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    Any heavy equipment operators on BD?

    union / non union, shoot me a PM if you’re a heavy equipment operator or involved in that industry in some way. *not looking for work*
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    Cabo charter recommendations?

    3 people end of July. Looking for a charter operation that BDers recommend. Not looking for super high end. Renegade Mike still down there?
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    These DNA boats seem pretty tough....

    also, this guys YouTube channel will eat up your free time . Check out how they launch and retrieve this thing. Jesus. LOLLOL
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    For Sale Harnell, Sabre, Calstar rods

    Located in OC, cash or trade for saltwater/green bass rods/reels. Harnell 704 7/10 condition Fuji guides Fuji reel seat Very nice blue wrap with gold trim Small finish rash above first guide. Needs tip replaced $350 obo will trade for saltwater bass or green bass gear...
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    White privilege bassin' 6/6/18

    went to a lake in the safest city in the world Only fished 5" senkos and the RAT One blew up on the rat and then spit it. Lost the tail. Need a new one. Then this piggy ate a Senko like it was full of hate. I thought it was a big catfish or carp at first, pulled harder and heavier than any...
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    06/04/18 - rat fishin'

    stepped out for an hour after the kids went to bed. 2 fish on 12 casts Spro rat. First two fish I caught on this bait. Seeing them roll on it like a yellowtail at cedros was something else. Definitely starting to understand why some of you guys are throwing big wake/glide/swim baits. Also...
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    Pond hoppin south OC

    managed one on the jig. Farmed another one. Missed 3-4 like a huuuge kook. 2lbs? Not great at judging weight of these yet. It was a good 90 minute sesh.
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    Lake Forest? Anyone got any info?

    fished the one off muirlands tonight for a couple hours. Got one to eat a crankbait but he came unbuttoned right before I could get him out of the water. Any info on these lakes? Both seem like they have fish in them but I can't find any info. PM me if you want to keep it low key.
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    O.C. Lakes and ponds 5/25/18

    fished North Lake with a co-worker from 5:30 until about 9:00. Pretty slow until about 30 minutes before sunset. Picked a handful of 2-3lb fish on 5" thin senkos in dark colors. Twitch twitch.....thunk. Managed 2 larger models on shad pattern square bill crank bait with a really slow retrieve...
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    Eastern Sierra 101: seasoned pros please weigh in....

    4 or 5 of us are wanting to get a couple days away from the kids and wives and do a quick Thursday night - Sunday morning trip up to Bishop or Mammoth. Planning on driving up and staying at an affordable place on VRBO since we've all got young kids and budget is kind of tight. Most of us know...
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    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    if you guys are looking to stack that freezer deep, what are your go to meat hunts for relatively cheap? pigs in norcal? cow tule elk? mulies? blacktail? I dont mind throwing down some cash for big animal, but I have no interest in trophy fees.
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    Harveston Lake - Temecula.....

    Anyone put in any time there? I hear its got some pigs in it. Down in that area almost daily for work, going to try to put in some time this weekend. any tips?
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    Bluegill swimbaits....

    Seems like a lot of these are getting popular lately. Anyone fishing any particular one? I've got a couple of the jackal jointed ones and one of the Matt Lures soft ones. How do you guys fish the soft ones? I know the jointed baits are sloooooow retrieve with an occasional twitch. Any other...
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    Pond hopping...learning experience.

    fished a local pond tonight after dark. Shallow, maybe 6 feet deep at the deepest spot. lots of vegetation sub surface and some moss/matt in the down wind spots on the water. Pond doesnt get a ton of pressure, but the fish are pretty spooky. Started out throwing the frog for nada. fan casting...
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    Swimbait wisdom....

    So I've spent the better part of the last week or so being completely humbled trying to catch green bass on swimbaits. Jackals, Huddlestons, SPROs, Matt Lures etc... apparently there is more to it than just chucking it out there and grinding it back in like a Salas 7x. has beak or someone else...
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    Nighttime Green Bass....Swimbaits only?

    Just starting to get my beak wet on green bass, been fishing a couple local ponds in the daytime with some decent success on various kinda of baits. tried night fishing a couple times for absolute nada. Tried rip baits and finesse fishing creature baits like Yamamoto turbo-craw. no bites, no...
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    Colorado River between Laughlin and Havasu

    Anyone have any time on the water there? we go every summer for family trips but never done any fishing, thinking I would change that this year and bring some sticks. assuming its probably small spinnerbaits and rip baits on the river? any info is appreciated.
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    Glock 17 Gen3, Glock 19 Gen3, Glock 34 Gen 4, Bravo Company 16" recce 5.56.....

    Cleaning out the safe save for some sentimental and key items, child #2 on the way. Bravo Company USA: Recce 16: 5.56: Corona CA: $1500: Will ship YES: Rifle comes with 15" Troy VTAC handguard, Gunfighter grip, Magpul CTR stock, BCM comp, Daniel Defense T1 mount, T1 micro red dot...
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    Is there such a thing as a low cost elk hunt?

    Been looking online and it seems like an expensive endeavor regardless of where or when I want to go. I have all the equipment and have no problem driving just about anywhere for the hunt, just wondering if anyone on BD could help me figure out a cost effective way to get an elk in the freezer.
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    Looking to trade AR15s and a Beretta Skeet gun for some hunting guns.....

    Currently have: BMC 16" Recce, upgraded with VTAC 15" rail, BCM gunfighter grip, Magpul CTS adjustable stock and Aimpoint T1 Micro. this rifle is brand new, less than 50 rounds through it, it was a backup rifle for comp shooting and training classes. also comes with a carrying case. Henderson...