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  1. diabolicaldog

    Penn Baitcaster

    Are we likely to see a low profile offering from Penn in this category. I love my TRQ12.. but a high drag 3-400 size low profile reel like the Lexa, Komodo, Tranx would be an easy choice for many of us.
  2. diabolicaldog

    Penn Fathom

    How are these reels holding up after a bit of use? The only piece of negative press I have seen is from a guy on youtube with a blown anti-reverse in a 15. I have ordered one to use as a jig tosser so time will tell. The Penn(Australia) rep in my area had not even heard of these
  3. diabolicaldog

    Baja Special

  4. diabolicaldog

    Baja Special

    Just wondering if there is much difference in the two positions(forward or back) of the side plate when it comes to using the reel. I did notice that Alan Tani had the reel in his tutorial in the back position when he got it and swapped it to the forward position. The eccentric lever is in a...