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  1. Vibora

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    " Sneek"?? If you wanna fish just go.
  2. Vibora

    For Sale For sale or trade 03 DRZ 400E

    DRZ 400 E (electric start )off-road only. Needs some work , my guess is new larger pilot jet and fuel mix adjust on the Keihin fcr 39 carb. It'll run just fine if you're on the throttle , but dies at idle. Needs two bolts for seat , and i removed the throttle safety sensor I've had the carb...
  3. Vibora

    For Sale House and or boat in Baja

    That's a good deal and a great place to be in my opinion. Some of the best folks i've ever come across were there in BCS. Hopefully you're not completely finished going there .
  4. Vibora

    Mobile Bike & ATV Mechanic near Murrieta

    I've got a couple bikes i need to get dialed in. Anyone know a reliable mechanic , mobile preferably . Thanks
  5. Vibora

    Fishing themed mugs i had made

    haha. the brow speaks volumes.
  6. Vibora

    Fishing themed mugs i had made

    If you saw my post a few months back you would understand the wood style. Anyways...
  7. Vibora

    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Great report. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Also as a side note, I love those Tactical Angler clips . Also, regarding Cedros. It is used by criminal apparatus for obvious reasons. This may not be news to most but it was to me...
  8. Vibora

    Bluefin - yellowfin 11/23

    Had a YT with a similar bite mark a few years ago .
  9. Vibora

    SaltAway vs White vinegar

    I've been using Oxyclean for the past 3 years. Seems to work fine , but then again i'm a novice boat owner. I've heard Yak Piss works well but it's hard to come by now cuz tarrifs .
  10. Vibora

    Offshore with no gaff

    Maybe i missed it , what day was this ?
  11. Vibora

    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?
  12. Vibora

    what's the lamest excuse your buddy has given you not to go fishing

    Buddy takes meds, the kind that constipate. Tried to push out d as n early morning log and blew out his O- ring and need to deal with his issue . At 0330 , i get the txt .sposed to meet at 0400. Great
  13. Vibora

    11/14 - Slowed down a bit, but not skunked

    Thought it odd to see Sea Lion's that far out too?
  14. Vibora

    11/14 - Slowed down a bit, but not skunked

    I was out there as well. And the birds were a PITA
  15. Vibora


    I've saved fish by running the boat in circles above the Lion .
  16. Vibora

    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Informative documentary .
  17. Vibora

    277 losing hope

    Join the club brutha..
  18. Vibora

    Halibut tips please?

    Thanks for the support, and welcome !!!
  19. Vibora

    Flying Fish

    you already advertised this in For Sale. Nice report
  20. Vibora

    For Sale Sky Dex Sea Shocks helm pad

    Good piece of gear especially for center consoles. I have a pad that's a bit different , but it makes a big difference when you need to stand most of the day while running offshore. Definitely makes a huge difference for guys with bad backs.
  21. Vibora

    Chickens walking by my stand... Shootem?

    I prefer hunting chickens with feral bobcats.
  22. Vibora

    Tuna fishing this weekend

    You've posted a few times requesting info or being a " Ho" for private boaters. Adidas the posts pan out for you, did you get out yet?
  23. Vibora

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Think i could make it happen on my 20' CC ?
  24. Vibora

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    And here i haven't caught even a baby Bluefin...
  25. Vibora

    Join the (SAFC) Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club

    Well, I will tell you , after another blank trip yesterday , the position is open. I humbly pass the crown.
  26. Vibora

    Megamouth Shark, and fishing report
  27. Vibora

    Join the (SAFC) Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club

    The only Membership requirement : One or less decent Tuna trips in 2 years.
  28. Vibora

    Join the (SAFC) Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club

    That's right. Join today. Sorry Ass Fisherman's ( or gender neutral) , whatever you prefer- Club!! I haven't had great success this season and ZERO Bluefin . With several trips under my belt and one decent trip ( YF), i've come to the conclusion that I suck at fishing. Now let's consider that...
  29. Vibora

    OC BFT

    Damnit!!! I was out that way and didn't go far enough. Did you see the large commercial ship ? I wasn't far from it. Found loads of bait n birds but didn't see fish breaking at all. Well we did see a shark.
  30. Vibora

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    How bout this ? Out near the 14...Tons of bait visible .
  31. Vibora

    14 mile bank bluefin

    i'm gonna try n slay tomorrow . Skip my ass off!
  32. Vibora

    Close call with a wave runner today

    I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the reminder.
  33. Vibora

    Boating etiquette

    Also , dial in your shit talking skills so you're able to effectively participate in the network buffoonery on Ch 72.
  34. Vibora

    10/17 226/302 Life But Skunko

    After all the skunk trips i've had( many) , i was about ready to dump the boat in the effin bay... until this past Saturday that is. Hang in there. Without the Hunt this sport wouldn't be rewarding.
  35. Vibora

    Trolling Skipjack on the Nimitz aircraft carrier

    Shit , when i was on there we had M60E3's hangin instead of Troll gear. Always thought about it though. Diff times
  36. Vibora

    BITERS! 371

    There were a few guys nice enough to call out numbers, ( Parker guy n son). We had 4 boats close enough to talk with each other. All of us slowly throwing bait. All hanging fish, for hrs.
  37. Vibora

    Who's crafty work was this?

    Looks to be Southern Baja style IMOP
  38. Vibora

    Tuna fever

    In your post you said you wanted to get after the Tuna. Shewillbemine gave you the best suggestion . The main concentration of Fish are south , in Mexican water.
  39. Vibora

    Tuna 1 mile off Oceanside 10/6/19?

    plenty of life 15 out. birds , paddies with bait, 71.9 water, but no fish.
  40. Vibora

    Tuna 1 mile off Oceanside 10/6/19?

    i am... thanks. I'll let ya know if we find em
  41. Vibora

    SOLD 2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax

    Great trucks, especially for hauling boats
  42. Vibora

    Multi-species limits

    I've read several of your reports. You always seem to find the fish so you're certainly doing things right. I've been out several times and just can't make it happen. I suck at fishing....
  43. Vibora

    Newbie to socal fishing

    Search icon is your friend , friend . Most any question you may have has already been discussed , in depth. Good luck!
  44. Vibora

    Smugglers use a Grady ??
  45. Vibora

    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 206 cc

    Yessir. Though i have one other guy that expressed interest already and i'm waiting to hear back. If i don't get a response relatively soon i will let you know.
  46. Vibora

    Battlefish - Backward Reels WTF?

    There are a couple old threads regarding this show fwiw
  47. Vibora

    Mid-Season Synopsis

    Tariff's on China and Chemtrail residue ??
  48. Vibora

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    OP are you from Kernville ?
  49. Vibora

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Your point is well taken and there have been many posts that describe the same experience with multiple different boats. I've fished this boat a few times , generally with good results. A few things I am certain of , that the Skipper wants you to catch fish just as much as you do , and...
  50. Vibora

    Share a boat at San Quintin

    I hear there's a tournament in Sep . Anyone here fishing it ?
  51. Vibora

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Always a good idea to wear your body armor when cutting the whole line at the bait barge. If you're gonna be stupid you gotta be tough!
  52. Vibora

    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 206 cc

    The natural progression of boating and offshore fishing . Go bigger! I've been looking at Steigercraft 25 Miami.
  53. Vibora

    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 206 cc

    Yessir, it's a great boat but i'm becoming a pussy and need something more comfortable . I'll trade for 25' -28' walk if anyone is willing .
  54. Vibora

    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 206 cc

    OFF MARKET for now. Sea Pro 206 Center Console $23,500. I purchased in 2015 .Third owner. Boat was listed for sale here by original owner. I got it from a dude in Norcal ( 2nd owner) that used it for lake fishing . 08 Mercury Verado 150 4 stroke w/487 hrs Ray marine Axiom 7 w/ DVS 100...
  55. Vibora

    Still there

    Not a report but, i have the SP 206 cc and i've hit some gnarly shit coming back from the islands, and though it was 45 min going and over 2 hours back to Dana Landing , it gave me great confidence in that skiff.
  56. Vibora

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Those Tac Angler Clips are money!
  57. Vibora

    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    it's like reading " Zero Hedge " market analysis .
  58. Vibora

    Any reel suggestions?

    Great report dude
  59. Vibora

    For Sale Raymarine RV 100

    RV 100 3d transducer. It has some dried silicone on the cable from previous install. $250.00 Face to face Also have Axiom 7" trunnion. $30.00
  60. Vibora

    Isla Tortuga 05/25

    Just fyi, there's a local guide, Rigo , who will put you on fish if you don't have your. He's on the web i think.
  61. Vibora

    Isla Tortuga 05/25

    Seemed to be relatively easy to make macs right outside the Spit.
  62. Vibora

    Isla Tortuga 05/25

    I was down there for a week at the end of May. The wind was up and made it a bit choppy but we had a great time and landed plenty of fish.
  63. Vibora

    Isla Tortuga 05/25

    San Lucas Cove. 3 Fisherpeople , 1 day
  64. Vibora

    Isla Tortuga 05/25

    Dave made the run out to Tortuga on Saturday June 8 . Didn't find the Dorado but caught plenty of fish.
  65. Vibora

    “ Battlefish” series.

    I’m way late of course. Delete!!
  66. Vibora

    Bait issue, but not fish issues 9/23

    Nice job dude. We’re you the one calling out the numbers on the net multiple times?? Lotta guys were talkin shit . Typical for 72.
  67. Vibora

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    Thanks for replies.
  68. Vibora

    For Sale Random boat accessories

    Off topic. Is your boat a SeaPro?
  69. Vibora

    For Sale Random boat accessories

    2nd in cutting board.
  70. Vibora

    First time EVER.....

    My father has been going to San Lucas for years. If the boys at the checkpoints were profiling an individual by the attributes described by the poster above then he would never get to where he’s going. Long hair, tats , earring.
  71. Vibora


    Yup , looks similar to me. Mako ??
  72. Vibora


    Went out with my buddy Davey Monday . Hit the islands around 0800. We were somewhat concerned about the weather and swell but it never really turned as many expected. Anyways, we picked up a nice yellow at North island and another at middle. I used a sliding egg sinker . Picked a few bonito and...
  73. Vibora

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    Toyota knows dick about this hole in the tank. According to Parts, there is NO plug for the fuel tank. Oh well, anyone have a Contraband Inspection Cam that you’d borrow me??
  74. Vibora

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    Seems it would be at the lowest point of the tank , no ?
  75. Vibora

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

  76. Vibora

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    So I came in from paddy hopping, smelled gas around the truck and this is what I found. Still trying to get info from Toyota and I find nothing online. This is either a drain plug or rather , someone tapped my tank at some point. Any ideas? 2013 model
  77. Vibora

    Transducer cable length?

    Ok. Yeah cutting isn’t an option
  78. Vibora

    Transducer cable length?

    The ducer cable is much longer than needed. Will having the excess coiled up reduce performance? There’s about 15’ excess.
  79. Vibora

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    I’ve got 2 Yellows. Gunner, bigger , older one and Kai , smaller , younger. Kai was diagnosed with some type of cancer over a year ago. We noticed swollen lymph glands on his neck. We put him through some treatment, which seemed to help and eliminating the swelling issues all together. Now...
  80. Vibora

    6am Oceanside to 43 back to Oceanside 4pm

    can you elaborate on this statement ? "feed them Potato Spuds'
  81. Vibora

    Gel coat repair Murrieta area ?

  82. Vibora

    Gel coat repair Murrieta area ?

    Need some gel coat work done. I’m aware of some of the guys on this site that can handle this, however they are not in my area .I’m looking for someone in the IE. Suggestions?
  83. Vibora

    302 area 7/28

    I was out there as well. Looked like a pod of 3 or 4 whales. Anyways, same deal. 4 kelps with no one home that I could see. And to finish the day... chipped the gel coat on my boat and lost my bait net on the way home.
  84. Vibora

    Binocular Choices

    Baker Marine 7x50 have worked well for me
  85. Vibora

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    Just FYI, two Navy Warships just S/E of the island now and for the past few days. So it may or may not be and indicator of a sizable training exercise .
  86. Vibora

    Oceanside Boat Storage (Free)

    Right on !! K Bay is not a bad place to be. My son spent 4 years with 3/3 , 2011-2014. Welcome to BD. BTW I have a boat and launch from Oside occasionally . I'll keep your number.
  87. Vibora

    Oceanside Boat Storage (Free)

    What Unit bro?
  88. Vibora

    Shellfish Warning

    Folks are probably already aware, but just in case.
  89. Vibora

    La Jolla Again...

    And?? Suspenseful!
  90. Vibora

    Lizardfish everywhere

    You can easily get Mex limits of Oarfish by chunking lizard's...FWIW !
  91. Vibora

    One of my latest how to videos

    Donkey boy!
  92. Vibora

    One of my latest how to videos

    Tannerite your ass off !
  93. Vibora

    Michoacan spearing

    I gotcha. I was under the impression that Autodefensa were shut down . Thanks for the info brother.
  94. Vibora

    Michoacan spearing

    How is it there in Mich? I've read that It's muy peligroso.
  95. Vibora

    Anyone Ever Use Tactical Angler Power Clips?

    Dad turned me on to these a few years ago. He uses the 125 lb on all his rigs for all his fishing in the Baja or socal. Marlin up to 150 lb . I personally have used them for tuna and YT to 30lb. For live bait just use a leader with a solid ring to clip into.
  96. Vibora

    Any licensed plumbing contractors here? Question for ya.....

    I can tell you that running a screw through a clean out plug to mount the escutcheon IS common practice In Socal for Commercial and residential application. In 14 years of plumbing the screw had never been an issue in regards to weeping/ leaking. Pipe dope or teflon tape can be applied if you...
  97. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    These Bluna are very frustrating, at least for me. I've made s couple trips this year and several last year on my boat and Sporties all for not. This trip will be good regardless because my Dad will be with, but damn, I'd like to catch some fish.
  98. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    And how did you feel about that? I know how I would feel.
  99. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    I'm excited too man! Typically can't even get to sleep the night before . Overthink the gear list, rearrange gear several times, not enough, too much ...
  100. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    I just got off the phone with the landing and they suggested the same as the previous poster... probly going to the Ridge.
  101. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    Thank you for the input.
  102. Vibora

    Intrepid 6 Day

    Anybody doing the Intrepid Avet 6 day , leaving the 25th ? Thoughts on where we will fish? I know some LR's have been fishing San Clemente. This will be my Father and I first Long Range trip . longer than 2.5, anyway.
  103. Vibora

    New Butt Wrap "Mezcal Sunrise"

    Ok I understand. Thanks for the reply.
  104. Vibora

    New Butt Wrap "Mezcal Sunrise"

    Nice rod. Are you interested in selling?
  105. Vibora

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Whats with the Rhino blowing his ass out??
  106. Vibora

    Intrepid 1.5 day 5/30

    Nice report. I'll be doing a 6 day on this boat , so it's good to hear positives on crew and such .
  107. Vibora

    FIrst Trip To Catalina in New Boat

    Great job buddy. I've had my Seapro 206 CC for over a year and have yet to take it to catalina...and i'm in my mid forties.
  108. Vibora

    The Danger of Pre-Fishing a Tournament...

    At first glance I thought someone cut the shit out of their hand ! Nice fish .
  109. Vibora

    Canvas repair?

    Thanks for the info!
  110. Vibora

    Canvas repair?

  111. Vibora

    WE AL NEED TO WAKE UP: San Onofre Nuclear Waste Storage

    Yeah that was kinda my point to the OP. The existing ISFSI, storage area, is probably 40' from the new one. They have been storing spent fuel on site since start up with no adverse affects to fishing or surfers or general public. So I'm not sure what you mean by the statement " wakkkkkeeeee...
  112. Vibora

    WE AL NEED TO WAKE UP: San Onofre Nuclear Waste Storage

    The spent fuel will be stored there until all the legal wrangling is finished. This is not new so I'm not sure why your are just now posting about it. As far as I know all spent fuel for each site is stored on site . This Is common practice...for now. Legal issues, environmentalists...
  113. Vibora

    San Lucas Cove

    I used a shimano colt sniper with squid strip. Set a drift and continually hook up. Haystack.
  114. Vibora

    San Lucas Cove

    Wind was up so we fished isla just a few hours. No Jurel. We had great fishing for a mixed bag of bass, triggers, reds, cabria. heard of a WSB and two yellows taken in 7 days that i was there. They used macs.
  115. Vibora

    San Lucas Cove

    i was there two weeks ago...
  116. Vibora

    Chivato, Sta Rosalia tackle question

    The wind was up most of last week at San Marcos. Pangeros are net fishing at night so the yellows are skittish. Only heard of 2 landed for the week. Caught using macs. Not sure how they were rigged. Bass, triggers , octopus , and nice cabrilla and frindgeheaded bastard fish destroyed my 80 gr...
  117. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    Right on!! Bajabound website has online FMM, insurance , etc. I've read all the reviews available . Mostly favorable. Any insight here. I'm aware Docs are available at the crossing. Would I save anytime by online purchase?
  118. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    Thanks for info. And kind words . We plan to cross very early. I spose TJ will be as easy as tecate at that time. Curious if the spring breakers will have any affect on traffic at that time.
  119. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    He sends his regards Dwayne. Thanks for the info.
  120. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    I am going to visit my father . Those of you that have spent time in San Lucas Cove my know him,, David " Deep Dave" Hughes. So of course he has passed along any info he felt was useful for the trip. I just wNted to reach out to folks here on BD for additional useful information. It's been 20...
  121. Vibora

    Canvas repair near Temecula

    Looking for a canvas repair shop near Temecula my boat cover needs some re stitching.
  122. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    I've been givin first hand information from others and researched on the web as well . The " Search" button is my friend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge A good free flow of open source info is invaluable.
  123. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    Chico, thanks for the info. Tentative departure on the 25th. I assume crossing earlier is best. I will have a partner coming with. 1. San Ysidro bl ?? 2." Gas, anywhere and use pesos. Tip10p pesos" Are you saying to tip 10 pesos to the gas attendant ?
  124. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    I will be heading to Santa Rosalia in late March. I'd like to hear opinions regarding where to cross over, Tecate of San Ysidro, and where to purchase the required documents. From what I've been told this trip will take about 16 Hrs upon crossing into the Baja and driving at night is NOT...
  125. Vibora

    Monday, February 26, 2017: Secrets Come Out in 70 ft of Water.

    I love using secret bait to catch secret fish at a secret place on my secret boat guys...just thought id share.
  126. Vibora

    Canvas repair?

    Need my boat cover stitched up in several spots. Any suggestions on a reputable shop near Temecula or surrounding area? Thanks .
  127. Vibora

    2nd yellowtail

    " Tight circles!!!!! "
  128. Vibora

    Let's go!!

    I'm looking for more fishing/ hooping buddies/ I have a 20' SeaPro CC with a 150 Merc and 75 gal tank ,a couple hoop nets and plenty of fishing gear ready to fish and or hoop.. I usually launch at Oside but anywhere from DP south is fine. I'm usually off every other Friday and all weekends...
  129. Vibora

    Yellowfin finally acting like yellowfin - 267 to 209 October 22

    Glad you got em. We couldn't catch crap. More garage door size paddies than I've ever witnessed with nothing on them... except a school of baby sun fish.
  130. Vibora

    Islander style BFT 8/31 - 9/1

    Don't most make noise?
  131. Vibora

    They're out there!

    Report format: 1. What - caught fish 2 Where - they're out there 3. Technique - Go get em.
  132. Vibora

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    This should be interesting
  133. Vibora

    Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    That's a cool picture buddy.
  134. Vibora

    Bluefin Everywhere!!! Wide Open

    So awesome ! Someday... Jam these mother effin Bluefin up!!
  135. Vibora

    7/30 209 9th time is the charm

    Nice one! I was out there as well. I've lost count of my skunk trips.
  136. Vibora

    7/29 Oceanside 8 miles out.

    Right on!! Careful you don't snag your root with a treble.
  137. Vibora

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    "Plumbing test equipment, pneumatic plugs or Mechanical plugs of various sizes Obviously one style needs air.
  138. Vibora

    BFT out of Dana Pt. 209 on a Popper. Very sloppy weather.

    What time , and was it a big busting school? Eye gaff.
  139. Vibora

    Good day out of Dana Point 7/19

    Nice Blueskinned Luna !!
  140. Vibora

    Helgrens Oceanside Lease News
  141. Vibora

    Time for a time out...

    Background here? Was there a specific incident that prompted this post?
  142. Vibora

    Helgrens Oceanside Lease News

    Just thought I'd share this for those that fish Sport boats out of Helgrens. Sounds like change is coming.
  143. Vibora

    7/19 & 20

    Time warping ... Hard !!
  144. Vibora

    What are we doing wrong?

    Ive been able to get Macs out in front of the Golf Balls. Three weekends in a row . Sabikis only.
  145. Vibora

    O`side late report from 7-17

    Great report brother! I wish I could catch a damn fish.
  146. Vibora

    7/17 Dolphin half day with medical emergency ending

    " jumping to conclusions". I'm guilty as well . Humbling for sure. Thanks for sharing. Lastly, what's the difference between " farmed "and " lost"?
  147. Vibora


    Back order for over a month .
  148. Vibora

    Bluefin 80 lbs 7 miles

    Sigh! Been out several weekends in a row and can't get any tuna. I guess I suck at fishing.
  149. Vibora

    Vantastic Sturgeon day!

    Nice catch. What do you catch em on there?. In the past we've used ghost shrimp. NorCal though.
  150. Vibora

    7/16 Oside

    I'm not sure. He's been out there for at least 2 weeks. This is the first time I've seen up close.
  151. Vibora

    7/16 Oside

    Birds, bait, dolphin and small fish breaking but not biting. Anyone else notice that Tanker listing starboard ?
  152. Vibora

    FS 2 Umbrella Rigs

    $100.00 ea Bought new from C.B. never used 1- purple feather rig 1- 6" pink squid rig Pick up MurrietaOr San Onofre area. PM me
  153. Vibora


  154. Vibora

    Tunas @ 312, 6/28

    "PerSec" Nice fish!
  155. Vibora

    Any news out of Dana?

  156. Vibora

    Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    Certainly slim compared to the male I landed but still pulled hard.
  157. Vibora

    Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    The female was full of eggs.
  158. Vibora

    Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    Couple other things. Here's a couple shots of the female YT. Some type of parasite , and some old flesh wound?
  159. Vibora

    Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    Twofin Bluna or Yellowbeard Tuna were the primary objective however , big nasty jellos are great to battle with, especially when my last several trips were skunks. The Raging Main and Sea beast's slain ... and 7 Fathoms Rum to recoup . Feel like a pirate !!
  160. Vibora

    Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    6/24/16 Plan was to paddy hop to the 43. That's exactly what we did. We made it through the big swell at the mouth of the harbor and were on our way. I think we found 8 or nine kelp of various sizes on the way out. Lots of life around 13 miles . Pods of porp, birds and a few spots of breaking...
  161. Vibora

    6/21 Tons of Terns, Pelicans, and Gulls

    Standng on the SanO bluffs I could see the same. From the Domes north for several hundred yards, terns everywhere diving on bait outside the surf.
  162. Vibora

    What kind of boat

    This one boat could do the stuff.
  163. Vibora

    14 mile bank 6-20-16

    Do you save and freeze your leftover bait?
  164. Vibora

    3/4 Day Trips
  165. Vibora

    What is required when fishing mexican waters

    " Search" function is your friend... friend.
  166. Vibora

    reliable mexican boat insurance?
  167. Vibora

    0 for 50 on the San Diego

    I just did a 2.5 and yes the bow was a danger zone. Need to do a 2-3 body rotation at the bow IMHO. . Let those folks get a couple casts in until the Twofin Bluna sink out then rotate. More productive for a few ,making good casts and putting poppers on target than having 6 or 7 folks jammed up...
  168. Vibora

    Vhf / D.SC. Hook up

    Ok. Thanks J . Did that I Table work out for you?
  169. Vibora

    Vhf / D.SC. Hook up

    can I connect a Standard Horizon VHF/ D.SC. Directly to a stand alone GPS... Hummingbird puck??
  170. Vibora

    The Chief

    I have fished with Chief a few times and wouldn't hesitate to fish it again. They work hard to put you on fish. If you search, you can even find posts on this forum from Chris himself. You really won't know until you go yourself though. All opinions are subjective and such. Let us know how it goes.
  171. Vibora

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Freezer full right there.... and... Coconut water is great hydration during and after a Seabeast slayfest.
  172. Vibora

    Just throwing it out there

    " Bridge at Dong Ha"??
  173. Vibora


    I think Condors have a 10' wing span when full grown.
  174. Vibora

    Mercury Verado 150 question.

    So, I stalled out in the harbor . After taking the cowling off I notice a small amount of oil coming from a hose where it connects to the power head. I put it in the shop and they claim it's a cracked valve cover that's causing the leak. They can't tell me a possible cause. Any ideas on cause...
  175. Vibora

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Though a shitty situation, I tip my hat to you for accomplishing such a task. "Everybody wants to be gangsta , until it's time to do gangster shit"!!
  176. Vibora

    sunday day at the docks..I gotta vent

    Nice one.
  177. Vibora

    Thanks to the guys at Oside Harbor

    I guess I should've just kept the kicker that the previous owner had on the boat... you know, the one I felt wouldn't be needed. Live and learn.
  178. Vibora

    Thanks to the guys at Oside Harbor

    Yessir. I do have VA but these folks made it happen without hesitation.
  179. Vibora

    setting up a trailer to

    A 4 seat Longtravel buggy???
  180. Vibora

    Thanks to the guys at Oside Harbor

    Wife and I launch the boat around 0730 on Sunday, grab a half of bait. Underway ,happy to be on the water in our ( new to us) boat. At the mouth of the harbor my Mercury Verado 150 shudders and stalls. Seems to be a fuel issue. Anyway, there happened to be two fellas on a Bass Tracker fishing...
  181. Vibora

    Plumber (I think) for Sidejob - Temecula/Murrieta

    I can help. Shoot me a PM
  182. Vibora

    New Electronics Package Needed

    As I was told... Hit up Gil, aka ( Semperfifishing). He seems to be this forums electronics SME
  183. Vibora

    Oceanside launch ramp closed this Sat.

    May be common knowledge but but O'side launch will be closed at least on Saturday 04/02/16 for the Ironman Comp. Maybe save someone a headache... But you know...whatever.
  184. Vibora

    Logical electronic uprgrades?

    Right on !! Thanks fellas.
  185. Vibora

    Logical electronic uprgrades?

    No doubt about biased opinions . Did your new stuff interface with the old?
  186. Vibora

    Logical electronic uprgrades?

    I realize this subject has been discussed over and over... Which gear should I install? I'm greener than green when it comes to electronics so I need help My 08' Sea Pro 206 has a Raymarine A60 , GPS, transducer. Seems outdated and I'm unable to find any updates. Raymarine we site wasn't...
  187. Vibora

    Catalina tomorrow 3/26

    I thought anything with "YEllow" in the name was part of the Tuna Club.
  188. Vibora

    Any reports for San Marcos Island?

    There's an old thread on here somewhere regarding Mike aka " Kid Jurel" ? If I'm thinking of the same guy. I here the wind has been the issue there. But still some yellows to be had... Or triggers.
  189. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    BTW... the issue was resolved, at a $400.00 cost.
  190. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    Didn't say, and I failed to ask the question .
  191. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    Last chance
  192. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    Yeah that's a good point . Going on three weeks now waiting for this to be completed. And, I'm guessing here, the couple hundred dollar job is creeping into the thousand plus range. No completion date in sight.
  193. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    Great info fellas . And those of you that have dealt with machine shops, do you recall the Hourly rate? I'm told this will be $200.00 total.
  194. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    And just to clarify... in no way am trying to jam up the techs or place blame on the shop, not at all. Here's my next question. Let's assume the machinist is unable to extract the studs/ bolts . Do I need to be prepared to buy a new lower end , or even a complete motor?
  195. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    Thanks for the offer. Its actually at a machinist's shop there in Hemet at this time.
  196. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    I was told it had been three years since the last change. As far as the bolts being snapped off, I did not verify this in person. I am simply passing on what was told to me. Based on my research and personal recommendations from others that have used their services, they are a reputable...
  197. Vibora

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    I put my boat in for a tune up and pump replacement. The mechanic claims seized bolts at the pump, and proceeds to remove them and snaps the heads off in the process. So now the lower unit needs to go to a machinist who must build a jig to hold the lower and extract broken seized bolts. This...
  198. Vibora

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    I wonder, if there were a Civilian Egress Trainer,( and there may be), if private boaters would sign the waiver and take the course ?? Do you have the stones?
  199. Vibora

    20ft Hydra Sports CC

    I'd like to take a look brother, I'm in Murrieta aswell.
  200. Vibora

    Another NorCal BFT

    Nice fish dude, and a big ass chaw to celebrate .
  201. Vibora

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    Hey fella's, fishing the Islands tomorrow, need 10 to split cost's !
  202. Vibora

    CONDOR 12/10 Cortez fun time ripper last dance

    The " tez" and Intardweb Buffoons make for a great days fishing . Thanks for the report.
  203. Vibora

    Santa Rosalia

    Very nice!! When I first fished there, using 40lb , in 75' of water and loosing 5 of those pigs , one right after the other..... Crank down that drag, and get their head turned fast or you're gonna get rocked every time. Thanks for sharing.
  204. Vibora

    Who wants to fish anytime

    Ok, do if I understand correctly , we can launch outta MB and troll all the way around the tip of Baja , and fish Tortuga or Isla San Marcos. On one tank of good gas, not Pemex ?
  205. Vibora


    My son is home on predeployment leave. I'd like to get him on some fish before he heads out. We are ready to slay sea beasts tomorow!!
  206. Vibora

    Texted you Rob

    Texted you Rob
  207. Vibora

    Here Piggy Piggy?

    I love hunting Pighogs in Sutter Buttes with my 24" Katana, Yellow Lab with body armor. And ATN White Phosphor Night Vision. It's awesome!!
  208. Vibora

    Happy Birthday, Marines.

    Oh, I don't get a " like"? I'm pretty butthurt.
  209. Vibora

    Happy Birthday, Marines.

  210. Vibora

    1010 this weekend?

    I was on the Condor yesterday. Not much goin in.
  211. Vibora

    Anyone running Toyo AT II tires on their truck?

    285/70/17 Work great. Road noise is minimal. Ive had a few sets of BFG A/ts in the past. I don't care for em. They look good, but do not hook up well.... IMHO
  212. Vibora

    Condor 1.5 day this friday

    I'm on it now. Gettin bait. Hope we slay some Sea Beast's.
  213. Vibora

    CONDOR HaloweenEve Ripper=Dorado Limits 10/30

    Looking forward to your reports. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to fish with you one day. Get some rest .
  214. Vibora

    Tribute 11/6/14 almost over..

    Cancelled ... Great
  215. Vibora

    Be careful out there!

    Palm stump coffee tables sell for thousands.:D
  216. Vibora

    anybody reload?

    I'll piggyback here. Hope the OP doesn't mind. Spent brass, used once, uncleaned. I don't know the exact count of each. Under 100 pcs per is a rough guesstimate 556/223 30.06 243 .45 .40 9mm .38 Free!! Temecula/ Murrieta area PM me
  217. Vibora

    CONDOR HaloweenEve Ripper=Dorado Limits 10/30

    And I've yet to catch a Dorado this year... I suck .
  218. Vibora

    The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    Now it's time to focus on nerfing folks ...
  219. Vibora

    CONDOR HaloweenEve Ripper=Dorado Limits 10/30

    Very nice.with all the great reports you've posted of trips on this boat , they should consider comping you a free trip.
  220. Vibora

    Open spot for a My son ?

    My boy is at Kbay. He needs a break from his daily grind , and I suggested pulling on fish . Any recommendations on Sporties, or anyone willing to take this young man out? Mahalo !!
  221. Vibora

    New Captain Takes A Risk

    Hell yeah !! Thanks for taking the time for a well written report.
  222. Vibora

    Enjoy off road racing???

    Oh, I drive my Long Travel Camry like that effrreeyy daayyyy .
  223. Vibora

    great time on the Sea Treak 10/24

    Nice ! Saw you leaving as we were dealing with boat issues at the launch ramp. I was curious what the green shirts were about.
  224. Vibora

    Two Sheriff Deputies killed in Sacramento area.

    It's mind -boggling how quickly threads evolve then devolve into dick stompage. Continue ...
  225. Vibora

    SD to Dana weekend intel report help??

    Several boats in front of the Domes today. Maybe there will be some helpful info to come.
  226. Vibora

    I gaff pigs !!

    Do you need 1 for the 24th, tomorow? Lemme know.
  227. Vibora

    Prowler a BUST 10-18-14

    Can I go with though??
  228. Vibora

    Prowler a BUST 10-18-14

    Good to know dude. I think the majority of these crews are spent.
  229. Vibora

    The San Diego 10/9

    To the OP. Just to clarify . Are you saying you used a torpedo sinker with the iron, or a you saying you used a dropper loop with bait and the iron separately ?
  230. Vibora

    Not A Report...

    Good info Jim. And you're correct on the street crime. I could roll through certain parts of San Diego or LA and find trouble if I were to look for it. A little knowledge on the demographic in a given area and situational awareness can keep us safe for the most part. Oh, and not walking...
  231. Vibora

    Not A Report...

    I'm glad there was a positive outcome in this situation . Far too common to have these things go the other way. News of that nature would ruin anyone's fishing trip. Just curious, which organization are the heavy hitters controlling that area , BLO , CDG ? Keep your head on a swivel and stay .
  232. Vibora

    Feather River question.

    Now the hook had no bait and the beads were away from the hook..... Sooooo?
  233. Vibora

    Feather River question.

    More of a question than a report. I was on the Feather Monday and landed a smaller female salmon. I have always used small Megabaits style jigs and the work fine. Now I'm familiar with using roe, flatfish and spinner however, the men fishing near by were using a rig that I'm not familiar...
  234. Vibora

    18ft pilot house

    Are you getting a different truck to haul a 26' er ?:D
  235. Vibora

    Does Chris Randal own this web site?

    I've fished his boats a few times , no issues whatsoever . To make such claims on an open source forum?? This shits outta control !!
  236. Vibora

    Where are the sport boats fishing?

    Good one !
  237. Vibora

    Does Chris Randal own this web site?

    Uh oh. Stand by !!
  238. Vibora

    The search for local Lingcod

    I've caught em, but it was at the Coronado's.
  239. Vibora

    Fishing next to sport boats

    Just because it's some positive info.
  240. Vibora

    Government confirms first case of Ebola in US 9.28.14

    Ebola, West Nile Hanta Noro Bird Swine Meh.... I don't loose sleep over any of them. I just wear a Pro Mask when I'm out and about.
  241. Vibora

    Noob needs some help

    Camp Pen used to offer 8 or 10 hr Hunter Safety course, they still may. You can hunt Deer and varmints on base as well. I put my son through the course a few years ago and don't recall if they charged a fee or not. Contact the Base Game Wardens office and I'm sure they can get you locked on.
  242. Vibora

    How much longer can this go on?

    I think they'll be here buddy. You can milk Tuna Glands year round.
  243. Vibora

    Rpt-Wed.-09-24-14 out of Dana Point!

    Outstanding , very detailed report .
  244. Vibora


    I liked Douche Baggins in Lord of the Flies!
  245. Vibora

    Official, "I wasn't there but I know what went down thread".

    So much butthurting going on!!!!! I'm going fishing tomorrow !! Hell yeah!! Seriously , " don't harsh my mellow "!
  246. Vibora


    She's lucky she didn't get tazed and a new set of bracelets .
  247. Vibora


    So Car Bag Lady was actually behind the wheel driving, not pushing that POS ?
  248. Vibora

    9/20 Wide Open YFT and Dipshits at 277

    Nice report man! Nothing better than fishing with dad..... and Donkey Boys.....aaaaand Circus Clowns . Bring your hoogle horn.
  249. Vibora

    First Yellowtail. First Yellowfin. First Dorado. My boy got a trifecta!!!

    I am a parent and that's pure fishing goodness right there. Nice job !!
  250. Vibora

    La Ventana Post Odile?

    Might check
  251. Vibora

    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    Looks like a great trip. Great report and thanks for sharing.
  252. Vibora

    Dans got Crabs !

    New restaurant in Murrieta. Anyone tried it yet?
  253. Vibora

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    This thread makes me wanna grab a coldie. Here I go !
  254. Vibora

    Saluki. I'll buy you a nice asian boy. Come on back brother.

    You can milk old people's glands !!
  255. Vibora

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    4$ beers and 7$ breakfast has been the norm for different boats I've fished. I think any boat can have a shitty day with shitty attitudes. Just chalk it up to experience. I've been on boats that suck, poor attitude from crew and Cap but I don't post about it. I just don't ride that boat again...
  256. Vibora

    Westport Thats a Wrap

    Very nice Sammins !
  257. Vibora

    WTB Lure Bags

    Anyone have a few rigged feather storage bags they don't need?
  258. Vibora

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    And itchy butthole as well?
  259. Vibora

    Cat. Island east end. 9/17/14

    FWIW Soaking dead anchovy worked for me the other day.
  260. Vibora

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    I'm guessing this is a general statement. I pesonally have no prob with tuna or parasites. Do you have a Poke recipe that you can share?
  261. Vibora

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    The belly area seems to be the most common spot for infestation. The rest of the fish looked fine and despite many folks despising Skipjack, I smoked it in the Traeger and turned out pretty dang good.
  262. Vibora

    9.17.14 @ 230 for yft doodos & mice

    Very well. Gaining knowledge on things like these, (shot gunning ") are why I came to BD Thanks for sharing the info. Oh , the jackassery is pretty good aswell .
  263. Vibora

    9.17.14 @ 230 for yft doodos & mice

    Can you elaborate on " shot gunning swim baits "?
  264. Vibora

    Bring Back Bieber!!!

    GAF icon.... Gay as F-
  265. Vibora

    pacific queen limits of yellowfin tuna and hammerhead pics

    You my friend , should be a photographer . Very nice pictures .
  266. Vibora

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    Nema-toad Parasitic goodness, or no ? In the belly area obviously of the only Skip I have kept this year. The " loin meat" was free of these little guys.
  267. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Thought it was the Japanese .
  268. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Well maybe I jumped the gun with the " over" part. Someone close to me likes to tell me how negative I can be, so maybe that's my negative side overthinking the issue. So, what I've learned here... 1. It's never over, just changes 2. Horn Toad says go to ole Mexico and fish . 3. I...
  269. Vibora

    Fishing out of dana point or Oceanside

    Salmon? On the Feather maybe? Hit the Magnifier icon in the top right of your screen. Click the " more option . In the " keyword" box, type what you're lookin fer. Using the search function will help you research a topic before posting your question. If you can't find what you're looking for...
  270. Vibora

    Limits Before 9am Today!

    Nice. What's Fin Bomb?
  271. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Right on ! Thanks for the input Randy and others.
  272. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Haha !! He'd love to hear that. He's in his mid 60's and can bring it on those fish like nobodies bizz .. He and his wife spend several months a year at his place in Baja. He fishes way more than I ever will, and does'nt do the Social media thing so I'll do it for him. Fish tats , long hair ...
  273. Vibora

    A must see for every boat owner! How to remove a fish hook video!

    Or this method for facial extractions...
  274. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Tony, as my Father likes to say, " if I win the lottery, I'm taking the whole family on a world fishing tour". Not that he needs more fish or anything .
  275. Vibora

    BLUEFIN caught on Express Charter boat Reel Tight today

    What do they do with them carcasses?
  276. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    I spose I should make the effort to get to the Baja, considering the fact that my Pap has a place on the SoC. He's always hammering big jellos, Cabria ,Gold spots, etc,etc.
  277. Vibora

    Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    Maybe try and " Ho" on someone's boat. Seems like you did what you could to catch fish, so I'm not sure if you could've done anything to change the outcome. The Cap tries to find the fish and they're either biting or they aren't .
  278. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Wow ! That's a ton of bird meat for the freeze.
  279. Vibora

    Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    I think your write up is fine. Just sharing your experience and thoughts. Didn't think it was "bashing". So I'll throw out some thoughts here and see how many shot talkers wanna run their PIG SUCKS. 27 bodies is to many for this boat, even with locked on anglers. The Captain, TJ I believe...
  280. Vibora

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    A 1/4 Tsp of Muriatic Acid per 8 oz serving of raw fish consumed will do the trick.
  281. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Do Yellows stick around the Coronado's year round or no ?
  282. Vibora

    R.I.P. Winda

    Sorry for your loss buddy. I love my Labs. Not looking forward to loosing them.
  283. Vibora


    I have a couple bad discs. L4,L5. Mid to low back. There's no pain in those spots, but it creates all the pain/ symptoms you've described. I'm no Doc but I'd say you probly have something similar going on. Rest, ice, heat, stretching, decompression therapy and meds.
  284. Vibora

    14 MB, 277 and 209 on 9/12

    I wondered about those blue n whites. Have a few but never got anything with them. Thanks
  285. Vibora

    Which one of you Clairemont guys is selling fish?

    I have plenty of fish. Now if you see Dove for sale, well now you're talkin ..
  286. Vibora

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Will this thread get to 500? Pretty Ghey !
  287. Vibora

    New lo-an

    Sarcasm? Haha.
  288. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    You know, I've been concidering a boat purchase for the past 20 yr( can you say indecisive). Is it possible , that when the end comes, there will be some smokin deals to be had with guys dumping boats?
  289. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Yeah right ! Take a breath, reset, go, go , go .
  290. Vibora

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    Um... How can you tell it's a Bluefin school ?
  291. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    I spose I could tune up my bikes that have been parked in the garage for a few years and go to Ocotillo, or head to the races. MDR, SCORE, SNORE.
  292. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Randy whadya think on the Bigeye? When ?
  293. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Baja sounds good. I haven't put any Bluepigs in the freezer yet either.
  294. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Yeah, I used to hunt Pheasant in NorCal , years ago. Don't even know if there are any left there.
  295. Vibora

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    What will become of all you " Animal Trainers"? This season has been outstanding, one for the books to be sure. A few " first's" for me as well. First time I've been out more than twice in the past 6 yrs. First time slaying Sea Beasties with my wife and having her outfish me. The last time I...
  296. Vibora

    Free stuff

    It's yours
  297. Vibora

    Free stuff

    Some misc crap. Come git it in Murrieta . Hardware, fittings, compass,nets, and beer bottle. Scratched and chipped on bottom. But free though.
  298. Vibora

    Fishing next to sport boats

    You mean the traffic on 72 wasn't positive or useful ?
  299. Vibora

    Best Price and Most Efficient Fish Killing Machine on the Market

    I need one too. Let's go in halves on a 42' Yellowfin CC?
  300. Vibora

    Compact Carry .40

    FWIW, I put a Grip Force Adpt on my Glock. Changes grip angle slightly giving more of a 1911 feel aswell as eliminating " slide bite". I do believe Glock has changed to this grip style on their newer Fen guns, so the GFA would be for older Gens.
  301. Vibora

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Well, that was a waste of Pcorn.
  302. Vibora

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    Thank you sir .
  303. Vibora

    Looking for 1 or 2 people for sunday out of Dana Point

    Thanks Jeremy, you're a helluva nice dude. If I ever get another invite, I'll make sure I have my good eyes in for paddy spotting and such. We went long and found some fish and I had a blast. Riding in the tower was a great workout for this old bastard too .Oh and the sun burn, it washed right...
  304. Vibora

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    Yes I agree on the hot mic-ing . Of course I did notice I lull in constant helmet yammering . Maybe I was just too focused on slaying Sea Beast's to notice.
  305. Vibora

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    Ya I was thinking, well if there's an actual emergency it might be a pain in the ass to get out on that net. " two meter", similar or same as HAM ?
  306. Vibora

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    Hahaha!! I'm sure there's other thread's on this same topic. Just to damn funny.
  307. Vibora

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    So, this post contributes nothing meaningful other than pointing out the obvious , but it's fricken hilarious ! Probly nothing new to many of you. I had my first taste on Sunday.I was in "the tower" much of the time , so I missed a good chunk of the radio traffic, but what I did hear was funny...
  308. Vibora

    New Guinea Volcano eruption

    That'll ring your bell. Nice!
  309. Vibora

    Bueller !!

    Anyone! Anyone need one or two to spilt costs Saturday , Sunday or Monday ? Anytime? Here's the deal . I drink beer like the bastard !!! Sometimes , I piss on the gunwale , but I clean it. Seriously me.
  310. Vibora

    Off shore pregame

    Don't forget the " ponds" at the Hot Springs Golf Course ..
  311. Vibora

    How to clean fish jaws?
  312. Vibora

    fish handling 3/4 day boat no rsw

    On some boats, a Gny sack is the best you'll get. Hose em down when you can.
  313. Vibora

    Captains and owners, how to ensure a loss of business.

    Anyone got a Tuna sammich ?? Wait, how bout Tuna flavored Popcorn ?
  314. Vibora

    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    Bump and Jack. When I was a wee lad , Gpa used to take me outta Long Beach . We would hop on aboat and motor out to a big ass barge . We'd catch gunny sacs full of reds and macs. Anyone tracking ?
  315. Vibora

    Good steakhouse in Chico??

    Perfect! Thank you.
  316. Vibora

    Good steakhouse in Chico??

    Why only 1 year ?
  317. Vibora

    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    Good on you for posting anything remotely constructive from that JAMmed UP MESS.
  318. Vibora

    Good steakhouse in Chico??

  319. Vibora

    Few will understand

    What, nobody likes Sailor Jerry ? Bollshit !!
  320. Vibora

    Good steakhouse in Chico??

    Traveling up to Chico in a few days and would like to tear up a good Steak. I searched the intardwebs ,and 5th Street and a few others popped up. What's the scoop ?
  321. Vibora

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Go ahead and be the kid who likes to leave his rod at the rail, walks off and dicks around for a bit , then when calmly asked not to leave your shit there you respond with " I'm doin it right man. Always done it that way!!" You got it Hoss . Rock on with yo bad self !!
  322. Vibora

    Tuna Fishing on a SeaDoo- Video

    Way to bring it !! Nice vids too. Reminded me that I'll miss going to Da Ina this year . Damn!
  323. Vibora

    2 newly completed urushis

    Those look killer !!
  324. Vibora

    13AUG14 3/4 Offshore on the Mission Belle!

    Nice haul !! I've fished the Belle a few times.... And I liked it.
  325. Vibora

    Confessing My Limitations...

    Jim , good topic and a legitimate question . There is a vast amount of " open source "information regarding weapons maint. It's not secret. The reply above sites one common source . There are other sites like,,etc, etc. I prefer lighter Stay safe !
  326. Vibora

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    Umm.... I'm looking for the "dick stompage" thread. Is this it ?
  327. Vibora

    Tern, Tern, Tern 8-12

    "Here the little guy with his first tuna!!! Made him eat the heart!" Little guy ???
  328. Vibora

    More than just limits 8/12

    Great report and thanks for sharing. Good on your boy for choosing to serve. Oh.... And, stand by for the adventure of living vicariously through your son.
  329. Vibora

    8/10/14 3/4 day on the Point Loma

    Used regular Mustad hooks, sliding sinker to the hook. Others used rubber core 24" up, or straight flying with a collar hooked bait Others fished heavier line as well and still hooked up. Megabaits worked too. Remember to check your boys drag often. Someone may grab his rig and loosen it to...
  330. Vibora

    i got boat you got gas

    Was " ass or grass an option here ?
  331. Vibora

    8/10/14 3/4 day on the Point Loma

    And fish processing. I put my other girl to work. This is only half.
  332. Vibora

    8/10/14 3/4 day on the Point Loma

    3/4 Day on Point Loma Sunday. This is my wife's first trip targeting Tuna. Anchovy from the Barge and we head out 15- 22 mi S/W . I use a Diawa SL20SH, 25 lb P-Line, 8' Seeker. Wife used Shimano Baitrunner 8000, 20Lb test. 7'Penn Rampage. #2 hooks with 1/4 Oz sliders .Not high end gear...
  333. Vibora

    Stolen rod and reel

  334. Vibora

    Absolutely ridiculous 3/4 day grande 8/5

    That's great. I'm taking wifey out Sunday. I hope they stick around.
  335. Vibora

    WTB frame pack

    I have an older Lowe. 50.00
  336. Vibora

    School me on the Tiagra 12

    Very well, I thank you for the replies.
  337. Vibora

    8/2 - Why Me?

    Nice report . I let the videos loop . Looks like you have the best of both world's ,(Land n Sea). Class 5 unlimited ??
  338. Vibora

    8-2/8-4 1.5 Day on the Legend

    Good job man! Those Butterfly jigs do catch fish. I decided to add a stinger and attach the jig with a 175lbs Tactical angler clip.
  339. Vibora

    Yellowfin, Tern Birds and Bloody Decks ( Video )

    Marines Hymn at 22:23 , hell yeah !! Killed it !!
  340. Vibora

    How to keep fish fresh on boat? Looking for large cooler bags?

    Lots of great info that's been discussed previously. Not directly related to 3/4 day fish stowage but still usefull Try using the search button.
  341. Vibora

    7/27 - Say No to Combat Fishing

    Nice report. Good job with the " snarky remarks " too .
  342. Vibora

    School me on the Tiagra 12

    I'd Recently been given a Tiagra 12 however, not exactly sure of the best application for Socal Offshore. It's probly great for Marlin and such in the Baja but... USING THE SEARCH BUTTON here showed mostly " Tiagra 12 for sale", which may be telling ,but it was a gift and will be put to use...
  343. Vibora

    40 lb yellow fin

    Hahahahahah!!! You guys thread-jacked the shit outta this one ! Well done!
  344. Vibora

    Fortune 07/29 report

    Nice haul !! Thats the cleanest berthing I've ever seen on a Sporty,
  345. Vibora

    **WARRIOR KIDS 2014** Fishing Trip Pics and Report

    To those that helped, for selfless service and devotion to those Military Families..... We salute you !! Thanks for doing what you did.
  346. Vibora

    Question about the 3/4 day boats

    If you use the search function you'll find multiple results. Here's and example
  347. Vibora

    snack ideas

    Seriously though ..
  348. Vibora

    snack ideas

    Ah!! But I've got the luck of the Irish Welsh. Besides , the Potassium and Radioactive dose received from the Naners keep me from drowsing and alert for the "hook up"!!!
  349. Vibora

    snack ideas

    Peanut-butter n banana sammich's, Zuchinni Bread with Cream cheese Gifilte-fish.
  350. Vibora

    Legend 2.5 day 7-17-14 to 7-20-14 93lb BFT

    The Cap, he's mad muggin the shit outta someone , or is that his normal look ?
  351. Vibora

    Did a lil shopping

    SVD Dragunov Sniper ! Nice blaster man .
  352. Vibora

    First YT/Tuna trip ever out of Dana point (10 fish) magnifier , aka " search function, in the upper right hand of the screen is your friend .Often times, any question you may have has been asked before in this forum. No sarcasm intended. Just friendly...
  353. Vibora

    Do you have room for 2 ?

    Trying to get my Old man out to kill some fish. Tuna preferably . Any of you have 2 spots open between now and Saturday, before the weather turns? Get Some !!
  354. Vibora

    Santa Monica Bay Solo Halibut

    Nice fish ! Nice chow on the BBQ . Side note : for added awesomeness on the BBQ corn . Mix equal parts , sour cream , butter, ( I prefer " I guess it ain't butter") and Tapatio to taste.
  355. Vibora

    Extra light weight hunting boots.

    What was the issue with your toe-nails, toe long and jamming into flesh/nail bed ? I have a pair of Garmont Flash 3 GTX mid hieght Hikers ,10.5 I have worn them 3 times, and they're great except for my wide right foot causing hot spots. I dont use them any...
  356. Vibora

    Teeter Inversion Table.

    Copy that !
  357. Vibora

    7/5/14, The ALBACORE are in range of WESTPORT!!! TEAM DEFIANCE/All Rivers & Saltwater Charters

    Nice Longfin !! Wonder if we will ever see em agin down here ....
  358. Vibora

    Teeter Inversion Table.

    I 'll be at HnM the evening of July 10. PM me for details if you're still interested.
  359. Vibora

    Teeter Inversion Table.

    Price drop! $ 100.00
  360. Vibora

    Bee Canyon ?

    Any gunslingers do some blasting out there lately ? No I haven't checked the FDR or the Ranger Station .
  361. Vibora

    Trout Meat / Carcasses

    I need TEN used Trout carcasses ASAP!! Got any left ?
  362. Vibora

    Teeter Inversion Table.

    Sold Teeter EP950 . $200.00 or trade. Bought this new and used it about 4 times . Its been sitting , unused for over a year. Willing to trade for decent salt reel of similar value . Local pickup Murrieta/ Temecula preferred , but I can meet along 76...
  363. Vibora

    ANOTHER....rod holder .

    Just to clarify my OP. If I needed a more secure/snug fit, I'd add either of these inside the pipe clamps. 1. Adhesive felt. Roll or cabinet bumpers. 2. T-cell pipe insulation.
  364. Vibora

    Decent day at the Coronado's

    Drifting a bit off topic but.....Spanish mackerel, are they the same fish commonly called " Sierra" in the Sea of Cortez ?
  365. Vibora

    ANOTHER....rod holder .

    Yessir ! Simple and functional .
  366. Vibora

    ANOTHER....rod holder .

    I thought I'd try to be a contributing member, so here's my little Rod Holder build. I had the day off and needed to do something productive rather than ass sitting... Now , I packrat shit like there's no tomorrow , so this build cost me nothing as I had these items kickin round the garage...
  367. Vibora

    Boat Ho List

    Name: Adam Age:42 Boat: No Available: weekdays/ weekends Refs: None on BD Exp: Average. SoCal inshore and offshore . A bit in Baja . Pay my fair share and Do work. Smoke/Drink: no/yes [email protected]
  368. Vibora

    Whats the best salmon rod for bead fishing?

    What happened there on the Feather ? We use to kill it launching from Oro Dam Blvd , bouncing Mega Baits. Who gives a shit if they're dying, still a blast to catch . We used 12 lb. Hey homofag, If you haven't fished em then STFU !!
  369. Vibora

    Dana Pt Paddy YT

    I noticed boats stacked up around the buoys in front of the Domes last week. Why? Halibut ?
  370. Vibora

    Cabo in January

    Yellowfin....Nice . Any idea how the charter boats are ? Half day , full day , prices ,etc ?
  371. Vibora

    Cabo in January

    I will be taking a cruise to Cabo with the Wifey in January and was wondering what type fish if any are running at that time. I'd like to take the Wife out and get her hooked up on something besides bottom dwellers. Yellows would be nice .Any info on fish and a good boat to hop on would be...
  372. Vibora

    Indian 8/16-17th

    Just a thanks to the Capt. and crew for all the hard work.These men worked thier asses off the whole trip. It's been about 8 yrs since the last time I had fished the Salt with my Father so this trip had sentimental value and dispite the weather we had a great time and both caught fish...