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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Just what we needed to hear thanks!

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Jason you're a breath of fresh air......NOT! Thanks for the update

    I found my dream boat!

    Please Clarify, are you and SSU Fish Hooked Up?:p

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    I preferred to use a colon, but at least you could figure it out so there is some hope

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    WTF Don't you understand? Yes I said the death rate is 2%; BBC said it was stupid then made a statement about millions in the country that have not been diagnosed there must be something going on, and I quoted it as being just as stupid. Then you come in and can't follow the posts and pop off...

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    First Lines are the original post by 500BBC Click on th BD Help button for any future problems understanding before you triple check next time

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    WTF are you really that dense? I never changed my story and stand by my posts. I've read some of your other posts on other threads and you appear to be a full blown retard but to each his own I guess. Life goes on..........

    I found my dream boat!

    Yep $368,000 as shown at the Show. You can buy alot of used boats double the length for $368,000 right now. And I just can't see you pulling hoops over that nice new gelcoat!

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    No I'm quoting 500BBC's post get a clue efore you pop off
  10. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    How did you come to that conclusion?
  11. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    I hate to say it but this video is the stupidest post ever
  12. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    Really Genius? I could say the same thing about you: There are millions of people in this country alone that have had it and were not diagnosed with it. This is not about the virus, What is really going on? What do you base that statement on Einstein and do you think this involves the...
  13. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    While you're at it why don't you throw in Racist too its obvious. Everything is politics to these bitches
  14. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    WTF Get off the Crack and relax a little. Those were the FACTS we had today, tomorrow they will change. As more testing is available statistics will become more accurate. Science uses these statistics to develop models which shows trends. You are so worried about the Death Count and its all...
  15. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    Those are the FACTS as we know them today yes based on reported cases. You can only base those rate on THE FACTS in front of you and although not actual, they do show a trend and give us some insight as to what is ahead.
  16. DOGHOUSE26

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    The death rate has jumped 33% in 2 days its up to 2% now and climbing
  17. DOGHOUSE26

    Going out Tuesday 3/31

    Great Effort and thanks for the report. Your report is the best prescription for those of us stuck on land PLEASE ANYBODY KEEP THEM COMING!
  18. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Thanks for the heads up Ali!
  19. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Did a Lifeguard boat stop you or was it on a loadspeaker from the Harbor Office?
  20. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    We have been holding at a death rate of 1.5% for 10 days, today it was up around 1.7. The Total World rate is around 4%+/-
  21. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    Who is going to know unless you touch Mexican Soil?
  22. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    They didn't see the citation; the 2 guys were in front of the restrooms bitching about the tickets
  23. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    I don't know if its the video or the music, but I've been stuck on this one thanks to BD
  24. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    Its really none of your F'n business what he did on his own time. Maybe his wife and he had an agreement it was OK we'll never know. He obviously had the money, I doubt it affected you personally, and look at the bright side at least it was Stormy a true whore and not Rosie O'Donnell
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    Long Range shutdown?

    OK you're just letting somebody else make the decision for you, just don't bitch its not going the way you want it to or think it should go.
  26. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I called the US Coast Guard Station San Diego this morning and asked if Mission Bay is considered as a Federal Navigational Waterway and they stated it is indeed, so I guess you can tell the Lifeguards to go pound sand
  27. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    I called the US Coast Guard Station San Diego this morning and asked if Mission Bay is considered as a Federal Navigational Waterway and they stated it is indeed, so I guess you can tell the Lifeguards to go pound sand
  28. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I will call the Coast Guard SD Office in the morning and verify jurisdiction; Mission Bay is listed as a San Diego City Aquatic Park and I'm not sure Federal Waterways would apply.
  29. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat Ramps closed?

    I will call the Coast Guard SD Office in the morning and verify jurisdiction; Mission Bay is listed as a San Diego City Aquatic Park and I'm not sure Federal Waterways would apply.
  30. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    It wasn't today; couple of days ago I thought I saw it on a LR Website but I couldn't find it so it was either in the BD Long Range Reports or Chit Chat. I believe someone from the RP or Shogun posted about the meeting on an ongoing thread. He stated they got the go-ahead from the CG with...
  31. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    WTF where are the politics in this thread? If you or anyone else was insulted maybe you should take a Midol and sleep on it. Its called Freedom of Choice and I don't see anything else in this thread, make your own decision and yes its a complicated one. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...
  32. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    A buddy of mine launched @ Coronado Glorietta Bay yesterday and fished SD Bay
  33. DOGHOUSE26

    Long Range shutdown?

    The Coast Guard gave the LR Fleet the OK to run under certain conditions yesterday; the real question is is who is going to be lame enough to get on board not knowing where the other passengers have been the past 2 weeks and knowing if shit happens you will be a long way from immediate hospital...
  34. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    Another reliable source in the know says they can't close navigatable waterways so who wants to be the Test Pilot any Volunteers?
  35. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I just heard from a reliable source the SD Lifeguards were stopping active boaters and telling them to return to their slips. So if you want to go out you will probably need to be underway before dawn. With no Boater Traffic will EB stay open?
  36. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok to pass time

    Forgot to mention 7 hoops lost in 4 different spots and 1 recovered 1 week later; 186 Engine hours put on my 1st year outboard. Still cheaper than going to Las Olas for dinner @ $50/plate
  37. DOGHOUSE26

    New bill, and it’s FEDERAL

    I can't understand how these Democratic Politicians constantly think that more laws that really only impact Law Abiding Citizens will ever have a substantial positive affect in reducing gun violence in America. We have more than enough laws already on the books (too many in CA.) and even if they...
  38. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok to pass time

    Its pretty easy just see how many lines were used on your card, hopefully you were the boat owner and you went on each trip. We had 6 different anglers on 41 trips in San Diego & Mission Bays taking 291 bugs for a 7,1 Boat Average. We had 8 Double Doubles, 3- 0fer trips, and our second half...
  39. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok to pass time

    Nice - Over How Many Trips?
  40. DOGHOUSE26

    1st timer and a double

    Very Cool Memories For Life!
  41. DOGHOUSE26

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    Looks like a Great Day thanks for the report!
  42. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    Mission Bay Barge Open 24/7 Small 3-5" Sardines San Diego had alot of Mackeral in their mix but guys were complaining their bait rolled
  43. DOGHOUSE26

    Rockfish run with the Pacific Scout

    How did you final night hooping go?
  44. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    We fished the Lower 9 this morning for rockfish limits then bounced outside towards the 302 @ 19 knots in search of BFT;tremendous amount of bait outside the 9 all the way to 3 miles inside the 302 where a sailboat trolling daisy chains called us in as he was seeing fish pop up in the area. We...
  45. DOGHOUSE26

    9 Mile Bank Beautiful 3/21

    No oddly enough the Mexican Rockfish taste like $hit! Usually found in deeper water what depths were you fishing? We were on the 9 today too what a beautiful day on the water. We ended up with 18 nice Reds, 10 grouper and a couple of Widow Rockfish on squid as well. Most of them came from 360-410'
  46. DOGHOUSE26

    Costco Corona Shit Show

    A well known Captain posted his latest struggle with the Corona Pandemic: 😩🤔 I went to COSTCO during this crazy corona virus time to buy a bag of food for the dogs. Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog. I stare at her....Why would I be buying dog food, right? So I told...
  47. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    And yes that Karma is for real as our set before we passed you the bug was a 0 but the next and final was a 4 spot that topped us off and sent us home
  48. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bug run of 19-20 season

    I bet you down here in SD Bay we had 6 to 1 legal females over males throughout the season I hope it doesn't affect next year!
  49. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    That's awesome glad you got them! What's funny is that little spot only went richter with the heavy rain it had always been a ho-hummer but I don't know if the dredge had something to do with it. That whole side of the channel went off but I think it did slow down after a couple of hundred or...
  50. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    The regulations say through the first Wednesday after March 15th so I would think all day Wednesday until 12:01 Thursday Morning
  51. DOGHOUSE26

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    Congratulations you've got it down now great job on the early limit! We doubled again last night but it took a litle while longer and we got 3 out of the hole you left and we passed an extra on to a Kayak buddy who was having a tough night. Write down some notes from this year as you will...
  52. DOGHOUSE26

    SD Bay 3/14 - lotsa bugs out

    Its a Mexican Weather Buoy that must have broke loose from Friday Nights storm
  53. DOGHOUSE26

    Thick rain hooping Friday the 13th

    Congratulations I Hope our little chat paid off!
  54. DOGHOUSE26

    LB Hooping Report

    Yeah and be careful my brother got pinched on the finger 2 months ago and still doesnt have feeling in it
  55. DOGHOUSE26

    Crowded buggin tonight

    Ocotillo will be a mud pit you'll never get your bikes clean again doubt if you'll see any dust though!
  56. DOGHOUSE26

    Crowded buggin tonight

    I hope your buddies don't consider those as Foreplay:oops:
  57. DOGHOUSE26

    Crowded buggin tonight

    You bring those bugs and you'll have more friends than you ever knew
  58. DOGHOUSE26

    Point Loma 8Mar2020

    That's a very nice sled I bet it rips!
  59. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bugs of the season

    Clear and Calm last night and as it turns out I believe old freezer bait was the cause of our poor showing Monday Night but we're back on track one shy of double limits our sets went 2-6-1-0-0-4-0 with 4 octopus 1 sculpin 1 guitarfish 6 stingrays and 20 shorts; definitly more life with fresh bait.
  60. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bugs of the season

    But that takes the fun out of it!:eek:
  61. DOGHOUSE26

    Last bugs of the season

    Went Monday night and what a disaster it was! Set our hoops out to secure our spot and waited an hour before baiting them up 90 minutes before our first pull; ended up losing one to kelp or ? I don't know the current was pretty stiff both ways maybe even too stiff where the bugs don't want to...
  62. DOGHOUSE26

    Quick trip with the son-in-law

    Yes that time change is going to make those last few nights LOOOOOOONG........
  63. DOGHOUSE26

    Quick trip with the son-in-law

    Your trips have been consistant, Nice Catch! How often are you pulling, every 30 minutes?
  64. DOGHOUSE26

    Personal Best Bug this season

    Those Male Lobsters like the one in the pic have such big heads compared to females it really throws you off when you catch so many females like we did this season probably 4 to 1. Please post the weight when you get it; we had a big one last week I was thinking at least 5# but it only went...
  65. DOGHOUSE26

    This should improve the hunting!

    Let me give you a hint: He's Gay:p
  66. DOGHOUSE26

    King of the harbor on the spot report

    WOW that's a nice haul!
  67. DOGHOUSE26

    Who has the KOH Report?

    Curious how it went Saturday Night any winners on this Board?
  68. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Alfa 209 Primer Starter/Blank Pistol

    Jesus Gerry find some .22 blanks and I'll loan you one of my Ruger Single Sixes
  69. DOGHOUSE26

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    Way to hammer them for a good score!
  70. DOGHOUSE26

    Just one bug last night, but got the skunk off!

    We were out last night as well and it was extremely slow for us; only 8 shorts and finally a legal @ 11PM. From then until 2AM they crawled a lot better for us with another dozen shorts and 5 more keepers. Made me a Zombie today though didn't get too much done workwise. PM me when you think...
  71. DOGHOUSE26

    On the water LB bug report

    Way to get it done early; plenty of time to hit the titty bar on the way home!
  72. DOGHOUSE26

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Was it a Sevice Body Truck in the Video? My Buddy in R Cucamonga has their trailer stolen recently by a Ford Service Body and they recently caught them
  73. DOGHOUSE26

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    Oh My that's a big one! Nice Catch Thanks for the report
  74. DOGHOUSE26

    Don’t be that guy!

    For once I'll have to agree with you! I know where a lot of guys on this board hoop their favorite spots and rarely will I fish them and definitely not if they or somebody else is in there. Believe me there are plenty of other good spots to hoop you just have to explore a little and find them...
  75. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    By the way I have a little better luck with the ones I drill random 3/8” holes in the screen so they can get to it
  76. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    Google Danielson Bait Cages I think they came from Fisherman’s Headquarters $7.99
  77. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    I like them the best as they hold enough bait to get them coming in and they are easy to re-bait up I leave the lids secured to the hoop and just unscrew them. They have been grabbed by the seals but never compromised unless you don’t screw the lids tight. $8 on Amazon $10 shipping on 6 at a time
  78. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Still Crawling

    Found a new spot in the Big Bay Hung out for a double limit but came up 1 shy they're still crawlin'!
  79. DOGHOUSE26

    Painting honkers

    Wow they look Great!
  80. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Those Drain Caps are a Great Idea!
  81. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    I think the gift in the same house is a bit of a stretch
  82. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    Perhaps another reading of the Lobster regulations is due my friend it's 7 in possesion at any time not daily. I crack up everytime these guys talk about how they go to Catalina with a 3 Day permit and bring back 21 bugs each; that will be a hard lesson to learn if they get checked on the way...
  83. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    Congratulations on a great trip Thanks for the On The Water Report Please keep them coming!
  84. DOGHOUSE26

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    We need a Live Feed Camera this Impeachment is killing TV
  85. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    I didn' want anyone to wonder who this guy was that looks like he just polished off a KFC 24 piece bucket by himself Yes Jason there was quite a few flights of geese were circling our part of the refuge; with resi # 7 we were one of the first groups to get down there and I think they heard us...
  86. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    We also use tubes in our hoops and to save you some money Danielson makes a nifty screened barrel with a screw off lid, a stainless steel swivel to clip the baitbarrel into the hoop netting or lower ring, and we drilled random 1/2" diamer holes in the screen so the bugs can actually get to the...
  87. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I feel your Pain Franklin we had the same problem along the MB Jetty last month where we had 5 hoops with the Promar Cages get opened and robbed by seals after pulling 2 legals and several shorts from them the set before. Each hoop was empty although one of the hoops had a small cage heavily zip...
  88. DOGHOUSE26

    January 22nd-Quick Hunt

    Thats some Honeyhole you have up north, glad to see you're getting the pup out and doing what she loves to do.
  89. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 21 Center Console

    Somehow it doesn't seem the trailer in these pictures was meant to haul this boat; are you sure the trailer is still within it's weight rating?
  90. DOGHOUSE26

    This should improve the hunting!

    They said the meat was white not pink another mind in the gutter:p
  91. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    Gerry and I hunted T-12 today and I'd have to say it was kind of slow for the area; pretty slow Flyoff at first light except for a lone GWT which made the mistake of landing in the dekes just before shooting time and then challenging Gerry to the draw which Gerry won with one clean shot. From...
  92. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping with my son

    Sounds like a great trip 7 bugs; last time I came in from hoopin by 8:30 was via Vessel Assist. We were thankful to come up with 2 last night. You got it down!
  93. DOGHOUSE26

    Spreader Bars, Birds Daisy Chains & BFT

    Daisey Chains have worked here on Marlin, BFT & YFT; the problem with Spreader Bars here in SoCal is they act like ocean rakes and collect every piece of floating debris in their path and need to be pulled and cleaned every 10-15 minutes which is a royal Pain in the Ass as we have a ton of kelp...
  94. DOGHOUSE26

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    Great Video Thanks for the Report
  95. DOGHOUSE26

    Ensenada 1-12

    Looks like a great trip; Thanks for the Report!
  96. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-15-20

    Location, Location, Location, and at least 3-5 dozen dekes..............
  97. DOGHOUSE26

    Teal Day-Jan.15th

    John, Is the Mojo working for you this late in the season? I haven't used mine this year as I had mixed results on different days last couple of years. Some days it pulled them in, but 2 different days I couldn't get the birds to decoy until I pulled my MOJO down then birds came in as usual...
  98. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-15-20

    3 of us hunted the lower half of Wister today in sunny skies with little wind and we managed to scrape up a smorgasborg of 12 ducks during a long day. one of the previous posters a week back said the Us & Ts were shooting good so we took the hint and after a slow flyoff for us we saw steady...
  99. DOGHOUSE26

    Slack tide bugs

    Yeah when Bugrider calls you...........8-)
  100. DOGHOUSE26

    Slack tide bugs

    A week ago Sunday we had a 17 and 10 on Monday night with both nights having a 3/4 moon but only a 1.5' swing between tides; Wednesday night was my first skunk of the season on the full moon but a 5' swing on the first half of the evening. Trying to work out an equation to this for future trip...
  101. DOGHOUSE26

    Found hoop net on the front side of Cat 1/10/20

    My mother in law and you can have the net
  102. DOGHOUSE26

    Still picking away

    That is one big cookie jar you've been dipping into!
  103. DOGHOUSE26

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    Thanks for the link good to know.
  104. DOGHOUSE26

    The wife smelled skunk

    Had my first one last night only using Salmon Heads not even a short
  105. DOGHOUSE26

    3 days in the salt

    That looks like a great trip, Thanks for the report!
  106. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    Looks like the Spoonys have finally come down in numbers we have reservations the next 2 wednesdays I'll post a report
  107. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Looking for a beretta a400 plus Max 5

    If you find an older A400 MAX 5 you can get the new bolt release from Briley Chokes; they were the first ones to have it which led Beretta to install them on the newer models
  108. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Naw I was just joking about the Mid East hope all goes well with your emergency take care
  109. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    You're not shipping off to the Mid East Are you Curtis?
  110. DOGHOUSE26

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    I have shot both over decoys in Canada, the Benelli is lighter to carry which is great for an Upland Gun; the Beretta is heavier and thus has less noticeable recoil. I guess its really up to what you're hunting; I use my Beretta A400 on waterfowl with 3" shells and I'll bump down to a 20 gauge...
  111. DOGHOUSE26

    Short trip

    How was the swell? Thanks for the report
  112. DOGHOUSE26

    9-Mile Sheephead 12-28-19

    There isn't anything 9 miles deep out in this ocean; how deep was the goat when you hooked it?
  113. DOGHOUSE26

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    Billy did you notice if you are catching more legal males now than in the beginning of the season? Up until Thanksgiving we caught maybe 3 or 4 legal males to over 40 females. Now it's been 75-80% males and last night all 4. I wonder if there is something to this maybe a reproduction migration I...
  114. DOGHOUSE26

    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    I don't care what they say about you on the radio I think you're a stand up guy Hardcore; Thanks for all the videos and wish you a Merry Xmas. Thank God you finally got a bigger boat!
  115. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    You forgot to add "in the MPA"; the sea urchin gave you up Just kidding Awesome Haul!
  116. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    No kidding Einstein! That's an indicator of how much traffic hits the shelf as we would see 3-6 boats on top of each other. But where do the shorts go they can't just disappear, or do they? 1 short in 5 hours compared to 2-6 shorts in every hoop I would hope they didn't get poached
  117. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    I'll say one thing though after your 3rd set pull and that one legal goes into the tank after so many empty hoops your outlook on life certainly changes for the better and if you get a second legal bug it makes the night no matter how late!
  118. DOGHOUSE26

    Found hoopnet

    If they're talking about Ilene and Flo; they were old and full of crabs
  119. DOGHOUSE26

    Skunked twice

    I haven't been skunked yet either, but those 10-14 bug trips are long gone. We've been blessed with 2-3 bugs each of the last 3 trips and we always get our 2nd on that late last set pull of the night. We are trying new spots with half our hoops for the first half of the night then if nothing...
  120. DOGHOUSE26

    One guy, Two Rods

    Get your head out of the gutter! Would you like to meet for cocktails and are you a Pitcher or a Catcher?
  121. DOGHOUSE26

    New bill introduction

    Another Bullshit Legislation that WILL NOT cause a drop in Violent Crime; only place a heavier burden on law abiding citizens. Its no wonder why this idiot didn't qualify for the next debate
  122. DOGHOUSE26

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    Congratulations what Class is that; All 2 Strokes? Any Huskys, CZs , Bultacos?
  123. DOGHOUSE26

    The Crawl Goes On...

    I believe there is a greater risk of having them stolen than confiscated; fortunately so far in San Diego Bay the other guys have respected my gear and left it alone as I do to theirs. I can't say that about Mission Bay. As the season goes I will frequently set 5 traps in a proven spot and...
  124. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Its not like the Offshore scene is booming right now and we're a couple of months away from a WSB bite and he knows his shit. The guy has helped a lot of googans over time and maybe he can teach them some class and new spots so you won't have to pull some idiot's hoopline out of your props after...
  125. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    You can come along anytime and be a Seal Sniper
  126. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Nice Video can't get that music out of my head LOL!
  127. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    Great post Tim I feel like we're almost brothers! But I will go back there in a second, only next time in my Rubicon I've never got it stuck in those conditions @ Wister. Just like you, I just didn't think it would rain that much down there Wednesday so I took my F-250 as we had 2 dogs and alot...
  128. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    I bet the guest with your fingertip in the middle of their plate didn't go back for seconds! Did you put it with the white meat or on the dark meat side of the platter?
  129. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    The guy at the Check station told us there were 3 or 4 trucks that got stuck on the south end of the refuge and they were charged $600 each to get out so at least I got a bargainLOL
  130. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    They just posted the Wednesday results for Wister and they knocked 60 snows from the sky; the first 2 spots taken were on the Union tract and although I'm only there 3-5 times a season I haven't seen that happen since the 80s. Duck numbers were good too just like I thought. Rain scheduled for...
  131. DOGHOUSE26

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Start trying different spots with maybe half your hoops, look for structure on your FF and place your hoops up current depending on the tide and maybe you'll find a new honey hole. Its been tough out there lately but after a couple of skunk trips it makes you appreciate those 1 or 2 bug nights a...
  132. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    We had a great first half of the day but the second one was one I never want to experience again; My buddy Gerry pulled a 94 for Wister and with only 10-20 reservations showing on any given day I knew there would be plenty of good spots to take so 3 of us headed out and hunted a new spot for us...
  133. DOGHOUSE26

    TRADE Ruger Red Label 20 guage

    Fixed Skeet X Skeet makes for a tough day on the Trap Range; those Red Labels are nice O/Us GLWS
  134. DOGHOUSE26

    Four coyotes down 11/23/2019

    Now that looks like a great day thanks for the report!
  135. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    The 2 other times I've been checked @ Wister really crack me up and I bust their balls on it each time. We're sitting in our blind, 300-500 yards from an access road, waiting for something to fly by, when all the coots and miscellaneous waterfowl which have worked their way to the corners of...
  136. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    Is that @ Wister? I've only been checked in the field @ Wister 3 times in the past 44 years and unfortunately for me I had 1 Dove Load in my vest pocket right after we had to switch to steel and that cost me a couple hundred years ago when steel was first mandated.
  137. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    We use 3"Steel BBs @ 1550 FPS and it does a pretty good job on them, however I too have shot at grounded cripples up to 50 yards away and missed 3 straight shots. A load of 6s would be better but when you're limited to 25 shells @ Wister how many of those are you going to carry? After our...
  138. DOGHOUSE26

    Broadbills Exist

    Congratulations on a great catch and I'd get that those pictures framed and up on the wall ASAP!
  139. DOGHOUSE26

    SD BAY deep drop Lobster 11/17

    You must have been hoopin the Jurassic Park Channel! Nice catch thanks for the report!
  140. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Did he pull you out of a burning whorehouse in Ensenada?:eek:
  141. DOGHOUSE26

    Crushed them... again.

    Put a Washdown Pump on your Xmas List! Nice going and thanks for the report, again!
  142. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    150' go ahead knock your socks off! Let me know how you feel after your first set pull. I think I would just as soon wait a week
  143. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Sorry to hear about your loss; glad to see you're right back at it with the new pup as she will be the best therapy you could ask for and good luck with her. Nice shot Curtis are you using BBs or 2s? No ducks this time?
  144. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Carl what kind of pup and how old now?
  145. DOGHOUSE26

    Imperial valley upland slam

    That's some mighty fine shootin and a pretty good pile on your tailgate!
  146. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Racist!
  147. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Snow Goose

    54 Snows saturday @ Wister
  148. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    An 18' Bayrunner makes it easy hoopin Congrats!
  149. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    SD or MB? One of the only times I can safely say Your child has a nice pair! Nice catch it was slow for us we tried a new spot with 3-4 other boats and I've never caught so many shorts (12+) in the bay. Quite a few were missing an antennae or 2. Ended up with 4 keepers
  150. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Sorry you're a little late Big Guy have family plans at the desert that week
  151. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Pre 64—-308

    That's a beautiful rifle Jim worth every penny you're asking
  152. DOGHOUSE26

    Sea Duck

    When I was Commercial Lobster Fishing off Mission Beach in the late 70s and early 80s I would bring my 870 along and blast the Black brant that would fly low just outside the kelp line and I would occasionally see Scaup Flocks fly by but I never shot any. I got checked by the DFG one day with my...
  153. DOGHOUSE26

    11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Yeah those Albacore can be ball busters
  154. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Did you fight it or puss out and pay it?
  155. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    After studying the pic closer I think the bug size is your least problem; if I were a LEO I would have strip searched the perp in the pic for drugs;)
  156. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    If that what it takes, so be it. The sooner these rogue wardens get their butt reamed by a judge the sooner it will stop. A measurement is a measurement and if it touches with no play then its legal.
  157. DOGHOUSE26

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Ronson, If a warden wrote you a ticket for a bug like that I'd take the same picture and bring it to court there's no way a judge would fine you for it.
  158. DOGHOUSE26

    Anyone know of a local place that has fillister head screws for scopes?

    Maybe Marshalls Hardware off Miramar Road & Production or Distribution Ave I forget
  159. DOGHOUSE26

    Good Time Thanks to a Friend

    Yep its not the quanity it just the chance to get out and decoy some birds; although 10 is a fantastic day in my book. Congratulations!
  160. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Looks like the sweat line might get busier soon
  161. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    I had 37 for Wister yesterday and everyone backed out and wifey says you're not going alone. No wonder the count shot upwards!
  162. DOGHOUSE26

    Santee/El Cajon gunsmith?

    Then I guess it all worked out for the better as an AR15 is miles ahead in quality than an AK IMHO.
  163. DOGHOUSE26

    Santee/El Cajon gunsmith?

    Wow I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune, as I have nothing but good things to say about Guzzlers as I have had several transactions with them without a hitch. The Feds have been really cracking down on FFL Holders and I'm sure Guzzlers might have erred on the side of caution in handling your...
  164. DOGHOUSE26

    10-22-19 full day

    Nice to sea you stepped up from the Half-Day trips, congratulations on a great day, and thanks for the report! Sure beats those 6" Reds off Del Mar doesn't it!
  165. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB 28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher This has your name all over it I'll take my commission in Outback Giftcards;)
  166. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    I wonder how long it takes to get Wister ponded at all sites? And was the new Manager unaware of the Opening Date?
  167. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    Does anybody know how the Private Clubs around Wister shot over the weekend? Or were they dismal too?
  168. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    No I do have insurance that covers my boat in Mexico, I just never carry a copy of the policy when I'm offshore; only when I am trailering in Mexico. And it doesn't have to be a Mexican Insurance Company; several US Companies cover boats in Mexican waters although a few have restrictions like no...
  169. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    Read the report today for Wister Opening Day and is wasn't pretty only a 1.41 average on Saturday and .61 for Sunday; they have a new Manager this year and I hope things get better and he gets some good help. Get the update on...
  170. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Who told you of an insurance requirement at sea this is the first I've ever heard of it.
  171. DOGHOUSE26

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    If there are at least 2 anglers with cards
  172. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Looks like they did pretty good @ SJ Yesterday: Hunters were treated to an outstanding opening day at San Jacinto Wildlife Area for the start of the 2019/20 waterfowl season. A great average bird harvest was taken under clear skies and temperatures just topping 80 degrees. Cinnamon Teal were...
  173. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Duck Opener

    Not a bad day for the upper desert and with your Dad I'd give it a 10
  174. DOGHOUSE26

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    What is that bump on the forward hull?
  175. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Your Passport Card is linked to your Passport; it is recognized as a legal form of identification for land and sea travel between the US, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean by those countries. It is not accepted for travel by air. The military patrol boats have computers and radios; If they had a...
  176. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    I only carry my Passport Card offshore and I have been checked 3 times over the past 5 years and it has never been an issue. Just remember your Passport Card is not acceptable for Air Travel in Mexico.
  177. DOGHOUSE26

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    I believe they only have that right to board you inside their 12 mile limit. When the 6 pack boat ran into the Bluefin pen around the Hidden, the Coast Guard told the 6 pack crew Do Not Let Them Board Your Vessel and the arriving CG Helicopter took drastic measures which kept the Mexican Navy...
  178. DOGHOUSE26

    Upcoming Goose Hunting

    We saw 4 times as many Specs this year as we ever had on our Canada Trip the first week in October; and plenty of Rosscoes that wanted to die. Saw quite a few snows later in the week however getting them to decoy was another story. We had continuous flights of snows flying outside our spread on...
  179. DOGHOUSE26

    Any reports for Sunday 10/13?

    It sucked for us today 2 skippys on the troll But the Lower 9 is holding some nice rockcod!
  180. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Of coarse you would you already have one under your belt recently; I would have felt like a new butcher at the Jack in the Box Taco Factory doing my best to make 2 for 99 cents profitable
  181. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Everybody in the little town we stay at heard about it and were bugging me for the next couple of days at the diner and gas station telling me to go back and carve the moose up. the Ravens and magpies were all over it 2 days later.
  182. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada Goose & Moose Hunting 9-28 to 10-5-19

    Went on our annual Goose Hunt the first week in October and although it was better than last year it was still below average for our standards. Plenty of mallards this year to keep us busy, and I've never seen so many specs in this part of the country. However the Snows and Honkers have been...
  183. DOGHOUSE26

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Congratulations Ali we can only hope to join you up in the Elvis Club some day. And thanks for the awesome Report!
  184. DOGHOUSE26

    4 weeks of chasing pointy nosed fish in So Cal / 9/2-9/22 Report

    That was a Great Read and Thank you for the report!
  185. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1986 Boston Whzler brand new Outboard..

    Time for your 20 Hour Break In service
  186. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Was this boat ever damaged by a hurricane or Flood?
  187. DOGHOUSE26

    Baja hunting permit regs......I'm pissed

    My group has boycotted the past 2 years; that's the only way it will bring change back to the old ways. That's 6 guys spending money on guides, hotels, and restaurants 2 weekends a month for almost 6 months.
  188. DOGHOUSE26

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Outstanding Curtis Congratulations can't wait to hear the full scoop!
  189. DOGHOUSE26

    San Clemente

    Our day was nothing like yours, but we were off a different island. We ended up with 40# BFT limits for 2 and a couple of YFT west of the Coronado Islands. Broke down on the way home and Vessel Assist got us in our slip before midnight. I talked to a crew that thought they had a 300# tuna to...
  190. DOGHOUSE26

    San Clemente

    Did I talk to you on 78 late yesterday in between Vessel Assist calls; I heard there was a big one going into O'side last night let alone 3 other monsters! Congratulations Again!
  191. DOGHOUSE26

    Yuma dove where are they.

    We hunted off AZ melon fields 85 miles east of Blythe as we do each year and it wasn't the normal can't-get-shells-in-fast-enough opener but we did get limits Sunday & Monday. Huge Monsoon rains and constant lightning hit Sunday night which drove a lot of birds out in my opinion. The local...
  192. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    At COA we left our coolers in our trucks and they packed our vacuum sealed fillets into large trash bags then put them in soft coolers less than 50# each cooler for the flight/trip home until we returned to our trucks then we put them in our coolers. They did a great job on the vacuum packing...
  193. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Lets Make A Wish Results?

    Sounds more like it Thanks!
  194. DOGHOUSE26

    2019 Lets Make A Wish Results? Slow day Saturday but we would have won the Small Boat Division with a 24# BFT and YFT of 17, 15, & 12# Big Boat Division caught some nice ones over 200#!
  195. DOGHOUSE26

    Offshore 8/24/19

    Way to stay on it for the Payday, Nice Fish! Thanks for the report.
  196. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Yeah I'm getting owned by some punk who's afraid to take a challenge and Put your money where his mouth is. Sorry no EBT either. Just leave your rent rod at the office, grab your gunny sack , STFU, and we'll see you again next year.
  197. DOGHOUSE26

    267/209 8/25

    8-10' visibility, Great Whites & Killer Whales seen up and down the coast recently and you're jumping in after 10# yellows? Hope you like Tequila Shots and I'll say a prayer for you. Thanks for the report!
  198. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Oh yeah Private Charter that goes out once a year and we're gonna kill them all thanks for the tip - Pro you're my Hero:worship:
  199. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Your Captain, not you found the fish, you were still on your 3rd Breakfast Burrito. If you had any balls or knew WTF you were doing you would be in your own boat finding your own fish maybe catching a few. The deckie throwing chum won't allow dickheads to throw iron in the back of the boat cuz...
  200. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    "I could of nailed your boat with my jig while you was running over our lines before the yacht came through." I doubt it Ironman God I bet if you hunted deer they would all be 500 yards shots; you would have been throwing over 2 other boats to get to me; we originally set up upswell outside the...
  201. DOGHOUSE26

    8/24 226/302/corner

    They added another page to the chapter yesterday we were just 100 yards east of his buddy the Legend and about 50 yards south of a yacht that had the tuna going off on his stern with a couple going, our baits were right in the middle of it when the Old Glory got between the yacht and the Legend...
  202. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    At COA you tip everybody at the end. My Captain got $80/day
  203. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    Bush was my Captain and yes I think he is one of the better ones @ COA; between my broken Spanish and His broken English we had a great time!
  204. DOGHOUSE26

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    You'been talking about this for a long time; Good Luck and get it done early so you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Mine don't have scopes but when I take my Pelican case to Canada for Goose hunting, I ditch the foam and pack my soft clothes and jackets in with my 2 shotguns in order to save a...
  205. DOGHOUSE26

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    As always Great Video Corey. Did you win the Lotto there's quite a difference feeding those 2 motors on the new boat compared to the Prius you were driving before. Higher gunnels on the new boat a little safer for your Solo Trips! Thanks for sharing!
  206. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Advice

    So what Shotgun did you choose?
  207. DOGHOUSE26

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    If you think you're too close just put it in reverse and IDLE back out of range, especially if your directly up swell which causes his lines to go under your boat. They don't mind it so much if you're off their bow or stern during a drift when they are not using iron. I was right off their stern...
  208. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    It all depends on what you call an extra charge. You can take a plane straight from Brown Field directly to Cedros if you like for an additional $400. You arrive 4 hours earlier than the flight from Ensenada and get more fishing that first day but no fishing the 4th day. We fished the afternoon...
  209. DOGHOUSE26

    976 is so bad for the regular angler!

    They will always post their great days, but not so much the shitty count days. So many of the freelancing anglers check the counts from 1-2 days before and then hop on the hottest boat of the week but it always doesn't turn out that way; they'll never jump on a boat with a shitty count.
  210. DOGHOUSE26


    Congratulations and thanks for the Great Report!
  211. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin Moon

    Bluefin, Blue Marlin, and White Sea Bass bite pretty good on the full moon. Stripers and other tuna no.The theory I'm told is the Stripers feed on squid @ night and I would generally agree
  212. DOGHOUSE26

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    I know a couple of boats that troll the 40 size over sand and gravel in 35-50' of water and they get nice Halibut and a few big yellows with them.
  213. DOGHOUSE26

    O'side to 181 7.30.19

    Save your gas and head to the Corner/43 Checked the 425/Hidden/371/230/224 for 3 bonito yesterday
  214. DOGHOUSE26

    300 WSM

    Plan on taking a Grizzly with the .358?
  215. DOGHOUSE26

    300 WSM

    Nate, What were the calibers on 1,2, &3?
  216. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    Awesome Video Thanks for sharing!
  217. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Yep I knew it looked kind of funny when I wrote it, Thanks for the Heads Up!
  218. DOGHOUSE26

    Public land for archery target practice

    Take them to a State Capitol Assembly Meeting and let them fly.....................
  219. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Sportfishing

    Recently I gave my Captain $200 for 2 guys for 2.5 days of fishing and he was happy. He became even happier when I offered the irons we caught our fish on and anything else he wanted from my tackle box; he picked 25 yard spools of 40 & 50# Seaguar Floro.
  220. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Just got back from a fabulous weekend @ COA and I can't say enough about the operation. The people were so nice and accommodating, food was great, and we never had to handle our gear from our rooms to our panga each day as it was ready when we boarded our craft. I had fished Cedros 3 previous...
  221. DOGHOUSE26

    300 WSM

    Pre-94 Remingtons like pre-64 M70s, although not available in 300WSM , will outshoot many of the rifles you listed Nate.
  222. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Advice

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures is only open June-October; Jose says August is the best month. I just got back from a 4 day on Monday and their service is beyond expectations, Food is great and the accommodations are excellent.For us fishing was pretty good too,I'll post a full report in the reports...
  223. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    That's going down swell in a following sea Jim and we don't have that problem anymore; with 235 or 260 HP we can outrun the swell with our tabs up so the bow doesn't plow down like it used to with an AD41.
  224. DOGHOUSE26

    dove cross?

    So much for nature's camouflage; it's a Dean Man Walking
  225. DOGHOUSE26

    Looking for captain to fish bola

    Bring a jacket it gets cool at night F'n August?
  226. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    When running above 20-22 knots our tabs are all the way up anyway and the boat will ride straight up until you or the autopilot start a turn or someone moves from one side of the boat to the other even ever so slightly. But I will agree 20 knots is plenty!
  227. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    The Blackman shop did my D4-260 in 2008. It is more than enough power for the boat with G4 props. I just looked at the Volvo Marine Site and it looks like your choices are either 230, 270, or 300. The 230 is a big improvement over the AD41; the 270 has more than you will ever need and I think...
  228. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    What are you going to repower with?You would be very happy with the D4-260 and you won't believe the difference a completely different boat.
  229. DOGHOUSE26

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Great trip and report, could probably leave out the Sponsors Promos for an even better report. I commend your Team for making the decision to go north instead of south for tuna. I wish the San Diego LR Boats would consider the Channel Islands as an option this time of year as they are currently...
  230. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros WSB Sat. 6/22

    Hope they're still around in 3 weeks I'm there!
  231. DOGHOUSE26

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Great to see you back in the Saddle Cory! Keep those reports coming in!
  232. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Smith& Wesson 629-6

    Too Much Muzzle Flash? You'rea bigger man than me; I would have quit after 2 rounds:gay: Beautiful Grips however nice weapon!
  233. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    I like it , a much cleaner look!
  234. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    Did that skiff come with bench seats originally?
  235. DOGHOUSE26

    Yellowfin in June...

    We got 5 on Wednesday same general area on Mag 20 Rapalas in Skipjack & Blue Mackeral. Nothing on bait
  236. DOGHOUSE26

    Grand opening sale at Turners El Cajon today!!

    He's the only one in the store with a Tongue Piercing and if you talk nice to him he'll show you his Nipple Ringso_O
  237. DOGHOUSE26

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    1st Tunaslam Report with no pics so I'll have to give it an 8 instead of the usual 10+. Glad to see you're back in the saddle Cory and look forward to the day you can get back on the water!
  238. DOGHOUSE26

    Juvenile Great White

    I don't think its a tag unless it was a rookie with an AR-15Tag stick as there are several others on the trailing side of the Dorsal
  239. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    If you guys are hunting near Mendels Fields you should expand your range and hunt the other side of the Valley you'll find more wild birds And by the way, if you run a dog I wouldn't hunt South of I-8 and West of Clarke Rd; now its mostly Solar Farms anyway but their is a fungus in the soil...
  240. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Leupold V III 4.5-14 x 50

    How old is the scope and what was it mounted on?
  241. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Browning citori 12 gauge

    Those are beautiful O/Us pics might help the sale. How many chokes come with it and does it come with a case?
  242. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Volvo Penta DP-E 1.68 - $6000

    The KAD300 will eat that drive up between 500-1000 hours GUARANTEED! The Gs rarely make it to 1500-2000Hrs
  243. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    It's a pretty big Valley Poacher maybe you can get a clue and find your own! If your not on his leased property then go ahead and give him the BD salute; just be sure you know where you are!
  244. DOGHOUSE26

    Mission Belle/Coronados 5/15

    That's a Great Honest Report, Thanks!
  245. DOGHOUSE26

    LJ Mothers Day

    My buddy and I got up there around 3 PM and didn't see much happening; we both trolled Rapalas and he worked the Northwest and I went inside towards the Cove. The PM 1/2 Day was up off NW when I got there but they made a move to the inside as well. Probably 8 boats drifting/anchored off NW and 6...
  246. DOGHOUSE26

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    No there were years when it was 28"
  247. DOGHOUSE26 steel.

    I hate to call bullshit on DA but I have my .270 set @ 2# from the factory and it goes off when I'm thinking about pulling the trigger!
  248. DOGHOUSE26

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    Woodlands Hunt Club near El Centro is having their Final Weekend this Saturday & Sunday May 11&12 for Pheasants and Chukars; I believe he has quite a few birds left over so he's going to put them out in the fields rather than feed them another year. Gerry and I are heading out Friday for a hunt...
  249. DOGHOUSE26

    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    Sea Keeper on a Skiff? Nice Fish Ali!
  250. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    If you're fishing Baja I don't think the deckies will let you fish with anything less than 250; when they see my selection of 3.5s & 5.5s they will cut the 250 leaders off my 5.5s and put them of the 3.5s. But for SoCal 250# is overkill most use 130-150#.
  251. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Advice

    When we are goose hunting in Canada over decoys we use Winchester 3" 1-1/8oz BBs @ 1550 FPS and it blows the close ones up ducks included and is fairly consistent out to 40-45 yards. At wister we're using 3" Winchester or Fasteel 1-1/8oz #2 @ 1550 FPS and we don't have any problem knocking them...
  252. DOGHOUSE26

    We found them!

    Very Nice BFT - Bait, Iron, or Popper? Thanks for the report and get that picture framed and up on a wall!
  253. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    Yes the Lumo Sprocket works up here too especially in warm water years. And yes that P&B 5.5 lives on my starboard short corner as well and the 2 years we had water in the 80 degree range I was going through 1-2 of those each week on Wahoo!
  254. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    That's a shame but I'll tell you that Pakula line was pretty pricey and probalby didn't turn over for them very often; but IMHO I don't think they outperformed the $15-$25 Zuker 3.5s on a daily basis in our waters.
  255. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    I had these guys confused with Williamson Lures; - they carry them: Melton International Tackle Anaheim, CA 92805 Ph: (714) 956-9192
  256. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    Pakula probably doesn't sell direct to the consumer; probably have to go through Williamson Tackle or better yet JDs Big Game Tackle in Newport Beach I'm sure he can get what you want
  257. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    That's how I started in a 17' Gregor Aluminum with a 40 HP Johnson Outboard and a Dial A Chart no GPS in the late Seventies. It can be done but there's a lot of luck involved when you're in a skiff because you are so low to the water it's harder to see the fish in the water to know You're in...
  258. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    We start to see a few marlin scouts in late June /early July along with the front edge of tuna schools coming up from the south when the water is 64-65 degrees Fahrenheit and by August they start showing in schools 40-60 miles below the U.S./Mexico border and continue to move north into U.S...
  259. DOGHOUSE26

    What a POS.

    Wow I guess he didn't like Red Tails!
  260. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    David, Its very rare we get to see Blues up here in Southern California I think there have only been 4 out of the last 40 years we actually had a enough in numbers you would have a decent chance at one.When they do come most guys are under gunned and either get spooled or break them off after a...
  261. DOGHOUSE26

    My annual Texas pilgrimage for piggies

    That's alot of bacon hanging!
  262. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Advice

    You can get by with the 3" Chamber for Ducks & Geese but if you plan on hunting Turkeys the 3.5" chamber allows for more shot in your pattern which helps on those long shots. 2 3/4" in shells for Dove and Quail will shoot fine in 3" and 3.5" chambers
  263. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    80-220# with the average around 130#
  264. DOGHOUSE26

    Lots of Turkeys in SLO County

    You took a hog with a turkey load?
  265. DOGHOUSE26

    Lots of Turkeys in SLO County

    What was your weapon of choice this time Curtis?
  266. DOGHOUSE26

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    I believe right now they are legal to own, illegal to purchase, and illegal to use until the appeal is heard in a higher court
  267. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    Yes that's me Mike we'll fish the Catalina Zone later in the season normally after the first week in September when the majority of fish move up that way. If you want to catch Makos slow your trolling speed down to 6-7 knots and wire up your lures, those Black Barts are not cheap! Purple &...
  268. DOGHOUSE26

    What reels?

    We troll 30# on the riggers using Shimano 30 TLDs with 200 yards of 30# mono over 300+yards of 65 braid. We believe the lures swim better on 30#. On the short corners we have either International 30s or TLD30 Wide 2 speeds with 200 yards of 50# mono over 300-500 yards of 65 Braid. Our Bow...
  269. DOGHOUSE26

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    I believe the deadline was 5PM TODAY Friday April 5th Duh, date post above
  270. DOGHOUSE26

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    Thanks for the Heads Up! Done
  271. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 17’gregor 40hp evinrude

    So now it runs pretty dry?
  272. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 17’gregor 40hp evinrude

    That stuff looks just like 3M 5200 which is what shipyards use on all their thru-hull fittings. So you basically caulked both sides of the keel and then sprayed bedliner over that?
  273. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB WTB Turkey decoy(s)

    I have a couple of Snow goose Shells you can repaint:D
  274. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 17’gregor 40hp evinrude

    Did the Flex Seal Work? I have a Bayrunner that leaks like no other.
  275. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB 1911-A1 GI WWII vintage

    Before you by online or out of state make sure your pistol is on the Cal Roster; those older 1911s are probably not listed.
  276. DOGHOUSE26

    Cedros Island -- Surf Fishing Possibilities

    Awesome, Thanks! Our trip is the 3rd week in July.
  277. DOGHOUSE26

    PB big butt

    Congratulations on a SoCal Fish of a Lifetime that is one big butt and thanks for sharing how you caught it with an excellent report!
  278. DOGHOUSE26

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    Thanks for the Heads up, I did a little research and found out Remington has a court ordered recall in place and they will replace the trigger assembly free of charge until April 2020. I've owned a Remington 700 BDL in 30-06 for 40 years and I have never had an issue with the trigger or bolt...
  279. DOGHOUSE26

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    Its funny you mention the trigger as there was another 700 BDL at the auction in .243 that stated in the description it occasionally fired while closing the bolt. I'll probably have a Timney installed thanks for the Heads Up!
  280. DOGHOUSE26

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    Please take this discussion to the Technical Section as this is way over our heads and after reading all this I just bought a clean lightly used Remington 700 BDL in 270 Winchester at auction for $600 circa late 70s maybe early 80sand I'll just live with the up to extra 5 pounds of recoil
  281. DOGHOUSE26

    3-5-19 a.m. half day

    So True! I looked at yesterday's PM total and evidently the skipper had some class after seeing what was coming aboard and then moved the boat inside and finished the day on Whitefish.
  282. DOGHOUSE26

    TRADE Selling ammo?

    Wayne I'll take all you got
  283. DOGHOUSE26

    3-5-19 a.m. half day

    I did the afternoon run yesterday in my own boat and fished 1 mile south of them on some of my go to spots however that's all I caught as well nothing but tiny reds. After 2 drops for rats I moved north and ended up 1/4 mile south of the PM boat on another set of rocks and limited out on nice...
  284. DOGHOUSE26

    How fast does a bullet spin?

    Thank God you did your work on paper; here's a clip of a Taliban Engineer trying to verify your results
  285. DOGHOUSE26

    Get the Raid bugs are crawlin

    Steve do you just freeze them alive, and then they are OK to eat? I thought you would have to boil them first or just cut the tails off then freeze the the tails to avoid them going bad.
  286. DOGHOUSE26

    Report your hunting tags

    One shot through the nose brought that monster down damn fine shootin! Its funny how the racks in Saskatchewan are only half that size.
  287. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Beretta A400

    SorryToo Late :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: My son has already put it to good use!
  288. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Win M70 Classic action or rifle Its an Internet Only Auction based out of Los Angeles, Glendora I believe
  289. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Win M70 Classic action or rifle

    Nate - Check Gunslinger Auctions this Saturday Hurry!
  290. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Browing A5 or Maxus Magnum

    Not Dependable? What loads are you shooting? Between the 6 guns my Canada Team owns firing over 20,000 3" shells over 5 cold wet seasons you can count jams/misfires on 2 hands. That doesn't include the light dove and pheasant loads my buddies shoot the rest of the season. I personally have...
  291. DOGHOUSE26

    WTB Browing A5 or Maxus Magnum

    Man up, get the Beretta A400 KO and never look back!
  292. DOGHOUSE26

    Great season, tough hunting

    Learn something new every day Thanks! Have you seen them in Canada?
  293. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    WTF I thought you only shot Wednesdays cheater
  294. DOGHOUSE26

    South Texas Duck / Crane hunt

    Looks like a great trip thanks for the report!
  295. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Texas is the same way; you pay for the gun, they make a call to the government agency, thet hang up and tell you you're good to go and you're on your way.
  296. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Now it doesn't matter where or when you acquired your High Cap Magazines; you can possess them however once you plug them into your Firearm its a Felony. My Uncle Mike Holsters have an extra magazine pouch on the front of the holster; I keep a 10 round magazine in my Glocks with the 16-18 round...
  297. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-23-19

    SUCKED LIKE A SUNDAY! I'm already home on my 2nd Coors Light cleaning gear up for next year! Landed in the last third of the sweatline and there wasn't much left on the board when we were called so we picked a site up north near other sites that produced well in the past. Didn't really matter...
  298. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Check the facts before you bitch at me; you can't buy a new Gen 4 or 5 Glock from a dealer but you can buy and possess a used one already in the state either in a private party transfer or from a Law Enforcement Officer who didn't want it anymore. Or if purchased legally in another state they...
  299. DOGHOUSE26

    Got 1, first timer piggy

    Congratulations and that's a shiny cannon!
  300. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-19-19

    Thanks Doug I'll give it a try
  301. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1-19-19

    The season is almost over and fortunately we don't have a lot of work going on right now so now's the time to hit the sweatline at Wister without a reservation. The hunt has been pretty good the past couple of weeks due to the storms we have been seeing pushing the birds down from the north...
  302. DOGHOUSE26

    12/15 Wister average

    Are you packing your decoys in or just pass shooting? Thanks for the Report!
  303. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 12/1 - slowely improving

    Which is better on the Gear Cart? Skinny or Fatter Tires, small or large Diameter? I always wonder about that while pushing mine through the mud.
  304. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 12/1 - slowely improving

    Speaking of mud how were the conditions, could you drive to each site parking lot?
  305. DOGHOUSE26

    Entry hunting rifle

    Chuck What Caliber?
  306. DOGHOUSE26

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Gonna look good on a wall Congratulations!
  307. DOGHOUSE26

    Lots of Ducks flying with this weather

    Had #41 resi for Wister Saturday ended up on the north end for 2 widgeon, a Gadwall, and a bufflehead by 9AM as I had to cut it short to attend a wedding back in San Diego @ 2PM. Saw quite a few snows coming off the sea in the morning and had a pretty good group of Specks working an area to the...
  308. DOGHOUSE26

    Texas deer stand

    Pussy if it was easy everyone back there would do it
  309. DOGHOUSE26

    2018 Pheasant Opener

    Met my buddy at the DFG Fields last Saturday morning 645AM where some birds were released the day before. 95% of the hunters were careful and courteous, however there was a pair of old farts that give us all a bad name. The first idiot walked into the field @ 730 and chased a couple of roosters...
  310. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    Nice Strap! Roads were not too bad for us if you stayed within the tracks; one of the guys in my group brought his tree hugger Prius and it made it in and out OK. Thanks for the report!
  311. DOGHOUSE26

    Quality Birds in the High Country

    Man I thought you always went south on water instead of north on land this time of year. 12 degrees can be brutal without hand warmers. Thanks for the report and keep them coming!
  312. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Opening Day

    My buddy in the code group pulled a #78 for the opener at Wister so we all decided to take advantage and head on down Friday Night. Weather was going to be warm & clear so we figured it would be good morning shoot and since I had to be in Palm Springs by 1PM to carpet a Bank Saturday I had to be...
  313. DOGHOUSE26

    Triple Marlin Strike

    The survival rate for Marlin really takes a dump after 30 minutes; after 45 minutes its very, very low according to a satellite tag study completed in the 80s off Mag Bay, BCS. There's no sin in keeping one however if you are going to consume it.Very good on the BBQ if not over cooked and...
  314. DOGHOUSE26

    Lots of Ducks flying with this weather

    Just got back from hunting Canada for a week. We had great duck and honker hunting but the Snows were extremely wary this year and frequently did not drop down into the spread or even make a turn to get a look. It will be interesting to see how they react down here. While the last couple of...
  315. DOGHOUSE26

    SOLD 1966 Dodge Dart - Restored. Started at $8400 now $6700

    Nice car Mike brings back memories of my first car a 64 Dodge Dart GT with the same 225 Slant 6 and a Push Button Tranny, those Slant 6s were indestructable ! GLWS!
  316. DOGHOUSE26

    Bye Rock Dog, RIP

    Oh man so sorry for your loss he was a great looking hunter.
  317. DOGHOUSE26

    Yuma Dove Scout

    We hunted west of Wickenburg, Arizona over melon fields and it was limit style shooting morning & afternoon for 3 days. They have had a lot of afternoon rain up that way so there weren't as many Whitewings as usual and I only saw 2 Eurasians all weekend. We did a little spotlighting at night and...
  318. DOGHOUSE26

    Yuma Dove Scout

    I hunted one opener @ Dome Valley quite a few years ago and I was amazed how many deer were in the foothills just outside the cultivated fields. Good to know they are still there.
  319. DOGHOUSE26

    Valley Scouting

    We are just 2 weeks away from the opener and you serious hunters should plan a scouting trip over the next 2 weekends; for you lazy grunts Woodland Hunting Club has 3 fields under contract for the opener @ $150 per hunter and I'm sure they are some pretty good fields as he has connections down...
  320. DOGHOUSE26

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    Well I finished my job in Calexico this past week so I gave it one last shot on my way out of town. It was a cool 108 when I sat next to a tree waiting for the birds to come by. I didn't have to wait long as a pigeon and a Euro crashed after my first 2 shots. Normally I'd have to scramble to...
  321. DOGHOUSE26

    God Bless America and the Nados Yellowtail+Mixed Other

    Too bad Home is a Pre-School Congrats on a fine day and Thanks for the detailed report. Nice pic Mrkrabs LOL!
  322. DOGHOUSE26

    The story of the ghost

    Nice Biscuit what time for dinner tomorrow? Thanks for the report.
  323. DOGHOUSE26

    6/20 - 3Bs at the Knoll (wrong kind of blue)

    Thanks for the Bait Report, its just a matter of time until the BFT go into suicide mode, I just hope it's not on the other side of East Jesus!
  324. DOGHOUSE26

    TRADE Beretta A400 Extrema

    The Slide Release makes unloading easy and fast!
  325. DOGHOUSE26

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    114 in the shade when we got there. You forgot to mention the 20 or so we didn't pick up that crashed in snake country where you saw the sidewinder. I'll have to admit we are putting a dent in the Euro population in this part of the county, we need to bring our Berettas and some #4s to knock...
  326. DOGHOUSE26

    Relentless 2 day - San Clemente Island

    Great write up congrats on your fish. Nothing better looking than glass conditions on the inside of the Islands makes you wish you were there!
  327. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1997 Blackman 26 BillFisher 43K

    Congratulations on your new boat Alan; you'll be amazed how easy it is to fish on a Blackman plenty of storage, fuel, bait capacity, and room in the cockpit! You have the 1.78 :1 outdrive which Don said was a little beefier than the standard 1.96:1 most AD41 Blackmans came with
  328. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 1997 Blackman 26 BillFisher 43K

    Phil, Would the S stand for Sheridan?
  329. DOGHOUSE26

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    Pat came down yesterday for another 50
  330. DOGHOUSE26

    Mexicali bird hunters contact your UMA's

    My group of 8 boycotted last season in the hope it would make them change their minds. Between Hotels, restaurants, and guide fees they lost a little bit of income. The shell restrictions and 90 day only Gun Permits were the last straw for us.
  331. DOGHOUSE26

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    They are harvesting the Winter Wheat down in the Valley now which makes for great Eurasian & Pigeon Hunts when you find the right place and there are many. I have a job going on down there for a couple of weeks now and I've been hitting them every day after work. Quite a few whitewings around...
  332. DOGHOUSE26

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    There is a reason the Swiss dont fight wars. Yes, they almost have as many guns per capita as we do, and a select few are allowed to have military grade weapons in their homes as well and I'm not talking about pissy AR-15 knock offs they have the real deal full auto
  333. DOGHOUSE26

    Cummins QSB380 Install

    How long did the installation take from the time you brought in it to the time you picked it up?
  334. DOGHOUSE26

    Rpt-2 Day Salsapuedes Reds, Coppers, Cali's, Sandies.

    Excellent Report as usual Cory, Thanks for sharing!
  335. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale DAVIS EXPLORER, 26' Shafted Drive - Full Walkaround

    I got 1800 hours out of my D4-260 Outdrive before I had to replace it for $13K I think you're right!
  336. DOGHOUSE26

    What is your dream gun?

    You really need a 3 inch 28? For Geese? Maybe not my Dream gun but My Favorite Shotgun is a 28GA Citori with 30" Barrels. The Beretta A400 28GA is pretty nice too
  337. DOGHOUSE26

    Gail Force Report

    Ryan, Is that a Red or a Canary Rockfish in the picture?
  338. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale 209 primers

    PM Sent Where is Local?
  339. DOGHOUSE26

    Southwestern Yacht Club Bottomfish Tourney

    I'm not 100% sure because the Tournament Awards Presentation was really F'd up and I sat next to the podium so it wasn't that I couldn't hear them; I believe a guy fishing on Team Catfish caught a 9# Red to take Top Male and secure 1st Place Boat with a 32# total, and I think Concubine took 2nd...
  340. DOGHOUSE26

    5-4-18 Fishing with Colby

    12 miles is 12 miles coming or going, especially if you have fishing gear and fish on board. Let us know when you're going again so we can plan a trip to Ensenada a couple of weeks later to pick up a Whaler cheap at the Government Auction.
  341. DOGHOUSE26

    SoCal SportFishing Club With Dave Hansen in Anaheim

    You won't get too many "What did you catch it on?" questions with pics like that!
  342. DOGHOUSE26

    Southwestern Yacht Club Bottomfish Tourney

    Can you get an application off their website?
  343. DOGHOUSE26

    Question about listing reloading supplies in the classified forum

    There have been several recent Threads on reloading supplies for sale, should be no problem.
  344. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat suggestion for duck hunting

    My little GSP has crashed through the ice on a pond up at Palomar Mountain retrieving Pheasants our clients shot over the water several times and I don't think they mind it too much as she never hesitated retrieving the 2nd and 3rd birds!
  345. DOGHOUSE26

    Dog hunting riverside?

    Head north to the Jurupa Valley; close to that County RV Park in the valley and use a high powered Paint Ball gun. Its the resource that keeps on giving! there are a ton of dogs there roaming the riverbed
  346. DOGHOUSE26

    Boat suggestion for duck hunting

    Get your dog a wetsuit from Cabelas
  347. DOGHOUSE26

    Blue Ling Cod and a Brown Ling Cod catch and release (video)

    Hardcor you're an OK guy! You worked hard and now you can enjoy it! Thanks for all the videos and keep them coming! Almost 800AMPS at start up? That was some pump.
  348. DOGHOUSE26

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    Define Stockpiling. 1Box, 5 Boxes, 1,000-? Some people shoot their weapons to improve their accuracy. It's not uncommon to go through 100-500 .223 rounds at a sitting if you really like to shoot. That combined with sporadic retail supply from time to time and now no access to internet...
  349. DOGHOUSE26

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    In all the Mass Shootings that you know of bright one, how many were committed by felons or somebody previously judged to be mentally unstable and unable to purchase a gun? And if they had to steal the gun because they couldn't legally possess one, don't you think they would steal or buy ammo on...
  350. DOGHOUSE26

    For Sale Beretta A400

    2-3/4- 3 1/2" shells
  351. DOGHOUSE26

    Turkey Dinner

    My Country Club?
  352. DOGHOUSE26

    Firearm recoil

    I've shot my Beretta A400 with KO for 3-4 years now and 3" duck loads feel like Dove loads on a pump gun. Hunting geese for 8 days in a row shooting an average of 75 - 3" BB loads per day I've never had a sensitive shoulder; the previous 4 years prior to then I shot a Remington 11-87 and by the...
  353. DOGHOUSE26

    Need help choosing at boat/captain at Palmas De Cortez

    April is pretty windy pick your fishing days wisely
  354. DOGHOUSE26

    GSP puppies

    Bo is the father of my little Lucy and she is the smartest of the 6 Pointers I've had in my lifetime you can't go wrong! If my breeder ever mates up with him again I'll be a 2 pointer family again. Brett has done a great job with him!
  355. DOGHOUSE26

    GSP puppies

    Mark, who was the Sire?
  356. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla and PT Loma 3-6-2018

    That's a very nice Checker Thanks for the Report!
  357. DOGHOUSE26

    A new addition to the family

    Amen to that! It is nice looking is the action a complete redesign from the 870?
  358. DOGHOUSE26

    A new addition to the family

    :eek:When you pattern it with at least 3 rounds of 3-1/2" Turkey Loads, please wait a day then send us a pic of your Black & Blue shoulder just for kicks
  359. DOGHOUSE26

    What kind of eels are these? Good eating?

    How could you tell, you speak Filapino?
  360. DOGHOUSE26

    3-1 La Jolla

    I wouldn't be alarmed; he just fished a rock which held those kinds and sizes of fish. If he could have looked around a little more, he would have found different bigger school fish over a different rock, you just have to look for them. Besides, he was next to a MLPA where fish are allowed to...
  361. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    So as you can see, there are two sides both with good intentions but with that being said, it will be years before any weapons are banned or confiscated if ever; wouldn't it be prudent to protect our children now and secure our schools with protective measures including armed personnel? We can...
  362. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    I don't want my family to be near a CCW guy who is shooting at someone he thinks is a danger So you would rather have to dodge bullets or shield your family or worse yet watch your family get slaughtered when a licensed CCW uses his weapon to nullify the threat OR AT THE VERY LEAST DRAW RETURN...
  363. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Baaaadly you bring up some good points and I meant it when I stated earlier you were a smart guy. Your decision not to hold a CCW as your brothers did was a good decision based on the lifestyle you pursued at that time. It's not hard to find trouble if you go out looking for it and a CCW would...
  364. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    You're a smart man with a nice Avatar!
  365. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Jim the only question you need to worry about is what is your solution to the problem is, and until you do why don't you do us all a favor and go relive the MLPA thread which showed your true colors. Kind of different when you don't have the odds stacked in your favor and you have to compromise.
  366. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Gene you make some interesting and excellent suggestions towards a solution to the problem. I can't agree with all of them, but its a great start and I too have thought about stringent CCW Training and a mandatory $1-5 Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy to get a CCW. Trigger Locks Inside...
  367. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Quit hiding Jim, grow some balls and tell us your solution and surprise us all. Explain why you think it will work and how you think we should go about doing it Jim. You only have one solution but you don't have the balls to debate it. You'll hear the same story thousands of time more unless you...
  368. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    That's complete BULLSHIT The Government has failed to keep them away from those who shouldn't have, although I will admit the NRA has stood up for our rights under the constitution with little room for compromise. All of us here in Kalifornia have gotten used to and accepted our current required...
  369. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Don't hide Jim, tell us what you think. What gun laws do we really need to stop this from happening? I'm an avid hunter and recreational target shooter and I own several types of firearms including some that some people feel should be banned. To date not one weapon I own has been used to shoot...
  370. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    So other than requiring a National Background Check in ALL 50 states, in your view what would be better gun control laws?
  371. DOGHOUSE26

    Desert Pheasants 2-24-18

    My buddy and I haven't been guiding very much at a couple of clubs this season and our dogs really needed the work so we suckered our duck hunting partners into a day of pheasant hunting @ Woodlands Hunt Club on the western edge of the Imperial Valley west of El Centro. We hunted the club a...
  372. DOGHOUSE26

    FREE older decoys

    How many snow shells and where in L.A.?
  373. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    The F'n Cop dodged his Call To Duty. He Knew unarmed kids were getting slaughtered in that building; when he took his oath to serve he should have known a day like this might come. Maybe he should just be a Parking Meter Reader instead. The brave men charging the Normandy Beaches and Omaha...
  374. DOGHOUSE26

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    By the time both sides kick this can down the road there is a good chance this could happen again. We need to put either armed police officers (with balls), armed military veterans, or volunteer concealed carry and trained teachers/administrators to protect our children; limit campus access to 1...
  375. DOGHOUSE26


    OK are you willing to split it up now? I'll take the wads and possibly the other items I mentioned earlier, just let me know
  376. DOGHOUSE26

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Get it while you can those porpoise will scatter it every hour or so Are you able to scoop or jig it?
  377. DOGHOUSE26

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    If you get anything good PM me
  378. DOGHOUSE26

    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    I wish they would start issuing CC Permits again so I could use Feinstein, Pelosi, and Schumer for my 5,10, and 15' Qualification Test
  379. DOGHOUSE26

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    Well if that's true then you can bet he now has a couple of Internet Porn Club Memberships cuz you can bet he's not getting any from her now!
  380. DOGHOUSE26

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    I think the penalty was fair just applied to the wrong person. Unless the Captain was related to the Boat Owner or had a share in the ownership, I feel he should have gotten the 5 year suspension on his Captain's and Fishing License. He was in control of the vessel, not the owner. He doesn't...
  381. DOGHOUSE26

    South Nine Mile Bank 1/30

    ;)Looks like you know what you're doing that's a nice haul! Let me know when you're going again so I can tag that spot!
  382. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Final Call January 27-28

    One of my buddies pulled a #15 for Saturday and I picked up #82 for Sunday on the final weekend so our other 2 reservation pool hunters joined us for the Final Assault on this dismal season at the sea. We wanted to go back up north where we ended the last day of the season last year on a high...
  383. DOGHOUSE26

    Tarter sauce ideas ?

    Jim you're about as weird as they get. Fish House Veracruz in San Marcos Restaurant Row sells their tartar sauce $1/pint and its pretty good stuff!
  384. DOGHOUSE26

    San Jacinto 1-17-18

    Very hard to determine if it was in full plumage, the 1-1/4 oz of #2 steel removed quite a bit of the identifying plumage from a close head on shot. My guess would be an uninformed juvenile or an adult on crack since it was a small and thin which could indicate a drug problem.
  385. DOGHOUSE26

    San Jacinto 1-17-18

    Was lucky enough to draw a #8 resi for San Jacinto today; I haven't hunted that refuge in almost 40 years but I figured I'd be able to see what blinds went first so I would know the better blinds for future trips. Got a late start last night and didn't get up there until 930 or so; I wanted to...
  386. DOGHOUSE26

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    My buddy in Fredericksburg, Texas is using a Ruger M77 in 6.5 Creedmoor with his newly registered suppressor to knock off multiple deer each day between his and his wife's tags. He says the deer adjacent to the target animal jump a little bit maybe move 5-10 yards when the target crumples to the...
  387. DOGHOUSE26

    Poor Mans Seabass

    Thanks for the report Joe! Do you catch them year-round?
  388. DOGHOUSE26

    Limit pintail

    Yes it does just like traveling 60-80 miles for 2 - 15# BFT; I've noticed more of the drake limits we've shot this year have been nice mature birds with dark heads and very nice tails.
  389. DOGHOUSE26

    RIP Molly

    So sorry for your loss Chuck, I'm sure she gave you some of the best times of your life and she will be hard to replace. But the best advice I can give you is to keep a special place in your heart for her now and go out and find another pup to take her place sooner than later; the healing...
  390. DOGHOUSE26

    Reservation Drawing Percentages

    Like you said; success depends on the area. This is my luckiest year yet I've had 7 picks for Wister and none for San Jacinto so far. Those are the only 2 I'll draw from and I've always entered for every Saturday & Wednesday available and this year I added Sundays at Wister only because its nice...
  391. DOGHOUSE26

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    Which Big 5?
  392. DOGHOUSE26

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    It all depends on how much the tickets go for. If you get caught away from your vehicle with a weapon loaded with lead ammo in your possession and you can't find a target close by I would think it would be an easy ticket.
  393. DOGHOUSE26

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    Enjoy the CB Caps & lead bullets for 18 months guys July1, 2019 no more lead for anything! I wonder if/when we will start seeing copper rimfire ammo options?
  394. DOGHOUSE26

    Favorite 22 mag rifle...looking for comments

    The rifle originally came out in 3 calibers, 22LR, 22mag , and 17 wmr and I know Remington would buy back any 17wmr rifle within a certain time period after they were pulled from the market. I'm not sure of the reason why and whether or not the 22mag was pulled for the same problem.
  395. DOGHOUSE26

    Favorite 22 mag rifle...looking for comments

    I have 3 - 22 MAG Rifles, the Remington 597, Ruger 10/22 and a Henry; I don't know if its because its a lever action but I believe the Henry is the most accurate and my favorite with open sights. The Ruger is just like the regular 10/22 very rugged and never jams. The Remington 597 is a neat...
  396. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 12-16-17

    Had resi #41 this time so Gerry and I took one of our familiar spots in the middle of the refuge, a spot where we could slide in early and drop are gear off right next to the spot then park the truck and walk in. To my surprise we had to stretch our distance from the marker a little bit just to...
  397. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla 12/15

    Haven't seen a nice goat like that in awhile! Thanks for the report.
  398. DOGHOUSE26

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Wister posted a 2.47 yesterday with only 15 geese, so the ducks must have made a push. Anytime the average is over 2 between our spread we set up and the areas we hunt generally gets my group full limits or very close. We'll give it a try Saturday a post it
  399. DOGHOUSE26

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    We hunted Canada the first week of October and instead of shooting limits of ducks for 6 guys usually 6 out of 7 days; I think we only did it 2-3 days. The drought hit them hard up there last year as 30-40% of the potholes dried up and I don't think they had a good hatch. Don't pass up on those...
  400. DOGHOUSE26

    Pig hunting 11/26-11/27

    Thanks for sharing the great report! What rifle and caliber were you shooting if I might ask?
  401. DOGHOUSE26

    Tribute to Duke

    ;)At least you believe in diversity Snowflake
  402. DOGHOUSE26

    11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    Apparently reading might be a challenge not that your spelling gives it away but its obvious you can only understand pictures. If you get a chance to re-read the last paragraph in the 16th post on this thread maybe it will become clearer to you but if you still having problems I'll try to find a...
  403. DOGHOUSE26

    11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    Fishdood, you're too nice of a guy! I would have told johnbass to F off! Its what the Internet Trolls deserve IMO
  404. DOGHOUSE26

    wister 11/22

    Thanks for the detailed report, hope its sooner than 4 weeks! Maybe 2 with the next full moon. Any shots on the Snow Geese?
  405. DOGHOUSE26

    Traveling with Shotgun over the Holidays

    Each October I take 2 shotguns in my Pelican 1750 to Canada for goose hunting and this year there was a change in the TSA Lock requirement; the preferred method now is to use non-TSA locks as there have been many missing guns using TSA Locks in the recent past. The requirements frequently...
  406. DOGHOUSE26

    Canadian Moose Hunt Advice Requested

    We hunted geese in Saskatchewan in late September and this year we saw a few moose, however its very hard for the locals to even get a tag unless you're an Native Indian
  407. DOGHOUSE26

    New birds are showing up.

    Does this mean you also married your cousin ? Nice Shootin Mike !
  408. DOGHOUSE26

    Oside-95 11/5 report Bluefin

    Carl you would have a 350# beast under your arm by now if you only could have known this earlier.
  409. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister In The Heat 10-28-17

    Had Resi # 73 for Saturday's hunt and with a little help picked a decent spot in the middle of the refuge and finally got a spot with decent water on both side of the dike WITHIN THE SITE MARKER! This was my first Wister hunt this year and the first time in 20 years I've hunted this particular...
  410. DOGHOUSE26

    Oregon Ducks

    That's a good lookin mutt! Is that a huge lake or are you hunting coastline?
  411. DOGHOUSE26

    Deer camp 2017

    Great Job Kurt Congratulations! Proud to see you put that Mec to work -----NOT! I have the 410 in my truck for you when you're ready
  412. DOGHOUSE26

    Cast And Blast in NJ

    I think it will be a slow duck season for us; just got back from a Canada Hunt Trip and the duck numbers are way down. I'd say 30-40% of the potholes are dried up not that good for the hatch.
  413. DOGHOUSE26

    Sunday 125 and 172 banks (west end Cat to SBI)

    Did you see any Marlin in your travels? I heard that was the place to be before the last blow
  414. DOGHOUSE26

    Pelican im3300 gun case

    Still Available? What is the interior width, what's the maximum length for 2 weapons to fit inside?
  415. DOGHOUSE26

    Doves 9-12 and 13 San Joaquin valley

    Yep a good Dog can make or break your hunt! I'm right there with Lou
  416. DOGHOUSE26

    2017 lead or steel????

    I think its 2019
  417. DOGHOUSE26

    2017 lead or steel????

    Yes lead is OK on Doves and Quail except on State refuges for 2017.
  418. DOGHOUSE26

    2017 Mexican Hunting Regs

    Thanks for the Update, I received a similar letter from our outfitter yesterday. I can live with 2-90 day gun permits I hope they continue to work on the shell problem; $16-$20/box takes the fun out of Dove Hunting
  419. DOGHOUSE26

    Mec Reloaders & Trap Thrower For Sale

    Ahspray has the Thrower and Aggro has the Mec 12 gauge; 410 still up for grabs
  420. DOGHOUSE26

    Mec Reloaders & Trap Thrower For Sale

    Yes I do thank you and its still pumping them out !
  421. DOGHOUSE26

    Mec Reloaders & Trap Thrower For Sale

    This site has been good to me so here it goes back at you. A friend of mine was clearing out his garage and found 2 Mec 600jr Reloaders in 12 gauge and 410 Bore; they need new powder and shot bottles and a primer station bushing & spring. The Target Thrower is good to go. $10 each to cover my...
  422. DOGHOUSE26

    2017 Mexican Hunting Regs

    Well all I've heard is they are having more meetings educating the outfitters; another one scheduled for this Wednesday. I heard through a buddy that shotgun shells are available in Ensenada for 12-$16/box which doesn't help much if you're in Mexicali. Aeon you could probably get by on 200...
  423. DOGHOUSE26

    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    Hookup66 contacted me the next morning after reading my last post and evidently my email response concerning the pics he sent me didn't get to him; we were able to set up a meet at the FFL of his choice where I was able to check out his Citori today and it was just as advertised. Used but not...
  424. DOGHOUSE26

    What do I need to fish offshore mexico

    :oops::oops: You can't drive by the islands AND GET CAUGHT
  425. DOGHOUSE26

    What do I need to fish offshore mexico

    Nope you have to measure from the Islands. The 302 & 371 are outside the 12 miles, the 425 is close enough that I would have one.
  426. DOGHOUSE26

    What do I need to fish offshore mexico

    Everyone on the boat needs a Mexican Fishing License within 200 Miles (Exclusive Economic Zone)
  427. DOGHOUSE26

    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    Hey Jeff, I saw the pictures you sent me over the weekend, emailed you back and told you I'd like to look at the entire gun in person at the FFL of your choice and if there weren't too many nicks in it I would pay your price right there. You can't just send 4-6 pics of the receiver and expect...
  428. DOGHOUSE26


    How did the 3 of you get it in the Boat; @ 200 I'd still be picking my nuts up off the deck!
  429. DOGHOUSE26

    2017 Mexican Hunting Regs

    Has anybody seen the new 2017 Bird Hunting Regulations for Mexico and can understand the new changes? If you think we got reamed by FMMs and Island Closures on the Saltwater Scene wait until you see what's in store for this Fall. My Outfitter sent me a letter today outlining the changes: You can...
  430. DOGHOUSE26

    Choc Lab Pups available...American

    When I lost my 14 year old GSP Hunting partner I tried to get a GSP Rescue dog to avoid the puppy break in period and I was shocked at what I had to go through filling out applications, interviews, and then they would never return my calls. I've had hunting GSPs for 30 years and I would never...
  431. DOGHOUSE26

    new to kite fishing, any tips?

    Keep it simple, get the Boston kite it's an easy flyer. You'll need at least 3 guys; a driver, a kite flyer, and the Angler. Until you know what you're doing, its too hard to keep the kite flying and drive the boat too; you will have to change your speed every time you change direction in...
  432. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Recently I heard there is a $3900 annual Mexican Permit Fee now for any Commercial Sportfishing Vessel wishing to fish the Coronado Island Biosphere. I guess we'll find out if the 3/4 day boats ever go back and fish the Islands again. It doesn't affect PBers, yet.
  433. DOGHOUSE26

    Remington wingmaster

    Magnum Version has a 3" Chamber and will shoot 2 3/4" & 3" Magnum Shells; The Standard 870 has a 2 3/4" chamber for 2 3/4" Shells only
  434. DOGHOUSE26

    Hunting Argentina

    What are the dates you had in mind?
  435. DOGHOUSE26

    22 long rifle ammo -.06/round

    Midway with Shipping is the same as Cabelas with Free Shipping in this case. I think 6 cents a round will be the new normal
  436. DOGHOUSE26

    22 long rifle ammo -.06/round

    Got some Wayne thanks for the Heads Up!
  437. DOGHOUSE26


    "I guess no body wants a still new high quality boat or no body has any money" Don't feel bad Bob guys aren't getting $25K for their 2004 Cadillac CTS either
  438. DOGHOUSE26

    New Pay for Mexican Visas Website?

    o_OThanks Guys this will work just fine. I just have to brush up on my Spanish. The original Link was all English but I guess they shut it down to save money for The Wall
  439. DOGHOUSE26

    New Pay for Mexican Visas Website?

    I just tried the link I've always used to get my Mexican Marine Visaa and this morning it said "No Longer Available" Is this a Trump thing or have they changed the process?
  440. DOGHOUSE26

    Late report from Mendota

    Thanks for the info, I hunted there once I the 80s in a dense fog in the early AM and we didn't hit anything until it lifted and gave us 100-200' of visibility. There were a ton of ducks there back then a 4.4 average was the norm.
  441. DOGHOUSE26

    Late report from Mendota

    Awesome Shoot, what resi# did you have and how many dekes in your spread? Thanks for the report you guys killed it!
  442. DOGHOUSE26

    New here

    That's a nice pile of Greenheads!
  443. DOGHOUSE26

    X-Ray at the TJ border

    Does it help if your wife has big tits?
  444. DOGHOUSE26

    SoCal Duck Hunting at its finest.

    Nice to see somebody is finally getting them! Thanks for the Video!
  445. DOGHOUSE26

    Damn I'm awesome

    She could be everyone's Dream Girl if she would just Gobble Gobble at the end
  446. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Only if we don't have to check in and check out in Ensenada first like they currently have to do on Guadalupe Trips. I missed the first 15 minutes or so of the show and then listened until 8AM so I guess I missed the explanation of what lies ahead only that The President had set things in...
  447. DOGHOUSE26

    Old Rusty Gun, Friday off to a good start

    Is that the same gun Oswald used in Texas back in'63?
  448. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    LOL"Baldy better bring in a Mexican Partner" - Classic!
  449. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    I was hoping you would have the real scoop
  450. DOGHOUSE26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    The Union Tribune today reported Mexican President Nieto announced 3 new Marine Reserve Systems and one along the entire Baja Coast yesterday at a Marine Conference in Cancun which includes the Coronados and Todos Santos along with 19 other Islands. No details about the specifics of the...
  451. DOGHOUSE26

    California Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Survey

    In Kalifornia, we have no good Managers. This State is a lost cause when it comes to Wildlife Management. I've lived here all my life and all they know is the Panic Button due to their lack of management. Heavy Commercial Influence in past years, and now HSUS is in their pockets. The Fish & Game...
  452. DOGHOUSE26

    Shotgun Recommendation

    For your $800 budget, a Beretta A-300 is right there and it will reliably shoot anything from light 2 3/4" dove loads to 3" Goose & Turkey Loads and is an easy gun to clean. We spend a week in Canada each year hunting geese shooting an average of 75 - 3" heavy loads a day and My buddy couldn't...
  453. DOGHOUSE26

    California Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Survey

    Recently I received a letter from the University of Minnesota requesting participation in a Waterfowl Management Survey online; from my past experience in the MLPA Process and all the catch reports I submitted I will be declining to participate as I don't trust anything the current Fish &...
  454. DOGHOUSE26


    What did your hunt cost?
  455. DOGHOUSE26


    Come on you Promised!
  456. DOGHOUSE26

    Went marlin fishing..

    I think its the boat!
  457. DOGHOUSE26

    Went marlin fishing..

    Congratulations Nice Catch/Release!
  458. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin 43/182

    thanks for the report; what pound test were you using and don't be bitching about 12#;)
  459. DOGHOUSE26

    2016 Labor Day Tournament -Great Prizes

    Did anybody win it?
  460. DOGHOUSE26

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Western Outdoor News has stated in the last 2 editions lead is still ok except on State Wildlife Lands however the Fish and Game Website still says non lead on upland game anywhere except on Private Bird Clubs. Going to have to make a call to DFG unless someone clears it up here. I just...
  461. DOGHOUSE26

    Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    That's been my story on bait at the 43 this season. I can't even get bit on 50 unless it was a foamer on poppers or iron; I'd drop down to 40 on a long drift and end up getting spooled every time with an Avet JX6/3.
  462. DOGHOUSE26

    Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    Congratulations on a nice fish, it's tough to get bit on anything heavier than 40# and good thing you had the balls to stay with 60 in the AM I don't think you would have had a chance with that monster on 40#! Thanks for the report.
  463. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Dana Landing sold 140 Yummys on Friday
  464. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Hands off Mark that Bitch is mine now!:eek:
  465. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Thanks Mike, and I have a hard time pronouncing it right let alone spelling it!. Stotesbury is the real deal, just like Beak, they both take pride in passing their knowledge on for the good of the sport and are great guys to be around. You couldn't run a boat for a better guy than Lance either!
  466. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Last year I got the chance to deck on Mike "The Beak" Hurt's boat that he runs for Lance K. and he taught me how to run the Kite along with Mike Stotesbury; we fished the 43 all day and never got a bite but we tried everything you can do with a kite. As Beak said time and time again, its not as...
  467. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Mike's right its on heavy gear so all you have to do is grind, grind, and more grinding! Only time we got the boat moving is close to gaff; big fish have 30' death circles and the angler is too tired to go back and forth across the deck to keep the line off the side of the boat or the outdrive...
  468. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Thanks Travis, but you're still on top 196 is going to be tough to beat!
  469. DOGHOUSE26

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Went to the 43 Yesterday 8-10-16 first time flying the kite on my boat. Boston Big Game Kite, Aftco Wire Clip Releases, Smaller Yummy Flyer with a single 9/0 hook up thru the back, 6' of 400# Leader. 50W 2 Speed with 750 yards 130# Izor Spectra with a 30' 200# mono wind on leader with 300# snap...
  470. BFT 8-10-16

    BFT 8-10-16

  471. DOGHOUSE26

    Looking for a great 6 pack for off shore

    Impulse has been consistent on BIG BFT 2-3 a day for the past couple of weeks you'll get your moneys worth
  472. DOGHOUSE26

    Be a Fisherman, or Just Look Like One!

    Looks like a leprecaun to me as he is the luckiest SOB I know when it comes to butts both on and off the water:gay:
  473. DOGHOUSE26

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Nice Haul; were you using Steel 7s or 6s?
  474. DOGHOUSE26

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Thanks Don for the Excellent Report, a lot of great info there!
  475. DOGHOUSE26

    1986 blackman billfisher straight shaft 50K

    The guy has 2 posts on BD, this one and on Member Boats For Sale. BD says no commercial sales without permission and no first sales posts. He's a flipper he wouldn't know. Safe Range is 350 -400 miles @ 2.5/gal; Cruise Speed on this boat is 15-18kts Tops out about 22-24. Weight is around...
  476. DOGHOUSE26


    You really think a new gas not diesel version of this boat is worth $165K? I bet they sell like Hotcakes...........NOT!
  477. DOGHOUSE26


    So is the price $55K or 1/3 of $55K?
  478. DOGHOUSE26

    Green dot ,Blue dot ,American select powder ,for sale .

    Is the Green Dot or Blue Dot still Available?
  479. DOGHOUSE26

    Nada Saturday, nada sunday

    3 words to live by: Location, Location, Location You can't catch them where they ain't; and some days are just down days. Either get better Intel sources or sign up for Fish Dope. Its a learning curve but I hope and bet you'll come around
  480. DOGHOUSE26

    2 for 4 BFT 80#-90#; Some Nifty Angling

    Thanks for the call in, we were 0-fer before we got up there!
  481. DOGHOUSE26

    Charter help

    If you're staying up in the Los Angeles Area, Jaime at Seasons Sportsfishing has a great track record and catches a lot of fish at a reasonable fare from his nice new Parker Pilothouse Sportfisher!
  482. DOGHOUSE26

    Woodland's Hunt Club 2-28-16

  483. DOGHOUSE26

    Woodland's Hunt Club 2-28-16

    My buddy Jim said we ought to try a club he heard about just west of El Centro, his buddies had done good there and you could get 6 Pheasants for $195 or 4 for $150; and Saturday they had a 180 bird hunt so there should be quite a few left over when we got there Sunday morning. We had mine and...
  484. DOGHOUSE26

    La Jolla Full Moon Seabass

    Hate to break your heart but The Ranch 99 Stuff isn't fresh dead it's frozen too but it's thawed out by the time you see it in the case. And it still works.
  485. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1/9

    Were the Cormorants dead when you got there?;)
  486. DOGHOUSE26

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    $53.95 for 500 Rounds = Great Price?
  487. DOGHOUSE26

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    $53.95 for 500 Rounds = Great Price?
  488. DOGHOUSE26

    Hooping SD bay on The Cut Loose (VIDEO)

    Thanks for sharing the Great Video!
  489. DOGHOUSE26

    Hit The Club Again, Raahauge's

    Looks like decent cover and that ALMOST looks like a Rottweiler on point. Has the club been crowded on weekends? Thanks for the pics and report!
  490. DOGHOUSE26

    JRI / GETSOME Vagabond 3day report.

    Nothing better than wolfing down a Party Boat Cheeseburger after cranking on a few Yellows! Thanks for the awesome Report and Pics!
  491. DOGHOUSE26

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    Looks like your Guide is going to have Pheasant Burritos and Quail Soup for awhile! How many shooters were there? Congratulations and Thanks for the Report You have to go enough times a season to make the $700 or so in permits and fees pan out, but it's still cheaper than South Dakota and just...
  492. DOGHOUSE26

    Starting to get good

    Quite a little variety too I see.............. I should have known better.
  493. DOGHOUSE26

    Starting to get good

    OK, its clearer now and that makes more sense, I'm a believer! Congratulations!
  494. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1/9

    Thanks Jer Dog I was thinking the same thing, I've seen guys pulling them in the past but I thought they were for pulling your gear over the water for an island blind in the short reeds. Funny but I saw an abandoned one leaning against a Y area directional sign on the way out.
  495. DOGHOUSE26

    Starting to get good

    Great informative Report! Which 2 did you shoot?
  496. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 1/9

    My 2 buddies and I had #25 and had a decent day @ Wister Saturday; we hunted the middle of the refuge and shot 18 ducks maybe 2/3s of them shovelers. Yes the roads were horrible and its going to take a long time to get the mud out of my Jeep. What killed us was the longest walk I've ever made...
  497. DOGHOUSE26

    Got in to them yesterday.

    Wow Congratulations! By the way that's a Great looking GSP; are those booties and Duct Tape protecting his feet?
  498. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Just trying to keep my "Likes" ratio at 10% and my "Ignore List" at 25% Thanks Gil, your check is in the mail..................... Did I really do that?
  499. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  500. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  501. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  502. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  503. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  504. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  505. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  506. DOGHOUSE26

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Man that's a nice Red I'd take 10 of those! Thanks for the report!
  507. DOGHOUSE26

    Good shoot with my boy 12-19

    How was the wind yesterday it was supposed to be howling but your pics don't seem like it. Nice going on the teal! Oops just checked the Title that was last week!
  508. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  509. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  510. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  511. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  512. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  513. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  514. DOGHOUSE26

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Yani, Nice Catch! When are you going to open up a restaurant? Everything you've ever posted looks to die for!
  515. DOGHOUSE26

    2nd hunt for mearns

    That's a great day of quail hunting, I bet you walked your asses off to do so well. Locals tell me past couple of years its been off a little there; looks like its picked up a bit. Congratulations and thanks for the report. I'm dying to get my GSP over there and get some great points!
  516. DOGHOUSE26

    Roosters holding tight in the IV

    Jesus Christ a tailgate like that this late in the season says you know what you're doing! Not that I had any doubts mind you :) Can I offer you $200 for a guided hunt? I hate hunting with 6-8 others in the field. Oh wait a minute, that was geese, sorry wrong thread. Congrats on a great day...
  517. DOGHOUSE26

    Brawley DMV

    Be careful with that; my daughter is a Deputy DA in the Bay Area and an undercover Fishcop pretending to be fishing nearby wrote a guy a ticket last year for wasting game doing the same thing, he only retrieved 1 of 4 ducks. My daughter caught a lot of flack from the DFW for not prosecuting the...
  518. DOGHOUSE26

    Our season getting started!

    I was just repeating what all the local women in Canada ask us when we pull up to the Diner for breakfast after a shoot with a pickup bed full of birds. It really depends on how long you cook them and what you cook them with; I've had some great meals and a few not so great ones too! Thank God...
  519. DOGHOUSE26

    Limits on YFT Most Impressive Boil of the Season

    Paul that was a great video! I'll have my people get hold of your people for the next production; will my royalties check be based on the number of views or just one lump six-figure sum? Thanks again for the call in you made our day too:-)!
  520. DOGHOUSE26

    Our season getting started!

    You don't eat those nasty white things do you?
  521. DOGHOUSE26

    Our season getting started!

    Nice pile I like those Specks!
  522. DOGHOUSE26

    Last weekend's birds

    Looks like you ran some shells through the magazine and had an awesome day! I bet the pooches had almost as much fun as you did!
  523. DOGHOUSE26

    11/19 upper 9 limits

    Nice what produced the most fish for you today?
  524. DOGHOUSE26

    German Shorthair

    I got the best GSP I've ever owned and I've had 6 over the last 30 years 4 years ago from PJ McAdams in Jamul they are planning on another litter next spring if you can wait that long. I'm hoping I can ge one for my daughter. Most if not all of her pups have claimed Prize 1 in NAVHDA Field...
  525. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister 11-18

    Used my second resi #52 today for our first trip to Wister this season had a great time however the shooting was SLOOOOOOOW! Started out OK with 2 Gads, a teal and a widgeon before the sun came up for 2 of us, but then 3 hours of zilch seen in the air then a couple of suicidal shovelers an hour...
  526. DOGHOUSE26

    Found the birds

    You're only as old as you feel! Don't you miss those Special Ops missions when you were younger when you just jumped your targets, grabbed the bodies, got in and back out before being detected?
  527. DOGHOUSE26

    Found the birds

    I always say "Where there's a will there's a way"
  528. DOGHOUSE26

    was wister that bad?

    Good Luck Mike Don't nail them all leave us a couple!
  529. DOGHOUSE26

    was wister that bad?

    I called Wister this AM, they said it was a 5.5 Average Saturday with 350 Hunters; you guessed it Teal was #1 over 800 shot. We'll see how it holds I have #20 for 11-4 Wednesday
  530. DOGHOUSE26


    Maybe wait until the season starts in November?
  531. DOGHOUSE26

    Wahoo upper NINE 10/19

    Yes we caught one on a Sevenstrand 1220 Mackerel Clone behind a bird couple of weeks ago on the lower 9. 10 minutes after we put it out it got hammered and the wahoo bit the hook off fortunately a crimp just below the head saved it. I wired it back up with 480# 7 strand and 5 minutes after...
  532. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister area 10/16/15

    Now I know where the grass from my Palapa Bar went.
  533. DOGHOUSE26

    2 wahoo day North 9

    Those are nice fish Congratulations! We heard you on the radio, sounded like you were going to cry. At least you manned up for the pics great job smiles says it all!
  534. DOGHOUSE26

    Wahoo upper NINE 10/19

    Congratulations John that's a nice Skinny! I started at the upper 9 and got bit off twice early in the AM yesterday, then went north and went 0 for 4 the rest of the day with all my marlin lure heads getting crushed! AS you know it's not as easy at it might seem!
  535. DOGHOUSE26

    Great day with double the excitement!! Hoo + black

    That's a nice one can't say there's any Skinnys on that boat!LOL
  536. DOGHOUSE26

    Canada 2015

    I just got back Sunday from my annual full week of shooting; we had a great time but we noticed this year as a whole the birds were a lot leerier than past years and a lot did not decoy very well. Some days we had snow limit shooting with over 100 birds, other days we would only get singles...
  537. DOGHOUSE26

    It's good to be king

    Nice going Smuck, you put in the time and were rewarded! Thank god somebody else tied your knots;)
  538. DOGHOUSE26

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Nice Catch! What caliber did you end up using, looks like .357
  539. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin a long time goal

    Thanks for the report and the great Action Shots!
  540. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    You guys are a crack up and don't even know it. If I had a 2-4" unit the internet would be the last place I'd post it on. Some of you guys take this too seriously, and no I don't pay a lot of attention to it unless I'm named directly in it and really, I can take a lot of shit with no problem...
  541. DOGHOUSE26

    FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Matt, Congratulations on the local catch of a lifetime, you must be an animal with the right gear! So many big boats have hooked fish similar to yours over the past 2 seasons and probably not that big; they all had longer fight times and many never got the boat close enough to leader let alone...
  542. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    Don't take any meds Dannyboy, and I don't talk about other guy's units either. You're the one that brought it up so I guess that makes you normal? Since you're so infatuated with the male unit, why don't you do us all a favor and troll a gay porn site instead.
  543. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    No Bait, Wahoo and Blue Marlin being caught like we were in Cabo, and Too Much Work can't cut a day and go fishin it's the worst with no end in site.
  544. DOGHOUSE26

    Magic paddy 9-23-15

    Nice catch thanks for the Great Report including your iron selection pics. Once you cut them up it all looks the same I've never seen anyone eat a whole Tuna Loin like Corn On The Cob anyway!
  545. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    First of all skinhead it was meant to be a joke, second of all you my friend are one of the rare few who can gauge the accurate size AND THEN TELL THE TRUTH IN A FISH STORY. I wish there were more Fishermen like you. Well I did until you mentioned the penis part so now I've asked my friends in...
  546. DOGHOUSE26

    'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Very Nice, can you still use the Rapala?:cheers:
  547. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    That really is a decent grade of fish congratulations on a nice haul. I'm a little more concerned however with what kind of exams are you doing on the boat with your left hand?
  548. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    You've Been on BD almost 4 years now and you haven't figured out 10-20 actually means 5-10 ?:rofl:That's standard around here and pretty much every fishing site I've ever been on! Just like the 25-30# Dorado you hear about, You'll get the hang of it soon! [
  549. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    You know Steve I spent a lot of time last night Googling and reading Marlin Facts and your point concerning the Gillcover Extension (branchial flap)is a good one and although I've never studied that portion of the fish and to me the picture in the cart isn't crystal clear it does appear to be...
  550. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    I really didn't want it to go this way, and I'm sorry if anyone might be offended: " And BTW the way, my source knows you and you found him and another boat on a wide open seabass bite. They had been keeping the bite quiet and to themselves. He said that you spent the entire time calling...
  551. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    Steve you base you opinion on the second dorsal/ anal fin alignment which to me appears to be fairly even at the start, and not as pronounced with the second dorsal starting behind the anal as in most of the True Blues I've seen pics of; and I base my opinion on the pecs, the dorsal size in...
  552. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    I'm not basing it solely on the pecs; look at the dorsal, it is not 50% of the body height, it's actually quite short, you can't count the hump as part of the dorsal. Then look at the trailing dorsal fin to the tail, it is very low like a Black where a Blue's trailing Dorsal is much taller like...
  553. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    From the IFGA Website Marlin, black (Istiompax indica) (Cuvier, 1831); ISTIOPHORIDAE FAMILY; also called white marlin (Japan), silver marlin (Hawaii) Occurs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. In tropical areas distribution is scattered but continuous in open waters; denser in...
  554. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    You've got to be kidding, Really?
  555. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    Look at the picture of the fish laying in the cockpit on JDs Big Game. It doesn't get more rigid than that!
  556. DOGHOUSE26

    So Cal Exotics

    I'm not sure if you're referring to the Black they hung up @ BAC with the pics on JD's Website of it hanging and in the laying down in the back of the cockpit; that fish is definitely a Black, the Pec fins are rigid and can't fold into the body like other marlins.
  557. DOGHOUSE26

    Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    You were fishing with one of the most experienced Captains and crew on the West Coast, they know and play the game very well which is a testament to those short fight times on light line. Its actually like playing a game of Tag You're It. Unfortunately not every boat knows how to play on their...
  558. DOGHOUSE26

    Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    Catch & release fishing is the future of the sport don't get me wrong, and if you like the taste of marlin and can use the whole fish there's nothing wrong with keeping the occasional fish either. Scientific Studies have shown that one of the main contributors causing mortality in sport caught...
  559. DOGHOUSE26

    Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    Thanks Eric for the great report and the wonderful pictures, it was a very good read! But in my opinion and based on scientific testing this Tourney Format is Bullshit and the run by the most hypocritical people in the sport. They are the ones missing something! But it is their choice and there...
  560. DOGHOUSE26

    Dove hunt 9-5

    I know that, who wouldn't pick up their own empty shells; I was referring to his Lead unfired Shotshells since Kali mandates all steel shot next year you might as well use them up while they are legal.
  561. DOGHOUSE26

    BLUE of the Isthmus

    Look at the cross section of the bill, its more oval in shape and it appears to be short and stout. Also if you look at the first couple of pics there's a yellow tint of a stripe along the lateral line, something you only see on Blue Marlin
  562. DOGHOUSE26

    Love for the Deckhands

    No kidding what a DB
  563. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin 9/4

    No I just drive the boat, but I've been cutting up everybody else's here and East Cape for years
  564. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin 9/4

    When you cut it up, it's pretty easy to tell as well. If the meat looks fairly white, it's a Blue. If the meat has a pinkish or faint orange tint to it, it's a Stripey. A short, thick bill is another Blue indicator.
  565. DOGHOUSE26

    Dove hunt 9-5

    Don't worry about the shells, use them up its steel next year anyway! Congratulations on the great hunt!Thanks for the pics!
  566. DOGHOUSE26

    Wrong turn at Cedros

    John did you ever weigh those pigs at the dock? By the way Nice Going You're Killing it this summer!
  567. DOGHOUSE26

    Carnage in the Valley 9-5-15

    Took my son and my good buddy Gerry down to the Valley today hoping to get in another decent hunt; we didn't have a permission slip for Gerry to hunt some private land we have access to so it was head for the desert edge and find a spot where they might be flying. Headed down a canal road and...
  568. DOGHOUSE26

    Puppy contest help

    Seems like we're about 8K short
  569. DOGHOUSE26

    Puppy contest help

    That dog needs a shave..............
  570. DOGHOUSE26

    1989 Blackman Billfisher 26 for sale Reduced price $ 52,000. Sold

    Pride of ownership on this one fellas........
  571. DOGHOUSE26

    opening weekend success

    Congratulations Tony what was your weapon of choice
  572. DOGHOUSE26

    Dove opener 2015

    In Imperial Valley they won't bother you with pigeons, down there they are still viewed as "Flying Rats" as they should be. Now up back up here along the coast it can be a different story, depending on the warden, courtesy of those F'n Enviros, the Racing Pigeon Association, and the Fish & Game...
  573. DOGHOUSE26

    Dove opener 2015

    "Long report: My brother and I hit up our normal spot close to home at o dark thirty (sorry no numbers for this spot)." Don't ever give up your numbers to your close to home spot. Soon enough civilization will take over. I had a few 35 years ago and those were some of the best shoots ever...
  574. DOGHOUSE26

    Dove opener 2015

    WE didn't even come close to limits on mourning doves up in the north end of the valley; I had 9 and a Whitewing and my partner had 7 and a whitewing. But we dropped 38 Eurasians and a couple of high flying pigeons to keep things rolling. Funny how the mourning doves had smallish black seeds in...
  575. DOGHOUSE26

    Scouting the Valley 8-30-15

    The birds are still down there saw quite a few along the canals at the desert edge; but we never found that go-to field. Got pretty hot early in the AM and the birds were headed to roost in the brush. Quite a few Eurasians still alive and well too. Should be an average opener(unless I can find...
  576. DOGHOUSE26

    Marlin on Cedar

    Excellent job on the carp from start to finish! That my friend is how it's done - Thanks for the report!
  577. DOGHOUSE26

    Can I borrow your wife.........?????

    I also have a single .410 youth model if you need it, and I'm in Esco too. It's not a youth gun, but I also have a beat up .410 citori if it would fit him
  578. DOGHOUSE26

    Browning Citori for sale 12 Gauge

    WTF That's kinda like Flashing your Tits at Mardi Gras
  579. DOGHOUSE26

    Adrianna left them biting today 8/23

    We were out on the 43 on a 54 Bertram Saturday as well and I got my 12 hour certification as a Kite Man and we saw no tuna or had any tuna bites. That Kite fishing is a whole different ball game. However the guys in the tower found a few sleepers which broke up the monotony as we released one...
  580. DOGHOUSE26

    Adrianna left them biting today 8/23

    Ella esta a la clinica libre y ella no puede jugar para trenta dias. Es possible que usted necessita a ir a la clinica tambien, antes de su verga va a cayerlo!
  581. DOGHOUSE26

    8-23-15 Mexican Navy Boarding Boats on the 302?

    Yes from 12-200 miles its their Exclusive Economic Zone, that's why we have to have Mexican fishing permits. As for the passport requirement I'm not sure. A few years ago, when an American 6-pack boat ran into a tuna pen below The Hidden Bank at night and well beyond the 12 mile limit, the...
  582. DOGHOUSE26

    Adrianna left them biting today 8/23

    Well then that makes sense! Y Carl, Si piensas que yo voy a "Bend Over" para ti, tu es muy loco!
  583. DOGHOUSE26

    8-23-15 Mexican Navy Boarding Boats on the 302?

    I read a couple of reports on other sites stating boats were being boarded by the Mexican Navy off the 302. My buddy said he saw the old Mexican destroyer hovering the border this morning but he stayed on this side of the fence. Was anybody actually boarded or did they just pass documents...
  584. DOGHOUSE26


    Dude unless you take take Tanya fishing again you better ditch those shorts unless you're fond of the reach around which can be quite common in the 3/4 Day boats just saying............
  585. DOGHOUSE26

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    The 209 is 24 miles 240 degrees out of Oside and 35 miles 285 degrees out of Mission Bay
  586. DOGHOUSE26

    Adrianna left them biting today 8/23

    Nice catch hope you either had 6 anglers or you can understand "bend over" in Spanish Thanks for the report
  587. DOGHOUSE26

    Doves: To Decoy or Not to Decoy?

    ^^^^^^^^What kind of Pointer is that above me?^^^^^^ That's the way they do it on MTV! I've had doves come right to me in a driving rain in an open field with a Mojo above me on an 8' tall pole and another on a ground stake in front of me its amazing.
  588. DOGHOUSE26

    Ocean Odyssey- Accuracy in Fishing Reports?

    They aren't the only ones; the Outer Limits out of Seaforth had a one day trip 1-2 weeks ago and they caught nothing, first time in 10years says the Captain. They had a no report as well
  589. DOGHOUSE26

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Congratulations Ali on a job well done! Glad to see Plan A came together! This thread is full of a lot of Jealous Bitches just like me, thanks for sharing!
  590. DOGHOUSE26

    Maiden voyage a success!

    Congratulations on your new boat and thanks for the report. With those low gunnels you might want to keep an eye on weather forecasts before you stray too far offshore. Any maybe get your brother a back brace if he is going to continue to lift those monsters up like that!:rockin:
  591. DOGHOUSE26

    Non-lead Shot

    Think Arizona
  592. DOGHOUSE26

    Another awesome day of fishing 11JUL

    Congratulations on a Great Day and your first Dodo Pic would be suitable for framing! Thanks for the report!
  593. DOGHOUSE26

    I have a helmet on my head.

    We went straight to the 425 and headed SE for the same results, then headed back up north where my buddies were catching but we couldn't buy a bite. Then came back to the marina and everyone's cleaning fish. Feel you pain too, I'm meeting a Therapist Monday 4:30 PM there's an open chair or 2...
  594. DOGHOUSE26

    Very local fish report

    You're a changed man! Way to get the kid on some fish and thanks for the report!
  595. DOGHOUSE26

    what's wrong with the fish count

    As you can see, there is no need to book a 1.5 or even a 2.5 day trip right now, you're just throwing $310 or more away. The operators don't care cuz their schedules are booked and the extra half day they are charging is just bonus in their pocket. If they really cared they would reschedule to 1...
  596. DOGHOUSE26

    Blackman Fishmachine for sale. Pristine $39,000.

    Don't think they ever did it, although I did hear of one owner asking Don the question years ago. Don really believed in the Deck Helmstation, I suppose if you had one of those you could always sit inside on Autopilot with a long wire remote and the Deck Throttle/Gear Selector wouldn't be so far...
  597. DOGHOUSE26

    Blackman Fishmachine for sale. Pristine $39,000.

    Great Carl, now we have to deal with Looky-Loo Weekend. At $39K it's a steal so hopefully it will go quick! Yep Blake EVERYBODY knows Billy V!
  598. DOGHOUSE26

    So many Blackmans which is the best deals out there??? in the market..

    If you are going to keep your boat in the water, this is the way to go. This boat has a very clean wake and gets bit!
  599. DOGHOUSE26

    ISO - RCBS Dies 270 Winchester

    Internet Auction this Saturday
  600. DOGHOUSE26

    WFO 6/9/15 at the 150 Circus

    Weather aside you had a great day of fishing that's a nice haul!
  601. DOGHOUSE26

    5/30/2015 Yellowtail in La Jolla, then West.

    The EmbarrassingTriple Limits Show didn't stop after getting yelled at in the chum line; it even got better shortly after when one of his anglers fell off the back of the Parker while casting a bait and then had a hard time getting his fat A back in the boat!:rofl:
  602. DOGHOUSE26

    Vehicle Back up Cameras..... what's your take?

    Mike I had a company called Street Noyz install a backup camera on my Rubicon and on my daughter's Jetta, they both display on the Navigation Screens when in reverse and work well at night too. Professional Install they are behind the Sports Arena on Kurtz I believe.
  603. DOGHOUSE26

    When Will SWYC Get it Right?

    Nice catch Todd, you don't see a lot of them that size anymore!
  604. DOGHOUSE26

    When Will SWYC Get it Right?

    Carl you make a great point and you're probably right, but we have mentioned it to them in the past and stuff like this has gone on too long and needs to come out in the open and be addressed. They make a sincere effort by including a copy of the F&W regulations in the Captain's bag, but they...
  605. DOGHOUSE26

    When Will SWYC Get it Right?

    Fished the Southwestern Yacht Club's 45th Annual Rockfish Tournament this past Saturday and had a Great Time even though I couldn't attend the fabulous dinner and awards presentation that evening due to a previous commitment. If you have never attended this event you should really give it a try...
  606. DOGHOUSE26

    Nados Sunday, smaller yellas. wind and mex navy

    No I wasn't on the boat that day, the captain is a good friend of mine and one of the best in SoCal as he is well known. If you're fishing in the same area as he is let me let you in on a little secret; you're probably in the right place!
  607. DOGHOUSE26

    Nados Sunday, smaller yellas. wind and mex navy

    I've heard of those bastards and I think they ended up with 16 YT 17-23# on iron for that day; sounds like their "clinic" worked pretty good to me WTF were you doing while they were catching? With 3-5 pairs of gyros working on their bridge I seriously doubt you were the first ones on the bird...
  608. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok, actual Report

    Congratulations on a great hunt, that kid looks like a Rockstar now and 2 months into his hunting license he's 1 ahead of a lot of us! Kudos to Madbuck we need more guys like him!
  609. DOGHOUSE26

    Ok, actual Report

    WTF Happened to the Report?
  610. DOGHOUSE26

    What are your thoughts on .22 ammo situation now ?

    If you need .22WMR ammo check Cabela's frequently they have it for a short time 2-3 times a month
  611. DOGHOUSE26

    What are your thoughts on .22 ammo situation now ?

    10 cents a round
  612. DOGHOUSE26

    What are your thoughts on .22 ammo situation now ?

    You really need to get on a Notification List from one of the Ammo Sites (Cheaper Than Dirt, Natchezs, etc.) so when the product comes in you have a decent chance of getting it in 500+ quantities; you have to be quick in your response as it only lasts 10-30 minutes at most before it's all...
  613. DOGHOUSE26

    TDS... anyone going?

    I still can't believe how many rigs went on the ride it was an endless line. Didn't find anything I couldn't get through or over and everything on my rig worked; Saw a few mishaps myself but nothing like that top picture! Had a pretty good time just wish my wife didn't get sick so we could have...
  614. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    Once you fish in Mexican Waters you can't come back into U.S. Waters and fish it's a no-no. Besides, we might have been over the California Grouper Limit unless it changed to 3 each this year, I'm not sure. We started on this side first and only caught small fish so we went across the border to...
  615. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    Who wants to go through life without a pair of balls? We had Mexican licenses, call me an idiot but don't call me stupid!:slap:
  616. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    I wish it was as easy as you say. Sure you can download the manifest and pay the fee online, no problem I've done both for my boat. The real trick is technically the Visa is not any good until you email a copy of the receipt and a copy of the manifest to the Ensenada Port Captain or some other...
  617. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    No, but we did have plenty of beer, cigarettes, and T-Shirts just in case it was an option, we weren't done with the Playboy magazines yet.
  618. DOGHOUSE26

    wtb truck shell

    I might be in the market for another shell; my shells rear window blew up and they are no longer available. Where are you located can you post a pic?
  619. DOGHOUSE26

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    Fished Rockfish today on the shelf 3 miles North of North Island on my buddy Jim's Blackman and we got to meet the crew on the Mexican Gunboat after our 3rd drop, they came screaming out from Middle Grounds. They were very patient with us and kept their distance until we got our lines in, then...
  620. DOGHOUSE26

    wtb truck shell

    Hopefully Children's Pool La Jolla
  621. DOGHOUSE26

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Natchez has Federal 5.56 $349.99/1000
  622. DOGHOUSE26

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Cabelas has Remington .22 Subsonic $5.99/50 Box; I don't know if that's a good price but I haven't seen that much subsonic around and guys have been asking for it earlier...
  623. DOGHOUSE26

    Sun 2/1 - no jello n F-in Alanis Morriset

    If you don't have one of those release tools you can always have another setup on standby with a 16oz sinker or better and a small hook say #2 or #4 and re-hook the fish slightly in the tail or underside and then send him back down; once you get him down there near the bottom jerk your rod...
  624. DOGHOUSE26

    Boys got a couple

    Right next to me and I didn't catch shit! Saw another fish caught couple hundred yards further north, about an hour later and that was it. They were both downwind of a huge baitball off the bottom, finbait or crabs I don't know. Pretty slow day compared to the days before
  625. DOGHOUSE26

    TWIN LAKES Closer - Grasslands

    Those are some beautiful decoys and one helluva pile of birds!
  626. DOGHOUSE26

    The ducks finally show up

    Might be one of the small ponds on the backside inside SD Safari Wild Animal Parko_O
  627. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Sweatline One Last Time 1-21-15

    Thanks, She's a tired 3 year old today as she made all the retrieves yesterday through deep water and a couple of Hide & Seeks through the reeds.
  628. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Sweatline One Last Time 1-21-15

    Me too Next Wednesday out front if they are still there I'll stop by the shop.
  629. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Sweatline One Last Time 1-21-15

    One of my partners from our Opening Day Hunt got the chance to play hooky today and joined me for an end of season hunt at Wister where my mojo was still hot with a #11 non-resi draw which gave us an opportunity to try a different area I had hunted 30+ years ago with good results. Maybe 35...
  630. DOGHOUSE26

    wister this weekend

    Nice end to your season with a Snow Goose to boot! Thanks for the Great Reports!
  631. DOGHOUSE26

    wister this weekend

    Thank God gas is $2.50/gallon don't think you would have done this last year! You should get on soon and get some decent PM Shooting let us know how it goes.
  632. DOGHOUSE26

    Wister Sweatline 1-14-15

    Hit Wister solo yesterday for a short morning hunt until 10AM; drew the #1 Non-Resi Wednesday night and only 30-35 showed on time. Didn't get exactly where I wanted but did get close enough to see them shoot a few more than me. Not a lot of birds in range over my site. Dive bombed by Teal for...
  633. DOGHOUSE26

    Back at the Club January 10th

    Thanks for the pics Jason looks like you had a great day and some decent cover; I think I'll start taking my GSP up there and get her some work!