... With the size and quantity of the yellowtail offshore the boats have no need to fish the islands.
  381. Tar Pit

    Dorado catch down again this year in San Carlos

    I did read a report about the dorado in Loreto are very small. You need to travel 20+ miles offshore to find fish over 10 pounds.
  382. Tar Pit

    Rpt.-3 day trip on the First String ending 07-05-15.

    Great report. We had a dead zone last year on our 5-day trip. The fish were in local waters or 200 miles south. I need to go shopping for my 5-day the end of the month. What worked on the live bait side?
  383. Tar Pit

    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    From the AA. 7-5-15 Getting an early start. With all the good fishing going on close to home we had to try our luck to start this Salas 5 day trip off. The gang had a good time getting all the kinks out and without a doubt these guys didn’t get a nap this afternoon like a usual departure. We...
  384. Tar Pit

    Pacific Star 2 day trip, June 26 and 27

    I fished the PS a few times, but it was years ago. The owner (Mike) took a lot of pride in the food back then. It was by far the best food I have ever had on a short range boat. The PS gets some of the best and worst reports on this site.
  385. Tar Pit

    2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    I've always wondered about the Mexican permits. In all my years fishing out of SD I have never seen one. I guess there keep up in the wheel house on the trip.
  386. Tar Pit

    boats not filling up on weekdays

    Guys...................... I did not say government subsidies. Just like a landlord of a shopping mall advertising or putting on a BBQ in the parking lot to get people inside the stores. Lows having a sale on BBQs knowing people will spend money on other stuff in their store. July is only 2 days...
  387. Tar Pit

    boats not filling up on weekdays

    It's a catch 22. People are waiting for better counts before going out, and you can't get good fish counts if the boats are tied up at the dock. IMO they should have a very low price to keep the boats offshore looking for fish. This is where the landing should step up and subsidies the boat...
  388. Tar Pit

    Wide open tangle

    The boat is full of Mr Pinks............................... Google it.
  389. Tar Pit

    Wide open tangle

    You young guys can be shocked but in the 70's I fished for albacore on the boat Holiday now the Tribute with 60+ customers on her. That was normal back then.
  390. Tar Pit

    3 Day July Excel Trip

    And good luck on the parking.
  391. Tar Pit

    Good morning! Scott from the Condor here.

    I haven't seen anything from the Condor in a month. Is everything okay with Scott and the boat? :confused:
  392. Tar Pit

    Looking for a Cedros report

    Epic fishing at Cedros! 6/24 6/24/15- EPIC day at Cedros! Hey folks- We were blessed with epic weather again today so we took advantage of it and fished the weather side of Cedros. We rarely get to fish here because it is usually pretty breezy on this exposed side of the island. We tucked in...
  393. Tar Pit

    5 day trip in mid July, what to expect in terms of the fishing

    I do a 5-day the end of July. This year will be my 5th year on the same trip. I've had trips with no tuna at all and we only fished Cedros. Then some years we fished offshore every day. You need gear for everything from rockfish to bluefin over a 100 pounds. Look for old reports. I know I made...
  394. Tar Pit

    Looking for a Cedros report

    The Shogun is on a 6-day skiff trip. I bet they fish Cedros for a day or two. Look for updates on their website and facebook. Good luck!
  395. Tar Pit

    Starting to get concerned.

    Thanks. I was on the same trip last year and our best tuna fishing was on departure day 15 miles west of Point Loma. The rest of the trip the skipper moved offshore and south trying to find his own fish. It's odd for me to drive to SD and get on a long range boat then fish next to the...
  396. Tar Pit

    3 Day July Excel Trip

    If you were going on a normal overnight-3 day boat I would say 7 rods is too much. But the big X has the room.
  397. Tar Pit

    Starting to get concerned.

    Great report. Thanks. Happy you told me about the inshore only trip.
  398. Tar Pit

    Islander June 24th 1.5 day

    Looks like the Tribute found bigger yellowfin (#55-#60) today (6-23). The Tribute only has 7 customers on her trip. Maybe this news will put more on board for your trip. Good luck.
  399. Tar Pit

    Starting to get concerned.

    I'm starting to get concerned about my upcoming 5-day trip. The local tuna bite is still not happening and the truth is it's getting worse. The spring 8-day trips fishing the ridge are on the school size yellowfin, but I don't see any tuna above that. The boats coming back up the line are...
  400. Tar Pit

    Round 2 of spring trips at sea.

    The Sprit of Adventure is like a mystery ship to me. I never read any fish reports or see any on the water reports from her. Never a bad thing said about them. They must be doing something right.
  401. Tar Pit

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    The old post about the long range room mate from hell and the olive oil and body massager was one the the best post ever.
  402. Tar Pit

    Round 2 of spring trips at sea.

    My math tells me you traveled all of departure day and all of the next day. Is that correct? I have a 5-day in 5 weeks I hope the fish move up by then.
  403. Tar Pit

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  404. Tar Pit

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Funny about the socks. I always bring the crew two dozen new socks as a gift on my RR 5-day trip.
  405. Tar Pit

    Round 2 of spring trips at sea.

    I don't understand the report from the Shogun???????? Captain Aaron checking in live from the Shogun this afternoon. They had outstanding fishing today with 119 blue fin. They are back on the fish and They are biting. Aaron is live to tell you all about it. 119 bluefin? Other boats coming down...
  406. Tar Pit

    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard the Shogun, June 13-21, 2015

    Where is the Ranger Bank? And again good luck on your trip.
  407. Tar Pit

    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard the Shogun, June 13-21, 2015

    Someone posted that their fishing the ridge. How could they leave Sunday afternoon and be fishing the ridge on Tuesday morning? That also a long way down for a 6-day trip. Good luck on your trip.
  408. Tar Pit


    I think the report was posted on 976 Tuesday AM and the trip left SD on Sunday. 6-day trip back this weekend.
  409. Tar Pit

    Round 2 of spring trips at sea.

    The Shogun is on the fish. Day 2 of their 6-day trip and the report on 976 said the every angler had a fish on as he was making the report. Yellowtail 18-25 pounds and yellowfin 15-30 pounds. Their looking farther offshore for the bigger yellowfin 30-60 pound fish tomorrow...
  410. Tar Pit

    Tribute 1.5 June 9th

    They say "we only have 6, but the trip is still a go!" Then when you get on board you fine out they canceled the other 1.5 day trip and put their customers on your boat. It happened to me twice in 2009. I only took the trip when I was told it was a very light load. They said 7 and we ended up...
  411. Tar Pit

    We're better than this

    There building home and apartments like crazy here in OC. I don't see any let up in that.
  412. Tar Pit

    Long Range Trip Planner

    Is this it?
  413. Tar Pit

    Kieth Poe was on Bill Boyce Cali Edition

    I remember the guy from Allcoast days. Flame city on his posts.
  414. Tar Pit

    What's with these boats not filling?

    The catching is not that good. On 976 live reports the skippers are calling in and talking about 2 or 3 fish on the deck. Yes, they are running into some big fish now and then, but people need to see 2 or 3 fish per person before going. When the yellowfin move in the bluefin will be more...
  415. Tar Pit

    Deckhand Needed

    Does the owner have a beautiful daughters too? To be 20 years old again. :lux:
  416. Tar Pit

    Charter master and/or sponsored trips.

    I think you'll see me next year on one of your trips. :D
  417. Tar Pit

    Charter master and/or sponsored trips.

    Over the last 6 years all of my long range trips have had a tackle store as a sponsor. My first trip was a 7-day trip on the Q-105 and the sponsor was Glenns tackle in Costa Mesa Ca. They raffled off 3 beautiful custom rods made by the charter master. We also got gift bags full of high end...
  418. Tar Pit

    Rare Oarfish on Catalina

    My son told me that when dead oarfish are found on shore it's a sign of an strong earthquake to hit the area soon. Or was it an earthquake movie?
  419. Tar Pit

    Jigging and Popping Big Eye Tuna in Azores

    I don't see any people on the streets or anywhere. Great photos. Thanks
  420. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Looks like the boats found yellowfin offshore. #25-#60 fish. The boats leaving next week should do well! Good luck to you all!
  421. Tar Pit

    New storm could change some plans.

    Looks like the first storm Andres is moving very slow back to the south. Could Andres build back up in the warmer water? And could it merge into Blanca over the next few days?
  422. Tar Pit

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    My first RR3 long range trip was with Sunny Jones. Tell him Dee will be looking for some wahoo when you return. :-)
  423. Tar Pit

    Islander or Legend 2 Day trip cant decide

    Amen to that! For years I only fished overnight and 1.5 day trips. The "walk" up to the head on the way out sucked. I been drinking beer, it's wet, dark and the boats rocking and rolling. What could go wrong? :rolleyes: Then I fished on a boat with an indoor head. I think it was the Pacific...
  424. Tar Pit

    Islander or Legend 2 Day trip cant decide

    I have fished both boats, but it was many years ago. The Islander has 3-man staterooms and the Legend had a open bunk room. I think the Islander's heads were inside and the Legend's heads were up in the bow. The Islander had rubber mats on the deck and huge bait wells. I have no idea about crew...
  425. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Not much to report. We have 4 boats fishing down south and no reports coming in. The big X and the RR3 are on trips over 10 days and the Shogun and Indy are on 8 days. They still can't find any yellowfin offshore so there fishing for yellowtail on the beach and ridge. And it looks like hurricane...
  426. Tar Pit

    New storm could change some plans.

    Storm Blanca moving fast. RR3 is going south on a 15 day trip now.
  427. Tar Pit

    Shogun 8-day openings June 13-21, 2015 trip

    Last week the AA did find some small wahoo and yellowtail at the rocks, but no tuna. The Shogun was getting more and bigger yellowtail at San Martin Island on their 5-day. I'll be surprised if the 8-day trips will go any farther south than Cedros Island. With 100+ tuna at our back door I bet...
  428. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    On Saturday 5/30 the Shogun and Indy left on 8-day trips. 05-31-2015 - Good evening from the Independence. Currently we are on day 2 of our annual Dick Shaffer 8 day fishing adventure. We tried our hand at the local BFT yesterday and captured 16 of them before dark, and today we had a good...
  429. Tar Pit


    Typical day fishing for rockfish. LOL Good eating this weekend! Nice job!
  430. Tar Pit

    cancelled trip

    +1 The Shogun on a 5-day and the AA on a 8-day are both coming home tomorrow. 5/30. What I hear is the people on the Shogun had more fishing time and more and larger fish. A lot like last year, but 2 months early.
  431. Tar Pit

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    As the summer starts we will find few fish south of the border. The AA on their 8-day did get 8 small wahoo and yellowtail at the Rocks but no tuna. The Shogun got more and larger yellowtail just north of San Martin Island. I know fighting a #75 bluefin 300 miles south is just the same as one 30...
  432. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Island Fishing Tackle- Day 4 Hey folks- 5/29/15 We traveled up the line today looking for porpoise schools with Yellowfin tuna. We found some porpoise and fish but couldn’t get any of them to go. We kept traveling northwest and crossed the border in the afternoon and it didn’t take long to...
  433. Tar Pit

    Odd fish count.

    Looks like 1 boat, the Thunderbird fishing out of Newport Beach landed as many bluefin tuna as all 4 of the San Diego landings combined. Are the fish really that far north in may? I think my 5-day in July will be fishing off of Oxnard.:rolleyes:
  434. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Island Fishing Tackle- Day 3 Hey folks- 5/28/15 Today started off slow as there were lots of fish around that had lock jaw. About 10am the current started to pick up bringing warmer cleaner water onto the shallows which is all that was required to spark the fish into bite mode. We had...
  435. Tar Pit

    Favorite big bluefin iron

    I was on the trip after the Charkbait 4-day last year on the RR3. The crew said that the slash jig kicked ass on the bigger bluefin.
  436. Tar Pit

    First storm of the season.

    Would that be the RR June heat trip? :appl:
  437. Tar Pit

    First storm of the season.

  438. Tar Pit

    Passports required to fish in Mexican waters

    From the DMV. Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013) requires the department to issue an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States.=snip= The California driver license is no longer proof of US...
  439. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Island Fishing Tackle Day 2 Hey folks, We were traveling down towards the San Martin area to do some yellowtail fishing and come daylight we thought we’d check a spot north of the island since it was on the way. Boy did that pay off! The yellows started biting slow at first then went full...
  440. Tar Pit

    6 Day Late June -- What to Expect

    Link to spring LR trips. The AA is on a 8 day and the Shogun is on a 5 day as of 5/27. The Indy and the Shogun leave on 8 day trips on the 30th.
  441. Tar Pit

    Open Spot 5 day on the Shogun tomorrow! CHEAP!

    My 5-day on the Rooster last year at the end of July had us fishing in US waters 75% of the time. We went south only as far as the tuna pens. On our first day (3 hours from SD harbor) I landed my biggest fish of the trip, a 40 pound bluefin and the Thunderbird from Newport Beach was fishing next...
  442. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    From the AA. After just finishing up on one of the most memorable wahoo seasons ever, today’s taste felt like it never ended. Harold Shuman got the day started with his first ever wahoo which turned out to not be a fluke catch. A few more strikes/stops gave everyone a great opportunity to bag...
  443. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    Good question. But it looks like that's what there doing. The Shogun fished for bluefin in US waters on the first day of their 5-day trip.
  444. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    From the AA. 5-24. We are kicking off the season’s first eight day and spent the day traveling down in a breezy conditions. It wasn’t exactly the best working weather, but we did manage to scrape up a couple handfuls of school grade yellowfin in our travels and after running out of jig strikes...
  445. Tar Pit

    Eclipse on big bluefin.

    I bet your boys on the Condor will be in that area tomorrow.:lux:
  446. Tar Pit

    Eclipse on big bluefin.

    The Eclipse called in to 976... It's a 5 to 5 trip so the fish are in the 3/4 day range. "The largest school of bluefin I have ever seen" is what the skipper said. They landed 9 fish all over 60 pounds. He said they went 9 for 15 on the big fish and are still fishing.
  447. Tar Pit

    Good morning! Scott from the Condor here.

    I love this guy. He makes the best reports on 976. Today is the Condor's first trip of the season and he's offshore on a 4 day trip. He has yft on the deck and has a nice bunch of fish under the boat. He said the fish are all over #20.
  448. Tar Pit

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    X2 on the overnight boats out of Seaforth. I got hooked on the having my fish processed after my first 3-day trip. The quality of the fish is so much better that having the crew do it on the boats.
  449. Tar Pit

    First spring trip leaves this Saturday. 5-23

    I start keeping a log for my upcoming summer 5-day with the spring 8 day trips reports. The AA leaves on a 8-day trip this Saturday. These trips will fish offshore, Cedros and Benitos Islands, Alijos Rocks and the ridge. They cover a large area and are looking for fish all the time. We will get...
  450. Tar Pit

    Yellowtail pop up in LA County.

    Nice grade of fish. The boats fishing the islands are getting killed by the sea lions. The local areas will be a better location.
  451. Tar Pit

    Yellowtail pop up in LA County.

    From 976. Half day AM trip from Pierpoint Landing get 34 "big" yellowtail for 15 guys. Huge jump to the north as I don't think the Dana Point or Newport Beach boats found any local YT. Well done. I bet they have more than 15 guys on board tomorrow. LOL
  452. Tar Pit

    Rain! Git ready, it's about to dump!!

    No rain in Newport Beach . 9:15 pm.
  453. Tar Pit

    El Nino news from down under. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology predicted that it could become a "substantial" event later in the year, but US scientists announced in April that El Nino had arrived, but it was described then as "weak". Australian scientists said models...
  454. Tar Pit

    5 Day Gear Check

    Like the others said, every year is different. My first trip 5 years ago we had on tuna off shore. We only fish Cedros Island and did will on 15-22 pound YT. The next year we stayed off shore and it was 40-100 pound bluefin and a rat YT. Last year we fished off of Oceanside for YFT, BFT and...
  455. Tar Pit

    Spring , Summer LR predictions

    Was that the trip that found the big albacore last year?
  456. Tar Pit

    Spring , Summer LR predictions

    I see 4 LR spring trips this month. 1. AA 8-day 5/23 2. Shogun 5-day 5/25 3. Indy 8-day 5/30 4. Shogun 8-day 5/30 I saw reports from the cow trips that at 200 miles were school size yellowfin. The cow trips just passed by but the spring trips will target these...
  457. Tar Pit

    How much for a Trinidad 40?

    An older member from my Church wants to sell me his Trinidad 40. It's just like new and I have no idea what a fair price is for this reel. Thanks. TP
  458. Tar Pit

    Fishing on the Indy

    Like someone said the problem with 30+ guys fishing on the LR boats is not room at the rail, it's room at the bait tank. I fish the RR3 and we take 30 or 31 on our 5-day trips and the Indy is bigger. IMO fishing with 40 guys who know what their doing is better that 20 fools.
  459. Tar Pit

    Mexico Closes Bluefin All of 2015?

    Just my 2 cents on this. If what was posted is true about 100-200 pound bluefin swimming offshore some phone calls will be made and some money will change hands and the ban will be removed. Now maybe just for a month or two but money talks in Mexico just like hear.
  460. Tar Pit

    spring 8 day or fall 8 ?

    I got a 40 pound grouper at the ridge on my spring 7 day on the Q. I'll never forget the big white fillets from that fish. Best fish I have ever had.
  461. Tar Pit

    spring 8 day or fall 8 ?

    The Qs skipper told me about that bite. Joe said he was fishing is a place where the grouper should not be and he was using breakfast sausages for bait and getting bit every drop.
  462. Tar Pit

    spring 8 day or fall 8 ?

    7 day trip will give you a shot at rocks and ridge. The 5 day will fish as far south as Cedros Island. I would guess a 6 day could fish the ridge for a day, but a lot of driving.
  463. Tar Pit

    spring 8 day or fall 8 ?

    In a normal year I say pay the extra money and fish the fall. I did spring 7-day trips for years on the Q105 and we had good yellowtail fishing and a shot at tuna. My 5-day trip in the end of July last year we fished in US waters all but one day. The bait was poor and we fished next to overnight...
  464. Tar Pit

    News on yellowfin.

    The Intrepid left on the 20th for a 15 day trip. A post made on the 21st said they stopped on a big school of 30-50 pound yft. Now if the boat left SD in the early afternoon and the boat stopped on the yft the next day the fish are real close.:drool:
  465. Tar Pit

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    I'm fine with a 2 fish bluefin limit if the fish are all over 100 pounds.:D
  466. Tar Pit

    Are you seeing any fish on the way down?

    Someone posted that the LR boats are seeing school size YFT at about 200 miles on their trips to the banks. These guys are looking for cows so they just drive past. Any returning LR guys have dope on this? Thanks. Pit.
  467. Tar Pit

    Tuna in the freezer fishy tase wtf

    I tried this today with a 2 pound hunk of bluefin from last July. I had some spoilage and extra trimming as the outside of the tuna was cooked from the boiling, but the sashimi was great!
  468. Tar Pit

    Psycho Clown.

    We had a great poster on BD years ago named Psycho Clown. I never got to fish with the man, but his fishing reports were the best. He would always fish in some kind of costume. He was murdered in 2011 and as far as I know no one has been charged with the crime. Anybody have any new info...
  469. Tar Pit

    Tuna Crabs & Tea Leafs

    I fished a 5 day last year late July and it was killing us to be fishing next to local skiffs. The truth is the best fishing we had was on our departure day. We left SD harbor at 3 pm and had over 30 bluefin over 50 pounds in the RSW by dark. Throw in dodos, yellowtail and yellowfin we had over...
  470. Tar Pit

    Tuna Crabs & Tea Leafs

    Newport bay is full of them.
  471. Tar Pit

    boat reccomendations

    The boat was the Red Rooster 3. The trip was last July. 2014. He told the RR office that this was his first trip and that he needed equipment. I just assumed he would get more than 1 set up for a 5-day trip. The crew was great and they worked very hard to see he had a good time. I just think we...
  472. Tar Pit

    boat reccomendations

    I agree 100%. But I'm saying that some boats have much better equipment that others. My buddy on our 5-day trip was given 1 set up. An Accurate 2 speed with #50 spooled on it. Day 1 we are catching YT, YF and dodos in the 15-20 pound grade and people are fishing 30#. I asked if they could give...
  473. Tar Pit

    boat reccomendations

    What he said..... I fish the rooster and last year I took a first timer. He used the boats loaner rods and reels and they were all beat up. So FREE loaner gear is a must.
  474. Tar Pit


    I went to high school with those guys. Good for them.
  475. Tar Pit

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    This is why I don't do the jackpot. If the crews knows there going to get more business from the charter master or get the JP, things like that could happen. So I voted I don't care as I don't have any money in that game.
  476. Tar Pit

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    I remember fishing the cherry bank (I think) on the freelance out of Daveys Locker. I still have my old rig. And yes It's a lot of work, but the fish were great.
  477. Tar Pit

    Want to bring the wife / 5 day - need boat advice

    There is some trip for "families and or kids" I this the RP has a few.
  478. Tar Pit

    Crazy summer. Wahoo on Newport Beach 3/4 day boat.

    E-mail from Wahoo Hookup On Patriot Ext ¾ Day Thursday Oct 16. Free Swimming Wahoo & Jumping Wahoo Spotted Also. Patriot Will Be Trolling Marauders For Wahoo In Areas Being Spotted For Upcoming Ext ¾ Day Trips. Patriot Sat Oct 18 Ext ¾ Day. Western Pride Sun Oct 19 Ext ¾ Day. Patriot Running...
  479. Tar Pit

    What's the cost of these 5-6 day tuna trips?

    I see your from Oregon. Your going have travel cost that most of us don't have. Find a trip with a tackle sponsor. Some of the stuff they give away helps the cost.
  480. Tar Pit

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    The Vagabond is all about the Captain and crew. The boat is older and smaller than the other LR boats so don't look for a Excel type staterooms. The food was just okay on my trip but that was years ago. Very few reports on the Vagabond but I don't remember reading about a bad trip.
  481. Tar Pit

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Looks like a new storm Polo will hit this weekend.
  482. Tar Pit

    .....somebody said the word...........!!!!

    FYI. H&M landing changed their web post. I don't know if they landed more than 1 longfin.
  483. Tar Pit

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    The people in the hotels are in hell. They will pay $3000 to get out by this weekend.
  484. Tar Pit

    Cabo Airport After Odile

    No power, no food and no way out. The people in the hotels are in a world of crap. :_hot_:
  485. Tar Pit

    .....somebody said the word...........!!!!

    I told my fishing buddy that my freezer is full and the only thing to get me back on the water this summer is albacore. H&M landing is saying the TG 80 are on the longfin.:D
  486. Tar Pit

    RR3 Bluefin Jim 5-day 2014 Report, Photos, Video

    Great post Chris. Great fishing with you again. Just like last years trip a great group of guys to fish with. The yellowtail bite at the boilers was crazy. I think most on board got a PB there. The crew never stopped looking for fish and worked their ass off. I'll add some photos but you just...
  487. Tar Pit

    Boss 600 free spool.

    I just got off the RR3 from a 5-day. My Boss 600 will not go into free spool after fighting fish. I pull on the line 2 or 3 times then it works. Any ideas?
  488. Tar Pit

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 7/23

    Thanks Chris. My 5-day on the RR3 leaves in 21 hours. And the Rooster is killing the big boys today.
  489. Tar Pit

    My 5-day is coming up.

    Yes this Friday. I'm the short guy.:) I fished with this group last year. Great bunch of guys. The Shogun left yesterday on a 3-day at 11am and at 5pm till dark were on 80...
  490. Tar Pit

    My 5-day is coming up.

    I have never had so much trouble packing for a trip. The reports after Memorial Day were a lot like my last years 5-day. Tons of bluefin in the 30-40 pound class. Great! All I need is new top shots and I'm good to go. Then a few weeks later the bait was all small anchovies and the fish went...
  491. Tar Pit

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    Crazy year. 3/4 day boats out of newport beach are getting tuna and the RR3 is catching whitefish and the Intrepid is fishing for rockcod. I leave friday on a 5-day on the RR3. :food-smiley-014: If the beers cold I'm happy.
  492. Tar Pit

    Repercussion for having a bluefin in Mex?

    Dump the bluefin overboard. Take all your fishing gear. You can get it back when you drive down to Ensenada and pay the fine. That's the way I would do it.
  493. Tar Pit

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

    On the same trip. See you at the dock Ron.
  494. Tar Pit

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

    I like to see something in the middle. Give the fish two season to breed. Let's say after two breeding seasons the fish are over #75 pounds. We release all bluefin under #75 pounds and a limit of 1 bluefin per day of fish over #75 pounds. I want my grand kids to catch fish too.
  495. Tar Pit

    CONDOR 7/17 Big Yellowtail/limits & Nice yellowfin fun time

    I'm happy to see some bigger yellowfin in the counts. Thanks Ron for the report.
  496. Tar Pit

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    Me too. I'm on trip #7 Bluefin Jim charter. We leave on the 25th.
  497. Tar Pit

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    I also have a 5-day leaving next week. I know the skipper will find something for me to kill. Last year I came home with way too much bluefin. This year I hope for more variety in my freezer. What boat are you on?
  498. Tar Pit

    7/16 Grande with 66 BFT up to 60 lbs in U.S Waters

    Crisis cancelled. Good luck to you guys going out this weekend.
  499. Tar Pit

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    I guess I need to get a california fishing license for my 5-day trip that leaves in 10 days. We could be fishing off of Oxnard.:rolleyes:
  500. Tar Pit

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    My two cents on this.... I think this report is talking about taking bluefin by net only. If it covered the recreational taking of bluefin tuna they will be harming the Baja recreational fleet also. I don't think that's in the best interest of the local Baja Mexicans. Also this coming with no...
  501. Tar Pit

    Local Dodo and Yellows

    3/4 day boat out of Newport Harbor fishing offshore today getting yellowfin, yellowtail and dodos. Big area of fish and moving north fast. My 5-day leaving in 11 day may be fishing off of Long Beach. :rolleyes:
  502. Tar Pit

    Sea Adventure II 7/13

    All bait fish? Any yoyo fish?
  503. Tar Pit

    Super Moon and sardines

    Just last month the full moon was blamed for the bluefin going lockjaw. :confused: I hope the good fishing keeps up.
  504. Tar Pit

    7/11 to 7/13 New LoAn blue fin tuna

    Looks like a popular place. I see 5 other boats in the background of one of your photos. I know the 3-5 day boats are fishing the same area. Thanks for the post.
  505. Tar Pit

    look out people... its going to blow up!!!

    San Diego July 10, 2014 3/4 Day Boat San Diego Get In on The Offshore Action by Ryan Bostian Capt Ryan Bostain from the San Diego 3/4 day trip called in with a trip report from todays trip. They decided to head west from the Coronado Islands in search of some offshore fish, with the report of...
  506. Tar Pit

    look out people... its going to blow up!!!

    And from the Independence....... We cleared the point at 1100 hrs today on a 3 day trip, and by sun down we caught 46 yellowfin tuna and 6 bluefin tuna for our first afternoon. What a great way to start the trip! So much for the full moon. :rolleyes:
  507. Tar Pit

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 7/9

    My 5-day trip leaves July 25 on the Rooster. :cheers:
  508. Tar Pit

    Sardines now at SD and MB!

    First thing this morning the Tribute went 0-4 on the bigger bluefin and the Eclipse lost one at gaff. They said it was over 100 pounds. All yoyo fish. Sardines could open up the bluefin bite.
  509. Tar Pit

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 7/9

    Thanks Chris. When is your next trip?
  510. Tar Pit

    Sardines now at SD and MB!

    And the big bluefin are back in town. The Tribute found them today and landed one. A 75 pounder on a yoyo jig.
  511. Tar Pit

    Don't worry about bait, worry about fish

    Looks like the 1.5 day boats are doing much better on the yellowfin than the 5-8 day trips.
  512. Tar Pit

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    Somebody may have see it happen but did not put it together at the time. Just like mike just said make it public and maybe someone saw the guy.
  513. Tar Pit

    Booked my first trip out of San Diego: 3day in Aug with Shogun

    Now that I just dropped $200 on new drags and mono on my old Newells and other small star drag reels from my youth the bait tank will be filled with sardines on my 5-day in two weeks. :rolleyes:
  514. Tar Pit

    First multi-day offshore trip ... any last minute advice?

    I'm not seeing the F-word in any of the reports. Is fluorocarbon a must this year or is it just light line and get in the water quick after jig strike?
  515. Tar Pit


    I'm in the same boat. After the Memorial Day weekend counts of big bluefin #60-#110. I packed up my big gear. This weekend I pulled out my old light line star drag reels and have them ready to go. Small hooks for the anchovies, large hooks for the macs. More jigs....... I take pride in not...
  516. Tar Pit

    jigged up an Opah

    Good job on the Opah. Can you fill us in the the rest of the trip? I have a 5 day leaving in 3 weeks.
  517. Tar Pit

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    If your going to fish the slide sit at the rail with the guys trolling. I hate "that guy" who sits in the galley watching TV until the skipper calls out he see a kelp or jumpers then comes running out with his slide gear. Put the time in or don't play.
  518. Tar Pit

    First multi-day offshore trip ... any last minute advice?

    Ear plugs, own pillow case for sleeping. Towel, soap for shower. Trash bag for dirty clothes. Extra hat, sunglasses, sunscreen. Gift for crew. I pay my tip and galley tab with checks. (two checks) I don't like to have a bunch of cash on me. It will get cold. A light jacket for day and a warm...
  519. Tar Pit

    Summer of the Hoo?

    Rooster on the hoo at the rocks today. Early wahoo and newport beach boats getting yellowfin in June. :D
  520. Tar Pit

    Coffee grinder for chovies?

    Before spending a ton of money on new equipment find out if people are catching anything on anchovies. I think the anchovies are being used as chum only. The big baits are catching fish.
  521. Tar Pit

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    E-mail from DL Hi Everyone Captain Jeff Markland on Thunderbird reported 114 yellowfin tuna, 1 yellowtail, and 1 dorado fishing offshore on first day of 2 day trip about 85 miles from Newport Bay yesterday Saturday June 28. They will be on day 2 of the 2 day trip today but have opted to fish...
  522. Tar Pit


    The last two years have seen the same thing. The seiners are working the same area and are aggressive to the San Diego fleet. Some say the Shogun get a pass from the seiners, but I don't know if it's true. Lets hope the seiners get their fish and move on soon. I have never seen any seiners on my...
  523. Tar Pit

    Summer of the Hoo?

    Looks like the RP and the Rooster are all over the wahoo. The RP is at the rocks and the RR is fishing kelps offshore. And closer to home the Queen has over 100 mixed tuna for the day. One jumbo #90 bluefin.
  524. Tar Pit

    Weather SQ

    This is from today 06/23/14. No idea if it's going to build or move that far north.
  525. Tar Pit

    What's in the tuna's stomach?

    I was told red (tuna) crabs and small squid. Now that was over 10 days ago so things could have changed.
  526. Tar Pit

    Long Range Report June 17

    Looks like the bigger yellowfin are moving up.
  527. Tar Pit

    El Nino What's the deal....

    I going to put my two cents in. When I was in high school in the mid 70s our science teachers were telling us about global cooling. Smoke and smog would stop sunlight from reaching the earth. Then in the 1980s it was acid rain. Then in the 1990s it was ozone hole. Then in the 2000s is was...
  528. Tar Pit

    Penn "2014" 8-Day aboard the Shogun, June 16-24, 2014

    Please make some reports when you guys get back. The bluefin should go off soon.
  529. Tar Pit


    :ele::ele::ele::ele::ele::ele:I want to room with you!:ele::ele::ele::ele::ele::ele::ele::ele:
  530. Tar Pit

    Question 1.5 day for 8yr old son?

    My two cents. Take him on a overnight fishing trip to one of the islands. You get to see a beautiful island all day. Smaller fish and if things are slow they can fill the sacks with rockfish. He stills gets to sleep in a bunk and be at sea at night. If you go offshore in bad weather and find no...
  531. Tar Pit

    Are you booked on any summer trips? What do you like about them?

    I only do one trip now. Bluefin Jim's 5-day trip the end of July on the Red Rooster 3. I still have over 30 pounds of bluefin in my freezer from last years trip. The extra time on the water is a real blessing to me. Being at sea is just as enjoyable as tagging fish. No watch, no cell phone, no...
  532. Tar Pit

    CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Yes. The Condor is making bait on their trips.
  533. Tar Pit

    Shogun on the Bluefin 6/10

    #25-#30 fish. Now the Condor is on bigger fish in 1.5 day range. I think they only have 3 on the boat but there in the area. Now some bad news. The Condor is making bait outside the harbor before they head out to fish. :shake: Making bait on a 1.5 day trip sucks.
  534. Tar Pit

    Pacific Queen 1.5 Day 6/6

    X2 My 5-day trip last year we had over 300 bluefin and I think less than 10 came from the trolling. Hot pink and the raw cider plug were the hot jigs that trip.
  535. Tar Pit

    One tip

    Hold off putting your bait in the water until the boats comes to a full stop. The six guys who go in early get all tangled up and then you have a road block in the corner. Butt hook and cast out at midship. The second bait you can start in the stern as now the mob is up in the bow getting in...
  536. Tar Pit

    Long Range Trips that got trapped outside of San Diego harbor in the 1980's?

    The boat was the MOJO. Long time Newport Harbor boat. Not a weather issue but in 1992 when the LA riots started LA County ordered a tactical alert. This closed all the harbors to incoming and outgoing traffic. Returning fishing boats had to go to Newport Harbor to unload their passengers.
  537. Tar Pit

    Eclipse 2 day, 6/6-6/8

    Some of the bigger boats on 8-day trips are fishing the beach because of the seas and wind offshore. This weekend offshore trips will be a E-ticket ride.
  538. Tar Pit


    I can help a little on this. I have fished both boats. The Searcher is a nicer and larger boat. My son and I had a 2-bunk state room on the Searcher and it was spotless. It was much bigger than our 3-man state room on the Vagabond. The food was the same on both trips C+ but the crew on the...
  539. Tar Pit


    Great video. I remember the guys bunking in the rear staterooms under the bait tank complaining about it being damp and noisy. The crew put a fan at the bottom of the stairs to help with the damp carpet but it just added to the noise. I bring earplug for sleeping on every boat. The main deck...
  540. Tar Pit

    2.5 Day trip Sponsored by AA Worms Seminars and Giveaways off the Chief

    I was told that the boats owners were going to start doing this. I started a thread trying to educate people about it. If people stop buying food and stop having the crew filleting their fish the owners will need to do something to make up the income loss. Sorry guys it's a expensive sport. $600...
  541. Tar Pit

    El Nino What's the deal....

    Wow. That was spot on. Thanks.
  542. Tar Pit


    I fished the Vagabond years ago with my 80 year old father and two son 11-13. Mike treats you like a visitor in his home. I think the first thing he said at the safety/welcome meeting was if there is anything you need or something your not happy with just ask him or any crew member to fix it.
  543. Tar Pit

    Bait for San Diego sport boats?

    I just read that one of the boats on a 8-day trip spent all day near the coast trying to make bait. With the warm water this year I was expecting problems with live bait, but not the first week of June. I don't mind fishing with anchovies but the little 2" pinheads suck. Anybody just get back...
  544. Tar Pit

    CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Scattered???? I don't think so. You guys killed all the fish is the sea. I guess I'll just put my equipment away for the season. ;) Love your reports Ron.
  545. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe trips?

    I think back then the landing were trying to work something out with Mexican Government and some of the negative comments directed at the Mexican Government was counterproductive to their talks.
  546. Tar Pit


    IMO the crew will have the same personality and temperament as the captain. The owner/captain of the Vagabond is a first class guy. You girl friend will be treated well.
  547. Tar Pit

    Bluefin tuna news flash!

    Looks like the bluefin are MIA. I think the Royal Star left on Sunday. A wahoo that far north the first week of June.:appl:
  548. Tar Pit

    The business of running a fishing boat.

    Now I'm not in the business of running a Southern California fishing boat but to me it looks like their income comes in 4 ways. 1. Price to board. 2. Selling food and drinks. 3. Filleting fish. 4. Crew tips. Now I'm not talking about long range trips here. I'm talking about 1/2 day to 2.5 day...
  549. Tar Pit

    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    This is the second post that said the yellowfin did not want any live bait. When the yellowfin were gutted could you see what the were eating? Crabs, squid or anything else? Thanks for the report.
  550. Tar Pit

    Pacific Star

    It's been 5 or 6 years but my trips on the Pacific Star (Sept. 2.5 days) went great. Mike worked hard to find us fish. Food was great. 6-man staterooms with great AC. Crew worked hard and the boat was spotless. The heads are inside the dinning area and not up in the bow. The only negative is...
  551. Tar Pit

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    I taged over 500 pounds of bluefin over the last 2 years. Some albacore on the BBQ would be nice change. :D
  552. Tar Pit

    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    If they don't report the size that tells me under 12 pounds.
  553. Tar Pit

    Guadalupe trips?

    I "think" as of now you need to check in and then out again in Ensenada. Then you must go through US customs when you get back to San Diego. Some boats were having anglers taxied into town from their boats as all the bait was dying in the harbor. So the old days of fishing the island on a 5-day...
  554. Tar Pit

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    On a Labor Day trip on the Searcher in 2008 we were catching albacore, yellowfin, yellowtail and dorado less then 40 miles from San Diego. So maybe the water temp thing is not in stone. Just saying................................. :frehya2:
  555. Tar Pit

    Condor stopped on biggest BFT school he's ever seen 5/24/14

    I may be wrong but the guy who owns the seiners is also one of the owners the Shogun.
  556. Tar Pit

    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    Shogun is now on a bigger grade fish. A 60 pound fish in the deck with some bigger fish hooked up.
  557. Tar Pit

    Tropical Depression One-E may threaten Clarion next week

    On a side note. Can any of the LR boats help to cool the bait tank water by using the RSW equipment. I would think they could cool it down 8-10 degree and save thousand of dollars of bait.
  558. Tar Pit

    Bait out of SD?

    Well looking at their site the boats leaving tonight will be fishing 3-5" chovies. Hope they work for you guys.
  559. Tar Pit

    ONE SPOT opened today on Condor=Memorial Day Wknd 2.5D

    I always look forward to your reports and photos Ron. Year round fisherman.............. Living the dream.:appl:
  560. Tar Pit

    My Bloody Decks start of summer check list... done.

    I have the deckhand cast out my chovies and I just use other guys stuff. And for my tip is use this.
  561. Tar Pit

    My Bloody Decks start of summer check list... done.

    Memorial Day is the start of my summer fishing season and it looks like things are moving along here on BD's. 5 threads about El Nino.................................. done. 7 threads about this summer albacore.............. done. 2 threads with lies about albacore being caught.. done. 3...
  562. Tar Pit

    Bluefin tuna news flash!

    Wow. A post about fish. Thank you and good luck on your trip.
  563. Tar Pit

    Thieves on long range boats?

    The boat and crew in question was one of BD darlings last season. I can't think of one bad report about it.
  564. Tar Pit

    Thieves on long range boats?

    Just because someone can afford a long range trip doesn't make him more honest than a guy who can't. We had things taken on my 7-day trip on the Q105 in 2007. And I have seen guys saying that their wallet was missing on our way back to port only to have the crew find it with the help of a...
  565. Tar Pit

    El Nino What's the deal....

    What year was it when the 10 day trips were landing the 200+ yellowfins?
  566. Tar Pit

    El Nino What's the deal....

    Did you find 79 degree water? Yesterdays report from the Thunderbird has water at 67 degrees at Catalina island. Today at Ben Weston has a water temp at 63.
  567. Tar Pit

    El Nino What's the deal....

    I think he's talking about the heavy rain, flooding and mud slides next winter. Also the beach, peers and beach front homes will take a beating again. The winter of 1998 was a wild one.
  568. Tar Pit

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    When they start catch opah off oceanside in may I'll believe. :eek:
  569. Tar Pit

    El Nino What's the deal.... NASA satellites and ocean sensors are showing that sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean this May look similar to the conditions in May 1997 that resulted in one of the strongest El Niño...
  570. Tar Pit

    Top Gun 80 has another BFT 5/14

    2.5 day trip will take you farther south to a better area. Should be a good group of boats out there with you too. More eyes on the water is a big plus. Don't forget a report.
  571. Tar Pit

    Top Gun 80 has another BFT 5/14

    Last week we were told they had lost a bunch of big bluefin and the yellowtail were 12-18 pounds. This report is somewhat silent about any of that. Did they get 1 lost little bluefin on the troll and a bunch of rats? I thank them for looking, but sometimes what they don't say tells me something.
  572. Tar Pit

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I fish the Rooster and I don't do the jackpot. I just add the $35.00 to my tip. On 3/4 day to 2.5 days trips I have seen stunts pulled by the crew to get their buddy/regular the jackpot money.
  573. Tar Pit

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    Just to throw my two cents in.... When I fish short trips like that I fish out of Seaforth Landing in Mission Bay. The parking at the big three is a total joke. Bait tank in the bow. Heads inside and not up in the bow. You will be traveling at night going out and coming back. That walk up to...
  574. Tar Pit

    American Angler June 17th 5 day, what do you think we will be fishing?

    The last two years my 5-day trips late July on the Rooster fished offshore for bluefin everyday. We never went to Cedros. How do you leave 50-75 pound bluefin to go catch 15-20 pound yellowtail.:lux:
  575. Tar Pit

    Top Gun 80 1.5 day

    Any boats going out this weekend looking for tuna? :daman:I tip my cap to you guys willing to pay for trips like this.
  576. Tar Pit

    Thats a Moron

    Thanks I needed that. LOL
  577. Tar Pit

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    To be fair, not everyone is a 6'4" jiu jitsu practitioner. We fishing together again this year, Charlie? Kris All pay up and ready to board. Dee and Brian are also going. I'm also bring a first timer from Idaho.: farmer : This is the kind of fish we were tagging on last years 5-day trip. End...
  578. Tar Pit

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    IMO people over think their tackle. The cook on my 5-day trip last year was landing 40 plus pound bluefin with a 40 year old penn jig master.
  579. Tar Pit

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    cheap folding chair. extra hat, sun glasses. cheep gloves for sorting fish at the end of trip. gift for crew. book. small flashlight for your room. pillow case. paper and pen. charger for camera. extra bath towel. ear plugs. bring extra! bring extra fishing towels. bungee cords.
  580. Tar Pit

    Help me on my first long range trip

    See you out there. I leave on the 25th on the RR3 for a 5 day.
  581. Tar Pit

    Sterling: Hell hath no fury...

    He was going to get an lifetime achievement award from the NAACP next month.:rolleyes:
  582. Tar Pit

    This is a joke right??!!

    How much should I tip?
  583. Tar Pit

    Exploratory trip?

    On 976 tuna radio show today they something about a exploratory trip looking for tuna. Anybody have the 411 on this? I think the Taft brothers did this in the past just before the day at the docks.
  584. Tar Pit

    Shogun 6 day

    I did some June 7-day trips on the Q105. Lots of yellowtail and a hand full of yellowfin at the Alijos Rocks. Now this was in the years when we had no local tuna (2008-2009) I don't know if a 6 day trip will go down as far as the ridge and Alijos Rocks. If the big bluefin are in the area this...
  585. Tar Pit

    Moving on……Nick… on the Rooster Red Rooster….

    Huge loss for the Rooster. Nick was total customer service on that boat. Good luck kid.
  586. Tar Pit

    old tackle shops oc/la

    In the 60s my Dad would buy razor clams there and we fish in the bay.
  587. Tar Pit

    Rain Coming=Bugs Crawling?

    You want to see what the bugs are eating? Go watch the Santa Ana River flow into the sea at the NB-HB border. Dead cats, dogs, opossum, rats and raccoons. The first big rain is the worst.
  588. Tar Pit

    5 day recoomendations

    I do a 5-day trip every year on the RR3 the end of July. The last 2 years I came back with a full year of fish to eat. Bluefin #30-#70, yellowfin #25-#45, yellowtail #12-#25 and a few small dodos. You don't need a bunch of high-end rods and reels on these trips. I watched our cook land 2 #50...
  589. Tar Pit

    Yeah, Pray for El Nino!!

    If we do get heavy Volcanic Eruptions May Affect El Niño Onset A new study by scientists at the University of Virginia (UVa) in Charlottesville and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado...
  590. Tar Pit

    When to fish for Bluefin

    I fish a 5-day the end of July on the Red Rooster. The last two years we had great bluefin fishing. We had a young man (10 years old) on board last year. The crew members were great with the kid. Bluefin Jim 5-day. I think it's trip #7.
  591. Tar Pit

    El Nino Coming in 2014

    The three threads I see every winter. 1. Will we see albacore in year. 2. How much do I tip on my trip? 3. Will it be a El Nino year? The last two years I have fill my freezer with bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and a dodo or two. I only go on one 5-day trip a year and I eat fish all year...
  592. Tar Pit

    Some get a total pass.

    I know this is a old story but if the dog owner was some plumber from Santa Ana do you think the outcome would have been the same? Laguna Beach police received a call at 2 p.m. Saturday and arrived to find that...
  593. Tar Pit

    Drone seen off of Venice and need help Identifying

    A drone would be very helpful to the DFW in monitoring the MLPA areas. Fly over take photos with time, date and GPS coordinates. One drone being run by some kid in Texas could do the work of ten DFW officers in boats running up and down the coast.
  594. Tar Pit

    Boat Fishing Jackpot Rules

    I stopped getting in the jackpot years ago. I just add the jackpot fee to the tip if the crew did a good job.
  595. Tar Pit

    Long Range / Coastal Weather Update for the New Year!

    Thanks Chris. I also find it odd that no photos have been posted of the two big albacore.
  596. Tar Pit

    yellowtail at the Nado's

    The SAC will represent the people who are paying their salary. Maybe Fish Dope can do the same thing for it's members.
  597. Tar Pit

    Amazing Shogun report - 200lb BFT

    Anybody seen photos of the 50+ pound albacore? The Shogun must be back by now.
  598. Tar Pit

    Red Rooster facebook post.

    The Red Rooster facebook page. "Well surprising enough we found some fish that didn't respond and no bites but the grade was excellent!!!!! Bigger fish in the upper 80# range blowing out on the bait of "their" choice back on the hunt" I think the RR left yesterday and this is a five day...
  599. Tar Pit


    I fish J hooks on my 5-day trips. IMO my bait swim better and lives longer with a J hook.
  600. Tar Pit

    Fishdope Update for 12-11-2013

    I fall for this every year. I would love to see albacore in the counts, but the last two years with the big bluefin was way better. IMO.
  601. Tar Pit

    First Time LR - Advice

    A cheap folding chair with cup holder. Laundry bag. Keep on upper deck when it starts to smell. UV sun mask. Gloves for unloading fish. Ear plugs are a must. Bring extra as they go missing. Cocktail cups. Gift for crew. I bring dozen high quality white socks. Others bring them energy drinks...
  602. Tar Pit

    Commerical Sardine Quota Reduced "Today's precautionary management framework cannot be compared to the historic fishery, which harvested as much as 50 percent of the standing stock," said Diane Pleschner-Steele, executive...
  603. Tar Pit

    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    This sucks. Bobby and his mom and dad are all class. Huge loss for us local guys. Bobby knew the boats, skippers and the reports. My first long range trip was a Glenn's tackle 7-day spring trip on the old Q105. He gave away two customs rods and a goody bag of top stuff. Bobby your a stand up...
  604. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5 Day Red Rooster III Report with Pictures 7/26-7/31/2013

    Day 3 we head back to the same area as we fished on day 1. We tagged over 150 bluefin this day all over 30 pounds many over 50 pound. Live flyline sardines was getting the most bites on all days. I got fish 100 yards from the boat and 20 feet from the boat, so you have to stay ready all the...
  605. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5 Day Red Rooster III Report with Pictures 7/26-7/31/2013

    The ride down to San Diego went well, but we did hit some rain around Dana Point. The wonderful parking lot at the landing had a sign out front saying full, but I did find a spot near the Red Rooster office. Payed my permits and fuel surcharge of $160.00. We load the boat by number and I was...
  606. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    The ride down to San Diego went well, but we did hit some rain around Dana Point. The wonderful parking lot at the landing had a sign out front saying full, but I did find a spot near the Red Rooster office. Payed my permits and fuel surcharge of $160.00. We load the boat by number and I was...
  607. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    Just got back. KILLED IT! Report tomorrow.
  608. Tar Pit

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 7/24

    Great news. I leave tomorrow on the Red Rooster for a 5-day trip.
  609. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    July 23 update. 3 more days to go. 1.5 day boats today have limits of yellowtail and bluefin to 60 pounds before 8 am only 50 miles from SD. Boats are finding new areas holding big schools of bluefin. The boats are getting more dorado and somebody found yellowfin. And more opahs on the deck. I...
  610. Tar Pit

    BFT Meat vs YT Meat. Help a Somewhat New Guy Out.

    Should look like this.
  611. Tar Pit

    looking for the famous fishing weatherman :-)

    He post his weather report for the upcoming weekend late on Wednesdays.
  612. Tar Pit

    Worst galley cook ever, business killer!

    I was on a boat one time when the skipper asked two drunks to leave the boat before we left the dock. They were a danger to themselves and others on board. I bet we get the crews side of the story before to long. :drunk
  613. Tar Pit

    Fuel surcharge

    I'm on the Red Rooster next week. I was told via e-mail my fuel surcharge is $20.00 or $25.00 per day. It's just something I add to the cost of my trip. Also the galley tab, tip, fish processing, permits, parking, gift for the crew, new line and my pre and post dinner cocktails...
  614. Tar Pit

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 7/17

    I love your weather reports. Even a dope like me can understand it. Thanks.
  615. Tar Pit

    pacific star

    Boats today are getting limits of bluefin at 60 miles. That will give you a lot of fishing time. Hope the weather holds off for you guys. Don't forget a report when you get back.
  616. Tar Pit

    Shogun 3 Day

    Thanks. Great report. I leave on a 5-day next week and your report is very helpful.
  617. Tar Pit

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 7/10

    Great info Chris. I'm out on a 5-day on the RR-3 July 26-31. Let's hope this weather holds.
  618. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    Just a update. 07/10/13 Weather was overcast with some sunshine mid day and very calm seas. Fishing just does not get much better. Daily limits for all aboard with most of the fish in the 50 to 70 pound class. Most of those aboard have never caught a Bluefin tuna over 30 pounds, if they had...
  619. Tar Pit

    Hurricane Erick

    Update on Eric.
  620. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    I referee soccer games in Orange every weekend and drive right by the Longfin. I'll stop in and say hi next week. Thanks.
  621. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    First day of July. 25 more days until our trip. My final payment went into the mail today. :hali_olutta: Reels go to Glenns Tackle this week for new line. Last year I packed, then unpacked and repacked my tackle box 3 times. :waglleybooty: Today 1.5 day boats are tagging bluefin, yellowfin...
  622. Tar Pit

    On d water rr3 report

    I love the ridge.
  623. Tar Pit

    2.5 day-5 day tackle preparedness

    I'm hearing that sardines are getting harder to find and more anchovy is showing up in the tanks. Have some smaller hooks in the bag. Please don't forget reports after your trips.
  624. Tar Pit

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 days June 30 Are u in?

    Looks like a lot of room at the rail. :rolleyes: I was told mostly anchovy for bait. Bring some smaller hooks. Good luck.
  625. Tar Pit

    Where's all the reports?

    +1 A lot of guys asking for help before their trip, but after it's over no reports. And sorry guys but a photos of your meals are not a fishing report.
  626. Tar Pit

    Spring 8 day trips.

    Well my two cents. No tuna at or near the rocks, but some nice yellowtail. The big bluefin are missing, but the school size are moving in. Cedros is slow. The offshore yellowtail bite is hot. Some of the long range boats are looking in new areas. Let's hope they find albacore, yellowfin or...
  627. Tar Pit

    Bluefin Jim 5-day on the Rooster July 26-31 thread.

    I was going to start this thread next week but watching the stock market tank again I need to change gears to something fun. My third trip on the Rooster, but my first trip with this group. My 4-day Charkbait trip last year had bluefin, yellowfin, dodos and ten million baby yellowtails. The...
  628. Tar Pit

    Tipping the crew

    It's not a few coins. It's thousands of dollars. On my last 5-day trip my tip and galley tab was over $450. Do the math...................................... $450 X 30 guys on board is $13,500.00. That's a lot of cash sitting in unlocked stateroom.
  629. Tar Pit

    Tipping the crew

    I also pay with checks on my long range trips. One for my galley tab and a second for the crew tip. I don't like to keep hundreds of dollars of cash in my stateroom.
  630. Tar Pit

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    I'll throw this in................... If your looking to fish over a weekend look at boats out of Seaforth Landing. Better parking and it's free. Now boats............... Open bunkroom or staterooms. Head in galley area or up in the bow. Walking up to the bow underway at night sucks...
  631. Tar Pit


    No. My first time with this group. Last year I did a 4-day on the RR. The trip just before Jim's.