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    wow also never hear of this did you get to confront them if so what was the story ?
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    Skirts PLEASE

    jeff shoot me a list of what you are looking for and i'll see if i can help
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    bruce who ??? do you know of "chain link" i also have a belt but the color is more like water because water is what you want to be like not mike !
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    Steve Lassley's Column Ideas

    what its like to be RETIRED from competitive (tournament) fishing and what he plans to do with his time and some articles about fruit trees would be nice also
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    Suspect in the Brian Stow Beating in Custody

    the lapd found a mech in this state that has a shaved head and gang tatts fucking STELLER police work boys can you say "fall guy"
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    Swordfish eyeball bone.

    way cooler than a dead calico !!!!!!!!!!! killer pic as always mr. B 11#(????)
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    TURN n' BURN pt. II - BARRETT 5/22/11

    hi ho high ho on the 8th i get to funking go !!!!!!!! nice.
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    Little Harbor WFO - FishDope:

    wide open on the SQUARE grouper
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    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    loud boat(nitro)early morning "test & tune" sesh.....HB(FUCK YOU)p.d. did NOT like my "attitude" so i grab the barrel valve (noise maker) and went all "challenger go with throttle up" BOOOOM goes the burst panel bomb squad was called to this i said............................ Date...
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    Grin and Barrett - 5/8/11

    call the police !!!!!
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    YFT and Marlin Weight Calculators/Estimators

    it goes like this............ IF YOU DON'T WEIGH IT DON'T SAY IT !!
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    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    so the "stupid is as stupid does" rule is ok ?? i'd love to turn my 11 yr old loose on people like this oh and REMEMBER KID IT'S PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO STOPPED FUCKING THEM UP A LONG TIME AGO SO YOU CAN HAVE A JOB RUNNING A VESSEL SO YOU CAN SAY "DUH SOMEONE ELSE WILL" gee i guess you are right
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    Blue Water Newbie

    trust me the ONLY thing wrong with kyle is that he's a sharks fan but KNOWS rigging well ! me personally i would run 300# fluoro (min. if baits run well go with heavier leader) ok with that being said use the largest leader you can with the lure still having the action that the bait should so...
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    What goes where in your spread?

    the terms you have used are the same just in different languages and with that being said away we go 1. short corner/1st wave = big bait/teaser (you can run hooks in very large lures BUT also run the risk of the fish "shaking"the bait) 2. long corner/3rd wave = big bait w/hooks 3. short...
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    Blue Water Newbie

    i'd run a 11/0 or 12/0 single hook set-up on the larger ones and the small ones a 10/0 or 9/0 same thing single hook rigs......the hook style i like to run is a 7732 mustad open throat hook hope this helps
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    26Grumpy Hospitalized

    lies all lies he went in for an "addadicktome" hes just fine thank goodness...........but reely glad to hear he is ok
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    Blue Water Newbie

    i would need to know what size baits that you have and then we will go from there on hook & leader size as far as length i like 10' to 12'
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    Rigged and ready! Pictures of Tournament Tackle!

    why 30' on the leaders (lures especially) ???? thats cutting it very very close
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    Future Rockers

    kids can play the singer needs to pick it up a bit dime lives on now all they need is a "black tooth grin" and they will be rockin'
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    Deadliest Catch Season Premiere tonight

    phils gone = suck balls
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    First of the Last Crusade

    they look killer hey who do you gret your skirts from ??
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    diesel mechanic in corona area HELP

    ford f-250 need help with some fuel (or so i've been told) issues !! thanks
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    Galapagos Marlin Report

    don't listen to it bro and you gotta the whole "i've fished there BUT NOT WHERE YOU ARE AT" nice anyway please keep the reports coming with or without things to look at because i cunt reed !
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    Dodger fans............keeping it classy 2011.

    yes sir i stand corrected that sounds more like it
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    dodo/YFT @ Nados today

    hope you did not work all day on this one
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    Marlin Bite Turning on in Galapagos!!

    do you need any "lure mechanics" i might know of one will work very cheap !! sounds like it's good stuff thanks for the report.
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    oregon car accident gnarly pics.

    vegas are you going ??
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    SPOTTED STRIPERS and landed some LMB's (photo)

    i also wonder if his "associates" reely know they are asscotiated ????
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    Supercross Champ James Stewart Arrested...

    how funny we ALL agree this "dicknose" is a tool see people can agree on things too bad it has to be about stories like this in a sport that has not been in the "spotlight" until "Bubba" arrived sure wish he'd GO AWAY
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    SPOTTED STRIPERS and landed some LMB's (photo)

    god hates me you are fucked there bro
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    Supercross Champ James Stewart Arrested...

    hope the book gets thrown at him he started to belive his own b.s. and his lil "brother" is about as bad as they come he'll be the one to hurt someone......he better NEVER drive thru montebello !!!!!
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    Marina El Cid, Mazatlan

    yep it's narrow no it's not a nightmare.....if the capt. knows what he's doing you will be just fine
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    Marina El Cid, Mazatlan

    he is right but it's not all that bad plenty of room you should be just fine
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    Guy on Freeway

    what language was that wave in ???
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    what colour is a squid?

    oh the mind of a lure maker thanks tommy.....fyling squid how funny who would of ever thought huh
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    She makes someone very happy.........

    she is the true def. of an overbite........... when you are licking pu$$ and it starts to taste like chit
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    Jailbreak Bogii

    every one needs to relax about pv, fish the legal areas and you'll be fine.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> well said manny i agree with you all the way it's not your fault but with all the mierda all of you will suffer that is the bad part!!
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    PV Fishing and Prison Report March 11-20, 2011

    no reely mr."B" just glad ALL came away with thier dignity ya know things could of bean MUCH MUCH worse!!
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    What Kind of SNAKE is This???

    copper head ???
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    good to hear that i'm not the only one on the "asshole for not feeling bad for us bus" oh and before i forget was a form like this one given to you............ Date: ______________________ Time of Hurtfulness ________________ am/pm A. Which ear were words of hurtfulness spoken into: Left /...
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    nope jeff poeple like this will never "get it".........due process don't worry the next time (if ever) he ventures back south 'o' de border me thinks he'll find his process due then and don't worry those people who these people have been "bashing" have very long and good memories. they ARE...
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    New technique for Marlin catch & release

    I was speaking with a person from Hawaii., and your name came up. I commented that you have sano proper gear for big fish (I like Accurate Reels), and that has undoubtedly help you to land all your SoCal swordies. o G-san speaks LOUD and not very often but when he does we had ALL better take...
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    I want free fishing rods and reels.

    going to dig reel deep here fellas ?? who will help me find him a ride home ??
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    I want free fishing rods and reels.

    don't sugar coat it please "tell me how you reely feel about this bullshit" (credit for the last statement goes to n.w.a.)
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    I want free fishing rods and reels.

    nope he's just 84' tall can't you tell hey buy a new tape measure the one you "got for free" IS WRONG
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    Mavericks takes another...God speed

    when people push things to the limit this is sometimes the out come ! via con dios sion foo has another tow-in partner
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    Killing billfish

    you sound a little FUCKING WISHY WASHY to me would you please clearify you're stand oh wise one. thank you
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    Bloodydecks to Launch Bigger and Badder Site

    has the fulltime asshole pos. bean filled yet??? if not can i still apply for it ???????? i've got 45 yrs of exp. at the pos.
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    Cool Swordfish Video - Check it out

    The dude that fell in is lucky he's alive. The swordie's bill almost got him in the head which could've been fatal yes sir that was a very close not once but twice
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    Need magazine help...

    yep bluewater is the WAY to go
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    Some Inverts by "Happy Ending Lures"

    i still don't think you are being "truthfull" on this subject..................nice LURES anyway
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    Anyone else had poor experience with Melton?

    I love Melton's. Do they carry Happy Ending Lures?<!-- google_ad_section_end --> nope not yet but i will talk to the men who own that company and see if they can step up to the plate and make us some baits i'd personally love to have them in my stable.
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    Jurassic Lures USA

    and shipped to you from down under ??? "i herd the smell" hi "EL"
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    Any Plumbers here? I have a problem

    call mike diamond the "smell good plumber" <CITE></CITE>
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    Sand Bass population in severe decline? Catches down 90% in 10 years, and NEW DATA

    tommy hit the nail on the head if i can't fund my study how will i live this is what happens the people who thrive from this are the supposed "experts" time to go all "egyptian" on this place
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    Whale shark research

    those guy's are the cooooolest thing in fins i've been gifted to swim with em' nothing like it.
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    Wahoo Head

    very nice very nice indeed but you might want to trim that finger nail
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    A few new pieces by "Happy Ending Lures"

    wanna buy one i might know a guy who knows the ghost if he reely exists in the first place the world may never know
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    HEL "480 Volt" Bushpig

    more about some squid
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    HEL 14" Bushpig in "yellowfin tuna" pattern

    fishing would be outlawed if only outlaws fished the lure in question is on that list <pick it up you are bit>
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    Little Help for Acapulco

    how was it in huatulaco ??
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    The Manzanar Fishing Club documentary film

    thank god you don't know about the "red man"
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    What is it?

    i like to call it a "yellowtail special" 4/0 skinny ggreat reel for chucking the iron. she looks worked hard but with the guts in that reel just clean it up and it will work like a champ (i own 3 of them)
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    Little Help for Acapulco

    yep what he said bullet proof fishworks !!
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    Happy Ending Lures presents the new and improved"Disco Ball"

    thanks for fire'in up the WAY back machine MR. peabody
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    P.O.P site down?

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    New Guy

    you sir are on the path of fishiousness
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    Trolling speeds / lure distance

    and as far as speed that depends on what type and size baits you are dragging for example if it's ono and mahi with "bullet" or "tear drop" type baits you can run a bit more speed and the lures still do the "work" they are intended to do.
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    Trolling speeds / lure distance

    can i ask what "wave" or "wake " do you run said lures ?
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    "Saturday Night Fever"

    on the papreekter scale ????
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    here's what i did i tied a tennis ball to the inside front part of the lid (2' cord thru the ball)then as i close it put it as far back as i can when "they" open it hello gets em all the time also my dog's love to fuck with them too
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    H.E.L. 6.5" Tube Slant

    oh and talking about "tubed" the "banzai pipeline" is firing 8' to 10' volcom STONE says so
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    H.E.L. Do fish eat boogers ?

    c it's papRika but i'd reely call it
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    H.E.L. 6.5" Tube Slant

    as the man himself said "just one _ _ _ _ _" eye "N" eye
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    H.E.L. 6.5" Tube Slant

    so W.H.O. do i c 4 the spice draw re up ????????? 9 out of 10 "old motha hubbards" say my cub board is bare get tubed with H.e.L................p
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    H.E.L. Do fish eat boogers ?

    i'd call it the
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    Caught this -What is it?

    uh oh busted see flipper has been working for the "man" air breathers can't trust em'
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    oh no another WEB debachle "i want to say i meant NO harm by MY statement" <eL fuDge ster>
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    Who sells good skirts on line???

    try this one Replacement Trolling Lure Skirts - Melton International Tackle i have more than anyone also plenty of vinyl so just pick ur poison
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    no you are right "eL" lives in his own private idaho. <fUdgE>
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    Next Years ASP Tour ? and important video

    sounds like "the eddie" might be a go today nice looking swell
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    El Patron hits Asuncion !

    yep and with the age difference they thought he was speaking another language :rofl:
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    Xtreme Fuel Treatment Presents - Beat this Caption ending Jan. 26, 2011

    "phat girls and phuc dolls both are fun to ride until your buds catch you on one" X F T don't get caught without it !
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    Something for Capt G

    now the name of that one has to be the "bushy disco phuc pig con paprika $ papas" como no
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    Quit Smoking

    i let go of those piece of shit things in june........stay gold youngster you got LOTS of life still to live and a better example for your younglings is being set.
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    "La Bufadora"

    outstanding brotha............i see that matthew has been on "paprika patrol" it's killer looking love those yetted lures
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    El Patron hits Asuncion !

    does frank know what this will do to a man his age ???????
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    Something for Capt G

    it should be called the "disco pig" ?????
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    "Hulz Duku" 7" jetted and inverted

    you missed some
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    am i off restriction yet ???
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    Some lures for Cabo H.E.L.

    way cool hello "el"
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    Best Accurate for Wahoo?

    wow you need to put the PIPE down :finger:
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    food for thought from "down under"

    god bless welfare ?? 5 generations on the porch !! thank you mr. abe lincoln ?? no sir not my people no "drive by" for us
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    Defensive player of the year goes to

    YEP THE SON OF A FUCKING CLEVELAND BROWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    One drop, two drop, three drop pour.....

    very well played sir !!!
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    Another thumbs up for Renegade Mike!

    igfa "certified" observer = a dickhead who can't fish and is ALWAYS in my fucking way when i need to be working worthless jackasses who once again CAN'T FISH SO THEY GO THE "OBSERVER" ROUTE SO THEY CAN FEEL LIKE THEY ARE PART OF THE TEAM did i get it right or did i leave something out. mike is...
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    pretty good day for us but no so good for some seiners

    Raping the ocean. Please. That said, any info on the crews outcome would be appreciated.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> latest news is and i quote "cuatro cinco"
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    When do you wear a helmet?

    2 saets behind the dryver on uh schort bus why do you ask
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    Gas prices going up, up, up.......

    i'm all for a "biodiesel" outpost at the casa bet i can find a few people to help in the effort it's quick and easy when you got the right gear.
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    read the rules of the forum

    o-key do-key
  101. M

    read the rules of the forum

    rules now what am i sposed to do ??
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    SOMEBODY STOP THIS RAIN !!!! - My vent thread

    i feel the pain i was out in it ALL FUCKING NIGHT the ground won't take it anymore and thank god i have a living room that is "depressed" or is that how i feel i'm not sure ?? atleast the kids x-mas stuff was saved i hope (santa would go on a killing spree) but the room is now a pool room i...
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    My first heads......

    what did you say RETIRED from what did you bump your head or something ??? fudge
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    Top Lures for East Cape and Cabo

    try baja on the fly gary graham is the guy to go to on the fly stuff fo sure and as far as the "teaser" i tend to like the soft lures like moldcraft or pakula . remember you said "teaser" and when you "tease" you pull said "teaser" out of the spread and fire the fly and trust me the soft stuff...
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    Top Lures for East Cape and Cabo

    see all post's by ............. EL CAPO he has a little bit of an idea what works this is what i've bean told ! H.e.l.
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    Something Fishy

    hope all is well on the other thing there kiddo fudge
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    PV Wrap Up Report (pic heavy)

    glad to hear you made it out of that deal with your life bro man o' man that makes me get chicken skin fo sure
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    LNL "Hookjaw"

    bs with out pics
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    Puppy Bleeds to Death on San Diego Street After Being Stabbed 50 times

    i think the popo just put one down on rosecrans that was "kiestering" a box cutter like i said fucking cats they are NEVER to be trusted
  110. M

    Puppy Bleeds to Death on San Diego Street After Being Stabbed 50 times

    fucking cat did it that's what i was told i think.
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    West -V- East Swordfish

    it's all about the bathymetry big mountains vs. big flats pussie out
  112. M

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    what makes me wonder is all these people admitting they know what piss tastes like ??
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    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    yes please clear up the confusion for me.....just a tape with no scale to weigh the fish??? i don't land a fish EVEN close to this # igfa legal or not 400# is 400# the weight would not just be I THINK I DID i would know for sure ?? so please elaborate for us. thank you
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    Western Outdoors News

    what else are we to read on thy throne ?????
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    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    wow all these people discounting this catch......line class this rail that WHO CARES i know i don't it's by far the largest i've seen (considering I'VE SEEN ONE 383#) so to all of you who want to bash this FISH OF A LIFETIME stop it lets all step back and let the glory go to those who it...
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    He's Back...

    this is the photo that tells the alot more about these kids and how much harder they ride than one might think they need to get way much more respect than they do. and tim it's got to be nuts but way to "trust" your son and his will to get back up and to cory go get em' kiddo now i hope to see...
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    brother can you spare a DIME black tooth grin, fudge
  118. M

    Making Hats.....

    7 like "lucas with it's lid off" fudge
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    Happy Birthday el capo

    feliz cumpleanios mi loco hermano de la pescado ole oh and "you lit up my life"
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    Just Like Jack.

    completely outrageous did that new-fangled "inviso cat gut" work out for ya............jack is older than that he's "pre-school" fudge
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    Does Melton's Tackle give BD discounts

    stop it :waglleybooty:
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    Let's See Your Lures

    well played again and yes the "eyes" have it
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    Getting down at the 'Vine

    ah the "light" is on for me also.......need to do some "un-winding" the monkeys need to be un-caged and let loose on the "vine" big mike
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    Let's See Your Lures

    this is how they look WHEN THEY WORK not just look good as the old saying goes "the proof is in the pudding" should start a new thread about this it "best scratches on you're lures" so far garret is in first place for artstic style....nice work like always.
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    URIJAH FABER vs TAKEYA MIZUGAKI - Who's it gonna be??

    no better way to spend the day....looking for the purple gator
  126. M

    URIJAH FABER vs TAKEYA MIZUGAKI - Who's it gonna be??

    cool hey did you get out at all last week with the boys to look for elvis i had mr. Graham next to me all week so i was hearing all kinds of stories.
  127. M

    URIJAH FABER vs TAKEYA MIZUGAKI - Who's it gonna be??

    yes thank god it's not just if i drive fast i might get to see it how many under card fights ???
  128. M

    URIJAH FABER vs TAKEYA MIZUGAKI - Who's it gonna be??

    what time does it start ???
  129. M

    11/1-11/8 Cabo to Vallarta aboard Maximus - Are you not entertained?

    on my scale it would of bean about 340# give or take a little. nice one anyway.
  130. M

    Unwanted attention, Ever see thease guys offshore

    are you sure that N O S is not being used by you and not you're motor ???
  131. M

    Unwanted attention, Ever see thease guys offshore

    spell check...........that is all
  132. M


    wonder if he wanted to recycle lead from car batteries also ????
  133. M

    More of Ali's lures from H.E.L.

    aw shazbat........are you sure my scissors are not in here..........please let me know if you see them...ok
  134. M

    More of Ali's lures from H.E.L.

    did i leave my scissors in here ??
  135. M

    Lead from a car battery?

    sure wish you said it first don't want you guys from "up there" to know i really am a dick thanks for that.....but the idea is a very bad one
  136. M

    Lead from a car battery?

    you are kidding right ??
  137. M

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    now this is how fishermen change light bulbs !!!!!! classic PLEASE keep them coming bruce i suspect you have killer photo album
  138. M

    Still Produces White Seabass for the Spectra!

    please leave the dog alone killer report billy thanks
  139. M


    to the best of my knowledge no.....but i'll check into it....for a long time it was a kinda westcoast thing but over the last (10-15) years more and more teams from all over the world come to fish it.....nothing like it in big game fishing it's pretty cool to be able to compete right along side...
  140. M


    i'll always give those boys the props and here is why just a little thing like the first million dollar fish kinda cool
  141. M

    Galapagos Marlin Report

    i just rigged a whole bunch of lures for a fellow ecuadorian.....thanks for the report and please let me know if a job opens up ok. big mike @ meltons
  142. M


    somebody get groesbeck a doctor right on first season on the boat and third overall and good to see ned get in the mix what a tourny damn it. and thank you again mike i know it can be a tough thing to herd kids and try to keep up
  143. M


    hell yes after all those years down at the cape i had to grow up i'm very glad to have what i have but like the saying goes "you can take the monkey out of the jungle but you can't the jungle out of the monkey"........i'll get my "fix" starting next week so thank you for keeping the thread going...
  144. M

    Driving from san jose del cabo to Cabo pulmo

    plenty of rental places in town and as far as the drive well if you can drive here in california it's not much better down there....the road out to pulmo is way better than it was it's ALOT better than just going to santa maria with the rast of the group.
  145. M


    all that stuff was on the bisbee web site plus me thinks that mike has the "super secret #" thing ya helps us old farts who have to stay UP HERE and just hang on it. i'll try to keep you all up to date in 2 weeks on the tuna tourny as the fishing for those things should be off the...
  146. M


    the teams with good to go fish are fisherman and dona meche who should be at the scales very soon with fisherman to follow in about a half hour
  147. M


    i wonder what was going thru the minds of these guys........ over a hundred grand per minute
  148. M


    this is what 800# fish like to eat for lunch........................ joe yee super plunger pearl head
  149. M


    hey mike have you gotten any news about mike meridith i've not been able to get ahold of the right people ??
  150. M


    lines out and it looks like no boats are hooked up so the scale will tell the tale soon
  151. M


    last few minutes time to swing for the fence.........dammmmm i'm not even down and i can't sit still......the thrill of the chase never gets old
  152. M


    dona meche just put one on the swim step so that makes 4 fish boated 3 of them to be taken to the scales
  153. M


    yes i'm hoping mr. G puts the secret weapon in the water for the last of it worked real hard to get it for him now it's time for that lure to pay off !!!!!!!!!!!
  154. M


    last 2 hours shit i just saw a nice blue come up in the lures on my desk and yelled drop-back reel loud scared the shit out of the kids at the shop. now is crunch time good luck boys
  155. M


    a little over 2 and a half hours to go now is when you start seeing submarines under the boat
  156. M


    yep also "el mexicano" just put a blue one on the deck
  157. M


    rehab just boated the fish another black one
  158. M

    Kona Mike Update

    fuck he was just in the shop the day he was going south. what hotel did it happen in front of ?? the country to the south is out of control.
  159. M


    i can't wait i'll be running the tuna tourny from a rig while "soaking" some worms.
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    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    that was you and your son at the seabass tourny in may right ?? and yes i use alot of old style terms these days the kids at the shop look at me like my dogs do funny shit
  161. M


    morning mike looks like lazzaro just dumped 1 sporty game just hooked up
  162. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    hi steve give me a call at the shop when you get time. big mike @ meltons
  163. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    426# nice one looks to overtake maverick in the 10.000 daily
  164. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    looks like a fish is on the way to the scale i think it's team sporty game but not sure the live feed blows
  165. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    if the short # this little birdy just told me about is true ??????? and that team is all the way in this will get good
  166. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    yep i show the team (dream weaver) in sides 1 thru 5 ok or for those who don't know. 1= 200 2= 500 3= 1.000 4= 2.000 5= 5.000 6= 10.000 so it looks to me that the team is only in sides 1 thru 5
  167. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    no they are NOT all in they did not do the 10.000 so maverick gets that one
  168. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    yes no or maybe so.....tuna tubes full???? no talk of what lure it was that i know of yet......have you any dope on the subject ????????
  169. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    also the money for the day is pretty safe with ramon and 10 bros the other team hooked up are only in the lower sides so congrats ramon nice payday
  170. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    yep mike a few years ago we made our deckie swim to the scale while we parked wayne knows it should be changed but what do i know if it where me i'd gone down thru those lanes PINNED what did the fish go
  171. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    i would of killed someone/something and yes sir late is late..wayne and i differ on the rule his is an "at the scale" in my tourny(w.o.n. tuna deal) it's the harbour deal you make it by the time we say we weigh it oh the boat just pulled up...........
  172. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    That's way too long to be on a fish in a tourny without any tackle restrictions - time to go to "sunset". with the money on the line you do what you have to do the fish last night is prime example it's still a battle of life and death not like some seabass at 2 harbs kiddo but you are spot on...
  173. M

    Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament - Day Two update

    marlin are still gay as gay can be but thank you for the updates the BIG story is the 800# fish that was only 2 or 3 minutes late last night and did not count i think i would be in jail right now if it was me
  174. M

    NFL Fines Three Players $175,000 for Hits to Head plus Suspensions

    it's the only way "they" know how to play.
  175. M

    Bisbee's "Bush Pigs" by Happy Ending Lures

    because marlin are gay and my masa say's "where do you think you going toby" so here i sit all.....................
  176. M

    Bisbee's "Bush Pigs" by Happy Ending Lures

    you sir are a master of illusion
  177. M

    Cabo Oct 2010 Dream Weaver.. w/..PICS

    As the winner of the Black and Blue in 09' ? i did not know that this whole time i thought it went like this..... The San Diego, California team fishing aboard Mi Novia, a 50 Mikelson yacht, is taking home $436,603 after landing the largest fish of the event, a 375-pound blue marlin. Angler...
  178. M

    Question about pouring a popper

    do you want me to send some other ideas so you don't have to think that hard or you good to go ??
  179. M

    Question about pouring a popper

    i just wanna make my "own". then MAKE THEM if you copy they are NOT your own.
  180. M

    dumbass 3rd dui

    i'm with glass house here when a drunk fucks up your life it tends to stick with sorrow for these people not one bit.....hope he looses all of what he has let him fucking rot no excuses....when he finally kills someone maybe just maybe then he'll get it
  181. M

    Strange Fish Found

    bad juju right there......but look on the bright side now that the "pigmy flat devilfish" (last of it's kind) is dead we can get back to buisness as usual around atleast we have someone to blame for the un-fishy season.....thanks for that
  182. M

    This is Hawaii

    31 mahi no way i only count 14 or 15..........just kidding good to see the WHOLE ohana gets eat.
  183. M

    prayers needed

    it sure sucks when the sniper attack is friendly fire. hang in there is true what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  184. M

    Would like to get contact information for Tony Berkowitz out of Cabo

    shoot me a pm......i get in town on the 29th as well. ok i know a couple people with rig's. ok big mike co-director w. o. n. los cabos tuna jackpot
  185. M

    dumbass 3rd dui

    why doesn't someone ask nick adenhart about this type of person oh wait we can't FUCK THIS GUY nice "friend" by the way and why would you say that about his chick ? thats not nice to say about your "Bro" hope he's not on this site and not bigger than you it gets reel lonely in the joint ya know.
  186. M

    prayers needed

    good luck with it and thank you for what you do for ME to secure MY freedom. aloha, big mike
  187. M

    OMOTO SEVERO 3000 Is Heading To Alan Tani For Review Break Down

    looks like a copy to me the thing i like the most is reading the post by the "reel guru" funny stuff. nice chatter marks on a finished product quality stuff right there
  188. M

    TV Reception Signal problem/question

    move the rabbit ears ?...or tin foil that always does the trick.
  189. M

    A Little Arizona Storm...

    i remember the early 90's they were building a bridge over mill st. the river started to flow then the bridge deck went by by sad thing to see a big job box full of tools go over the edge. i lived in glendale they had a tennis court that was "sunken" and when it came down the kids went nut's in...
  190. M

    What type of line do you pull your lures with?

    i also think what type of fishing you are, tourny, all has different ways it would be put together.....i know for me all are VERY different but i do like the micro-dyneema the old days between fishermen and tennis players lots and lots of cats lost all 9...
  191. M

    What type of line do you pull your lures with?

    main line sp/brd/pe w/top shot of mono (nada mucho) and fluoro on the leader. the fluoro has a better abrasion resistance thats how i let it fly.....hope it helps with the confusion.
  192. M

    how a conservationist/animal rights activist/vegan responds to a rude dfg

    wade you sir are for sure the true reason for a man or did your moms boyfriend not teach you that lesson ???? rules are rules know them live by them or ????? but don't egg someone on then cry silly vegan chicks are for dicks!!!
  193. M

    Kelly Slater best athlete ever?

    he could'nt beat mick this weekend in france ?????
  194. M

    You guys in Oregon get all the hotties

    proof of bigfoot if i've ever seen it
  195. M

    Anyone with boat in Cabo want to fish the Bisbee's tourneys?

    did you post on thier site ?? you'll get someone good luck
  196. M

    Question for Hawaii Fishermen??

    thank you, garrett very well said.
  197. M


    who dat.....who there
  198. M

    17 Dorado last Saturday!! THANKS RenegadeMike!!

    mike you sir ARE a stand-up guy thanks for the honesty.
  199. M

    Ensenada Governors Cup 2010-Never Again

    sorry to hear about this louie it is a shame.........but i think if you would of had "big" george c. with you things would of been a little different.
  200. M

    anyone know what this is

    welcome to the 20% club !!!!!
  201. M

    Hope the fat lady......

    you tell me ?????? nope i think it was the pre-natal clinic next door!!
  202. M

    The Evil "Bush Pig" by Happy Ending Lures

    well see'in as i don't want you to die doing it lets wait till it cools off a bit ok
  203. M

    The Evil "Bush Pig" by Happy Ending Lures

    oh yah for ??????? i thought you had put the back of them out by now.....good luck give me a shout i might have some up to date dope on that stuff ??????
  204. M

    Where are the Carp?

  205. M

    Hope the fat lady......

    these two were caught "WARMING UP"
  206. M

    First attempt at mirrors, tophats. Big results

    play nice buddy i'm glad he set me straight i thought it was a woodchuck
  207. M

    local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    wow that was well said ? but i get the luck to listen to this ALL DAY LONG by choice mind you and yes the evil has 2 sides but as i see it way way tooooo many people who have ,can't ,never will get a clue! no amount of license ,education ,training , new owner program will work and it's very...
  208. M

    Over 40?

    yep but us "old fucks" had lots of things to explore....we would ride down to seal beach river jettys surf in the am then throw a red/white feather with a casting bubble at the bonita till our arms hurt......they made killer catfish bait so some died lots lived.....grunion runs remember that...
  209. M

    Over 40?

    the only other bad thing with this is these little people don't know how to use thier hands's all somehow done for them....we aquired the plywood and 2x4 ourselves......things were very differnt back then
  210. M

    Over 40?

    words to live by mr. bon's kinda sad really sad to see it go the youngsters only wanna go outside if your dad will "eat shit" on the mini ramp for us again?? hate these lil' fuckers
  211. M

    Holy Crap........what's the deal

    these two were caught "WARMING UP" prior to the arrest WHAT DID THIS SAY TO US UH OH !!!!!
  212. M

    local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    no anchors are dropped in this post so please stick to the subject... very well said there markus some people just don't get it what would they do if we came and shit where they worked????? keep up the good work.
  213. M


    i know what you ment now shut the fuck up ??
  214. M


    shut up yes and take some cans of cat food they will go crazy then it's all you need
  215. M

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    yep well rounded i thought i told you that years ago i said prior good luck to you......hope you can learn from our lure maker(el cap) knows his stuff.
  216. M

    Some smaller stuff by Happy Ending Lures

    Really good stuff in the secret drawer right now. uh oh now did you have to go and say that........made waves rockin my new shirt at work yesterday..........f t w......why no insert stuff yet ???
  217. M

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    yep and did not say a word about a LURE at all just about fish...........that as it seems is something that still eludes you......wish you all the best with that as well.
  218. M

    Gaji lure with a happy ending

    matt=fog hat nice flash
  219. M

    Just thought I might share, #367 Blue Marlin

    you are still a donkey
  220. M

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    wow the as the rummer mill churns thanks get your info right BEFORE you say anything. he got this on that no he caught fish when no other boat could rob and his TEAM are the reason they caught fish end of story.
  221. M

    Purple Fever

    spoken like a true hero of the sounds will forever change the way we think............the master of eastern logic has spoken. w.c.m.m.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  222. M

    What BD thread stands out as the all-time funniest BD thread?

    kurt.... i have a new hero thank you we go simon
  223. M

    What BD thread stands out as the all-time funniest BD thread?

    BAD DOG BAD DOG BAD DOG BAD DOG BAD DOG BAD DOG and any post by 5t3v3 "BAD DOG" r055
  224. M

    Purple Fever

    code speak what is this strange thing you say ?????...we only speak in templer codes so only true warriors will hear us dig. w.c.m.m. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  225. M

    Where are the Carp?

    no me first fucker
  226. M

    Where are the Carp?

    Inside the hidden more like the upper finger 7 over 10 is a good start did see one jumper 4-6 below the 371 also<!-- google_ad_section_end --> are you following me.......i don't have the info you are looking for...........sorry
  227. M

    Where are the Carp?

    gotta love a dreamer..........i hope your wish comes true but survey says ??????? nope the water gods are not in favor of any more fish above the line....temp on the 181 is 61 and more very cold stuff draining down the coast behind it.
  228. M

    Purple Fever

    you sir have NO idea what you have done.....peto
  229. M

    12" "disco ball" plunger by Happy Ending Lures

    yeh good luck too...........hope all you're hard work pays off........and i thought it was "putting out the fire with gasoline" but what do i know......anyway good luck to you guys.
  230. M

    Where are the Carp?

  231. M

    Rumor: WSB WR

    well wanna hear it 12#=65# 16#=78# 20#=74# this is up to date dope from that record keeping org. gotta love the whole hype when the bite has been going on for about 2 months. and no new record submitted as of yet.
  232. M

    7" "Scoop De Ville" by Happy Ending Lures

    hey put some hot pink in the one above ok... nice hat but i like mine mo betta got it from the ????? westcoast marlin mafia
  233. M

    "Pinche' Mateo" by Happy Ending Lures

    nope wrong it's......................fucking matt
  234. M

    Go Magellon !!!!

    not looking good at all today..........all but 1 boat with all zeros....way tooooooooo many boats out radio chatter has it at 100 + in a 5 mile area not good for us carp hunters.,,,thats ok i'm fucking at work ty'n skirts on lil' pieces of plastic nice
  235. M

    What were you doing 9-11-2001?

    getting ready to start fishing for the day in the "rosies" marlin tourny when capt. mike hurt (the beak) came over the radio and let the fleet know what was going down. but when it hit home was when plane #2 hit then fishing a marlin tourny was not on my mind.
  236. M


    thanks raw stool for the rapeort nice catch
  237. M

    Hey Ali, whatcha think? "Happy Ending Lures"

    uh oh is this almost as bad as burning the koran ???
  238. M

    Rough weather boat handling

    i do think what happened to tom was what is called a "double up" on the sand bar and if any of us have ever seen photo's of waves that form "below sea level". basically the boat fell into a big hole the water was "sucked up" or off the bar then rapidly replaced by the back of the other wave on...
  239. M

    1 of 5 Marlin hooked over Labor Day Wknd.

    congrats to you guys thats a nice one trust me fish of a lifetime right there!!! big mike
  240. M

    1 of 5 Marlin hooked over Labor Day Wknd.

    i also love the fact that the fish out ran the camera guy even better THATS A NICE FISH trust me that was a reel nice fish tourny winner for sure......i really hate them now with a passion. big mike
  241. M

    1 of 5 Marlin hooked over Labor Day Wknd.

    i hate them this year and am very glad that it is THE OVERNITE FLEET that is on the fish ok big mike
  242. M

    The "Deathtrap" w/ jets by "Happy Ending Lures"

    ok i'll ask again does anyone know an electical engineer i no mo lika go zzzzzzap brah it's way lalo brah we need go foodmart fo getta som beerz oh and howzit
  243. M

    The "Deathtrap" w/ jets by "Happy Ending Lures"

    looks gay to me but what do i know
  244. M

    El Limon' by "Happy Ending Lures"

    would you finally make a NICE LURE ???? ok already i'm over the eletrocutions being suffered at home might you know an electrical guy ???
  245. M

    Metal Flake Sheet Vinyl for Skirts

    it never stops does it jim
  246. M

    whats the gayness about warming your bait up?

    nothing a good "bait tank facial" won't cure. had a good one a few years ago with "that guy" he was not happy with me but i told him that his sack was on the other side and like the rail that is were you stand when you're "warming up the bait" next to your #
  247. M

    whats the gayness about warming your bait up?

    i don't buy into the whole "warm up your bait" thing but i do give it a good pep talk before he goes for a swim??
  248. M

    Long tapered tube by "Happy Ending Lures"

    jim we need some copy's of your book here at the store it's a great read. as far as a name for this lure how does Gevil eye sound??? big mike @ meltons
  249. M

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    they ONLYcount if the capt. uses your gear for someone else
  250. M

    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

  251. M

    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    hi troy this should work ???? Date: ______________________ Time of Hurtfulness ________________ am/pm A. Which ear were words of hurtfulness spoken into: Left / Right / Both? B. Is there permanent Feeling damage? Yes No C. Did you need a tissue for the tears? Yes No Reason(s) for filing this...
  252. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    as do i sir i think this kind of internet sissyness is absurd, juan is a friend and runs a vessel for a very good friend.....just think a few years ago things would have been very different old school justice just say'in think before you type
  253. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    well try having someone shit where you eat then be told you have to like it ??? and as far as the free speech thing i thought that was what i was doing free if you don't like what i said or the way i put it i'm sorry this might help for those of us who are in need......................... Date...
  254. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    thank you juan now it's ALL a little more clear
  255. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    well when someone gets kicked in the balls then asked to not have it hurt yes i have an issue with it did you see it when it was first posted not very nice stuff and i'm sorry if my (please remember it's mine) opinion does not sit well with some of you but don't shit down someones neck then...
  256. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    why..... the more it went on the more it made me mad lets see some of you do this for a living taking you so called "experts" out on a daily basis and not have it get under your skin ? day after day of that ok i got it then bang goes his nice new lure now it's your fault did'nt make the...
  257. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    yep the whole thing and what difference would it make ??? what now it's my fault sorry you had a bad day but to sling it like you did was wrong and the whole "i'm no expert" is the smartest thing that you've written and if you are not the expert that you say you are'nt then WHY DID YOU SAY...
  258. M

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    sorry but you and "hellen" need to stay home and NEVER leave again please. 20 + baits that would cost you more than your trip in some must be part of this 'everyone gets a trophy for trying" generation do you want a hug or do you need more time to wine?? pick your nuts up and go on...
  259. M

    Baja 3?

    wine country it's bitchen............ nice road........ cool route to take
  260. M

    Kid playing in the mud...

    my dad used to say that mud and dog shit were 'magnetic" cause if a kid was around they would have some on them.
  261. M

    Bluefins off the Producer

    yep herd it was tuff finding "keps" to fish today
  262. M


    go for it lil one, i feel the very same way FUCK ALL OF YOU.............. with that being said how was your day today ???
  263. M

    Famed Angler Stewart Campbell pulled overboard by Marlin

    RIP................. CHUNDA WILL FISH FOREVER
  264. M

    What to do in cabo

    TORO BRAVO YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  265. M

    CNC work on new ATD topless...QC?

    no blem those windows are just that WINDOWS and accurate does not have oompa loompas working in the "polishing" dept. so tight corners like that are what thay are and riddle me this do you remove your flex-wrap after each trip also ?? seems to me that with a complaint of corrosion would only be...
  266. M

    Here's the Tuna - Maybe 250#??

    P.S. Kyle, I thought you Puerto Vallarta joto's only liked Tuna? When you return to Cabo next week I will personally give you some refresher lesson's on where and how to fish in Cabo San Lucas.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> kids these days need to be reminded ALOT............... nice fish on a...
  267. M

    From the "Don't Leave Your Bottled Water Unattended" File...

    if blue birds have blue babies and black birds have black babies what kind of bird has no babies at all ??????????....................... fucking swallows
  268. M

    What to do in cabo

    toro bravo best of the best
  269. M

    Bad Neighbor help

    LAKEVIEW TERRACE "let go" by the SHERIFFS dept. .......... don't turn your back on him he knows the law he is trying to egg you on get a cam set up going thats what i'd do then you have proof good luck.
  270. M

    The Eco-Nazi's... LA Times Article

    wow we all agree with each other this can't be true ??? yes it was a horrid deal but as stated prior they took thier own safety for granted and we all now see what happens and now the press b.s. i can't get over how they want to tell all of us how bad offroad is for all of us it's going to crawl...
  271. M

    The Eco-Nazi's... LA Times Article

    i could not agree more yes it's sad that the loss of life took place but they knew the risks.
  272. M

    Mud Marlin Live in Madeira?

    yes and yes and yep. jonboy fished kona, vinyl is the style, the only way to fly when pulling tubes and skinny ones as far as the whole coconut theory yeh but no it's widely used by the guys that know.
  273. M


    very well said sir i need to learn some of your style of tact............i just tell them to fuck off and if they don't like what they hear then well you know but you have played this one perfect.
  274. M

    Your guy squirt my dog!!!!

    time for " la migra" remember 1 out of 12
  275. M


    " LOVE COMES IN SPURTS " .............. just like fishing! how was that ???
  276. M

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    see what happens when you are have my respect once again. well played sir.
  277. M

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    life is tooo short bro you were willing to drive down to look for a slayer 'o halibut but this guy needs more than threats ok quit fucking with him and DROP THE BOMBs you sir are truely letting me down
  278. M

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    still think the " junk photo " idea was mo betta
  279. M

    Gyro's and a good eye.

    i remember back in the pre-school days that would have been a act of god but now a days with what tools we have to work with things like this are more common but still nice to hear about. i've had a couple of good ones too when we first put the gyros up to our eyes we had to retrain them we...
  280. M

    What have you done with the money?

    weed lots of weed.......... i think
  281. M

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    you sir are VERY sneeeeeeeky big mike
  282. M

    Thery're watching you

    about 10 or so yrs ago we were at LAKE PERRIS we used to go and wade the east end so we go thru the trees like always and we came across a very fresh deer kill. so thinking swiftly we all stayed around it for about 10 mins while we got ready to fish we then went to go fish and my buddy says he...
  283. M


    yep it's all good ol' boy "rubin' is racin'" shit until someone fucking dies gotta love a driver with the raw talent like jimmy has letting a fuck-tard like knasssss tell him to go almost kill someone and laugh it off like another day in the office.
  284. M


    mr. johnson let some bad news out of the bag when OVER THE RADIO he says to the cocksucker that is his crew fag mr. knass " i did what you told me to do" they both should be shot !!
  285. M

    Cabo Offshore - Charter Recommendations?

    any boat will feel small with 8 guys you should think about splitting up into groups of 4 way much more time to fish per person. the only place i know of that has larger types of vessels like that is pisces sportfishing.
  286. M


    i've been tryin to say it for a while still can't and yes pure rape on the vhf it will be funny.
  287. M

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    don't hold back your feeling miguelito tell us how you really feel.
  288. M


    how do you pronounce that name or am i just slow. super clean rig jeff does it need any lures??
  289. M

    How damn big do these get?

    what # test was it caught on ???? the line class record for 80# is only 47.7# if his line over test at 50# it would be a line class record.
  290. M

    Stung through the boot

    did it break the skin ?? did you bleed ??
  291. M

    NASCAR's Jack Roush in another plane crash

    BUY A BUS wow no shit 9 lives well 6 or 7 left now
  292. M

    Chivato: by "Happy Ending Lures"

    halt who goes there
  293. M

    Dodgers invade San Diego

    do you know the diff. between dodger fans and most of the poeple in prison........................................... FUCKING NOTHING the arrest rate will go up over the next 3 days i bet.
  294. M

    R.I.P. Sgt. Jesse Tilton

    thank you both for standing tall. via con dios sgt. tilton thank you for your service. and b. if you see some of those "church dicknoses" please say hello for me a few times ok. big mike
  295. M

    Anti-reverse bearing failures... why

    yes he came from honda f1 and those are the most advanced reels known to man but you do pay the piper. i've had my hands on one of the old ones they used to call them "marlin" and "tuna" they have changed the deal now the one i played with was the "tuna" or the 50 nice piece but i'll keep my...
  296. M

    The New Trojan Anglers Club

    they also lost the privilege to fish for the next 4 years i love it. also loved it when X coach carroll says "he had no idea" gotta love that. i don't think reggie will make it thruogh this season atleast i hope not i'd like to see some on the field pay back!!
  297. M

    Small Reel that actually works? Please?

    matt what we need to do is go fish with these people and find out what they are talking about. i've fished these reels for a very long time with no failure ever and use that would make most people get pulled overboard. if you don't like the reel don't use it but to say failure when alot of reels...
  298. M

    Mike Hart caught cheating WON BASS tournament

    trust me i never want things to happen like this, i delt with it at a tourny in cat. this year people start the rummer mill going but forget that we had people from hubbs ON SITE but still want to talk. but no i don't feel bad for the guy i hope they put the term "full extent of the law" into...
  299. M

    Mike Hart caught cheating WON BASS tournament

    trust me this is the nightmare of all nightmares for tourny people, i have weiged my fair share of fish for "big money" and sometimes you do loose sleep over it, but in the end of the day you just do your best never ever do i want to go through what they went through and yes ban him for life
  300. M

    Small Reel that actually works? Please?

    proudly fishing with mine for over 10 years and NEVER HAD A FAILURE so before you go and say they do period i'd ask around first so you don't look like a dick................oops to late
  301. M

    Poco Bueno on "Custom Billed"

    thanks rob the TRUTH never hurts
  302. M

    Poco Bueno on "Custom Billed"

    yep thats the dope going around the camp fire, with the last couple "big money" tournys having issues you tend to hear these kind of things. story i got was the fish was "boated" then gaffed ??? then jumped out of the boat the they gaffed it and re-boated the fish. WOW hope all of it got taken...
  303. M

    Poco Bueno on "Custom Billed"

    way to go that is a great story and even better reaction, who ever made those decisions should also get a raise !!!!! one other thing do you have any dope on the DQ deal news is slow???? big mike
  304. M

    Ford F250 Super Douchebag Cummins Turbo Deisel FX4

    look out stan big tough guy gonna take your truck.......... you gotta be kidding me some people, sounds like he's already been someones "BITCH"
  305. M

    Jose Verde: by "Happy Ending Lures"

    is that all you got............................ looks killer
  306. M


    problem solved. this is the problem with the "2 or 3 times a year" guy like this he hears things and has no idea what is going on and now it's the boats fault now they suffer hope your happy.
  307. M


    well the facts as far as the igfa rule book read 2. mutilation to the fish, priop to landing or boating the catch,caused by sharks,other fish,mammals,or propellers THAT REMOVE OR PENERATE THE FLESH. that is the fact so if there was a "slash" from a "bad gaff" this is what the rule covers sorry...
  308. M

    missing person report

    THIS YEAR ARE YOU SURE ?????????
  309. M

    missing person report

  310. M

    Earthquake!! (5 Million earthquake threads merged here)

    5.7 in hemet, wonder if it was just a meth lab going boom ????
  311. M

    Restaurant in cabo to prepair my catch??

    the cantina is great stuff also try solomans it's just down the malecon at the corner next to the tesoro. brian soloman is the owner and they will cook your fish how ever you like, great food and surroundings you can't go wrong at either place. big mike
  312. M

    2010 blue marlin world cup

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=550 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="FONT-SIZE: 12px"> </TD><TD style="FONT-SIZE: 10px" vAlign=top align=right>Last Updated: 7/1/2010</TD></TR><TR><TD style="FONT-SIZE: 12px">Angola, Lobito - 5 boats Algarve, Portugal - 1 boat Azores - 1 boat...
  313. M

    WHite Seabass Stones

    all 4 ?????? please fill me in on all 4 photos please
  314. M

    Power Pro spinning on spool-what to do

    yes 10 wraps will work BUT when and if your line gets wet your spool will not like the line up tight with no space to dry no barrier, now the spool gets eaten. allways put something down prior to your power pro you will like the outcome much better.
  315. M

    Stanley Cup spotted in Chicago parade this weekend.

    maybe dustin byfuglien had some pull with this happening see'in how he and sopel play for another team now???????? blackhawks made a big error with this one!!! i think they made the big boy mad.
  316. M

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    right on is that 2 i see ??? what did they go ?? nice, big mike
  317. M

    Marlin Disqualified

    the capt. on this rig should be "hung from the highest yard arm" what a ding dong.
  318. M

    Mud Marlin Live in Madeira?

    the fish was caught on a xl polu kai instigator, the crew is cleaning up for the day and the full story to come soon but our capt. jonboy kelmer said "when bo got the wire for the first time i could see the bottom". as far as angler info it's a friend of our wiremans wife and will confirm but it...
  319. M

    Mud Marlin Live in Madeira?

  320. M

    Pacific Coast Sport Fishing Festival Review

    big thanks to all who showed up the boys at pcs (drew,bill and crew) did a great job so thanks to them also!!! big mike @ melton tackle
  321. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    great game, fucking great playoff for both teams and only one could win congrats to the hawks. and the one thing i am stoked about is that the flyers did something that since 1917 only 6 had done 3 of them lost and the flyers are 1 of the 3 that won so i'll take that !!!!
  322. M


    done did toooo easy............
  323. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    i would NOT want to be on his "list"
  324. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    let me see, the new "list o' death" 1. b 2. bad dog 3. osama
  325. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    that depends on what side of the fence you are on. nice match fuckers
  326. M

    4 spots left on our 1 1/2 day Seabass Special trip on June 21/22

    behdad how much for a spot and a half (me and my 10 yr old) mom could kill 2 birds with 1 stone b-day & pops day ? big mike @ meltons
  327. M

    What is it?

    i like hooops answer better
  328. M

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    this is what it's ALL about right here way to go dad !!!! big mike
  329. M

    Strictly Billfish Photos

    james don't you have a photo of an 865# that you are VERY proud of ???? come on don't hold back now. big mike
  330. M

    i need a job!

    just happy i could help, everyone needs a chance in life he just got one. you never know 10 yrs from now he could be wiring fish in some exotic location and it all started with a post on this site. big mike
  331. M

    What is it?

    we have a winner!!!!!!
  332. M

    What is it?

    a m#^) %#ar shaft and *a*&le d$!^e pin hi ben how was tavi big mike 2x by the way
  333. M

    i need a job!

    he seems to be a good little dude and hes going to work out very well and timing was everything. big mike
  334. M

    i need a job!

    welcome to the ohana james. good to have some new blood around here!! big mike your new lower upper middle manager @ meltons
  335. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    did you hear the hawks talking shit saying "best hit all year for ya huh carcillo" that was classic.
  336. M

    i need a job!

    give me a call @ the shop and i'll see what i can do. 714-507-4177 ex 268 big mike @ meltons
  337. M

    Fishing for the Giant Trevally.

    right on brotha hows the surf ??? i know the scenery with the "crew" you are rolling with must be EPIC. now more kava please.
  338. M and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    good to hear that you guys are happy to have us. the last couple of days i've been running up tracys phone bill talking to as many top shelf capt. and mates as i could to make sure WE have the latest and greatest news about billfish as we can bring to ALL OF YOU. cool reports from far off lands...
  339. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    no shit i saw one with him it sounded like my grampa w/o his grill installed. hockey is the ONLY sport left where real athletes play no b.s. with these guys.
  340. M and Melton Tackle! New Forum - New Partnership!

    thank YOU very much. looking forward to making more people lure addicts!!! big mike
  341. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    ok din-din it is. one last time duncan "chicklets" keith gotta love that fucker thats how hockey should be played!!! big mike
  342. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    ok b. it's you and i sir. wanna make a lil wager on who hoist lord stanleys cup ????? big mike
  343. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    flyers score 2 quick ones 3-1 flyers it's getting closer
  344. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    duncan "chicklets" keith thats all i have to say about that habs flyers tied @ 1
  345. M

    Has a marlin ever kicked your butt?

    what are you trying to say "when i was younger" what last year???
  346. M

    Has a marlin ever kicked your butt?

    it was the 2000 or 01 zane grey tourny and a certain boat hooked one a very nice one on 30# then went like the next 6 hrs or so before boating the fish and all the rest of us were made to wait to hear the weight. the fish went 287# on 30# then the next morning as the rest of the fleet made way...
  347. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    just let me fix this. hawks fucking sweep flyers in 5 and now i have a new hero, CHICAGO -- The chicklets came pouring out of his mouth, and one even got stuck in the back of his throat. Duncan Keith lost seven teeth in all, three on the top and four on the bottom, when the puck came off Patrick...
  348. M

    Tavarua Monday Fish Report

    good to see that you can still enjoy life brotha. hows cloudbreak looking ?? send more pics please. jealous in anaheim, big mike @ meltons
  349. M info wins White Sea Bass Tournament

    thats the same thing we were hearing but when there is NO grid, anywhere along the coast is open. the better thing was the bait deal i have never had to tell some people that no squid means NO SQUID if it's not makable well NO SQUID. and at no time were any i mean any non-performance enhancing...
  350. M

    Best fluorocarbon?

    x3 seaguar for the light stuff, momoi for the heavy gear.
  351. M info wins White Sea Bass Tournament

    thanks to all of fishdope/bd members who fished the deal. it was cool to weigh a dozer fish of a lifetime for someone who truely puts in time and effort with the gooooood "dope" we have nowadays. so cograts to floyd and crew on the win. big mike unofficial official weighmaster for w o n
  352. M

    check this out thanks b.p.

    live feed of gulf spill
  353. M

    Just how fucked is the US economy?

    ok who what or how do we fix it, give more money to people who have plenty??
  354. M

    Resin Head questions

    they look very cool and NOT to be a dick you need to "turn the skirt" down more so more of the eye shows. the skirt will lay better for you trust me i do it alllllll day so i have just a bit of knowledge about it. anyway the heads look good and keep up the good work nothing like making one and...
  355. M

    Marvin Foster RIP

    a hui hou brother mav aloha nui loa
  356. M

    HUGE T came into Oceanside yesterday

    no it's that you have made your comment thank you for that but when you keep retorting to OUR comments is what i meant. so to that i once again say thank you for coming and now PLEASE go away. and as far as the answer it's the removal of people like yourself. have a blessed day!!
  357. M

    Ivory Coast Grander

    did it look like this.....................
  358. M

    Singapore Sling Hits the Q105

    good to see you out from behind the machines and out fishing!!!! big mike
  359. M

    Billfish Tackle Supply

    sorry to hear that as far as the company i'll do some checking for you i deal with people down there all the time. big mike
  360. M

    W.O.N Tourney 10th Place

    just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all who fished the tourny. i think i weighed 26 or 28 c-bass with another 10 or so calling to check on weights. but for the fishing as of late i don't think things turned out that bad. thanks again to all, big mike
  361. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    hawks in 6 flyers sweep best cup in a loooong time sean are you ok do you need help getting back up ?????
  362. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    thats my call
  363. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    good morning sean how was your weekend ?
  364. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    :shithappens:well what do you have to say now ?? i'll say it again anyone old enough to remember that far back the flyers of the 70s where badass and this team brings back some good memories of what old school hockey used to be beat the other guy to a bloody pulp. and as i said before they are...
  365. M

    daughters bf is out of control

    his name isn't "halibut slayer" is it ? if so jesse and i know how to deal with him!!
  366. M


    VERY glad to hear that you guys are still up and running and with some nice fishing to boot!!! i wish you good luck on what is to still come and hope that you guys will be spared. this is a very big deal and has yet to be figured out how to fix it so lets all hope they get it done SOOOOOON for...
  367. M

    Black Marlin

    thats a nice one right there!!!! must have some goooood wall space for her. big mike @ meltons
  368. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    yep the bruins are going to win over the flyers but the flyers ARE BEATING the bruins. there is a show on hbo right now called "broad street bullies" the way they are beating the bruins is almost the way they did when i was a kid in the 70s and they always will be a favorite.
  369. M

    R.I.P. Danny "Magoo" Chandler

    wow he was a true racer via con dios "magoo"
  370. M

    Knee replacement

    like others have said i too have been lucky to be able to have put it off but like back surg. it's a bitch. hope it's not about you and if it is good luck to you with it hope all goes well.
  371. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    now that was how a hockey match should be played SMASH MOUTH kicked thier asses up and down the ice. i would love to see them win the next two so they get the win at home !!! fuck cooover also what happend to the "green dicknoses" by the sin bin ??? and b you sir are still on the list just a...
  372. M

    Headed to Venice to kill some tuna!

    you sir are a good person,the fish gods WILL smile upon you ! big mike @ meltons
  373. M

    Big Bear Poaching Mother Fucker Busted!!!!

    yep reminds me of a fine amigo that was caught at lake perris a few years back no license, no understand with a fucking 17# bass laying next to him FULL of huevos and yes just a lil tickle from the law makes no sense to me.
  374. M


    does anyone know how to say " four guys in a leaky boat " in spanish ????? cuatro sinko ! viva somebody
  375. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    The Kings? I didn't know you were a Sacremento fan. :D top of the list now right behind "bad dog"
  376. M

    Three RIGGED Big Game Lures

    maybe he needs to go to picture taking school ??
  377. M

    Go Blackhawks.......

    fuckers better pull off the win need some pay back for the kings thought they would bring it but they left their my lil donkey lunch boxes at home. go hawks
  378. M

    Three RIGGED Big Game Lures

    what are you trying to say huh ???
  379. M

    Oil Spill Update

    good luck to you guys down there. this deal is ALOT larger than they (bp) have been owning up to we thought katrina was a nightmare well hold on to your hats. big mike @ meltons
  380. M

    Extra Large Queen Palms - FREE DELIVERY

    yeah what is your range for delivery?? i am in corona big mike @ meltons
  381. M

    Sugar Shane Or Money Mayweather

    i hope soooooo badly that sugar gets ahold of gaywhenever and puts him on his back "knights tale" style " you have been weighed, you have been measured, and he was found to be a true jackass. plus i would love to see his uncle get started in some shit when motor mouth has NOTHING to say after...
  382. M

    40 year sentence????

    and it's a wonder to me why we allow this type of thing look at the great state of arizona and the shit they are getting right now. if we had a better system in place maybe these things would not happen.
  383. M

    LIVIN' IT UP IN CABO W/ RENEGADE MIKE!!! 04/17/10-04/24/10

    great report BUT what nobody told you where cabo was................... not to bust em too bad (you are a big fucker and you kinda scare me) but fucking boots in cabo gotta love you guys from "up there" any way sounds like the trip was off the hook and the girls at amnesias and lord...
  384. M

    What trolling lures for Cabo???

    Capt. Skip Smith claims that all lures are equal at eight knots That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. easy there miguelito be nice but i have to agree. try a bird/jet head combo way back right down the center. also i have to agree with the "pakula lumo" sprocket it's a great lure...
  385. M

    A great weekend - GREATEST WEEKEND!

    that is huge you getting a chance to be a part of his life congrats!!
  386. M


    Hey 3:16 Lure Company, why does this thing say 'Capt. G' on the side?" i was thinking the very same thing now someone is asking where they are sold? wow G you can sell stuff even without trying you sir are the man! bitchen report there also. big mike @ meltons
  387. M

    NHL Play-Offs

    kings are on a roll good tough match and WHAT THE FUCK is up with those green dicknose's next to the sin bin at the vancouver matches none of the kings would even look that way glad to see those donkeys did not make the trip south they would have been beaten severely about the head and...
  388. M

    Lures for Sober by "Happy Ending Lures"

    when are you going to make some cool lures ?? these suck!!!! where is my hat f^(k%* they look great bro how you bean ? big mike
  389. M

    Ecos are trying to shut down Dana Point Bait barge

    well said youngster and like others have said keep your mind ,ears and eyes ALWAYS open and you will succeed in life you must have good parents. and congrats on the flatty that was some good karma right there!!!! big mike @ meltons
  390. M

    perris lake

    i know it was just funny he seems like a good kid
  391. M

    Ecos are trying to shut down Dana Point Bait barge

    the part that gets me is what the teacher is doing is this part of the class structure ? or is he just out "free thinking" this is my question. if he starts teaching outside the lines go report him.
  392. M

    perris lake

    make sure you don't piss off the locals ok
  393. M


    well i get to select, skirt up and rig lures for people all around the world so i guess i work in "lure heaven" but really i have the best job in the world it's VERY easy to get up and go to work when you love what you do for a living. being able to just skirt a lure and have the owner catch a...
  394. M

    Breaking News: Gardner changed plea to Guilty for BOTH Amber and Chelsea

    the whole bad part of this is this pos he will be put in a special needs yard where he and his kind live also where chances of him getting his just desserts are very low. the ONLY thing good about it right now is he is off the streets and will NEVER do what he did again.
  395. M

    La Guaira, Venezuela report

    glad to see david got that deal going. he got some very nice lure's from me at the miami boat show. also way to go with jr there i remember those day's and still have one to go i have a 2 and a 1/2 yr old girl at the casa so that one might get interesting. thanks again for the reports. big mike
  396. M

    spots in corona

    im in pm sent. big mike @ meltons
  397. M

    NHL Play-Offs

    anyway yes a great match lots of good hits some not so good ones but we made it a game of it we will see come saturday night. big mike @ salukihaters .com
  398. M

    NHL Play-Offs

    you just made the "list" pal.
  399. M

    Was it a rumble or staged ?

    nope lots of baaaaad blood right there those guys don't like each other one bit. and yes if the film crew was not there colturd would be looking a little different on these first shows. if you ever have the chance to get some time with any of these guys you'll see they are all "high strung" it...
  400. M

    Rancho Leonero

    take a small spinning set up the stuff on the beach before and after dinner is off the hook fun.
  401. M

    Crimping Advice

    always use a dbl crimp set up we do a dbl overhand on the top and on the hook side just thru the eye once but both have a dbl crimp set up. if you have any questions i can answer shoot me a call or a pm. big mike @ meltons
  402. M

    Deadliest Catch premiering Tuesday, April 13th at 9pm E/P

    you bass guys always starting shit and yes it was awsome to see someone put that shit talking p o s in his place and yes how funny it was that no big talk on site just on his rig what a donkey!!!!!!!!!! big mike
  403. M

    NHL Play-Offs

    safety pin in the twins classic
  404. M

    NHL Play-Offs

    dick............. hey how is your nephew? your still a dick by the way. big mike
  405. M

    NHL Play-Offs

    kings better get it together they need to play tough smash mouth hockey tonite so they can set the tone for the series. go get em' boys
  406. M

    kona grander

    kev is the man got to spend some time in miami with him this year hes a real good guy and tracys got to be one of the best on the wire i have ever seen. thanks for the updates we hear things pretty quick also but it's ALWAYS best to verify. much mahalos, big mike
  407. M

    Deadliest Catch premiering Tuesday, April 13th at 9pm E/P

    how about those donkeys on the kodiak when that pot "broke" free talk about lucky people. yes it's tough to watch capt. phil may his seas be forever calm. big mike
  408. M

    HFC Airsoft pistols

    that would be funny brandon would poop a little just a little though. thanks mike keoni has been shooting stuff as of late and those types of things were on the list. thanks in advance, big mike @ meltons
  409. M

    killed canyon lake

    oh well i guess me asking if anyone has an "in" for a bd bro is out the door. but seriously that must be a bitch to watch happen i have fished the lake and it is a very good fishery just needs some better rules!! big mike @ meltons
  410. M

    kona grander

    like you both said "brada" wtf hey g-007 are you sure on the lure my coconut wireless conect told me it was a kona bullet with an 11/0 hook anyway a very nice fish for a top shelf capt. like jason. big mike @ meltons
  411. M

    HFC Airsoft pistols

    i'll take em mike. big mike @ meltons
  412. M

    25 year old Family friend has bad Leukemia

    thanks for the heads up bill will be praying for him. big mike
  413. M

    Avalon Casino Building

    darn pelican poop
  414. M

    Fishing boat rental in Sitka?

    call mac @ frontier charters if he has one open i bet he will work with you. (800) 388-1218 good luck to you
  415. M

    What we do is secret

    those were the days.
  416. M

    Help Keep Rocky Point Open submit an E-letter NOW !!

    done and thanks for the heads up big mike
  417. M

    Long range with kids

    i've got a 6-day on the Q in august and would love to have more kids on board (my 10 yr old is going) plus someone has to be the voice of reason because my 12 yr old brain tends to get me into trouble. pm me if you want more info. big mike @ meltons
  418. M

    Looking for a specific skirt material color pattern.

    red & white lateral yes but stripes i don't know can you clarify it for me and i'll check what i have also what size do you need. big mike @ meltons
  419. M

    Hi, I'm new here

    very cool work very unique!!!! keep it up the "raw" look is cool also. big mike
  420. M

    Why my Daughter wont have a bf till shes 21

    bet this jackass is related to our buddy "halibut slayer" what do you think jesse????
  421. M

    March Marlin

    yes keoni and i are going it will be his first trip to del mar how about you?
  422. M

    March Marlin

    thanks for the report gary hope you and yvonne are doing well. big mike @ meltons
  423. M

    What do I name my new boat?

    what about "turd burglar" since it will hit home on that kind.
  424. M

    High school fishing club O/N trip

    let me look thru some stuff but i am sure i'll find some gear for you guys. big mike @ meltons
  425. M

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    ali please tell me am i a "friend of the taliban" and i sure am glad he cleared up my confusion on who was "wbs malin champ" in 00' & 01'
  426. M


    gotta love tavi but empty waves ??????
  427. M

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    i knew it this whole time with the "tuna jihad" stuff and now come to find out it's a conspiracy from the great white north.
  428. M

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    stop teasing
  429. M

    Crazy Marlin Photo

    thanks matt i was waiting for someone to post this here is the full dope. big mike
  430. M

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    what now are we going to see a el capo "roster tail" if so please put it in the box with my super cool new hat and just send them to me. howzit ok i hope. big mike
  431. M

    Stiff Rig For Marlin Lures

    well there are a couple of ways but here at the shop i will take 2 crimps put them on the leader then chafe tube then the hook then pull up enough leader to make sure i have enough to finish then i'll crimp the bottom (at the hook) so this will leave you with a crimp and a long tag end now place...
  432. M

    Who will be fishing in the WON trout tourney at the Vine

    you will love it hows things anyway. big mike
  433. M

    Hows this underwater camera

    good luck with that let me know how the "ghetto version" works
  434. M

    Who will be fishing in the WON trout tourney at the Vine

    what did you give up on the carp ????????
  435. M

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    it's time to "skin the smoke wagon" boys just a thought. not wanting to get all political but it's time to fight a war on OUR SOIL fuck em fuck it come get me. we all need to stick together or they will win.
  436. M

    What happened to the Accurate "durability" posts?

    nope it does not suck it SWALLOWS!!
  437. M

    marijuana smugglers caught off I. Santa Rosa

    are you sure about that or where you just buying american??????
  438. M

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    civil disobedience now is the time we must make our point knowen fuck this we can't sit back and let this happen. they can turn killers loose on society to kill again and they want to try to stop me from spending the day fishing with my kids no i don't think so. i hope you fucks monitor these...
  439. M

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    tattoo his whole body in an american flag then buy him a one way tic to iraq ? just thinking
  440. M

    The spawn is on

    where at??????
  441. M


    i'll stand up on saturday morning starting at the lets talk hook up radio show then out front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  442. M


    it's time for civil disobedience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck this they can set inmates free from jail because of no money then this type of action. look at the attention they get when some nut sac in a lobster outfit protests the sale of fresh maine lobster so lets do the same good, bad or...
  443. M

    Another SOB I want Dead!

    i have an idea we can start up a bait company and make "scumb buckets" just grind these fucks up pour em in the bucket viola. this shit is too much we as free thinking people MUST put a stop to it this fucker can make someone disappear so can we there is plenty of desert out there. time to get...
  444. M

    Marlin Lures 2 vs. 1

    single stiff rig as far back in the skirt as rules allow is what i do for the carp here and down below. as far as blues/blacks at the cape and further sur we run mostly singles but some lures just need the extra "keel". as far as the cicrle hook thing we don't use them only on bait never on...
  445. M

    RIP Captain Mike Rand

    via con dios mike you'll be missed, big mike @ meltons
  446. M

    Life size GW tattoo!

    fuuuuuuuuuuck that hurt. thank you very much charles you are the man. big mike
  447. M

    Anti MLPA sticker

    A well known internet tackle store refused to carry them as they were a political issue??????? wtf who name them, political???? it's my life and anyone else in this industry
  448. M

    Anti MLPA sticker

    got a few left at meltons get em while they are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big mike
  449. M

    Are super ninja heads better than other fish heads?

    If you believe a lure head can outperform others than it is better. If you have no faith in it, then it is not good to own. this is the most powerfull statement in this whole thread!!!! big mike
  450. M

    Mark Healy spearfishing for wahoo

    heals is a true waterman da hui o hele nalu
  451. M

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    There's still time left and 0 opportunities for you to be involved in claiming a nation for Jesus with Mission 193 Mission 193 Completed 0 countries remaining Mission 193 will be completed wtf
  452. M

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    little help please what # are we at now G got me all off track.
  453. M

    Spawn fishing video

    thank you wish i had a video cam around many times like that. we used to fish lake perris back in the trees and we would see fish spawning all the time.
  454. M

    Spawn fishing video

    he forgot a stage the jealous dickhead don't rain on my cool but very shaky video one. cool vid
  455. M

    Foto = 1,000 words

    ah here we have another great photo of the fijian pigmy pole vault team training. at this point they have taken the short walk down the long pier to find a sneak attack by the non remorsefull long tooth leaping tuna's. the poor pigmy's are a proud race they never want to give in to the tuna's...
  456. M

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    Meet genius boy Pranav Veera, 6, whose 176 IQ is higher than Albert Einstein&#8217;s 160. Born to a Ph.D father and a mother with double master&#8217;s degree, Pranav Veera, pictured above, is from Loveland, Ohio. He has a photographic memory which enables him to do a lot even many adults can...
  457. M

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    175 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604
  458. M

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    NUDITY ... / Nude / Consent of Attorney General. 174. (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse, <DL><DD>(a) is nude in a public place, or <DD>(b) is nude and exposed to public view while on private property, whether or not the property is his own, </DD></DL>is guilty of an offence punishable...
  459. M

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    173rd airborne sky soldiers
  460. M

    Foto = 1,000 words

    in this VERY rare photo it show's a group of fijian pigmy warrior's in mid battle with the dreaded long tooth leaping tuna (tunnis likkalattapuss) thought to be extinct. in the photo you also see the safisticated defense system that the pigmy's employ they use a low flow high output sprinkler...
  461. M

    water spout / courtesy of pacific edge

    i like the whole "courtesy of " part man where have i been i hate being the last one to know.
  462. M

    show me your lures!!!

    now this guy on the other hand is also another lure maker who still care's what and how he make's his lure's miguelito is the man too. big mike
  463. M

    show me your lures!!!

    yes sir mr. "c" is da man. he is one of the last TRUE hand made lure maker's around and has alway's been one of the best if not the best " jewelry" lure makers of all time. plus he's hard not to like once you talk to him a super humble guy with a great gift of making fine lure's ONE AT A TIME BY...
  464. M

    RIP Dr. Terry Tri

    mr. Tri was a class act a real man who walked it like he talked it and fished like a madman. now the big pond in the ? will have someone to fish billfish like no other!! I new him from the world of billfishing and he was alway's very nice to me as i was only a lowly deck monkey at the time. I do...
  465. M

    The Ripp-Off

    maybe a good punishment for the kid make him wear a t-shirt at the hall show on saturday that say's in big bold lettering that he's a theif then he might think before thing's happen????
  466. M

    Just got some good news FINALLY!!

    fuck bro everyone's a critic are you still pushing ink???
  467. M

    The Ripp-Off

    hey if someone has photo's of these thieves would you post em so the rest of us who have shop's in the area can be aware of who they are. and to the young man yes good job on coming clean but life only give's you so many chance's so don't keep screwing up.
  468. M

    The Ripp-Off

    yep that's a good way for them to go it's people like this that take money from my pocket and my kid's mouth so fuck ya sorry if you don't agree but how would you feel if someone did it to you??? oooopppp's sorry for not seeing fucker yes to a fucking pulp!!!!
  469. M

    the "nuge" for pres.

    'Animal rights? will compel Ted Nugent to slaughter more in 2010 ted is the man!!!!!!
  470. M


    cool one less jackass happy day's are here
  471. M

    RIP - Capt. Rick Ogle

    wow i knew he was sick just not that bad god speed rick now the big pond in the sky has someone who can rig a ballyhoo proper!! big mike
  472. M

    Rory Markas, Angels Broadcaster passed away on Monday 1/4

    on the way home last nite they did a memorial broadcast it was like watching the play's all over again. god speed rory.
  473. M

    It's hard to be a Chiefs fan........

    you sir are not alone GO BROWNS
  474. M

    Guess the spot

    look's kinda indo to me nias maybe
  475. M

    What is the youngest you can take a kid fishing?

    yes the MOST inportant thing is to take them the age deal is up to you. i took mine on a 2-day and 6 overnite's last year and he is 9 he went on his first overnite at 6. like i said make sure you take them fishing!!!!!
  476. M

    xbox 360 3 red lights 3 games controller intercooler

    have you e-mailed them yet they fixed mine for free same deal red ring of death but they came thru for me. also 3 plus year's old.
  477. M

    Another boat burns off Cabo

    shit that's never any good oh even bigger shit i am wearing a extraction shirt right now. good to here that all hand's are ok. big mike
  478. M

    top 5 most expensive car wrecks

    bs without them
  479. M

    Cabo aboard the Afishinados

    killer report kiddo mr. king is good peep's
  480. M

    Truck jumps new world record 301 feet

    san miguel june of 84?
  481. M


    i know what the real deal is would you like to konw??? it was josh t and benji on their new weaver "salty" and i really don't know how they got them but tony "b" from the cape was also on the rig for the trip. and if not for a job to do i might have been a stow away on the ride as i watched come...
  482. M

    Graphic video. Please watch and pass on.

    yes thank you for posting hope it woke some people up.
  483. M

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    thank you i've got the luxery of having alot of gear around and love to give back. thank you like i said i am very lucky to have what i do and i like to share the wealth!!! you are more than welcome my brother and now that i know he is into freshwater (lmb and such) he's in for trouble now...
  484. M

    How do you cook your swordfish?

    little salt&pepper then butter one side w/reel mayo then put the un-butterd side down then when i flip it i butter the other side. don't know why but real mayo just make's it taste great and it is simple. i also use lemon's sometime's but mayo on all my fish that i cook on the Q. that's my...
  485. M

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    the little guy need's some extra x-mas cheer!!!!!!! mission accomplshed a box is leaving next day so he'll get it thursday. some hat's a visor some lure's ,t-shirt and most of all a fat stack of cool sticker's!!!!!! get well little bro, big mike @ melton's
  486. M

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    hey b pm me his info please the little guy need's some extra x-mas cheer!!!!!!! would love to throw a "chick's dig scar's" shirt his way for sure. also is he in to fishing? big mike @ melton's
  487. M

    No Fireworks! Enviro Nazis strike again

    please don't give them a new target!!!!! you know how the "bunny hugging" women can look.
  488. M

    Lunkers cant hide in the mudd

    that's the way pop start them now and keep them going!!! big mike @ melton's
  489. M

    Who Needs Golden Gate Bank???

    Algunas personas nunca permitirá que la otra disfrutar puta polla de su realización para siempre cuestionarlo. don't worry all gringo's are NOT the same!!! big mike @ melton's
  490. M

    Cabo on Fire--12 Released Marlin

    no se preocupe abuelito obtuve de dos hugg.. And please, give that lady a hug (don't worry, she likes 'em) and tell it's from her Captain Fred, who misses her something awful. how are you doin good i hope!! big mike @ melton's
  491. M

    Who Needs Golden Gate Bank???

    calma hacia abajo de abuelito no lo deje que le abajo son solo tontas gringo's.
  492. M

    Cabo on Fire--12 Released Marlin

    yes mini and bob are the greatest of people!! good job on the release part there we need all of that we can get. big mike @ melton's
  493. M

    Who Needs Golden Gate Bank???

    well played sir. some people have ALL the answers but no clue's!
  494. M

    Dumb things I've done

    So now I have discovered Accurate - and should be out of the reel tuning business.. Think so? - we'll see. good choice they are "hot rodded" out of the box!!
  495. M

    You can see the desperation in her eyes

    thank god she was'nt driving an asstrostar van thing's could be much worse.
  496. M

    Any hockey fans?

    you are still young so i won't say anything bad but the pens. we will see it's a long road to the cup.
  497. M

    pipe masters

    nah nothing cool about going for a surf at pipe with one other person out you must have real good conect's on kanui rd.????? wolf pack since 99' big mike
  498. M


    some people will NEVER get the picture. big mike @ meltons
  499. M

    Any hockey fans?

    re-bar or real iron
  500. M

    Any hockey fans?

    the only sport MEN still play!!! go kings
  501. M

    pipe masters

    TAJ take's out slater to win his first pipe masters trophy. congrat's to taj and mike fanning for winning the wct tour!!!!!
  502. M

    pipe masters

    final's getting ready to go taj vs kelly backdoor is on fire.
  503. M

    M/V Pacific Provider Costa Rica/Panama EPYC

    "old reliable" nick is good people. thanks again drew keep the info flowing. big mike @ melton's
  504. M

    pipe masters

    the billabong pipe masters is on for today 9:00 am (hst) Billabong Pipeline Masters
  505. M

    Robert's new sled- 65' Custom Sportfisher

    congrat's robert that rig has some history on the west coast it's had some very good capt's run her!!! big mike @ melton's
  506. M

    it's bryan's fault

    ok i will go first congrat's to aussie mick fanning for winning his 2nd wct title saturday at the pipe masters. mick won due to parko's loss to local boy gavin gillette in the third round. big mike
  507. M


    yah what he said!!!!!!!!
  508. M

    Boss 665W 2spd question

    don't listen to this hype 65# spectra with 20-30# top shot has worked just fine for me on my 197 while fishing tuna as far as my 665w 80# spectra with 50#top is what mine has uh oh am i in trouble? nope don't think so.
  509. M

    Boss 665W 2spd question

    the b2 series is only a boss with a 2-speed mech. now the extreme series is a totally differnt reel as it uses ATD inner part's i don't need to talk to matt or goerge i know this so just to set the record straight. that's ok i will still fish 65# with a top shot on my 197 for albert and my 270...
  510. M

    It's got a Hemi!!!

    that thing is the shit
  511. M

    An Accurate First

    my pleasure you guy's are more than welcome!! thank you, big mike
  512. M

    Steelers vs Browns....

    go brown's
  513. M

    How many times (Jason and Ali)?

    yah what is up with the big girl??? i don't get it.
  514. M

    If a yellowfin tuna could speak...

    someone took a creative writing class??
  515. M

    resin heads

    nice work kiddo keep it up!!!
  516. M

    Pipe is on

    6' to 8' pipe with 4 guy's out unreal!!!!!!!!!!!
  517. M

    Link to Live Webcast of BRTF and DFG Mtg. Dec. 9th, 2009

    so it sound's to me like they do not care about human's just fish and habitat??????
  518. M

    Link to Live Webcast of BRTF and DFG Mtg. Dec. 9th, 2009

    there is going to be a brawl if they are'nt carefull
  519. M

    Some new stuff by "Happy Ending Lures"

    i know where but i will let mike tell you
  520. M

    Some new stuff by "Happy Ending Lures"

    x2 those skirt's look good
  521. M

    Pearl Harbor......

    x2 many other's never had the thought cross thier mind's god speed to all who lost thier life's on that dark day in our history! big mike
  522. M

    The saga continues; I've been burned-1 down 2 to go!

    good luck this is why our industry kinda suck's too many "hand shake" deal's out there hopefully all will work out for you! this make's those of us who still are honest about what we do have a harder time of thing's. are you kidding me i get the luxery to do for a living what i do looking the...
  523. M

    Chargers vs Browns thread

    hey atleast my boy brady did not watch the game from his back best game all year aginst an NFL team. sorry had to share my dad also ? taught me to be ? a cleveland ? fan ? and i will pull ? for them even ? when we don't have ?? a team!! thank's for listening big mike
  524. M

    Accurate 30L spinning reel

    your more than welcome i was just the conduit matt should get AAALLLLLL the credit. to get this done was BIGGER than an act of god. but matt and the boy's over at accurate are going to pull it of for art and his wife!!!! like i said it was my pleasure happy anniversery and enjoy!!!!! big mike @...
  525. M

    Eight Years Ago Today I Woke Up With...

    congrats on your 8 yrs bet you feel alot better. big mike @ melton's
  526. M

    Tiger comes clean

    spot on mike this shit is out of control. every person has a right to privacy in the spotlight or not PUT THE NATIONAL INQIERERERER DOWN AMERICA!!! i have enough issue's in my life to worry about who else is doing what to who.
  527. M

    Tiger comes clean

    i wonder if she yelled four before she tee'd off on him!!!!
  528. M


    that's like 2 or 3 sail's with albinism 2 down in central america now at the cape pretty cool!!!!!! big mike @ melton's
  529. M

    Thanksgiving with Pops

    your one lucky guy cherish those moment's. i would of loved to go to one more race or fishing trip with my dad but did not get that lucky!!!!
  530. M

    Accurate 30L spinning reel

    hey give me a call i might have some answer's. the color will be a hard do but i can give it a try for you. big mike @ melton's
  531. M

    Why is it.......

    yep i've had to splain this very fact to ALOT of people "but there are 16oz in a pound?" yes sir but this scale is in unit's of 10ths i feel your pain!! big mike @ melton's W O N tuna tourny weighmaster
  532. M

    At what point did fisherman become pansies????

    lucky lager best cheap sud's money can buy. also it is called evolution this is why we still don't wear buckskin underwear get with the program.
  533. M

    chartering a boat in hawaii

    no shit bro if it smell's like a rat,look's like a rat,act's like a rat???? IT'S A FUCKING RAT :spammer:
  534. M

    Squirtis - 40 Minute Gulf Record

    right on keep the info going. good to here that the boy's down there are getting some nice one's. big mike @ melton's
  535. M

    New Roosterfish rod painting 11/24/09

    wow matt you never let us down with your talent!!! need to talk to you about a deal with charles(tattuna) give me a call at the shop when you can. big mike @ melton's 714-507-4177 ex268
  536. M

    WON Baja report 11-23

    as in the boat cubby run's that success???? the old 5 c's
  537. M

    Sad story. Find Andrew.

    wow thank's for letting us in on this. now we will spread the word. hope he is found safe and sound!!!!!!!!!!!! big mike @ melton tackle
  538. M

    Sad News

    they let you go and kept jorge W T F sorry to here it bro you WILL bounce right back love ya bro big mike @ melton's p s fuck accurep it's guy broski or nothing!!!!!!
  539. M

    KAWI IS BACK!!!!

    tape is talk shoulda put it on the scale!!!!!!!!! the 383# was much fatter.
  540. M

    Who makes this lure?

    yeah rodger that i've got 10.000 + lure head's 4 ft. behind me i hope i can help you figure it out. been lure fishing for over 30 year's and have seen ALOT of lure head's. like i said hope i can help. big mike @ melton's
  541. M

    Who makes this lure?

    bring it by the shop i might to tell what it is when i get it in my hand's. big mike @ melton tackle
  542. M

    Mexican Team won the 2009 IGFA WC

    two in a row somebody better be off to vegas!!!!!! congrat's to oscar once again he fishes harder than ANYONE i know. big mike @melton's/tuna tourny co-director
  543. M

    lost my best buddy

    no sherm i was the one who got the luck to weigh that fish as i am co-director for won but your right my dad alway's was proud of me. being just like he was and the fact i have been able and lucky to make a living with something i love to do was very special to him. he raised me to be MY OWN MAN...
  544. M

    lost my best buddy

    thank you bro just make sure that we got some tissue's near this shit is though for me to keep in it come's and goe's but with a bit of your talent it WILL give me a head start to healing. thank you big mike.
  545. M

    lost my best buddy

    just to let you guy's know how your kind word's have began to let me heal the loss i have endured has been the most gut wreching thing i have had to deal with so far in life and your love and support has mean't the world to me ! no word's can express my gratitude for your kind word's. big mike.
  546. M

    Panama Canal " Giant Tarpon ''

    drop it dickhead.
  547. M

    lost my best buddy

    charles we need to do some lettering on saturday if that's cool still want to work on the main project. see you on saturday. big mike
  548. M

    lost my best buddy

    thank you all for your kind word's i had to go somewhere to get it of my chest and i knew my brother's here would be able to give me the word's i needed to here! thank you from the bottom of my heart. big mike. .
  549. M

    lost my best buddy

    last night i had to say good by to my father i still am at a loss for it all. in the last week i've climbed the highest of high's (tuna tournament) to the lowest of low's and i can't seem to get thing's in order. i feel so lost. thank's big mike @ melton's/tuna tournament co-director
  550. M

    RedRum wins 3rd place overall, Tuna Tournament

    trust me i aksed that very same ? was told 2 different thing's?????? .
  551. M

    New Tuna Tournament Record!!!!!

    come on kyle are you jelous it was'nt you yeah he's a big mouth but this shit your the donkey for acting like this poor spoiled little kid!!:_smack_: .
  552. M

    New Tuna Tournament Record!!!!!

    thank's to all who fished the tourny. never thought it would turn out like this 104 team's a 383# fish and paying a total of 9 team's no less than 20.000 who could ask for more not me. thank's again to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big mike weighmaster
  553. M

    WON 2009 Tuna Tourny Video

    thank's again!!!!!!!!!!! love you guy's big mike.
  554. M

    Who's fishing the Los Cabos Tuna Tourney?

    jamie you know what happend butlet me tell you this don't you ever think i will forget your fish. i had the gift to weigh both and both are VERY SPEICAL to me!!! hope to see you next year. big mike.
  555. M

    RedRum wins 3rd place overall, Tuna Tournament

    are you sure on the # of that black? look's more like four not six. and 3rd place in the tourny went to team #78 mel and judy ostberg on the picante express.
  556. M

    Welcome To The Real World!

    shit those yamaha hat's look very familier.
  557. M

    looking for yamashita color chart

    justin stick with the yama's they are a better skirt please tell mac that big mike (formerly of accurate) say's hello if you have more question's pm me. big mike @melton's
  558. M

    Cabo surf fishing?

    solmar beach 30# test ranger casting lure in blue/white run down the beach make a cast run back up (like hell if the surf is up) wind wind wind if no fish are caught start over. but really solmar beach is one of the best bet's and the ranger type casting lure is the way to go the shop next to...
  559. M

    Anyone gonna be in cabo 11/2-6

    remember to stop by the ckeck-in/capt. meeting and find me i promise you i won't be hard to find. aks for mike packard (like i said the tall tattooed freak) i am the co-director of the deal so come by and see me. we will be getting to town on friday you will be able to find me at solomon's. big...
  560. M

    Who's fishing the Los Cabos Tuna Tourney?

    out of here friday to the cape look forward to seeing you all. big mike
  561. M

    On my arm....tac by GRILLO...10-23

    look's very cool i personaly dig the whole 1/2 sleeve idea. kelp is sick!
  562. M

    I'm having the time of my life!

    way to go dave most don't have the back up plan like us construction guy's have alway's something. have fun with it!! big mike @ melton's
  563. M

    Who's fishing the Los Cabos Tuna Tourney?

    look's like we are going to have good weather and good fishing!!! good luck to all. big mike
  564. M

    Line Winder

    yep that sato deal is just like the one's we built year's ago. from those photo's you should be able to figure it out?
  565. M

    Cabo next thurs. fri.

    go to that will get you to the national hurricane center
  566. M

    Gonzaga Bay....BAD NEWS !!!!!! the beach is history

    they do this all over the place. like downtown cabo there is this place that has blackend the eye of the marina for 10+ year's. it will never stop sorry to here it has come to your area.
  567. M

    Venezuelan Fishing Report

    thank's again al. yes if more boat's were out there the count's will be even better!! but with the political deal what it is well you know nobody want's to put ANYONE in jepordy. just think if mex. went that way cabo would be a wasteland!!! capt. ogle is the real deal got to work next to him for...
  568. M

    Grander fishing Ausie style

    yeah i am missing it also?
  569. M

    here's a few skirted ones..

    wow garrett they are sweet. need to get your # pm me with the info please. big mike.
  570. M

    Visiting USA (California) - Tackle Shops to visit?

    don't forget there is a bass pro here in so-cal it's in rancho just off the 15 north of the 10 fwy.
  571. M

    Visiting USA (California) - Tackle Shops to visit?

    don't miss melton's it is worth the drive. if you like big fish gear that is the place to go no other shop has 2 grander's hanging on the wall!!
  572. M

    Married in Cabo....

    also got lucky with mine 13 year's ago a 2 week honeymoon at the cape the week before the bisbee. she knew what she was getting into now 13 yr's later i leave just after the meeting in long beach for the tournament season!!!! i am a lucky person
  573. M

    Portrait Tattoo

    nice work bro need to get your # to talk bout some work on my hand. i have seen the work on charles (doing a BIG chest/torso piece now) got some cool idea's please pm me with some info. thank's big mike.
  574. M

    Google Earth -- Try this

    thak you this is cool would you be intersted in more area's??
  575. M

    Anyone gonna be in cabo 11/2-6

    stop by the cabo tuna jackpot area ask for big mike (the tattooed freak) i'll hook you up with some swagey junk!! 11/4 is the check in/capt. meeting come by and see me im not hard to miss. big mike @ melton tackle
  576. M

    straighten a bent 10ft fishing pole

    yep the old gravity thing will work.
  577. M


    easy steve don't be looking at it's peduncle. pervert
  578. M

    marlin Lures only $5 each

    what head's are they if you don't mind??
  579. M

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    louie is that big jorge c. looking confused with the black hat on? big mike ex accustaff
  580. M

    Ok, so I just have to ask

    guilty as charged sir. x2
  581. M

    Hot off the press!!

    global thermal nuclear e-mail mission.
  582. M

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rickdiculous (Rick)

    happy b-day f-er see you in a week or two if you are still down. big mike.
  583. M


    10-3-09 last saturday
  584. M


    sunset @ pch
  585. M

    San Diego City Council

    thank's to ALL that attended this meeting see you ALL in the LBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  586. M

    SD City Council ready to endorce MLPA - CALL TODAY TO STOP THIS!!!

    call the cop's they are screwing with my feed also. back up sorry.
  587. M

    Rest In Peace Good Friend

    no word's can say it proper sorry gary.
  588. M

    Surfrider Foundation?

    yep they do gave up my membership with a nice long letter why. they also had one high ranking member resign over the mlpa deal.
  589. M

    Irony or the murphy's law thing

    good luck bro it's tuff out there!! very glad i still have one!!!
  590. M

    lead insert question

    mold mine in place only tried the drill thing once. got some bar stock lead it was no bueno. mold it you'll like it.
  591. M

    insane biker - so sick!

    don't think i have ever seen a backward to forward to backward wheelie wow.
  592. M

    FL lures vs HI lures

    finally someone post's a pic of a REEL lure!!!!!
  593. M

    Angels Celebration - Faux Pas or Not?

    wow you made me f%#@&^ cry again glad to hear he's starting to heal god bless them all!!
  594. M

    Useful Information...Taping for weight of a fish

    very good info to have . us marlin kook's also go as far to get tail stock #'s which help alot of time's at boatside keep her or not to keep her. long with no tail let her go!
  595. M

    It all starts with a good "bottom" turn

    ah miss blanchard got to find my pic's from the goldie this year and share!!!
  596. M

    Angels Celebration - Faux Pas or Not?

    fuck nbc for even starting some bs thing like this. media bs it was a great tribute to an even greater fallen young hero!!! they don't say a word about the POS that did this.
  597. M

    Rollcall for Oct. 21st Meeting--Let's go get 'em BDers!

    big mike @ melton's back to tournament control west coast marlin mafia will be in!!!
  598. M

    there are Marlin in PV too

    nice one old man see you down there next month! big mike @ melton's
  599. M

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    Agreed. That guy should have been reported to the Coast Guard for operating a watercraft under the influence. He then should have been reported to the CHP for driving (the tow vehicle) under the influence this is the main thing i see WE all drive the same road's and WE all use the same ocean...
  600. M

    Cheap and Easy Transportation to the Long Beach Meeting

    i will also have 3 maybe 4 spot's for a car pool from melton tackle. pm me for info. big mike @ melton's ex 268
  601. M


    i was thinking the same thing? anyway that is a prize catch!!! way back when (early 80's) we made them to train with looked at them all day long for year's.
  602. M

    too funny...Marlin pulls fisherman overboard

    yeah they have a back but they get in the way so we pull them off more pull.
  603. M

    too funny...Marlin pulls fisherman overboard

    no the chiar did not break that's a bucket harness. smart crew's have the angler back off the drag to prevent that kind of monkey buisnes!!!
  604. M

    lure heads, getting better

    very nice very very nice!!
  605. M

    Cabo San Lucas Surf Fishing

    shit that guy can cast a mile?
  606. M

    a little upset

    yeah shit down avet's throat but don't let other people know who can't spool a reel proper? i work at a tackle shop name them so other's don't suffer the same fate. too much "oh that's good" :smoking33: going out there and the customer suffer's that is not cool. we ALL spend hard earned cash on...
  607. M

    Venezuelan Fishing Report

    thank's for the report glad to see some of the boy's are sticking it out down there. good to see some name's i know and sound's like they are doing well. thank's again al big mike @ melton's
  608. M

    Biwa Lake Bass

    so what is the phone # for capt. g lake biwa guide service ? or when are you going to get somthing together? mexico is cool but lake biwa even coooooler!!!!
  609. M

    a little upset

    my thought's are the same. don't think it's fair to bash a company when it turn's out to be opperater error? what shop spooled up the reel or did he do it on his own?
  610. M

    Zilla's trying to kill me.

    b. sorry to hear about your shitty situation. may your backdoor close quietly!
  611. M


    west coast billfish mafia WILL be in attendance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more sideline stuff time to show unity in number's.
  612. M

    coronado islands and paintball guns?

    yeah way to risky no weapon's on vessel's do you really want to have a polish standoff with a 16 yr old mexican naval officer holding an ar ? it's not worth it.
  613. M

    Kiwi Grander Blue Marlin

    thank's for the post that is quite a story all the way around. how you get her in the rig is by brute strength!! please keep any good report's comming. thank's again
  614. M

    Cabo San Lucas Surf Fishing

    yeah done lot's of that stuff down there. solmar beach best bet you can just walk right through the main door at solmar and go fish!! give me a pm and i'll give you any dope about you need. big mike.
  615. M

    catalina classic day 2

    congrat's to all who that fished the tournament. but john t. and his team on reel nice & easy WAY TO GO BOY'S.
  616. M

    catalina classic day 2

    C Bandit: 3 releases Chaser: 2 releases (+1 boated: 169lb) Tiger Spirit: 2 releases Good Karma: 2 releases Lucky L: 1 release Shark's Parlour: 1 release Club Ted: 1 release After Midnight: 1 release Scrambler: 1 release 3 Daughters: 1 release Haywood: 1 release Ahi Nui: 1 release Buck Shot: 1...
  617. M

    catalina classic day 2

    1. reel nice & easy 212# day 1 daily winner 2. tonnage 202# 3. bandit 196# day 2 daily winner 4. 1 hot tuna 193.5# 5. 1 hot tuna 192# top 5 for you
  618. M

    catalina classic day 2

    bandit's fish is a fatty.
  619. M

    catalina classic day 2

    chaser is pulling away now it's bandit's turn.
  620. M

    catalina classic day 2

    bandit is here let's finish this thing.
  621. M

    catalina classic day 2

    bandit is about 20 mins. away. somebody get the de-fib tool's man down!!!!!!!!!!!
  622. M

    catalina classic day 2

    man i'm not even fishing the deal and i can't stand still. my boy's have one more bullit to dodge!!
  623. M

    catalina classic day 2

    chaser's fish went 169#
  624. M

    catalina classic day 2

    another long skinny one.
  625. M

    catalina classic day 2

    look's like we got one backing down to the scale. yes it's chaser drum roll please.
  626. M

    catalina classic day 2

    uh oh bandit just boated their fish at 15:44.
  627. M

    catalina classic day 2

    you guy's are more than welcome. i have an addiction for which there is no cure for so doing this got me my fix thank you guy's for letting me into YOUR sandbox to play!!!!!
  628. M

    catalina classic day 2

    it's not over yet chaser still has a fish to weigh and bandit need's to finish their deal. so a little more time to stew for my boy's on R N & E PULLING FOR EM.
  629. M

    catalina classic day 2

    as of now 1. reel nice & easy 212# 2. tonnage 202# 3. 1 hot tuna 193.5# 4. 1 hot tuna 192# 5. scrambler 176.5#
  630. M

    catalina classic day 2

    yes bandit still wired no word yet might be a dozer.
  631. M

    catalina classic day 2

    line's out chaser g-3
  632. M

    catalina classic day 2

    89" 193.5# good job 5 minute's till line's out.
  633. M

    catalina classic day 2

    sound's like 89.5" let's see look's ok
  634. M

    catalina classic day 2

    it's nice to see a 23' vessel put one on among all the bigest best battle wagon's on the west coast! way to go bill.
  635. M

    catalina classic day 2

    1 hot tuna is close to the scale here we go.
  636. M

    catalina classic day 2

    man bandit has been on this fish since 13:00 might be a tanker r n & e's fish was a long battle also. vertigo hooked up 14:40 oop's just fell off bummer.
  637. M

    catalina classic day 2

    nope john is 0-0-0 on my sheet