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  1. warichio

    Poseidon 4/19

    I just wanted to say, now that the previous thread is locked, is I had a fantastic time in this trip. Who knows maybe it wouldn’t have been the same if the bite wasn’t so good. Crew was extremely helpful and did a fantastic job. If I recognize the cooler right, the guy that posted that thread...
  2. warichio

    WTB SuperSeeler 2x4

    Looking for a Super Seeker 2x4. Let me know. 858-336-6871 Mike
  3. warichio

    TRADE AVET JX 6/3 for LX

    I have an AVET JX 6/3 and am looking to trade for a LX 6/3. Reel is in great condition. Will throw in some extra cash. Located in San Diego. I can provide pictures for serious inquiries.
  4. warichio

    Limits on Pacific Dawn

    Great day on the Pacific Dawn. Limits for all 19 people, mostly between 40-70lb fish. Biggest was 120ish. 40lb test with size 2 hooks 100% live bait. Bite was pretty consistent throughout the whole day and exploded around 6pm. One stop we had some good boiled and good size tuna jumping out of...