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    WTT Talica12ii for Talica 16 or 20ii

    looking to trade like new talica 12ii for 16 or 20 have box and clamp.
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    Wtb Spectra deals

    anyone find hollow spectra on sale anywhere maybe izor or jb?
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    With tackle day

    anyone want to pick up couple things a tackle day I can pay little extra to help me get a couple things I got stuck having to work
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    Hire a rod builder

    Anyone have any recommendations on rod builder to build a set of sticks, any chance i might be able to get them done by the beginning of the year
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    Nov 4 trip or charter

    Some friends and I are driving down from Monterey nov 4th looking for a 1 or 1 1/2 day trip. Not sure and would like to know why a lot of the boat stop don't have trips scheduled for booking? Is oct the season end for some boats? And would chartering a smaller boat be an option? If so any...
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    Liberty or ranger 85

    im looking at going on a 2.5 on the ranger or a 2 day on the liberty any suggestions would be appreciated.