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    Making Bait at Catalina

    I am camping on the island for 4 nights. Has anyone had luck making fin bait on the front side of the island lately?
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    For Sale 2001 F350 7.3 crew cab 4X4 SOLD

    2001 F350 7.3 Diesel 127,xxx miles Crew Cab Long bed 4x4 New John Wood transmission at 118k Shell I’m the second owner. $13,500 Call me if you want to see it. I’m in Dana Point. Peter 949-412-1416
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    Need to use a trailer for a 26' Grady on Wednesday

    I need to haul out my 26' Grady with an 8'6" beam for oil change. I am in Dana Point. Need the trailer Wednesday 8/29 and Thursday 8/30. If you have a boat on your trailer you can put it in my slip on wedneday night andthursday night too. give me a call if you have something that might work...
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    Any one need a ho or two tomorrow 8/19?

    My buddies boat did not get fixed on time. I would love to fish tomorrow. I'll meet you anywhere between Huntington and San DIEGO. I have money and all my gear, mex license and a passport. Give me a call 949-412-1416 Peter Culp
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    I need a Ride from Socal to Norcal this week

    More Specifically, I need to send a couple of surfboards from Dana point to Sacramento or the East Bay. I can send them anytime from now until next monday, December 7th. I'll help pay for your gas. Peter
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    I think I found my new boat

    we coul get to clemente in an hour.
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    1990 Shamrock 200 Warrior $16,000 SOLD

    Hey Guys, This is my boat. It is sweet, but I would like to move up. I boat this boat in 2011 for $15,000 from a BD guy. he put a ton of love into the boat. I put a bunch more into it. Since I bought it I completely rebuilt the motor and rewired the boat. I also upholstered the cushions...
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    Fishing Tavarua Fiji in February

    Hey guys, I'm going to Tavarua the first week of February next year. I was wondering what to expect and what kind of gear to bring? Thanks
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    Limits of YFT for 4 8/1/14

    We fished out of SD. Got Dines and Chovie. Went over the upper 9 not much going on except a sweet submarine. Went south west. Found birds and boats and boiling tuna. First fish at 8. Last fish at 1. Numbers. 32.32
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    My Kids First Fishing Trip!!!!

    So the wife and I got the invite to go on a super sweet 55' viking. I said "We'd love to, but my folks are out town and nobody can watch the kid." The owner says, "No problem, bring the kid along." He is the nicest, most generous guy ever. So we did. We fished out of Newport down to the 181...
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    Rubber Latches?????

    I am trying to find rubber latches to close the aft seats on a parker 1800. I have seen them on Grady Whites. I have looked at Lowe's, West Marine, and even Babies R Us in the child proof section. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to find these things?
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    Avet SX

    I would like to buy an Avet SX. I don't care what color it is. All I want is a single speed, without cast control. Let me know what you have. Peter
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    Anyone need a ho 11-16????

    I've got my gear, mex fishing license, and I want to kill some fish. I can leave Saturday night if need be. PM if you need some one.
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    My wife's First Legal Lobster 2/7/2008

    I'd have to say it was a successful day. It was in South Laguna and the depth was shallow. It was just over 7 pounds. I Love her so much!!!!!
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    Boat sinks at Dana Point Harbor jetty.

    Does anyone know the story on this? News: Boat sinks after hitting Dana Harbor jetty | harbor, whitman, rocks, vessel, patrol -
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    Let a big one go 2-16-07

    Hey guys, Sorry for the late report. I went out Friday afternoon in South Laguna. It was beautiful out, the surf was flat, and the visibility was good. I couldn't get any dive buddies to go with me so my wife came along. I was in the water for about 30 mins. and saw these two lobster...
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    Big Dog Lobster 1/20/07

    I went last night in South Laguna with a buddy right at sunset. This was the result. Visiblity was ok. The little one is 1/4" over legal. The big one is 7 pounds.
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    Laguna 11-29-06

    Water was pretty clear 10-15' Visibilty, kind of surgey. Caught three bugs one was a good one. Saw two WSB. One was probably 36-40". I've never seen a legal one before. Pretty much the coolest fish ever.
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    South Laguna 11-14

    I dove Three Arch Bay tonight. I got three but the visibility was not too good and the surge was pretty bad. The surf was about waist to chest high with a short period. I also was stopped by a fish and game warden for the first time. He was cool. He was in his wetsuit and was going to jump...
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    6/23 32 lbs yellowtail

    We caught thi guy at the mackeral banks at about 8 am. We didnt get another bit. It is a pretty nice fish for my first yellowtail, 32lbs.