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    Teramar 8ft Heavy X Fast

    chamackO submitted a new listing: Teramar 8ft Heavy X Fast - Teramar 8ft Heavy X Fast Learn more about this listing...
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    Surf rod heavy rating

    chamackO submitted a new listing: Surf rod heavy rating - Surf rod heavy rating Learn more about this listing...
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    Shimano Saragossa 10K

    chamackO submitted a new listing: Shimano Saragossa 10K - Shimano Saragossa 10K Learn more about this listing...
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    Travel surf rod?

    Wanted to see if anyone had experience with Okuma travel surf rod. Which model and what did you throw?
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    Rod Travel Tube

    Looking for travel tube that can fit 3-4 rods
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    Okuma travel rods: inshore and surf

    Looking for Okuma travel rods. Spinning models for inshore or surf. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Calcutta 300D — $160

    Shimano Calcutta 300D in great condition, loaded with 50# power pro. Comes with reel cover here. $160 FIRM picked up in LA County or $175 shipped with insurance.
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    Daiwa BG 3500 or similar Penn/Shimano

    Seeking BG 3500 or similar in Penn or Shimano. Also looking for a surf rod if you have one
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    BlackHole Suzuki

    Wanted to post here before I try to order a new one. Looking for BlackHole Suzuki in excellent condition. Can meet up next week to pick up.
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    Avet 50 Harness Lug

    Might have more luck on this forum. Looking for harness lug for Avet 50. Thank you
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    Avet 50 Harness Lug

    Looking for harness lugs for Avet 50. Just need 1 but if you have a pair, I'll take them from you. Spoke with Avet but wanted to see if anyone had extra's laying around. Can meet up this weekend. Thank you
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    shears to cut braid?

    I recall that the crew on the LR boats - not sure if Shogun or RS - like to use shears that could easily cut braid. Anyone else notice this and remember the brand/type? Saw these on sale and reminded me... might just try it anyway:
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    Alaska Air "tackle box"

    Does anyone know how Alaska defines "tackle box"? Will the soft sided coolers pass as a tackle box? Hoping to use a soft sided "tackle box" to store mostly boots, clothes, and a few lures and hooks.
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    Penn Silver VISX 12 with JB80

    Brand new VISX 12 loaded with 500 yards of JB 80lb braid. Never fished. Priced lower than if you were to get this off eBay with discount and spool up the braid. SOLD Have a Torque 40 that I have fished so I'm going to sell this one. Can meet in person around LA or SF Bay Area. Shipping extra.
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    RS Mazatlan?

    Didnt find any reports, but I'm sure some BD'ers went... If so, would appreciate hearing about the fishing and overall setup. Thanks!
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    Torpedo sinkers 16/24/28/32oz

    Torpedo sinkers for sale in 16, 24, 28, and 32oz (2). Thought I needed these for Lupe and just used 2 of them LOL... you can see some of these are brand new from Bob Sands. I dont need these many, so hopefully someone can make use of them. I paid more for them at retail+tax at Bob Sands. Will...
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    Blackwater 80# and Seaguar 100# fluoro PENDING

    Bought these for Lupe but never had to use them (we fished 35, 40, and 50# topshots)... $35 each. You're saving $12 before taxes. Figured I will let them go rather than hold them next year. Located near downtown LA. Blackwater 80# fluoro - SOLD to John Seaguar 100# pink fluoro - great for those...
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    Phenix Abyss 809 or 909 for $150 - Reduced

    Looking to selling one of these because they’re duplicative. I have caught yellows up to 30lbs on them... great rods for fishing squid on leadhead. Both have reel seat and factory wrapped in great condition. REDUCED $150 for one - picked up near downtown LA. Thanks
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    NEW Penn VISX 12 Silver w/ JB 80# for $530 - Reduced!

    **Will be in SD on Weds 11/21 or Fri 11/23... can meet at Fishermans Processing** Brand new Penn VISX 12 in Silver with 500 yards of 80# JB hollow by Alan Tani. Braid alternates colors every 100 yards so you know exactly where you are. Never been fished nor have clamps even been on the reel...
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    Andros 16 for $330 - Reduced

    Okuma Andros 16 in great condition. Recently serviced by Okuma so it spins very nicely. Has 500 yards of 80# braid. Top 20 yards is hollow Pro Spec so you can fish wind on or just tie Bob Sands to top shot. 480 yards of 80# solid underneath. Connection is marked black so you’ll see it come in...
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    Phenix Axis 720X2H $220

    Phenix Axis 720X2H for sale. Added a heavy duty shrink wrap on foregrip from Island Tackle. This allows you to comfortably fish the rail without damaging the foregrip. Rod looks great except this small nick in the reel seat and blemish in the gel coat which can be easily fixed. Or you can fish...
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    Hoo at Lupe

    Came off the Royal Star 7 day on 10/13 Saturday. Wanted to share that we saw 5 free swimmers off the bow at Lupe. If you're going, you may want to bring some chrome jigs/bombs and wire leaders. We trolled marauders between moves and threw some jigs/bombs but no bites. Latest RS report mentions a...
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    Extending foregrip

    Just bought a Phenix 869XH that I’m excited to fish. But the foregrip is a little short to lay on the rail. The foregrip is cork with X wrap over it. There isn’t any fancy wraps so I’m thinking of using corktape to extend the foregrip another 10 inches and then putting X wrap over that. Any...
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    Off the Market

    Off the Market
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    Phenix Axis 720H $160

    Phenix 720H in like new condition. Pricing firm at $160. Great rod with nice tip for smaller bait but plenty of backbone. You can also fish YOYO all day with this rod. Located near Downtown LA
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    Makaira XH Popping Rod $120

    In decent condition with some oxidation under guides as many of these popper rods. Will fish just fine. Great rod for larger spinner fishing 80-100lb braid. Selling for $120 firm. Located in Los Angeles. Have a tube to ship, but shipping is on your dime. PM your interest
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    Guide ID?

    I'm hoping you can pls help me ID the make and model of this guide. The tip top insert popped and I'd like to confirm the tackle shop as this particular tip top guide in the right size before I trek over. Rod is custom Phenix Hybrid 700X4H. I see online it's a size 11 tip size. Thank you
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    Looking for Avet 50SDS

    Got what I needed.
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    Torium 16 & 20: $100ea

    For sale: Torium 16 and 20 for $100 each picked up near Downtown LA. $110 shipped. Prices are firm. First 2 photos are for the 16 Second 2 photos are for the 20 Both reels are solid mechanically having been serviced by Alan Tani. Always rinsed with freshwater after use. Comes with plenty of...
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    Kokatat Kayak Otter Paddling Jacket

    Brand new with tags on. Men's Blue Medium. Retails for around $100. Selling for $60 shipped to you.
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    Wavy Seaguar Premier after fight?

    I noticed that my seaguar premier 80# fluoro leader became wavy after a 20-30 min fight with a 100# class YFT. It almost looks like I had wrapped it tightly around a pencil and the memory wont go away. Obviously I cut off the fluoro (and saved it) before tossing out another bait. I'm guessing I...
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    Lupe 11/10-16

    Just got off the Shogun Seeker 6 day this morning. Quick report for anyone heading out soon. I had several BDers message me with tips and info so paying it forward. We had very tough conditions with wind blowing 20-30+ entire trip. Really made it a tough week on us and all the other boats out...
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    shogun rental gear?

    Does anyone know what rental gear the shogun has for the tackle package? Especially curious about 80 and 100 setups and whether they flyline well. I called the office, but they didn't have specifics. Do they also carry fluoro or lead for purchase? Have first LR with my brother coming up and...
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    Offshore 8/5, 271# with Bight Sportfishing

    Complete version - hope there are some takeaways here: My brother and I were joined by Brendan to fish Sat 8/5 with Brandon Hayward, Bight Sportfishing (FKA onemancharters, now several guys... James, Wes, and others). We book with them many months in advance because my brother and I have busy...
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    Daiwa servicing

    Figured this would be the best forum for higher-end spinning gear. Want to get an Isla 7000 serviced. I purchased it used last season and didn't have time for servicing before I had to fish it. Considering Daiwa factory instead of Alan Tani (who's always been great) since the reel is already in...
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    Hand fed

    Caught the lunch time feeding at BPS. Thought you guys would enjoy.
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    TLD 20/40, $60

    Decent cosmetic condition but mechanically sound on both reels. Both reels come with clamps. The 15/30 comes with 50 or 65lb braid. $60 picked up in LA. Add $10 for shipping. 15/30 SOLD 20/40 Available
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    Daiwa Sealine-X 20SHV $80

    Great condition except for the small nicks on the gold trim. Comes with box and spooled with 50 or 65lb braid. Didnt see much use... maybe a handful of trips. Great reel to have when they're eating chovies. $80 picked up in LA or $90 shipped. Thanks
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    WTB: 3000 size spinning reel

    Got a free spinning rod and now I need a spinning reel to go along with it for inshore loaner use. Looking for a 3000 sized spinning reel in great condition. Something like Shimano Symetre or Penn Battle would be great. Giving BD a shot before I look on eBay. Must be willing to ship to SF Thanks
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    Rust on guide feet

    Picked up 2 used rods that are in great condition except for some rust on the feet of the guides. What's the best way to clean these up? I know it's not going to be like new but hopefully a little better. Thanks.
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    Phenix Axis groove in guide

    **Update below. Resolved** Anyone know the make/model/size of guides and thread used on the factory Phenix Axis rods? I was cleaning my gear and noticed that one of the guides on my Axis 780XH had grooves cut into it. Guessing this is from the braid. I'm surprised given this is only on the...
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    WTB Axis 780XH or 720XH

    Looking for this rod in excellent condition. Thanks.
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    Best pop/jig tackle shop in SoCal?

    Need to get some JB hollow on a spinning reel and also pick up terminal tackle/hooks/flat falls. Which tackle shops in SoCal (LA county or OC) know their popping/jigging best?
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    WTB Saragosa 10000SW

    Giving this a chance before eBay. Looking for Saragosa 10000SW in excellent condition. No braid is ok (preferred) **found one**
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    Calstar 670 and 270-8H, matching wraps

    Calstar 270-8H in good condition - $100. You'll notice a more matte finish near the foregrip and some very light scratches on the clear coat from overzealous scrubbing. Pure cosmetic without performance issues and will be fine for a long time. That is the only reason why there's a price...
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    Calcutta rod 820xfa (Made in Washington)

    820XFA model made in washington. Cork, wraps, and clear coat are in excellent shape. A little bit of rust at the foot of some guides, which is about normal by now. $150 - picked up in Los Angeles. SOLD Thanks, Alex
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    $60 each: TLD star reels and Calstar

    2 reels: Shimano TLD 15/30 and 20/40. Mechanically sound, cosmetically decent. Overall bulletproof reels. Calstar 660 wrapped by Yo's awhile back but performs great. Matches well with either reel. $60 each. $110 for two. $160 for all three. picked up in LA PM me your phone
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    765ML ring guides $150

    765ML with ring guides in excellent condition. Hypalon foregrip with cord rear grip. Aftco reel seat. Black gimble. Triple wrap was very well done. SOLD, picked up in LA. 765L SOLD
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    1 spot Fishing 7/1 with Seasons 3pak

    Last minute have 1 spot open with Seasons Sportfishing's 23ft Parker. Running for BFT, leaving 6am. $366 per person. Call me 213 220 9757
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    Late report: 6/4 jumbo yellows with onemancharters

    Sorry for the late report. Just getting around to this after a bunch of traveling. My brother and I joined Fumio for a 3pak to look for CBass on 6/4 evening with Brandon Hayward ( I sent my buddy to fish with him the week before and he got one so I was pretty excited to...
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    "Prolonged El Nino" or New Normal?

    Reading this suggests that we went from an El Nino year right into a "new normal" of dry warm weather period that'll flip into a wet weather period. Anyone else have some credible explanation of why the water has remained warm? Went crabbing up in SF and the deckhands said the Bay's water temp...
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    JRI jig descriptions

    Wish I bought these at Fred Hall, but now I'm reading the descriptions and every surface jig sounds the same. what is the difference between the 7 vs 4 vs 3 besides weight and size? looks like one of them (cannot tell which one) has a flat side versus the curved. Can anyone share which...
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    WTB Okuma Citrix Travel Rod

    Looking for spinning model in ML (6.5ft or 7.2ft) and casting model in H (7114H) Thanks,
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    Guadalupe in late-December?

    Shogun just added a late December trip to Guadalupe. Last year, they killed the fish throughout December, but that was a full blown El Nino. What does BD think about a Lupe trip in late December? Too late in the year? Asked around some folks, but no one seemed to have been to Lupe in...
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    Looking for Okuma Travel Rods

    Anyone have one they want to let go? Prefer meet in person in Southern CA/Fred Hall this weekend. Thanks, Alex
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    defrosting processed fish

    Figured this would be the best place to ask given you guys also use the fish processors after a long trip. I had some fish processed by 5-Star back in July. Amazing quality on the fresh tuna. The frozen product has also been great, but I noticed that the coloration is not the same. I havent...
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    Offshore 8/9 big YFT with onemancharters

    Fished a 5am-5pm "Guadalupe Special" on Sunday with Brandon Hayward of Brandon is better known for seabass fishing and that's what we called him for a few weeks ago. We already have a freezer full of YFT and we were looking for something different. Unfortunately August...
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    WTB: Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Looking for a Penn Fathom 40NLD2. Thanks
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    Offshore 7/4 Vagabond 3 Day

    Late report so just going to focus on essentials that might be helpful. Fished in general vicinity 170 miles down with First String (you can see Tunaslam's detailed report) for 10-20# YFT. JP was 23#. Took some time, but great fishing once we found them. Make sure you have some smaller hooks...
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    Colt BK filing

    Not really a gun guy, but this surprised me for some reason:
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    rod builder in LA County?

    Looking for rod builder in LA county. Hoping to support BD member Thanks,
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    party boats - salmon and rockfish

    Decided to finally try out Bay Area party boats since moving up here from socal... which means I need to have some gear for Norcal fishing LOL How do these salmon and rockfish trips work? I assume all trolling for salmon. I'm reading about pulls - are the deckhands telling you how many pulls...
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    soft-sided cooler

    I figured this would be the best place to ask given the flying... What are your recommendations for a soft-sided cooler. Plan is to fold up it up on the departure, and hopefully have it full of fish on the return.
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    how much braid

    I was reading the thread on new Okuma Metaloids and saw some comments from folks who wanted more than 300yds of braid on the reel to fish 30-40# I thought that was quite excessive for that line class. I'm planning the gear list for my first LR 5 day in mid-July next year. I'm thinking that...
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    Damp braid and maintenance

    Recently picked up some used reels that have braid underneath long (50yd) top shots. After I dump the mono top shot I'm seeing braid that look pretty good (minimal fade or frizzle) but they feel and smell damp. I'm guessing this dampness isn't good for the braid. Is that right? I'm planning...
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    WTB - two 50-60lb rods

    Looking for two rods in the 50-60lb class... 6.5ft or 7ft length. Would like under $150 each Ideally these models or something similar... no rollers. 6470H 6465H Feel free to post pics here or text me 213 220 nine7five7 Would like to pick up on Saturday in LA/OC area Thanks, Alex
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    Recommendation for 10ft surf casting rod

    Looking for recommendations for a 10ft surf casting rod that'll typically sling 4-5oz of lead + whole squid for rays and sharks off the beach... and might see some experimental trout-imitation swim bait duty at Castaic. Must be light and graphite.... not really a fan of the Ugly Stick type of...
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    My friends are trying to put together a 6pak this weekend. Anyone been on the Spectra lately? I remember the guy who owned it used to post alot on here. Thanks!
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    swimbait rods

    Got 2 swimbait rods in the classifieds... figure I link it here since you guys can tell what I'm trying to sell :hali_olutta: Thanks!
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    swimbait rods in classifieds

    Got 2 swimbait rods in the classifieds... figure I link it here since you guys can tell what I'm trying to sell :hali_olutta:
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    Hudd Swimbaits for sale

    Just got these last week and realized I may have "over ordered." All brand new, fresh, still in package. Looking to get what I paid for them :hali_olutta: 8 inch weedless Rainbow Trout ROF5: SOLD 8 inch weedless Rainbow Trout ROF12: SOLD 68 Special Rainbow Trout ROF12: SOLD PayPal...
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    Swimbait rods for sale

    Both are great rods for the big swimbaits IROD Genesis 2 Large Swimbait - excellent condition, used once but you wont be able to tell. Throws the 8" Hudds very well all day. This is a very light rod with microguides. $130 shipped or $110 picked up in Bay Area - FIRM Specs here - IROD...
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    i want to pick up some gloves for sun protection. anyone have recommendation or particular preference? i'd like something that can dry off relatively quickly
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    Daiwa Samurai?

    Had intentions to load up my Daiwa 253 with 70# Daiwa Samurai braid for freshwater BIG swimbaits. Got talked by the tackle shop into Suffix 832 instead. They mentioned that quite a few folks wanted the Samurai because it was so soft and quiet, but had lots of issues with wind knots (and...
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    what trout is this?

    my coworker has been talking about his sushi restaurant serving up some excellent farm raised trout that tastes better than salmon. he finally snapped some pics of it. i cant ID this thing. the flesh is red like salmon, but the fish looks almost like a rainbow trout. note the mouth and red...
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    WTB Huddleston weedless

    looking for either 6inch or 8inch versions, any ROF.
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    Data Recovery recommendation?

    Anyone have a recommendation for data recovery or have any advice on how to find a good one? Accidentally dropped my external hard-drive, and now it doesnt work....:Dynamite:
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    Help choosing the right Trevala

    Need your help with an entry-level Trevala. Do the Trevala's run light or heavy in their jig weight range? If I intend to fish butterfly jigs from 110g-160g, which Trevala should I go with? Application will be primarily rockfish and lings in water less than 150' in Northern California...
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    Pics of portable FF set-up's

    I'm planning to put together a portable FF set up this season to use on rental skiffs. Budget will be under $300 for the entire set up (used FF and mounting accessories). Can anyone share how they've set up portable fish finders? I see the portable transducer mounts on Bass Pro Shops...
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    Albie trips

    Thinking about getting on the next available Albie trip out of Moss Landing or HMB, and need to figure things out: How do these trips work? Relocated up to the Bay Area recently and want to check out the Albie bite. I've seen reports of GREAT trips without live bait. Does everyone simply get...
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    izor spectra on bass reel

    anyone use izor spectra on a bass reel? i have some 65# izor spectra on a backup reel that almost never sees action. im thinking about putting it on my bass reels with a short top shot as a kelp cutter rig. bass reels that ive used with the spectra/short top shot set up use very smooth...
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    Lake Tulloch?

    I know this is the wrong board for FW and not even a report at that, but it seems to get more norcal action than the Freshwater board. Going camping at Lake Tulloch this weekend with some friends. Anyone fish it before? Any particular insights will be greatly...
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    Ultimate Pilothouse Walkaround!!

    Saw this another board - hope it's ok to link! 42' Henriques Maine Coaster - basically a monster pilothouse walkaround!! New sled... - The Hull Truth