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  1. Uli Kai

    Is BO missing?

    Does anyone know if BO is missing? I went looking for it the other day and couldn't find it. Thanks. John
  2. Uli Kai

    2019 Triple axel boat trailer rated for 21,000lbs

    2019 Triple axle boat trailer rated for 21,000lbs. Electric over hydraulic trailer brakes, spare tire, only used once and never been in water. This trailer is in “like new” condition. The trailer was only used to transport the boat to Hawaii. These pictures show a 31 foot boat, but it could be...
  3. Uli Kai

    Questions on escorting canoe races

    I've done a couple of races now and I'm suppose to do the Molokai next month. What's the normal pay for escorting the race from Molokai? Where do most people spend the night? I have a cabin and can sleep on the boat, but just wanted to know if anyone had any pointers. If you don't want to talk...
  4. Uli Kai

    Quick west side report

    I haven't been out in a while, so I was excited to get an early start. I was at pinnancles when the sun came up. Plenty birds everywhere, not really doing much, but it looked good. Through pinnancles and ran south for about two miles and the birds started to disapear, so I turn around and headed...
  5. Uli Kai

    quick sea mount report

    So there hadn't been much happening on the west side, so seeing the wind forecast was suppose to be 10 mph I decided to head out towards Kauai to the sea mount 14 miles past CO. There were plenty (hundreds) of matori and terns between 5 and 8 miles past CO, but they really weren't doing much of...
  6. Uli Kai

    Quick west side report - Not much to report

    Beautiful day on the water with my friend and three teenagers. We hit the ledge, S bouy, pinnacles, 1000 fathom, V bouy, nothing, nada, zip. Plenty of bird the whole west side around the 600-800 fathom, but none of them were piling up. We stopped at Kaena point to have lunch and let the kids...
  7. Uli Kai

    Anyone know a good transmission shop?

    I've got a problem with my suburban's transmission and I don't know who to trust. Can anyone recommend a good transmission shop? Thanks
  8. Uli Kai

    Fishing Report Double Ahi and an Ono

    Left Ko'Olina around 6am and ran the ledge. One of the guys on my boat was on his first fishing trip. He was telling us about how he brought 2 bananas; both me and Mike looked at each other and started laughing. We told him about the superstition about bananas on fishing boats. I think he felt a...
  9. Uli Kai

    West side report - Which one weighs more?

    Got up towards Kaena this morning. Lots of boats for a Wed. We managed to somehow find a bird pile all to ourselves and picked up two Otarus on two different passes. Then the birds stayed right in front of the boat for about 4 miles. I could never catch up to them again, just kept following...
  10. Uli Kai

    Question on trolling a live Aku?

    How fast do you normally troll a live Aku? I was thinking 3-4 MPH and just wanted to make sure that wasn't too fast. I was trolling two live Aku last sunday with one small aku lure way out back on the center. A Mahi hit the Aku lure and when we started to reel it in I also reeled the aku to...
  11. Uli Kai

    Lowrance X105c DF Sounder/finder

    Sold! Thanks.
  12. Uli Kai

    West side report

    Not much to report. Left Barbers Pt at 6am. Straight out 5 miles then I dropped lines. At 7 miles out I take a knockdown on the long rigger. She peeled off quite a bit of line, but never jumped. I finally had her about 30 yard behind the boat and I could see it was a Marlin. Then I felt the head...
  13. Uli Kai

    Weke ula

    What is a good depth to fish for weke ula? What kind of bottom should I look for? I thought I would try some ika strips and some curly tails. I've got some family coming in and I would like to have them try a little bottom fishing. Thanks.
  14. Uli Kai

    Class II PFD

    4 PFD's like new condition. I've never used them. $20 or make me an offer. I live in Kapolei. Thanks. John 206-484-8744
  15. Uli Kai

    West side report

    Not much to report. Spent the morning outside CO. We found one bird pile all day, with very small Aku. Other than that nothing but whales. There were plenty of boats around the barge, but don't know if they were catching. Good luck out there.
  16. Uli Kai

    Anyone ever trolled a Lai?

    Fishing Hawaii Style has a article on rigging a Lai. I was just wondering if anyone has ever done it. I found a spot where I can catch them, and they look like they might be good bait. But I just haven't ever heard of anyone using them. Looking for inputs. Thanks.
  17. Uli Kai

    Hooters Tournament

    I just got signed up yesterday. I wasn't going to do it, but some friends from work came through with some funding. Any other BDer's going? Might be nice to grab a beer or something at the dinner on Sunday.
  18. Uli Kai

    How many lines do you run?

    I just changed the set up on my boat a little and now I have a few options. In most decent weather I could run up to 6 lines, but don't know if that's too much. I've had some luck lately with a stinger way out back, but I've also been doing good runing a line in the center about 10-15 yards...
  19. Uli Kai

    Quick west side report

    AKU! EVERYWHERE. The whole west side is an Aku pile right not. Went out today. Picked up an Ono first thing 25-30 lbs. Headed out past S and the birds started. Ended up with 4 Aku about 8-10lbs each. Lost a Marlin about 80lbs right next to R. Fun day, but the Aku are quick and get scared real...
  20. Uli Kai

    West side report

    Pushed off from Ko'Olina around 630am. I figured seeing there was a full moon, I would try the 40 fathom first off. I might get lucky and pick up an ono still hanging around from feeding at night. While about to set my 4th line, I looked up to see a fish completely out of the water about 3 feet...
  21. Uli Kai

    Any west side reports from this weekend?

    Hey, I'm hoping to get out tomorrow and I'm looking for a little intel. Did anyone get out this weekend? I haven't heard too many things. Thanks. John
  22. Uli Kai

    I need a Johnson/Evinrude mechanic

    I'm replacing my port side lower unit which is easy enough. But seeing I'm replacing the shifting rod also I have a feeling that I will need help adjusting that shifting rod. Does anyone know a good mechanic that they can recommend? I live in Kapolei. Thanks.
  23. Uli Kai

    Oahu report for monday

    Left out of Hickam to day to try to catch a fish for my mom. We caught two W/I the first hour or so under some white birds, then picked up the bull a couple of hours later next to a floater. On the way in I had my long rigger come down w/ no run, so I turned around and something took down the...
  24. Uli Kai

    Oahu west side report

    Went out on Monday, trolled all the way up to the point with not even a knock down. There were lots of humpbacks around and one even rolled over on his back and was giving us a show. Tried to come back down on the outside, but the seas were a little ruff for a couple of my friends. There was a...
  25. Uli Kai

    Any Oahu reports?

    Just got back in. Trolled the 500 from S to V, got a knock down in the blind on a small pink and blue jet head. Turned the reel a couple of times, it wasn't small but wasn't big. I turned to grab the gaff from the cabin, when I turned back around the line was loose. It never jumped, I would...
  26. Uli Kai

    catching opelu

    The last couple of times I've been out I've noticed some good schools of Opelu. Can anyone give me advice on how to effectively catch them? I've tried the Damahi or Sabiki rigs, and I've picked up a couple of Opleu, but I think I might be using too big of a fly. I've seen other people netting...
  27. Uli Kai

    Oahu June

    I was gassed up and ready to go hunt those Ahi. I had just passed the 40 fathom and finished setting my third line, when my long outrigger popped. I saw a big tail, but that was it. Over two hours later I pulled in the fatty. She stayed very deep the whole time. She was tail wrapped and dead by...
  28. Uli Kai


    New to BD. I know local reports are hard to come by online, but here's mine for this week. Fish are in the same spots they have been for the last couple of weeks. Here's my catch from Thursday. Out by 6am Back in by noon Boat trailered and cleaned by 2pm fish cleaned by 5pm 6 pack gone by 9pm...