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  1. fishingkid

    Muzzleloader Advice

    I have a traditions muzzleloader only thing I could get good groupings with was the Barnes Tez
  2. fishingkid

    For Sale Vortex binocular adapter

    I do not know if it fits Nikon
  3. fishingkid

    For Sale Vortex binocular adapter

    I have 2 new vortex binocular adapters $15 each.
  4. fishingkid

    For Sale 1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    What kind of range with that 6 gal tank?
  5. fishingkid

    WTB New or used Calstar 700h

    Yes to match other rods still looking for a factory wrapped 700 h
  6. fishingkid

    Got lucky in the NV draw

    Congrats that’s awesome. How many points did you have for each?
  7. fishingkid

    WTB New or used Calstar 700h

    Bump still looking.
  8. fishingkid

    WTB New or used Calstar 700h

    Updated profile location
  9. fishingkid

    WTB New or used Calstar 700h

    looking for a Calstar factory wrapped 700h
  10. fishingkid

    For Sale Hercules grunden bibs

    1 pair of Hercules grunden size large bibs. I used them a couple times they have few marks on them from being stored in the boat other than that they are in great condition. No longer have a skiff. Asking $100 located in lake elsinore
  11. fishingkid

    For Sale Shimano tackle bag for sale

    Monday bump looking to make room for more gear.
  12. fishingkid

    For Sale Shimano tackle bag for sale

    Located in lake elsinore. I work in Murrieta Monday thru Thursday.
  13. fishingkid

    For Sale Shimano tackle bag for sale

    I have a shimano tackle bag for sale comes with 1 plastic organizer. No rips or tears Asking $45
  14. fishingkid

    What size x wrap?

    I have a factory wrapped Calstar 90jc cork handle the cork is getting pretty beat. Thinking about placing 4 in of x wrap under the real seat area. What size would I need to go over the existing cork? Any web site recommendations to order from? Thanks for the help.
  15. fishingkid

    WTB WTB Slightly used or new Talica 12 II

    Looking for a slightly used or new Talica 12.
  16. fishingkid

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad reel clamp

    Didn’t see your response until today. Yes still for sale. Local pick up lake elsinore.
  17. fishingkid

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad reel clamp

    I have a brand new never used shimano Trinidad reel clamp and hardware. Came with a Trinidad 20A I purchased aftermarket clamp. $20 located in lake elsinore.
  18. fishingkid

    WTB Calstar 800m factory wrapped

    Located in elsinore just picked up a 800 ML yesterday. What do you have and price?
  19. fishingkid

    SOLD New Shimano Torium 20HG $150 w/ Line

    Let me know if the deal falls thru I am located in elsinore.
  20. fishingkid

    WTB Calstar 800m factory wrapped

    looking for a Calstar 800m factory wrapped with reel seat.
  21. fishingkid

    WTB Found one please delete

    I was looking for this clamp shimano no longer makes it. Ended up going tiburon size large
  22. fishingkid

    WTB WTB Calstar 90j ......

    looking for a factory wrapped Calstar 90j let me know what you have.
  23. fishingkid

    For Sale Skeet Reese Alabama rig rod

    Lake Elsinore canyon hills
  24. fishingkid

    For Sale Skeet Reese Alabama rig rod

    I have a Wright and McGill skeet Reese Alabama rig fishing pole for sale. It has been sitting in my rod rack in garage with a cover on itthevrod is in great condition fished a couple times need to make room for new gear. $50
  25. fishingkid

    For Sale Or trade Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Willing to sell?how much?
  26. fishingkid

    Socal butcher to cut & wrapped elk?

    Scotts meat locker in Perris.
  27. fishingkid

    For Sale 8ft Californian calico special rod

    15-40 lb. located in lake Elsinore ca.
  28. fishingkid

    For Sale 8ft Californian calico special rod

    Pictures added. The reel is not included.
  29. fishingkid

    For Sale 8ft Californian calico special rod

    I have a 8 ft Californian calico special fishing rod for sale. No longer use this rod need to make room on my rod rack. Asking $60 rods in great condition normal wear nothing wrong with rod 10/10 mechanical and 9/10 cosmetics (Reel is not included)
  30. fishingkid

    Who is making custom plier sheaths?

    I am looking for a custom double plier sheath I have seen some nice dark brown leather sheaths around with names on them. I got a simple idea in mind anyone know who’s making them these days?
  31. fishingkid

    WTB WTB Calstar 800xxh

    looking to buy a calstar 800xxh factory wrapped.
  32. fishingkid

    For Sale Remington x mark pro trigger

    $30 Remington x mark pro trigger off a new Remington 700 right hand comes with the safety. I fired the gun maybe 20 rounds. I never adjusted the trigger. I put in a timney no longer need this.
  33. fishingkid

    For Sale GoPro hero 3

    GoPro hero 3 clean lens. Great condition Always used inside case and stored In a case. Asking $125. Located in lake Elsinore.
  34. fishingkid

    For Sale Newell s332-5..

    Yes caps there no missing parts. This is a complete reel.
  35. fishingkid

    For Sale Newell s332-5..

    Not sure what drags he put in. I had dropped it off at Fred hall show. I walked around the show while he worked on it.
  36. fishingkid

    WTB Jig stick calstar / seeker
  37. fishingkid

    For Sale 10 ft SS baby ulua factory wrap

    SOLD.... For sale super seeker baby ulua 10 ft CT 20-40 asking $350 located in Murrieta area. SOLD
  38. fishingkid

    For Sale Newell s332-5..

    Newell s 332-5 for sale fresh service from kens custom reels. New bearings and cap, fresh drags. Asking $150 located in Murrieta
  39. fishingkid

    WTB Baby Ulua SS LB

    I have a 10 ft SS baby ulua factory wrapped. Fished 1 season minor boat rash. I will sell for $350 OBO located in menifee ca. No shipping can meet for local pick up.
  40. fishingkid

    2017 Utah Deer

    Nice deer mike. I love symmetrical 4’s
  41. fishingkid

    For Sale 2014 BMW X1

    BUMP 15,000
  42. fishingkid

    For Sale 2014 BMW X1

    Bump 16,000 obo
  43. fishingkid

    For Sale 2014 BMW X1

    2014 BMW X1 sdrive28i Serviced regularly by BMW dealership, New run flat tires, leather seats, heated seats, panoramic moonroof. Original owner. Clean title. Pink slip in hand. Car has NEVER been smoked in. Car always kept in the garage. Has 78,000 miles. Asking $17,500 OBO. Serious inquires...
  44. fishingkid

    WTB green head gear honker decoys

    i am looking for used green head gear honker decoys with flocked heads and motion stakes looking for the feeders.
  45. fishingkid

    ‘Tis the Season for ELK Steaks & Sausage

    Looks like a great trip. Wish we had something like j.t down here loved that place.
  46. fishingkid

    5x4 D12 mount 2016

    Awesome buck tom turned out nice.
  47. fishingkid

    Utah draws

    What zone did you draw?
  48. fishingkid

    Utah draws

    I drew general season rifle tag with1 point
  49. fishingkid

    Utah draws

    I drew a general season deer tag
  50. fishingkid

    Wanted: Full body duck and goose decoys

    I am looking for green head gear full body honker decoys preferably feeder position. also interested in green head gear, Dakota or big foot full body mallard decoys green head gear full body pintail and tangle free or blue collar full body wigeon decoys. Looking to ad to my spread thought I'd...
  51. fishingkid

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    I had a 3 month old puppy with parvo 9 years ago vet suggested IV fluids cooked white rice add little chicken broth. Dog survived it I recently put same dog down went away deer hunting for the weekend no cell service checked my phone on day 2 wife said dog was acting weird not eating or shitting...
  52. fishingkid


    I only heard of 2 deer taken this year tough year in d19 for sure.
  53. fishingkid

    Butcher near Escondido

    Yeah no problem I'm sure the guys done some great work over the years he's been doing it Long enough. Just giving this guy a heads up he has bad reputation around town.
  54. fishingkid

    Butcher near Escondido

    I've heard from multiple friends and family stories of meat missing orders being wrong not being able to get ahold of him for weeks guys going to pick up meat 1/4 of the packages look different and it's already freezer burnt assuming it is not there's and possibly traded out for someone else's...
  55. fishingkid

    Butcher near Escondido

    I disagree stay as far away from cliffs in Hemet as you can nothing but horror stories out of there. If your looking for something up this way Scotts meat in Perris or the place in Anza forget the name.
  56. fishingkid

    Cleveland National Forest (Ortega Highway) Dove Hunting

    Hopefully you know where to go at Sjwa could be a shit show full of donkeys if you don't know where to go.
  57. fishingkid

    Deer season opens 9/3 San Diego

    I've put some time in scouting this year hopeing it pays off again. Havnt seen any monsters but I've seen my fair share of bucks actually surprised to see the buck to doe ratio this year never seen anything like it in my area. This week they started loosing there velvet.
  58. fishingkid

    Deer season opens 9/3 San Diego

    It's coming quick I'll be out opening weekend battling the crowd.
  59. fishingkid

    Fishing in Dominican Republic??

    heading to Dominican Republic staying at the paradisus punta Cana October 2-8th Any recommendations on fishing charters? And what species they will be targeting this time of year? I'm guessing it's all trolling for dorado and small Marlin right off the coast? There is 2 of us going thanks for...
  60. fishingkid

    New filet knife sheath

    Nice looks good.
  61. fishingkid

    Is anyone planning on bowhunting Alaksa in the future?

    I would like to take the course if it falls on a date I'm free. Where can I take the online portion and what is involved in the field day?
  62. fishingkid

    Kids camo

    Pm sent
  63. fishingkid

    Game processing San Diego??

    I prefer to butcher my game myself. Although I do have a local butcher I use when I do not have the time they charge me $100 minimum and it never exceeds that $100 unless I request something smoked. They do steaks chops ground and country saucage is awesome. Scotts meat locker in Perris
  64. fishingkid

    Wister 11-18

    Beats how we did 11/21
  65. fishingkid

    Waterfowl at Lake Henshaw

    Bunch of bull shit changes.
  66. fishingkid

    WTB fox pro

    im looking to buy a used fox pro currently have a old Johnny Stewart looking for base model to keep the cost down something with a wireless remote for calling coyotes.
  67. fishingkid

    Got one!

    Congrats on the buck sounds like a eventful trip. Maybe next tag try training at higher elevations before the hunt. practice some running or hiking then stop and take a few target shots.
  68. fishingkid

    A22 opening weekend who's going?

    Opener was busy as always. My area had more human traffic than usual. Seems to go up every year nothing new just sad to see these guys show up without scouting or shooting there bows just by hear say of where to go or the wonderful Internet. I didn't see the bucks I was chasing first few days up...
  69. fishingkid

    New Era Deer Hunting

    Awesome buck
  70. fishingkid

    Deer opener..

    I agree the San Diego tags need some changes
  71. fishingkid

    Shimano bike parts (road bike)

    I need the cash make me a offer.
  72. fishingkid

    Shimano bike parts (road bike)

    Picture was saposed to be at the bottom some how ended up in the thread in random location.
  73. fishingkid

    Shimano bike parts (road bike)

    I have shimano road bike parts I no longer need. All are brand new in the box never mounted. 1) ST-6800 shifter set with cables and hard ware. In color black Brand new in box. I am asking $200 2) BR-5800 shimano caliper brake in color black asking $50 3)CS-5800 cassette sprocket 11-32T asking...
  74. fishingkid

    Anyone know where I can buy an 8' bamboo gaff?

    I got a piece from squidco few years ago made my own. No longer own a boat so it's just sitting in the garage.easy to make fun little off season project.
  75. fishingkid

    Live bait in parker

    is there anywhere in Parker where I can purchase live bait for cat fish? Heading to the river this weekend wanted to try for a big cat from the house. I never seem to be able to make bait on the flowing river figured I'd look around for a tackle shop that has live bait for sale?
  76. fishingkid

    Busted ring on pole

    i moved couple months ago and when hauling all my rods from old house I had a pole fly out if the back of my truck. Always haul then the same way never had a issue. Only thing different was the line was through the eyes and tied off to reel handle with the drag loosened all the way up it...
  77. fishingkid

    Favorite big bluefin iron

    I threw a mega bait at them couple different sizes and colors with no luck.
  78. fishingkid

    Results are out

    How many points did you have to draw x9a this year?
  79. fishingkid

    06/12/2015 No YFT today :-(

    you should blurr your back grounds in next report. F Uck the donkeys.
  80. fishingkid

    Reels that fit Alua Jig Sticks

    I have a baby ulua I had the same problem with. I prefer smaller reels like a 332 but it will not fit on my ulua I went with a saltist 30 but I find my self never fishing this setup I prefer my 90j with a Newell 332 anyone looking for a ulua in good condition? Factory wrap 10 ft pm me.
  81. fishingkid

    yellowfin Tuna! on the San Diego 3/4

    Nagger move posting up the numbers.
  82. fishingkid

    Who's coming on the grande this year?

    Fished it last year had one deck hand claim he broke his leg before we left the dock. Captain let the kids bumming rides on the dock on the trip. Boat left 2 hrs late. Had a crusty ass deck hand they were begging to go shower on the boat he ended up jumping into the water off the bridge in the...
  83. fishingkid

    2007 Toyota tacoma Parts

    I have 1 brand new drivers side tail light for a 2007 Toyota tacoma 1 full set of rear brake shoes for a 2007 Toyota tacoma brand new in the box from Toyota 1 jug of coolant for a Toyota Tacoma brand new never opened from Toyota . 2007 Toyota tacoma owners Manuel got rid of the truck forgot I...
  84. fishingkid

    SOLD retaining wall block for sale.

    Yeah it is a great deal im just trying to get the stuff out of my way.
  85. fishingkid

    SOLD retaining wall block for sale.

    Send me a pm and I'll reply with the number I havnt been on bloodydonks lately just looked at your profile didn't see where the pm button is at.
  86. fishingkid

    SOLD retaining wall block for sale.

    I can help load the block Monday through Thursday after 4:30 im working on the house most Friday saturdays and Sunday's. If your local and looking for a installer I can give you a guys number who did mine for Dirt cheap.
  87. fishingkid

    SOLD retaining wall block for sale.

    Located in canyon hills community in lake Elsinore.
  88. fishingkid

    SOLD retaining wall block for sale.

    Just finished a project at my house and ended up with a few pallets to many of retaining wall block belgard anchor highland stone . There is 3 sizes 18,12,6 in. wide faces they are all 12 in deep and 6 in high. The block is the Bella color I have for sure 2 full pallets coming out to 54 square...
  89. fishingkid

    Where to get reels serviced

    Yes I have 4 saltist star drags 1 Toruim star drag and 1 Newell Star drag and 1 avet lever drag I'd like to service
  90. fishingkid

    Where to get reels serviced

    i live by canyon lake I'm looking to get some reeks serviced and drags replaced. Any recommendations to local shops that do this? And what's a service cost these days on saltist and newells?
  91. fishingkid

    Tagged out

    What's the cost to put in for the fund raiser tag? When do you put in for it? Same as regular draw?
  92. fishingkid

    Leather Belt

    Boot barn got a nice dark leather belt for work $20 out the door
  93. fishingkid


    Sgay is not worth using a day pass on to refill right now. Yes that pass sucks and yes the state does try milking the hunters for every dime but like stated above been around a long time. The bird watchers used to have to pay to use the refuge also. Don't think they do that any more Dfg lets the...
  94. fishingkid

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    someone needs to start killing these things. gaff to the neck, tazer, bang stick, .22, some population control
  95. fishingkid

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    I take it You never been to San jacinto wild life.
  96. fishingkid

    Laguna Buck 11/22/14

    Congrats on the deer. crazy what those animals survive. Definitely a NAP thunderhead.
  97. fishingkid

    Spyder paintball gun for sale

    Spyder TL-R comes with just the gun and longer barrel. Make me a offer.
  98. fishingkid

    5 piece dolphin living room set

    Just stumbled across this. Yeah LONG gone.
  99. fishingkid

    San Jacinto Opener

    You can share them all you want you just don't have to advertise the locations. People google this shit all the time. Then we get more donkeys out in the field. New rules of the Internet cropped pictures and no locations is the way to go.
  100. fishingkid

    D16 Forky

    Haha yeah funny cooler pic. I've never seen a deer on ice with hide and all. We usually quarter them out or at least skin them out.
  101. fishingkid

    Extra light weight hunting boots.

    I'm in the market for new boots. I have a pair of read heads from the first month the bass pro in rancho opened. Got them on sale for $59 best boots I've ever head there so blown out now I'm for Ed to get something new. I looked at bass pro didn't like anything I tried on I hate the red head...
  102. fishingkid

    Where the hell are the archery reports?

    I seen a couple guys on the hill Friday hunting with only AO tags.
  103. fishingkid

    Went Fishing In LaJolla Sunday, 10/12/2004

    might want to try yoyo jigs and dropper loops next time.
  104. fishingkid

    Where the hell are the archery reports?

    I was up Friday seen 1 doe 1 big mature mtn lion. On the way out ran into a few hunters.
  105. fishingkid

    Where the hell are the archery reports?

    Crowd has been unbelievable this year. Record high for sure. Also the Lions are at a all time high from what I've seen so far. Where I saw deer while scouting I'm seeing mainly just mtn Lion tracks in these areas.
  106. fishingkid

    D-16 bow

    Been a record high for idiots around my spots unbelievable. Had a bad in counter with 1 donkey opening day glad I didn't beat some sense into him warden was in the bushes
  107. fishingkid

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    The San Diego is the best 3/4 day boat nothing compares.sounds like you were a bitching bitch before you even set foot in the office. They don't need your business you should continue fishing the chubby have a deck hand bait your hook and unhook your fish for you devote there time to your lame...
  108. fishingkid

    So-Cal Bear Hunting

    Sounds like Gary's a fuckin ass hole x fish cop. That's something to brag about, I used to give tickets to people for bull shit reasons LAME. Sounds like you were buddy's with the fleet enema.
  109. fishingkid

    Upright freezer

    Any pics?
  110. fishingkid

    2 kegs

    I have gotten $20 a piece at retailer.
  111. fishingkid

    What died today?

    It was a zoo up in my area. Had donkeys walking all over. Coming in 15 min before legal light walking circles lost. guys walking up asking how to get back to there car there lost. Seen a warden putting his boots to work. Real cool guy hiked in further than any wardens Ive seen before. Seen him...
  112. fishingkid

    Fleet gone? Again?

    Hopefully the rumor is true. He should have never came back to begin with.
  113. fishingkid

    Grande Overnight 8/26-27

    ill be on the grande tonight my first trip on this boat we will see how it goes. hopefully a good experience. I have family flying in at 4 pm from out of state to come down just for this trip. Was unable to get on my boats of choice this just happen to have a opening and date that fit there...
  114. fishingkid

    8/28 plugged the boat at the corner

    Thanks for the report hopefully weather lays down.
  115. fishingkid

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    Does anyone know of a tackle shop near temecula that services reels? I used to use last chance but was told they no longer work on reels. After this trip I'd like to get new drags in a few of my reels and my buddy has a couple he needs to be serviced and greased. Also does anyone know if any of...
  116. fishingkid

    FYI Cat 5 Hurricane off Baja coast

    Where did you get your weather report?
  117. fishingkid

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    Ok I'll attempt to year into it again tomorrow we are leaving Friday so hopefully the parts don't go springing out everywhere again like last time almost lost that super small piece and a spring off the side plate.
  118. fishingkid

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    The reel has 4 trips on it brand new last year. It was used as a back up reel or for guest but kinda hard when you can't trust the drag being set.
  119. fishingkid

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    I have a friend who has a shimano toruim 16. The lever to put the reel in and out of gear snapped off couple trips ago. He ordered a new part from shimano. When replacing the part it was more in depth then we had planned. I am no reel tech but thought id help out. I thought it would be easier...
  120. fishingkid

    8-13 371 and 425

    Where did you get the sardines from?
  121. fishingkid

    Boo Hoo

    Dam jury duty sucks.
  122. fishingkid

    8/4 surprise surprise

    There bitching about no deans because they can't fish the chovey.
  123. fishingkid

    Gun range near riverside county?

    Have you ever shot there before? What distances do they have for a rifle range? They got shooting benches? Bring your own?targets? Cost?
  124. fishingkid

    Gun range near riverside county?

    I have not heard that before. Although I did see San bernadino county still has shooting maps for sale at bass pro shop.
  125. fishingkid

    Gun range near riverside county?

    I have shot at several places out here. But with the high fire risk and strict closure this year I figured I better look for somewhere legal.
  126. fishingkid

    Gun range near riverside county?

    I recently purchased a traditions striker fire .50 muzzleloader for my hunt in Nevada.My tag starts sept.10 but we booked are trip around work we we are heading up sept. 23. This gun did not come with sites so I ordered those just got them mounted and picked up a cleaning kit. I am now looking...
  127. fishingkid

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    Got mine yesterday heard of some people getting them as early as last Friday
  128. fishingkid

    One lucky S.O.B!

    Nope don't play the lotto I work to hard for my money. Hahaha I don't gamble.But I may be interested in gambling for a tag like that.
  129. fishingkid

    One lucky S.O.B!

    Dam that's some crazy odds. I've never put in for it. Always been tempted but figured the odds were bad just never knew how bad.
  130. fishingkid

    One lucky S.O.B!

    Do they post the odds to these tags any where?
  131. fishingkid

    A-22 did sell out as of 9:30 am

    Crazy these San Diego tags are all going so fast every year.
  132. fishingkid

    CO draws are in

    Congrats on the like to try putting in for there next year or 2 if I can figure the system out.
  133. fishingkid

    Anyone else

    Geeze there going fast. Come on draws. When will they deduct the amount awarded through the draw for a22? So we can see what's left over? Thinking the day they post draws?
  134. fishingkid

    Pacific Star

    I fished this boat last summer on a 1.5 I went on this boat because 5 rookie buddy's booked on it in advance. Turned out to be a awesome trip. Clean boat no complaints rides nice in the rough stuff. Crew was really cool although they did have a weird pin head kid but he worked hard to land fish...
  135. fishingkid

    Nevada early archery deer hunt in Area 6!

    Congrats on the tag. My first couple pics this year were archery tags. Ended up drawing muzzleloader maybe next time I cash in some points it will be a Nevada archery tag.
  136. fishingkid

    last shot

    I've been hunting Cali since 2003 for deer. Never put in for the draw until 2 years ago. Always purchased over the counter stuff.In 2007 I hunted Utah muzzleloader went with some family up there they helped with the application process. Never started applying anywhere else until 2012. In 2012 I...
  137. fishingkid

    Nevada Big Game Draw Results by 5:00PM Today

    Burned a few points on this tag. My brother and I been putting in a few years together. We will see how it goes.
  138. fishingkid

    Parker/ havasu questions

    Do you need a Arizona license to fish take off point? How about if I'm in a kayak or float tube?
  139. fishingkid

    Nevada Big Game Draw Results by 5:00PM Today

    I drew a muzzleloader tag.
  140. fishingkid

    Nevada Big Game Draw Results by 5:00PM Today

    Nothing has hit my credit card yet.... Fingers crossed.
  141. fishingkid

    Draw Help needed

    What's your questions on it?
  142. fishingkid

    Parker/ havasu questions

    I'm heading up to Parker Friday staying on the california side just below the Parker dam at river lodge. I got a 16 year old kid interested in fishing and want to try changing up are usual fishing routine down there. We make several trips to the house throughout the year and always fish bass for...
  143. fishingkid

    Anyone else

    I just put in a jr for a couple jr tags he's got 1 preference point and gonna be 14 this year fingers crossed on the local j tag.
  144. fishingkid

    Anyone else

    I'm already like a kid on xmas eve :hali_parkutuli: cant wait for Nevada and cali to post up.
  145. fishingkid

    2014 CA Deer Season Dates Posted

    I can't seem to find on there web page where it says the date for deer tag applications to open?
  146. fishingkid


    Sounds like we missed the deadline. Never seen or heard about it til right now. Maybe fish it next time. Good luck guys
  147. fishingkid

    Perris Lake??

    I fished Perris on my float tube we'd. And Friday I fished the last hour of daylight both days we'd. I had 5 fish 1 over 5 Friday I had 0 fish 1 bite yes you can still walk and fish the dam. Good luck
  148. fishingkid

    A-22 last shot at em...maybe

    Looks like fun. Nice job getting the kid out packing now heading up in the morning til Tuesday 1 last try to fill this tag.
  149. fishingkid

    Lab vs. Golden

    Let me know if your interested in a lab puppy got 2 puppy's left both black lab females asking 400 for the females papered. Pups will be ready to go home jan. 2. Parents Were not trained to hunt they are family pets the parents are owned by my sister which does not do any hunting both dogs love...
  150. fishingkid

    Info Needed - San Jacinto Wildlife Area

    It has been crowded not everyone has been getting on theres a few decent blinds try the sweat line take what ever blind you can to get out and check the place out.
  151. fishingkid

    wild game processing supplies

    I'm planning to process my next deer myself also. Figure I got a good idea on how to do it. Practice makes perfect. Anyone know of any good reading material online they recomend on this topic? I just plan to make steaks ground sausage chops and maybe save a roast.
  152. fishingkid

    Call lanyards

    Yeah looks good I built some myself as well.
  153. fishingkid

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    I should be picking right behind you.
  154. fishingkid

    Call lanyards

    Show this link to your son he might be interested in trying another design.
  155. fishingkid

    GSP needs a good home.

  156. fishingkid

    Pacific star overnight 9/26/2013

    Couple pics from the trip .
  157. fishingkid

    Pacific star overnight 9/26/2013

    Yeah the cook went out if his way on this trip on the way in he cooked up a good snack I don't recall any over night boats I've been on that added a snack to the meals like this setup.
  158. fishingkid

    Pacific star overnight 9/26/2013

    Weather was up for sure had a couple swells close together and some large rollers quit a few people sick.
  159. fishingkid

    Pacific star overnight 9/26/2013

    Tommy whipped up some awesome food on the boat for sure. And Rick was always informing us of what he was planning to do he let his passengers in on the plan the entire trip.
  160. fishingkid

    Pacific star overnight 9/26/2013

    Short report: boat was clean crew was good bait was good bluefin bit good for anyone who could fish bait. Long report: got to the landing at 8 pm wed. Night noticed the pacific star was gone getting bait checked in at the office. we were greeted by the crew around 9 to board the boat. I...
  161. fishingkid

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    I think it should not be taken down if the moderators are done with it lock it. I think it should be searchable material for future references.
  162. fishingkid

    Old Glory 9/24/13 Eddie fishtaco

    How did you do fishing the iron?
  163. fishingkid

    Pacific star over night 09/25/2013

    Will do thanks for the advice i got the day off so ill try to be down at the docks early.thats a bummer on the small amount of rod racks.always nice to have those backup rods handy.
  164. fishingkid

    Pacific star over night 09/25/2013

    Trips coming up fast getting my gear together right now ill be ready to head out early tomorrow. Looks like the boat doesn't have a lot of rod holders hope I don't over do it I'm taking 4 rods 1) calstar 9 ft jig stick spooled up with fresh 40 pound mono 2)yoyo setup with 50 pound spectra to...
  165. fishingkid

    Tribute 1.5 9/22-9/24 Limits

    Nice trip good video. Hope to get into them on my overnight leaving tomorrow.taking my gopro along for the first trip with it.
  166. fishingkid

    Pacific star over night 09/25/2013

    Booked a trip on the pacific star leaving next week on wed. 9/25/13 heading out with a couple buddies never been on the pacific star. Anyone else on this trip?
  167. fishingkid

    What's wrong...

    I thought it was only me in a down mood this year. I told my self as soon as last season ended I was going to get back into the local deer seen this year and put the birds on the back burner until I put a deer down. Yet I find myself out of shape, I have not scouted for shit, just started...
  168. fishingkid

    therma cell question

    What do you guys think of the therma cells while deer hunting? I know they sell the earth scented pads and claim it don't affect deer. I have used them before while water fowl hunting and this passed weekend for dove and a couple times deer hunting just wondering what everyone else's input is on...
  169. fishingkid

    A-22 who's in this year?

    Debating if I want to go up and fight the crowd or do a trip up during the week.
  170. fishingkid

    training wings at BPS

    you can buy pygeons at the feed store off hwy 74 I believe it is like a mile east of California street. I know that's fairly close to you. Also let me know if your going out to do some training at sj after the pups done with her shots I can head out there also with a few birds id like to get...
  171. fishingkid

    training wings at BPS

    I have a couple wings you can have I think I still have a couple honker wings a pheasant wing and some duck wings.
  172. fishingkid

    Nados 5/17

    I was out there on a sport boat I managed to land 1 fish in the 20-25 class and 2 in the 8-10 pound class. Seemed to me the boat traffic was tough on the fish. We had several spots of fish up at 1 time to have boats come in over the top of them. Had a couple skiffs that fallowed us to every...
  173. fishingkid

    3/29/13 YT hunting on the San Diego

    Your bitching about fishing time? Really? That captain and crew stayed out late on there own personal time to try to get us yellows and there was plenty of time to kill your share of rock fish. I personally was happy to see the crew of the San Diego work the hardest to get us on some yellows.
  174. fishingkid

    Oct deer

    Nice buck
  175. fishingkid

    Secret Spot

    I recognize that spot.
  176. fishingkid

    Waterfowl Choke

    I shoot a skeet choke for waterfowl and upland
  177. fishingkid

    Want to buy a curado 300EJ

    I am looking for a new or used curado 300EJ right handed.let me know what you got.
  178. fishingkid

    jacinto 12/1 resi# 47

    Hey Donkey I was in A5 you were shooting just as high as the rest of the idiots out there throwing hail maries.and blowing your KAzooo. Did you see all those geese flying off the lake also? Crazy how many birds that lakes holding these days.
  179. fishingkid

    Jim Beam Drum Set

    I won a jim beam drum set at a casino in a raffle. They are in good condition slightly used. I do not play a instrament so I am selling to make room in my garage.I have no use for this drum set. If you are interested please call 951-966-9908 Everything included is in the picture(Pic is not of...
  180. fishingkid

    going in #28 at San Jacinto nov 3rd

    Numbers have declined the last 2 hunt days. Sounds like its been a morning shoot. Good luck.
  181. fishingkid

    On my way

    Dont forget your EOTECH, or your bradley smoker for the trip.
  182. fishingkid

    Kids waders

    I am helping out a kid get into waterfowling this year and looking for a pair of cheap waders. He is 11 and wears a size 8 1/2 shoe. So im thinking ill need to find him waders around size 9.looking for new or used as im sure he will grow out of them by next season. Im willing to pick up or pay...
  183. fishingkid

    parasite in halibut

    Glad you were alive when you cut its head off.
  184. fishingkid

    Mission Bay??

    Mission bay has been hurting the last 2-3 years.
  185. fishingkid

    pop up tent travel trailer

    Looking to get another pop up tent trailer. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  186. fishingkid

    bayliner 185 electrical Question?.....

    ok got it figured out with a little help. Ended up being the 90 amp fuse by the starter.thank you for all the input
  187. fishingkid

    bayliner 185 electrical Question?.....

    I am trying to help out a friend with his bayliner 185. The boat is just a family riverboat. When pulled out of storage 2 weeks ago to go to the river the battery was hooked up and they attempted to start the boat. all they heard was clicking like a dead battery. The boat sat all winter so they...
  188. fishingkid

    Lake Hemet afternoon report.05/31/2012

    Today the wind was blowing fairly stiff all day. Started up the hill earlier today got to the lake around 10 and began picking away. I was able to put a couple family member from out of town on fish. Also was able to catch another tagged trout. ended the day with 10 trout. Nothing like it has...
  189. fishingkid

    Lake Hemet afternoon report.05/31/2012

    Just got back down from the lake took another new kid up the hill to spoil him and introduce him to the sport. We ended the day with limits for 5 guys. I was able to catch a $10 reward tag also.
  190. fishingkid

    Lake Hemet afternoon report.05/31/2012

    I sent my brother up yesterday to the same general area they finished up limits for 2. So with it being so good we went back up today same conditions. Got a buddy on his first fish and limits for 3.
  191. fishingkid

    Lake Hemet afternoon report.05/31/2012

    . Bad cell Phone pic.
  192. fishingkid

    Lake Hemet afternoon report.05/31/2012

    Ran up the hill to lake hemet yesterday to fish for a couple hours. Ended the day with trout limits for 3. Hot bait was power bait with a meal worm. Wind was blowing out of the west made for tough conditions until it layed down around 7:30 pm. Landed our last fish at 8:45 in the dark. Only seen...
  193. fishingkid

    Parker Fishing advice.

    Heading up to the river for the holiday weekend staying at a house on the california side in parker I will have a ski boat and looking to put some kids on fish any advice? thanks.
  194. fishingkid

    Reel clamp screw driver

    Where can I find online a Reel clamp screw driver for sale? with the notch cut out in the center for the bolt?
  195. fishingkid

    DVL Stripers

    Ill be there saturday stuck on the shore fishing.
  196. fishingkid

    This is gonna suck.

    whats it called? I think I should grab a bottle for the camp gear.
  197. fishingkid

    1997 yukon 4x4 $3500

  198. fishingkid

    Fox Riding gear for sale

  199. fishingkid

    Fox Riding gear for sale

  200. fishingkid

    Fox Riding gear for sale

    I have a pair of fox adult Tracker boots. In good condition 1 boot has alittle burn mark on it from the pipe. They are mens size 13. asking $50. I also have a fox riding gear bag. I am asking $30 in good condition minus the small pocket zipper is alittle messed up. kids fox chest protector...
  201. fishingkid

    1997 yukon 4x4 $3500

    Replyed to all PM's
  202. fishingkid

    1997 yukon 4x4 $3500

    BUMP still got it.
  203. fishingkid

    Wanted beach cruiser

    looking to buy a mens and womens beach cruiser. also ineterested in adult trycycle.let me know what you got.
  204. fishingkid

    1997 yukon 4x4 $3500

    REDUCED $3000
  205. fishingkid

    1997 yukon 4x4 $3500

    make an offer.
  206. fishingkid

    1997 yukon 4x4 $3500

    1997 GMC Yucon. 178,000 miles. Runs good, seats 6 with a large cargo area in back. 4x4 am/fm & cd player. Electric door locks and windows. No stains or rips on interior. Needs back tires, and clear coat on top roof and hood coming off. Clean title. Only second owner. Selling to get small car to...
  207. fishingkid

    22' Mako CC

    Bump.. Still for sale.
  208. fishingkid

    22' Mako CC

    I do not have the beam measurements at the moment it is in storage I will try to get them this week. Motor is a 1983
  209. fishingkid

    OMC Stern drives 1964-1986 Manual

    Seloc OMC Stern Drives 1964-1986 Repair Manual. Good condition. asking $20 local pick up or pay for shipping...
  210. fishingkid

    22' Mako CC

    Pm Sent.
  211. fishingkid

    22' Mako CC

    Replyed to all pm's still available. Thanks.
  212. fishingkid

    22' Mako CC

    Trailer is in good working condition. Has new bunks on it.good tires. but does not have brakes i would suggest changing out the trailer tongue. Lights work perfect. I dont have that measurement on me I will try to stop by storage some time this week to get that for you.
  213. fishingkid

    22' Mako CC

    I have a 1970 22' Mako Center Console For Sale. I am asking $4500 Powered By Johnson 200 Hp V6 2 Stroke O/B 1 new prop/ 1 back up prop. 2 Good Condition everstart deep cycle batteries/perko battery switch 1 Brand new steering cable 2 gas tanks (25 gallon Under console) (50 gallon under deck)...
  214. fishingkid

    Lobster snorkeling question

    I heard they ate the star fish and it tasted like filet mignon. :hali_olutta:
  215. fishingkid

    need a new safe

  216. fishingkid

    Niland CWA Dinner

    you didnt cover it up enough i know what blind site thats from. thanks for the hot spot buddy haha ill be there this week with my ressie
  217. fishingkid


    When you think you have glassed the entire hill side and seem to think theres nothing there. Glass again. Dont look for the deer itself. Be looking for ears and other objects. Most deer you glass will not just be standing broad side. you may have to pick them apart as stated above.
  218. fishingkid

    9th Is Up

  219. fishingkid

    chest freezer

  220. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    still available let me know i need this thing gone. I need the cash.
  221. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    pm sent
  222. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    No i Cannot deliver it there. Pick up or meet local Only.
  223. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    Yes i still have the freezer. It is still up for sale. let me know.
  224. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    Im located in San jacinto.
  225. fishingkid

    Local Buck Down !!!!!!

    very nice.
  226. fishingkid

    emerson/tv/vcr 21"

    emerson/tv/vcr 21" I am asking $25 for this tv vcr combo. Works perfect just have to many tv's. and can use the money.
  227. fishingkid

    New Wheel Chair

    my pics are not working for some reason. send me a pm or your email address i can email the pics. thanks
  228. fishingkid

    New Wheel Chair

    I am asking $80 This wheel chair has only been used a few times temporary. Very clean. Rolls really easy and smooth. It has a rear velcro pocket behind the seat. The brakes work Really good. the feet rest are adjustable.
  229. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    ok not sure why my pics are not working. send me your email if you want pics.
  230. fishingkid

    chest freezer

    I have a general electric chest freezer for sale. I am asking $80 It looks like new on the inside. The exterior has a dent on top and some scratch with rust spots from being left out side. works perfect has a cold dial on the side to change the temp inside. The door holds open. it has 1 top...
  231. fishingkid

    small chest freezer

    pm sent
  232. fishingkid

    deer hoist

    Yes i still have the deer hoist. I am located in san jacinto.let me know.
  233. fishingkid

    6' bed carpet / camper kit

    6' bed carpet / camper kit I have a 6' carpet kit. Has lots of storage compartments built in and also has storage under.and Cup holders/and is also made to be used as a bed to sleep on. very strong and durable.can sleep 2.carpet has a few minor rips. I purchased a overhead camper for...
  234. fishingkid

    City Deer

    I seen that in the press enterprise this week.
  235. fishingkid

    Best compound bow

    Lake side
  236. fishingkid

    San Jacinto Dove

    I thought you can't upland hunt that land near mystic?
  237. fishingkid

    Best compound bow

    I would recomend The Bow N Arrow shop over any shop in So-cal the guys there are Really helpful and will set you up the right way the first time.
  238. fishingkid

    San Jacinto Dove

    Very Slow.
  239. fishingkid

    Buzz worm and quail brood....

    No buzz worm gets a free pass by me. He would have taken a rock to the head atleast.
  240. fishingkid

    The Wister Mud from hell.

  241. fishingkid

    Name some good tackle stores

    Chark bait or last chance.
  242. fishingkid

    Lousy weather but a PB for my brother !

    cant smile that would ruin the bad ass image.
  243. fishingkid

    Fished the San Diego 3/4 3 Aug 11

    Only because they are the best 3/4 boat and crew.
  244. fishingkid

    best twilight boat out of san diego

    The Dolphin
  245. fishingkid


    we usually only hunt them when it cools off also. and just look over them good while cleaning.
  246. fishingkid

    7/30 first day out with the wife

    Dam trying to advertise to much ease up buddy.
  247. fishingkid

    Sand spike

    WANTED I am looking to buy a slide sand spike anchor for the river.
  248. fishingkid

    Archery newbie

    Bow N Arrow shop in lake side cant beat that place.
  249. fishingkid

    Looking For a lab puppy.

    Are you looking for a house pet or hunting dog? whats your price range? I have a friend here in town with a litter of yellow labs 3 weeks old.
  250. fishingkid

    YT at the Islands

    To bad the san diego didnt have enough guys to run today.
  251. fishingkid

    slime sticks 6/10

    That looks like a back up hook.
  252. fishingkid

    San Diego 6 pack

    josie lynn he is also a bloodydecks regular.
  253. fishingkid

    New to me....

    yeah i have had the same expierence in the past with my local wal mart. As long as you know what you want and need. you can get by with walmart. I have seen them try to sell a hunting license and a harvest stamp instead of a upland stamp.
  254. fishingkid

    Is a special tool needed?

    mike you have a pic?
  255. fishingkid

    dog saddle bags

    Any one have any experience with dog saddle bags and know of a good brand? I have a weimaraner so it has a huge chest and is hard to find vest that fit the breed. I am looking for adjustable saddle bags. thanks for all info and advice.
  256. fishingkid

    Cuda's anyone?

    were they fishing LJ or PL?
  257. fishingkid

    here ya go... video...

    Thats bad ass.
  258. fishingkid

    oil mixture?

    Ok I double checked just to make sure and i do not have that tank. I will have to try and get some digital pics up then of the oil leak
  259. fishingkid

    oil mixture?

    I have a 2 stroke johnson 200 I have been mixing the oil 50:1 and im noticing oil in the engine cover foam, and bottom of engine compartment its also leaking some out of the exhaust. it only smokes until it warms up. while taking it off the trailer then its good all day. I pulled a spark plug...
  260. fishingkid

    Hydrofoils question

    Thanks for the info.
  261. fishingkid

    Hydrofoils question

    Thank you thats what i was looking for.
  262. fishingkid

    Hydrofoils question

    I have been looking into buying some hydrofoils for my boat now.I know the best way to go would be to buy some trim tabs. im looking for alittle easier fix and easier on the wallet.I have a 22ft make CC with a 200 johnson on it. Im debating purchasing a hydrofoil system to get up on plane...
  263. fishingkid

    Those who dare!!

    At 1pm booger reported they were up to around 20 with fish hanging.
  264. fishingkid

    Rpt-Wed.-04-20-11 Coronados-Rockpile!

    I aslo was on the San Diego Booger and crew searched and worked hard today as usaul. Glad to see they didnt opp out early and and focus on rock fish. They kept on it and even stayed late in search of the yellows.
  265. fishingkid

    baby ulua

    Let me know if your looking for Baby ulua ss. brand new.
  266. fishingkid

    Rifles that use handgun ammo

    being that they are hand gun rounds doesnt the new California law make it to where these rounds you are going to be hassled to purchase?
  267. fishingkid

    Team II steam rolling. Another A-22 archery Deer

    I AGREE haha.Nice job.
  268. fishingkid

    Team II steam rolling. Another A-22 archery Deer

    ya those broad heads are good i have no complaints so far ive dropped 2 deer with them and there solid.i havent seen many people using them.
  269. fishingkid

    Team II steam rolling. Another A-22 archery Deer

    congrats. is that a nap thunder head broad head?
  270. fishingkid

    To many Lions !!!!!

    Those lyons arent there because theres no deer around.haha thats for sure.
  271. fishingkid

    Kill It & Grill It !!!! Venison Philly Cheese steak tonight!

    Nice looks REAL good add some more cheese be good to go.
  272. fishingkid

    Wister 11/27

    heres a pic from yesterday im trying to figure out how to resize all my other pics on my says the files are to big.
  273. fishingkid

    Wister 11/27

    Text them to your email.
  274. fishingkid

    A-22 Where are all the deer?

    I AGREE...
  275. fishingkid

    A22 Second half

    illl be getting out mid week. i wish i could make it up for sat.
  276. fishingkid

    5 piece dolphin living room set

    make me an offer.
  277. fishingkid

    cinder blocks for sale 70

    I have 70 cinder blocks for sale a couple have small rust stains nothing major. buyer must pick up and load them self.located menifee.asking $60 thanks call 951-966-9908
  278. fishingkid

    5 piece dolphin living room set

    now asking $200 i need the cash thanks.
  279. fishingkid

    what 3/4 day boat is the best to take a trip on

    X5 ON THE San Diego if theres fish to be cought these guys are on them.they usually have a better count than any 3/4 some days even do better than the over night boats
  280. fishingkid

    5 piece dolphin living room set

    the only flaw to this set is the big coffee table has a nick in the glass you can see in the last pic to the far right.
  281. fishingkid

    5 piece dolphin living room set

    PRICE REDUCED I have a 5 piece living room set for includes 1 coffee table 2 end tables and 2 lamps all matching.the lamps in the pics. are sitting ontop of the end tables they do come off.thats just how i had them setup in my asking $300 OBO. please call shawn 951-966-9908
  282. fishingkid

    3x3 down

    very nice.
  283. fishingkid

    Chad Gierlich poached deer in Yosemite sent to jail

    Its not harsh enough thats why people here of these types of things so often.
  284. fishingkid

    The ducks are in the valley!

    is your club the old river ranch?Like i think it is.
  285. fishingkid

    The ducks are in the valley!

    A club with water.
  286. fishingkid

    The ducks are in the valley!

    isnt your club the one that just started flooding.couldnt afford water last year at the beginning of the season and was dry for the opener?is that fat old guy still going to jump geese from his golf cart this year again.
  287. fishingkid

    The ducks are in the valley!

    how is there cans on your club theres not even water.?
  288. fishingkid

    Utah Muzzy Buck

  289. fishingkid

    Just got the sat phone call!

  290. fishingkid


    yeah that boat and crew Work HARD to get those fish and know there shit.they Never give up.
  291. fishingkid

    Warning for those with dogs

    whats a teddy bear need to be flame retardent for?haha
  292. fishingkid

    Sept. 10 Tune-A-Fish on the San Diego

    hell ya the san diego kicks ass nobody else went out of the 3/4 day fleet to chase those tuna and get counts like that.there counts always seem to be the highest hard work pays off.
  293. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    these pups are now 9 weeks old.PRICE REDUCED $275 OBO I want to get them to good homes im in the process of moving.thanks
  294. fishingkid

    AKC Black Lab Puppies

    9 weeks old now i still have 5 left.
  295. fishingkid

    Team 1 Put points down

    nice job on the local deer. I vote you post the recipe up.haha
  296. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    more pics
  297. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    down to 3 males and 2 females.
  298. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    I now have 4 males and 2 females left
  299. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    these pups are 8 weeks old and ready to go to good homes theres 2 females and 5 males left
  300. fishingkid

    AKC Black Lab Puppies

    pups are 8 weeks as of thur. and ready to go to good homes.
  301. fishingkid


    Last year i went up the second weekend had a guy sitting in a brush blind i had built with a rifle and a bow.I just said what ever took off and later that evening happend to stop by that blind on my way to my evening spot there was a spot where he pissed in my blind.come on really?you dont piss...
  302. fishingkid

    The San Diego

    pay to go fish the boat see how its done the SD works hard and finds pays off.
  303. fishingkid

    A-22 tags...

    dam that SUcks
  304. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    yes they are.
  305. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    any other info i should post to help these go to good homes?
  306. fishingkid

    labs for sale

    i put them up for my sister there hers and her boy friends hes in the military and stationed out of state at the moment.the female is a 2 year old black lab and the male is a 1 and a half old chocolate they were never trained in any way for hunting the mom is a AWSOME pet plays fetch until you...
  307. fishingkid

    labs for sale

  308. fishingkid

    AKC Black Lab Puppies

  309. fishingkid


    dam ya ive just seen it in the last 2 years but was wondering what the heck happend haha in 2 weeks that thing dropped big time. yeah i was wondering if they had a limit and ever reached it on hunters.i plan to hunt it this year for the first time. any tips from the guys that have hunted it in...
  310. fishingkid


    It seems to me henshaw has dropped ALOT in the last 2 and a half weeks.the north end had some trees in the water 2 weeks ago and are now way out of the water.any body know whats up with this?how many do they let on henshaw?
  311. fishingkid

    AO1 Tag Filled

    Awsome cant wait to see the pics and story.
  312. fishingkid

    labs for sale
  313. fishingkid

    AKC Black Lab Puppies

    5 male and 4 female AKC Black Labs Born 7-22-2010 7 weeks old both parents on site Dam is black lab AKC Sire chocolate lab AKC Asking $450 female $400 male OBO Please call 951-522-4577 PRICE REDUCED. asking $300
  314. fishingkid

    whats the gayness about warming your bait up?

    I have seen this SO many time this year this old man was so bad i would say the bait was stiff by the time he put it in the water haha and his ENTIRE jacket was dripping wet with half his arm stuck in the handwell.ive seen the originator if this post help out MANY people on these...
  315. fishingkid

    yellow fin on 3/4

    the san diego went and got some yellow fin today on the san diego and some yellow tail on a 3/4 go get em guys. boat had a SUPER light load of 7 today.
  316. fishingkid

    A-22 /D-16 archery Deer checking in

    im heading up friday til mon.
  317. fishingkid

    ripcord arrow rest question

    haha i know im not that lucky haha i will get in on it.i need to make a pay pal and pay through that?ive only seen 1 buck through my scouting this year little spike on each side maybe 2 in. haha lots of does.ive got my little brother going up with me this year he just got a bow a week ago my...
  318. fishingkid

    ripcord arrow rest question

    well i made the long hall down to the bow an arrow shop today definatly glad i made that move and got the code red rest what i difference from what i had going on before the guys there took GREAT care of us.fixed ALL the problems i was having with my bow just glad i got them taken care...
  319. fishingkid

    ripcord arrow rest question

    thanks nate. looks like another trip to the Bow N arrow shop tommorow morning is on the to do list.
  320. fishingkid

    ripcord arrow rest question

    my question was im curouse if any one has any expierance with this patacular trying to change because the rest i have now is making a poping noise not every time but 2 out of 3 times i draw back i had the shop look at it they said my current rest is not rebuild able.and had a few tips to...
  321. fishingkid

    ripcord arrow rest question

    any body have any expierence with the ripcord arrow rest the code red model? im having troubles with the rest im using now its the low end model QAD rest and want to switch to this model rest just so close to the season and want to make a decision to have to retune so close to...
  322. fishingkid

    bouy 10 Wed 8/18

    whats it matter?you understood it. Good enough.
  323. fishingkid

    A few Yellows at the Islands

    The san diego did good they got 31 yellow tail yesterday.
  324. fishingkid

    gas rc car vtx

  325. fishingkid

    gas rc car vtx

    yes had a guy flake out.still got it
  326. fishingkid

    Mission Bay 8/15/2010

    ya thats where we were at around that area.4 guys green center console we had a yak fishing near us thats why i thought it may have been you.
  327. fishingkid

    Mission Bay 8/15/2010

    i stopped in there for awhile in the late after noon man just be glad you were there and not lj today lj was just plain DEAD.tough fishing today.was that you that paddled past us?we where in the green center console.anchored up.
  328. fishingkid

    Green Water Keeping Tuna Down South

    dam thats some nasty nice if it would clear up.
  329. fishingkid

    hitting lajolla aug. 15

    sounds good hit me up on the radio ch72 FISHINGKID
  330. fishingkid

    hitting lajolla aug. 15

    going to make a local run with the new to me boat just make a a little trip to LJ aug15 hit me up on ch 72 FISHINGKID i here its slow out there if any ones in the area get in touch.
  331. fishingkid

    Range Finder

    i have a leupold RX-2 ballistic range finder for sale im asking alittle more then you want to spend but $225 if your interested like new witha case.
  332. fishingkid

    where to buy pigeons?

    im located in hemet any one know of a local place to buy pigeons? i know its asked every year couldnt find any where near hemet. thanks guys. just looking to take the dogs out and get the pup going on birds again the wing works good but like to get alittle life in it and see how it works out.
  333. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    yeah i would like to sell it.good boat just needs the motor issues worked out and somebody can be out killin fish in it. cruising the bay pulling the kids in a tube.the hulls awsome.
  334. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    $650 cash if you pick up before 10 tommrow im picking up the new ride tommorow.
  335. fishingkid

    Dolphin Half Day PM Aug-5-2010

    nice calico lets plan to go get some here in a week or so.ive got the itch to fish its been to long haha you didnt take the nephew to show you how its done?haha
  336. fishingkid

    galvanized trailer wheel and tire for sale

    ok ya i just hate to have it sit here and dry rot a good tire and toss a good rim.
  337. fishingkid

    deer hoist

    haha seasons only couple weeks away.have a elusive muley swinging from it.
  338. fishingkid

    pure breed paperd yorkie for sale

    i have 1 male left pure breed paperd yorkie male. he was the smallest male.text for pics or call 951-966-9908 asking $300 OBO have to many dogs cant keep another make offer.
  339. fishingkid

    Overflow Parking Point Loma

    i parked there a few weeks ago in a hurry and used cash.
  340. fishingkid

    galvanized trailer wheel and tire for sale

    I habe a 4 lug galvanized trailer wheel and a brand new tire on it.the tire came with my bass tracker and never was used was only mounted on spare tire rack holder boat and trailer sold and i had this thing in my garage just pulled it out.$25
  341. fishingkid

    deer hoist

    make me an offer just need it gone.
  342. fishingkid

    IRON Jigs heavy and surface

    bottom pic center row second 1 up from the bottom looks like a sick paint job haha.
  343. fishingkid

    how does powder coat hold up to the salt?

    ok looks like we wont be building are own haha ill be having some one build me one looks like alluminum or stainless is the way to go im just looking to get a basic t-top built dont want it going to far forward past the console to much want to be able to throw jigs on the bow hahaits not going...
  344. fishingkid

    deer hoist

    ya it holds my ass haha put a handle on the hook and hung from it.
  345. fishingkid

    deer hoist

    I looked at pics of the game host cabelas sells and made my own it has been sitting out side and has alittle rust on it i did a real quick black spray paint job on it when i built it.its just surface rust nothing major.the 1 i built doesnt swivel.i made it to hang the deer for skinning instead...
  346. fishingkid

    how does powder coat hold up to the salt?

    I am wondering how powder coat holds up to the elements of the sea?how does it do with the salt?I was looking into possibly having a buddy build me a t top and powder coating it.instead of building it out of sainless i have seen some hand rails on charter boats that where powder coated and...
  347. fishingkid

    Range Finder

    i dont have any expierence with this product but check it out in your price range. and they have a promo for free shipping on orders over 100 or it might be $5 shipping i cant recall. Cabela's -- Wildgame Innovations™ r400 Halo Laser Rangefinder
  348. fishingkid

    gas rc car vtx

    $80 cash
  349. fishingkid

    mounting a newell on a baby uluah

    thanks vince for the help. i apprecaite it.
  350. fishingkid

    mounting a newell on a baby uluah

    ya tryed 2 different newell 332's on it
  351. fishingkid

    magma fillet board for sale

    sorry posted this in the wrong place didnt mean to.please move.
  352. fishingkid

    magma fillet board for sale

    Sale Pending thanks guys
  353. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    i have the tags paid up through 2011 i have the stickers and paper work.this things ready to be picked up
  354. fishingkid

    magma fillet board for sale

    I have a magma fillet board for sale like new all white has a pliers holder and a knife holder same as in the pics like new has been used a couple times it measures 12x20 asking $40
  355. fishingkid

    friend of yalls?

    my uncle fished that tourney said it was was SMOKIN hot out there.he took first in day 1 then 5th on day 2 and didnt do well day 3.sounded like fun minus the heat. glad they got that guy.
  356. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    im willing to take offers throw somthing out there this boat needs a motor and can be out fishing.i just need the parking spot for the new boat.
  357. fishingkid

    mounting a newell on a baby uluah

    well my 332 will not fit on my baby uluah so im trying to figure somthing out.
  358. fishingkid

    fighting chair/captions chair

    26 and three quarters is the widest point and thats with out pushing the foam in At all could be squezed in alittle tighter but thats the ablsolute widest
  359. fishingkid

    gaff building

    ok thanks for the heads up guys.
  360. fishingkid

    gas rc car vtx

    $200 OBO need it gone hasnt been ran in awhile kid lost interest
  361. fishingkid

    electric wheel chair

    i can email pics of it.
  362. fishingkid

    electric wheel chair

  363. fishingkid

    shed for sale

    ok your next in line i will know this week.theres somebody from here on the board that plans to pick it up this week.
  364. fishingkid

    gaff building

    thats what i was looking for was a blank just called squid co they have plenty there like 18 and some change i believe for a 20; stick if any one else is looking thank you all for the help
  365. fishingkid

    fighting chair/captions chair

    I have a todd fighting chair for sale i have everythiung including the stainless bolts to go with could be used as a fighting chair or a captions chair.$100 It is very clean and has always been stored in side the garage.only been used 2 seasons out 951-966-9908 ill be in san...
  366. fishingkid

    mounting a newell on a baby uluah

    Ok so the baby uluah is to wide for the bolts on the newell is it possible to use the saltist bolts that have the bend in them to get around the rod? then use a cork puppy for the back side of the reel clamp?any body have this problem?what was your fix.
  367. fishingkid

    gaff building

    I know theres some guys on here that build there on custom gaffs.Where can i buy a nice piece of bamboo?i built my own custom gaff i used a hook i bought made for gaffs at dana landing and i built it ona a hallow piece of bamboo i got from trhe craft store it last 6 years and finally started...
  368. fishingkid

    honda 4 stroke out board for sale

    sorry been busy post was out of site out of mind i will reply in the order the interest came in.i dont know what the motors worth im going to run it down to the boat shop and see tommorow what they have to say i was just going to take any offers but ill see if they can hook it up and fire it...
  369. fishingkid

    shed for sale

    Sale Pending
  370. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    $1000 OBO i need this thing out of here no place to park my new boat.
  371. fishingkid

    shed for sale

  372. fishingkid

    shed for sale

    I have a custom biult shed for sale could be used as a shed dog house or play house it has a motor home door on it cut down in size it is lockable but i no longer have the keys for it has carpet window looks clean can paint to match your have to duck down to get through the door but...
  373. fishingkid

    newell problem

    i will check that out thank you
  374. fishingkid

    newell problem

    no its brand new i have taken it out 6 times only really fished it 2 times
  375. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    make me an offer no reasonable offer will be refused low ballers offer up.
  376. fishingkid

    newell problem

    i fish a 332 newell on my jig stick it has only been fished maybe 6 times. I love it but have been coming acrosss this problem it doesnt like to be clicked into free spool some times it goes into free spool easy clicks right over but some times the lever is solid and wont go into free spool...
  377. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    thank you conseamate and hows that bait tank working for you?
  378. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    the engine had a exhaust manifold go bad and got water in the oil the motor needs to be rebiult or a new motor. it has a 55 gallon fuel tank.
  379. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    come get it 1500 i need it gone to make room for the new boat.
  380. fishingkid


    i went up mon stayed until tue. saw a Very healthy buck in velvet about 2in spike on both sides eating at 30 yards got me pumped for the season just to get out and see somthing.
  381. fishingkid

    electric wheel chair

    400 need it gone its taking up space
  382. fishingkid

    gas rc car vtx

    $250 OBO
  383. fishingkid

    23' pierce arrow cuddy cabin for sale

    there bad pics taken with my cell phone i can get more if needed.any reasonable offer will be considerd.
  384. fishingkid

    A day at Coro-nada

    when the dogs get on you and your trying to soak a bait try belly hooking your dean last trip out they didnt touch mine like that while every one else got bit in half every drop and on the longer soaks is when we got the tails.
  385. fishingkid

    2 stroke 9.5 sport win out board for sale

    i have a 2 stroke 9.5 horse out board motor for sale needs alittle work is missing a fuel line.make me a offer please i need it gone taking up space in garage
  386. fishingkid

    honda 4 stroke out board for sale

    i have a honda 4 stroke 15 horse for sale it hasnt been ran in awhile last time it ran it ran good its to big for my little skiff just sitting now make me an offer im not sure what year it is.
  387. fishingkid

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    very nice dam on the solo run.
  388. fishingkid

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    that trip that kid killed em.he ended up with 20 somthing calicos cant wait to see him on his first yellow.
  389. fishingkid

    Where to go...

    i would try the islands for some yellow tail as mentioned and some blue fin theres some nice grade blue fin at the islands
  390. fishingkid

    gas rc car vtx

    $300 OBO i need it gone need the cash out of work.everything goes with it including all the extras.
  391. fishingkid

    8 Y.O. on 1.5 day?

    i did my first over night trip on the producer when i was 9 or 10 got 5 albies my dad got 4 i had a blast the bite started an hour after we started trolling i got alittle sick for the first time then i heard HOOK UP game on never felt sick again.Before that i did alot of half day and 3/4 day...
  392. fishingkid

    electric wheel chair

    has new batterys works good used with a few scartches on the bottom with seat is in perfect condition.$450 OBO.
  393. fishingkid

    Leopards, Leopards, Leopards!!

    Theres a spot out at catalina where we used to catch some big ones 4-5 ft with an occasional 6 ft. while anchored up as kids while my dad would be getting some shut eye we killed a bigger model gutted it iced it cleaned it early.steaks tasted awsome.havent kept one since but sure was
  394. fishingkid

    hot wednesday's on the chubascoII

    tue. we seen blue fin and yellows had them blowing up all around us but couldnt get any to go all day ended up on a baracuda bite and that was it for the day nice looks like you guys had a good trip out was there still TONS of bait in the water and also krill? water color?im hopin those yellows...
  395. fishingkid


    i dream of yellows half that size dam them are some pigs.
  396. fishingkid

    penn 249

    i dont even know what this things woth?any thing.make offer
  397. fishingkid

    garmin gps rino 530HCx

    bump need it gone $300 im out of work and need cash.
  398. fishingkid

    14in tv with VCR

    BUMP $20 OBO
  399. fishingkid

    billet gas cap

    I have a billet gas cap for a z400 fits a z400 or a kfx400. $25 OBO
  400. fishingkid


    squid daisy chain $15 irons $3 ea. tady 4/0 ea. and c1 $4 rapalas $4 ea. yozuri $4 OBO.
  401. fishingkid

    7271 plano tackle box

    i have a 7271 plano tackle box for sale $15
  402. fishingkid

    penn 6/0

    penn 6/0 and a ugly stick. $60 obo
  403. fishingkid

    master cart tackle box/tool box

    this tackle box is nice it can hold Many reels inside the compartment it can hold alot of tackle and tools i used to take it on my boat was handy to have a section with my filleting gear and the upper was all tackle.rolls nice and can be carried asking $25
  404. fishingkid

    walker down rigger

    sorry about the horrible pics
  405. fishingkid

    walker down rigger

    I have a brand new walker mini laker never used the cable is alittle messed up and twisted i clamped on my boat and dropped it down and got the cable twisted up alittle trying to learn how to use it sold the boat an dhave no use for it it retails for $109 at bass pro shop im asking $80 OBO...
  406. fishingkid

    penn 249

    penn 249 make me an reasonable offer refused just want it gone it was passed down from my grandpa i have never fished it just been stored away.and is now in my way.its in good condition.
  407. fishingkid

    Earthquake!! (5 Million earthquake threads merged here)

    felt it good in hemet.hit hard 1st part hit and shook for a few seconds and then the second one hit real hard had pics swingning on the walls and water splashing out of the pool.
  408. fishingkid

    For Sale Hobie Pro Angler

    you sold it so is a boat in the plans now haha.lets go fishing.
  409. fishingkid

    Custom Rod Rack.....

    mines like what your talking about mounted on the cieling also.
  410. fishingkid

    whink do you think of the holy mackeral?

    any body fished these?what colors did you use? likes? dislikes? thanks what style did you fish them? Holy Mackerel, Revolutionary Transition Jig, HighTide Sportfishing
  411. fishingkid

    ever fish these squid jigs?

    thats what i had in mind haha just curouse if any one had expiernce with yellow or tuna fishing with them.
  412. fishingkid

    ever fish these squid jigs?

    i was planning to throw 1 on the jig stick to try it out i got 2 sizes 1 for yoyo and 1 for the surface.
  413. fishingkid

    ever fish these squid jigs?

    has any one used these squid jigs?how did you fish them?Like them? thanks guys. BladeRunner Tackle - Squid jigs
  414. fishingkid

    1.5 day in the legend

    we left tues fished wed got home thur and it was tough out there.alot of boats searching for not much to speak was Smooth when we where out there.
  415. fishingkid

    Red Phillips knot

    lets go out fishing again so you can test that not out HAHA
  416. fishingkid

    BF on Chubasco 2

    ya i heard they where down there.didnt think i had a chance on a cattle boat to get one.
  417. fishingkid


    fun trip it was a nice day on the water.
  418. fishingkid

    coronados on the chubasco

    6-24-2010 Fished on the chubasco ll today for the first time.great crew and caption he worked hard to get us on the fish got 6 or 7 yellows some cudas and calicos and got 2 blue fin tuna.I got mine on 25 pound mono.
  419. fishingkid

    live bait hooks.

    Ill have to pick a pack of those up to try out next planning on making a couple trips next week.
  420. fishingkid

    Good 3/4 to full day charter

    The san diego is my first choice.they will put you on fish.
  421. fishingkid

    Green Islands...Blue Water...Yellow Tails...

    nice job on the yellows wish i made it out.the san diego is an awsome boat.they work there asses off on there.always seem to find the fish.
  422. fishingkid

    live bait hooks.

    yeah thats how it seemed to me when i used the ringed hook bait swam so nice and seemed like it could move side to side alittle better i found the pack there made by owner.
  423. fishingkid

    live bait hooks.

    I usaully use a mustad j hook thats what i learned with and have stuck with for years i tryed out a j hook with a ring on it and did really well not sure the manufacture what do you think of j hooks with a ring for live bait fly line set up?
  424. fishingkid

    What Broadhead?

    NAP thinder heads 100 grain. ive killed 2 deer with them and havent had ANY problems with them at all. im new also only have 1 year under my belt with the archerys stuff. Nate whats your idea of these broad heads?
  425. fishingkid

    Looking for a Ford 302

    do you have a name or even a number?i live in hemet but will be down in sd this after noon im not sure where your talking about.
  426. fishingkid

    Looking for a Ford 302

    we had some problems with are ford 302 shes been sitting ever since and neglected would like to drop another motor in the boat looking for another ford 302 so i can use this one for parts.
  427. fishingkid

    hand gun question.

    awsome thank you.
  428. fishingkid

    hand gun question.

    i just got one so we will see how i like it next week.when i get out to go probems with yours the jerry dean.?stock? or any upgrades done?
  429. fishingkid

    hand gun question.

    any expierence with the smith and wesson m and p 40? Good?/Bad?
  430. fishingkid

    Overnighter on April 29th

    I might be interested im looking for a trip that day figured i could get my self a bday present head out the 29th fish the bday the 30th. curouse what boat?
  431. fishingkid

    2005 rhino

  432. fishingkid

    2005 rhino

    they qouted me 600 in labor
  433. fishingkid

    2005 rhino

    they told me it was ring and pinion took it to there shop ran it put it in gear let them here it they looked up a kit and come up with 200 somthing for the gear then started adding gaskets in and all the parts and said no more than 400 for parts.ill have to check back at what he said was the...
  434. fishingkid

    2005 rhino

    2005 rhino for sale 4500 firm.has custom cage and front bumper cage is lowerd 8 in. lower than factory and steering is lowerd 3 in lower then factory and the seats are lowerd with 5 point harnest.has new OMF bead lock wheels new tires and spares.after market air cleaner and fuel pump.has a...
  435. fishingkid

    Fished the san diego today.

    yeah good time out on the water the crew worked hard to keep us on those fish.brandon thanks for letting me barrow that reel worked out nice.we will book another one here real soon.
  436. fishingkid

    the yellows are bitting again

    san diego has an awsome crew.they are on top of the yellows
  437. fishingkid

    Fished the san diego today.

    Well we decided to go out today and hopped on the san diego AWSOME boat and crew by the way.went out and got into some yellows caption did a great job keeping us moving on the fish.went out with tbachar and his boy tommy HAPPY birthday.and huntingkid and sitonmyface.nice grade of yellows out...
  438. fishingkid

    Corandos 3/21

    what was the water temp?how did the water look?
  439. fishingkid

    Starter is just spinning...

  440. fishingkid

    My First P&Y Animal

    VERY Nice.with a bow also thats my dream.
  441. fishingkid

    Starter is just spinning...

    what motor is this?
  442. fishingkid

    mercruiser electical problem

    thank you.i got the problem fixed last night fired it up and got it running good sure ill be back soon for more info i just orderd a manuel on the motor and out drive.
  443. fishingkid

    mercruiser electical problem

    does any one have any books on mercruiser 120 motors?i have a motor that im working on trying to get spark i belive the previouse owner changed up some wires i had a mechanic look at it we changed the coil it has new points just trying to see if any one had a book on it by any chance?or even...
  444. fishingkid

    Seagull Deterrent System

    and high wind days hows it hold up haha
  445. fishingkid

    mercuiser 120 out drive questions.

    my buddy just got a used boat it has alittle 4 cylinder mercuiser in it with a mercruiser 120 out drive.the hydralics to lift the motor up and down broke and they had a bar thing thats made to hold it up while driving well on his way home it popped out and drug the lower end of the out drive the...
  446. fishingkid

    mercruiser 120 out drive

    im looking for a mercruiser 120 out drive.and also the prop for this out drive 3 blade prop not sure the model numbers for the prop or what info i need on it.i can use the lower half of the out drive or the whole thing.
  447. fishingkid

    bounce balling?

    do you go into the tide or go with it if that matters at all?
  448. fishingkid

    bounce balling?

    the pre built rigs i seen at bass pro are the same as the ones at dana landing market.they run around $36 but i believe if i remember right they used steel leaders on theres.ive cought all my halibut on any where from 12-20 pound test line but have used Alot of 15.
  449. fishingkid

    San Diego Bay-3/14

    i just got checked by dfg in the bay last week had it in my wallet and no questions asked on why to wear it i heard no need to any more.
  450. fishingkid

    bounce balling?

    yeah i would like to try it out. im used to fishing the sliding weight i have had alot of success with it.but heard the bounce ball is even better if done correctly
  451. fishingkid

    No Anchovies?

    i typicaly always thought the early part of the season usaully had choveys and some mixed in sardines but mostly choveys due to where the water temps are at i went out last friday to nothing but sardines and was thinking maybe el nino this year has somthing ging on with it.?
  452. fishingkid

    Albino deer

    I seen a show on the out door ch. on a albino buck a few years ago had trail cams vids and picks.pretty bad ass show on it.
  453. fishingkid

    Firearm for Home Protection

    what about the judge hand gun is that legal in california?what do you think of that for a home defence gun?
  454. fishingkid

    Mounts and Trophies

    those are some bad ass trophys nate.
  455. fishingkid

    fredhall show/ bloodydecks

    booth looked good nice setup there.
  456. fishingkid

    Pig Bomb

    thanks should be good.
  457. fishingkid

    turkey ammo recomendations

    which broad heads do you guys have exprience with? is there restrictions on them?
  458. fishingkid

    Fred hall show

    im planning on going i havent been in Years i heard theres i few hunting things there now?any one know what kinda hunting stuff?i dont plan to go for that reason im going for fishing but just wondering
  459. fishingkid

    shed hunting today

    so when you shed hunt do you usaully hit the beded areas?never shed hunted before haha.
  460. fishingkid

    Fixin to head east

    wow cant wait to here the story sounds like all went well.
  461. fishingkid

    14in tv with VCR

    prefect tv for someones boat or small trailer its a 14in screen made by toshiba its a color tv with VCR built into asking 25 OBO
  462. fishingkid

    garmin gps rino 530HCx

    I have a hand held gps 2 way radio.It is the rino 530HCx made by garmin. i have had it for aprox 6 months i have only used it a couple times I need the money.its like new.i got it for 499.00 i have the chargers and everything it came with.still have the is in VERY good asking...
  463. fishingkid

    bait tank for sale

    thanks frank i hope you like the tank i dropped it of with your wife.let me knwo when you check it out make sure it works out for you i hope. SOLD SOLD SOLD.
  464. fishingkid

    dog training collars

    yeah ive got the sit and come command down and the heal down just there is times im not saying every time where she will break after live birds and ounce she gets going shes stubborn but the dropping it at the feet i just really need to work on. getting it to my hand.maybe i described that last...
  465. fishingkid

    2009 archery deer contest awards

    Thank you thats Awsome.
  466. fishingkid

    dog training collars

    ive done all my own training i would like to get out with a trainer soon to help me and correct me first before i get to far into it.shes extriemly birdy and has been since i got her she has a hell of a nose on her and retrieves dove well the only thing is if she doesnt see them drop she goes...
  467. fishingkid

    dog training collars

    i cought this funny pic of her last week when we went out shooting.
  468. fishingkid

    I want one

    yeah haha we cleaned that pond up we should have hit it a week or 2 earlier.
  469. fishingkid

    dog training collars

    it says it goes from 1-15 this model i was curouse if any one uses one on there weimaraner becuase my buddy has the same collar he uses on his lab he sets it on 8 is the highest he goes but my weims neck seems BALD compared to a lab so i think she should have good connection and need less.
  470. fishingkid

    dog training collars

    yes she under stands and does very well to my verbal command i have people telling me she doesnt even need it but i would like to fine tune the times she does mess up.ive been trying to work on her not breaking to retrieve until command im currently unemployed and have the time to get out and do...
  471. fishingkid

    dog training collars

    i orderd the cabelas gun dog 1500 last week recieved it today.i read the manual just curouse if any one uses this model?i charged it up and put it on the dog havent shocked her yet just letting her get used to it.any one else use one of these training collars on there weimaraner?she does good...
  472. fishingkid

    bait tank for sale

    as of right now its lines up to go to conseamate. the dementions fit his needs and ill be dropping it off to him sat. if for some reason it falls through ill let you know sounds like its sold as of now.thanks
  473. fishingkid

    bait tank for sale

    i just pm'ed conseamate if he doesnt want it or it doesnt work for him then next in line.thank you all.
  474. fishingkid

    bait tank for sale

    Very nice bait tank has a few minor scatches no cracks no leaks not sure the brand or if its custom i got it from my uncle.are boat has a blown motor and no money to fix it right now so i have to sell parts to try and fix the boat up.$125 OBO i need it gone.i am not sure the gallons it holds.
  475. fishingkid

    I want one

    yeah serously my honey holes LOADED right now.
  476. fishingkid

    I want one

    yeah well let me going to the desert this weekend but after that its game picking up the .17 mon.
  477. fishingkid

    I want one

    coot?haha we have to get out and kill somthing again let me know what you find out about that place well go try and drop some dogs.
  478. fishingkid

    Shotgun for little bro

    ive got 1 of those 12 gauge ithaca feather lights nice gun for dove.
  479. fishingkid

    why do you hunt?

    kgbowhunt got me into it.Thank you i owe your for that its such a rush.i get buck fever every time i see a deer i can just be looking through the binoculars and start shaking looking at them.I LOVE venison.I really like hiking just getting out away from the shitty city.thats my home away from...
  480. fishingkid

    Looking for a 12 ga. for dove

    yes the 870 for the money is well worth it.great gun.
  481. fishingkid

    predator calling

    will do trust me these yotes and pigs have to keep me occupied until sept.1 im sure ill figure somthing out.
  482. fishingkid

    screw the kids hunt......

    thats a bummer i had that happend to me a few times puddle hoppin this year got beat to the puddles by a few min. actully got to see them jump it and drop some birds 1 time.
  483. fishingkid

    Which trail cam to buy?

    ive got 2 stealth cams they work awsome and 1 of the moutries that im still trying to figure out.only had 1 inccident where a black house dog walked up layed in the water in front of the cam then the dog looked at the cam and the dogs owner had his hands on it moving it around then realised it...
  484. fishingkid

    predator calling

    im interested in getting a coyote first for a skin then maybe get a bob cat tag next year i would like to get one mounted pretty clean.and somthing to do in the off season to keep me from going insane been hunting since sept. why stop now.
  485. fishingkid

    predator calling

    it sounds kinda like a chicken fighting another chicken.what size rifle you shooting at them. i plan to get the first few with rifle see how it goes then get a little close and personal with the bow.
  486. fishingkid

    predator calling

    i was usaing the cotton tail distress. 20 sec. every 3-5 min.and then would throw in the coyote howl bark in there ounce in awhile. and on 1 of my sittings i tryed a couple different calls just to try them out see if a change would help. I have the desperate cotton tail,fawn bleating,pleading...
  487. fishingkid

    predator calling

    I went and sat 3 different spots today for approx.45 min.i was usaing my jouhny stewart call.i have it set out like 50-60 ft. away from me i set up on a ridge put the call down the ridge set up on some big open canyons and didnt see any thing.i also have a mouth flextone call just curouse what i...
  488. fishingkid

    success again (dogs, birds and a shed)

    thats some good luck on your side.haha.ive always got my eyes open for a shed while out hiking.
  489. fishingkid

    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    ok thanks i didnt look into it enough sorry about that.
  490. fishingkid

    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    Mojo Flyway Feeder Motion Duck Decoy at i know its not the same thing close though. same price range.
  491. fishingkid

    Quail hunting with a goose bonus....

    and you didnt end up a muddy mess.NIce job.
  492. fishingkid

    local gunsmith

    ive heard GOOD things about Faith Armory in temecula. i heard there alot better then the Shootist in temecula.
  493. fishingkid

    local gunsmith

    jeff tandy 951-927-2574 valle vista near hemet. does AWSOME work real fast turn around and cheap prices.
  494. fishingkid

    spring break trip suggestions

    not sure how to spell it but its up by pasarobles awsome lake nacaimento used to make family vacations there.seen lots of deer and wild life there Big lake family place you can camp in trailers motor homes tents cabins. you can pack your stuff on your boat and go get your own beach alone if wanted.
  495. fishingkid

    I need to sell some rifles

    let me know what deer rifles you got i might be interested im looking for another rifle.
  496. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    ya cant help it some times there just stuck on stupid coming into the dekes.they dont taste to bad made into some jerky made a good batch few weeks ago
  497. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    hey brandon a dam sled and a cart for next season definatly in the plans haha.
  498. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    yeah im with you on that i was stoked to see that size group drop in on us.wistling at us dam that was nice.
  499. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    yeah those were some of the biggest groups ive seen.shit we should have had limits early.took me a few birds before i got that dam skunk off me.that 1 drake gadawal you got was a toad.
  500. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    pics are blurry not sure what happend.
  501. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    pics 2
  502. fishingkid

    wister duck hunt

    went down tue. night with sit on my face sweat lined and got drawn dead last wasnt looking to a few hours sleep got up picked are blind.ended up being a good day.sit on my face showed me how its done at wister my 3rd time.but made up to be my best duck trip of the season so far...
  503. fishingkid

    banded duck info

    im just pissed cause it was the second time the fuckers ever been out there besides puddle hoppin
  504. fishingkid

    looking for a 30.06

    im looking for a 30.06 kinda interested in the remington. Looking for a wood stock if possible unless the synthetic is at the right price. but let me know what you got.Thanks shawn
  505. fishingkid

    looking for a dog run or kennel.

    looking for a chain link dog run or dog kennel.with a door.i am willing to pick up.
  506. fishingkid


    ive been wanting to try hunting that place i think im going to try it out next year.hopfully haha
  507. fishingkid


    yeah i never realised how many people on here have these dogs until i got mine and started seeing pics pop up on first one picked up hunting real quick second one is still a puppy just alittle dopey.
  508. fishingkid


    yeah haha with 2 deep barks going at ounce would keep me out of a house.thats for sure.
  509. fishingkid


    yeah haha with 2 deep barks going at ounce would keep me out of a house.thats for sure.
  510. fishingkid

    Robby Gordon in Dakar race....

    he dont let off the gas either its balls to the wall from start to finish no matter what hes driving.
  511. fishingkid


    ive got 2 weims they do make a decent gaurd dog haha some one knocks at the door its game on.
  512. fishingkid

    decoy carts

    yeah i looked them up.looks like that with the sled would be awsome thanks for the advice looking to see what every one else is using.just see some different options.
  513. fishingkid

    decoy carts

    nice setup just alittle pricey for me haha wouldnt be to bad if i could also use it to hall my deer.
  514. fishingkid

    decoy carts

    whats every one use to get there stuff to the duck blind?ive seen all kinds of different carts just wondering what your ideas on these buddy got one years ago he uses its awsome from harbor frieght looks like a wagon with expanded medal.but his has sides on it the ones they sell now dont...
  515. fishingkid

    Banded Duck

    but we did chekc online it was banded in northen cali. a year and a half ago.
  516. fishingkid

    Banded Duck

    theres the pics sorry it took so long got alittle busy.
  517. fishingkid

    Banded Duck

    pics 2
  518. fishingkid

    Banded Duck

  519. fishingkid

    little help from the Wister folks

    i was out there 2 weeks ago and the guys with the spinning wings where doing the best in my area.
  520. fishingkid

    kids compound bow.PSE Spyder

    new price 75 i need to get ride of it please let me know THANKS
  521. fishingkid

    Stuck Fish Po-Po

  522. fishingkid

    Stuck Fish Po-Po

  523. fishingkid

    Banded Duck

    hell yeah bro that was AWSOME.this fuckers first season duck hunting and only his second trip out i could not BELIEVE it when i picked it up i was shocked it was banded awsome morning had the birds decoying into my new spread so i was stoked just to get out and see that.really nice weather this...
  524. fishingkid

    White Christmas at Wister

    yeah im all new to the water fowl scene and wister im still trying to learn ALOT haha. i was just out there hunting the last few weeks and i was like what the hells in here for them to eat haha.yeah i seen those green fields.
  525. fishingkid

    Stuck Fish Po-Po

  526. fishingkid

    White Christmas at Wister

    yeah my bad not last year i guess it was a couple years ago.its a good thing that they do clean up some of that over grown shit i mean some of those ponds WOW they are just OVER grown but just seems like theres nothing to eat in those ponds there so empty?
  527. fishingkid

    Stuck Fish Po-Po

  528. fishingkid

    White Christmas at Wister

    yeah wouldnt be a bad place for another windy day and if i went in with some blind materail haha.we didnt do to bad had the snows come over a few times from the sea had some teal fly by ALOT of wygeon couple pintails and some spoonies.i was told last year those burms all had cover.
  529. fishingkid

    Stuck Fish Po-Po

  530. fishingkid

    Stuck Fish Po-Po

  531. fishingkid

    White Christmas at Wister

    i hunted wed.I walked on wed morning got there around 4 and got y16B1 out in the wide open haha.we did ok i shot at a group of snows with some 3in didnt have time to change them out and didnt knock one down but i did end up getting a nice drake wygoen drake spoonie and hen spoonie and my partner...
  532. fishingkid

    Buck pole in the U.P. of Michigan

    not sure what they killed them with but i dony see many holes in them.???
  533. fishingkid

    Wister 12/19-20

    that doesnt sound so promising for this wed. i was planning on heading down for the sweat line.and see what we can scratch up.
  534. fishingkid

    kids compound bow.PSE Spyder

    pm'd you let me know.
  535. fishingkid

    another A-22 tag filled dec.

  536. fishingkid

    kids compound bow.PSE Spyder

    what do you have to offer up for it? i also have another compound bow thats kinda bare and nothing as nice as this bow the PSE is a clean and very nice setup all camoed out.
  537. fishingkid

    Dog ladders for duck boats

    i got a vest from bass pro not sure the brand but it has a nice handle and when i grab that and also the collar its not dog gets fearless when i put it on her she will jump off the boat and swim any where with it.
  538. fishingkid

    kids compound bow.PSE Spyder

    I have a kids PSE Spyder for sale its a Nice little asking $100OBO. specs: Draw length.19 peak draw weight 20 string length 44.5 min. grain arrow 120 Comes with a cobra 4 pin site Vista wrist band PSE 6 arrow quiver (12) arrows eastons with field tips. cavalier arrow rest...
  539. fishingkid

    Finally Starting To Come Together...

    I would be wearing those things as fucking wedding bands for a week or so.thats bad ass.haha
  540. fishingkid

    San Jencito Duck Hunting

    good luck getting in even on a wed. its way over packed.
  541. fishingkid

    dog cuts healing

    will do good idea.thanks for all the help.
  542. fishingkid

    dog cuts healing

    yeah thanks i thought about a staple kits only problem was it was on the leg very thin meat if any.yeah the vet was in elsinore i will get the name for yall.they wanted 45 just to wrap it for me i paid 175 for anti bioticis a wrap job and them to look at it.and 10 pain pills i never even gave her.
  543. fishingkid

    Tagged Out Pic's Part#2 Find it & Drag it

    looks like some fun gotta love draggin when your all pumped up and nothings going to stop you.i catch my self runnning while dragging some times haha.
  544. fishingkid

    dog cuts healing

    well i had to go to a small animal hospital and thats all that was open on a sunday and she needed stichtes but they told me the quote was 1000 so i just took her home with the meds and shaved it then put butter flys on it and guase wrapped it then a ace bandage it its been a week and she...
  545. fishingkid

    taxidery for ducks

    which birds you getting mounted?
  546. fishingkid

    dog cuts healing

    any one have any expierence with cuts on dogs legs we went out duck hunting last week and my dog cut her leg on a broken plate about an inch long its on the back side of her back leg about an inch up from her paw just curouse shes on anti biotics and the vet put some cream on it and wrapped it i...
  547. fishingkid

    Couple firsts

    thats bad ass.looks like you had a good time.i am hoping for some ducks to move down also.
  548. fishingkid

    Coyote and Predator Hunters Check in Here!!!

    I wish california would open up some lion tags.
  549. fishingkid

    Quackin off

    nice job sounds like fun im going to hit a few local spots tommorow in the rain it shows 100 percent chance of rain and lots of wind.ill be happy to do half as good as your local shoot haha.
  550. fishingkid

    D16-A22 Tagged Out, and a first for me

    nice job i cant wait to see some pics.
  551. fishingkid

    Wister Report

    Waterfowl Report
  552. fishingkid

    Say it ain't so!!!

    Have you see the weather report for next week?shit looks good looks like alot of rain.i went to the weather channel web site and its showing 60 percent chance mon.-thur. for my area code.
  553. fishingkid

    Anyone A-22 this next bunch of days?

    im heading up the mountain tommorow around noon well be up on palomar until fri. maybe sunday.
  554. fishingkid

    Anyone hunt San Jacinto wildlife area Sat

    how did you like walker 9? sounds like yall did good considering how its been latly
  555. fishingkid

    Cold weather gear

    I wear some red heads that where 60.00 at bass pro just because i like to try my boots on before i buy them other wise i would have went with cabelas i order everything from boots are 400 thinsulate and that is REALLY hot the first half of the season if you do much of any hiking.the...
  556. fishingkid


    get the lawrys 30 min. marinade at staters bros.the ginger and seeceme seed.maranade for 4 hours poke it with a fork. bbq for a few min.MAKE sure not to over cook makes it to tough.makes for some juicy chops.
  557. fishingkid

    Slow duck hunt 11/28

    atleast you got out. sucks the seasons so slow.
  558. fishingkid

    First archery deer x 2

    sounds like alot of fun hunting
  559. fishingkid

    south dakota pheasant

    sucks i couldnt get you your new gun in it a day to late.hope my gun worked out for you ok.
  560. fishingkid

    Hunting near boarder regulations? Legality?

    ive been dove hunting public land and been stopped at gun point by the sheriffs been searched they have asked me to check my license i just do what they say no problems they end up going on there way.have even had the sheriff chopper come circle us.out near hemet.
  561. fishingkid

    Say it ain't so!!!

    hell yeah im stoked for some weather.ill take every little bit we can get.should be nice up there this weekend i wont make it up until mid week this week and its showing some weather next sunday also.
  562. fishingkid

    weather forcast

    I was just looking at the weather forcast its showing chance of showers sat. hopfully we will actuelly get somthing out of it and the 10 day says under 70 all week and chance of showers next sat also.
  563. fishingkid

    WTB 12ga 28" auto - Ducks/Upland

    thank you drew.
  564. fishingkid

    WTB 12ga 28" auto - Ducks/Upland

    yeah i shoot a 28 but all my buddys shoot a 26 i dont even know the difference to be honest with you i just started out with a cheap gun to get into the bird hunting seen see how i like it. I dont have the patience to try and do that paint job im not creative with stuff like that im scared to...
  565. fishingkid

    anyone go duck hunting this weekend?

    yeah we had to go change blinds at wister and get on on a open water pond away from the brush them skeeters where killing me.thats another reason why we need cold weather haha.
  566. fishingkid

    WTB 12ga 28" auto - Ducks/Upland

    thats bad ass i wish i could paint my snythetic up like that.i was going to get mine in max 4 but didnt have the money at the time i regret not waiting to get it.
  567. fishingkid

    Get together?

    im in on this one.I am hoping to fill my second tag to have somthing to bring haha.every hunting trip we have been eating the shit out of some venison.I just got a good marinade that my cousin told me about dam it really fixes them venison chops up.
  568. fishingkid

    walker game ear question?

    ok thanks that will be my nex investment when i start working cabelas monthly bill has to slow down for awhile haha
  569. fishingkid

    anyone go duck hunting this weekend?

    for those of you who hunted wister in the last week or so did you get eaton alive by skeeters?
  570. fishingkid

    walker game ear question?

    yeah i have the power muffs just never got a chance to try the walker game use the walker brand?i believe i have seen a few others.
  571. fishingkid

    walker game ear question?

    any one use a walker game ear? how they work?what about the knock off brands?for archery?
  572. fishingkid

    Looking for female weimaraner puppy

    i got the pup i was looking for thanks.
  573. fishingkid

    Limit style San Jacinto Wed 11/11

    the weather is getting decent down here by san jacinto just started sprinkling here about 5 min. ago.
  574. fishingkid

    camper shell WANTED....

    im looking for a camper shell for my 2007 toyota tacoma. ext. cab long bed.
  575. fishingkid

    wister 11/11/2009

    Very DEAD day out there didnt get any thing at all almost had a nice size group of snows come over us low but didnt get any thing but eaton alive by skeeters.
  576. fishingkid

    Where would you go?

    i shot SJ last making the long hall to wister tomorow. first time but ill let you know how it goes if those draws were for the weekend.
  577. fishingkid

    shooting steel

  578. fishingkid

    shooting steel

    what about shooting smaller steel loads through it like 2 3/4 size 6 shot?
  579. fishingkid

    Who's shootin Ditch Pigeons?

    take the waiters pheasant hunting haha.I wish i had that rainy weather report coming.shits way to dry.
  580. fishingkid

    How long does our socal rut last

    Yeah definatly i agree if the state allows it go for it.I rifle hunt also this is my first year archery.I usaully get a d19 and d16 tag but have never had the chance to hunt rifle right through the rut.this year i decided to get 2 archery tags. im not pointing the finger at any hunter just at...
  581. fishingkid

    How long does our socal rut last

    i know seems like this year d16 really filled up some tags i mean thats good Dont get me wrong just sitting here reading all the reports waiting for the second half of archery thinking SHIT hope theres some life still out there haha.just kinda crazy having the rifle hunt go through out the...
  582. fishingkid

    duck boat part 4 or is 400 ugh

    that diamond plates some pricey shit haha.
  583. fishingkid

    shooting steel

    im shooting the stoager P-350 it shoots everything its made by benelli now.only down fall is i heard they are hard to get parts for.
  584. fishingkid

    How long does our socal rut last

    Im hoping the archery guys can get in on some of this ruttin fun stuff.
  585. fishingkid

    Local Shops with Hunting Gear

    the restraunt in bass pro had some pretty decent fish tacos.
  586. fishingkid

    Wister CA Duck and Geese info?

    Im going to try wed. heading to wister for the first time.ill be in the sweat line. no clue which blind to even try and get haha.but hopfully gamble and get somthing decent.any one going down wed.?
  587. fishingkid

    125 grn Thunderheads today

    yeah i shoot the 100's also i really like these broad heads.
  588. fishingkid

    Local Shops with Hunting Gear

    yeah i make the trips to bass pro shop WAY to often.haha
  589. fishingkid

    hunting hurts...

    yeah i just hate the bull shit hunting in this weather like this.dont get me wrong i Do it every chance i possibly get.but its november and its WAY to fucking sick of the heat im ready for rain and snow haha.I know i live the wrong place.
  590. fishingkid

    san jacinto duck report.11/4/09

    We got to san jacinto today at 3am i was pumped up first duck hunt at a resi and not just puddle hopping.we were in the sweat line got pulled out of the 3rd group we chose a walker blind.ended up with 1 red head hen.should have had a few speedy teal missed a few we shot under 10 shells so that...
  591. fishingkid

    Get your racks and skulls measured, free

    my racks drying period isnt up until the 29.but i might make it down to sighn up for cbh.
  592. fishingkid

    Attention A-22 hunters

    any thing to make a few extra dollars.
  593. fishingkid

    Attention A-22 hunters

    same here 1 deer and 1 tag waiting to be filled.
  594. fishingkid

    san jacinto wild life

    thanks guys.
  595. fishingkid

    how did you do?

    I did fairly decent seen a total of 6 bucks killed 1 nice forkie.cant wait to get a chance to fill my other tag second half of the season.
  596. fishingkid

    Looking for female weimaraner puppy

    thanks for the heads up.alittle old for me we are looking for another YOUNG pup.the 1 i have now just turned 1 and we want another 1 to train.
  597. fishingkid

    san jacinto wild life

    I live in hemet and have NEVER hunted san jacinto wild life.Im curouse do they have any qauil out there? is it decent worth going out for a few shots 1 evening or?Im talking about that spot off to the right of ramona exp.way right before you get beside lake perris?