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    Custom wrap for blackhole

    Wiseguy Custom Rods. You can either contact him through this site or FB.
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    Free computer desk

    Gone! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Free computer desk

    Bump Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Free computer desk

    The base is 42" wide x 30" deep Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Free computer desk

    The desk is on wheels and the keyboard tray slides in and out. It's just taking up space. Located in Downey, CA. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    FS: Cumberland + goodies

    Bump Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    FS: Cumberland + goodies

    Also willing to separate package
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    FS: Cumberland + goodies

    Bump Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    FS: Cumberland + goodies

    Price Drop $300 $350 - located in Downey, CA Cumberland float tube with extra right side bladder, double action pump, force fins with custom bungee heel straps as well as original nylon heel straps, water shoes, custom hard plastic lap tray, original mesh lap tray, life jacket, and two waders.
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    Tranx and Lexa 400 HD Drag - Backing Off When Fishing Poppers Hard

    Maybe your fingers are moving the star while you're working the lure?
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    Surf Fishing Guide Recs

    Try contacting jscrib. He is a member on here and is also the owner of He might be able to point you in the right direction.
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    Shimano Trinidad 16na bent handle.

    You can also try taking it to a Shimano approved service center. I've had sav-on tackle do warranty claims for me in the past.
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    Bantum 50

    I have that same reel and the are as basic as it gets as far as internals go. I agree with FishinMcNuggets that old grease gets gummy. I doubt anything broke inside of it.
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    Painting lead heads

    I like using nail polish. You might have to repaint them after banging them around but the fish don't seem to mind.
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    Shimano Tranx: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    I always enjoy reading your write-ups. Keep up the good work!
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    Thursday night fatty

    Got the call to harass the bass on Thursday night. The action was kind of slow but still steady. The fatty of the night made my night!
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    Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    I have noticed that some bearings come stock with too much lube. Have you tried cleaning the two spool bearings and just adding one drop of lube? I had the same problem with an Abu and that did the trick.
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    Should I take my kids to FH show?

    I took my 2 year old nephew on a Friday last year and he loved it. Candy and stickers from the majority of the booths. Of course, me being the good uncle that I am, I waited to give him all the candy until right before I returned him to his parents! I'm thinking about taking him this year again...
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    Pac Coast Sportfishing back issues

    What about taking them down to the local VA Hospital?
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    fishing license

    You can also buy it online. You'll be able to print out a temporary one while the real one comes in the mail.
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    Wilderness Systems Ride Front Hatch

    I have not tried OEX or kayakfishingsupplies since it's an older model. I just assumed those places wouldn't have it. Wilderness does sell hatches and accessories on their site but not for my model. No, it cannot be upgraded since it is a completely different shape. At least I don't think it can...
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    Wilderness Systems Ride Front Hatch

    I have an older Wilderness Systems Ride Kayak that is missing the front hatch. No idea what year my yak is but I believe it is pre 2007. I have searched high and low. Does anyone know where I can find one? My yak is the same body style as the one in the picture.
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    Diawa saltist bg35

    Maybe the part that receives the dog pin was placed upside down? Sometimes they have different angles on them.
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    Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    For some reason I thought I had read somewhere on here that the drill bit used to clean the center of the pinion gear was a 1/8" drill bit. I re-read the entire thing and couldn't find the size. I tried a 1/8" drill bit on a revo S and it was too large. For whoever is interested, the 7/64" drill...
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    Any good sales going on today?

    FYI The Trokars are per hook not per pack. I was about to order a few but then realized it wasn't that much of a deal once you add shipping.
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    what's with the new look??

    Thanks on the tip to switch it back! Switching it back made my eyes happy. Kind of like putting on sun glasses on a sunny day.
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    WTB: the southern california angler by brandon hayward

    Does anyone know where I can find the book "the southern california angler" by brandon hayward? It came out in 09 I believe. I would like to get a hold of a copy but can't seem to find it anywhere. New or used it doesn't matter.
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    Any Experience with Smooth Drag Handle Upgrade?

    I upgraded my saltist 30 level wind with the standard size t-bar and I love it! I'm not sure what brand mine is but it looks identical to the ones on the smooth drags website. I had to drill out my handle in order to accommodate the t-bar. I use mine for vertical jigging and couldn't be happier.
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    WTB: Jig Bag...Shimano or whatever.

    I went to sav-on tackle last night and they had a handful of shimano jig bags in stock. Maybe they can ship?
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    1. Juvenile Corrections Officer 2. Largemouth Bass Fishing 3. 10.5 4. Yes
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    Skitz Jig

    Very cool find. Thank you for sharing.
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    A fueler and his dock are soon parted

    That was a great read! Good to hear you got back to your dock ok.
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    Need a little help deciding on a reel

    Thanks for the tips guys. Turns out I was just psyching myself out. Visually it looked awkward since the rod has such a thin diameter which made the reel look beastly on there. Once I actually fished it, the setup felt like if it was made for each other. The shikari has way more back bone than I...
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    CCA CAL L.A. Open Meeting Wednesday 11th @6:30pm

    WOW. I hope this meeting has a great turn out. I know the wife and I will be there for sure
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    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Great write up! I have recently gotten into surface irons and I love reading and learning anything I can about them.
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    Line counter - will this work?

    Why not just buy a hand held line counter?
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    Tranx Handle

    Thank you for the fast reply Bantam. That's what I figured but just wanted to make sure.
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    Tranx Handle

    It caught my eye yesterday that the power handle on the tranx does not have a counter weight on it like all the other baitcasters with power handles. Is the handle that light that it will not auto engage the reel mid-cast (unlikely). Or is the tranx that beastly that it takes more effort than a...
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    Installing power Handle on tiagra

    here you go on mine I had to enlarge the hole with a 1/4" bit to make the new handle fit properly.
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    Installing power Handle on tiagra

    It looks like I have the same new handle as you and I love it. I've never tried the Alan Tani knob but I have seen it and have heard great things about it. Here is my setup
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    CCA CAL L. A. Chapter Open Meeting

    I just signed up for the CCA a couple of weeks ago. i'll be there :cheers: email has been sent to RSVP.
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    Installing power Handle on tiagra

    The knob itself can be unscrewed and removed to prevent damaging it but the shaft that holds the knob to the handle is riveted on to the handle and has to be drilled out. The new knob gets screwed on to the handle.
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    WTB Kicker fishing irons

    Performance Tackle carries them
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    Need a little help deciding on a reel

    I recently picked up a custom built Shikari that is about 5'-8" long. Not sure what the blank was intended for but it is going to be used for vertical jigging. The rod has parabolic action with plenty of back bone. It has a 15" long handle with the jigging trigger real seat and a 4" fore grip...
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    Kayak for lunch

    That poor bear was trying to figure out how to launch that kayak so he can get out of there!
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    #8 tip top for TMC-90MH

    Just about any reputable tackle shop should have them. I know sav-on tackle in santa fe springs has them. Stores like wal-mart & big 5 carry "kits" to replace the tip but I think those are more of a temporary fix.
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    my dad needs your help

    Looks like your dad has a good lead now! Hopefully he can keep it up for one more day. Good luck!
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    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

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    What would you have done ?

    Kind of like the guys that want to merge in last minute then get mad when you don't let them. Get it line like everyone else!
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    Calcutta 400

    Those reels are built like tanks! You'll be fine. Just remember to hose it off after every outing and standard servicing.
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    What would you have done ?

    Man up! Take your shit and go home. Or at least on another boat that is staying local... I would have left his ass. There is no reason why everyone should have to suffer because one person didn't pay attention. He should suffer for his own mistake instead of everyone else.
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    Flat Fall Hooks?

    Damn, that sucks. Hopefully it was a fluke but you're right. At that price it shouldn't be happening. At this point all you can do is make your own stingers but that'll be adding more to the cost.
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    Flat Fall Hooks?

    Maybe dykes were used to unhook previous fish and it weakened the hook?
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    my dad needs your help

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    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Nice write up! I always enjoy reading your detailed break downs that include photo's as you go.
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    Trigger Clamp For Deckhand Rods

    Does anyone know where I can find a Trigger Clamp in either Downey or Long Beach? New or used, it doesn't matter as long as it is still in good condition. I don't really feel like driving to Huntington Beach and shipping seems steep for what it is.
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    Terez Rods 411 (Flat falls)

    You are fine with the gear you have. The reel, rod, line, lure combo thing that Shimano does is marketing.
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    FS: Irons - Kicker and Iron Man package

    PM Sent I'll take them if the deal falls through.
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    Looking for reels for my kayak

    Sealine sl20sh with clamp & filled with 65# braid for 90 or without line for 70
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    Curado 300DSV Question

    That is WAY too much grease and it does look like it has water mixed in. That is also too much grease on the AR bearing. Too much grease can cause them to malfunction and start to slip.
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    Lew's, Abu Garcia and Shimano

    I would stay away from the Curado. I used to have a G series and the salt was not good to it no matter how much I stayed on top of it. They just aren't as durable as they used to be. I got rid of all my Curado's (even the E series) when I got my hands on the Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool...
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    PENN Clash giveaway contest!

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    Application process for county of Riverside

    Patience is key with county jobs. The entire process on average is about 12 months if not longer, depending on how much of a rush they're in to hire someone.
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    New Shimano reels

    If you really want to spend your money with the mom and pop then why not check out the reel wherever you can find it and order it through your local tackle shop? Or if you already know you want it then skip checking it out and just order it? I've had my local tackle shop offer to order something...
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    Float Tube Help

    I use the o'neill reactor reef boots over the wader booties. They have a slimmer profile and less "side bite" then what bass pro sells. Makes it easier to slide your foot in and out of the fins. I picked them up at a wind surfing shop in Long Beach. They also have really good traction on wet...
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    Float Tube Help

    x2 on hotspots and forcefins. You can't go wrong with either one. I've had both and both are great. If you go with forcefins make sure to make leashes that attaches to them and your ankle since they do not float.
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    Torium HG screws for jigstick

    Take the stock screw with you to your local hardware store and they'll be able to help you out. I had bought a sealine with clamp but no screws and I was able to find a perfect fit at home depot.
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    Diawa Saltist 4500H - What's up?

    Do both of the rods have the same rating & action? Are both of the reels spooled with the same brand & strength line? Were you casting the same thing with both setups? Do both of the reels have the same amount of line? There's a lot more that goes into it then just rod and reel.
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    Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    :worship: Great write up! Earlier today I was actually googling like crazy how to clean corrosion from the main gear and pinion gear. Then somehow I stumbled onto another thread which in turn shot me into the direction of this thread. I got the info I was looking for plus a lot more! I thought...
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    Rod supports on power wrapper ..

    What about replacing the screw that is on the top left of the first picture with a longer bolt coming in from the opposite side and a regular nut in between the arm and vertical piece to hold the bolt in place so it doesn't spin (that way no tools are required to adjust) and then the pivoting...
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    Rod supports on power wrapper ..

    In that case I think a heavier spring would be ideal if you don't want to use the spring/rubber band combo LOL
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    Rod supports on power wrapper ..

    I'm not a rod builder and I don't play one on TV either but I do like to drink beers and service reels while he builds. (hey that rhymes LMFAO) I asked my buddy about the problem you're having and he said he had problems with those as well and upgraded to the “L” shaped bracket with butterfly nuts
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    Rod supports on power wrapper ..

    Have you tried shortening the spring in the first picture or replace it with a heavier spring?
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    BAM! LOL they cost almost as much as the entire game
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    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    Have you ever checked out lew's? I was also a shimano up until the D series curado and E series chronarch... Switched to lew's and never looked back. Sweet little reels with great drag!
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    second rod Stamp question

    The second rod stamp applies for fresh water.
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 10 COUSINS

    No crossing swords...
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    12 Days of Christmas-Day 9 FREE FISH DOPE SUBSCRIPTION

    Sav-on tackle in Santa Fe Springs
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 7

    11 years
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    That gives a whole new meaning to "bloody tuna"
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away- Day 5

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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    no facebook here either. Count me in...
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    It won't pull out! Not even when you want it to!
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    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    I'm giving it all she's got captain!
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    4 Freelance 3/4 day vouchers...with lunch! $150

    I went on that boat not too long ago. 80 people on board with one captain, one cook, and two deck hands. I thought "oh shit" but those two deckhands busted there balls and no major problems on the boat at all. Plus, most of them are rod renters so if you can cast further than five feet you are...
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    Classified > Rod And Reel Board, Need Your Input !

    Also, as a seller, if you receive money under "friends or family" then you receive 100% of that money. If the buyer checks off "goods or services" then ebay keeps 3.5% of the overall amount.
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    Russian dash cam

    LMFAO! I didn't see that one coming
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    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    It'll be a lot easier if this damn lizard fish would stop wiggling so much!
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    Hardbaits and spotties

    I've had good luck with deep diving crank baits and spinner baits. Retrieves may very but usually it's low and slow for me.
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    Spots reachable from San Pedro / Long Beach Area

    Don't forget to get the map that shows which areas are off limits.
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    Try not to laugh :)

    damn thing gets me every time HAHAHAHAHA
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    friendly spotted bay bass tourney

    Since it's being pushed back for a week can I still add my name to the list?
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    FS: Brand New JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Shallow Reef Aquarium

    price reduced on the tank. 200 takes it
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    FS: Brand New JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Shallow Reef Aquarium

    I apologize for the delay but here are the pictures. I also have some new era food that I would let go for $20 each of $50 for the lot of food.
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    Two Trips One Week

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    FS: Brand New JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Shallow Reef Aquarium

    Sorry I just saw this right now. I will take pictures when I get home tonight but it is brand new still wrapped in the shrink wrap. Brand new never used.
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    Life Vests - Auto vs. Hydrostatic

    I have always preferred the foam filled ones just because you know for sure it's always ready to go. I currently have the BPS one like shown above. It is comfortable but I am looking to upgrade to a kayaking life vest. They are way more comfy!
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    Questions about Acid/Spiral Wrap Rods?

    All of my rods are wrapped this way with the exception of one. I like it way better than conventional. Like earlier said, they load up a lot better and don't have to worry about the line rubbing on the blank when under load. I feel like they cast better and you get better sensitivity. Plus it's...
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    FS: Two Shimano Teramars

    Nope that's original and the rod has been sold
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    FS: Two Shimano Teramars

    chrislarson757 conversation sent...
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    FS: Brand New JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Shallow Reef Aquarium

    I am selling my brand new JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Shallow Reef Aquarium. Never been used and still wrapped in shrink wrap inside of the box it came in. I only opened it to make sure nothing was broken. First $240 takes it 310-422-8496
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    FS: Two Shimano Teramars

    I would have to look into shipping. Here are some pix
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    FS: Two Shimano Teramars

    7'-6" has been sold 8'-0" still available
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    FS: Two Shimano Teramars

    first up is my 8'-0" medium action teramar with full cork grip and trigger seat for $120 ---> SOLD!! next is my 7'-6" heavy action teramar with full cork grip and trigger seat. This one is the southeast model which has a dark blue blank and has only been used twice. Letting this one go for...
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    Borrowing gear ettiquete

    Yup he needs to get his own setup or at least go back to rentals if he doesn't want to buy one.
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    Swimbait Storage

    I keep them in plano boxes with similar brands/colors grouped together
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    2014 Spiral/Acid Rods Anyone???

    I bought my first acid wrapped rod about five years ago and now all my rods are acid wrapped...
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    LED vs Plasma tv

    I recently bought a Samsung plasma and have noticed a few things: 1. Yes they do feel warm to the touch but not enough to change the room temperature. 2. The monitor is glass and reflects anything and everything that is in the room which is why they do better in dark rooms. Mine is in a dark...
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    Have you seen my tackle bag?

    Damn that really sucks. I hope you and your boy get the gear back! Hopefully there is a good guy somewhere trying to track down the owner of the tackle bag.
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    FS: Shimano Calcutta 250

    Would you like some internal pictures or do you rather go off of the actual feel of it? Either way I understand. I also like seeing the product in my hands before I commit to a purchase.
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    FS: Shimano Calcutta 250

    I'm surprised too. I think it has to do with the fact that it doesn't have a ton of plastic like the new stuff.... LMFAO
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    FS: Shimano Calcutta 250

    Shimano Calcutta 250 with white braid backing ---> $80 firm call/txt/pm 310-422-8496
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    2000 Honda CR125 - $1300

    2000 Honda CR125 with green sticker and pink in hand. Registration is up to date. $1300 FMF gold series fatty pipe FMF turbine core II silencer Renthal sprocket kit D.I.D. chain Kick stand ASV unbreakable levers Feel free to call/txt/PM if you have any questions. 310-422-8496 Alfredo
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    Curado 100 DSV

    Bump for pix and it has carbontex drags
  115. L

    Curado 100 DSV

    Shimano Curado 100 DSV --- $120 FIRM --- SOLD!!! Comes with 30# braid to the top. I'll post pics tonight
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    Another Spottie Rod for my rack

    Looks like someone is really liking the acid wrap! Nice job bro
  117. L

    One for Pops

    Sick rod Jimmy! I saw this thing in person and it is top notch! Your dad is going to love it
  118. L

    BPS spotty rod

    The carbonlite rods from Bass Pro are pretty sweet too
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    Tent Camping suggestions.... maybe in sequoias?

    Check out Limestone Campground it is right next to the water. There is also a bend in the river with a sand beach area for swimming. Dog friendly and all that fun stuff. The only thing is that it's first come first serve but I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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    New Swimbait Head!?

    It looks to be homemade
  121. L

    A question: New build, or Rebuild????

    Since it has sentimental value, hang it on your wall on go shopping for a new one!!!
  122. L

    Calico Bass Rod

    Thank bro!!!!!!!!!!!! This rod is bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should've seen me trying to unwrap this damn thing as soon as I got home. I was LOADED and stumbling everywhere but I was still able to unwrap it and swing it around a couple of times!!!!!
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    NPH - Spotty Session 8/16/13

    Nice job Jimmy! The senorita was a nice surprise.
  124. L

    Phenix M1 MX-78H

    Nice job Jimmy!
  125. L

    Rod action...reaction?

    Based on your explanation, that means that they are parabolic as opposed to fast tips that shut off quick.
  126. L

    Long Beach charter on the Native Sun

    My company is having it's annual fishing trip this coming Saturday and it is going to be my first time going with the company. We are going on the Native Sun and I'm pretty sure we will be targeting rock fish. I prefer to use lures. I plan on taking some p-line lazer minnows, swimbaits/scampis...
  127. L

    Looking for some help with finding a pup.

    First I right clicked on your photo (which was shown as a box with an X on it) then I went to properties. It showed me the address like this "" I ended up removing "_%20" at the end because it just didn't look right to me based on...
  128. L

    2013.07.24 Long Beach

    Yesterday after work I got the privilege of going on a quick afternoon run on my friends skiff. Managed two lizards and one sandy.
  129. L

    30lb Halibut from the Tube

    Damn Jimmy! You have no idea how bad I wanted to leave work when you sent me the pic!
  130. L

    Shimano Rods

    No problem man. It was good meeting you! Teramar has been sold!
  131. L

    What float tube would work best?

    Both of them are the same, the only difference being that one has inflatable seats. (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I have the Cumberland from Classic Accessories and this thing is bad ass. Super stable and rated to 350#. Doesn't have the inflatable seat though.
  132. L

    Shimano Rods

    pictures have been added
  133. L

    Shimano Rods

  134. L

    wtb shimano teramar 80mh

    I have the 8 foot medium heavy with full cork grip and trigger seat for 120.
  135. L

    Shimano Rods

    Shimano Teramar Inshore Series TMC-X80MH. This is the previous model with the full cork handle. Used a couple times. Still looks brand new. $120 ---> SOLD!!! Shimano Clarus CSC-710MA. Line:10-17. Lure:1/4-1. Power: medium. Action: fast. Collapsible. SOLD! Shimano Clarus CSC-610MH. Line:10-20...
  136. L

    WTT Calcutta power handle for Calcutta paddle handle

    I have a Calcutta 250 that came with a power handle when I got it. Don't like the power handle on it and would like to trade for a Calcutta paddle handle. Or if you have a Calcutta paddle handle for sale let me know how much you want for it. 310-422-8496
  137. L

    WTB Power handle for Calcutta 400B

    Not sure which reel it came off of but I have a factory shimano power handle on my Calcutta 250b (reel came this way got it used) It looks like the Calcutta power handle. I'll do a straight trade if you have the paddle handle.
  138. L

    2013.06.01 Ensenada

    That's the one! Sergio was super cool when I met him and even before the trip when I had a few questions, Sergio was able to answer all of them.
  139. L

    2013.06.01 Ensenada

    Since I am getting married pretty soon, my bro asked my what I wanted to do for my bachelor party. I replied.... FISHING IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first he looked at me like if I was crazy because he was expecting me to say strippers. I said forget the strippers I rather smell like fish from...
  140. L

    Curado 300E , Tekota 500 , Calcutta 100

    Do you have pictures of the Calcutta 100?
  141. L

    Six Pack Charter to Catalina or...

    I am planning on getting a 6-pack charter to target Calico's but not really sure where to go or who to hire. At first I was thinking Mexico but then I started thinking Catalina. Any suggestions would be great!
  142. L


    Nice job man!
  143. L

    R A D I O S I L E N C E F I S H I N G: JACK

    Sweet preview! Can't wait
  144. L

    Curado 200G5

    I had the G7.... I would recommend the E series...
  145. L

    Pimp my reel

    Change out bearings to boca's and drags to carbontex
  146. L

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW760M

    Nice work man! Looks sick
  147. L


    I use wind surfing booties over my waders with hot spot fins. No complaints here.
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    Shimano reel and rods for sale

    I'll let the clarus, saros, and third grip rod holder go as a package for $140! Call or text me at 310-422-8496
  149. L

    Shimano reel and rods for sale

    BUMP I will throw in a third grip rod holder in black if someone buys the clarus and saros together!
  150. L

    Shimano reel and rods for sale

    I will be at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana Saturday and Sunday if anyone in that area is interested...
  151. L

    Shimano reel and rods for sale

    Shimano Saros 2500f for $80 Comes with box and a never used extra spool Shimano Clarus CSS-86-ML-2A for $80 Shimano Crucial CRC-70ML for $80 ---> SOLD
  152. L

    vicious fluorocarbon

    I used it for a season for LMB and it treated my good. No complaints here. I spooled up the entire reel with it then I spooled up with braid and used it as a leader. Worked just as good both times.
  153. L

    Float Tube Rod Racks

    Christmas is coming up quick...
  154. L

    PETA wants sign to memorialize fish killed in crash

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks, that made my day!
  155. L

    Stomach contents of fish

  156. L

    Spotted bay bass san Pedro/La harbor

    I am like you to where I always go straight to PV but you have the right idea based on what I've heard from buddies. Just throw it in as far as you're willing to go and bounce it back. If that doesn't work then switch it up and try different retrieves. As far as inside or outside, why not both...
  157. L

    Left Arm or Right Nut?

    GAS they have, we want it...
  158. L

    Float Tube Rod Racks

    I'm happy you enjoyed it Mike!
  159. L

    How do I mount my reel?

    The Tiburon Universal Clamp looks like it'll fit the bill
  160. L

    need a little help with area

    The times that I've been out there I usually drift and cast through the lanes. I've had good results with 4" plastic swimmies and up. Cast out and let it hit the floor and work it back to the boat. Cast against the current since fish face the current waiting for food to pass by. 3/4oz baits to...
  161. L

    braid or mono for casting?

    Most of my baitcasters have braid but with that said, a braid birdsnest is a pain in the butt compared to mono. Keep practicing with mono until you get it dialed in. Mess with the brakes and cast control.
  162. L

    Float Tube Rod Racks

    No problem man. If you ever do find it, I'll be here.
  163. L

    Float Tube Rod Racks

    Thanks for the kind words Mike and I am glad you're happy with it.
  164. L

    Reebs Lures Labor Day Sale

    You won't be disappointed. I caught my first spinner bait fish on a reebs...
  165. L


    Read the story about the first pic being a possible photoshop so i enlarged it to take a better look and saw that he's standing bare foot on the blade of his knife... Ouch, that could have been messy
  166. L

    fluorocarbon line???

    I lost a hog due to the line rubbing on structure. I've heard that fluoro is more abrasive resistant and wanted to see how much more resistant it is when compared to mono.
  167. L

    Severe Motion/Seasickness

    I believe the package says just to take them the day of. Try taking one right before bed on the day before as well as what's indicated on the package. I don't get sick but my dad does and that's what works for him.
  168. L

    fluorocarbon line???

    I am currently fishing braid main line to mono leaders and I am thinking about changing my leaders to fluoro. Currently my leaders range from 6#-12# izorline xxx for targeting sandies, spotties, hali's and so on. My fishing is done from a tube and lately I have been fishing next to more and...
  169. L

    Mono to spectra question.

    what are you going to be targeting?
  170. L

    Flukes for spotted bay bass

    x2 pop it, shake it, stop & go. Just experiment and see what happens... Just keep in mind you are trying to imitate a dying or injured fish. When I tie on something I've never used before, I like to play with it in the shallows so I can visually see how it moves when I do certain movements.
  171. L

    Save Berth 55!

    signed the petition
  172. L

    Bass Gear!!

    Currently my favorite is a medium terramar with a curado 300e and 65# braid
  173. L

    Shimano Curado 200g6

    price reduced to $100
  174. L

    Float Tube Rod Racks

    I will be in San Diego on Saturday if anyone from that area is interested...
  175. L

    Float Tube Rod Racks

    For only $65 you can have a custom made rod rack for your tube! Description: This is a water tight rod rack made out of ABS piping and stainless steel eye-bolts which are nutted from within. The bottom of the rack has Kayak nylon pad eyes with stainless steel counter sunk bolts that are also...
  176. L

    Shimano Curado 200g6

    Up for sale is my Curado 200g6 for $130 ---> Reduced to $100 It has recently been serviced! Comes with carbontex drags and 30# red power pro. ALSO COMES WITH BOX AND PAPERS! You can call or text me at 310-422-8496
  177. L


    :eyepoppin Nice!
  178. L

    shimano curado e7 and g7

    And how did it work out when you compared them...
  179. L

    For Sale: Hot Spot Fins

    Bump - Also willing to trade towards a curado 100 or 200 d series in either 6 or 7 gear ratio
  180. L

    For Sale: Hot Spot Fins

    Up for sale is a pair of brown Hot Spot Fins for $50. They are used but not abused. Size Medium. Alfredo
  181. L

    Float Tube for sale

    Browning float tube in good condition for $60 obo. --> gone
  182. L

    Two Shimano's and one Daiwa

    Cruxis has been sold! Only have the Chronarch left! Come and get it before it's too late
  183. L

    Two Shimano's and one Daiwa

    Bump for the Chronarch
  184. L

    Two Shimano's and one Daiwa

    Sealine has been sold
  185. L

    Two Shimano's and one Daiwa

    Shimano Bantam Chronarch 100 price drop to $80 ---> gone Shimano Cruxis 200 with carbontex drags $40---> SOLD! Daiwa Sealine 20 comes with box and papers $80 ---> sold!
  186. L

    Drop Shot for Salty Bass?.,?.,?

    You can also try darter heads or sled heads
  187. L


    BUMP reduced to $300 or trade as mentioned above ^
  188. L


    Bump also willing to trade for a calcutta 300te or calcutta 200te gt
  189. L

    WTB Flot Tube

    I would recommend a cumberland, they have a weight rating of 350Lbs and can be had for under $200 to your door. I had a Caddis Navigator and the water level was up to my waist. I had waders on so it was no big deal but the colder water temperature would make me want to go to the restroom. Now...
  190. L


    Not at the moment but I'll let you know if that changes...
  191. L


    PRICE REDUCED $300 oBo
  192. L

    tubing 2012.07.06

    That last shot is sweet
  193. L

    tubing 2012.07.06

    Not my gaff but it does get carried on a tube!
  194. L

    tubing 2012.07.06

    Got the invite to go tubing with Jimmy and his brother today . We were at the spot by 530 and in the water by 6. It started off pretty slow but ended up being a day with some action and some nice variety. Dink skunk buster Shortly followed by this eight pounder then jimmy's brother...
  195. L

    Independence at HH Loking,..

    That donut tube was some crazy stuff. I didn't think he was actually going to do it when he saw how small it was. It was also funny watching your tube launch without you
  196. L

    Tubing Huntington Harbor

    That just means the bite will be that much better when you do go out since you'll have some catching up to do.
  197. L

    Tubing Huntington Harbor

    Got to the water at 630am and launched by 7. The weather looked gloomy and it even sprinkled for a bit but we fished right through it. Fishing was tuff, the current was worst but still managed to land some fish. I was actually casting at my buddy just to mess with him and ended up with my skunk...
  198. L

    Caddis Float Tube for sale

    Up for sale is my caddis float tube. The only thing wrong with it is the zipper on the right side compartment. Everything else is perfect. The bladders have never failed or leaked on me. Asking $100 obo Call or text at 310-422-8496
  199. L

    How do you catch fish and get skunk'd at the same time...

    Went rock hopping with a buddy yesterday and man did I work up a sweat. I Almost fell in the drink a couple of times LOL. Total fish count of the day for me was five of these guys and two missed mystery fish... I though I was at IHOP with all the pancakes being served. As for the skunk...
  200. L

    Shimano Bantam Chronarch100

    bump call or text me at 310-422-8496
  201. L

    Shimano Bantam Chronarch100

    For you... I'll give you a good deal... $100 and I'll even throw in the reel for free :eyepoppin Hell, I'll even deliver it to you :boobies:
  202. L

    Shimano Bantam Chronarch100

    Selling my Chronarch for $100
  203. L

    Toadslayerz Strike Again (lots o' pics)

    Nice going! you guys are all over them
  204. L

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    Never thought this would've reached 7 pages...thanks guys! I think I'll go fishing now
  205. L

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    Thanks for the ones with the positive comments. Nothing went to waste and I'm typically catch and release. This was just something on my bucket list.
  206. L

    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    The somewhat long story... Woke up at 2am picked up my brother and we were on our way by 3am. We arrived at the ramp at around 420am or so. Say our hello's and jump on John's boat and away we go. We found a spot that looked super I mean sharky LOL. We are just getting ready to do our...
  207. L

    Summer Fish Taco Chronicles

    I was thinking the same thing after I found my fish taco t-shirt this morning. Thanks for the heads up
  208. L

    Want to make rod rack like this

    looks to be about 2" pvc with the verticals going 6"-8" on centers. Overall dimensions would depend on how many you want it to hold... Looks to be that all the connections are held together with screws
  209. L

    Shimano TR 200-G

    I have a 100g with box and papers for 40 if you're interested
  210. L

    San Diego Bay for bass and a butt

    Sounds like a fun day on the water. Looks delicious!
  211. L

    reebs bolt throwers

    Nice fish! I also caught my first ever spinner bait fish on that same spinner. But now it's somewhere in the Pacific somewhere :Bawling_e Oh well, good thing I bought extras
  212. L

    Cinco de Mayo Jungle Basstravaganza 5/5/2012

    Isn't there fish :shithappens: in the water? :rofl::rofl:
  213. L

    Field testing

    That's sweet! How were you painting the lures? I've always thought about it but not quite sure how to do it
  214. L

    Cinco de Mayo Jungle Basstravaganza 5/5/2012

    It was so good it made my toes curl and I smoked a afterwards
  215. L

    Cinco de Mayo Jungle Basstravaganza 5/5/2012

    The guy at the store told me this fish flipper thing should hold three fish just fine... I'm starting to thing he lied to me!
  216. L

    Hali from the tube!

    Yup, looks about right :rofl: I get full color on my screen...
  217. L

    Hali from the tube!

    Not sure what it looks like on your screen but I was pretty crispy LOL
  218. L

    Hali from the tube!

    How long is the one in your avatar?
  219. L

    Hali from the tube!

    That was fun Johnny, especially trying to land that thing LMFAO we should do it again sometime
  220. L

    Hali from the tube!

    it was a close call but i was able to ride it in to safety :2gunsfiring_v1::rofl:
  221. L

    Hali from the tube!

    So stoked!!!! I caught my first halibut from the float tube in the LBC on 05/05/2012. It weighed 9lbs and taped out to 30" Caught on Curado 200g with 30# braid, 10# xxx leader, 3/8oz ball lead head with 3" big hammer green sardine.
  222. L

    wtt my curado 300e

    Thanks guys for all the interest. I ended getting a sick deal on a calcutta 250 so looks like I will be keeping the green machine.
  223. L

    wtt my curado 300e

    I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can but I'm not a fan of the power handle...
  224. L

    wtt my curado 300e

    Bump phone number has been corrected :doh:
  225. L

    wtt my curado 300e

    Never mind just noticed you're a tad bit too far
  226. L

    wtt my curado 300e

    Do you have pictures?
  227. L

    wtt my curado 300e

    I have a Curado 300E in mint condition up for trade. It is spooled with 50# green power pro. Looking to trade for something similar in either round or low pro. I would ideally like to trade it for a toro 50. I want it for inshore fishing...Let me know what you have...
  228. L

    bass survey results

    I will never again google "blue waffle" Lesson learned...
  229. L

    It gives you wings!

  230. L

    Pier J - 2012.04.11

    Didn't put this in the "fishing reports" since I didn't catch anything I saw something that I had never seen there before, at least not like this. First off, I got out of work and decide I wanted to go fish. I exit the 710 on the shoreline exit and guess what... The street is blocked...
  231. L

    Revo Toro 61

    I use right handed conventional and left handed spinners. I've tried switching over the handle on my spinners and also tried left handed conventional and for some reason they just feel really uncomfortable...
  232. L

    Native Sun back to back twilight Loking,..

    Nice trip! The fish must have been scared when I went LMFAO
  233. L

    Just some funny stuff I wanted to share.

  234. L

    Between the storms Loking,..

    Nice going out there. Your bro's expression is priceless.
  235. L

    My Daughter Miley......

  236. L


    Large what size do you have?
  237. L


    I'm looking for either some force fins or hot spots or... Cash in hand! Let me know what you have and how much you want
  238. L

    Little Johnny

    Little Johnny was sitting in class doing math problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question, "Johnny, if there were five birds sitting on a fence and you shot one with your gun, how many would be left?" "None," replied Johnny, "cause the rest would fly away." "Well, the answer is...
  239. L

    Escaped Convict

    A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes...
  240. L


    The only e series I used and own is the 300e. My buddy has a 200e7 and will soon be comparing the two. So far the g has not disappointed in casting various sized lures although I haven't caught anything on it yet lol
  241. L


    For anyone "on the fence" on the new Curado, here is the link to the review from Tackle Tour. I got mine last Friday. Anyone else have one or want one?
  242. L

    Checkered City

    Nice going out there. Every time I tried t-rigging a swimbait it always spirals instead of "swimming". Am I doing something wrong or do you also get that effect?
  243. L

    Lunch Time Quicky in the LBC

    Armed with a medium action Teramar and a "new to me" Sealine 20 spooled with 20# xxx izorline, all I really wanted to do was get a feel for the reel. I arrive to my favorite lunch time fishing hole and tie on a 5" swimmy with a 1-1/2"oz lead head. First cast: birds nest Second cast: birds nest...