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    New format bonus

    I find nearly all websites are too bright. I installed an extension to Firefox called Dark Reader that subdues the light nicely...
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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Yep, the county I just retired from is self insured in each department (health, roads, public works, sheriff, etc.). How cold did it get there? Wondering if something might have froze and broke.
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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Agreed. And one can't automatically discount the possibility that it was precipitated by a dissatisfied customer either. They can hold some serious grudges for some reason. 🤷‍♂️
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    I have used several smokers, but the best flavor I've found has come from the Chief smokers (Big and Little). My Green Mountain Grill pellet smoker has a 150 degree set-point on the low end, but it isn't consistent and gets too hot. The Bradley is good on temp control, but I prefer the flavor...
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    Safe Boats

    I don’t believe we spec’d bottom paint on ours. It will only spend 4 months a season moored, and even then it is freshwater. It will get pulled several times for service/power wash each season, so it really doesn’t need paint. I believe the boat you painted was built for Hawaii DLNR, as...
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    Safe Boats

    I ran a 23 t-top for 8+ years, and it was the best damn boat I’ve been on bar none. Nimble and fast with twin 200 Verados. That thing would make a fine fishing platform with a few mods. Their speed makes launching them into orbit off of a wave way too easy though, and those re-entries can be...
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    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    Pretty much. Had some health issues that needed sorting out. It sucked, but I think I’m back on the right track now. Didn’t even make it fishing at all in ‘18, and the Carolina Classic needs some attention that probably won’t get done in time this year. Probably going to jump on a charter...
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    Costco Chamber Sealer

    LEM appears to be made in China. No-fucking-thank-you.
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    Costco Chamber Sealer

    +1 for Thom. He hooked me up with a Sammic SE-310. With a very small bit of maintenance, my kids' kids will be using this thing. Stung like a bitch at the cash register, but I'll never experience that again.
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    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Considering truck prices, my 2001 Dodge Ram 24 valve diesel with 85K miles will last me a long time. After the truck rusts away from the Cummins, I'll toss it into some boat and run it another 10k hours. For the price of new trucks, might as well get one of these for the next boat hauler...
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    Boat Pictures

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    I'm thinking Tommy lost another "crab pot buoy" on his way to the tuna grounds. Weird how he rings his live bait stop with those damn things.
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    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    Down, but not out Matt! Took about 10 months off work to deal with some health issues. Those coincided with some motor problems in the Carolina Classic, and together they kept me off the water the entire year last year. '17 sucked. I'm back to work now though, and hoping to make it to the...
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    Worth a look. Click link, smoking deal

    Sure they didn't forget to add a '1' in front of that asking price? If it sounds too good to be true.... Offerup is a great place to fence... er, sell, stuff.
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    That'll buff right out!!

    It happened a couple years ago at Ilwaco. I walked down to my boat and saw this across the marina. Walked over and took a few shots of it. Owner was a bit pre-occupied to say the least, so I never troubled him to inquire what had happened.
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    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Here's the install of my raft several years ago. At 4'-13' deep, the hydrostatic release lets go of a spring loaded blade which cuts the black and white braided line and allows the raft to float free. Boat sinks out from under it and the red painter line pulls out from the rubber grommet on...
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    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Kind of looks like he chopped throttle and allowed the following wave to catch up and lift his stern. With it bow heavy to begin with (big box in the bow), and possible tab down, he's asking for trouble. Combine all that with a bathtub boat and you're just begging for a broach.
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    Ocean Sport boats now being built by Nordic Tug

    So are a couple of extra outboards hanging back there. Wait... never mind. :D
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    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Y'all been trolled by a pro. Hook. Line. And sinker. :jig:
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    Electra-Dyne is about the best one can do with an electric puller. If you have to use one on a Scotty base, I'd figure out a way to mount one of these.
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    Trigonometry quiz

    Purple. Because aliens don't wear hats.
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    Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Crusted Albacore Tuna

    I used a 6oz can of the almonds, which netted me almost exactly 1.5 cups after running them through the chopper. I'd say the grind was a medium-fine. It was a perfect amount for the two medium-small loins I used. The loins came off of decent sized fish, but they were the belly loins...
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    Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Crusted Albacore Tuna

    I took a stab at @Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Tuna recipe, and let me tell you, it was beyond awesome. His recipe is here: I didn't bother with the Aoili, and simply used some cheaper bottled wasabi that was probably more horseradish than wasabi, but...
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    Established builder- New walk around, outboard powered sweet boat!

    He's from Kali Howard. 'nuff said. Now twin inboard diesels with shaft and rudder would be sweet. Or even 1 big single.
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    Aint Nothin Free

    Or even better yet... beer, bait, and burger deliveries on the grounds.
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    Anybody see this tasty tidbit? Ban on all lead bases projectiles on Federal lands

    I'm not quite sure I understand the order, but it appears to be an order that will have no net effect (without a supplemental FWS order anyway). The order states: "... Sec. 3 What is the Service’s overall policy? It is the Service’s policy to: a. Require the use of nontoxic...
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    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    Yamaha or Zuk or Merc or Honda. Whoever has the best and nearest service to you. Avoid the 2S. Furuno.
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    SB Food Photos

    We did 3 racks of St. Louis cut pork ribs and a 4-cheese bacon dip with sourdough. Home-built is da bomb. Hard to buy food this good.
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    Smith and Wesson 686 w/6" barrel (Pre-Lock) .357

    Proven zombie stopper right there.
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    Pay more for less???

    Here's the fee schedule.
  31. tambs

    Please be on the look out.

    Hoping and praying for the best Pat. Hang in there brotha.
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    46029 Gone Rogue

    The NDBC buoy that's supposed to be 20 NM west of the CR Bar has decided to head to Neah early for the halibut opener. It's currently cruising north and is still reporting conditions and position despite being west of Ocean City! Impressive...
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    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    No matter how waterproof they are, they aren't salt proof. Salt in the ports will kill it fast.
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    Trade "Favors" for Moorage

    As a clarification, I only liked Hannibal's post because of his glitter bomb gif. :urno1::cheers:
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    seahawks vs lions squares

    I hope you're right. No one will be rooting for them more than I, but the realist in me fears they don't have the game this year. This years team seems to be running on twin Force outboards.
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    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Refreshing to hear this kind of ending. There are damn few builders with this kind of commitment to do the right thing. Congrats on a happy ending despite the road being bumpy. Way to go NR! So did you abandon the transmission/Konrad solution and go with DP outdrives instead, or do you...
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    Quick, someone call the 'Hawks front office and tell them the game has started!
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    What would you do?

    I'm with Ryan. Sell it since there's nothing you can't do with the 22'er that you can do with the 15. I'm also with wils. Keep it and trade the Arima in on a 26'er. Better yet, trade both in on a 30'er and pick up a kayak or drift boat for skinny water. :D
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all. May Santa bless each of you with a shiny new Ocean Sport, or the tin equivalent depending on your preference. Absent that, I hope you all have a safe and joyous holiday with loved ones. :cheers:
  40. tambs

    Raymarine Dragonfly 7 pro

    I bought Howard's Dragonfly 5 and have it installed on my kayak. The detail is impressive, and I don't have to worry about performance at speed. Thinking about buying another transducer and installing it on the Carolina and using it as a backup FF/Chartplotter. Still on the fence though.
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    Seahawks Sign`

    I'll take an illuminated one Nick if you can ship it. PayPal ok?
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    Advice on Aluminum Boat 20 foot or less

    If a pump works for you then this looks like a decent deal... kicker, low hours on the sport jet, cabin canvas, set up for fishing. I don't know anything about the Mercury Sport Jets.
  43. tambs

    Advice on Aluminum Boat 20 foot or less

    I think outboard pumps are overrated in the Columbia. HP loss and inefficiency by themselves are bad enough, but when the milfoil and stargrass are factored in they are headaches. Inboard pumps suffer the same affliction, and unless you routinely run skinny water the advantages of a pump will...
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    Advice on Aluminum Boat 20 foot or less

    I love my Valco Baja Bayrunner for just those kinds of trips you are contemplating. 21', and 5+ nmpg with its 90hp Honda. It is no speed demon. Lightweight aluminum, but all welded. Ride is kind of rough in a chop, but it planes at very low speeds. Kind of hard to find unless you go to...
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    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    I have been using a GMG for the last 5+ years. My feelings are mixed on it. It has put out some amazing meat to be sure, but it's had a few problems. Temperature control leaves a lot to be desired, and GMG customer service has not been the best. They said they were going to send me a...
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    Bottom Paint Disaster

    A Downeast Duck??? :D
  47. tambs

    Controlling cabin moisture

    What is this humidity problem you speak of? Get yourself one of these and never look back..... The downside to these are their long distance away from the salt. :(
  48. tambs

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    They were obviously panicking for toilet paper rolls. I assume 'sherbils' was a slur on gerbils (to be used in lieu of toilet paper should that prove elusive). Clearly they were out of ham sammies.
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    Sweet tuna boat.

    I'll be impressed when they make that same trip with the other half. :D
  50. tambs

    John Deere on Portland CL

    Most definitely a scam. Shipping will cost as much as the asking price.
  51. tambs

    Liferaft inspections

    I'd heard that Karen retired last year, but Jesse's departure is a surprise. He was damn sure a pleasure to deal with.
  52. tambs

    Liferaft inspections

    Viking was able to re-use my bag, and the whole thing was right at $600. My raft is a RescYou Coastal 6-man in a canister.
  53. tambs

    Liferaft inspections

    This is my raft during its re-pack at Viking there in Seattle this past spring. They do awesome work. Call and make an appointment. Jesse is da man. Jesse C. Cruz Inside Sales / Service Coordinator Viking Life-Saving Equipment (America) Inc. 1521 So. 92nd Place Suite A Seattle...
  54. tambs

    Rod and reels.

    Selling the kayak too?
  55. tambs

    Bought This

    Congrats Ryan. Sweet ride for sure. What year is she?
  56. tambs

    Boat Launch Happenings

    I have a hard time believing that thing slid into the water with the tranny in park and/or the e-brake set. That ramp was not steep enough or slimy enough to allow that. I'd be more inclined to believe that the diver set the brake or put it in park so it didn't slide further while he was...
  57. tambs

    Pintle hitch

    As mentioned already, those pintle's (in the OP's pic) are not intended to be used when connected to a typical ball coupler. They are meant to be used with a light duty lunette ring. The pintle remains open when using it with a ball coupler. That style will hammer back and forth some when...
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    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Or worse, a sail.
  59. tambs

    Anyone going out on Saturday?

    With a waveheight about the same as his LOA, and over twice the period? I'll be right behind him. Well, maybe way behind him. Say about 8-10 months behind. LOL
  60. tambs

    Anyone going out on Saturday?

    So much for the super sneaky habit of calling weather "tides". :zelfmoord .SAT NIGHT...SW WIND 40 TO 50 KT WITH GUSTS TO 55 KT...EASING TO 35 TO 40 KT WITH GUSTS TO 45 KT AFTER MIDNIGHT. COMBINED SEAS 34 FT DOMINANT PERIOD 14 SECONDS... SUBSIDING TO 32 FT DOMINANT PERIOD 14 SECONDS AFTER...
  61. tambs

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    Happy wife, happy life. She wants an enclosed head, she gets an enclosed head. You have no idea of the grief you'd be in for if you got a boat that has a porta-potty, or you simply pointed to the bucket when nature calls. Besides, in general an enclosed head = greater LOA. Winner...
  62. tambs

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    There is no perfect boat as has been said many times in this thread, not to mention the number of times on this site. In any event, whatever approaches perfection for one person, is all wrong for another. Perfection for me is a 35 Duffy with an oversized rudder and the biggest wheel it can...
  63. tambs

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    And it's not diesel.
  64. tambs

    An awesome day!

    Way cool. Thanks to you both. :urno1:
  65. tambs

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    +1 for restoring Howard. With apologies.
  66. tambs

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Why has he posted on another source that he cannot log in then? It sounds to me like the drama was created by someone else. Inequitably I might add.
  67. tambs

    Getting Ready for Freezing Temps

    Yep, it sure can when the north wind blows a system down from Canada or points north. Even a stagnate high pressure system can let the cold creep in on the coast if it hangs around long enough.
  68. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Well said John. You and I haven't always agreed, but we do here. What are the odds that something we BOTH agree on is wrong? :D
  69. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    I get the liability conscious angle that BD must keep an eye on, but slander is an invalid concern. Libel would be more applicable, and something can only be held libelous if the alleged statement is proven defamatory AND false. Haven't seen anything like that as it pertains to any paid...
  70. tambs

    Cost vs. Reliability

    New unless you're intimately familiar with the used motor. And even then, you're going to get what you pay for.
  71. tambs

    Deck repair

    Shoot Eric (@Spokaloo) a message. He's the resident glass boatbuilding expert. I used a rhino type liner material on a 26' NW Jet boat I use at work, and I wasn't happy with the results. Adhesion was fine, as was skid proofing. It was a bitch to clean though, and the color only lasted two...
  72. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Bullshit. People were disagreeing with a certain "paid advertiser" in a thread, and individual posts were being deleted. Any way you slice it, that is censorship my friend. You're partially right though. Stupid pet trick threads go up all the time, and ridiculous replies are the norm...
  73. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Censorship is one reason I gave up on ifish. You either drink their koolaid, or get the boot. It's all about the money. Many here have experienced the same on ifish. Sure hope BD doesn't head down that slippery slope.
  74. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    I don't use tapatalk. And some of the threads mentioned above are nowhere to be found. Besides, Aggro already said threads get deleted.
  75. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Become a paid advertiser. Then you can post whatever you want, claim all sorts of outlandish bullshit, and never worry about your threads.
  76. tambs

    BD Threads Disappearing

    Now that was funny. :hali_ruahahaha:
  77. tambs

    Coast Guard Rough Bar Crossing

    The OP's video is Chetco River in southern Oregon, right near the border with CA. Chetco River from the NOAA Barcam wepage: Geographically:
  78. tambs

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    So much for global warming. BDWinter has started early this year.
  79. tambs

    I guess Grady P's are smart than us..

    The phrase "You're doing it wrong." comes to mind.
  80. tambs

    This is what happens when a 50 Delta hits......

    That is a crying shame.
  81. tambs

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    And we all know how they follow the letter of the law. :zelfmoord
  82. tambs

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    It was high tide. C'ammmooonnnnnnn
  83. tambs

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    I gotta agree with you Jason. Someone sent DB a nastygram and got him all kinds of fired up. :Beat_Them
  84. tambs

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    No wonder he sold his house so quick. Time to get the hell out of Dodge! :D
  85. tambs

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    That, in and of itself, is a sad testament to the state of our society.
  86. tambs

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    That sucks John. Rat bastard people these days are way too common.
  87. tambs

    She's Gone

    Congrats Ryan. Now you've got all winter to locate that winning 28 Tolly and get her ready for the dance next summer.
  88. tambs

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    Pucker up Buttercup! You go girl! :D:rofl::D:rofl::D:rofl::D:rofl::D
  89. tambs

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Maybe I'm just a dumb googan and don't completely understand exactly what your saying here. If this is the case, please excuse the following statement. You are full of horseshit. A. You DON'T have to serve your country to honor those that have. B. Some people can't serve in the military...
  90. tambs

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Let's see, you're critiquing those who are critiquing those who are protesting. And then calling them hypocritical. Dude, go back to Kali.
  91. tambs

    A simple poll.

    They can't manage our resources if they aren't in control of them. And they're not.
  92. tambs

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I did find it on the internet so it has to be, right? If so, two can play the protest game. My method will be to boycott these bastards and hit them where it hurts. I won't be paying another penny help pay for these overpaid whining prima donna...
  93. tambs

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    Agreed, they all suck for some reason or another. But some suck a whole lot less than others. Same could be said for wives/GF's I suppose. :D Oh, and the Dragonfly is still working like a champ Howard.
  94. tambs

    Wallas Heater trouble.

    I have a Webasto heater in one of the boats I run, and I have this problem each time it has sat for an extended period and the heater has not been used. As others have stated, the solution is to cycle it repeatedly until fuel in the lines makes it up to the burner. Sometimes it takes one...
  95. tambs

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    With all the issues I read about with Lowrance I don't understand why people keep rolling the dice with them. :shake:
  96. tambs

    Got the itch

    Common affliction around these parts.
  97. tambs

    What is wrong with this?

    Probably a scam. or 450K miles.
  98. tambs

    Ilwaco Questions

    Deepzoom is a pretty handy feature that shows a NOAA charts with tide stations and current stations, and graphically displays the present current and tide state, as well as being able to display future data.
  99. tambs

    Ocean Sport Roamer Not big enough? Check this out!

    Don't forget the 33er that's also on CL for $350k. He's asking nearly what he paid for it new in 2011.
  100. tambs

    Looks Like Carl could not stay away

    I wonder if Hoquiuam PD did a vessel inspection on that rig.
  101. tambs

    Westport Marina Speed Laps?

    That was probably some former Striper driver who writes endless colorful reports at the wheel of that tub.
  102. tambs

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    That is one damn fine looking craft. Congrats.
  103. tambs

    West Marine manual inflate PFD failure.

    I would look for a made in china label. That's likely the culprit. Had a WM (auto) inflate on me last month out of Ilwaco. But that's because it was sporty out and my dumb ass slipped on the deck and almost fell into the bait tank. The dissolvable button took a dip, and it popped in a...
  104. tambs

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Oh you sure fucked the dog with that one. Might as well all put the tuna gear away and go hunting now. You did luck out when @goatram missed your weather diatribe. Some peoples luck! Middle. That way I'm surrounded by the other two. I can't believe I read all 7 pages of this...
  105. tambs

    School me on fuel flow meters

    Damn. Looks like they are. All products on their website say discontinued, and refer to lowrance or simrad for that item.
  106. tambs

    School me on fuel flow meters

    I have a NavMan fuel flow sensor/display head in my boat that has been trouble free. It seems to be accurate, and I haven't done any adjusting to it. Unit was new in '07, and it was on the boat when I bought it in early '12. From what I've read, they are less expensive than the floscans...
  107. tambs

    VHF help

    Jason found your problem Vance. You didn't remove all the staples.
  108. tambs

    VHF help

    Or better yet, swap antenna's and see if the problem moves to the other radio. You DO have 2 VHF's, right Vance? @Clockwork Sic 'em!
  109. tambs

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    Sure sucks hearing this. Condolences to the family. Manuals are the answer for being in the cabin. Autos are ok, but even on an open boat I still feel they are over-rated. You hear about people drowning without PFDs, people drowning in cabins with PFD's, people succumbing to hypothermia...
  110. tambs

    Need some info on possible VA benefits

    Sorry for the loss of your friend Steve. Sucks ass.
  111. tambs

    2016 WTC Pictures.

    Awesome pics Mo! MM looks a tad hungover in that beanbag. And in that shot of him in the cockpit at the dock.... Is he throwing up, or looking for a boot? Or both??
  112. tambs

    Tempbreak shows a good temperature break

    Having a pilots license clearly does not give one the rank of Captain.
  113. tambs

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    The word was out.... Kali Carl was in the house.
  114. tambs

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    Not quite far enough south. Despite popular SoCal opinion, penguins live in the ANTArctic. However, if you dress Todd (@T2shortB) up in a Tux you'd be set!
  115. tambs

    Michael Phelps

    Spitz is a dinosaur. They are playing the National Anthem a lot tonight. Go Team USA!
  116. tambs

    Weirdest happened to my OX66 250 at WFO ...

    I'd tend to agree with the electrical gremlin speculators. I'd start with the ECU. Sometimes when they go bad, thermal variations can cause them to stop working, and then they magically start again once they cool down a bit.
  117. tambs

    Tuna reports

    Nothing new about the pie-holes clamping shut during tourney week. Happened the very first year of the event. And every year since. Want intel? Go pre-fish the event. That's how you catch fish and be competitive. Any one asking for intel a week or two prior to an event is probably...
  118. tambs


    At least there are two Xtratuf's in that picture.
  119. tambs

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Pics, or we call bullshit. You know the drill..... :D
  120. tambs

    CR anchorage

  121. tambs

    CR anchorage

    I agree with Jeff that most areas are quite shallow, and I haven't seen many attempt anchorage in this bay. The Southeast side of Sand Island has some deeper holes that you could probably anchor up in, but watch for pilings. There are lots, and some can be submerged during higher tides...
  122. tambs

    Pesky fuckers

    Nice haul. Oh, and you look better with a mustache and cigar. Just sayin. :D
  123. tambs

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    Due to wave motion, I'd agree as there are no waves in Kali. Due to gag reflex....'nother story. :D
  124. tambs

    Good Thing I Have A Spare....

    Thing held up pretty well. Hit it with a laser thermometer at every stop and it was only running about 5 degrees hotter than the other three. Was sweating about finding a replacement as I wasn't looking forward to dunking it with the cover missing. Stopped at several places but none had a...
  125. tambs

    Good Thing I Have A Spare....

    Thanks for the offers fellas. I was between The Dalles and Hood River. Limped it to Astoria before locating a replacement at Napa. Stopped every hour and refilled with grease.' This brotherhood rocks.
  126. tambs

    Good Thing I Have A Spare....

    Fucking sucks ass that it's sitting in the garage at home though.
  127. tambs

    WFO tuna bite right now.

    Going Sunday for our first run of the season out of Ilwaco. Probably try straight out starting at the 50 unless anyone has intel suggesting something better.
  128. tambs

    Big D!

    ^^This. If you can both be civil and reasonable you'll do far better by doing the divorce yourselves with the assistance of a court advocate. It's only when things get contentious that they get ugly and expensive, and it is the attorneys job to MAKE them contentious. They can take an...
  129. tambs

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Your momma is such a bad driver Siri told her "In 400 yards pull over to the right and let me out".
  130. tambs

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Give him time? 10 pages of ass ripping from a bunch of crotchety old fuckers, and he's still kicking? Boy has thick skin. Can't take that away from him. Hang in there Junior.
  131. tambs


    Sounds like the hub is slipping. Have you swapped out the sacrificial hubs? Those things have a finite life span. Even if you don't smack something.
  132. tambs

    Posting Coordinates: Reminder

    If anyone needs assistance with changing units in their plotters, shoot me a screenshot of your waypoint list and I'll see what I can do.
  133. tambs

    Boat Horns

    I had to pull the diaphragms apart on my trumpet horns this week as they stopped working. Compressor was fine. Just a little bit of salt in the diaphragm is enough to make them stop working. Best way to avoid this is to mount the horns so they point down making it harder for spray to get...
  134. tambs

    Please explain what combined means

    Except when NOAA forecasts 6's @ 15 and + 4's @ 6 and comes up with 5's @ 5 combined. And then you go out and find a frog pond. Or 12' combined @ 11.
  135. tambs

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    33 Ocean Sport Roamer. Just have to deal with high prices and I/O's. A salesman told me at the boat show two years ago they would entertain building an inboard, but him saying that and it actually happening are two entirely different things. And it wouldn't be cheap. Hell, they're not...
  136. tambs

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    I've always liked the boats from Safehaven Marine in Ireland. Bit far to ship a boat, but they do make them nice. Their videos of rough water testing are impressive. This is listed as a 38 Genesis sports angling/dive boat. They've made them down to 28', but most seem to be 38 and up...
  137. tambs

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    And a couple of 31 Duffy's with 6CTA 430/440 Cummins..... Not very Nordic Tug-like.
  138. tambs

    Engineless Grady

    Looks like he didn't through-bolt the kicker. Or the main.
  139. tambs

    Follow me.

    I think I saw a jar of those gizzards in the sturgeon bait refrigerator at Sportsmans. Yuck.
  140. tambs

    Just Chillin'

    I'm relatively certain I don't want to see pics of you unloading into goats tote, tyvm.
  141. tambs

    Upgraded rod holders

    Looks awesome Vance. Well done UB!
  142. tambs

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    Time to cut Larry off. He's going to try and put a condom on his boat. :D
  143. tambs

    Veteran needs our help!

    The guy definitely needs counsel. Flood zones and flood plains have been documented by the Feds for ages. And it is a federal offense to fuck with them or alter their path. Not sure if this is the same kind of deal since it is a storm water system, but it may be. Many municipalities and...
  144. tambs

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    I too wanted to avoid any bashing Quan. That's why I didn't single him out by name alone and refered to all makers/dealers with my remark about LOA claims. Though I may disagree with the man and can't abide his sales tactics, I still want to see him succeed, as it makes my dollar go farther...
  145. tambs

    Firefighters please....

    I can't wait for winter to be over and the fish to get here.
  146. tambs

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    Weights of fluids and persons/gear don't look too far off (notwithstanding the true weight of the average fat American). No idea what the hull weighs. I loathe that every manufacturer/dealer out there has taken to misrepresenting vessel size though. Transom to bow the boat is a 25'er...
  147. tambs

    Newcomer to West Coast

    You forgot the *drops mic*.
  148. tambs

    Boat fire at Des Moines Marina

    Fixed it for you.
  149. tambs

    He doesn't like being called Benjamin

    With Turbo playing on the Boot?
  150. tambs

    Firefighters please....

    ^^ This. Control, and to protect the dumb ones from themselves. They are trying to legislate out the Darwinism inherent in nature. All it does is weaken society, and make people even dumber. Just look at what's become of our legislators and politicians over the years for proof of this...
  151. tambs

    He doesn't like being called Benjamin

    Can't believe anything in the media these days. Everyone knows there's no tuna in WA. The things these guys do for the sake of selling X-Raps.
  152. tambs

    Firefighters please....

    It's all fun and games until someone's marina burns down.
  153. tambs

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    Tony Athens is the one you'll want to talk to about Cummins marine motors. He's on boatdiesel, and has his own website at
  154. tambs

    Westport, what's for dinner?

    There ya go, getting all crabby again Paul. :D
  155. tambs

    Anyone want to fight?

    You don't see very many videos of the pranksters actually getting capped. All those videos are tucked away in an evidence locker.
  156. tambs

    New ride

    My Carolina Classic has a DP-D1 DuoProp that was considered at the time to be about as bulletproof as you could get in an outdrive. They used the same drive with all the available diesel options of that era (including the 6BTA 330 HP). The year I bought it (used in 2012) it needed a $5k...
  157. tambs

    Proposed License Fees

    It's not a matter of 'just a few dollars more'. It's a matter of yet another revenue generation scheme. Pay more, get less. All while our government becomes less efficient and more wasteful. There are too many government officials, doing too little for the people paying the taxes, and...
  158. tambs

    New ride

    ^^This. Though jets are as susceptible as I/O's, or more, to problems with floating debris. Doesn't take much to disable a jet once junk gets sucked into the impeller. Not a real simple chore clearing an obstruction either. Many jets are designed with cleanouts that are below the...
  159. tambs

    Proposed License Fees

    I can't believe the audacity of these jokers to propose such nonsense in a year like this. Expanded opportunities? For what? Smallmouth bass on the Columbia? Every year for the past several years or more the Wdfw has set upper Columbia springer seasons such that they begin and end...
  160. tambs

    New ride

    Eventually you will have some repair costs on that outdrive. As inevitable as the rising sun. I won't be purchasing another I/O due to maintenance and repair issues with them. Expect to see those expenses sooner rather than later if you plan to moor the boat. You won't be happy with that...
  161. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Yep. That's them.
  162. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Read on many different forums about bad experiences with POP. A few praises were thrown in as well, but most of what I read was not good. Most of what I've heard is that they charge an exorbitant fee to essentially list your boat on EVERY listing service. I've never used their service, so...
  163. tambs

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    The listing is definitely odd, and not just in the way a supposed female writes about its "panty-dropping" attributes. The phone number is to the Alaska Bit Co. and that website shows a Caitlin as the business owner (same name as the seller). But the bottom of the ad seems to imply that they...
  164. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    That is a 26. And a setup more intended for cruising than fishing. Pretty sure the last year Tollycraft made the 28 sportfisher was in '76.
  165. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    I guess I'm in that nerdy class too. Because I looked up CA's licensing rules for commercial and non-commercial drivers. AND looked up their reciprocity exemption for out of state drivers.
  166. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Those rules are for CA residents. CA doesn't require out-of-state residents to obtain a CA license before driving in their state. Soooo typical for an ignorant Kali homo to think the world revolves around them. You guys have a knack for derailing a thread with non-sensical bullshit.
  167. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    The various classifications of CDL licenses in WA are for drivers of commercial motor vehicles only. The RCW has a specific CDL exemption for operators of what is defined as a 'recreational' vehicle. If you aren't 'for hire' then you're not a commercial operator. I'd be surprised, even as...
  168. tambs

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Class A? Class C? What does that have to do with Ryan going to get it himself?
  169. tambs

    Just for the FNG's.

    Tuna are here. What's up with the December-like thread?
  170. tambs


    Get a room. Or a below deck locker. I hear people rarely look inside those.
  171. tambs

    Recommendations for aluminum tank fabrication

    David Pascoe. Tons of good reading on his site.
  172. tambs

    Chart Study: Do you look before you leap?

    +1. As a matter of fact, I just downloaded the new update to OpenCPN and re-installed the latest Raster charts from NOAA today. I am a bit miffed with Navionics. It's a good app, but their support seems to be diminishing. Perhaps it's not their support inasmuch as greed, but I used to...
  173. tambs

    Public Service Announcement

    You really need to get out on the road more DB. This kind of thread should be a sticky. On any forum ever created.
  174. tambs

    WTF is this?

    Sea Herpe. Not to be confused with the Space Herpe.
  175. tambs

    PFDs are a lot easier to wear than trying to swim

    Harrowing story. Inflatables are so comfortable you soon forget you're wearing one. People argue that they aren't the best choice for offshore, but they certainly are if their comfort entices people to wear them. One can always swap it out for a Type I if you know you're going to abandon...
  176. tambs

    What hull would you use?

    31 Duffy, or 35 high shear Duffy.
  177. tambs

    New to saltwater and need advice

    Welcome Jordan, and thank you for your service. It is much appreciated by us civilians. You don't have to be a boat owner to get off the beach. Many here will take you out, and you could also look into kayak fishing. If even a kayak is out of your reach at the moment, you could consider...
  178. tambs

    Recommendations for aluminum tank fabrication

    Send it to a Kali fab shop to be welded up. Put a caution sign on it before shipping that warns not to fill it with water or anything inert prior to welding.
  179. tambs

    Well I screwed the pooch :(

    Oh Pat. Tell me you weren't serious with that??? LOLLOLLOL
  180. tambs

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Did Travis pull the BD plug? His profile is not viewable anymore. It's a shame his marketing strategy is so "as-seen-on-tv!". I said a long time ago that I hoped he succeeded as the more builders there are the better the buying power for all of us. Travis, if your still here, get...
  181. tambs

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    I didn't realize Stan Lee smoked cigars.
  182. tambs

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Now you went and did it.....
  183. tambs

    Homeowner Reply to Oregon DFW Request

    Hilarious. And foolish. Government weenies with no sense of humor will pay all his fees, survey his property, declare it endangered habitat, and kick him off his own land. A simple no would suffice, or at least high enough fees so that he could afford a private island in the Keys when he...
  184. tambs

    Scotty pot puller or Ace Line hauler on a 14' lund?

    There's only so much one can ask of a 14'er. At some point it's time to move on. Or up.
  185. tambs

    Scotty pot puller or Ace Line hauler on a 14' lund?
  186. tambs

    WP Tuna boats

    10-20% of the fuel in a tank is unusable depending on tank design and install. I only count on about 130 of my 165 gallon capacity (in two tanks) being available for the 1/3 rule calculation. I'm sure there are better designs out there that make better utilization of capacity, but that...
  187. tambs

    WP Tuna boats

    It's a shame they all have more parabolic bend than a spaghetti noodle. :D
  188. tambs

    Puget Sound Blackmouth - originated Dworshak Hatchery, Idaho

    I'm thinking that fish had a bit too much whiskey.
  189. tambs

    Stolen Hewes ditched in A-Town.

    And they are usually intoxicated. In the boats, and the cars.
  190. tambs

    Scotty pot puller or Ace Line hauler on a 14' lund?

    Be sure to report your success in this thread if you end up catching anything.
  191. tambs

    Human Nature?

    Because the poor bastards that have looked too closely into a Clinton have ended up as worm food.
  192. tambs

    WP Tuna boats

    It's more about you than it is the size of the boat. There are captains that I would go tuna fishing with in an 18' Whaler, and others I wouldn't go out with in a 40' Hatteras. Read up on these threads and posts for a start...
  193. tambs

    Human Nature?

    His is a rare case. The ONLY reason they could prosecute successfully is because there were numerous videos showing him fishing. He, and all the other freeloaders out there, should be in prison. Absent that, throw all the government weenies in jail for failing to fix such an abused and...
  194. tambs

    SST Time

    Well said you Grady prick wannabe. LOL
  195. tambs

    SST Time

    The composite shot is just an overview of most of the West coast of North America. You're not going to be using that map to try and find tuna. It has zero value once the tuna arrive. Pre-season it's valuable to predict when the fish might be here, and the daily thermal variation doesn't...
  196. tambs

    SST Time

  197. tambs

    SST Time

    59 degree highway is open for business.
  198. tambs

    SST Time

    There is an option to change the temp displayed to degrees Fahrenheit. And to scale the temperature to a more usable range. The scale you've used is from 32 deg F to nearly 90 deg F. Breaks show much better when you scale that down to about 55-70 or narrower. Additionally, you can create...
  199. tambs

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    Paging :finger:goatram. Driveby cleanup on Aisle 5. (I think the :finger:goatram is a more appropriate way to flag BD usernames than some gay @ or # sign). :finger:Jason.... Can you fix it so people get notifications when someone tags them with this symbol? After all, we're not...
  200. tambs

    SST Time

    Coastwatch browser is free, and once you get past the learning curve it's not difficult at all to use. It doesn't have all the fancy features of the paid services, but it will give you what you need.
  201. tambs

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    But next time get ones that work.
  202. tambs

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Nicely done. The million dollar question is...... Was it a short sale? Cmon Todd. Inquiring minds want to know. LOL
  203. tambs


    That's because Kali proprietors know there's too many pickle lickers in your state already.
  204. tambs

    Eastern Sierra Kayak Report 5/28 - 6/1

    Most visually stunning report I've ever seen. What a trip!
  205. tambs

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Kind of opened the door there didn't you? :D
  206. tambs

    If your going to lose a wheel bearing?

    That's why you through-bolt the axle. Or something like that.
  207. tambs

    Am I a grady prick now

    Fantastic shot.
  208. tambs


    That boot is an imposter. The real missing footwear that Mikey displaced seems to have shown up in Ketchikan.
  209. tambs

    Trailer wiring challenge of all times

    The correct SAE designation is "Blinker Fluid".
  210. tambs


    You throw a banana up in the same sentence as the one in which you caution others against jinxing it???
  211. tambs

    Fin - Nor Rods, Reels

    You must have capitalized on the buy one get one free deals they have occasionally?
  212. tambs

    A first the other day...

    33 CFR Part 183, Subpart B - Display of Capacity Information (AKA U.S. Coast Guard Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971) § 183.21Applicability. This subpart applies to monohull boats less than 20 feet in length, except sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and inflatable boats.
  213. tambs

    Pacific Dream out of Ilwaco

    Lighten up Francis.
  214. tambs

    Pacific Dream out of Ilwaco

    Figured I'd remind you what boat you run in case that minor detail slipped your mind too. Let me know when you've got her ready to launch and I'll pull my BAMF out of your slip. Really appreciate you letting me moor it there. She's a beaut Mark.
  215. tambs

    Two days two pukers

    Running arouind SJI ougtht to do it. The more laps the better. :D
  216. tambs

    Am I a grady prick now

    Looks like a 23 with OX66's? Nice ride. Congrats.
  217. tambs

    Here is your chance

    I sure hope you're wrong. I'm not thrilled with the prospect of reading his version of the story. Besides, BD just installed new servers, and I really doubt they'd be terribly enamored with the prospect of the servers getting filled to capacity with Dave's story so soon after the install.
  218. tambs

    General Tso's Ling Cod

    I posted that your dish looked awesome, and also lamented the blatant lack of ladies that you duped us into believing were on your web page. The post showed up 3 times, and I edited two of them accordingly. It's fitting that only the post with anything meaningful got lost.
  219. tambs

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    Pump your brakes Edsel. Ryan was teasing. I think.
  220. tambs

    General Tso's Ling Cod

    Triple post
  221. tambs

    General Tso's Ling Cod

    Double post
  222. tambs

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    Relax John. Take one of these fishing. All will be right with the world.
  223. tambs

    No matter how bad your day is

    Don't you just hate it when your trouser snake gets stuck in the commode?
  224. tambs

    custom tackle stations.

    That is the most eloquent description for a reach-around I've ever heard. You silver tongue devil.
  225. tambs

    2005 Grady White 228 For Sale

    You're doing the right thing selling here and picking one up there. Much greater selection on the right coast, and more bang for the buck.
  226. tambs

    Charter fishing ending soon

    There must be a back story here that I missed. Inquiring minds want to know.....
  227. tambs

    Morel mushroom whisperer

    Agreed. They're mushrooms. Fungus. Same shit that grows under some peoples toes. Not about to eat either type. Cool story though.
  228. tambs

    I got rammed in the ass....

    Hopefully it was the Ham Special from Ken's Culinary Commode.
  229. tambs

    13 new holes in my boat

    Excellent Thrasher Rod display case.
  230. tambs

    New Record Black Rockfish

    That's a hog. Probably be on the top of the list for a while with it beating the 1980 record by a half pound.
  231. tambs

    Sometimes Ya Gotta Look In The Weeds: Lead!

    Glad you clarified. I figured you stumbled on Vance and MM with Ursula the blowup doll. Or something. :D
  232. tambs

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    Goddamn Pat, that is a shitty way to spend one's birthday. Don't think I've ever heard of someone having services for their parent on their birthday. And I know I've never wished someone a Happy Birthday on the same day I extended my condolences. Very sorry for your loss brotha. Hope...
  233. tambs

    Who is?

    You don't have to follow the ifish rule about posting your name after a smackdown when you're here on BD. That is a gay rule over there that is likely pushed by sponsors so they can censor someone who talks the truth about their products, or so they can otherwise sue the shit out of someone...
  234. tambs

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    That's funny shit right there. You seem to have a guilty conscience Vance.......
  235. tambs

    Seeing double

    +1. I like small skiffs like those. Very utilitarian, light, efficient, etc. Everybody needs one or two of something like that.
  236. tambs

    Wolf Den Lapush

    You're not being obvious at all. Planning on leaving a 'gift' in the bathroom or something? LOL
  237. tambs

    knife sharpener

    I'm a big fan of whetstones, finishing off on felt pad buffing wheel using jewelers rouge. Even when I use an el-cheapo v-notched handheld diamond sharpener on my cheap knives I always finish on the felt pad. Knives end up razor sharp. I plopped down a small fortune on 4 Japanese water...
  238. tambs

    Get your salmon gear ready....

    Yeah. Mmhmmm. Card swiping. That's it. Sure. LOL
  239. tambs

    2007 ETec 250 power head swap

    You'll fit in just fine around here.
  240. tambs

    2007 ETec 250 power head swap

    Hmm. And here all this time I thought it was Tracker's driving. You're saying it was his motors that caused that? Sorry Dave. :D
  241. tambs

    Get your salmon gear ready....

    The pic shows up fine for me. Spare fin and all.
  242. tambs

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos.

    Unorthodox cue sticks you have there Mark. Do you use Smelly Jelly as chalk too? :D
  243. tambs

    How long should my bunk boards be?

    Add another beam to the list... I've seen too many 2x4's fail to trust them much. On a light enough boat with enough of them spread out to bear the load they would be fine. But it means more brackets and maintenance as they sure won't last as long as a beam. Like everything boat related...
  244. tambs

    Port Renfrew

    I've never bottom fished there, but the bald eagles there off Owen Island used to be trained to follow boats coming in just like gulls do. Years ago the charter skipper I went with stopped his boat just off the island and held up a bait to show the Eagles. I could barely see the Eagles, but...
  245. tambs

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    That is the most reasoned and well thought out post from Kali that I've ever seen. Welcome to WA. You're welcome on our board any time. Just out of curiosity, where did you migrate to Kali from? And for gods sake, why?
  246. tambs

    Dockside disaster

    Glad you got most back. I'd have been reaching in the storage locker and handing the former friend my mask, fins, and snorkel while explaining C&R is only an effective conservation measure when the critters are still a bit floppy.
  247. tambs

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    I think someone detached from the politics and in no way affiliated with the west side should handle it. Relax. I got this. I accept PayPal too so you don't have to dick around with checks.
  248. tambs

    I became a statistic, and big thanks to Sportco.

    Seeing how they took EVERYTHING, my money is on the culprit being a tribal member. That's their M.O.
  249. tambs

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    And a single well used xtratuf boot.
  250. tambs

    Reminder: What's really important

    What is that Celsius bullshit all about. Did you go and modernize along with the rest of the world? I'm too antiquated to figure out all that 5\9 x F - 32 + 4C x 8B = massive head pounding nonsense. Where: F = Fahrenheit C = Clown Oil Shots B = Beer
  251. tambs

    VHF Question

    WTF?!? Did John really just mention something about WEATHER?!?
  252. tambs

    Admins - WTF does this mean?

    Or you got a virus from one of the midget gay porn sites you frequent. :D
  253. tambs

    MANDATORY SOFTWARE UPDATE to address potential Garmin chartplotter GPS performance issues

    Yep, mine came with Raymarine. And it's worked fine for the most part. Given the choice (and the financial ability), I'd choose Furuno though.
  254. tambs


    That is funny shit right there. The sad part is that there is nothing being built today that you will be able to say that about in 86 years.
  255. tambs

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    Pitchforks and torches.
  256. tambs

    MANDATORY SOFTWARE UPDATE to address potential Garmin chartplotter GPS performance issues

    Just another pretender. Furuno is the benchmark all others strive to achieve.
  257. tambs

    Removing seals/sea lions

    Your stock just went down. Better sell.
  258. tambs

    The Fishin' Luhrs is For Sale

    And then quickly change all your vehicles into your name, liquidate all real assets, empty the bank accounts, and move all your retirement funds offshore. You'll need that much money to pay for the divorce attorney.
  259. tambs

    Extra tuff boats, dock shoes etc, sale!

    I haven't replaced my xtratuf's since before they were farmed out to China. Reports on quality shortly after that happened were dismal. Anyone out there have any success stories about the boots lately?
  260. tambs

    First time at Sekiu this Saturday

    Damn right it is. It's called conservation.
  261. tambs

    Offshore experts ... is it legal to retain Opah, Marlin or Swordfish in Wa?

    I stand corrected about the expectation part. So my follow-up conclusion about it being suggested that you were trolling was also in error. You were definitely trolling for effect.
  262. tambs

    Offshore experts ... is it legal to retain Opah, Marlin or Swordfish in Wa?

    Wils, for you to not expect a scathing reply from Bill to your initially insulting post suggests you're simply trolling for effect. Everyone knows that an activity is not illegal if not specifically made illegal by law. The problem is finding the appropriate legislation, rule, law, statute...
  263. tambs

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    Be wary if it's found with a ham sammich stuffed in it.
  264. tambs

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    Bro, WA anchovies don't do the Hot Carl. Better import some from your neck of the woods if you're itching for a dorsal fin tickle.
  265. tambs

    Tuning Ff/DS for halibut

    Can a FF be dialed in to see an XtraTuf on the bottom?
  266. tambs

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    UW lingerie contest participant. Oh, and she shaved last week.
  267. tambs

    Funny shit said at the docks

    Dude, in the case of your Kali brethren, Amazon doesn't have enough monitors in stock for such an endeavor.
  268. tambs

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    I was going to suggest an Amber Alert. But if those are the boots in question, it's better they stay lost.
  269. tambs

    Funny shit said at the docks

    Holy shit kim! Just how many BD pages does one person need to have open at one time?!?
  270. tambs

    Tribal Statement Regarding May Fisheries

    I saw on another forum that a new fishing pamphlet is out…. Apparently it's a lot thinner this time around.
  271. tambs

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    Oh, and the only thing I disagree with TT about is the Bayliner issue. I don't think the cleats should be removed and have backing installed. I think the cleats should be removed, and a real boat installed underneath them.
  272. tambs

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    Thanks TT. The 8 years of towing at work has taught me a lot. I've not towed on the Big Pond, but I've been latched on to some sizeable boats in some 4-6 WW's that will test one's mettle. Some other considerations include the extreme hazard of capsizing the towing vessel if you aren't...
  273. tambs

    Lost at sea

    Ignorance is bliss my friend. Ignorance is bliss.
  274. tambs

    Kelli Ann got her artwork installed.

    Good thing you included a shot of her in your Hali report, or peeps would be calling bs. Looks awesome.
  275. tambs

    Lost at sea

    There are pics floating around here of a naked "companion" perched on a certain BD boat as it's tied at the WP dock. Can't imagine her feeling mutinous out of neglect.
  276. tambs

    What makes a good deckhand?

    Lord knows we get rude, crude, and obnoxious around here, but you fucking Cali chimo fags really take the grand prize. In what world is that kind of remark even remotely humorous? (That was a rhetorical question... Don't answer. I already know more than I want to about how you fucktards think.).
  277. tambs

    Careful where you moor your boat in Alaska!!!!

    Damn! I'd have shit my pants. :shithappens:
  278. tambs

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    So you're saying I should find someone like Vance, Dash One, or Salmonater and follow one of them around all summer so I'm 1st in line when they break down? Or in Vance's case, the clown oil runs out?
  279. tambs

    John Day Smallmouth!

    Looked like a fun trip. Nicely done!
  280. tambs

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    One can be sued for anything these days. Starbucks is being sued for $5M right now for putting too much ice in their "iced coffees". :zelfmoord That said, there are immunity protections to someone who acts gratuitously, and in good faith to render aid. RCW 79A.60.200 Duty of operator...
  281. tambs

    What is wrong with this pic?

    Or 10 years ago.
  282. tambs

    Drone Tuna Fishing... From The Beach!

    Way cool video. Now if I could just find a reel with 35 miles of capacity....
  283. tambs

    What is wrong with this pic?

    It's not in my slip.
  284. tambs

    Vinyl wrap?

    Why am I not surprised that Vance got wrapped in a vinyl mermaid costume. Complete with nipples. I don't want to know about MM's wrap.
  285. tambs

    Halibut area for little kids

    More evidence that those Kali homos do nothing but spew nonsensical drivel out of their pie holes. They all prattle on about how bad it is in the PNW, but they've fucked up their state so badly that they're all moving here en masse. Fuck Texas. We need our own wall.
  286. tambs

    What do you do when fishing is closed for the season?

    Congrats! Good luck with the new ride.
  287. tambs

    Need help???

    Don't forget to ask for gas money just in case their cords are farther out than yours.
  288. tambs

    Neah Bay?

    Does that mean you're an attorney? AND a Steeler fan? You're fucked bro. LOL
  289. tambs

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    This is a re-post, but there are so many good reminders in this that a periodic review is always a good idea. (Never mind that the ramp rodeo nonsense just keeps on keeping on).
  290. tambs

    Cool survival story

    It's never been easier either. There are many apps out there that you can use to send a float plan to friends/family via email. Many have default data all filled out, so to file a float plan all you have to do is enter some current trip details and click 'Send'.
  291. tambs

    Im back bitches....

    Welcome back Jim.
  292. tambs

    Dinner Tonight

    ^^ That
  293. tambs

    Westport babysitting

    Just remind her that there is always the risk of getting bloody with kitchen knives.
  294. tambs

    I need two of these. Kid's boat

    Add a bit of freeboard and a bait tank, and you're set.
  295. tambs

    moving to sequim area

    There are no fish in WA. (quite literally it seems).
  296. tambs

    Cool survival story

    Nice to hear a happy ending. Thanks for the cool story.
  297. tambs

    SoCal angler fishing your way!

    My money is on Carl being your mother in law. LOL
  298. tambs

    Kona update 4/24/16

    Drive that thing up to Kawaihae Harbor for what used to be the best pizza in the world. Cafe Pesto. If it's even remotely close to as good as it used to be, you won't be disappointed.
  299. tambs

    Day three

    Passed the pakalolo around a bit eh? :Smoke_Emoticon:
  300. tambs

    turbo charging deisels

    Sucks to have problems. Sucks more with VP prices. You do win the Bump of the Month award! An 11 year old thread that's nearly 2 years dormant.
  301. tambs


    Where do I sign?
  302. tambs

    Westport Wx Station

    Very cool. What weather station/camera did you get? I'd like to do something similar.
  303. tambs

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Sounds like Ms. Swanny needs to dust out her purse a little more often. LOL
  304. tambs

    Happy B-Day You Old Goat

    Happy Birthday to you too Matt.
  305. tambs

    Happy B-Day You Old Goat

    Enough bubble wrap in your gifts that you could keep yourself in wraps for the year? (another BDOSHA rule). Happy Birthday John.
  306. tambs

    Finally got to fish with a Thrasher

    Pics or it didn't happen. Cmon, show off them rods.
  307. tambs

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I like the way you think! You set it up and get it running, and I'll stand in as one of the impartial judges.....
  308. tambs

    Offshore World Classic

    Looks like they're currently ranked No. 11.
  309. tambs

    Researchers killed a Orca Calf

    Does this mean that Paul Watson is going to start ramming NOAA ships now?
  310. tambs

    Beer Salmon

    Yuck. That would just suck ass.
  311. tambs

    Need a new VHF

    Can't go wrong with either Standard or ICOM.
  312. tambs

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    If you can wait, Carl will be up for the WTC.
  313. tambs

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    That's doing baptisms the hard way. Glad they're all OK.
  314. tambs

    WDFW to seek federal permit

    That's a tall order when you're fighting against both the tribes propaganda machine, and the rampant liberalism in Seattle.
  315. tambs

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Kinda surprised you didn't try dropping one of your 'blue pills' into the thing. LOL
  316. tambs

    auto pilot question

    I'm guessing that at that low speed it isn't over-correcting. The bow is getting thrown off course by the wind, and when the AP corrects for this it brings the bow back into the wind and gets caught by the wind on the other side of the bow. Wind pushes the bow off course on the OTHER side...
  317. tambs

    Win Cold Weather Gear From Under Armour-BD Contest

    @goatram If that's what is meant by tagging someone.
  318. tambs

    Go fund us

    I would have thought that the ad revenue generated from all the 'likes' you solicited on the Metabo FB page would have paid for the trip. Or perhaps your bonus from Metabo for garnering said likes. Or even your sales of neon roses and other junk.. er, stuff, at Dragonballs 2nd Hand Emporium.
  319. tambs

    Privateer sunk

    You must have some newfangled AP if yours is seeing obstructions.
  320. tambs

    Privateer sunk

    Copied from the CG page...... News Release April 15, 2016 Contact: SN Sarah M. Wilson Email: [email protected] Office: (206) 220-7237 Mobile: (206) 669-2970 COAST GUARD RESCUES 3 FROM SINKING FISHING VESSEL NEAR GRAYS HARBOR, WASH. GRAYS HARBOR, Wash. — A Coast Guard boat crew...
  321. tambs

    News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon

    And a tribal member willing to comply with it.
  322. tambs

    News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon

    Unfortunately, that's a suit that won't be adjudicated or otherwise settled before 2020 or 2021 at the earliest.
  323. tambs

    Headache rack Rocket Launcher - 15 holders

    Another 450 bumps like that and you'll have yourself a sale.
  324. tambs

    Ipad for 2nd station Plotter/Sonar

    I think people sell the iPad short when it comes to usability in the boat. Especially those who may have limited resources. With the wifi/cellular model, no cell phone signal is needed. And with an external GPS receiver (puck), even non-GPS equipped models of the iPad can double as a backup...
  325. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    That's what the tribes want. To keep pushing non-tribal interests south, until you're into CA where no one can fish. :shake: :zelfmoord
  326. tambs

    Final Ocean Fishery

    Thanks Kevin, and thanks for all your hard work. If you get a chance and can post what the other MA seasons/quotas are that would be awesome.
  327. tambs

    Final Ocean Fishery

    Kevin, is that 16,600 Chinook quota for all of NoF, or is it Westport only? Your post suggests it's only 'in Westport'.
  328. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    Those "deviations from the sharing framework applied in the past" indicate to me that we get less than a 50% share. If tribes get 50%, then theoretically there should be 80K fish up for grabs. Anyone want to wager whether or not we got 40K Chinook? I'm going with 'not'. Any takers?
  329. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    Well, they got their fish. What did we get?
  330. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    I didn't catch what the fishery determination/split was either. But they're voting on a 40K tribal troll fishery right now.
  331. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    Circle the wagons.
  332. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    I can't seem to find it either.
  333. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    I'm ordering the fuzzy dice and big ass subwoofer now.
  334. tambs

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Received shipping confirmation for my order of 6.
  335. tambs

    Matvey Construction

    Concrete has zero elasticity. Whatever cracks you have now, you're sure to have more when you move it. Up, down, left, right, doesn't matter. Reinforcing (whether bar, mesh, or fibers) will not keep it from cracking, and will only aid in differential settlement when it does crack. I doubt...
  336. tambs

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Agreed. It's one of my hangups to getting married again. Can't find an insurer that offers that clause.
  337. tambs

    I pulled the trigger…

    Check out Mark Coleman's reports for pics of the belly hoop. Most if not all of his boats have them. Pretty sure his boat show post shows the 29 with a hoop as well. Utilization of a hoop is going to be quite a bit less than what one would get in SoCal waters. Shoot Mark a PM and ask...
  338. tambs

    Alberta Joy Ride

    That is exactly what mine (with the trailer) weighed prior to adding the kicker. They are a heavy boat. Easily 11K plus in the water after fuel, bait, ice, persons, and gear. The extra ponies of the 8.1 will be nice over the 7.4. My 7.4 feels very slightly underpowered when loaded down...
  339. tambs

    Alberta Joy Ride

    Congrats on the new ride. Did you find an oil burner, or is it the 8.1 or 7.4 block?
  340. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    People are pissed off about Boldt. People are pissed about gill nets. (despite tribal propaganda) People are pissed off about tribes pushing to shut down any non-tribal fishing. People are pissed off that tribes are seemingly pushing for a 90,000 fish season for themselves, while concurrently...
  341. tambs

    Any NOF updates

    Make sure the towboat has spurs, and stay between the buoy floats at all times.
  342. tambs

    LaPush Lings

    Ebay is your friend...
  343. tambs

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Here's to hoping it's the simplest of all possibilities. :cheers: If not, here's to hoping you're using the same insurer as DB! :cheers:
  344. tambs

    Live Bait Pump: Filter or no Filter

    No filter on mine, just the high-speed strainer. Starting year 4 with a Rule cartridge pump. Same cartridge the pump came with. From what others say, my pump is the exception and not the rule (no pun intended). Granted, I don't put as many days on it as a lot of you, but when I'm at...
  345. tambs


    With the prices they charge, you'd think they were the Yankee's reincarnated.
  346. tambs

    Tack driver complete

    Nice. Where's the pics of the groups? Toss em up!
  347. tambs

    kelli ann should be GTG

    Nice work fellas. Don't forget the stripper pole install.
  348. tambs

    WFC Receiving $798,000 From WDFW

    From the article it looks like the money being issued to them is in the form of a grant. Which are open to anyone to apply for on a competitive basis. Not saying I like it any more than you do, but it appears it was open to anyone to apply for.
  349. tambs

    BD and Ipad troubles

    Ok. Partial list follows.... Screenie of Bernie Screenie of Hillary Screenie of a 35' Duffy certificate of title that's NOT in my name Screenie of the Columbia River clogged with gill nets. Etc.
  350. tambs

    BD and Ipad troubles

    Jason, Jason, Jason. You don't know how many screenshots of broken shit I'm preparing to send you.
  351. tambs

    Need a gutter guy...

    Now that's just mean. And below the belt.
  352. tambs

    Bean Bags

    +1. Bottle opener and drink holder included. I'm in. But I'm not donating. Seems the standard business model these days is to beg for startup and operating expenses in those cases where a business plan isn't solid enough to convince a bank. No thanks. If I'm donating, put my name on the...
  353. tambs

    Bait tank

    Correct. Northern hemisphere flow should be clockwise. But only if West of the prime meridian, and during La Niña years only. Flow should be reversed during El Niño years, and static during periods of neutral temperature anomalies. If you want to get real technical, plumb the tank to...
  354. tambs

    Securing a kayak to your boat?

    J-saddles mounted to the rails, with quality ratchet straps to hold them on. Unless you drop some decent money for quality straps, salt will kill them pretty quickly and stain the hell out of everything underneath them. If your yak's are sit-ins, they'll fill with water unless you cover the...
  355. tambs

    Contest you might want to jump on

    I'm gonna pass. For two reasons.... One, I've got enough junk email. And two, I'll take one for the team and give one of you other guys a better shot at winning. I'll expect a 50% cut of the take from whoever wins as recompense for taking a dive.
  356. tambs

    Need a gutter guy...

    Gutters? On a house? I've only ever seen them in the street. Must have something to do with living in a desert and having 300 days/year of sunny skies.
  357. tambs

    Goatram may need to build a heavier duty davit

    Dayum! That sucks Norm. Hope the healing/rehab goes quickly for you.
  358. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    :D:D:D:D:D Keep jigging boys. Seems there's a slow bite today. May be time for a change of bait.
  359. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Nice troll attempt. You're not getting quite the action you'd hoped though are you. :jig:
  360. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    It's the one we pay IF we buy something. As opposed to yours that you pay regardless.
  361. tambs

    Get em while you can

    Well done! Schlepp, it's usually best to bonk em on the head.
  362. tambs

    Beware Westport Crab Pots

    Shouldn't take him more than a couple of hours and $200-300. Total.
  363. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Agreed Jamie. 9A.16.020 means nothing insofar as granting merchants carte blanche authority to detain anyone they want for anything they want at any time they want. They have a burden to establish "reasonable grounds", in a "reasonable manner", and within a "reasonable timeframe" that the...
  364. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Here's a pretty decent article about this very topic. I'd say it is pretty good advice. Point out an adult human that has never made a mistake, and I'll kiss your ass on the stage at WTC. This doesn't...
  365. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    You're going to find that merchants have the lawful authority to detain someone under fairly narrow circumstances. The applicable RCW's will refer to the terms 'reasonable' and 'necessary', quite frequently when contemplating the legality (in terms of both criminal and civil liabilities) of a...
  366. tambs

    Beware Westport Crab Pots

    I haven't. But whenever I get the post-lottery inboard diesel it will have cutters.
  367. tambs

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    You should have started running for your vehicle. They like it when people clear out of the store and parking lot in an expeditious manner to make room for arriving customers.
  368. tambs


    ^^ That. With enough alcohol I can probably unlearn what Google told me about a hot Carl. Those Kali fags are some sick bastards. :shithappens::shithappens::shithappens:
  369. tambs

    OT-looking for a color printer recommendation

    I have a HP color inkjet that I picked up around 5-6 years ago. No problems at all until HP started programming in expiration dates into a chip on each of their ink cartridges. Now their cartridges will not function if beyond that date no matter how many pages have been printed. When I got...
  370. tambs

    Native netting video

    It's a good thing you didn't start this thread today. As preposterous as the video is, I'd have accused you of manufacturing the wildest and most complex April fools day hoax in the history of BD. Instead, it's just tragically the most egregious propaganda ever. North Korean Fatboy Kim...
  371. tambs

    Free Freezer

    A simple way to unload it with minimal effort would be to bolt it to the back of your new Parker and paint a propeller and "Honda" on each side. Better not through bolt it this time though.
  372. tambs


    No more phone calls folks! We have a winner!
  373. tambs

    Native netting video

  374. tambs

    Trailer tongue weight scale

    Clearly you haven't visited the Playa's Club when MM is in town with his bitches....
  375. tambs

    BD forum computer issue

    So Tandem Ass, what would you think if everyone had the same opinion as TunaHore, hmm? I have the same opinion. Whether you give a shit or not, you're a fucking jackwagon. Maybe someone should start a poll thread and we'll find out just how many hold the same opinion. You ask what you can...
  376. tambs

    LaPush Lings

    Might want to have that checked with a Geiger Counter...
  377. tambs

    30-80lb Trolling Rod.... $50

    You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to BUY a rod and reel to pair up with it. Not unload 'spares'. No such word as 'spare' in fishing gear terminology.
  378. tambs

    Trailer tongue weight scale

    The BS is getting deep around here.
  379. tambs

    BD forum computer issue

    No perceptible difference here.
  380. tambs

    Pacific Dream

    Congrats Troy.
  381. tambs


  382. tambs

    LaPush Lings

    Yep, that main dock is a dead giveaway. Since they started that new pilot program to reduce dock coverage and cut out huge sections of dock so predatory species doesn't have a place to hide, it's not difficult to recognize that place. It's a cast iron bitch tip-toeing down those side rails...
  383. tambs

    Any old school Holley carburetor guys here ?

    Key word, "Constructive" Vance. With that said, the muffler bearing is obviously dry, and you should probably top off the blinker fluid as well.
  384. tambs

    Bean Bags

    That is absolutely, completely, and astoundingly ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ unsurprising. :D
  385. tambs

    LaPush Lings

    Pretty sure that's Lake Washington.
  386. tambs

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Oh, good on you Bro. Everyone should be so lucky as to find a sugar momma.
  387. tambs

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Eh, what tuna fish?!?
  388. tambs

    Clearing up the rumors about us moving

    Dang John, why would you want to ruin a perfectly good fishing machine like that?
  389. tambs

    Clearing up the rumors about us moving

    Need at least a crew of 3 for the trip around. Count me in.
  390. tambs

    Cords question

    Nope, not at all. You're just a faster typist than I am. Yours says the same as mine, but it wasn't posted when I was typing mine. We clearly were thinking the same thing. Great minds....
  391. tambs

    Cords question

    The 'Cords' version is also the one used by those who ask where the fish are in the reports section.
  392. tambs

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Amen to that. But at the same time, it's not just millennials that are using technology. The more we integrate tech into our lives, and the faster the tech evolves, the more/faster the fish are going to die. Youtube itself can teach someone in a couple weeks what it used to take decades...
  393. tambs

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    BV Ted would be going off the deep end about now.....
  394. tambs

    Tatical Strike is getting refitted for battle

    Dibs on bartending. Looks pretty sweet. Nice job John.
  395. tambs

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Well said Patrick. I would take him up too if I wasn't so far away from the pond. As for 30'ers, I've yet to see those and hope it's a good long while before I do. It gets gnarly enough on the CR bar as it is, and I avoid it when it's supposed to be nasty. Seen it pretty sloppy over the...
  396. tambs

    Why the rear helms?

    Just crank up the asking on that feline of yours another 5% and let the new owner pay for your aft steering station. Problem solved. Right?
  397. tambs

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    I haven't had much luck using cameras to capture the true nature of waves, and the seas ALWAYS look milder on camera than in person. I don't doubt that a few of the waves (like at 3:24 and 3:44) were 3's, but I didn't see anything there anywhere near 6's. Or 5's. Or 4's. Building to 6's...
  398. tambs

    Rod Holder

    I've tried all of the same with the rails on my aluminum boat. Short of drilling them, or taking a file to the rail to bark it up, I don't believe one can ever get a friction mount to hold. One thing I haven't tried is wrapping the rail under the holder with some adhesive non-skid surfacing...
  399. tambs

    BD forum computer issue

    OK for me. Lag after clicking a link is a bit longer than the rest of the web, but not significantly so.
  400. tambs

    Beast Mode

    Ho-Ly-Shit! Damn nice!
  401. tambs

    Revere Liferaft Re-Pack

    Holy shit! My 6 man RescYou Coastal Viking was only $1650 brand new. I can't believe that there isn't some fluff in that $1150. Do you have an itemized list of what they did? Compressed air cylinder is a given, as is replacing expired distress signals. Repack labor obviously, plus a seal...
  402. tambs

    Rod Holder

    Scotty Striker. And get rid of the wingnuts.
  403. tambs

    o cod, i have a question about cod

    Fantastic report. Cord queries receive many more responses in the proper forum. Take it to the main board and you'll receive a ton more snarky responses than this reports-only section.
  404. tambs

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks?

    Fireworks, smokes, chew. You name it. Except for whiskey. Too tough to keep that shit in stock.
  405. tambs

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks?

    I was thinking it might be time to find me a tribal wife.
  406. tambs

    Revere Liferaft Re-Pack

    My viking is due this spring as well. I called Englund Marine Raft Shop in Warrenton and he said they couldn't do them, and that the only place on the entire west coast that could is Viking in Seattle.
  407. tambs

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks?

    Here is their reply..... HI Tom, Since I don't know where your home waters are so I sent you copies of the OR, WA, CA, and ID letters. Have NV, AK, on file. This should let you rest. Best regards, Steve Here is their 'approval' from Oregon and Washington... I'll probably give them a...
  408. tambs

    Bean Bags

    Besides that, what was that kind of boat you run? Oh yeah. A glass Grady. Bow pulpit on that thing rides as soft as a bean bag against the transom of a ..... Never mind. Carry on.
  409. tambs

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks?

    I sent an email to them asking what form of approval they got. I'll post up any reply.
  410. tambs

    forum is unusable in the evenings!

    It's all relative. The more speed we upgrade to the faster they can shovel ads down our throat.
  411. tambs

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks?

    Well, myth or no, I'm still curious about the manufacturer claims of this hook being legal in a barbless-only fishery. After all, the pint-sized semi-barbs on this hook haven't been machined off, pinched, or filed away. If there's an official ruling on the matter I'd feel much better about...
  412. tambs

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks? These hooks look interesting what with the semi-barbs it has. The manufacturers website says they're "approved" by WDFW as meeting the barbless definition, but I can't see how they'd pass the old...
  413. tambs

    Stimulate the economy

    The heading sensor is generally needed in order to overlay radar data onto your plot so you have targets being displayed on your chart. I'm not familiar enough with garmin to know if this is true with them, but it is with most major players.
  414. tambs

    Stimulate the economy

    Both the 18HD and 24HD have a 4 kw transmit power, so there is no benefit there to the 24. The 24 has a 3.6° horizontal beamwidth, while the 18 is a 5° beamwidth. Advantage to the 24 for target discrimination. Patrick is right... It's all about the horizontal beamwidth. The bigger the...
  415. tambs

    Anyone used these switches

    Nice looking switches, though I'd personally prefer backlit panels that illuminated the function rather than the switch itself. Or better yet, illuminated both switch and panel. I'd look hard into plumbing in a rheostat to adjust the brightness with LED's. LED's can be notoriously bright at...
  416. tambs

    BD forum computer issue

    C:\>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms 3 ms <1 ms READYSHARE 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 9 ms 12 ms 8 ms [] 4 11 ms 11 ms 12 ms...
  417. tambs

    Help with Smoking

    Do you dry it at room temp Garrett, or in a fridge?
  418. tambs

    BD forum computer issue

    It's better than it was when the other thread was lamenting the fail to load and lag issues, but still slower than the rest of the web. And DB, I have a mile of beachfront for sale in AZ too. Clear title. Give me a shout.
  419. tambs

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........

    A generic rule of thumb WOT economy estimate that is usually found to be reasonably accurate is 1 gph for each 10hp. At 700 hp, that would be (roughly) 70 gph. (refer to Howard's 500 hp/52 gph @ WOT for comparison) From the ad: 3800-4200 Rpms 28-34Kts 1.-1.2mpg 5200Rpms 48kts .8mpg The...
  420. tambs

    Is it time yet?

  421. tambs

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........

    Rupp Outriggers, Precision Marine Maximizer bases.
  422. tambs


    Way to give it the ol' college try dad. Now will you drop the sappy shit and get back to being the regular and normal irritating kali homo we've all come to love to hate? LOL :nutkick:
  423. tambs

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Way to give it the ol' college try dad. Now will you drop the sappy shit and get back to being the regular and normal irritating kali homo we've all come to love to hate? LOL :nutkick:
  424. tambs

    Flat tire costco

    Of course they also would have filled your door handles and tailpipe with dog doo as well. :shithappens:
  425. tambs

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........

    Very nice. I was way impressed with Coldwater at the show.
  426. tambs

    Wdfw elected official

    Here's WDFW's Public Comment area for the NOF proposed options for ocean fishing. Let them know what you think.
  427. tambs

    Eliminate Bait Stop Crashers

    No problem. We're used to our southern brethren talking out their ass and way over their station.
  428. tambs

    Wdfw elected official

    I received a reply to my email to Brad Klippert, and some of the info is enlightening. The entire thread is shown below (sans my originating email which is shown above in its entirety). Palmer, Jennifer <[email protected]> Today at 4:56 PM To: t m Message body Dear Mr. XXXX...
  429. tambs

    Eliminate Bait Stop Crashers

    Salt. It's a demo boat used by Safeboats, Inc. in Puget Sound to demonstrate what it can do. I'm sure it was babied and not used harshly. At all. They are designed for harsh use though. I imagine the bulk of military time on these is spent with the key off, or key on and throttles on...
  430. tambs


    You don't happen to own a radio station do you? LOL
  431. tambs

    Freakin Tweakers Washigoogans are everywhere up there
  432. tambs

    Wdfw elected official

    Find your legislative district here, and your elected district representatives/senators will be displayed in all their glory, complete with email addresses. I just emailed my district representatives (Brown, Haler, and Klippert) with the following email...
  433. tambs

    Eliminate Bait Stop Crashers

    Unless you're after greenwater hogs.
  434. tambs

    Eliminate Bait Stop Crashers

    Weapons not included. But with that $200K armor package, you could just run the crashers over and revel in your retribution.
  435. tambs


    Still reloading the page. Good luck Mike. Er, 'Chelsea' I mean.
  436. tambs

    Suspension Seats

    You crack me up. LOL
  437. tambs


    Now that's just all kinds of fucked up. Don't you have some Honda's to fix or something? :D
  438. tambs

    Wdfw elected official

    Seems to me that taking gill nets, which everyone not involved with commercial or tribal interests is opposed to, to the voters might give a favorable outcome. Look at the voter profile in our state, especially in the great state of King County. I have to believe that if an Eyman-like...
  439. tambs

    Law Enforcement of Illegal Fishing Varies Greatly with Geography

    Apparently Paul Watson found a new job with the Argentine CG.
  440. tambs


    Done. But it was tough. Especially after reading about his douchebaggery in Seattle. Good luck Chelsea.
  441. tambs

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Done. But I was torn. Between the necessity of helping a BD brother out, and protecting an innocent 14 year old from the likes of bieber. :D Good luck Chelsea.
  442. tambs

    3D gotta love it

    Based on the last NASCAR race, them guys could learn a thing or two about navigation from watching you work.
  443. tambs

    Wdfw elected official

    And pitchforks. Can't forget the pitchforks. Lash together a few hali harpoons if you don't have the right gear.
  444. tambs

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    Yep. Sure looks like the tribes are gonna get theirs.
  445. tambs

    How many of you jokers lost power?

    Peak gust here was 41 mph today. Nary a flicker. Saw a few eastbound tumbleweeds.
  446. tambs

    How many of you jokers lost power?

    One advantage to living in a treeless desert.
  447. tambs

    Honda Warrenty

    So why do shitty shops tell people that? Are they trying to double dip, charging the customer while at the same time turning around and claiming the warranty work to the manufacturer and billing them for the work as well? If so, that should be illegal. Wait. It is. Fraud and theft. If...
  448. tambs

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Nice looking pups. You might have a bit better luck marketing them if you temporarily change your BD username. Some folk might be apprehensive at the innuendo that "BiteMe" suggests.
  449. tambs

    Honda Warrenty

    We're replacing an ECU on a 200 Hp Verado right now. 8 years old and 1700 hours so no warranty. That thing is setting us back $3900 though for the part only. No labor. So that $1500 ECU seems like a good deal by comparison. Food for thought for anyone considering a motor brand.
  450. tambs

    West Marine Bellevue/Corporate awesome

    It's good to hear a rave kind of story. All too often it seems like rants far outnumber the raves. Sometimes service is worth the extra coin. e.g. Furuno, Leupold, and others of that ilk. Nice score.
  451. tambs

    New ride for me

    Nice rig. Especially for the year. Grats. Might want to think about adding/upgrading the turbo though. That 40' SF of yours might tax it a smidge.
  452. tambs

    Highway Construction

    The temperature units are found on the Grid Data page.....
  453. tambs

    Hey, I could use $100,000

    The way I understand it, most of the hard-core guys run small and light tin or open glass boats, with small motors. They aren't spending much. I'd heard a year or so ago that the guy at the top most years runs all over the Columbia for these fish.
  454. tambs

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    I'm not going to fault a guy for peddling his product. The pics and drawings are interesting, and it's nice to see a fresh idea. I'd be careful about making too many grandiose proclamations however. As someone mentioned somewhere in another thread, you're not talking to new or uneducated...
  455. tambs

    Highway Construction

    Poseidon Construction Inc. has the rough grading going in. Finegrading and Basecourse to follow. Too soon?
  456. tambs

    Hey, I could use $100,000

    Don't forget slimy.
  457. tambs


    Never had an issue with PowerPro. Tuff Line held up when I started using it years ago as my first braid, but the dye in it always came out and made a mess of things. Not sure how it holds up now.
  458. tambs

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Don't sweat the rhetoric you get from us here on BD Travis. The industry needs all the builders it can get. More competition makes pricepoints more competitive. In the end, the economy, market, and buyer purchasing power will weed out manufacturers who don't offer value.
  459. tambs


    When did Slapper pick up and relocate to WP?
  460. tambs


    Interesting article. Greed drives such men, and sadly, it's pervasive in all manner of industry. And government. Apparently having the biggest private fleet in America wasn't enough for this douche.
  461. tambs

    I pulled the trigger…

    Why do you have to bait those Kali homos so much?? :jig:
  462. tambs

    I pulled the trigger…

    Congrats A-K on the new addition to the family. May you forever have fair winds, following seas, and tight lines.
  463. tambs

    Anyone else having trouble around prime time

    Still broken. Extremely slow loading, or won't load at all. No problems with the rest of the WWW.
  464. tambs


    Welcome Back Todd. You haven't missed a thing. It's like winter never showed its face around here.
  465. tambs

    Dimenstions on a Tote

    "D'imenstion I wash drinkin Ffffireball when i tipt dat?" :D :drunk
  466. tambs

    Just an "Ordinary" Boat Build thread......

    Very nice looking ride. Congrats. What name are you slapping on?
  467. tambs

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Did you price naysayers even go to the boat show?? Everything is priced outrageously. It's fucking ridiculous what nearly all builders charge these days. Many were over 10 grand a foot. A FOOT! :zelfmoord
  468. tambs


    Tuna you say? It's all fish talk. Ain't none in WA.
  469. tambs

    Pole barns.......

    Damn! 10% for permits?? Just so they can tell you to not go over 5k sqft? Grab the torches and pitchforks.
  470. tambs

    Thinking about becoming a Grady owner

    You might also PM Clockwork. His '88 25'er came with 2S motors originally. Not sure if he repowered it or bought it with the Honda's he's got on it now, but he could give some insight on scupper height when he's loaded down.
  471. tambs

    Thinking about becoming a Grady owner

    I don't know of anyone personally, but there is a ton of discussion about this exact topic online. A good place to start would be the Grady White Boat Owners Forum ( Early versions of the Grady Drive were not designed to displace any water, and the hull...
  472. tambs

    Thinking about becoming a Grady owner

    Decks, gunnels, and transoms of any boat that old are susceptible to water intrusion and dry rot, and Grady's are no exception. Check them thoroughly. That vintage has the SV2 hull so that's a bonus. The hull was designed with a 2S motor in mind, so upgrading to a 4S some day might make her...
  473. tambs

    Thinking about becoming a Grady owner

    Video evidence of what Laurence is getting at..... Either that, or GW's have shitty visibility and horrible steering response. :D
  474. tambs

    Thrasher rods

    b/c = because
  475. tambs

    Hope nobody had thier boat at sundance in PDX

    Are we still talking about Carl? The fire definitely sucks. Gotta admire that last guy's attitude though. Not sure I'd be all smiles and giggles if my boat had been in there. Unless I had it insured for guaranteed replacement value. Then PAHTY PAHTY PAHTY...
  476. tambs

    salmon on roids

    Except for when the WestNet drug task force is doing a raid. Then, household toilets are worked overtime with no excrement involved.
  477. tambs

    Need your help

    Make it easy for the masses DB and post up the page link. Is it this one? I'm not fluent in German, so I figured you weren't talking about the main FB page. I'm also FB challenged, so I don't know what you're talking about when you say type Vance in...
  478. tambs

    New Family Member

    Damn fine looking pup there. Grats
  479. tambs

    salmon on roids

    I'd think a few nanograms of Evinrude compound would have shown up in the fish if that were the case Mike. Sound theory though. The bay is the most likely place for stolen Evinrudes. I mean, who would by a used one to begin with.
  480. tambs

    Not quite a Grady crashing my bait stop... But close..

    Curious how this little tidbit of info will weigh in on peoples decisions to wear PFD's on the water. Thinking seriously about dumping my Mustang stock. Quickly. :D
  481. tambs

    Tin Boat ????

    Lighten up guys. It was humor.
  482. tambs

    Tin Boat ????

    You'd get a lot more range out of that open array Furuno you've got mounted on the portside stern if you put it on the roof instead. Oh, and you also wouldn't continue being exposed to those nut shriveling microwave emissions either.
  483. tambs

    Tin Boat ????

    Oh, and the ride will be even bumpier if you're in tin.
  484. tambs

    Tin Boat ????

    Buckle up. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, and the single bag of popcorn won't be near enough.
  485. tambs

    Just have to vent

    Nothing wrong with prim, proper, yoga fit soccer moms. At least until her husband comes home early.
  486. tambs

    Adding Burnewiin Mounts for Scotty DRs and rod holders

    Key words: "Trophy", and "no backing". Wouldn't have to be a Nostradamus to foretell those outcomes.
  487. tambs

    Tell Congress to Save our Hatcheries NOW!!!

    Done. And I used the Facebook share option to make my quarterly post to Facebook.
  488. tambs

    Help with Smoking

    The air dry period is to allow the fish to form pellicle. And yes, 6 hours is a long time unless it's being done in a refrigerator where there's no air movement. I air dry my fish in front of a fan for about 1-2 hours depending on temp, fish thickness, etc. From the wiki: A pellicle is a...
  489. tambs

    Dryer Problems

    Probably just a kitten stuck in the belt anyway.
  490. tambs

    Lake Chelan SLABS

    Landlocked tuna.
  491. tambs

    Quality Tuna Belt Combination Suggestions.

    Pretty much the same as Tom, except I use an Uncle Mike's 2" belt as I don't like the elastic belts, and I use a pair of long needle nose cheapo set of pliers. The serrated Victorinox or Dexter knives are sharp and cheap.
  492. tambs

    Anyone else having trouble around prime time

    Been slow or non-existent for me too. Charter cable. Rest of the www loads fine though.
  493. tambs

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    Less damage than 1500' of water pressure.
  494. tambs

    Crap happens

    Concur with Matt. That 6000 lbs of pressure, or whatever it ends up being, is trying to implode the cabin so the door will be pushing very hard against the track and/or wheelhouse wall. It'd be kind of like driving a tractor up against a sliding barn door and trying to open it from the...
  495. tambs

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    True, but they don't deflate very quickly, and the fastest still takes over a minute (by my unscientific annual testing of several per year for the last 8 years). The time taken to wait for it to deflate could be fatal, and there is the whole...
  496. tambs

    Private Party Gun Sales

    I think you may have found a niche market. Psst! Keep it on the down-low, or they'll close that loophole too.
  497. tambs

    Crap happens

    Jesus. That is one scary story that WesternSky typed up. Losing about 13 degrees of body heat in about 20 minutes of being in the water isn't something I'd care to experience. His post is important enough that it should be shared here for any who don't frequent iFish..... Here is his...
  498. tambs

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    I'll simplify all this in a readers digest version for those of you out there that are as scientifically challenged as I am: Don't turtle your boat. Especially if you have a Pilothouse.
  499. tambs

    Affordable 'but rod recommendation

    I subscribe to the broomstick theory. 'Butts don't need anything special. Flex in a butt rod is no bueno. Get a short stiff broomstick style rod and put the wood to them.
  500. tambs

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Curious as to what the weight difference is between your power/tranny/Konrad setup vs. a couple of 300 outboards. No doubt the outboards weigh less, but since they are cantilevered out there a ways I was wondering if there is any notable difference expected in trim at rest between the two setups.
  501. tambs

    Private Party Gun Sales
  502. tambs

    Canopy rack for long bed truck

    Get a room. :D
  503. tambs

    Crap happens

    Eloquently said BM. Except for the glaring lack of a few strategically placed "gay douchebag's", very well said.
  504. tambs

    Yamaha service video, so easy! I don't know if I can trust anyone else!

    Awesome vid! Would have been better if there had been an actual motor and oil change in it though.
  505. tambs

    Please help! Want non ethanol fuel at Edmonds????

    Say again Larry. Didn't quite catch that.
  506. tambs

    Crap happens

    Glad to hear everyone should be fine Stephen. Sucks it happened, but glad it's only property that was lost. Oh, and pay no mind to the Kali fuckheads spewing their drivel. Fucking know-it-alls are so stupid they have to try extra hard to convince others they even have a clue.
  507. tambs

    Please help! Want non ethanol fuel at Edmonds????

    Done. Even though I've never been there. Might want to someday though, and I don't want corn in my gas.
  508. tambs

    Boat Show Report

    There is so much wrong with that paragraph it's nauseating! I mean, C'MON! Of course anyone who needs permission to buy a boat isn't going to be a drinker, smoker, or women chaser! They would need permission for those things too! Ugh! Note: I "XXXX'd" out Norm's name in the above...
  509. tambs

    Wicked Adjudication

    Paul was high-profile, had deep pockets (relative to the amount of benefits he'd received), and the case was a slam-dunk for the feds. Consider the resources they DIDN'T have to expend to investigate him. All their evidence was right there on National Geographic's website for the taking. I'm...
  510. tambs

    Wicked Adjudication

    Quit beating around the bush Mark. Tell us how you really feel. :D
  511. tambs

    Wicked Adjudication

    What a pissah! BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — A man featured on the reality television show “Wicked Tuna” has pleaded guilty to federal charges in Vermont he received government disability benefits while he was...
  512. tambs

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Although a stand-on vessel isn't duty free either, as it has the duty to maintain course and speed to the extent possible. I agree though, the hailing captain could have been less of a douche and made his intentions clear before demonstrating his foolishness.
  513. tambs

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Sooooooo A-K, whatchya think? Any more questions?
  514. tambs

    Weather is nice but it sucks to be here

    Glad to hear all is expected to be ok Vance. Give Dad my best.
  515. tambs

    Boat Show Report

    Ahhhh, nothing like a Bo-Derek-like slo-mo beach crossing image to establish credibility. I'd request 4k resolution, but I don't have anything capable of displaying that. So the next HD step down if you please.
  516. tambs

    Boat Show Report

    Looks like the highway is already building. Too soon?
  517. tambs

    Boat Show Report

    That's funny stuff right there. Clearly someone who spent too much time in the beer gardens, or ale and wail, or whatever the snappy catch phrase of the year was this year for the alcohol event. Hopefully you told him it was a wind powered sailbote. :D
  518. tambs

    Fucking Tuna!

    Like I said, you got a winner.
  519. tambs

    Topshots and braid

    That knot is called an Albright in the video below, but it's more commonly referred to as a Modified Albright. Seaguar's "modified Albright" is the same, but with 8 wraps up and down.
  520. tambs

    Anyone running Suzuki 175s

    Here's an excerpt from Boating World Magazine talking about Zuk's.... TECH OF THE MOTOR MEN SUZUKI SUZUKI’S OFFSET DRIVESHAFT in all models 70 hp and up represents one of its major differentiators. Since most of a four-stroke’s weight is in the powerhead, the offset drive shaft moves weight...
  521. tambs

    new addition for Goats farm

    In case the CL ad is removed......
  522. tambs

    Topshots and braid

    Rating can depend on the fish. Early in the season a heavier pound test can get away with it, but later in the season the fish can become line shy and you might want to drop to a 20-25 for bait rods. Hard to go wrong with Seaguar fluoro. You'll get many recommendations for knots. Mine is...
  523. tambs

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Yes. Apparently if you post a comment that isn't a glowing endorsement of a paying site sponsor/advertiser, your post gets deleted. Even if the contents of the post were factual.
  524. tambs

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Yeah, I'd like to know why people's posts are getting deleted as well. No one has said anything that wasn't factual. A-K is doing his due-diligence, and people are giving input. What kind of site is this anyway??
  525. tambs

    NR OS Scuppers

    Yup, been there and done that. :nutkick:
  526. tambs

    NR OS Scuppers

    Eh, lom say eunuchy snip snip.
  527. tambs

    I didn't buy it at the boat show BUT...

    Congrats Mark. Those 252's were some big bastards for a 25'er. Nice catch.
  528. tambs

    Anyone running Suzuki 175s

    I've yet to come across a Zuk owner that had a bad thing to say about them. Pull the trigger.
  529. tambs

    Enter to Win Xtaero Boats Prize Pack Valued at Over $600

    Someone forgot to tell me I won. When will all my winnings ship?
  530. tambs

    Gas or Electric

    Far be it from me to consider any Kali point, but he does make a tad bit of sense. (I still can't believe I really typed that). When you think about it, how much of that fun gear do you actually store in the kitchen anyway??? Exactly. :D
  531. tambs

    What's in your Ditch Bag

    Now that's thinking ahead. Beer to sell, and a way to charge for it. Business man through-and-through. Get Visa and bank approval to issue cards. You know some client is going to leave their wallet in their lunch bucket or carry-on.
  532. tambs

    Swim Baits

    What tunas??? Haven't we covered this?
  533. tambs

    Neah Bay living arrangements

    I like the way you think. Only been to Depoe a couple of times, but I like that place. Astoria or Cape D in Ilwaco would be good places as well. But it sounds like Ilwaco isn't available? Edit: disregard the above question. That's what happens when one replies to a post without finishing...
  534. tambs

    Gas or Electric

    You can also readily find replacement parts for the Chief smokers. I've replaced power cords, elements, pans, etc on both my Chiefs. They are simple. Simple is good.
  535. tambs

    Gas or Electric

    +1 for this. Fish I leave for the Big/Little Chief smokers, everything else is done on my Green Mountain Grill pellet smoker, or a Bradley. I've never used propane. The Chief smokers can be hard to get hot enough to finish up, but not if you use the box it came in as an insulator during...
  536. tambs

    1 central 50 gallon or twin 30 gallon bait tanks in the corners

    If I could get the side tanks mostly under the gunnel like in this 31 Duffy, I'd opt for two tanks. Otherwise one single in the center. Most of the points have been discussed here, and I agree with the bulk of them. As Ryan said, those back corners are prime real estate during the bite...
  537. tambs

    2008/2014 Proline 26 XP Pilothouse - $97000

    No mistaking that blue sky. Tri-Cities for sure. Columbia Point Marina to be exact. Nice setup on that thing. Good luck with the sale. If anyone is interested, and wants something specific looked at or photographed without making the long trip from the west side, let me know. Be happy...
  538. tambs

    Frozen tuna

    Great post. I too like to wait a day or two to cark so the whole fish gets cold. Skins seem to peel off much nicer when they have chilled down. A few of us went to Depoe to go out on a charter several years ago, and didn't really have access to much in the way of a cleaning station. 2...
  539. tambs

    The Next Generation in action video

    I read through their website and they said they tested it in 20 mph winds, but don't recommend anything over 15 mph. It flies at a max 25 mph. Cool machine. My guess is that later iterations will likely have a controller option so it can be flown remotely. They'll need to do that to...
  540. tambs

    North River Build completed

    Here's how Safeboats and Lifeproof Boats do their scuppers. Cheap way to go, but they are extremely effective. Flap folds over on itself when backing down. About the only downside I can see might be an occasional hookup on the retrieve if someone isn't paying attention.
  541. tambs

    Tackle spreadsheet

    A quick check of the Apple store shows a large quantity of inventory barcode scanner and tracking apps, many of which are free. The top hit app is free, had good reviews, and can export its data in CSV (spreadsheet) format. Pretty simple to scan each new purchase when you get home and dump...
  542. tambs

    Snap on fighting belt brands?

    A quick search on google showed multiple options for a buckled belt. Westmarine has several styles alone. Any belt with straps can probably accommodate a buckle.
  543. tambs

    Snap on fighting belt brands?

    Um. I don't wanna know how you know this. :D
  544. tambs

    Boat Show Report

    I'm just glad I'm not in the boat acquisition phase. Those prices! Damn! When I first saw a 33' OS Roamer maybe 7 or so years ago, it was about the same price that they had proudly displayed in this years 26. I'm in the wrong business. Stopped at the WTC booth and met TwoTapPat and...
  545. tambs

    We're gonna make some rods

    Good luck with the venture fellas. I'll definitely take a look tomorrow. You guys going to be there?
  546. tambs

    Boat Show Report

    I'm heading over in the morning (Sunday). For those that have been already, did you inquire of any builders about the type of problem discussed in the video below? I'd think that this type of issue would be engineered out in the US by now, and likely is a problem endemic to Australian vessels.
  547. tambs

    Needs some help on new swim platform

    It appears there's a new contender for the Instigator Title.
  548. tambs

    Boat Show Sneak Peak?

    Since when are you plugging for Arima? Be kind of tough to fish 8 on that little guy.
  549. tambs

    Warning! GPS signals are currently being interfered with in WA

    You'll need a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor to take advantage of that Loran-C unit. All broadcast stations were taken offline and stopped transmitting by August 2010.
  550. tambs

    Avet MXL

    Can you not trade it in with Kevin or any number of other Avet dealers? New is new, and I would be surprised if Kevin or any reputable dealer wouldn't work with you.
  551. tambs

    North River Build completed

    The numbers looked pretty reasonable to me, and the WOT number is pretty close to the 1 gph per every 10 hp rule of thumb. Seems to me the numbers would be way high for only measuring fuel for 1 motor. Especially the WOT number.
  552. tambs

    WTC Smack talking thread

    You guys are going to raise the ire of the Instigator with all this weather talk.
  553. tambs

    Shiny Avets

    Quite the unique way to outfit your boat Jason. Your boat showing up on the tuna grounds doesn't really constitute a 'boat show' in the traditional sense. You get extra points for creativity though. :D
  554. tambs

    North River Build completed

    Congrats Chris. Damn fine looking ride.
  555. tambs

    WDFW acquiring more land....

    WDFW is kind of becoming the new State Parks dept. Not that that is a bad thing. State Parks keeps closing parks, raising fees, asking for more and more, giving less (except for boating regulations which they are generous with). About time to show State Parks the door and give the whole damn...
  556. tambs

    Orange Pride

    I'm sad to say I have to agree with you. But I very much feel like it's akin to being forced to walk through a cattle feedlot. No matter where you step, you're gonna land in a big pile of smelly shit. Denver just happens to be a bit smaller pile than the alternative.
  557. tambs

    To those that stayed home today.....

    Nicely done gents. Good times.
  558. tambs

    Cornfed has been Charged....

    Seems like there should be a King Crab pot and a baseball bat in that picture.
  559. tambs

    WTC Smack talking thread

    I would seriously consider entering the tournament if MM and DB would do a post-tourney rendition of this skit on the stage in the big tent. They'd be naturals.
  560. tambs

    WTC Smack talking thread

    I thought this was WTC Smack. Not NFL Smack.
  561. tambs

    A couple of alloy boats that caught my eye

    Alloy and glass boats have three things in common. They both float, they are both overpriced, their prices never go down.
  562. tambs

    Mini Tsunami At The WA Coast

    Panic and paranoia induce clicks, which in turn induce ad revenue. News and climate change. It's all about the almighty dollar.
  563. tambs

    Killer Deal on Single Hooks for Albacore Lures

    From the wiki on Milward.... Fishing Tackle[edit] Colonel Henry Milward was a fervent fly angler who decided to mix business with pleasure when he created Milward’s Fishing Tackle Company as part of hiscenturies-old needle-factory. A dozen workers left needle- and syringe-making to become...
  564. tambs

    Killer Deal on Single Hooks for Albacore Lures

    I'll certainly take a closer look. I've been using Mustad's 7691-DT Southern Tuna Hooks since I started the tuna game. Never had one come unbuttoned either. If it got a strike, and the line didn't part, it went in the boat. I can't say that with the double hooks. I've never been able to...
  565. tambs

    Something Stinks

    That video illustrates why Navy boats don't have In-Deck Fish Boxes..... Minor threadjack over.
  566. tambs

    Which Class V trailer hitch

    Agreed. And a big problem on eBay and Amazon both is that they are flooded with forgeries of US products from China.
  567. tambs

    Which Class V trailer hitch

    Whichever one is not made in China.
  568. tambs

    Go Seahawks...

    Tip of the hat to Carolina. They were the better team for 2.05 quarters of play. Just enough is good enough.
  569. tambs

    OK Trident 13 w/ rudder

    I'd take it if it wasn't 1250 miles away.
  570. tambs

    Something Stinks

    We're not getting the full story for sure. Pretty simple to pile into the good boat and blow up the broken boat.
  571. tambs

    The question . . .

    The leagues best D give up 37? Nothing is impossible I suppose. But it's only happened once in the last two regular seasons. A 39-32 loss last Nov 15th. You guys are dreaming. Or on bad weed.
  572. tambs

    Something Stinks

    Makes perfect sense. You said so yourself. "Lowrance Chart Plotter". :D
  573. tambs

    Fucking Tuna!

    Fucked up? Nah. I was just agreeing with Binky that Norm's got the winner already. The 'dude dressed in drag' remark is because there ain't a lot of chicks in this world as awesome as Carrie about fishing, buying boats, gearing up for tuna, and heading to somewhere tropical for a fishing...
  574. tambs

    Fucking Tuna!

    Jesus. No fucking doubt there. Just curious... You aren't actually marrying a dude dressed in drag are you? If not, you got the keeper of the century right there. She got any sisters? :D
  575. tambs

    WTC Registration is open!

    Registration page for those that are google-challenged.....
  576. tambs

    The question . . .

    31-13 Hawks.
  577. tambs

    2005 12' Valco & 15HP Merc - Need to Sell

    Seems more than fair.
  578. tambs

    Boldt Petition

  579. tambs

    Anyone missing any guns?

    Make this POS choose the one that he will be executed with. It's a good thing our liberal governor is implementing stringent controls on guns, and the legislature is considering a bill to ban AR's and pistols. This criminal would not have stolen these firearms if those laws had been in place.
  580. tambs

    Go Hawks!

    Wait, what? Didn't you prophesize The exact same thing LAST year around this timeframe?? :D
  581. tambs

    Go Hawks!

    It's a "W". At the end of the day, everything else is simply mindless and inconsequential rhetoric.
  582. tambs

    You fucking whiners

    My kidneys hurt just watching that.
  583. tambs

    You fucking whiners

    Oh no shit Jason. Good call. Things might get ugly if that were to happen. :D
  584. tambs

    New to me

    And they go well with the boat. But, no one is overcompensating. Oh no.
  585. tambs

    Can I get A

    Ilwaco August '15 My youngest boy PRIOR to employing the Long Arm technique...... And AFTER..... He's a quick study. :D
  586. tambs

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Yeah, you're probably right Howard. One of my Achilles heels over the long haul has been paralysis by analysis. I've had my share of roadside calamities though, and strive to avoid them.
  587. tambs

    You fucking whiners

    Don't kid yourself. That troll will be back. He's clearly too immature to resist. Way too many 'lol's and 'lmao's in his posts for him to be over 30. If he is, then that speaks volumes about him. Much too childish and insecure to resist coming back to spew his drivel. Mark my word, none...
  588. tambs

    Boat Trailer Tires

    I'm smelling what you're stepping in for sure. (Meaning, I get what your saying). I just think the place where the rubber meets the road isn't the place to go cheap. Regardless of what warranties or roadside assistance is available. The replacement of the tire is the least of the worries...
  589. tambs

    Boat Trailer Tires

    You generally give damn good advice John. But I disagree with you here. Researching the best tire is not overthinking the matter. That blowout can cause more consequences than a slight delay. The blowout that I experienced that caused the swap to the Gladiators was one such ordeal. The...
  590. tambs

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Agree with both these statements. You won't find a quality trailer tire. All are imported due to low margins. The highest quality trailer tire out there is something akin to what you find at Harbor Freight. Best bet is to swap wheels out to an LT wheel. Just check the offset on the wheel...
  591. tambs

    You fucking whiners

    You hit it hard too. He's so rattled he's quoting himself now.
  592. tambs


    I'm ignorant on crossbows. Everything I've learned about them came from Daryl Dixon. Slow to reload, quiet, useful as a club in close quarters. Something like this would be better for long range... For intermediate to close range stick with something that has a louder bolt...
  593. tambs

    Non Ethanol gas?

    The farm lobby is too strong for E to go away. Combine that with Al Gore and all his fanatical environmental sidekicks and we're fucked.
  594. tambs

    Non Ethanol gas?

    Non-E unless I have no choice. And I use Marine Stabil regardless.
  595. tambs


    I dunno.... from the nails and purple crocs in that pic that could easily be DB. You sure you caught that fish?
  596. tambs

    You fucking whiners

    I like the way you think. If BD won't bring Bieber back to the forum, WE will bring Bieber back to the forum. Well done.
  597. tambs

    You fucking whiners

    You're SUCH a suck-ass. :D
  598. tambs

    Dungeon Cove

    Fishermen have never been the targeted audience for any of these fishing 'reality' shows. This show will be no different. They aren't about fishing, boats, navigation, seamanship, or gear. They are about over-sensationalized drama. Manufactured at that.
  599. tambs


    +1 for format sucks. There is way too much contrast now. It's like bill gates took over the forum and unilaterally decided to impose Windows High Contrast viewing mode on us. Why would BD change from a popular format and subject matter appropriate color layout to this monochromatic...
  600. tambs

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all of you! Even to our southern brothers.
  601. tambs

    Lowrance Total Scan

    C'mon bro. You know better than that. Furuno ain't the bandwagon. It's the band. Everyone else is merely a pretender. You also know that NavNet gear will still be running long after the Lowrance stuff has shit the bed for the 3rd time. Lowrance does some cool shit on the cheap. No...
  602. tambs

    I think I'm getting a rifle for my birthday in may!

    Cmon Dan. Pics or BS. You know the drill. Congrats.
  603. tambs

    Twin vs Single

    Been wondering the same myself. I'm so inclined to make a 31 or 35 Duffy my next boat that I've been looking at heading to Scituate, MA next summer to go fishing on a couple of boats. One charter there has a 32 Holland and a 35 Donelle (more of a Northumberland style hull than a Downeast -...
  604. tambs

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Nice boat. Congrats. Be watching this one. Can't wait to see the performance numbers and hear about your experiences with the Konrad. The rest of the setup has a rock solid pedigree.
  605. tambs

    Interest Rates

    I really miss that bieber button.
  606. tambs

    Interest Rates

    AKA 'eh shed', eh?.
  607. tambs

    Bacon Explosions

    I was expecting to see the Air Force out with some newfangled smart bomb loaded with Bacon Bits or something.
  608. tambs

    Not really any of my business but...

    I'm worried about you Allen. Just what the hell kind of Google search does it take to stumble on such a jack-in-the-box kind of article like this?? Wait. I don't want to know.
  609. tambs

    Small arms training location???
  610. tambs

    2011 World Cat 290CC, $128k

    Good luck with the sale Laurence. Throw up some video running if you have any. The snottier the better. That will sell it quick.
  611. tambs

    Interest Rates

    My brother and I always planned on cruising the inside passage to SE Alaska, fishing and sightseeing our way from NW WA to Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, or wherever time and money allowed. We were always talking, planning, or arguing about the best boat for the trip, etc. A lack of the...
  612. tambs

    Rough Water WTC

    I'm guessing the Westport Fire Department Hazmat Team got called to the docks when you disembarked from that suit. :D
  613. tambs

    Interest Rates

    She have a single sister?? Or perhaps an unhappily married sister? :drool: :D
  614. tambs

    Interest Rates

    It's a given that most people don't buy a boat as an investment. Most are a losing proposition for sure, and it doesn't take a Wall Street analyst to figure that out. But for asswipes to brow beat someone for borrowing money to buy a boat, especially when said dickheads are members of a...
  615. tambs

    I'm a Granpa

    Congrats Kevin and family.
  616. tambs


    Damn sorry to hear this Steve. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
  617. tambs

    Grady guys

    This is what you get when you 'talk' about the weather. Seems the Gatekeeper has not been tending the gates. :D
  618. tambs


    1) Juvenile Corrections Officer 2)Largemouth Bass fishing 3)10.5 4) Yes
  619. tambs

    Flooding and fish

    But a lot of new areas will open up that weren't otherwise viable.....
  620. tambs

    Lowrance Broadband 24 Radar Question

    All you have to do is search this forum, or tht, or ifish or any number of similar forums for 'Furuno problems', or 'Furuno customer service sucks', and you'll have your answer. Very few problems will be found at all, and you won't find any customer service beefs. Sell it and keep the...
  621. tambs

    Heavy Duty Shore Power

    Hopefully it's a genuine smoking deal and not a Chinese knockoff. Amazon and Ebay are both filled with forged items from China. If it turns out to be the real deal, it's a damn good one and isn't the norm. A quick search of google/ebay shows mid $400's for the same thing. Hard to read the...
  622. tambs

    Heavy Duty Shore Power

    But you could probably talk Vance into throwing in an all expenses paid tuna trip to sweeten his end, complete with shelf elves, stripper poles, and MM bartending. Asking for neon rose ambience lighting while Mike serves in the plush cabin might be asking too much. Unless you swapped the...
  623. tambs

    Best vhf antenna for 100-150?

    Morad. There's a reason most commies and pretty much every USCG boat has them.
  624. tambs

    Help!!!! With vhf!!

    I personally would wait until I had the means to increase my budget to get the radio I should have. If you buy a $100 radio now, then a $225 radio later, you've got $325 invested. Wait a few months, let Santa know what you'd like for Xmas, save up, whatever, and spend a little more to save...
  625. tambs

    Aluminum jet ski

    Ifisher that hunts tuna on a PWC. Complete with fish storage.
  626. tambs

    Someone lose a sailboat?

    +1. Only good thing about them things is the cheap fuel. Sometimes hard to find though.
  627. tambs

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Careful fellas. We don't want Elaine posting up a "Ban Photos That Degrade Barbie" thread.
  628. tambs

    Zombait anyone?

    Dang. From the title I was expecting to see a tin can windchime, with a special offer on a silenced Walther P22 and a 500 round brick of subsonic at no extra charge.
  629. tambs


    I would not use compressed air to blow down potable water systems unless your compressor is designed for it or you have filters to remove particulates and compressor oil. You will foul your system with rust and other gunk from the compressor tank, and with oil from the compressor itself. RV...
  630. tambs

    craigsslist scam.. this is good

    Cool. Let me know if you don't want to buy it. I'll snap that sucker up! I just must to send him bank certified check for $20K, tell him pay mover sent by me, for which i am paying, keep extra $250 for the necessary toubles he is experienced for the shipment, and forward all rest of...
  631. tambs

    2015 Best Moments

    ^^ That. My oldest turned 21 the other day, and my youngest hits 17 this month. Its a Greek fucking tragedy how quickly it goes by.
  632. tambs

    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    So I presume you troll every thread where someone asks about a boat brand and throw up pictures of that make of boat upside down? Name a brand, and Google will find a pic of it doing a turtle impression. PARTICULARLY in the types of following seas that that one was traveling in. What a...
  633. tambs

    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    That is about the most useless fucking post I've seen on any forum. That remark can be said of any boat brand out there, so what's your point?
  634. tambs

    Putting Some Light on the Subject

    Everyone is restricted from running with lights that interfere with required nav lights, or interfere with a lookout (yours AND others). Rule 21 (b) The Rules concerning lights shall be complied with from sunset to sunrise, and during such times no other lights shall be exhibited, except...
  635. tambs


    One only needs to drive by a dairy ONCE to really appreciate how very important those studies really are.
  636. tambs

    Are you a "Lumbersexual"?

    I dunno. In this era, anything is possible. I mean, that target clientele could be those gay Kali fuckers that keep moving to Seattle. They all have wood for each other, so the 'lumber' part is appropriate anyway. LOL
  637. tambs

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    Oh, if we were only so lucky. :D
  638. tambs

    Towing a boat?

    For you skimmers/speed readers, simply read the bold text only. This is the nuts and bolts of the liability matter. RCW 4.24.300 Immunity from liability for certain types of medical care. (1) Any person, including but not limited to a volunteer provider of emergency or medical services, who...
  639. tambs

    Towing a boat?

    There's no RCW or WAC prohibiting towing. For-hire skippers need a USCG license and an assistance towing endorsement. What local municipalities do is another matter (though I can't really fathom a local entity assuming the myriad of liabilities associated with such a prohibition). Any...
  640. tambs

    Seahawks vs. Whiners

    After a night like tonight, I'd say the future is here NOW.
  641. tambs

    Tin to Glass!!

    Congrats and good luck with her! I love hearing these successful exorcism stories. :D
  642. tambs

    Any great deals at Fish Expo?

    I think I'll wait for the wearable life raft model that comes with integrated radar and bait tank.
  643. tambs

    Introducing my new boat "Turbos Palace"

    Nice ride Mark! Congrats!
  644. tambs

    Whatever happened to Glad Wraps hump day threads?

    Jesus. Someone better call the humane society before Mojo sees this. Be a lot of dead kittens otherwise.
  645. tambs

    Hate to be a litterbug......but I left it there anyway.

    Got several of these. Handy handsfree.
  646. tambs

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    Should sell fast. Especially if it comes with the crew in pic 3.
  647. tambs

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    I tried searching for the details but was unable to find anything. Perhaps the brass is trying to keep a lid on it. Maybe a query to the local news station/paper would shed some light on the matter?
  648. tambs

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    That's not your run of the mill FLIR either. That's the gyrostabilized Voyager Series. Cool $100K all by itself for the series III version. Only $75k for the series II. The double breaching keel probably isn't even scratched. Stabilizing fins might need some hammer work, and the motors...
  649. tambs

    Hate to be a litterbug......but I left it there anyway.

    Someone bump the Abolishing Degrading Photos thread. :zelfmoord
  650. tambs

    Dock Cart

    I thought he was Pork Sammy?? No skidmarks if one has a ham sandwich on hand.
  651. tambs

    New Science in Salmon Sight

    And you guys thought there was no advantage to living adjacent to Hanford. I got the gamma/x-ray spectrum covered. :D
  652. tambs

    go pro 100.00 off coupon for someone

    Day late and a hundred dollars short. dammit.
  653. tambs

    Hate to be a litterbug......but I left it there anyway.

    Man. Shitty deal all around.