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  1. imrfishing

    For Sale Raymarine c90w with radar

    Open to offers! Need gone.
  2. imrfishing

    SOLD Accurate valiant bv2-500

    How is this still available?!
  3. imrfishing

    For Sale Raymarine c90w with radar

    Price drop $600 obo. All in working condition.
  4. imrfishing

    For Sale Yamaha 250 ox66 2001

    80 gallon bait tank?! You just bought a yacht?
  5. imrfishing

    For Sale Center console

    $200. Roughly 25x18.5x48h to top of bar.
  6. imrfishing

    For Sale Raymarine c90w with radar

    Also got a structure scan hd box. (Black box only) free for military/veterans/officers.
  7. imrfishing

    For Sale Raymarine c90w with radar

    Raymarine c90w Radar Dsm300 P66 ducer $600 obo?
  8. imrfishing

    SOLD 1998 Davis Cortez 22

    Boat owners soul comes with boat. And that’s worth more than priceless.
  9. imrfishing

    Thanks Wally!!!

    Noco. Small, compact, powerful.
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    For Sale Shimano reels and yeti coolers

    Lmao. I was supposed to go sleep to get up at 4am. But can’t sleep. This will put me to sleep happy.
  11. imrfishing

    At Clemente now

    Well damn. My plan was to hit it in.... 6 hours. Lol. eff it, won’t know til you go. Better than the shit show down south thats about to occur in a few hours.
  12. imrfishing

    At Clemente now

    I’m guessing nothing today?
  13. imrfishing

    Isthmus Sunday 7/28

    Frog rock next to Avalon was amazing. Lots of chum, patience, and lots of chum.
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    For Sale Accurate Valiant 400 2 speed. .SOLD

    Tempting.... Why you selling? Prefer my valiants over everything.
  15. imrfishing

    Bassin at the Pipe

    I believe we saw you roll through Izors. Izors had plenty of calicos up to 5lbs and a ton of short Cudas. They wanted the sardines with 1/4 egg sinker. Sandbass dropper loop squish at the bottom. Had three kids on the boat so didn’t work hard but still caught a good amount of fish and the kids...
  16. imrfishing

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    No sonar makes for slow days. Lol. Macs bite better at night with lights. Squid in tight for bass is also fun. Been wasting a lot of money at cat and sbi by buying squid the last 4-5 trips when the sardines were working just fine. Actually better. Should go in the trip planning forum and ask if...
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    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    Look at your fish finder, A LOT. When you find the fish, chum, A LOT. it’ll be the three Bs. Then the yellows will cruise in after. Like Dave said its all been sardines.(same at sbi) Every now and then pop a few sardines eyeballs or paralyze them so they stay on the surface and watch the fish...
  18. imrfishing

    Catalina Private Boater Report for May 25th

    Can you keep those triggers? If so are they good to eat?
  19. imrfishing

    Rough Fishin' but not weather! (HB to Cat & back)

    Did your daughters boyfriend make it back safely or he still swimming home?
  20. imrfishing

    SOLD Accurate reels fs

    870-2 sold. 270 pending til end of day.
  21. imrfishing

    SOLD Garmin 5212 $500

    B164 pending. $500 for the rest. Can’t find the power. Extra $50 off for those who serve/served.
  22. imrfishing

    SOLD Accurate reels fs

    Accurate 870 silver 2 speed. $200 Accurate 270 4.6 red camo. $250 Accurate 870 silver single speed left hand modified. $150. $50 off each item to those who serve our great country.
  23. imrfishing

    SOLD Calstar GFGR 770.4-xh delete please

    I thought Calstar isn’t life time anymore? Or is it certain rods like cousins...?
  24. imrfishing

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks

    Had a chance to test out cjs tank. Sturdy nice tanks with good flow. The sardines were circling quite nicely but I dropped the sculpin in there right before the pic. My bad.
  25. imrfishing

    SOLD Garmin 5212 $500

    I may have the power cable... I have to get to the boat to install a sonarhub so I will be opening up the wiring panel. I will see if it is there.
  26. imrfishing

    SOLD Garmin 5212 $500

    I believe gps is built in, although the boat has a n2k point 1 antenna on the network.
  27. imrfishing

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    Isn’t that Marla sf? They haven’t returned my messages.
  28. imrfishing

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    Trip was originally for June then August but with so many people and schedule it has been moved to October. Now the problem is finding a charter for 10+ people that allows half the group that isn’t fishing to just hang out and drink beer. Lol
  29. imrfishing

    SOLD lean post and garmin 5212

    Np Chris! Hope you enjoy it!
  30. imrfishing

    SOLD Garmin 5212 $500

    Price drop. $700. Been sitting in the garage for too long. Missing power cable for mfd. b164 is mix and match adapter which has a Lowrance blue pin cable attached. Lost the Garmin adapter cable.
  31. imrfishing

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    Yes I’ve checked Marla. Will have to give Dhamar a call. Just looking for a few options. Anyone else? Thanks for the reply fellas.
  32. imrfishing

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    planning a summer fishing trip with some friends. Was wondering when would be the best time between aplril to October to target monster yft. Also recommendations on a reputable charter. Thanks!!
  33. imrfishing

    SOLD lean post and garmin 5212

    Bait tank sold to fatal attraction. Thanks Shaun. See ya soon.
  34. imrfishing

    Finding a kayak in open water

    Is it legal to keep those mantis shrimp?
  35. imrfishing

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks

    Anyone got a review one these yet?! Would love to hear some!!
  36. imrfishing

    For Sale Boat seat and small bait tank

    So is the bait tank sold?
  37. imrfishing

    For Sale Boat seat and small bait tank

    I pmd you twice. Sorry should’ve posted on here.
  38. imrfishing

    For Sale Boat seat and small bait tank

    Interested!! Any know what this tank is? Op not replying to convo.
  39. imrfishing

    Second trip

    Boil, freeze, 1/2 thaw, reboil to eat. Tastes better (IMO) then freezing raw then boil to eat.
  40. imrfishing

    For Sale 2017 Defiance 220 Admiral For sale

    You wouldn’t save “a lot” . Some, not a lot. I’ve sent my invoice of my brand new 220 to some members here and it’s a bit more expensive than this. Basically same add ons, no tower but ex model with 200 zuke.
  41. imrfishing

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    Good to know. Thanks!! Every year they’re around a big area locally but right time right place type of deal.
  42. imrfishing

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    Eh?! What do you mean by stripped out? Like a small Fillet?
  43. imrfishing

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    From nachos bait a few miles past izors.
  44. imrfishing

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    Yeah I think that would be the new game plan. What I’ve been doing is if the dogs show up we stop chumming and fishing al together. Have a few beers and wait for them to leave. Yeah. He went behind my boat near my flylines. Wasn’t TOO close so whatever, didn’t mind it was slow anyway. He...
  45. imrfishing

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    I hear ya. Lazy mentality. Didn’t want to get the 30 set up from inside and expectations were low. Everything happened so fast and all the live Mack’s disappeared like magic. Lol My buddy did get the 30 out eventually but only the 20 test was able to get hit with the dead Mack’s.
  46. imrfishing

    Catalina 9/15 mussel farm 9/16

    after making 15 Mack’s at nachos and two scoops of bait we got to Catalina at 8am. Chummed sardines all day only to have seals take all the mackerels. Limited on bonitos by noon(they’re everywhere). Continued to look for yellows up and down the front side for no success. F them seals. Anchored...
  47. imrfishing

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    Story of my life last two years. Almost every weekend til end of September. Got pissed. Stopped fishing. Went hunting.
  48. imrfishing

    Triton Good Catalina Yellowtail Fishing, 50+ Fish

    Lol you’re right. Definitely Catalina. But no on a serious note I’m just thinking to myself. Sorry fellas. Few good reports on Catalina. Might just avoid chasing big bluefin and go Catalina. Bluefin are gay af.
  49. imrfishing

    Breakwall Bassin - The Final Chapter (15JUN18)

    Should probably start using sports tape.
  50. imrfishing

    Question - how close can you fish to the San Pedro shelf oil rigs?

    Used to fished up tight with my dad drifting away from rigs never had a problem. Now you’ll be warned by sherif and written down on their little note pad. I believe nowadays too many asshats drifting INTO the rigs they enforce that 300ft rule a lot more.
  51. imrfishing

    For Sale Sierra fuel filters

    Is thread size 5/8?
  52. imrfishing

    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW

    You’re going to love the detail of the 175hw
  53. imrfishing

    For Sale 14ft valco $1800

    1997 valco 14ft with 99 honda 15hp. Not sure on hours. Purchased from member here not too long ago. Starts up and and idles great. Old owner said it was serviced from sunset inflatables. Electric start. New axle and wheels and springs on trailer. Boat has paperwork. Trailer does not. Lowrance...
  54. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    Yeah I think it might too but not as much as I’d like compared to a 4.
  55. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    2”? I was thinking 1” pitch and 3/4” diameter...? Prop shops in oc were less than helpful. Some haven’t even called back. Props in sd we’re more helpful, but I don’t have the time to head there.
  56. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    Yeah. That’s why I’m saying my problem is the hole shot. It literally takes me over 30 seconds to a minute to plane depending on conditions. Forgot to mention this is just a temporary fix in the meantime while I save up for an Evinrude g2. Plan was to upgrade motor by summer but life happens...
  57. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    54-57 loaded. Engine at the lowest notch. If I’m to make up the rpm like you say I may be able to get that by raising it a notch or two.
  58. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    Yes. 200hp Suzuki rated 55-6k. I’m at 5800 wot light load.
  59. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    Only on long range trips when packing tons of food and ice. From the dealer I wanted 250. Dealer gave me a deal on a 200. It was great until I put on a 70gallon dual bait tank. 3 massive batteries. And miscellaneous necessities for emergency purposes.
  60. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    I understand what you’re saying. Im no prop expert but I think with new advancements in propeller designs these day I think I can get pretty close to my mpg (2.5-2.8 at 25-30mph) now with a four blade. I can even sacrifice some mpg for better hole shot. As it is currently on long range trips...
  61. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    Wish they were closer to me. How many different sizes did you try? I totally understand what you mean but I believe if i can find that correct size for what my needs are I think I can match my mpg at the cost of top end.(not so important to me) i carry a heavy load on long range trips so a...
  62. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    Will give them a call. Thank you!
  63. imrfishing

    4 blade prop help

    cant find a shop that would “loan” me a prop for testing purposes before I purchase. Was wondering if anyone on here can help? I can compensate you. Current prop 3x15x21 on a 2016 Suzuki df200apx. Thinking I’d need something around 14.5-15/18-20?? Located in garden grove/Westminster
  64. imrfishing

    12-2-2017 60m bank

    Thanks fellas. Heading out tomorrow. No crew today.
  65. imrfishing

    12-2-2017 60m bank

    would you head out from mission bay to 60m bank tomorrow in 7ft at 16s in a 22ft pilot house? Wind/Wind waves and interval seem good but not sure about the 6-8ft swells....
  66. imrfishing

    2016 Suzuki df200apxw $13,000 obo

    No it is somewhere around 430 now. Would have to check again when I️ get home. Trying to hit the letter “eye” but it keeps coming up those weird marks. Sorry.
  67. imrfishing

    2016 Suzuki df200apxw $13,000 obo

    Sorry I️ will have to tow it to a Suzuki dealer to get that information for you.
  68. imrfishing


    Went hunting over the weekend. Saw everything but the target bear. Deers everywhere. Big fat ones d7. Need to find a way to cheat the lottery.... birds and more birds. even saw a turkey sunbathing. I thought I was tuna fishing on land.
  69. imrfishing

    2008 pair of Suzuki Outboard 25 inch DF250S

    Ah I see. Would still love to see the new set up on that sweet boat. Lol
  70. imrfishing

    2008 pair of Suzuki Outboard 25 inch DF250S

    Pics of the new set up please!!
  71. imrfishing

    2016 Suzuki df200apxw $13,000 obo

    Bump also got 5.5 gallons of Suzuki synthetic blend oil. free with engine. Lol
  72. imrfishing

    Izor 09-13-17

    Sorry forgot to quote. Look at my prior message. Lol
  73. imrfishing

    Izor 09-13-17

    Not sure how old your fish finder is. But iZors is marked as a fishing zone on Lowrance and garmin units. Between nachos and triple rigs in 70-100ft of water. Big black rectangle.
  74. imrfishing

    Wtb Lowrance lss-1 and 3G radar

    I think I got an lss2 lying around somewhere. Lmk
  75. imrfishing

    Clamp on Extended Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Nice! 316 still rusts without care but it's a hell of a lot better than 304 that's for sure.
  76. imrfishing

    2016 Suzuki df200apxw $13,000 obo

    Sorry. Installed it on my old mans boat.
  77. imrfishing

    2016 Suzuki df200apxw $13,000 obo

    want to repower to a 250. Reason being when I had a 50g offshore tank and 4 guys with full gear it was right on the border of sufficient. Upgraded to a dual 65g bait tank and added another 31m battery with a little heavier load for San Clemente two day trips made it a little under powered...
  78. imrfishing

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    Boston big game. You could do it with your eyes closed. It's like magic. But prefer aftco with balloon.
  79. imrfishing

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    Douchebag title. Lol congrats!
  80. imrfishing

    Looking for a bright squid light

    Diablo finally got back to me. They're replacing the lights. NOW I trust their service.
  81. imrfishing

    Looking for a bright squid light

    I sent a set to them to replace. Have not heard from them in 3 weeks after the initial "you must send back for us to inspect" Already replaced them with Chris' coastal night lights Just in cause diablo takes too long and I'm caught with holes in my transom for, oh I don't know.... three weeks...
  82. imrfishing

    Ab poacher sought, Cabrillo National Monument tidepools (pix)

    Waters too damn cold up north... he don't even need a wetsuit here. Lol
  83. imrfishing

    Lowrance HDS12 Gen3 and Riptide ST 110 60" ipilot

    Had the opportunity to deal with Shawn last year. Great guy!!
  84. imrfishing

    best overall chirp transducer?

    b175hw. Don't skimp on a nice xducer with great head units like that. Best all around. Anything passed 300ft I switch to custom or 200kh which is also effing great.
  85. imrfishing

    Derricks, Izors, etc.

    Why isn't your buddy on the bed....?
  86. imrfishing

    Yamaha F250 Pair/Price drop $14000 pair or $7000 each. Now in San Diego

    Are the pre 06 the ones that need the corrosion work done? If so have they been done? Would you separate?
  87. imrfishing

    WTB Quality rowing skiff

    Got an inflatable. Interested?
  88. imrfishing

    Stainless Belly hoop

    Need this gone fellas. Make an offer.
  89. imrfishing

    Catalina advice

    I've caught yellows east end back side every weekend that I've been there since April. Starting in May was when I started keeping them as they were 12+ pounds since that time. Haven't been in awhile. Wasted all my time and money on the tunas since August. Hear they're on the small side...
  90. imrfishing

    Stainless Belly hoop

    Yes a bench or backrest can be added.
  91. imrfishing

    Wanted: Small tuna tower for Grady white
  92. imrfishing

    Stainless Belly hoop

    made for a member. He decided to go a different direction. Need this gone to start on his new one. 24x48 hoop 32x48 base 42x48 oal 37" height with removable swivel mounting base to compensate for any roof curvature. 5 rod holder (can add more) 7" offset on rod holder to compensate for...
  93. imrfishing

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Wow. Crazy deck space! Amazing boat. Sounds like an awesome trip!
  94. imrfishing

    Ali Saves The Year - YFT On The Tuna Jihad!!!

    Nice! What size tackle was used for such great success?
  95. imrfishing


    0-10 trips. 0-8 hits. That's fishing. Still fun. keep at it!
  96. imrfishing

    Take a newbie 277

    No kidding right? I'd say most of us spent that 10 fold this year and have 0 to show. Lol add some failed hunting trips into that and see how it feels. haha
  97. imrfishing

    Local San Diego Sea Urchin

    Those things are HUGE(8-12" diameter) up in Mendocino on the abalone grounds! We usually grab a few after free diving abalone. That's in 10-20fot. I'd imagine the deeper ones to be even bigger. Add some lime and tapatio. Great eats!
  98. imrfishing

    'End Game' 10-01-2016 Bugged Out

    Wow! Twin 3s. That thing must fly.
  99. imrfishing

    Slow fishing 9-29 report

    Yday would be.... 9-28? Thanks for the report btw. Was thinking of making the same run Friday evening if the wind isn't too bad.
  100. imrfishing

    DP 9/23

    aways a good call when choosing to be safe. I bring a portable jumper with me on my overnight trips even with three batteries connected through a blue seas ACR. You never know.
  101. imrfishing

    Reel Fun at Dana Wharf Got Yellowfin 9/20

    Damn. 10-15 gallons for 60+ miles round trip from Dph to the current tuna grounds? I bought the wrong boat... =\
  102. imrfishing

    Lost Reliable Kill Bags

    Those things are too heavy to be flying out at idle. Lol good luck!!
  103. imrfishing

    I have two narrows but they are not for sale.

    I have two narrows but they are not for sale.
  104. imrfishing

    Accurate BX2 400 2speed

    Beautiful reel. Let me know if you go lower! I got two bx2-30s on here for $360 mint, practically new. And a dx2-5 for $450. Just a reference. Love all my accurates. Smallest I got is a 500. Still waiting for that killer deal on a 2-400. Good luck with sale. Also how come the knob is gold...?
  105. imrfishing

    A few Interactions

    Cool video! Are you using a GoPro? How do you get it to not twist and turn?
  106. imrfishing

    Foamer at Catalina

    Freaken great! Probably gonna do that next time out. Got an ass beating coming home from Clemente island to daveys chasing these dumbass bft.
  107. imrfishing

    8/23 Success at the grounds

    Yeah. And when you sit there with the harness already on the fish can somehow sense it and never bite. Weird.... Tunas suck, unless you catch one.
  108. imrfishing

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    Thats8lbs?!?!. Apparently my china scale shows 5lb yellows twice that size. God damn China. Luckily I got a rapala brand as back up. Lol time to pull that one out.
  109. imrfishing

    Turn key boat

    May I ask why you're selling?
  110. imrfishing

    Motorguide Pro Series Trolling Motor with Foot Pedal

    I work same days and I hate driving to that way during traffic hours. Maybe I'll get a job planned that way next week. I'll let you know. Thanks.
  111. imrfishing

    2008 honda 15hp long shaft power tilt and start $1500

    Damn! Wish this was for sale last weekend. Just mounted a 25hp I had sitting in my garage for 4 years. Thinking it's too big for the 14 valco, but we'll see. Had to make a 5" lift bracket. Anyway Glws!!
  112. imrfishing

    Motorguide Pro Series Trolling Motor with Foot Pedal

    If you come down to the 714 area anytime soon ill take it.
  113. imrfishing

    Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    You can carry a "self defense mechanism" while camping(certain places)/ fishing. In the ops case he's got a speargun. Would sound weird explaining to the coast gaurd why that guy has a spear in him though. Hahah Been we all been there. Had charters throw jigs directly on our boat when we are on...
  114. imrfishing


    Can build you one if you need. Pm me.
  115. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Easily distinguishable from mako and thresher from the distance we saw it. Noted it wasn't a fly line way behind the boat. It was squid on dropper loop going straight down. By the time it took the bait and hook was set it was jumping no more than 30 yards behind the boat.
  116. imrfishing

    Adrianna 1 and done 302

    Currently bleeding his fish. He'll be back. I hope. Lol
  117. imrfishing

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    Use it for the features. Not so much the daily reports as we all wish for but know the fish aren't always in the same spot day to day. Especially the pelagics. Temps, chloro, weather, etc all in one site. Of course you can gather all that information for free from various websites, but I'm a...
  118. imrfishing

    Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Should've taken a pic!!! And a piss.
  119. imrfishing

    Limits of yellowtail. Coronado island

    You're killen it this season man!! And that's some mighty cold water. NorCal abalone diving temps. Hahah
  120. Image


    A stick for every application.
  121. Image


    17 rod holder!
  122. Image


    Love the convenience of verticals
  123. imrfishing

    NEW Arima Boats Summer Sizzling Hot Sale!!!

    I highly suggest a minimum of 200.
  124. imrfishing

    East end 7/31

    Thanks for the report! That yellow is a weird shape for a rat. Lol fatty.
  125. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    I've burnt plenty of gas chasing those ahole tunas around. This is a good sign and excuse for me to stay local. Lol
  126. imrfishing

    WTB Prowler catamaran

    dream boat!! Well the 31. But I'd jump on a 25 if one became available and if I had the funds, lol. Good luck!
  127. imrfishing

    NEW Arima Boats Summer Sizzling Hot Sale!!!

    Sounds like some amazing sales.... Are you guys moving or going out of business...?
  128. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Yes exactly something like that except midway up on the first two jumps it looked more like a shark with all the twisting and turning. Gonna get the trolling gear out for the upcoming weekend. Any idea what colors these guys like?!
  129. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Caught plenty of cudas and never seen them jump either.
  130. imrfishing

    7/31 - Catalina/Empire Landing

    That's crazy because we went out Saturday to nacho. Got there at 530 and didn't leave til 630, 8-10 boats ahead of us. It was extremely slow without Mario. The line was twice as long when we left.
  131. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Sna river pipe straight out. 150ft of water.
  132. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Definitely not dorado. I've caught a few. Silver bluish belly. Lightning stripes on back. Long. Huge.
  133. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Never caught one before. Did not know they did that. This guy was at least 3ft long. It was an awesome sight to see.
  134. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    Just got a bonito also. Waiting for a yft. Lol
  135. imrfishing

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    started at new pipe 2. With the fleet then left when western pride showed up. Short calicos. Moved out to the sculpin hole to avoid the crowd. Anchored up and picked away at some sandbass. Water started at 68 and is currently at 72. Wahoo bit a live squid on the way down. Thought yellowtail...
  136. imrfishing

    Where to catch Makos blue and threshers

    Great! Are there sharks around there all year? Or would warmer water months be better...?
  137. imrfishing

    Where to catch Makos blue and threshers

    Anybody know where to catch these guys near palos, long beach, or Newport? I get a lot of visitors that like to fish and they always wanna pull on something big. Usually when they visit I just take them rock fishing or bass fishing. Never really targeted sharks so I wouldn't know where to start...
  138. imrfishing

    FS - EOTech xps 2-2 $400

    Is this new (after the defected refunds) or you haven't sent it in to get your refund yet...?
  139. imrfishing

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    We've had more bites long soaking and stil got nothing. These boys are big. Do not under estimate them. We came prepared and still got rocked.
  140. imrfishing

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    Fishdope claimed this spot to be lifeless. People with fishdope know where it is. Regardless, it doesn't matter because everyone and their moms will be out there this weekend. Better to find your own fish rather then yell and scream about THAT idiot who ran over the school.
  141. imrfishing

    Seeker Rod FS "REDUCED PRICE"

    I'll take the seeker.
  142. imrfishing

    Dodo vid off Oside

    Wow forget the fish. Look at the ocean! When was this?!
  143. imrfishing

    Thursday 7/21 209

    Freaken awesome man. How bad was the wind in. Afternoon?
  144. imrfishing

    7/19 & 20

    How was the weather out there?
  145. imrfishing

    Seeker Stealth STL 7012-7'S 10 (12) 15

    My buddy hasn't contacted you?? He said he texted you.
  146. imrfishing

    Wtt accurate reels for trinidads or Phenix rods

    Bought from Jason before. Stand up dude. Thanks again for everything Jason.
  147. imrfishing

    Shimano Teramar

    Still available?
  148. imrfishing

    Right off the Boardwalk - 7/14 PM

    Seems like they are turning heir attentions to macks...
  149. imrfishing


    Freaken sweet man. It's going to be a parking lot tomorrow.
  150. imrfishing

    Offshore July 12 and 13

    Great report! Thanks!
  151. imrfishing

    Lowrance SS-HD $160 obo

    Lol. And if it worked in 3000ft of water right?
  152. imrfishing

    BFT @ the 43 on Sunday

    Wow! Must've been a big boy. Jaws status. Lol
  153. imrfishing

    New 2016 Defiance 220 Admiral EX w/ Yamaha F200 LX O/B

    I believe inland boats may be right that it stayed afloat. I do not recall whether she was hit on her side though. Iirc her engines didn't have power due to failure or kelp wrapped and couldn't push through the swell as timed and her rear end took in a lot of water from following swell causing...
  154. imrfishing

    I believe 72 if I remembered correctly. Let me find my paperwork.

    I believe 72 if I remembered correctly. Let me find my paperwork.
  155. imrfishing

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    Wouldn't that put the fish into a situation where it'll put you into the death circle?
  156. imrfishing

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    Interesting. Could also have been bent from the beast of a fish you hooked. Lol
  157. imrfishing

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    Damn. Nice try. Still got one!! Debating if I should switch out my poppers trebles to single for tomorrow. What size single would you guys recommend? 7/0? Circled? Ringed?
  158. imrfishing

    Any news out of Dana?

    Breaking in an engine doesn't necessarily mean you can't go far. from what I've been told when buying new boats is not going over a certain rpm range is what they tell you. My Suzuki was 10hrs under 3.5k. 20hrs under 4.5k
  159. imrfishing

    Looking for Repair Service

    I was just joking around. Gear shifter is my buddy. Lol
  160. imrfishing

    Looking for Repair Service

    Didn't know youguys fly to Okinawa japan to fix boats stuff.
  161. imrfishing

    Accurate DPx-2 50

    So tempting.
  162. imrfishing

    Shimano crucial 2 rods

    Where ya located? Are these old enough for lifetime warranty? Thanks.
  163. imrfishing

    BNIB Accurate Bx2-30N and Bx2-30

    Oooohhhhh. Very nice. Glws
  164. imrfishing

    Yellowfin @ the 277

    I'd hate to be stuck in those conditions. Thank you for the report!!
  165. imrfishing

    Rpt.-Sat.-06-25-16 A Dandy Day of Bass'n!

    We went out yday. Same results on the bass with the same result on one taker running hard on my uncles 25lb set up. Popped off after a few minutes. Wonder what it could've been. Didn't seem like a ray. Hopefully a yt or wsb...? Good signs ahead if it were. Oh forgot to mention crazy activity...
  166. imrfishing

    New 2016 Defiance 220 Admiral EX w/ Yamaha F200 LX O/B

    That's good to hear. Knowing it was just that salesmen that's a douche. This is a great boat. I chose this over the Parker because we do a lot of over nighters and it has a little more cabin room, at the cost of a little less fishing room. And of course it was a lot cheaper.
  167. imrfishing

    New 2016 Defiance 220 Admiral EX w/ Yamaha F200 LX O/B

    Called you guys a few months back about this model. Probably even this boat itself. Salesman told me 90k. I said cmon man if I'm gonna drive an hour and a half there you need to do better then that. Got a reply "we are the only defiance dealer here so come by if you want one" =\ I said F you but...
  168. imrfishing

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Very cool boat. Great layout. Gives me an idea for when I make some money 30 years from now I can keep a boat in sd. Good luck with sale!!
  169. imrfishing

    Scotty rod holders and bases

    Hey man. Wait your turn! Lol kidding. PMed seller. Haven't heard a reply since.
  170. imrfishing

    BFT Tuesday 6/15

    Nice. Hopefully the weather dies down by the weekend.
  171. imrfishing


    Nice how was he weather?
  172. imrfishing


    I add a 1 or 2 oz between two heavy duty swivels a few feet above the jig on my heavy set ups to get some distance. But it forces me to retrieve faster to stay closer to the surface.
  173. imrfishing

    Cat 6/18

    from my experience, frozen squid works for the seabass but not too well for the yellows unless your "jigging" it. Same with dead sardines when the summer months kick in and the bait sucks because every mfer and their mothers mothers mothers own a boat now. Where was everyone when fishing was...
  174. imrfishing


    Noooo!!! Wtf was I doing yesterday at 4:30?! Damnit...
  175. imrfishing

    Poppers & Stick Baits

    But you guys didn't include tax and gas and data for posting. It equals to what he's asking....
  176. imrfishing

    Fiberglass Bait Tank for Parker 2530

    Interested. Pics of the inside?
  177. imrfishing

    Airmar B150M Thru-Hull Mount 20 degree Tilted Element Transducer

    See. Sells much faster when you're as specific as possible for cavemen. Lol kidding. Wished it was lowrance pin out. Thanks for your time. Did Robert buy it? That guys a dick. Pick up your t top stuff Robert! Lol
  178. imrfishing

    Airmar B150M Thru-Hull Mount 20 degree Tilted Element Transducer

    What is the end connection to(lowrance furano etc)? Not sure what 8 pin goes to. Sorry.
  179. imrfishing

    Enterprise 3/4 day 6/9

    Great report. Thanks for sharing! No pics of the jellos?
  180. imrfishing

    Lowrance SS-HD $160 obo

    for sale Lowrance structure scan hd module for sale NO TRANSDUCERS. Practically new. Bought it in February, didn't use it much. Upgraded to sonarhub because I had to, so I could run individual screens without both being on. Comes with everything but the box(will be secured in sonarhub box...
  181. imrfishing

    Clarification for fishing mexico

    He is a citizen. Let's just say his name got on the "no fly" list ever since 9/11. It takes us hours getting through security to fly.... In the USA! Crazy thing too is he is a usmc veteran. There were a few times coast gaurd was at Davies/San diego doing "random checks" and asking us for our...
  182. imrfishing

    Clarification for fishing mexico

    oh man. I think it would probably be best not taking people without passports if all these big bluefin reports become too unbearable I guess. Sometimes you just gotta leave a brotha hanging.
  183. imrfishing

    Avet vs Accurate Reels

    Shimano upgraded my gloomis gl2 to a new better version when mine broke. A few years later my buddy sends in his gl2 but got the same one(but new) back. Lol Shimano has replaced mine, my dads, and a lot of other people's rods that I know. no questions asked. Now they're going with limited one...
  184. imrfishing

    Clarification for fishing mexico

    ok. I can't seem to get the right answer for this. And even after you all answer this I may still be lost, but here it goes. I was under the impression that we now need passport, fmn, and Mexico fishing license even if we are outside the 12mile rule that we we so used to a few years ago. Why...
  185. imrfishing

    Avet vs Accurate Reels

    Agreeing with all above. Accurate and avet all day. Though shimanos customer service has been the best IMO. Over the years they have replaced numerous items for me.(I no longer use shimano reels because they require too much maintenance versus accurate and avets) also, A few days ago my old man...
  186. imrfishing

    Catalina 05-22-16

    Nice report! Sounds like a great day.
  187. imrfishing

    WTS Accurate and Calstar

    Lol you might've talked to the same douche I did. ill stick to factory wrap. Thanks for the update. Indeed a beautiful rod. Good luck with sale.
  188. imrfishing

    Mako Friday - DP 5/20

    Awesome! Thanks for the report!
  189. imrfishing

    WTS Accurate and Calstar

    Interested. Would you happen to have asked Melton if the rod carries over the lifetime warranty even if it's not factory wrapped? ive called awhile ago and they said "there's no such thing as lifetime warranty. No one in their right minds would do that" but since recent I've been looking for a...
  190. imrfishing

    Accurate Boss Extreme BX2-500

    You need reel covers to protect these beauty's! Would have tried to throw a deal at this if I hadn't already bought another accurate Yesterday. Good luck with sale!!
  191. imrfishing

    FS: Lefty Accurate DPX2-400,DPX2-600N and SR20

    Lol Saidi. I've been waiting for a killer deal on a 400 model accurate forever. You come on from Malaysia and got 3-4 selling at the same time. Good luck. Hope you get what you're looking for.
  192. imrfishing

    Alot of Boat Accessories for Sale

    Bow roller still available?
  193. imrfishing

    5/14 Catalina

    My buddy said the exact thing when he went Saturday evening. Guess my post not going through may have actually helped save some members gas and time. Lol
  194. imrfishing

    5/14 Catalina

    had the report ready to create as soon as I got reception passing Avalon on the way back but guess that plan backfired and never went through. Sorry fellas. Got to nachos at 7pm. Bought squid and sardines/mack mix just in case. crossing was a bit rough but not too bad. Got to the Vs where we...
  195. imrfishing

    Catalina 5/10 on the freelance

    Thanks for a report. The yt pic is a good sign at least.
  196. imrfishing

    Catalina, isthmus, west end, farnsworth 5/9/16

    Did you try squid at all? Thanks for the report.
  197. imrfishing

    Dana Mako

    All this hate... I'm actually going to help this guy rather than bash him for being a complete tool. Hey ahk, I can make you a stainless steel gaff. Garaunteed to not break. (The gaff that is.) your arm may break though as I feel you deserve it. Anyway, gaff can be made any length you like...
  198. imrfishing

    Multiple Accurate for sale

    Beautiful set! Can I get some close up pics of the 270s?
  199. imrfishing

    Wtb rocket launchers

    How about this? %50 off since it's not done. Lol kidding. I have my stock defiance one lying around. Had plans for it but may go a different route. Zoom in. It's the rear set with deck lights(not included) Aluminum with liners(for those that insist it's the end of the world without em)...
  200. imrfishing

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    That was one insane read! If you aren't doing custom boat work you should be!!
  201. Image


    Bench removed
  202. Image


    Rocket launchers
  203. Image


    Belly hoop
  204. Image


    Belly hoop
  205. Image


  206. Image


    Mini belly hoop
  207. Image


  208. Image


  209. Custom stainless work

    Custom stainless work

  210. imrfishing

    3 rod vertically mounted rod holder. Pair.

    No they do not have liners. Zoom in, look at the flares, your rods will not get damaged. They fit on the rear of some pilot houses or open back pilot houses. Made a set for a member here and decided to duplicate with extra parts. Thanks papa j.
  211. imrfishing


    Sorry to hear about your experience. I've had nothing but great service from lowrance. Also heard nothing but great experiences from buddy's who use lowrance. I had an elite 5 on my old cc that they replaced and sent be before I even had time to send out the faulty. Had a few issues with an...
  212. imrfishing

    Accurate BX30-2spd price drop SOLD

    Definitely. I have two of them. Also and 2 665s and 2 870s and a 270(would've been 2 if a member on here hadn't been so loyal to the first PMer, lol) . Love their quality. Have yet to send any in for service. Oldest one being about 6 years. Waiting for a good deal on a 400 to replace my avet if...
  213. imrfishing

    Accurate BX30-2spd price drop SOLD

    Cant believe this hasn't sold yet. I'd really love to have it just to have but I know I shouldn't. Lol looking for 400 for better cast-ability. Very tempting!! bump!
  214. imrfishing

    Bluefin visual proof

    Isn't fishing about hanging out drinking beer...? Catching fish is the bonus?? Unless you get made fun of by the wife when you come home empty handed, then i guess that's understandable. =P FD FTW!!
  215. imrfishing

    43-March 31

    Damnit!! Got me all excited when I read that. I hate April fools!!
  216. imrfishing

    Shimano Terez TZC66XHPW SOLD

    I'll take it. Know when you'll be in the long beach area?
  217. imrfishing

    3 rod vertically mounted rod holder. Pair.

    ok sarcasm aside. What's the problem here? You believe it's overpriced? I believe it's fairly priced considering an 8 rod rocket launcher is nearly 1k. Defiance and Parker dealers are over $1200. Anyway if you can find something similar for a better deal I'll Match it.
  218. imrfishing

    3 rod vertically mounted rod holder. Pair.

    Eh....? I guess I can cut the rod holders off and keep the base if you want the holders only. $60 each.... Lol
  219. imrfishing

    3 rod vertically mounted rod holder. Pair.

    316L stainless steel. 31" ends of base to base. 35 degree offset. 3" mounting plate. 1/4" mounting holes. $600
  220. imrfishing

    Catalina yellow tail (added report)

    A lot of 5lb yellow tail. Kept 3 for dinner. 60-80ft drift. flylined sardines. Not sure what you mean by complete, but those slices on the plate was about 1/4 of the entire yellowtail. Had a pretty good amount to eat with just one yt for the family. Gave the other two away to some sushi...
  221. imrfishing

    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    WTFantastic! Pretty damn envious at the moment. Great job!
  222. imrfishing

    Catalina yellow tail (added report)

    Forgot to post a pic of our dinner after we got back Saturday. just wanna tease you guys a bit. =] Wagyu from Japan and some yellowtail sashimi.
  223. imrfishing

    Accurate Boss 665H & Saltist 30TH (silver)

    Great deal on the acc! I'd jump on it if I didn't already have 4 of them. Good luck with sale!
  224. imrfishing

    La Jolla 3/25 Ghost story

    Sweet! Hard work payed off well!
  225. imrfishing

    Catalina yellow tail (added report)

    Didn't wanna make a new thread so here's today's Catalina west end back side report. A lot of 5lb yellows at farnsworth. And to the douchebag running up my ass eating my rapala while I was trolling, luckily I held the reel to snap the line before your prop ate some 50lb power pro, you're welcome.
  226. imrfishing

    Catalina yellow tail (added report)

    Where are you cheyne?! This is the last time I'm giving anyone tips!! Lol kidding. Hope you did well.
  227. imrfishing

    Sport King 3/25

    Thanks for the timely report!!
  228. imrfishing

    Catalina yellow tail (added report)

    Back side. Fly line dines. West end seems more consistent. Good luck. Much appreciated if you would report back here before I head out Saturday morning.
  229. imrfishing

    Noob question about reloading

    Yes sorry forgot to mention that. Did some experiments shooting my reloaded rem700 rounds for his rem700, seems to work well. Can't say the same for the 308 ar10 reloads. They were a tight fit for the rem700.
  230. imrfishing

    How's the wall

    Wall has been pretty dead for us. also the wrecks. Also Izors. But that's probably just us being lazy and anchoring up and just drinking beer.
  231. imrfishing

    SOLD dols8

    Pics of Terez?
  232. imrfishing

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    +$60 Per rod holder. A few days once the material arrives. I currently have only 6 rod extra holders. Not sure how you want the antenna tabs mounted...
  233. imrfishing

    Underwater video of yellowtsil in shallow water!

    Wow! that was the best thing I've seen on the Internet. Ever. Wha kind of cam are you using?!
  234. imrfishing

    lowrance hds10 like new

    Is it gen 2? Does it come with ducer?
  235. imrfishing

    Wtt: structure scan hd for sonar hub or nep2

    I know the structure scan is needed and that the sonar hub cannot run structure and chirp at the same time. Hence the reason I will be switching the lss2 directly to the hds9 and pulling the sonar from the hds9 and putting it into the structure scan hd module. My questions are will the b175hw...
  236. imrfishing

    Wtt: structure scan hd for sonar hub or nep2

    Everything is lowrance. 3G radar. Structures can hd. Lss2. Hds9 gen 3. Hds 7 gen 2. And airmar b175hw. Also have a point 1 but that's just to n2k.
  237. imrfishing

    Wtt: structure scan hd for sonar hub or nep2

    Yes. But only 1 ducer input. I suspect you ask because there is a way I can still network it all together without getting a sonar hub and nep2....? If so that would be great. I was thinking switching my b175hw to the sshd then switching my lss2 into the hds9. Then pull my radar enet wore and...
  238. imrfishing

    Wtt: structure scan hd for sonar hub or nep2

    Looking to trade my structure scan hd module(no ducer) for sonar hub plus cash or nep2 expansion port. Or I will sell outright, make me an offer if interested. Going to add a second hds to the boat and need to expand my artillery.
  239. imrfishing

    Noob question about reloading

    I see. Ok guess he needs to buy another brand of brass to keep his seperated. Lol
  240. imrfishing

    Noob question about reloading

    I see. From my understanding since all the brass were brand new. After its shot from a certain chamber, the heated brass is then "formed" to that chamber? So I have never full length sized as long as Keep the same chamber+brass combo. Btw when you say "as long as the case fits" wouldn't a...
  241. imrfishing

    Noob question about reloading

    im getting into reloading and was wondering if two rifles of the same make and model(rem700/.308) can use the same brass after reload without being resized?? Reason I ask is because I load 308 lapua brass for the rem and 308 hornady brass for my ar10. Now my brother wants to use reloads for...
  242. imrfishing

    Cleaning out the closet

    How much for GoPro?
  243. imrfishing

    Brand new fishing rods for sale

    Interested in a few. I'm also in garden grove ca. May I stop by to check em out?
  244. imrfishing

    ROD SALE - Phenix, SHIMANO, Iron Feather, Elixir, Crucial,809H Black Diamond, Dragonfly

    people usually retain information from texts better than calls... Just saying. Lol kidding. Lots of rods. No reels? Good luck with sale.
  245. imrfishing

    Sportcraft Marine in Portland?

    Great guys at Sportcraft!
  246. imrfishing

    Forsale HDS 7 Insight

    What's the difference between a regular hds and an insight?
  247. imrfishing

    Belly hoop on 20 foot skipjack

    Definitely an awesome looking boat. let me know if you have any problems with the hoop.
  248. imrfishing

    FS or Trade: New Phenix Hybrid PHD760H ***REDUCED***

    Sweet. Guess I'm getting one then. Wished yours was 66/7. Would have jumped on it so quick. GL with sale!!
  249. imrfishing

    FS or Trade: New Phenix Hybrid PHD760H ***REDUCED***

    Was thinking about purchasing something similar to this. May I ask what's your reason for the sale?
  250. imrfishing

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    I have business accounts for my stainless steel fabrication business. Not sure I can list places on this forum for you but you can Yelp metal shops and ask if they carry the tubing size and material you need. Internet also sells building materials for a good price if you don't have accounts to...
  251. imrfishing

    F/S accurate 870 2 speed, Fathom 25N 2 speed

    How old is the accurate and have you gotten it serviced? Thanks
  252. imrfishing

    SOLD belly hoop. Stainless steel.

    Before I answer any questions and pms I need to contact Jason. I got a notification earlier about posting and selling and what not and it disappeared once I closed my phone, weird. Thanks!
  253. imrfishing

    SOLD belly hoop. Stainless steel.

    Had a few people ask. Decided to make one to see how it goes. 316L stainless. Hoop 24x33x36.5height. 29x33 base measurement. SOLD!!
  254. imrfishing

    sculpin season closed until april 15, 2016

    We got boarded Sunday as we entered the channel for daveys. Said we couldn't keep it, replied yes we can as of Jan 1st. Dfg said no you cannot, it is "expected Jan 1st. We said oh, ok sorry sir we did not know that it was "expected" to open Jan 1st. Dfg said no worries, tossed them back. Luckily...
  255. imrfishing

    Fish Report: 1/2/2016

    Awesome! time to get me some sculpin stew.
  256. imrfishing

    12/20 looking for bass. Gota big one

    At the 150 was squid. Near the platform was sardine
  257. imrfishing

    12/20 looking for bass. Gota big one

    Yeah exactly. But regardless of the fish it's still fun to just relax out there. Unless it's a stingray, f those. Lol was really hoping for a white seabass. That damn fish has eluded us for 7 years.
  258. imrfishing

    12/20 looking for bass. Gota big one

    12/20. 62-63 degrees. Dirty green. Drifting around On small stones looking for some sand bass near platform Emmy. Guesstimate 100 lbs. Side note: also caught one last Saturday at the 150 but was too tired to report.
  259. imrfishing

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    Yes. But the mounting plates would have to stay mounted on the top.
  260. imrfishing

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    Yes I fabricate them. First one I've done to gauge interest. I will have a set coming in chrome polished and off white powder coat to see what others would prefer.
  261. imrfishing

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    Yes, overall. End of mounting plate to end of mounting plate.
  262. imrfishing

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    62" 316L stainless steel. 9 rod rocket launcher. $700 obo.
  263. imrfishing


    Finished product mounted.
  264. imrfishing


    Tank is still available due to some guy keeps rescheduling. My number is 714-613-3164. I prefer text as I'm usually busy and cannot use my phone to talk.
  265. imrfishing


  266. imrfishing

    2 New Kill Bags Available

    3rd if still available.
  267. imrfishing


    Yes. I'm free after 6.
  268. imrfishing

    WTB 350 motor& outdrive

    I have a vp duoprop. Needs new seals and U-joint drive shaft.
  269. imrfishing


    Roughly 24x16x22height.
  270. imrfishing


    Bump. Bait tank price drop. $200 obo
  271. imrfishing


    Also gauging interest in fabrication services. Built myself one of these for my defiance 220 and decided hey, maybe do this on the side for some extra $$. Since I was building this for myself I sort of just cut and welded everything together like eh... For example I was going to use round...
  272. imrfishing

    1983 chris craft 214 cc $4000obo

    Bump. Price drop. $4400. Need this gone ASAP.
  273. imrfishing


    Price drop. $200
  274. imrfishing


    Sale pending. I'll keep you updated.
  275. imrfishing


    300 without switch and breaker it's yours.
  276. imrfishing


    I had them but not sure where I placed them. I'll try looking again. But as of right now the answer would be no.
  277. imrfishing


    Bump. All offers will be considered.
  278. imrfishing


  279. imrfishing

    1983 chris craft 214 cc $4000obo

    Ohh very tempting but I cannot. I already have two atvs stuffed in the garage not being used. Sorry.
  280. imrfishing


    $450 obo. No mounting plate/gasket or manual turning tool. Or trade for an horizontal windlass.
  281. imrfishing


    $150 obo.
  282. imrfishing

    SOLD Garmin 78sc GPS W/SOCAL & MX Bluechart $200

    Was thinking garmin 64s and buying hunting maps. Would you know what the differences are between the two?
  283. imrfishing

    1983 chris craft 214 cc $4000obo

    Trailer is in good condition. Changed hubs 5 years ago, Greased every year. Outer hull is good. Deck hull is fair. Will take some more pics later. Thank you.
  284. imrfishing

    1983 chris craft 214 cc $4000obo

    Typed in boat year wrong. Typed in my birth year. Sorry getting old. Lol. Need this thing gone!
  285. imrfishing

    1983 chris craft 214 cc $4000obo

    Been doing a lot of offshore fishing the last two seasons. Decided to upgrade to a pilot house and selling my cc. Engine is a 2004 I believe and was rebuilt two seasons ago. Not sure what the engine hour is because I never installed a gauge, but I'm gonna estimate 250-300. It's got a Volvo...
  286. imrfishing

    Simrad evo2 7"

    I had this problem with my lowrance. Changed my setting from high chirp to 50k and it worked great. Fished in 3200' but it read only to about 2600' (50/200 hdi) Sorry forgot to mention, that was on my elite 5 and had to change from freshwater setting to deep sea setting and then changed to...
  287. imrfishing

    Lowrance compatability questions

    hello fellow bders. I have never really gone outside the box with electronics(I just buy and install whatever comes in the box) so with that in mind I had to do a few searches but came out more confused. I am in the process of buying a new boat and don't want to punch holes through my new...
  288. imrfishing

    Yellowtail at the horseshoe kelp

    Nice man! Congrats. All we got was cuda. =\
  289. imrfishing

    BF & YF! A great day...

    Awesome fishing!! But Video sucked.... Lol. Please forward to "Linda films"
  290. imrfishing

    Local yellows and found gopro 8/4/15

    The world needs more people like you! Also nice catch! Thanks for the report.
  291. imrfishing

    Great day of Yellow, dodos and tuna bad day for my new Phenix Rod

    Damn Phenix?!?! That is very surprising because I just called them about my 700 cracking and the guy that picked up was extremely nice and informative. He was very patient and answered all my questions professionally. Shipped my rod out yday, they should receive it today. Same rod a few months...
  292. imrfishing

    Cat Yellows???

    What worked for us was long lines. Let it out a decent amount.(half my avet hx spool) 80-100ft water depth(3v's area). All small though not worth mentioning. Had larger model hits on dead sardines but Only 1 stuck. Good luck. Is Catalina still stacked up with boats?
  293. imrfishing

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    Saw boils on the way back from cat also. Wanted to stop and give it a shot so bad but my boat was having problems while fishing cat but decided to muscle it home anyway. Boat took a dump right before getting on the trailer at Davies. Better safe than sorry right? Congratulations btw. I tell...
  294. imrfishing

    Friday/sat 26/27

    Sorry should have been more specific. I headed to cat harbor Friday evening hoping the weather would ease up so I can hit the west cove and try for squid and wsb but the weather didn't allow it so I spent the night in the harbor. I headed to sv Saturday morning.
  295. imrfishing

    Friday/sat 26/27

    Ah got the vid from Facebook/Instagram. But only 15s. Lol
  296. imrfishing

    Friday/sat 26/27

    didn't take any pictures of it. Gave it to my aunt cause she loves em. Says they're better than mackerel. I think they're crap, IMO. Sorry
  297. imrfishing

    Friday/sat 26/27

    Sorry for the late report. Wanted to report while at Catalina but phone died and charger didn't work. Left Davies at 230pm. Got bait from nacho. Headed out in the worst conditions I've ever been in. 8 miles out lost our bait tank... . Turned back 5 miles no luck. Continued onward. 10miles from...
  298. imrfishing

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    The big one would definitely push 30# IMO. Thanks for the report.
  299. imrfishing

    Fun day

    Exactly what I was thinking lol! Either way great day for you guys and congratulations!!
  300. imrfishing

    Got another one!! Moss landing 5-19

    We have seals sitting under the boat watching your bait, waiting for a fish to take your bait then they go for the fish you hook. And they throw off the fish finder by just sitting right under the boat. Pretty annoying when targeting tails and tunas.
  301. imrfishing

    His first ocean fish ever

    is there a missing persons report on your daughters bf yet...?
  302. imrfishing

    11JUN15 half day at the 150 on Sancha

    awesome! Thanks for the report! Having me think twice about cat or sd this weekend.
  303. imrfishing

    June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    I have no right to flame anyone because I don't post much but I really just needed to know the weather... Douche. Lol jk. Nice fish!
  304. imrfishing

    Curado 300EJ

    bump, this reel still available
  305. imrfishing

    Curado 300EJ

    Bump! Still available
  306. imrfishing

    Curado 300EJ

    I'm selling a brand new Curado 300EJ Price is $210 firm so if you offer anything lower I will just ignore.
  307. imrfishing

    Avet JX 2spd

    MC cast or no?
  308. imrfishing

    Breakwater Halibut

    awesome! nice halibut! i think i need a new scale. a 41 as well as a 42 this season both scaled in at only 25 on 2 different scales for me.
  309. imrfishing

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    I caught a 42 inch halibut last season and it weighed in at 24/25 on two scales. Your halibut must have been One thick mother. Nice catch.
  310. imrfishing


    the only thing i see in the pic worth looking at is miss cutie...
  311. imrfishing

    My first white sea bass on the Outrider

    congrats!! its been three years ever since i decided to seriously find these ghosts. my largest so far sadly was 26". and to be honest i probably wouldn't keep any ghost under 36".
  312. imrfishing

    Trailer thief

    last season someone stole both my tail lights. off my truck!! that prick shoulda followed me home and tried to rob my house as well so i can shoot him in the ass.... :2gunsfiring_v1:
  313. imrfishing

    The Kimberleys, Broome, Northwest Australia

    wth is this?!?! not only is it in the wrong place, but it also makes me jealous... damn wish i could go fish there. great pics!
  314. imrfishing

    dont bring these aboard

    These taste better than lobsters n crabs, imo. But dangerous n ugly indeed.
  315. imrfishing

    LB Hally, HS rockfish

    Yeah i think if we stayed we coulda had slow picks on sands and calicos
  316. imrfishing

    LB Hally, HS rockfish

    launched out of davies around 730a, got some bait from nachos, was planning to hit HS or Izors right away but the fog would not allot us to so we hung around nacho for awhile and got a 35in halibut and an 18in sandbass. around 930 we headed out to HS for rockfish but they were all so small they...
  317. imrfishing

    HillBilly Deluxe shake down runs

    garden grove is the place to be! nothing better than being on the water. hope to see you around the lb area!
  318. imrfishing

    weather sucked...

    i got to catalina saturday night around 9 and they had moorings... it was kind of choppy so we went in to get one... you must have had the asshole that never left us alone on our last trip. sorry to hear about your trip. i on the other hand lost a baittank full of bait due to being lazy to bolt...
  319. imrfishing

    yellows and big sea bass

    damn those are some nice fishes. did you fish the west end or east end of catalina?
  320. imrfishing

    New guidelines for eating Socal fish

    we dont eat everything we catch.... we eat everything we catch but get to keep. :D