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  1. Stanley

    Need Service on 34' Motorhome North SD County Only

    Under 34K mileage. Bringing it down to Carlsbad from San Juan Capistrano . Want to make sure its dependable. Want to make sure all systems are a go. Let me know.
  2. Stanley

    Ruger Bx- Trigger For 10/22 Rifles

    What's a decent scope to put on a 10/22?
  3. Stanley

    All Coast Website???

    I used to like the Farm Animal reports.
  4. Stanley

    The Best Fish & Chips In North County SD?

    Koko Beach in Carlsbad. Corner of PCH and Grand.
  5. Stanley

    The Dirty 10-Letter Word

    Flawed. That's 12 letters.
  6. Stanley

    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    Orcas will take out a GWS. Saw it on interweb thingy so its got to be true.
  7. Stanley

    What caliber next???

    30odd6. Good shooter and ammo available at your local WalMart.
  8. Stanley

    Must watch!! Top Water Yellowfin Tuna Video!!

    I might have to spring for a grinder for the BFT this year.
  9. Stanley

    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    I like 30 lb. Bluefin. 60+ lbs. hurt me.
  10. Stanley

    Q 105 Looking Home Sick

    She looked worse at the dock in SD with the bilge pumps running 24/7. At least she has a new life. Fished her many times. Great platform.
  11. Stanley

    EZ Loader Aluminum trailers or ???

    Check with the local boat insurers. Boats sink, catch fire, etc. The insurance companies are left with the trailers. Might be worth a call.
  12. Stanley

    Congratulations team I'm Off

    Baby Killer!
  13. Stanley

    Shoulda been a cowboy

    I wouldn't be able to hit shit with that thing. Good job.
  14. Stanley

    Ever lost your keys?

    Keep an ignition key in the vehicle. AAA will make you a credit card entry key free of charge.
  15. Stanley

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    My favorite bass hole. Last year I had 59 by 1pm and just couldn't hit 60. I was low man out of 4 anglers. BTW: All the ones with one eye are the ones I've already caught.
  16. Stanley

    Spiders on Drugs...

    You finally made me laugh.
  17. Stanley

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Jew Sea. My in-laws boat.
  18. Stanley

    Calif. utility will close troubled nuclear plant

    Worked for Bechtel during fuel loads of Units 2 & 3 at SONGS. Great job, great money and great benefits. Sorry to see it go.
  19. Stanley

    Day at the Docks Summary

    Like DATD better than FHS.
  20. Stanley

    What's up with the Vagabond Inn, or is it just me?

    Just stayed at the Vagabond for DATD. For 2 queen beds and early check-in at $79 I have no complaints.
  21. Stanley

    Double footed guides for swimbait/rockfish blank...???

    There might be an issue with getting the braid to flouro knots through the smaller guides. Just sayin'.
  22. Stanley

    Blue Horizon Reverse 2.5 Day trip - leave Friday May 9 @ 11 AM

    Yup. Checked out the new aft bunkroom at DATD. Much better. This trip will fill quickly.
  23. Stanley

    1st and hopefully last time this happens to me!

    Perfect cure for a hangover.
  24. Stanley

    Barrett Lake

    They enforce it.
  25. Stanley

    WTF Kali

    Sad commentary on our welfare system. Did they pass the drug test legislation?
  26. Stanley

    Halibut Tournament…….

    I have the harbor reserved since I just found out I'm fishing a 15 ft. Whaler. Have to take a Lorazapam just thinking about it.
  27. Stanley

    WTB Samsung LED TV

    Costco will usually make you a deal (about 1/2) on floor/display TVs. Plus, they'll throw in a 5 year warranty. No box or manual but they will wrap it in plastic and help you load it.
  28. Stanley

    2009 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

    You ever get pulled over for those ape hangers? Used to be you couldn't have them higher than your shoulders. Rules may have changed. Cool ride...good luck with the sale.
  29. Stanley

    Halibut Tournament…….

    Already entered. Your boat going to be ready?
  30. Stanley

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    I agree. Everyone wants top dollar for a Glock. I'm just comfortable with them cause I know how they work. And I want to stay with 9mm because I don't need to throw 240 grains on a 15 yard paper target.
  31. Stanley

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    So, you can buy in Nevada or AZ with a California ID? And just FFL it to a CA shop? Never bought out of state before. Also, is it illegal to possess a hi cap mag in CA or just can't be bought here? I think I may have a couple of 10/22 30 round mags in storage. Gonna toss em if it will get...
  32. Stanley

    Which Booze?

    What were they drinking when you sat with them? There'll be on lot of experts on your question. If he's letting you hunt a prime area, grease the wheels with a case of his favorite.
  33. Stanley

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    I shot that Sig and it is Sweet! Actually groups better (for me) than the Glock 19 or 17 and the recoil is like a .32 auto. I even shoot an XD better than my Glock. But, Glocks have a soft place in my heart. Dependable and easy to clean. Shot my friend's Wilson 1911 and what a PITA that...
  34. Stanley

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    Just want the 19 because its 9mm and ammo is available (I don't re-load) to throw lead down range. Not a CC or self defense thing. But, Holy Shit! Duncan's wants $599, Turners is like $539. Glock Store is $499 and Discount Guns will match it. Checked CalGuns and ArmsList to no avail...
  35. Stanley

    Dead in here.....

    Chargers are at 30/1 to win the 2015 SuperBowl and 18/1 to win the AFC Championship. This might be our year! Can't wait for the season to start. In the meantime, GO PADRES!
  36. Stanley

    Bloody Decks Homebrewing?

    Not dissing you but aren't you supposed to shoot for 38 degrees? Just wondering because my neighbor is totally into home brewing and I really enjoy his complimentary gifts. Also, he bottles his brew. What makes the difference. Quit smoking weed when I was in college but home brew really...
  37. Stanley

    Please vote!

    Ugly as you are...there's no way that little cutie is your daughter. Voted for her anyway.
  38. Stanley


    Turners has the Scout for $869. Not sure if that's a good price or not.
  39. Stanley

    Ruger 22/45

    Get a Glock. Easy to clean. BTW: Anyone know of a good deal on a 19 Gen 3 I'd be interested. Otherwise, I'm just going to go to the Glock Store and buy new. Only getting the 19 due to availability and pricing of ammo. Pricing for 40 cal, 10mm and 45 ACP ammo is insane.
  40. Stanley

    Saudi drift fails

    Not if you're trying to get to those 27 virgins. They do seem to be somewhat seatbelt challenged.
  41. Stanley


    After a friend of mine came down with shingles I immediately got the vaccine. I don't want nothing to do with that bullshit. BTW: The vaccine is not a 100% guarantee you won't get it but better than nothing.
  42. Stanley


    Holy Shit! Batten down the Hatches! Welcome back Kristie and Ambusher.
  43. Stanley


  44. Stanley


    Nice Gil, that explains so much. Rattled the windows in Carlsbad.
  45. Stanley

    Paying It Forward (White Sea Bass)

    I would have attached the flyer but Misuse has this site so F up'd I can't even figure out how to attach the flyer. Anyway, for you North County Anglers, this is a worthy cause. Might even work for your Community Service issues with the courts. :) Hello Stan, My name is Samantha Churchill...
  46. Stanley

    Electric boat in your future?

    If I can't afford fuel for my boat I probably shouldn't own a boat. Guys down here (at the lagoon) were testing an electric wake board boat. They never got it running right, disappeared never to be seen again.
  47. Stanley

    Wahoo trip on Relentless new 36ft Yellowfin

    Really wanted to see a pic of the boat. Too bad.
  48. Stanley

    birds hunting humans!!!

    Did you know the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary?
  49. Stanley

    Orange County boat assessment

    Luxury Tax! My boat's registered in OC but I keep it in Carlsbad. So, I get a bill from both counties. I pay the lower of the two bills and send the other county a receipt of payment. PITA but I've been doing it for 5 years.
  50. Stanley

    Corrossion on Chrome Wheels

    What's the best way to handle it? Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  51. Stanley

    Family camping

    Try this:
  52. Stanley

    Home Security tactics and simple solutions !!

    Don't know how it is in your area but here in Carlsbad the PD is complaint driven. The more calls about suspicious people...the more patrols we get. Unfortunately, many residents invite trouble by leaving paddle boards, kayaks etc. out for easy taking. I've got 16 cameras...tweakers don't...
  53. Stanley

    Lingcod what do you use to catch the BIG monsters????

    Octopus. You can buy babies by the pound at Stater Bros.
  54. Stanley

    F****** Poachers

    Friggin' Irish! Guy was down here throwing a net for smelt. Called CalTip and the warden was down here within 10 minutes. Didn't catch him in the act but confiscated the net. BTW: Last year they were selling throw nets at the O'side Walmart.
  55. Stanley

    How to Add a Youtube Video

  56. Stanley

    Riddle me this....

    What did I win?
  57. Stanley


    I like burritos.
  58. Stanley


    I think it was a big swell coming over the high spot. Your boat probably pulled the buoy down current and when you untied it hauled ass back to its original position. I would think twice about tying my boat off to a buoy out in the middle of the ocean.
  59. Stanley

    It's over

    Am I the only one that can only see half a picture?
  60. Stanley

    need a shower/tile guy?

    Brian, not to jack your thread but I need one in Carlsbad, too. PM me guys.
  61. Stanley

    This Says it all......Just gotta love it....

    Any of your friend's parents could smack your ass for doing something stupid.
  62. Stanley

    Riddle me this....

    The horse's name was Tuesday?
  63. Stanley

    Apple I Phone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy 4s Active....

    Got tired of messing with it so have one of each. Just use the Galaxy for "secret" calls. Plus Sprint throws in a tablet for $50.
  64. Stanley

    Drivin drivin drivin shake down

    Almost a 6 year old thread. I'll bump it!
  65. Stanley

    carlsbad lagoon

    I could be wrong but I always thought the 2 rod stamp applied to freshwater only. You can use two rods in salt but both rods have to be "closely attended". The lagoon is kind of weird because its considered "anadromous" (look that one up) so it has some different regs. For instance, a few...
  66. Stanley

    Wow, thank you Mr. Karma....

    Well, here's to 100k+ outdooorsmen learning what a POS TunaKid is. This might hurt for awhile.
  67. Stanley

    AC duct work

    Try "I'm Off" on this site. Used him a number of times with no issues.
  68. Stanley

    Any Lawyers on the forum?

    Maybe you have a different POA but mine states I cannot do anything for personal gain and must always have the best interests of the grantors in mind. Now, if you are the Trustee of a Trust then you are allowed to pay yourself a "reasonable" fee for your time and efforts. At least that's what...
  69. Stanley

    "My Nomad" response in Sea Biscuit thread

    Coming into the harbor in pea soup is what really drove me to purchase radar. We would practice during the day with a hood on (like they use for IFR training). Built a lot of confidence in the equipment and my ability to negotiate the harbor entrance in thick fog. Remembering the old...
  70. Stanley

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    Have had both knees done. As long as they can do it arthroscopically you'll be up and around in no time. Of course, if you're smart, you'll soak this for as much sympathy as you can get. Lay on the couch and make everyone wait on you hand and foot.
  71. Stanley

    Here is a good way to clean trout.

    This looks like more fun! And, of course, this oldie is more fun to watch:
  72. Stanley

    LED vs Plasma tv

    Go to Costco and compare the pictures. As stated, I think you'll find the LEDs don't reflect glare as much as the plasmas. Also, consider a floor model. You can get them for almost half off and they might even throw in a 5 year warranty.
  73. Stanley

    Xmas in Zihuatanejo

    One of favorite places ever.
  74. Stanley

    Walmart Ammo

    Just grabbed 5 boxes of these at $7 something a box. They had Winchester loads at about the same price. Folks were grabbing them before he could get them in the display. WalMart in Oceanside (off College).
  75. Stanley

    Getting "Double Use" from your fishing line to save money...???

    Yep. Mono's not that expensive. Toss the old shit out and buy new. Last thing I want to worry about with a PB fish is if my knot's going to hold. JMO
  76. Stanley

    A big picture type of question....about boats

    Skiff for fresh water...Skipjack for Catalina (woman like a crapper they can close the door). I think everyone should own two boats. :)
  77. Stanley

    Interesting Concept. Remote Boat Launcher

    Not sure how practical.
  78. Stanley

    Gander Mountain 500rd.Brick 22LR $24.00

    Post a link. All I can find is the 375 count.
  79. Stanley

    Too Close for Comfort!

    They're a hazard to navigation. Fine with me if they thinned the herd a little bit.
  80. Stanley

    Question for you techies....

    Un-install the printer and re-install.
  81. Stanley

    USC v UCLA

    SC home games are just downright fun! Haven't been since last year's ND game but the walk from the campus to the Coliseum is a blast. Just a lot of kids having a lot of fun.
  82. Stanley

    North Dakota Porn

    I can read that dog's mind...he's thinking, "Dood, WTF you waiting for?"
  83. Stanley

    Early Skipjack hull question from current/past owners, please.

    Skipjack or not...any wood will rot from water intrusion. Skipjack's are not immune.
  84. Stanley

    Can't Decide Which Gun I Like!
  85. Stanley

    pulled the hook....

    That's why I like rusty hooks. They hold better.
  86. Stanley

    Can you read this?

  87. Stanley

    Crappy Workmanship

    This is why you should always pay with a credit card. Recourse.
  88. Stanley

    Go Chargers!!!

    There's always next week.
  89. Stanley


    Talk to Sherm on this site.
  90. Stanley

    Don't take Carl to the beach

    I think looking north towards Treasure Island from Aliso Beach in South Laguna.
  91. Stanley

    TV in state rooms?

    Stick cigarette butts in your ears and whack off. That's what Brandon said to do.
  92. Stanley

    Black hog down!!

    They shoot dogs in Texas?
  93. Stanley

    Ocean Oddysey 10-6 thru 10-9

    Boat: Great Crew: The Best Fishing: Just OK
  94. Stanley

    Can you fish while hooping???

    Just don't keep a lobster caught H&L.
  95. Stanley

    LED Light sticks for lobster hoop nets.

    Makes it easier for the divers to find your hoops.
  96. Stanley

    2 TV's down in 2 days...

    That's pretty damn funny. Getting old's a bitch!
  97. Stanley

    Good Job, Brandon!!

    After having participated in the fuel loads of Units 2 & 3 at San Onofre I know what it feels like. You should feel proud of what you accomplished. Good job, dood!
  98. Stanley

    My Fuel tank started to leak!!! I need a referral to replace "wellcraft" center conso

    Sawz All. :) Pulling a tank builds character.
  99. Stanley

    Ken Norton........

    I remember when he broke Ali's jaw. No one thought that could happen.
  100. Stanley

    New Lo-An deck space

    Exactly. Dykes in your back pocket, hooks in the front. You're good to go.
  101. Stanley

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    Thanks for posting, Bart. I was going to call this morning.
  102. Stanley

    Bad Things Come in 3

    Get a bilge pump with a float switch.
  103. Stanley

    Stripers at dvl???

    Plenty of guys on here fish DVL. Offer to take one them for free in exchange for showing you the ropes.
  104. Stanley

    The chief

    That really sucks! How dare Chris save the friggin' boat from sinking, take a huge financial loss on the trip (not counting repair costs), let everyone eat and drink for free, then give everyone a voucher. Not to mention the crew probably got stiffed on tips. What's wrong with you, Chris?
  105. Stanley

    Fuku Me, This is going to Effect my Diet

    Another Conspiracy Theory.
  106. Stanley

    Looking for a job

    So, was that a yes or no? I believe in it. Fuck Al Gore but we have to have some effect. Like someone else said...try the state for a job. CARB would be a good place to start.
  107. Stanley


    Wednesday's are for Jungle Juice. But only after 5pm (EST). I haven't even started.
  108. Stanley


    You told me this was your favorite.
  109. Stanley

    Trip Insurance for a Long Range Fishing Reservation

    Trip Insurance and pay for the trip with a credit card.
  110. Stanley


    Guess the grass is greener over there.
  111. Stanley


    Pretty cool looking teeth on that 7 Gill.
  112. Stanley

    Best 55" LCD From Costco?

    I ended going with the Costco 55" Vizio as they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I already had one that I paid close to $900 for at Costco. Offered the guy $450 for the display model and they threw in the 5 year warranty for free. No box, manual or damage.
  113. Stanley

    carlsbad surf fishing help

    X2. Buy some Gulp! camo in case you can't find the fleas. Don't cast too far out.
  114. Stanley

    Time for some upgrades, thanks to the lotto

    And $6K for the state. Get a good tax guy.
  115. Stanley

    Garage Door Guy in North SD County

    2 car garage on a rental. Let me know if you know anyone.
  116. Stanley

    GO TJ!!!!!

    Brain Fart on the sacrifice fly. Poor Kid. I blame the 3rd base coach.
  117. Stanley

    I rolled my truck

    Yes, but I think it was crossed about 10 years ago.
  118. Stanley

    Filner resigns....

    Objection! Stating facts not in evidence! How dare you!!!
  119. Stanley

    Filner resigns....

    News Flash!!! Filthner just broke his arm while patting himself on the back! What a POS. Can't wait to hear how many millions they paid him to walk.
  120. Stanley

    North County Lightning Show Tonight Thursday 8/22

    Anyone else see it? Looked to be east out of over Valley Center (or beyond). Impressive from the Carlsbad. Hope there were no ground strikes.
  121. Stanley

    Help me I.D. a fish

  122. Stanley

    Lost rods on 15 freeway

    I remember that! You were coming up to fish the OAC Tourney and it was all your good gear. That sucked.
  123. Stanley

    Offa Oceanside 8/16 Yellows, $, and a big supprise

    I was lighting my cigar with a $20 just yesterday. Flew out of my hands before I could get it lit. You can keep 1/2 for a finder's fee. Thanks for looking out for me, Tim.
  124. Stanley

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    Caveat Emptor.
  125. Stanley

    Happy Birthday Maggie

    Have a Great Birthday, Snags! Put Another Candle On My Birthday Cake - YouTube
  126. Stanley

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    Give them a shitty seller rating.
  127. Stanley

    $$$$ Time Warner Bundle ?

    Just received a letter from TW they are increasing my monthly fee from $170.80 to $186.80. No NFL package, No Padre games. Now (today) they've suspended Showtime and a couple of other channels while they argue with CBS. Fuck 'em in the neck. Direct TV is looking better and better.
  128. Stanley

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    Having grown up there it's really a shame what's happened to that town.
  129. Stanley

    Sandpaper Sally...

    My Mom didn't think it was that funny.
  130. Stanley


    I'm guessing 2003 or thereabouts.
  131. Stanley

    Oside Barn Kelp

    Finally went back to work? Call me.
  132. Stanley

    Oside Barn Kelp

    Although fish reports are appreciated, I would worry more about DFG citing you for gaffing a BSB than making comments about "BD Police". Your whatever you want.
  133. Stanley

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    I think the Hull Truth has a lot of info on this. The concept sounds great but you definitely have to address the ballast issues.
  134. Stanley

    Oside Barn Kelp

    You don't have to be a "pro" to understand you shouldn't poke a hole in a fish you're releasing (especially a protected species). Common sense goes a long ways. You're better off just short cutting the leader. That way the fish has a better chance to survive without introduction of bacteria to...
  135. Stanley

    Oside Barn Kelp

    It whacked you and swam away pissed cause you stuck a gaff in it's lower jaw. No need for that.
  136. Stanley

    A joke for Carl...

    That's just down-right mean spirited.
  137. Stanley

    A joke for Carl...

    Why does the Little Mermaid use seashells to cover her boobs. 'Cause B shells are too small and D shells are too big!
  138. Stanley

    I love my avets but...can not cast them!

    Learn the underhand cast.
  139. Stanley


    Been years since I've heard that story. Thanks for bringing it back.
  140. Stanley

    West Marine Opens Their Portland OR Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $200

    "Your costume is stupid and I've never heard of Bloody Decks. I just want to know what this "Tuna Jihad" BS is supposed to mean?"
  141. Stanley

    Whoooo Hoooo FEDEX just delivered me my brand new, big ass flat screen TV

    Better off buying a display model at Costco. About half-price plus they throw in a 5 year warranty for free. No box but they'll plastic wrap it for you. No user's manual but you can get that online. Basically just the set and a remote.
  142. Stanley


    Well, Kona Mike and Fatleg are reporting to FishDope and the landing makes the decisions of what they want to post on the landing site. If you want the real scoop you should buy a subscription to FishDope. These guys are working hard to put anglers on fish and don't need your negative BS...
  143. Stanley

    Barrett Lake Tickets?

    We've done well with RattleTraps in the morning. Lizards and assorted worms during the day. My favorite has always been Drop Shot. Gets hot out there so bring sunscreen and lots of water. 8 year old thread. Wow!
  144. Stanley

    Do not buy a Infinity car.

    I condition my seats every time I drive. Then I have to roll down the windows.
  145. Stanley

    Hundreds of Old Photos From Around the World

    Forwarded to me. Some I've seen before...many I haven't. Takes a while to get through it. Enjoy. Rare & Cool Pictures from History - Forums
  146. Stanley

    NEED HELP PLEASE-Skipjack cooktop

    As stated above, alcohol fires are hard to see. You can have a fire burning in the cuddy and not know it until its too late. We found a propane camp stove, pulled the burners & they fit perfect on the skippy stove. Ran a line to the propane bottle outside of the cabin.
  147. Stanley

    Great day Seabass and Yellows 6/18

    Way to go, Mike! Great limited load boat.
  148. Stanley

    Need indoor window blinds eatimate

    I ended up using Lowes. If they do the install they extend the manufacturer's warranty. (At least they used to)
  149. Stanley

    Ruger SLR 38 or S&W Bodyguard 38

    Product: Model 642LS Go hammer-less if she's going to purse-carry.
  150. Stanley

    Why 380 Auto?

    .380s a hot little round just a little shorter than a 9mm. LCP is highly concealable. I shot one at Iron Sights and didn't like it. Too small and too long trigger pull. Ruger LCP - YouTube
  151. Stanley

    How important is.......

    Good idea. You're still with Sherm, right? I'd give him a call. I've seen lower units replaced by insurance due to operator error.
  152. Stanley

    How important is.......

    You gotta be shittin' me! Don't worry about it. You don't use reverse anyway. So, how far did you get down the driveway before you realized what that grinding noise was?
  153. Stanley

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    I can only vouch for the North County wardens and I'm sure she wouldn't want me posting her phone number on a gay fishing site. Get to know your local wardens. Most are avid anglers and hunters and have our best interests in mind.
  154. Stanley

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    We get a pretty quick response here on the lagoon using CalTip plus the local warden encourages me to call her cell number.
  155. Stanley

    Real estate advise

    If the tenants didn't stick around to get their deposit back they were probably part of the scam. Lots of this going on right now with all the vacant REO & Flip properties.
  156. Stanley

    Rusty hooks use or toss ?

    A little rust keeps the bait on better.
  157. Stanley

    Weird Way to Catch a Yellowtail...

    Been there. Good story even without pics.
  158. Stanley

    Greg Trompas helps recover my stolen boat

    Going back to the previous question, did the security cameras show anything?
  159. Stanley

    Drop the GoPro in the spread on LR?

    Put a hook on it.
  160. Stanley

    Before she get's the needle....

    I wouldn't touch that skank with Byeye's dick.
  161. Stanley


    So, 5 or 6 years down the line and you have a problem you can say, "But BloodyDecks said I didn't need an attorney!" Your HOA should at least get a consult from an HOA attorney.
  162. Stanley

    How to Print a Hand Gun

    Saw a thing the other night using the same technology to make body parts. They actually use living cells in the 3D printing. Amazing.
  163. Stanley

    How to Print a Hand Gun

    3D Printed Semi-Automatic AR-15 GUN can FIRE off 600 ROUNDS of BULLETS. Printed at HOME - YouTube
  164. Stanley

    Have to move

    Plus you can fish Barrett Lake.
  165. Stanley

    Have to move

    Really? First Time Homebuyer Programs with Down Payment Assistance. $300K 1st at around 3% No MI. Payments under $1,500 (P&I). In spite of what you may have heard, these programs are still around. Biggest hurdle is many people make too much money to qualify under the existing guidelines.
  166. Stanley

    New Home Made Smoker

    Needs a crescent moon on the door.
  167. Stanley

    SWYC Bottomfishing tournament team Tuna Jihad

    Tuna Hee-Hawd? That's down right mean...funny...but mean. Good job, fayags.
  168. Stanley

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    BloodyDecks Special. Send my check to Misuse and Ali.
  169. Stanley

    Leo fishing OC

    Good Job, Boys!
  170. Stanley


    Get back in line and quit making sense.
  171. Stanley

    Fishing Incidents attorney referral

    That's what I was thinking. Maybe a class-action? Hey OP, to get a decent response you're going to have to share some details.
  172. Stanley

    Tank or Tankless Water Heater

    Just had a 50 gal. conventional put in a house in San Juan Capo. $1,300. My Dad was a plumber or a dentist.
  173. Stanley

    Tank or Tankless Water Heater

    How well do the electric tankless units work?
  174. Stanley

    San Diego YT 4/25/13 - Best YT bite of the year

    Good Catch! Especially in US waters 'cause no one in their right mind would brag about going over the 5 fish limit in Mexican waters. Right?
  175. Stanley

    cooking a halibut

    I love these videos, Tommy. You should invest in a remote lapel microphone. They're cheap and will greatly enhance the sound quality.
  176. Stanley

    Big Bear Lake 4/20-22

    NTIBB. Big Bear Water District also sponsors a Carp Roundup for Anglers and Bow Hunters on 6/22 and 6/23 this year.
  177. Stanley

    Suicycle Insanity... hour of why I don't ride anymore. Although I think most of this is from the other side of the Atlantic.
  178. Stanley

    Anybody have any use for...

    Check with the local churches. They have e-waste drives that contribute to local charities.
  179. Stanley

    8' sabot. 50$ obo

    PBR or Coors Light? It makes a difference.
  180. Stanley

    Applegate River, Oregon

    Cave Junction area?
  181. Stanley

    Check out this Engineering Masterpiece

    Favorite line in the thread, "Two Wongs don't make a right angle."
  182. Stanley

    Lost dog San Diego

    Keep checking with the County Animal Shelter in Carlsbad. (760) 438-2312
  183. Stanley

    Local law enforcement face ammo shortage as gun owners, DHS stock up

    Ammo Manufacturers...The New Oil Companies.
  184. Stanley

    Added another

  185. Stanley

    Big Bear Lake Trout???

    I'm calling BS even with pictures.
  186. Stanley

    Armored Police Car

    They need 'em for those hippy Pot Pharmacies.
  187. Stanley

    Does Peta Kill Animals????

    Don't even need to read it. PETA kills more cats and dogs than any other agency.
  188. Stanley

    Great Baja Surf Fishing Adventure

    Including the usual Baja Mishaps. Hour long video taken with a Droid. I hadn't seen it before so sorry if a repost.
  189. Stanley

    Sequestration Job Loss Air Traffic Control Towers

    I googled "Moran Amendment" and all that came up was something about Horse Slaughtering. You should put a link up to the Amendment and also some reasons to support it. Just sayin'...
  190. Stanley

    San Elijo Lagoon Deer

    Excellent. SoCal Urban Deer.
  191. Stanley


    Sounds pretty traumatic. You gonna be OK?
  192. Stanley

    lost my right to purchase firearms

    Don't do drugs.
  193. Stanley

    Best 55" LCD From Costco?

    Definitely buying from Costco. But, wanted to get some thoughts on different brands. Limited to 55" and I like the Vizio. Is the "Smart TV" worth the extra $400-$500? Always liked the Samsung but starting to hear about issues. Anyone recently buy?
  194. Stanley

    A list of gun bills pending in Congress and the California Legislature

    Yep, our "armed malitia" is going to consist of single shot bolt action .22s.
  195. Stanley

    Daylight Savings Ended..........

    That's a crack-up!
  196. Stanley

    car/house etiquette RANT

    Ask and ye shall receive. (This thread's going down the shitter quick.)
  197. Stanley

    car/house etiquette RANT

    I'm a Top Producer!! Every morning right after my 2nd cup of coffee. Anyone got a match?
  198. Stanley

    car/house etiquette RANT

    I like burritos.
  199. Stanley

    car/house etiquette RANT

    I'm guessing 8 pages.
  200. Stanley

    Happy birthday Da'Goose

    Have a good one, Rick! Hope to see you at the OAC Hali Tourney in April.
  201. Stanley

    Glad to be back in San Diego .But WTF ?

    Just wait. Tax will go up 3.5 cents per gallon in July. This is due to people not driving enough and the state needs the money. Typical California logic.
  202. Stanley

    Take Joe's advice...

    Who needs a high capacity magazine when you have the Secret Service protecting your ass? Friggin' genius.
  203. Stanley

    Local tackle shops

    Pat's Bait and Tackle off Emerald and the 78 in Vista. About 15 mins. from Escondido.
  204. Stanley

    .44 mag

    There are a couple for sale on Calguns in the $400 range.
  205. Stanley

    Severe abdominal pain

    Diverticulosis is my guess. They shove a camera duct taped to a broom stick up your turd tunnel yet? Google it and adjust your diet. What do I win?
  206. Stanley


    I would stay away from anything that has a pre-payment penalty. Maybe a HELOC or Refi on real estate and take the interest write-off?
  207. Stanley

    Squid in MDR/Santa Monica

    I usually make sure there's no fish around before I head out. (Since I can't catch shit anyway).
  208. Stanley

    Trabuco creek

    Another good one (or used to be) is that creek that runs down from Baldy. I think you take the Mountain exit off the 10. Used to fish it at lunch time when I worked for Lewis Homes. Fun little creek.
  209. Stanley

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    They could get this resolved in one day. Suspend ALL benefits (health care, car allowances, pay, etc.) one year for every day they screw around with this. Not just to the White House and Congress but to their families, too. This would get resolved tomorrow.
  210. Stanley

    Locking down your kicker?

    Security Cameras? I've got some great pictures of the tweakers stealing my cameras.
  211. Stanley

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    Jeeze Louise, post a fish report and lay off the lectures. This holier-than-thou stuff is getting old real quick.
  212. Stanley


    Maybe the macs don't like corn.
  213. Stanley

    AR style sights - preferences

    Some shouldn't be allowed to own one. Leeper, Leopard Scope...sheesh.
  214. Stanley

    Ruger Mini 14

    I'll trade you even-steven for a classic. Even has a picture of an albie and a dodo on the box!
  215. Stanley


    Then why do they post this? Nevadans Do Pay Sales & Property Taxes: •Washoe County sales tax rate is 7.725% (effective July 1, 2009). •Assessed value is 35 percent of property value. •Ad valorem property tax rate is limited to a total of $3.64 for each $100 of assessed valuation. So...
  216. Stanley

    Spotted Bay Bass Tackle

    Good info.
  217. Stanley

    Good business or bad business?

    Free Enterprise at its finest and the consumer wins! What's the difference between what Evans is doing and 4 gas stations at an intersection? I use Evans for the $11 oil changes. Shit, I can't do it myself for that.
  218. Stanley

    Driving straight to Cabo

    X2. Did it in '74 without knowing shit. I still don't know shit but will never forget that trip. Just go for safe and have fun!
  219. Stanley

    Angry seas almost capsize boats in New Zealand

    Depoe Bay comes to mind.
  220. Stanley

    Islas Secas - Shark Week

    2 million annually? That's over 5,000 sharks a day! No ocean species can sustain that kind of harvest. Very sad.
  221. Stanley

    Show your paddle board.

    And keep watching...
  222. Stanley

    Show your paddle board.

    I only watch...
  223. Stanley

    Women in direct combat

    I know a couple that could talk the enemy to death. In fact, the enemy would probably blow their own brains out just to get away from the yappin'.
  224. Stanley

    Duck Jerky

    Beat me to it!
  225. Stanley

    First Time Squiding...a few questions

    Off the pier in 100'. Tips? Don't wear anything not squid ink proof.
  226. Stanley

    Scribby had surgery today...........

    LOL OMG. Scribby, you gonna put up with that?
  227. Stanley

    Central America Vacation Ideas Wanted

  228. Stanley

    It's done. Norv and A.J. are gone.

    They should've kept Norv and just got rid of AJ.
  229. Stanley

    2013 Fishing License Fees

    $49.99 Last year $51.07 This year License Fee remained the same. Ocean Enhancement went up $1.08.
  230. Stanley

    Talking with friends and family about Second ammendment

    I just said it was my work phone. Sometimes I carry my work phone and sometimes I don't. Taking away my 2nd Amendment rights is not going to change that.
  231. Stanley

    Talking with friends and family about Second ammendment

    So, it's wrong to CC at a Christmas Party? Wish someone had told me.
  232. Stanley

    Raiders vs Chargers

    Say what you want. Over the years this has been one of the best rivalries ever. BTW: I think we should give Norv another year.
  233. Stanley

    4WD or 2WD for towing a boat???

    If you have to ask the question you already know the answer. Like a good sidearm, better to have it and not need it than otherwise.
  234. Stanley

    Mutant Goose ID

    Snow. I've seen a few weird ones in the old days.
  235. Stanley

    My neighborhood got hit last night.

    I'm getting to the point where I can spot 'em a mile away. They don't always wear hoodies but they still look like tweekers. BTW: They don't give a shit about cameras. I tried to stall this guy while calling 911 but he made a quick get-a-way. This was back in July.
  236. Stanley

    Poway Lake Trout

    The secret is go fish Big Bear. I can't catch shit at Poway. My brother does OK flylining nightcrawlers to puddlers at Poway but I suck at it.
  237. Stanley

    Seafood for Christmas Dinner?

    From North County Times, ’Twas the night before Christmas when I smelled something odd, All the creatures were readied, the snails and the cod. The squid were all boiling, Mom skinned them with care. I ran to the window, gasping for air. I wish we were nestled all snug in our...
  238. Stanley


    Sometimes there's a big price to pay for being a Bears fan.
  239. Stanley

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    I had some trailer brakes that looked like that. Boy, that was a memorable day of pounding, prying, cussing, walking away in disgust...finally got her done, though. I wouldn't even mess with a fuel gauge. Consider going with a "fuel flow" monitoring system. Lot more accurate and reliable (IMO).
  240. Stanley

    Communists are pretty funny

    I know Carlsbad High has a LEO on campus. Not a perfect solution but I think the coward in Conn. and that coward that shot those two girls at Kelly Elementary in Carlsbad would think twice if they knew there was an armed LEO on campus.
  241. Stanley


    Dead Duck?
  242. Stanley

    Elementary School Shooting

    Me too, Mikey. I'm usually the hard-ass around here but this hit hard.
  243. Stanley

    Elementary School Shooting

    Don't close it, Marcus. A lot of us need to vent and some will say stupid shit. Just let it play out. Most of us are hurting right now. I must have something in my eyes 'cause they keep watering.
  244. Stanley

    Help the tech out!!!

    Maybe you should have thought about this earlier in the year (when you did that little thing you knew was wrong). Santa IS watching!
  245. Stanley

    Elementary School Shooting

    Some are going to say dumb stuff (they may later regret) because none of of us have any answers or can say anything to take the pain away. Let's quit attacking each other and think about those affected. Go hug your kids.
  246. Stanley

    Happy Birthday Tommy (I'm Off)

    Hey, did you get any yesterday? Clams I mean. Leave Holli out of this.
  247. Stanley

    Elementary School Shooting

    I'm sick to my stomach and having a hard time processing this. Our little grandaughter was here yesterday making Christmas cookies. I want to go see her and give her a big hug.
  248. Stanley

    Grumpy Today (man PMS)

    I was all happy the world didn't end yesterday...then some party pooper on here mentioned I had the end-of-the-world date wrong. Dang it!
  249. Stanley

    Trout on the kastmaster, lake poway.....1st of the season!

    I can't catch shit in that lake. Anyone try Wohlford yet?
  250. Stanley

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    I bought my 10/22 in '78 from Kmart for about $85. Now I feel like I got ripped off.
  251. Stanley

    Happy Birthday Tommy (I'm Off)

    I got a big "hug" for you, too! Have a good one, Tommy!
  252. Stanley


    Nothing in Carlsbad. Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.
  253. Stanley


    See you on the other side.
  254. Stanley

    Which truck do you prefer?

    No Shit! The fuel economy savings from low 70s mph to low 60s mph is amazing.
  255. Stanley

    Small Business Start-up

    Just wait until you get your vehicle registration bill.
  256. Stanley

    'Tis the Season...For THIEVES!!!

    Yes. But these dumbshit neighbors of mine use those Walmart bike cables that can be cut with a pair of dykes.
  257. Stanley

    Which truck do you prefer?

    Whatever you get, if it's to pull a boat spend the extra cash and get a 4X4
  258. Stanley

    'Tis the Season...For THIEVES!!!

    Not that I'm against wearing a hoody. But, by God if I see you wearing one (with the hood over your head) around my place...I'm just calling the cops. Wear all the hoodies you want. But if its not fucking raining or snowing and you have that hood over your head, I'm figuring you're up to no...
  259. Stanley

    remington 870 home defense

    So, your honor and word are worth flushing down the toilet for a few extra bucks? You, my friend, will not last long around here.
  260. Stanley

    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.

    ...and an offensive line.
  261. Stanley

    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.

    Should have nabbed Gruden...not that he would come to SD.
  262. Stanley

    Looks like Gruden is going to the Raiders

    Other than ego...what other reason would he get back into coaching? He must be a glutton for punishment. He makes a ton of money as a talking head (rumor is $4.3M). I would have loved to see him go to San Diego but I'm sure he sees the writing on the wall with AJ and the tight purse strings...
  263. Stanley

    Mule Deer (HOG)

    Looks like an elk.
  264. Stanley

    Remington SPR 100 12G single shot

    It will make you either a great shot or a vegetarian.
  265. Stanley


    Just panfry the breasts in garlic butter. If you have the shits when you wake up...don't eat them again.
  266. Stanley

    In the market for a new autoloader

    My favorite was always the Remington 1100...but I don't drive a Lexus, either.
  267. Stanley

    Harbor Police Lobster Mistake

    So, when does Johnny get out?
  268. Stanley

    Taurus Revolvers

    I've had this Security Six for ever. As long as I remember to put bullets in it, it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. Loud little SOB, too.
  269. Stanley

    Another Big D-16 Buck...

    Pretty much sums up recent events.
  270. Stanley


    We're doing the Camp Pendleton thing again. Three young Marines, usually from somewhere where they can't get home to be with family. It's always fun and they go back to their barracks with full bellies and a bag full of food.
  271. Stanley

    Real property tax assessment appeal

    Easy to do yourself. Contact your county tax collector/assessor.
  272. Stanley

    Refi Suggestions

    Rams fan...that's funny! No one works for free and most of the SoCal lenders fund their loans from the big money houses back east. The big guys, BofA, Wells Fargo, Chase, etc., will add $3k to $5k in closing costs (depending on loan amount), so you have to factor that in. Some of the smaller...
  273. Stanley

    The Walking Dead?

    I record it and watch it later 'cause none of the girls around here will watch it with me.
  274. Stanley

    North County San Diego Plumber

    2X on Matt. He's done work for me.
  275. Stanley

    Titanic symdrom with OSPREY FISHERMAN 24

    If it floats it can sink. Sorry for your loss.
  276. Stanley

    Grey Chub Safw to Eat?

    If it tastes good and you don't get the squirts in the all you want.
  277. Stanley

    Socotra Island Yemen October 2012, The Last Frontier

    Great report! Always cool to see how it's done in other parts of the world. All Stellas, huh? Wonder how a good 2 speed would do against those big GTs. Thanks for posting.
  278. Stanley


    I always heard you supposed to skin 'em. Never tried one...but I haven't tried dog either.
  279. Stanley

    Goof-Off Trip with Fatleg YT & WSB 10/21/12

    Jimmy says the light boats are up off La Costa now. Who knows?
  280. Stanley

    MAXIMUS 3.5 Day

    You could always resort to going to their website:
  281. Stanley

    Had flood need G.C. to work with Ins. Co.

    Went through this twice in the past year. Surprisingly, I ended up using the flood mitigation/restoration people for the new re-build. I used ATI for one and 911 Restoration for the other. Both very experienced working with insurance companies and great customer service.
  282. Stanley

    I'm looking to rent a monkey..

    I hear Obama may soon be out of a job.
  283. Stanley

    Goof-Off Trip with Fatleg YT & WSB 10/21/12

    Blue Horizon left the dock at 7pm Saturday night. Arrived off the local pier by 9pm and started making bait. Didn't really float but steady pick with the squid jigs. I didn't get bit. Back at the dock by noon.
  284. Stanley

    How do you argue with Stupid?

    Although you think she acted criminally, the cops are going to say it's a civil matter. Asking the cops if they screwed up is not going to help your son's case.
  285. Stanley


    Wheel guns generally go bang every time you pull the trigger. So do semi-autos...but do you want to stake your life on a possible FTE issue? Sure, you can cram 13 rounds in a Glock but if that 2nd round jams, then what?
  286. Stanley

    Selling tuna?

    Don't listen to these guys! Those DFG regs are just guidelines. When you get back from your trip just make one of those cardboard signs in the landing parking lot , "FRESH TUNA $1.50 @ lb!" Hell, you could probably pay for your trip!
  287. Stanley

    What happened to this place?

    You were gone?
  288. Stanley

    Holy crap

    Or it could be the speculators use that crap as an excuse to line their pockets.:finger:
  289. Stanley

    Tommy on TV

    Yeah, missed it too. The last one when you twisted the tail of the bug was classic.
  290. Stanley

    60 t0 70 yellow fin tuna disappear

    Where were you fishing? Sounds like possibly Mexican Limits?
  291. Stanley

    Is is 7 lobsters a day or in a 24 hour period?

    You should be banned too for being on vacation all the time and not returning phone calls. Regarding the multi-day permits, ask Big Joe. He's your man for the answers.
  292. Stanley

    oceanside slip for sublease

    I would listen to Big Joe on this one. With the huge waiting list for slips, the City of Oceanside takes a dim view of not following the rules of the harbor. Your choice and not really any of my business.
  293. Stanley

    Substitute Ref's on MNF

    Didn't really have a problem with the sub's until tonight. Ref's on strike just won their battle with that BS call.
  294. Stanley

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    You're in San Clemente so you have to know there are a ton of deserted beaches to fish. But, if you insist on fishing where families and surfers have easy access/parking, this is what you can expect. Try fishing Linda Lane Park (end of Palizada) and walk north. Lots of good rips and holes.
  295. Stanley

    Blackouts, let's analyze

    Qualcomm could throw 10,000 seats in the trash. Might make it easier to sell out.
  296. Stanley

    Old BD stuff.......

    Some old ones.
  297. Stanley


    Wear one of these...scares the crap out of them dang Pelicans.
  298. Stanley


    Someone poached the paddy you poached?
  299. Stanley

    Float Tube Gear and Casting Net

    Don't get caught using the casting net in California from Pt. Conception to the Mex border. Big No No.
  300. Stanley

    Need Business Cards
  301. Stanley

    Thank You All Very Much!

    Sorry I missed the post where you got blasted, Dan, as I would have also thrown in my support to you. There are many small jealous people on this site that live their lives in negativity. They just won't be happy until they make others as miserable as they are. Keep up the good work...
  302. Stanley

    Q105 ripped off clients' deposits

    Already posted and beat to death. Klein posted he's going to try to get everyone's deposits back or transfer to another boat. Who knows? Next time pay with a credit card (if you can) and you avoid all these issues.
  303. Stanley

    Blue Horizon feedback

    Like all the other boats in the fleet, when they catch they're great! Boat only sleeps 12 so try to get a forward bunk. Fatleg will take you to the fish...then it's up to you.
  304. Stanley

    Dolphin II critiques

    Just go while the fish are here. Post the drama later.
  305. Stanley

    Freak waves inside the bay almost crash our boat! Caught on Video!

    Another reason to NEVER TURN OFF THE MOTOR!
  306. Stanley

    BD's Fishin' Chicks

    They ain't got nothin' on Heather (a true BD gal).
  307. Stanley

    Brown recluse spider

    According to Terminix, the #1 question they get when fumigating a home is, "Will the tenting kill spiders?" They answer with a resounding NO.
  308. Stanley

    Dock disease

    #1 Quit pissin' in the shower. #2 Go to one of those pedicure places with the big tittied Oriental girls. They can cure anything.
  309. Stanley

    Help me name my boat please.

    Can't go wrong with naming her after the wife.
  310. Stanley

    Advice on Paddy Hopping

    Don't over-shoot the fish. They might be closer than you expect. Troll 50 to 100 yards out from the paddy. Chum a couple of baits and look for response.
  311. Stanley

    94 Chevy 4x4 Beater

    That rig has a lot of character.
  312. Stanley

    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    No shit, and I can't believe this guy's still trying to prove he knows jackshit about anything. Just posting this to give it another bump.
  313. Stanley

    Best spots to fish out of Oceeanside

    4 Artificial Reefs (closeby), Clam Beds (closeby), Barn Kelp. As said, getta chart.
  314. Stanley

    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

    Credit Card. That way you can dispute the charge if you don't catch fish.
  315. Stanley

    Happy Birthday Nunya (Maggie)

    Make it a Happy Birthday Week, Snaggie. Hope you have a good one.
  316. Stanley

    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    Yeah, right? And if they're not locked up, coming home you take a chance of an intruder pointing your gun at you. BTW, I thought BillyD OD'd.
  317. Stanley

    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    As bad-ass as it sounds to take your own action with dogs, guns, rubber hoses, blah, blah, blah...this is not cartoon/TV land and eventually reality has to set in. Confronting a thief will land you in criminal court, a fight (maybe getting hurt) or a lawsuit. 911 is your friend. Thieves...
  318. Stanley


    Garden sprayer. Half tobasco and half water. Spray it down good.
  319. Stanley

    Straight-Up (No Spread) NFL Football Pool! San Diego County. $60 Due by 09/01/2012

    Online picks. Weekly pay-outs, then End of Season. Here's the rules..PM me if interested and I'll give contact info. This is a Fun Pool. Not affiliated and BloodyDecks has nothing to do with this, I'm just a participant spreading the word: POOL FORMAT This is a Standard Pickem pool where...
  320. Stanley

    Happy Birthday KC Kevin

    Happy Birfday to You.
  321. Stanley

    What kind of fish is this?

    Agreed. Also known as Chinese Croaker...
  322. Stanley

    Bewere of Aros trailer in Escondido

    Agreed. However, I can't count the times I've taken a boat in for something and they always seemed to find something else wrong. At least Aros seems to be trying compared to that other trailer thread. Give em a chance and see what they come up with. Just trying to give them the benefit of...
  323. Stanley

    Bewere of Aros trailer in Escondido

    So, sounds they're trying to take care of the problem and you're still gonna try to burn them on BD? Wow.
  324. Stanley

    Hand Ball in the Olympics?.....

    This guy was down for a month with a bad achilles.
  325. Stanley

    Bridge Named After OG BDr

    RIP, Dan.
  326. Stanley

    Well............. I'm not fishing for a little while.

    Just walk backwards and it won't hurt so bad.
  327. Stanley

    Fire in North County???
  328. Stanley

    Wireless security cameras-- ideas/options

    We're a huge building with cameras on multi-levels. Might be different for a detached SFR.
  329. Stanley

    Need f'ing computer help!

    Carbonite is your friend. For $59 per year you don't have to remember to do backups and you never have to worry about losing data, pictures, etc. I've had to use it 2X in 4 years (one/lost stolen computer and one crash) and Carbonite saved my ass...
  330. Stanley

    Wireless security cameras-- ideas/options

    I bought the 16 channel Q-See from Costco. Can monitor from my phone or computer. Probably not the best quality but a good price that works for us. BTW: Wireless means line of sight which can be challenging at best...
  331. Stanley

    Beach nostalgia...

    Regular Leaded 30.9 cents per gallon.
  332. Stanley

    Existance of Mermaids.....

    Existance? Yur speling suks.
  333. Stanley

    To the woman who was txting and rear ended me today.....

    My hitch has saved me a couple of times. But, I'm gonna find a locking one as I've had two stolen.
  334. Stanley

    Best Cell Phone Coverage

    I heard Sprint's doing away with 4G in San Diego. It was a joke anyway. Been with Sprint 15 years and will probably stick with them no matter what they come out with.
  335. Stanley

    What Kind of Snake is this?

    If I caught one of those I would call it a Garter.
  336. Stanley

    Big hammer swimbaits for Spotted bay bass

    I've had amazing results dropshotting bass at Barrett but limited success at the lagoon. Maybe I just didn't put enough time into the dropshot. I think I'm going to re-visit that method. Always struck me as a stupid way to fish but you certainly can't argue with the fish count. BTW...
  337. Stanley

    Killer Whale

    Seriously? LOL
  338. Stanley

    Big hammer swimbaits for Spotted bay bass

    UNIBUTTER!! And I fish the Big Hammer SLOW! Twitch Twitch..feel a tap and SWING!
  339. Stanley

    Denver Bronco has "Non-human urine"

    At least he didn't show positive for pregnancy.
  340. Stanley

    CAUTION Oceanside Surf Fishers

    Plan your trip where you don't give them the opportunity. I don't leave anything laying on the beach. Not even a bait bucket.
  341. Stanley

    hunter v.s. gather

    Dear Jesus Christ, I pray you direct some tweeker to steal all this jerkoff's rods and don't let him catch a fish for the rest of the season. I love you Jesus. Amen And I'm pretty sure the Thunderbird doesn't want to be associated with someone with your attitude towards those of the Jewish faith.
  342. Stanley

    Model Sail Boats offshore

    And your profile says Job: Watching Paint Dry :rofl: Seems like everyone I've talked to that has sailed to Hawaii has to go way south or way north to catch the right wind. Anyway, cool project and good luck!
  343. Stanley

    A local slug

    Maybe it thought you were one of those cool C&R kinda guys.
  344. Stanley

    Fuck Drew Brees................. Greedy S.O.B.

    Saints could always put a bounty on his ass. That's gonna be their legacy, right?
  345. Stanley

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    I had a kayaker poach me the other day. Then he offered a cold beer and all was well.
  346. Stanley

    Unwelcome Visitors 3:45AM 7/10/12

    CBad Popo definitely takes it personally.
  347. Stanley

    Unwelcome Visitors 3:45AM 7/10/12

    I posted this a couple of minutes ago but the pictures didn't turn out. So, sorry if I reposted. Woke up out of a dead sleep at 3:45AM. Got up and checked things out, flipped on the security camera display and sure as shit! Thieves left here at 3:56am and Carlsbad PD arrived in force...
  348. Stanley

    PG - 13 Shower scene video........Starring Carl.

    You said you weren't going to say anything.
  349. Stanley

    Clear Jelly Fish Looking BS???

    What did it taste like?
  350. Stanley


    $45? What? No Ocean Enhancement Stamp? Now, that would be dumb. Just for the sake of argument, wouldn't that disqualify the fish from IGFA (not having the stamp)? I wouldn't even bring it up (on a 2 year old thread) but you're the one that mentioned the $45. Irregardless...nice catch...
  351. Stanley

    Temblor here in SD...

    Met some clients from out of state asking about earthquakes. I guess that answered their question.
  352. Stanley

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    I remember that. The OC Register had pictures taken from the Wedge of people floating in the water. Couldn't find the pictures.
  353. Stanley


    Fatleg on the Blue Horizon said two guys approached the boat asking for Visas. Boat had CF numbers with a Gringo driving and Mexican with some kind of uniform on. Jimmy told them they didn't have Visas and the guys took off to another boat (which they boarded). They did not board the Blue...
  354. Stanley

    Cabo with the wifey

    You must have a good personality.
  355. Stanley

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    After the fact, I know...but I'd sure try to pay for anything like this with a credit card. Just adds another avenue of recourse. If they don't take credit cards, that kind of tells me something.
  356. Stanley

    Just another spot fin.

    Hey Ray! You eating those things? I cooked one a long time ago and it tasted like shit (I don't know what shit tastes like..but if I did it would taste like that SpotFin). Caught one a couple of months ago and Candy insisted on pan frying it. Actually tasted pretty good. Although, (I kept...
  357. Stanley

    Trailer Wanted

    Check with as many "boat oriented" insurance companies as you can (BoatUS, Progressive, etc.). They always seem to have a good line on trailers after paying a loss on a boat.
  358. Stanley

    ***STOLEN BOAT***

    Wheel boots, cameras, watch dogs...if they want it they're going to get it. Construction equipment Lojak might be too expensive. I know they don't give a shit about cameras 'cause they'll just cover their license plate and don't really care if you get a picture of their face. If you're like...
  359. Stanley

    Fishing License?

    If you're going to fish salt you need the Ocean Enhancement stamp.
  360. Stanley

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    That's a first. I've never seen a thread get deleted on BD for "being honest". But, please explain...why didn't you make your deposit with a credit card? I don't understand.
  361. Stanley

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    I can definitely relate to some of these stories. Especially Gary's the time I thought my compass was wrong and almost ended up on the beach in a thick fog (before radar) . (Same kind of thing happens with pilots when they slam into the ground thinking they are climbing.) And Spike's story...
  362. Stanley

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    Coming back to the harbor we got caught in fog so thick I couldn't see past the bow. Big swell at the harbor mouth made it pretty scary. Bought radar the next day. Coming back from the 43 checked the bilge and it was half full of water. Under deck bait tank discharge clamp broke. People...
  363. Stanley

    lake morena tips

    Watch out for rattlers. That lake is the snakiest place I've ever seen.
  364. Stanley

    Xtratuff boots

    Search the site. Someone just posted 3 pairs for sale.
  365. Stanley


    Good Try, Ray! And yes, they are stupid fish.
  366. Stanley

    Need a plumber in North County San Diego

    Call Matt (760) 889-1956
  367. Stanley

    Scott Sherman!!!!!

    Impressive win! 51% means no runoff in November, right?
  368. Stanley

    Local Lagoon Session

    Not much cooler than seeing a halibut flying out of the water chasing a baitfish. UniButter increases the hit ratio at the lagoon. Good report.
  369. Stanley

    Black seabass

    I find the term "Black" SeaBass racially insensitive and discriminatory. Why is it OK to shoot a "White" SeaBass but not a "Black" SeaBass? I see a class action. Another example of the man keeping the brother down.
  370. Stanley

    How does an Eskimo catch a polar bear?

    What do Eskimos get from rubbing noses? Sniff-less.
  371. Stanley

    cruising rpm on a skippy 24

    FlowScan (or one of the other fuel monitoring systems). Easy to install and you'll never have to guess.
  372. Stanley

    Quote of the day.

    If I die for a word, it's gonna be "POONTANG"!
  373. Stanley

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    Exactly. Also, is the boat going to incur additional liability by improper use of the AED? I think it's up to the individual boat owners to decide.
  374. Stanley

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    They're not that expensive anymore. You can get a decent AED for under $1,500 and a re-furbished for under $1K.
  375. Stanley

    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    This is just another example of the man keeping the brother down. ANARCHY! ANARCHY! ATTICA! ATTICA!
  376. Stanley

    Del Mar Gun show this weekend-Advice??

    My advice is...if you see a peep sight for a pre-war (1930's) Walther .22 Model V rifle, grab it for me and I'll re-imburse you. Can't make it down there this weekend but I need that sight.
  377. Stanley

    lost my truck/trailer

    That's a tough day of fishing. Sorry to see that.
  378. Stanley

    Carlsbad Lagoon-Spotty's on the take.

    Exactly. And I just bumped it again.
  379. Stanley

    Interesting read on the Spotted Bay Bass

    I did not know this: "Southern California spotted sand bass seem to have a complex reproductive strategy which may include flexible rates of female sex change among populations and sneaking males that mimic females within spawning aggregations." Good find, Jesse! Thanks for posting.
  380. Stanley

    230hp for a skipjack 24 open. Underpowered?

    Should be OK for an open but 6 guys plus gear is a lot for that boat. Best to do a test drive.
  381. Stanley

    How i clean my Trout

    You need a Wunder Boner:
  382. Stanley

    RE: great white at La Jolla

    Classic Photo! I'm sticking with the biting kind of shark.
  383. Stanley

    Home Refi, lets try this again

    Beat me to it.
  384. Stanley

    AFTCO presents - Guess the Species - Contest ends May 25th, 2012

    1st one is a fish. 2nd one is definitely a fish. Not sure about the 3rd one but I think it's a fish, too. What did I win?
  385. Stanley

    Agua Hedondia

    Yes, but usually only when targeting beans and Spotfins. Hard to keep the 6" bass off the ghost shrimp.
  386. Stanley

    Agua Hedondia

    Lotsa shorts with the occasional headshaker. Saw a 12 lb come off the docks on smelt (a rarity). With the water warming up there'll be more jetskis and wakeboarders so you have to either go early or late or stick to the YMCA lagoon. I've been having good luck using 4" Big Hammers (any color)...
  387. Stanley

    reebs bolt throwers

    OK. Learn the hard way.
  388. Stanley

    reebs bolt throwers

    You might want to delete the short fish in the dirt picture. Not a very nice way to treat a cool fish.
  389. Stanley

    Panama Adventure via Intrepid

    Trip of a lifetime. We used to catch those saltwater catfish out of the surf at Mag Bay. Wierd.
  390. Stanley

    big bear lake rules

    This from Big Bear More information about the lake. Lake Fishing Big Bear Lake is open for fishing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Lake is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout, with a limit of 5 per day. Other species in the Lake include large mouth bass, small...
  391. Stanley

    took a little stroll - warning Graphic

    Beat me to it.
  392. Stanley

    Pictures of the Lovely Couple That Ripped Us Off

    They got some our easier to reach security cameras (which will be worthless unless they have our system), car stereo and other small items. Still tallying the results. What really pisses me off is that bitch smoking a cigarette in our elevator. Some people have no respect.
  393. Stanley

    Pictures of the Lovely Couple That Ripped Us Off

    Happened this morning around 4am. Bless their souls, they're probably just misunderstood. I know, the date is wrong. This happened Friday morning around 4am.
  394. Stanley

    Dave Hansen at OAC meeting tonight 5/1/12

    Plus, he'll have to get the OK from me and Kevin.
  395. Stanley

    Tyrnos 2 Speed $169 at Big 5

    Seems like a good deal except then I'd have to buy a new rod for it.
  396. Stanley

    Dave Hansen at OAC meeting tonight 5/1/12

    Dinner and a chance to win a custom rod for $6? I'm there.
  397. Stanley

    Laptops, and computer stuff

    If your dick is long enough...I think you should go fuck yourself. Otherwise, I'm up for a ban. PM me and Saluki will advise 'cause you're a jerk and we don't need your crap. Let me know how this works out for you.
  398. Stanley

    Laptops, and computer stuff

    But for you being a probably could've worked something out. Stay in NY. Sounds like a good place for you. BTW: Just fired up the laptop and it works fine. I're an ASS...have a good weekend.
  399. Stanley

    Laptops, and computer stuff

    Tommy, I'll take it. Call me.
  400. Stanley

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    HA! Remember that? We're both going to get banned.
  401. Stanley

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    I blame Misuse. That guy's trouble.
  402. Stanley

    Support Your Local Tackle Shop North County This Saturday 4/28

    Pat's Bait and Tackle is having his 3 year Anniversary this Saturday. No Sales Tax Free Line with any small baitcaster Free BBQ and Drinks $1 & $5 Raffles Every Hour Pat supports Oceanside Anglers Club and Tourneys with a lot of free tackle. This was a lot of fun last year and should be...
  403. Stanley

    Something to look out for

    Same thing could have happened in San Diego, right?
  404. Stanley

    cooking scallops

    Looks like one of those things they cook Mongolian BBQ on (except they use an old nasty stick instead of a spatula). Very cool.
  405. Stanley

    Burgers to die for...........

    Don't know about dying for but next time you're up at Big Bear check this place out. Great Burgers!
  406. Stanley

    Street Fight!

    I think the black guy won.
  407. Stanley

    Amazing Osprey Fishing footage

    Awesome footage. They work our lagoon pretty good, too. I had the camera ready in case this guy decided to relieve this angler of his catch.
  408. Stanley

    Don't break into a marine's home

    Judging by their mug shots they look innocent to me.
  409. Stanley

    Salton Sea Report

    Salton Sea Yacht Club
  410. Stanley


    They've won 2 games. What's up with you guys?
  411. Stanley


    Yeah. Who's the shithead that decided property taxes and income taxes should be due within a week of each other? I'm blaming ??Fisherman. Not to change the subject, but the new scam is law firms are contacting the workers at Home Dump to encourage hitting up the homeowner's insurance policy...
  412. Stanley

    Applications now being accepted

    Yeah. What's with all the fagophobia? Let's stick to goofin' on the Irish.
  413. Stanley

    Jig Stop in DP Ripped Off in Broad Daylight!

    This guy was pretty bold:
  414. Stanley

    Save me from "Team Lizardfish"

    Absolutely!!! Although I think you or Kevin spiked my Pepsi last year. See you tonight.
  415. Stanley

    oside halibut tourny

    Hey Chuck, Just show up for the OAC meeting on April 3rd. We'll try to find you a ride.
  416. Stanley

    Which TV to get?

    I also think Costco has an auto extended warranty on TVs. I like buying there because you can compare pictures in a worst case scenario (glare). Someone else said check out the sound from the TV, otherwise you have to run it through a receiver if it sucks.
  417. Stanley

    Casting reel for surf fishing
  418. Stanley


    Sounds plausible to me but WTF do I know? I'm going with the above.
  419. Stanley

    Chest waders for kayaking

    Won't canvas waders fill with water if you get dumped? Just a thought.
  420. Stanley

    Gage / Grundens Presents - Caption Contest - Win a New Gage Technical Gear Bag

    Are you sure you have to lower me down in that hoop net thingy?
  421. Stanley

    carlsbad lake

    Nice going, Jesus! You must have missed the sign. You're supposed to drop a 12 pack at my front door before fishing the lagoon.
  422. Stanley

    Tebow to the Packers..........

    You wish. Vick's career is almost over. Watch for Tebow to land with the Eagles.
  423. Stanley

    Rest in Peace Daddy

    Just saw this, too. Sorry about your Dad. I can tell you my Dad also passed away on St. Patricks Day and the first few St. Patricks Day after that I didn't want anything to do with it. I just missed the old man too much. Many St. Patricks Days have passed since then and it's really to the...
  424. Stanley

    OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4/7/2012

    Good. I have a new ultra super secret strategy. We'll just follow Rickdiculous and poach his spot.
  425. Stanley

    I've got a Bleeder!!

    Objection!!! How dare you put a valid thought on this thread.
  426. Stanley

    I've got a Bleeder!!

    I'm laughing my ass off. Thanks for that.
  427. Stanley

    I've got a Bleeder!!

    LOL Don't take it personally. I just think your theory is wrong. But, everyone's entitled, right?
  428. Stanley

    I've got a Bleeder!!

    I think your theory is flawed. If you put pressure on a wound on dry land, you are applying more pressure to that specific wound than the surrounding atmospheric is applying to the entire body. In your example, a fish going down 100 ft. (3x surface pressure) will have no more pressure on the...
  429. Stanley

    OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4/7/2012

    Anyone else going to give it a try? Open Tourney, have to leave from and return to Oceanside Harbor. Lines in at 6am, weigh-in by 5pm. $20 per angler, $50 boat side pool, $20 Ladies side pool. 100% pay out and the club pitches in a couple of hundred. First place usually takes home $4k+...
  430. Stanley

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    "Pictured sharpener not included"
  431. Stanley

    Black' closed

    Blood Worms aren't a natural on the west coast, either...but they sure get bit.
  432. Stanley

    Fred Hall,MLPA,and the DFG

    Since you already admitted you had committed an offense I'm pretty sure the Warden was responding tongue in cheek. Oh, wait a minute, you wanted to know if it was legal to allow your baited hook to drift into a closed area? He shoulda handcuffed you right there! (Tongue in cheek, of course.)
  433. Stanley


    PM Big Joe on this site. He's a pro at this shit.
  434. Stanley

    BUCKLE UP!! - How much is this going to cost me?

    You picked a helluva time to step on the brake. LOL Like someone else said, these infractions affect us all. Helmet laws, cell phone laws, seatbelts, etc. It's all fine and dandy until insurance runs out then the tax-payers have to pick up the rest of the tab.
  435. Stanley


    Believe it not, the best (local) pricing I found for a NIB Glock 27 was at Iron Sights in Oceanside. Plus, they knock a couple of more dollars off if you rent one first. Not sure about other prices as I was only looking for a sub-compact .40 S&W. I know you can find them a little cheaper out...
  436. Stanley

    Dude doesn't mess around....

    If he did that in California his ass would probably be sitting in jail for brandishing, discharging and probably assault.
  437. Stanley

    F*** SEALS!

    We used 4" PVC with screw off caps and big holes drilled in them. Seals just waited until we pulled then attacked the nets.
  438. Stanley

    Mexican Navy and New Visa Requirements

    Let it go. All you're going to get is, "I'm never going to Mexico again." Others saying, "Good...stay away!" And, even some saying, "There's just as much crime up here...". It's all rumor and opinion. If you're worried about it...don't go. If you're concerned about careful...
  439. Stanley


    We ate it all.
  440. Stanley

    new car markup?

    Offer them $300-$500 above factory invoice. They still make money on the hold-back which they receive when the car sells. After they say no and you walk out...they'll come running out to your car.
  441. Stanley

    Beer signs

    Now that's just downright mean.
  442. Stanley

    Braid Fishing Products Caption Contest - Ending February 6th, 2012

    He's gonna be pissed when he see that bucket coming up.
  443. Stanley

    Help Me Fix My Computer

    System Restore Carbonite is your friend
  444. Stanley

    The banned list game

    He was too cool for this site. The boy had some good cigars, though.
  445. Stanley

    Launch Ramp Follies, Meh!

    801 area code is Utah. Most California drivers (that I know) have enough common sense to not drive in that crap.
  446. Stanley

    Best One Liners Before Casting

    Fuckouttadaway!!!! Or my usual one, "Sorry about that."
  447. Stanley

    Oceanside Harbor From the Rocks

    Very nice YFC. Good job.
  448. Stanley

    Do DFG go undercover?

    Absolutely true. I remember a couple of years ago a couple of sportboats were cited for overlimits. Turns out they had undercover DFG guys observing the infractions. Does anyone really think these boats would have taken overlimits with a uniformed warden on the boat? And what planet do you...
  449. Stanley

    The MLPA is Unconstitutional...

    Henry Kissinger is a war criminal? I did not know that. Edit: Ah...just saw the Ron Paul reference. You do understand this is a "Politics Free" site, right?
  450. Stanley

    Catalina Birthday Getaway Trip 1/13 thru 1/15

    I'm guessing Love Inc. and Traffic. Both done before Capt. Cabo was even born. Of course, I saw a 10 year old with a Deep Purple Tshirt the other day so WTF do I know?
  451. Stanley

    Local Trout

    So, you moved to South Orange County expecting serenity while trout fishing? LOL Like said above...BIG BEAR!!
  452. Stanley

    jim day

    Can't wait to see his diamond plated kayak. Nevermind, I think he already posted that.
  453. Stanley


    My card says to send to: DFG Lobster Report Card 3883 Ruffin Rd. San Diego, CA 92123
  454. Stanley

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    For less than a buck a week to fish anywhere I want in SoCal? No brainer. I would never buy a Lifetime License 'cause my cheap-ass would probably die the day after purchase. 2012 licenses already purchased because Candy and I will be fishing 1st thing Sunday morning. Eggs Benedict, Mimosas...
  455. Stanley

    Footage of a Once in a Lifetime Encounter...
  456. Stanley

    Big Bear?

    Kids will have a blast at SnowPlay! Might also want to take them by the zoo in Moonridge. Wouldn't hurt to bring a trout rod. Lots of kid-friendly lake access and you never know what you might snag.
  457. Stanley

    Buggin with Bailey

    DFG: Sir, can I see the lobster card for your dog?
  458. Stanley

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Tommy! (I'm Off) Peppermint Anal Lube is in the mail. You're still gay! Your Pal, Spooker
  459. Stanley

    Yellowfin in range

    Bump....just so we can see who the jackholes are.
  460. Stanley

    Keep an eye out, STOLEN RODS

    Sounds like an inside job.
  461. Stanley

    Early Xmas, My 1st butt, 44" 34.5 lbs.

    Are you sure Susie wasn't on the boat? :rofl:
  462. Stanley

    Waterfront Home For Rent with Boatslip

    Yeah, Ray...they're still in here.
  463. Stanley

    42 St Bernards Out For a Walk

    They use up all the air.
  464. Stanley

    Batten down the hatches !

    BRING IT! I have 45 days left on my boat cover warranty. I hope it rips it to shreds.
  465. Stanley

    Olympic Weight bench set

    There's more than one way to stay in shape at home. Just gotta remember to switch hands occasionally.
  466. Stanley

    Looking for a Captain & Boat for 2012 Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

    Try RenegadeMike next time. He's on this board and comes highly recommended. You'll have to book him early, though.
  467. Stanley

    Waterfront Home For Rent with Boatslip

    2 bedrooms 2 baths plus den or office on top floor with great water views. Includes boat slip for up to a 21' boat. Pool, spa, 2 car parking. Great fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, etc. Located in Bristol Cove on Agua Hedionda in Carlsbad, CA. NO PETS! $2,000 @ month (1st...
  468. Stanley

    BofA sucks

    BofA sucks. Did a 30% LTV, rate and term refi (no cash out), full doc, perfect credit and it took them 7 months! Only reason I stuck with them was the rep is a family friend. Broke two of my rules...don't do financial business with friends and never do anything with BofA.
  469. Stanley

    Who should the San Diego Chargers hire for their next head coach?

    Norv and AJ need to go this week then bring back Marty.
  470. Stanley

    Don't let this happen to you

    Surprised the doc didn't give you a tetanus shot (unless you were already up to date).
  471. Stanley

    Oceanside on Thanksgiving weekend

    Here's some numbers for the artificial reefs around Oceanside or you can just go north about 5-7 miles to the Barn Kelp. Carlsbad Artificial Reef 6 Acres 33D 05.00'N. x 117D 19.15'W Oceanside Artificial Reef #1 4 Acres 33D 10.95'N. x 117D 25.00'W Oceanside Artificial Reef #2 256...
  472. Stanley

    YMCA Lagoon Kayak Fishing Carlsbad / First post

    Had a chance to (legally) take my boat into the YMCA lagoon and on into the agua farming area. My fishfinder showed fish stacked on the east side of the railroad bridge and also just east of the I-5 bridge. Depth on an incoming high tide gets to 32 feet in both places. Drifting the channel...
  473. Stanley

    ? on traped water in engin compartment

    Taste the water. If it's fresh it's either rainwater or from a washdown. If it's salt, could be a thru-hull or deckwater getting into the bilge. Either case a good bilge pump should be taking care of it. If it tastes like piss, know.
  474. Stanley

    Rolled the dice

    Mine's down the hall 1st door on the left. Hey Tommy, can't blame me this time.:waglleybooty:
  475. Stanley

    Not what you want to wake up to at 4am

    Quick response from Carlsbad FD. Probably electrical.
  476. Stanley

    StormWatch 2011

    Lucky Mailman. Von's at 78 & El Camino Real in Carlsbad.
  477. Stanley

    Carlsbad Canyon Mako

    That 4th picture you can kinda make her out. Looks bigger than 500 to me.
  478. Stanley

    NEED HELP PLEASE Lake dixon trout tips?

    The bubble bobber allows you to adjust the depth of your bait. The more water you put in it the deeper it goes. If you're renting a boat, don't be afraid to fling a flylined nightcrawler (or Trout Worm) at the puddlers. Slow trolling a crawler with a split shot works, too. Otherwise, do what...
  479. Stanley

    Tribute to "Rock" Psycho Clown

    Why would anyone want to hurt a guy like him? Sad but great tribute to him.
  480. Stanley

    Lagoon in North County

    That sucker would be flopping in the frying pan...but that's just me.
  481. Stanley

    power outage in SD county

    I thought it was great! No TVs blaring, most phones out (Sprint was still working), no computer crap, all the neighbors outside talking to each. I think they should have a scheduled outage once a month
  482. Stanley

    Need Firewood

    "...A network of local, state and federal agencies is working with woodcutters, arborists and consumers to discourage the sale and transportation of infested wood. Wood that is bark-free or that has dried and cured for at least one year is generally safe to transport, Scott said. Said Turner...
  483. Stanley

    The Gallilean

    Boy, you're a negative son of a gun! Too bad for you. Would hate to be on a fishing boat with you cause bad juju always seems to find negative people. Ever hear of, "If you can't say anything good...don't say anything?" The guy already has plans to fish the boat, why would you piss on his...
  484. Stanley

    the pa system on a party boats

    It's what Fatleg leaves on when he's chewing out one of his deckhands in the wheelhouse.
  485. Stanley


  486. Stanley

    How to repel cats

    This one's probably available:
  487. Stanley

    Blue Horizon

    Limits all around. Jim & wife treated me to bacon wrapped bluefin and tri-tip last night. Git on the boat while the gittin's good.
  488. Stanley

    How to repel cats

    Rats and Mice will chew on your wiring. Cats will not chew on your wiring and will keep the rodents off your boat. A little cat hair & footprints is a small price to pay compared to hiring a marine electrician. JMO
  489. Stanley

    Blue Horizon

    They killed the YFT the other day on a 1.5 day trip. You definitely won't have 30 anglers crowding the stern. Good Luck and Have Fun!
  490. Stanley

    Tuna Grounds in 1hr

    I'd rather ride your Parker. Plus, you bait my hook for me.
  491. Stanley

    Good Oceanside Cop

    Agreed. And Mike was probably right, looks like he was walking around with a unloaded, non-concealed gun on his hip looking for a cop. Within his rights? Probably. Smart? Nope. If I see a guy walking around my neighborhood with a sidearm I'm on the line to Carlsbad PD...and it won't be that...
  492. Stanley

    Good Oceanside Cop

    I'm assuming the guy was a passenger so (as I understand it) not required to provide ID since he wasn't driving. I agree, he got lucky with the cop. It would have been a very different story in Carlsbad. Don't get me wrong, I think Carlsbad PD is the best but I think this guy was out to prove...
  493. Stanley

    Good Oceanside Cop

    The way it should be:
  494. Stanley

    Where should we retire?

    North San Diego County. Slip your boat right out front for great fishing or a sunset cruise. Fun Lovers Only! I can probably find you something in the $350K range. If you want peace and quiet...try Hemet.
  495. Stanley

    Best Place to Sell Freezer and Chum

    Craigs List.
  496. Stanley

    California contracting law Attorney.

    No shit. How many buy insurance based on the premium? We pay more by using Safeco but when it comes to a claim...they start writing checks.
  497. Stanley

    Shark week is getting a little old

    Mob Week is much better.
  498. Stanley

    Some scary shit

    Dis-Band the Federal Reserve! Dis-Band Congress! Anarchy! Anarchy! Attica! Attica! Can't wait to see the job numbers due out tomorrow. This should be fun.
  499. Stanley

    This Gal Knows How To Clean & Cook Fish

    Might be a good candidate for Tommy's Shop:
  500. Stanley

    PV 6 Nights For Two $399

    Last day of sale. Just ran across it...don't know anything about it.;jsessionid=16127E8CC22ECF9FED38AA07651719B8.app15?sourceid=90524
  501. Stanley

    pier/surf setup

    Spend $12 for a cheapo 6 lb. trout combo from Big 5 or Walmart. Carolina rig with sand crabs. Don't cast too far out and don't over-think it. Have fun. (This is for surf fishing only...not the pier.)
  502. Stanley


    Just use the free ones scattered all over the beach. Kool Mild filters work good...Marlboro Lights filters come in a close second.
  503. Stanley

    Passports will be required by ALL passengers until further notice???

    Just got my new one in 2 weeks flat without the expedited service. Of course, I'm not like most on this site that owe back child support or have felonies. Anyone that can't figure out you need a passport to go to another country to fish (especially after all these Passport threads) should...
  504. Stanley

    carlsbad lagoon bass

    The bite really turned on last night just before sundown.
  505. Stanley

    remington 1100 12ga like new syn stock never used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the coolest old school auto-loaders out there. Easy on the shoulder, too.
  506. Stanley

    The navy takes away another fishing spot

    It's already happened. Remember the 2009 Boat Parade when the little kid got killed?
  507. Stanley

    Ah the Mother F*ckin' Bootleg Fireworks!

    That guy should be a commentator for CNN.
  508. Stanley

    The navy takes away another fishing spot

    You're getting mean in your old age.
  509. Stanley

    The navy takes away another fishing spot

    I think you should go back there to fish and if the Navy guys give you any shit just tell em to fuck off. Let me know how that works for you.
  510. Stanley

    Stainless appliance package?

    X2 First place I check.
  511. Stanley

    Beef Jerky Help

    There was a whole thread on here a couple of years ago about making all kinds of jerky. You might do a search and see what comes up.
  512. Stanley

    Plumber (Carlsbad)

    Need a plumber to do some HOA work. Must be currently licensed and bonded (not working under their buddy's license).
  513. Stanley


    Takes a little longer if you have to pass a Dept. of Corrections clearance.
  514. Stanley


    Less than 3 weeks start to finish...just get one.
  515. Stanley

    SoCal MLPA Closures start October 1st?

    It does according to the San Diego Union:
  516. Stanley

    what is the ak of the shotguns?

    Check out the FPSRussia guy on You Tube. Here's his take on the AA12.
  517. Stanley


    Congratulations, Ray!
  518. Stanley

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    39 lbs. 5 oz. La Jolla
  519. Stanley

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    I was in South (Orange) County Court and was amazed how many were in there for shorts and over limits. DFGs doing what we pay them to do.
  520. Stanley

    RIP Glen Hausinger (Fishin4fun/Chance's Dad)

    I'll never forgot this memorial Glen did for Chance:
  521. Stanley

    Where can I purchase some of this?

    See, Tommy...I told you it wasn't just for backrubs.
  522. Stanley

    Bee Removal?

    Just dealt with this today. Couple of things: 1. There is no shortage of bees. Have talked to independent bee guys and local beekeeping clubs. They have more bees than they know what to do with. They say this whole thing about all the bees dying is BS. 2. Everyone says beekeepers will...
  523. Stanley

    So Long Everyone

    Sorry to see you go, John. We gave em hell that one day.
  524. Stanley

    OAC 10LB Test Tourney 6-11 lots of $

    I'll be fishing 4lb at Big Bear. Do trout count? This should be a good one with the roll-over. Good Luck, boys & girls!
  525. Stanley

    Alleged assailant in the Brian Stow case

    Funny how none of those articles mention Ramirez (a parolee) was found to be in possession of a firearm as reported in L.A.
  526. Stanley

    Dogfight with Lots of Romance

    As much as I hate dog fighting, this one was pretty funny (especially the music) and no one gets hurt. Fuckin' Ruskies:
  527. Stanley

    Looking for boat July 18 in Cabo

    Have yet to hear anything bad about Mike:
  528. Stanley

    In terms of accuracy and reliability .45

    No shit. Friend of mine just bought a Wilson Combat 1911. Wow!
  529. Stanley

    Recommendations for fish mount replica
  530. Stanley

    what to do when you catch a...

    I just flip em over (mouth side up) step on the tail and pull the hook. No need to eat one, there's a lot more better stuff to eat out there.
  531. Stanley

    U.S. watercraft fired-on by Mexican Navy?!?...Is this true?

    Didn't I see you on Cops? You know, the crack dealer that took off running and when asked why he ran he said, "I was scared!" How do you think those Federales are going to treat the next guys on skis they pull over? I'm thinkin' you should probably stay out of Mexico for awhile (or at least...
  532. Stanley

    For those inclined

    Suckin' more today. Enough is enough. Kinda makes our problems appear small in comparison. Hoping for the best for those affected.
  533. Stanley

    11 Pound Calico

    Finally, someone that knows what they're talking about. Leave the Fizzing Needle at home...all it does is kill fish. Nice Catch...Good Try on the Release...Screw the Haters and Internet Tough-Guys.
  534. Stanley


    Pour some of that Jungle Juice you make on 'em...that shit will kill just about anything.
  535. Stanley

    The (Barn) Owl and Pussycat
  536. Stanley

    First that

    Fuckers...I think someone spiked my water bottle.
  537. Stanley

    North County Lagoons

    Welcome to the board and WTG for a fish report as your first post. Keep trying for the flatties, they're just starting to come in.
  538. Stanley

    Restaurant - California Corvina?

    Tommy sells this that he calls corvina sea bass.
  539. Stanley

    Car theft deterent.....thiefs got our keys

    I had an auto alarm company install an under-dash toggle on the ignition wire. Don't know how well it worked but no one stole the truck. Think it cost me $75.
  540. Stanley

    "Barbless" Hooks...whats the scoop?

    When the game warden scratches the barb over his fingernail it had best be smooooooth. Dremel tool works good for this.
  541. Stanley

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    And that's what's great about America 'cause if you don't like it here you are certainly free to leave in search of a better justice system. Enlighten me, what other country provides free legal representation if you can't afford an attorney? What other country holds it's law enforcement to...
  542. Stanley

    The Banners/Ads are gone!!!

    I only come here for the ads.
  543. Stanley

    First that

    Shoulda had a non-drinking crew.
  544. Stanley

    Oside Flattie Tourney Swing & Miss 4/16

    Someone on our boat got drunk, passed out and got sunburned. Not mentioning any names. That is all.
  545. Stanley

    So What is the Longest Ride on a Wave?

    Pretty cool but I wouldn't call that a wave...more like a wake.
  546. Stanley

    Leaving today at 1pm for my Army Boot camp. Wish me luck :)

    Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks You're gonna like Virginia!
  547. Stanley

    Berkley gulp shelf life

    As long as they're not dried out they're fine.
  548. Stanley

    Long Beach Thresher How 2 Shows

  549. Stanley

    Vessel-property assessment ?

    My boat's registered in OC but kept in SD. I get a bill from both counties. I pay whichever is less and send a copy to the other county. I heard (last year) the county had people going out to the dry boat storage places and writing down CF numbers to send a bill.
  550. Stanley

    White shark tagged...with unintended result
  551. Stanley

    Biggest fish on a Penn Jigmaster 500/501

    My brother and I went on a 1.5 day sponsored trip on the Legend and everyone had a variety of Pro-Gears with matching fishing shorts, gloves, shirts etc. My bro took the JP with a 500 half spooled with pink 30lb. Ande. Great all-time classic reel.
  552. Stanley

    Fishing in Cabo

    Nice pictures.
  553. Stanley

    Wanna Get to your Favorite Fishing Hole Fast?

    Too noisy to hear Barry White on my 8 track. 10 knots gets my groove on.
  554. Stanley

    Divorced and filing taxes ???

    If you wanna be happy For the rest of your life, Never make a pretty woman your wife, So from my personal point of view, Get an ugly girl to marry you. A pretty woman makes her husband look small And very often causes his downfall. As soon as he marries her Then she starts to do The...
  555. Stanley

    My biggest butt ever!

    Excellent. Nice 'but, lady!
  556. Stanley

    Mexican Drug Lord's Home After Raid

    May be a re-post.
  557. Stanley

    Home Security Systems Info

    I've had some recent experience with ADT and I can tell you they WILL NOT honor their written quotes. In fact, they're trying to double their original written quote from $5k to almost $10k on our building. Any security camera guys out there are welcome to contact me (I'm on Carlsbad).
  558. Stanley

    2011 OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4-16-11

    Who's in? Rick will post details later but this is an "Advance Notice" to mark your calenders. Open tourney, leave from and return to Oceanside Harbor. Lines in at 6am...return to harbor by 5pm. Checks approaching $6K have been handed out in the past. Watch for future announcements from Rick.
  559. Stanley

    public weigh station

    Got your PM. Might try the local landfill.
  560. Stanley

    Anyone else had poor experience with Melton?

    I was told my item would arrive on the 16th and it showed up on the 11th. I love WalMart.
  561. Stanley

    Fuel Treatment Killing Shelf Life

    X2 on the Xtreme. Been using it for 1 year now with no issues. Plus, it's cheaper than StaBil.
  562. Stanley

    Winterize now-cold snap coming

    Now that's just mean. Besides, I'm sure there's a Hurricane or Twister right around the corner. :D You guys up North should bring your tomato plants indoors for the next couple of days.
  563. Stanley

    Winterize now-cold snap coming

    Heard our high on Saturday (San Diego) is supposed to be 46. Global Warming MY ASS!
  564. Stanley

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    I would be very careful. Judges don't like people fucking with their court orders. I remember a guy paying a judgement payment with pennies. The judge decided it was done out of spite and made the guy take the pennies back and further ordered the rest of the payments were to be made by...
  565. Stanley

    Oceanside Angler's Club Rods

  566. Stanley

    Stupid move!

    Check to see if they turned it in at the Harbor Police office.
  567. Stanley

    Tell me honestly.......

    I like both teams and just look forward to a good game (and winning our pool). Heard a radio poll saying Big Ben is the most hated player in the NFL. I think his off-field antics carry over to the team.
  568. Stanley

    Meet the new gun ship

    Yeah, put some wings on it and chase 'em down. Cool looking rig.
  569. Stanley

    Happy Birthday Johnny B

    Happy Birthday, dood!
  570. Stanley

    Bait tank drain 24 skippy

    Not sure you can (or want) to run the discharge from the bait tank as a thru-hull. We ran ours under the deck and out thru the stern (as opposed to thru the hull). Just remember, any lines run under the deck tend to be "out of sight...out of mind". So, any leaks can fill your bilge quickly...
  571. Stanley

    Watch out Taliban, BD is here........

    Tuesday, February 1 - M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge Live Fire = 0600-2359 Ø Firing High Explosive munitions into the Zulu impact area. - Artillery Live Fire = 0600-2359 Ø Firing High Explosive munitions into the Zulu and Whiskey impact area - Mortar Live Fire = 0600-2359 Ø...
  572. Stanley

    Old Jewish Man

  573. Stanley

    Car Needs Transmission In Carlsbad

    Oceanside Transmission just did some work for me. Seemed honest and fair-pricing. Ask for Dennis. (760) 722-7176.
  574. Stanley

    Anyone Buy a New Gas Can Lately?

    CARB's a joke! Now they're trying to shut down 7 of the 8 San Diego Bloodmobiles due to their inability to meet emission standards.
  575. Stanley

    My letter to Remington Arms Co... Regarding my POS R700 and 870

    I read an article the CHP is recalling all of their .40 Remington Golden Sabre ammo due to misfires. Sad.
  576. Stanley

    Oceanside Charter

    Don't know about good but: Sportfishing Oceanside San Diego Whale Watching Harbor Tours - Welcome to Helgren's Sportfishing
  577. Stanley

    My Dog is Destroying my Yard Slowly but Surely

    Does no harm to a lawn...not sure about plants/bushes.
  578. Stanley

    My Dog is Destroying my Yard Slowly but Surely

    Tobasco works good, too. Mix with water in a garden sprayer and spray it all down.
  579. Stanley

    Caught this -What is it?

    Flux Capacitor
  580. Stanley

    Lodging recommendations for Ensenada

    Hotel Coral & Marina | Welcome
  581. Stanley

    Xtreme Fuel Treatment Presents - Beat this Caption ending Jan. 26, 2011

    I just gave her a little love bite on the ass and she flew right out the window!
  582. Stanley

    Shocking Statistics! Ooooh Mexico Baad!

    Funny how these kinds of posts are always from someone....whoops, just saw it "fishing guide in La Paz". Makes sense now. Nevermind.
  583. Stanley

    Any BD ever experience this before?

    Saw a painter get caught washing his stuff in the gutter in San Clemente. Fire trucks showed up to put sandbags down, then the city workers to clean it up. Heard he got a ticket plus charges for re-imbursement costs on the clean-up. Most coastal cities have a stencil painted on gutter drains...
  584. Stanley

    Superstorm coming to California............?
  585. Stanley

    Waaaayyyy To much Detail

    If I stare at it long enough I see an image of....................nevermind.
  586. Stanley

    Steve the Lawnmower Man Back in Action

    "Don't fuck up my beer, now!" Poor guy still knows his rights, though. Steve Drunk and High - Neem de
  587. Stanley

    Were can I buy Unigoop

    Try Pat's Bait and Tackle in Vista (760) 630-2248 If he doesn't have it he can probably get it for you.
  588. Stanley


    And this should work for your daughter. Travel by Land and Sea US and Canadian citizens aged 16 and over who are entering the United States from Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean by land or sea are required to show a passport or alternative WHTI-compliant document such as a passport card...
  589. Stanley

    Sprint EVO

    I have a Sprint 4G. The only thing is Sprint doesn't offer 4G service in San Diego yet (they forget to tell you this when you buy the phone). They have a website to see when 4G is scheduled to be in your area.
  590. Stanley

    Marine Electrician Needed

    Joe Bizzarro @ Sea Connections (760) 458-0441
  591. Stanley

    External Hard Drive Warning!!

    Carbonite! $50 @ year and never have to think about backing anything up.
  592. Stanley

    what would you have done?

    A couple of years ago I witnessed a guy dragging a young girl into his car and hauling ass out of there. Lost him in traffic but got a license number. Santa Ana PD was nice enough to call me and let me know it was a dad getting his 14 year old daughter out of a crack house. I wouldn't...
  593. Stanley

    Perfect Hoopin' rig....Cheeeap!

    Pontoon Boats are Cool.
  594. Stanley

    Shooting a shotgun

    Both eyes open.
  595. Stanley

    1987 30' Sea Ray Sedan bridge sport fisher

    I'm assuming by not posting an asking price you want to do the auction thingy. I'll start the bidding! $500
  596. Stanley

    Missed you all- Im Back

    Did you bring that couch back with you? You know...the purple one.
  597. Stanley

    West -V- East Swordfish

    Great thread but you lost me at the flying squid. I still enjoy your posts, though.
  598. Stanley

    WOW! Check this Freak Muley out!!

    Once a buck is non-typical will it be non-typical every year?
  599. Stanley

    The Bar finally goes up. Incredible Cow

    I saw another article where the angler claims he caught the fish on a $20 "no name" self-wrapped blank. That's great!
  600. Stanley

    Week 12 Picks

    I'd sure like a do-over for the first half of this season. New England over DETROIT New Orleans over DALLAS NY JETS over Cincinnati HOUSTON over Tennessee NY GIANTS over Jacksonville WASHINGTON over Minnesota Pittsburgh over BUFFALO ATLANTA over Green Bay CLEVELAND over Carolina...
  601. Stanley

    Name your favorite tackle shop

  602. Stanley

    NFL Referees. Seriously, are these guys...

    ...going for their own reality TV show? Only valid call I've seen is Big Ben getting cold-cocked. Ref's shouldn't be a factor in the game. JMO
  603. Stanley

    Official Chargers Monday Night Football Thread

    I'm showing Bolts by 9.5 but this is definitely a "do or die" game. Oh, and I took the Pats over the Colts.
  604. Stanley

    If the 380 lb. fish spit the hook...

    I'm so sorry...I'll be more careful with my posts/questions so I don't accidently offend you anymore. Sheesh, where these noobies come from?
  605. Stanley

    If the 380 lb. fish spit the hook...

    ...and was then gaffed (don't know how that worked) would the fish still qualify? Or, would it be considered gaffing a free-swimmer? Big fish however they did it. 380-pound tuna caught aboard boat out of Point Loma By Ed Zieralski Originally published November 18, 2010 at 3:04 p.m...
  606. Stanley

    Anyone interested in a Fender Stratocaster trade for a gun??

    No Shit! I threw my geetar as high as I could and just couldn't hit one of those damn ducks. Same thing happened with my huntin' high as I threw him that lazy SOB didn't even try to grab one. Huntin' dog, my ass.
  607. Stanley

    Garage Cleaning everything must go

    Now THAT'S some funny shit right there! ReelFever, don't even bother...
  608. Stanley

    Fake Veterans

    I remember a neighbor would tell all these glorious Vietnam war he was an infantry captain, got wounded, blah blah blah. He gets divorced and his wife tells me he was a Spec 4 clerk for some transportation unit and never left CONUS! I would love to run into that guy again.
  609. Stanley

    Poison Oak/Ivy

    I think some of you guys are confusing Poison Oak with herpes. Didn't they come out with some kind of oil or lotion that's an acorn oil extract? Supposed to have immediate results. I used to be immune to it, too...until I got some on me.
  610. Stanley

    2007 Porsche Carrera 911

    Your car payment is 2x as much as my mortgage payment. Might be time for some Porsche jokes: What's the difference between a Porsche and cactus? A cactus has the prick on the outside. Hardluck guy goes door to door looking for odd-jobs. Homeowner says I'll give you $200 to paint my...
  611. Stanley

    Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Prevention

    CYNIC! I do a shitload of short sales and they're a pain in the ass! Usually, the seller has nothing to gain from the short sale and nothing to lose if it goes back to the bank. Each deal is different. What worked for your neighbor/friend/relative may not work for you. Between the Short...
  612. Stanley

    Junior Seau drives off cliff

    If that was a suicide attempt it was piss poor (guy on TV saying minor injuries). At least he didn't try to take any innocents with him (except a lot of people walk that beach in the morning).
  613. Stanley

    Oct 7-9 Cat report... Big Black Sea Bass

    Here we go! Line forms to the left...torches can be rented at the booth. This oughta be fun!
  614. Stanley

    10-3-10, PL/SD Bay+Oside Harbor drug/bug no bust

    I'm pretty sure they busted him for being an idiot.
  615. Stanley

    Kids & Dogs On House Arrest!!!!

    Get one of those garden sprayers that hook up to your hose. Dilute a half bottle of Tobasco Sauce in it with water and spray the shit out of the area. It won't kill your plants and the critters don't like it.
  616. Stanley

    Short Lobster Fine

    Problem with that is the judge is not going to hear your case on your first appearance. You either plead guilty or not guilty. If you plead not guilty they'll set a court date then the DA gets involved and you can make your case from there. You can pretty much be assured of a full pop fine if...
  617. Stanley

    Short Lobster Fine

    What someone else said....if you contest it, you're screwed. Plead guilty with an explanation and throw yourself at the mercy of the court. Make your explanation good, dress well and be respectful. Ask for the infraction and promise to be more vigilant. This is a one-time shot so don't rely...
  618. Stanley


    I'll be amazed if they pull this one off. But I'm rooting for them. Bigpondonly, thanks for that forensic editorial.
  619. Stanley

    What happened to the Dolphin at Seaforth landing?

    That was actually pretty funny. The CG is down there doing annuals on all the boats.
  620. Stanley

    Might need a new Fridge

    Yingst Discount Appliance in Vista (760) 726-4880
  621. Stanley

    Is BD Fucked up????

    Just lay off the gay porn and it will work fine. Bunch of friggin' fags if you ask me.
  622. Stanley

    ProTackle Presents - Show Me Your Sunset

    Local Sunset From Our Pool.
  623. Stanley

    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    I like keeping my rod in the trash can...keeps people from kicking it.
  624. Stanley

    9-19 Got beat up

    Look at the bright side....trout season is just around the corner.
  625. Stanley

    Anyone got a link to the Charger game?

    No shit! :D Now I just gotta figure out how to watch it on my HD.
  626. Stanley

    Anyone got a link to the Charger game?

    Got it. Thanks. Got it here, too. Watch Live Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers
  627. Stanley

    Anyone got a link to the Charger game?

    Post it here as mine's not working. HURRY!
  628. Stanley

    Any BD'rs work for the DFG?

    They just lurk here but the rest of us are know-it-alls about pretty much everything.
  629. Stanley

    new truck, what you think 4x4 or no need?

    4X4? It's like a gun...I'd rather have it and not need it blah blah blah
  630. Stanley

    Nation's Wealthiest Meth Dealer BUSTED!

    Whatever... YouTube - Police Seize More Than $50 In Wire From Nation's Wealthiest Crystal Meth Dealer
  631. Stanley

    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    I'd much rather see a contributing fish report as your 1st post rather than just trying to burn someone's biz. You neglected to say whether you approached Chuck (or the landing) about this and instead it looks like you resorted to posting this on a board you've never contributed to just to...
  632. Stanley

    ALL KINDS BOAT STUFF speargun? :D
  633. Stanley


    Great write-up! Pretty cool you came on here looking for dope on Swordies....then went out and hooked one. Thanks for posting.
  634. Stanley

    today i answered two of the oldest questions .......

    Everyone knows dishwashers are for cooking foil wrapped fish not for cleaning reels. This actually works.
  635. Stanley

    Oh Yeah

    Spray guard looks cool but that boat rides really dry as it is. Good job!
  636. Stanley


    Plus it will turn you into a good shooter. Love the .410
  637. Stanley

    2010 NFL Football Pool...This is FUN!

    This pool (based in North County) has always been limited to 60 participants. Now, due to the Internet infrastructure, it's unlimited. Cost is $53 and pays weekly then the big winners at the end of the season. Go here to join (then click on new members): Office Football Pool Hosting :: Pro...
  638. Stanley

    25' 2002 Sportcraft W/new trailer $5,800.0

    Officially designated as a "Hot Buy"! I'm sure this will go quick if all is as you say. Smart buyer will just show up with 58 $100 bills. Hell, that's a $3K trailer and that boat's just crying for a tower.
  639. Stanley

    what is an old tuna bamboo jack pole worth? thanks

    Post what they're asking and we'll let you know. I jackpoled YFT (last year) and it was a blast! This one might be better suited as a wallhanger.
  640. Stanley

    WTB older Toyota 4 runner 4x4

    I just happened to be on the Inland Empire CraigsList when I saw your post so you'll have to call them if you want add'l info.
  641. Stanley

    WTB older Toyota 4 runner 4x4

    1990 toyota 4 runner
  642. Stanley

    Fishing carlsbad

    Just know DFG is heavily monitoring Agua Hedionda Lagoon right now. Under I-5 bridge is posted. In the main lagoon (where they wakeboard) you can only legally fish on the South beaches of the lagoon (hard to access) or in the Passive Use Area (East End) as long as you don't go into the State...
  643. Stanley

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    I'm afraid we'll need to see pictures of your wife so we may draw our own conclusions.
  644. Stanley


    Yeah! Remember I asked you this when you called yesterday to rub it in my face? I'm thinking pigtail. :D
  645. Stanley

    Where to retire?

    I'd check this out.........but that's just me :D Adult Travel - Exotic Retreat Resort - Caribbean Vacations for Adults
  646. Stanley

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    I still nominate Snaggie. She always shows up and usually brings something really good to eat.
  647. Stanley

    Happy Birthday Babu!!!!!!

    Finally made it to the Senior Division. Congrat's, Pops!
  648. Stanley

    Real Estate Question

    Talking to a R.E. Attorney is the best advice you're going to get here as Title Companies don't like Quit Claims and a Cash-out Refi is going to be expensive as it will be a Non-Owner Occupied Loan and they're not going to want to hear you're retiring soon.
  649. Stanley

    Trying for marlin and lings , end up with the tow of shame

    Boat didn't sink and no one drowned. Hope you get it figured out quickly and cheaply.
  650. Stanley

    Aholes posting Shit in the wrong forum

    Couldn't agree more and I nominate you to be a mod. Maybe in charge of the "Dumbasses Posting Shit" Forum. BTW: Mark's El Nino nostalgia post was great. Brandon: You got fired cause I complained about the way my Santa suit was returned after the last BD Holiday Party. Dried blood in the...
  651. Stanley

    What do you put in your fuel???

    I've been using the ValvTect but can't really tell if it works better than Stabil. It is cheaper than Stabil and came highly recommended. That 5.7 V8 sucks so much gas I probably don't need to use anything.
  652. Stanley

    Legend fish report

    Is that the Ken's Custom Reel charter?
  653. Stanley


    Great bait for the surf! Use smaller hooks (4 or 6 baitholders) and you can usually pinch them off into 3rds. Don't cast too far out, the beans and perch are close in. Don't worry about a worm biting don't hurt that bad. BTW: Just re-read your post. Don't heave and leave. Carolina...
  654. Stanley

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    Sounds like Sam has this one pegged. Good job. Fishnbabe is strangely silent. LOL
  655. Stanley

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    I advertise for FREE all the time here on BD. Ali and Misuse have never had a problem with it (but I always ask first). If you're going to stick with the "conspiracy theory"...try Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Vacation Rentals - TripAdvisor BTW: Anyone want to buy a North San Diego County...
  656. Stanley

    Cal-Kona Marine in Oceanside

    As I bitch about everything and hate everyone I thought I'd give a review of a recent experience with Cal-Kona Marine in Oceanside. Most everyone knows this is the old Sunset Marine on Coast Highway in Oceanside that was bought out by their longtime employees Derrick and Dave. They're always...
  657. Stanley

    Boat trailer lights

    I'm pretty sure all lights (running, brake & turn signal) have to be in normal working order. Just go down to Harbor Freight and buy some of those $15 clip-ons. Oh yeah, don't forget the license plate light.
  658. Stanley

    Question: Mexico Cruise Fishing

    In PV you're better off just spending the day up the river where they filmed Predator (can't remember the name). You sit around a big natural pool with rope swings, rock slides, etc. Beers cold and the food good. In Mazatlan just take a cab to the El Cid. Cruise ship people get to use the...
  659. Stanley

    Little Johnny's getting married.....

    So, who the fuck is Bruce?
  660. Stanley

    Dominator 1.5 day report

    Now that's a fish report. Good job.
  661. Stanley

    What happened to Bloodydecks?

    You guys are mean! Poor guy just wants to bitch about accurate info from the pros and you guys give him a hard time. Too bad he wasn't here in the good ol' days...dogpile comes to mind.
  662. Stanley


    Lochs and Bagels tomorrow for the tourney? I'll bring the tomatoes and cream cheese. :D
  663. Stanley

    Going in for HUGE surgery tomorrow at Tri City Medical center

    You'll be in our thoughts, Kristie!
  664. Stanley

    Private Party Pistol Transfer

    Big 5 or Turners
  665. Stanley

    OAC Calico release tournament

    Not to mention Mike from Reebs Lures will be the guest speaker tonight (Tuesday). Serving $5 lasagna plates that include special raffle entry. 7pm Oceanside Yacht Club. Get there early for a good seat.
  666. Stanley


    What's the difference between meat and fish? If you beat your fish it will die.
  667. Stanley

    Holy Bats and some ODD shark.

    As hard as those things pull they are actually very delicate creatures. Even a minor line scrape of their slime can introduce bacteria. Same with grabbing them by their vents as the amino acids on your hands interferes with the protective slime. Best to just leave them in the water and cut...
  668. Stanley

    Good trip turned bad... lesson learned.

    Quickest cure for a hangover ever. Now, just plan on replacing everything that was underwater (and be glad this didn't happen 60 miles out).
  669. Stanley

    R.I.P Manute Bol

    Can't post a link...sheesh. Former NBA player Manute Bol dies at 47 - ESPN