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  1. Father Ken

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

    Bandanas are gay . Better to lather up in baby oil and fish in a banana hammock . Skin cancer and grape smugglers are manly !! Uhh......
  2. Father Ken

    fish identification! anyone?

    Hesperia lake , tweaker trout .
  3. Father Ken

    October Thresher

    cool pic Andy . Glad to see they are still hanging around . I was thinking about getting another sleigh ride this weekend . Got a go pro camera a few weeks ago as well . Tight Lines , Ken
  4. Father Ken

    Reel Champion 6 pack out of H and M

    Anyone fish this boat before with Capt Darryl ? Going out next week for a 10PM to 7PM trip . Was wondering if the Reel Champion is a fishy boat . I am hoping to get down to the good YT and BFT bite . Checked the boats website and it does not look like it has been down to the " zone " yet this...
  5. Father Ken

    Reel Champion 6 pack charter

    Has anyone fished with Capt Darryl on the Reel Champion out of H and M ?? I have an overnighter with him in a few weeks . Was wondering what to expect ?
  6. Father Ken

    Want to buy Hobie Electric Motor System

    Thanks so much Andy . Sending you a PM .
  7. Father Ken

    Want to buy Hobie Electric Motor System

    Thanks for the replys . I bought my Kayak from Andy at OEX . I am looking for a used one . I should have said that in my post . Sorry . The system is about $2000 . Ouch . I am thinking it might be tough to find a used one at this point since it is a fairly new system . It looks sick though . I...
  8. Father Ken

    Left hand retreive reels...

    I am a righty that loves the lefty reels as well . Especially when I am casting a lot . Like stated before , you do not have to switch hands after the cast . All my bass reels are leftys . But all my big game reels are rightys . I just have not seen left handed reels above a size 400...
  9. Father Ken

    Want to buy Hobie Electric Motor System

    If anyone has a lead on the Hobie Electric Motor Sytem , let me know . I want to buy one for my outback .
  10. Father Ken

    Annual White Bass & Hybrid Striper - Spawning Run Reports

    That is awesome Carey . Thanks for the update . Already making plans for next springs trip . No wife and kids . Only fishing for 3 days . First week of April . I hit my local Golf Course last night for an epic bite . The trip to the Texas golf course got my green bass juices flowing . Bass...
  11. Father Ken

    Annual White Bass & Hybrid Striper - Spawning Run Reports

    Thanks again Carey !! So glad Paul and I found your guide service . What an epic day . We just do not get creek fishing like that in Southern Cailfornia . Going to have to make this trip an Annual Event . Got the green light to go after the hybrids Saturday morning . Gonna hit the Large...
  12. Father Ken

    visiting Plano , need intel

    Thanks you guys . I am packing right now . Flying in tomorrow morning . Have a guided trip set up thursday with Carey Thorn . I think that is his name . Gonna creek fish if the rains do not mess things up . Definetly going to look for some local ponds to fish in as well . I will get a couple...
  13. Father Ken

    Texas trip ?

    Thanks so much !! Gonna check that site out . Looks like Rowlett creek may be a good place to catch a bunch of sand bass in a few hours this time of year . We do not have those in Cali so that would be cool . Not a lot of creeks to fish in either. It is sounding like fun . Hopefully Rowlett...
  14. Father Ken

    visiting Plano , need intel

    I meant Rowlett Creek , not Hewlett . Sorry .
  15. Father Ken

    visiting Plano , need intel

    Thank you so much for your time and intel . Lake Fork is on my bucket list , but not this trip , our first trip to visit family that moved their , will not have time . I have never caught a double digit bass. It is looking like my best shot at getting out for a few hours and actually...
  16. Father Ken

    Texas trip ?

    Trip was pushed back to first week of April . Just made another thread . Anyone ?
  17. Father Ken

    visiting Plano , need intel

    I am visiting relatives in Plano the first week of April . Never been there . I have read about some good creek fishing opportunities for what you guys call sand bass, or hybrids . Can anyone put me on a creek or lake that I can fish from shore on ? I will only be able to sneak away and fish for...
  18. Father Ken

    at the vine

    So you are saying I might catch a fish one of these days . That would be awesome !! Getting lucky would be even better . My hand is getting really sore !!
  19. Father Ken

    at the vine

    Yep . My phone never rang either ! What a douchenut . I bait fish sometimes , come on Big Douche . Were you afraid I would want to troll the whole time . Uh , er , uh , probably right .
  20. Father Ken

    heading to the vine

    WFO trout pickles !! Get any reds ? BTW, thanks for the invite .
  21. Father Ken

    Texas trip ?

    My brother just moved to Plano from So Cal . Heading out in November . What fishing opportunities are available that time of year around Plano ?
  22. Father Ken


    Ditto . I have fished both brands for decades . The ABU stuff just needs more TLC to keep working properly . Especially in the salt . Not that big of a deal . Some of my favorite reels for bass in the fresh and salt have been ABU , when they are working properly . But I would still vote...
  23. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake and the Quagga

    I am aware if Nick and Jimmy's exploits . I have alot of respect for Nick . Nice guy - good fisherman . I have seen and heard about many of their fish . A few of them might have even been cuaght during normal lake operating hours . J/K Quite a few nice ones caught on Whitney's giant Rat bait ...
  24. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake and the Quagga

    Yes , sir , agree on all counts Curtis . I would hate to see a shad die off . Last year they were so thick that I was able to scoop the shad up with a net next to the boat rental dock . Many of the trout we caught last season were plugged with them . I wonder why the shad pattern crank baits...
  25. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake and the Quagga

    Thanks Tuna , that is great information . What is the food that the quaggas compete with the juvenile shad for ? Some sort of plankton ? Is plankton just an ocean thing ? Sorry for the dumb questions , I just want to understand the fishery from the bottom up . Totally off topic but , I would...
  26. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake and the Quagga

    Thanks for the reply . The lake will not be drained though . And as Saluki said , the water that fills the lake is full of quagga . One of the things I worry about , is the effect of the quagga on the shad and other forage . The shad population is very healthy now . The bass, crappie , wipers ...
  27. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake and the Quagga

    Well , it is no suprise to anyone that my favorite local lake , " The Vine " , has a case of the Quagga . People have been reporting more and more of these little mussels every year . Fisherman have recently snagged tree branches that have been covered in Quagga . SO , it seems to be growing...
  28. Father Ken

    Irvine trout ?

    Oh my God , you are so right about the shad . Last spring I was able to scoop them up by the dozens in my big landing net next to the dock . They were everywhere .
  29. Father Ken

    Irvine trout ?

    I am super stoked though , my 6 year old son , actually wanted to stay and fish after we did not get a bite the first hour . He is learning patience and learning to love fishing . When he was 4 years old he used to tell me he hated fishing . Freaking crushed me !! He is coming around . STOKED ...
  30. Father Ken

    Favorite City Park LMB Lure

    Nope . It was a Matte Craw type pattern . It 2 red spots on top of the tail as well . The bill was even painted . When I searched the internet trying to find it , I found nothing like it . The closest was a Matt Shrimp Pattern . Bought it off ebay . I found dozens off patterns , just not the...
  31. Father Ken

    Favorite City Park LMB Lure

    Oh , you went and did it Capt G , gave out the super secret weapon . Obviously I was holding out on the Griffon . I guess you have the right to out me since you introduced me to it . Can't I have just one secret ?? :rofl: I am pretty sure the $30 price tag will keep most away from that lure...
  32. Father Ken

    Favorite City Park LMB Lure

    That looks alot like the little crank I have been using . Runs just under the surface . Actually bought a new one today , it is cultiva bug eye . Frog Pattern . Was looking for a crawdad pattern , but no luck .
  33. Father Ken


    Man , that place reminds alot of trout fishing at Santa Ana River Lakes !! uh , seriously , you are blessed my man . What an incredible place . Getting skunked there would not be that bad .
  34. Father Ken

    Will be at Irvine on Sunday 12/11

    I am fishing Friday and Saturday . Should have some intel for you . Not that you need it .
  35. Father Ken

    Favorite City Park LMB Lure

    What is your favorite lure for LMB at the heavily pressured City Park Lakes , Ponds, and Golf Course Holes in So Cal ? I have been fishing these little lakes/ponds since I was a kid . 30 plus years . There are some decent LMB to be had in these little lakes . My most productive lure has been...
  36. Father Ken

    short day at the vine 12/2

    That is funny . Sold my boat Sean . Still waiting for that invite .
  37. Father Ken

    Vine - Big Troll Fish

    Not at all . Saying your boat is awesome . And you are a douchpickle !! :waglleybooty:
  38. Father Ken

    short day at the vine 12/2

    Can not believe you let that Birdman guy on your boat !! He is a total douchepickle . What were you thinking ?? Last time I fished with him he reeled in all the fish . And I was by myself . Huh ? The wind is blowing today !! Timed it just right dude .
  39. Father Ken

    Vine - Big Troll Fish

    Douchepickles Klamath is actually a very stable little boat . Even with both of us on the same side . When Steve reached over to net the pig , I thought the boat was going to list over , but it was stable . Nice ride .
  40. Father Ken

    Vine - Big Troll Fish

    Thanks for the edit Saluki Claus . Could not get pic turned the right way from the phone camera . By the way , the Steeler pattern got one today , but the rest were on the pink . 4 on the pink 1 on the stink .
  41. Father Ken

    Vine - Big Troll Fish

    Hit up the Vine for a quick troll session on Big Steve's Klamath . Cool little boat . Guess there was a big wind event up their last night . The dock worker said it was nasty . Very nice up their today though . Was calm when we arrived at about 10 AM . We trolled around for a few hours and...
  42. Father Ken

    Yak Trolling at the Vine

    Trolled in the Yak Saturday in the drizzle . Trolling is still good . All the fish came on the flat line . I dragged leadcore for a while . Guys in another boat got a bunch on the leadcore at 3 colors . My buddy in a boat got into a hot afternoon troll bite on the flat line . Mostly on cranks ...
  43. Father Ken

    11/11/11 at 11:11 AM

  44. Father Ken

    Wet Opening day @ the Vine

    You guys are gonna slay tomorrow !! I had a friend fish yesterday and it was WFO on the troll . Wednesday probably be even better . Fish all settled in and ready to die !!
  45. Father Ken

    Wet Opening day @ the Vine

    Thanks for the report . I agree with you about some massive schools getting ready to die . They were biting Thursday , but not nearly full speed , and with the volume of trout in the lake already ........ It is gonna go full stupid very soon . Proabably in the next few days . Perhaps a mid week...
  46. Father Ken

    3 Days at the Vine 11-4,5,6, 2011

    Cool . Thanks for the report . I will be trolling in my kayak this Saturday . Nice to hear about your success .
  47. Father Ken

    Vine Private Opener Report

    No time for OTWR sorry . Too busy tieing on crankbaits . :rofl: All caught flat lining . Although we spoke to a guy that got a few at 3 colors of leadcore . 15ft deep . Makes sense . The water is still warm . Birdman went to New Zealand with my boat " The Bird " . Planning getting...
  48. Father Ken

    Vine Private Opener Report

    Hit the Vine with high hopes after last years private opener was the best stocked trout fishing I have ever experienced in 30 years of fishing for stocked trout . The wind that blew on Wednesday was on my mind a little and the fact that the water temps are up a bit compared to last years...
  49. Father Ken

    lead core outfit info?

    So true about lures catching fisherman more than fish . I get caught all the time . I consider myself a lure collector . Whore !! I use an Abu 6500 C4 with 12 pound leadcore as well on one of my Diawa Heartland leadcore rods . It holds about 14 colors . More than needed for the Vine where I...
  50. Father Ken

    Where in San Diego is this???

    That brings back great memories . A bunch of little spots just like that , with little damns and all, in and around Orange County . I grew up fishing those every day after school . Best of times !!
  51. Father Ken

    lead core outfit info?

    Diawa makes some great leadcore rods . Part of the heartland series . I have 2 . Got them at the Longfin in Orange .
  52. Father Ken

    Vine Time Again

    I will post a report after the limited opener on Thursday November 3rd so you guys have an idea of what to expect . I have some spots in mind from last years opener that might be great for you float tube guys ! Hopefully some of those wipers are around like last seasons opener . They are...
  53. Father Ken

    Vine Time Again

    Yeah man . Cold ones and trolling . Actually the first week or so was so good last year that I was actually fishing mini jigs on big schools of fish that were staying in certain areas for days at a time . I love the scream of the drag on troll fish , but when the trout are schooled up like that...
  54. Father Ken

    Vine Time Again

    BTW , since you are a moderator Saluki , could you please change my bloodydecks name to Father Ken , or Douchepickle . I am tired of Birdman . Also , I sold my boat , The Bird , so I am no longer a Birdman . Besides any name with ...Man is pretty lame . Like TunaMan or FishMan or BassMan or...
  55. Father Ken

    Vine Time Again

    Hey dudes , Stocked Trout Season is upon us . I am fishing the Vine ( Irvine Lake ) VIP day next Thursday 11/3 . Looking forward to another epic year of trolling for stockers at the Vine . Any of you douchepickles heading up for opening weekend ? I will post of a report about VIP day so those...
  56. Father Ken

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    Could you please put the Lizard fish reports in the Lizard Fish section from now on ?? This report does not belong in this forum . Just saying . I am forced to click on every thread and I hate it when I have to read a Lizard Fish report . Oh wait the mods have not set up a Lizard Fish Forum ...
  57. Father Ken

    Catalina Weekend Weather

    Thanks Father F Light !! I might pull the plug . I am a fair weather lobster man .
  58. Father Ken

    Catalina Weekend Weather

    Heading over for the Lobster Opener with everyone else in the world . Looks like it will be a bit bumpy . NOAA forecast is for 15 to 20 knot gusts on Saturday night . Could be some bumpy hooping ?? Hopefully NOAA is wrong. They often are . Going to be on my buddys 28 foot sportfisher but...
  59. Father Ken

    Kelp Bass in the Union-Tribune: Mike Lee at it again.

    I can say for sure that the Orange County Sand Bass Spawn has been very poor the last few years . I do not pretend to know why . I just know that we have not had a WFO spawn bite in a few years on the HB flats . A few flurries , but nothing like it was 5 to 10 years ago . Hopefully a cyclical...
  60. Father Ken

    Newport Harbor Techniques

    Congrats on spinnerbait WSB ! I know wha you mean , it has not been WFO for me the last few trips . Just consistent . A fish every 15 minutes or so average . Sometimes little flurries . It used to get just stupid a few years ago . I can tell you stories of the 1980's that would blow your...
  61. Father Ken

    Newport Harbor Techniques

    Since your getting into carp do you want to buy a brand new custom marlin caster, cheap? brand new.. Ha ha . Real carp . Not ocean carp . Ocean carp are way to cool for me . I am more of a bluegill guy .
  62. Father Ken

    Newport Harbor Techniques

    You have something else I do not have anymore , A BOAT PAYMENT !! Douche !! Well , at least you replied to my lame ass thread . I suppose harbor fishing is not that cool . But , hey , neither am I . I like to fish for stocked trout as well . Going to get heavy into carp fishing next .
  63. Father Ken

    Newport Harbor Techniques

    Well , the sesh was good . The Crankbait produced as usual and the AA 3 inch grub on the football head on 6 pound test did well . Never did try the drop shot . It was not WFO so I stuck with my confidence baits . Usually try new things when the fishing is good . Not sure if that is the right...
  64. Father Ken

    Newpot Harbor Yak Sesh

    Been a long time since I made a report . So thought I would contribute a little something . Sold my center console recently so I have been doing the yak thing quite a bit . Plan is to get a little SW Bass Boat and do a few SWBA events . I have been temporarily cured of my pelagic fever . SO on...
  65. Father Ken

    Newport Harbor Techniques

    I have fished newport harbor quite a bit over the years from my kayak and from my skiff . I do alot of crankbait fishing with Berkley Frenzys , Flicker Shads , and various others . Trolling along the chanel edges and weed lines is productive . I also have success throwing 1/4 ounce football...
  66. Father Ken

    FtW recent fishing adventures in Japan

    Have not been on the board much this year . Been lurking a bit lately . Lurking around this morning and found this post . Streams like that are my idea of heaven or shangri la or nirvana or ...... Just amazing . You are truly blessed to have access to areas like that . Japan is such a beautiful...
  67. Father Ken

    Need Psychiatric Help

    Been talking about it already . You know it was a tough summer when you are talking about the trout opener !! Lobster opener 0ct 1 st . Looking forward to that as well . Bringing my boat out of retirement and taking it to catalina for the weekend for lobster opener. It did not sell this...
  68. Father Ken

    Need Psychiatric Help

    hehahhohah . Yep , I was super bored this morning . I was trying to make the most ridiculous post that everyone would know was an obvious joke . Yellow tail tuna ? Anchoring in the oil rig ? 10/0 circle hook with velveta ? spincaster with 100 lb test ? swinging the rod to set a circle...
  69. Father Ken

    Need Psychiatric Help

    I have been taking my 1978 Bayliner Cabin Cruiser out tageting tuna at the Huntington Beach oil rigs . I have been tossing the anchor directly into the beams of the oil rig so I get nice and tight . I then cast out my abu garcia spincaster loaded with 100 pound cajun red line with a 10 /0 circle...
  70. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    Bump . Getting the leaning post re-upholstered currently . Dropped off my rig at the Boat House of Anaheim . On consignment . You can see it their Tuesday through Sunday . The sea bass are calling your name . Get on this sweet rig before someone snaps it up . You will not find a boat this size...
  71. Father Ken

    Greedy ass Bass

    It has been eating golf balls from the water hazzard you pulled it out of . Yummmm golf balls . Time to develop the golf ball pattern wake bait !!
  72. Father Ken

    The Vine - trout biting/fighting hard!

    Have you met me ??? :rofl: We just work together occasionally . Hint , that is me in my avatar holding up the dodo on the boat I just got rid of . I talked to Whitknee yesterday . He told me what color (s) he was working on for you . Still could not get my shiners back from him . Bet they are...
  73. Father Ken

    The Vine - trout biting/fighting hard!

    Hey duder , I gave whitknee some shiners to spice up for me a few weeks ago . I am sure they will destroy . What whitknee design were you pulling ? The other day , I was pulling a CD5 black and silver that I put pink pokadots on with a sharpee. It was the only lure I caught fish on . :rofl...
  74. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake on NoZilla.3/4........ Best trip ever!

    Thanks for the 411 dude . Hit the first spot and never left . Me an the boy got every fish on a CD 5 black and silver rapala . OLD SCHOOL !
  75. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Limits on NoZilla 2/27

    Hey Dude . Long time no talk . WTG on the heavy stringer . The fish are fighting hard in that cold water . Some of the fish had the crankbaits completely engulfed . Were there a ton of little birds feeding ? Must have been thousands all over the lake yesterday picking at the surface .
  76. Father Ken

    Breaking in my new [email protected] LMB/Stripers landed/spotted

    Have not posted in a while , but had to reply to this . CONGRATS !!!!!!! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: Looking forward to seeing that thing up at the lake . See ya tomorrow duder .
  77. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    I turned my boat over to the Boat House of Anaheim on consignment . 714-635-2628 . My boat can be seen at his lot . Get it while you can . My GPS is included with all my inshore spots still on it !!!
  78. Father Ken

    Pick one lure

    5 inch bass assasin . pearl color . no weight . worked right along the bank at night . that is my go to rig at the golf course lakes by my house . looks like fun .
  79. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 12/30 with FKG.....

    Hey duder , did not know you went up . Great efffort in the less than ideal conditions . My buddy got a couple on the troll using an old mepps spinner and another on a lake troll . Guess that makes sense . Flashy blades in the dirty water enticing a strike . I hate using those big old lake...
  80. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake

    Stuck in the house this week with my son who is recovering from pneumonia . I am getting reports from a few friends at the lake . Fish are being caught despite the less than ideal conditions caused by last weeks storm . It seems mostly bait dunkers are getting them in boat dock cove . A few...
  81. Father Ken

    Using Leadcore

    That is a great way to do it . Probably the preferred method . Also , for lazy people , you can use a small swivel to attach the leadcore to the mono or fouro . Spro makes a great little swivel that you can reel right on to your reel . I like to tie the mono on first with a palomar knot ...
  82. Father Ken

    Irvine question

    Yep .
  83. Father Ken

    The Vine on 12-20-10

    Way to go for it !! It has been a challenge lately . Just being out is half the fun though .
  84. Father Ken

    Outlawed at the 'Vine

    Wow , nice lures . When are you gonna get over here Capt G ? I need a fishing lesson . Again . Gonna try that spoon on a leader to the back of a lipless crankbait thingy tomorrow .
  85. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 12-12 EASY LIMITS & FKG Personal Best 7.1 lbs!!!!!

    chunky fish , do you look in the belly ?
  86. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 12/5 - with FishkillerBill & FKG on NoZilla

    but what do i know = :shithappens::_diarrhea_::Emoticon_Potty_Time:Emoticon_Potty_Time
  87. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 11/28..... FKG & Me & The Wind......

    I am trolling on Saturday afternoon duduki . I will shoot you a OTWR . Gonna troll till 5pm . The extra hour of fishing on Saturdays could lead to some good fishing . Probably gonna be my last trip on my center console. Dropping it off at the consignment yard Sunday . The Birds last flight !
  88. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    Yep . That is known as bork bork I think . The first few times I saw it , I actually tried to figure out what the dude was saying . Now I just ignore it completely . The ignore feature can be a good thing !! I am sure I have been put on a few ignore lists after this thread . :waglleybooty:
  89. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    Ok . This is my last post ever !! :rofl:
  90. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    How about the , " Are Bananas really bad luck " ? Thread ? Seen that one a few times .
  91. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    Yep , the where is the hidden bank thread . And someone always says , " It's Hidden . " Another sign it is time to " back away from the keyboard " when you already know what the wise ass responses will be !!! Dont get me wrong . I think BD is a great resource for fisherman . I am...
  92. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    Very well said !! I guess I lost my willingness to discuss many topics . Backing away . Again .
  93. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    Exactly :hali_olutta: That is funny . But seriously , if I see another , WSB vs Cornvina thread I am gonna shoot myself . Guess I better get my gun ready huh ! Just interesting to me how the same things come up over and over and over and over and over and over . Hell , why did I even...
  94. Father Ken

    Re-accuring threads

    After being on the board for a while . I noticed several threads that keep coming up and are always funny . Or at least amusing . Or a total waste of time . Or all the above . 1. Corvina v. WSB v. Corbina v. Corgina 2. Mantis Shrimp 3. Mola goo eater 4. T Shark - too big - too small 5...
  95. Father Ken

    guy knows more than me

    Just remove the snot like slime from the mola mola and boil it . Tastes just like lobster ! So I'm told .
  96. Father Ken

    Extreme Irvine trouting 11-21-10

    Nice report . Nice trout weather . NIIIIICE !
  97. Father Ken

    guy knows more than me

    can I get a douchepickle ?
  98. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    Forgot to mention . Scotty Downrigger included . Detachable . Mounting plate .
  99. Father Ken

    blackcod fishing?

    I saw a commercial guy at Newport Dunes Launch ramp that had a boat load of black cod . He was fishing pretty close to home , but super deep . I had never seen black cod before , and had no idea they were caught locally . I asked him where , and he said they move around to different depths ...
  100. Father Ken

    After party fishing @ the Vine 11/14

    Coolio . Just wait till one of those DD fish hit your ultralight rod !! Yikes . But , those 2 pound outfits sure are fun . WTG , getting out in the tough conditions . But , then again, you got the boat for it !! Thanks for the invite :finger:
  101. Father Ken

    Our Daughters 1st fishing trip, Lake Irvine 11/17

    Good stuff . The Vine is great for kids . Congrats to you on your beautiful family and for taking them fishing .
  102. Father Ken

    Getting down at the 'Vine

    What a ghastly idea !! " Bait " is legal for stripers in North Carolina . Our guide at Lake Norman had a tank full of " Bait " . Caught some pigs on the " Bait " . " Bait " of the trouser variety is legal for strippers as well in North Carolina . Sorry for the thread jack . Please...
  103. Father Ken

    fishing the vine thu!

    Will you buy me a breakfest burrito if I go ?
  104. Father Ken

    Getting down at the 'Vine

    Mini Jigs !? I would have to learn how to cast first . Trolling is for people that can't fish ! I love to troll . Chubby Burrito with special sauce.:rofl:
  105. Father Ken

    Another solid day at the Vine 11-15-10

    Coolio . Thanks for the troll report . That top fish in your spread needs to go on a diet . Fat !! Did you notice what was in the belly of the beastie ?? Wondering if they are on the shad yet ! To my suprise the shad pattern crankbaits were working mid lake last weekend . Did you get any...
  106. Father Ken

    Getting down at the 'Vine

    BTW, I really dig the the crankbait rig !! And the fact you are using a fly as a trailer . I have used a keel sinker with a power worm trailer or needlefish or e.t.c...with decent results . But I am sure that rig is not getting down that deep . The deep diver crank though ...... got some that go...
  107. Father Ken

    Getting down at the 'Vine

    So you gonna make it out to the Vine this season ? My treat if you make it . World Famous Irvine Lake Cafe Breakfast burrito included . Again .
  108. Father Ken

    WON Tournament at Irvine

    about 500 peeps showed up . tough conditions in the heat . trolling still producing quality fish . fish spread out . OG cd5 rapalas good for limits . bait dunkers doing good back in the old creek channel in the back of the flats . the latest stock was in the flats area .
  109. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Camp Out 11/19-11/22 CANCELLED....

    Thanks for the update Rob . How many times has the bite turned on at 3:15 PM when the patrol boat is telling people to reel them in ??? Have a great season Rob !
  110. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    Bump . Jump on it guys . I am putting the boat up for sale through a yacht brokerage very soon .
  111. Father Ken

    irvine opener!

    Yeah , getting old sucks . I will see you next weekend then . I will be out on the water in the little green boat around 10 AM on the 13th . Flag me down . VIP day was INSANE . Great quality this year . We got a nice wiper and some crappie bycatch as well . Almost got spooled by the...
  112. Father Ken

    WSB or Corvina...

    Some Corgina is better to eat than others for sure . Usally dpends on the age and location the Corgina was caught at ! Some prefer to marinade their Corgina . Some even like red sauce on their Corgina . Corgina is an amazing and sometimes hard to target species !!!! :hali_olutta:
  113. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    Yep . Gonna be hard for me to resist putting it in the water Thursday for press day at the Lake . Maybe one last time ? I have a yacht brokerage coming out Thursday afternoon to take some pics and help with the sale .
  114. Father Ken

    irvine opener!

    Right on Curt . How is your new sled treating you ?
  115. Father Ken

    irvine opener!

    :rofl: Been moderated . Nice .
  116. Father Ken

    WSB or Corvina...

    Corgina get very irratable once a month a it is best to not target them . WSB do not .
  117. Father Ken

    Plastics and Trout?

    uh :rofl: Don't make fun of me Steve just because you have outriggers on your center console for trout fisting . Capt G can make fun of me anytime . I deserve it . I am capt douchepicke .
  118. Father Ken

    Plastics and Trout?

    I saw that article by Pete Wolf last year and tried trolling some trap rigged 3 inch swimbaits at Irvine Lake . They look good in the water and are about the same size or even smaller than some of the hardbaits I troll . I did not get bit on them . But I suck , and have heard of others having...
  119. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    Bump . I added some decent pictures . Ken 714-768-2950
  120. Father Ken

    irvine opener!

  121. Father Ken

    Whats up BDks- some stripers and some green

    A little bird told me you were catching holdovers at vine this summer . Have you tried lately ? Looking forward to press day next week . WFO . Congrats on the DVL stripers .
  122. Father Ken

    Santa Barbara Island-The Fish did their part, wish we had done ours!

    Condolences on the yellows . I know the feeling of loosing a big yellow to structure . :shithappens: I also know the feeling of an air lock in the bait tank line . At least it was not a tank of fin bait !!! BTW, what is your method for clearing the air lock ??
  123. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    The engine has 1000 hours . Price is $23,900 K Solid . More pictures to come . Sorry . Have some up for sure this weekend .
  124. Father Ken

    Strange Catalina "Trifecta"

    The only SARCASTIC FRINGEHEADS i have came across were posting on BD !
  125. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    Thanks for the props Sean . It hurts bad , but I am selling my rig . Hope to upgrade in the near future !! Sorry for the lack of pics for those that have looked . Working on getting some more up . I can snap a few with my blackberry and shoot them over if interested in the mean time . Should...
  126. Father Ken

    22 ' Center Console w/ 225 4 stroke

    I am selling my 2004 Aquasport Center Console with Yamaha 225 four stroke . Runs like a sewing machine . You will not find another boat this size with a 225 HP 4 stroke Yamaha . I custom order'ed the boat new with the large motor so I could take the family water skiing . It hauls ass . Top Speed...
  127. Father Ken

    Weekend at Cat

    It seems Bucaneer Days usually lands on the lobster opener . Have witnessed a few , but none matched the lunacy ( nudity ) of last weekend . Hopefully that is a new trend . Not a family destination for sure !!! If you go , make sure not to get a mooring can next to " cannon guy " . This guy...
  128. Father Ken

    10-4 YFT under the porpoise

    Nice work . Congrats . Well done on the corgina as well . :hali_olutta: I almost always have a xrap in the trolling spread . GREAT lure !!!!! The xrap 15 greenback mack killed the big bonitos at cat last weekend . Matched the hatch perfect . Tonnage of small greenbacks at the island and...
  129. Father Ken

    Weekend at Cat

    Yeah , I know , pictures !!:boobies: I just could not believe what I was seeing . Where am I ? Spring Break in Havasu ? We kept circling the boobie boats while waiting for the tanks to refill . Heard radio reports of WFO hooping in many spots on the front side from Parsons to to White's...
  130. Father Ken

    Weekend at Cat

    48 bugs for 2 divers and 2 hoopers for the weekend . Had our 2 day permits . Not a bad haul . Our buddy boat had 31 bugs for three divers for the weekend . They also had their 2 day permits . Both boats got limits the first night . Conditions changed in our area the second night and had to work...
  131. Father Ken

    What happened to Kelly girls post

    It is not a matter of " if " one of the douches on the board says something stupid . It is a matter of " when " . Especially when it comes to girls in bikinis in fish reports . I wonder how her captain feels about it ? I can hear her captains cell phone after that post . Hey , uh , i would...
  132. Father Ken

    Bookends 9/16/10

    Hey dood , I think I saw you in Newport Harbor last Sunday ? We were on our way out to the fish the pipe . Which was decent on the crankbaits I might add . Especially when the wind picked up a little in the afternoon . How was the Harbor ? Tide was pretty slack on our way out at around...
  133. Father Ken

    Holy Crap........what's the deal

    I am hoping the fish have moved in to the So Cal bight as Markus suggested . The temp charts suggest that as well . Tuna and Lobster next weekend on my 2 day trip to Catlaina . Only mother nature can keep me away from the banks below cat .
  134. Father Ken


    You think a gaff is bad ? A year or two ago this guy in Newport Harbor acutally killed a sea lion with a steak knife to heart . Dude went surgical on a sea lion for attempting to take his frozen bait off of the dock . The killing was witnessed by several onlookers and reported . The guy ended up...
  135. Father Ken

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    If Captain Crunch saw it , maybe Count Chocula or Frankenberry can chime in to confirm the catch . I call BS with pictures !!
  136. Father Ken

    Wahoo in LA Harbor

    holy fucking shit . I see it , and still do not believe it . Maybe I will catch one at Irvine Lake tomorrow ????
  137. Father Ken

    another hybrid mutant

    If you take the skin off , I am sure it would be fine to eat !! Not .
  138. Father Ken

    Limits! ( Local Bass Assassination )

    Yummy . Feeding my little kids tom cod from the LA Harbor tonight . Wish I had some sand bass for my pregnant wife . Lucky bastard .
  139. Father Ken


    Not sure , but my best guess , is that they do not Migrate far . More like just move off the flats / mud and on to or in to structure spots . Like artiificial reefs , pipes, breakwaters , wrecks, e.t.c..... Maybe more of a commuter fish then a migrater . Speaking of sand bass ofcourse ...
  140. Father Ken


    Great Recipe for Long Beach Sand Bass - Grill on cedar plank with lemons and garlic . Throw away toxic bass . Eat cedar plank . It is documented that bass from Rocky Point ( PV ) south to Corona Del Mar are on the do not consume list . As previously mentioned in this thread. This is a fact ...
  141. Father Ken

    late 9/4 report

    I agree , great pics , awesome boat , good job . Hold out the fish farther out for the pics .....:rofl: I always do that .......:rofl: Even with big fish .....
  142. Father Ken

    Anyone want to contest that this is not a black seabass?

    How did it smell ? :shithappens: Could have been a Black Sea ASS ! :waglleybooty:
  143. Father Ken

    what is a good trolling lure for yellowtail at catalina?

    Yeah , and don't forget to bridle rig your pin head anchovies !! Deadly method for corgina and blunito .
  144. Father Ken

    what is a good trolling lure for yellowtail at catalina?

    In Line my man . Very simple . Just attach the main line to one end of the torpedo and then tie about 6 feet of leader ( Flouro ) on the other end of the torpedo . 4 oz torpedo is my favorite size for trolling macks . Ofcourse this is not a lure , sorry if off topic a little , but when...
  145. Father Ken

    what is a good trolling lure for yellowtail at catalina?

    Just got back , lot's of life in between the the scout camps north of avalon . x3 on the xraps . I have caught yellowtail at Cat on the silver black xrap 15 and 20 . We caught the 3 B's on them last weekend . A greenback or spanish trolled with a 4 ounce torpedo sinker is also a great...
  146. Father Ken

    Avila Beach Skiff Launch

    Thanks for the tip !! That is what I was looking for . My boat is over a ton , so it is to big for the lift . Do they have live bait for sale ??? Talked to a guy at Patriot Sportfishing . He said they are killing as usual . Will probably spend a half day with them to figure out...
  147. Father Ken

    Oceanside Freshwater ?

    Lot's of great greenie ponds in the Snag Diego area . Here is one , 5 freeway to Carlsbad Village Drive , head East till it dead ends , go right , run in to small lake with an earthen damn , surrounded by reeds . My bro-in-law lives near there . I have carried my yak down there and...
  148. Father Ken

    Avila Beach Skiff Launch

    With the lack of tuna this summer , I am thinking of launching my 22 foot Center Console at Avila Beach towards the end of the Month . Anyone launched up their before ? Know th drill ? Any tips ? I fished on the Patriot up their last summer . Big time freezer filler . Tons of big rockfish...
  149. Father Ken

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    That is awesome !!! I would get the douchpickle shirt for sure . And the wife, the I'm with douche tang !! Long live the douchepickle !!!!
  150. Father Ken

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    Oh no ! Quite the opposite . Fishing Boat douche is very common . Maybe the most common douche that you will encounter while fishing . Very often wearing a bloodydecks t shirt . That is a whole other list though .
  151. Father Ken

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    :Dynamite: Got to be on alert at all times out there . Some total douchepickles cruising around in all type of boats . You encountered the new yacht douche , having the money to get the yacht does always equate to boating skills / ettiquete . I have ran across him . Then you got the ski...
  152. Father Ken


    Ask everyone that drove home on the 5 freeway with multiple sharks on the swimsteps of their bayliners rotting in the sun over the last 4 years during the peak spring spawn period .
  153. Father Ken

    dont bring these aboard

    Always enjoy the Mantis Shrimp Thread . It seems a few every year show up on the board . Always good stories . I had one in my 120 Saltwater Aquarium . Had to remove all the rocks to find it and remove it . It was killing my expensive fish . You never know what is living inside the...
  154. Father Ken

    go or no go 1.5

    Take a trip to Avila Beach and take the long range one day ling cod special on the Patriot . Guaranteed good eating fish !!!
  155. Father Ken

    279 mako

    I call BS without pics !!! You freaking lying douchepickle . Be by tomorrow to pick up some steaks .
  156. Father Ken

    51 lb Albacore South 295 7/24/2010

    That is almost in my comfort range for my skiff !! Great news . Thanks . Posting fish weights always brings out the carnies !!!! :rofl:
  157. Father Ken


    Thanks Tommy . I have yet to launch my center console this year to chase the local tuna . Because their have not been any . Could you please make an educated guess if the tuna will make a showing on the local banks in August . 302 , 371 , SS Knoll . Like the last few years . WTF happened to...
  158. Father Ken

    OC Bass Thumb

    Yep for sure . Sometimes owning a boat is perfect . Lot's of blood, sweat , and tears . Mixed in with moments of shear bliss !!!!
  159. Father Ken

    OC Bass Thumb

    :rofl: You sir are a douchepickle !!! I actually tried to load up that pic I sent you and Brandon yesterday but Sprint pic files would not load up ! Thanks again for the turd roller #'s . No size in that area , but a decent pick . They were suspended way up high in the water column ...
  160. Father Ken

    OC Bass Thumb

    uh , cool ...... heard about that place . they have trout up their right ??
  161. Father Ken

    OC Bass Thumb

    Turd roller is a sand bass . Alan, missed your sarcasm . Not really !! Brandon, Thanks . Steve had some good turd roller #'s !
  162. Father Ken

    OC Bass Thumb

    Did a bass trip . Got serious bass thumb . Feels so good !! Found the turd rollers spawning a little North of Izors . Found the calico's chewing big time on the HB articficials . Found the bigger model grumpies and calico's on the Newport Pipe . Released to many to count , topped by a few 5...
  163. Father Ken

    July 9th Booger Bar Fishin' @ LB

    great line !!! classic . will use it while fishing tomorrow . the line , not a spinner .... and thanks for the snot stick report , gonna try a pic a few boogers tomorrow .
  164. Father Ken

    Before The Wind.

    No wake in the harbor dude !!!! :evilimu: Excellent report as always , gracias .
  165. Father Ken

    2 trips 1 post

    Nice talking to ya out there Dean. No love on the long tails . We fished the outside for the bigger models . We also drifted the kelp edge for about a hour before we called it quits . Saw some big schools of bait being pushed up, I dropped a dropper looped mac and my buddy decided to drop the...
  166. Father Ken

    W.O.N Tourney 10th Place

    That explains part of the 75 boat armada at Salt Creek i heard about. Catalina Classic ??? More like Catalina Fickle !! Congrats on the tail !!!
  167. Father Ken

    Dana Point Tresher.

    On a fish trap and a spinner with 20 LB while making bait ! Cool story ! Nevermind the Bullocks . My best is , making bait at the red buoy on the point , see birds diving on bait about 1/2 Mile out , head over to birds, drop back baitomatic and a plug , mouth hook 150 pound thresher ...
  168. Father Ken

    7lb Spottie?

    I brake for spotties . Even with pelagics to be had , I rarely make it out of the harbor without trying for a few spotties . Fished the docs in Alamitos alot in college and Newport by boat most of my life . The biggest one I ever got was about 4 pounds and caught while tied to the launch ramp...
  169. Father Ken

    Looks Like Tuna Season Is Here

    booooiiiinnnnngggggg !!!!!!!!
  170. Father Ken

    Omens at Irvine 5/4

    Thanks for the report . The water should not drop to much . I heard the water will stay up till July . Trout season/stocking is going through June this year . Hopefully the bass will settle in soon . Could be a strange and wonderful year . Trout one day and tuna the next ?! Both within 20...
  171. Father Ken

    Catalina sea monster

    Had the same thing happen to me at ship rock . Pup Sea dog ate my swimbait . STOOPID DOG . I fought it for about 10 Minutes before we got a look at it .Got it next to the boat and it snapped the line . Swimbait atttached to his nose as it swam off . I hate fur bags , but kinda felt bad about...
  172. Father Ken

    Spainish Jack?

    I have many times eaten SpanishMackeral at the sushi bar . It was offered for free because I told the sushi guy I would not like mackeral . Cool guy . I always wondered if they were the same spanish macks we used as bait . They are delicious . The local sushi guy frys the whole carcass after he...
  173. Father Ken

    Threasher's are here...

    I got a 5' 3" SWF the other night !!! Had to get my pole out of her mouth !!!!!!!
  174. Father Ken

    bass fishing!

    The 909 is loco meng !
  175. Father Ken

    Ecos are trying to shut down Dana Point Bait barge

    Character Witness I have witnessed dana bait guys go out of their way to carefully release a greedy pelican that jumped right into the reciever while we were getting bait . Those pelicans are aggro . He shushed the pelican away carefully. And it was not an easy task. The bird would not budge...
  176. Father Ken

    Tearing up Northern Cali Bass & Trout 4/7 to 4/14 with pics

    Right on . Thanks for the story . I see that someone else is putting the x rap deep to use. See you this summer at Parchers again. Family had a great time !!Got to pick up your book . You selling them on line ??
  177. Father Ken

    OC Pond BASS

    Just do not let your kids touch the water . Several different organisms could cause illness or death in that little pond !!! Did you see any dead birds in the water ?? Got West Nile Virus ???
  178. Father Ken

    Nanairo on Fire

    Looks like you made the right choice . BTW, you are sounding more like an OG then Capt G , everytime I read your posts. The LBC bass crew must be rubbing off on you .
  179. Father Ken

    Irvine with my daughter 4/6

    sounds like a fun to me . the trout should be on the leadcore soon . can put up some serious numbers that way ! thanks for the report .
  180. Father Ken

    Waverunner Fishing with a Psycho Clown

    FRONT PAGE !!!!!
  181. Father Ken

    Easter morning lingcod. Double limits !!!

    My favorite bottomfish to eat . Awesome . I am salivating !!!! Ever been to the Fish Company in Los Alamitos and had the Ling Cod Brittany ? It is kick ass . It's similar to a lemon butter caper sauce sprinkled with bay shrimps . Nom nom nom nom !!!!!
  182. Father Ken

    It's Wonderful Fishing

    those red things are beer openers right ? LOL . I thinks I have seen those on spinning reels ????
  183. Father Ken

    Catalina 03-25-10

    Those are perfect eating size goats . " Enviro Freaks " = look in the mirror
  184. Father Ken

    Bananas or No Banana's ? ?

    " I am not gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe trick ! "
  185. Father Ken

    Bananas or No Banana's ? ?

    classic fishing lore for sure . if ya have a bad day of catching ya got to blame it on something right .......
  186. Father Ken


    Almost all the WSB reports this season have been SPAM so far . But that is just how it is with WSB . Got to put in work . WSB fishing can be brutal !!
  187. Father Ken

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    I think the trout trolling is gonna be tough this week . High Pressure , winds , e.t.c.... I hope I am wrong , it happens alot . The bassing could be fun though . Gonna do some Ninja style tonight at a local pond . I am really looking forward to springtime trolling at the vine . Flat...
  188. Father Ken

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    The first thing I usually do is stick myself in the finger with the SC Shiner hooks . After changing out a few lures I feel like a pin cushion . BTW, the good old taildancer was getting bit yesterday . TD 5 Hot Perch and Rainbow Trout . Old school yesterday . It was tough trolling Sunday ...
  189. Father Ken

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    I will be launching the Bird about mid day for a family troll cruise . My kids are gonna teach their Aunt how to troll . Maybe they will let her reel one in . I do not get a chance when I take them ! For those of you fishing the Cup , the trout only wanted the shad patten crankbaits...
  190. Father Ken

    Bass and braided line?

    Fished and caught bass today throwing a spinnerbait on 30 Pound Braid with 3 feet of 20 Pound Mono at Irvine Lake . It was great for slow rolling the bait through submerged brush . Got 2 fish after ripping out of the thick stuff . Very easy to do with the braid . I liked it alot .
  191. Father Ken

    What Gear?

    Yah , the Perf. Tackle booth was sick . War / Pearl . Got a grip of stuff myself . Search the plethora of Best Calico Rod / Reel thread on the board . Reading for days . I think that most will agree a Curado 300 is a good call for inshore and island bassin with plastics. Many are using...
  192. Father Ken

    Huntington Beach wetlands

    All I know is that it is great to see the wetlands being restored . They are pertinent to the health of the the entire coastal ecosystem . Also , very stoked with the dredging of the back bay in Newport . I live to fish but fishing takes a back seat when it comes to the restoration of natural...
  193. Father Ken

    How will this El Nino affect San Diego sport fishing?

    This thread got more interseting with an early Spring yellowtail snap at the Nado's . Wish I lived closer to try and cash in on some Hamachi . Freezer is empty . Well , a few langosta , and popsicles in their . In regards to the question , it seems SD would have an epic YFT season ...
  194. Father Ken

    Lightning Trout @ corona KILLED EM!!!

    everybody was kung fu fighting , fast as .......... That is serious cooler full of troutskies ! Got lemons ?
  195. Father Ken

    boat hits jetty in oside

    Not sure , but looks like a douchepickle that circled us near the barn kelp while we were on a drift . I thought I was in a Rodney dangerfield movie . My buddy wanted the to sling shot him .. I said take it easy , he will get his.........
  196. Father Ken

    Clemente - Dana Warf! Damn Squid

    I decpapitated a dozen or so Wed night . Doing my part to KILL THEM ALL . Just sayin . After one on 40 pound , I started to to crank and slay on a 60 pound shark stick . KILL THEM ALL , as stated above by a wise redneck .
  197. Father Ken

    Newport Squid 1/30

    Been on the Freelance for Humboldts right out in front of the harbor many years ago . Discovered that you could let them take a pulse of water to blast your rail buddy with or you could wait for them to disharge the last blast at the surface and then pull on board . Fishng on a PB the...
  198. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake WFO with Fishkiller G & Cooter 1/31

    Nice hooking up with you guys out their ( literally ) . That was the most WFO trolling since the opening weekend . Congrats again to Curtis on the rig , that beam is ridiculous . The boat did not list hardly at all with you guys on one side to net the fish . Those fish wanted nothing to do...
  199. Father Ken

    Irvine Stocks some Wipers........

    Curtis, I hear you have a sweet new ride with HD Sonar . Congrats . You guys should have a blast tomorrow . Sounds like the stocking truck made it to the lake several times this week . I might come up and scare a few fish after my sons Tball field day . See ya there , may be .
  200. Father Ken

    The Vine...

    Yes . Marlon Meade . He will be in the tackle shop this Saturday morning at the lake . BTW , how was the seminar ? Dave and Marlon have alot of knowledge to share about trout fishing . Too bad that they are not nice guys at all . LOL
  201. Father Ken

    The Vine...

    Talk to Marlon in the Tackle Shop Saturday Morning . Berkley Hat and Jacket . He will bring you up to speed on conditions . They may be stocking wipers tomorrow ? Woody's Cove could be holding . Post a report up .
  202. Father Ken

    Check Out the Runoff

    Very cool and useful ! The SA River is getting a douche and it is pouring straight in to the ocean . That plume of debris pouring out is massive . The baitfish will have plenty of corn kernels to nibble on ! What suprises me a little is how relatively clean the Malibu area looks . I guess rich...
  203. Father Ken

    After the rain??

    Word .
  204. Father Ken

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    classic post . been around these parts a while . that is classic . only on BD .
  205. Father Ken

    Ben Weston

    What a difference a few days make . Bet it looked like PB hell over there today .
  206. Father Ken

    Hit the Vine...

    Thanks again for the 411 Gerk . I have been in your store a few times back in the day . Great shop . Maybe I will stop by after the FH Show this year and get a sammy at Joe Jost's as well . I lived in Long Beach in the 90's while I was in college at LBCC and LBState . I was impressed back...
  207. Father Ken

    Between you, me and the wall...

    Nice lure and beer choice . Those lobster pots seem to be in the area of the old Belmont Platform ......
  208. Father Ken

    Hit the Vine...

    Taz ..... #1 selling lure in Australia . Has to be good . When i saw those lures in my Cabelas catalog , I thought, bizzare looking . That is what is fun for me about trolling , lure collecting, ya never know what is gonna work . Thanks for the report .
  209. Father Ken

    '10 Offshore Challenge - Team Salty Balls

    cool report . great insight into the SWBA . I will probably join the fun some day .
  210. Father Ken

    Great Bite!

    Hard to type with bass thumb
  211. Father Ken

    Trout elude me

    Mile square stocked every other Friday morning last year . That is the key there . The fishing is WFO about 3 hours after the stock truck leaves . To early and then fish do not bite , a few hours to late and then the commorants have eaten everything . I used to work across the street a few years...
  212. Father Ken

    Which Bait Casting reel to get

    The Bass Lords have spoken . I am probably not worthy to reply , due to the caliber of fisherman on this thread . But , I do own and have fished Abu , Diawa , Penn , and Shimano inshore/bass reels . My Shimano reels required way less maintenance to keep them running smoothly . I actually...
  213. Father Ken

    Slug fist

    Good stuff as usual . Yes , I still fish in the ocean .
  214. Father Ken

    Still tiny

    Just curios ? Why not put them back in the local pond after being in the tank ? Diseases ?
  215. Father Ken

    Lake Irvine report

    Very cool indeed . Good job Daddy !
  216. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    It is 8 MPH and 200 yards of line you dumb ass . I try to teach , but people do not listen . Man .
  217. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    Happy New Year to all . My Resolution- Stop posting so much garbage . :imdumb: Thanks for putting up with me . :food-smiley-014:
  218. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    I think Big Steve said it perfect . Professional trolling is an oxymoron . For stocker trout anyways . Actually , the more I think about it , I should probably not even post about stocker trout trolling on bloodydecks. I quit . :Poop_and_Run:
  219. Father Ken

    quick vine troll session

    Likewise Kelly . That is one of the best Avatars I have seen . WOW . I was jealous of that Brown . Many browns are caught in boat dock cove / woodys cove area . Also jealous of that Hobie . Very cool . I am gonna try for a short trip tomorrow in my kayak . Hit me up next time you...
  220. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    I know for a fact that the guy that caught the 16.9 pounder around Thanksgiving is an Irvine Lake Legend . Also a douchepickle . Is it time for some pictures of that fish and its captor to surface ?????? Nah , who really needs to see pictures of stocker trout unless a hot chick is...
  221. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    I think I will have to settle for trolling zero . Seriously . It only took me about 25 years to drag something bigger then 50 MM . Now I am dragging 80 MM . Maybe I will live long enough to drag dimes for trout . Doubt it . The bad part is , now I am bringing all my bass crankbaits for...
  222. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    Good luck Rubberhook . Some bigger fish are being caught . Several DD fish for trollers the last few weeks . Congrats on your 15 pounder last year . I have not caught a DD in a while . Lots of 6 , 7, and 8 pounders to keep me from giving up though . My new moto is " Waiting but not...
  223. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Boat Ride / Troll Session

    Launched my skiff around 10:30 Am Sunday at Irvine Lake . Had 2 old high school buddies along for the ride . Armed with cold beverages, trolling gear, 80's Punk , and lots of tired stories . I would call the effort leisurely at best . Very little lure changing and not much attention paid to...
  224. Father Ken

    SPOT'S FOR TOT'S NPH (rain or shine)REPORT

    good work on the spots . looks like fun . those are my stomping gounds right there in that channel when I was a grom . Behind you in the first pic is a great eel grass bed out by the channel entrance near that small beach behind your head . Many memories . Thanks for the report and pics .
  225. Father Ken

    quick vine troll session

    Did the 2 hour troll today to drag some new lures around for stocker trout . Visibility was decent post rain storm . About 3 feet or so in the stained water . Not as bad as I expected after the big downpour . Got a 3.5 pounder on a Rapala TDD 7 Bleeding Hot Olive customized with pink dots (...
  226. Father Ken

    FISHTRAP swimbaits equals DD at Skinner 12/14

    Congrats . Great looking fish . Lite line fun right there .
  227. Father Ken

    seeing is beliving ??????

    Not biting .
  228. Father Ken

    Do you like smelly stuff ?

    Just trying to match the brown trout scent . See you at Douchepickle meeting nextweek . Any special guests invites Steve ?
  229. Father Ken

    Do you like smelly stuff ?

    I misssed that , " One of the best trollers " comment ........... That is going way to far bro . As someone stated before , " Trolling is for people that can't fish . " I do enjoy driving in circles on my boat though with some good music on . And I must say , I am quite good at it ...
  230. Father Ken

    Do you like smelly stuff ?

    Your bumber sticker is on the way Alan .
  231. Father Ken

    Do you like smelly stuff ?

    I forgot to mention, this guy at the lagoon told me , " Go to bed with an itchy butt , wake up with a smelly finger . " Very wise .
  232. Father Ken

    Do you like smelly stuff ?

    You kill me Alan . Now that is a true douchepickle reply . WTG . I am impressed . Douchepickles unite . Welcome to the Douchpickle Club . I am the President . We meet at Big Steves house every week . See you there , do not forget your power bait so we can practice smashing it on treble hooks ...
  233. Father Ken

    Do you like smelly stuff ?

    Ever used Smelly Jelly ? I was at the Irvine Lake Lagoon last weekend watching a group of about 20 people fish , one kid was outfishing everyone . I asked his Dad about his set up and he showed me the Garlic Smelly Jelly . WOW did this stuff smell . I never had seen it before . He was wiping...
  234. Father Ken

    The Bird gets a good one at the Vine

    " What about Bob " classic movie thanks for the laugh and the advice . Weaning off the 50 MM nipple ........ Although my buddy did get his bigger fish on the 50 MM bait . " The Bird " is my skiff not me . So no third person talk about myself . Kind of like , " The Taildancer got a big one ...
  235. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 12/05/09

    Good job getting the kids on the fish .
  236. Father Ken

    The Bird gets a good one at the Vine

    Might not get another one on the pink glitter until opener next year .
  237. Father Ken

    Trout Jigs.

    I likey those , especially the one with the white jig heads . Nice work Capt . .
  238. Father Ken

    The Bird gets a good one at the Vine

    Launched my skiff , The Bird , about 10 AM at the Vine yesterday . My buddy Doug was on board for a troll fest . No power bait on board for this trip . It took about an hour to get my Yamaha 225 warmed up and idle correctly for troll speed . Time for a tune up for sure . We scrathed away the...
  239. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake... Great Day Trolling 11/30

    Excellent save on the trailer and excellent trolling work on a windy day at the Vine . Nice looking brown trout .
  240. Father Ken

    Fishing LA River?

    Wide open corn kernel brown trout in the LA River , full speed shopping carts and plastics bags after a good storm as well . Just kidding , could not resist . But seriously , it is truly amazing what lurks in the waters of the LA River and city lakes . People release all kinds of exotic fish and...
  241. Father Ken

    Tuning Slugs

    Good stuff . I recently put in an order for some 10 inch Hogy's ( Slugs ) from Cabelas . Dr Birdman might have to report to the OR and do some slug surgery .
  242. Father Ken

    Vine Troll Report Fri and Sat

    Not aware of that . I bet they were mini jigging though .
  243. Father Ken

    Vine Troll Report Fri and Sat

    Yo Alex , What's up slayer ? Yeah I have dragged the brook trout cd 7 and Cd 9 a little . Got a few standard stockers on the cd 7 and nothing on the cd9 brook trout . I dragged a cd 9 black and gold a bit one day and caught a small fish on it . Maybe 2 pounds at the most . So much for targeting...
  244. Father Ken

    Vine Troll Report Fri and Sat

    Thanks Alan . I would have rather been on the big pond Saturday chasing long tails, but the weather was supposed to be snotty. And the kids were begging to go trolling again . Man , do they love it up at the lake . News of a big fish also peeked my trolling zeal as well . I am telling ya ...
  245. Father Ken

    Vine Troll Report Fri and Sat

    Took the kids up to the Vine for a couple quick trips Friday afternoon and Saturday morning . Ofcourse we trolled . We did good mid lake Friday and in the Flats and by the damn today . No real patttern was standing out . We trolled eveything in the box both days . 5 or 6 fish each day . Not...
  246. Father Ken


    Your posts had me talking to the wife the other day about a Japan trip . It is on our short list with New Zealand , and Italy/South France/Greece . What an amazingly beautiful place . I am starting to realize why the Japanese lures look so good . Products of their environment .
  247. Father Ken

    Channel Island Cod Carnage 11/25 w-pics

    Sweet . Ling Cod is one of the best eaters on the local seen . Have you ever had a bad day catching Vince ? You are one fishy being . Bummer on the Avet Rod . Looks like a trip to Big 5 is in order .
  248. Father Ken

    Lobstering with Tommy Now I get it!

    We have the same type of honey hole in Orange County , it is called Pearsons . You can drive your boat right up to it and guaranteed score on lobster , shrimp, and fish . Also , the spottie population nearby is outstanding .
  249. Father Ken

    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    holy crap . homeguard on the catchy tackle tuna feather at Dana Point at the end of November . Freaking Amazing . WTG . Was thinking of launching out of Newport this weekend for a local trip . Might have to switch that to Dana .
  250. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake report

    Stocking should happen Friday . And every week all season . Looking forward to catching some bigger ones . This wind is not going to help the troll bite . Maybe time to hit the big pond for some langostas and long tails ? Dust off the surfboard . Nothing better then a warm off shore blow...
  251. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake report

    Way to stick it out and put a fish in the boat . What a relief to get one with the kid . I have been skunked with my kids a time or two at places . On the way home one time my 4 year old son said , " Daddy , we got skunked " LOL I had not taught him that expression . He must have heard me say...
  252. Father Ken

    History of a great method.

    :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: now that sounds effective . i think you would need some sort of gate to let the small ones go through . if that does not work , you can drag a ganion of treble hooks across the bottom . you would need to chum the area with feed pellets first...
  253. Father Ken

    History of a great method.

    Thanks for the history lesson G . Your knowledge amazes me . I have not yet gotten in to mini-jigging . Alot of huge trout are caught that way at the Vine . I would venture to say more then any other method . Especially when the monster trout are stocked at the launch ramp . They tend to mill...
  254. Father Ken


    :hali_ruahahaha: dude, you look semi - happy to see us :hali_ruahahaha: I know that catching fish is fun and all but take it easy J Holmes . Maybe Victory will make you the primary in their add campaign ?!?! Good work on the 7 pounder , that must have been fun . :hali_olutta: I am...
  255. Father Ken

    Poor man's Halibut out of Long Beach

    like he said . some of the best eats around . if sand dabs are on the menu . i am getting them . My Grandpa , who was an old salt , would put them in his toaster whole . Not sure how my Grandma felt about that ? But he would toast them up and then toast some bread and have sand dab sammies ...
  256. Father Ken

    Sidestepping on the Wicket Picket

    looks like a hell of a time . lure porn and cute chicks , u da man . Oh yeah , what a beautiful place . Japan is surreal .
  257. Father Ken

    quick Vine troll update

    fishing today was slower today for me . just a couple fish in 2 hours or so on the troll . one flat line and one on the leadcore at 4 colors . perhaps we would have had better luck on trolling playdoh . san diego trout expert ? they have la jolla and san diego bay , no need to resort to pay...
  258. Father Ken

    11/20 Irvine Troll Report

    Nice job on the hand off . Thanks for the report . I am going again tomorrow .
  259. Father Ken

    quick Vine troll update

    Trolled yesterday and today . both lunch time sessions . a few hours each time . The flat line is still catching fish . The leadcore at 4 colors is catching fish as well . I did well on pink Sc shiner and mira shad . I pulled a spin-n-glow today for the first time with a half a crawler and got 4...
  260. Father Ken

    Trout season is coming!

    Thanks for that . Cool write up . Somebody told me fishing was just a jerk , wating for a jerk on his line . Jerkbaits just fit right in to that . Is it still a jerkbait if I troll it ? I have been called a trolling jerk . Jerkbait is the new black . Uhhh, to much coffee , back away from...
  261. Father Ken

    OK Bohannon... I got those "little rat bastards" located

    Those plastics look like baby pus. AA makes them. I like me some plastics . And some sculpin are great eats .
  262. Father Ken

    DVL 11/16 Too Many Trouts/ Ramp Progress.

    Were you trying to make bait ? The real question is , how big were the bass you caught ? I am on to you now ! Mr Self Depricator !
  263. Father Ken

    The "bass" trip that wasn't...

    I always wondered , are the aji ( spanish Mackeral ) in Japan , they same as the spanish mackeral in california ? The japanese version taastes great at the sushi bar . They bring out the whole fried body after the sushi part . Yummy . Not fishy at all . One of the family favorites . Thanks...
  264. Father Ken

    DVL 11/16 Too Many Trouts/ Ramp Progress.

    that must be the worlds longest launch ramp . going to get a cramp in my neck looking over my shoulder backing down the ramp . I will still go though . Been chomping at the bit to get my boat on that lake again .
  265. Father Ken

    Trout-Mini Jigging?

    You are missing one of the benefits of bb's in the float . That is the rattling they make when twitching the rod . Just like bb's in a crankbait . Marlon Meade the " Yoda " of mini-jigging gave me the lesson . He uses a loooooong leader . About 6 or 7 feet I think . Casting is a little tricky .
  266. Father Ken


    Fried Whole Tilapia = Yummy Gonna need a big pan for that sucker .
  267. Father Ken


    Nice Alex . You are crushing them . That red ear sunfish ? on the far right is huge .
  268. Father Ken

    Irvine troll report 11-14

    Launched the skiff with the kids about noon today . We found the fish on the edge of the flats by the red clay cliffs . Both kids got to reel in 4 or 5 fish each. I got to watch . Good stuff . The shad pattern crankbait outfished everything else today . The fire tiger cd 7 rapala and crawdad...
  269. Father Ken

    11/13 Irvine Troll Report

    good job . way to troll them up .
  270. Father Ken

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    Give Saluki my kencor rods ? He does not fish anymore . I could probably give them to him and would not miss them for years . I must admit though , I did like the Kencor rods for bait fishing or float flying with the kids in the sierras this summer .
  271. Father Ken

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    Can I write about my shit ? Too much work to take pics and download . disclaimer , I have to admit to having a tackle buying problem . When I troll for trout I use my Shimano Symetre 1500 's or Shimano Spirex 1000's on 7 foot light action Shimano Clarus rods . The reels have rear drag ...
  272. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Report 11/10/09

    Great report Rubber . Those big fish are gonna go sooner or later. Saw them dumped in on press day by trout island . Congrats on the productive day . Beats a stick in the eye .
  273. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    I would drag it .
  274. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    read again --- NO REPORT TO FOLLOW ----
  275. Father Ken


    Irvine is terrible , I never fish that place , no fish in their , trolling is good their and I hate trolling , it is so close to my house and I like driving long distances to fish , their is houses and freeways all around the lake and i feel like I am in the middle of the city , and having the...
  276. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    Trolled today for about an hour on my lunch break from the daily grind in the outside sales world today. 1 pm to 2 pm . That is 3 shorts outings in 5 days . I caught 5 small trout on pink , and shad sc shiners , and CD7 firetiger rapala . Pulled the CD 9 Gold/Black rapala for no love . Going...
  277. Father Ken

    30 at the Jungle Loking,..

    Classic Lok . Sweet fish from the tube .
  278. Father Ken

    Brook Trout Lane and Cut-Throat Boulevard Par Deux-Grand Slam!!!

    Beautiful fish . Great report . Congrats on the Sierra Slam .
  279. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    Everyone knows Steve only has Zebra muscles .
  280. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    Ditto x2 . I raised the salinity level in lake when I backed my boat in . I found some tuna gills and blood splatter marks under my jump seats in the back of my boat . BTW, Gonna catch all the long tails on Tuesday before you get a chance . Then we are gonna get lobsters off of Laguna when...
  281. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    Just sneek up their Wednesday afternoon and get some troll fish with me and Ashley . Then you can be , Theguywhocaughtsomefishandfeelsmuchbetteraboutlifeingeneral
  282. Father Ken

    Irvine Troll Report

    Think Pink . The Pink SC Shiners were getting inhaled today at the Vine . The shad patterns did well to . Trolling pattern was---avoid boats , get hooked up . Mid lake was the ticket . Mostly smaller fish today for me . Couple 3 pounders in the mix . Limits were easy in the kids lagoon for the...
  283. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake opener WFO...........

    Glad you were able to fish that epic bite Curt . Congrats on the great day . Did you call out the #'s on channel 72 ? HAHAHAHA. That is funny . Almost feels like tuna trolling when I launch my skiff in the lake and put out the rod riggers . I set my drags lite so the reel screams when I get...
  284. Father Ken

    First Vine Troll report of the Season

    Ashley said it was " Giant Steve " . ROFL .
  285. Father Ken

    First Vine Troll report of the Season

    Exactly . Got to pay somebody else to f--- it up . You know how contractors are . :frehya2: Maybe Capt Curt or the " Big Guy " will post a report from today ? Hopefully they saved some fish for me tomorrow ? Gonna fish the plastics and the iron on the long rod. In between troll hook ups...
  286. Father Ken

    First Vine Troll report of the Season

    You picked a great day to go Curt . You are probably killing it as I am writing this . Probably fishing in some big guys boat . Some big guy was the last one on the lake last night . :rofl: Had to work a double today . No catching for me .
  287. Father Ken

    First Vine Troll report of the Season

    Most of mine were 1 to 2 pounders . Couple 3 's as well . One woman caught a 12 pounder on a thomas buoyant . The big fish were not put in till 1 PM yesterday , none were caught that I no of . Today pigs will be caught . I will be up at the lake next Wed. afternoon with my daughter . Are you...
  288. Father Ken

    First Vine Troll report of the Season

    Totally ridiculous trolling today at the Vine today. The flat line , the keel sinker rig , the leadcore , ......... Everything was working . Limits were had very quickly . At first I was dragging my go to lures , SC Shiners , Mira Shads , e.t.c.... But soon realized this was the day to try...
  289. Father Ken

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    We have done unofficial BD throwdowns at the Vine in years past . Biggest fish wins . Probably will be an OFFICIAL January thing this year , with swag and all. Work in progress . All are welcome . Stay tuned for a thread when a date is nailed down .
  290. Father Ken

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    I like it Surf Doc . Most impressive set up so far . Looks like you keep her in great condition . With the tuna still biting , is that rod gonna see any action ? You could go complete old school and fish with some velveta as well . That is all I used when growing up . I had an old timer that...
  291. Father Ken

    Pig Yellow

    Good thing you had those gloves on . You would not want to get fishy , oh my . ROFL . Good work on the homeguard . Congrats .
  292. Father Ken

    10/31 Fish tacos wanted....

    Great kayak rockfishing . Well done . San Diego County ?
  293. Father Ken

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    Now that is a trout . Alaska . ........:oinker::oinker::oinker::oinker::oinker: Makes our Southern Californian hatchery trout look like Ugly Bettys . I am praying the ramp opens up on Diamond Valley Lake for a chance at the holdovers . The closest thing we have in So Cal to wild...
  294. Father Ken

    Spin -n-Glow

    Thanks for the reply . Did u use any weight to get it down ? Did u put a night crawler on it ? I am gonna drag it a few times this year to see what happens . It is always fun to catch them on something different then what other peeps are using . I put some of my wifes nailpolish and my...
  295. Father Ken

    what kind of shark?

    blech . that sink area is gross .
  296. Father Ken

    Spin -n-Glow

    Anyone ever try trolling the spin-n-glow on the socal lakes ? I got some up in Washington on a Steelhead trip a few years back . I was thinking they might do well trolled with a keel sinker up at the Vine . Perhaps with a piece of nightcrawler pinned on the hook . I will give it a try , but was...
  297. Father Ken

    Who likes Brookies and Cut-Throats?!

    Did u catch those big brookies from Lower Twin ?
  298. Father Ken

    Who likes Brookies and Cut-Throats?!

    Big and Beautiful Brookies . I have heard the fall is the best for the big browns and brooks in that area . Guess they were right . Congrats on the great trip ! Too bad you did not make it to North Lake . Awesome place .
  299. Father Ken

    Trout-Mini Jigging?

    Cool . Bass plastics work down here as well for trout. Drop shotting is taking off . Many guys are using 2 to 3 inch gulp grubs and power worms , but the trout will inhale the bigger stuff as well . I caught several trout while bass fishing last season at my local lake. Drop Shotting with 4...
  300. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    2 pound test leader for bait is the best , 4 pound will work . Got to get the bait floating off of the bottom . Do not worry about losing a big fish , just set the drag correctly , keep constant tension on the fish , and tire the beast out . As far as rods and reels , as stated above, UL...
  301. Father Ken

    Fishing in Laguna 10/26

    Great local bite . Bassing and butting on the " Riviera " of So Cal . On a 29 foot Tiara no less . High class fishing . Life sucks . I noticed you caught a Calico on a bait hook . Ringed Owner I think. Very Classy . I use those as well . And always Grey Poupon . How was the plastics...
  302. Father Ken

    roll call irvine opener

    You are the man . Capt G...It seems you have fished everywhere for everything . I like your style . Even if you do suck at fishing . ROFL If you are around So Cal this spring , hit me up for a trip to the Vine . We can drop shot for bass and then troll/cast for monster trout . Should be an...
  303. Father Ken

    roll call irvine opener

    I sense some sarcasm Capt G . . Something tells me you are not gonna catch the red eye from Osaka to hit the Vine for trout opener . You would enjoy the spring bass bite , that I am sure of .
  304. Father Ken

    roll call irvine opener

    I think you are somewhat right about being forced into the big fish stockings . They need to compete with the other put and take fisheries . Also , this could be the reason for early stockings of Steelhead, Browns, and Brookies . Also, the simple fact that Calveras Hatchery has the fish...
  305. Father Ken

    Tuna Farms going in Hawaii

    I wonder how much feed ( bait fish ) it takes to grow a 100 pound big eye ? I would guess several hundreds of pounds . Where does that come from ? That is the poblem with farming carnivores . It is not cost effective . And when you substitute a natural diet for fish feed , the fish tastes like...
  306. Father Ken

    yellow tail

    I agree . I hardly ever post pics of average fish or lobster . Info is what matters . I would rather read a good info report then see a picture of an average fish . The worst is when people just post a picture with little to no info . . That is just chest pounding bullshit . Look at me , look...
  307. Father Ken

    roll call irvine opener

    Such negativity Alan . Turn that frown upside down . What happened to pre-season excitement ? You need to catch a :oinker: !
  308. Father Ken

    roll call irvine opener

    This year will be different . I have good information . Pigs are going in for the opener. If I hear different , I will update . And yes , it will be crowded for the opener.
  309. Father Ken

    roll call irvine opener

    They are putting in a batch of trout in the 15 to 20 pound range before the lake even opens this year . 20 freaking pounders . Raising the bar on what is big. Look out for some impressive catches . My wife and I are fishing media day , and I will be hitting the lake saturday after work as well ...
  310. Father Ken

    W of 390, 421 -230 nice grade yft 10/18

    thanks for the lure info . . What size xrap were you dragging ? I have done well on the silver black xrap 30 on the tuna down the center short . Gonna have to try the short corner next time . Great report !
  311. Father Ken


  312. Father Ken

    Fishing Charters at or around hawks cay resort

    Been there . What a killer place . If u want to fish Tarpon take a guide out of Bahia Honda State Beach . We caught tarpon with a rookie guide under the bridge their . The guide sucked but the fishing was great anyways . The marina at Hawks Cay has several charter boats and even boat rentals ...
  313. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    You win . rofl . hahahahah . like a termite - choking on the splinters . :imdumb:
  314. Father Ken

    Janes first Tuna

    Alright , tuna blood on the new skiff . Yoohoooo. Jane does not seem to excited . WTG .
  315. Father Ken

    weekend on the skiff at cat

    Do not be a homophob . One love . Douchepickle .
  316. Father Ken

    weekend on the skiff at cat

    I will have an update on the opener after media day . The Thursday prior to the opener . The lake operators are going to try and put big fish from day one . Try . We'll see . No promises have been made , just talk at this point .
  317. Father Ken

    weekend on the skiff at cat

    Yo Alan, I am not the best lobster fisherman that is for sure . We were hoping for a full double limit of 28 lobsters for 2 guys . :food-smiley-014: Came up a couple short . :picknose: My diving friend limited out both nights . The lobsters were in alot shallower then I thought . Shallow as 10...
  318. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    I took my dentures out .
  319. Father Ken

    weekend on the skiff at cat

    If you are fishing the horse dines, just let them eat it for a few seconds in free spool . If the bonito are thick , I will throw the iron on the light jig stick . The little mega baits are deadly . Those Big Bonito love the trolled plug . I do not think it matters what type . Any natural...
  320. Father Ken

    weekend on the skiff at cat

    Short Report : Diving and Hooping -26 Losbster to 4 pounds on the Front Side West End . 2 guys on board . Had our 2 day lobster permit . Fishing - lots of Bonito to 10 pounds Arrow Point to the Isthmus . Mostly caught on the lazy troll on xrap 15 rapalas . A few decent rock fish drifts near Ship...
  321. Father Ken

    Talica Rules 11 Up on YFT

    Great work . BTW, Do they have magnetic cast control on those Talica's like the little Avet mc 2 speeds ? How do they cast ?
  322. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    Considering Dan was invited , you better add pants to the " keep on " list ! Saw the full moon last time we buddy boated , I am still brain scarrred . Man this thread has gone bad .
  323. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    That is a lot of man boob .
  324. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    Don't you mean my secrete . Douchepickle . Fishing is for guys that can't troll . Huh? Nevermind . :smoking33:
  325. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    Ha - That is great . I have been looking at my bumble bug for years , thinking , I should pull that . Never have . Gonna have to force myself . More tips , I usually run a flat line on each side of the boat , and one down the center . The center line is either a deep diver run short , or a...
  326. Father Ken

    waves were big

    Glad that you killed the mosters on that bouat . Sorry to hear that you suck your dad last weekend . Could not resist sorry . Keep up the fishin adn reporwting kid . Tight Lines !
  327. Father Ken

    Lobster Opener

    Internet threats are lame . Going to prison is lame . Think before you assault a diver . Is it worth it ? :Exploding_Smiley:
  328. Father Ken

    They are watching!!!!!!!!!!

    I will not report any more thresher catches on BD . It is already way to crowded . I like to brag about my catches as much as anyone , but I have held back this year and will continue to do so on thresher catches . Not that internet reports are responsible for the all the asshats , but I think...
  329. Father Ken

    IRVINE lake

    This is my kind of thread . Great advice given already . Look out for the new SC Shiner colors . Get those rods down flat off the sides of the boat ( Flat Line ) like Alex said . Keel sinkers from 3/8 on up to 1 ounce can be deployed to work different levels of the water column when trolling ...
  330. Father Ken

    long beach harbor monster lobster

    Stay with your gear in LA Harbor .
  331. Father Ken

    Catalina Island 10/3/09 with Lil' Ceez...

    Got my bass juices flowing yet again. Heading over for the weekend on my skiff friday night.
  332. Father Ken


    Good job Alex. Great looking fish . See you up at the Vine . Gonna be a great opener . Maybe some big fish ?
  333. Father Ken

    Does scent stay on your lure? or does it just wash off?

    Speaking of scent sticking ... this one time at band camp ....their was this one girl.... my fingers smelt for was not a smelt scent either....although it was quite fishy .....more like tuna....:Exploding_Smiley: Seriously , I re-apply scents often , escpecially on a scratch bite ...
  334. Father Ken

    Thresher local trip 9-29 first one !!

    And so it begins . The fall t season is upon us . Still pulling tuna gills out of my scuppers and the t sharks are in. Lobster season opens tomorrow . Damn , it is good to be a carnivore right now. Thanks for the report .
  335. Father Ken

    Radio Fish 10-1

    40 pounders . Must have been MBoswell. J/K Seriously , appreciate the effort . Keep it up .
  336. Father Ken

    Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    ass hats occupy all income brackets . having the money to buy a high dollar boat does not make you a good fisherman or follow patty ettiquette . in many cases quite the opposite .
  337. Father Ken


    Saw 10 boats fishing that paddy sunday , or one like it in the same area . We had already caught fish so we just drove by and checked out the insanity . Saw 2 free divers on the paddy and with boats fishing all around it . :Exploding_Smiley:
  338. Father Ken

    L E S S T H A N 1%

    I would go out on a limb and say that , anyone that runs to Clemente on a small skiff to target calico , is a 1 % er . Not too many people put 140 miles on the water to target bass . I am right there with ya . Feelin it . Nice write up .
  339. Father Ken

    YFT Sunday West of the 302

    That was us , had to call AAA to get a jack . My friends gave me so much shit for not being prepared . Not my style . Cost us 45 minutes . Anyhow , glad u were able to put some fish in the box . 7 ituna is a good score . We farmed a few as well . Even got triple shark bit . Went through a...
  340. Father Ken

    YFT Sunday West of the 302

    Thanks guys . Feeling sluggish this morning . Eating good tonight . I have never seen so many large paddies . That area a few miles east of the 230 had a dozen large paddies . We worked a smaller one with terns working . The long soak was the key . Lots of chumming helped . The tuna...
  341. Father Ken

    YFT Sunday West of the 302

    Dead tired . Had a trailer flat on I - 5 South , so we came up short of our numbers at grey light . We were about 5 miles south west of the 302 and decided to troll to my planned area further west near the 230. Good decision . Never made it to the 230 . 15 minuted into the troll the pink and...
  342. Father Ken

    9/26=still there

    Leaving my house in Orange at midnight . On the water at SI about 3AM . Early Birdman gets the YFT .
  343. Father Ken

    9/26=still there

    Thanks for the report . Were the YFT on the paddy as well ? On bait ? Heading out at midnight tonight to that same general area with about 1000 of my closest friends . Any troll fish ?
  344. Father Ken

    9/25: YFT & Dorado @ 230-Hidden

    Thank you . Fishing tomorrow in that area . With the armada I am sure .:Exploding_Smiley:
  345. Father Ken

    Newport Skiff

    troll crankbaits on the edges of the main channel , and mear the bait barge. You will catch fish all day . Do it with my kids on my skiff . 10 to 12 foot diving plugs in silver and balck is a good start . Berkely Frenzys , Berkely Flicker Shads, Rapala Tail Dancers , e.t.c.. You will get lots...
  346. Father Ken

    mega bait going under

    My local tackle shop informed me of this a couple months ago . i stocked up on some , as they kill fish .
  347. Father Ken

    One Last Try 302,230

    Just another example of BD helping the fishing community . BD has helped my fishing . Tight Lines !
  348. Father Ken

    One Last Try 302,230

    Yo Boswell, You are the man . I wish I fished as much as you. And you always connect with the 40 Pounders . Handheld Garmin GPS . Requires 4 triple A batteries . I also have a handheld VHF , not sure what brand . Their are many . It was a gift. Powered by AAA's. I keep them in water...
  349. Father Ken

    One Last Try 302,230

    Ditto- No GPS ? :Kick_emoticon: Get 2 my friend . One for the dash and a back up handheld , just in case . Same goes for the VHF radio . Just saying , not trying to preach . Thanks for the fish report .
  350. Father Ken

    226, 302 And SW Near The 230 on 9-23-09

    Cool thanks . Are those xrap 20 's or 30's ? I have done well one the xrap 30 in black and silver .
  351. Father Ken


    Just for that comment . I am not even gonna tell you about my tampax water drain system I have on my tanks , err trash cans . I am waiting for several patents before I can release the full details . 2 brute 30 gallon round cans , one 1100 GPH transmount bait pump, plastics tubing with t...
  352. Father Ken


    I have double douchepickle 1000's . They work great . And have a fresh scent . My bait never rolls .
  353. Father Ken

    Spectra brand

    Jerry Brown seems to be the choice for hollow core 100 to 130 pound . For lighter set ups , I am loving the Izor Braid . Not waxy at all .
  354. Father Ken

    Lobster hooping in Longbeach?

    The wall kicks out some huge lobster . Ofcourse nobody knows exacxtly where . Drop on the edge of the rocks and sand . Not in rocks . Careful not to wrap prop next to the wall . Full moon not as good usually . Stay close to your floats . I agree with the run to Catalina if you have the time...
  355. Father Ken

    Tuna Jig Rigging

    Time again for me to re tie/crimp some of my cedar plugs and daisy chains . What is the best size line for the cedar plug leader ? I am dragging size 4 and 6 cedars from Strike Masters mostly . They came with 80 or 100 pound mono . I have used 40 pound to re tie a smaller cedar plug ...
  356. Father Ken

    Great White off Oceano

    10 foot great white on halibut gear . You must fish halibut with some strong leader .
  357. Father Ken

    Dorado and Yellowtail question?

    temp and chloro are important factors . add in baitfish and you have a recipe for good fishing . If you look at the charts on , you can see the breaks are often near the where the bite has been happening . Is it an exact science, hell no . At least not for me yet . But , if you...
  358. Father Ken

    But catch them anyway - YFT on 9/17

    l like you reports . Thanks . You a very consistent on those 40 pounders . ROFL You are living the good life . Great attitiudes go a long way on slow catching days . Tight lines !
  359. Father Ken

    Yellows at the 181

    Got to hold out the fish a little further . :frehya2: It would be great if the 181 would start producing some good numbers of fish . At least you got one . Tight Lines !
  360. Father Ken

    some pic's say it all

    How is that ? Are you refering to the MLPA closure of the Newport to Dana area ?
  361. Father Ken

    9-13 Great day on the water! 44 fish......

    Way to slay . 3am start is where it is at . No wait for bait and trollers in at grey light . We caught tuna in the dark ( 4:30 AM ) on the 302 high spot last season . Drifting and chunking , deep soak on baits . That is a lot of fish . Nice variety. Can you clean the fish in mexican...
  362. Father Ken

    120 mixed yft and yt for 4 guys insane!!

    The banana thing is funny . I was watching inside sportfishing the other day and they were using bananas to demonstrate how to hook baits on one of the long range boats . i think it was the royal polaris ? Anyways , as previously stated , fucking classic picture . And as far as the douchepickles...
  363. Father Ken

    YFT, Aug. 30th @ 425

    i enjoyed the same fishing in the same area yesterday morning . redemption trip for sure . early bird got the YFT yesterday . congrats .
  364. Father Ken

    A Blingy Thingy

    Nice set up . I have the left version . With izorline braid . Love that stuff . Not waxy like power pro . Good job on the checkers .
  365. Father Ken

    YFT love Sunday 425

    You are welcome , maybe we will have a decent local tuna season after all ? Having a few on the OC inner banks would give me an extra 4 hours of sleep . YFT on the 14 mile bank in Ocotober would be good . We left my house at midinght to get on the numbers early . Feeling 40 today .
  366. Father Ken

    YFT love Sunday 425

    Finally got some tuna on the boat this year . Mexi limits for 2 on the YFT and 1 skipppie . What a great feeling to have some ahi fillets in the freezer . Most of our fish we caught before 8 AM . The two biggest were caught on a small paddy 2 miles west of the 425 high spot . About 25 pounds a...
  367. Father Ken


    krocs are good . old school , but productive on many species . my grandpa always had those and twin tail rootbeer scampis in his old wooden tackle box .
  368. Father Ken

    Filleting in mexican waters

    I missed that on the Mexi Regs Website I was checking out . BTW, Nice to hear from ya Roxy . See you and Bill up at the Lake next trout season . My idea was to fillet the fish on the boat ASAP ( after crossing the boarder ) and put the bagged fillets in an ice slurry in my cooler . My fish...
  369. Father Ken

    Filleting in mexican waters

    Nevermind . I checked . It is legal , but needs to have piece of skin on fillet . Also , i thought it was interesting that 2 dorado count as 5 fish towards a 10 fish limit . No more than 5 fish of any species in a 10 fish limit . Hopefully , we will need to worry about limits . Tight Lines ...
  370. Father Ken

    Filleting in mexican waters

    Is it legal to fillet fish in mexican waters and bring them back to SD ? Hopefully I have some pelagics to fillet this weekend . Tight Lines !
  371. Father Ken

    Lake Perris is Doomed?

    I have had some good bites at Perris . that place is a shit hole in the summer though . you could not pay me to launch my boat at perris on a summer weekend . It would suck if we were to loose another fishery though . Perris can be epic at times . I have not fished their in a few years though .
  372. Father Ken

    Proving NFIO for those wanting to launch here!

    do not waste time fishing o'side . no kelp beds to fish at all . :ashamed::ashamed: no yellows or seabass ever are around . what at terrible place .:shithappens:
  373. Father Ken

    no eastern sierra reports?

    Just got back from Parchers Resort . Fished South Lake , North Lake , and Bishop Creek area . Caught most of the fish on inflated crawlers in the lakes and flylined crawlers in the steams . Gold Super duper , kastmasters, and float fly also got a few fish in the lakes . Best stream fishing for...
  374. Father Ken

    Legend 1.5 day bad trip

    Did you join BD today just to whine about your trip ?
  375. Father Ken

    Hi. Wall. Pics. 7-21-09

    Nicely done . Got me wishin for fishin .
  376. Father Ken

    Touble trolling.

    I have a 23 ' skiff and employ rod riggers to widen the spread . Highly recommend them for tuna trolling on a small boat . With the rod riggers in place I can troll another line short down the center about 50 feet back and another way back about 125 feet or so . I like dragging a 6 inch black...
  377. Father Ken

    Stick Boat Hooked Up

    Freaking amazing. Some guys bait elvis for for 30 minutes with no love while the stick boat boat watches . The PB'ers give up and then the stick boat moves in and nails it . That pic with elvis breaching and the harpoon buoy in the water gave me a boner . Would love to do a ride along on one of...
  378. Father Ken

    Stick Boat Hooked Up

    Surfing the boards tonight , saw one the coolest pictures I have seen on JD's Big Game Tackle fishing report . Stick Boat hooke up . Check it out . Good info. on his report BTW .
  379. Father Ken

    Tuna Foamer and Paddy Tips ?

    Got my 23' skiff 5 years ago . Have towed down to SD a handful of times every tuna season from Orange County . Fished the 302, 371, 425 area's with some good results . Last year was amazing . Boated BFT, YFT, Albies, YT, and Dodo's . Best trip down south was about 15 fish , worst trip was one 20...
  380. Father Ken

    DFG calls for timeout on MLPA

    Anyone read the WON article on the DFG take on MLPA ? Not enough wardens to enforce the possible closures . Duh . The state is broke .
  381. Father Ken

    O-side Seabass

    Jeff was hysterical as always Steve . We got to do a trip with him . I am loaning him a tuna rig so he can practice casting . We are still going Aug 1st out of SI to the triangle area for pelagics . Buddy boat ? Call me you douchepickle .
  382. Father Ken

    O-side Seabass

    Thanks everyone . It was the best of times and the worst of times . The picture with my buddy holding up his tectate like a trophy puts a smile on my face everytime . Jason , Sorry to hear about your boat . I grew up on an IMP tri hull . Classic boats . I see you are in beer sales, my...
  383. Father Ken

    O-side Seabass

    Thanks for the editing tip Tony. I added a few paragraph breaks . Maybe that is why I had over 200 views without a reply . I now it is not a big WSB , but sheesh , where is the love . :rofl: The pic is from my blackberry . Just added some pics from my buddies i phone . Not to shabby ...
  384. Father Ken

    O-side Seabass

    Short version- Caught a decent sized WSB on a flylined sardine on the barn kelp . Long Version - The inconsistent off shore bite kept me along the coast . Have been dreaming of tuna like last season on the 302 and 371 , but the scratch fishing and what looked like 71 degree water along the...
  385. Father Ken

    Bass rod setup database

    Endless options for inshore kelp bed / boiler rock bass set ups these days . The new Shimano Curados , and Calcuttas, the Abu Revo and Toro reels , the Diawa Luna's to name a couple . So many good reels and rods . I am liking the Terramar's ,and Diawa heartland slamon rods, and the Jimmy...
  386. Father Ken

    Barries and sandies of HB are finaly biting

    I can confirm this . I launched the skiff thursday out of davies in LB . Fished the afternoon bite near the rigs . The sandies and cudas were biting the swimbaits and the chovies with a 3/8 ounce split shot . Fun on the light gear . By evening 3 sporties were anchored up just outside and south...
  387. Father Ken

    Bruiser Calicos

    nice fish . grunion run ?
  388. Father Ken

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    Thank you . I saw this on the local news . Thought I was the only one. So DO NOT EAT cuda from Ventura Harbor to San Mateo Point in south Orange County. Women under 45 and Chidren Do Not Eat Barracuda .. Old Ladies 45 AND UP , and Men over 18 can eat as much poisononous barracuda as they want...
  389. Father Ken

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    Can anyone confirm the recent DO NOT EAT warning on OC Coast Sandies and Cuda with facts ? I saw a report on the evening news last week ? Not a limit consumption , but a Do Not Eat warning . DDT or PCB or something . The DFG website and fish consumption links do not have any updated reports to...
  390. Father Ken

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    Gonna be a little later than normal this year on the spawning schools that stack up on the HB flats . Not a guarantee , but I think in a few weeks you will see big numbers on the local cattle boats . My 2 cents . Last year was not that great for the local turd rollers, hopefully they will come...
  391. Father Ken

    Do not eat

    or cook on a cedar plank , throw away the fish , eat the plank .
  392. Father Ken

    Do not eat

    While channel surfing last night , I saw a story on the local news about new fish pollution adviseries that inlcuded local barred sand bass and barracuda . By local I mean LA , LB , and OC . I think it was Point Mugu ? to San Mateo Point . They mentioned DDT and PCB . So basically what they were...
  393. Father Ken

    Golf Course amd small pond fishing (LM Bass)

    good question . i am lost .
  394. Father Ken

    6/18 @ the 238/1010

    way to point the pack . good man . the reports should start coming in after this weekend . the somewhat local season is upon us . hot damn .
  395. Father Ken


    x3 . Ahi is better tasting in my book . Bring on the YFT . Anything sounds good at this point though .
  396. Father Ken

    Before The Thunder

    Yes . No Doubt . I have not seen big fish like that off of that rig for a long time . I learned to fish the salty bass pounding Esther and the Belmont on my 17 foot bass boat . Never had as many pigs as that . Never fished the crank though . Thanks for posting that .
  397. Father Ken

    RV Fishing Trip

    thanks alot for the input . where do you guys hook up the RV at Clear Lake ?
  398. Father Ken

    Rain, Buzzbaits, and 10 pound bass

    Love your work . Buzz baits are an adrenaline rush . Never have tried them in the salt . That will change. Thanks for posting that . I was dragging a buzz bait for LMB at the local golf course last night . Got 3 explosions on it right next to shore in the pitch black . Fun . I can imagine the...
  399. Father Ken

    Gues whos biz-ack!

    Was wondering what happened to you . Actually posted a MIA thread on you a while back . Seems as though something went down with you . Welcome back , looking forward to some more of your reports . Tight Lines !
  400. Father Ken

    RV Fishing Trip

    Yo , What's up Lok . Long time . I heard Klamath Lake sucks from an Oregon local . We may hit up Fish Lake . Still planning the RV fishing fiesta road trip . I have been checking out Clear Lake on the web . Definetly gonna stay there for a few days .
  401. Father Ken

    RV Fishing Trip

    Sure dude . Let's do a convoy . We are looking at some RV's this weekend . I saw some class A RV's that look like a rock band tour bus . Pretty cool . Not sure how I am gonna get the yaks on board ? Let's go . Clear Lake or bust .
  402. Father Ken

    RV Fishing Trip

    cool Jonnie . I will check it out . thanks
  403. Father Ken

    RV Fishing Trip

    Gonna rent a RV and head north in July for a week from Orange , California . Thinking of hitting Clear Lake for a couple days and heading north for a few more days . Maybe hit Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon ? Gonna pack a couple yaks and all my freshwater gear . Gonna need a big RV . HAHAHAH ...
  404. Father Ken

    RV Fishing Trip

    Gonna head up to Oregon in July with the family in a RV rental from Orange County California . Any info . on good places to fish and RV in Southern Oregon would be greatly appreciated . First time doing the RV thing . We plan on bringing a couple kayaks . I am a fishing fannatic so I want to...
  405. Father Ken

    T-Bag...One and done for the year! Late Report

    Save one for me douchepickle . Going Saturday with the rest of the armada .
  406. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    . you are gonna have to show me douchepickle .
  407. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    A levelwind that will hold about 10 to 15 colors seems to be the best . With a clicker helps to indicate a strike . Like to tuna fishing . HAHA . Although , I am not a leadcore expert . Each color is 10 yards and sinks 5 feet the first 5 colors and less after that . Approx. 1 foot a color . The...
  408. Father Ken

    Pictures of Stiper with First T

    WOW , check the gaff man .
  409. Father Ken

    Mothers Day Thresher report...

    next time on the thresher , let's see some more pics of that awesome boat . that thing is boat porn . nice work .
  410. Father Ken

    Limits Of Seabass!

    Good work . Congrats . Hit me up next time you are doing a Dreamer trip . I got to get on that boat .
  411. Father Ken

    What the hell is this?

    I would not got to any website that Saluki is recommending . It could get pretty strange very quickly . Father Ken out !
  412. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    Been thinking about leadcoring vs down rigging . Less work , more fun , e.t.c.. Might try a little portable downrigger .
  413. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    he would have called if we got one . soon though .
  414. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    yeah. I am sure you are right about downrigging at DVL . I have seen quite a few down rigger guys at Irvine as well . I might spend some time trying that next season. I have the downrigger already . Have only used it on the salt . In the past when the trout have moved deep , i am not fishing the...
  415. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    I think about 25 feet ? The chart on the leadcore boxes says 5 feet a color . I am using 12 pound and 15 pound leadcore . The box also says that after the first five colors it only sinks a foot a color . So 10 colors would be 30 feet . That is alot of freaking line out at 10 colors - 300 feet ...
  416. Father Ken

    There Here

    :hali_ruahahaha: Thresher internet wars spring 2009 . :1041677399: Very predictable . POPCORN PLEASE . Probably better to keep a thresher kill , or even catch for that matter, to yourself these days .
  417. Father Ken

    Riduculous Irvine Trolling

    Had a couple new friends that wanted me to show them the trolling thing at the Vine today. They had never caught a troll fish . In fact they had been skunked a few times . Man, did they pick a good day to learn. We landed easy limits and were home in time for a late lunch. The leadcoring today...
  418. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trout

    Yo Capt . G. , Thanks for the input . I respect your opinions for sure . I can see how a 700 size reel would be good . However , most of the trout are 2 to 4 pounder stockers at the Vine so I try to keep my gear as small as possible to keep it sporting and fun . And luckily we only have to fish...
  419. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trout

    Thanks Matt. Yeah, leadcoring is not exactly a finesse technique. A bendo rod helps the fun factor. But, like you said , it gets bit . Taking a couple rookies out on Monday on the Vine for a trolling session , I am sure we will do some leadcoring . About the t- sharks , I will send you a PM...
  420. Father Ken

    Where is Lil Ceez ?

  421. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trout

    Hit up the lake for a mid day troll session after reports of a good bite . Glad I did . 8 fish in 3 hours . Left the bass gear at home this time. The lake is holding trout in many places and stockings will continue till June . I got them leadcoring and flatlining . I bet the fishing in the...
  422. Father Ken

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    that is great . more details please . what rod and reel ? line size ? looks like you were fishing in the surf line ? that is an amazing catch from anywhere from the rocks , is incredible . well done .
  423. Father Ken

    Bloody Decks Irvine Tourny...

    I hope it is gonna be a carp tournament . Trout are for rednecks . How long can I can keep the fish in my freezer before I weigh it in ?
  424. Father Ken

    Longest Lasting Tow Vehicle Tires ?

    Thanks for the replys . I had a pair of Revo's on my old Tahoe that I traded in for my truck. I really liked them , but I only had them for about 10,000 miles . Highway quietness and longevity are the main factors for me . Ofcourse something that grips a slippery ramp on low tide is a plus . I...
  425. Father Ken

    Longest Lasting Tow Vehicle Tires ?

    Time to change the tires on my tow vehicle , a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab 4x4 turbodiesel . What do you all think is the longest lasting tire ? I do not go off road to much , mostly highway driving and towing my 23 foot skiff . Thanks .
  426. Father Ken

    Flaming Gorge Giant Trout

    I call BS with pictures . Keep the trolling on the water please and not inthe forums . Thread Closed .
  427. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Lunch Session

    The slabs are on the submerged brush all over the lake . Sierra Cove, the flats by the old fence line, woodys cove . You need a boat and a good fish finder helps alot if you do not have intimate knowledge of the lake . look out for Mitz the Magic Man at the lake , he might tell you whats up .
  428. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Lunch Session

    Hit the Vine yesterday for a quick bass session. Did not even bring the trout gear . I threw a spinnerbait and brown jig down the west shore for nothing . Made my way to Sierra Cove and got a decent bass on the spinnerbait in the trees . Worked my way around to the red cliffs area and did some...
  429. Father Ken

    Irvine Conditions Report

    A pound or so . Not quite slabs.
  430. Father Ken

    irvine zoo

    Not to many fish caught yesterday . There was only a handful of 10 plus pounders caught when I left the lake at about noon . OFCOURSE , caught by bait/worm soakers in boat dock cove . If they stocked 10,000 pounds , the fishing will be good for weeks to come if the weather is trouty . When this...
  431. Father Ken

    Irvine Conditions Report

    ONLY about 40 people showed up for the Masters . Too much drama with snaggers and cheaters .
  432. Father Ken

    Irvine Conditions Report

    I was on the water today for about 90 Minutes . Had to work . Anyhow, the water is way , way , up . Woodys Cove is actually a big cove now and the trees way in the back are flooded . I tried a new leadcore rod for a little while near the damn before the wind just made it ridiculous to troll in a...
  433. Father Ken

    4/12 - Turdrollers on da chew

    Looks like fun . I like the PWC fishing logo as well . That is an unusual nitch of fisherman for sure . I saw some PWC guys hitting the spring cuda bite off of Nepwort last spring while I was fishing on my skiff in between 100 other boats . That was a fun day , lots of logs on the iron, PWC...
  434. Father Ken

    New Guide Service for Irvine Lake Trout

    Any conventional levelwind with a clicker will do . Leadcoring is not glamorous , nor is it my favorite method . That being said, I use a Shimano TR 100 on a 7'6" Diawa Heartland rod . Total set up around $100 . Head down to The Longfin in Orange and tell them Ken sent ya . They will hook you...
  435. Father Ken

    New Guide Service for Irvine Lake Trout

    The trout season still has some legs . My buddy was out there yesterday killing it on the flat line and leadcore as well . I hear ya though . I am ramping up for a next season Guide Service launch . No advertising has been done at all yet , besides this SPAM thread I started to get some feedback...
  436. Father Ken

    New Guide Service for Irvine Lake Trout

    I know , I know , it is kind of silly . But people kept asking me so it got me thinking , why not . Seriously , saltwater guiding is the real dream . Croaker guiding ? That would be a humbling proposition. Those damn ghosts .
  437. Father Ken

    New Guide Service for Irvine Lake Trout

    Hello All , Please send me a PM if you or a friend would like a guided trout fishing trip at Irvine Lake . I specialize in trolling . I have a 2003 , 23 foot Center Console that is a fishing machine . The troll is good right now so set up a trip . Trips are all inclusive , tackle, food...
  438. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trolling 101

    Trolling is not boring when hook ups are coming often. And nothing is more boring than bait fishing . Mini jigging and drop shotting are probably the most fun , but trolling has been the most productive method for me. And catching is more fun than fishing most of the time . To answer your...
  439. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trolling 101

    Thanks Dude . Hundred of hours dragging lures over the years has helped me dial it in pretty good. I am gonna try and share the info. and get paid at the same time. The American Dream Right ? I am not sure if you need any guiding Saluki . Guidance perhaps ? HAHAHA
  440. Father Ken

    BASS bait reviews!

    Great idea Jesse . I have talked about doing a tackle review website for a few years . If this works , I might get more serious about it .
  441. Father Ken

    Long Time Lurker.........

    Cool Mike . Way to call your shot . Lot's of good bassin in the strong beach area . Look forward to a report .
  442. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trolling 101

    Thanks Saluki . I metered some big shad schools yesterday and saw the white birds with the shad in their mouths . You have to be crazy not to drag at least one shad pattern crankbait when trolling . I could see the crappie schools in places . That lake is full of life right now . I am sure the...
  443. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Trolling 101

    Took a couple guys out that wanted to learn how to fish the lake yesterday . One of them had never caught a troll fish. The other guy had never caught a fish on a Rapala . Crazy . Both streaks ended shortly . We launched at 8 am and trolled our way to the flats . We got to the sweet spot on...
  444. Father Ken

    Big Football heads

    Anyone know where to get football heads in the 2 to 4 ounce range ? I know this is the wrong forum , but I though if anyone knew where they would be lurking in the Bass Club forum .
  445. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake - Tuna & Dorado -WTF????

    You have to use flourocarbon leader .
  446. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake - Tuna & Dorado -WTF????

    nice sea trout
  447. Father Ken

    Full Speed Threshers

    INCREDIBLE BOAT and SET UP GUY !!!!!!!! NICE . That is a funny post . Classic popcorn stuff . Thesher reports or corbina reports always get the popcorn . :imdumb: Corbina uh err Covina uh err White Sea Bass uh err Croaker uh err uh errr Corgina . AND the whole thresher thing is just SO...
  448. Father Ken

    SCI 3.31.09 Ling City

    Fucking awesome . What an incredible day. Ling cod in a lemon butter caper sauce with bay shrimps served over a bed of rice . That is as good as local fish table fare gets . And the weather you guys had never , ever , happpens to me . 3 to 5 foot slop is guaranteed when I run offshore . Isla...
  449. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake - Tuna & Dorado -WTF????

    :food-smiley-014::food-smiley-014::food-smiley-014::food-smiley-014::food-smiley-014::food-smiley-014: The paddies were placed today so the dorado can find some cover and the tuna pen will be opened Friday morning . The anglers in the know will be bringing the heavy trolling gear . I will have...
  450. Father Ken

    Kayaking the Vine Sunday

    That is right . No more trout . LOL I am a Bass Man now . LOL Honestly , I grew up fishing bass at Irvine and all the local quarries and ponds. Remeber El Oso resevoir in El Toro ? I fished Lake Arrowhead hard for bass for about 10 years as a teenager . I looked down on trout fisherman at that...
  451. Father Ken

    Kayaking the Vine Sunday

    LOL. Smartass . A picture is the closest you will have been to a trout over 5 pounds this season you douchepickle . :picknose: Mitz can tell you how much he got for it at the fish market in little saigon when you see him Saturday . J/k :gayfight:
  452. Father Ken

    Kayaking the Vine Sunday

    I just noticed I left out the first trout poundage on my report. It was around 6 pounds . One of the biggest , if not the biggest i have got this season. Same thing goes for the fight . That trout was a blast . Having the net in one hand and the rod in the other on the yak is exciting. I had to...
  453. Father Ken

    Kayaking the Vine Sunday

    I was working .
  454. Father Ken

    Kayaking the Vine Sunday

    Launched the yak at 10 AM . 6 Pound Rainbow hit the deck of the yak at 10 :15 am in boat dock cove . I was slow trolling with the rod in my hand and felt slack line and then heard a massive splash. The fish hit my diawa shiner and jumped immediatley . The line tightened and I got a mini sleigh...
  455. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake - Tuna & Dorado -WTF????

    Uh . It is a joke . Seriously . Do not act like a douchepickle because they confused you . Anyhow, they have some trout up there now alot bigger than some of the dorado I caught the last few years . Tight Lines !
  456. Father Ken

    Big bones commin up the line...

    Big exagerations coming up the line ! J/K
  457. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake - Tuna & Dorado -WTF????

    hoook uuuuuupppppp . Sucker born every minute . :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  458. Father Ken

    Sand bass spots

    Dude , You got to get out and fish some more . Damn . I mean really . Seriously , you are on a roll . Is 13 out of 14 days normal for you ? I have not done that since I was a teenager . That is incredible .
  459. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 03/25/2009

    cool Bill. Glad you got on some . You guys should try fishing the bass some time as well. You can bounce jigs on the bottom just like I have seen you and Roxy do on the Tracer for bottom critters at San Clemente with a strip of squid . Half ounce brown colored bass jig on 8 pound test bounced...
  460. Father Ken

    new lake record irvine

    Not a record ? The biggest trout ever caught at Irvine Lake . How is that not a lake record trout . Granted , many people do not get too excited about stocker trout and Greg may be a little embarassed even about the trout publicity. As stated before, funny sub-plot. All the trout are...
  461. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 1 hour afternoon bassing

    those damn bait soakers are irritating . :jig: bait fish do not count . :It__s_Outta_Here: not impressed at all . :pee: i am jealous . :2gunsfiring_v1: it is good thing I am a bass fisherman now . :rofl: that was alot of emoticons . :hali_olutta:
  462. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 1 hour afternoon bassing

    Damn , Bill . That is pretty tough going . What a great day though. My kids were burning up on the water. You got to get a boat next time . It seems like shore fishing is getting tougher. Those cheesegurgers are insane .
  463. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 1 hour afternoon bassing

    uhhhh , I guess not quite hit the deck . :frehya2: More like got a thumb in his mouth . I am very nice to LMB . I got bass fever . Gonna sneek out again next week for some more quick sessions .
  464. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Bassing

    I do now . Get out there douchepickle .
  465. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 1 hour afternoon bassing

    Got both kids and hit the lake at 2.30 pm . Got about 10 casts in between playing with the kids . 4 pound LMB hit the deck on a drop shot roboworm off the red clay cliffs in 10 feet of water . PB LMB for me at Irvine . The kids were almost as psyched as me. Some dude on a bass boat was doing...
  466. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Bassing

    Hit the Vine for an 11 am to 1pm bass session. First Cast , I throw a half ounce white spinnerbait into the trees and get thumped, missed it , continue to reel towards the boat and as soon as I see my spinnerbait in the water about 20 feet from the boat a 4 pound trout comes up and inhales my...
  467. Father Ken

    dana point bottom critters and bass

    Thanks Cory . Gonna have some fresh rockfish for dinner tonight in lemon caper sauce. Should have gave up the thresher chase sooner. It just did not look or feel right from the beginning . Not enough life in the area . However, We probably could have loaded up on rockfish had we targeted them. I...
  468. Father Ken

    dana point bottom critters and bass

    Short story . Made bait at the barber poles , trolled for thresher for 6 hours , nada , went inside to fish for critters. Released a nice ling about 10 pounds, a pig calico about 5 pounds, kept a couple sculpin for dinner. We saw a commercial guy outside of the barber poles. He was catching...
  469. Father Ken

    DPH- Lucky Friday 13th- PB WSB

    PIG. The pinnacle of local fishing . That is what it is all about . Well that and homeguard yellows , barn door halibut and monster calico's . Great work dude . I was gonna head down that way yesterday but stayed North of Dana . Having second thoughts ! Way to go landing that beast . What kind...
  470. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake trolling 3-11-9

    Thanks. Hitting the saltwater tomorrow. Almost got my fill of trout fishing this season. The only thing that keeps me going now is looking for DD's . Have not had one this year. If you hit up the lake this weekend , let me know how it goes . I will probably be up their again next week for a 2...
  471. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake trolling 3-11-9

    Yes it is pretty shear over there. I was marking fish from bottom to top in about 50 feet of water. They hit the flatlined crankbait on 4 pound test . I actually did drag a leadcore set up and a keel sinker set up to try for the deeper fish , but no love .
  472. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake trolling 3-11-9

    Put my skiff in the lake today around noon to check on some bait tank issues prior to a saltwater trip this weekend. Ofcourse, I trolled for a little as well. Lines in around 1 pm and out by 3 pm . Water is about 59 degrees and a little stained . Had great marks down by the south corner of the...
  473. Father Ken


    i am getting some bass fever .
  474. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Troll report 2-28

    :hali_ruahahaha: Even the secrete sauce was not getting it done. The beer was very cold and the weather was very hot though. 85 degrees at the lake yesterday. Water is up to 59 degrees on the surface . Time to start doing some multi-species fishing at the Vine .
  475. Father Ken

    Trolling for Steel at the Vine

    I secrete my special sauce for those lures after looking at Saluki's Avatar.
  476. Father Ken

    Quick Troll Session at the Vine

    you work too much dickbox .
  477. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Troll report 2-28

    Slow for me . Others caught fish, including nice browns, brooks, and steelies. Just not me . I am a douchepickle dickbox shitbag .
  478. Father Ken

    nebraska tailwalkers

    That is funny ! Everyone knows that the best is plank grilled stocker trout . Put the trout on the plank with spices, bbq the trout on the plank, add lemon, discard trout, EAT PLANK ! Yummy .
  479. Father Ken

    Quick Troll Session at the Vine

    I screwed up . I pulled the hook while trying to net it. Would have had him with a net man. No worries, not a huge fish. No nightmares of lost DD . Too much drag pressure when the fish was boatside. Getting used to my new 09' Shimano Symetre Rear Drag. The Drag adjustment is a little more...
  480. Father Ken

    Quick Troll Session at the Vine

    Snuck up to the Irvine Lake again today for a couple hours of trolling . Caught 4 rainbow stockers on the shad pattern crankbait again. Nothing huge. Lost an estimated 4 pounder at the boat. Hard fighter. Tailwalked like a marlin on the strike . All the fish came mid-lake area . Saw another...
  481. Father Ken

    Trolling for Steel at the Vine

    Cool Capt. G . Sounds like you caught a nice stocked steelhead. Big trout are often caught by bass fisherman. My buddy got one on a 6 inch purple lizard recently .I wish big bass were caught while targeting trout more often. Mostly just skinny 1 to 2 pound bucket mouths. Gonna be a good year...
  482. Father Ken

    No need to ask

    Cool G. Thanks for the report. Always look forward to reading about your adventures.
  483. Father Ken

    Trolling for Steel at the Vine

    Thank you sir. I have to go fishing at the lake to report . Unfortunately I have been busy. You need to get up there this week and troll . You have been the big fish killer this year. What 8,9,and 10 pounders ? Bastard . Maybe it will be my day Saturday ? I am so do . No DD yet this season .
  484. Father Ken

    Trolling for Steel at the Vine

    They are stocked steelhead from calveras hatchery. They have some around 7 pounds according to the hatchery guy. The 2 pounder is not much of a catch compared . Hopefully they will put in some more of the big ones. Calveras has some 5 pound browns and brookies as well that are in the lake . I...
  485. Father Ken

    Trolling for Steel at the Vine

    Thanks for the laugh Bill . I have not posted a trout pic in a while, waiting for the DD fish . You may have seen a picture if it was a 5 pound steelhead. I was hoping for one big time. Ashley , my 6 year old, is always a good luck charm , but she wants to reel in all the fish. And she wants to...
  486. Father Ken

    Trolling for Steel at the Vine

    Hit Irvine Lake with my 6 year old girl Ashley at 2:30 PM for a one hour troll session. Goal was to catch a steelhead. Mission complete 10 minutes in . Trolled out of boat dock cove towards the West Shore and fish on . Instant Jump and then a hard dive and tug of war . A few minutes later and we...
  487. Father Ken

    PL Kook

    :worship: Beautiful Jigs. It is time for a re-order . I would be psyched if you made the LB Show, on Sat. the 7th , at 11:30 am , by the Bar , with hot models in your booth. Serioulsly though, you might need a production team make enough of those jigs to sell at the show . I am sure they would...
  488. Father Ken

    yak trolling at the Vine

    You mean my secret dressing for getting SKUNKED ? I can tell you that I have Garlic Scent all over my kayak. :rofl: Was probably leaving a scent trail everywhere my kayak went. I guess the trout did not feel like italian yesterday ? More than likely , I missed the feeding time. Irvine trout like...
  489. Father Ken

    yak trolling at the Vine

    Launched the yak with trolling motor set up Sunday about 9am. Expectations were high due to the great trout fishing weather. I was a little perplexed though , because I walked the shore on trout island , sierra flats, and boat dock cove and only saw a handful of people with fish. No one had more...
  490. Father Ken

    Team redrum at SWBA Newport Bay

    Good work. Sounds like fun. Thanks for the lure info . May have to join you guys for a few stops on the tour. LB , Dana , and SD Bay would be a blast . Lot's of small spots and dink sandies in Newport . One big kicker on that Tour Stop would get anyones heart racing I am sure .Did you guys work...
  491. Father Ken

    Trolling Update at the Vine

    Snuck up to the Vine yesterday for a Lunchtime troll session. 11am to 1pm . Landed 3 trout. The first 2 were about 4 pounds and the third was the usual 1 and a half pounder. Is it just me , or are the trout jumping alot this year ! Damn, the first 2 hook ups were instant jumpers. One jumped 3...
  492. Father Ken

    Trolling and Cold Pizza

    Dude !
  493. Father Ken

    Kona Charters

    I will be there from the 5th to the 10th. Fishing on the 6th with some locals . Not really a charter. Porbably going for some bottom critters and football tuna ( Bait ) on ultralight gear. The marlin fishing has been slow. I hear the spearfishing can be good this time of year. We will do some...
  494. Father Ken

    Trolling and Cold Pizza

    Sure. They are in there. I do not target those , but know guys that do. Not a lot of talk about it right now. But crappie anglers are like WSB fishermen with their spots . When they go off it is pretty fun. I got a bunch on some submerged brush piles in the flats a few years back with a mini...
  495. Father Ken

    Mid Week Troll at the Vine

    Straight 4 pound p-line . 7 foot shimano clarus ultra light rod. Shimano Symetre rear drag reel. Firetiger CD 5 rapala . 2 MPH troll speed. You are in the game. Shad pattern and gold color lures work good as well. Tight Lines !
  496. Father Ken

    Trolling and Cold Pizza

    The trout I left you was probably bigger than anything you guys caught. That boat probably still smells like garlic. LOL Also, I want my lure back.
  497. Father Ken

    Trolling and Cold Pizza

    And stop looking at porn . LOL
  498. Father Ken

    Trolling and Cold Pizza

    Sounds like it will work. So many lures so little time. Have you ever tried the Rapala Husky Jerk ? I bought one the other day . It is gold and black and about the size of a CD 5 . I am pretty sure it will only go down a couple of feet . Maybe a good rainy day / cloud cover day ? The trout...
  499. Father Ken

    Trolling and Cold Pizza

    Hit the Vine for a trolling lunch session today. 11am to 1: 30 Pm . Brought up some cold pizza and some new lures. The pizza hit the spot and the new lures were hit by fish. Perfrect day. Limit in 2 hours. The hot spot today was off the 5 mph buoy near trout island. Circled that buoy for most...
  500. Father Ken

    Two of Twenty Something

    Nice fish. Trolling trout baits at DVL looks like fun. It kills me that no private boats are allowed due to the water level , with no timetable for reopening. Fish like that , make me consider renting one of their boats.
  501. Father Ken

    SM 1/23 W/ The Drummer

    Nice night, as always for you guys ! That is a nice session for any time of year. Get's my bass juices flowing. Just might have to launch my skiff in MDR and follow you guys around. LOL
  502. Father Ken

    Mid Week Troll at the Vine

    No , Alan, not those . But some of those colors look awesome. I would lean towards the 200 , but I am still not sold on the big baits at the vine. Have you got anything on those yet ?
  503. Father Ken

    Mid Week Troll at the Vine

    Caught a few browns last year at the Vine. Nothing Huge . They seemed to like the Brown Trout Pattern lures . Cannibalistic little bastards. I have some big lures in my box , and have actually dragged a few . But no love. Just a matter of time . I am pretty sure I am gonna get a lunker on one of...
  504. Father Ken

    Another Trout on the Troll @ the Vine.

    Wow . Brutal . Hit the vine on a cloudy day , like tomorrow , flatline 4 pound test , about 100 feet back, at 2 MPH, in the flats, with a diawa sc shiner. Hooooook upppppp !!!!!!
  505. Father Ken

    Mid Week Troll at the Vine

    I feel you pain. I had one of those this morning. Luckily it was a conference call and I could surf the forums and scope some BOTD posts. One of those , you guys are great now do better in 2009 . YEAH , YEAH, YEAH , blow me !! Get up there and drag some lures my man. This Saturday should be off...
  506. Father Ken

    Mid Week Troll at the Vine

    Woke up this morning and smelled the moisture in the air. Cloud cover and a dropping barometer had me thinking of trolling. Took care of that stuff they call work and hit the lake about 1 PM . Only a few other boats out today. What an extreme difference from Saturday. I trolled my way over to...
  507. Father Ken

    Did it again at Skinner

    holy fish fry batman. sounds like fun.
  508. Father Ken

    Trolling Again

    Yah, the 3 pounders were pulling drag and pissed off. Some great jumps as well. Good stuff. We also caught a fish off of trout island with a hook and leader in its mouth. These are some angry pissed off fish. We had one do a marlin like tail walk across the transom of the boat. Tight Lines !!
  509. Father Ken

    Trolling Again

    Yeah. Get up their boys. They stocked in several locations. The 9am bite seemed to be good as well as the afternoon bite. Get in on some of the tournament action. Unfortunately the best bite was after the 2 pm weigh in today. BTW, the hot bait today for the soakers was the corn powerbait with...
  510. Father Ken

    Trolling Again

    Well, it has been a couple weeks since my last lake troll session. The ocean called my name last weekend and delivered a beautiful bounty of fillets . Anyways, despite the hot weather and wind , the trolling at the lake today was good. The water was not stained too bad from the winds...
  511. Father Ken

    Another Trout on the Troll @ the Vine.

    Great work Alan. Man , the big boys are chewing . Awesome catch. That is a creative rig you are using as well. Very nicely done. You are the dodger king. Looking forward to trolling for a little bit Saturday. Hopefully the wind does not blow, saw a forecast for Santa Ana's.
  512. Father Ken


    :Kick_emoticon: Take it easy . They might revoke my trolling card. :boobies:
  513. Father Ken


    Congrats. That is great. I think I have seen you trolling before up there ? I was admiring your trolling set up from a far. Seeing it up close now , THAT IS AWESOME ! I like your style .
  514. Father Ken

    Tuesday Afternoon troll

    The bass are fun when the go on the chew. Alot of small ones , but they have some big ones too. I am gonna spend more time this spring targeting those fish. I did ok last year the few attempts i made. Got a 3 pounder pitching a white spinner bait into the edges of flooded trees. Fun fishing for...
  515. Father Ken

    Tuesday Afternoon troll

    Hit the water about 1 pm for a little troll session. Water is clearing up and reports of good trolling coming in the last few days. I did good today , but not on the trout. I found a little area holding LMB. They were eating the firetiger shad rap pretty good. Released 5 LMB . Nothing huge . I...
  516. Father Ken

    bay bass noobe

    Get Mike Gardners book , Fish Don't Have Hands . Get a shimano curado . Fill with 6 pound p-line. Toss 3 inch red flake or chartreuse and green AA Curly tail grubs on 3/8 ounce football heads. Bounce lure off the bottom , keep in contact with the lure, set the hook on the slightest tap . Smear...
  517. Father Ken

    Lake arrowhead any good?

    Lake Arrowhead is an amazing fishery. Private Lake. Homeowners only. Smallmouth, Largemouth, rainbows, browns, crappie, catfish. January is a tough Month, although the trouting can be good. Honestly, I do not fish that time of year up at Arrowhead. If I was going to go on foot, I would try the...
  518. Father Ken

    Limits at the Vine. Thanks Big Steve

    Nice work on the limits. Did u only get the 2 on the troll?
  519. Father Ken

    Lunker Parade and slow trolling

    The lunker trout will be spread out more for the next derby and the rest of the season. The derby was problematic for tollers on many levels, including the conditions, to say the least. However, I hear that the staff will change things up to make it better for everyone. Bait fisherman and...
  520. Father Ken

    Lunker Parade and slow trolling

    :hali_ruahahaha: jackhole :nutkick::hali_olutta::pee::_diarrhea_: in that order
  521. Father Ken

    Lunker Parade and slow trolling

    Sorry I leave that out alot . Duh . Irvine lake .
  522. Father Ken

    Lunker Parade and slow trolling

    You know how I roll. Troll, troll, troll ! Today was not the day for trolling though at Irvine Lake. 2 Troll fish in 2 hours . Flatlined plugs on 4 pound . Murky water. Post frontal conditions. Tough. They can always be caught that way , but all the rain and dirty water has slowed it down...
  523. Father Ken

    Vine this Friday. Any tips appreciated.

    Just follow Steve and Brandon around , you will get skunked for sure , LOL Just kidding, listen to Steve , Brandon is to busy taking hooks out of his fingers. LOL As stated above , do not overlook the shallow troll , despite the murky water.
  524. Father Ken

    trolling again

    I have heard about those. Interesting concept. Definetly not for me ! Oh , hold on, get back to you later, I have to go to fishing .
  525. Father Ken

    troll troll troll your boat

    good tip Brandon . Did you buy yourself a rubber net yet? With all the trout you guys are catching on the troll you could have saved hours taking treble hooks out of the net . And your finger . :frehya2: BTW, the drunk dude with a bra is an upgrade from your previous avatar.
  526. Father Ken

    trolling again

    you have to keep them. except bass, c and r only. limit is 5 trout .
  527. Father Ken

    trolling again

    I release all brown corn kernel trout .
  528. Father Ken

    troll troll troll your boat

    Armen- I have used scents on my trolled lures, trout dips, and sprays, but not bait. I am pretty sure the lures would not run right with bait on them. Have you tried that before ? Perhaps a little chunk of powerbait on the rear treble of a trout crankbait. CD5 or Mira Shad or something. HMMMM...
  529. Father Ken

    Big Island In February

    It looks like striped marlin and spearfish are in season that time of year. I also saw that amberjack and giant trevally are good then as well. I t would be insane to pull on a marlin and then go nail some big jacks in the same day. I just want to pull on some big fish. I do not really care what...
  530. Father Ken

    Big Island In February

    tanks bruda . I have ADD .
  531. Father Ken

    LMV Trout Cronicles Episodes 3 & 4: Timing is Everything

    Oh . that says it all . you may not want to give away all your secrets . :boobies:
  532. Father Ken

    Big Island In February

    thanks JB . but I tink dos are for Oahu . We are goin to Hawaii ? Is that the name of the big island? I need to look at a map. My wife did say Honokohau Harbor . Or was that Kumona-wanna-laya ? I need a map.
  533. Father Ken

    Big Island In February

    I am pumped. The wife just booked us a trip in mid February for my 40th birthday to the Big Island. . Close to Honokuhua Harbor. What can I expect to catch that time of year? How can I get out on the water for a day without breaking the bank?
  534. Father Ken

    trolling again

    fishing too much ? what is that Brandon ? :boobies: For those that asked, This was at Irvine Lake sorry I left that out . The diawa shiners and cultiva mira shads were the orange / gold trout cranks we were dragging yesterday.
  535. Father Ken

    trolling again

    Trolled in my skiff Saturday for a B-day session with my good buddy Jeff. . Totals for the day were limits of trout, released a couple bass, and killed an 18 pack of tecates. We played alot of good music , ate a bunch of killer sandies, and were generally obnoxiuos all day. Yet again, no huge...
  536. Father Ken

    troll troll troll your boat

    Firetiger CD 5 or CD 3 Rapalas have caught me alot of trout at Irvine , Even won me some cash in one of the derbys. Not my go to lure recently , but not bullshit either. Maybe you were not sitting the right way ? Just kidding.
  537. Father Ken

    troll troll troll your boat

    Hit the Vine for a quick 2 hour session this afternoon. Troll is picking back up . The shad pattern trout cranks were the only thing bit. Gold and orange and firetiger pulled for nada. 5 trout and one 2 pound LMB were landed from 1:30pm -3:30 pm . Water is stained with lots of debris mid lake...
  538. Father Ken


    And Satellite imagery
  539. Father Ken

    Rockfish identification guide

    I just call alot of those dinner !
  540. Father Ken

    R A D I O S I L E N C E V.1

    thank you.
  541. Father Ken

    irvine fri 12/8.

    :rofl: And talks with lisp and has limp wrists and harry palms. :supergay:
  542. Father Ken

    Would You Eat This???

    I think it is covered in diatoms ? To answer your question Mark, I would feed it to the inlaws . Not a big fan of harbor bugs .
  543. Father Ken

    Boating ticket help?

    Sorry your night with GF was ruined. Tow and a ticket, that sucks.
  544. Father Ken

    Boating ticket help?

    wow. That sucks . What a pain. . I was given a warning and my red nav light was completley out. Were you speeding or doing something else to piss those guys off ? They are usually pretty cool .
  545. Father Ken

    Best Inshore Reel

    so many . BUT , the new Curado 300 is on my wish list. I have a Curado 201, Luna 301 , Luna 253, Trindad 14, Penn 535 GS, and Diawa Grandwave 20 . The last three are used as light Offshore reels. I have caught 100 pound Tarpon and 30 pound Albies on the Trinidad 14, but it is not my go to...
  546. Father Ken


    12 knots . Damn . That is like 15 MPH ? Gonna ski those bones back to the boat. LOL anyways, plenty of bones to be had outside the wall. find the school on the troll ( 4 to 5 knots works for my boat ) and then start hucking the small iron . they were thick last week.
  547. Father Ken

    Couple Quick Trips to the Vine

    Please do not post anymore this month Brandon.
  548. Father Ken

    Couple Quick Trips to the Vine

    LOLLOLLOLLOL Should have seen that coming . Dude , tell me you lost a bet with that avatar. Very disturbing . No monster asian tits ? What is this world coming to ?
  549. Father Ken

    Couple Quick Trips to the Vine

    only if you come big boy.:supergay::supergay: Man , I need to get on the salt.
  550. Father Ken

    Couple Quick Trips to the Vine

    Hey douchepickle, look at the report date. LOL Pull your head out of your Berkeley Pro Team ass long enough to check minor details like that. :picknose: If you ever actually fished up their , you might actually have a clue. You are to busy giving reach arounds . So just climb back on your shiney...
  551. Father Ken

    turkey and seviche

    Ouch. My eyes hurt. That first pick is wrong on so many levels. Just when I thought this thread was over, you made it worse/better. Is that a white spinning rod fished upright in your buddies hand ? :picknose: What do I know , I have never caught micro tuna before. Maybe that is the rig of...
  552. Father Ken

    Son made New Record for Sand Bass

    I work with Bob , the current record holder. Very nice guy . He will be very happy that a little boy was the one to catch a bigger Sandie, not some crusty old dead head on a half day boat. Like Bob. J/k Bob, you are not crusty. Great Work. Congrats.
  553. Father Ken

    Big Bones in LB

    We were hucking 1 ounce Sardine Pattern Megabaits on small baitcasters ( Luna 253 ) and Berkely Frenzy Firestick Minnows in silver /black on light spinning gear. Trolled and Casted. The bones were WFO . Hopefully the Victory will get on them for you. Ours were all caught extremely close to the...
  554. Father Ken

    Big Bones in LB

    yes . we saw the dolphins chasing the bones on the way in, that was pretty cool. the bones were crashing the surface and the birds were going nuts. almost felt like summer again, minus the 20 MPH cold wind and the tuna ofcourse. That is strange that it the wind died, It seemed like it was the...
  555. Father Ken

    Big Bones in LB

    The bassing and rockfishing was kinda slow for us today. But, Wide open lobster bait ( Bonito ) on the oustside mid LB Wall today. Good size . 5 to 8 pounders. We caught them on the 10 pound spinning outfits rigged with 20 pound braid. It was pretty silly. Pounded some bud lights and acted like...
  556. Father Ken

    8.5 out of 10 trip

    Nice looking trout. You are the crawdad, corona, and marlboro slayer !! The picture was starting to make hungry till I saw the half eaten corn, and cigarette boxes. BTW, There is a thing called a tent, you may want to invest in one . That or a good pair of thermals . LOL .
  557. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake 11/20/2008

    good jog getting the grandkids hooked up. I heard someone was trying to kill some birds at the lagoon today. You probably do not know anything about that right ? LOL
  558. Father Ken

    Couple Quick Trips to the Vine

    Work was slow this week so I did a couple 2 hour sessions in the middle of the day yesterday and today. The silver sc shiners catching about a rainbow every 30 minutes and some crappie bycatch. Nothing huge. A chunky 4 pounder today. Most of the trout put on an aerial show today with multiple...
  559. Father Ken

    Cortez 11-18-2008

    That looks more like the Hurricane Bank . Nothing like long range sculpin. :Exploding_Smiley:
  560. Father Ken

    Retail Therapy

    Looks like you hit all the big boys. Turners Outdoors carries fishing DVD's. Try them. They have a chain of stores. Good luck.
  561. Father Ken

    Kids Lagoon , Irvine Lake Saturday

    Good deal Bill. Sounds like you are gonna have a great day. Hopefully it cools down a little. BTW, Over by the waterfall was good on Sunday.
  562. Father Ken

    Kids Lagoon , Irvine Lake Saturday

    Actually , Spiderman pole. Those are way better. LOL. I spooled it up with p-line. It actually felt very wrong putting premium line on a spincaster. What next braided line on my little girls Barbie pole ? :imdumb: Seriously , bring the kids down this weekend and get them hooked on fishing. The...
  563. Father Ken

    Kids Lagoon , Irvine Lake Saturday

    I will be working for the Berkely Pro Team Saturday Morning at the tackle shop and then heading down to help out at the kids lagoon around 8 am or so. The kids lagoon is stocked and producing. I took my 3 year old son to the lagoon on Sunday for about an hour and he caught 2 trout easily. The...
  564. Father Ken

    good day for my kid

    good work. nice rig you got their. I noticed what look like hoochies on your rods in the leaning post holders. Are those part of your halibut rigs or are you trolling for bones on the outside wall? Tight Lines
  565. Father Ken

    bders irvine otwr.

    sorry bro ! bored today .
  566. Father Ken

    Can anyone share some spots GPS Points of vermillion spots out of LB?

    No doubt. I would suggest buying a contour map at the tackle shop. They have all the wrecks and high spots . A good area to start looking for rockfish is out near the 150 spot. Most of the local sportfleet fishes this area at times. Get yourself the map and the numbers are on it.. Be prepared to...
  567. Father Ken

    bders irvine otwr.

    You are a meat curtain climber! And a cunning linguist !
  568. Father Ken

    bders irvine otwr.

    Their is a lot of trout crankbaits. Cd rapalas, berkeley frenzys, cultiva mira shads, sc shiners, e.t.c..... We troll all these . We do have some bass bycatch on the little trout cranks though, as well as crappie, and bluegill from time to time. good luck up there. the place is plugged with fish.
  569. Father Ken

    bders irvine otwr.

    otwr from today is that the pink mira shad is hot on the troll today. this cold weather should make for a great day of fishing. . did not stay for bbq last night but they had a killer spread.
  570. Father Ken

    Fish killer G, Jane, knocked em dead

  571. Father Ken


    I call BS on people calling BS on what is an obvious joke to anyone with a sense of humor. Not really that funny , but people being caught on an obvious troll is.
  572. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Tuesday

    Bingo. :urno1: Any bright colored CD rapala, mira shad, frenzy, e.t.c... they all work. No secret . Although everyone has their go to, my personal favorite is the Yo Zuri Hydro Mag in green mackeral. LOL Another joke, for those without a sense of humor, apologies in advance. Should probably...
  573. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Tuesday

    i it is a joke. steve is a friend of mine. sorry we upset you. tight lines.
  574. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Sunday

    trying to make a fish lip burrito. yummy.
  575. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Tuesday

    :picknose: Wouldn't you like to know. I am not telling you. Neener, neener, neener. :picknose:
  576. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Tuesday

    After my first taste of the year Sunday afternoon, I was ready for more. My daughter was out of school today, so I took off work early and started trolling at about 1pm. First fish was at 1:03 Pm. It was insane , bananas, today. My 6 year old reeled in about 20 trout . It was classic watching...
  577. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Sunday

    Glad you got some. Too bad about the size. You were not using the go to lure for the big ones. LOL I am gonna take my little girl up there this afternoon for some trolling , hopefully the action is still steady. Tight Lines !
  578. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Sunday

    Thanks for the Invite. Maybe on the braut and beverage, definetly can roust you guys in the AM. I will be up there at 5am. Ouch.
  579. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Sunday

    I called you Steve . Your wife said you were getting your pubes waxed . :gayfight: Anyways, see you all up at the lake Saturday. I will be working in the AM for the Pro Team. Come over and say hello and I will give up some 411 on the bite. Not sure if I am gonna launch " The Bird " . My bro Doug...
  580. Father Ken

    Irvine Lake Sunday

    Fished from about 1pm to around 4pm and caught 5 rainbows from 2 to 4 pounds. Farmed about a 6 pounder next to the boat. Heartbreak, was a beautiful pissed of fish rolling and twisting around that caused the hook to pull next to the boat. If I would not have been solo that fish would have been...
  581. Father Ken


    Main ramp not open yet due to water level. U can drive to the west shore though. Trout Island ramp is open. Water is stained. 12 pounder caught today. Limit style fishing on the 2 to 3 pounders . Get sum.
  582. Father Ken


    Watched Calveras dump tons of trout today. Many trout in the 10 pound range. It will be an epic year at the Vine. Brookies up to 8 pounds, Browns to 12 pounds , and Rainbows to 20 pounds. See you fucktards up there on the 8th. I am working that morning at the lake and fishing the rest of the...
  583. Father Ken

    SA River Lakes

    That is impressive considering that " Lake " looked like a hole in the ground a few weeks ago. They must have filled it up with water and fish in short order. The bass and stuff must have came in with the water ? Pretty amazing. It looked bone dry from the freeway recently. Good on ya for...
  584. Father Ken

    random pics

    Homeless human burrito, and car with shed on top are freaking great pics. Contest winners for sure. Thank you for that.
  585. Father Ken

    irvine opener whos goin?

    She will love the freshwater. Run your pumps all day . See you dickbags up there if I can play hooky from work for a while.
  586. Father Ken

    New Abu Revo Toro

    I concur. My Curado 200 just can not pull a big fish of the bottom right away,, even witht the drag buttoned down. It is about 3 years old. I think their have been upgrades since then. I would like to buy a new Curado 300 and the Toro as welll. Man, I am a tackle ho for sure. The local tackle...
  587. Father Ken

    diesel trucks

  588. Father Ken

    New Abu Revo Toro

    Thanks for the input. yeah, 24 # is spretty crazy for a tiny little reel. I agree , 15 pounds is plenty. Especially if your are fishing stright mono. But who does that anymore for calicos in the kelp and boilers? What really matters the most is the smoothness of the drag . What draws me to these...
  589. Father Ken

    New Abu Revo Toro

    Good job Afry. You can not go wrong with one of those. But not a low profile reel like the Revo or Curado. Tight Lines !
  590. Father Ken

    New Abu Revo Toro

    I have been geeked to buy an Abu Garcia Revo Inshore since they came out. Now they come out with the Toro 50 and 60 in left handed with power handle option . This reel has 24 pounds of drag, is tiny, and holds 240 yards of 14 lb mono. Slam some 30 to 50 pound braid on this reel and I might get...
  591. Father Ken

    20lb reel

    Wow, long thread. Trindad 14 for bait. Shimano Charter Special 200 lever drag for trolling. Diawa Luna 300 or Shimano Calcutta 400 for chucking the big plastics. But my favorite reels for straight 20 pound mono bait fishing are my Trinidad 14, and Diawa Grandwave 20, and Penn 535GS. They...
  592. Father Ken

    diesel trucks

    I have a 2005 Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel Mega Cab . 50,000 miles . No problems yet with engine or tranny . About 20 mpg average . Just getting broken in . Hopefully I will not have to buy another truck for a long time. I bought it new. Ouch !!!
  593. Father Ken

    What's the best reel for this rod?

    how about that new Abu Toro 50 or 60 ? Beefier version of the Revo Inshore. Super lightweight for tossing plastics all day !! Maybe to small for that rod ?
  594. Father Ken

    Tearing Up MDR Harbor 10-15...Gulp! Slayage!!!

    panty sniffing, gulp fishing, crocodile throwing , son of a bitch. I mean that in a good way. thanks for the laugh . those are lepoard print granny panties , or that is a 48 inch halibut.
  595. Father Ken

    Went for yellow fin 10/17/08

    LOL i was thinking the same thing. hahahahahaha. poor Shawn will never live that one down.
  596. Father Ken


    yea, those bastards will show up again and I will be a day late again, :hali_parkutuli: . hopefully this cold front will not send those yft south out and away from our local banks. not like I can afford the fuel anyways. :hali_parkutuli: I need to shut up and fish.:Exploding_Smiley:
  597. Father Ken

    YFT's on "The Procrastonator" 9/25

    Nice work Dan and Brandon. Tough day. Glad to see you put some pelagics on the new boat. Sounds like u need some trim tabs . We worked in that snot till 6 pm for nada. I have full limits of ice bags in my cooler still.
  598. Father Ken

    OC report

    great write up . I launched my skiff with a few others and pounded out to the 289 area and back. What a day. I am intrigued with the floppy tail as well.
  599. Father Ken

    I think its over at least today.

    Yes it is over for sure. I am not fishing tomorrow. I am done fishing till next summer. All lies !!! Get out there and kill .......
  600. Father Ken

    Depoe Bay Tuna (Pictures)

    you win, you are the tuna machine, not worthy , ........:frehya2:
  601. Father Ken

    Friday Cat.

    INstant wood on the Pac. Provider pics.
  602. Father Ken

    scratchy saturday 209

    ditto on the squid, we had 12 inch squid in the tuna bellys last weekend.
  603. Father Ken

    check this out guys...

    Reel porn for shure. My lunas are nice, and I have on old Grandwave 20 that keeps on ticking , so I would expect these reels to be pretty sweet. I think my next purchase ,for about a hundred dollars less though , would be the not so new Abu Revo Inshore. 20 pounds of drag in a tiny little reel...
  604. Father Ken

    182 & 181 friday

    As stated above , nice piping on your bow, killer transom shot of the swell, you are core. Thank god for the non-skunk, that is the worst feeling. See you out there next week, taking at least one more wack at the tunas this season before I go into inshore and island mode. What a great year ...
  605. Father Ken

    Angler profile: Justin reynolds.

    That was cool. Getting me hyped to fish the bass . Been targeting the pelagics all summer. We will have to try and get a BD Wall Banger going again this winter. Where can you buy those Pearl Swimmies ? Looking forward to Fishtricks, and Lil Ceez profiles . Those guys, the SB Kid , and a few...
  606. Father Ken

    Nightime Tuna, Daytime Alberts and Yellows

    hahaha. I have been spiking them in the head but could not find my prison shank. Instant kill . The best thing is when the fish has a mouth full of treble hooks from the xrap , just shank it in the brain , mouth pops right open . Easy hook removal and a quick death for the tuna. I was told a...
  607. Father Ken

    Nightime Tuna, Daytime Alberts and Yellows

    talking 4:15 am dark. no moon or stars due to marine layer dark. I wish the bite held up. I was thinking , damn, we will have limits by 6am.
  608. Father Ken

    Nightime Tuna, Daytime Alberts and Yellows

    Drifted the 302 high spot in the dark of the morning soaking sardines on one ounce weights. Chunked some sardines and chummed a little and was rewarded with a double tuna hook up in the dark. My buddy is a newbie and farmed his. Pulled the hook. I look over and he is reeling while line is...
  609. Father Ken

    Slammed the YFT on the 182 9/9/2008

    Excellent score. Your boat is fishy, literally. Great work out there. I am heading out Friday/Saturday. Tough deciding were to go. The traffic is gonna be insane out there. Planning on Launching at about 3am to get out there before the armada. Thanks for the reports and congrats on an amazing...
  610. Father Ken

    Alligator fishing

    Yee Haw ! Berder nearkikaner nearnearnikanear berder nearniknear nearnikanear. Sooo Wey . Gator Hunt . Great Front Page Post. Classic BD at its best. How do you kill the gator? 11 footer , fuck . That thing looks mean. That place looks full of life. How is the fishing now out there?
  611. Father Ken

    stupid report

    Sublime. Yoda style. You guys deserve it for alll the time you seem to spend on the water.
  612. Father Ken

    28,29,30 August

    More pictures please. The best report I have ever seen. I do not even like blondes, but damn. I like them now. The hottest chick on a BD fish report hands down. And she is a working girl ?! $1000 minimum Is my best guess. Lucky bastard. I want to party with you rockstar !
  613. Father Ken

    Rockfish out of Avila Beach

    I asked about the albacore and the Capt. said the gas would be too much to make those trips. I guess they go out west up there? anyways great town up there and nice people . good family trip.
  614. Father Ken

    Rockfish out of Avila Beach

    If you are looking for limits of rockfish head up to Avila Beach and do a half day on the Patriot. Easy limits. I was up there chilling at Avila Beach for three days with family. First time their and I am hooked. Sleepy fishing town at its best only three and half hours from Orange. Rockfishing...
  615. Father Ken

    bass fishing = rockfish

    Yummy. Good meat trip.
  616. Father Ken

    Day to Remember 8/22/08

    whooohooooo. freaking great.
  617. Father Ken

    Went long SSknoll-E B-fly then 226,182,9

    Killer pic of the hook and the sunset. almost as good as a bloodydeck. a hot chick with huge jugs would have made it better as well. sweet beer holders. i got a couple. they work great with cans, poor with bottles.
  618. Father Ken

    Short fishing video. SICK!

    ouch. need to hear they story behind that hand hook. i think about that when considering using pliers to pull the hook . the last couple times I just used the bend in the gaff hook to push the hook out of the tail. that kept my hands the fuck away from those big ol trebles.
  619. Father Ken

    8-16 226 area YFT PB for my boat

    12 knots is what , 15 MPH ? So it seems we are not that different in aproach. If my boat planed at that speed I might go a little slower. You got to work with what you got. It seems you are quite salty El Capo. Respect deserved and given. I am not one for name calling and internet arguments...
  620. Father Ken

    8-16 226 area YFT PB for my boat

    First, sorry for the thread jack. Congrats on the PB. OK. Smart Guys. You are right , I missed the coast guard class. Are you supposed to idle all the way to the 302 in the dark ? Just kidding. I can go about 8 knots the whole way and be real safe. Or about 18 MPH to plane the boat . Anything...
  621. Father Ken

    8-16 226 area YFT PB for my boat

    Yeah . I never go over 20 knots in the dark on my skiff. Usually I go about 12 knots so my bow sticks up in the air. That way I really can't see shit and I burn more gas. This also allows me to miss the greylight bite. Perfect . Seriously , everyone I know travels between 18 and 22 at night...
  622. Father Ken

    Oside Nothing but Dorado

    Exactly. Only Dorados. Life just sucks. LOL
  623. Father Ken

    8 14 230 43

    Next time. They can't all be good trips. BTW, Could be time for a Thresher trip .:boobies:
  624. Father Ken

    8/12 Went fishing caught some

    Congrats on the haul again Wild Cat. I put my fish hold to good use last weekend as well. Ahi and Mahi and Albi for dinner for the next 2 months. Birdmans' Bloodydecks Etiquette rule #1 LAME= telling someone what to do with legally caught fish.:stfu: GOOD= Bleeding and Icing Immediatley...
  625. Father Ken

    8/12 Went fishing caught some

    Yes. Wildcat. WTG. That is freaking great. All bait fish no less. SCORE.
  626. Father Ken

    371,302 albies , yellowfin, dodo , mako

    Thanks for the props dudes. What a freaking blast to hear those reels scream on the troll. Talk about adrenaline. And to have the school up on my boat crashing the bait I was throwing-- I will never forget that. Especially because I had a couple 30 pounders slapping the deck by my feet. I live...
  627. Father Ken

    371,302 albies , yellowfin, dodo , mako

    Thanks dudes. I am still grinning. If I was going tomorrow I would troll a line about a mile inside the 302 down to the 371. Big spread of fish. I can not wait to do that again. Tight Lines !
  628. Father Ken

    371,302 albies , yellowfin, dodo , mako

    Launched at 2am Sunday Morning at Shelter Island and picked up some red nosed bait . Got to the 302 and it was still dark and lumpy. Rigged the rods and started trolling at greylight. 15 minutes goes by and Dodo hook up on the silver black rapala dwon the middle. Sucker jumping 5 feet in the air...
  629. Father Ken

    Dorado and a Yellow on 10 lb test

    Great fun with the boy. I would have to say I would tighten down the drag rather than watching my reel get spooled. I guess I am a farmer .
  630. Father Ken

    7/29/08 HB Flats

    Thanks for the local report. That is good cheap fun. The turds are showing up pretty good this season. Last year was bunk. WFO turds is better than a stick in the eye. Tight Lines !
  631. Father Ken

    yakatak's 3 yr old/ Dora pole

    great work Dad . Tight Lines !
  632. Father Ken

    7/19 WSB 2-3 miles out from Nacho's

    I am so tired of people telling others what to do with their fish on this board. I personally release most calicos. But preaching on the this board is getting old and tired and ruins this place for me. This is mother fucking Bloodydecks alright. Not the , you should have released that legally...
  633. Father Ken

    Rookie mistakes!

    The lessons just keep on coming. You got some good ones out of the way. That fuel deal is screwey. Something is wrong. It takes alot of fuel to travel at 8 knots in snotty weather , but not that much. Great post. Brings back memories.
  634. Father Ken

    A day with Scribbles and the one they call Red Drum On the FU!

    Saw you guys out there in the middle of the day. Gave you the salute from my Aquasport CC. What an insane cuda bite .... Caught them on trout gear for a while for giggles. The bass went stupid for about 20 straight casts as well at one point. Almost all bass caught on the iron today. Released...