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  1. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 06-30 thru 07-02

    I am surprised the Captains have any time to post, BOLA has been busy. Drove down 06-29 with Phatmatt HB and our friend Nick. Drive was fine, no issues, and HWY is in pretty good shape. Got into BOLA late Sat afternoon. Headed to Los Vientos (which is about 125USD a night but the only place...
  2. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 05-21-19

    No pics because I'm lazy. Refer to fishnsnow's post for cool pics- especially the mission pic. Drove down on Mon 05-20 with no issues. Me, Matt and (2) buddies who have never been. Standard 30 minute stop a the construction on the grade (Santo Tomas?) Made it to San Quintin and stopped for...
  3. Beer Goggles

    old jigs, lures, and poppers

    I have not been schooled on what constitutes "vintage" gear. I am including a list of items and some pics of old lures that were passed down to me and have been sitting in the garage for years. The names include: Creek Chub, (3) pencil poppers and (1) surface plug, Stan Gibbs Company, Rapala...
  4. Beer Goggles

    Candybar Starman 150's

    I'm not sure if they count as "vintage" but I'm going to lean on the BD community for some knowledge. I just came across (19) Canybar Starman 150's in the garage. They have the "R" stamped next to them so I am told they are originals...? Some of them appear to have been unfished-I have...
  5. Beer Goggles

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    ** PICS ADDED at bottom ** My buddy Matt and I drove down to BOLA on weds June 6th. Took HWY 5 down this time, which was a first for me. It didn't take that much time off the drive down (9hrs 10 mins vs 9hrs 30 mins on HWY 1). The section of dirt road after gonzaga took about 1 hr 15 mins to...
  6. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 10-07 and 10-08- Amazing

    Just got back in from 2 days of fishing in BOLA. Drove down Thurs 10-06, several sections of road being repaired but the drive was smooth. The section before the Punta Prieta turnoff is being repaired but the potholes are still pretty bad. The work is slow but at least they are addressing...
  7. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 5-12 and 5-13 Lots of YT

    Me and my buddy Fat Matt decided to charge to BOLA first chance we had when the weather looked good. We checked the weather on 05-08 and drove out weds 05-11. Posted here for a couple open spots- but no takers. Got to BOLA in about 9 hours, roads were good except about the last 20 miles into...
  8. Beer Goggles

    BOLA 05-12 and 05-13 need 1 or 2

    We are going regardless but would like one or two more to help split the cost. I will be driving from OC Wednesday (05-11) and would like to get out early and into BOLA before dark. Probably staying at Daggetts and fishing thurs 05-12 and fri 05-13. It's just me and my buddy, Fat Matt (not...
  9. Beer Goggles

    Bishop- Pleasant Valley Reservior

    Went to Bishop and fish PVR and the Owens above the lake. The lake is wayyyy down and the walk from the power plant was longer than I can remember in many years. Float tube fishing near the boat ramp was awesome with (2) 30 plus fish days. I used mini jigs, Thomas Boyants, and Kasmasters...
  10. Beer Goggles

    4 free Hens

    My ASSociation says the chickens must go. 4 free hens, all healthy and laying, about 6 months old. I get 2 or 3 eggs daily and will include 5 pounds of laying mesh. I live in South Orange County near OSO/241 toll road. If u dont want them as pets, have a BBQ, use as shark chum, feed them to a...
  11. Beer Goggles

    Anyone going to Blake Jones?

    Blake Jones Derby 03-16-13. Anyone else going to be in Bishop? We Will be staying at Creekside Inn and drinking at Rusty's on friday/sat nights..:hali_olutta: Always a fun time and the weather looks great for next weekend..
  12. Beer Goggles

    Blake Jones Derby????

    Did anyone make the Blake Jones Derby in Bishop this weekend (March 17th)? We had to cancel because of the weather and I haven't seen any results/ pictures posted online..??
  13. Beer Goggles

    June Lake 10-06 thru 10-09

    I haven't been able to get down to baja so I decided to take the family up to the June loop...This is my fourth trip this summer and the weather was by far the best I have had..A recent healthy dusting of snow had everything looking beautiful... Stopped on the way up at the usual Bass Pro...
  14. Beer Goggles

    94 Valco Bayrunner 23' **$6,900**

    SOLD***SOLD***SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD*** 1994 Valco Bayrunner 23' -Purchased from original Owner in 08- (2) 62 gallon fuel tanks,T-top with canvass side curtain enclosure, reinforced swimstep, large 43 gallon bait tank, custom leaning post, seat, and tackle...
  15. Beer Goggles

    Handheld Marine Radio

    Want to buy good or like new handheld VHF..PM me and let me know what you've got.
  16. Beer Goggles

    98 Econoline -poor mans sportsmobile

    For sale or trade- 98 ford econoline V-10 w about 128 K miles. Seats 4 people- Queen bed in rear, single bed across front seats (only about 5' 6 across) Queen bed on roof w/ pop up camper on roof racks (sleeps 2)- I am 300 lbs and have slept up top as well as hung out on the deck...
  17. Beer Goggles

    Fully rigged hoop nets w/ cages- Cheap

    Fully rigged hoop nets with bait cages (not pictured)...(3) different styles 1) Promar 36" ringed hoopnets (lay flat) - 4 total $20 each w/ bait cages 2) Promar conical style hoop nets - 5 total $25 each w/ bait cages 3) Danielson conical style hoop nets - 2 total $25 each w/ bait cages Nets...
  18. Beer Goggles

    Need 1 or 2 for San Quintin run

    Anyone out there available to run down to San Quintin Next Weds 07-01 to fish thurs and fri- and return Sat 07-04..Want to split the costs with someone or maybe 2 others...I am familiar with the drive down and the area...I am flexible on departure times and can come home whenever but would like...
  19. Beer Goggles

    Insulated Offshore Kill Bag

    Insulated heavy duty kill bag with drain. Still new in packaging. Measures approx 7 ft long by 3 feet high. Asking $150 obo
  20. Beer Goggles

    Shimano Tiagra 80

    Shimano Tiagra 80 spooled with 950 yards of new 200 Spectra W/ 125 Fluoro topshot. Trolled 1 time for (2) hours- thorough cleaning after use. Not a mark or scratch on the reel appears as new in box. Included is all unuused mounting hardware, tools, manuels, box, and other papers, as well as...
  21. Beer Goggles

    La Paz/Muertos 05-18,19,20 - Tortuga

    Short Version- Pargo Perro, Pargo Liso, Pargo Mulato, Pargo Rojo, Wahoo, Amberjack, Cabrilla, Pompano, Jack Crevelle, and too many F'in Bonito and Needlefish. No hassles, accept Alaska Airlines changing their policy on my rod tube while I was on the trip (they too now charge). Brought back 100...
  22. Beer Goggles

    La Paz 05-18 thru 21 08' anyone else?

    I decided to jump on a plane last minute and head to La Paz to fish solo...I'll be fishing 05-18,19, and 20th and I have room for one more on the Panga..If anyone is down near Muertos and wants to get away from the wife for a day or two of fishing, beer drinking :food-smiley-014:, and telling...