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  1. Mo Betta

    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    Sold! Thanks it fit perfect.
  2. Mo Betta

    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    Perfect I’m at 66”, please check you PM.
  3. Mo Betta

    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    What’s the width and length? Hoping it fits my Livingston
  4. Mo Betta

    Is my engine mounted too low - Livingston Warrior

    I’d replace the water pump etc before going any further. Then run it to see if that fixes the heat issue. If it’s not getting hot anymore then try moving up a notch. Or a smaller prop to get the RPMS up. Still getting hot? The motor could be too high and isn’t getting water flow (clean non...
  5. Mo Betta

    Move Gas tank or Battery forward to redistribute weight?

    I’d try it both ways. These boats are weight sensitive. Are you leaving it just as is? This is how mine looks now. I made sure I tested the weight of what/how I wanted it before I made it permanent
  6. Mo Betta

    Move Gas tank or Battery forward to redistribute weight?

    How’s your boat set up? Deck/windshield up front? Tiller? Center console? I’d separate the batteries from the fuel as a start. 40hp 2 stroke? If it’s 4stroke remove all extra weight from the stern.
  7. Mo Betta

    Southern Baja - Pescadero / Todos Santos Surf fishing report this Past week Feb. 12th to Feb. 19th

    Thanks for the report! I’m heading down mid May. Can you tell me about your rod/reel setup?
  8. Mo Betta

    For Sale 2011 Livingston 12’

    Someone better jump on this quick, before he changes his mind! I love mine.
  9. Mo Betta

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    Why not launch the boat at San Felipe and fish your way down? Sounds like a great adventure! I mean if your going to be living the dream, you might as well right? Los Barriles is my favorite place in Baja, can’t imagine living there. Your going to want be friends with Greg.
  10. Mo Betta

    MagBay on the fly.

    Now that’s a great IG channel, followed! Thanks for the follow back, order a tank top and a hat.
  11. Mo Betta

    MagBay on the fly.

    Damn! Any video of that Hatch 12 singing ?
  12. Mo Betta

    Fun halibut fishing 11/30

    Cody, you should of fished the Halibut Tourney!
  13. Mo Betta

    "Congestive Heart Decease/failure"

    That’s my wife’s line of work. She gave me the name of Dr Ali Salami at Scripps Mercy (where she works). Take your meds and watch your diet Bert! Fluid retention around your heart causes it to not get a good pump. PM me if you need anything else.
  14. Mo Betta

    2019 Halibut Classic - Those looking for boat or crew....

    Hey Guys, I’m posting a bump for Mike. The early discounted entry deadline is fast approaching on the 20th. After the deadline is full price. The reason I’m posting for Mike is because Vinny past away on Tuesday. Vinny was Mikes right hand. He wrote the big tournament checks and...
  15. Mo Betta

    Update on wife

    I have no words. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers
  16. Mo Betta

    Skipped the 371, spottie Sunday

    Thanks for the report! Sea state is always helpful for me when I’m planning a trip.
  17. Mo Betta

    Livingston Build

    Greg is probably out fishing, he lives in Baja. But I can tell you at 280, your going to want a center console.
  18. Mo Betta


    That kid is growing up fast Rob! Great job getting him out on the water and into some Blue fin
  19. Mo Betta

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Feb 2003... Back then you only found this place when you got banned on the AMS site. I remember when Day at the Docks wouldnt let BD in. Ali had a boat called Gato Gordo, (twin vee) Jason had a boat called Sportin Wood (Glen L, I think) Did you know BD use to sell Tank tops? I’m still...
  20. Mo Betta

    WTB Small Console

    Call Klamath and see if they will sell you one.
  21. Mo Betta

    Ghost Town 8/17

    Wow, that’s a hell of a run! Thanks for posting up. I’m hoping they move up a little more. Good luck on Tuesday!
  22. Mo Betta

    Jeep suspension work needed

    I have a new Jeep JL and need a Icon suspension (Stage 6) installed. I have all the parts ready to go. Lookin for a shop in San Diego. I’m out of time to do it myself, big trip to Silverton Colorado coming up and work has me swamped.
  23. Mo Betta

    Cable routing Drilling a hole in your OB engine bracket ? Or ?

    On the May Craft? I’d go through hull transducer with a high speed fairing. Way better performance. If your stuck on a transom mount, I’d drill the transom (above the waterline) or route over the transom before I’d drill the bracket.
  24. Mo Betta

    PT loma 7/18

    Thanks for the report!
  25. Mo Betta

    Baiting a surface thresher shark how to?? (SD)

    That’s how it’s done. Sometimes they will come to the boat quickly, don’t let your guard down. He is just measuring you up for a tail slap, ask me how I know lol. If I didn’t put my arm up in time it would of broke my jaw. Slapped me so hard it broke the capillaries in my arm and I was bleeding...
  26. Mo Betta

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

  27. Mo Betta

    What shall add on to my new Livingston 14 ?

    Looks great Will!
  28. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Added some DIY Seadek. Ordered it from Overtons during a 40% off sale. It’s on sale right now until Monday 35% off ($97 for 40x80 sheet) “ FLASH35 “
  29. Mo Betta

    Cory update Thursday

    Ask about a TAVR. Wife works in this field. Hang in there Cory!!!
  30. Mo Betta

    Budget Hardtop Build

  31. Mo Betta

    Livingston Issues & Recommendations

    I think the stern bench is connected to the hollow area between the tunnel skins. The newer models have 2 drains at the transom. In my opinion the best way to reinforce the hull if you have stress cracks at the keel areas, is from the inside. The floors are made of really thin plywood and...
  32. Mo Betta

    Livingston Issues & Recommendations

    So you have 2 drain plugs, more water on 1 side VS the other? I’d bet your getting water coming in through the seat bolts that are probably bolted thru the tunnel. The tunnel is hollow. See if you can look under the boat and check the area where the keel section flares up into the sponson...
  33. Mo Betta

    Livingston Issues & Recommendations

    Catamaran or Mono hull?
  34. Mo Betta

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Rest In Peace Mike....
  35. Mo Betta

    RIP Mike (Sluester)

    RIP Mike.....
  36. Mo Betta

    LJ-March 16th

    Thanks for the report John! Finally some sun.
  37. Mo Betta

    local LB bugging & Fish ID

    Just to be clear...this is a juvenile Black Sea Bass, released without being taken from the water and held up for pics.
  38. Mo Betta

    1st timer flyfishing

    That’s great! I’ve never fly fished in freshwater so I’ll be watching for your report. She’s doing really well up there.
  39. Mo Betta

    Tennis/fishing elbow

    20 plus years in the trades gave me that contractor elbow. I wore every brace, used ice/heat etc etc. I couldn’t really rest the right arm as I’m self employed. So I kept working and got some Cortisone shots in my elbow. I got a cortisone flare only one time. It was pretty brutal, not as bad...
  40. Mo Betta

    1st timer flyfishing

    Are you fishing with Shelly?
  41. Mo Betta

    Can anybody tell me if the Yamaha 704 binnacle will work with the Yamaha 85a

    I was wondering how the hell you were getting a 85hp Yama on the Livingston LOL.
  42. Mo Betta

    What is your fishing obsession?

    I’ve been hooked on saltwater fly fishing. Tie up some crazy feathers and some yak hair. Take it out and fool fish with it well enough to rip the line out of your hand. It’s like a surface iron bite but your holding the line in your hand.
  43. Mo Betta

    Solo fishing photos

    “GoPro take a picture”, GoPro record a video”.
  44. Mo Betta

    Mans Best Friend!! Let's see yours

    My shorty Jack Russell, Cooper. He regularly swims a 1/2 mile at Fiesta Island Dog Park.
  45. Mo Betta

    Subaru Crosstrek Question

    I drove the Alpine Loop out of Silverton Co in my 4runner. I saw a couple of Subaru’s on top of Engineer Pass. Definitely a capable vehicle.
  46. Mo Betta

    2018 AFTER THANKSGIVING HALIBUT CLASSIC Results, Recap & PhotosPhotos

    Here ya go Lou...
  47. Mo Betta

    Halibut Classic 11/24/18 - The wrong kind White Sea Bass

    That’s a hell of a bycatch! Here’s your bridge shot
  48. Mo Betta

    tin boat for Los Barriles ---

    I’m just going to charter Gregs panga from now on anyways, less stuff to drag down LOL.
  49. Mo Betta

    tin boat for Los Barriles ---

    Ah, just saw your in Eugene, that’s like twice the distance lol. I can see why you’d fly down. Lots of great places to go check out on the drive south. I’ve been searching for “my Baja” a little closer to home. Nothing like that beach @ Punta Arena
  50. Mo Betta

    tin boat for Los Barriles ---

    If you drive down, maybe leave the boat and take the OB back and forth. I’ve been dragging little boats down to Los Barriles for years. My rig for many years was a full size truck with a 14’ Klamath. Got tired of hauling up the beach after fishing. So for the past few years I packed away a 11’...
  51. Mo Betta

    DP on the Troll II

    Thanks for the report. Is that SeaDek on your deck?
  52. Mo Betta

    Cab Windows

    I’m sure I will, it’s a rare hull. I can’t find a hull stretcher....Post some pics!
  53. Mo Betta

    Cab Windows

    Not worth it. I heard those 16’ Livingston’s are like a lost cause, not worth putting the time and money into them. Why not cut your losses and sell it to me? I’ll use it as a fish pond or something LOL
  54. Mo Betta

    My new gregor hoopster

    The only perfect boat is......2 boats LOL
  55. Mo Betta

    For Sale BAJA, BAHIA ASUNCIÓN Beach house for sale

    That’s 50% off Udo!
  56. Mo Betta

    Tackle Days, Tranx Casting Contest......

    So no one could cast 100 yards?
  57. Mo Betta

    WTB ISO: CC boat to fish solo

    I have nothing else to add. I wanted to tell you that you have a great attitude, respect for the ocean and show a maturity seldom seen in 16 year olds, let alone 20 somethings...
  58. Mo Betta

    bathtub repair/fiberglass work?

    Your tub is a little different. I think your going to glue the shroud and then set the tub in mortar. You’ll have to test fit it so the waste and overflow fit perfect and the faucet connection are good before you set the actual tub in mortar. Estimate how far the tub is above the...
  59. Mo Betta

    bathtub repair/fiberglass work?

    Never drywall mud, it cracks and in a mud bed takes a long time to dry. Mortar mix, tile thinset (what I use), fixall will work. Don’t weight or fill the tub. You want it supported from the base and not the tub rim , which if you weight it, the tub rim already has a load.
  60. Mo Betta

    bathtub repair/fiberglass work?

    Try Skip at Reflections in El Cajon, he is a BDer.
  61. Mo Betta

    bathtub repair/fiberglass work?

    Ok, so....fiberglass tubs are gel coated in the interior. Acrylic tubs are vacuumed formed sheets of acrylic. The wear surface is thicker then gel coat. The acrylic tubs are also reinforced with fiberglass. There are variations of this like crushed limestone tubs etc etc. Cast iron tubs are...
  62. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    I did have a 4 blade on my 20hp Yama 4stroke tiller. Solas Amita 4 Blade Aluminum 9.25" dia. X 10" pitch SR I’d raise the motor as high as you can without drilling new holes. Then check rpms, speed and plane times. See if your moving in the right direction. If you are, then try removing the...
  63. Mo Betta

    10/19 N9, 302, 371, 425

    “ If I were going out tomorrow” ... The perfect way to end a report. Thanks for posting up about a tough trip.
  64. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Hi Alec, Do you know what your max rpms are now? That’s the first place you should start. I used this tach Then make sure your OB isn’t sitting too low. Look over the back and check where the ventilation plate is, it should be visible. I know the...
  65. Mo Betta

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    WTG Ron! I made it as far as the 302 for nada. I had a feeling the fish had headed south. Guess I better add another 3 gallon tank next time lol. Beautiful conditions today!
  66. Mo Betta

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Don’t dress up like a seal and go into the food chain during feeding time. Lots of seals out there. The taxman will take the weak and slow ones first. Compared to the a seal in the water a human is weak and slow. I don’t see why people want to blame the lion for doing what a lion does...
  67. Mo Betta

    Yamaha outboard propeller questions

    Yah but....are you running tomorrow?
  68. Mo Betta

    SOLD Abel Super 14 Fly Reel Marlin Pattern

    I recently paid more then that for a Hatch 12 Plus, without the cool paint job, or I’d be on it!
  69. Mo Betta

    La Jolla seal assault.

    Thanks for the report Mike. Hope the wind dies down for my Saturday run.
  70. Mo Betta

    Got a few 9/21

    Thanks for the report Cody, Great job!
  71. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    My usual set up is a 8wt and intermediate line with a sink tip...350grams Right now you don’t really have to go too deep, just on top of kelp canopy for steady action. Lately I’m using my 12wt because of the “YT...
  72. Mo Betta

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Yeah I just wanted to make sure the other guys fishing knew why I did what I did. I felt some hard looks being cast my way. I knew the conditions were not ideal. Sometimes though I go out anyways just to feel the swell, wind and spray on me.
  73. Mo Betta

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Finished work early, grabbed the boat and headed to MB at about 11:30. Wind was around 10-12 out of the Northwest. Swell wasn’t bad, a little tight. Got to La Jolla and started catching Calicos in yh flyrod. All about the same size 10-18”, caught about 15. Not the intended target, but it’ll...
  74. Mo Betta

    2005 Fish Report, a look back

    Le Tigre, Le Tigre, can you let my wife know we are ok and will be in late, fishing the sundown bite. Roger that Christy, we saw Jim hooked up south of the 390. Relay message no problem... Thanks for the troll down memory lane Jim.
  75. Mo Betta

    Ever have a battery explode?

    I had one on my Dads truck blow up on me. Some guy was trying to help before I got there. He must of pounded on the terminal and broke it loose inside. When I got there I reconnected the terminals while standing on the bumper. Blew me off the truck bumper and against a wall. I was totally...
  76. Mo Betta

    LJ: September 9th

    Of course, I just started a project. Guess I’m back to the weekend warrior deal. Thanks for the report John! I’ll be swinging my 12wt ASAP
  77. Mo Betta

    3B's X 3 - DP 09.08.18

    Toss the balloons in the trash. Sink the messsages with a rock at you and your Dads fishing spot the next time you go out. Thanks for the last story. Looks like someone sent you one too...
  78. Mo Betta

    Tribute to a very special man & fisherman. Please watch this Video

    I’ve seen that boat and old salt heading out. Great video and story Mike, thanks for sharing it.
  79. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    Thanks John, Baja, work, more work, off-road trip to Colorado, know the drill. I got totally rocked on my 8wt on Wednesday. Had that rod bent into the real seat, but he made it around the kelp before I could stop him. I love that screaming drag!
  80. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    Gamakatsu B10S 2/0. Lately EP style flies are what I’ve been using. It’s one of the few flies that I feel I can tie and look somewhat ok LOL
  81. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    Left Mission Bay around 6:30am into better conditions then Wednesday. 5-8mph NW winds and a south swell. The water was choppy but still made 15mph to La Jolla and 19mph on the way back. I didn’t see or have any action in the deeper water so I fished 70-50’ of water over the top of the kelp...
  82. Mo Betta

    Wednesday 9/5 La Jolla and out and in and back...

    Totally caught me by surprise. One second I’m stripping the fly in, the next I’m trying not to loose a finger as the line laying on deck is disappearing at warp speed. Those damn tail beats are even better when your holding the line in your fingers. Guess I’ll hook up a GoPro soon
  83. Mo Betta

    Wednesday 9/5 La Jolla and out and in and back...

    I was out there in my Livingston, you guys must be getting old.....I stayed home today LOL I caught 6 Calicos and got worked by a YT in 60’ of water on my fly rod. I had that rod bent into the reel seat, never had a chance in that shallow water, but made the ass kicking ride worth it.
  84. Mo Betta

    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    I have one and it’s a great truck. We just got back from doing the whole Alpine Loop in Colorado. Flawless, with the exception of the gas mileage but everything is give and take.
  85. Mo Betta

    WTB VHF + antenna

    Rory, Shakespeare makes a removable 8’ , 6DB antenna. Get the fold down bracket. I’m going to use it on my Livingston.
  86. Mo Betta

    Mitch's Seafood is ridiculous!

    Mike!! Call your order in, your a local lol I’ll give Mitch’s a try next time.
  87. Mo Betta

    Best way to renew a passport?

    Not the cheapest but the fastest is the US Passport office downtown. In some cases the same day.
  88. Mo Betta

    10 off Torrey

    Thanks for the report Dave!
  89. Mo Betta

    North 9 8-12-18

    Great pics, what are you shooting ? (camera/housing)
  90. Mo Betta

    Fueling in Santee/Lakeside

    Not too bad, unless some guy is pumping 120 gallons into a boat and takes up 2 pumps LOL.
  91. Mo Betta

    Fueling in Santee/Lakeside

    Arco at the corner of Bradley and Magnolia...easy on and off the freeway.
  92. Mo Betta

    Million dollar mini cat

    Oh yeah another Livingston build! Congrats!
  93. Mo Betta

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    Lately I’ve been chasing Corbina in the surf with the fly rod when I get a couple of free hours in the morning. Works been busy, gotta make that $.
  94. Mo Betta

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    Thanks for the report John! I cruised by the ramp early this morning, crowded!
  95. Mo Betta

    Legitimate Attempt - DP 08.29.18

    That’s the damn truth, it’s even better solo. Thanks for the video and the stoke Slider!
  96. Mo Betta

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    I liked it, subscribed. If the music bothers me I’ll just turn the volume down...yeah you can do that. I watch Stoked on Fishing on mute. You need more Livingston boat shots in your videos.
  97. Mo Betta

    Best place to buy small outboard? I used these guys when I got my Suzuki 30hp. Best price I could find, free shipping and no sales tax. They sell most of the major brands.
  98. Mo Betta

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    I got everything as promised. As soon as it’s not as HOT AS THE SUN in east county I’ll put it in. BTW they make 2” hole saws and 2 1/8” hole saws.....the basepack needs 2 1/16. I guess I’ll drill a sloppy 2” hole (flash backs of an ex wife lol)
  99. Mo Betta

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Mine was ordered on 7/7 and is supposed to be here on Wednesday. They sent FedEx tracking info on the 12th and it looks to be on time for the 18th.
  100. Mo Betta

    13ft Livingston Refit

    I noticed the same thing, it’s one of the reasons I built my deck the way I did. It’s not a bad thing if your using the boat as it was intended. But what fun is that?
  101. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Thanks Dani, I have a few more things I want to do. I need some nonskid paint or Seadek, can’t decide on which way to go. I also want some bow rails, but I can’t find anyone interested in a small project. So what kind of speed are you getting with that 40? I was really surprised how high I had...
  102. Mo Betta

    Bait O Matic ? Thresher ?

    Look for the bait and activity. Slide a couple of nose hooked macs back and put the rods in the holders, slow troll them. Clickers on and just enough drag to keep the line from going out. You’ll hear clicker zip when the Mac gets tail slapped. If your watching the bait you’ll see them come up...
  103. Mo Betta

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Here’s something you dont see very often.... That’s Cooper, my Shorty Jack Russell.
  104. Mo Betta

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    And make sure you order the multi fob control unit $199, if you want to use more then 1 fob (like 1 for you and 1 for the dog). Don’t forget to order an extra fob. If you want to use only 1 fob then order the $159. Order your choice of fob holder if your not just putting a fob in your pocket.
  105. Mo Betta

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Ordered...Thanks Mike and Paul!
  106. Mo Betta

    Aztec 7-3

    Great report! What knot did you use that slipped?
  107. Mo Betta

    Prayers appreciated

    Hold her tight, make plans and stay positive Tom. Let us know if you need anything.
  108. Mo Betta

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    Got 2 big ones this morning on my way to LJ
  109. Mo Betta


    I’ll cut and paste it here from Talk Baja... Tijuana Police rob us of $200 last Monday morning.. BEWARE. ..!!! After towing my boat from Bahia De Los Angeles on Sunday and having a few boat trailer breakdowns in the desert below Lake Chapala, we just wanted to get across the border safely...
  110. Mo Betta


    Did you read about Bill Boyce getting robbed of $200 bucks by the Policia in TJ on Monday....... I think the risk vs reward meter is pegged....
  111. Mo Betta

    For Sale 11.5’ Inflatable 20hp Yamaha

    I can’t believe you can’t find a good one up there. I had to go to Arizona to get mine, but it was like Washington had them laying around all over the place. I just got it dialed in, not selling anytime soon. Oh and it’s fueled up and ready to fish tomorrow!
  112. Mo Betta

    Ride to east cape

    The big question is how do you say OXXO ? The one in La Pocitas is a lifesaver.
  113. Mo Betta

    How to clean your bait tank

    Classic....Fuckin Stan
  114. Mo Betta

    For Sale 11.5’ Inflatable 20hp Yamaha

    Oh yeah everything is good! Nate is starting the last 2 years of Radiology with no summers off. One more life change as we all get older, kids growing up and moving on. I’m all out of kids LOL Another reason I need that “Fell overboard while fishing solo” deal you made happen.
  115. Mo Betta

    WTB 15-20hp short shaft outboard PULL START

    Just in case it might work for you.’-inflatable-20hp-yamaha.692418/
  116. Mo Betta

    For Sale 11.5’ Inflatable 20hp Yamaha

    Back from Baja and won’t be able to go again for 3 years. So I’m selling my Inflatable and 20hp Yamaha 4stroke.The details are in the CL ad here This set up rides down in my 4runner...
  117. Mo Betta

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Hey so when do I send you the money? LOL pm’d my info. Thanks for doing this! Frank
  118. Mo Betta

    Prayers appreciated

    Prayers sent Tom.....We had a battle with breast cancer a few years ago, life changing in many ways. Hold her tight.....
  119. Mo Betta

    Effects of Hurricane Bud in Midriff/BOLA San Francisquito area

    I just left BOLA, was at Los Vientos for a couple of days to decompress before heading south to Los Barriles. Lots of wind (lol Los Vientos) . Drove out past La Gringa, as far as I could see, no ride tide, clean and clear water. Drive into town and it’s really thick.
  120. Mo Betta

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    I need this for the Livingston! add me to the list please Mike.
  121. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Just an update. I moved the OB as high as I can, I ran out of transom. The anti-ventilation plate is above the center sponson by almost an inch. I tried to get video to check the depth, but there is too much water being funneled by the tunnel to see it. No ventilation/cavitation unless it’s...
  122. Mo Betta

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Yup, I’m suppose to be there in about 10 days as our first stop down the peninsula. I’ll be watching how this goes down......
  123. Mo Betta

    Mission bay 6/1

    I was out testing the new motor height on the Livingston, it was a roller coaster ride! Not worth it though, water was really dirty the whole way out to green tanks. Same as you in MB, short hali and Spotties but nowhere near those numbers, congrats!
  124. Mo Betta

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Crushed this AM when I read what you and your family have been going through. Stay positive the right donor is out there. I’m the wrong blood type. Anything else we can do for you?
  125. Mo Betta

    For Sale Triumph CC w 4stroke Yamaha/ Florida (not mine)

    $8900 plus shipping and sales tax, so like $10K. No sea trial, sight unseen....not me. If the conditions are right, sure it can make down to the islands, I’d take my 14’ Livingston. It’s a great size for local kelp. If you have that much to spend then buy a local boat so you can seatrial etc...
  126. Mo Betta

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Add me to the list please !
  127. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    I had it out to Point Loma (green tanks) on Thursday. The swell was up a bit coming back into Mission Bay. Trimmed the motor to get the bow up, no cavitation, but wasn’t what I’d call a real test. I did have the Permatrim installed. I was able to trim the motor up flat and make some high speed...
  128. Mo Betta

    US mobile phone in Loreto area?

    Ive used ATT all the way down the peninsula. Only a handful of places we didn’t have service, BOLA was spotty and Conception Bay was a dead zone, the long stretch from Catavina to GN, etc
  129. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Thanks Matt. The Dinghy Dr near the Sports Arena had 1 blem left.
  130. Mo Betta

    La jolla 5 9 2018

    Thanks for the report. I’m heading out tomorrow AM.
  131. Mo Betta

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Just got mine. Wow, the Image stabilization is better then my Canon 300 2.8 and it weighs 75% less. If your sitting on the fence, jump off and get a pair.
  132. Mo Betta

    As far forward as it will go. What motor did you get?

    As far forward as it will go. What motor did you get?
  133. Mo Betta

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    I knew I shouldn’t of looked at this....Oh well it’s only money. 1/2 boat unit
  134. Mo Betta

    14 Livingston max 40 hp???

    Yeah that ice chest looks really tall. I ended up with a RTIC 45. You might consider it, it would give you some storage.
  135. Mo Betta

    WTB Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    Why not buy him a 5-10 day trip on one of the big boats down here in San Diego? Let him pick out some bigger gear, hop on a big boat and chase some big fish down south in total comfort. ( Why am I not taking my own advice LOL)
  136. Mo Betta

    WTB Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    You sure he wants a boat? Retired guy goes out fishing on a charter boat with his buddy’s. Get on the boat, get something to eat, take a nap, fish, fish some more, eat some lunch, fish, take a nap on the way home. Grab your cleaned fish and drive home. Retired guys daughter buys...
  137. Mo Betta

    Permatrim or Not?

    Andy at SIM Edit... added link
  138. Mo Betta

    DIY Roosters - La Ventana or Los Barilles?

    You can stay at Verdugos, nice people, simple accommodations. PM me if you need more info.
  139. Mo Betta

    How to preserve fish right after the catch?

    Mix saltwater and ice in your cooler.
  140. Mo Betta

    Your beach launch transom wheels

    I have pretty much the same ones on my inflatable w/20hp. Just air down the tires In deep sand. Drill that virgin transom lol
  141. Mo Betta

    WTB replacement console

    Dinghy Dr had a blem for sale, might check them out.
  142. Mo Betta

    Bunk set up for alum boats with hull strakes?

    If it’s Baja, you have to pull the motor off the boat. If you really are going to use a 9.9 on it, your going to have to keep it really light. You could run 2 bunks on each side...
  143. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    I installed the wedges and transom backing plate. I did get more tuck. I was able to get a few more hours on the break in cycle today. Max RPM is 6300, I got 5500 @ 24mph. No ventilation, and it didn’t ride bow high unless I trimmed out really far. When I got home, I moved the motor up 1...
  144. Mo Betta

    Bunk set up for alum boats with hull strakes?

    2x4 on end is how I always had mine.
  145. Mo Betta

    WTB Jack plate or transom extension for 225hp

    I just purchased some transom wedges from these guys. I was going to buy a jack plate too but raised the transom height instead. They had the best price, about what you’ll pay for a used one.
  146. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Thanks Mike! I may have to contact Ramon for some bow rails, but I don’t know how that works with a trolling motor, or if I even want the trolling motor... gotta fish it to find out. I got a quote for SeaDek, pretty sure it’s gonna be the same amount for bow rails. $$$$.
  147. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Yes, before I ungraded to the 30. The conditions were right and I went to the 182. I had 100# fish jumping around the boat, that of course wouldn’t touch anything I tossed at them. The Livingston had the right “manners” so I went to the next level with the build. I don’t think they are making...
  148. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Thanks Rizz, looks like the Permatrim link takes me to Ship Island Marina. I guess that’s what SIM stands for. I’ll let them know the link is broken when I order.
  149. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    I have a Permatrim on my Wellcraft, it’s been great. I can’t get a reply back from the US supplier, it use to be a local BD guy. Do you have a supplier?
  150. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    Thanks Greg. The Suzuki came with a 3x10.25x12 prop, so its starting point. When I get the wedges and plate on I’ll update.
  151. Mo Betta

    14’ Livingston Caballito

    I’m just about finished with my Livingston build, so I thought I’d post up the details and what Ive learned along the way. I was going to keep the boat as a tiller and just build some decks. I fished it for awhile and found it was lacking in a few areas, mostly speed. Before I built the decks...
  152. Mo Betta

    Small Bait Tank - 15 or 20 gallons

    Ok thanks, I’ll see if I can figure out a way to hold it down on my skiff.
  153. Mo Betta

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    Older boats are going to need new fuel tanks, just another thing to watch out for.
  154. Mo Betta

    13ft Livingston Refit

    Zander, Red Rosen paper (Home Depot in the flooring section), razor knife and a sharpie, to make a template.
  155. Mo Betta

    For Sale Manual Jack Plate

    I’ll take it Rich!
  156. Mo Betta

    Small Bait Tank - 15 or 20 gallons

    Are there brackets to hold the tank down?
  157. Mo Betta

    Hip Replacement

    Team Balls Out LOL !
  158. Mo Betta

    Old stuff..........found in my garage......

    Second picture down is the jig I caught my first Barracuda in Ensenada and followed it up with getting rocked by a yellowtail. First fish taco in the same trip. I still can’t shake the place.
  159. Mo Betta

    13ft Livingston Refit

    Looking at your “before” pics, your boat was made for a short shaft. So you just sort of squared it up. I would build up the transom, it looks too thin. My 2002’s transom is 1.5” thick all the way across. The previous owner cut down the transom 2” so a short shaft would work. He got it just...
  160. Mo Betta

    Good deed/good fishing 03.18.18

    Sorry to hear about your Mom. Thanks for the report.
  161. Mo Betta

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    My wife is in Cardiology, they do some really amazing work. I’m sure he is going to be fine Deb, but we’ll send positive thoughts and prayers too.
  162. Mo Betta

    Micro machine part 2

    Great job! I saw part 1 and how it was sitting in the water. Sits way better in part 2! Good job on getting the weight balance right. That 40hp weighs in at 200lbs+. I’ve sitting on the fence (forever) on a OB upgrade. I’m loaded light and simple with a 20hp at 22mph. I’m really interested in...
  163. Mo Betta

    Micro machine remodel

    So the last pic is the top of the center keel? How did water get in there? What size Honda?
  164. Mo Betta

    Surf Fishing Cabo Pulmo / East Cape / Punta Arena

    He is/was a surf fishing guide down south.
  165. Mo Betta

    Surf Fishing Cabo Pulmo / East Cape / Punta Arena

    I recommend bringing your dog and a frosty beverage. Jeff Klassen sells his poppers and Rangers online. Will you be driving down?
  166. Mo Betta

    13ft Livingston Refit

    I find my 20hp Yamaha 4stroke tiller, lacking excitement. It gets the job done but that’s it, 22mph max, solo.
  167. Mo Betta

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Not affiliated, but maybe show them this....
  168. Mo Betta

    13ft Livingston Refit

    Ah another Livingston boat project! Looking good!
  169. Mo Betta

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    The guys that go to Baja will always go to Baja. We watch the news and the pertinent websites for a “temperature check” and adjust accordingly. If something happens, we deal with it. If we need help, we help each other, that includes the locals. I’m still calls my...
  170. Mo Betta

    14 Livingston Cavitation HELP! + Low WOT RPM problem

    Can you post a pic of your cavitation plate and transom? When Livingston was still answering emails I asked the techs what I needed to do to get better performance out of my 14’ with a 20hp 4stroke tiller. It was slow to plane when I’m fishing solo. They told me that I needed a 4 blade prop...
  171. Mo Betta

    Offshore Fishing Skiff with Stick Steering?

    Looks like your new steering setup is in Ohio
  172. Mo Betta

    Offshore Fishing Skiff with Stick Steering?

    Wow, now that’s some crazy shit right there.
  173. Mo Betta

    RIP Molly

    She was with you til the end though....RIP Molly
  174. Mo Betta

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    I got my 2016 Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins, AT, long bed, crew cab, 4x4, back camera etc for 50K. I could of spent 70-80K for a bunch crap I don’t need in my truck, but I didn’t. Before this truck I had a Ford 6.0 So far so good....
  175. Mo Betta

    Good morning Fishing off Point Loma for yellowtail!!!

    I think I might of been the smallest boat out there. My Jack Russell was chilled to the bone.
  176. Mo Betta

    Good morning Fishing off Point Loma for yellowtail!!!

    I was out there too in my Livingston. I got 3 smaller units on the flat fall, all on the way back up at warp speed. All released.
  177. Mo Betta

    Broken zirc fitting

    HD has a set of Ezouts on sale
  178. Mo Betta

    My First Calico Bass Fly

    Looks great, but I think your going to need a Sculpin helmut to get it to sink. You can order them from Flymen.
  179. Mo Betta

    San Diego Balboa Nat Hist Museum

    A whale bully stick...
  180. Mo Betta

    Mag Bay Report - Nov. 14 - Robalo, too

    Great report as always Bill. Does anyone have contact info for Ruben?
  181. Mo Betta

    What shall add on to my new Livingston 14 ?

    So, what are you going to power the last “new “ Livingston on earth with?
  182. Mo Betta

    16' Complete rebuild w/ Coosa

    Wow great job, what did it look like before the rebuild?
  183. Mo Betta

    Mounting Gaff Holder Under Gunnel

    Tie some spectra to 2 wooden dowels, loop between the glass and the rod holder and pull down with a sawing motion.
  184. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 weight distribution

    48-73134-A40 10 5/8 x 12P Thanks for the info about your Livingston’s guys !
  185. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 weight distribution

    What size OB?
  186. Mo Betta

    Much-oh, Much-oh cerveza, muy mala noche. 10/19-10/20

    Great trip! Where are you guys eating at in pic #9?
  187. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 weight distribution

    Ok so a few more thoughts now that I have a little more info. Like everyone else said, you need to move weight forward. How does it do with a buddy up front and bait tank empty? I have the same Livingston with a 20hp Yama tiller, 115#. Deck up front with storage, no bait tank, I sit on a...
  188. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 weight distribution

    Let’s see some more pics of your Livingston, interior etc. What size Honda? On plane at 13mph, does the OB reach max rpms at top speed? Top speed? Does she ride any better with the bait tank empty? What do you mean by it rides like crap? Bow high? Do you have power trim and tilt? From the...
  189. Mo Betta

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Bahia Asuncion and Lopez Mateos. If you go to San Francisquito PM me for some info on Poze Aleman and some other things in the area.
  190. Mo Betta

    Livingston Build

    How did the Yama 25 do?
  191. Mo Betta

    14 Livingston max 40 hp???

    All the 40hp I’ve researched come in at about #220 - #240. As much as I love to haul ass, I think the 40hp’s are too heavy. Right now mine has a Yama 20 tiller(#118) on it and a 4 blade for more stern lift and runs 22 mph max with some front decking and just myself and some fly rods. Im...
  192. Mo Betta

    Livingston Build

    Foam under the rails...never even crossed my mind to do that. Damn.
  193. Mo Betta

    Gonzaga Bay Questions

    Sorry, I only travel the 5 enroute to the East Cape. Gonzaga is on the short list to spend a week or so exploring, so report back! I will say that the station in GB looked like it was staffed 24/7, but in Baja I never pass a fuel station if I'm at 1/2 a tank.
  194. Mo Betta

    Gonzaga Bay Questions

    The Vados south of San Felipe are more like jumps. They like to mix it up, a couple of little ones, then a pit. Don't get complacent....
  195. Mo Betta

    Livingston Build

    Lookin good Greg.
  196. Mo Betta

    40HP Mercury Bigfoot on Livingston 14LV

    Just in case, this one just popped up on CL....not affiliated
  197. Mo Betta

    40HP Mercury Bigfoot on Livingston 14LV

    Right now it's as far as I'm going with it until I make the tiller/remote decision. I wanted to fish it for awhile and make changes as I needed. If I was from launching off of the beach in Baja I wouldn't of built the decks. I'd keep it as a tiller and as light as possible, but you'd know...
  198. Mo Betta

    40HP Mercury Bigfoot on Livingston 14LV

    I've been running mine with a Yama 20 4stroke, 120#. I changed the prop to a 4 blade, it gets up on plane quicker, but it's still lacking for me. 22mph max, just me, 6 gallons of fuel, gear, no battery, flat water. Way better ride then my 14' Klamath. That 40hp is going to really heavy on the...
  199. Mo Betta

    40HP Mercury Bigfoot on Livingston 14LV

    Is it a tiller or remote?
  200. Mo Betta

    Fiberglass filler question

    West Systems Six10. It's already thickened, mixed and ready to go when it come out of the cartridge.
  201. Mo Betta

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    The only thing you could of done different was to hit the DSC and called a mayday on 16, first. If things would of gone wrong and you tangled your prop, their situation would of become yours too. Much like a drowning person will drag down the rescuer. We need guys like you out there, good on...
  202. Mo Betta

    New 13ft whaler SS vs 14 LV

    Some info on Livingstons in this thread
  203. Mo Betta

    Searching for 14-16ft skiff with outboard, preferably under 2k

    The money is in the OB, it's what gets you home. Not my boat, but you should look at this one.
  204. Mo Betta

    WTD Livingston 14LV

    Hey Greg, I also have a 14' Livingston. I wanted something stable enough to stand on the bow to fly fish from, this boat is it. I built a few decks to stand on and to firm up the hull from twisting. Right now it's a tiller with a 20hp Yama 4 stroke. I switched the prop to a 4 blade for more...
  205. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 Sea worthy ?

    I really like mine. I built some fly fishing decks and storage and so far I'm keeping it a tiller (20hp Yamaha 4 stroke) . The casting decks seemed to firmed up the twisting in the hull (could of been my imagination). I can stand up on the top deck without any really issues while I'm casting...
  206. Mo Betta

    8/7 Oceanside

    Kore like in Kore Performance? Kore Off-road? Sorry for the derail of your post, I'm on fence with my 2016 Ram 2500 CTD. I don't want a spacer, but also don't want to dump Carli $$. Great to hear your boat ran good, there will always be something to fix. The fish will get bigger, they always do.
  207. Mo Betta

    Feeling old,new avitar.

    Wow your a speed limit now Greg LOL. Good to see you back in the water
  208. Mo Betta

    Fighting a Jumping DoDo

    I just yell "OH Shit did ya see that" !!! And keep winding
  209. Mo Betta

    Catamaran opinions.

    I've noticed my Livingston stays flat in high speed turns. I'm not sure if I'll ever get use to it, but the trade offs are worth it. Rides through the chop really nice and is real stable at rest. I know it's only 14', but I don't think the larger cats are much different in ride and handling all...
  210. Mo Betta

    Questions on BOLA

    I was just at Los Vientos in June. A/C was cold, restaurant had great food, rooms were clean. William and Rosa have taken over the Hotel and are in the process of fixing things up, bathroom needed some help. They treated us like family and we will be back. Claudia ( waitress ) speaks great...
  211. Mo Betta

    Baja Trip 2017

    The guy was with me doing 60 lol
  212. Mo Betta

    Baja Trip 2017

    So here's my report and ramblings for our trip down south. We left Lakeside Ca. on June 15 at 7:30 and headed East on 8. Crossed the border at Calexico west. We were directed where to park and the agent even walked me inside to make sure I was in the right place. Pretty girl too. Got the FMMs...
  213. Mo Betta

    New motor from the boat grotto

    My personal experience, they seem like good guys, but they cut corners. I needed water pump parts for my Yama before a Baja trip. I let them do it because I was pressed for time. Ran the motor after I picked it up. Water flow seemed like it was less then it was when I had them do the work. I...
  214. Mo Betta

    6/30 Here's where they aint

    Sounds like my East Cape trip Mark....Thanks for the report!
  215. Mo Betta

    Late Report for BOLA - 06/10 - 06/16

    Probably easier to mark where the potholes are not lol. Hey Ron was the Triumph moored next to Los Vientos? We were there 15th to the 18th checking things out. Fog rolled in thick the 17th. On our way back from the East Cape now (in GN). Taking the dirt road back through Mexicali tomorrow.
  216. Mo Betta

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    Roosterfish on the fly, from the beach
  217. Mo Betta

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    The 2 boats tied up overnight did not help things at all.....
  218. Mo Betta

    LA Jolla Today...

    Thanks for the report. I thInk I saw you coming onto 8 from greenfield the other day, great looking panga btw.
  219. Mo Betta

    Vitamins and Supplements for 10 y/o Lab?

    Try "Missing Link Hip and Joint" it has glucosamine and chondroitin. We thought we were going to have to put our dog Buddy down at 14 because of his hips. One of the sales reps from Blue Buffalo told us about it. Buddy lived for 3 more years until his internal organs just couldnt keep going...
  220. Mo Betta

    ULSD in Baja

    I've read that ULSD is available down to Villa Jesus, below that it's LSD. I've also read that you'll go through 2xs as much DEF as you normally would. I'm leaving my 2016 Cummins at home, unless I can find a 100gallon L shaped transfer tank for the bed. I'd cross with it empty and fill it up...
  221. Mo Betta

    Fire extinguisher recharge?

    Aztec Fire in La Mesa off of Commercial.
  222. Mo Betta

    Just bored and thought I'd share....

    That's great work! I got bit by the fly fishing bug too. Bit me right in the wallet LOL
  223. Mo Betta

    Alfonsina's contact info ???

    [email protected] That's the email I used about 2 weeks ago. Carol emailed me back in a few days. No hurry, no worry...
  224. Mo Betta

    SD Fly Fishing Guide?

    Alex Cady, you can reach him through The Flystop . They are a local fly shop located in MiraMar.
  225. Mo Betta

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    Right? For 10 years it was a bonzai run straight down to the East Cape and straight back to maximize fishing time. Then a side trip to Bahia Asunción, a side trip to see some unmarked petroglyphs and getting a little older lol changed it for me. So much Baja, so little time!
  226. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 re-power question? 30 vs 40 hp

    Whats your top speed ?
  227. Mo Betta

    Livingston 14 re-power question? 30 vs 40 hp

    That's right where I'm at on my 14' Livingston. Right now I have a Yama 20 4 stroke, it will do 22mph with 2 of us. I'm torn between the 30 ETEC and jumping up to a 40.
  228. Mo Betta

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    I'm trying to go south again in the Fall. If it's in the cards I'll definitely be hitting you up for info.
  229. Mo Betta

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    That's about when I'm hoping to check that area out!
  230. Mo Betta

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    Thanks Art! I may hit you up for abreojos info.
  231. Mo Betta

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    14 years, never made that left into BOLA. I've never made that right hand turn Lopez Mateos. This year I'm doing both, 2 days each. So I have a few questions for the guys that have been to these 2 places. I've been in contact with Rosa at Los Vientos in BOLA. Great communication, has anyone...
  232. Mo Betta

    tanking a external gas tank into mexico

    ULSD is available as far south as Villa Jesus. I'm looking for another L shaped tank for my new Ram so I can fill up in Baja Norte and not have to run low sulfur diesel through it further south. This is what I've found in my research, it plugs the DPF and causes excessive regen cycles to the...
  233. Mo Betta

    First Boat...Help Please

    So your going to spend around $30,000.00 on a boat you basically know nothing about. Never seen it in person, no sea trial, no real history on this florida boat ( they sink, have storm damage etc) I'd keep looking.....Fred Hall is just around the corner. Did you check out out Tahiti skiffs...
  234. Mo Betta

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!

    We've worked our way down the beach to the reefs in front of Punta Colorado from Verdugos, about 13 miles. So far the boats been great, it really only gets used down south. The rest of the time it's rolled up and kept in its bag. It has the aluminum floor.
  235. Mo Betta

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!

    I'll add mine to the mix. 12' inflatable and 20hp Yamaha, fits in my 4runner along with camera and fishing gear when we head down to Baja. Theses pics are at Verdugos on the East Cape. 23 mph with Nate and I.
  236. Mo Betta

    Baja Trailer Trip Tips

    3 days? That's really not worth the effort. You might as well just get a guest slip in Mission Bay or San Diego and fish from here. You will blow a day getting South and a day coming North, especially on a 3 day weekend. Why not drive south without the boat and check things out for yourself...
  237. Mo Betta

    Getting started need help

    Nothing will get you hooked deeper then catching a fish on your own fly !
  238. Mo Betta

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    I just checked that route on google, I'll just keep making that left lol.
  239. Mo Betta

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    So you went straight instead of making the left onto the paved road back to LB? WOW, I'm glad posted, that was my plan this year in my 4x4 crew, longbed. Any pics of that area?
  240. Mo Betta

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    I remember Gato Gordo and Sportin Wood. Good times!
  241. Mo Betta

    Help me pimp my skiff

    Cool skiff Debi. I bet you use it more then the Wellcraft, I know I do. I'd go bow mount trolling motor, it's easier to pull a boat then to try to push it. Remember it's going to need a big heavy battery and it's got to sit somewhere. You could offset the weight of battery with fuel tank being...
  242. Mo Betta

    Need Prayers for my wife.

    We went through the same thing a few years back. Let me know if you need a refferal for a second opinion . The cancer team we used at Scripps was incredible. Lots of new options like Proton therapy etc VS total mastectomy. Good thoughts to you and your wife.
  243. Mo Betta

    Need a project--Hawkins or del mar skiff

    You have to look outside of So Cal. I found my Livingston in Tucson. Owner met me in Yuma. Try NorCal and as far as Washington. Lots of good ones up there.
  244. Mo Betta

    Replacing 4runner (4th g) suspension

    I ditched my Xreas and went Total Chaos upper A arms and ICON coilovers. The rear has ICON overland springs to hold the extra weight when we drive down. ( 20HP 4stroke, 11' inflatable, fishing gear, etc etc). It drives great, faster the better over the rough stuff, good articulation over the...
  245. Mo Betta

    Strikeout in La Jolla

    Thanks for the report. Jammed up with work so any news is appreciated.
  246. Mo Betta

    Re power question

    What about an ETEC? I have no experience with them but I'm considering one for my Livingston.
  247. Mo Betta

    The loss of Surfdoc.....

  248. Mo Betta

    Looking for Sazuki outboard mechanic in San Diego

    Bump for a Suzuki mechanic.....
  249. Mo Betta


    He sure is growing up quick!
  250. Mo Betta

    14' Klamath w/trailer

    Friday morning Bump
  251. Mo Betta

    14' Klamath w/trailer

    I know where one is, waiting to see if it's ok to send you his info.
  252. Mo Betta

    14' Klamath w/trailer

    Very tough! This one came from Tucson!
  253. Mo Betta

    14' Klamath w/trailer

    Hey Lowell, I'll be in touch! I gotta get rid of this one before my wife starts counting boats.
  254. Mo Betta

    14' Klamath w/trailer

    I'm selling my 14' Klamath because I finally found my 14' Livingston. Tags current, pink slips in hand. $1200. Yes it has a few patches (west systems G-Flex epoxy) . I was still fishing it as of last week. Motor is not included. First person with $1200 cash at my house is the new owner...
  255. Mo Betta

    Curado 300EJ options

    Original Teramar 7'6" 10-20# at the time of the video, now it's on a Phoenix inshore because the tip broke off. I haven't gotten around to sending in to Shimano.
  256. Mo Betta

    Curado 300EJ options

    Original drags. You won't be disappointed.
  257. Mo Betta

    Curado 300EJ options

    We had just come back from a Baja trip and the Curado had caught plenty of fish. I thought just one more quick Calico trip, then I'll get it serviced. Drags just needed to be serviced, I'm still fishing this reel.
  258. Mo Betta

    Fish ID please

    Bigmouth Bastard....
  259. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9/26/16

    Left MB around 7 to hit the tide swing. Water was flat early so I had the fly rod out. It takes a little while to find some action but when I did it was 7 casts for 7 Calicos + 1 I couldn't stop. I got another 4 on a darkdayz Warbait. The wind was all over the place today and all different...
  260. Mo Betta

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    Is that water leaking out of the hull? While your figuring out what to do I would leave it bow down as much as possible.
  261. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 9-21-16

    I had a couple of free hours and a short weather window. I needed some salt therapy. Left Mission Bay in flat seas with no wind and ran to La Jolla at full throttle in my 14' Klamath. I was the only boat out there. No kelp to speak of on the surface. I had to meter around looking for bait and...
  262. Mo Betta

    69 Glasspar

    Great job on the restoration. That's a really great riding hull.
  263. Mo Betta

    2nd Note In a Bottle Found

    Very cool, did you send them out "about" the same place or was 1 further out? Just curious about the currents, Saipan is one hell of a drift. A lot of Flotsam ends up in that section of Baja. Here's a link to some info on Malarimo Beach in Baja...
  264. Mo Betta

    Have to Brag - Corey, ride for you...bought a new boat

    New name..."Just Right". Congrats on the new ride !
  265. Mo Betta

    SD Perch

    That's a nice size BSP.
  266. Mo Betta

    Recommend waterproof pants and jacket?

    The Grundens Gage stuff great if your just keeping some spray off of you. If your going to be out in the rain and wind for hours on end I would recommend Grundens Neptune series. Grundens has been great to deal with and you can email them and they will recommend the correct gear for your...
  267. Mo Betta

    Calico Short Strikes?

    I fished last Sunday with what looked like a great tide swing. For some reason there was no current in Point Loma. I still managed 5 but I earned every single bite.
  268. Mo Betta

    Calico Short Strikes?

    Structure, bait, current, tide change (which doesn't always equate to current). All of these questions are what makes it a challenge. What's working today may not work tomorrow because everything is always changing.
  269. Mo Betta

    Calico Short Strikes?

    I don't add the skirts, they are already on the warbaits when I buy them. I think it adds some extra movement/vibration, but I don't stop fishing the jig once it comes off. This year without the kelp I've caught more big bass then the years with kelp. Seems like I've got better access to where...
  270. Mo Betta

    Calico Short Strikes?

    Short bites are usually small bass or a territorial bite from a bottom dweller. Just keep turning the handle when your bit. The bigger ones have no problem slurping down a 6-8" bait.
  271. Mo Betta

    Fly Fishing Mag Bay

    Just ordered Scotts book Angling Baja, One mans fly. I didn't know we could do a trip like this with you guys. Anymore info? Thanks for posting this!
  272. Mo Betta

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    Make sure you blow those pics up and put them on the wall ! My boys (oldest is 31) still walk by the photos and talk about the trips. Great job Rob!
  273. Mo Betta

    Calicos off playas de TJ

    Thanks for the report and confirming the weather. PL bouy was showing "steep".
  274. Mo Betta

    Point Loma kelp 8/4

    Thanks for the report, I'll be out that way tomorrow.
  275. Mo Betta

    Papa "J" for sale again .

    They aren't buyers anyways J.....
  276. Mo Betta

    Anacapa on the fly, redux

    That's funny cause I had a huge WSB grab short Calico right at the boat this morning. He spit the calico while I was trying to strip strike him. The hook was buried too deep in the Calico. This was in Point Loma in San Diego. I'm glad to see more fly fishermen on the board.
  277. Mo Betta

    Bahia Asuncion

    We stop there every trip down to decompress for a few days. Juanitas is another great place to eat, kinda like going to Grandmas house.
  278. Mo Betta

    Cracked prop shaft

    Is that the seal down on the bottom of the pic?
  279. Mo Betta

    Winch bumper for T4R 03-05 or other option

    Where are you going?
  280. Mo Betta

    I/O to Outboard Conversions Photos

    Looks great but where's the pics of how you beefed up the transom so it can handle weight of the OB?
  281. Mo Betta

    LA Jolla-7/27

    On da fly !!!! Nothing like the flyline getting ripped out of your hand mid strip.
  282. Mo Betta

    Anacapa on the fly

    Great report with all the important info! I'm hooked deep on this whole fly fishing in the salt. Thanks!
  283. Mo Betta

    LJ report 7/10 quick report

    Thanks for the report, were you in the Gregor or the Valco?
  284. Mo Betta

    Outside the N-9

    Thanks for the report!
  285. Mo Betta

    A Little Road Trip

    Got some talent behind the lens too!
  286. Mo Betta

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Yeah I'm about to pull the "trigger" .....
  287. Mo Betta

    Need Help...My garage door opner stop working

    Sometimes the beam goes out, you can buy new ones at HD. Most sensors have a small green LED on when they are in alignment and are functioning properly.
  288. Mo Betta

    Any one want to do this trip surf fishing Mexico?

    Are you staying at Shari's place?
  289. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Dirty Water?

    A little cleaner today....
  290. Mo Betta

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    80# Seaguar, 9/0 circle hook with a perfection loop, thanks for that. Hope you get her fixed quick.
  291. Mo Betta

    Turn Your FN lights off when launching

    But leave your running lights on so we can see where your at....
  292. Mo Betta

    Making Mackerel Out of Mission Bay

    I went fly fishing on Sunday out of MB in my Klamath. They were thick at the first area of "kelp" southwest of the OB pier.
  293. Mo Betta

    I need sugestions for a BAJA trip in July...

    You only have 6-7 days and your towing a 25' boat down a 10' wide bumpy/windy road and in some places it's very remote. Have you ever driven down? If you haven't, leave the boat at home and just run down and check things out. See where you want spend more time at and where you don't. You can...
  294. Mo Betta

    Heading down tomorrow

    Hold on! This thread was directions on where to get a FMM for a land crossing, not the one you need to fish/boat down into mexican waters.
  295. Mo Betta

    Heading down tomorrow

    Just stay in the right hand lane as you cross. Follow the zig zag road and the building is to the right of the multiple lanes. Plenty of parking. Walk thru the building and on the left side, just outside the building is the office. Close up of the inspection lanes with the building on the...
  296. Mo Betta

    I got taxed hard today!

    You still have both the prime shoulder fillets and the belly. Even better story with pics, I'd say that was a WIN!!!! Ok so who wants to jump in the water now?
  297. Mo Betta

    PASSPORT RENEWAL - Who's done it recently?

    Don't use a service just click on the link Mike !
  298. Mo Betta

    PASSPORT RENEWAL - Who's done it recently?

    Hey Mike, the US passport office is located downtown, it's as quick as it gets.
  299. Mo Betta

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    Thanks Owyn! Thank all the guys and gals over at NOAA for protecting the resource. I had no idea that it takes that long for a BFT to mature. I really don't think any of us knew that. Knowledge is key. Yes, 1 200# BFT would be way more then enough for me. Frank
  300. Mo Betta

    Upgrades to 1998 Grady 272 Sailfish

    Lookin really great !
  301. Mo Betta

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    168# immature female? So what size do they mature at?
  302. Mo Betta

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    I just got a new 3/4 ton Ram, you won't be disappointed.
  303. Mo Betta

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    That's one of your best so far!
  304. Mo Betta

    1992 Truline Sport Cat $1400

    Thanks. My 4 stroke is a 15".
  305. Mo Betta

    1992 Truline Sport Cat $1400

    15" transom or 20?
  306. Mo Betta

    Wellcraft Sportsman 1984/ 2000 Mercury 200hp $6800

    Yup, still have mine. Great riding hull for a great price.
  307. Mo Betta

    Dean Herrera (Hurricane) RIP 5-5-2016

    He was a great guy, rest in peace Dean.
  308. Mo Betta

    PB Corbina @ MB dog beach

    That's a TOAD!
  309. Mo Betta

    To upgrade or not wellcraft

    I have the same boat as you. I can almost guarantee that your fuel tank will need to be replaced. ( I did mine last year ) Better to do it now then after you have sunk a bunch of money into upgrades. Oh and access to the fuel tank isn't the same as getting it out from under the deck.
  310. Mo Betta

    To upgrade or not wellcraft

    Your going to need a new fuel tank. To get that monster out you'll need to remove the upper deck or cut a bulkhead out. It's a great hull and I do love the way it cuts through the slop.
  311. Mo Betta

    12 Livingston w/ 15 Honda and Pac Galv Trailer

    Jim has a really clean Livingston that's totally set up for fishing. Brand new pacific trailer, Honda OB is brand new. It's in too good of shape for what I want it for. I need one thats down to the basic hull so I can build a fly fishing/casting deck on the front, a few storage hatches and...
  312. Mo Betta

    12 Livingston w/ 15 Honda and Pac Galv Trailer

    I'm looking for a clean hull....
  313. Mo Betta

    So Cal fly fishing?

    Hey Nate , You can drop any extra cash you have here....
  314. Mo Betta

    Hauchinango chewing in Loreto

    Barred Pargo The fish in the OP post look like huachinango, but there is also fish called Pargo Lisa that looks similar when they are that size. I usually call Dog Tooth Snapper by the name Cubera so that my skipper knows what I'm looking for.
  315. Mo Betta

    1963 Glasspar Sunliner reborn into a pocket Lobster boat

    Looks good Gregg, I've always loved that hull design. I'm hooked on fishin Calicos on the fly, so I'll be watching this thread. Im thinking I need a bigger casting deck then standing on the bow of my Klamath.
  316. Mo Betta

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    Those Donkeys pull hard! Congrats!
  317. Mo Betta

    Punta Pescadero

    Rent some Quads from Quadman in Los Barriles. Kayak over the reefs out in front of your hotel (if it's calm) I don't know if the Whale Sharks are in that zone during April. I'm sure you can get a Panga to take you fishing and swimming with the Whale sharks or Rays if you come upon them. That's...
  318. Mo Betta

    Offshore Swimming?

    I've been known to jump over the side and change a prop before. The wind and the current can really surprise you if you've never experienced it. Make sure someone is on board and can run the boat.
  319. Mo Betta

    To Salute or NOT to Salute – BloodyDecks Sticker Etiquette

    It never gets old LOL. I need a new sticker for the new truck.
  320. Mo Betta

    ? about point loma kelp...

    There is some kelp long enough to reach the surface in PL. Just fish your normal locations, deep and slow. Lots of big fish lately.
  321. Mo Betta

    Doubled Up x 4 2015 Yellowfin Tuna

    Ah man I haven't heard that sound of spectra screamin through rod guides in a long time. Thanks for the reminder.
  322. Mo Betta


    Yeah I shot the Spartan Race out there in January. They had the racers cut across the shorelines of that bay and cross that nasty mud.
  323. Mo Betta

    LJ-2-14-16 report

    Ah see, I released it last week and a kid was able to catch him again, take him home and have a story to tell. The kid is now hooked on the outdoors and fishing and will probably spend less time playing video games. Isn't that why we release fish? For the next generation?
  324. Mo Betta

    HEY! You're not a Calico!!!

    That's not a normal species for you guys is it?
  325. Mo Betta

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    Saturday...2-13. The very large swell came in and it was almost breaking across the MB channel. The fog had visibility down to 50-75 yards on the outside. No current in PL, along with red crabs made for tough fishing. Got a few small ones, but we called it early. We didn't want to get caught...
  326. Mo Betta

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    That's because it's a Calico with really light colors. It pulled like BSB.
  327. Mo Betta

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    Just to make things are NOT in San Diego and you DO NOT mean Pacific Marine in San Diego......
  328. Mo Betta

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    I think the key was there was no red crab in PL. Today it was all over LJ. To answer your question, yes there is a little kelp left in PL but we didn't hook up in it. It's like a different fishery out there now.....
  329. Mo Betta

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    2-9 Fished La Jolla in the AM until the tide slacked out. Tried for some YT and WSB, it wasn't happening. So we went in to fish Calicos. It's hard to figure out where to fish because all for the structure (kelp) is gone. Warbaits fished low and slow was the ticket as was staying away from the...
  330. Mo Betta

    Galvanized trailer 14'

    Can you give me a width between the tires?
  331. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    No water seal, just a couple of coats of thick exterior paint. Fly fishing for Calicos....I'm not real good at it yet, but man when your stripping in your line and you watch them grab that's like nothing else.
  332. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    I used some cardboard to make a template and then I just used some 5/8 plywood and exterior paint on both sides. When it starts to get nasty I'll use the old floors as templates and make new ones.
  333. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    Mission Bay...Dana Landing for both.
  334. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    Looks good. I fish Point Loma and La Jolla.
  335. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    No, it's a deep cycle marine battery so it gets charged every couple of trips. As far as electronics, I only have is a chart plotter/fish finder. I may get a bow mounted trolling motor to more easily reposition in the kelp. Let's see your Klamath Issac
  336. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    I know and I've been jonesin for something just like your panga so I can put a big flyfishing platform on the bow. But then again I never met a boat I didn't like.
  337. Mo Betta

    bait tank

    Round or oval and about 15 gallons. I would check out some of the kayak set ups and upgrade things from there. Kayakers use timers and removable tanks. Most of the reason for me having a 14' Klamath is to keep things simple and easy. You start adding extra batteries, plumbing lines, discharge...
  338. Mo Betta

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

    That's really cool Alex.
  339. Mo Betta

    How to remove old, dry marine growth from aluminum?

    I dragged mine up the beach in front of Verdugos, cleaned up great.
  340. Mo Betta

    9.8 Nissan 4-stroke with a Gregor 15?

    Do they have the same size transom?
  341. Mo Betta

    Need a sprayer to wash trailer in parking lot after launching boat.

    Yeah but it's not chrome or as much fun
  342. Mo Betta

    Need a sprayer to wash trailer in parking lot after launching boat.

    How about a fire extinguisher that uses water. You could recharge at home and add a little salt away to the water. Just hit the brakes and springs after you launch.
  343. Mo Betta

    New Kitchen Needed

    Thanks Carl. Derek, give me a call 619-850-5466
  344. Mo Betta

    16' Livingston PROJECT

    I would be a owner if it were in So Cal. Good luck with the sale!
  345. Mo Betta

    23' mako makeover

    American Tanks in La Mesa. Pull the tank in one piece and bring it to them. They will make the new one match up with the old one.
  346. Mo Betta

    WTS Riptide 40# thrust Trolling Motor

    What's the shaft length?
  347. Mo Betta

    Gas Wall Heater...

    But hey...Merry Christmas LOL
  348. Mo Betta

    Someone school me on sewer pipes

    Wait for the camera report. They will mark the area where the break is and tell you the condition of the rest of the sewer system.
  349. Mo Betta

    17" Logic project boat

    Sending PM Arnie
  350. Mo Betta

    Best small boat for SD?

    So buy another Wellcraft.... If that ones sold, PM me I may sell you mine.
  351. Mo Betta

    1998 Grady 272 Sailfish has a new home

    Nice sled J ! I predict next summer will be Mo Betta then this year.
  352. Mo Betta

    China building islands on coral reefs, where's Greenpeace/Sea Shepherd?

    You mean building landing strips and naval bases.
  353. Mo Betta

    Fly reel

    Sorry for the late reply. I ended up getting a Hatch 7plus Finatic 7-9wt. Beautiful reel, fully sealed drag system and made in Vista Ca. I have yet to catch anything big enough to really test it to the limit, but when I do you will know about it. This one fly fishing set up is the most I've...
  354. Mo Betta

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    Hey fuck you guys LOL I'm in the couldn't even get out enough to make it happen club. You know that next year WILL be even better.
  355. Mo Betta

    Condolences to Mikey Likes It

    Sorry for the loss of your parents Mike.
  356. Mo Betta

    Way inshore

    Good stuff Sam, thanks for the report and including the water conditions.
  357. Mo Betta

    Half Day

    The kelp was really thick before lobster season, now it's all chopped up. Thanks for the report!
  358. Mo Betta

    92 Calibogie Skiff

    Someone buy this boat before I do.
  359. Mo Betta

    Concrete, Stucco, Electrician, Roofer

    I have a project that I have the inside track on. Project is in San Diego, it's a garage with a bathroom. Please be licensed and insured. PM for the details
  360. Mo Betta

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    Is that WSB I hear croaking in the background or the bugs rubbing antennas? Great video!
  361. Mo Betta

    10 daze SOB

    Another great trip Woody! I'm hoping to pet the whales with Shari in Feb
  362. Mo Betta

    Wahoooo day 4 got mine BABY!

    Congrats Bill, glad you finally got one!
  363. Mo Betta

    Today sucked

    It sucked for me too, I had to work.
  364. Mo Betta

    Fishing Guadalupe Island

    Visiting Guadalupe, Great Whites, NatGeo Photogs and Panga fishing off Guadalupe, that's one hell of a trip!
  365. Mo Betta

    Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Great job Mark! Good thing you had the 7D on board.
  366. Mo Betta

    1985 Wellcraft Sportsman 248 w/ 2006 Yamaha 225- Low Hours

    I have the same boat. Rides great, faster is smoother, it's a deep vee and should top out around 40 mph. 2.5-3 mpg at about 25mph, 13k is a steal. Sorry to hear about the cancer Tim. Kick its ass!
  367. Mo Betta

    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Gary have you ever driven down the peninsula? If you have not, then your missing out. Small fishing villages, sea caves, petroglyphs that are not on maps, old mines, surf fishing on a empty beach, chasing Roosters from shore, old missions, the original El Camino Real, just to name a few things...
  368. Mo Betta

    Bahia Asuncion

    One of my favorite places. Thanks for the report
  369. Mo Betta

    Aluminum boat

    One of my favorite things to do
  370. Mo Betta

    Aluminum boat

    Sure you can take your 12' out to the PL kelp, even La Jolla if the conditions are right. I've had my 14' out 18 miles in good conditions. The trick is knowing when the conditions are going to change and knowing what to do if your caught out there. Take it slow and get to know how your boat...
  371. Mo Betta

    'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Congrats Mark, didn't even have to run to the East Cape for the Hoo!
  372. Mo Betta

    Baja Travel Clubs- Need info

    Discover Baja, off of Regents. Stop by, see the girls, ask questions, and you'll know your in the right place.
  373. Mo Betta

    Marlin, Yellowfin, Bluefin, Dorado and Swordfish within10 miles CI Harbor

    Please send our fish back down south after your done playing with them. Crazy year!
  374. Mo Betta

    PL Mix bag on the JRI 4

    Hey Eric, I fished PL kelp this morning. No current....slow fishing. Managed a couple of Bonies on the fly and a calico. No dog problems at the kelp line.
  375. Mo Betta

    WANTED: 21'-25' Cuddy Walk-Around, Outboard Preferred

    Mine might be right there with a aluminum trailer. PM me if your interested. 1985 Wellcraft, 2006 Suzuki 225 4 stroke, new gas tank.
  376. Mo Betta

    Please identify my fish

    Short bill spearfish and bump that shutter speed up!
  377. Mo Betta

    45 lb Yellow caught of MB

    Off the Jetty?
  378. Mo Betta

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    Incredible story. Thanks for all of the work you did. I grew up on Guam, lots of history still tucked back in the jungle.
  379. Mo Betta

    DP Offshore You win some..........

    Thats so he can deliver ice offshore. Still killin it Andy!
  380. Mo Betta

    Everyone back to school yahoo Touristas are gone

    That's what Fall fishing is all about, warmest water of the year and less boats.
  381. Mo Betta

    9/7 pt. loma. drop off. bonito

    We were out fishing inside the kelp this morning. No current, but had warm clear water. Slow Calico fishing. You made the right call trolling for Bonita. I may have to shoot out tomorrow afternoon with the fly rod, thanks for the report.
  382. Mo Betta

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Hang in the Mike! Stay positive and keep looking forward. Every step of treatment being a milestone and that much closer to being clear of this. We beat Breast Cancer almost 2 years ago.
  383. Mo Betta

    solo striper west of lajolla

    Solo Local Striper!!!!!! Congrats! There are only a few of us who have done it! The Patch is in the mail
  384. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    Empty stomach....28.5# I thought for sure it was over 30.
  385. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    We had to shut off the GoPro and take a moment to calm down. Every time I got her back up and planed out for gaff shot she would go ballistic! Oh yeah and yes my thumb is on the spool! Here's a better shot of the fish if your going to guess the weight. She was 42"
  386. Mo Betta

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    I had the same thing happen with my Suzuki 225. That's a long ride home pumping that bulb. I did mine, pretty easy. I looked yours up, very similar. These guys had the best price that I found. Go here and click on diagram.. and...
  387. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    Fished the PLK tide swing this morning in the Klamath. 3rd cast with the new flyrod as a school of Yellows pass under the boat. I get owned.....Steve your right, " you need good drags when need it, what's going to happen when a Yellow grabs your Calico fly". Calicos bite was great while the...
  388. Mo Betta

    Fly reel

    I was hoping you'd chime what quality reel with good drags are you talking about?
  389. Mo Betta

    Fly reel

    I just upgraded my 8wt Redington crosswater ($89) to a Sage Motive. I can now accurately hit 60-80' without really too much effort. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it did for me. I have the Redington large arbor reel on the Sage for now. I'm shopping for a new reel...
  390. Mo Betta

    1987 22' Westcoaster Bayrunner

    Lift the floor boards and look for broken welds and stringers.
  391. Mo Betta

    Boat Rewire Question

    I think you need to upgrade to a 200 amp panel....your going to need to pull a permit. :frehya2: On a serious note, Blue seas make a battery combiner that works great
  392. Mo Betta


    Exactly! Which is why I'm in on the group buy. I added the drifting boat info because I don't think it's something anyone really thinks about unless it's brought up or they have been there and done that.
  393. Mo Betta


    I'm in... But please remember that if the wind is up and you go over you probably won't be able to catch your now dead in the water drifting boat. You don't believe me? Try almost happened to me while changing my prop damaged by a Mola offshore.
  394. Mo Betta

    f/s 2008 klamath 14.6ft w/ 20 yamaha 4stroke 3000

    I have the exact same setup. 11 miles per gallon, tops out at about 25mph. The most economical, low maintenance, fun and back to the basics boat I've ever owned. Someone should jump on this.
  395. Mo Betta

    4X4 alignment shop in east county

    I've had good luck with Truline on Bradley. F350, Burb, 4Runner etc.
  396. Mo Betta

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Great job! Can you post up a few shots of your boat? I'm seriously thinking of down grading the boat size and number(selling the Wellcraft and the Klamath) and getting back to simple and relatively easy.
  397. Mo Betta

    Check your Death Bolt

    That's why I bumped this to the top. He is a BD member. A few days prior to this accident we had another in Dana Point.
  398. Mo Betta

    Dad update - bad

    So sorry to hear about this. Thank you for sharing all of the information so that we can once again be reminded of Safety.
  399. Mo Betta

    Check your Death Bolt

    I'm bumping this to the top because of 2 very recent deaths.....check your steering and wear your life jacket atleast when your running.
  400. Mo Betta

    Fly Tying Station

    Wow that's really looking good.
  401. Mo Betta

    Removing and reinstalling a gast tank center console Question

    That's a whole different thread....I didn't use foam on mine. My thinking is that the foam will hold moisture and rot the tank out. Lots of opinions on the subject, pick one that makes sense to you and go for it.
  402. Mo Betta

    Removing and reinstalling a gast tank center console Question

    If you decide to replace the tank, American Tanks in La Mesa makes a nice product. When you go to pull the old one out, don't cut it into pieces. The way the old tank comes out is the way the new tank will go back in. Bring the old tank to American Tanks and they will match everything back up...
  403. Mo Betta

    Removing and reinstalling a gast tank center console Question

    Just in case you didn't read it. You might as well go ahead and do the nasty....
  404. Mo Betta

    Which GoPro do you guys use?

    My son Nate uses the GoPro4 black. This was shot at 1080p 80fps.
  405. Mo Betta

    8/6/15 Boat ride report

    Go get some Halo Halo and then get back out there!
  406. Mo Betta

    Finally headed south

    Living the dream! Nice way to roll into Cabo with a big Blue on deck.
  407. Mo Betta

    2nd Tongue?

    I don't know if this helps, but I was having a hard time getting the Klamath off the trailer. I had the bunks too long. I shortened them up and it floats right off.
  408. Mo Betta

    Bow Tank in Skiff

    6 gallon tank in the bow of my 14' Klamath, connected to a 20hp Yama 4 stroke, no problem.
  409. Mo Betta

    Living the Dream 7.30.15

    Sounds like a perfect day to me.
  410. Mo Betta

    Dave Hansen Incredible Fisherman

    He's a great American fisherman, he'll fish anywhere. Anywhere there's water, Lord knows he'll be there. He's just like a gypsy, mighty hard to hold. Great American fisherman, got fishin' in his soul.
  411. Mo Betta

    WTB: Need Raymarine Raystar 120 or Raystar 125 GPS antenna

    Been there done that. Try this...
  412. Mo Betta

    7/23 & 7/25 trip report

    Good seeing you Rob. The real show was at about 530-6am LOL
  413. Mo Betta

    7/23 & 7/25 trip report

    We ran out on Thursday on Mo Betta and had to the low pressure fuel pump go out. 23 miles of primer bulb pumping just to get back at troll speed. Tough day but we did stop a few times to fish and take a break. New pump $500 on order. Ran out on Caballito (14' Klamath) today. The line for bait...
  414. Mo Betta

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    We saw the same thing today,couldn't get them to go. The bait they were keyed into looked like small Sauries.
  415. Mo Betta

    Reel Adventure II gets the luck today,,,7/24/2015

    Thanks Gary, weather looks good enough for a run in the Klamath.
  416. Mo Betta

    YFT from the Jetty!!

    You have a good chance at getting yellowtail tuna.
  417. Mo Betta

    Suzuki 225 fuel issue

    Just to follow up and provide info. Removed the low pressure fuel pump and hooked it up to a 12volt adapter. No pumping. Checked the solder connections, plug etc. Tapped it with a screw driver handle a few times......bzzzzzzz. Now it's working. I found nothing out of the ordinary in my fuel...
  418. Mo Betta

    Suzuki 225 fuel issue

    We got it up to 24 knots for a little bit but couldn't keep up with the gph burn at that speed. She ran prefect as long as we were pumping that bulb. I'll check the other items first, but shouldn't I be able to hear the LP pump come on?
  419. Mo Betta

    Suzuki 225 fuel issue

    Yesterday we headed North from MB. Find our first paddy at 7am near Carlsbad. Motor kinda sputters then dies. Checked everything. Only way to keep it running is to pump the primer bulb, for 23 miles all the way home. After we got home I pulled the fuel bowl and emptied it out, it was clean...
  420. Mo Betta

    North County-07/22nd

    Thanks for the Quick Report!
  421. Mo Betta

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    I'll be following this closely. I'm planning on doing the same thing this winter.
  422. Mo Betta

    I need Trailer Hubs.

    San Diego trailer supply
  423. Mo Betta

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Where's the 10 pounder? LOL Great job Matt! That's one hell uv a fish. The Patch is in the mail.
  424. Mo Betta

    I wonder how the offshore weather is today?

    I knew I made the right call while eating a squid sammich at Point Loma Seafood. Lots of lightning offshore.
  425. Mo Betta

    Tin can tuna

    I'm still trying to get one in the Klamath. Looks like perfect conditions, great job Josh!
  426. Mo Betta

    Mckee craft 18 pulse pilot house build

    Hafa Adai Glen, looks good.
  427. Mo Betta

    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    Thanks for the report John, I think we were heading out at the same time. (14' Klamath) A 50# BFT is one hell of a way to save the day. I may head back out tomorrow.
  428. Mo Betta

    Nice Dorado at upper 9 - 7/11

    Good job! I left MB about the same time with the same results except for the Dorado. 47 miles in my 14'er for the stripe.
  429. Mo Betta

    First blood

    Thanks for the report, going solo tomorrow in the 14'.
  430. Mo Betta


    Lost my Mom last year, it's very hard. Sometimes the grief will just hit me like a ton of bricks. When it hits you, just remember she is never any further then your heart. Let me know if you need anything Mike. I have some bricks to brush off now.....
  431. Mo Betta

    Off the grid for a while.

    Sorry to hear that Max.
  432. Mo Betta

    Friday 6/26 BFT w/ no luck

    Same for us today. It was a fishing trip this time, maybe a catching trip next time!
  433. Mo Betta

    Prayers for nicest guy in the world

    You got it Mike. Sorry to hear about this.
  434. Mo Betta

    6/21 on the 9

    Great job! Let me guess, you used maybe 5-6 gallons of fuel?
  435. Mo Betta

    Cates is Selling the New Loann

    Fuckin Stan....always knew who was callin at 2AM LOL.
  436. Mo Betta

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    That looks great, might just sell my boat and fish with you guys!
  437. Mo Betta

    yft in june top of the nine. June 1

    We have both driven thousands of miles for fish like that. This year looks like they came to us Mark! Congrats!!!!
  438. Mo Betta

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    I fish solo or with my kid most of the time....
  439. Mo Betta

    5/31/15 La Jolla Calicos

    1. Where you fished: La Jolla kelp in the 14' Klamath 2. What you caught: Calicos and asst bottom dwellers 3. What the bait conditions were: Acres of bait, but we used WarBaits 4. What the sea conditions Flat greasy calm at times 5. What worked and what did not What did not work....trying to...
  440. Mo Betta


    Thanks for still listening/looking out for us while we are out there.
  441. Mo Betta

    Is my radio working???

    This is ( boat name ) looking for a radio check any skipper, I'm testing out a new antenna, any help ok? Try that early morning, later in the day radio checks turn into fish checks and pain in the asses.
  442. Mo Betta

    302, north to the 182 and into LJ

    Thanks for the tough report Paul, helps with the over all picture. See ya on the water soon.
  443. Mo Betta

    My Daughters 2nd grade Dolphin research project (video)

    I'm so glad I don't have daughters. They would have me wrapped around their little finger. You are a great Dad, Mike.
  444. Mo Betta

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    It's never ending....Mo Money, Mo Problems.
  445. Mo Betta

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    Try San Diego Tire and Wheel in Kearny Mesa.
  446. Mo Betta

    A message from Otto

    That's the last time I saw Otto too. Standing out in the street protesting the MLPA with the rest of us. Great job!
  447. Mo Betta

    Got "Ben"

    Careful with the poison, they like go and hide somewhere dark to die. I had a client that had us pull a bathroom apart because the smell was so strong and lasted so long. Found 4 dead Norwegians behind the bathtub.
  448. Mo Betta

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    I usually brake check Ali then give him the finger
  449. Mo Betta

    IATTC Scientific Advisory Committee meeting 5/11- 5/15/2015

    Thanks for everything Joe
  450. Mo Betta

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Great job Tito, nice to see the next generation out fishing with Dad. This year is going to be off the chain, see you on the water!
  451. Mo Betta

    2005 Toyota 4 runner V8

    I absolutely love mine.
  452. Mo Betta

    Scribner Family Update

    That's funny Nate was the same way at that age. Look up Hard Hat Harry Videos.
  453. Mo Betta

    17ft baja bayrunner

    Ok, I'm was thinking about selling the big boat and thought maybe if you were moving up...
  454. Mo Betta

    17ft baja bayrunner

    You moving up Jake?
  455. Mo Betta

    14' Gregor upgrade

    It did, ordered 3 sets.
  456. Mo Betta

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Thanks Jeff!
  457. Mo Betta

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Great job, where did you get the LED light strip?
  458. Mo Betta

    17ft baja bayrunner

    Somebody buys this before I have 3 boats.
  459. Mo Betta

    unknown boat problems......

    As much as it sucks, you bought it. He gave you terms and even signed over the title to you before you were paid in full. I don't think he would of done any of that if he knew that the boat had a issues. Trust... Most of us have been there and done that on boat purchases and repairs that you...
  460. Mo Betta

    NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    Kind of like the way things went with the MLPA meetings. 2% of the fishermen showed up..... I sent in my comments, but I'm not optimistic.
  461. Mo Betta

    Spotfin NOC 4/24

    Great job on the fly
  462. Mo Betta

    My new to me aluminum

    Very cool Jay! I love my little Klamath. Let's hit the 9 this summer and get a Carp!
  463. Mo Betta

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Mike your a GREAT Dad. I just don't see the court system taking away your 50/50 custody. I just saw this post and wanted to tell you I've got your back. Hang in there brother.
  464. Mo Betta

    sandcrab question

    Oh and PM me the location of the sand crab bed LOL
  465. Mo Betta


    Or just look for bait puddling and slow troll a green back up top and watch them come up and stalk your bait. Let them slap it a few times then drop the bait back like its stunned ( because it will be ) and let them eat it. Circle hook, let them turn and come tight and don't swing. J hook, come...
  466. Mo Betta

    Aros Trailers Guys Gone to Escondido

    Let me know what you think of them. I'm going to need some trailer work done. Hubs/bearings/brakes.
  467. Mo Betta

    Aros Trailers Guys Gone to Escondido

    Let me know what you think of them. I'm going to need some trailer work done. Hubs/bearings/brakes.
  468. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Calicos 4/3/2015

    I saw them fishing walls and boiler rocks at SCI, so I guess it's to get deeper, stay in contact with the fly and get past the smaller fish. I'm going to fish what I have for now. I'll upgrade as I get better at it. There were a few fish that I wasn't ready for or able to stop. Get that fly!
  469. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Calicos 4/3/2015

    That's a Yanks Asassin fly. I'm fishing a 8wt rod with a Rio striper 300 grain sink tip and about 5' of floro for a leader. I've been checking out "The Calico Syndicate" on YouTube. They are fishing 800-900 grain lines on 10wt rods to get deeper in the water column. I get that part, but one of...
  470. Mo Betta

    Point Loma Calicos 4/3/2015

    The other day I stopped by to see Pete Piconi at So Cal Fly Shop. I needed new fly line and asked about a fly for Calicos. He said " I've got THE FLY for Calicos", great give me 2. So today I headed out of MB solo in the Klamath and turned left to give fly fishing for Calicos a shot. It didn't...
  471. Mo Betta

    "SOLD" !!!! For Sale: 2003 29' Amato (Marlin)

    I thought that boat looked familiar LOL
  472. Mo Betta

    La Jolla YT 31MAR15 (not April Fools yet)

    Thanks for the report Jason. I may take the Klamath out in AM. Undecided on fly fishing or chasin tails. Great job on the YT!
  473. Mo Betta

    Point Loma 3/28

    Thanks guys, really just a test run for the Klamath with a few nice fish thrown in. I'm hoping for warm water and smooth seas this season!
  474. Mo Betta

    Point Loma 3/28

    Nate and I headed out in the Klamath to Point Loma from Mission Bay. Hit the early tide swing to see if we could find some Calicos. Found a clear spot with some current in about 65' of water. Got a couple of nicer grade Calicos (1 & 2 pounders) and some rockfish before the current shut off...
  475. Mo Betta

    What boat would you get with a budget of 15k?

    How big is your tow vehicle?
  476. Mo Betta

    What boat would you get with a budget of 15k?

    I don't think your going to find anything in your price range and size your looking for that gets a true 4 mpg. Bigger heavier boat without a diesel, 2.25-3.25 running with a empty bait tank, fuel tanks drawn down, down swell and with the wind.
  477. Mo Betta

    Happy Birthday Mo Betta

    Thanks guys, 1/2 Century ! Yes, heading south once by cruise ship in June, the other by 4Runner. I'm looking for the worlds biggest Spotfin/CorBina or just a good time.
  478. Mo Betta

    WTB 14' Livingston with remote steering

    When I was looking for one it seemd like there were more available North of you.
  479. Mo Betta


    Go get checked out Bert. If its a clot it could kill you, or worse, you survive it and have brain damage. Wifes in Cardiovascular Medicine.
  480. Mo Betta

    Who is this young guy with a limit of bugs?

    Gato Gordo....
  481. Mo Betta

    Vibes, thoughts, prayers........

    I just found this thread. Sorry to hear about what's going on. Let me know if you need anything. Ramps, grab bars....whatever you need.
  482. Mo Betta

    2015 predictions

    A ramped up version of 2014. Water temp is still up.
  483. Mo Betta

    The road to San Francisquito

    It's been a year since I was in El Arco and Pozo Aleman. The road in from the GN side was a average Baja gravel/washboard road. The rest of the road to SF seemed better, but we didn't go all the way. Our next stop was Bahia Asuncion.
  484. Mo Betta

    RIP Mom.

    Sorry for your loss and heart ache Mike.
  485. Mo Betta

    Big Baja Spotfin Croaker

    I'm going to chase them this summer in Baja. Looks like it will be a surf fishing trip coupled with some Grouper fishing.
  486. Mo Betta

    Sparatan Race.....

    Nate and I are Photogs for Spartan Race. We've been shooting the series for 4 years now. Malibu, Temecula, Phoenix and Vegas.
  487. Mo Betta

    My personal best on Intrepid - report and slideshow :)

    Nicole from GCC Football? I didnt know you fished! Great job on the report and pics. Frank and Nate from ECS.
  488. Mo Betta


    And hot pandesal....?
  489. Mo Betta

    San Diego fuel tank builder

    American tanks in La Mesa
  490. Mo Betta

    Whale Fuckin' with US at Coronado Canyon on 11/16

    Hey Howie, Shari on BN has a LOT of experience with Grey whales, may ask her for some insight. We had a big Blue come right up to us as we were quietly drifting offshore. First time I had ever been covered in Blue Whale breath
  491. Mo Betta

    Chunks is all grown up

    Congrats Travis, it's been a pleasure watching you grow up.
  492. Mo Betta

    Solo skiff

    Get a 14' aluminum. That solo skiff looks tippy and too small for a bait tank or a large tackle bag, but too big to try to launch without a trailer. I'm sure you can get the hull down to the water by hand (130#s) but then you have to attach the motor and load your gear.
  493. Mo Betta

    Solo Marlin Adventure 9/28

    My solo trips have been some of the best trips. Solo Marlin and Threshers sure will test you to the limit. A little dangerous sure, but sometimes that's what you want, to stand on the edge, by yourself. Congrats on the solo trip, remember when you get her to leader, (and you will do it) no...
  494. Mo Betta

    The Perfect Boat

    You gotta have more then 1 boat. One for offshore, one for inshore, freshwater and Baja.
  495. Mo Betta

    9/22 - I guess this qualifies as offshore

    Hell I could hit that with 14' Klamath, if I wasn't buried with work. Thanks for the report Steve.
  496. Mo Betta

    226/302/230/371 Tues

    Now that's how you do a report, thanks for taking the time Larry.
  497. Mo Betta

    Marlin near 371

    Great Job Mark!
  498. Mo Betta

    Plastic Marlin Fin Location

    It's a little early for the Pesky decoys. Looks pretty real!
  499. Mo Betta

    Striped Marlin Release Question

    Great release, tail thumping, good color, no blood. I think that the local striped marlin fight harder then the ones in southern Baja. Cooler water maybe...
  500. Mo Betta

    Pt. Loma Evening Session. New PB Calico almost 9lbs

    That's one hell of a fish !
  501. Mo Betta

    Elephant Tuna????

    I caught 4. Long peanut soak with a monkey circle hook. Tried to get them on the banana jig but kept trunk hooking them.
  502. Mo Betta

    9/4/14 video added

    I think the one I'm wearing is the first ones they came out with. I thought Mots and I were the only ones that bought them. How about it Ali?
  503. Mo Betta

    9/4/14 video added

    Let me know next time your headed out, just noticed you have a 19' Mako
  504. Mo Betta

    Yellowfin Tuna 226 Video Report

    Nice edit Corey, I'm liking that picture in picture you added. What software are you using?
  505. Mo Betta

    video my buddy made 9-4-14

    Great video, guy on the butterfly jig was workin it!
  506. Mo Betta

    9/4/14 video added

    Boats running great! I had to rebuild my hydraulic steering ram, bleed the seastar system, easy fix! Added video to the original post...
  507. Mo Betta

    9/4/14 video added

    Great scoop of slimy sardines at MB this morning. Headed out towards the 226/302 area. Sea state was 2' chop with an occasional 3-4 just to make sure you were paying attention. Cruised out at 13-14 knots to keep the bait alive. Lots of kelps west of the 226 and south towards the 230, all...
  508. Mo Betta

    fishing line in prop

    Plien time?
  509. Mo Betta

    9/1 Fished the tuna pen

    Thanks for the report Jim.
  510. Mo Betta

    Best Time EVER! Sat 8/30 at 302

    Front Page !!!! Great job Nikolai.
  511. Mo Betta

    Hammerhead fast and agile are they? SCARY, that's how....

    Eh, they only eat fish, nothing to worry about. Jump in and get us a exact species ID. Scalloped, Great etc Just have someone on deck ready to throw a tuna LOL
  512. Mo Betta

    Dana Tuna from my skiff.

    Jim what size Suzuki are you running now?
  513. Mo Betta

    Full Speed Local Tuna – 8/30

    Shearwaters sitting on the water....thanks for that tip.
  514. Mo Betta

    9/1 - Heading out in the AM - Cancelled due to wind!

    Good call Steve, too many good days to fish in crappy weather.
  515. Mo Betta

    The End of an Era...

    Sorry to see your Dad passed on Scott. He lived a great life and left a great legacy.
  516. Mo Betta

    Helmut today "Corner", 43, 182

    Did you get your bait tank sorted out? Good seeing you the other day.
  517. Mo Betta

    Captain Fred Archer Celebration of Life Sept 13th

    I'm still fishing my Archer bars!
  518. Mo Betta

    8/28 plugged the boat at the corner

    You guys are going to grow fins...
  519. Mo Betta

    08/27 The Corner and 302

    This year sure isn't like any of the previous years. So many fish swimming past San Diego, instead of San Diego being the upper limit of the fish.
  520. Mo Betta

    Anybody in o'side or dana w/ a boat and a Flying Gaff desperate

    I don't think Travis ( fishn4life ) could even drive a car at this time, now he is a Captain! That sure will put some age on ya.
  521. Mo Betta

    425 area august 26

    Been there, done that. Thanks for the report. Next time Mikey!
  522. Mo Betta

    Man sure messed up this time!

    Great video! Eh we all had days like that, next time.
  523. Mo Betta

    Last fishing trip of my single life.

    I'm going to bump a more exciting thread up from the past ....
  524. Mo Betta

    8-20 302 YFT Finally killing fish again

    Yeah let's get the band back together !!!
  525. Mo Betta

    8-20 302 YFT Finally killing fish again

    Great to see you back on the pond Mark!
  526. Mo Betta

    Sofia Rose going south tonight

    Good Luck Lee! Load the boat.
  527. Mo Betta


    Thanks, see you guys on the water !
  528. Mo Betta

    302 8/17/14

    Autopilot should be banned. We were almost ran over last week too, samething, big boat, little brain.
  529. Mo Betta

    advice on local marlin needed

    I knew you were that kinda guy! This year has been a long time coming. What you see out there now isn't what we have had for many years now. That Marlin nut link is gold. I will say this, local striped marlin fight harder then the ones down in warmer water. Good Luck!
  530. Mo Betta

    advice on local marlin needed

    You want all of that your first year? Go out and fish, read the signs out on the water, make notes, learn to read a fish report by the things it doesn't say. Screw up and ask questions. It's the journey, that makes you a better fisherman.
  531. Mo Betta

    08-14-14 ** 182, 181,209 and 15 miles from land honey hole...

    WTG Deno! 15 miles from shore...are we driving past the fish?
  532. Mo Betta

    Ban on fishing tuna pens!

    How is "Mexico fucking with us again"? BFT is open, but they don't want anyone right next to the pens. No one should be that close to the pens, it's what started all of this BS to begin with.
  533. Mo Betta


    We had sardines, some of which were actually slimey.
  534. Mo Betta


    Grabbed a scoop at MB, no line. Headed towards the 371, with a detour to the 302. We found a nice size hammerhead that wouldn't let us get close enough for a photo and so we kept heading south. The morning was slow for us. We cruised the high spot and found some puddlers on 2 eyes and a...
  535. Mo Betta

    Bait keeps dying

    The bait supply has been tough. Demand is up, not allowing any cure time and the water is warm. Slow down heading out, the bait is fragile.
  536. Mo Betta

    Bait pump...

    Yup, back ordered at WM. Looked at my receipt for the pump, it was 4 years old. Looks like Amazon has it. Thanks guys
  537. Mo Betta

    Bait pump...

    Yeah could be, I've never had that much die off before. I think this one has about that many hours on it. I've got 2 back to back trips that I'm trying to make sense of. The bait pump is definitely an issue.
  538. Mo Betta

    Bait pump...

    I've been using the Rule 1100 tournament series pumps. 2 trips out it started making noise so I pulled it out, it had a little eel grass. Next trip out, no sound and no water flow. Pulled it out, it was clean. Clipped it back in, it's squeeling, but working, sort of. Killed a scoop of bait out...
  539. Mo Betta

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    I think you may need a even bigger pilot house to fit all of your crew in there. Where are you planning on having Pops sit? He's going to want a back rest. We put my Dad in a bean bag, best seat in the house. If you want to have him try it out let me know, I'm in EC.
  540. Mo Betta

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    What about a Isenglass enclosure? Something that you can put up or take down as needed? Save the rest of the money for fuel
  541. Mo Betta

    8/9 @ the corner.

    Thanks for posting up Dave
  542. Mo Betta

    8/8/14 DONE BY 9AM YFT,YELLOWS,LEFT THEM BITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, same here. We had dines out of MB, that we're dry. Bait pump was whining and is almost dead. Bait died along with our day. Lots of puddles on 2 eyes and a wiggle.
  543. Mo Betta

    East Cape/Verdugo's last week.

    One of my favorite places! Thanks for the report
  544. Mo Betta

    boat performance

    24' Wellcraft Sportsman, 225 Suzuki 4 stroke, around 2.5 depending on conditions. 4000 rpm seems to be the sweet spot. 14' Klamath, I think it's around 10
  545. Mo Betta

    Reel Adventure II Fish Report 8.3.2014

    I'm going to add my stripe report with your Gary. We headed towards the 302 and on out to the 230. Water went down to 68.7 with zero signs of life. Turned North and followed the outside ridge on up to the 182, water was a little warmer. Went west for a bit and then ended up on the 9. Mammals...
  546. Mo Betta

    Who's going shore

    You didn't miss a thing. It was slow Sunday. To quote FD... It was an off day. Dumped my entire bait tank trying to make it happen. Hard to find paddies in the lump. I don't know, maybe boat pressure along with weather contributed to the suckage.
  547. Mo Betta

    Friday 8/1 @ the 182

    Looks like a juvenile pilotfish
  548. Mo Betta

    Navionics for your phone/tablet

    Works in Baja too, but you have to have cellular turned on, even though you cant get cell service.
  549. Mo Betta

    Paddy Poaching

    Exactly why a long drift off a kelp works. You become the paddy.
  550. Mo Betta

    Prayers and thoughts out to Maggie (Nunya)

    Sorry Maggie, hang in there
  551. Mo Betta

    Raymarine C80 - General experiences

    Only issue I've had has been the GPS puck dying an early death...3 times.
  552. Mo Betta

    Just keep fishing the pens! Can anyone translate?
  553. Mo Betta

    Paddy Poaching

    Yesterday we found a kelp in a area with a few other boats all fishing. I see a Shamrock ip on plane heading directly for us. I hail the skipper a few times, asking him to alter course or slow down. Nothing. We are 25 yards down wind from the kelp on our drift. He charges between us and the...
  554. Mo Betta

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Ah man, I hope he is ok. If I'm not fishing tomorrow I'll stop by and see how he is doing.
  555. Mo Betta

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Ah man, I hope he is ok. If I'm not fishing tomorrow I'll stop by and see how he is doing.
  556. Mo Betta

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Dick at Santee Welding on Prospect
  557. Mo Betta

    Just a note to say your all loved and missed!!!

    Hang in there Christy.
  558. Mo Betta

    Yellowfin tuna the next target?

    Thanks for posting this up Steve.
  559. Mo Betta

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    So they keep swimming up the line. It's all the same water temp, soon they will be on the US local banks. It's only July......
  560. Mo Betta

    East Cape Report 6/30 - 7/5

    Excellent fishing right now! Looks like we left as you were coming in.
  561. Mo Betta

    LJ 7/6 slow

    Thanks for the report, how was the swell/wind?
  562. Mo Betta

    North to South

    James, there is a ferry you can catch in Santa Rosalia or in La Paz to get to the mainland. Thanks Mike x2 and Mark. I still have the big truck, but we have been taking the 4runner down because it fits down the sometimes narrow trails and can turn around easier. Did I mention it will go anywhere?
  563. Mo Betta

    North to South

    Nah my wife pushed him over with a cold water bottle LOL
  564. Mo Betta

    North to South

    Yes that was us. We tried to just hand off the cold water. You know the saying no good deed goes unpunished? He fell over just after the hand off. No worse for wear, but we had to stop to make sure.
  565. Mo Betta

    North to South

    North to South trip… June 14th we flew up to Portland Oregon, grabbed a rental car and checked out the waterfalls etc. Our end destination was Silverdale Washington to visit friends. Seattle was ok, but it’s just like any other big city, full of people. We rode the Ferry across...
  566. Mo Betta

    Bola or Asuncion July 2nd?

    The road out is in great shape. Better watch the weather, looks like a storm is brewing down south. Have a back up plan.
  567. Mo Betta

    Possible tropical storm next week?

    Thanks for the link. I hope "D" doesn't get a taste of all of that warm Cortez water. The area just south of Loreto is in the middle of construction. They are pulling back the cliffs above the road and building a bridge over a vado. Add a storm and it will be a mess. The rest of the road is in...
  568. Mo Betta

    Possible tropical storm next week?

    Where did you get that info from? I'm down in Los Barriles right now. The only thing I see is a depression waaay south that, as of right now has a 60% chance of being a concern in the next 5 days. The weather has been a little strange, but that was mostly due to a small low that dissipated over...
  569. Mo Betta

    My Girls Swimming with Dolphins!

    Man they are growing up fast!
  570. Mo Betta

    Bola or Asuncion July 2nd?

    Just left Shari's, no fishing just a lay over on the way to warmer places. I will tell you these guys were on the beach at San Roque.
  571. Mo Betta


    Thanks Dave, only 30 days left
  572. Mo Betta

    How do you bleed your fish?

    A small cut behind each pec fin in addition to the above.
  573. Mo Betta

    Portable seats...bean bag chairs...I need help.

    Put the bean bags up front while your fishing and let them sit up there while your fishing. You. Plus also put them on your hardtop instead of the cuddy. Bean bags are the best seat on the boat.
  574. Mo Betta

    Wellcraft 248 Sportsman, WA Cuddy

    Yup, I have the other cousin. Best boat I've had so far.
  575. Mo Betta

    Professional Digital Camera gear for sale (like new condition)

    I need another 24-70, how much?
  576. Mo Betta

    Puget sound shrimp... don't be shy.

    What do your shrimp look like up there? Anybody have a pic of a full pot of shrimp?
  577. Mo Betta

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    I got smacked on the forearm so hard it bled. Thanks for reminder.
  578. Mo Betta

    Have You Ever Wonder How To Throw Iron?

    Atleast 100 yds.... when the line snaps
  579. Mo Betta

    You need a roofer? Open me

    Thanks Laz.
  580. Mo Betta

    Not boatless anymore!

    Ill see you out there Lowell!
  581. Mo Betta


    It really must be a El Niño year! Looking forward to seeing/hearing you both on the water.
  582. Mo Betta

    Electrician, drywall etc

    I have a remodel project in Coronado. I need a licensed electrician, drywall and roofer. PM or call me 619-850-5466. Frank
  583. Mo Betta

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    Damn Deno, I'll keep an eye out for it.
  584. Mo Betta

    Baja Blast

    Make a stop and see Shari in Bahia Asuncion. Then head down to Mulege, Conception Bay, Loreto. Fish the mangroves in Mag Bay. Just keep going until you find what your looking for.
  585. Mo Betta

    San Quintin Jan 18,19,20 2014

    Boat looks great Mikey
  586. Mo Betta

    adding a fuel tank in the bow - considerations....

    So, I have to add another tank now....
  587. Mo Betta

    adding a fuel tank in the bow - considerations....

    I think it will work Mike. I would make it a separate system. Run the motor off the bow tank, then switch to the main tank after it's empty.
  588. Mo Betta

    Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

    That's a really small beach in the middle of the Pacific near Guam.
  589. Mo Betta


    You did a great job with the report and the whole tourney Mike. I did want to add a pic of a couple of hardcore Halibut guys in the rental. and the shot of everyone leaving
  590. Mo Betta

    Scary Black Friday In The Emergency Room...

    I'm glad you were able to find him. My brother has the samething and is sometimes triggered by a change in weather.
  591. Mo Betta

    Where to stay in Lopez Mateos? The guest house is done.

    Yes, more pics of the surrounding areas. I have yet to explore that area. I had no idea where to stay, until now.
  592. Mo Betta

    ***FMM Visa info for fishing Baja Coast and Coronado Islands***

    So don't buy the FMM. Don't fish the islands. The FMM set up like this, is nothing but a money grab. They are being unclear on the whole process because they aren't sure how much we are willing to pay and how much BS we are willing to put up with. Have you guys never been shaken down for a...
  593. Mo Betta

    lobster gauge question

    If it's tight, it's right. Zactly why I asked him, we tossed back a few that were right there.
  594. Mo Betta

    lobster gauge question

    Last time we were checked, no gauge count. The DFW officer did tell me that if he can slip a ticket between the gauge and the carapace, you get to keep the ticket. A smile on your face goes along ways.
  595. Mo Betta

    Happy Birthday Kurt (Aggro)

    You mean they are the same person ? LOL Happy Birthday Kurt, if thats your real name.....
  596. Mo Betta

    First Marlin after all these years

    That's great! I bet it woke that hull up. Faster is MoBetta !!!
  597. Mo Betta

    First Marlin after all these years

    Congrats Aaron! So much for selling the Wellcraft LOL
  598. Mo Betta

    Lobstering at San Diego Bay and Mission Bay... is terrible. Opening Week too.

    Thanks for throwing some reality into this David. I havent seen you in years! Hope retirement is treating you well.
  599. Mo Betta

    Chargers at Raiders

    Audio still down, maybe they should turn the video feed off too LOL
  600. Mo Betta

    Getting the bug boat ready

    So much for retirement LOL I really didnt think you would slow down.
  601. Mo Betta

    help! going to SD

    Ive seen some guys tossing swim baits for halibut down there, not sure how successful they are. You sure you dont want to jump on a 3/4 or even a 1/2 day trip since your down here?
  602. Mo Betta

    help! going to SD

    Torrey Pines state beach. Walk down towards the cliffs, fish sand crabs. Hit up the food truck in the parking lot for lunch.
  603. Mo Betta

    1st timer Hooper, building bait cages

    Glue one end, use a rubber cap on the other end. I wire mine in. 2" pipe will fit in a zip lock bag easier
  604. Mo Betta

    Yellowtail at the Middle Grounds

    Congrats guys, tell us more about the angler.
  605. Mo Betta

    Santa Monica Pier - Lobster TRAPS

    Boat owners have more money, target the money. Crime doesn't pay, people who can pay fines pay.....
  606. Mo Betta

    Meet the newest BD member,my Grandaughter.

    Congrats Frank!
  607. Mo Betta

    What ya think of this CC?

    So go on and check it out. The more boats you look at, the more you will know what you really want. If this one is a contender go on a sea trial.
  608. Mo Betta

    What ya think of this CC?

    Sure, it can do the Nados. You will want to watch the weather no matter what your in. Time on the water.
  609. Mo Betta

    Please Pray

    We are pullin for him Tom
  610. Mo Betta

    181 compass heading

    That's the 171 not the 181....
  611. Mo Betta

    What ya think of this CC?

    Hey Andrew, worth taking a look at. Make sure you check the fuel tank for corrosion. My Wife's a RCIS.
  612. Mo Betta


    IPhone5 or 4? I have the 5 and have no problems.
  613. Mo Betta

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    Romel, your pointed in the right direction. Thank you for your service.
  614. Mo Betta

    Fishing Loreto - Our first trip!

    Ah another one hooked on Baja! Looks like the start of a great trip!
  615. Mo Betta

    371 Saturday 9-21

    Thanks Mark, cracking up on the Dorado 1 forkful at a time. I think I'll bring the flyrod out to make it more sportin.
  616. Mo Betta

    WTB Raymarine Raystar 125 or 130 GPS

    Thanks Wayne! I got it hooked up and it's working. You said it doesn't show speed? Gary does yours show speed?
  617. Mo Betta

    WTB Raymarine Raystar 125 or 130 GPS

    GPS came in, any help with the updated wiring code?
  618. Mo Betta

    My Fuel tank started to leak!!! I need a referral to replace "wellcraft" center conso

    Scott, your in the trades, you can do this. Figure around $10/gallon just for the tank, plus the labor to cut the deck, remove/install the tank and replace the deck, probably more then your hull is really worth. I had the same decision with my Wellcraft. I went back and forth between getting a...
  619. Mo Betta

    First YT on the Fly!

    Great job Ryan, I'm. Hoping to get some fly action this year, can you tell me the name of that fly?
  620. Mo Betta

    WTB Raymarine Raystar 125 or 130 GPS

    Thanks guys! looks like Im going to get a hummingbird GPS puck. The Raymarine 130 with NMEA 2000 adapter is over $400. I may just get out on the water this season. Dan, Ive had my C-80 since 2006. Its been good to me, with the exception of the GPS puck going bad 2 times. I would call the...
  621. Mo Betta

    Prayers needed for my Mom

    I know what your going through Mike. I just lost my Mom 3 weeks ago. Hang in there....
  622. Mo Betta

    WTB Raymarine Raystar 125 or 130 GPS

    My Raystar 125 GPS puck died on me. I either need a gently used Raystar 125 or upgrade to the new NMEA 2000 bus and a new Raystar 130. I may just sell the C80 and upgrade to a different unit with internal GPS.
  623. Mo Betta


    Hang in there Mike. You have great kids and are doing a great job. Your there for them, everything else is just BS you have to deal with.
  624. Mo Betta

    tips for staying at Verdugo's

    Smoke house will pick up your fish at the dock. Lots of places to eat for Dinner, but dont miss breakfast at Verdugos cafe. The fishing should be a no brainer, bring what you want, the cruiser crews will have the rest. Clothing? as little as possible. Its going to be hot and humid.
  625. Mo Betta

    Trade Whaler for Inflatable?

    Hey Jeff, I brought down our 11' Inflatable with aluminum decks down to the East Cape in our 4Runner this year. 1/2 the boat was on the roof rack, the floor boards were inside with the Yamaha 20hp 4stroke. No issues, easy to inflate, lighter then my 14 Klamath and I could tow it out of the surf...
  626. Mo Betta

    Driving Loreto to La Paz for an Overnighter

    Easy somewhat boring drive. Have you been to Mulege or Conception Bay?
  627. Mo Betta

    Southern Oman & The Quest for The Monster 60kg GT! Part II

    Great report Sami, excellent photography. Thank you for showing our sport in different countries.
  628. Mo Betta

    carlsbad surf fishing help

    The sand crabs have been hanging out at the high tide line. Good Luck !
  629. Mo Betta

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    So why not hire more DFW agents so they can effectively enforce the laws we have now and go after illegal activities?
  630. Mo Betta

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    I'll take the 40 bug limit per season, and a no take female fishery. Power pullers shouldn't be allowed, unless your handicapped. That's 120 lobster for my family. How many lobsters can you really eat in a year? Family? They can get a limit, if they have a license and a card. We all know...
  631. Mo Betta

    08.10.2013 425 [email protected]@K! VIDEO!! San Diego bred captains with Russian Discipline!!

    Thanks for posting the video Nikolai, loved it. Reminded me of Nate and I when he was that age. Enjoy it, they grow up way too fast
  632. Mo Betta

    8/09/13 57 miles South, Hidden, 425

    Thanks for posting up Chuck
  633. Mo Betta

    Boy that sure does bring some memories. I had mine out as far as 60 miles. Bump for a great warm boat
  634. Mo Betta

    North 9 Yellows today 8/06

    Great job and thanks for posting up. I love those solo runs during the week.
  635. Mo Betta

    Fun day in La Jolla 8/4/13

    I went by that area with my Iphone Navionics map on, there 5 boats in the reserve. Be careful.
  636. Mo Betta

    Replacing the Raymarine

    Does your GPS puck still work? I need a raystar 125 or 130.
  637. Mo Betta

    La Jolla 8-3&4 you can add your posts here...

    We fished Saturday and Sunday early tide swing at La Jolla in the 14' Klamath. Water temp has moved from 64 to 66.5, and great visibility. Everything we caught including macks were puking up 2" squidlings. No luck on YTs before ADD set in and we went into the kelp to hunt for Calicos. They...
  638. Mo Betta

    How can I stop my backlash problems? Mono topshot over Spectra

    You sure it's not your knot getting hung up on the guides causing the back lash?
  639. Mo Betta

    One stop shopping...

    Thanks for great report with all the info !
  640. Mo Betta

    Local Patty Hunt 7/24 101 Area

    Great job Ray, nothing like a mid week run. Thanks for posting up
  641. Mo Betta

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Where was he visiting Alan?
  642. Mo Betta

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    So tell them they are right, they should just stay out of Baja. You can't change their minds, so why try? Those of us that do go to Baja know where not to go and what not to do. My family and I will continue to visit, experience and explore areas that others only dream about. Where else