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    After Rockfish shutdown?

    What will the sportboats be targeting during the rockfishing shutdown?… Anybody know?
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    For Sale Newell 322 5 with box and paperwork.

    Very clean 322, I purchased is here several years ago, Was told it was "New, Old Stock" in box...... Not sure about that, but it was very, very, clean..... I've been fishing it for the past two years, but I take really great care of my stuff, so it still looks as as good as when I purchased...
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    For Sale Penn/Accurate/Tiburon 113-H Senator aluminum Tiburon frame with clamp. Super Clean!!

    Penn/Tiburon 113-H Senator aluminum Tiburon frame with clamp..... Excellent condition... Very clean.... Very well cared for. Check out the photos!..... $175 OBO
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    For Sale Truline!! Factory Truline Fishing Rod. VBG 6C 6' Super clean

    I am selling this factory Truline Fishing Rod. VBG 6C 6' Super clean, super well maintained. I purchased it new and honestly only fished it a couple of times over the years that I've had it. Beautiful and bright color, guides are bright and shiny, no corrosion. There is some corrosion on the...
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    Newell 322 Anti Reverse not Working...

    ....I was out on an overnight Monday and we got into some nice WSB and A few Nice Yellow's..... I was lucky enough to be one of the guys to get bit on both...... But about halfway into the fight with my Yellowtail, the anti reverse on my Newell 322 went out......... It would catch and then not...