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    Review of the Pride out of Seaforth

    Any feedback on the boat and operation? Considering a 1.5 day and was checking to see if any of you have fished her. I am tall, so info on bunk is would be cool too if you have it. Thanks
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    Increased San Clemente Island Closures

    Hey guys, What is the word on the significantly increased closures and activity for the last bit and rest of the month? War games, getting ready for something, shifting to a more prohibitive schedule and being punitive to fisherman for not respecting closures or all of the above? Anyone have the...
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    Best Wseabass rod options : Whats say you?

    Looking for some educated ideas on 2 rods primarily for fishing island seabass, yellows and squid on lead head, small egg sinker. Likely paired with Saltiga 35 and 20, all braid with a small fluoro top shot. I have some Phoenix BD that are too stiff for this application, and a 9 foot Abyss...
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    SOLD 13 Phenix, Diawa, G Loomis, Okuma Rods for sale

    First $800 gets all 12 used rods and one Teramar Curado combo. All eyes intact, all have reel seats that work and all have some wear. Sold my private boat need need to purge. I live in OC for pickup or can arrange paypal and ship. PM me with full price offer and it is yours. Qty.1 Phenix Black...
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    SOLD F/S Talica 25,16,12II & Qty. 2 Trinidad 14A, 12A Sold as one lot

    I am selling this as a single lot of Shimano Talica and Trinidad reels. All work well, all used. $2200 firm for lot Qty. 1 Talica 25 100lb Power Pro Hollow Ace 10/10 Operational 8/10 Cosmetic with clamp Qty. 1 Talica 16 80lb Maxcuatro 10/10 operational 8/10 Cosmetic with clamp Qty. 1 Talica...
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    Bluefin are biting!!! Pescador 22nd Street 1.5 day needs a few more

    Jacob is a great skipper and this is a great platform. 3 reservations and need a few more to go (max 10)/ I am one of the 3 and want to go. Let's go!
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    Big BFT wanna get one? Me too, can your sled get you there

    Seems like they may move up with condition and bait. Be ready and get your own. This rig set up to do it. 43, 60M bank, SCI no problem. make your own squid, hold 3 scoops and go 50Mph in comfort. 188 gal fuel capacity and immaculate...
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    SOLD New photos! Like New Talica 20II and Used Talica 25II

    1. Less than a year old TC20II with light use 9.5 looks & 10 for working order. Filled with 100lb PP. Clamps, screws new and I have box. $425 2. Used but recently services TAC25II. 100lb PP. Some scratches from use. 7 looks & 9.5 working order. Clamps. screws and wrench. $400...
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    How to stop squid from egging in my tank

    I have a 3 scoop offshore bait tank with the holes that provide inflow and vertical thin slats that provide outflow. My issue is when I leave squid in it overnight they often lay eggs in the vertical slats and clog up the outflow and that creates a real issue and overflow. I have tried a number...
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    SOLD Pursuit 2670 Fish Killer for sale. Custom 3 Scoop Bait Tank

    Guys, I am selling my recently refurbished rig. She is a beauty and named Fresh One. New electronics, new engines (300hrs), squid lights, and newly added bolster seats with a bitchin locking tackle storage area. 2670 by freshwon posted Jan 28, 2018 at 6:55 PM This is my favorite hull in this...
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    Fishdope down?

    I keep getting a certificate issue on my cell and my desktop today. Virus sw says it isn't secure and may be being hacked. I am not sure how to officially report this to them. Anyone else have any issues? and i have been using this for years on these devices. Phil
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    it happened!

    Polaris Supreme 10 day arrived back 11/16 and had solid wahoo, yellowtail and Marlin fishing, awesome food, great crew, killer weather, and awesome fisherman. What was unusual was the mythical flying Wahoo we hear about in every wahoo seminar happened. While cranking in my bomb at an incredibly...
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    Fiberglass reinforcement and windlass install: Who do you recommend?

    Guys, I am looking for a quality glasser and finish installer for a windlass on my 34 Pursuit CC. Need the right reinforcement and a quality install/design. Boat is in newport. Thanks, PM's welcome Phil
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    Pursuit 2670 on craigslist custom 60 gal offshore tank in transom

    This used to be my boat. Bought it new and bought a 60 gal offshore tank and had it glassed in in place of the poorly designed east coast tank. This is an excellent boat, cuddly adds some weight forward and makes for a great ride. If you want a good fishing platform this is one i have fond...
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    Good Fortune! 177# and 115# BFT: fish of a lifetime on the Fortune

    Chartered the Fortune back in Jan and didn't have clue we would be hunting 100lb+ BFT. This is a family and friends charter with 14 of us and Tish who runs the schedule for the Fortune called me as I left the house and said" Bring the big gear", turned around and grabbed my light big tuna setup...
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    Looking for a solid Bait tank leaning post combo

    Installing it in a Blackfin 28 with inboard. likely 50 gal. Ideas besides the obvious or anyone have one that is in excellent shape? Gracias!
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    Good Fortune at Cat today with Yellers

    Had a great day on the Fortune today. Departed 22nd Street at 8pm sharp, took care of bait and fished all night for Seabass, no luck for me this day. Yellow seems to be in quite a few areas at the Island right now. I caught 4 on squid, lost 2 more on surface Iron (came unbuttoned DOH!). Bruce...
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    Shogun 5day 12/26-31 quick report

    18 passengers got on the boat at 7am, bait was on board by 5am and that made us first out the gate that busy morning. That made a big difference. We got to a spot on the Baja coast with reports of first day heavy wind then supposed to lighten up. We got a good whack right when we got to the...
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    NewLoAnn 1.5day report 8/9

    First off crew, captain and food was great, great platform and can never complain about the fuel burn when the skipper goes 120 miles and back to 60 miles in a day and a half. Fishing was tough for us, around 20 yellows with approx 5-6 that were over 20lb and a handful of dorado. Went to the...
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    Bronze sponsors boiling on the stern!

    Hey, I just joined, cmon join me! Freshwon out
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    Clean Truline D8 Cork Handle, SHimano TLD 2 Speed Tiburon Frame. $300 for all

    Very clean cork handle D8. excellent condition TLD20 with Tiburon Frame, Loaded with 100lb Spectra and knotless loop, ready to fish. First $300 takes all, will sell today. Phil 949 375-0285
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    Avon RIB Inflatable in great shape

    SOLD First $500 gets it. Here is a link to the Specs: ZODIAC Yachtline Rib 220 R - Boat Detail - It is in good condition. 4HP max, 48lbs. Fits in the back of my Yukon. Was used as a tender while i was on a mooring. That boat is gone with another on the dock. A couple of chips...
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    3 reels Avet JX6/3 2 Speed MC, AVet JX 4.6-1 Single, Calcutta 400s

    SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Price adjusted: The Avets have 65lb Spectra and brand new 40lb PLine Blue. 2 speed has very light use, other Avet has some limited use. Calcutta is missing the handle and is used. I have too many Saltiga's and don't need these.
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    Inshore Newport legal Butt

    Took my 2 boys and a friend Kenny out for a little local trip. Bait was excellent from Newport for a change. Dines were really hot, they even had some squirts, not much left but in good shape. First drift and first bait caught this one for Luke, he is 6'6" for perspective. Another short a...