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    Blue Pacific Tackle website has been update!!!

    Great new website and glad you're still leaving a spot for the Intruder.
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    WTB Heavy spinning rod

    Look at Okuma's new series of popping rods. A game changer imho. Check out this model. HWP-S-832MHa
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    For Sale Mak 20 SEA and 2x4 combo. $850

    Great price on the combo. Somewhere around $1,150 - $1,200 retail out the door. glws
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    Trans 500 HG gear swap

    I'd suggest checking the schematics for both versions and see if there are any different parts besides the main and pinion gears.
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    Morro Bay / Port San Luis-Avila

    You know where to find um... We'll get through this... it will just tak some time.
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    Okuma Hawaiian Custom Popping Rod (2020 new)

    Does anyone have experience with this new series of popping rods? I just ordered a HWP-S-832MHa that's rated 50-100. 8'3" and can throw 90-200 gr. jigs. Planning on using it with poppers and stickbaits on medium + Tuna , Wahoo and YT. Any info would be appreciated. Gary
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    dang, I'm bored......

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing... thanks Mike!
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    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    I too have the Swifty line washing spools. I would recommend first winding the line on an old spool first. This will accomplish 2 things. First you'll reverse your line getting the unused spectra to the top. Secondly you'll be able to pack the line back on your reels with much more pressure then...
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    Pairing reel with braided line

    I agree completely with gecsr1. Theres a big difference with getting to the bottom between 30 and 50 pound braid. With 30 you can fish lighter jigs getting more action and will have the ability to shake your jig out of the rocks when you hang up. I use a short topshot of just 5' tied on with a...
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    Dark green braid..?

    I agree with the other posters. When braid first came out, green was pretty much all you could find. I still have some of it, ( it lasts forever) but have it buried deep in the spool and seldom ever sees the light of day.
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    Stolen Boat 3.22 SF Bay Area

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    Buying tackle in 1960's

    As a kid I would always look up towards the ceiling when wandering department stores looking for rod tips. Most had a sporting goods department.
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    San Miguel 3/22

    That was a long haul for you and glad Neptune gave you a window to get out to Miguel. A special place for sure, nice eats.
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    First 8 dayer in June

    You're golden. Do you have a reel that has a line retrieval of 45+ inches per turn? June might be a little early for wahoo but if they're around you'll want one. Also get a couple of spools of Knot2Kinkey. One for 25/35 with bait and a 75 for jigs n bombs. Have fun prepping.
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    Knot strength

    It has been my experience that a lot of knots I've tested that passed the slow pull test failed the sharp head shake real life test.
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    For all you guys posting on this thread, should you have any Asian friends with kids, ask them what their kids have been enduring on social media and at school. This isn't an us and them issue, a virus hits us all.
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    For Sale Avet HXW 3 speed

    Kinda interesting how the box isn't a Raptor box and states 21#'s at strike which is what non Raptors deliver. Somebody made a mistake at the factory. glws
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    Help with quiver for the season

    Check out Okuma'a PCH series for best bang for the buck. Seriously though, you may want to look at United Composits, or Calstar and make the stretch. Once and done. And if you ever sell them, you'll get most of your money back.
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    Does it get any cooler? Jerry Downy p533 matched to Sabre 670 wrapped by jerry morris

    Very cool! Put a Bryan Young 7 stack drag kit in it and you're golden.
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    Penns Brought Back to Life

    Great job!
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    Tribes win again

    Sorry, the Native Americans were richer beyond belief before the Europeans took it all away. Glad that at least some of the tribes came up with a way to get a little bit even.
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    What is the best long range tackle box?

    I've had this Plano extra large dry storage box for 5 + years and use it for wahoo jigs. The only issue I had was the rubber O ring water seal didn't want to stay in place. I ended up using window/ door weather stripping rope and haven't had a problem since. I went with a different hanger system...
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    Clint Eastwood weave

    Don't die blondie. Unsurpassed craftmanship as always.
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    For Sale Penn 114h wahoo special 86.00

    A great reel and that Booster Crank was the kind back in the day. I have one on a 113 and 114. Different kits for each model. I call them my poorman's 2 speed.. Great price.
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    covid-19 and sport boats

    I'll take my chances. True, this is very serious but if fishing on a Sporty becomes more risky because of this, I'll roll the dice. Yes, I'm old...
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    Sato line winder kit assembly

    You should post a picture of what you have. I've got a Sato Line Winder and got the older model and upgraded when the improved one came out. Also have you tried contacting Garry Sato directly? I think I still have his contact info. I needed some replacement parts a while back and he was more...
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    Avet JX 6/3 Raptor too small?

    To use this setup for a wahoo jig/bomb rig with 50/60# I'd think would work well but would be use specific and not versatile.
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    Avet JX 6/3 Raptor too small?

    What is your target species?
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    A few observations on wahoo...

    Nice skins, I can hardy wait till October!!
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    Tiburon Reels

  31. ripped

    Okuma Tesoro High Speed Star Drag Fishing Reel- TSR-12S

    They both cast great. When comparing reels, sometimes it can get to the point of trying to pick fly poop out of the pepper.
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    First Tuna For 2020 Landed Abaord the Tomahawk

    Lost my first good one in '96 and replayed the memory many a night for 22 years. Got a 210 and have slept like a baby ever since.
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    Cold shrink tubing source

    Putting it on is easy. If you go from top to reel seat, measure the length of the seat and put a wrap of blue tape on the hood. Then you can use a sharp knife with your rod on the lathe and make your cut. Going from bottom top top you can do the same. I put mine on over hypalon but you can also...
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    WTB Sabre 820 rod

    You must have one hell of a collection of old school gear Jer.
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    Cold shrink tubing source

    eBay has always been my friend.
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    I got one Dad

    Nothing better! What a great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing!
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    For Sale closed for the duration

    My dear friend and mentor aged out of bluewater fishing. I tried to talk him into still going and team fish when he hooked up but wouldn't hear of it. If he couldn't bring his "A" game it would then be no game. Glad you're still keeping a few setups for ( just in case ) and remember that there...
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    WTB Calstar 775h or UC Centaur rail rods

    775H is more like a UC Raptor. The 775XH is closer to the UC Centaur imho. Hope you find what your looking for.
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    If her's weighs more than yours she spent way more $$$ Time to go to FHS!!
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    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    I use the 114 for wahoo and it works great. I have a booster crank arm on that reel that I call my poor man's 2 speed. Yes, I fish with Mike.
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    Vagabond Closing!

    That explains why they told me they were booked up for mid July and weren't taking reservations for October yet.
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    PENN new product wish list

    Sounds like a Baja Jr... Penn are you hearing a trend???
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    The good old days: 1/2 day trip for $1.50. pics coming off my wall.

    Damn fishing was good back then... you could catch it all out of Long Beach. My father in-law as a kid used to ride the city bus to the harbor and back bringing rod, reel, and gunny sack full of fish home. Man how things have changed. Thanks for posting Mike
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    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    I fish mine on a Calstar 900M. it is very well balanced ahd you can get any distance your looking for.
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    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?

    Save yourself some frustration and get a quality pair that will open the rings enough to get the hook off easily. Split ring pliers are not all equal.
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    Awesome wahoo strike

    Incredible video, thanks for posting. This will help to get me through the wait when I'm Jonesing for my October 8 day.
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    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

    To fish one reel for both bait/ jigs, and kite applications the 30 will get you closer to where you want to go. It'll give you a bit more line capacity that you'll need to fly a kite. That being said, I have a VISX 20 and it fits my needs perfectly for bait and jigs. I like reels that are as...
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    favorite boat for 2-3 day trips out of San Diego

    2.5 day trips gives you the most fishing time for a short trip. Nothing worse than having to leave the fishing grounds early on day 2 when it's an afternoon bite.
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    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    I agree with Mick, no fresh water rince and it's good for as long as it's frozen solid.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Like the new look... Hope BD stays BD :cool:
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    Tackle box recommendations??

    I just purchased the flambeau portage alpha large duffle on a recommendation from a BD'r and couldn't be happier. It holds up to 6 large boxes + 3 pockets per side including 1 on the flap and another on the back for leader coils. It has the same type of construction the old Albacore bags had...
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    Non MC Raptors - Status?

    Raptor HXW's never had MC as far as I know.
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    40lb test tackle suggestions

    If you're trolling on a Sportie the object once bit is to get that fish to the boat asap to bring the school to the boat or if the school keeps moving the boat can stay in the game. If your the only one on a troll fish for say 20 minutes fishing 40# you won't be popular. Where as if you were...
  54. ripped

    40lb test tackle suggestions

    The 25N LD 2 is a great reel for 40# but for trolling on a sporty not a good choice. You'll want a reel with harness rings so you can use the rod straps on the stern. I'm afraid your talking 2 different setups.
  55. ripped

    How not to drive your boat..............

    Looks like a fun day on the water. Thanks for posting this Mike. Makes me glad I fish sporties.
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    65lb braid for Lexa 400?

    I put Maxquatro 65 on mine and got 320 yards on my 400. Maxquatro is 4 strand and is a bit abrasive. To do it over again I'd go with J Braid 8 strand. Their 300 meter spool should fill your reel to the top.
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    Jig Storage

    As much as you can carry lol.
  58. ripped

    Most used size tuna hook?

    Keep postin' Marty!
  59. ripped

    Fishing Gods smiling upon us

    Just clicked the ignore option for the first time...
  60. ripped

    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    If you haven't already you should call the processor of your choice to get a priority number so you can get out of there short and sweet. I always try to do that and by the time I tank up on a big breakfast before hitting the road my fish is good to go.
  61. ripped

    Upgrade HXW raptor to Mak SEA20?

    I agree with Bill that for SoCal tuna fishing your HXW should be fine. It's a better jigging reel with a faster retrieve the the Makaira. imho the Mak's are better suited for bait fishing. I would suggest putting a thinner 100# braid on your reel. 500 yards seems kinda short. I got 700 yards of...
  62. ripped

    Wahoo are dangerous.

    Butt pucker to say the least. I's all fun till it's not...
  63. ripped

    Putting line on narrow spool reels?

    Your right it's a jack
  64. ripped

    How do you mark your gear

    I took the route that Tony and GC uses. Easiest way to find my stuff on a crowded boat. No phone number but they're ID"d. Only problem with putting your name on a rod is if you ever sell it.
  65. ripped

    Saving an eagle

    Very cool!
  66. ripped

    100lb+ fish?

    Hope you get a hall pass from your Doctor Gene. Even if you don't, fishing smarter can be better than fishing harder. A good friend of mine was on a 7 day in early November of this year that went to the Lupe. There was an older guy on the trip who was on a good fish when all of a sudden his rod...
  67. ripped

    Replacement for Penn Torques?

    We finally got silver... be happy LOL
  68. ripped

    Calstar vs Seeker

    We like what we like. Me, I own more Calstar's then I'll ever admit to LOL. I'd suggest going to the FHS in Long Beach with one of your Grafighters that feels stiff and pull on all the manufacturers offerings in the same line class. Pull on theirs, then on your's, and lastly their's again. That...
  69. ripped


    Dang Man!!! That's one of the cleanest most beautiful wraps I've seen on this forum. That belongs in a museum.
  70. ripped

    Fathom 15XN ??

    Being that Penn now offers a Torque 15XN will we be seeing a Fathom cousin in the near future? It has 33#'s of drag and a capacity of 310 yards of 50# braid. Sign me up please.
  71. ripped

    hxj versatility?

    Sure is, especially if you have big hands. Only way to find out is to try it for what works for you.
  72. ripped

    For Sale Wahoo bombs Misc. 1 lot

    Best deal I've seen all year. If my wahoo box didn't already weigh 60#'s I'd get this. glws
  73. ripped

    For Sale Calcutta 700B levelwind $150

    Quality piece, worth every penny of the asking price. Mike doesn't ride his gear hard and put it away wet. glws
  74. ripped

    For Sale PENN 70 VIS Silver $ 500.00 Mint

    Killer deal Leonard, the braid alone has to be north of $200... GLWS
  75. ripped

    Mudhole cork tape

    As far as cork tape goes this site is selling 100' rolls for $32.40 and if you buy 2 you get a 1/3rd roll for free. That brings the price down to $21.30 per roll. That's like 1980 prices!! Free shipping too...
  76. ripped

    Mudhole cork tape

    I put this 3M tape over all my lighter sticks 30# and below. I first put a layer of cork first for some give and topped it with the 3M. The 3M is dense and doesn't compress. I got tired of replacing the cork wrap and tried this stuff. Some of my rods now have 20 years of use and are still going...
  77. ripped

    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    We all have to start somewhere... I know this is BD but we all put our pants on one leg at a time.
  78. ripped

    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    I can't say for sure that they were designed for surf fishing but with the extra eccentric lever allowing you co cast while in gear to slow down the spool I wouldn't doubt it.
  79. ripped

    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    Go on eBay and buy an old Penn 146 Squidder. You can easily open it up with one screw to clean any sand out of it as well as it's easy to service. You can get an extra spool to change out when you get a backlash that can't be picked out. LOL Yes it's old school but is a good teaching tool and...
  80. ripped

    Makaira 16sea: What should I spool with?

    100 solid to the top with enough room for up to 30' topshot.
  81. ripped

    50visx line capacity

    imho when using a power winder I can get a lot more braid packed on my reels running the motor at a low speed with the reel in low gear.
  82. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I can appreciate your frustration as to the delay but having been on many trips where the only thing my Marauder did was get wet while the Intruder stopped the boat.
  83. ripped

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Am I missing something? IMO other than Flat Fall jigging the reel's too slow for jigging. As the spool decreases in diameter the IPT will be less increasing torque. Won't the handle be easier to crank and turn a stubborn fish?
  84. ripped

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Your build really pops. Nice job.
  85. ripped

    Black Friday deals?

    Forgot to mention that there's lottsa junk with some gems mixed in from premium brands. It's worth the search.
  86. ripped

    Black Friday deals?

    I've bought from this site before and it's legit. $3.95 shipping
  87. ripped

    SOLD Tiburon SST 30 Limited Edition Silver $350

    Wish I needed another another reel...LOL a true work of art and engineering... Tib made what Okuma is today. glws
  88. ripped

    Liquid Adhesive, Brush-On

    I tried using a liquid type adhesive and found it to be kinda messy and had to keep fiddling with it till it set. I have since gone to using 3M double sided tape 1/4" and find it to be much easier. Especially if you you use a full sheet of mylar.
  89. ripped

    Who is the old sabre rod afficianado here? Help needed

    Didn't Carl Newell have a bunch of shorties like this for his charters?
  90. ripped

    Best rod for 60 lb

    If you want a rail rod for 60 look at a Calstar 775H, XH, or a UC 76 Raptor.
  91. ripped

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    You're my hero. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!!
  92. ripped

    For Sale Makaira sold

    Damn Jerr...
  93. ripped

    Soooo stoked

    Get a rod rated to at least 60 or 80 to fish those bombs. Something like a Calstar 875H, XH, or even an XXH. United Composites makes a lot of good stuff as well though I have no personal experience. Your Tiburon is a screamer for wahoo. Get some K2K wire and try not to bring too much stuff LOL
  94. ripped

    New Lo-An Trip Report 2.75 Day Nov 12-15 Loads of BFT/YFT and a Super Cow!

    Great report and bet you already booked the boat for next year !! Glad you guys got into a good and memorable trip. Thanks for posting.
  95. ripped

    10 day Intrepid report

    Thanks for the report Floyd, I agree with Fishy that you had a stellar trip. Longer trips offers more options and those options saved your trip. I bet you can't wait to get back on the Intrepid!
  96. ripped

    1.5 - 2 day trips out of San Diego

    They're all good or they would be gone.
  97. ripped

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Looks like a real beefcake. Sorry for your loss...
  98. ripped

    RIP Tunahore

    Life is fleeting with no dress rehearsal... Never could have known the man being I live in SoCal but sounds like the kind of guy who knew how to walk and chew gum at the same time. Hope his family can get through this.
  99. ripped

    For Sale 5/0 Ringed Gorilla Pro-Pack - $9.99

    The last thing I need is more hooks... I ordered 2... Thanks!!!
  100. ripped

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2 w/ 700XH 40-100.

    Great setup that's versitel for many applications. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your son.
  101. ripped

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    If you can get the wahoo to the boat it's all good.
  102. ripped

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    It could be that your hook isn't getting past the barb because of the trolling reel you're using? Captain Mile Lackey of the Vagabond recommends when targeting wahoo to use a Penn 114 with it's classic jerky drag to help get a good hook set. A smooth drag may not provide enough pressure to get...
  103. ripped

    TRADE Cal'd out FTH25NLD2 for stock 60LD2

    Amazon has the 60 for $219 .... just sayin.
  104. ripped

    How many set ups?

    If you do a little research in this forum you'll find all the options you can imagine. On one of these types of trips you will have more memories than you can imagine. Being on the water for any extended time gives you a chance to get away and see things very, very few people ever see. The boats...
  105. ripped

    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    I found the size of hooks that worked best for me on this trip. It's a pity that there's no standardization in sizing between manufacturers.. Gamakatsu live bait #1's fits in this slot.
  106. ripped

    For Sale New Full Bulk Spools or FINS Braid

    Good seller and quality braid, buy with confidence.
  107. ripped

    Mr Wong

    We are better than this...
  108. ripped

    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    J hooks the entire time in wahoo country while fishing wire. I can't remember what manufacturer made them since they were loose in a box and purchaced like 15 years ago. I can say for sure they were not Owner Flyliner since those are pretty thin and the shank was not as long as a Flyliner. What...
  109. ripped

    Michael Myers (Halloween) weave

    You're good... spooky good.
  110. ripped

    WTB WTB chest freezer

    I bought one from Costco in that size for $265 shipped. I've had it 4 years now with no problems.
  111. ripped

    WTB 500yds 80# Prospec hollow in white

    $100 once and done. I'm not a rich man but if you want the latest and one of the best braids out there you may want to just pony up and move on.
  112. ripped

    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    Just back from JRI's 8 day and I have to say though you had to work to get a fish to tag it was one of my best trips to date. John did a great job with swag and kept thing lively on deck through the trip. Our bait was small 4" Sardines that weren't cured more than a couple of days so we lost a...
  113. ripped

    For Sale Two Traegers!!!

    Good deal on a great BBQ. I was on the fence about a pellet BBQ till my kids got me one, there's nothing better. glws
  114. ripped

    Avet HX 5/2 for 150# yft?

    You have a 50-60 # reel. Sell it and get a Raptor will give you a fighting chance. You'll be maxed out with a Raptor HX if you tangle with a 200 pounder. Your best chance of being successful would be with a 3 speed.
  115. ripped

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    It's all fun and games till it's not.
  116. ripped

    Weather next week?

    Put a few egg sinkers in your box 1-1.5 oz. and hold it up the line 3-4' above your hook. This will help to hold your bait in the water and keep it from getting drug around by the boat pitching and bobbing. Just let your line out when the boat pulls away from your drift and gather it back up...
  117. ripped

    Wahoo Bomb/Jig Storage

    I went with a large Plano Marine Box and added hangers I made out of posterboard. Caution! It can get kinda heavy....
  118. ripped

    For Sale Cork Puppy (2)

    Cork Puppies fit reels with posts. Your Tranx doesn't have them so you'll need to go another route.
  119. ripped

    For Sale Lot of Salas, Catchy Wahoo Jigs

    If my wahoo box didn't already weigh 60 pounds.... glws
  120. ripped

    No harness Lugs let’s see what you do

    It would be a real hardship to throw one of my hard earned rigs overboard and loose it but I'd still do it in a heartbeat for Big Moe.
  121. ripped

    Guadalupe on the Vagabond $1,400.

    Bummer you can't make it, you'll fill the spot.
  122. ripped

    Supreme 8 day...

    Thanks for the report Craig, every year is different and sounds like you had a great trip. I leave on the 5th for an 8 day and this will help a lot. A good grouper bite sounds like a lot of fun. Did they bite jigs, dropper loop, or did it just have to drop anything in front of their face?
  123. ripped

    For Sale 1936 Ford Hotrod

    I followed your resto here on BD and she sure turned out nice Bill, glws.
  124. ripped

    SOLD no longer available

    What you got?
  125. ripped

    SOLD no longer available

    Thats shitty Dusty... lean forward and never forget you have a backbone. I learned that from my dear sweet son who went through tough times. All the best, Gary
  126. ripped

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    I'm sure the prey we pursue feels the same way when our line gets tight.
  127. ripped

    8 day report

    Every year is different as is every trip. Even Guadalupe Island shuts off. True it's been good in recent years but before the closure I paid my dues there more than once. It sounds to me like Floyd had a great trip and will be back for more.
  128. ripped

    T-Bar handle for JX Raptor?

    I went to the HX raptor scymatic and what you want is 17B and 17C for just the T handle and mounting pin. You'd use your same arm.
  129. ripped

    Wow!! Purple Zucker(?) Wahoo

    Yes natural skin... but it ain't all natural.
  130. ripped

    Fisherman's Warehouse Long Beach California

    Cool photo.
  131. ripped

    Coral Sea 9/13 Fishing Report

    When Jason Diamond moved to Santa Barbara he brought with him the values of the San Diego fleet. It was a game changer for customer service and quality of fishing platforms.
  132. ripped

    Seabass video

    Never get tired of seeing those fish or hearing that song. Great way to start my day. Thanks
  133. ripped

    Throwin iron

    This will help... a lot.
  134. ripped

    For Sale Gold Pro Gear 454

    Solid reel at a more than fair price. glws
  135. ripped

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    I suppose you could use some clow para cord if you had it laying around. I bought my glow thread off of Amazon. And yes, jigs and flatfalls.
  136. ripped

    SOLD UC 7’6 GLOW VIPER $380

    He has both the Centaur and Viper in 2 different pictures.
  137. ripped

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    Thanks for the write up and glad you had such a good trip. I have an 8 day in October and your detailed report will help a lot in choosing what to bring.. more importantly what to leave home!
  138. ripped

    Best old Penn Internationals

    I'm no expert and am not well versed on the evolution sequence but the solid 1 piece frames are the strongest and will not flex under a heavy load. I'd look for one that has already been blueprinted by Cal. If you're going to fish live bait look for a later model with a topless frame. You...
  139. ripped

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    My parents would drive me to Belmont Pier in Long Beach and I'd fish the Islander. One of my best memories was watching 2 boys maybe 3 years older than me ( I was 12 ) fishing. The one guy made a cast with a pole that he had borrowed from the other boy when it slipped out of his hands and went...
  140. ripped

    Uses for a hot rodded Tib/Accuplate/Penn 6/0?

    Nice score! I'd say to fish it for what your strength will allow. That reel won't fail you. I would suggest to be on the lookout for a Booster Crank handle kit. They were made back in the 90's in 2 sizes, 4/0, and 6/0. It allows you to shift from short arm to long arm or visa versa on the fly. I...
  141. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Patience patience, nice boat btw.
  142. ripped

    SOLD *Tiburon SST 16

    Great reel and a fair price. glws
  143. ripped

    Calcutta Jig Bag

    I just picked up one of these jig bags and couldn't be more happy with it. I chose the large bag and it has 18 tubes which will hold plenty of your larger jigs and poppers.
  144. ripped

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    For a guy who's name spelling is similar to mine, " When you think your s#*t doesn't stink, your farts usually gives yourself away..
  145. ripped

    WTB WTB Rockfish RH Rod/Reel Combos

    A reel loaded with 30-50# braid with a 4' leader of mono will get you down with less weight and you'll be able to detect any bites. You'll also be able to shake your setup of the rocks should you get hung up. What you already have may work.
  146. ripped

    My 7 day lineup

    imho your Jigmaster is pushing it as a 40 rig unless you have SS gear sleeve and a solid frame. It'll fish 25-30 all day long. I agree with Steve that a lighter rig could come in handy. Since you're on an October 7 day be sure to pick up a spool of Knot2Kinkey titanium wire in 25 ( stealth)...
  147. ripped

    For Sale 5 Yummies rigged .....just a few left....BF are back..

    Don't give up on the dream Man!! They're there, no one ever said it was easy. Zane Grey dedicated his life to the pursuit. Live the journey...
  148. ripped

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Sale

    You are correct Lou, on second look the link brings up the 25 at $279.95. My mistake.
  149. ripped

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Sale

    At $279.95 you can do much better than that... if you do some looking.
  150. ripped

    Show off your handles

    I thought this was going to be about muffin tops? Kidding aside, those look really nice.
  151. ripped

    Poor experience with Fisherman’s Processing, anyone else?

    Everyone has a bad day, 3 weeks ago the landings were a ghost town. Then the tuna decided to bite and the fish processors got slammed. If you've been happy with Fisherman's in the past I'd suggest using them again. If this issue persists then don't look back.
  152. ripped

    What the...... jigs..... ideas?

    I ate my share back in the day. These days I've come to the conclusion that wahoo are still eating the stuff!!
  153. ripped

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle Vagabond Report.

    What a difference 2 weeks makes!! We worked hard on our 3 day and only had 1 bluefin though we did get a fare number of yellowtail. I'm glad the fish have turned on and you guys got a bunch. See you on trip 31 John, don't forget the Ninja.
  154. ripped

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone

    The guy new how to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. A lesson we all should strive for. RIP
  155. ripped


    The cufflinks don't match the drapes. Your pic is of an 8 and your thread says you want to trade a 10?
  156. ripped

    Kangaroo having a beer weave (completed)

    I'll drink to that! Beautiful work as always.
  157. ripped

    20 VISX Line Capacity

    I first spooled mine with Tuffline 130 hollow and got 540 yards. I decided to step it with 500 yards of Maxquatro 100 solid to 200 yards of the Tuffline 130 I already had. With these larger models finally starting to bite, capacity is an issue.
  158. ripped

    For Sale Hooker intruder

    I'm on the JRI Vagabond 8 day in October and waiting to see a trolling squad chuck full of Intruders and find out if color matters.
  159. ripped

    SOLD Blue Water Rod Socks

    I have these products and they're top quality. Sure hated to see Blue Water go... For anyone who thinks using rod and reel covers is an overkill, I have rods and reels that are over 20 years old that look almost new from using them. The most accumulative damage happens from transporting to and...
  160. ripped

    Vagabond 3 Day Trip 7/28-7/30

    Departed at 1:00 and started off on the beach looking for yellowtail but the conditions weren’t right so we made an overnight run to the Colonet area to where 1.5 day boats have been fishing yellowtail. At dawn we went looking for kelp patties working our way south to stay ahead of the fleet...
  161. ripped

    For Sale Beautiful Wood Tackle box or Worksmen Box

    This is a jewelry box that was made in multiple numbers. My son in-law just sent me a picture of one he picked up with a bedroom set he just bought. The mirror is a nice touch though to make sure your sunscreen is rubbed in.
  162. ripped

    6 Day to Gaudalupe or 7 Days the the Ridge / Alijos

    Great magical locations and you can't go wrong with either one so if possible make sure to visit both. In recent years Guadalupe has been the spot for larger tuna so if that's what you're after i'd choose the 6 day. Big yellowtail in both locations. For variety the 7 day you have a much better...
  163. ripped

    Braid on a Newell

    I'm talking about if you have it done at a shop. Also what kinda line are you putting on your reels? It costs me between $25-$60 for most of my reels with a short top shot of 100" Ten times???
  164. ripped

    Braid on a Newell

    The third time you fill a reel with mono pays for the braid. Also increases capacity that I never regret having on a small castible reel.
  165. ripped

    Vagabond 7/17-21

    Thanks for the report Steve, every year is different to be sure. I leave Sunday with Mike for a 3 day. After last year, I went on the heavy rig side prepping in hopes for a repeat. It's good to know what's happening out there and be prepared for what will come our way.
  166. ripped

    Ranger 85 2.5 day trip 7/16-7/19

    You're probably right Kub, I'll still haul all this stuff to the boat in hopes of being ready for what ever the dance is.
  167. ripped

    Ranger 85 2.5 day trip 7/16-7/19

    Thanks for the timely report. I leave in a week and it looks like at least 1/2 of what I've prepped for will never see saltwater. Ha!!
  168. ripped

    WTB Looking for Rod to pair with Lexa 400

    I have mine on a Calstar 900M deckhand custom and preforms effortlessly.
  169. ripped

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Wahoo are at the rocks, not a bad consolation prize if Guadalupe doesn't pan out. I'm on the 3 day ahead of you.
  170. ripped

    My BFT Flat Fall leader system

    Looks good to me, I haven't heard of any Owner Monster Stinger's failing. I would pick up some 9/0's if the models are bigger. Easy switch if need be.
  171. ripped

    Smoked wahoo

    Dange that looks goooood!!
  172. ripped

    SOLD Creating new thread once I get organized

    Sorry you have to unload this stuff but hope you're able to meet your obligations. Family is everything. glws
  173. ripped

    Biters on the AZTEC

    Glad your shoulder's doing well enough to pull on some tuners Jerr.
  174. ripped

    SOLD NIB Tranx500 HG

    If you're going to low ball a pm is a better way to go.
  175. ripped

    Micro Bait Jig

    These are 1/2 once chrome torpedo sinkers from back in the albacore days. I got to thinking that maybe I could pound one side flat to possibly give it some action. I thumped it with a big hammer on a 2X4 to cushion the other side and used needle nose pliers to hold it steady. I tried it with 1...
  176. ripped

    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    This is what I'm going to try in 2 weeks on a 3 dayer. These are 1/2 once chrome torpedo sinkers from back in the albacore days. I got to thinking that maybe I could pound one side flat to possibly give it some action. I thumped it with a big hammer on a 2X4 to cushion the other side and used...
  177. ripped

    New PENN Torque TRQ15XNLD2

    Auh.... the Squidder Jr. returns... with Balls!!! It's about time. This might be enough for me to retire my Accurized 146 with every available upgrade that's out there.
  178. ripped

    Phenix PHD 809XH-B

    I picked up this blank with the intention to use it for wahoo and use as a popper and jig rod. What are you all thinking would be this blanks best application?
  179. ripped

    Colt Snipers, Hookup and Newell Reels at Bob Sands Tackle

    I don't think JRI will let you down, they should be here before Fall when needed most.
  180. ripped

    Fishing lead ban

    Early glow in the dark paint to make the numbers on watches glow was radioactive...
  181. ripped

    Fishing lead ban

    Join CCA
  182. ripped

    One spot available on the vagabond

    Sounds like a boring trip... as usual. Wish I could take another trip with Mike this summer but would probably have to sleep in the backyard when I got back.
  183. ripped

    18' Cold Shrink Tubing

    It says 16" but the product lable states it's 18"
  184. ripped

    Need help from some BFT guys

    You look pretty happy... Good job!
  185. ripped

    Tranx 500 line options

    You'll seriously reduce your line capacity. I filled mine with 80# Maxquatro getting 330 yards. With it's cast control feature there's no need for mono. The level wind feature will give you more options as to whether you cast and grind, or throw stickbaits & poppers. jmho
  186. ripped

    WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD & 25N

    Talk to this guy. Ready4TheYellow
  187. ripped

    15T Silver VS. Gunmetal ***pics***

    Both are beautiful pieces of engineering. Poor fishy.
  188. ripped

    For Sale Bowens wood tackle box

    Too bad you're so far away... It's practically for free.
  189. ripped

    Flat Fall/Fall Flat jigs

    Welcome to BD Brian! You'll find what you're looking for using the search feature. Lots of good info on this already out there to explore. Lots of ways to skin this cat, one size won't fit all conditions or fish. I use glow in low light, and non glow during daylight. As to technique I've marked...
  190. ripped

    Grinding down salt water guide feet'

    At $28.99 how could you go wrong with this? Especially if you live near a HF to save on shipping charges.
  191. ripped

    For Sale Brand New Original Hooker Intruder Decided to keep it

    Good call. glad that of all people you picked up my Mak 20..... Hope you've caught a bunch with it!
  192. ripped

    Did the Vagabond just double their rates?

    The only Vagabond I sleep on floats.
  193. ripped

    Hook Organizer

    Yeah but where do the cigs go?? In many ways I miss those days.
  194. ripped

    Wahoo fishermen

    This is social media. Input us always a good idea. Like Dave Mason said, " You shouldn't have taken more than you gave".
  195. ripped

    Vagabond 1.5

    Great boat. It offers everything about a classic sportfisher with damn near every upgrade to today's standards except wifi... thank god!!
  196. ripped

    Too many rods?

    I'm shameless. Bringing 11 for a 3 day... but I am bringing a rod rack to store so I don't plug the boat's.
  197. ripped

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    Hope that what you're going through gets better soon Ethan. That's a great deal and hope that you are able to sell your reservations.
  198. ripped

    Bft jig rigging

    One size doesn't fit every situation. I agree with afraser that if the Bluefin are big, chances are the jig will be engulfed either on the sink or the retrieve. So far the majority of fish I've heard of have been sub 100's which may explain what happened to Kub. Three years ago my first...
  199. ripped

    After Market Clamp for Baja Special

    Sorry bout the bum advice, I thought for sure they'd have one that would fit.
  200. ripped

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Thanks Mike for the report, I'm with the Vagabond crew in late July. My tackle box just got heavier LOL
  201. ripped


    Given the reports of what jigs they’re biting I too am surprised they’re still available. I checked my stash anb have this base covered or I’d buy um. glws
  202. ripped

    After Market Clamp for Baja Special

    Call Tiburom Engineering in the morning. Dollars to donuts they’ll have one for you.
  203. ripped

    540 and 530

  204. ripped

    Bluefin Kamikaze?

    Not for me. The ones I’ve tangled with have always been full of piss and vinegar.
  205. ripped

    For Sale Xtratuf 3 sizes

    Nice bunch of boots. Wish my kids were little again. Especially on Fathers Day... glws
  206. ripped

    At what point?

    I’ve asked myself the same question. I have never taken a trip longer than 8 days and realistically may never step up to a 10 day. That being said, if a guy or gal can afford to go to places and do things that less than 1,000th of 1% of the world’s population ever gets to see and do why...
  207. ripped

    What's the Difference Between Fighting a 80-pound Bluefin Vs 200#

    Big difference from my perspective. Mine last year went 210 on the scale. My largest before went 78 and last years brute had way more attitude. I made the mistake of gathering as much line in the beginning that he would allow. That only pissed him off and proceeded to drag me around the boat 5...
  208. ripped

    BFT rods

    Rollers are fine but you have to remember to rotate the rod to follow the angle of your line when you’re at the end game. Keeping your line in the center of the roller is critical. If it skids sideways it can bind between the frame and roller. Game over...
  209. ripped

    Liberty 6/14

    You'll be back... You'll get redemption.
  210. ripped

    SOLD * or trade BNIB AVET HXJ Raptor $370

    Great price for a great reel. glws
  211. ripped

    Wahoo fishermen

    I feel like a broken record... K2K
  212. ripped

    When to switch gears?

    When you can’t budge the fish in high.
  213. ripped

    Lexa 400 HD Rod

    I paired mine with a Calstar 900M and is a good match for me.
  214. ripped

    Okuma pch spinning rod guide reversed?

    Looks bassakwards to me.
  215. ripped

    Which one should I get for BFT?

    Fathom 40 2 speed. It’ll handle up to 150. Best bang for the buck reel out there imho.
  216. ripped

    The Tuna Pros

    It may be a different tempo now, but the song remains the same. With exception that men don't ware shorty shorts any more LOL
  217. ripped

    Making wahoo bombs

    Making wahoo bombs is a lot of fun. It's very rewarding to put something together and have it catch fish. My only problem is taking one trip a year doesn't leave much room for restocking. My wahoo box already weighs 60 pounds, and that doesn't include my trolling jigs.
  218. ripped

    Baja Special for BFT

    Better yet, borrow that dudes 6/0.
  219. ripped

    SOLD Progear 454 yts (6/4/19)

    The blue grease is is a good call on these reels internally everywhere except the bearings. Fabulous reels and way ahead of their time design wise but they are not anodized and we all know what can happen to bare aluminum mixed with salt water just left to dry. I bought a couple of these for my...
  220. ripped

    Lead Master "Sniper"

    Those hooks look plenty beefy to me. Thanks for posting this.
  221. ripped

    How to safely get rid of old fishing hooks?

    put all your hooks in a can. Get some plaster, mix it up, and pour it into the can till your hooks are covered. Done.
  222. ripped

    What do you think it weighs???

    95#’r ?
  223. ripped

    Megabit for BFT

    If you read charliecat's post he is referring to the basic jig principles have been around a long time. He also mentioned re-rigging these jigs as most of use are doing with even the new stuff out on the market. The vast majority of the terminal tackle that's catching fish wasn't initially...
  224. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Good ol’ Big 5. For sure that’s BS and I’ll always have a special feeling towards Big 5. Cost me a 100+ pound Bluefin over 20 years ago when I bought some Izor First String that must of sat under their fluorescent lights for 10 years. Damn near zero knot strength and got broken off after the...
  225. ripped

    Wood tackle boxes and tackle storage in general

    Guess I'm nostalgic. My ol' box has probably 15 + coats of spar varnish and has had all the hardware replaced as well as adding jig hanger/side handles, and rocket launchers. Bottom is filled with Plano storage boxes stored on their sides so they don't accidentally slide out on a pitching boat...
  226. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Without knowing for sure but for the fact of a soft intro at FHS, their availability can't be too far away. A wishful hunch.
  227. ripped

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Great story and thanks for keeping it real. btw that’s some funny writing. You must keep your crew in stitches.
  228. ripped

    So, I went fishing...

    Thanks for the info Steve. I have a 3 day Bluefin trip in July and I’m Overthinking this trip like most of us. :D
  229. ripped

    So, I went fishing...

    Any nighttime Flat Fallin’ Steve?
  230. ripped

    Braid breaking point

  231. ripped

    Braid breaking point

    That’s not right wet or dry. Counterfeit?? Good thing you tested it before you were on the water. I built a line testing machine with a winch and digital scale I got from eBay for $35 shipped. I test everything now.
  232. ripped

    Mustad Acquires Tuf-Line from Western Filament

    Wow... You can’t stop change or find a better company with long term goals. We all will be watching what happens. I’ve had good luck with Tufline, hoping for the same in the future.
  233. ripped

    Open eye Siwash hooks-what gives?

    Those hooks have there place on any jig that isn’t a tuna with shoulders.
  234. ripped

    San Miguel Report

    Had an opportunity to fish San Miguel with friends today. Flat calm and foggy. We fished on the west end between the two closures. Insta bite when you hit the bottom. The target was lingcod but no love. Reds were hungry and big. 4-6 pounds on the average. Equal size chuckles but released most...
  235. ripped

    Jig colors?

    I'd say it depends on the jig's application. Surface? Yoyo? or Vertical bouncing on the bottom for rockfish? A contrasting color on the back can be a good thing for surface and mid depth. Bottom critters less contrasting difference. Orange and copper can be deadly.
  236. ripped

    Hula Girl 775XXH for Michael

    I knew I was going to like this even before I opened the thread. Beautiful work Jim, I can't fathom the number of hours you have spent in front of your lathe to get to this stage of your art. Someone who hasn't wrapped may say ooo nice but a guy like me who has wrapped a bit will say WOW ...
  237. ripped

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    Where did you get those grommets?
  238. ripped

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    You are right Kub, there are many ways of rigging these. My bridled set up was a large circle in a 11/0. The setup from last year was tandem 7/0's on top and tandem 8/0's on the bottom. I felt that with hooks on both ends the jig would remain well balanced. I had a long conversation with Mike...
  239. ripped

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    Like our military, we always fight the last war when it comes to tactics. My first encounter with a bigger kind was with a bridled setup like afraser's set up. I got bumped on a fast retrieve but either because of the speed of my retrieve or the size of the fish it never connected with the hook...
  240. ripped

    Moon phases bft

    I saw these reports as well. Sometimes you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug. When there were more tuna anglers who smoked on board and I saw reports like this I always thought of all the cigs that got burnt... Better days ahead.
  241. ripped

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    What a heartbreak..."F"er's
  242. ripped

    Xtratuf boot tear repair

    If you're hell bent on keepin um put an inner tube rectangular repair patch across the tear and fold them down over the repair. They'll be a little shorter but should bet you down the road 1 more season.
  243. ripped

    Epoxying Base Wrap

    Thanks everyone for your responses. Being relatively new to rod building it takes me quite a while to put one together. I’d hate to have the guides come apart on me with a trophy on the other end. If that did happen, I hope someone gets it on video.
  244. ripped

    Replacement Gimbal Cap For my UC RUS80 Wahoo Rod

    Measure the diameter and go just under for a snug fit.
  245. ripped

    Epoxying Base Wrap

    That’s good news Bill. It’s not D2, it’s FlexCoat hi build. I tend to get a little annal about this kind of stuff.
  246. ripped

    Epoxying Base Wrap

    I've wrapped a few rods and have had some difficulty adjusting my 2nd and 3rd layers of thread without disturbing my base wrap. This time I put a coat of epoxy on my base wrap before adding the guides and top wraps. My question is did I shoot myself in the foot by curing the first layer before...
  247. ripped

    SOLD Shimano Flat Falls for BFT

    Your Tackle Shop did a sano job. glws
  248. ripped

    Legend 1.5 day 5-25-19, opions on the boat?

    Life is short. If their schedule fits your needs just go. Fishing is process and you have a legitimate shot at a Bluefin. I'm sure the Legend will bust there tail to put you on fish. It's the beginning of the season and everyone out there running boats is competing for your business. A pirate...
  249. ripped

    WTB Penn Fathom 25NLD2 , 40NLD2

    Best bang for the buck out of the box. Plenty of good deals on new if you look around.
  250. ripped

    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    I picked up a PCH 741XXH for my son in-law at FHS that's rated 60-100 but imo 80 is the sweet spot.
  251. ripped

    The Natural History of Guadalupe

    Walk tall Loc. You are one of the good ones we all should aspire towards.
  252. ripped

    For Sale SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    Dang when you snooze you loose. I’ve been meaning to put my order together and haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll be in touch Jose. If its too late it serves me right.
  253. ripped


    Lets hope they have some new dancers.
  254. ripped

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    Sink rate and a reserve of mono from inevitable cut offs.
  255. ripped

    For Sale 4 -NEWELL’s

    BD isn’t an auction site. You need to put a price on it.
  256. ripped

    wahoo leader

    Straight tie to braid or mono.
  257. ripped

    wahoo leader

    Do yourself a favor and get some 1/2” PVC tubing, end cap, threaded end with a threaded end cap & Glue. That way you can tie up leaders with rings and put hooks on when you see what your bait is like. 65# seems kinda heavy for bait. I use 45 and 25 for stealth. I drilled a hole in the end of the...
  258. ripped

    wahoo leader

    Rings on both. 130# fluorocarbon gets bit better if the fish have been hammered before you get there. I can’t say it enough. Knot2Kinky titanium wire is the way to go.
  259. ripped

    newell 533

    Just so you know, you responded to a 9 year old thread. And I guess I just did the same. LOL
  260. ripped

    Shcoolie size bluefin setup?/cow bluefin setup?

    If you’re talking cow a VISX 20 or equivalent is minimum. One size does not fit all.
  261. ripped

    SOLD MINT Okuma Makaira 20 SEa (Gun Metal)

    Great price for a great reel. GLWS
  262. ripped

    wahoo rigging ?s

    You’ll find all you’re looking for and then some in the SD Long Range Forum. Spend the extra money and get titanium wire. You’ll get multiple fish on the same leader... it’s worth it. K2K is the best imo.
  263. ripped

    The legends of fishing.

    I’ll put my money on Mitsu any day. Love the guys who put it all on the line.
  264. ripped

    What else?

    Sorry bout the double post, the first one vanished before I was finished. Now I know where it went LOL
  265. ripped

    What else?

    If you’re planning on driving home I’d suggest getting your reservation in for fish processing in as soon as you pick your trip. I like to go to Old Town Mexican Cafe for breakfast while I wait for my fish. They make bout everything from scratch and have their own parking lot with an attendant...
  266. ripped

    What else?

    If you’re planning on waiting for your catch before you hit the road be sure to get your reservation for processing as soon as you pick your boat. That way you get priority so you can get on the road ASAP. Something I’ve done for the last 4 years is to drop off my fish at the dock, drive to...
  267. ripped

    Dead Bait...

    That’s awesome.
  268. ripped

    preparing for 7 day

    A lot has changed in 12 years and titanium wire is one of them. You can get multiple fish out of 1 leader which is a good thing. Being your trip is the end of June you could find yourself chasing everything!! As stated earlier a 2 speed reel ffor 40-60 would be a nice addition. Hard to beat...
  269. ripped

    preparing for 7 day

    You don’t need a 100 yard topshot unless you’re going to use it for throwing jigs. A hundred foot piece of mono is all you need unless you want maximum capacity then fill it with thin braid and a 4’ piece of fluorocarbon. I’d check with the office as to it’s destination and if Alijos or the...
  270. ripped

    Handle upgrade for Fathom FTH40NLD2

    Looks good! Would this also fit on a Torque 40??
  271. ripped

    Visual Comparison of Larger Assist Hooks

    Got these hooks from eBay. $15 for ten shipped. 9/0’s are as big as they come... too bad. Super strong hooks, tested up to 200#’s with no deformation.
  272. ripped

    Best knot mono to fluorocarbon

    No it won’t behave the same imo.
  273. ripped

    SOLD Silver 30VISX with/without JB

    Just look up Penn 113 HN and you’ll see one.
  274. ripped

    Kyle Kinsinger CX76 Viper memorial rod

    Family boats are all about family. If you ride and roll with Mike, you get it. I sure miss that guy.
  275. ripped

    Using TacGlue

    Yes I have had both happen. It’s an exo thermic reaction from the fast setting time. No big deal. Just don’t pinch your fingers together LOL
  276. ripped

    Newell P332-F drag problems

    Or you could just drop a Brian Young’s 5 + 1 drag stack kit and forget about it. I just did that to all my Newell’s and couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to hear these old beauties growl with line peeling off from a good one.
  277. ripped

    It's still my go-to after all these years?

    My Penn 146, 500&505’s that have been with me from the start. They were fully Accuratized in the 90’s, narrowed the 500’s to 99’s, and beefed up the internals with SS parts. Just can’t let um go... just dropped 5 stack drag kits in all so I’m good to go for another 10 years. That oughta get me...
  278. ripped

    Solve the dilemma

    I agree with Kub. However if you think you might be doing longer trips in your future get the VISX 20. Longer trips have less fire drills and more fishing.
  279. ripped


    Nice stick that’s been responsible for lowering sea levels far and wide. Love my 765’s. Surprised this is still available.
  280. ripped

    Fish processing prices?

    I’m in the camp of guys who budget for my 1-2 trips a year and yes, I always tip the processors.
  281. ripped

    Short jigging rods for LR Fishing

    This is where picking a quality operation makes a difference. Fortunately there are choices.
  282. ripped

    Eric Clapton weave

    They called him god... you’re close.
  283. ripped

    Which Penn Torque Star Drag

    Amazon has Torque 30’s on sale for $294.64 shipped right now. That’s 41% off retail. Dang...
  284. ripped

    For Sale Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    Buy her more clothes and keep it.
  285. ripped

    Flat Fall Jigs & Big Bass

    I see no reason why a small Flat Fall wouldn't get eaten by a LMB. Only one way to find out! Sorry to hear about your nerve disease.. We all have the opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons. I'm glad to see you taking that path. Please give that jig a try and post your results. Best, Gary
  286. ripped

    New JX raptor

    I haven't fished that rod but based on it's line rating you may be at the top end of it's lifting power. Your JX Raptor is a solid 40-50# reel. What I'd do is tie a 10 to 12 pound weight on the end of your line and see how much juice the Nomad has.
  287. ripped

    New toys for upcoming 16 Day RP trip.

    I Like your color scheme Soda. A great follow up picture would be to post an after trip line up of them all shred'd by Hoo.Nothing better than a before and after picture. Have a good trip.
  288. ripped

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    If you're on the water and get bit by a fish who rips line off your reel... it's all good.
  289. ripped

    what do you use to spool your reels at home?

    The older you are the more you need to save your arm and shoulder for winding on fish!
  290. ripped

    what do you use to spool your reels at home?

    Sato Line winder with Bees Knees line tensioner. Not cheap bur also not expensive. One and done for a life time of fishing, One of my best investments for this sport. I spool multiple reels so hand winding gets old in a hurry.
  291. ripped

    For Sale Pair Penn 113MTL

    When were these made? The components look to be very recently designed. Not sure how I missed this. Pretty cool for a collector.
  292. ripped

    fishing in Turkey (Youtube)

    Nice video and welcome to BD. Nothing better then a good fish on light tackle. This is a perfect example of letting your tackle do the work and knowing when to gather line. Thanks for posting.
  293. ripped

    Need new Rod... Recomendations

    Welcome to BD David! imho I'd go lighter for your Komodo. The majority of my rods are Calstar;s so I can't speak too much of other stuff out there. Look at a GF 875H. It's a really good blank and one of my favorites. It is rated 30-60 and fishes 30 to 50 perfectly. If I was starting out again...
  294. ripped

    Sit down everybody, and hug your family.....we lost a really good one. RIP Mike (Sluester) Besaw

    Life is fleeting and unfortunately it takes the passing of someone special to remind us of that. For me when I loose someone who has impacted my life I think of thei qualities that set them apart. To honor them I try to take at least one of those qualities and emulate as much as possible...
  295. ripped

    Jackpot Money

    They work their asses off for not much above minimum pay and rely on tips to make their expenses. Can you imagine what your bank account would look like if every time the wind blew hard or it rained a lot you didn’t go to work?
  296. ripped

    What to rod for my new Makaira 15TII

    I got this very rod for the same line class. I pick it up for my son in-law, different reel though. Great rod with quality components. Good value imho.
  297. ripped

    Help me find old sportfishing pictures

    Google 1939 hurricane video and you’ll see a 13 minutes of footage taken at Newport. No fishing but you’ll see a couple of sportfishers coming in with a full load of passengers. This shows what sportfishing was like back in the day before the Coast Guard got involved.
  298. ripped

    What to rod for my new Makaira 15TII

    Nice reel! The true beauty is that you have options with using thin braid. It’ll be reassuring for you to know that you won’t be outclassed weather you go light, or heavy. It used to be reels had more limited applications... not anymore.
  299. ripped

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    I tied these up with 400#. I’m getting low and ordered 500# for a little more abrasion residence. The 400 is easy to work with and hoping the same for the 500. BTW the braided hook in the picture was taken after stress testing up to 150#’s. Very strong hooks.. wish the gap was a little wider...
  300. ripped

    New star drag

    Your farts always give you away.
  301. ripped

    New star drag

    Be careful Al, competition is a good thing. Disparaging a fellow manufacturer can turn things personal and they could go out of their way to eat your lunch. When you think your sheet doesn’t stink,
  302. ripped

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    We had a similar journey Steve. Did the Islander and moved to half day. Scotty would let us ride the afternoon for free if we scrubbed the boat between trips. I think of him a lot.
  303. ripped

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    Google how to tie a braid with 4 strands. Some videos are better than others. I found that 2 lengths of 16” gave me plenty to work with. I also put 2 different colors of tape on the ends to keep track just where I was.
  304. ripped

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    double post
  305. ripped

    Cost to rent gear

    To rent, or to buy... either is a good call. What would be bad is to show up with a make due outfit and be under gunned. The cost to rent is high but considering the components and servicing to be sure it's all sano it's a deal. Probably the best question you can ask yourself is what do you see...
  306. ripped

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    Great photo! I miss Kyle...
  307. ripped

    Manual Drag Override

    Your demo device was one of the highlights for me at the show Garry. Good info on thumb verses full claw pressure.
  308. ripped

    For Sale Newelled black squidder reduced 5/18/19

    For anyone who is apprehensive about the drag capability of the Squidder you can get a Brian Young 5 stack drag set. I put one in my 146 and the reel now puts out 15#'s of drag. Granted there's more that can be done to these oldies. A great upgrade for an old school reel. As I recall back in...
  309. ripped

    Ling cod special

    With it being " one and done" I wouldn't worry about it too much, What Swami said is spot on, the boats out of SB have it dialed in. Also any sub sized fish are quickly sent back down so they don't count towards your bag limit. That way you can pursue a more sizable fish. Morro Bay is good as well.
  310. ripped


    Look at some of Doc Ski's videos. He has gone to using Rare Earth magnets opposing each other. The post has to be non ferrous and use a small black paperclip on the end of the shaft to adjust the tension by how close you push the magnets together. Pretty slick way to do it with no undue tension...
  311. ripped

    San Miguel 3/4 Day Trip Coral Sea

    I had good success using a 7oz. flutter Jig That I painted Red on 1 side and gold on the other with some glow paint on the edges. a jig in Hot Orange with a Copper back is also a producer if you can find them. There's a guy on here who sells the Flutter jigs both painted or bare lead. I used 2...
  312. ripped

    Sure will let you know what's happening in September.

    Sure will let you know what's happening in September.
  313. ripped

    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    You guys live and fish in heaven. For me to have the veriaty you enjoy I have to drive 4 hours south, take a 2 day boat ride, and pay $3K...
  314. ripped

    Can anybody I.D. these wahoo jigs?

    Ask a question? Get an answer. I love this forum.
  315. ripped

    Question: Additional rod holders on SKB 7200

    I saw one on a SKB but they were attached to the sides increasing the rocket launchers to 6. They were removable allowing you to move the box around.
  316. ripped

    the 113hn baja special

    Go to and watch Alan’s tutorial for this reel.
  317. ripped

    SOLD 4 fred archer books

    I just read Fred Archer’s obit. He certainly did it his way and loved to share.
  318. ripped

    Calstar recommendations

    Check out the GF875H. It's 7.5' rated 30-60 and fishes up to 50 perfectly. One of my favorites. Good for bait and jigs. I've used it for yoyo but it's tip is a little soft for my taste. For a bit shorter rod that would work for jigging look at the GF765XL rated 20-50 or a GF765L rated 30-60...
  319. ripped

    the 113hn baja special

    I have 3 of these and can't find a good reason to replace them. Still waiting for a Baja Jr. to come out. If Penn comes out with one I'll finally be able to retire my hotrod'd 99's.
  320. ripped

    For Sale Okuma PCH 741XXH

    I pulled on one at the FHS and ultimately bought it for my son in-law. I had a seasoned deckhand on the Vagabond pull on it and we both concurred that it better on the low end and will do 80 if you want to but that’s tops. Great rod for the price. The components alone less the blank are way over...
  321. ripped

    Trolling for Wahoo - Long Range History

    Thanks for the shrimp picture Fishy... you just cost me $30 LOL
  322. ripped

    Trolling for Wahoo - Long Range History

    Cool dad... I can see he ruined you for life.
  323. ripped

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    I’ve been making my own for some time now and these are what I’m going to be using this year. Basically they’re my version of the new Owner and Mustad Assist Hooks. I think I prefer the braided Kevlar over the shrink tubing chafing sleeve due to total free swinging of the hooks.
  324. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I rigged mine on 3’ of 400# cable. Didn’t want to take any chances so I used 2 crimps with chafing spring to a swivel at the top and 2 crimps to a graumet for my Intruder.
  325. ripped

    San Miguel 3/4 Day Trip Coral Sea

    I went on a Santa Barbara Sportfishing Club Charter today on the Coral Sea out of Santa Barbara and had a Magical day on the water. We saw multiple pods of whales heading north while heading towards the pinnicals we were to fish. I would estimate that 2/3rds of our catch was 5 pounds and above...
  326. ripped

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    I found these hooks that are very similar to the Owner Monster assist that are pretty good. I tied these up and think they’re a winner.
  327. ripped

    Tiburon Great Service

    I couldn't agree more. They were pricey when they first came out and was a real stretch for me. It's a gamble that paid off. I think that in many ways they were way ahead of the curve. I still hold out hope for a next generation and love wearing my Tiburon Smartshift hat when I visit the Okuma...
  328. ripped

    Xtratuffs SUCK... now we know why!

    Love you guys up north.
  329. ripped

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    Love my SST's, I have an 8 & 16. Sure would be nice for Tiburon to bring um back if their sale contract to Okuma would let them.
  330. ripped

    Backing for my 50 lb braid

    It's your dad's reel and you'll probably take it with you on just about every trip you're on. If you ever chase tuna you'll be happy to have sano braid all the way to the arbor. Make sure you put a good coat of wax on the spool before loading it up with whatever you decide. Just my 2 cents...
  331. ripped

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Wrong thread
  332. ripped

    SOLD Tady and Salas Jigs.

    Good deal for someone who has just gotten serious about this pursuit of happiness we love so much. glws
  333. ripped

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    Absolutely agree! When My Newell stats to scream the young guy next to me has a look like " Is that thing gunna blow up?" I put a Tib frame, handle and a 5 stack drag so she's good to go. Nothing better than to hook a wahoo with 25# K2K on my 229 and 800ML bait stick.
  334. ripped

    SOLD Accurate Conversion Yellowtail Special

    Unbelievable deal. This shouldn't last long once the coffee kicks in. If I didn't have one myself I'd be all over this. Al, I suggest you go over to eBay and list it there. You're giving this thing away.
  335. ripped

    Best trip to start kids

    1/2 day trip to start, bring binoculars and a deck of cards. Tell your child to order anything they want and put it on your ticket. Give them plenty of things to do. When it gets a little long go inside to play a game of cards... Go Fish of course. This worked for my kids. Good for you in...
  336. ripped

    What's your favorite Wahoo Bomb Rod?

    I have a Calstar 875H, got it before the 875XH's came out. to do over again woulda gotten the XH if to be used for bombs only. The 875H will do bait and bombs so it does have it's place. I also use a Calstar 700XH for bombs and yoyo. Great stick for 50-60.
  337. ripped

    SOLD Vintage Ray Jefferson Fishing Oxygen Monitor - Pristine

    Cool idea, must of been used before sonar devises were affordable to private boaters.
  338. ripped

    SOLD Vintage Ray Jefferson Fishing Oxygen Monitor - Pristine

    Forgive my ignorance but what was/ is this used for? Bait tank monitor for O2 level?
  339. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    You are correct David. I expressed my opinion not based on any facts. Thank you for correcting me and I’m glad to hear things are not what I thought. Gary
  340. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Same thing happened to me. It's a pity there weren't enough for all there who wanted one.. I realize the cost of tooling for multiple dies could kill the project even before it got off the ground. Making onezies at a time a guy just can't keep up. I would imagine that after this enthusiastic...
  341. ripped

    UC CX76 Viper First Rail Rod

    Nice build. I was at the Fred Hall Show on Friday and pulled on a Viper with their scale. 42 #'s with gas still in the tank. Awsome stick.
  342. ripped

    Favorite Boats

    a vote for the Vagabond. when they fire up their engines upon your departure you're in for a good time.
  343. ripped

    SOLD Calstar GF775XH Rail Rod

    Great stick. I have one and find it to be a solid 80# that can do 100 in a pinch. It is one of my favorites. glws
  344. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    The rebirth of a legend has begun. I too was fortunate enough to get one Friday. Thank you to all who put in countless hours and the treasure to make this happen. Can't wait till October!
  345. ripped

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    I got an Okuma PCH Rail Rod for my son in-law for $202 plus a promo package of 5 Squish Jigs. btw, just the quality components ( less the blank) they used to build this cost well over $150. Can't beat it.
  346. ripped

    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    Raptors are a medium frame. For a cow Bluefin I'd be happier with a heavier frame reel like the Mak, Talica, or a Penn VISX. The 16 is at the low end if you consider the size of these beasts last year. One can only imagine just how much they've grown should they make a return visit.
  347. ripped

    Fred Hall - Spent more than planned but less than I took

    Good intel Tim, I'm going today. Thanks!
  348. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    You are a lucky man to have a family interested in what you love. An Intruder will be there when you need it. Enjoy the show.
  349. ripped

    SOLD Brand New Rigged BFT Flatfalls & Squishy Jigs

    Just wait till the Bluefin show up and they'll sell.
  350. ripped

    For Sale Hot Rail Rod Plate

    One of the better rod belts out there. glws
  351. ripped

    For Sale Nice wood tackle box $60!!!

    Dang! I can't believe this hasn't sold. Wish I was closer. By chance are you going to FHS Friday? if so I'll take it.
  352. ripped

    Just saw this today, anybody tried it yet?

    And we wonder why we get a bad rep... not cool.
  353. ripped

    What happened to the Shimano forum?

    This should be a lesson to all those who go out of their way to trash a particular vendor and or manufacturer. It is good to have choices and I have personally enjoyed and learned something from every Forum I read. Shimano will be missed on BD, can’t really blame them. Remember not everyone...
  354. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    Here ya go Steve, sorry the sequence is out of order. Just cross your eyes and it’ll make sense. If the snap swivel is already tied to a backup rig and the latch is open, it can be closed with one hand and you’re good to go. It can be done in about 5 seconds with a bit of practice.
  355. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    For me it would be worth the risk and no, I don't have money to burn. Nor do I have that many years left to make memories. If I'm on a sporty, what could go wrong?? LOL
  356. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    If the backup rig's connection is sano, and you keep any kind of pressure on your line, what could go wrong? It would be a "one and done" for the reel but life is full of risk. Every day we put it all on the line, we just don't remember that. jmho
  357. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    I made up 2 and am giving them to the boat if they want them. Otherwise I’ll put the swivel on my own rig. I hung the strap with a 100# weight attached for 8 hours with no effect.
  358. ripped

    My first multi day fishing trip

    Be aware that next week is the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach. Many of these longer trip boats will be there taking reservations. From here on out trips will be filling up soon. You still have a bit of time but depending on your group size it might get tough as the season progresses.
  359. ripped

    My first multi day fishing trip

    Vagabond still has a couple of 3 and a 5 day in mid to late summer. I wouldn’t wait too long to make a choice or you run the risk of being shut out. WSB may not be an option w/o being able to fish Cedros. You’ll have fun.
  360. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    I suppose you could with a snap attached to the ring. Not sure what the benefit it would have unless the connection to the backup rig failed. For myself though it would be different to replace a lost setup, it would be worth it for a chance to see what smoked my reel.
  361. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    Make a slip loop on the foregrip just in front of the reel which will keep your rod pointing in the right direction.
  362. ripped

    Backup Rig Harness

    I made these up after last season’s Bluefin brawl. Since a lot of us use reels w/o harness rings this can be attached to a rod in 5 seconds. That is if you have the Escape Proof swivel attached to a backup rig. It’s made of 100# tuna cord, 6 main strands and topped with square knots. My swivel...
  363. ripped

    Taco Whore

    I’m I wasn’t calling you out specifically and if I implied that I apologize. I’m glad you give back to the community. We are truly stronger together when we watch out for each other. 50+ years ago I was a young punk heading down the road to ruin when an adult of means showed me an act of...
  364. ripped

    Taco Whore

    This will probably not end well but If you are worth that much, why don't you give your old stuff to a kid that needs it and change his or her life??
  365. ripped

    Why Newell’s?

    Brian Young’s 5 stack drag is a real game changer. I also want with an aftermarket frame and handle that Tiburon offers. When we cycle back to primarily anchovy’s for bait anymore with a Newell will be glad they held on to it.
  366. ripped

    12VISX or 16VISX????

    This summer it might be a fish of a lifetime, but what about 2020?? You will be happy to have this in your quiver. I always take a big gun when I’m on the water keeping it covered from salt spray. It’s a good insurance policy. I’ve seen it many a time when the Captain comes on the PA to say, “...
  367. ripped

    Once a great boat

    Boats change, people sometimes too.
  368. ripped

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    This is my updated tester. I made a line holder out of a chain link fence strap that I pounded flat and thickened with stripes of paper and covered with a scrap of spent cold shrink. I attached it to my scale with a garage door spring bracket I had laying around. There are no knots used. It...
  369. ripped

    Old Blank ID?

    Where do you find this suff Sherlock.
  370. ripped

    New box from today’s LB Swap

    Plenty of room inside the lid to stow spools if 'Fluorocarbon.
  371. ripped

    SOLD Braid gimbal belt

    Great price for anyone lookin for one.
  372. ripped

    For Sale Brand New Bulk Spools of FINS Braid

    Thanks for the 80# XS Jeff, it's good stuff! I tested it and it failed at 92#'s.
  373. ripped

    Ruff N Ready 150 Rod Belt

    i just picked up this old rod belt and I’m looking for some history on this. Definitely Old School. Any information about it would be appreciated.
  374. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I figured that was for one, I was just pulling your chain.
  375. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Is that for one Cowbell or their 3 pack? LOL Thanks for the update Jerry.
  376. ripped

    Rainy day project-Wooden box

    Offshore sucks, it’s impacted my business a lot. That being said, you’d never find this US made at $7 a pop unless it was a close out item.
  377. ripped

    Rainy day project-Wooden box

    Where did you find the rod tubes Rob?
  378. ripped

    Fred Hall Presence?

    They always do but don't sell direct. The tackle shop vendors offer reels at discounted prices.
  379. ripped

    SOLD Penn 113 N (new in box) $180 obo

    Great reel at a great price. glws
  380. ripped

    For Sale Penn 50VISX

    Really good deal, well over $200 in line alone. Wish I had the funds for this, nice reel.
  381. ripped

    DIY knot Pulling dowels.

    This is exactly what I did 4 years ago.2 wraps around the dowel of PVC is all you need. It also works with Knot2Kincky wire and doesn't cut the rubber. I made a couple sets of these and gave them to the Vagabond. The crew really like them. You can put a long section of Cold Shrink and use a PVC...
  382. ripped

    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    I never get tired of seeing this. Thanks Basil. And yes, the Cappie’s right. That is a big Mo Fo.
  383. ripped

    For Sale Old school tuna outfit (Price drop)

    Great setup in its day. Anyone who knows how to use it will kill fish. Re inventing the wheel can be trivial. Once you tangle with a big ass fish, workout the details.
  384. ripped

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    My reel showed up on Valentines Day.. I was stunned when I opened up this reel. 40 years old and never fished! oem drags never spun, not a spec of corrosion or grit anywhere. I dropped a 5 stack Carbontex drag in it, cleaned out the solidified grease and services it. I can’t help but to think...
  385. ripped

    Cold shrink tubing deckhand rods

    I haven’t had mine loosen up untreated. Also with the cord wet it gets kinda sticky. Sort of like trying to pull off wet jeans. If you’re worried just seal the ends where your tag ends are.
  386. ripped

    Cold shrink tubing deckhand rods

    It will compress a little. That’s what makes it bite.
  387. ripped

    Cold shrink tubing deckhand rods

    That’s just how I have mine set up. The Cork Puppy makes it rock solid. I have to tap it off with a mallet.
  388. ripped

    Cold shrink tubing deckhand rods

    You are correct Kub, that’s the stuff I used. Didn’t have my caffeine enough in the system yet when I wrote this.
  389. ripped

    Cold shrink tubing deckhand rods

    Tuna cord is 1/8" in diameter. You see the stuff on deckhand's tools added for extra grip. No glue, lay a 1" tag end on the cork and top wrap over it tightly to lock it down. When you're about an inch from where you want to finish, take a length of 40' + mono and double it over to form a loop...
  390. ripped

    Cold shrink tubing deckhand rods

    Cold shrink is kinda spongy. I think your reel might twist a little. I’ve always had good luck with unsealed tuna cord. It bites really good.
  391. ripped

    Best organizing ideas?

    I roll up My chones and socks in a T shirt and store them in a small duffle bag. That way I can grab n go, day or night without bothering my roomie.
  392. ripped

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    / Everything is tbd. I just bought it from eBay and am waiting to see if the seller put a lot of sucka shine on it or it's the real deal. I'm leaning towards higher drag settings if possible. Bare minimum will be a 5 stack, SS gear sleave, and SS yoke if that's obtainable. I saw your thread on...
  393. ripped

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    Not planning on trolling with it, Bombs n Jigs and YoYo duty. I'm just wondering how far I can push the envelope.
  394. ripped

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    I just bought a Penn 349H with a full Newell Wahoo Special kit for a good price. I know these reels were " the kind" but have since been eclipsed by the new stuff on the market. I felt it was still a good tool to have and I'm going to pair it with a Sabre 565XXH ( 60-100) that I added an...
  395. ripped

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Glad you have a thick skin Loc. LOL
  396. ripped

    How old is this lure?

    Lucky man.
  397. ripped

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Everything but the Giddiuns.
  398. ripped

    RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19, Part 2, Pretty Tuna

    Fabulous pictures Loc, you’ll relive this trip for many a day. All those months of prep paid off. Well done.
  399. ripped

    For Sale SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    Unless I missed something Jose you have flutter jigs and not Flat Fall ( falling leaf) style jigs. If you had them in 200,250, and 500gr. sizes you'd probably sell a boat load.That being said, it is very impressive the amount of products you're offering. Thanks!!
  400. ripped

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I was on that trip...5 trolling squads with nothing to show but a heartbreak when the Intruder got bit. I’m 2 years deep on a wait list and can’t wait.
  401. ripped

    For Sale Clean Penn 500

    Those reels have been responsible for much of a landings posted dock total over the years. glws
  402. ripped

    Reaction brand spectra

    I just looked at this stuff on Amazon. The 150# comes only in dark colors which if your using in low light situations like Flat Fallin' it'll give you grief. If you're game on this product buy it and test it. Heck, 500 yards is $28 and if the stuff holds up it is 1/3rd what a name brand costs...
  403. ripped

    What makes UC rods so special

    If you want a Calstar for 60 go with the 875 XH. I have the 875H and it's a perfect 40-50# stick. 60# is at the top of it's rating.
  404. ripped

    New here.. Can I pick some of your brains on terminal tackle for 3 day bluefin/yellowfin trip

    Now that it's the dead of winter and demand is low, it's time to buy your Bluefin jigs and assist hooks if you don't have your bases covered. If you wait till the big boys show up, ( hopefully) you'll be lucky to find what you're looking for. Good to have at least one 500 gr. glow FF style jig...
  405. ripped

    Are there any 6-8 day late spring trips targeting BFT?

    Great bunch of guys to fish with. You’ll have a great time. You have stacked the deck in your favor booking with Mike.
  406. ripped

    SOLD calstar grafighter 700ml or Phenix PSW 760h

    One of my favorite 30# bait sticks. glws
  407. ripped

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    Have noticed that as well. It’s great having a Forum to find quality gear but it does seem to be kinda top heavy. Hopping it’s due to increased private vendors and not a sign of the times...
  408. ripped

    New Wahoo Reel

    I’m with Baller. Don’t have ProSpec but 80 hollow for smoothness when guiding. It’ll hold 300 yards with a 5’ leader of either 50 or 60. Come to poppa.
  409. ripped

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Late bloomer. Took a 25year hyatus from fishing and decided to go right and not cheap. 1992 bought a Calstar 270 custom. Fished it for 25 years and passed it to my son in law. He’s hooked and I’m happy.
  410. ripped

    Are there any 6-8 day late spring trips targeting BFT?

    I think I was on that trip with you Aaron, yes it was frustrating to leave mid trip in pursuit of dink’s. If you can make it to FHS and talk to the Cappies there you may get a feel for a longer shot at those trophies. Probably too soon for the boats to post a Bluefin or Bust trip.
  411. ripped


    I think living in Tucson works to your favor Fishy, I've had corrosion happen on a Boishield treated spool midway down on one side though I think it may have bin due from rubbing it off while fishing. Where I live when it rains outside I can go in my garage and my ExtraTuff's are dripping wet...
  412. ripped

    For Sale Tady rod blank. Pics up

    What time frame were these made?
  413. ripped

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    Easiest way to find out would be to weigh the containers when unopened on a kitchen scale before investing in a more sensitive scale. If you already have one then just weigh your mixing cup and syringe equal parts A & B and see what you get.
  414. ripped

    Remember the "Q-105"

    I know when it all came crashing down it hurt a lot of people but I sure do miss fishing on that boat.
  415. ripped

    the 20 visx

    Well done Alan, there is a reason you get the respect you deserve.
  416. ripped

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    Years ago I had a conversation with a well seasoned Deckhand about this subject. He told me that amongst his peers there was an understanding in the belief that If you killed too much, you come back as a sardine..
  417. ripped


    Need Knees will do it either on your power winder or hand crank. Penn has one coming out for hand cranking.
  418. ripped

    Rod suggestions for large tuna

    Forgot to say that if you're in driving distance of Long Beach I highly recommend going to The Fred Hall Show in early March. Then you can pull on just about every option out there. It's worth the trip.
  419. ripped

    Rod suggestions for large tuna

    Centaur rises to the top for many here on BD. Calstar has a couple models I like. 775 XH, and the 7470 XXH. Seeker's 1X3 is also another good option, tried and true though the company is under different management from when they were first made. I have all 3 H series Raptors and with my limited...
  420. ripped

    10 day Intrepid December 2019

    Be aware there is a considerable difference in line capacity between these 2 reels. I have owned a Mak 20 and now have Penn's VISX. Both are super reels. I sold the Mak because I felt it was a 10 day + reel and my trip range is 8 day max. All was good till the big bluefin parked themselves off...
  421. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    It might be boring till you tie into a fish of a life time and your line goes slack leaving you saying WTF. It only took me 18 years till I could get a good nights sleep.
  422. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    John, that’s some scary stuff and thankful your injury wasn’t any worse. Thanks for the input, testing stuff can be fun until it turns south. Was the plexiglass that broke mounted horizontally? Again, glad you dodged a bullet.
  423. ripped

    So what do you think these guys are doing.

    That's some funny stuff! LMAO
  424. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    Mine has a 3:1 ratio which seems to be fine. A 4:1 was recommended but I had already ordered. Also both the winch and scale are rated at 600#.
  425. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    You don’t know me very well! LOL Thanks Chris
  426. ripped

    Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming

    Way cool! Thanks for the heads up Jam! My luck it'll be cloudy..
  427. ripped

    Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing but Not Long Range

    Considering the distance a SoCal boy has to travel to Kona I'd say that's long range! Nice day on the water and some great memories, and you didn't get beat up.
  428. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    Thanks, yes 2X6 for the base. It was 5’6” scrap and 1X4” sides. Top piece is 1X8”. I took it up to 200 pounds with no bowing and is rock solid while cranking the winch. No need to clamp it down. If you did I guess you could tie off a wind on to something stationary to test longer lengths.
  429. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    So far I’ve only stretched some Flat Fall jigs I rigged and when they have failed the amount of recoil has been minimal due to the lack of stretch from the Kevlar cord. Once I start working with mono things will change. I like the idea of a clear top but I had the stock on hand and thought I...
  430. ripped

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    There’s a thread over in Fishing Chitchat about a knot testing machine. Based on information that Walt posted I built one myself. Other than the digital scale and winch that I bought off eBay for $38.00 everything else was in my garage. I can now feel vindicated for keeping all that junk. Anyway...
  431. ripped

    Line-Knot testing machine

    This is my take on Walt’s jig. Keeping all the junk in my garage finally paid off. I only had to pay for the scale and winch which cost me around $38.00. Everything else I scavenged from what was laying around. I haven’t tested any knots yet but I stretched a few jigs and things started...
  432. ripped

    Point Loma Black Sea Bass???

    If it felt like you hooked a slow moving truck it was a big ol’ BSB.
  433. ripped


    Based on the fact this great reel hasn’t sold in 5 months I guess we’ve all become Gucci anglers. What do you think our brothers and sisters from years past would be saying? LOL
  434. ripped

    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    Just sayin Okuma seems to keep their prices at or near maroon. At nearly a 30% discount it may have been just too much to bear. Only a hunch.
  435. ripped

    For Sale Springfield M1A Scout

    I don't shoot anymore but that's gun porn glws
  436. ripped


    If you're an amateur, what does that make me??
  437. ripped

    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    Kinda sounds like someone whispered in Amazon's ear..
  438. ripped

    Refugio State Beach

    Refugio is a great place to camp and is very popular. Reservations fill up usually the first day they're available. You have to be quick or you'll be shut out. As a side note, bring wax paper to have your 5 year old use as a sled on the playground slide for a few times. That will get rid of the...
  439. ripped

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    It does look like it could no longer keep up with it's dietary needs. Wish I could say the same..
  440. ripped

    program for decals and photowraps

    Double post. Guess that makes me an even older fart.
  441. ripped

    program for decals and photowraps

    It pays to be an old fart. 8-)
  442. ripped

    program for decals and photowraps

    It pays to be an old fart. 8-)
  443. ripped

    SOLD Woodworking tools

    That's an incredible deal !
  444. ripped

    Santa brought it, so I experimented on wife's engagement ring.

    Depending on the diameter of your wire these may be helpful Loc. Up to 16 gauge they won't put kinks in the wire and will work with small diameter rings. For heavier stock and larger diameter look for Lingual bar bending pliers.
  445. ripped

    Santa brought it, so I experimented on wife's engagement ring.

    Be careful with the ultrasonic cleaner Loc. Frequent cleaning of jewelry with stones can loosen the settings due to the intense vibration. Your solder joints look good!.
  446. ripped

    Line-Knot testing machine

    This is what I got Kub. The winch is 3 to 1 but I figure if I need to add a cheater pipe to the arm for more torque it should be fine It also has a nylon strap and latch hook with it. It'll need an additional connection to the scale. If you add some wood skirting to your platform it will...
  447. ripped

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Thanks for posting your breako machine Walt. Seeing your picture got me thinking so I went on eBay and found a winch and digital scale good for 300kg. for $38 shipped. I hope others will post pictures of what they came up with. It really is a small price to pay for a piece of equipment that can...
  448. ripped

    penn 113N US Senator

    Try repositioning the right side plate 90 degrees plus or minus depending on what spot it’s in and see if that makes a difference as far as eurganimics goes. Also set the handle on long stroke for more torque. It’s a workhorse of a reel with multiple applications.
  449. ripped

    Rod Storage my version

    I went super cheap with a 3” shelf attached to the wall for the rod butts to rest on. Then a piece of wood with eye hooks spaced 4” apart. Ran a section of double speaker wire through it leaving enough slack to fit 3 or 4 rods per space. I left the wire long an just tied an overhand knot to keep...
  450. ripped

    What was your fish of the Year?

    A family and friend 3 day trip on the Vagabond. Our party of 9 came home with 6 big and beautiful Bluefin ranging from 150 to 210. We all went home with good eats. Special trip.
  451. ripped

    2019 Bluefin Trip(s)

    Indi just found um 130 miles so if SD coming up the line. A very good sign for next year! Can’t wait.
  452. ripped

    Go fund the wall

    Send in your check and then ask Mexico to give you a refund.
  453. ripped

    For Sale Various old Salas jigs

    If you read the bylaws BD is not a bidding site. Put a price on um and be happy to get it.
  454. ripped

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    Been s member the last 2 years. If they try to close down more fishing spots I don’t want to feel like I’m bitching without having done something about it. Freedom is never free.
  455. ripped

    Monster Crappie

    Now that’s a slab!
  456. ripped

    I thank God for guns!!!

    I hang the left of center and personally chose to sell all but one gun for salmon gear back in the 90’s. That being said, this young woman in my view did everything right in protecting herself. Even in the dead of sleep she kept her cool and properly defended herself. I have lived both ways in a...
  457. ripped

    I thank God for guns!!!

    Glad your daughter is alright John, there are no do overs in life.
  458. ripped

    Nomad DTX report

    Check out these hooks. I've used these hooks for stingers the last 2 years with no failures. Same design as the Kudakos though the gauge of the wire appears to be heavier. Their sizing is smaller than most so if you order study the specs before buying...
  459. ripped


    Do wahoo bombs spin? Maybe, but not as much as we do waiting to get on the water again.
  460. ripped

    I'm looking for parent/kid to go fishing!

    Good for you man!! Paying it forward always comes back to you X 3. Many big Bluefin in your future!
  461. ripped

    Monterey bluefin?

    Good for you! Be safe and have fun.
  462. ripped

    SOLD Penn International 50 VSX - SPF

    A beast of a reel and ready to go. I'm a little surprised this is still around. The line alone is somewhere just south of 2 hun.
  463. ripped

    Monterey bluefin?

    Perhaps migrate back to SD or continue on their historic migration path to spawn off the coast of Japan. If That is the case next summer may be quite different...
  464. ripped

    Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    Nice report and congrats on taking the chance and finding um. What's with the red dot? Witness protection or sick day?? LOL Nicely done and thanks for posting.
  465. ripped

    Calstar Rail Rod Selection

    My take to Wrapper's thread post was one more of a general question about Calstar rail rods. I mentioned the 7470 series to offer another option. I also have a 775XH and like it as well. Between the two I personally prefer the 7470 for it's lifting power properties. imo
  466. ripped

    Calstar Rail Rod Selection

    They're both rail rod series. I have the 7470XXH and really like it rated 80-130.
  467. ripped

    Calstar Rail Rod Selection

    Don't forget the 7470 series, a little deeper bend in the tip giving a little more of a forgiving tip for those head shakes if you're using a short topshot.
  468. ripped

    PQ canceled. Lobsters instead

    Lemonade out of lemons for sure!
  469. ripped

    Norm Taniguchi Estate Auction | Fishing Gear, tools & More

    I too just went through a portion Norm’s estate and agree, “Holy Cow!” I never met the man but he was clearly a mover and a loss to all. I hope the family gets some serious bids on Norm’s estate. glws
  470. ripped

    Fantasy of Throwing Jigs without Wearing Myself Out

    Grow a pair?? Try not stepping on what you’ve got!!
  471. ripped

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    I've been using these for years. Glad to see um back. Thanks for sharing.
  472. ripped

    SOLD Rigged flat falls 200-300 g for BFT

    eBay is your friend. Being you’re in Oxnard you can go to Eric’s in Ventura to rig yourself up sano. With all due respect why would you trust someone else’s stuff for a fish of a lifetime. Trust me, you’ll spend many a sleepless hour in the middle of the night should you ever loose a trophy...
  473. ripped

    Penn 114 Spool dragging in freespool after reassemby

    Thats good news Michael! Glad you stuck with it and found the problem. When servicing reels you can pay someone to do it and hope they go through the entire reel or you can pay with your own time and know for sure whats been done.
  474. ripped

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    You are not alone in the hook and jig department. That being said, it hasn’t slowed me much.
  475. ripped

    Tesoro Jig Handle

    I just discovered on Okuma’s website that they now offer a120mm jig handle. Anyone using this? Wondering if it would have a place in my Wahoo bomb arsenal.
  476. ripped

    Higher test line at the end??

    Actually it does have sense. Your heavy leader will give you abrasion resistance with your lighter line will allow you to get down with less weight. If hung up your line will most likely break at the knot. Now what all changes if fishing with spectra as your main line. Then you want your leader...
  477. ripped

    reel line up opinions

    If next year is like the last 3, you may not have to look beyond a 3 dayer for a shot at a fish of a lifetime.
  478. ripped

    reel line up opinions

    Looks like you have your bases mostly covered, good luck holding your setups at 5 LOL
  479. ripped

    Penn 114 Spool dragging in freespool after reassemby

    I’d try what Swami suggested. If you didn’t mess with the frame then the alignment should be alright. You might think about checking out for the gear heads of the trade. They may be helpful.
  480. ripped

    Penn 114 Spool dragging in freespool after reassemby

    Is your reel an older US model or a newer off shore design? Also does it rub during the full 360 rotation?
  481. ripped

    Penn 114 Spool dragging in freespool after reassemby

    Is your bridge fully seated an are the 4 screws passively fully seated? Find the scymatics for your reel, tear it apart one more time and reassemble sequentially following the diagram. Very frustrating but worth the effort and satisfaction of getting it right.
  482. ripped

    Elvira weave

    Should a given her a wardrobe malfunction. Beautiful work as always.
  483. ripped

    FG knot test

    Pliobond is good stuff. Unlike Tac Glue or any cyno acrylate it stays where you want it and won’t wick up your line. The only down side is it takes a long time to fully cure. If you’re using a short topshot it’s fine. If you run a long one say 100’ then the knot will be buried under pressure...
  484. ripped

    Then and now, what's next?

    That was a simpler time when most people could afford an overnight trip. Of course you had more boat mishaps including lives lost.
  485. ripped

    Getting in shape for the trip

    I have heard it said that when aging " the legs are the first to go". They weren't kidding. The bluefin in my avatar was a devil fish taking me 5 times around the boat. I spent the year leading up to this trip working free weights to match the amount of drag I expected to pull on. When it was...
  486. ripped

    The Last Tough Guy

    Political correctness can be obsurd, I also saw tib as an abreviation for Tiburon, it's just the implication of trivializing a slur that has impacted so many people unjustly based on their ancestory just can not stand.
  487. ripped

    The Last Tough Guy

    May I ask you How old are you?? I was born in early post WW II and as a child growing up in Arcadia, the Unified School Districts first offices were former buildings used as internment buildings used to house US Japanese Americans at Santa Anita Race Tack. As a child I would look at those...
  488. ripped

    HXW Raptor line fill up

    450 on an HXW seems kinda low, what brand did you go with and is it packed on tight?
  489. ripped

    The Last Tough Guy

    I suggest you use that abbreviation in front of your Asian friends and see how that works out for you. Enough said, nice catch of a fish and cudose to the angler in the original post. Peace brother.
  490. ripped

    The Last Tough Guy

    I guess you’ve never been to England and been called a YANk.
  491. ripped

    The Last Tough Guy

    The USA made handle may be superior to the aftermarket Japanese made one but your choice of wording I find offensive. Words count.
  492. ripped

    The Last Tough Guy

    Still gettin’ r done! Great photo.
  493. ripped

    For Sale PENN Visx 30

    The reel looks like it's not filled to the top ring on the spool. Also Penn's specs are based on Pre Spec line that is quite thin.
  494. ripped

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    15% and if I’m lucky enough to get the JP I give half to the crew and put the rest down on next year’s trip. My fishing dollars are unfortunately shrinking so my trips are getting shorter. I would rather not fish than stiff the crew.
  495. ripped


    Nice stick at a great price. I'll tell my buddy. glws
  496. ripped

    Bees Knees

    I paired a Sato line winder 2nd generation to a Bees Kneez and I’m very happy with the results. Now I can guide the line on a reel with a wet hand towel stress free knowing it’s packed on tight. One of my best investments in tackle prep.
  497. ripped

    Super Cow Bluefin

    Was there an old FF 250 gr. jig in it’s mouth? LOL Incredible catch!
  498. ripped

    This little piggy

    And he's going WEEE all the way to your home. Nice pig.
  499. ripped

    Big Bluefin tackle

    Not enough line capacity.
  500. ripped

    SOLD Vintage San Diego Fishing Photos

    Great bunch of photo's, captures a bygone era... I'm glad to be alive right now but damn I feel I missed something. GLWS
  501. ripped

    Lupe or the Ridge

    We’re waiting John.
  502. ripped


    130# is $115 on 100# is $156
  503. ripped

    17 over 200!

    That would be a Vagabond 3 day.
  504. ripped

    Hollow to solid Spectra splice

    Thank for this Bill, you are a big reason why I enjoy this Forum.
  505. ripped

    Rod rating

    I agree with David.
  506. ripped

    Boat gear gudalupe

    You’re set. Have a good time!
  507. ripped

    How much 130 JB on a VISX20

    I just spoiled up my VISX 20 with TufLine Guides Choice 130 hollow and got 540 yards up to the top ring. I used a Beez Knees line tensioner set at 12lbs. I’m wondering how much more I might expect to pack on the reel if I backed it with 100 splicing in 130 for the last 100 yards?
  508. ripped

    Lupe or the Ridge

    That Island is by far my favorite place.
  509. ripped

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    $ 73.50 - $75.50 round trip,
  510. ripped

    Tesoro 12S First Spin

    I just picked up a Tesoro 12S and took it out for the first time on a Lingcod charter out of Santa Barbara today. I have to say this reel had all the torque I could ask for. A special day to try out a new reel. Thank you Okuma.
  511. ripped

    SCI Bluefin on the flatfall

    I've been on trips with you Jerr, you're a professor.
  512. ripped


    I had a pack of ground squirrels set up house in a field behind my house. They would come into our yard and feed on bird seed from the bird feeder. I used a box gofer trap on ground level with a trail of seed leading to the trap and a pile of it just behind the trip wire. 3 weeks and no more...
  513. ripped

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle 8day report

    Looks like you turned tough conditions into a good time. Always a fun trip and good people to fish with. Thanks for the report John, hope to be with you guys next year.
  514. ripped


    That's reel porn...
  515. ripped

    SOLD Tiburon SST 16 and SST 8 for sale

    Great reels, I have them both and not surprised they didn't last long.
  516. ripped

    Penn VISX 12 vs TRQ40NLD2

    12 VISX has more line capacity and a lower low for starters.
  517. ripped

    For Sale Ugly Stik Tiger Elite USTE1440C701

    That's a great starter stick for a kid. glws
  518. ripped

    Bonito for smoking - stupid me removed the skin...

    Skinless with Pam spray on the grill 180 on the pellet grill with apple pellets for 3-4 hours. Basic Brine for 1-2 hours and baste twice, half and 3/4's of cooking time with maple syrup and powdered ginger mixed together. Off the hook good.
  519. ripped

    Solid vrs. Hollow

    Break it Bill and please share your results. Old thread?? Still seems pertinent to me but I’m old too.
  520. ripped

    HXW Raptor Drag Results at Strike

    Test with it mounted on the rod you'll pare with the reel. Load up the rod with a slow pull till your spool makes a full rotation, then check your scale.
  521. ripped

    Share Your Favorite Halibut Recipes Please!

    Steamed Halibut 1 Tablespoon Rice Vinegar 3 Green Onions finely chopped 1/4 Cup Peanut Oil ( hot ) 1/3 Cup Soy Sauce ( cold ) Pickled Ginger 1. Add Rice Vinegar in steamer with water. 2. Spray the steam basket with a bit of Pam so the cooked fish will lift off the basket easily. 3. Place...
  522. ripped

    Simple hook question

    I was taught bronze for sardines, silver for anchovies. We'll all probably have more silver hooks in our tackle stash in the years to come..
  523. ripped

    9-12-18 Freedom SCI 27 BFT 3 Cow Recap of my trip

    I’ve been on trips like that LOL Better though to have some help and not loose a trophy but they did seem to be helping a lot.
  524. ripped

    SOLD 17 heavy jigs $75

    Great buy! If you shipped I'd take um. These will be gone soon.
  525. ripped

    Excel Phenix 10 day 9/23 missing tackle bag

    I loaned 3 reels to a friend for a trip last summer and he left them in his stateroom. I had a happy ending and hopefully your buddy Ed will too.
  526. ripped

    Excel Phenix 10 day 9/23 missing tackle bag

    I’d contact the office and ask them to email all who were on the trip. That’s a real bummer and hope whoever ended up with it wants good carma.
  527. ripped


    Beautiful Jake. That's a wicked stick!
  528. ripped

    Pac Queen trip vid

    Thanks for posting Robert, Corey didn't even break a sweat!! What a wonderful thing for a father to capture on video. I hope next summer is a bookend year. Diamonds, Gary
  529. ripped

    Paulus Just Fishing

    Thanks guys and glad Paulus is doing better.
  530. ripped

    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    Don’t forget the heavy Flat Fall’s and 130 + fluorocarbon Mike.
  531. ripped

    Paulus Just Fishing

    So I know it’s been discussed before but I was wondering what happened to the site. There was a lot of useful information on his site. Any insight would be appreciated. Gary
  532. ripped

    Power Wrapper Thread Carriage

    You can get all the stuff at OSH for 60% off with the exception of the Rare Earth magnets. You’ll find those online. I used 1/8” round aluminum bar stock. I got a 4’length for $3.50 at OSH.
  533. ripped

    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    Things have changed in 2 years Steve, the Bluefin have put on a few pounds. Hope you get a shot at those VW's.
  534. ripped

    Power Wrapper Thread Carriage

    I made one like Doc Ski uses. How can you do better than the master? You'll find it on youtube.
  535. ripped

    BFT Rentals

    I’m out infrequently and feel the same Robbie. Besides you don’t have to worry about an underwear from the last swinging Richard that used the setup.
  536. ripped

    the bugs are very shallow

    Congrats on the bugs Jose, glad to see you were able to get out in between pours!
  537. ripped


    Dang you do beautiful work Jake. You make me wonder why I even try rod wrapping.
  538. ripped


    I once got a double mouse hit in a Victor rat trap. always wondered how many onlookers watched there bros get whacked.
  539. ripped

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    I love this stuff. Keep it coming !! This will help to keep me busy come winter.
  540. ripped

    SOLD Penn 4/0 narrow tiburon topless frame and spool

    No love for a great ol' reel. Does it have 4:1 gears?
  541. ripped

    EX 50/2 SDS For High Speed Trolling (Wahoo)

    It’s hard to beat on old Penn Senator 114 with its jerky drag for getting the hook set your looking for. A smooth drag won’t work the same.
  542. ripped

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    You are correct Steve, at that depth it’s a reactionary bite. It’s good to have a plan to make sure you can arrive at the party. Once on the dance floor we all hope our offerings will find a partner.
  543. ripped


    The rats have eaten 4 cups of plaster mix this last week. I went with equal parts of cornmeal and plaster with a little sugar to keep um chewing. Activity is slowly down. I made a push rake out of cardboard to push the mix back to the center every morning. I wish I found this before they took...
  544. ripped

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    I put a couple of stakes in the back yard 30' apart. Then a friend told me about going to your local football field where the measuring is already done for you :imdumb: As far as marking a black Sharpie if the line is white and a series of nail knots in a different colored spectra if your line...
  545. ripped

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    FF's only up to 250gr. ?? What happens if they're marking fish at 400 and the current's rippin". The only guys to get down with a good angle and getting are fishing 500gr. FF's. Now what?? :hali_parkutuli:
  546. ripped

    Attaching lugs to my VISX 16

    No Springs, I changed out a friends from plugs to lugs. I found on the right side I had to take off the drag lever and ramp to access 1 screw to open it up. You'll be impressed how well these things are built. Be sure to keep track of the little clear nylon crew grommets that each frame screw has.
  547. ripped

    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    Thanks Dave, this is what I'm looking for and I also believe these big bluefin deserve respect. They certainly have mine.
  548. ripped

    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    When they cracked it open it stunk up the whole shop. The drag washers and grease melted to both sides of the drag plate. Drag washers and plate were replaced at no charge. The 16 has 100# spectra and was set at 30 strike. As per captains recommendation the initial run wa set at 15. The fish...
  549. ripped

    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    I’m not gonna pull that hard Jeff, I’ll let the boat do it. 39# is 30% of 130. After my Mak 16 got smoked this summer I don’t wanna get bitch slapped again. That 39# would be in play near the end game.
  550. ripped

    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    Hi guys n gals, here’s my question. Say I’m fishing a 130# class reel with 600yards of Braid. With the reel full the drag at strike is set at 39#’s. Your fishing with a 500gr. F F with 200 yards of line out. Being that 1/3rd of your line is off the spool where would you put your starting point...
  551. ripped

    Please school me on Newell reels.

    Calling Reelman
  552. ripped

    Please exercise caution my friends

    For me I’m glad the times have changed. It helps us all remember to be a good Stuart. As stated it is a privilege to fish in Mexican waters not a right. Just look at the take limit on Bluefin. Granted what’s swimming out there right now is huge but in leaner times I’ll be good with it to help...
  553. ripped


    I just mixed 1 cup of oatmeal (dry), 1 cup of bird seed, and 2 cups of dry plaster. Pour it down the center pipe and that's it. Wonder what they think when it starts to harden. I really like the idea of not putting toxins into the food chain and still get results. I didn't glue the pipe pieces...
  554. ripped


    Update on the plaster bait station. It took 48 hours till they just couldn’t resist a free meal. Talk about a log jam!
  555. ripped

    Mak SEA 30 VS Penn 30 VISX

    The Mak SEa 20 has about the same line capacity as a Penn 30VISX. A Mak SEa 30 is just a wider 20.
  556. ripped


    I share Eric's concern. I have both rats and owls in my back yard. Those little Fer's cleaned out 16 tomato plants as well as 6 cucumber vines. I went Scotts route with the drain pipe n plaster mix. Set it up last night in 2 spots. It'll probably take a few days to see if any has been eaten. Bon...
  557. ripped

    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    Last 2 JRI trips I've been on were all about wahoo and yellowtail with some YF and a few grouper last year. Alijos yellowfin are starting a come back.
  558. ripped

    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    I've been on it the past 2 years but will miss it this go around... damn... Great bunch of anglers and you'll have a lot of fun. I'm bumbed.
  559. ripped

    18 Bluefin on Outer Limit 10-12

    If there were just a couple caught and the entire trip was dedicated to kite fishing then I would say yes.
  560. ripped

    PM me about processors

    Well that sucks. Have you been in phone contact with them? They start answering calls after 10:00.
  561. ripped

    For Sale !!!

    That's a lot of candy... glws
  562. ripped

    Cousins Rod out of business?

  563. ripped

    First Long Range Trip on RR3 in 2 Weeks

    I would recommend getting 130# fluorocarbon leader prior to getting to the landing. Yes it's a chunk of cash to lay down but if you store it in a cool dark place like your closet it will be reliable for a very long time. If you chase big bluefin you'll need for chafing protection. In the future...
  564. ripped

    Got Rats? Meet the Mink Man

    Fortunately Jack Russel’s are still legal to own. I watched my Russell nail one yesterday as it ran out of my shed. Cool video and thanks for sharing.
  565. ripped

    HX Raptor blem? Help!

    Glad they took care of you. Sometimes stuff gets through that shouldn’t.
  566. ripped

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    Calstar 875H for 40-50, love mine. It's a good all around rod in this line class.
  567. ripped

    Vagabond 5 day crushes the BFT

    There’s no school like old school. I was majorly sleep deprived from watching Mike catch flying fish at 2:00 in the morning. The trip that I was on will be with me always.
  568. ripped

    Mak20 reel seat screw broke?!?!

    No doubt about it, SEND IT IN! If you're any where near Ontario just drive there and they should be able to take care of you while you wait. You must have had the reel filled to the brim and couldn't get the mounting bolts to seat from running into the full spool. That happened to me before...
  569. ripped

    Amtrak to San Diego to long range boat ?

    This is what I do, leaving SB ultra dark 30 works better for me. I'd rather hang at the landing taking it all in rather than sitting in my car chugging along in traffic.
  570. ripped

    eBay 15% off everything

    . LOL
  571. ripped

    Nice NorCal lingcod on Slow Pitch Jig

    Nice one!!
  572. ripped

    For Sale SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    Hey Jose I bought some glow sinkers from you and I store them in a Plano box in my walk in closet. Every morning at dark 30 I see those things just a glowin' away. What ever your using it's the best out there for glow life.
  573. ripped

    Does anybody have a link to a write up or video of dragon scales?
  574. ripped

    Would you toss your bent rod in the ocean?

    On a recent 3 dayer I supplied loaner gear to 3 of our group who had marginal experience with larger fish. I told them that if they hooked a good one and the rod slipped out of their hands I would have an issue. However, if that fish were about to spool them and they had to use a backup rig what...
  575. ripped

    200/200 Club?

    I’m in by 10lbs.
  576. ripped

    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    This guy knows his stuff. He takes a standard hook and reshapes it to a conical point. You can pay the freight and buy a Roddy Hayes or do this. The video's a bit long but good all the way to the end.
  577. ripped

    "The Tree"

    Love Kyle forever. Lots of memories that will give me inspiration till my dying day...!
  578. ripped

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    I’m with the camp for sashimi. I was fortunate enough to get one of these beautiful fish and the quality is over the top. I’ve made sure that the people I’ve shared it with know it’s best raw at this quality level. Smoke the little guys. More than one person has told me it’s better than they...
  579. ripped

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    Looks like my work bench!
  580. ripped

    JRI 3 Day Trip 19

    Good thing you have 2 unless you’ve already donated one to the cause LOL
  581. ripped

    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    You run the risk of pissing them off. Kind of like going to a restaurant with your own steak wanting them to cook it.
  582. ripped

    JRI 3 Day Trip 19

    I just saw this on Vagabond's website. Looks like Mike is staying with what works. Congrats to all who were on this trip. Nice job guys!!
  583. ripped

    Are Big Bluefin AND paddy hopping possible on one trip?

    Right now go big or go home. When you’re an old man you’ll be glad you went even if you don’t get one. Chance of a lifetime.
  584. ripped

    Cow BFT on the Outer Limits at SCI 8/11-8/12. Pics and Vids!

    Nice report Austin, I feel your pain on getting bumped and not sticking. That happened to me last year and it hawnted me till this year’s trip. I got a 210 and now sleep a lot better. The only thing that I find unsettling is not having a setup capable of handling cows... on a short range trip...
  585. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Who would have thought back then we’d be chasing big Bluefin on short range these days. I’m glad that reel found a good home Jeff.
  586. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Okay I heard from Okuma on my Mak 16. The drag washers were fused to the drag plate. Otherwise the reel was in prestene condition. They said it stunk up the repair shop when it was cracked open which made everyone laugh. They kept the fused parts to show around as its something they’ve never...
  587. ripped

    Ozborn to the West End SCI 8/5 out of Long Beach

    For what it’s worth last week we knocked the Bluefin flying the kite on the Vagabond and had zero bird activity. You never would have known they were there till the surface erupted on the flyer.
  588. ripped

    Bait in Santa Barbara

    I love my Santa Barbara but it’s been years since the fishing fleet has been on the hunt 24-7.
  589. ripped

    Better rig for cows on the kite?

    I agree with Dave. Capacity is your friend.
  590. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    The reel received a work order number and was shipped to the factory. It arrived 8/6 and I too am anxious to hear what they determine was the cause. When the reel was scaled, we marked the settings for 15#'s. When I find out what the factory has to say about it I'll post their findings. Thanks...
  591. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Yes the braid broke at the swivel. The line just went slack and their was no clunk at the reel. It's my guess the drag and drag plate glued together. The serial number is 0002 at the end of the number. Probably an early manufacture date. I sent in in and their anxious to see what happened. There...
  592. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    With all due respect, a scale of course.
  593. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Braid was tied directly to 400# swivel to 130 Fluorocarbon.
  594. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I followed how Mike Lackey wanted us to set our reels.
  595. ripped

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    I was on this trip with a total of nine anglers in my group. It was tough fishing with a lot of griping on deck by those not wanting to be spectator fishing for your 20 minutes on the kite. Damed if you do, damed if you don't. Mike and the crew worked their asses off for us. My group did better...
  596. ripped

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I just got off a three day with Mike Lackey on the Vagabond chasing Bluefin at San Clemente. We had a group of nine family and friends on this trip. The boat ended the day with 10 quality Bluefin in the 175 to 210 class off the kite. Both my sun in law and myself were lucky to get one with mine...
  597. ripped

    Vagabond Got Um

    I just realized your trip is right after mine. Look for an old guy with a goatee and is all smiles.
  598. ripped

    Vagabond Got Um

    Wish that was my trip John but ours leaves on the 29th. I’m Jonesin. Glad this 3 day did well!
  599. ripped

    Vagabond Got Um

    Mike just wrapped up a 4 day charter yesterday. This is lifted from his facebook page. I have a 3 day starting Sunday and am loaded for bear. Michael Lackey 14 hrs les, the total was 14 Cows plus 5 in the 190’s, and a 145, a 156, and a 185. Everyone on the boat caught one of these beauties...
  600. ripped

    Vintage Iron & Box

    Yes they get bit. Nice box well worth the effort to bring it back.
  601. ripped

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    As Sealskinner stated mow I know why you're the you are John. You are a lucky man. He will be with you always.
  602. ripped

    Assist Hooks Used For Chandelier Rig?

    I was thinking about tying a small double assist hook on the bend of a 6/0 circle to pin several sardines on it. Primarily to use with a sinker rig for early morning duty. My thought is by using the thinner wire hooks the bait will stay alive longer and the short length of Kevlar will allow them...
  603. ripped

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 Day Smoked my Baja Special

    I like your attitude. Great write up Dan.
  604. ripped

    Line Recommendation for Lexa 400

    I put 300 yards of Maxquatro 65# on mine.
  605. ripped

    Spawning Sand Bass

    I live in Santa Barbara where the fishing pressure on Sand Bass is much lower. I agree that fisherman do have an impact on the species. Being a good stuart of the ocean is a good thing we should all practice. Do you remember when the Humbolt Squid came rolling through? Those big brown bastards...
  606. ripped

    Moving reel handle to last hole??

    It all depends on what game your fishing for. Inshore species short handle, offshore long handle. More torque on heavier fish is a good thing. I learned this lesson a long time ago the hard way LOL. Yes it does slow the spool down for yoyo but if you modify your cranking arm you can speed up...
  607. ripped

    Glow coating Flat Falls

    I did it to some with a water based glow paint I got from Amazon. It dries clear so the pattern on the jig stays intact. I then gave the entire jig a thin coat of 5 minute epoxy to seal it. Another way would be to paint the jig white and then put multiple coats of the glow paint. And then seal...
  608. ripped

    Flat Fall sink rate

    If you wind into the fish it will hook itself. This ain’t Rolland Martin fishn’.
  609. ripped

    Ebay 20% off coupon ends 7/3

    I just tried the code and it didn't work...
  610. ripped

    how to remove a seriously stuck screw!

    I have an old ProGear with a stuck reel clamp post stuck in the frame due to corrosion. Will this method work or am I better off just living with it as is and not risking damaging the frame?
  611. ripped

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    With the attitude you're bringing all on your trip, all on board will have a good time.
  612. ripped

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    The OP was helpful, he said to not give up. Keeping your eyes open and learning as you go works just fine. If an angler is willing to o the research, there are pieces of the puzzle to be found on this site. As to time on the water I view it like waiting in line. Eventually you'll get to the...
  613. ripped

    New Lexa Question

    I have a Lexa HD 400 and works with no problems. I don't know about the new stuff since I've had this for 2 years. Any of the companies won't stand behind their products bought from an unauthorized dealer. Though I'm happy with the Lexa, if I had it to do over again I'd get the Tranx if I had...
  614. ripped

    Accuplates need help identifying

    That baby's been fished hard and put away wet.
  615. ripped

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    Look at the 7470XXH if you want to fish 80. It can be bumped up to 100 if you want or need to. I'd go to a shop that has a selection for you to pull on and choose what feels best to you. I have 7400XH and it has a really soft tip if you're looking for a bait stick. Imo it is a 60-80 rod. I also...
  616. ripped

    Fishing the T-Bird...

    Who cares. Really, if comfort is the issue take a longer trip. Truefully we have a vessel that is willing to make the stretch miles wise on shorter trips to put you on the fish. What would Jack London say.
  617. ripped

    Spoiling HXW

    Not sure what PS spectra is but if you want it for backing I’d make it the same 100 you already have. A lot of guys put heavier on top to help with abrasion resistance at the end game. I hope you have access to a power winder to pack your line on super tight. If not you run the risk of having it...
  618. ripped

    A Different Sort of Jig Storage Question

    This is how I had mine set up but decided my addiction was safer if I kept it in boxes. LOL
  619. ripped

    Using flat jigs

    I used this setup last year on my one shot at the Bluefin. I was bit on the retrieve but the fish never connected with the circle hook. This year I'm trying a different route.
  620. ripped

    Any Reason NOT To Bring 9' Surf Spinner on 3 Day?

    Since this your first trip on the Vagabond be aware you have 3 assigned rod spots. Everything else needs to go forward or on top. Your 9 footer will have to go upstairs to fit upright. I'd store it soon after boarding to ensure a safe spot for it. Have a fun trip and let us know how your trip...
  621. ripped

    How to clean/ take care of leather plier holster?

    I rinse mine in water first, when dry I give the pouches a squirt if Corrosion X. periodically when the exterior looks a bit stiff I give it a coat of Mink Oil or Baseball Glove oil to keep it from cracking.
  622. ripped

    Anybody Use A Spiral Wrap Rail Rod?

    Nice picture but you need another hat! LOL
  623. ripped

    Hook Change on Jigs

    I put these on a couple of Colt Snipers and was a bit wary about using them based on my experience with Mustad Siwash hooks. After installing the Owner Stingers I hung the jig from a 65 pound bucket of lead for 12 hours and had no deformation to the hook what so ever. Based on the hooks thin...
  624. ripped

    For Sale Nice vintage tackle box

    Nice box. Wish I was closer to you. This won't last long.
  625. ripped

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    Can you come close to chrome or metalic gold?
  626. ripped

    Big boy reel

    We're all lucky to have this resource and this Forum has undoubtedly helped make us all better fisherman. I may never be able to take a 15 dayer but the information I've recieved has helped me a lot on the 7-8 day trips that I've taken. All of you guys who post have helped give me the confidence...
  627. ripped

    For Sale SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    Thanks Jose for the sinkers I picked up Friday. Very happy with your produck. Those Wahoo Bomb heads look killer!
  628. ripped

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    What I love about out our passion is the quest to build a better mousetrap. There are multiple synarios that can be contiplated in that parsute. Fish what gives you the most confidence and hang on!
  629. ripped

    SOLD Flow wall garage organizer

    Damn, why are all the good deals in Rancho Bernardo.. glws
  630. ripped

    Flat Falls?

    The's lots to be found on this site on the subject. Size wise 160,200, to 250 works depending on depth and current. This is a good intro.
  631. ripped

    Thread Color Combination Chart

    I've been searching for some info on this forum I saw a number of years ago. There was a thread for choosing different color combinations. A couple of wrappers shared websites for tried and true color contrasts that popped. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Gary.
  632. ripped

    Maxcuatro Pros and Cons

    I have MC on a Lexa 400 full to the brim, a HXW Raptor full to the brim ( came that way ) and a Fathom 3/4's full. After using it last year, guiding a full spool with my thumb has been less than pleasurable. for me it's just too thin a rough. I think it's best application would be to fish it on...