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    Chasebait squids

    Thanks for that. I just ordered a couple in market squid color
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    First 8 dayer in June

    Yoyo-ing big yellowtail= bring advil and keep hydrated.
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    just stay home

    I see your new buddy has now taken your spot permanently.
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Thanks for injecting voices of reason guys. I prefer to “stay in my lane” most of the time and that’s why I typically only respond when I can add something to the conversation. I just felt a need to correct in this case. As fisherman we should always be learning either to adapt or to be...
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    I fish to enjoy myself and prefer to be around people i like while doing it. While i have no doubt i would hand you your ass, I would also rather not fish with an ignorant ass like yourself. Don't bother replying, you have earned yourself a spot on my blocked list.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    For the ladies not working
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Amusing. The guy with 6 posts doesn’t know shit ( perhaps there is a correlation there) Maybe if you had been around a while you would have fished a few of these other brands. In doing so you might realize what some of us that have are trying to tell you. There is a reason Penn has parts...
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    Good for you. You and him will probably enjoy the mags then.
  9. Let em eat 74


    Thanks. Much easier to figure out where to send the subscriptions of gay porn to now.
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    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    It has potential............ Filled with dirt it would make a nice raised planter.
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    First 8 dayer in June

    There’s a couple in the pile that size. The bft are 75 and 65 that are next to them. When the bigger models rolled through I was so busy trying to hook another, I didn’t take any good pictures of them. I need a 60# class fish for a personal best so I didn’t care. One things for sure, we gave...
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    First 8 dayer in June

    Me too. Here’s last year’s take on the same trip Steve mentioned. Love them big yellowtail
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    Fathom 25 vs 30 for 50 lbs setup - bait and jigging

    For yo-yo the best choice is the 40n. How many times were you bit on the early drops or only after taking a break? The reason for that is the speed you’re able to crank when you’re fresh. Now think about the fact that you’re giving up IPT as well. The other reason for me is I only yo-yo with...
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    Long Range shutdown?

    I gotta apologize guys. Although I stand by what I said, this wasn’t the thread I was trying to respond to. (Not sure how I pulled that off). This one has been pretty tame. Carry on.
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    Long Range shutdown?

    Seriously WTF guys. I get we all have our different views, but politics isn’t up for discussion on BD. Don’t you realize that some of the guys you are insulting are the same ones you’ll be spending several days at sea with when this all blows over? Do you really want to carry that animosity...
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    Turkey hunting or hunted?

    I needed that laugh. And I laughed GOOD!!
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    800 XH

    I have and love my 800xh. The first year these bigger model bluefin showed up, I got a 137# model and it kicked that fishes ass from a skiff without following it (my buddy was hooked up as well). In my opinion, when you’re really trying to land big fish with smaller leaders, the ideal setup is...
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    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    Mine is doing the same thing. Good on you for the rescue.
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    Online Video Games

    I enjoy playing Halo firefight on multiplayer but I’m still working everyday since I can comply with the restrictions in my field of work.
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    WTB 80# Looking for a 80# reel

    You should consider the VISX12. Excellent reel for the job and IMO the best.
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    Pacific Queen and Tomahawk reporting big BFT in their counts

    Hey Aaron. I use the Hayabusa circles like I showed you before. Either the magnum circle or the 187733 (size 1) lighter wire work very well. I stop using the lighter wire hooks at #50 top shots but have not bent or broke one yet up to #20 of drag.
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    Why Do You Put 80 lb. Braid on a Penn Fathom 40nld2?

    So far the current combo with the 875xxh has only got one 90# bluefin on a 60# topshot. It wasn’t even a fight. I think the 775xh is a lot of rod for that reel since my avatar fish was caught on one with a 100# topshot. Mine currently has a VISXS 12 on it for 80-100# work.
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    Tribes win again

    Indians seemed pretty smart to me before our help.
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    Best Stories About your kids and fishing....

    I’ve told this one before, but it’s too funny not to share here. My daughter was 5 at the time and we went on a houseboat trip to lake mead. The first morning she is up early and wants to fish (chip off the ol block). I bait and cast out a line and go to start the coffee maker inside leaving...
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    Sword Fish Deep Drop

    No rainbows?
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    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Looking forward to meeting and fishing with you guys.
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    Info for a Penn Int. 50

    Pretty sure the last 2 numbers are the year it’s made, making yours a ‘79.
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    cow tuna sardine hooks

    So many good choices have been stated already. I will add the 5/0 hayabusa magnum circle to the mix.
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    50VISX or 50VISW for kite fishing

    The 50VISX is excellent for kite duty from a private boat.
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    correct cork puppy?

    I’m pretty sure the 28mm fits the 6480 with a single cork wrap and no shrink. If you have shrink on it as well, move up to the 31mm. It’s always best to bring the rod with you and try them if you aren’t ordering by mail. There is some variance between manufacturers
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    Looking for a fishing buff

    Why not take the ones you have and put them around a soccer ball or basketball to stretch it out?
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    Openings on a 3.5 day trip on Osuna's No Tuna No Chinga

    Greetings Dave, I’d like to hear about your trip and the dates? I think your PM function is turned off, I tried there first.
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    Maybe it just wanted a burger. I know more than once I’ve been cold and wet on a skiff wishing I could pull up and order a burger myself.
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    First LR Trip for Rod & Amy 2021

    Since you are looking for limited load, a nice plush boat, and bringing the wife I’d say Intrepid. It checks all the boxes and since you want her to like it so you can go again, it would be a good choice. Truth be told there isn't a wrong choice. Enjoy your trip.
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    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    I think it should be noted that the 775 series pulls stronger than the 770 series Calstar
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    SOLD Clean Saltiga SA40

    Found one! Thank you to my BD brethren.
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    Do I need a 30lb live bait setup?

    I personally skip 30 and go strait from 25 (Calstar 800ml) to 40# (Calstar 875h) most of the time on long range trips. I do have a 900m I use at 30 and 40 but it’s more specialized in its uses
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    SOLD Clean Saltiga SA40

    Looking for a clean Saltiga SA40 (older model). Have cash in hand for the right reel.
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    More about Guadalupe Island reels

    Mike likes to pull hard, it’s for stretch.
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    Ask the Professor

    He will be sorely missed....... said no one....ever
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    Gonna Try the Kite This Season

    I’ve gone away from the skewers all together for the flyer. I instead use a small piece of tie (bailing) wire about 5” long. If you cut it at an angle it’s quite sharp like a needle. I go through the eye socket for strength and hug the body on both sides. It is then pierced through the wing...
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    Gonna Try the Kite This Season

    Where do you live? I could walk you through it all at a shop so you buy only what you need and show you the ropes
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I know I’m in the minority with this but I’ve killed 5 cows and a super now on my VISX16 and I do consider it a 100# reel and have used 130# top shots as well. When the time came to get another, I chose the 12VISX rather than the 20 or 50 like most would do. Why? I just enjoy fishing this way.
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Honestly the two are fantastic performers. Only measurable differences being a slight edge in capacity to the VISX (75 yds or so of 100#). I’d say they both feel rock solid and will remain so for years. In short, you can’t go wrong. Choose your weapon and fish hard.
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    20lb bait chovy rod

    Don’t forget the 220. One of the very best for that task.
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    Dead Flyer for kite??

    They can be slow trolled. The rigging is more like a double trouble with the stinger treble being a 1 1/2-2” longer leg. This keeps the head up. You must be very vigilant or you’ll tear it up. You won’t be trolling fast or very far from the boat this way because of it. When I do it, I like to...
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    What is the best #50 yo-yo rod?

    Both of these are good choices. 700h if you fight stand up, 7400h if you lay it on the rail. 875xh is another I’d add in for a duel purpose option for wahoo bombs or iron.
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    10 Stupid Things to NOT To Catch Fish - by Larry Brown

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more.
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    Ask the Professor

    The funny farm?
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    Baby Sailfish.

    That’s part of why I like spending time on the water. So many things that are so cool to see and you miss em spending all your time dry.
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    $220 seems about right. Last one I saw retail was over $300. It the heavy version with the...

    $220 seems about right. Last one I saw retail was over $300. It the heavy version with the Alps seat and gimbal.
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    WTB Looking for 7' UC Rods

    I’ve got an RCE700xxh (50-80) in good condition. PM me if you’re interested.
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    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

    All the x series has no cross bar.
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    I have tried the no tension, but I prefer to see how the coils are forming. When you pinch it, it’s easier to make a mistake. The way I do it, it’s right in front of your eyes and is quickly noticed.
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    As for how to tie the FG quickly, I would say it is mostly in your body positioning and set up. I have a small carabiner on my boomerang clippers that I wear on one of my belt loops (in my case on my right side since I’m left handed). I tie a simple over hand loop in my spectra and clip it into...
  56. Let em eat 74


    I use the FG regardless of topshot length or material. From my kite rigs that go from 130# spectra to a 50’ shock leader of 150# mono before the swivel down to finesse fly line presentations of 30# spectra to 15 or 20# flouro. thank you for posting the interesting results Walt. It’s always...
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    There are some fugly looking knots there. My FG with a rizutto finish looks better and will remain my leader knot
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    Thank you Accurate

    I wish you a full and healthy recovery then.
  59. Let em eat 74

    Thank you Accurate

    Nice line up! I like my reels like I like my women though.....topless
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    Why Do You Put 80 lb. Braid on a Penn Fathom 40nld2?

    Shorter top shots equals versatility and allows for quick changes to adjust to conditions. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s my style.
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    Careless dog owner and croc

    That croc just learned your backyard is a good place to hunt. Morons
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    Why Do You Put 80 lb. Braid on a Penn Fathom 40nld2?

    I like my reel to be capable of anything the rod can do. My 40nl2 rides on a Calstar 875xxh (50-100) so the reel needs to be up to the task of fishing up to 80# top shots in a pinch if I want to. I filled with 80# spectra for that very reason.
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    Penn Torque 15XNLD2

    Wow .25 and that breaking strength? I’m going to have to check that out!! Thanks John
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    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    I still don’t understand the mismanagement. There isn’t an overpopulation of bears, yet problem bears are still “removed”. What’s the difference? A big one. Sea lions are climbing to crazy population levels and no longer behave naturally because of it. They seek out humans rather than do what...
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    Nomad Madmacs

    Those should have a nice tight wiggle by the look of them. Have a great time out there and good luck.
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    For Sale Penn International reels vis and vsx

    I’ll take the silver 30visx if it is still available. PM sent
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    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    Welcome to the long range addiction Freddy. One of the best parts of our San Diego fleet (and there are many) is the quality of the catch when you return due to the rsw process that’s used. Another plus is the great fish processing companies that call our port home. If you intend to keep a lot...
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    Kinda weird..

    We are on the down turn now, but we have some more huge swings starting on the 9th of January.
  69. Let em eat 74

    Kinda weird..

    Not a doubt brother. Especially once the rain stops.
  70. Let em eat 74

    Kinda weird..

    December king tides are crazy and the likely culprit.
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    Rod & reel protection. (external)

    I use Meguiar’s instant auto detailer spray for my rods. Keeps them clean and shiny. As for reels, I also just rinse with water and service them regularly myself.
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    Sobering reminder of what can happen out there. Be safe everyone, that includes holiday festivities, take care.
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    Save USC

    LAST in the Pac12 for recruiting and the new AD is quoted saying they had a great day. Oh man.
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    Trinidad 16a or 20a for Small or Weak Bait - Line Capacity and Freespool

    Ok, my turn. If you are thinking of using a 20a and are talking about putting 800+ yards of spectra on it, you’re a noob. We are only trying to help.
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    Let me re-assure you Steve, you can talk!!! Lol
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    Trinidad 16a or 20a for Small or Weak Bait - Line Capacity and Freespool

    I’ll tell you he is right from my experience. There’s a ton of bad advice on these boards and the longer you fish, the more you will realize just that. I don’t fish Shimano, but my line up matches those sizes in all Penn products. Edit: reading it again, now I sound like a prick. But in all...
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    Calstar vs Seeker

    A shorter, fast action rod is best for yoyo. You want to drive the hooks in using a tight drag and a stiff rod helps achieve that. I use 22# of drag on 60# top shots and don’t lose many at all. My choice Calstar 875xxh - Fathom 40nld2
  78. Let em eat 74

    Is this decafe??

    It’s not the coffee you gotta worry about. There’s more sugar in the gallon of ice cream you’re going to eat after you’re finished with the jar.
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    Royal Star Nov 30-Dec 7 at the Lupe

    If you use finger tape, the stickiness can come from that. I stopped using it for that very reason.
  80. Let em eat 74

    50# setup recommendation

    On my 30ld2 I use 65# solid backing for 50# top shots My 25nld2 has 50# solid to use 40# top shots
  81. Let em eat 74

    50# setup recommendation

    I use a Fathom 30ld2 on a Calstar 800xh. It fishes both bait and jigs really well.
  82. Let em eat 74

    Serial number location

    I don’t think the fathoms have them. If I recall correctly, only the torques and internationals have serial numbers.
  83. Let em eat 74

    Best light wind kite

    I like the Lewis hands down for light wind conditions.
  84. Let em eat 74

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Honestly the 30ld2 is at minimum a 40# reel, choose a rod of your preference in the 30-60 or 40-80# class. It will save you another buy and some time. I fish mine on a Calstar 800xh with 50# top shots.
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    Save USC

    Their fans are leaving in droves. After they get murdered in whatever crappy bowl game they make it into this year and then get their shit pushed in by Alabama first thing next year the only thing they’ll be playing for is crickets in the coliseum. It is sad to see really. When I was a kid USC...
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    Calstar Recommendations?

    I’m all penn through my line up. 800ml - fathom 12 star 875h - fathom 25nld2 875xxh fathom 40nld2 90j - fathom 25n star
  87. Let em eat 74

    Calstar Recommendations?

    I’m all penn through my line up. 800ml - fathom 12 star 875h - fathom 25nld2 875xxh fathom 40nld2 90j - fathom 25n star
  88. Let em eat 74

    Calstar Recommendations?

    My favorites would be 800ml 25# stick 875h 40# 875xxh 60# (80 in a pinch) 90j Jig
  89. Let em eat 74

    Daytime swordfish in CA

    For those of you looking for larger rebar for the drop away weight. I have some extra epoxy coated bars from a job. It’s #10 (1 1/4”) so it’s plenty heavy, and because it’s coated, it won’t rust or beat up your boat as badly as uncoated. PM me if you are looking Just to clarify since I’ve...
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    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    Here’s some info that should help you a bit. Paulus measures the spectra in each direction and then calculates the average as you can see on the sheet.
  91. Let em eat 74

    Whatcha think "Lower Banks" mean?

    Here you go. The bottom of the pic shows the Morgan bank location which is part of the lower banks
  92. Let em eat 74

    112-pound bluefin tuna on PENN Torque TRQ15LD2

    FYI Izorline 3st 30# is .293mm and breaks at over 49 pounds
  93. Let em eat 74

    Braid opinions

    I use the info I shared from Paulus to pick the best one for each application. If I don’t need capacity, I choose a higher breaking braid. When capacity counts, I find what I want in diameter and breaking strength. For instance. I recently re-spooled a Fathom 12 star drag I use for #25 live...
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    The VISX 12 is an awesome reel. Mine carries 660 yards of prospec 80. It might check all the boxes for you. Give it a look.
  95. Let em eat 74

    Braid opinions

    Here is a bunch of info gathered by Paulus. This should help make your decision easier.
  96. Let em eat 74

    A few observations on wahoo...

    Some of us real men use our hands for things other than keyboards Dustin...... Like concrete
  97. Let em eat 74

    A few observations on wahoo...

    They look a lot like these.
  98. Let em eat 74

    Need to buy a VISXS 20 on Friday in SD/Temecula

    Longfin in Orange will have one (or 3)
  99. Let em eat 74

    What's your "Fisherman Name"

    Don’t know but I’m salty mermaid meat.
  100. Let em eat 74

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    Read the sticky at the top of the page written up by Larry Brown. Lots of good advice there written by a very experienced fisherman.
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    What’s your Cow BFT plan or outlook for the Fall?

    I placed my bet a couple months ago. I leave today on the Sea Adventure 80 for 4.5 days. Longer trip, starting on the new moon, and a fistfulll of flyers. I’m ready.
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    For Sale Seaguar Premier and Blue Label

    Do you have 50 yard spools of 50 and 80 premier still?
  103. Let em eat 74

    Dropper Loop Alternative

    I like to start with my rod tip pointed down, tight drag, and low gear. On the first hit, I lean hard into em to get the initial movement upward which can sometimes be the key between success and failure. It’s like a fight in a phone booth on the big ones with my usual drag setting of 45# on...
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    Local OC Tuna

    That’s all I’ve seen so far since I work 7-3:30. They might be up in the later afternoon as well, but I’m home by then.
  105. Let em eat 74

    Local OC Tuna

    I build custom homes and I’ve been watching breezers, chippers, and full blown foamers for the whole week about 2 miles off the beach at Crystal Cove and Emerald bay. They start at 7 and are down by 8:30 daily. I’d be really chomping at the bit and calling in sick if I wasn’t leaving for a 4.5...
  106. Let em eat 74

    Question for long range folks.

    It also depends on the time of year. When are we talking?
  107. Let em eat 74

    Deciding on a new Penn Fathom for 25lb bait

    Since you prefer some mono, I’d say you might be better served with the 15 Star.
  108. Let em eat 74

    Deciding on a new Penn Fathom for 25lb bait

    I fish the 12 as well on a 800ml Calstar . Mine is filled with 40# braid for a short topshot of 4-8’. I own the 15ld2 also, but I use it for small stickbaits and coltsnipers at 30 and 40# on a 900m.
  109. Let em eat 74

    Deciding on a new Penn Fathom for 25lb bait

    How long of a topshot are you planning on fishing?
  110. Let em eat 74

    Getting pumped...

    When they are good, they are really good.
  111. Let em eat 74

    For Sale Daiwa saltiga 40ld 2 speed

    Interested in a partial trade for a UC rod?
  112. Let em eat 74

    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    So true. 200# of ice per fish once they’re big is not getting carried away.
  113. Let em eat 74

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    I use a 1” loop of 200# spectra cats pawed to the lure. Looks like this This method allows for quick changes of the jig, can be taken off to use the hook for larger squid or macs or even a live flyer without re rigging anything. Just keep the jig with the loop in your pocket and deploy when...
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    For Sale Phoenix, shimano, makaira

    Pleasure to meet you Will. Good seller here guys, was on time with the goods that were exactly what was descrbed.
  115. Let em eat 74

    For Sale Phoenix, shimano, makaira

    I’ll take the cousins. Sending PM
  116. Let em eat 74

    WTB Blackwater Shock Leader

    Longfin had 80 or 90 (can’t remeber which),100, and 130 that I saw on Saturday morning at the sale.
  117. Let em eat 74

    9ft Jig Stick Advice Needed

    If it was at the Longfin you got the recommendation, it was me. Just as important in what you are trying to do is the reel. My 900m has a 15ld2 fathom on it. Small diameter spool means crazy good distance with smaller lighter baits or lures. I’m down in Newport everyday, if you want to try it...
  118. Let em eat 74

    Rod for Fathom 40N and New Penn Torque Questions

    I’ve had my 40n on a few different rods. First ..Calstar 800xh (40-80) I love this rod and it’s a fantastic 50# bait rod, but does really well throwing heavier iron or poppers (over 3.5 ounces). The first year the bluefin showed up, I got a 147# model on the Yo Zuri bull pop=great fun. I...
  119. Let em eat 74

    the Long Fin Big Sale Saturday the 14 TH

    Here’s the sale flyer for anyone on the fence
  120. Let em eat 74

    the Long Fin Big Sale Saturday the 14 TH

    I’ll be there. Make sure you guys say hello. I’ll wear a BD shirt
  121. Let em eat 74

    Penn Fathom defect?

    The star drag fathoms have a live spindle feature which disengages all the heavy parts from the spool to increase casting distance. The only drawback of the feature is you sometimes have to slightly roll back the spool to disengage it into freespool. If you force it, you risk bending parts. I...
  122. Let em eat 74

    WTB 15, 20 or 30lb braid for My Little Pony Rod/Reel

    The OG Long Beach Barbie rods are best. No I’m not taking butt pics of Barbie
  123. Let em eat 74

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    Maybe a tow TRUCK would work now
  124. Let em eat 74

    Clamp studs on fathom - visx

    I agree. I have a bunch of deckhand rods and cork puppies with appropriate hardware of different sizes and I know the pain it can be. I have adopted this method and it works well. Because of the tight clearances when using the cork puppy, I can’t always use the keeper nuts that hold the studs...
  125. Let em eat 74

    Clamp studs on fathom - visx

    Hang it upside down when you tighten it and the weight of the reel hanging will hold them in place
  126. Let em eat 74

    Casting lures for Marlin?

    Just be ready to duck when he shakes it loose and you suddenly have a missile headed right at you.
  127. Let em eat 74

    For Sale Rainshadow 90xxh

    This is the new 50-100# blank correct?
  128. Let em eat 74

    Deformed BFT

    Tuna can get scoliosis too? Lol
  129. Let em eat 74

    So, I went fishing again...

    The Hayabusa hook Steve had shown is the one you want. It is a forged hook (note the flat sides adding strength where the bend is). It’s small, strong, and very effective. Model number 187733 for the lighter version. The magnum circle is a cow killer even in smaller 4/0 and 5/0 sizes for...
  130. Let em eat 74


    Not really. My impression was more like the 775 series in a faster action. I’d call them a 7475h and XH but that’s only my opinion.
  131. Let em eat 74

    So, I went fishing again...

    I told you about that Hayabusa on our trip Steve. You should have used it
  132. Let em eat 74

    Hook and Hand

    You don’t or havent taken your kids fishing then. Although my daughter can fish a bait herself now, I started her by showing her what to do and hooking them for her until she got the hang of it. When she was little she loved telling everyone that she caught more fish than me, man i miss my...
  133. Let em eat 74

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    The method I use is simple. Run a larger size wood BBQ skewer perpendicular just slightly behind the base of the wings. Secure the wings to the skewer using twist ties to hold them out. I usually try to get the front two ribs of the wings in the tie with the skewer and I do it in two places...
  134. Let em eat 74

    Actual Capacity of VISX 16 w/ 100 MC?

    Mine has almost 700 yards of izor solid. You have to wind it on REALLY TIGHT.
  135. Let em eat 74

    Calstar 220. ?

    My favorite 25# in the Calstar line up is the 800ml. The 220 is a chovy flicker for 20# test but it can be pushed a little. For 25 on smaller grade fish it might feel quite adequate, but hook a good one, and you’ll want a rod that has a little more in reserve. I’m talking about the 8.5’...
  136. Let em eat 74

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    This is a fantastic family vacation for those who really want to spend time with their family rather than sending the kids off to do activities and the wife to go shopping (they always find a way). For others being stuck in a boat with family might be torture but for me it was one of the most...
  137. Let em eat 74


    My apologies Jamie. I got a late call on Saturday and we headed out to chase the bluefin. Thankfully we found a couple that didn’t pass the “don’t eat hooked baits” class.
  138. Let em eat 74

    Sea Adventure 80

    These guys are doing you a disservice. The SA80 is a good boat, very large in it’s class (roomy all around), big bait tank, and good customer service. If they choose to put meat in the RSW instead of chasing bft so be it, but that’s not a reason to beat up the operation. When it’s time to...
  139. Let em eat 74


    I’ll take an XH if they are still available. What time do you open tomorrow? Edit: I see it’s 10, is there one left for me?
  140. Let em eat 74

    For Sale SOLD !!! 60lb Seeker Rod w/ Titanium Guides - Still available

    Nice build Gerry. How far is it from the gimbal butt to the reel seat?
  141. Let em eat 74

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    My Intrepid experience was just like yours. Our 7 day trip had mechanical issues and had to turn around. All aboard were bummed of course, but all were very happy with how it was handled. Steve called me and offered me a free ride on any trip that wasn’t full for the rest of the year (including...
  142. Let em eat 74

    dedicated 2 spd yo yo reel

    40Nld2 is the way to go. 500 plus yards of 80# solid braid and a short topshot of 60# is strait deadly on the Yoyo. On my last trip to Alijos this June, the guys fishing long topshots of mono were getting worked and losing lots of jigs because the stretch allowed the bigger YT (30-50#) to get...
  143. Let em eat 74

    Islander 3.5, July 25th.

    If you are out there and a guy gives you the finger from a grey skiff, it’s me, make sure you salute back.
  144. Let em eat 74

    Old Glory BFT report 7.22.19

    One of the mistakes I see most is to tighten the drag when the fish is running. It’s always better to bump up slightly when it’s stopped. (Unless you are getting completely spooled of course). It creates too much shock during a run. Sometimes you just have to be patient.
  145. Let em eat 74

    Cousin rod ID check SJ90F

    Anytime......Enjoy it, I like mine quite a bit
  146. Let em eat 74

    Cousin rod ID check SJ90F

    It’s 30-50 I believe. Same blank used on the F90j factory built rod.
  147. Let em eat 74

    Fishing the Intrepid San Diego

    The Intrepid is set with all the rods and reels you need. They will provide Avet-Seeker combos for any line class and they only charge you for monofilament topshots. Bring flouro, hooks, weights of various sizes, and some jigs and you’re done.
  148. Let em eat 74

    2 Speed For Surface Jig Fishing BFT

    The two setups I’m using 800xh Calstar - Fathom 30ld2 This is my heavier stickbait, popper, flat fall, and jig rod. Reel is filled with 65# spectra and I use anywhere from 80# leaders for poppers and stickbaits to 60# for flatfalls (130-160gram) Into the foamers. Originally this same rod had...
  149. Let em eat 74

    Anyone ever try a big circle hook on the end of a sniper, flatfall or megabait?

    Yes. I tried it a couple years ago and it misses too many fish. My guess is that the jig swings the hook away from the hinge of the jaw as you are pulling to set the hook. I moved to the bridle a year or so ago to combat the issue.
  150. Let em eat 74

    Pretty cool pic!

    It was the only fish I’ve ever seen that had to be turned vertical to make it through the gate. I’ll probably never see that again.
  151. Let em eat 74

    For guys that run braid to mono to flouro..

    Other than switching the Cousins (which is heavier) and the Axis in the middle of your line up, you sound like you’re set. I only fish short topshots. If I want mono, there’s no flouro. FG knot then San Diego jam.
  152. Let em eat 74

    Pretty cool pic!

    It sure was. And it oozed all kinds of nasty too. Even inside three black trash bags it reeked like a mofo.
  153. Let em eat 74

    Ringed Hook vs Perfection Loop

    Why not just tie a San Diego jam and not cinch it tight to the hook? I’ve been doing it for sometime now and it’s very effective (uni works this way as well). If you want to cinch it tighter, slide a golf pencil in there and tighten it, then slide it out. Simple easy trick.
  154. Let em eat 74

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    I have experienced the same Steve. The lower IPT (due to the smaller diameter spool) of the regular 15 makes it an excellent choice to fight good size fish on the lighter gear. I’ve used mine at 30 and 40 on a 900m for casting sinking stickbaits and it does very well in that application for...
  155. Let em eat 74

    Pretty cool pic!

    I wanted so badly to do that to the skull of my 360 lb. Yellowfin, one week of smelling it while waiting for the flesh eating beetles to arrive by mail made me think otherwise. My loss for sure
  156. Let em eat 74

    Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    Congrats buddy, I’m glad you got your prize. Totally agree about this years stock and their ability to punch above weight class. Maybe it’s cooler under the thermocline
  157. Let em eat 74

    best STRONG circle hook for blue fin?

    I like the Hayabusa 1 to 1/0 size. Model number 187733. Nice and small but thick enough of a wire gauge to pull hard. I have not experienced a hook fail with either it or the magnum series that I’ve used for cows, supers for flyline sardine.
  158. Let em eat 74

    Thoughts on CALSTAR GF800XH

    I own one and it’s a great 50# rod. I’ve tried it at 60, but it is imo a little light. As mentioned it is a great casting stick Largest fish to date was a 147lb bluefin.
  159. Let em eat 74

    Music on deck

    DRI - Do the Dream
  160. Let em eat 74

    Music on deck

    Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes
  161. Let em eat 74

    Music on deck

    Once I find the correct cadence for a surface iron to swim best, I like to choose a song that matches it. You’ll find me singing low or humming to my tune in the bow if you can’t find me in the stern.
  162. Let em eat 74

    Looking for a past post of a Video sportboat tour.

    Andre’s post still exists. It’s here
  163. Let em eat 74

    Getting your fish home?

    What’s up Tom! It has been mentioned but not emphasized. Stick with the 5 mil bags. The quality and longevity of the fish is superior on all fronts.
  164. Let em eat 74

    So, I went fishing...

    I used the Size 1 Hayabusa circle hook and went 2 for 2 with no pulled hooks or chew offs. My topshots are always short (12’ of Seaguar Premiere this time for the bluefin).
  165. Let em eat 74

    So, I went fishing...

    Great fishing with all you guys and a fantastic trip overall. Good times and laughs with new friends that I will definitely fish with again. See you next time gentlemen.
  166. Let em eat 74

    So, I’m going fishing

    Great minds think alike. See you bright and early Steve
  167. Let em eat 74

    So, I’m going fishing

    I’m in the straight spectra camp myself. I’ll be bringing 2) 9’ jigsticks and my trusty 800xh for 50# work. I’ve settled on 25# 800ml - Fathom 12 30# 900m - Fathom 15 40# 875h - Fathom 25nld2 Jig 90j - Fathom 25n 50# 800xh - Fathom 30ld2 60# RCE700xxh - Fathom 40nld2 80-100 775xh -...
  168. Let em eat 74

    This washed up today...

    Looks like an anglerfish to me. Correction. Monkfish. Damn! Strike two
  169. Let em eat 74

    So, I’m going fishing

    Snark attack? Call the life guards and clear the water!
  170. Let em eat 74

    Soft Steel mono in San Diego?

    Are you on the 8 day AA trip Craig? Longfin had some in stock up here and I’m on the same trip. I could grab what you want if they have it.
  171. Let em eat 74

    $2000 to catch a 200 Pounder

    Here’s a write up I did last year on bluefin tips and tactics. There is some really good info on that thread from myself and a few others.’t.702511/
  172. Let em eat 74

    $2000 to catch a 200 Pounder

    100# braid, 10’ of 130# flouro, and a 12/0 circle hook= Fish on deck. My last one came in 10 minutes. You can pull hard on a big hook, ask any big bait guy. Bonus is, you don’t have to pull the hook through the big bait to hook him right.
  173. Let em eat 74

    $2000 to catch a 200 Pounder

    The Foxfire (aka The Wrinkle Ranch) is gone guys
  174. Let em eat 74

    $2000 to catch a 200 Pounder

    Given that most of the larger models (200# +) are caught on the flatfall I like your plan of the 1.75 or 2.75 day trips giving you extra nights of fishing the jig. Space the trips out a little and don’t forget that the fish have often bit best in October and November when most guys have packed...
  175. Let em eat 74

    FG knot failure??

    The common failure I’ve seen with both the fg and RP/John Colins is not the knot itself, but length of topshot. If the topshot is the wrong length, the knot winds up near the rod tip during the final endgame. This is the one place that the line has the most angle and creates uneven stretch in...
  176. Let em eat 74

    Looking for Calstrar blanks

    Longfin had one last weekend, give em a call and make sure it’s still in the rack.
  177. Let em eat 74

    Testing it out

    I’m here with you guys. I must admit it was nice seeing so many reports instead of the usual though.
  178. Let em eat 74

    Tiagra or penn visx

    The Penn’s lightweight spool (which gives it excellent abilities to flyline a bait) opens up more options. The Makaira is it’s equal in most catagories and either of those would be my choice. The Tiagra is a good trolling reel and would work as well for the flatfall. It mostly depends on your...
  179. Let em eat 74

    Cortez Sportfishing

    Captain Jim Hughes (aka Rambo) is a great captain and typically has an above average and well trained crew. The boat is typical for its size class (60-70’ers). I wouldn’t hesitate to go on her again after the 5 trips I have spent on the Cortez.
  180. Let em eat 74

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Next time If you can’t do it with a 50# scale, cut the head off and weigh both pieces. I’d guess it’s 55-60 from past experience. Congrats on a really nice fish.
  181. Let em eat 74

    Shimano. Reel

    I personally use a fathom 12 filled with 40# braid. You don’t need crazy capacity, nor do you need high drag. A solid reel that holds 300 yards of 40# braid (unless you prefer a really long topshot) is a good place to start. All of them will have the 8# of drag required to fish #25.
  182. Let em eat 74

    Today is a good day... Poacher is killed by elephant and eaten by lions

    Am I cold hearted by thinking that the elephant missed 4 more opportunities? Nah, I’m good.
  183. Let em eat 74

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    I had the same dilemma. It just became easiest to pull the trailer out front to load. Mom stacks things to leave in the front entry, sherpas (children) run it out to dad to be stowed properly. Either that, or with a good running start, you could just park the truck in the living room
  184. Let em eat 74

    Bag to carry clothes

    I use a no name bag that looks just like that. it was a freebie from my dad when he worked for Alcatel. I’ll take a look at it tonight and tell you manufacturer.
  185. Let em eat 74

    For Sale Old school yoyo reel

    Fuel = Coors light or does it prefer higher octane?
  186. Let em eat 74

    Deck boots?

    After getting a staph infection in my big toe on a trip last year, I have decided I won’t be wearing flip flops anymore. I got a tiny cut from someone stepping on my toenail and that’s all it took. I have extratuffs now, lesson learned.
  187. Let em eat 74

    Lower banks history.

    November 17 was nuts. Not for the ripper bite you guys are talking about, but for insane quality. We had more fish over #300 than under #200. Mine taped at almost 90” (89.5).
  188. Let em eat 74

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    Aww come on Mike. I have got an almost new with the box 229. You don’t have one of those yet.
  189. Let em eat 74

    Calstar btg 690j....30 or 40#

    It’s a light jigstick for #30. Perfect for targeting the 3 B’s
  190. Let em eat 74

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    Ok Tom Sawyer. Be right there
  191. Let em eat 74

    Fish 3 times the line test

    My first bluefin went 87# and was caught on 20# mono My avatar fish went 360 and was caught on 100# premiere.
  192. Let em eat 74

    Best Wseabass rod options : Whats say you?

    I’m right with Robert on this one but just a step up. I use the 900m and 800xh calstars. I do however switch which one I use for leadhead and squid depending on the grade of fish and how they are oriented to cover. When it’s on the coast (typically larger grade) and near heavy kelp, I use the...
  193. Let em eat 74

    Calstar 90j too much rod for sx raptor?

    Are the studs even wide enough to make it around the butt of a 90j?
  194. Let em eat 74

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    That was my understanding. Original blank that was painted recently.
  195. Let em eat 74

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    It became part of the trolling spread last year when we were skipping the flyer. It didn’t have any kills, but I’m sure it had more to do with the difference in speed needed to look best for each, the flyer always won that decision.
  196. Let em eat 74

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    They do exist Robert. We shall see. Here’s the baby with his full size XL brother.
  197. Let em eat 74

    Super Seeker 6470H or Calstar 770H (any recommendations for Fathom 40LD2)?

    My top three calstars for the 40nld2 would be 875xxh, 800xxh, and the 7400xh. For the Fathom, I prefer a lighter build rather than a railrod since the fathom is a light body reel. All 3 fish #60 really well but can do #80 in a pinch, just like the Fathom.
  198. Let em eat 74

    SoftSteel Intrepid 15 day

    Go get em Buddy! Best of luck on the fishing, the rest is in good hands. Kevin
  199. Let em eat 74

    WSB Rod Recommendations?

    I don’t know about you guys, but when I fish I lead head and squid I am using a heavy kelp cutter rig and fishing actively in the deeper cover. 80# spectra and a minimum of 60# flouro. My choice in rod has to have solid pulling power so I use an 800xh Calstar. For clicker fishing on the anchor...
  200. Let em eat 74

    Fish unique to southern California?

    Golden trout are also found in the Wind River range in Wyoming.
  201. Let em eat 74

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    The 40nld2 is a 60# reel that can be pushed occasionally to 80#. The rod you have is a 60# rod that can be pushed to 80#. You got it right with your pairing, but for the flat fall, you might want something heavier all together is likely what Lou is saying.
  202. Let em eat 74

    Bridle set up flat fall OK for smaller tuna?

    Well shit, you caught me. I was paid off by the bridled flat fall association of America to miss-inform all the rest of the world and take over. You’re a hero for uncovering our evil plot. Medal??????
  203. Let em eat 74

    What was your fish of the Year?

    This year and last years biggest for me.
  204. Let em eat 74

    Ringed hooks vs non-ringed.

    I’m with Fishy on this one. To me, it makes sense if we are trying to be stealthy, a knot ( be it a uni or SanDiego jam not fully snugged or one of the good loop knots) makes more sense. My reason for the change was an observation I made on a trip. I had baited a little too early and dropped...
  205. Let em eat 74

    20 VISX Max Drag at Strike

    I have a 16VISX filled with 100# solid Izorline. Testing has shown it breaks over 130# so I feel confident even if using 130# topshots. Packed tight, you should exceed 750 yards. Maybe that’s what you are looking for.
  206. Let em eat 74

    If you can only pick 4 calstar rods to choose from for 1-3 days...

    My personal preference is based on what I own. I currently have and fish these 800ML - Fathom 12 star for 20-25# topshots perfect 25 900M - Fathom 15ld2 for 30-occasional 40# topshots 875H - Fathom 25nld2 for 40-50# perfect 40 800XH - Fathom 40nld2 50-60# perfect 50 775XH - 16VISXS 80-100#...
  207. Let em eat 74

    For Sale WTS TRINIDAD 16DC!!

    Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black! Lol
  208. Let em eat 74

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    I play 9-ball tournaments every Thursday night with a bunch of high level (and some not so high) players. 9’ tables, fast cloth, and some professional level opponents makes for some challenging matches.
  209. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    I have not so far. It’s difficult to tie the loop small enough so I just use a 3 turn square knot to make it easy. It isn’t a strong knot, but I don’t really need it to be. I’d trade a jig for a good fish every time.
  210. Let em eat 74

    Constitution cows

    Gorgeous fish Jeff. Congratulations!
  211. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    Each of these jigs has a different fall pattern. Some, like the Shimano,Nomad gypsy, and Tady will flutter and slide sideways and some just zig and zag while still falling quickly like the Nomad buffalo I have pictured. On our trip the fish were keyed in on a faster moving jig so mine worked...
  212. Let em eat 74

    Penn 12 VISX

    Sounds like my kind of experiment and a lot of fun. Just what it’s all about.
  213. Let em eat 74

    32 people on the T Bird tomorrow night. Get your Dykes ready.

    Coke works great for either set of dykes.
  214. Let em eat 74

    Any good fishing deals for Black Friday?

    Have you tried Rob? He is in Carson not far from you and always seems to have some at good prices. I’ve bought from him before.
  215. Let em eat 74

    Has anybody Caught bait out of mission bay lately? the macs used to be outside the jetty north.

    Jetty north with a can of cat food at first signs of light has always been most effective for me.
  216. Let em eat 74

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    I think he saved himself from waking up on deck, confused, with a pair of dykes in his hand and a big headache.
  217. Let em eat 74

    Glow shimano flat falls

    The entire day is easy. It’s during the night that it gets a little trickier.
  218. Let em eat 74

    Best Reel

    I’ve had the same rod for a long time. I personally use a fathom 40nld2 on it. One thing to note, it will bottom out at about 19-20# of drag. It’s best for 50# work imo
  219. Let em eat 74

    Surface iron retrieve rate

    Each of my favorite irons have a song to them, makes them move at the right cadence. Some like Bob, some like Punk. Find your jig’s song and let’s its beat be your guide grasshopper.
  220. Let em eat 74

    UV Charging, One Hand and the Rail

    Why not wrap it around a price of clear tubing? Click it on, drop into the pocket with the sleeve inside top first, and pull it back out by the hook for safety. Easy peasy.
  221. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    I had heard the same things about re-freezing and I did buy the ones strait out of the back that had not been thawed yet. They had good color, smelled right, but just didn’t work this time around. I’m not giving up on them for good and I am definitely going to try the method with the sinker in...
  222. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    My setup with the bridled flat fall allowed me quick changes without changing leaders as long as there was a big Mac available or my weighted squid rig. Sardines wouldnt work however due to my hook size.
  223. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    For sure Rick. The moment I book a longer trip than 10 days, I’ll definitely get another (maybe a couple) heavier sticks and a 50 and 20 VISX Ideally 16 VISX - 775xh heavy 80 or finesse 100# flyline 20 VISX - 775xxh 100# dedicated, maybe chunk 130 50 VISX - 775xxxh 130-150# big bait and jig...
  224. Let em eat 74

    Giant BFT #100 Braid Drag Settings - 16 VISX

    Nice forkie brother!
  225. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    I sure hope so Rick. I like the give to be in the rod part of the equation. It’s the main reason I use longer rods to match my short topshot preference. I know what you mean though, I’ve been close to bottoming out the rod. There is video of the short fight I’m trying to get my hands on. If...
  226. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    Calstar 775xh on both fish
  227. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    Thanks Robert. We gotta get out and fish together sometime.
  228. Let em eat 74

    Oct 20 Polaris Supreme A**Hole Invitational Roll Call

    Shit, if Dustin caught some they must have been biting nails!!! Lol
  229. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    An hour or two? I only slept that long for 3 days and nights total. I came home a zombie, but I came home a zombie with a fish. It is a damn good reel, hope you get to pull on a really good one to truly enjoy it!
  230. Let em eat 74

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    The crew watched it barf up about 6 pounds of squid trying anything to make the tractor beam (16visx and 30# of drag) stop. 10-15 minutes was all it took. Quite the hit list this reel has accumulated so far. First, a 360.4# YFT last year and then backing that feat with a near 200# BFT this...
  231. Let em eat 74

    17 over 200!

    I’m sure glad I set up my longer 4.5 day for a week ago.
  232. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    They sure did Bill. I was the only one on the boat rigged with the bridle setup. Most guys had the typical multi-assist both with or without a brazed large J hook style we find pre-rigged in our local shops. Curtis scored his by snagging the tail, so there is definitely merit in both...
  233. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    One thing to note if you are using the Nomad buffalo or gypsy flat falls. Although the hook and assist cord are quite substantial and more than enough for what we are trying to do with them, I don’t quite like the size of the barb on the hook. We are all aware of the bluefin tuna’s tactic...
  234. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    A standard 250 flat fall flutters more than the Nomad buffalo which kinda zig zags on a more vertical line As a result, sink rates on the 250 are more like 20-25 seconds depending on current.
  235. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    It’s just a 3 turn San Diego jam
  236. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    It was great fishing with you Curtis and those are great points to add. Have you had any of your fish yet? Those things were definitely feeding on squid. Really rich texture and taste and some of the best I’ve ever had. 5 Star did an awesome job as usual.
  237. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate the positive feelback. Robert, from a private boat my game plan would be to skip the flyer or flying fish if you have them while glassing to locate schools. Once you find the school, I would do a couple drop backs and get it well back before...
  238. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    I just returned home Monday, October 22nd from a 4.5 day trip where we spent 3 straight days fishing bluefin. Time on the water allowed me to try several different techniques and to also observe what worked for other guys aboard. Most of this info won’t be shocking news to anybody, but for...
  239. Let em eat 74

    Bridle set up flat fall OK for smaller tuna?

    I’m going to start a new thread about my trip I just took and some observations I made on it this afternoon when I have time. I used a 16/0 hayabusa circle (very large). I’ll post pics and give accurate descriptions on what works and what didn’t in that thread. Keep your eyes peeled. I took...
  240. Let em eat 74

    Can this handle bigger grade tuna?

    I was on the sea adventure 80 for that. I landed mine in :10 using a 16visx and was already bumped by a second fish before that one was landed. Speed counts for better quality filets and the opportunity to hook another in a short bite window.
  241. Let em eat 74

    Giant BFT #100 Braid Drag Settings - 16 VISX

    I just got off a trip yesterday morning with a 197# flat fall BFT. I have a 16 VISX as well and it’s mated to a Calstar 775xh (60-120). Since I am a larger and fit guy, I used a strike setting of 30# personally and it crushed this size fish in :10 using a bridled flat fall with a huge 16/0...
  242. Let em eat 74

    Somebody is in big trouble!

    I think it should read “CANNOTNAV” instead. Someone misspelled their logo.
  243. Let em eat 74

    Trolling tips?

    Flat line clips are for keeping your line lower to the water. Attachment points can vary, but you want it low to the water line on your boat (swimstep, a cleat,etc) your line goes to the clip rather than straight off the tip of the rod. They help keep lures or slow trolled baits under the...
  244. Let em eat 74

    Halloween Fishing Decor: Let’s Your Best

    Last year on the Larry Brown 10 day.... I was Superman, we got Jackie in the luchador mask, and Chris as Spock.
  245. Let em eat 74

    Trolling tips?

    Flat line clips are your friend if you don’t already have them.
  246. Let em eat 74

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    I’m very interested in what changes you are going to make on this project. Your first seemed so perfect, what areas did you think needed improvement?
  247. Let em eat 74

    What Drag Setting for 100lb Spectra ?

    Use the second strike stop and set it at 20-22#. easy peasy. The reel comes with one on the reel and one in the box. If I remember correctly when I set mine to 30 each number on the side of the reel was 5 more pounds except once I went past the normal strike setting from the factory. You might...
  248. Let em eat 74

    Issue with Fathom 25nld2 drag adjustment

    Have you taken the drag adjustment cap all the way off Calvin? I had one of my fathoms that had so much grease in there it just wanted to stick all the time. Very simple to deal with.
  249. Let em eat 74

    What Drag Setting for 100lb Spectra ?

    I use a 16 VIsx and it’s set to 30# at strike. Don’t be intimidated by the setting, you don’t have to go straight to strike upon getting picked up. You can work your way up to the full strike setting as you feel more comfortable during the fight. The problem you are trying to avoid is not...
  250. Let em eat 74

    Incredible Gift

    Such a thoughtful and cool gift. Hope you enjoy your new version of “fetch” with Lizzie for many many more years.
  251. Let em eat 74

    Issue with Fathom 25nld2 drag adjustment

    Eric is correct. Either the detent clip is missing or it also could be a over-abundance of grease under the knob (I had one with this minor issue). Here is Alan Tani’s first look and service tutorial if you need it The detent clip we are both...
  252. Let em eat 74

    Having fun without killing much.

    I’d probably just burn on the grill due to the alcohol content.
  253. Let em eat 74

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    I have never had an issue with any Penn reel not making advertised spec. I use 2/3 of my intended drag pressure when I fill up and they always make or exceed the number. I have a 16 VISX with over 700 yards of #100 Izorline solid (spooled with 20# of pressure since it’s set up to use 30# at...
  254. Let em eat 74

    Need a Laugh?

    Those are some gems there brother! Thanks for sharing
  255. Let em eat 74

    Overnights fishing BFT at night??!

    If you want bluefin, this is your trip. Plenty of time to get at them, great price for the duration, and leaving at 4 to fish the first night. We need more to get off the dock
  256. Let em eat 74

    La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    I’m shocked you took a moment off from gay sex to troll BD.
  257. Let em eat 74

    300 pound blue Finn

    Hey Mike. Larger models are still showing on the flatfall though they could rise and eat bait anytime. 100-130# rigs should be brought and marked at 100’ intervals for accuracy of depth during the drop. Best of luck to you.
  258. Let em eat 74

    300 pound blue Finn

    Hey Mike. Larger models are still showing on the flatfall though they could rise and eat bait anytime. 100-130# rigs should be brought and marked at 100’ intervals for accuracy of depth during the drop. Best of luck to you.
  259. Let em eat 74

    4.5 Day on the SA80 10/17-10/22

    Bump it up. Great deal, great boat, and good timing. I’m shocked we haven’t filled this up yet. This boat had the best hit on bigeye (10 at 40-60#) that I’ve seen so far a week ago.
  260. Let em eat 74

    Offshore Fishing in SD after a large hurricane swell

    Might have some effect. I’ve been banking on it being better later this season (I’ve got a 4.5 day October 17th) I am more concerned with those guys who will be hooping at night for the opener. Could be an ugly situation for those desperate to be first.
  261. Let em eat 74

    A small critique of the fathom 30 ld2

    Cork puppy is a necessity for any reel that uses anymore than 25# line on a deckhand rod IMO. I own all the LD2 fathoms and use the corresponding size cork puppy for the rod size so it squeezes both sides for the stability and clamping pressure you speak of. My line up 15ld2 - 900m = 28mm...
  262. Let em eat 74

    WTB Looking for inexpensive reels and rods for my annual SD summer charity charter...

    Thanks again for doing the drop off Matt. Happy birthday Marcel. Happy to have helped
  263. Let em eat 74

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    More days (and nights) to connect. That’s what I’m betting on. Either way, I love being on the ocean.
  264. Let em eat 74

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    That’s why I’m doing a limited load 4.5 for the big boys. At $1000 it’s a steal.
  265. Let em eat 74

    Nike Kaepernick Ad Meme

    I personally find it amusing that a man that wants to stand up for those who are oppressed is now sponsored by a company who had shoes and balls made by basically slave labor in another country.
  266. Let em eat 74

    Stuff I've learned

    The moment you think you know everything Is the moment you stop learning anything. Even when they are both healthy, sometimes the smaller bait is better.
  267. Let em eat 74

    WTB Looking for inexpensive reels and rods for my annual SD summer charity charter...

    I’ve got some older Penn Sabres I’d be happy to donate, but I’m in south OC. Do make it up this way?
  268. Let em eat 74

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    Perfect warm up then Dustin
  269. Let em eat 74

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    I am looking forward to this trip too Curtis. It will be in the days leading up to a full moon as well which is optimal for these fish so far this year. 4.5 days is plenty of time to get after them (and hopefully some good yellowtail fishing as well).
  270. Let em eat 74

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    This is the way. Either stunning your bait by giving it a good smack or using a dead one has been proven many times over to be effective.
  271. Let em eat 74

    JRI 3 Day Trip 19

    Proving once again why he is known as the bluefin whisperer. Great looking line up.
  272. Let em eat 74

    Setting up HXW 5/2 Raptor for the big boys

    While you are putting line on, see if you can mark it at 100’ intervals up to 3-400. Easiest time to do it.
  273. Let em eat 74

    Flouro aging

    Good for you Robert. If it is heavy tuna stuff, they make good wahoo bite leader (100-130). The other stuff is cheap enough to just toss and get newer (maybe shorter) coils this time. I think seaguar has been sticking to about a 5 year recommendation stored properly but even they admit it...
  274. Let em eat 74

    Flouro aging

    8-10 years? You poor guy, you need to fish more....
  275. Let em eat 74

    8/12 Oside - marlin or blue?

    A pretty good size one too. Most exciting target in the sea to cast at IMO.
  276. Let em eat 74

    Perfect Fit

    Trust me James, if you are buying stuff every time you roll in, you aren’t bothering anyone. Your business is exactly what these shops thrive on and why they are there in the first place.
  277. Let em eat 74

    Fishing the rail 101

    When the fish are out and up, you are pretty much stuck like that to get a good bend on them (Unless you want to stand and pull while they are taking drag which is a waste of the energy you will need once they get somewhere closer to the up and down game). I’m tall as well at 6’4” and I find...
  278. Let em eat 74

    Is this a 50 wide ?

    Here you go
  279. Let em eat 74

    Kicker 25 light JRI 3

    JRI 3 is a medium to slow retrieve.
  280. Let em eat 74

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Jerr, I get that you are loyal to the operation (I used to be as well), but blind loyalty is not always a good thing. I’d be fairly sure the OP knew what he saw while onboard since he has many years of life experience. My opinion of course, take it how you will.
  281. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Higher speeds equal more heat. The fish isn’t likely to be running near as fast on 30# of drag or as long. It’s like riding the brakes on a downhill........where did my brakes go? Edit....I know on a car it increases exponentially with speed if that helps.
  282. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Fighting a fish like you are afraid to lose it, is often the quickest way to do just that. You still did way better than most by getting the hook up and your rigging choices were well chosen. There’s another one waiting out there with your name on it, go collect it.
  283. Let em eat 74

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    I thought the extended gaff pics made them look big, this takes it to a whole new level. Regardless it is still a nice catch.
  284. Let em eat 74

    International 16VISX and Threadlock

    I added more Izor solid until it was over-filled, flipped the line, and then repacked on the reel at high tension, and stopped when I was happy with the amount I had. Over filling made sure I didn’t come up short after the process was complete.
  285. Let em eat 74

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    I substitute black flip flops.
  286. Let em eat 74

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    I use doubled 80 solid to make the loop and squareknot both ends. The jig really flutters well this way as an added benefit.
  287. Let em eat 74

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Here you go in case he doesn’t respond.
  288. Let em eat 74

    Visx as a Kite reel

    I would say the 50VISX and it’s capacity of 1100 yards of 130 would be my personal choice.
  289. Let em eat 74

    Excel trip July 5th 8 day

    Great write up Floyd, both detailed and informative. Glad you had a good trip on the big X. See you next year on the same 10 day?
  290. Let em eat 74

    Ease into it, or jam it in?

    I would suggest to go long right off the bat. The shorter trips have smaller windows of opportunity to catch and to learn. The people you might be depending on to learn are going to be busy filling their tags. On a long trip, the more relaxed atmosphere allows time for someone to really show...
  291. Let em eat 74

    Bridle set up flat fall OK for smaller tuna?

    Have you seen how deep they swallow them? The hooks pretty much keep the jig from being shit out the other side. I’ll add this.... I have heard of plenty of fish still chewing through bite leaders of 130# or more at times. Bluefin dont lie on their sides amd circle like Yellowfin do. They...
  292. Let em eat 74

    For Sale Cal-Star 780XH

    Although the Calstar website does not list this blank, it does indeed exist. 8’ and rated 60-120. It’s part of the railrod lineup
  293. Let em eat 74

    Ramp Monsters

    Oh pun intended for sure Rick. You know me
  294. Let em eat 74

    Braid to Braid - Double Uni???

    Uni to uni is good. I’d flip the spool though and put it on the bottom after you decide which connection either way.
  295. Let em eat 74

    Ramp Monsters

    Exactly... what if the fish goes nuts?
  296. Let em eat 74

    Perfect Fit

    I really have to agree here. What works for my style and body frame might not be the best for you (or even someone with my similar frame). Find the most knowledgeable guy in the store, be specific about your intent for each outfit (line class, topshot length, targeted species, fishing...
  297. Let em eat 74

    Perfect Fit

    My personal preference has always been to have some give in my system, and since I use short topshots, I prefer a rod that is both longer and has good flex without bottoming out. Hope that makes sense.
  298. Let em eat 74

    Makaira 15T

    460 yds of #65? Looks close to the fathom 40n in it’s overall size, so it must be the fat arbor hindering capacity. It falls pretty close to a talica 16 in specs, but not shape which I like. Figure around 405 +\- yds of 80# which lends itself better to the drag stats. Cool reel
  299. Let em eat 74

    Fathom 25N LD2 for CE 80 Wahoo

    You right Matt, it’s great at #40. Mine is on a similar rated rod (Calstar 875h 30-60) and it is really solid for that purpose and can even be pushed a little for #50 use if you like short flouro topshots like I do. I filled mine to the brim with #65 izor solid and it took almost 400 yards by...
  300. Let em eat 74

    Perfect Fit

    There isn’t a 7700xxxh so I assume you meant 770xxxh. The added number 4 in any Calstar build means it is a faster actioned model of the rod it shares a name with. I.E. 7470 is faster than a 770 7400 is faster than a 700 7465 is faster than a 765
  301. Let em eat 74

    Perfect Fit

    You didn’t really say what each outfit was for but I’ll take a shot at it. 12VISX My choices would be either the 7400xh, 875xxh or 800xxh here. Since this reel isn’t really great for yo-yo I’d be leaning to the 800xxh and shorter 60# flouro leader loaded with 80# solid. I’d prefer the...
  302. Let em eat 74

    International 16VISX and Threadlock

    I am sure the op got his answer long ago, I just felt the need to update the post for search purposes which I use quite commonly. FYI mine is filled to the last etched ring on the spool. Tight lines gentlemen.
  303. Let em eat 74

    International 16VISX and Threadlock

    It did not have any issue and this reel can really turn a bait loose. I wear flex wrap and put it back on as tight as is comfortable or run it out behind the boat in between stops if it needs it. I only use 12’ of flouro personally.
  304. Let em eat 74

    International 16VISX and Threadlock

    I’m bringing this one back. For those who don’t know I fished my 16VISX for the first time last November and caught a 360.4 pound Yellowfin. At the time it was loaded with 660 yards of Izorline solid. I lost 100 yards to a neighboring boats anchor line (and another trophy). Well, I refilled the...
  305. Let em eat 74

    Advice for 40LB rod - tuna fishing

    Calstar 875h is a great #40 stick.
  306. Let em eat 74

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    I only see one starman in mint and white, you need to rectify this problem immediately!!
  307. Let em eat 74

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    Now I know why you prefer the skinnier blanks of the UC Lineup.
  308. Let em eat 74

    Hooks??? What do you do?

    I leave them all in the pack and use a cheap carabiner to keep them together and organized by size.
  309. Let em eat 74

    Need help Penn Fathom

    What rigs do you currently have then Frank? Let’s work from there
  310. Let em eat 74

    Need help Penn Fathom

    Carl is on the money, it’s an excellent #40 reel. I filled mine with 65# solid (just under 400yds). Mine currently sits on a Calstar 875h. Rod choice is best made by finding the biggest hole in your quiver. Where is your biggest weakness or what would be your desired spot for this reel?
  311. Let em eat 74

    New to me Parker

    Looking great Chad
  312. Let em eat 74

    Roll call Red Rooster 8 day June 14-22 Seeker Rods... and a bit of a story.... I am back

    Happy to hear you are doing better Soda. Enjoy your time on the water
  313. Let em eat 74

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    In the regular series I think the best match is either the 7400xh or the 875xxh although I think they are both better at 60 than 80. I’d agree with Matt that the rail rod builds are better at 80 like the 765, 770, 775, and the new 780 series in either the H or XH variety.
  314. Let em eat 74

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    That’s one that should have
  315. Let em eat 74

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    OUCH!!!! MY EYES!!! THEY BURN!!!
  316. Let em eat 74

    Condor Overnight Aug 26th advice needed

    You won’t know anything about your target species and size until a week before (maybe two if you are lucky). Things can change fast out here so my advice is to stay informed, watch the counts, and ask this same question around early August. You can spend ten times as much as you need to...
  317. Let em eat 74

    Hook Change on Jigs

    This is the one Mike is talking about
  318. Let em eat 74

    Salas christy2 advice

    After straightening one on a good yellowtail, it would be my recommendation. Mine had fairly lightweight trebles originally. Just something to look at and keep in mind.
  319. Let em eat 74

    Salas christy2 advice

    They are great for yoyo when the fish want something smaller and I’ve used them for a long time. If they are anything like my old stock, you will want a heavier hook on it.
  320. Let em eat 74

    See lion prove bait cage? Does anybody know who sells a good one?

    Has anyone tried using a fiberglass sewage sump tank? Sure you would have to drill holes in it for flow, but it would still be plenty strong. Add some flotation, and you’re done.
  321. Let em eat 74

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    This is one of the reasons I switched to the bridled setup. It just cuts down on how many connections you are playing the fish on, multiple connections to me, only means multiple points of failure.
  322. Let em eat 74

    Braid Recomendations for Fathom 25N LD 2

    I don’t have experience with threadlock, but with 12# of tension, I was able to get 400 yards of Izorline #65 solid on mine to the top. You should have no problem getting over 300.
  323. Let em eat 74

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    Even Dexter would have been confused wtf happened there. Good way to spend a morning.
  324. Let em eat 74

    Another launch ramp.................

    Who needs a boat when you have a submarine
  325. Let em eat 74

    Bluefin battle on the Tribute 5-12-2018

    I’m guessing a trip to the shop for a cork puppy is on the schedule for you soon. Glad you and your family got your fish.
  326. Let em eat 74

    Mystery basket

    Thanks for the laugh. That was great!
  327. Let em eat 74

    775H or 775XH

    Anytime Esteban. You might like the 800xxh as well depending on your preferences.
  328. Let em eat 74

    775H or 775XH

    If we are talking 60-80, I assume we aren’t talking about a true cow rod. Are you sure you wouldn’t be better served with an 875xxh? It’s lighter, more reasonable in price, and it’s works well in that line split (which is honestly a big one). I caught the 360 YFT in my avatar on a 775xh paired...
  329. Let em eat 74

    Calstar gfdh850m jig rod?

    Absolutely. Both are excellent choices for someone who wants this length of rod. The M is best suited to smaller jigs (like a Tady C, AA, small Caivo, or coltsniper) that you would throw on lighter #30 line while the H is best for the heavier jigs on #40.
  330. Let em eat 74

    Physical Training Ideas

    Swimming will do it all from your core, shoulders, arms, legs, and you can’t beat the cardio.
  331. Let em eat 74

    Seeking Long Sleeve SPF 50 Fishing Shirt Recommendations

    I have the Columbia as well. Comfy, cool, I’d second that.
  332. Let em eat 74

    Cherry breakin' 5/8...

    4mpg is very impressive. Beautiful boat!
  333. Let em eat 74

    Don't fall for this email scam! I almost paid the guy.

    I got the same one, but they wanted to pay me $500 because I hit the camera.
  334. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    If you guys are still following progress on this I wound up booking the Sea Adventure 80 on October 17th for 4.5 days as it was all I could make work. Past seasons this timing has been fairly good. The seiners had long since filled quotas and the tuna have typically settled into a good pattern...
  335. Let em eat 74

    Just got my Talica 25ii

    The Axis has a better bend (more forgiving) for fishing a smaller boat with more pitch and roll if you are doing that part time. I’d stick with that.
  336. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    I talked to the landing manager at length. It was just a mistake made. I’ll keep you posted what I’m moving to but it will likely be later in the year.
  337. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Well I have just been informed that a scheduling conflict with a corporate charter has bumped us all off this trip. H&M wants to do the right thing and help us out to get another trip, but I can’t tell you how annoyed I am and how bad I feel for anyone I convinced to book this with me. My...
  338. Let em eat 74

    Lure For Meter Marks?

    I agree with Jason but most times you can get that one cast in bow first. I’ve gone to the brass JRI jigs for that first crack and I just leave that rig up there, walk back and grab a bait rig as Jason said after the frenzy has settled.
  339. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Hello Chris, thanks from reaching out. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you.
  340. Let em eat 74

    200 lb spectra and kite - weigh too much in light winds?

    Aftco kite with more wind, the Boston is best in light wind or while trolling. On the hook the aftco with a helium balloon as described earlier will do the trick.
  341. Let em eat 74

    Penn fathom lever drag free spool

    When he bluefin were on the poppers 3 years ago, I used my 40nld2 on a 800xh jigstick to throw the bigger bull pop and it did extremely well for a lever drag (especially once hooked). Because of that first experience with them, I bought all the fathoms. I’d estimate a 10% gain on the star drag...
  342. Let em eat 74

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    Modern times and no mention of Duane Mellor? I’d second Todd Mansur, he’s a wealth of knowledge.
  343. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Glad to have you on board David.
  344. Let em eat 74

    Flat Fall jigs

    Haven’t used it myself and can’t take credit for the idea. I saw it I believe in the jigging forum along with a report that the guy had gone 2/2 on fish well over #100. IMO it looks like a great solution (especially with the 8/0 Super Mutu if it finds its proper home)
  345. Let em eat 74

    Flat Fall jigs

    I went this route
  346. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Jameson Jack Daniels honey Baileys Root beer
  347. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    I still have to give that drink a name. No doubt that’s coming aboard as well on this trip!
  348. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Thanks Dustin, I appreciate the kind words.
  349. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Bump this up! Don’t feel intimidated if you have less experience, I will be ready, willing, and able to help others on the trip. If allowed, I will be bringing helium. I need the check with Keith first.
  350. Let em eat 74

    Rod Rating Rant

    I would think it more helpful to just start a thread for people to throw in their preferred sweet spot for each rod, but the variance there is likely to be just as confusing.
  351. Let em eat 74

    Does color really matter?

    I fished the smoky blue izor on my jigsticks (my only rigs with monofilament line) and it has served me very well for years.
  352. Let em eat 74

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    The info you are looking for is in a sticky at the top of the page in this forum Bill.
  353. Let em eat 74

    SOLD Lower end rods and reels

    All reels are spoken for or sold already. Bump for the rods
  354. Let em eat 74

    Getting some Internationals Back in Stock....

    Basil, I would never disrespect you because I know you have more experience than I do and yours is one of the opinions I trust. Don’t take my statement as any kind of attack, it wasn’t meant as one.
  355. Let em eat 74

    Getting some Internationals Back in Stock....

    I agree. One of those 50’s would make one hell of a big bait/jig reel. IMO
  356. Let em eat 74

    Getting some Internationals Back in Stock....

    30# I’ve honestly never loaded a reel with 200.
  357. Let em eat 74

    Getting some Internationals Back in Stock....

    I’m just looking for another magical line “un-winder”, preferably larger than 360.4.
  358. Let em eat 74

    Getting some Internationals Back in Stock....

    There’s no magic to the line winder. Load your reels at 2/3rds the drag you plan to fish and you’ll see equal results. I got 660 yards of 100# izor solid on a VISX 16 and I am fairly sure it’s more than he advertised.
  359. Let em eat 74

    SOLD Lower end rods and reels

    Up for sale, I have some older and lower end gear I don’t use anymore. I live in Irvine and work in Newport and am only doing face to face transactions at this time. Please feel free to PM with any questions. I would consider trading muttiples for either a Fathom 30ld2 in good condition or...
  360. Let em eat 74

    Your desired improvement to your favorite boats?

    I couldnt agree more about the repeater screen Gary, that’s an excellent idea. Not all captains communicate what they are seeing on sonar. I would like to see more dedicated jigstick storage at the bow.
  361. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    It’s an open trip Rob, I’m just trying to get a bunch of BD guys and good fisherman I know aboard with me. I’d enjoy putting faces on some of the names I’ve chatted with online.
  362. Let em eat 74

    Overnighter for Rookie 1st Timer

    All these have been great suggestions and there’s only one thing I would add. Don’t fish yourself if you want your daughter to stick to it. With my daughter I would keep her right at the rail with me and show her and explain exactly what I was doing. Once I hooked one, I handed off. Once she got...
  363. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Come on guys. Lets fill the boat with my BD brethren. Goose.....I got a sawzall, we will make your bunk fit!!
  364. Let em eat 74

    Spend the $$$

    Agreed. Spend the money on 3 fathoms
  365. Let em eat 74

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Just sit right back and here a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.... That started when a total ass signed up for a 15 day trip.....
  366. Let em eat 74

    Fish barf

    Heard Seen it first hand ....yes. As a former spearo I’ve seen more than once after drilling a fish it would do anything to get loose, including giving up the cookies. Anytime this happened in a school, it was followed by a feeding frenzy. The other fish bolt at first, and then return...
  367. Let em eat 74

    Favorite H&M Landing boat?

    I’ve always liked the Constitution and have rode it plenty. Keith and crew are both serious about enjoying your trip and catching fish. It’s not a big boat but it’s comfortable with the lighter loads they carry. There’s enough rocket launchers near the bait tank to keep a couple rods at the...
  368. Let em eat 74

    Pick my 4.5 - 5.5 ?

    I’m going on a 3.5 on the Constitution August 2nd for my bachelor party. There’s a thread in Sport boat trip planning give it a look. They have a couple longer ones later in the year as well.
  369. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Title is fixed. Thanks Jason!!!
  370. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Do it brother! You know how it goes, when guys who are geared up are on the boat, they make decisions on where to fish based on it.
  371. Let em eat 74

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    TRIP IS CANCELLED DUE TO A SCHEDULING CONFLICT Greetings fellow BD members! I’m getting married on the 19th, so I booked myself a 3.5 day with Captain Keith and crew for a Bachelor Party. I’ve been on the boat several times and I like the layout, crew, and lighter loads enough to continue...
  372. Let em eat 74

    For the tackle whore in you

    Chris, Totally different build compared to the 800xxh. These have the larger tip size and heavier over all build like the 775 series
  373. Let em eat 74

    For the tackle whore in you

    I agree Soda. On a fish that just insists on staying out and up, 8’ wouldn’t be super comfortable.
  374. Let em eat 74

    For the tackle whore in you

    I didn’t put a full bend in them. I hold the rod near the balance point in the foregrip and tap the butt of the rod to test where the action lies and the tip. Come to think of it, with David Choate in the store at the same time, I missed a good opportunity to do so and compare thoughts. My...
  375. Let em eat 74

    For the tackle whore in you

    Just went by the Longfin and they now have the Calstar rail rods in 8’ lengths. 780xh and 780xxh.
  376. Let em eat 74

    If You had to catch a meal???

    If I had to catch a meal I might be more tempted to grab a goose at the park than wet a line. The white ones are delicious (or so I hear).
  377. Let em eat 74

    Which Phenix/Calstar for 40lb set up?

    As for the different numbers in the same series (I.e. 700xh vs 7400xh or 765h vs 7465h) the model with the added 4 is a faster action than the original.
  378. Let em eat 74

    Which Phenix/Calstar for 40lb set up?

    I fish 40# on a Calstar 875h cork special with a fathom 25nld2. It’s a very versatile set up that can flyline a sardine, light yo-yo, light dropper loop, or toss heavier megabait/coltsnipers. It’s become a favorite very quick.
  379. Let em eat 74

    "Boat Length of Mono"

    I’m guessing he was “All shook up” Kub. Lol
  380. Let em eat 74

    Looking for advice, Calstar.

    The M works well with that weight of lure and 30# line but it’s too much rod for 20#. The 800ml might be a better choice if you want to split use between those two line classes. I personally fish mine with 25# which I think it’s perfect for.
  381. Let em eat 74

    "Boat Length of Mono"

    I did not post to single you out at all Rick. I was just adding another thought to the discussion. I’m in total agreement with David as I have found doing anything different in the last moments sometimes makes for a bad reaction from the fish. They often tell you when they are done and staying...
  382. Let em eat 74

    "Boat Length of Mono"

    I’m my earlier days I admit I was prone to getting way too excited when a big fish was close to the boat. The sudden shot of adrenaline even after a long fight hits you when you finally see your adversary. As I have gotten older and smarter, I’ve learned to keep myself settled and just do what I...
  383. Let em eat 74

    "Boat Length of Mono"

    It would be nice to know how much stretch for a given length in order to tailor your topshot to the swell condition. I would think a whole boat length is excessive, but I am a short topshot guy.
  384. Let em eat 74

    SE Bank, Double Rigs, Izors 3/12

    Here’s a little something to help those swimbaits last longer.’t-get-caught-with-your-pants-down-–-rigging-tips-for-swimbaits.678862/#post-4522887
  385. Let em eat 74

    FREE Coupon

    This is a great deal. I got a 25N and a 15LD2 fathom for less than $300. Can’t beat that.
  386. Let em eat 74

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    Jamie probably started it with his mystery 30-40% off bin. Perhaps Jason was trying too aggressively to sign someone up for his naked Luge team again at the BD booth?
  387. Let em eat 74

    Didn't get away

    Still a damn impressive feat to wrestle it away from Whitey using only fishing line.....That’s a serious stamp of approval for your connections as well!! IMO you made the right choice Craig.
  388. Let em eat 74

    Didn't get away

    Sharks have a large amount of nasty stuff going on in their mouths, but they survive it all (likely because of an immune system that has been evolving for 400 million years). I for one wouldn’t like to expose myself to the same. There is a reason medical research is done on them and drugs have...
  389. Let em eat 74

    Setting up a kite reel

    I am under the assumption we are talking about for the kite itself and not the yummy or bait line. The TLD is a good choice, as well as #65 or #80 spectra. Keeping the spool on the full side also helps speed up the retrieval and reset. You may even use the low gear at times when it’s windy and...
  390. Let em eat 74

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    David is right on. They pump full and bring an empty slammer to the proper temp and then exchange the water. Its faster than you would think. I watched them do it several times on a 10 day. Keep it coming Craig! I’m really enjoying the report.
  391. Let em eat 74

    Your favorite 7ft 40lb bait Rig

    I prefer 7’6” myself. Calstar 875h cork special Penn Fathom 25nld2 loaded full of #65 solid
  392. Let em eat 74

    Favorite crew photos

    Nice rail shot Jake
  393. Let em eat 74

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    The is only two things I would add to any of this (all good advice that works). Cinch your knot and then try to break it on the boat. If it slips, is tied incorrectly, or you just have a bad spot, you want it to break on the boat and not in the water on a possible trophy. I put my hook on...
  394. Let em eat 74

    Fathom 25n 2spd questions.

    Luke What you have there is an awesome #40 reel. Filled with #65 spectra to a short flouro topshot is how I fish mine. Yes it has the drag to fish heavier, but that isn’t really it’s sweet spot. I have used mine to fish 50 as well, but only in an application where I’m busting a fish’s ass to...
  395. Let em eat 74

    Do deckhand style rods have a place in the Long Range scene?

    I have all deckhand rods for a few reasons. I have way out of square body like fincutter (I’m am 6’4” with a wingspan of 6’10”) and moving the reel forward really helps me get the reel where I need it. Second, I love the lightness and sensitivity of just a single wrap of corktape, it just feels...
  396. Let em eat 74

    ****SOLD****** TLD

    Well Brian, you have earned yourself a “block”. I won’t be buying a damn thing from you, and you had better bet, I won’t be selling you anything either.
  397. Let em eat 74

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    I have spent enough time digging through fiberglass insulation at my parents house to highly recommend not using poison. The rats like to hide in walls and crawl spaces to die once they eat it and the house will smell o so lovely once they do. Stick with the normal snap traps. They have been...
  398. Let em eat 74

    Catalina Vacation

    If you are into snorkeling, watch the “submersible” as it heads down the beach. At one of the small points there is a large flat rock visible from shore. This is one of the 2 locations they release the feed to bring in fish. It’s a swarm every time of huge calicos, sheepshead, and other various...
  399. Let em eat 74

    Favorite crew photos

    Kinda obvious why it's my favorite. Sam and most of the gang.
  400. Let em eat 74

    Penn fathom 2 speed $209 shipped to your door
  401. Let em eat 74

    SOLD FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    I knew you were just poking fun. I was just saying that because most reels you see on here are loaded wonky. This one is set up perfect, filled to the brim! GLWS
  402. Let em eat 74

    SOLD FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    At least it’s filled properly and you can use it as is.
  403. Let em eat 74

    Best meal on a LR boat

    It was Daniel, you are correct Dustin. He was bald. Yes the beef cheeks and risotto was fantastic.
  404. Let em eat 74

    Constitution PV 2/21

    Chad, you are going to LOVE that thing!
  405. Let em eat 74


    I’m in Pats 31 Eagles 27
  406. Let em eat 74

    Scratch Repair

    Send a rebuttle to the nice neighbor
  407. Let em eat 74

    Trinidad TN16NA

    The narrows are best suited to fishing strait Spectra to short flouro topshots due to their limited capacity. Enjoy them.
  408. Let em eat 74

    Of All the Penn Reels you own which is your Favorite

    This one......because it did this
  409. Let em eat 74

    International 16VISX and Threadlock

    I got 660 yards of #100 Izor solid on my 16visx.
  410. Let em eat 74

    Fishermans Landing Parking ?

    If you are going on a long range trip you can still use the overflow parking in between the 2 hotels. Simply ask the guys at the counter and they have printed sheets to put on your dashboard that allow you to be there for more than 3 days. I used it on my last 10 day trip and had no issues at...
  411. Let em eat 74

    WTB: Nintendo Wii

    Ive got a black one. Do you need games and components as well?
  412. Let em eat 74

    WTB: Penn Sabre Californian Black/Red

    I have an 8’ 15-30 and a 7’ 20-50 as old back ups in good condition if it helps you out.
  413. Let em eat 74

    Intrepid Izorline 16 day Part 2

    Congratulations on the pair of cows and new personal best Rick, I’m very happy for you. Funny how being snake bit without a bite can turn on a dime and I’m glad it did for you.
  414. Let em eat 74

    Backordered VISX

    There’s a silver VISX20 at the Longfin for those interested. Saw it Thursday. You might call first just to make sure.
  415. Let em eat 74

    WTB calstar 800

    There has been an 800mh deckhand on Craigslist for a bit now. Its in Ontario I believe.
  416. Let em eat 74

    That's like 5 recently

    Allowing a small number to be hunted and harvested every year by interested parties would work quite well in management of this issue. First off, the simple reduction in numbers is going to help. There are far too many of them and we are seeing malnourished young ones being abandoned beacause...
  417. Let em eat 74

    Abet hxj raptor

    Calstar 875xh (it’s rated 40-80 and is 7.5’) would make a nice combo
  418. Let em eat 74

    Yellowtail recipee

    I am a fan of just marinating it in zesty Italian dressing for an hour in the fridge and straight to the bbq
  419. Let em eat 74

    Wish list fish.

    Elvis is on top of my list Yellowtail over 50# Wahoo
  420. Let em eat 74

    Charkbait talking smack............. also bad mouths amazon

    I fit 660 yards of IZORLINE #100 solid (which we all know from Paulus testing is larger than most in diameter) on my 16 VISX. PENN says it fits 655. I would say it’s pretty damn accurate. I won’t buy from Charkbait ever but to each their own.
  421. Let em eat 74


    Well said Dave, so often we find what we seek by finding what they eat.
  422. Let em eat 74

    Last minute question

    I said maybe for a reason Fishy. Why don’t you tell us exactly how many since you are the expert?
  423. Let em eat 74

    Last minute question

    Like said previously behind the crane is the only spot for it except against the stairs which can get tough. There are maybe 60 spots next to the crane and in the central stand above for longer rods depending an how many you have over 7.5’. Have fun Rick!!!!
  424. Let em eat 74

    I just ordered VISX 16

    Hey Kull. I would highly suggest a conversation with Jamie (Fishhorde) from Bob Sands tackle in the Valley near you. His is an opinion you can definitely trust. See if you can set up an appointment to use the mock rail setup and find the most comfortable for you. You have done an excellent job...
  425. Let em eat 74

    Rod to pair with Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    I use a Calstar 875h cork special. I ordered it from the factory deckhand style from the Longfin and they liked the idea so much they now have several. If you like lightweight, sensitivity, and the ability to adjust the reel height, You can go wrong there when coupled using a 25mm cork puppy...
  426. Let em eat 74

    Please help with Christmas present

    Buy the PENN. It’s easily the best of the bunch
  427. Let em eat 74

    140 pound yellowfin on International 16VISX

    It was enough for a 360# Tuna. I felt like I had more than enough reel with the 16 and 660 yards of 100#. I will say however that if I were taking 14-16 day trips dedicated to cows I would likely step up to the 20 for the added capacity. I fished my VISX 16 at 29 pounds of drag initially which...
  428. Let em eat 74

    140 pound yellowfin on International 16VISX

    My VISX 16 took 660 yards of 100# Izorline solid by using steady solid pressure at fill up. I used a 10’ topshot of 100# Seaguar Premeire
  429. Let em eat 74

    WTB Duckbill Pliers - Found

    I know the Longfin has them if you know someone on the way down.
  430. Let em eat 74

    140 pound yellowfin on International 16VISX

    My 16 was paired with a Calstar 775xxh
  431. Let em eat 74

    Favorite 22 mag rifle...looking for comments

    I would second the 9422. It’s an absolute blast to shoot and just a damn good rifle. I am admittedly a little old school and love a good lever gun though.
  432. Let em eat 74

    Rumors of my demise part deau

    That’s classic Bill. Reminds me of the time I came home from work and got dragged into welding up a modified 5 link in a neighbors garage. Dressed in only shorts (because it was almost 90 at night) I had a righteous good tan for a few weeks! Lol
  433. Let em eat 74

    I just ordered VISX 16

    It doesn’t move and it has not changed since the initial fight, I just noticed it because I did a pull after I put on a new topshot. It’s dead smooth and consistent now....only changed once.
  434. Let em eat 74

    I just ordered VISX 16

    I will say to double check the drag after your first good fight. Mine went from a repeated 29# to 32# after I landed one. I was pleasantly surprised to see such drag and left it there with still the amazing feeespool this reel possesses. Enjoy it FWIW Either of those two rods is an excellent...
  435. Let em eat 74

    I just ordered VISX 16

    It is indeed enough line. You are going to love that reel.
  436. Let em eat 74

    I just ordered VISX 16

    I did the same with a 775xh. My 16 VISX took 660 yards of 100# izor solid. Just make sure you load it wth good tension.
  437. Let em eat 74

    reel confused

    I couldn’t agree more Gerry
  438. Let em eat 74

    reel confused

    I really liked how the VISX falls into the hand. It has a very natural position where the side plate falls into the left hand with the middle finger into the middle window of the front x-frame. Very comfortable and functional. I would agree with Chris that you would like the 20 better Garry...
  439. Let em eat 74

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    Hey Rick. I’ve had the best luck with the 2” flex tape for the thumb. Because it grabs the skinny part of the thumb as well with one wrap, it holds better and won’t slide off once it gets wet.
  440. Let em eat 74

    100lb. Threadlock capacity for VISX 20 & 30

    Not even close. My 16visx took 660 yards of izorline solid.
  441. Let em eat 74

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    My suggestion is that at least one of the 2 components of the rig should be high quality and something you would be happy with fishing long term. The tackle bug bites us all and it's going to get you too. Having to rebuy both components is a drag. I'd suggest buying a great rod and getting a...
  442. Let em eat 74

    More about Guadalupe Island reels

    Sounds like a good #50 pound combo, but I don't know that particular rod
  443. Let em eat 74

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving Soda. Have a great trip, I wish you all the very best
  444. Let em eat 74

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    You guys that wanted it got your wish. The Intrepid just posted a 1.5 day trip leaving Saturday the 25th at 8am to fish the big bluefin. Great chance with very good, warm weather upcoming.
  445. Let em eat 74

    Epics November catching on Jumbo BFT limits!

    Was this Saturday night? My buddy Adrian was onboard if it was
  446. Let em eat 74

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    I wouldn't start there because of the quality of the catch upon return, but I certainly wouldn't mind ending there with a day when the conditions look ripe for it.
  447. Let em eat 74

    OC Tackle Shop with Berkley Pro Spec?

    Longfin always has what I need or gets it for me.
  448. Let em eat 74

    140 pound yellowfin on International 16VISX

    Steve, this reel is a world beater. I got my 360.4# yellowfin on the exact same reel and I never felt like I was outmatched. The fish had two lines attached so I can't claim a solo catch with it, but the other outfit was a Talica 50 and it was easily apparent that I had way more cranking power...
  449. Let em eat 74

    Shogun Tyler Rich RP knot vs John Collins version

    I tie this knot exclusively and used it up to 130#. The devil is in the details. Do your back wraps cross perfectly and symmetrically or not, do you use the same number of wraps both up and down, do you line up the flouro parallel like a double barrel, and do you pull it using pullers or by...
  450. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    I'm really glad you were able to make it home with some pretty good table fare Dustin and it was my pleasure to help you do so. I enjoyed the time on the water and the friends I made onboard as much as the fishing. Here's to having more than just turkey this thanksgiving!!!! Cheers
  451. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Yeah Mike, I buttoned the drag as soon as I felt it. Hopefully there was no damage to your anchor line. Those fish were sure tough and much more like the fights I've heard about when they are teenagers but add 100# (or #200) to it. Glad you got one too.
  452. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    I remember that Chris. Ron asked if anyone was getting bit and looked at your reel and said "you're bit". Just like that you were off to the races. You had just dropped in next to the boat..right?
  453. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Get one for me too Jackie. May the gods of wind and sea smile upon your entire trip.
  454. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Hello again Eric and Jackie. I had a great time with you guys and I very much look forward to fishing and laughing with you both again. Sorry it took a bit Jackie, I was in the middle of my story and I couldn't send it right away. Welcome to the nuthouse known as BloodyDecks Eric. You'll fit...
  455. Let em eat 74

    Seaguar Premier Big Game 100,130,170,200lb 25yard

    360.4 at the dock It was indeed bigger than me at almost 90". I did a full write up as best I could on the long range forum but feel free to call anytime.
  456. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Chapter Three Day breaks on our third day on the lower bank and it's a quiet one. The previous evenings discussion laid out our plans for the day. We had to give it another day considering what we had put together. 5 supers, 11 cows, and not a single fish under 200. Mind blowing to say the...
  457. Let em eat 74

    Need a simple upgrade for stock flat falls

    I haven't had any issue with the hook finding home yet, but here is no doubt a trade off here. Though I have not used it, the bridle technique looks like the best of all possible ways to my eyes.
  458. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Done Gary, sorry I was on a roll. Lol
  459. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Chapter Two With two huge fish on the deck there are of course a ton of pictures taken. About 5 minutes in, I duck out. I have a new topshot to tie and the fish are still snapping. The kite goes off yet again and Travis on the bait tank is shouting "BOIL" with a constant and ever increasing...
  460. Let em eat 74

    Need a simple upgrade for stock flat falls

    I did exactly the same on my 200 and 250 gram flat falls. I used a ringed 8/0 super mutu and got both the flexibility I wanted and the circle to prevent the typical swallowing of the jig.
  461. Let em eat 74

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    The dust has settled, and many of us have seen the pictures or heard a few stories. A week later and I'm still in awe of the wonderful trip that was put together for us by our chartermaster and by team Intrepid. Stepping onto the Intrepid you are greeted by the yatch like feel and the luxury...
  462. Let em eat 74

    Intrepid weights in....

    Yeah Alby, the fish came in with two hooks, lines and over 60# of drag. It didn't really get a chance to turn its head and came in in 5 minutes. Big kudos to the crew for gaffing such a hot fish so well. There were literally 4 gaffs in its head almost perfectly timed and it exploded out of the...
  463. Let em eat 74

    Intrepid weights in....

    I'll be attempting to put together a good write up about the trip. Shorthand version is 3 days at the grounds all fish caught were either on the kite including 2 supers and the rest were on flyline sardines on 100# gear (3 supers there) including mine at 360+ which ate two baits and came in HOT...
  464. Let em eat 74

    Intrepid weights in....

    Sam and crew did an amazing job. I can't begin to express my gratitude for the experience of a lifetime.
  465. Let em eat 74

    Intrepid weights in....

    Time for a new avatar pic.
  466. Let em eat 74

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I figured this would be relevant to the discussion and good for a baseline apples to apples comparison of the capacity of both reels on a common line with typical winding techniques. Just so you all know, at a little over the half way mark on the spool itself we were barely to 300 and I was...
  467. Let em eat 74

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Considering how thick Izorline is and it's typical breaking strength as posted by Paulus, I'm very happy with the result. It was loaded with plenty of tension, but not enough to cause problems.
  468. Let em eat 74

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    For those who have been curious I spooled my 16visx yesterday. Although I originally planned on 100# Berkely pro spec solid, the current difficulty in finding it (or many others) lead me to use regular old Izorline solid. Stuffed full I got 660yds.
  469. Let em eat 74

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    I certainly don't care if my jig box goes on a diet as I'm out there to kill fish. Thanks Dustin, I'm loaded up pretty good on flouro so it think I'll be using that mostly. I have 2 reels loaded with mono for the jigstick, (40 izor for cookie cutter yellows and tuna and one with 50 moimoi...
  470. Let em eat 74

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Well I sure got fooled by the zoom in pic. That knot looked pretty bulky.
  471. Let em eat 74

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Hey Phil was that what it looks like...130# flouro to the jig?
  472. Let em eat 74

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Nice work on the long rod!
  473. Let em eat 74

    Rod Rating -- How Is It Decided?

    Maybe they throw darts? Honestly I couldn't agree more, the ratings on Shimano rods are goofy.
  474. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Only 65? I'm pretty sure the handle is going to rip off mine one of these days. I had to start buying separate mini boxes for different situations and because of my love for 6x heavies.
  475. Let em eat 74

    Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    It's not a shark at all. It's a 70 year old man in a dog's body. That's why they are grumpy, don't listen, and fart all the time.
  476. Let em eat 74

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    They do look really stout and are going to be rested and ready. Dangerous!
  477. Let em eat 74

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    Oh yeah baby! Hurry up AL, my 10 day trip leaves on the 29th and I want to see my boys in Blue take it all!!!!
  478. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Crystal clear isn't it Steve? No wonder we all buy and bring so much crap.
  479. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    In honor of Jim's assessment, I shall give both of these oldies a good go. I bought them over 30 years ago at my first Fred Hall show mostly because they looked cool and the fact I was 10.
  480. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    You guys need to try Koloa rum from Hawaii. Hard to find, but just flat out the best rum I've ever had.
  481. Let em eat 74

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    I agree 0-24 in the postseason to me means no mas. I think he is just trying to figure out his DH situation for the World Series but it's annoying the hell out of me.
  482. Let em eat 74

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    I love the young energy of both teams and couldn't agree more that the drama in football now makes Amercica's game my preference.
  483. Let em eat 74

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    The Dodgers of course!
  484. Let em eat 74

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    Well the fat lady is warming up on the NL side of things. GO DODGERS!!!
  485. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    I've been tempted to paint up a marauder like a nascar cup car complete with numbers and decals. I think it would be hilarious and totally in the theme of speed kills.
  486. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    That's funny Jim. Love your take on that
  487. Let em eat 74

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Your just catching the gay ones Jim
  488. Let em eat 74

    Help a brotha choose

    Fathom isn't only your cheapest option, it's also the best of your listed choices.
  489. Let em eat 74

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    Thanks Rick. I think I'll take that advice and go to singles. Might be able to troll a little faster that way as well
  490. Let em eat 74

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    I think with our difference in boarding numbers you are safe Dustin. I got my new toy yesterday too. Christmas in October.
  491. Let em eat 74

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    I'll be trolling the twins
  492. Let em eat 74

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    I cant believe you even considered it Rick. We both got the real deal answer as to what do I troll, I cant wait to put mine to use either. 10 days of fun, coming right up!
  493. Let em eat 74

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Wow, talk about by skin of the teeth. For this very reason I have been rigging mine with a ringed 8/0 super mutu attached to the split ring on the 200 and 250 sizes. Congratulations to you James, just goes to show what time and effort at the rail can produce when you don't give up..... A well...
  494. Let em eat 74

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Thanks for your response Basil. Your expertise is always appreciated.
  495. Let em eat 74

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Basil- I have my 16visx and I'm going to spool it with 100# solid. Would Berkley pro spec be a good choice? If not, what solid do you recommend?
  496. Let em eat 74

    Seaguar Premier Big Game 100,130,170,200lb 25yard

    Thanks for meeting me this morning Rob. Great seller guys, jump on it! Heal up soon Rob, lets fish together next year when you are ready to do it.
  497. Let em eat 74

    Hooping Newbie

    In that case, you can do what she wants. Good job on the bugs
  498. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    Hey Chris, we have a conversation started with the other guys I know so far for our trip, check your inbox so we can chat there. Still looking for a 775xh
  499. Let em eat 74

    What Not to do when you loose a fish

    Is this a "how to" segment for fitting 8' rods to the side of a shorter height siderail rack?
  500. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    I'm on the Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid Chris. Are you onboard as well?
  501. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    Still looking
  502. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    Thanks but I am only looking for a 775xh
  503. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    Still looking. Narrowed it to only a 775xh
  504. Let em eat 74

    Nice fish...

    The news of better grade makes me happy too. October 29th 10 day is shaping up well so far
  505. Let em eat 74

    Some Crimp and New Hook Testing

    Wow that hook looked like it opened up quite a bit in that pull as well. Thanks for posting
  506. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    Thanks for the lead. I might just purchase new if it comes down to that.
  507. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    Help a brother out. Leaving on a 10 day in a month and a half.
  508. Let em eat 74


    I liked it a lot Garry. They had an 875xxh as well and I couldn't figure which I liked better. You really can't beat the Longfin when it comes to Calstar. I did a rough count and there were nearly 400 of them there.
  509. Let em eat 74


    Calstar does indeed now make a 800xxh (rated 60-100 if recall correctly) I pulled on one at the Longfin maybe a month ago.
  510. Let em eat 74

    WTB Calstar 775xh

    I'm looking for either of these rods in good to excellent shape and preferably factory wrapped. Thank you for looking.
  511. Let em eat 74

    Calstar GF 700XH or GF 770XH for the Fathom 40NLD2 with 80# Spectra

    You might take a look at the 7400xh as well depending on the action you like. It's a faster action 700xh. The 875xh is another great choice if you want a 7-6.
  512. Let em eat 74

    Mono topshot? Strait braid to leader?

    I personally prefer the shock absorption and give to come from my rod and not my line. I fish strait braid to flouro topshots of 5-6' on 8' rods up to 60#. I purposefully fish rods a little higher in line class than some would suggest, but never in the top of their range. To me, being able to...
  513. Let em eat 74

    Any recommendations for a 6-Pack to fish Catalina/SanClemente?

    The Boardroom out of Dana Point with captain Todd Mansur.
  514. Let em eat 74

    Least amount of rods for SoCal fishing

    Well this question is right up my alley. I am a minimalist and I will be taking only 6 setups for a 10 day trip. My quiver has always be focused on versitility. Full spectra to short top shots of flouro are best for flexibility. If I had to pick only three, these are the ones. 20-30#...
  515. Let em eat 74

    Concrete Pad DIY...?

    I've done concrete for my whole adult life. It is not easy to accomplish a nice pad for a rookie. Even some of my guys with several years of experience can't pull it off alone. First and foremost is soil prep. If the ground below is no good (soft) the concrete can and will crack over...
  516. Let em eat 74

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    I've read this post a couple times and it still makes me chuckle. I think it should be made of ABS so you have a place to shit when it breaks wide open.
  517. Let em eat 74

    New guy here - - I have cork puppy question

    Me too. My 875h has a 25, 800xh a 28, and my 90j has a 31. All are strait corktape with no x rap. They work best when they hug the sides as well
  518. Let em eat 74

    Constitution- anyone fish that rig?

    There are 2 showers if I'm not mistaken. Bunks are good size and typical of other boats in this class. Galley is nicer than typical. Just watch your head as you are going into it if you are tall.
  519. Let em eat 74

    18'boston whaler outrage

    Bump for my buddy Chad. I fished this boat and it is set up.
  520. Let em eat 74

    Constitution- anyone fish that rig?

    I have fished it and I had a great trips. It's a slightly smaller boat, but the limited load of 26 makes it a great choice. The bunks are typical but not cramped for someone of my size (6-4 230). The galley was always clean and well kept, food was good, as a bonus Ginger makes a tasty Bloody...
  521. Let em eat 74

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    Both reels are stuffed to the top with spectra (80# on the 40 and #65 on the 25). I'm a concrete guy by trade and I don't have any problem working hard. If effort is what counts, I intend to be successful. Sounds like the 40 is the better choice of the two. Thanks for the input guys.
  522. Let em eat 74

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    I have never caught a wahoo but I am anticipating doing so this October/November on a 10 day Intrepid trip. I have two setups that I figure will work best. 800xh Calstar/ 40Nld2 and a 875h Calstar/ 25Nld2. Which of these do the experts think is better for what application? I have an assortment...
  523. Let em eat 74

    Fukushima Radiation

    Did someone leave the door to Craigslist open again?
  524. Let em eat 74

    Rod Combo Recommendations

    Anytime. I don't have any experience with the proteus series, but the rating seems better. I'm glad you found something you like.
  525. Let em eat 74

    Better rod for 20-25#...800xlh or 800l

    My personal preference for 25# is the 800ml (I skip strait to 40, and don't fish 30) and I fish #15-20 on a 900xl in finesse situations when it's really tough.
  526. Let em eat 74

    Replacement for calstar grafighter?

    The search function in the classified sections holds the answer to that. Seen a few of each lately. I own a 40nld2 fathom though and it's a nice alternative (something to consider).
  527. Let em eat 74

    Rod Combo Recommendations

    The 870 is a 25-30# rod (rated 15-40). It's a little light for that class of reel and I think the 610 or even a 665H is a better choice in a glass Calstar. I would be looking at the new PCH series from Okuma as well if price is a concern.
  528. Let em eat 74

    Replacement for calstar grafighter?

    You're welcome Mike. That's what this site is all about. Enjoy it!
  529. Let em eat 74

    Replacement for calstar grafighter?

    Try the Longfin in Orange, CA. They have a huge selection of Calstar and they ship. (714) 538-8010.
  530. Let em eat 74

    Rod Combo Recommendations

    I really like the Calstar 875h as a great all around 40-50# setup for that reel. Mine wears a 25nld2 instead of the 30. It's 7.5' and rated 30-60.
  531. Let em eat 74

    No memory #20-#25 line??

    Fresh line every time= less memory. It's cheap and just the right way to go.
  532. Let em eat 74

    Fish ID Please....

    Was it tasty? There might be one fish stick there
  533. Let em eat 74

    tackle bag ideas

    Ok, it isn't the Midwest or Disneyland, but I have to second the fanny pack. Functional,easy, and you don't have to take it off to access what's inside (so you can do it while standing ankle deep). Added benefit might be the wide berth everyone will give you for wearing it. Lol
  534. Let em eat 74

    Grout for simple DIY Project...?

    I've been doing concrete for 27 years and know more than a little on the subject. Use high strength non-shrink grout or they make specific materials for doing countertops. A little crisco on the molds to help it pull out without it breaking is a big help as is chicken wire for structural...
  535. Let em eat 74

    Phenix Black Diamond vs Calstar Graphfighter

    First post and already fishing? Lol
  536. Let em eat 74

    I need help........

    Hey Mike. Since you are so close to it, you should start with a trip to the Longfin in Orange. They have a huge selection and are both knowledgable and helpful. Go in with a budget in mind and be realistic about what you want to do. Early in the game I would consider more versatile setups that...
  537. Let em eat 74

    3 day on the Shogun

    Sweet redemtion Rick. Did you try the big intruder too?
  538. Let em eat 74

    BBQ'S! Who uses gas, Charcoal, or wood pellets?

    I'm an old school Weber charcoal guy. So many options of how long or hot you can cook just by placement of your charcoal. A pile of coals on one side meat on the other for fish, a pile in the middle with the meat all around for chicken, or laying the bricks out like tile and lighting one side...
  539. Let em eat 74

    Best Okuma rod and reel for kite/yummie fishing?

    I don't see why you wouldn't take advantage of the line being out of the water here to use real heavy gear. A 150# class rod and at minimum a 50. Kill them fast, they taste better, and you can get back in the water for another. What looks better than one trophy fish? Two or three.
  540. Let em eat 74

    Opinions on trolling depth with downriggers

    I'd try dragging a larger rigged up market squid at 100' at 2-3knts if you are looking for a new angle. Not likely to stay down there though.
  541. Let em eat 74

    Any Other BD'ers on the Islander 7-30 3.5 Day?

    I can say you'll be happier than me on the Intrepid in Oct. Your shorter yak rods are better than all my 8-10 footers on that boat. My shortest rod doesn't store upright against the house.
  542. Let em eat 74

    Any Other BD'ers on the Islander 7-30 3.5 Day?

    i guess you'll have to bring all 10 rods for that one too. Hope you knock 'em dead Dustin.
  543. Let em eat 74

    How much...Too much?

    Hey Steve. I have fished a ton of the shorter trips and I have found that I'm happiest just using either 3 or 4 versatile set ups. Your 20-25 set up is on the money I use virtually the same except mine is an ML. I can fish 30 on it, but I'd normally go straight to a 40# set up that can fish 50#...
  544. Let em eat 74

    Excel and 5 star

    And I hope there is a WHOLE LOT to push and sort!
  545. Let em eat 74

    Excel and 5 star

    Actually, I always have taken the extra second to wipe the counter and sink down after I use it. It's just ingrained in who I am as a person.
  546. Let em eat 74

    Excel and 5 star

    I'm now offering a new service to all the guys who hate the extra work. For a minimal fee, I'll go in your trip and reel in your fish for you too. Just be ready to pose pretty for your rail pic. All kidding aside, I love that these guys are offering the dockside service because the quality of my...
  547. Let em eat 74

    Marker for Flying the Yummee

    Agreed. High visibility surveyors tape or ribbon works great and there's enough colors for different light conditions. Cheap and effective.
  548. Let em eat 74

    Does Tifoso post too much?

    Just kidding Lou. I know you are going to read this inside 5 min and I just had to mess with you. Happy Friday and happy Father's Day to all you other Dads out there.
  549. Let em eat 74

    Thanks Jerry, JRI Custom Lures

    Well said Rick. I had a good time talking with both you and Jerry and I would love to go pull on some fish with you guys anytime. Thanks again for everything Jerry, you are a great chartermaster.
  550. Let em eat 74


    I have to admit I was bummed to not get to fish with such a great group of guys but I have to emphasize how it was handled by all involved. These things happen and its nobody's fault. How it's dealt with is the only thing that can be controlled and that was done very well. I will definitely be...
  551. Let em eat 74


    Oh boy, Daddy like!!!!! Really cool of you to get them done for us Jerry. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else on Saturday.
  552. Let em eat 74

    Discussion thread for PENN 50VISX

    I'm in! Make mine silver
  553. Let em eat 74

    Discussion thread for PENN 50VISX

    What is the max drag on the 16visx?
  554. Let em eat 74

    No body talking about

    I can tell you I am extremely excited to see what's to come for my 7 day June 10th trip on the Intrepid.
  555. Let em eat 74

    PENN Dry Bag Promotion

    Well that's the first time I missed out by getting a good deal. My 25nld2 was $196.63. Missed it by that much! Thanks for the quick reply Steve.
  556. Let em eat 74

    PENN Dry Bag Promotion

    If I bought a reel online and it was $209 shipped would it qualify?
  557. Let em eat 74

    HOO Spoon

    Thanks for the replies guys. I am happy to hear that a silly purchase by a 10-12 year old kid might actually have a place in the arsenal to this day. Although it might not work as good as a raider or bomb, I will be using it just because I think it would be so cool to catch a wahoo on it.
  558. Let em eat 74

    HOO Spoon

    I'll take some better pictures this afternoon. This is just a blow up of a picture of everything I'm taking on my trip so pardon the poor quality.
  559. Let em eat 74

    HOO Spoon

    Sure. It looks like a giant crocodile. About 1/4" thick steel.
  560. Let em eat 74

    HOO Spoon

    I was rummaging through my old tackle boxes and came across 2 Sea Strike HOO spoons. They were purchased at the Fred Hall show maybe 30 years ago by myself and a great friend who is now a captain. I have an upcoming 7 day trip and they are going mostly because we both thought it would be...
  561. Let em eat 74

    Can't decide!

    I have fished the Constitution, had a great time, and caught o plenty. The boat was kept clean, meals were good, and we were jugged with bait. I believe it's a lighter load as well. I can't chime in on the Legend from my experience, but I know their captain and crew to be fishy as well.
  562. Let em eat 74

    Intrepid 7 day 10th-17th roll call

    Hello to you all, I'm Kevin. As a relative newcomer to this site, I am interested in getting to know some of my future shipmates. Like most of you, I have spent a great deal of time reading posts (both old and new) from all of you and it's got me wondering who I will be sharing the rail with. So...
  563. Let em eat 74


    Just got the ok from work. I'm in!!!!!
  564. Let em eat 74

    Sober Fishing

    Congratulations Henry on taking that brave first step. I wish you all the best in your recovery
  565. Let em eat 74

    Carcass Disposal?

    Lobster bait for next year if you have a freezer big enough.
  566. Let em eat 74

    Super Seeker CJBF 100

    My experience is that cutting a blank does not make them heavier necessarily, but only limits how light of a jig it will throw effectively. Leave it to length is my .02.
  567. Let em eat 74


    Looks and spins just like the 229 I bought at 14 years old. Still fishing it as my finesse rig. Mine spins to slightly different soundtrack though.
  568. Let em eat 74


    Alright Jerry, I've picked up the bait. Is there still a spot for me?
  569. Let em eat 74

    Trip on the Intrepid

    He posted it on the long range board as well Jerry, 4 day on the 4th of July.
  570. Let em eat 74

    Trip on the Intrepid

    Combo 1 - 60# leaders for both bait, flat fall, and yoyo Combo 2 - bump this to 40# for live bait Combo 3 - no change, you're fine here Combo 4 - 20-30# leaders. My pref would be 25 Combo 5 - trolling if you want to use your own or dropper loop duty at 80# but the rod is a little light for it...
  571. Let em eat 74

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    Yes Eric, that is my take on it as well. I have used a short 24" piece of #47 wire (don't quote me on size since I'm not positive) and it worked quite well. Simple rigging with a haywire to the jig on one side and a solid ring on the other tied directly to braid. It was a recommendation from...
  572. Let em eat 74

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    As to your question about line size to lure action, it is generally understood that a heavier or less supple line imparts more action on the jig. Many older jigslingers used a small piece of single strand wire as a leader for this very reason.
  573. Let em eat 74

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    40 or 50 for surface iron. 50 or 60 for yo yo.
  574. Let em eat 74

    FTH30LD2, Best Online Price?

    I'm glad you had the same experience I did Greg. Great reel for $209.
  575. Let em eat 74

    Fathom 15 for #15 do I want the 2 speed???

    The finesse tuna set-up is an important part of your arsenal in my opinion. During those picky bites on smaller school sized fish, the lightest most lively bait has the best chance at getting bit. I find that #30 braid to shorter flouro of 15-20 is best. Smaller hooks are order of the day, and...
  576. Let em eat 74

    safe long soaks

    If he stops swimming, he is done. If you can't tell if he is swimming or not anymore, you are done. Either case, wind em in.
  577. Let em eat 74

    FTH30LD2, Best Online Price?

    It is Sorry for the typo. $209.62 for my reel with shipping.
  578. Let em eat 74

    FTH30LD2, Best Online Price?

    Anytime. That's what this is all about! (Most of the time)
  579. Let em eat 74

    FTH30LD2, Best Online Price?

    I got the 25nld2 at manventureoutdoors for 209 to my door. Took 8 days and I'm happy i did it.
  580. Let em eat 74

    Catalina trip Thursday 05/04/2017

    Where are you heading out of Micheal? I saw your other post, this is out of Dana Point, correct?
  581. Let em eat 74


    Will the extra day add to the current listed cost of trip? Nevermind, I see it is listed at 7 days. Excuse the silly question.
  582. Let em eat 74

    Reel suggestions for 40 lb

    I would NOT use #40 for the bigger bluefin since the casualty rates are so high. The schools of bigger fish have some real large specimens and we are only seeing the midsize fish landed so far. Don't miss a lifetime fish by sizing too far down. I think the Fathom 40nld2 as mentioned earlier is...
  583. Let em eat 74

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Mickey my 4 year old Australian shepherd. Loves frisbee, watching TV, and girls.
  584. Let em eat 74

    correct cork puppy?

    I match the cork puppy to the rod size since the inserts in it adjust to the reel. For that rod, a 28mm should work best. I either flip or trim the metal inserts to fit best since I don't like when they protrude.
  585. Let em eat 74

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    I think it would be interesting to also add in rod/reel to this.
  586. Let em eat 74

    Flying the BloodyDecks flag!

    Thought I spotted a wastegate, filler neck I guess. Still a ton of fun in such a lightweight chassis. Cool ride Matt.
  587. Let em eat 74

    Flying the BloodyDecks flag!

    Turbo LS? That's sexy
  588. Let em eat 74


    I would start your boys off fishing strait mono. That's how I started my daughter since it's so much more forgiving with it's stretch. My old Sealine sl20 with it's lower gearing was great for her, was tough enough to handle the inevitable bumps and drops, and she loved that my old gear had a...
  589. Let em eat 74

    Chinook recipes

    Try this dry rub for salmon. It's my own concoction so bear with me if the measurements aren't perfect. I do it by feel. 1/3 cup high molasses brown sugar 2 tbsp kosher salt 1 1/2 tbsp Coleman's dry mustard 3 dashes Cumin 2 dashes paprika Mix dry ingredients and rub on filet. Should be about...
  590. Let em eat 74

    How heavy do you guys go on your Avet MXL 5.8

    Live bait has an easier time towing spectra. Just my .02
  591. Let em eat 74

    Will Shimano ever make a replacement reel for the Trinidad 40N?

    ^^^^ I agree, the Penn 40NLD2 is the perfect replacement if Shimano won't fill your demand. More versatility and drag to boot. I'm not knocking Shimano by saying that either. Sometimes we got to go to a different manufacturer to get what we want for a niche
  592. Let em eat 74


    You might post this on the long range board to get better info. Some of the guys that frequent that board are the best at answering this particular question and not all of them check these other spots.
  593. Let em eat 74

    Your favorite 20,25 & 30lb setups

    I'm a Calstar guy myself 20# 900xl 25# 800ml 30# 800ml The YT in my avatar was on the 800ml on #25 flouro. It surprised me on a day of catching those 18-25# fish. After a huge deep run and some big head shakes, I knew it wasn't the average for the day.
  594. Let em eat 74

    I Hate to Do It, but.....

    I've fished a 2.5 on both the Constitution and Ranger and I enjoyed both trips, but would choose the Constitution out of those two. I believe loads are kept to 23 on her for trips of that length, so it is roomy enough. For the record, I don't think there is a bad boat you listed. Have a great trip.
  595. Let em eat 74

    phenix rod help

    For the ultra finesse fly line set up, you might consider 30# braid. Just my .02 For the record, mine is a 900xl (obviously not Phenix) with a Newell 229. #30 braid to 15-20 flouro. The 16hg is a little on the heavy side for this set up.
  596. Let em eat 74

    Help with Blank selection

    Considering you aren't fishing long range I think the best in the Calstar line up would be the 7400xh or h at 7' or 875xh at 7.5' I can't honestly give you any insight on the shorter sticks because 7' is the shortest I own.
  597. Let em eat 74

    2015 39 Yellowfin

    Everything is bigger in Texas. That includes price tags I guess.
  598. Let em eat 74

    My New Ride

    Nice set up. Good layout and plenty of room. Needs blood though, too clean.
  599. Let em eat 74


    Calstar 900h is better suited to a larger reel, but has all the backbone you need in that class.
  600. Let em eat 74

    jig stick?

    What you have is a good #25 stick for fishing live sardines. Use it accordingly. A small reel filled with #40 spectra and a short flouro leader and you are good to go.
  601. Let em eat 74

    Cousins 90j as a surface iron rod?

    I own the Cousins glass 90j and I love it. If you are looking for that old school action, it's a great stick.
  602. Let em eat 74

    Recommendations for yoyo/flatfall rod, and or blank

    I personally like the versatility to be able to throw bait or jigs. I don't have an unlimited budget, so I try to cover multiple uses and a couple line classes with every set up I own.
  603. Let em eat 74

    Recommendations for yoyo/flatfall rod, and or blank

    Calstar 875h or xh are pretty good choices IMO.
  604. Let em eat 74

    Fishing Sunglasses

    I really like my Kaenon glasses.
  605. Let em eat 74

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I give it to the captain and crew in exchange for a hat and t-shirt. I like both swag and good karma. I'm not offended if someone keeps it as long as they do tip well.
  606. Let em eat 74

    Are These Yellowtail Big Enough to Keep?

    Way too small. Try again next time.
  607. Let em eat 74

    3/29/17 long Soaked the 302

    We will all be searching the same water. Intel is a good thing. I'll post what i see out there as well.
  608. Let em eat 74

    Looking for new crew for my 23 Parker sportfisher walk around cuddy!

    Hey Doug, I'm Kevin. You'll get a decent idea of what I'm like by reading my posts but I'm always helpful, monetarily or otherwise. I love to glass, and have good eyes. Have good gear, and share. I'm 42, and single parent, but I sent my daughter to college so i have time. Hit me up whenever.
  609. Let em eat 74

    3/29/17 long Soaked the 302

    Regardless of outcome, thanks for posting.
  610. Let em eat 74

    "That Guy" roll call

    It's better than the guy who takes a healthy dump right before you eat dinner!
  611. Let em eat 74

    Fishdope ?

    Now THAT is a dart!!! Lol
  612. Let em eat 74

    Live Bait Rod For Torium 16?

    Since we are talking live bait, I'm going to assume you are using spectra. What size top shot(s) are you hoping to cover?