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    Disney On Ice...

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    Plastic Anyone...

    Looking at it closer I definitely agree!
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    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    from what I understand is you won’t see your ball within 4 ft of bottom cause of interference from the sonar bouncing of bottom. Not positive but from experience on the boat’s I fish this seems kind of accurate. I would imagine different transducers might be different ?
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    Plastic Anyone...

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    What? I can totally tow that!

    At least the chains are crossed!
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    Love of your life

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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    That’s what I was thinking,especially how light this snow was.
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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    I should say I was told it was a Skagit County Sheriffs boat but not positive
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    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    A Skagit County Sherrifs boat Capsized do to snow
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I’ll give it time but it’s really making me not like change
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    upholstery/memory foam help

    My father-in-law would use an electric knife to cut foam at his upholstery shop.
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    Sad story

    That is awful!!! Thoughts and prayers to family and especially the father
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    Washington Park Launch update

    I wonder if they fixed the drop off on the east of the ramp?
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    Washington Park Launch update

    It’s done and reopened
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    Washington Park Launch update

    If it is Culbertson they are really good about making their deadlines! Here is What we woke up to Christmas Morning Courtesy of Culbertson Marine
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    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 December 18, 2019 Contacts: Katelyn Bosley, 360-302-3030, ext. 319; Jason Wettstein 360-902-2254 Winter recreational crabbing in portions of Marine Area 9 and...
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    Creating Jobs

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    Water looks cold.

    Orcas only eat king salmon. Well only the tree hugging ones from Washington
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    SS Railing Weld?

    I’ve had a ton of work done with Dave Keller @ North Columbia Iron. He does great work! He’s at 202 O Ave his number is 360.770.0683
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    Smoked Salmon Prep

    You forgot that it makes it easy to pull a chunk off while it’s smoking!
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    Refs and Fantasy Football

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    Since When

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    Keep fishing or not ?

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    PM sent
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    Athletes and Enhancement Drugs

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    Fishing the San Juan islands

    I won’t start lashing you for that question but I feel that the lashing’s are coming. Anyway the best way to just learn the basics is hire a guide first time out. I know a few but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes that may advertise on BD but I’m sure the brother hood will suggest guides.
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    I really like my Bradley for Cold smoking fish for the control factor but the best fish I smoke comes from my Big Chief. Smoked fish for dinner is going on My Pit Boss
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    Coast Guard Escort

    This was my wife’s ferry ride this morning on the Edmonds Kingston ferry. Anyone else ever see this? They escorted them the whole way. I would imagine it’s just a drill.
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    Tuna Thursday

    Congratulations! That’s a hell of a catch and a good way to enjoy your retirement!
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    Kill bags and trailer lights

    Magnetic trailer light’s jack, and spare wheel bearings are all in truck when traveling. I don’t want to be the one kills or gets killed by my stupidity.
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    Kill bags and trailer lights

    The disability parking pass are used and abused most definitely. All handicap issues are different and to say someone that is fine and not know them is kinda judging a book by it cover as previously said. My father has issues with his knees and he looks great walking one moment then the other...
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    Boner Rods

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    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    Exactly. Be safe and know the rules of the water! Sounds like alcohol might of had something to do with it. But I would bet not knowing their navigation markers and lights was a bigger cause, just a thought. Thoughts and prayers to the family of deceased.
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    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    It would be interesting to hear what happened.From what I can see is even the safety chain broke off trailer and also the ratchet strap broke but doesn’t surprise me being it’s a lawn mower strap. Lol I would assume to much for that big bad ass Nissan! After looking at it more closely on my...
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    Area 9/10 Opener

    Now that’s a Boats Afloat Boat show!
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    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    Your team is loosing 24 to 28, 26 seconds on the clock, 2nd down, 1 yard line, and you pass the ball. A lot of F bombs that day
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    Guess the weight

    If my math matches WDFW that is about 1000lbs of halibut and 200lbs of kings! Lol
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    Swinomish crabbing 8-1

    Ryley is correct. Last week was a 28 hour opener and this week not sure how long but it started Thursday and ended at 7:00 pm last night. Last year at this time their openers were 2 to 3 day openers. I’m sure it will open a few more times before we all have a chance at them.
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    Understanding a woman

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    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    That makes more since to me now that it was for the south coast, it was the Puget Sound and coastal areas which I was thinking the numbers you were talking about. Which still might not be out of the realm. Lol
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    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Wdfw Math statistics are done on the back of postage envelopes. That is what I am getting at least
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    Fetha Styx 6'6" Halibut rod, AFTCO reel seat

    I’ll take it if still available
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    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    So I just thought to myself that there are only so many creel report areas and what not. Makes more sense now.
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    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    So on 2 days of fishing 1100 fishermen doesn’t seem that big of a number to me. I do consider weather and all but if 5 boats left a 100 marinas, private dock or boat launch that doesn’t seem like a whole a lot. Please school me on this so I understand the logistics.
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    Washington park launch

    I went there to see if anyone was stupid enough to try and to People’s credit a whole 2 hours and I didn’t even see one rig show up to try. That was amazing to me because it’s definitely is a shit show on opening weekend of boating.
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    ***** RIP *******

    Would you like sour cream with that
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    Guess where Billy bob

    Washington? Do I win coords?!?
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    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    I have a buddy that is pretty much the same way for my area but I guarantee I will not shit where he eats. Just saying!
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    Area 7 Love

    Sorry about my spelling and punctuation in advance. Anyway I have never posted a saltwater report so I figured I should give a little back. Started fishing at 7:00 and ended by 8:45. My buddy and I both got our limit. Using hardware dredging bottom at about 100ft. Good luck to all that can get...
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    I am reading a book right now called American Nightmare. So far really informative but being it was published in1976 Sure the stuff is dated but a lot of info on the Boldt decision and the 50/50 split from what I read is not what you think a 50/50 split would be! Read paragraphs 3 and 4
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    Trout stocking for a private lake
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    Just waiting and waiting

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!
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    It Never Snows In Port Angeles!

    Meanwhile in Miami
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    WTB - Trolling Plate

    I also have the bigger square trolling plate but pretty sure that is to large
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    WTB - Trolling Plate

    I have one that may just work for you. Let me know if you are interested and if so it’s yours
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    This is the main page for Washington
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    You are posting on saltwater report section. There is another forum page where new members post a hello and then there is a unwritten rule requiring pics of girlfriend or wife. Generally people would flip you shit for not following BD protocol but there seem’s to be a politacal distraction on...
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    Thousands of elk cross highway
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    Kind of true

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    Track system advice

    My dad doesn’t bounce his balls like a big boy so was just wondering. I really think it is a slick setup and for the convenience of adjusting it to that day of fishing.
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    Campbell Lake

    Had a few hours to kill this morning so decided the boy and I would do a shake down on the boat I bought from my dad. Caught 3 lost 2 in 30 minutes and one hit a hour later and that was it. Was on water by 9:00 and off by 11:30. The saltwater is coming as soon as my prop issue is fixed. Felt...
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    Track system advice

    Was wondering who has used track systems and looking for some input? I have Cisco’s that came with the boat I purchased from father. Just want to make sure they hold up for salmon fishing since he mainly used them for trout. They seem pretty solid but would hate to loose a downrigger and such...
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    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    I did not know he had a dealers license and yes I can read just can’t type worth a shit.
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    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    I can tell you that Blake’s shop is not a dealership. It is a auto shop that has a name that in reputable in his community. I think he came across a good thing now wants to pass it on to us. GLWS Blake
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    It's elf on the shelf time

    Good point!
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    2000 Chevy 2500 HD 4x4

    I have the same truck with 277,000 miles and still going strong! Great truck! GLWS
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    5th wheel adapter........

    Because their ford was broke down and needed something that would tow it .
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    What’s your porn name

    Dirty Milker
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    What’s your porn name

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    Free Line

    Condition varies and size is about 5 ft. I was always told size doesn’t matter
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    Free Line

    Wife said no to that one. She might have a few in another area that would be up for grabs if they haven’t gotten rid of them by now. I will let you know beginning of next week if you are interested
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    Free Line

    Wifes work has 3 to 4 totes of line for free if anyone wants it. There is 5/8 and 3/4 poly and nylon. Most shots are 100ft plus. Free and first come first serve.take some or all Located in Anacortes
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    5 Penn Reels for sale

    They are your’s John. PM me details and I will ship some time by next week. I got shipping covered so don’t worry about it.
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    5 Penn Reels for sale

    EJ Swanny is in line if he wants them if not they are your’s John. I believe he doesn’t being they are not level wind.
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    5 Penn Reels for sale

    4/0 are still available. How about free to non lurker’s !
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    Need to Read....Crazy fishery ideas/myths

    Kevin Ranker’s pocket book is padded by the tribes in my own opinion and makes me wonder if his mother had any children worth keeping. He is all about what the tribes want and not for Washington state citizens. From what I have seen with my own eyes by going to Olympia and watching legislation...
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    Rockwood Drill Press

    It’s your’s Benjamin. I don’t make it south very often but I’m sure we can figure it out. No hurry at all so if it takes awhile that is not a problem.
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    Rockwood Drill Press

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    Coho help for a so cal BD’er

    Is this your first post in Washington forums? If so we have different rules then Cali. We require pictures of wife’s and girl friends not boyfriends and husbands. Lol Seriously good luck to you though
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    SOS......Can Anyone find the Xtaero Cigar video?

    I guess I should pay better attention to what I’m posting. Lol Eric’s findings seem more of what you were probably looking for
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    5 Penn Reels for sale

    2 penn peer 209’s sold 1 penn level line 350 Sold 1penn Senator 4/0 113 H Special $50.00 1 Penn Senator 4/0 113 $ 75.00 Prices negotiable being I’m going off what I was told they where worth. I was told all where serviced before I got them 2 years ago and they have been sitting since. After...
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    Just heard they are telling residents take shelter in place. Hopefully there are a lot of seals around!
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    I have seen on charts were there is unexploded bombs in the Puget Sound, wondering if this might be one of them.
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    Back to school supplies

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    Bishop 7-25

    Great fish and bitchn tattoo!
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    Sold Grady White 2006 282 Sailfish

    Sexy looking ride there! GLWS
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    2007 22 ' Boulton Sea Skiff

    GLWS! Boulton has a solid boat I think. Hopefully you can get pics of it up but most importantly since you are a first time poster make sure there are pics of wife included.
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    Rock fishing taken seriously

    Didn’t realize it was in the fishing report section!!! His was a better title! Lol
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    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    This is Reno our family dog sine September of 2005.He is blind and deaf now but still will point better then a pecker on viagra.
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    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Fig newtons and as you said raspberry filled powdered donuts has been the got to have thing since I was 3 years old. My grandpa knew my dad hated powder donuts on the boat cause it would get powder everywhere and he would bring them just to piss his him off
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    Best lawn tractor

    So currently I still have my 94 John Deere GT 262 and runs great. Back in 2007 I bought a L125 or 120 from Lowe’s and it had 1400 hrs on it and still ran strong when I sold it. I had the basic bagger for it and worked alright. The box store John Deere’s are in no comparison to a John Deere...
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    Looking for rims and tires
  93. troller w

    E-Tech mechanic

    Any recommendations for a good E-tech mechanic in the Reno,Carson City area? Willing to travel but would like it to be some where within 100 miles or so. Thank you in advance for any input
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    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Congrats! That pop out is bad ass!
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    Man over board kill switch group buy Found this under fishing chit chat forum and thought I would share
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    That’s a good one
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    Someone forgot to shave!

    I will mow that for $45.00 and throw in a moss out treatment
  98. troller w

    How many of you throw a hook for pots?

    Good point! Test your deck hand’s skills. If you miss your buying also.
  99. troller w

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Thank you for your service Jason! Sounds like you have a few brothers that are willing to help you out and that is great but they have all slaked on one thing. BD rule for newbies is we need pictures of boat and
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    Have you been drinking son? I am sure getting a strong smell of alcohol. Lol
  101. troller w

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law
  102. troller w

    Fished the Hoh lately ?

    Also she better be careful or she is going to trip over that log
  103. troller w

    Fished the Hoh lately ?

    Wow! That river has to be glacier water
  104. troller w

    Fun stuff!

  105. troller w

    Cranberry Lake???

    I think Cranberry would better suite the family being there is a designated swim area and more things to do for the family as you get your fix. They use to rent canoe’s and paddle boat’s but I have no clue if they still do or not. Heart lake is next just because there is more acces then...
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    BD brother needs help
  107. troller w

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    No he was leaving a present on the dock
  108. troller w

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    I was at Washington park that day but I’m sure it was the wife pissing on the tires and not the dog
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    Finally ready for tuna !!

    Wheelie bar hitch combo!
  110. troller w

    Finally ready for tuna !!

    Tree hugger engineering at its finest. I have a feeling might see this rig at the next petroleum protest in Anacortes.
  111. troller w

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Form what I have heard is that they located the boat but have not heard anything about the plan for removal. Also on it being a total of 15 seconds sounds to be true but most of those were spent trying to get cabin door open.
  112. troller w

    Looking for a Dump Trailer

    Also the PJ trailers are powder coated. At least the ones I looked at
  113. troller w

    Looking for a Dump Trailer

    I have been looking for a month or so. Olympic trailers seem to have the best deals. Trailers came with spare, battery, load tarp, and led lights for the same price as competitors with just bare minimum.
  114. troller w

    True story ?

    thats a win win situation once you realize you can get rid of your wife and then you will be able to afford to fix your boat. Me on the other hand my wife is my mechanic so I would be pissed!
  115. troller w

    10 fish commandments

  116. troller w

    Mystery basket

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    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    So just got word it was not my friends father but his good friend. I can tell you the skipper is very salty and experienced in boating. I can’t imagine what he is going threw on this horrible accident. All I can say is water has no boundaries,law,or forgiveness and freak things happen. Stay safe...
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    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    This was a friend of the family’s fathers boat. I was told he was the one that passed away but name isn’t the same as the deceased. So what I can tell you is it was a 24 ft offshore duckworth and the captain is a BD member. I will share more when time is right . Stay safe out there
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    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Thought’s and prayers for the family
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    Catastrophic Coctails

    Perfect read for 6:30 in morning
  121. troller w

    A special letter to a friend

  122. troller w

    Eclipse Stealth Shrimp pots

    Yeah I got the full story by a buddy of mine who knew the seller. Glad to see all is good
  123. troller w

    Eclipse Stealth Shrimp pots

    That’s the same picture Steve posted on here. WTF
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    I had a Yamaha 9.9 that was not pissing properly and the issue ended up being a clogged up thermostat housing. I always use Salt Away as a previnitive maintenance procedure and no problems since. Good luck on getting it resolved!
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    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    Just make sure you include pictures of boat and most important picture of wife and the Washington brothers will give you great knowledge, and they love to spend other people’s money
  126. troller w

    2018 Starts with a bang

    He doesn’t want his wife to find out he has a GF. Lol Glad everyone was safe
  127. troller w

    Joe Sthor acting director for WDFW

    Sounds like it is a temporary until they find a permanent director. Not sure if it’s good or bad thing.
  128. troller w

    Joe Sthor acting director for WDFW

    My bad on spelling
  129. troller w

    Joe Sthor acting director for WDFW

    NEWS RELEASE Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 February 2, 2018 Contact: Commission Office, 360-902-2267 Joe Stohr named acting director of Fish and Wildlife OLYMPIA – Joe Stohr, who has served as deputy...
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    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Cooke Aquaculture Pacific dismisses state’s investigation into Cypress Island as incomplete and inaccurate Company says multi-agency report will create unfair prejudice against Cooke in Legislature (OLYMPIA, Washington) Cooke Aquaculture Pacific on Tuesday criticized the state’s multi-agency...
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    Fishing Canadian waters

    If you post it they will come. Who will come you ask R.U.B.’s which is (Rich Urban Boater’s) and N.E.R.F’s Wich is (None Educated Retarded Fishermen) that will troll Right on top of you and they will come In swarms
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    Superbowl predictions

    Hoping for Vikings and Steelers but I think the Patriots make instead of Steelers. I would like to see Vikings win it just for the reason they are the only whole team to stand for the National Anthem. At least that is what I have heard.
  133. troller w

    New Years clam diggin

    Happy New Year to all! stay safe
  134. troller w

    Christmas present finally arrived!!!

    So is that fiberglass or aluminum? Looks to be fiberglass
  135. troller w

    Christmas present finally arrived!!!

    Who would of thought a boat hauling a boat that is towing a boat! Thought you were looking at a new Chevy for hauling ! Lol
  136. troller w

    The single life

    Please delete
  137. troller w

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    I have never been tuna fishing but the way you guys and gals do the tuna dance I would play this.
  138. troller w

    Trooper hits deer.

    Wonder if it was a unarmed black tail? On a serious note glad the trooper was ok
  139. troller w

    Mukilteo crabber missing; his boat was found at Hat Island

    Thoughts and prayers for victim and family involved
  140. troller w

    Dupont Derailment

    Thoughts and prayers for victims, and their families involved.
  141. troller w

    Thought I would share for a good laugh

    Wonder if they have a Black Friday sale on that doll you speak of
  142. troller w

    What if the Pilgrims shot a cougar instead of a turkey?

    Looks like she was wanting some gobbler gravy also!
  143. troller w

    That'll buff right out!!

    Wasn’t my romp,but I’m sure he spent a hefty load before he went out with a bang
  144. troller w

    Anacortes Seahawks

    All three teams are now the champs. Go Hawks!
  145. troller w

    Looking For a Home

    That’s the your feet smell look. Lol
  146. troller w

    Anacortes Seahawks

    Very well could be the water but as big as my son is I think it’s the meatball grinders from Village Pizza! Lol
  147. troller w

    Anacortes Seahawks

    Want to say congratulations to coach’s and players for a great season so far and good luck in playoffs Go Hawks!
  148. troller w

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Haha good one! Ok I'll let it be. I don't water to jack this thread. Sorry Bellboy17 hope you get your issued fixed
  149. troller w

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Glad you didn't say you former name was ALice1952
  150. troller w

    WDFW authorizes inport of Atlantic salmon eggs from Iceland

    I thought the government set the $30.00 mark? I talked to a commercial fishermen that said they were ready to beach saine the salmon after this happened and the tribes ended up dragging it along so they were the one to profit. This is all hear say so don't know if factual or not but resources...
  151. troller w

    WDFW authorizes inport of Atlantic salmon eggs from Iceland

    Don't know how accurate that is but definitely interesting.
  152. troller w

    WDFW authorizes inport of Atlantic salmon eggs from Iceland
  153. troller w


    We had to turn our uniforms inside out because the opposing coach thought they looked to much like his players uniforms. Who would of thought politics was in football. Lol
  154. troller w


    This is more like what football is all about. Having fun. I'm stoked my kids first blocked puntIMG_2728.MOV
  155. troller w


  156. troller w


    So the NFL will find you for wearing the wrong cleats that supports 911 or dancing on side lines,and taunting but won't fined you for DISRESPECTING or country and military?
  157. troller w

    Definitely not in Washington

    Wonder how many people were there the next day after showing on internet?
  158. troller w

    Bradley smoker temps and times

    That's funny! My son has to add his own touch of molasses and yoshidas to the batch. He has taken over and he gets to choose his time and temp from this thread. will report Which way he decides on.
  159. troller w

    Bradley smoker temps and times

    I am going to smoke a batch of kings and was wondering what temperature's and how long should I smoke them for? I have always used a big chief for fish. Thanks in advance for input Denn
  160. troller w

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    Like previously stated above is braking is a huge issue and you can buy a 1 ton now that's rated to tow xxxxx amount pounds but the stinger or receiver is not rated to tow xxxxx amount of pounds. With that said I can't wait to see a YouTube video of staton wagon boat launch fail.
  161. troller w

    Freestyle fisherman

  162. troller w

    Thought I would share

    Two couples were playing cards. Jeff accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed that Dave's wife, Sandy, was not wearing any underwear! Shocked by this, Jeff hit his head on the table and emerged red-faced. Later when Jeff went to...
  163. troller w

    Theft on Float 12

    Sorry about your mom. Mine died when I was 27 but I can still take a momma joke. I'm out on this from here on out I got to go check the air on my tires
  164. troller w

    Theft on Float 12

    Hey Alice im sure it started on this post. Just leave it alone man! I was a lurker for a long time and started posting and didn't catch any shit for it because you started a uproar from the get go and now you are talking crap to the gate keeper! You are burning bridges with a bunch of people...
  165. troller w

    Theft on Float 12

    No just roaming the halls of you moms house. She would like to talk but her mouth is full
  166. troller w

    Theft on Float 12

    Hey Alice did your mom have any kids worth keeping? Just wondering
  167. troller w

    Wanted: Deck hand with net experience!!!

    Great job getting Hunter on a nice fish. He will never forget that! Great video also! The netting part is nerve racking lol
  168. troller w

    Proper sealant for mounting out board?

    I thought about pm him but was just wanting opinions. My dad just had a New motor installed and water was leaking in from bottom bolts and shop just used marine silicone. They told him marine silicone was what you are supposed to use and my wife a marine tech said they should of used 5200 which...
  169. troller w

    Proper sealant for mounting out board?

    Thanks goat was hoping you chimed in
  170. troller w

    Proper sealant for mounting out board?

    Was wondering what sealant you should use mounting your out board to aluminum? I was thinking 5200 or sikaflex and would I use it on threw bolts as well or just a marine silicone? Thanks for any input Dennis
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    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    I know my pots are safer with you gone
  172. troller w

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Donate them to Salmon 4 Soilders. Sure some one on here can give you contact info Or at least a charity of some sort as long as they are still useable
  173. troller w

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Here is some pics of wife and kids. And yes my wife is my certified boat mechanic with a associates in marine tech! That is a pic of her re wiring new boat !
  174. troller w

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Wonder what kind of treatment you get if you are mayor? Might depend on gender but who knows
  175. troller w

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hi guys long time lurker here. I live in Anacortes and I will post pics later considering I'm a idiot when it comes to social media. All I have to say is you guys are a great group of guys and I hope I fit in. And yes I am ready for my back lashing for being a lurker
  176. troller w

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Sounds like you were on your knees in Montana as much as you were in Washington
  177. troller w

    MA 7 1/22/11

    thanks for the report. Heard from this site that frozen paint balls work great