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  1. warichio

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Owner mutu # 1 is much larger than another brands # 1, same with all the other sizes. Because mutu go down to #4 as the smallest what do you guys use below mutu #4? I start using mustad j hooks... but is there another better hook? I haven’t found a solid circle hook below mutu #4... more of a...
  2. warichio

    Trip cancellation 3/18

    also a huge jump in domestic violence with so many working from home together
  3. warichio

    For Sale SKB mini box

    If your sale falls through I’m definitely interested
  4. warichio

    SOLD AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    What does the G1 stand for?
  5. warichio

    For Sale AVET LX 6/3 WITH SPECTRA $300

    $250? I’ll buy it right now
  6. warichio

    Looking for two anglers to chase BFT this Friday, 6/28...

    Yo! I’d love to go. I have all my own gear. I could definitely call in sick for some action! Mike
  7. warichio

    Looking for new people to fish with

    I sent you a message but don’t know if you saw it. I’m always down to fish on the weekends sometimes during the week. I’ve got all my own gear. Let me know if you’re still looking for someone to fish with 858 336 6871
  8. warichio

    Poseidon 4/19

    I just wanted to say, now that the previous thread is locked, is I had a fantastic time in this trip. Who knows maybe it wouldn’t have been the same if the bite wasn’t so good. Crew was extremely helpful and did a fantastic job. If I recognize the cooler right, the guy that posted that thread...
  9. warichio

    SOLD SKB TakPak

    you ever come down to SD?
  10. warichio

    WTB SuperSeeler 2x4

    Looking for a Super Seeker 2x4. Let me know. 858-336-6871 Mike
  11. warichio

    what makaira do you have, and hows it rigged.

    Is that because your worried the hook will pull with the viper?
  12. warichio

    what makaira do you have, and hows it rigged.

    Bump on this thread. Just bought a mak 30 and planning on putting 400 yards jbh of 100lb and the rest 130lb jbh on it. I don't know what rod to get for it and wanted some opinions. Up in the air between 775XXH, SS2X4, and Viper. I was researching and saw the older 2X4 would have been the...
  13. warichio

    TRADE AVET JX 6/3 for LX

    I have an AVET JX 6/3 and am looking to trade for a LX 6/3. Reel is in great condition. Will throw in some extra cash. Located in San Diego. I can provide pictures for serious inquiries.
  14. warichio

    Limits on Pacific Dawn

    Great day on the Pacific Dawn. Limits for all 19 people, mostly between 40-70lb fish. Biggest was 120ish. 40lb test with size 2 hooks 100% live bait. Bite was pretty consistent throughout the whole day and exploded around 6pm. One stop we had some good boiled and good size tuna jumping out of...
  15. warichio

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    I'm thinking about going middle of next week on this trip, getting excited just thinking about it. What should I bring? I have a couple 50lb set ups, should I even bring those? or just rent the bigger gear when I get there? Should I buy some flat falls? What size line where you using? Almost...
  16. warichio

    Hey, I'm really interested in buying both your avets. I'm in SD but can drive up to you...

    Hey, I'm really interested in buying both your avets. I'm in SD but can drive up to you... Would you be interested in shipping if I covered it and gave you a little extra? If not, I can drive. I'm curious about the EX, I was looking at the avet website and only see the EX in 30, 50, and 80...
  17. warichio

    For Sale Avet, GLoomis, Seeker for Sale

    Pm sent. Im down to pick up the jx today. 8583366871