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  1. sgwill122

    Only turn 40 once…

    Tropical for sure.
  2. sgwill122

    Shimano trevala’s now breakable

    Thought I would share a Discovery I made at the boat show. I bought a couple Trevala’s and noticed one had the guides off center from the reel seat. I was not happy but quickly saw I could rotate them back in line. I checked both rods and saw they were both the same and that the blank could...
  3. sgwill122

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    If you are trying to fish Hali on the ocean we generally get 3 weekends in May if the weather is good before they shut down the season due to high participation. If the first or second weekend gets blown out because of weather the season goes much longer as most don’t plan past those first 3...
  4. sgwill122

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    I am making a lot of assumptions as I don’t know any details but guess it is a lot lighter compared to an equivalent glass boat Which would help fuel economy. The four outboards would make it a lot faster boat than any of its diesel peers. This would appeal to guys with deep pockets that wants...
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    Hey Greg do you notice any wear on your Zinc's? You might want to replace them with aluminum anodes as your outboard anodes will probably burn up a lot faster. From what I understand all outboards come with Aluminum anodes and being more reactive than zinc will go first. I did not know...
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    Ice-fish capacity

    The answer depends on who you ask. You should not have a shortage to choose from.
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    It was a great day, turned bad

    Boys you gotta keep up with the thread, I admit this is a tough one to stay on top of. To recap: Team Icemelter won the pelagic pot Merino's stepped up and volunteered to process donated fish 6 months later..... Team Icemelter is growing impatient on payout payout is clarified, no one gets...
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    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Last year area 10 was shut down already because the fishing was so hot. The irony is when fishing sucks you get lots of opportunity, seems backwards.
  9. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    Mission accomplished,, I picked up a 3-1 had truck at Costco today for $75. It will fit on the side of the truck bed plus I have needed a dolly several times and now have one.
  10. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    Thanks John, I thought you would post a pic of your sweet custom dock cart. I gotta go with something low profile or I lose cooler space in the bed. I am leaning towards a convertible hand truck.
  11. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    Thanks guys this has given me more options to consider.
  12. sgwill122

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I don't know anything but seems the most likely reason they have not been paid is the money is not there or they can't get access to it. Sad situation for sure, hope this has a happy ending!
  13. sgwill122

    dock cart recommendation

    My days of carrying loaded coolers of fish up the dock are numbered. Looking for recommendation on a cart. I am a trailer queen so looking for something compact to keep in the back of the truck bed. The foldable carts look nice and compact and I was hoping someone here had one they recommended.
  14. sgwill122

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Love the pics! I would suggest painting your anchor locker while it is open or figuring out a way to keep wet rope from sitting on bare aluminum. I had corrosion starting in mine after a year. Cleaning and painting it through my 12" access hole was not the most enjoyable experience. I...
  15. sgwill122

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Boat show is end of the month, perfect time to go compare them all. Any dealer worth working with will let you sea trial with a refundable deposit, some even arrange trials during the show. I have never ridden in a kingfisher but the narrow bottom seems like a poor design. Take your time...
  16. sgwill122

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    The adds are way more annoying in this format and I still don’t like country music.
  17. sgwill122

    Downrigger weight styles

    I like running three as well but my biggest problem is putting the middle-ish rigger back down when the same side rigger is already at depth. The flasher sometimes rotates far enough over while descending and the trailing lure hooks the already deployed side downrigger line. My middle rigger...
  18. sgwill122

    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Just checked the creel report for A10 and 22 boats interviewed from the 1st-5th and no fish reported.
  19. sgwill122

    Trailer brakes?

    7 years is impressive. I would stick with what you are doing. I have had Kodiaks SS brakes and had no problems for several years before selling the boat.
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    I agree with everyone else on the 275LHW. I have the TM275LHW(paired with Garmin 8212/GSD25) and really like it but I rarely if ever change to the low frequency. Maybe the other guys use the low frequency to pick the hali they want before dropping but I just use it to mark bottom deep...
  21. sgwill122

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Hey G, I will just leave a couple links below and let this thread resume its intended topic. If you would like to debate whether blue-green algae is a scientific misnomer feel free to send me a PM as I am sure no one else cares...
  22. sgwill122

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Just in case other folks like me are confused how algae(an aquatic plant requiring light for photosynthesis) grows in a below deck fuel tank. Apparently 'algae' is used by boaters to refer to fungus, mold and bacteria.
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    It is done

    Congrats on the beautiful ride. Just need to upgrade your tow rig.
  24. sgwill122

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Wow, that was a pretty quick education. The good news is it was not on the Ocean. Hope it’s all smooth sailing from here on out.
  25. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Moorage

    My comment was in regards to getting Lapush moorage in May now.
  26. sgwill122

    Neah Bay Moorage

    No moorage either.
  27. sgwill122

    Smoked Salmon Prep

    I leave the skin on and slice the filets to the skin but not cutting through it every 3/4 inch. I dry brine for 48 hours. This has been the easiest and best results of any method I have tried. Lots of flavor and moist. 8-1 brown sugar to granulated Costco salt, heavily coat both sides of the...
  28. sgwill122

    Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    I went crabbing Saturday. I set in a popular summer hotspot which had very few buoys around. We got 0 keepers for the first hour set. I picked up the pots and moved north a few miles and set amongst the wall to wall tribal pots, the second hour yielded 8 keepers. All the keepers were barely...
  29. sgwill122

    black friday shoppers

    Thanks for checking.
  30. sgwill122

    black friday shoppers

    Anyone shopping fishing gear today? Let me know if anyone see's the shimano trevalla 6'6"MH for under $100.
  31. sgwill122

    Paddle Boards (inflatable)

    We bought two inflatable Costco boards for $399 each. We like them but would be nice to have a removeable fin. They are very stable and lightweight.
  32. sgwill122

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Everyone I have seen fish them(including myself) lets the reel do the work. Like everyone else has said catching hali is not sporty unless hooking them shallow with light gear.
  33. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    Yes, they gave me a call telling me the same thing this year.
  34. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    I filled out a request online and then filled out the form they sent and mailed it in with my receipts. They mail a rebate check and a new form for next year so I don't need to create another online request.
  35. sgwill122

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    Just got my roadtax refund. It was 8.6% of my fuel bill. 8.6% seems low since Washington levies a .49 cent per gallon gas tax, which is about 14% at $3.50 a gallon. We have the third highest gas tax rate in the Nation. Would be nice to get all the 14% back but I will take what I can get.
  36. sgwill122

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    I am sure the perch won’t live long term in salt but they stay lively in the 10-30 minutes it takes to become ling lunch. I keep them in 20 gallons of fresh water in the boat on the trip out. You need an aerator or agitate the water regularly. people should keep them for fertilizer if...
  37. sgwill122

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    Cool event! What do you do with all the perch? I know there is an overabundance of them in the lake and have always been told not to throw them back. They are good eating but a pain to filet especially the smaller they are. I have kept them alive in a 50 gallon barrel and used them for live...
  38. sgwill122


    Agree on the 15ft mono topshot. You can run mono or braid but everyone needs to be running the same thing. Braid will saw off mono in no time. I prefer braid on all reels as I never have to replace it, no memory issues, and it is smaller diameter which equals less drag on swimmers.
  39. sgwill122

    Fishing the San Juan islands

    San Juan’s are awesome for saltwater boating. Fishing can be good when you are allowed to fish which is less and less recently. All rockfish are off limits, but we do have excellent sand dab fishery and a 6 week ling season but is restricted to a max of 120ft. Salmon season is unpredictable...
  40. sgwill122


    X3- yes on gentle thumbing when letting the bait run, no on thumbing a fish while playing. Sounds like you are talking about casting. If you are using new 30-40# mono then you have a birdsnest booby trap until the line has time to conform to the new reel spool. Thicker braid is the easier to...
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    Best tool for the job?

    They are sweet!
  42. sgwill122

    Too Soon? :)

    I thought you were gonna post a SST shot.
  43. sgwill122

    Kicker wouldn't start

    I agree sitting is the worst thing. I did some googling today and see there is a neutral sensor/switch in the remote shifter which I think is my culprit. I found several threads with similar descriptions today. I did not hear the motor making any noise when turning the key so I do not think...
  44. sgwill122

    Kicker wouldn't start

    I dropped by the lake on the way home from Seattle yesterday to run the motors. I had not run my kicker for a couple of months as the last few trips had been for tuna. My 9.9 Yamaha kicker is key start with remote throttle/shifter. The kicker would not turn over when I turned the key. I...
  45. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    Trailered the boat to Seattle today and got the side holders welded on. I worked from the laptop while I waited and it was done by noon. I ended up replacing the originals with larger diameter flared holders. The net handle was a tight fit in the original holders but easily comes in and out...
  46. sgwill122


    I would melt them down as well but pretty sweet offer.
  47. sgwill122

    Best information I could ever pass on

    I just called Pete and switched. He got me slightly better coverage and saved me over 10% on my last policy. Thanks Pete!
  48. sgwill122

    Halibut 2020

    Email sent. 6-fish would be great!
  49. sgwill122


    Yes, I spent a few weeks playing with it. It is just too unreliable.
  50. sgwill122


    I bought the small traeger and have had terrible luck on low temp smoking, the flame goes out or smoker gets too hot. Maybe the bigger models are better. I only smoke with my big chief, had it for almost ten years now.
  51. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    Update on my holders, I got both sides cut off and sanded down. I gave Nick a call since so many folks had great things to say about him. Very nice guy to talk to and he even offered to trailer my boat to his shop if I left at his place in Edmonds. He is booked through the first week of...
  52. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    Hey Nick where are you located and whats your number?
  53. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    What is Nick's business name/number? I am going to call 3Rivers first just because they are 10 minutes down the road.
  54. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    I got antsy tonight and took a laser to the welds but it did not do a damn thing(never listen to Nineball). So I took a grinder to it and then sanded down to 220 and hit it with scotch brite. I nicked it twice but not too bad. I want to have the side holders welded with one inch standoffs on...
  55. sgwill122

    Best tool for the job?

    I want to cut off my side rod holders and wanted to know what is the best tool to cut the welds? A grinder with a cutting disc or hack saw or other? Once cut what is the best method to clean up the remaining welds(sanding disc on grinder?) I never use the angle rod holders and find them a...
  56. sgwill122

    Charter recommendation - Seattle in November

    Eric is being far too harsh. We have a world famous sand dab fishery, green ling, pile perch, bullhead, squid and in some areas crab. The great news is most of it can be caught from the dock. Unfortunately our weather and saltwater fishing opportunities suck November-December.
  57. sgwill122

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    I imagine it went something like this... guy1 ‘Hey what happens when I push this button’ guy2 ‘nooooooooo!’
  58. sgwill122

    9/19 area 10 report

    I often keep my fish alive. Only downside is they recuperate and can be a challenge to dispatch at the end of the day.
  59. sgwill122

    Reels, Reels and more Reels

    Hey Mike I will take two of your blue Avet MXL's. Sent you a PM.
  60. sgwill122

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    It is gonna be tough staying home especially hearing the hurt you continue to put on em. Thanks for all the help this year.
  61. sgwill122

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    We saw the bright half moon driving into Westport and said pretty much the same thing.
  62. sgwill122

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    45 miles from the end of the Jetty. We saw jumpers for several miles on the run in. Fish were all over just not biting aggressively till late in the day, weird that a tuna would pass up a free lunch midday.
  63. sgwill122

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Made one more tuna trip yesterday as I heard there was bait still available and fish still on the chew. We were the only boat getting ice at 5:30am and there were only a couple boats at the launch. We thought it was a little weird seeing so few boats but we ran into several leaving the bait...
  64. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    See you out there John. Feel free to cozy up if you run across us and we are stopped.
  65. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    You running again Mike? It is crazy that it diverged this morning. Looks like it might be a bit choppy in the morning.
  66. sgwill122

    Tuna Thursday

    Pretty darn cool. Cedar plug right?
  67. sgwill122

    Long hunt for the Albies

    I think Bob's suggestion on carrying bait (frozen bait if you can not do live) could have turned things on for you. Late season tuna are known for being a bait show. I have missed Mark from the Sea stories, seems like you are picking up where he left off.
  68. sgwill122

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Seems like a lot of guys have moved onto hunting. Planning my last tuna run this Saturday. Anybody else running?
  69. sgwill122

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Nicely done. When did you get most the fish(morning of afternoon)? Planning my last trip this Saturday, hope the bait holds out. My usual trip is a whole lot of nothing in the morning.
  70. sgwill122

    Awesome 9/30/2019 SST & Chloro Charts

    Looks like a great time! You hear anything on how much bait is left when you loaded up?
  71. sgwill122

    Ice Tote

    Check out Smak plastics, they are out of Vancouver, WA. I believe Englunds carries their totes. I just picked up the half tote and really like it.
  72. sgwill122


    Congrats on the repower, they look sweet!
  73. sgwill122

    WP live bait - the real scoop

    Sweet, wish I had known this a few days ago. Hoping the bait holds out till the next weather window.
  74. sgwill122

    Logging in

    I just fixed mine on my Windows PC. I opened the setting on my browser(Edge) and went to the 'Privacy & Security' tab, clicked on the 'Choose what to Clear' and saw someone had checked browsing history, usernames and password boxes. I unchecked the boxes and back to normal now. It has to be a...
  75. sgwill122

    Tuna Tuesday?

    You obviously have not met Patrick. He helps out sporties all the time. The charters are the guys getting sportsmen without experience, ocean boat, or who just want a pro experience on fish. Not sure why you are picking a internet brawl with a nice guy that has nothing to do with handing...
  76. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    David- The cleaner and wax are all yours. Gary- You can have both Zebco's and if the other two are not spoken for you can take two for spares. PM me for my address.
  77. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    I would like to think there is one more trip in the cards. Just depends on a nice weather window and bait availability. I will ping you if one comes together.
  78. sgwill122

    New 17” aluminum R and L rotation props

    Solas Mitas 17” R and L aluminum props. Never used still in the box. I bought them as backup props and never used them. $125 for both.
  79. sgwill122

    Free prop, kids poles, sea star piston and stuff

    Everything below free 4 kids poles with zebco reels 15p quicksilver prop, it has some paint missing but no damage to the aluminum Sea star piston for inboard. Misc boat cleaner/wax/steering fluid
  80. sgwill122

    Saturday Tuna Report

    My insurance policy has a line in it that says I am not covered if towing another vessel. I have never towed out in the open ocean. Would love to hear more from folks that know what they are doing. Definitely weird response from the coasties, I assume they would have towed him in if he did...
  81. sgwill122

    Saturday Tuna Report

    Sweet trip! There was definitely a metric crap ton of fish in the area. Very nice of the Finatic, hope the guy made it worth his efforts, probly tough to get a private boater compensated from your insurance tow coverage.
  82. sgwill122

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    Most folks I talked to today killed it. It was great weather and we had an awesome crew including my old man recently back in action from shoulder surgery @Salmon King @Kettel O' Fish @ttcustomz. We had 64 by 11:30. Definitely a mixed bag of fish at the end we were releasing the smalls...
  83. sgwill122

    Logging in

    Same here but on just one PC.
  84. sgwill122

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Hopefully they are just dumb not devious which is marginally better. I am leaning heavily towards dumb after seeing the fish they kept, only one chrome fish.
  85. sgwill122

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    This. Look at for Saturday and look 60NM off the coast through the entire day and you will see the wind picks up way out as the day progresses. I check NOAA pinpoint for the swell height and interval. See you guys out there, as always on 68 and willing to share reports.
  86. sgwill122

    Sucia Island Report

    Great write up, I love your optimism. Bellingham bay as you saw can have some pretty gnarly water. Your girlfriend sounds like she is a keeper.
  87. sgwill122

    2014 26’ North River Offshore

    Nice well equipped boat barely broken in, only thing wrong is the time of year, hopefully somebody has been waiting for this and snaps it up.
  88. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna 9-13-19 Piggies

    Nice job. How was the water? The forecast was calling for a 7ft swell at 11 seconds but your pictures make it look pretty nice.
  89. sgwill122

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Thanks, I am taking the last four guys Sunday. Now gotta line up my deck hand.
  90. sgwill122

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    Do they still need boats for Sunday? Send me contact info.
  91. sgwill122

    Pair of YAMAHA SDS Reliance Props

    I am interested. Sending PM.
  92. sgwill122

    SoCal Newbie Seeks Advice

    This is a sweet offer, can't really get better intel if your running out of Ilwaco.
  93. sgwill122

    R.I.P. 007...

    Very how bout the story how it broke? Marlin, Mako or someone decided it was a jackpole?
  94. sgwill122

    2002 Rampage

    Looks like a great fishing machine!
  95. sgwill122

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Free and you call dibs on the catch

    Wow, great offer and I agree with Leif you are one of very few people that takes feedback to heart, hope you get lots of takers on your generous offer. I am sure most guys will insist on contributing to the costs.
  96. sgwill122

    Tuna Run Friday

    Nice job getting the new boat bloody.
  97. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    To get to max cooling effect of -6F you need 23% salt by volume. Seawater is 3.2% salt and has a freezing point of 28F. You would need approximately 3.5 cups of salt per gallon of water to get it down to -6F. The temperature drop is linear as you add more salt. You need to figure out how...
  98. sgwill122

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    most of your post was fine, splitting costs is very common and letting folks know what to expect even better. Your policy of getting first dibs is what most of us find odd. Splitting 50/50 would be the way to go, it takes maybe two minutes to filet a salmon. As you probably picked up most of...
  99. sgwill122

    Salmon Rules and Regulations question?

    It's legal. Ron has good eyes. In Washington waters where a saltwater license is valid, each angler aboard a vessel may continue to deploy angling gear or shellfish gear until the daily limit of fish and shellfish for all anglers aboard has been achieved. Not sure if that was the answer you...
  100. sgwill122

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Your boat your rules, hopefully you get some takers. Maybe if you were less concerned about which fish you took home you would have more buddies lining up to fish.
  101. sgwill122

    looking for bent butt rod and old 50 or 80 series reel

    I have a extra heavy 5'8" ugly stick missing the top six inches(now 5'2") you are welcome to have, I actually have two to choose from or take both. I am in Redmond.
  102. sgwill122

    This year's tuna lures

    I obviously suck at the conversions so need as many at bats as possible. The sand eels have been the most popular last two trips.
  103. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    Tim was right, salt does not decrease the temperature of ice, it decreases the freezing point of water. Adding salt definitely cools your fish faster assuming you have ice that is significantly below 32 degrees. If your ice is at or very near 32 degrees salt will do almost nothing. If you use...
  104. sgwill122

    Ice at west port

    This year I crossed at low tide when there was no swell and marked 4 feet. If there had been a 4 foot swell I would have had a problem in the trough. Next time I am out in flat water I want to do more mapping farther out. The 4 foot deep spot seems to be a bit of a pinnacle(in the pic below...
  105. sgwill122

    Labor Day love

    Nicely done and great pics. You had better water South, our water was not bad just not flat. We ran north with a lot of other folks. Early in the morning we had a thresher shark in our troll spread trying to wack our cedar plug with his long tail. It was cool to watch his giant tail slapping...
  106. sgwill122

    Lowrance Network Cable needed in Westport

    John you looking for a NMEA2000 cable or Lowrance specific? If NMEA how long do you need, I have one on hand and will be leaving shortly.
  107. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    Thanks, hope to see you out there tomorrow John. Boat is finally named, Lady Karen. I will give you a call on 68 if we do not see you.
  108. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    A bunch of Oregon boats are out at 04/40, about 65miles SW. Hoping we get some decent reports today. I was thinking of heading to 25/45 and making my way SW. Give me a call on 68 if your within range, we should be pulling out of the harbor just after 6:00am.
  109. sgwill122

    Ice at west port

    I would not sweat tomorrow, Westport seafood is open at 5:00am which is the only option for flake. Get your ice at at 5:00am, climb the jetty and look at the bar after you get ice and decide if you want to grab some breakfast while you wait. I bet it is going to be flat tororrow.
  110. sgwill122

    Ice at west port

    I am confused by your question. You plan to run two hours in the dark instead of braving the bar with very little swell and no wind In the forecast? To answer your question you would probably need to find a gas station with ice or run to Walmart in Aberdeen.
  111. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    I can guarantee gas will be burned, ice melted and anchovies killed, anything more will be gravy.
  112. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    I pulled my deck and saw there is 1/2" foam stuck on the underside of fish box at least on my 2016 duck. I am sure your original guess was on target that water was washing in from your side drain melting your ice. My ice lasts more than 24 hours in the fish hold. I have to fill it with a...
  113. sgwill122

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    Does anyone know if ice and bait are open tomorrow(labor day)? I tried calling but got a machine.
  114. sgwill122

    Watch out - Carrie’s Bait Boy is behind the wheel

    Nicely done finding the elusive kings. The pic looks like 3 kings or a really nice coho.
  115. sgwill122

    Tuna Sunday:)

    I heard at least one of the the six packs cancelled today. Surprised they would have got it wrong.
  116. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    I generally ice up the morning of. Plugging your front drains will solve your ice problem. The lid of the fish box is pushed open slightly from air spring and then when you have waves hitting the side drains pushing water onto your deck and into your fishbox. I bet removing the fishbox...
  117. sgwill122

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    Looks like a good window. I am slightly tempted, it would be cool to fish till dark and first light. Looking forward to the report.
  118. sgwill122

    Ice failure

    I always plug my forward scuppers(drains). I only pull the plugs temporarily if I am washing the deck while not moving. I don't think you are going to be able to seal the fish box lid. I would have the same problem if I did not plug the forward drains. Do your back scuppers not work? I...
  119. sgwill122

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Windy is calling 10-12knt at 2:00 depending how far south you are. In my experience Windy has been pretty accurate but this will probably change by tomorrow.,45.947,-124.942,8,m:eV6acGO
  120. sgwill122

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    Did the whole overnight thing just fall a part ?
  121. sgwill122

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Till 2:00 and then the wind will pickup. I can’t hook a fish till after 2:00 :(
  122. sgwill122

    Sonar interference from another vessel?

    Good question, I run chirp and see interference with others near me, I need to try adjusting the frequency.
  123. sgwill122

    1106 or 2106 ???

    I swapped to the 2106's this year. I love the retrieve speed but have had a couple issues so far. Both my digital counters have failed but were replaced by Scotty, I have had a belt fail on me and had a intermittent issue with the retrieve button on one of them which I have not figured out...
  124. sgwill122

    8/25 Ilawco Tuna

    I had a trophy 2359 which I bet had a similar layout. I put 30 fish on it several times. I ran out with coolers on the back deck and then put them in the vberth and aisle of the cabin while fishing. You had to climb over them to get to the wheel while trolling but way better than a cluttered...
  125. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    The half tote would likely not fit in the back of a Subaru and the trip needs to happen on a weekday(a detail I left off). I think Ryan will probably be able to hook me up. Thanks for the offer.
  126. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    Sweet, I will text you.
  127. sgwill122

    Anyone planning a trip to Vancouver/Portland?

    Anyone planning a trip in their truck near Vancouver, Wa with space in their bed. I won the sweet smack plastics 165 quart cooler from the WTC food drive John put together. Smack plastics is willing to upgrade me to a half tote for a fee but I obviously have to bring the fishbox down to them...
  128. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Those are some beautiful fish marks. I mistyped my ducer, it is a Airmar TM275 Wide Broadband CHIRP. I originally ordered the 265 before I heard about the wider cone option and cancelled for the 275.
  129. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Garmin TM265LH. The CH270 looks pretty dang cool.
  130. sgwill122

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    We ended up with a bunch of boats around 10:00am last Saturday. We saw there were three big charter boats in the mix. We noticed the big boats seemed to run up and stop and put lines out and repeat and were catching some fish as we saw waving nets. We were trolling in the area for a couple...
  131. sgwill122

    Westport Salmon

    We ran in at noon, started at the windmills at 150ft of water and trolled south till we hit Willapa. We caught 4 coho one of which had an extra fin, all but one was near 10lbs. It was a nice troll South but the run back was bumpy. On our way back we cut the jetty and the first couple waves...
  132. sgwill122

    SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    We missed the morning bite as we were late to the game but made up for it by staying late, we put on 24 after 2pm, we ended at 25/50.
  133. sgwill122

    Any salmon reports for Westport this weekend?

    Thanks for the report, wish it were better. I am hoping to stick around to try salmon sunday but am not willing to run 30+ miles for coho.
  134. sgwill122

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    We will be on 68 planning to run SW unless I hear a better plan between now and then, I will respond to 'Lady Karen', 'Duckworth Steve', or 'Hey Asshole get off my baitstop'.
  135. sgwill122

    Best fish sealer

    I will gladly take them off your hands.
  136. sgwill122

    Saturday 8-24 CR

    I am fishing tomorrow but I would not take my wife and daughters tomorrow as they would not enjoy it. There will be a decent swell with some wind waves. I only take the wife and daughters when the water is flat. We had a ton of pond water days over the last month hopefully there are more to...
  137. sgwill122

    Best fish sealer

    I am sure the VP is awesome but I don't see how it can be cheaper than my $50 Foodsaver which is going on six years. If retort is your goal then you gotta spend the $. Foodsaver bags are spendy. I switched to Amazon knockoffs and spend $30 a year for 200 precut 8X12 bags which makes life so...
  138. sgwill122

    New official world record Redbanded rockfish

    Congrats! Looks like it could be a big goldfish.
  139. sgwill122

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    Planning a trip for this Saturday. Anybody else running and willing to network.
  140. sgwill122

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    Agreed, that is a great price for a sweet ride.
  141. sgwill122

    Yellow surface spots on tuna
  142. sgwill122

    Area 7 salmon is hot today.

    I am sure they are just fishing area 11 fish that got lost.
  143. sgwill122

    OH FOR PETE'S SAKE............(keeping it family friendly)

    I agree with Ryan, get the factory manual. You have three options at this point, get rid of your inboard and convert to outboard, get used to writing checks or get used to dropping the outdrive(it is a annual maintenance item). Replacing the bellows is not fun but not terrible if you have the...
  144. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna 8/11-12/19

    I agree with Eric, you guys are hard core overnighting in a 20 with 4 guys. Would you have run in if you caught 15 the first day? Great report.
  145. sgwill122

    First family tuna run

    Took me a couple minutes to figure that one out.
  146. sgwill122

    Kill or no kill

    Are there any Washington regs on the subject? If legal I would keep the first one.
  147. sgwill122

    First family tuna run

    We did have just enough ice but I did head the fish to make sure. As we were unloading fish after pulling the boat a random guy stopped by to talk fishing. He had a truck bed full of fresh flake ice and asked if we wanted any. He said he was driving by Westport seafood and was asked if he...
  148. sgwill122

    WTC results 2019

    Congrats on the Bluefin, that is awesome! We headed in the same time as you guys and we thought we were moving at a pretty quick clip but soon felt like a slow boat as you guys left us in the dust. How fast were you guys moving?
  149. sgwill122

    First family tuna run

    Took my family for their first ever tuna run after promising to do so for the last three years. I had been waiting for decent fishing, weather reports and time off to line up which happened last Friday. My criteria for a successful trip was nice water, 1 albecore and a shark sightings...
  150. sgwill122

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    My wife was thrilled to learn she won the cooler. John did the detective work and notified me last night and even dropped off the cooler on his way home this morning. Thanks again for organizing the food drive!!!
  151. sgwill122

    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    We had a similar experience yesterday. We got called in to weigh our fish with another boat. We headed into the marina to offload at no-wake speeds and the other boat behind us passed us just as we were entering the marina blasting a huge wake. He went on to awkwardly pass two other...
  152. sgwill122

    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    I think most of us were looking for something more like this.
  153. sgwill122

    CR tuna fishing is pretty good.

    Sound like a lot of fun. Thanks for the report!
  154. sgwill122

    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    Pretty cool, were you guys chasing the fish which made for the curly track or did someone think they were playing Pac-Man with the joystick? Gotta be some kind of record just playing one in Washington waters. Seems like the commercial guys would hook one once in a while.
  155. sgwill122

    Westport Kings

    Ten king limit would not change much, but gives a man hope. Thanks for posting.
  156. sgwill122

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    Best solution is to get sandbags to put ice in which then goes into the cooler. Then you can pull out bags to make room for fish and then drop the bags on the deck to break up before dumping on the fish. Also much easier to move ice around instead of having to chisel out the amount you need...
  157. sgwill122

    Tuna Tuesday

    Beautiful bloody deck.
  158. sgwill122

    Tuna WP 8/6

    Nice, catching tuna 35 miles out is pretty sweet.
  159. sgwill122

    Fish ID needed!

    They are native and very prolific, copy and paste from Northern Pikeminnow eat millions of salmon and steelhead juveniles each year in the Columbia and Snake River systems. The goal of the program is not to eliminate Northern Pikeminnow, but rather to reduce the average size and...
  160. sgwill122

    Tuna Saturday

    Thanks for the report. The albacore population still has not recovered from the hurt you put on them last week.
  161. sgwill122

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    Went out tonight, ended up with one fish. Fish checker congratulated us on the fish and said it was pretty slow today.
  162. sgwill122

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    One of the most unique parts of this trip is we heard two sonic booms mid afternoon. Most of us had never heard one before and thought a engine exploded or North Korea was launching missiles but fortunately we had a pilot on board who identified it.
  163. sgwill122

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    Adding a few more details although a little late. We decided to run to the corners (46/125) as we heard there was some decent reports the day before. We stopped about 10 miles short and continued to troll that way. Within a few minutes we hooked a fish and crackered it at the boat shaking...
  164. sgwill122

    Where was this sumbitch...

    That’s what she said...
  165. sgwill122

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Paypal is a hell of a lot easier than making a costco run. Sent you a PM John, thanks for organizing this as usual.
  166. sgwill122

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    I pulled the floor on mine and saw the fish hold has thin foam stuck to the outside. Wish they would have gone thicker but maybe it would not have stayed on.
  167. sgwill122

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    I have a crew and will be running. Happy to network on the water. I am hoping we will need a full tote of ice. I sent you a PM with my number.
  168. sgwill122

    Loaded the boat.

    Just awesome! Thanks for posting.
  169. sgwill122

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    Very nicely priced, gonna be a great deal for someone.
  170. sgwill122

    Westport reports

    Sounds like it would be closer to launch from Lapush.
  171. sgwill122

    Tuna are here!!

    How about number of tuna encountered? Did somebody find Nemo or the whole school?
  172. sgwill122

    Aluminum Boat - Anode Type - Which One is best?

    Which style of anodes do guys use on trim tabs? The round pucks, tear drops or the bars?
  173. sgwill122

    West of the 126...Eh

    Nice haul and great pics.
  174. sgwill122


    I want to hear the rest of the story.
  175. sgwill122

    Rupp Outrigger Set

    Pretty sweet ride! What does that cruise at and whats the burn rate?
  176. sgwill122

    Westport 7/13-14

    Looks like the kids had a great time. Thanks for the report. Crazy to hear boats are running 40 miles for coho.
  177. sgwill122

    A little late neah Bay and sekiu

    Nice report and congrats on your engagement. You were mostly right on the black cod except halibut are not considered a bottomfish so you could have kept a few more Black cod but looks like you had plenty. I copy and pasted from the regs below. Bottomfish Includes Pacific cod, Pacific tomcod...
  178. sgwill122

    Westport 7/13-14

    Great report Paul. The salmon seem to be playing hide n seek this year.
  179. sgwill122

    WP 7/13

    Thanks for the report. Love your dedication to getting it done, many of my trips end in the dark.
  180. sgwill122

    Where and what to fish for?

    Halibut is closed. Not sure what you mean by inexpensive charter but Westport is your best bet for charter and fishing options for salmon/ling/rockfish and maybe albacore if they show up. Lapush and Neah are also options but a whole lot smaller towns with fewer charter options.
  181. sgwill122

    A7 love

    Nice fish! You are gonna need a new punch card soon.
  182. sgwill122

    Ocean Chinook

    Crazy. Seems like dynamite could solve things quickly.
  183. sgwill122

    Where is the condos and Lighthouse?

    Not sure why you would launch in Illwaco and fish North of Westport. Most reports on here are guys running way north or south from Westport to find fish.
  184. sgwill122

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Thanks for the report even though it is not good yet.
  185. sgwill122

    USA/Canada Swiftsure border?

    I was unaware there was a dispute. Found an article explaining it.
  186. sgwill122

    Offshore weather looks nice this weekend

    We need a pilot on the hunt. I look forward to reading your report.
  187. sgwill122

    Neah Bay for newbies

    Took the whole family to Neah for the first time hoping to see the whale show, catch a few fish, and check out the beaches and hikes. Neah delivered, the one thing we could not do was find an open firework stand on the 5th, which was always the best day to buy when I was a kid. We got there...
  188. sgwill122

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    I have not seen a fish checker or spotter plane in Neah so not sure how they figure their participation number and whether guys are keeping coho as part of their limit. A lot of guys out last week were chasing hali. No doubt everyone is catching but how do they know how many boats? The...
  189. sgwill122


    Surprised we did not hear stories about people doing a bit of prospecting after they got their Hali's last week.
  190. sgwill122

    26 osprey repower

    Wow, those rudes are efficient, I get 2.1-.2 on my 200 yami's at 10MPH less.
  191. sgwill122

    Neah Anhile....

    We had the same experience. I planned a trip with my boys and David @bdrlgion and his soon-to-be wife to Westport for Hali and Salmon for this last weekend but saw Greg's @tacklejacked report on fish showing in Neah and changed plans to Neah. Plus getting to share water with Kurt and Thapp was...
  192. sgwill122

    Neah Hali...

    Nicely done!!! Looks like offshore?
  193. sgwill122

    Time for new tabs

    In case anyone else is like me and is always surprised it is end of June already. Time to renew your boat registration before you go fishing next week.
  194. sgwill122

    Looking to buy a boat

    September-Dec are probably the best buying months used or new. I think Yamaha gives you 5 year warranties buying new in October(which I missed buying in September). If we ever cross paths this summer you are welcome to test drive my 28 duck.
  195. sgwill122

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Well done, had the hot hand this weekend. Sounds like most folks struggled.
  196. sgwill122

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Nice fish and great report!
  197. sgwill122

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    It sounds like Raider is trying to do foam right. As long as it is not in contact with any surfaces in the bilge that could obstruct water flow. Not sure how it does over 10 or 20 years. Most boats will get water in the bilge. Sounds like Northriver may have it figure out. Would love to...
  198. sgwill122

    Nanoos Tuna Fishers Web App

    Rod- I agree about NOAA's 10-60 mile forecasts being not super useful but they also offer pinpoint forecasts based on a clickable map location. I would guess most forecasting sites are using NOAA data for their forecast models. They definitely could make a better user interface like Nanoos...
  199. sgwill122

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Beautiful fish. How was the water? Many boats out?
  200. sgwill122

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    I would ask if he has run e10? Seems like 1987 gas lines were not made with ethonal in mind. If you do pick it up stay e-free.
  201. sgwill122

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    That looks like a well taken care of boat. If it has been stored indoors for 30 years someone has to be excited about getting some garage space back. It does not look like it has been in the water much.
  202. sgwill122

    Albacore dip

    Interesting read, thanks for posting. Hope he is wrong but at least he has a guess which is more than I have. He finishes the article commenting the South Pacific fishery is starting the year off well.
  203. sgwill122

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    We were hoping to hit the banks for hali and king but the forecast is looking a bit sporty Saturday afternoon into Sunday so looking like we will try again next weekend. I have moorage arranged I will be cancelling if anyone is heading to Neah and needs a spot.
  204. sgwill122

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    It does not appear to matter, just make sure you mark 13 on your card.
  205. sgwill122

    Piggy Lingcod

    No tuna???
  206. sgwill122

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    Braid, double up the last 10ft or use tuna cord and you will lose very few balls. Braid advantages are it is thinner, no hum, you can re-tie on the fly, very long spool life(going on 10 years). I believe newer cable has longer spool life but I had heard it should be replaced every 1-2 years...
  207. sgwill122

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    Nice fish! Love the pandemonium after the fish gets gaffed.
  208. sgwill122

    Swinomish crabbing 8-1

    It is crazy that the tribes fish first and do it for money. Sportsmen do it for love of the resource and personal consumption and always gets the shaft. The history books should teach this modern day role role reversal.
  209. sgwill122

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    +1 on shimano trevalas, I also fish Okuma Cedros but prefer the lighter shimano. They can be had for $110 without any discount.
  210. sgwill122

    F'ing chipmunk

    Can't believe he sits on the trigger and does not activate it. Would it make sense to put the bait behind the trigger so he has to walk over it?
  211. sgwill122

    F'ing chipmunk

    Hope your 5 gallon water traps work on the squirrels as mine did not. I use one in my boat barn to keep the mice population down. Lately my squirrel has been licking the peanut butter clean every day and on top of that has been stealing my rat bait and hiding it in the woodpile. He has...
  212. sgwill122

    F'ing chipmunk

    Time to hook a dryer hose to your cars exhaust pipe and plumb it to your crawl space. Then pitch a tent in the yard for a family campout overnight and problem solved, if that does not work then back to burning the house down. Can't wait to see how this story ends, keep the updates coming.
  213. sgwill122

    Beat This Local Knowledge (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks for posting some cool photo's. I need to get my boat a "Research" placard.
  214. sgwill122

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Was the weather bad both openers memorial day weekend or did fishing just not work out with the family in tow?
  215. sgwill122

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    Agreed, I kept one once, must have just gotten unlucky but it had the most worms of any fish I have ever seen. I tried to remove the worms but the fillet started looking like swiss cheese and I still had a lot of worms to go, I gave up and chucked the whole thing. That one fish was enough to...
  216. sgwill122

    26 osprey repower

    Very nice, that has to feel like a whole new boat with the additional power and deckspace. Will be interesting to hear how it handles with the new bracket and motors.
  217. sgwill122

    F'ing chipmunk

    If you are planning a trip to Redmond any time soon I have a dual door that has caught a lot of squirrels that you are welcome to use.
  218. sgwill122

    F'ing chipmunk

    Man you have some bad luck, both your dog and gun appear to be broken.
  219. sgwill122

    F'ing chipmunk

    I have caught a lot of squirrels with peanut butter but sounds like yours has been educated. Worst case just make sure the house is current on homeowners insurance and burn it down.
  220. sgwill122

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    You guys are just teasing us with these fish stories and no pics. Problem with a 20lb cabezon is 18lbs of it is head.
  221. sgwill122

    painting anchor locker

    That's the recommendation I got, just wanted Bob's blessing or correction. How long have you had the bed liner on for? My deck paint lasted two years before I started seeing chips show up.
  222. sgwill122

    painting anchor locker

    I am planning to paint my aluminum anchor locker to prevent pitting from wet anchor line. I was told to scotch brite all the surfaces then hit with Zinc Primer(Green Zinc Phosphate) and paint with bed liner. I have not seen zinc primer recommended from any of Bob's threads so was hoping to...
  223. sgwill122

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    Similar drive time from Redmond to both launches but I also prefer Washington State Park. The Parks boat ramp is currently half the size it used to be due to winter storm damage.
  224. sgwill122

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    we got launched tonight at 9:00 and there were only three spots left in the paved lot. Two of which were almost unusable due to guys parking over the line. Definitely a popular launch, we would have been screwed showing up tomorrow. Thanks for the warning.
  225. sgwill122

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    You across the bar yet?
  226. sgwill122

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Depends what you define as chance. I caught my biggest hali on the inside straits but I have had plenty of zero's as well. Odds are better on the open Ocean.
  227. sgwill122

    Anybody have any experience with Garmin brushless a/p “smart” pump.

    Are you running the Garmin smart pump? If not which pump are you using?
  228. sgwill122

    Has anyone seen this pic?

    What do you do if you catch a yellow eye on the port side of the boat and your downrigger/descender is on the starboard side? Do you get up on the gunnel and walk around the perimeter of your boat holding your fish away from the boat as you work it around your outboards to make sure you don't...
  229. sgwill122

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    Thanks guys, I will be there early Saturday or late Friday.
  230. sgwill122

    So Cal going to Everret

    Ling fishing in the Sound this late in the season is a low probability fishery, decreasing every day. Possession would be the easiest for that size of boat but also the lowest probability. Closest spot for Halibut is probably Mutiny bay but your chances get better the farther out on the...
  231. sgwill122

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    Look at a site like to get a visual on the forecast. I really do not like NOAA's forecast as it gives the worse scenario for a large area(10-60NM). I fished the first four openers and Windy was pretty accurate each day. I would have stayed home on two of the openers if I just used...
  232. sgwill122

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    Planning to do some boat camping in the Juans this weekend. Thought I would launch out of Squalicum. Does the parking lot fill up on busy weekends or can you normally find a spot. Trying to figure out if I need to leave early to make sure I can get a spot or if I can take my time? Appreciate...
  233. sgwill122

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    Looks like they already made up new numbers for the May 9 and 11th.
  234. sgwill122

    Open seat lapuss

    Kurt is great, I have fished with him a lot of times. He fishes hard, does not get sick and is a machine with a filet knife.
  235. sgwill122

    Ocean hali/ling report

    This was a weird year. First Thursday and Saturday openers were slow and smaller on the hali's but the lings were easy and larger average sizes, then the next week the hali's were easy and the lings were slow. We had 5-6 guys fishing each day which made for a full day. I do owe someone a...
  236. sgwill122

    Predators eating adult salmon

    I am sure the fish were at least slowed down by the tags making them easier targets.
  237. sgwill122

    No floaters!

    0/12, I love being consistent.
  238. sgwill122

    Ugly stik repair

    I did not realize it was 7 years, I gotta give em a call tomorrow. I broke four inches off the end of another ugly stik while jigging a 2 pound pipe.
  239. sgwill122

    Ugly stik repair

    This last hali trip I had a ugly stik malfunction, the foam grip above the reel gave loose and spins around the rod. It makes holding the pole awkward as the reel can shift side to side as the foam pad spins. I was thinking of squirting super glue inside the foam hoping it would lock it in...
  240. sgwill122

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    Congrats on the cool boat!
  241. sgwill122

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Paul thanks again for sharing Mark's Ling cerviche. All three of us came home and made our own today. Definitely one of my favorite dishes.
  242. sgwill122

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Opening day on the Corner looked busy as ever but every hali day after looked light as did the launch and retrieve lines in Lapush. Last Saturday a spotter plane did a fly over but I have not been visited by a fish checker this year. I assume folks are counting on a longer season and not...
  243. sgwill122

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Thanks, will definitely stop by.
  244. sgwill122

    23 ft Duckworth Sinks Near Desception Pass 5/2/19 One Fatality

    We launched from Cornet a few years ago late afternoon having driven over the bridge and could see caps on the water but thought it looked doable from over a 100ft up. Once we cleared the pass the waves got bigger and stacked up very quickly. I have seen a lot of ocean conditions but what we...
  245. sgwill122

    LaPush opener/report

    This explains why the launch lines were not terrible out of Lapush.
  246. sgwill122

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Hey Paul- we have one of the two bedroom cabins along the beach. I wont get in till late Wednesday. I will give you a shout on the VHF on Thursday and we can trade secrets on 68.
  247. sgwill122

    Ocean hali/ling report

    With only six arms it would be called a sextapuss which sounds much more interesting.
  248. sgwill122

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Had a fishing buddy cancel for this Thursday due to work so I have an open spot. PM me if you are interested.
  249. sgwill122

    Ocean hali/ling report

    That is so cool, do you have video? That must have been a tough job getting the hooks out.
  250. sgwill122

    Ocean hali/ling report

    Fished Thursday through Friday on the Ocean. We slept in Thursday morning and launched at 8:00 to avoid the launch lines which mostly worked except for the boat in front of us lost a trailer tire when he turned into the launch. Took us over 2 hours of running in lumpy water to get out to the...
  251. sgwill122

    looking for La Push runing partner for may1st,2nd&4th

    Gonna be pretty tough to find a last minute buddy boat as you are likely going to be an hour apart in the launch line. Just decide the guy running in front of you and the guy behind you are your buddy boats. If you get passed there will be more following you. If this is your first trip on...
  252. sgwill122

    Rent or borrow a trailer to swap outdrive

    I agree, my wife has learned my two hour projects are short hand for two days. Good luck Rick.
  253. sgwill122

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    It appears it is ok to attack CCA but not question PSA positions(at least according to a verbal few on here). I have never been a member of CCA but I have fished with a few guys that are. It appears one is sacred and the other the devil, kinda feels like a religious thing. I have been a PSA...
  254. sgwill122

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Thanks for posting. My head hurts how dumb and inconsistent this is. We clip the fins of hatchery fish so sportsmen can release the wild fish. Yet when the wild runs are still low we reduce or eliminate the sports fishery which had neglible impact to 'stray' fish to start with. But when it...
  255. sgwill122

    Trailer brakes help needed

    I have 4 sets of hubs/rotors/calipers that you can have. They are two years old. I tried selling them but no action so looking to give them away. They come on torsion arms which I assume can be removed and then installed on your trailer spindles. They were working well when removed although...
  256. sgwill122

    BC license info.... Campbell river store

    It prohibits you from fishing halibut in swiftsure (Areas 23, 121, or 123).
  257. sgwill122

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    Hey Curt I think I have two Qcove flashers plus a couple spare leashes. I will trade you for any non-breakaway you may have.
  258. sgwill122

    North of Falcon Updates

    My understanding is it is only a few of the rivers that have very low return projections. They are shutting or reducing the Areas in the Sound to protect these runs. I am sure our co-managers will get to net as usual on the rivers with decent runs since they do not impact the other runs. Add...
  259. sgwill122

    How do we win?

    I believe the numbers are closer to 90% of the country blindly votes along party lines. It is about 10% of the country that is willing to swing one way or the other. There is plenty of right and left wing propaganda that is only a google search away. The only way we will ever see this state...
  260. sgwill122

    WP ice

    Seems like you have all the info. I have done the handcart/ bucket brigade down the dock and much prefer loading the boat on the trailer even if it means waiting in line. 1/2 to 3/4 of the tote goes on the boat the rest goes in coolers that stay in the trucks for guys to take home fish.
  261. sgwill122

    Highway 101 closure

    I did 112 once last year and will never do it again. I much preferred the bumps around Crescent to the goat trail(112).
  262. sgwill122

    Cool You Tube Channel

    Just ran across another video that is awe inspiring.
  263. sgwill122

    Cool You Tube Channel

    Try watching these guys.
  264. sgwill122

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Slight threadjack, do charters provide unlimited jigs free of charge? Seems like a charter could lose money if the crew lost enough big jigs(assuming deepwater lings).
  265. sgwill122

    Yamaha outboard question

    How new are your plugs?
  266. sgwill122

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    Separate form, nothing to do with filing your taxes. It is a state road tax refund and you only get part of it back. It is only for fuel not used in a road vehicle(lawnmower, boat, airplane, ect).
  267. sgwill122

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    I have done it for the last two years and think the effort is worth it. I save all my boat fuel receipts and file in January. The receipt has to show how much you paid per gallon. They ask you to fill out a different form for every rate period(generally 6 months) but they have not had an...
  268. sgwill122

    Where to buy jig molds

    Anyone have a recommendation for a place that sells lead jig head molds? Looking for 6 and 10 ounce heads with barbed necks. I have found some online with round necks but not the barbed.
  269. sgwill122

    La Push Sublease?

    So how does the boat get to La Push? You planning to drive it there and then have someone meet you there to get you home?
  270. sgwill122

    La Push Sublease?

    Sublease in May, you might have better odds playing the lottery. I just left my boat at Riverview RV Park and Storage after a weekend of fishing. It is right on the way 10 minutes out of La Push. It was $50 a month for uncovered storage, the lot is fenced and they have after hours access...
  271. sgwill122

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    That guy is awesome, he probably kept it from popping a wheelie.
  272. sgwill122

    Painting a Hull?

    It should have been called 'the boat that sucks to drive in the rain' or 'the boat that cant see crap in front of it'.
  273. sgwill122

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    Congrats Rick! If they sell you a license then your golden or worst case as soon as he can hit the power lever on the tanacom.
  274. sgwill122

    ...and it’s over.

    I have not figured out how to like tuna except in a can. Fresh salmon is good a lot of ways, if it is frozen I like to brine in a sweet teryaki sauce and pan fry, it is one of the family favorites. White fish can be cooked in almost anything, just don't overcook it. I did not prefer fish as...
  275. sgwill122

    Portable tank vent

    I use the same but I had to buy my 3 gallon tank.
  276. sgwill122

    New boat logo ideas

    Here's my idea for a hockey themed wrap. Can't get anymore hockey than Wayne Gretzkys daughter.
  277. sgwill122

    surge actuator, brakes, rope n chain and 6" radar mount

    Back to the top. Still have the brakes and achor rope and chain.
  278. sgwill122

    Replacing Trailer Brake Rotors

    You thinking of turning them just to get the rust off or do you think they are warped? If it is just to get the rust off I don't think it helps anything, your pads will clean the face off. Your calipers are the thing I would worry about.
  279. sgwill122


    Can you share a few facts on your 'hatcheries have huge negative affect' opinion. Wild runs are great but hatchery fish face most of the same selective pressures, they have to make their way out to the ocean, find food and avoid predators for 2-7 years and make it back up the river to the...
  280. sgwill122

    new weapon for wtc participants

    Great idea but wrong tool. That one uses cellphone antennas to report position. You are gonna need a few more bucks to track on the tuna grounds.
  281. sgwill122

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    I think we (sportsmen/hatcheries/salmon) lose if we agree there is value in separating 'wild' and 'hatchery' fish. I believe there is no meaningful genetic difference between wild and hatchery fish. We ought to just take a few mouth swabs of wild and hatchery fish and send them off to 23 and...
  282. sgwill122

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Seeing those big fish pics from long ago got me wondering where they went which got me googling. Here is a decent article if anybody is interested. No one knows for sure but the article speculates the growing Northern Orca populations may have had a significant impact. All we hear about here...
  283. sgwill122

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    I have the coords to a red hot baby coho bite, you are all on your own for the 22" blackmouth.
  284. sgwill122

    Splashed the North River 29

    Beautiful day for a boat ride. Check your cabin bilge for water, my new boat had two leaks, one from a poorly sealed vberth window and another from a screw through a raw water intake for the head. Took me quite a few months to find both.
  285. sgwill122

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    I am a fan of PSA and have no opinion on CCA but I am never a fan of nets tribal or non-tribal. If there is a run of hatchery fish that needs 'mopped' up they should increase the sportfishing opportunity which is proven to be very low impact on the non-targeted species. WDFW has done a study...
  286. sgwill122

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    It is fun to say but many taste tests have been done and people can't tell the difference. I eat wild because I enjoy fishing. If I did not catch my own fish I would eat farmed as its healthier than beef, chicken or pork which is 100% farmed, funny that people don't have the same passion...
  287. sgwill122

    Westport thieves

    That sucks Ryan. Hope insurance takes care of you.
  288. sgwill122

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Awesome boat, everyone in the fleet is gonna be jealous. Size matters says the guy with a 12' beam and a happy wife.
  289. sgwill122

    Splashed the North River 29

    Beautiful boat! Get shark hide on any aluminum you want to keep shiny or embrace the gray.
  290. sgwill122

    Defiance 220ex repower

    I had a similar size boat with 220hp inboard which was a dog, I replaced with a 300HP and was happy. If you are not willing to step up to a 250 I would live with what you got. A 200 will only make you a little less miserable.
  291. sgwill122

    Smoked Salmon Help

    I second the big chief, I prefer it over the traeger for smoking salmon. I am in Redmond so not much help.
  292. sgwill122

    Duckworth crapper

    That is a great idea Howard, I did not even think about using epoxy on the aluminum angle.
  293. sgwill122

    Duckworth crapper

    My boat came with a marine head in the v-berth. I never thought to ask how big the black water holding tank was until i was on a week camping trip in Desolation Sound with the family. I quickly learned it was too small which added a not fun daily task to a fun week. The boat came with a 6...
  294. sgwill122

    Friday Harbor side bet

    Everyone that fished is way tougher than me. I assume the islands all had snow. That would have been pretty cool to see.
  295. sgwill122

    Would you turn them in?

    Not reporting a known self appointed sea lion population control officer does not equate to lawlessness, it is your choice to report or not. Do you call law enforcement every time you see someone speeding, riding their bike without a helmet, witness a jaywalker, seen someone smoking too close...
  296. sgwill122

    Back in the Day

    I am no fan of commies but unfortunately we can't blame them for the kelp going away. Kelp dies off in the winter months and regrows in the spring and summer months. For some reason kelp has been on the decline and no one has figured out why yet...
  297. sgwill122

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Hey Jeff- Glad to hear your balls are still intact. Why didn't you put the tubing right above the ball? Are you not using your swivel as your stop? I use my tuna cord to braid knot as my stop, the tubing is just there to keep someone from using the green knob on the last few feet. I...
  298. sgwill122

    WTBorrow radar wedge

    Hey Howard- I have a 3 degree 6 inch high radar mount if you want to give it a try, it also has spacers so you can adjust up or down.
  299. sgwill122

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    Thanks for posting that was fun to watch. He would have had a tough time with the cooler if they were 30lb fish.
  300. sgwill122

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    I wish I had this problem.
  301. sgwill122

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    This is funny, my dad is the same way, he has been running the same 30lb test that we bought in Canada in 2005. I cant remember him breaking off a fish but I did get him to replace it last year.
  302. sgwill122

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    Depends on how beat up it is, mono can last 2 years if not in the sunshine. Pull out twenty feet and see how easily you can break it. Why do guys like running mono on the main line?
  303. sgwill122

    Garmin 94sv Plus

    I ran a Lowrance chartplotter with a internal antenae for 10 years in a glass boat and never had an issue keeping locked on GPS satellites. I would buy the unit and test out the signal strength before committing to external. It saves you a few bucks but makes the installation even easier if...
  304. sgwill122

    Aluminum boat tray clamps

    Sorry John, looks like you need a week or two of R&R. If the Government can shutdown for a month seems like Riser industries could take a break for a couple weeks.
  305. sgwill122

    Tie downs optional?

    Yikes, that would be very sad. At least he knows his brakes work. My rear tie downs pull the boat forward and I am sure would snap if there was enough force to push the boat over my wench post. I use a heavy duty strap on the bow eye back to a trailer cross beam to hopefully keep the boat out...
  306. sgwill122

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    9/16" tubing, I think any smaller and it might go thru the roller.
  307. sgwill122

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    It is a big bumper, no stretching, just compressing to absorb the shock. I will upload a video later.
  308. sgwill122

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    I just learned a new trick, my dad went fishing with a friend that used 8” of thick rubber tubing on his Scotty 2106’s line. The rubber tubing acts as a shock absorber. I had the tubing on hand as I refresh my own spear gun bands. You can pick it up off of amazon. For under 10 bucks you will...
  309. sgwill122

    Halibut Rod holder for Scotty mounts

    I use the Scotty rod holder adapter with the scotty mount and striker rod holder for halibut, links to each below.
  310. sgwill122

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    I just had an insurance claim that was somewhat similar at least on the pricing front. The autoshop quoted me twice the amount the insurance company said was required. At the end I paid the deductible. I asked about the delta and the autoshop said they quoted for a worst case scenario that...
  311. sgwill122

    Re-Spool Time...

    I also use 65lb kastking on everything. Tuna and downrigger reels get 30lb mono tops. I also wanted different color braid per reel to help with tangles so would alternate colors when I bought new 300yd spools. Now I just buy 1100 yard spools of multicolor braid, odds are the colored sections...
  312. sgwill122

    Shorelines of Stone

    All you need to do is put a MAGA hat on the sea lions and Governor Inslee will order the national guard to eradicate them, the PETA folks would also likely be on board. Just gotta figure out how to keep the hats on them.
  313. sgwill122

    1/12 PnP

    Nice fish but what does 2 limits for two in two hours mean? Doesn't A9 have a 1 fish limit?
  314. sgwill122

    Liferaft inspections

    How many recreational boats sink? Seems like most of them capsize and float. If that is the case how would a roof mounted life raft help when most of the hydrastatic releases don't actuate till 10 or more feet deep? If the boat was sinking slowly in somewhat calm water I am sure you could...
  315. sgwill122

    WTB: Rocna Anchor

    Patents, once they expire then anyone can knock them off and the prices drop. Some anchors are just cheaper to manufacture like the Bruce.
  316. sgwill122

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Google them and read the reviews. I stayed away from them when I sold my last boat. Craigslist or facebook marketplace are your best bets. Very few people are buying boats in the Winter, terrible time to sell but great time to buy. You just need to be patient till spring.
  317. sgwill122

    Alki launch mahem

    Took my kids Scout Troop on our annual squidding trip last Friday. We launched at Alki at 6:00pm and did alright, not hot but we had enough to make calamari for the crew. I warned everyone we needed to pull out by 9:00 as it was a minus low tide at 11:00pm. We did the normal delayed departure...
  318. sgwill122

    Boat Sinks

    The guy must have finally got a lawyer as his website is now gone.
  319. sgwill122

    Worst boat names

    'Unsinkable 2' is one of my favorites, heard it from @bdrlgion
  320. sgwill122

    Worst boat names

    Whats wrong with 'chimo'? Chimo was introduced in an effort to create a national greeting akin to ciao or aloha. The word was somewhat popular during the Canadian centennial ... It was also the name given to a captive killer whale in the 70's. When I was kid there was a boat named hooker...
  321. sgwill122

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I would suggest buying used as you get more boat that is likely already outfitted assuming it was taken care of. You will be money ahead selling your current boat even if you have to sell it a few grand under what you owe. I bought a used trophy 2359 for my first boat that was a budget boat...
  322. sgwill122

    Boat Sinks

    This guy just took a fresh water dunk to a new level, no need for salt away, just let her soak under a lake for a few days.
  323. sgwill122

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Happiness is all about meeting expectations so keep the bar low.
  324. sgwill122

    Boat Sinks

    That’s what I was thinking. The only other scenario I can think of is he lost or damaged one of the hatch covers on his journey north and was only able to find the black ones to replace it with. Makes no sense to replace white ones with seals with the black ones, especially since they look...
  325. sgwill122

    Diesel heat

    Propane is pressurized, if you puncture a propane tank versus a diesel tank you get a much different outcome. Boats are subject to much greater banging unless of course you run a cat. Plus all propane tanks I have seen on RV's are installed outside the rig whereas most if not all tanks on a...
  326. sgwill122

    Diesel heat

    I would go under the rub rail if exhaust piping works there. Dummy proofing future mishaps being the only reason. Are you planning to draw outside air to heat or are you just going to recirculate cabin air. If the latter you will quickly find moisture builds up. I recirculate cabin air but...
  327. sgwill122

    Tahsis 2018 Dive trip

    Cool video. Do you guys own all those tanks or are they rentals? If they are rentals, did you clean out the dive shop?
  328. sgwill122

    Anyone Know Anything About This Boat?

    What an idiot, but gotta give him props for creative sales tactics, buy my boat or get sued for something I make up. Any way you can get the guy to join BD and present his case here, gonna be long winter.
  329. sgwill122

    surge actuator, brakes, rope n chain and 6" radar mount

    Actuator and radar arch are gone but still have the brakes and anchor rope. 4 hubs/calipers/rotors/torsion arms (1 brake pad and 1 grease seal were damaged while removing and need replaced). Link below to the same package online...
  330. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I will throw some red meat to get this thread going again, just check out the 20-30lbers I caught this summer.
  331. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Installation is done. Took a test drive last night and I can still stop so mission accomplished. Towing is smoother without the start/stop action from the surge actuator. One of the downsides to EOH is you have to remember to use your emergency brake at long stops or you risk overheating your...
  332. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    My truck came with no bells, whistles or brake controller so I had to buy one. I like the re-using the radar mount suggestion, did not think of that. I went with the hydrastar actuator as it was a bit cheaper and mounts right on the 3" trailer frame. I could not find a pressure rating for my...
  333. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    I got my 3” raise, now the trailer rides level. I forgot I only had 2” clearance from my radar. I remembered as I heard the tin scraping the top of my radar when I pulled the boat out, it left a couple scratches. I have never been so happy about scratches as the alternative would have been a...
  334. sgwill122

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    Huge difference between guys eating their catch versus poaching for cash, I don’t care if they are tribal or not. Your article says enforcement is still writing tickets for violators just not prosecuting as felonies which is probably the right thing for most infractions. Worst part is Joseph...
  335. sgwill122

    lots of new fishing gear

    Wow, nicest hazing I have seen in a long while and you still got sand in your vagina. If you want warm fuzzies goto ifish, folks on BD have a bit thicker skin if they stick around. Guys here give each other crap all the time but are the first to help when needed. If you decide to stay figure...
  336. sgwill122

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    One of the last paragraphs explains why no charges were filed. If you are in Pierce county make sure Mark Lindquist does not get your vote. "The only similar connection Mr. Manzanares and the Hatch's have with the Pierce County Prosecutor's office is the fact that both the Tulalip Tribe and...
  337. sgwill122

    Diesel heat

    Lots of threads for sure. I had a Wallace in my first boat and went Webasto Airtop2000 in the second to save a grand(I liked both). You can do Webasto under $1300 if you buy the truck kit off ebay and pick up the marine fittings locally (Sure Marine). You can save a few hundred more by...
  338. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Looks like I am going EOH, a new actuator or Bulletproof mount will both run me about $400 and EOH will be $800. Both the new actuator and mount have drawbacks with no additional improvements other than modifying the height. I am looking at either the dexter or hydrastar. Anybody have...
  339. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Did not know they existed. They definitely have longer options than the Curt hitch I have and are rated well above what I need. It would be a much easier solution but the downside is someone(likely me) is gonna be in a hurry and drop the tail gate right on the ball. I guess it will only hurt...
  340. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    I agree, talked to a guy at Pacific Trailer that thought they had a 6 hole version. He is supposed to call Dexter and get back to me. Otherwise I need to replace the whole actuator or go EOH.
  341. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Thanks, that is what I need if I can get just the adjustable channel and coupler as I already have the A-160 actuator body. First place I called did not think they could order just the adjustable channel. Need to call around.
  342. sgwill122

    Raising the trailer tongue

    i just got new 16” tires put on my trailer after upgrading the brakes and hubs which were larger than the old 15” tires. I noticed my trailer is lower at the tongue than in the back, 18” versus 21” and the front tire looks like it is carrying more weight as a result. The problem was there...
  343. sgwill122

    Installing a 45 Gallon Bait Tank

    I bet he has already run his pump since he posted this more than 4 years ago. But who knows maybe he was waiting for this final bit of advice before turning it on...
  344. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    After a couple more bleeding attempts with no change I called Garmin and got a replacement pump. I just got it installed and the steering slippage is fixed. I noticed metal shavings in the fluid when I pulled the old pump out so I went and got a gallon of new fluid and replaced all the old.
  345. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    This is funny. Why would someone go to the expense of putting new motors on a boat and then sink it, now maybe if he had Etecs with a over a 1000 hours then maybe... I am no professional boat sinker but the first thing I would do before I sunk one I am on 30 miles from shore is put on a life...
  346. sgwill122

    Halibut season setting meeting

    What are the tenative dates?
  347. sgwill122

    Damn computers.

    Looks like the video's owner took it off youtube. It used to be here. Here is the link on ifish that originally linked to the video.
  348. sgwill122

    10/7 tuna

    Have not heard a fish caught within 100 miles of Westport last few days. I think most of the Westport charters are done. Great opportunity to be a hero and find them or worst case go find some white meat after a boat ride at the 125.
  349. sgwill122

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Well done and thanks for reporting back. Just 9 more months till we get another shot at them.
  350. sgwill122

    borrow a 15lb downrigger mold

    Cool, thanks!
  351. sgwill122

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    We are canceling, appears the fat lady is singing. Hope I am wrong but I have not heard anything positive this week. Good luck to those that go.
  352. sgwill122

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Mike you hear reports of fish way South? Thinking we may launch from Ilwaco and run south. I saw Shake-N-Bake post a report about guys getting skunked on the corners on ifish.
  353. sgwill122

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Yes it is 46/125, I have also heard it called the cross hairs. I just read on ifish someone referencing the southern corners which I assume is 45/125.
  354. sgwill122

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Planning to fish Thursday. Anybody else running?
  355. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    Unfortunately shadow drive has been disabled the entire time, it will deactivate you pump but would not allow bleedover. It could have been a source of air but it is only installed on one line not both.
  356. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    I just did my tests again and there is no movement at the rear helm when I am seeing slipping on the front helm or vice versa. I tightened the shutoff screws on the pump manifold to eliminate the pump again and the slipping disappears. My AP pump will not stall out if I have it steer all the...
  357. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    Steering slip happens at both helms, not sure if the other helm moves but will check today.
  358. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    Happens in both directions and oil is full in the pump. Is there a way to tell air versus debris in the check valve?
  359. sgwill122

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    I have two helms and added a garmin autopilot. The helm stops turning once the Cylinder is fully extended or retracted but if I hold pressure on the wheel it will turn another quarter to half turn after a few seconds and keeps slipping with continued pressure. If I lockout the AP pump using...
  360. sgwill122

    Fishing got good again. 9/28 tuna report.

    Nicely done and thanks for the report.
  361. sgwill122

    Any tuna in WA?

    Well done! Any size or still mostly the peanuts.
  362. sgwill122

    trailer brakes, hubs, torsion bar and tires

    They measured 2 1/16" from the peaks of the splines and 2 1/8" from the valley's on each side. The tires have found a new home so just the hub/brake assemblies left.
  363. sgwill122

    trailer brakes, hubs, torsion bar and tires

    I will let you know if I find someone that only wants the four tires.
  364. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    As long as the deck drains are higher than the waterline then it will drain out thanks to gravity. The biggest problem is if the hoses fail then you are screwed but you would have the same problem if they were on the side of the boat below the waterline.
  365. sgwill122

    Any tuna in WA?

    Just get your fix watching battlefish, hell of lot cheaper and boat cleanup is a breeze.
  366. sgwill122

    trailer brakes, hubs, torsion bar and tires

    The trailer that came with my boat had under capacity wheels and brakes. I just swapped them out to convert from 10K to a 12K trailer. The trailer is under two years old and probably has about 5K miles on it. 4 6 lug wheels + unused spare $250 (225/75R15 2540lbs at max PSI 65lbs) Sold 4...
  367. sgwill122

    9/27 Sekiu Tuna... or Mackerel???

    I have one gutted in my freezer if you want it. Like everyone else we caught a bunch while out at Swiftsure, I kept one thinking I would try it but have decided it looks more like crab bait which I have plenty of.
  368. sgwill122

    9/27 Sekiu Tuna... or Mackerel???

    Agree with him and tell him he should sashimi that thing then ask him how it tasted.
  369. sgwill122

    Battlefish review

    I have only seen two episodes and have really enjoyed it I look forward to the rest. Do you guys kill it every trip or do the slow trips not make the cut?
  370. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I have no problem with the salvage guys trying to get the maximum reward for their efforts. Salvage laws were written to provide significant incentives to captains to immediately undertake removal of navigational hazards and prevent environmental damage. These guys deserve to be paid which...
  371. sgwill122

    Southern Orca task force draft recommendation doc

    They just posted their draft proposals but I found very little in it encouraging. It talks about commissioning study's to see if seals or sea lions could be having a negative impact on salmon populations. It talks...
  372. sgwill122


    We were out of swiftsure a few weeks ago and had the same experience. We played a lot of fish before we got our hatchery fish. We were not using a net just pulling the fish in we wanted to keep by the 30lb test. Even doing this I know we killed a couple that swam right into the kicker inside...
  373. sgwill122

    borrow a 15lb downrigger mold

    Awesome, thanks Jason and Nick. I will shoot you both a PM. Definitely not a rush.
  374. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Crazy I assumed she was 1000ft deep. Guess glass boats float even upside down.
  375. sgwill122

    borrow a 15lb downrigger mold

    Sent you a PM.
  376. sgwill122

    borrow a 15lb downrigger mold

    Anybody near the Eastside have a 15lb downrigger ball mold they would be willing to lend? I want to recast a few of my 10's and 12's into 15's and thought I would ask before buying a mold.
  377. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Glad you guys had your stuff together and got off dry! There was mention of the port motor failing, was that just coincidence that it killed right after the big bang or did it die due to water intrusion when it was listing?
  378. sgwill122

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    I am even more of a downer, my guess is a big foul hooked blue shark. If it was a foul hooked albie it would have spooled you. The blues don't have the stamina to run very long but trying to pull a big one in sideways would be pretty tough. We had a hali pole bent in half this year by a foul...
  379. sgwill122

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Well done, glad you were ready and able to assist.
  380. sgwill122

    Albacore/Yellowtail Report

    We were out there as well and will add a few more details for those that did not make it out, although from the length of the bait line it looked like everyone was there. We were getting concerned about the bait dock running out which was made worse when Norm yelled something about the bait...
  381. sgwill122

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Sounds like there may finally be some Washington Tuna. I will be out Saturday, see you all on 68.
  382. sgwill122

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Need to look at the pinpoint forecast which is below(46/125). For some reason Windy and NOAA are showing different forecasts. Hopefully they will align for the better. Late Afternoon SSW wind around 6 kt. A...
  383. sgwill122

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Fishing reports were scarier than weather.
  384. sgwill122

    PSA Ocean Anglers Sept 15

    Hey Paul- Will Larry be able to explain how we avoid leaving the majority of the recreational Chinook quota uncaught in the future? I think Westport caught 35% of it's Chinook quota. I know you were very vocal on the subject and would like to hear if anything can be done to avoid a repeat...
  385. sgwill122

    WP albies thursday

    Crazy year for sure. We need a new term that describes smaller than a peanut, maybe pistachio, doesn't quite role off the tongue.
  386. sgwill122

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Not tuna but calm water and 10 gallons of gas. Seems like coho are bigger than normal this year. Hope to get out on the ocean next weekend and put a serious hurt on the gas tank.
  387. sgwill122

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    I will be hunting for mighty coho tomorrow.
  388. sgwill122

    WP albies thursday

    Thanks for the report. Not sure we are going tomorrow.
  389. sgwill122

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    I called Jesse's Ilwaco Fish and they sell ice for $90 a ton or $4 for 3 shovel scoops but they don't open till 9:00am. Ilwaco landing sells a tote for $50 but is not open on the weekends and you need have your own tote or they will blow it into your boat for $100 on the water. Our early...
  390. sgwill122

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Where do you get ice in Ilwaco and when do they open? Never made the run from there but thinking about it.
  391. sgwill122

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Just read a few reports on iFish that said fishing was pretty slow today. Hope they show up tomorrow.
  392. sgwill122

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Saturday as well, hope you guys land on them.
  393. sgwill122

    Unscientific Observation

    I saw a dead floating seal the other day in the islands, maybe there is a fairy godmother doing what our government should.
  394. sgwill122

    Guess what fish

    halibut, what did I win?
  395. sgwill122

    Speaking of Tuna

    Rod- You are dedicated. Rod you are a determined tuna hunter, hope you find em this trip. The wind does not look like it is going to make things easy for you.
  396. sgwill122

    If you need to fill a seat(s) for tuna, I'm interested

    Sounds like you are smarter than most of us. The best boat out there is your friends boat. I am usually looking for a guy or two as my trips are usually last minute so will keep you in mind. PM me your contact info.
  397. sgwill122


    Would you have posted this if you got skunked? I have gone my own direction and been skunked, got numbers and been skunked(both were trips from last year). Can't say I liked one over the other but I do always prefer hearing where they were the day before and I never mind sharing.
  398. sgwill122

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    You want aluminum anodes. Heres a couple paragraphs I found on google. You haven’t heard of using aluminum anodes for everyday applications? The primary advantages of aluminum over traditional zinc anodes are: aluminum is well suited for use in fresh, brackish and seawater, making it...
  399. sgwill122

    Swap even stevens

    I maybe your huckleberry. Sent you a pm.
  400. sgwill122

    Area 7 2018

    I was out there Thursday morning and not much was going on for the sporties but the commies seemed to be doing well.
  401. sgwill122

    Area 2 salmon

    You read it right.
  402. sgwill122

    San Juan island boating ban

    I observed the voluntary closure today, it was stuffed with purse-seiners and gillnetters. Cant believe sporties are being asked to stay out while letting the big commercial boats string miles of nets.
  403. sgwill122

    New electronics advice needed is consistently the cheapest. has a staff of sales folks you can talk to and they will price match, not sure I would trust an online sales guy. Obviously you are on your own with online. Somebody on here should be able to help with a reputable local shop. I...
  404. sgwill122

    WP 8/12

    Great report! Were the fish all big or have the 10-15lbers started to show up?
  405. sgwill122

    CR 8/9-11 tuna report. Excellent fishing right now.

    I believe the issue with Ilwaco is the salinity is too low killing the bait due to the river being too high. Once the river flow drops the salinity increases and the bait can be kept alive. I am no anchovey/Ilwaco expert but have heard this from a couple folks.
  406. sgwill122

    8-9 Tuna run

    I just realized I missed the reports section, please bash accordingly.
  407. sgwill122

    8-9 Tuna run

    Made a tuna run yesterday to capitalize on a great forecast. The water was as good as advertised. The bait was some of the biggest and strongest chovies I have seen. Ran out 70 miles a bit north of the CR. We stopped short just past the 125 line and deployed troll gear on the first good temp...
  408. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday

    See you all on the water tomorrow, just pulling out, gonna try and catch a slimy salmon before bed.
  409. sgwill122

    Post WTC tuna reports

    That is too funny, did the coasties think it ironic that they were there to ensure you had all the mandatory safety equipment while Jason is wrestling with a 6 foot shark on the back deck.
  410. sgwill122

    Costco tire service

    I took my truck into Costco today to get my tires rotated at 10K miles for the first time. Tire guy calls me 10 minutes later and tells me he can’t rotate the tires because the rear tires have too much wear. He goes on to tell me it is good to have more tread on the front and that the front...
  411. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday

    I will be hitting the bait dock a half hour behind you. Same plan, head SW to the 125 and start looking for life. Glad to exchange reports on the water 'Ugly Duck'/68
  412. sgwill122

    Neah 10-13 Aug

    Looks like a fun weekend to fly a kite.
  413. sgwill122

    Assorted Live Bait

    Sounds like you got the bottom of the net pen.
  414. sgwill122

    Westport Tuna Thursday

    Going to make a Tuna run this Thursday. Anybody else planning to go?
  415. sgwill122

    Westport Salmon 5 Days

    Great report, thanks for posting.
  416. sgwill122

    Wesport Ice Help

    WTC participants ice up tonight so should be lighter than normal ice traffic in the morning. The bait line will be another story.
  417. sgwill122

    Circumnavigating Vancouver Island...

    Awesome trip. You find your lings? Hope you hit Savory Island on the way up, if not put it on your list for next time. We missed it on our trip up to Desolation but heard about it from a Canadian as a must see and hit it on the return. Super sandy Long Beach with clear warmish water with...
  418. sgwill122

    Anybody want smoked tuna belly

    Definitely Howard. I gave away some to neighbors but will save you the rest.
  419. sgwill122

    Anybody want smoked tuna belly

    i just finished my first batch of smoked tuna belly. It is a bit too oily for my taste, I will stick to smoking salmon. Anybody want to stop by Redmond and take it off my hands tonight?
  420. sgwill122

    18’ Tiderunner Boat

    @Kettel O' Fish Kurt runs a 18' Tiderunner and fishes everywhere in the Sound, straits, near shore Westport and I have even seen him 20miles offshore in lumpy water. I just fished with him on possession and was amazed at the smooth ride in chop for an 18ft boat. His boat is a fishing...
  421. sgwill122

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    I am going on five years of clickers turned on the avets. I am sure Patrick catches more fish in a day than I do in a year but they are holding up so far.
  422. sgwill122

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    I agree on the harder to let the anchovy take line but a couple of my reels need attending to as the freespool is not free. But I do like the squeal of the clicker as a fish burns off line.
  423. sgwill122

    Tuna Run Tuesday 7/31

    21/06 is where most our fish came Saturday. Has anyone tried fishing past 3:30, I know it makes for a long day but for us was the most productive. The moon needs to go away.
  424. sgwill122

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    We were watching the sonar and I am sure the crew never got tired of me telling them the fish were under the boat and they should be hooked up.
  425. sgwill122

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Just got home and got the boat put away. I think we got everything put away and started running about 6:30-7:00pm, it took us 2 hours to get in averaging 30mph on smooth water. I have one more favorite Dave story. We were at the end of one of the stops and Dave gets hooked up and tells us he...
  426. sgwill122

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    fished tuna today out of WP. We ran 60 miles sw in front of the CR. We got out and fishing around 9:00, we got a quick troll fish and then 3 on bait then nothing till 3:30 when the bite went wide open, the fish stayed around the boat till 6 when we decided we needed to head in. We put 25 more...
  427. sgwill122

    Area 9 reopener.

    We fished plugs and caught 6 dogs today. I have only ever caught 1 on a plug before. Next step is cranking it up to 10knts.
  428. sgwill122

    Tuna network saturday

    Who's running for Tuna this Saturday out of Westport and wants to network on the water?
  429. sgwill122

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Can't do anything about the past, but if Paul is right and the charters just lobbied to keep the 5 day fishing week in place then that is seriously jacked up. I don't have any first hand info so please educate me if you know better. It makes no sense to keep the 5 days in place, why would the...
  430. sgwill122

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    The Friday-Sat shutdown sucked for everyone but was no doubt the biggest shaft to working boat owners. But now with only 8% of the quota consumed the managers need to open it up to 7 days a week and move to a 2 fish limit to give us a chance at catching our quota. Every year we leave fish on...
  431. sgwill122

    Dinghy, crab pot, rope and chain

    Gregg sold his boat so the anchor line and dinghy are backup for sale.
  432. sgwill122

    Where are all the tuna pictures from this weekend?

    Looks like the Sunday crew was more fun.
  433. sgwill122

    WTC not Filled

    Not sure where your buddy boat got the impression it sold out this year. There have been available slots since registration opened.
  434. sgwill122

    Puget Sound King Opener

    I am not sure how the ferry has not run over a boat at mid channel. Best part of the troll is when the current slacks and chaos ensues as boats start trolling random directions. We surprisingly saw few altercations yesterday.
  435. sgwill122

    2 pricks on the same salmon grounds today

    Well done guys! Did you put that monster on a scale? I spent the weekend site seeing with poles in the water. Time to get to the ocean.
  436. sgwill122

    Swiftsure closed to all fishing ?

    Submitted, doubt they care about fishermen, especially a bunch of Yanks. My response was: 1. I have rarely encountered orcas fishing the proposed area 2. If they are worried about a food source they should focus their efforts on the top food competitor(pinnepeds) whose populations are...
  437. sgwill122

    God Bless America......

    Why can't Hollywood bless two continents of people? Seems like a nice thing to do.
  438. sgwill122

    Another boat electrical question

    I would not plug it in unless you have a galvanic isolator. Two months 'should' not be a problem if you have the right anodes. Read the thread below if you want to see what can go wrong.
  439. sgwill122

    Looking for a Tanner team

    Shouldn't they be able to get into a danielson pot(no funnel)?
  440. sgwill122

    Dinghy, crab pot, rope and chain

    All yours Gregg. I will miss the dinghy. I just spent almost $2K on a new one with an aluminum bottom which weighs twice as much and takes my two boys and I to load on the roof. I was able to load this one by myself. You can pick up anytime or when our paths cross next. You should plan a...
  441. sgwill122

    Dinghy, crab pot, rope and chain

    If I still have it I will ping you before my first WP trip. Hoping somebody will take it off my hands sooner than that so I don't have to deal with packing it. It always outfished my cheap danielson traps but does not stack nicely and is awkward to get over the side of the boat when full of crabs.
  442. sgwill122

    Dinghy, crab pot, rope and chain

    Omc 260 express with oars, spare oar locks and foot-pump. It is fairly light at 42lbs and will roll up with a soft floor and wood slats. The tubes do not leak but the floor has a pin hole leak that takes a couple hours to get noticeable water. I just upgraded to a bigger model. $100...
  443. sgwill122

    Wa boaters card for kids help

    Thanks. They can start the course now but I won't worry about how quickly they get it done.
  444. sgwill122

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    Whats the story on that one?
  445. sgwill122

    Wa boaters card for kids help

    My boys are almost 14 years old. I have taken them out on our dinghy with a 2.5hp motor a few times and made sure they knew the ropes and I let them run around when we are on the hook. I was planning to drop them off at the lake this year to fish on their own in the dinghy. I thought I...
  446. sgwill122

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    Laurence nailed it, his first pic shows his boat registration is Alaska and you see a big boat in front of his says Seward Alaska. His failures seem to be progressive as he talks about the first repair and then the current problems. Hopefully he got the only lemon as that would suck for...
  447. sgwill122

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Thanks Patrick, we were wondering how the Prairie was doing. We normally hit the Prairie if the corner slows down but since we had our lings we thought the hali would not be hard. Wish we had moved, you made it back to port earlier than we did and had salmon limits to boot. Still jealous...
  448. sgwill122

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    We were on the corner, same spot as Thursday where we had a hot bite with big fish but it was slow on Saturday, took us till 4 to get 6 hali and 12 lings. Every other day we have been out there we could have been done by 10:00 if we kept the first fish. We even had to move a bit to find the...
  449. sgwill122

    canning tuna - BD column

    I did 75 minutes one year, the meat was super moist but I stressed every time I ate it thinking I was gonna kill the family. I do 90 minutes at 11lbs now and don't think about it.
  450. sgwill122

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    I am done but there is no way the quota was caught in 3/4. This last Saturday was the heaviest pressure I have seen since the opener and it was a fraction the number of boats plus a lot of boats came in early as fishing was slower than normal and the water was sloppy. Guys should be running...
  451. sgwill122

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    Thanks for hosting this Alan and Norm.
  452. sgwill122

    Lapush 6/23

    So freaking awesome.
  453. sgwill122

    Ocean Soup A3

    Here is one of the inshore lings.
  454. sgwill122

    Ocean Soup A3

    Thanks for posting pics Kurt. It was a great few days of fishing but Thursday and Saturday could not have been more different. Thursday was super nice weather and the bite was red hot. Ling, Hali and Rockfish we were abundant and we were able to keep some nice fish. The weather and hot...
  455. sgwill122

    New Cutwater 302

    Man you can troll sideways with the front and back thrusters. Sweet ride. What's your fuel economy cruising?
  456. sgwill122


    Thats not a roof it's a dance floor, they have not installed the pole yet. It keeps morale up. Sweet looking boat, good luck on the new venture!
  457. sgwill122

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    See you on the grounds Norm. I can help with black rockfish but not the black cod. Where is Robodad's campsite?
  458. sgwill122

    Open seat Westport

    I want to hear the broken rod stories. I would have thought hali rods would be some of the hardest to break.
  459. sgwill122

    4 NGK LFR6A-11 spark plugs. 10 bucks

    I will likely be passing through Port Orchard Wednesday around 6. Would that work? If not there has gotta be somebody at the PSA meeting from the East side. I will PM you my number and we can work out the details.
  460. sgwill122

    4 NGK LFR6A-11 spark plugs. 10 bucks

    Hey Pete- I will take your Yamaha fuel filters, spark plugs and ring free. I am in Redmond, any chance you are going to La Push for the 21-23?
  461. sgwill122

    Somewhere in the straits

    It is cute that Kurt held the bait.
  462. sgwill122

    Pipe jig hook location

    12" of 3/4 pipe is perfect for deepwater lings. I would drill your cotter pin hole in the middle of the pipe. Mine are a little lower, hooks originally hung down about a 1" from the bottom but the more I use them the closer they get as the bottom is getting smashed. 12/0 hooks are perfect but...
  463. sgwill122

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Great month to go clamming.
  464. sgwill122

    Quileute Hotel room question

    Tim- that is a good backup plan. Sounds like nobody had an issue with a cord strung across the sidewalk?
  465. sgwill122

    Quileute Hotel room question

    What about outside on the deck? I would need to leave the sliding door ajar to plug it into a outlet in the room. There has to be outlets somewhere outside just not sure if they are in each private deck.
  466. sgwill122

    Quileute Hotel room question

    We normally book a cabin at the Quileute resort and bring a chest freezer to get each days catch frozen. I was only able to get a studio in the Hotel for next week. Does anyone know if there is a power outlet in the deck area for the hotel rooms? I called and the receptionist said she did...
  467. sgwill122

    Geo Duck

    Anybody know of a beach in the San Juans to find a Geo Duck? I wanted to try and dig one with the family this weekend. Send me a PM if you prefer. Thanks!
  468. sgwill122

    Looking to borrow Cod weight Molds, 2#, 3# - Bothell/Everett

    And while your at it attach a trouble hook and triple your fish catch rate. Be warned though you may have to weed through the lingcod to get your hali's.
  469. sgwill122

    There is hope... Lets hope WA politicians can learn from their Oregon counterparts(assuming this happens).
  470. sgwill122


    Never heard this. We had healthier fish stocks when we had bigger fish around(prior to commercial fishing). Read the link. Here is a short blurb from the article(by the way the females mentioned below are fish): But a new report...
  471. sgwill122

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    You are reading it correctly, the regs do not require your kids to wear PFD's in a 19+. Put your kids in whatever PFD's work best for you.
  472. sgwill122

    Well this happened...

    I am just curious what the point of the bedliner is on a boat hull? If she is a trailer queen then it just adds drag. If it is moored then you end up with growth on it. Is it supposed to protect again corrosion? Seems like the right aluminum anodes would solve that. I have no idea, maybe we...
  473. sgwill122


    Sweet ride. I bet @goat would especially get excited with all that paint.
  474. sgwill122

    Tarpon- not Washington!!!

    Dang cool! How long did it take to land?
  475. sgwill122

    Well this happened...

    Any details? From my extraordinary talent of pointing out the obvious you have a new 26ft aluminum(thunder jet) boat with twins zukes. Put shark hide on anything you want to keep shiny or embrace the oxidation. I would suggest chipping some paint off now so it won’t hurt as much the first...
  476. sgwill122

    Halibut season update

    No dabs? Seems like a wasted trip without hitting them.
  477. sgwill122


    That is a several lifetimes fish. I think slot limits are a good idea on long lived fish but would have a tough time letting it go unless I knew the long liners were doing the same and it helped produce a longer fishing season. It would especially be tough letting a inside strait fish go since...
  478. sgwill122

    Kodiak brake thoughts/advice

    double post...
  479. sgwill122

    Kodiak brake thoughts/advice

    Sounds like you have the most challenging scenario, little use and saltwater dunks. Saltwater always win the only question is how long it takes. The best thing that can be done is freshwater rinse immediately after dunking but it is never convenient.
  480. sgwill122

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    If you have spent anytime on here at all you will realize new boats seem to always come with gremlins. The amount of water leaking in yours is alarming and I would not leave it moored till you figured it out. I bought a new boat 18 months ago and found 3 sources of water intrusion. It took...
  481. sgwill122

    So much for fishing salmon out of Sekiu this summer in .CA

    I did find the reg changes you heard about on the BC sportfishing forum. There are areas that are seeing their catch reduced to 1 fish per day or eliminated altogether. It does not look area 23/123 is impacted(Barkley Sound area)...
  482. sgwill122

    So much for fishing salmon out of Sekiu this summer in .CA

    Where did you hear this? I just looked at the regs and see no change but would not be the first time I missed something.
  483. sgwill122

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    I bet it will be double counted. Someone will count the boats leaving or coming back and apply their fuzzy math for inshore. Then fish checkers will ask anglers where they caught the fish and that will go against A3.
  484. sgwill122

    Lapush 2 bedroom cabin available for next opener

    I just cancelled. I would call ASAP if interested.
  485. sgwill122

    Lapush 2 bedroom cabin available for next opener

    I have got a couple PM's asking what the room rate it is. I looked at the rate sheet and believe it is $219 a night for the standard 2 cabin. You will want to verify with the resort. I had originally booked it for the first May opener and then rescheduled to June when the first Friday got...
  486. sgwill122

    Lapush 2 bedroom cabin available for next opener

    Your a bad man with some pretty good Gifs.
  487. sgwill122

    Lapush 2 bedroom cabin available for next opener

    I need to cancel my 2 bedroom cabin in Quiluete resort for the next hali opener(June7th-10 Thurs-Sun). My daughters yearly dance recital happened to land on this weekend. They are currently booked up so someone else is getting lucky. Anyone want my reservation before I cancel. I assume I...
  488. sgwill122

    Braid for tuna

    Tim is right on with alternating braid color per reel but a cheaper route is to get 1000 yards multicolored braid so you don't have to buy a different spool per reel.
  489. sgwill122

    Attaching flexible brake lines

    I used black zip ties on my last trailer and had no problems over 10 years of use.
  490. sgwill122

    Anyone else see this article on lost crab pots?

    I have caught several lost pots in my time on downriggers and anchor lines. I don't know how they figured out 12K but I am sure there are a lot. Just wait till summer comes and count the 'pot thieves' thread which are like 'lost cat' neighborhood signs. Most stolen pots are washed away by...
  491. sgwill122

    Fun stuff!

    Is it winter already? Lets get back to talking about the tides on the next hali opener. By the way I have it on good authority that a well known member here wears spanx. Please keep a sharp eye on your facebook.
  492. sgwill122

    Neah Bay 5/27

    That is cool. I have never caught sable fish on top of the water. What is the limit on them? I looked through the regs can't figure it out unless they are considered a food fish. I already paid for an education on the water once this year hoping not to do it again.
  493. sgwill122

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    Awesome lifetime fish!
  494. sgwill122

    Fun stuff!

    Is this the craigslist guy again???
  495. sgwill122

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    It all sounds like crab bait to me.
  496. sgwill122

    La Push Memorial Day

    Hope to see you guys Sunday. Friday is looking like a washing machine again :(
  497. sgwill122

    Motoring north

    We did a week trip last summer launching out of Blaine and cruised up to Desolation sound and then made our way up around Sonora Island and back down Johnstone strait to Cambell River. If I did it again with family I would have stayed in Desolation sound the entire week. All of it was...
  498. sgwill122

    Question for Techie people

    X3 for dropbox
  499. sgwill122

    Seaqualizer locally available

    We also use a downrigger with two descenders. We only had to descend a double once but it was very nice. If we caught more than 3 rockfish close together we picked up and moved to a new spot. Even though descending is easy work on the downrigger nobody likes reeling up rockfish.
  500. sgwill122

    Any Garmin experts?

    I added an autopilot to my Garmin 8212 which included a heading sensor. I took the boat out before being able to run the wizard and the boat icon did the same thing you describe. I had to calibrate the compass to get the boat icon to point in the right direction. I bet there is a calibration...
  501. sgwill122

    La Push last Sunday

    He has the DJI Spark. I have never flown it(I am sure he prefers I never do) but he seems to really like it. Landing it even with a gentle swell seemed nerve racking for him.
  502. sgwill122

    Intersting Math

    I think the La Push # of anglers is probably close with probably an average of 4 anglers per boat or 135+ boats, lines were short but the marina was full. Catch rate estimates are definitely high. We came back to the dock just after 3 and there were no checkers. I am sure they applied...
  503. sgwill122

    Intersting Math

    Crazy numbers especially since nobody fished out of La Push Friday and then the launch and retrieve lines were way smaller than I have ever seen on a Sunday.
  504. sgwill122

    La Push last Sunday

    In case you did not make it out this Sunday on the ocean here is a short video my 13 year old son put together of our trip. The ocean shots are at the Prairie. Nothing too interesting but scenic. He got bored videoing us jigging so no fish shots. Turn up the video quality or keep the video...
  505. sgwill122

    Homeowners insurance?

    All State, have not shopped in years but have always been happy with claims and cost.
  506. sgwill122

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    I was misinformed by an enforcement officer. We were in area 3 and I asked why you could keep deepwater rockfish in area 2 and not 3. He told me you could not in either area.
  507. sgwill122

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    I am sure the Boccaccio were caught inshore on the way in as I learned this weekend you cannot have rockfish onboard while fishing deepwater(past the 30 fathom line area 2 and 20 fathom area 3 and 4). There are a few of us that got reminded this weekend and I saw many others at the dock that...
  508. sgwill122

    La Push 5/13

    I only count eleven Lings, looks like the captain short changed you :eek:
  509. sgwill122

    fun job

    If Swede backs out I know some guys that are really good with porn as well.
  510. sgwill122

    Nice Hali’s and great weather

    Made it to the ocean Sunday.
  511. sgwill122

    “Fully Involved” on it’s side

    Sorry man, hope its minor and insurance is kind.
  512. sgwill122

    rod holders and vhf mount

    I can pick em up for you David if Jeff has not already left. I will be in La push tomorrow night.
  513. sgwill122

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Were no crabs(including females) being caught in 11 and 13 or just no keeper males? If no females then how would overharvesting get rid of the females? They live to be 8-13 years old. If its just the males that are missing then I understand. If both males and females have vanished there has...
  514. sgwill122

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    It is weird that crab populations would crash. I thought it was one fishery where we help the population by feeding them and removing competition for food(big males).
  515. sgwill122

    Weather determination

    Do you mean Friday or Sunday or were you not planning to do halibut?
  516. sgwill122

    Weather determination

    The good news is last minute cabins should not be hard to come by this weekend, the bad news is everything is booked up for the next opener. I assume the La Push bar will be closed this Friday so be sure and bring a book if you are still going.
  517. sgwill122

    Westport halibut?

    Has the world gone crazy.... Goat said 'weather' on the WWW. This needs to be a sticky.
  518. sgwill122

    San Juan island boating ban

    Funny I was just reading an article about the record number of Orca's off Monterey Bay. The world population of Orcas is extremely robust, it is ridiculous to try and manage individual pockets of whales especially when they focus on the least impacting element. By the way voluntary means do...
  519. sgwill122


    Looks like Patrick might be the only boat out there.
  520. sgwill122

    Tanacom cord

    I have not tried epoxy lined gear shrunk, if the vinyl tubing does not work out I will look into it.
  521. sgwill122

    Tanacom cord

    I just pulled out the cords for the tanacoms and pulled the tape off I had put on one of them and saw the cord was still separating near the reel adapter. I am trying a section of vinyl tubing this year. Not excited about paying $40 bucks to replace them every few years. Anybody have any...
  522. sgwill122

    This isn't good...

    How can the scuppers be the root cause? The fish box drains would have to be above the water line or it would never drain. Just looking for the missing piece that caused the fish box drains to drop below the water line. Perhaps the heavy rains we had the last few months got into the bilge...
  523. sgwill122

    Started a new hobby...

    They look sweet. Looks like you have a new 9-5 gig.
  524. sgwill122

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Yes it is special, you have to use the official crc. There is no option to print it when you buy a license online, it has to be mailed to you.
  525. sgwill122

    5 Min. before closing!

    I bet you had a seal on and that fish ate it.
  526. sgwill122

    Ling and Current question

    I think the best fishing is around tide change. I have not had much luck fishing once its running on a big tide. If I was 10 minutes away from being on the water I would definitely hit the opener. It is a minimum of two hours for me so I will wait for the weekend. Hope to see some porn from...
  527. sgwill122

    Transducer.... another thread

    Everyone should agree thru hull are the best performance at speed. I would guess it shoul be less sensitive to backtrolling as well since it is farther from the motors. Some of us are not willing to drill holes in the bottom of our boats. Not sure why anyone cares how big the transducer is...
  528. sgwill122

    This isn't good...

    I blame the sea lions. Lets start culling them now and figure out if they are to blame later.
  529. sgwill122

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    Yes two hooks per line is permitted. The treble on the pipe jig is one hook. Here is a less than legal setup I snagged and reeled from the deep out of Lapush that had five hooks on it(I removed the treble from the pipe jig to untangle a mess). There were two J hooks above the squid and one...
  530. sgwill122

    Lapush long shot

    Sounds like somebody's sleeping on the boat. Hope you get lucky. We will see you there.
  531. sgwill122

    Aluminum weird patterns

    The scratches are on the hull which is underwater at the the dock so doubt fenders or the dock could have done it. Do you bury your trailer deep so the trailer side rails corners go under water and rub on the hull when launching or retrieving?
  532. sgwill122

    Cleaning my garage, free stuff and more...

    Apparently you are done fishing freshwater. Good deal for someone.
  533. sgwill122

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    Is this story posted on BD somewhere?
  534. sgwill122

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Looks like a great ride. I am sure you and the family are gonna have some fun on her, you just need to get the first scratch out of the way.
  535. sgwill122

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    Kim do you leave gas in your carb when storing or do you drain it using the drain screw or disconnecting the gas when running and letting it die. I have buried my kickers many times back trolling but so far not had an issue(knock on wood).
  536. sgwill122

    Autopilot Help Please

    I would look at the NAC1(white puck) location. Is it within 2 feet of anything that would provide magnetic interference(like the hydraulic pump)? If you are not sure put a compass next to the location and see if the needle points somewhere other than North. On my last AP install I had my...
  537. sgwill122

    Halibut High-graders Caught

    Wasting fish is a terrible thing but these guys activities isn't even a rounding error on the impact the draggers bycatch has on the population.
  538. sgwill122


    Sad to see any boat on her side. I would hazard a guess that all the rain this month may have contributed to the outcome.
  539. sgwill122

    More Batteries??????

    Why run two starting batteries? I assume redundancy? I can start off the house batteries if I need to and if they are too low I can pull start the kicker and charge a battery(this assumes the kicker has an alternator). I run two house and one starting connected via ACR. You get the additional...
  540. sgwill122

    clamming advice

    thanks guys, I have gotten some pretty good advice via PM and from ThatsBait.
  541. sgwill122

    clamming advice

    My boys scout troop wants to go clamming on their next campout which will be within 60-90 minutes of Redmond. Has anyone clammed on the beaches in front of the Forts(Casey or Ebey)? I used to clam on the Skagit mud flats when I was a kid but the health department warns against it.
  542. sgwill122

    Westside of Vancouver Island Trip Planning

    Call to find moorage now. All the Marina's will fill up, but you can easily find a spot on the government docks between 7:00am-2pm(until the fleet returns). I have done several week camping trips in Barkley Sound with the family. It is just like the San Juans without houses but plenty of...
  543. sgwill122

    Springer love?

    Nice work. I drove down to Portland last week and saw the river covered in boats, I assumed you were one of them.
  544. sgwill122

    Big C springers

    Nice fish but its still an ugly flasher. Way to break in the new boat. By the way I like your boat naming methodology.
  545. sgwill122

    Westport stormwatching Sunday

    Post up some pic's or even better video's, would definitely be cool to watch.
  546. sgwill122


    This is the box I used, which is what I think you need. And I used the same ducer, 275LHW, not 265.
  547. sgwill122

    Lowrance AP questions

    I am pretty sure most issues with slow speed steering are due to a undersized AP pump. The Lowrance AP is pretty economical but the pump is a bit undersized for a bigger boat. I have not had a chance to test the garmin autopilot in challenging trolling conditions yet. The Garmin does have...
  548. sgwill122


    I use a splice box on my 265LH-W and a Garmin 8212 with no problems. Just gotta get a decent wiring diagram for your ducer and box.
  549. sgwill122

    Lowrance AP questions

    I had the hydraulic version on my last boat. They are pretty easy to install. It did not do great trolling into a stiff wind/wave, but was great any other scenario. If I had lowrance electronics I would do it again.
  550. sgwill122

    Pile Perch?

    My kids always try and catch them when overnighting. They caught a couple big ones once so we cooked em up. No one was a big fan, I thought the meat was a bit mushy. Now they just go back. I like big lake perch, tough part is finding big ones.
  551. sgwill122

    They didn't get this one!

    Must have felt like a big fish for a minute. Glad you got your gear and most of the fish back.
  552. sgwill122

    Anyone recognize this POS

    I don't understand the mystery, why can't they track down the car or boat number with the plates or WN #. Was the car stolen?
  553. sgwill122

    I/O servicing

    I would head over to thehulltruth and do some searching. I recommend hiring someone you trust to do the work. I did most of my own work on my last boat that had a alpha drive and most every time wished I had hired it out after the fact. If you have play in the drive it is likely the...
  554. sgwill122

    Tuna Predictions...

    Definitely not an expert on anything other than changing tires but last year was an La Nina year and the previous 3 were El Nino, hoping we are one and done with La Nina. Most sites I read are predicting continuing La Nina into 2018 but should be weaker. La Nina is cooler than average...
  555. sgwill122

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    My proposal is limit the charters to sunday thru Thursday. Sporties can fish salmon 7 days a week but must fish a 6" or larger plug 80ft or deeper on Friday and Saturday, Charters could fish as well as long as they adhere to the same. Gear restrictions are not new to WDFW.
  556. sgwill122

    Ma9 sun 25th

    Sounds like a great day on the water and no fish to clean. I assume you went up to mid channel bank, middle bank is out in the straits but maybe you did make that run cause everyone knows A7 is loaded with fish.
  557. sgwill122

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Hey Mike- I don't have an opinion on either engine but I am pretty sure the Honda takes 8.2 quarts or 2 gallons.
  558. sgwill122

    Rising Insurance Rates

    I need to check mine, 75 miles would not have covered all my tuna trips last year.
  559. sgwill122

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Congrats on a nice boat. Hope your learning curve on avoiding curbs is better than mine was.
  560. sgwill122

    Anchor rode and chain

    All yours Rick, I have other goodies I can hopefully send with you as well. No rush on picking it up, just let me know when you are around.
  561. sgwill122

    Tag Along?

    Generally a few open seats for tuna in the summer/fall if your schedule is flexible. My trips are usually last minute. PM me your number and I will ping you if I have room.
  562. sgwill122

    Anchor rode and chain

    200’ 1/2” 3 strand nylon anchor rope and 20’ 5/16” chain for $100. I just added a windlass which can only handle 1/4” chain and also planning to upgrade to 400’ of rope since I am no longer pulling it.
  563. sgwill122

    Anyone recognize this guy??

    Nice bass! Looks like a fun trip.
  564. sgwill122

    High speed pickup

    Just got back from a trip to the lake to test out the new pickup. I did not get any water pushed up into the bait tank unless I turn on the bait pump. I am happy with this behavior as I am sure I would end up running with water in the tank when I was not expecting it. The washdown pump used...
  565. sgwill122

    2018 coastal salmon season...

    Why would option 2 extend the season for Charters. Seems like the only difference between the options is declining numbers of fish allowed per option. Nevermind- I only read the first page, 7 versus 5 day. Seems like the charters would prefer to have both Saturday and Sunday to fish instead...
  566. sgwill122

    Bye bye West San Juan Chinook Fisheries!

    So dumb, remove all the boats and whales will just starve to death without anyone around to see.
  567. sgwill122

    Lake Pacifica!

    How far did you have to run to find Tuna :)
  568. sgwill122

    T-mobile coverage

    Magnetic lead is pretty cool.
  569. sgwill122

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    There is a reason why it is pretty affordable, the weather normally sucks. If you are looking for a place for fishermen to be close to Ocean fishing then buy in Westport. If you are looking for a place for summer vacations for the family look elsewhere.
  570. sgwill122

    T-mobile coverage

    Outstanding review, more than I had hoped for.
  571. sgwill122

    T-mobile coverage

    Yep, I have had lots of standing on the side of the boat trying to get better coverage experiences with ATT. I am hoping Tmobile is just as crappy for half the price(I should be in marketing...) I may just have to swap and give it a try for a few months. I know my La Push coverage wont get...
  572. sgwill122

    T-mobile coverage

    Thanks Kim. Would love to hear any actual T-Mobile users. I know Verizon is the best hands down. I am trying to figure out if T-Mobile is any worse than ATT. It is almost half the price, I can keep my phones and T-Mobile does not charge for mobile hotspot. Other benefit is they claim you...
  573. sgwill122

    T-mobile coverage

    I have had ATT for last 15+ years. I am contemplating switching to Tmobile for a couple reasons, cost savings being the biggest. How is Tmobile coverage on our fishing grounds(San Juans, West Port, La Push, Port Angeles)? I know Verizon is hands down the best. Wondering if ATT and T-Mobile...
  574. sgwill122

    Washington v. United States

    I agree with the state on this one 'The state claims the appeals court invented a new and “amorphous” right for tribes to make a moderate living.' Moderate is not a measurable term and was invented by a judge. I am all for tribes having the right to net as many fish as they want to eat but...
  575. sgwill122

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Why not disconnect your fuel line at the end of your engine flush and let the motor die once the gas is out of the carb? Or you could use a screw driver and manually drain the carb, takes 30 seconds. That solves fuel sitting in the carb problem.
  576. sgwill122

    Father son first sword fish

    Pretty cool. How bout more details on the fishing trip. One of those rods has a monster electric reel, looks like it could double as a windlass, shrimp pot puller or trailer winch.
  577. sgwill122

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    I am a convert although I only have two so far, I still have a mix of manual and electric onboard. Nothing worse than cranking up a dogfish, skate, yellow eye or 15lb butt from 600ft except doing it several times in a row.
  578. sgwill122

    People were out fishing Saturday and yesterday? Seriously?

    It was a guy and his girlfriend in a paddle boat which does not sound like a fishing expedition. The guy was wearing waders and neither had life jackets. I would guess the weather was not nasty when they set out. Either way very sad...
  579. sgwill122

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    Great motor. The only issues I have seen with power tilt is the switch can get moisture in them that causes them to activate on their own. I had this happen to both a 9.9 Honda and a Yamaha. Just had to replace the switch on both. Both motors had more than 5 years on them before it happened.
  580. sgwill122

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    You came to the wrong place if you did not want speculation. I have had similar problems in the past, I resolved my issue by taking apart and cleaning the carb which is not a very hard job. My needle valve and jets had some crap on them.
  581. sgwill122


    Good looking boat, congrats! How big are the twins?
  582. sgwill122

    Ducer help!

    I did a lot of reading on the subject a year ago(although I forgot most of it now) and came to the same conclusion that the TM275LHW was the best all round(assuming transom mount). I was unwilling to cut a hole in the new boat. I have been happy so far. The wide cone is the key so you get a...
  583. sgwill122

    Kitsap CCA meeting Feb 27 with the Coast Guard and WDFW Agent

    Sounds like a great meeting. Please do post notes on what you guys learn.
  584. sgwill122

    Boondocking Spots

    My favorite is the Westport Park n ride for turn and burn tuna trips.
  585. sgwill122

    Maiden voyage.

    Beautiful boat. If you have not done it already I would recommend putting shark hide on any shiny aluminum you want to keep that way. I thought I was ok with it oxidizing till it started happening, then I had a bit of elbow grease to get it shiny again and then added shark hide. Shark hide is...
  586. sgwill122

    Couple little projects

    I don't think that is enough blockage on the metal strainer To be the problem. I would check the seal on the strainer cap and make sure it is tight when putting it back together. The symptom sounds like air is getting sucked into the pump.
  587. sgwill122

    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    I say do it, Ben Franklin once tied a key to a kite, can't wait to see what happens when a gopro is put on one...
  588. sgwill122

    Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    Nice job. Are you fishing really deep or is the weight necessary to offset the float? Hope you have electric reels, cranking 2lbs 38 times from the deep would be a work out.
  589. sgwill122

    Go Eagles!

    was fun to watch, the best highlight beyond the strip sack was Brady not catching the ball and then Foles pulls it off. He is the best quarterback ever but the guy needs some failures to chew on while playing with his rings. I hated the half time show, gotta be one of the worst.
  590. sgwill122

    All or nothing

    Just updated with descriptions.
  591. sgwill122

    All or nothing

    I cleaned out the garage and found a bunch of stuff I want to get rid of. Everything below is free, only catch is you have to take it all. I will give priority to anyone that has fished with me before in case there are multiple people interested. Send me a PM if interested. 2 plastic saw...
  592. sgwill122

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Maybe Norm will have a nice 26 duck for sale soon if the Lindell salesman gets a hold of him at the boatshow @carrie's bait boy
  593. sgwill122

    Extra screws with twins

    I bought cheap Apollo aluminum props for my spares so not a big investment and they weigh less than stainless but the space is a bigger deal. I am pretty sure I could change a prop on my outboards assuming its not crazy water but drifting to Hawaii might be a nice plan B, just hope I don't miss...
  594. sgwill122

    Extra screws with twins

    I just bought an extra pair of props(left and right) for my twin 200's. I am glad I did as it took 3 months to get the Left hand prop which would have sucked had I needed during fishing season. Do you guys with twins carry both extra props onboard? Anybody have stories of losing both props...
  595. sgwill122

    Go no Go

    Some great advise here. Twin 115's does seem light and you will always regret not upgrading when you could have, you will never regret having too much power. I thought the Kingfisher has a flatter bottom than some other offshore boats which does not take as much power to move. I looked at the...
  596. sgwill122

    iPad for year helm?

    I also use a iPad as the rear helm in a life proof case and have a usb charger wired next to the ram mount to keep it charged. It is shaded by the roof eave. I already had it so it was the low cost option. It doubles as a movie player when camping overnight and comes off the boat easily and...
  597. sgwill122

    not a 31' silver streak but ...

    Unfortunately he is looking for a Northriver or Grady so I am out of luck on this one.
  598. sgwill122

    not a 31' silver streak but ...

    I found the second best boat deal on craigslist and thought I would share.
  599. sgwill122

    2001 22' Arima Sea Legend For Sale

    Sweet setup Gregg, she looks great. You have her replacement picked out or still figuring that out?
  600. sgwill122

    DNR shutting down some net pens

    I will throw my 2 cents here which is usually more than its worth. Fish farms are needed but they gotta figure a way to get them offshore, or everyone needs to start eating Tillapia. I think farming salmon on land is pretty challenging. I am a big fan of hatcheries, hatchery production has...
  601. sgwill122

    Roche Derby

    Congrats, way to clean house!
  602. sgwill122

    Do you leave the anchor in the cradle?

    Looks like your anchor setup is like mine. I would try adding electrical tape to your roller groove to get the weight on the roller not the pin. I assume the Windlass will prevent a premature deployment if the pin does work loose?
  603. sgwill122

    Do you leave the anchor in the cradle?

    I have always used a bungiee connected to the anchor and bow cleat as backup to the pin. Fishingluhrs had a story on here of his anchor deploying while under way out of Westport. The rope got spun around one of the props if I remember right. If your anchor weight is on the pin it is more...
  604. sgwill122

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    Awesome way to honor and remember your dad. I am blessed I can fish with my dad and kids, definitely a privilege that most kids don't have access to. I agree with others that tuna could be tough for a kid or adult unless you get one of the rare flat days. My kids get most excited about rock...
  605. sgwill122

    Pretty long odds

    Sorry for the delay this thread is not very active in the winter. I am sure many will be disappointed. It was just a white plug. I have never fished one before but will be adding it into the mix.
  606. sgwill122

    High speed pickup

    I am very familiar with its location just not the make/model:-)
  607. sgwill122

    High speed pickup

    Not sure on the seacock, I just T'd off the washdown intake so whatever is stock on the duckworth. The second seacock is a good idea for flexibility but my bait tank stays 80% full when the pump is off so I could replace the pump while full if needed(that would mean I need to start packing a...
  608. sgwill122

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    I just got my strikers and am impressed. There is no doubt they have a metal pin, you see it in the donut hole of the mount and they feel much heavier. I put a halibut rod in a holder, ratcheted down the drag then gave it some good tugs and really like what I saw. Thanks for getting me...
  609. sgwill122

    High speed pickup

    I have the bait sentry 1100, I have read enough threads here to realize the rule pumps suck. I misspoke on my switches, they are rocker not toggle, which are easy to bump off. I really like Patricks switch guards, I may need to convert if I have any more accidents. The pump, macerator and...
  610. sgwill122

    High speed pickup

    Just got a high speed pickup welded over my intake by 3rivers. The pickup came from Defiance. Hopefully this will prevent future bait tank emergencies. seaweed got sucked up into it once last year. My other bait tank fail came when the toggle switch got hit accidentally I believe while...
  611. sgwill122

    Lahaina, HI representing.

    You gonna get a line wet while there?
  612. sgwill122

    A true American Hero

    Awesome offer, had to fight the urge to book a flight.
  613. sgwill122

    Westport kids need our help

    I got a short hand written thankyou note which was not necessary or expected but was very cool of them to take the time. Norm thanks again for posting this.
  614. sgwill122

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    That is a screaming deal, you could still buy a nice new truck to haul it still be money ahead of buying new. If you left the RESEARCH signage you could fish anything anytime of the year without being bothered, hell you could probably pet the Orca's in the San Jauns while everyone else is...
  615. sgwill122

    Aquascooter $200

    Just add duct tape and you have a bow thruster.
  616. sgwill122

    Garmin GHC 20 and Remote

    Remote is sold.
  617. sgwill122

    Garmin GHC 20 and Remote

    I bought the GHC 20 and wireless remote with my Garmin Autopilot and decided I don't need them. Both are still in the box. Will sell $550 together. New Garmin GHC 20 SOLD New Garmin GHC 10 Wireless Autopilot Remote -SOLD
  618. sgwill122

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Thanks for the update John. 2AM posts, you planning on a nap today?
  619. sgwill122

    Neah Bay halibut moorage

    Best news I have heard in a while, unless of course we end up with worse...
  620. sgwill122

    Looking for King Advice I am sure Todd is a great guide but when I glance at his URL it seems like he maybe offering more than just fishing.
  621. sgwill122

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    I like the burnewiin but they don't make a downrigger or flush mount adapter for my back corners and I like my flush mounts for every other type of fishing. I got a little more educated thanks to the feedback here and I put a call into Scotty. Only the Strikers have the metal pin. I have the...
  622. sgwill122

    BOLO Fishing Stolen Tuna Gear

    That sucks, I cant imagine the average tweaker would go after fishing rods. Hope he gets his stuff back or at least gets taken care of by his insurance.
  623. sgwill122

    Pretty long odds

    I am probably one of the worst blackmouth fishermen, so today I was shocked that my dad and I had our 2 fish in a hour. We used a lure we have had in the tackle box for years but never tried. We took my dads 18ft hewes and launched out of twin bridges. Today was supposed to have very little...
  624. sgwill122

    Yamaha isolator lead

    I have never used this setup but I had a battery isolator long ago. Generically a battery isolator are two diodes that only allows juice to flow in one direction, the downside to a diode is there is voltage drop across it, not substantial but still loss. A long time ago I had a battery...
  625. sgwill122

    Deck seating

    Folding gunnel seats that double as step downs, see the link below for an image. No chairs on my deck, no point in getting rid of the dog house if I clutter up the deck with chairs. Seating up front if it is crappy out otherwise I am sitting against the gunnel...
  626. sgwill122

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    Very kind offer, but I think a backup is the least of my worries :) Backing off the drag is a smart move.
  627. sgwill122

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    I use plastic scotty rod holders plus adapter to convert the back corner flush mount holders to point out from the sides of the boat when fishing halibut to keep lines from getting near the kicker while back trolling. I often wonder what the breaking strength of these holders are. Anybody have...
  628. sgwill122

    Merry Christmas to Us

    nice Looking girl, congrats!
  629. sgwill122

    12/15 crab run

    1 hour soaks on 6 pots pulled twice. There were plenty of native/commercial pots out there with us. I tried one pot at 350ft deep to see if we could find anything more exotic which yielded a rock and female dungee :(
  630. sgwill122

    12/15 crab run

    Great crisp day on the water today out of Everett. Not many sporties out. Lots of crab to be had still. One week left for us. I got home at 4 and water was freezing on the deck while I washed off the boat.
  631. sgwill122

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    Greg- Your right, I thought Kurt's boat was a duck. I need help...
  632. sgwill122

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    Kurt- can you post a pic of your anchor locker? I only have a 6" access hole to get to the locker so not sure how you got a basket in yours unless your duck was built differently.
  633. sgwill122

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    Question for those with aluminum boats and anchor lockers. Do you pull your wet rope out of the anchor locker to dry after each time you use the anchor? I ask as it seems like wet salty rope plus chain in a aluminum hold would create galvanic action with the aluminum paying the price(2...
  634. sgwill122

    Marine Hydraulic steering line fittings

    Glad you found a solution, fortunately I needed the orb fitting in the middle of the T. Hopefully there are enough searchable words in this thread to help others.
  635. sgwill122

    Marine Hydraulic steering line fittings

    This is good advice a couple weeks too late. I picked up the sea star fittings at fisheries for $50 and quickly found they were too small. Luckily 3rivers marine was able to get the right fitting in the next day for $15. The other piece i have learned is the front helm uses 2 orb fittings...
  636. sgwill122

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    How is the anode attached? I assume you only need one since the boat is getting painted or are there more I don't see.
  637. sgwill122

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Now you just need to convince your wife...
  638. sgwill122

    Electric Trailer Winch Recommendation

    I went through three powerwinches in 15 years. I permanently attach the hand crank and would assist the last few feet. Just make sure the handle clears the powercord. The nice thing about winching on is you don't need much water with rollers but is slower. I power on now with bunks.
  639. sgwill122

    auto pilot question

    Just got done installing a garmin autopilot. The kit came with a separate AP controller(GHC 20). I can perform the same functions from the MFD. I have not yet decided if I want to add the separate controller as I do not know that I will use it. I did not have a separate controller on my last...
  640. sgwill122

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    I am with Goat on pain-T, just go naked. I prefer the look of paint but every trip out I seem to collect a new scratch. I took my kids scout troop squidding and got a six inch long scratch between the rub rails, not sure how it happened but am sure it had something to do with a boat full of...
  641. sgwill122

    Weird trim issue on Yamaha 8hp

    I too suffered from a failed switch. Not much to troubleshoot, just a replacement job.
  642. sgwill122

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    I call dibs on 1st boat ho position when you upgrade to the Ocean Sport.
  643. sgwill122

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    I went from a 23 to a 28(30 with offshore bracket). I have run over a lot more curbs but the launching and retrieving has actually been easier. I did have to upgrade trucks. Glad I did it. It is a lot more boat to hold onto at the dock, one of my boys already went swimming when a wind pulled...
  644. sgwill122

    Westport kids need our help

    You rock Norm. Check will be in the mail.
  645. sgwill122


    I have spent a lot of time cleaning out the intact mantles and decided I did not care if I was eating squid rings or strips so now I just cut open the mantle which makes getting everything out a breeze.
  646. sgwill122

    Not news to anyone that fishes

    Wish they would have listed historical population num