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  1. stickbass

    Anyone used the cross border xpress?

    is it convenient? anything to watch out for? i read mixed reviews on google about it. the prices to fly from tijuana to cabo look really cheap, maybe its worth my time to drive over there and fly out
  2. stickbass

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    every time i catch yellowtail i cut them into pieces and trim everything off so theyre table ready, i vacuum seal them and freeze them. i take care to keep the fish cold the whole time during processing and all that. theyre bleed and kept on ice while on the boat. but after about 3 weeks every...
  3. stickbass

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    volaris just opened up flights to pvr from phoenix, its pretty cheap flights. any recommendations on a cheap hotel and panga? ive stayed at the mar de cortez in cabo and loved it. im not picky just a broke dick and want to do it as cheap as possible
  4. stickbass

    Do you have to keep all the fish you catch?

    ive been reading guys come home with hundreds of pounds of meat from a long range trip. i only want like 40-50 lbs at the very most. sounds like the cleaning bills are pretty hefty too. i just want to pull on fish. can a guy do that?
  5. stickbass

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    I see a lot of reports of guys catching calico bass but don’t see many posts about cooking them. Are they any good to eat or just average
  6. stickbass

    can you get away with straight mono

    instead of using a floro leader or is that just crazy talk
  7. stickbass

    Alberto Knot

    is it ok to use or is it crap? i dont know many knots but i can tie that one. never had any thing really big pull on it though
  8. stickbass

    CSL with Jaime 5/11-16

    Did the yearly trip with my buddy and fished with Jaime and his friend Chris. They worked hard for us as always and we killed fish (marlin and rooster released) btw stayed at hotel mar de cortez and it was totally legit if you dont mind being off the beach. .
  9. stickbass

    Drag on fathom 25nld2

    This is my first lever drag 2 speed so idk maybe this is normal, but when you pull the drag you can feel like a thump, like something is lopsided in there. It's subtle, normal or nah?
  10. stickbass

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    a guy i know says he booked a spot on a 15 day boat and im thinking someone will want to kill him by the time its over
  11. stickbass

    Are there Sailfish/Marlins in BOLA?

    just curious if they ever show up
  12. stickbass

    Cabo or East Cape

    I got to CSL every year and ive been to east cape once 22 years ago. i want to do some more beach fishing thinking EC would be better for that or no? is the marlin bite in may-june in EC pretty good? is there any bars to drink at at night in EC?
  13. stickbass

    Can Panama be done relatively cheap?

    ive been going to cabo san lucas the passed 10 years i like it because the short flight from phoenix and the cost of everything once im down there. me and my buddy are thinking of doing panama next year, we want to catch some quality fish but we dont need the nicest boats or the nicest...
  14. stickbass

    Question from a newb

    i want to go over there and fish for tuna and yellowtail, would something like a 1.5 day boat be legit for a first timer or i should i start with a 3/4? id need to rent gear too, how does that work do they have heavier and lighter setups? do i need to rent more than one rod?
  15. stickbass

    Cabo San Lucas 5/13-17

    Fished Saturday night with Jaime, my buddy caught a Sierra and about a 10lb cubera. Talked to a random coyote and went on a cruiser yesterday, trolled up 1 small marlin. My friend didn't make it today and he missed out, hammered the roosters with Jaime and Jorge. Jorge said we caught 11, lost a...
  16. stickbass

    Any CSL reports?

    heading down there in 3 weeks
  17. stickbass

    Fished cabo this past week

    fished with victor 1 day, Jaime for a day and a half. Woke up late another day I didn't have a charter but Jumped a random panga and went inshore for a few hours. Had a great time, very impressed by Jaime and his boat the Jessica and gear. was trying to get some snappers and groupers too but...
  18. stickbass

    CSL May 6-9th

    i kinda want to fish with that jaime dude, how do i get a hold of him? i searched the forum and came across his number but i couldnt figure out how to make it work. unless you got some other ideas on who to fish with. the bite sounds a little slow but appears the bottom fishing is decent? we...
  19. stickbass

    East Cape Panga?

    im thinking of booking a room at the playa del sol, its cheap. anyone been? can i book a panga guide on the side myself or do i have to go through the hotel? seemed a little expensive if i do it through the hotel
  20. stickbass

    Anyone got a CSL report?

    thinking about heading down there in 2 weeks. preferably for marlin but we'll fish for whatever is biting, any blues being caught?
  21. stickbass

    East Cape Trip

    im planning my yearly southern Baja trip, thinking about taking off soon. im intrigued by rancho leonero. I gotta ask, why are they twice as expensive as the other hotels around east cape? most are 100-140 a night it seems and rancho is 260. is it that much better there, what makes it that way...
  22. stickbass

    fishing straight mono

    is that ghetto or what? im kind of a beginner wondering if its legit to fish straight mono is poverty as fukk or can you get away with it?
  23. stickbass

    East Cape Recommendations

    My Dad wants to put together a trip, short notice probably be the first weekend in June. Are there houses on the beach to rent in Las Barilles or is it just better off to stay at one of the hotels. any of the hotels offer all inclusive? planning on fishing 3-4 days, i know jen wren is a great...
  24. stickbass

    Steel Leader For Sierra's?

    or can you get away with straight braid? probably a dumb question, just wondering.
  25. stickbass

    CSL in April?

    my friend is getting married so ill be down there for the second week in april. i know the bite will be good at lord black but what about the rooster and sierras, marlin? i went when i was a kid in april i remember catching dorado and marlin but not a hot bite. also, is the town dead that time...
  26. stickbass

    the optimum time for roosters in E.Cape?

    specifically from the surf. or surf fishing in general, when would be the best time for that? or is it always pretty decent?
  27. stickbass

    Cabo San Lucas - 6/1-6/2

    just got back from a few days and nights of partying and a couple days fishing in cabo. bought one of those groupon vacations, 4 nights at wyndam for 299 bucks. nothing fancy of course but i love the location. split it with friend who had never been down there before and we had a blast. fished...
  28. stickbass

    Your Favorite Place to Eat in CSL

    the last few years ive gone with friends and done the all inclusive deal. which is ok and all, but i like hitting the local spots. Any favorite places for tacos, sushi, lobster?
  29. stickbass

    when to fish CSL march-july?

    i bought one of those groupons for cabo san lucas and can use from now till the end of july. are any of those months better than others? or is there a species that gets really good in those months anyway? just want decent fishing, not particular on what i catch really. but would like something...
  30. stickbass

    newbie offshore question

    wasnt sure where to post this. experienced freshwater fisherman and ive done a decent amount of saltwater but it was years ago and always off private boats or charters down in cabo and other places. i want to come over there and try this day and half or 2 day tuna fishing you guys have. is there...
  31. stickbass

    Marlin release?

    not trying to start a shit storm, i belive that the fish belongs to the person who caught it and they can do as they please. i just got back from cabo mexico where release of billfish seems to be pretty standard, it seems in the reports I see in the hawaii section make it seem that all the...
  32. stickbass

    any cabo san lucas reports?

    so my trip got shortened a little, i will be there from the 7-11th now . so i should be able to fish at least the 8th,9th, and 10th. from what it sounds like the offshore bite is not happening but there's some inshore action going on? or is slow all around? is it good all around? thanks in advance
  33. stickbass

    cabo first week of july

    looks like i'll be down in cabo san lucas, i believe its the 4th to the 11. this will be the third year in a row going in july and let me tell you i have had horrible luck. 5 days on the water in pangas, 1 hooked marlin that came undone and some bait is the only thing ive caught. still wont slow...
  34. stickbass

    Flights To Cabo

    flying from phoenix to los cabos, is there any better deal than us airways non stop for 723 round trip? man it gets more expensive every year.
  35. stickbass

    Cabo 7-8 to 7/15

    about to head down there on friday. the reports were a little quiet but it sounds like the fishing is picking up, im crossing my fingers. Im planning on taking a panga a few days and also fishing in front of the resort from the surf, I will be staying at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset. Anyone know if...