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  1. bearinla

    Daiwa Saltiga LD 35 sold

    Up for sale is the Daiwa Saltiga LD35 which was hardly used. It took on some boat rash the last couple of time I took it out fishing but, mechanically is 10/10 and 8/10 cosmetically. Spooled with spectra. I am looking to sell or trade with a Shimano Tranx + $?. Tackledirect has this reel for...
  2. bearinla

    WTB A Good Quality Spinning Rod

    I have been fishing with conventional all my life. However, I want to try fishing spinning reel for throwing poppers, Flatfall, Snipers and live bait. However, I do not know what a good rod would be for this. I've heard Terez and the other T(name escapes me right now) from Shimano make good...
  3. bearinla

    Rods and Reel For Sale:Shimano, Phenix, G-Loomis, Seeker, etc

    I've got several rods and reels that I do not use anymore and thought I would sell it to others that were looking to add to their collection. If you like what you see make me a best offer. I am in Placentia, North OC. All are in good condition unless I state otherwise. If you like what you see...
  4. bearinla

    Sierras Fishing and Camping Recommendations

    My in-laws want to go camping in the Sierras. Of course camping mean a lot of fishing me and my kids. Unfortunately I have never been to the Sierra for fishing. Of course I camped in Yosemite and Kings Canyon but I really don't equate that as the Sierras camping/fishing. I am thinking about...
  5. bearinla

    Bluefin Limit 2015?

    Wait, I thought the limit on the BFT was 2 per person in 2015. How is it possible that it is published about 27 people catching 108 BFT on a 1.5 dayer? Is this limit on BFT not yet imposed? Was it caught in Mexico? I thought as long as the boat was an American fleet the limit was imposed...
  6. bearinla

    Offshore Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    We charter the Fortune almost every month as we just love the boat and her crew. Yesterday's trip did not disappoint. It was like a trip that I always dreamt of. I could not believe that it actually came to fruition. Long story short, we were driving around looking for any sign of life, it...
  7. bearinla

    XtraTuf Fishing Boots-Size 11 - $70 (Placentia) Used Twice

    XtraTuf Boots, almost new (bought in June 2014) worn on two 1.5 day trips. I bought these thinking they would fit me well but did not know I was suppose to buy them one size bigger. I am only selling them as they are a bit tight for my feet. The cushion are brand new as I bought new replacement...
  8. bearinla

    Looking for new reel seat and foam put on my custom rod

    I am in Orange County, city of Placentia near Yorba Linda to be exact. My custom Seeker 196-8 needs a new reel seat and a comfortable wrap. It is currently a deckhand style without the reel seat. Let me know how long and how much. Rick 562-307-4024 text or call or email me...
  9. bearinla

    WTT Accurate Boss Magnum 270 (no cast control)

    I have a mint Accurate 270 I simply do not use. It comes with the Accurate clamp. I think it has about 100 yard of 60 pound Power Pro spectra (I think). I am willing to trade for another reel (shimano Trinidad, Daiwa or equipment value). I am also willing to trade for a Phenix 8 foot med...
  10. bearinla

    WTB Jig Bag/Box mine stolen

    Hi guys, My last Shimano Jig Bag was stolen at the Pierpoint landing. I am now looking for somthing to replace. I am looking for something that looks like below or functions like below. Does not have to be in great shape, just need to not break soon after I buy it.
  11. bearinla

    San Quentin Question

    I will be in San Quintin this week for kids' Spring Break hoping to fish, clam and enjoy the sun and cerveza. My family has never been down there before and hope to return for more. If you have been down and know of tips, I would appreciate it. I have Garcia's Panga lined up with Gordo on a...
  12. bearinla

    Offshore Limits of Blue Fin Tuna on The Pride 2 Day Charter

    hi Guys, just a quick update. If you have not fished the Pride, I recommend you give them a try. Our club had our charter on the Pride for August and the result: limits of BFT along with some YT and Dodos. Here are some photos. Greg Gawitt the capatain is the real deal guys. BTW, caught me...
  13. bearinla

    Shimano Talica 12 2 speed (BNIB)

    ALL SOLD! Hi guys I have 2 brand new in box Talica 12 2 speed never fished nor had any line on it. It comes with gold clamps, tool and oil. I will sell it for $420 without spectra or $450 with 300 yards of Power Pro Depth Hunter wound on it. The spectra line color changes every 25 feet so...
  14. bearinla

    Shimano Talica 12 2 speed (BNIB)

    Hi guys 2 new brand new Talica 12 brand new in box never even had line on it. It comes with gold clamps, tool and oil. I will sell it for $450 with 300 yards of Power Pro Depth Hunter. The color changes every 25 feet so that you know how much line you have out. Without the line it will be...
  15. bearinla

    Need air conditioning professional

    I have a dual zone air conditioning system. Apparently, the warranty does not cover dual zone with dampers. I found out I had a problem when the first floor was not heating up during the winter when the heater was on. I was told by the tech that I have a dual zone system with dampers. One of...
  16. bearinla

    Shimano Teramar TMC86XH (30-50lbs)

    Bought a new rod. Thanks
  17. bearinla

    Bright and Morning Star

    This post was for all of you to help me choose between the BMS and Prowler. Unfortunately, as usual, some of you have taken it out of context, off on a complete different tangent and the intent. I am deleting this so that the silliness can stops. For all of you posting your opinion on the info...
  18. bearinla

    Bright and Morning Star or Prowler

    moved to Southern California Offshore Page
  19. bearinla

    Dominator at the Colonet on 2/5

    Hey guys, just wanted to post the info on our trip that left Friday and fished Saturday. Got back in time to clean up, vaccum seal, shower and the SUPERBOWL! Green Bay, baby! The Dominator fished the same spot drifting together with the Apollo and the Constitution. This was my first trip on...
  20. bearinla

    Rock Cod Rod

    Hi Guys, I was on the Pacific Star this weekend and had fun codding. However, I realize my rods are not really very good for codding. I have a lot of pelagic, jig and bass rods. I am wondering if I should go with a 6 or a 7 footer. I will be using my Avet LX with it. I would like to stay...
  21. bearinla

    Big Game 90 day after Thanksgiving

    Big Game canceled. Pacific Star is going out. Got 15 so far need 18 torun, light load max at 25. Food included. No fuel surcharge per Chris.
  22. bearinla

    Phenix Black Diamond 700H

    Rod traded! Thanks for all the inquiries!
  23. bearinla

    Need a Daiwa Saltist 30 Narrow & Ulua

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a Saltist Narrow for a jig stick. Maybe even a 9 foot jig stick. Let me know. I am in Downey, ca which is close to LA
  24. bearinla

    Cancun in late August

    I will be there with my family at the Princess Resort for a week. I will be taking my family of 4: 11 yo boy, 8 yo girl, my wife and me. In August I guess bottom dwellers are good. I have no interest in catching marlin, sailfish and the likes (they are majestic and would would like to just...
  25. bearinla

    Phenix blank or finished rod

    Hi guys, I wish to purchase a rod for my Accurate 270. I plan on fishing yellowtail and albacore. I am looking for either the PSW809H-B,PSW809H-XF-B, PSW809 or PSW809H-XF. Or, even a seven footer equivalent maybe okay as well. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  26. bearinla

    Lead Weight near Los Angeles

    Who is the guy that makes lead weight, I think in West Covina near Los Angeles? I know I saw his post about a couple of months ago. There is a guy in Norco but he is about 50 miles from me. Hook it up!
  27. bearinla

    Need boots 9 foot

    Damn why do these kids grow up so fast. I just got him his size 7 Xtra Tuff boots last June. He now needs 8 1/2. If not that size he tells me size 9. Damn kids. Anyone has what I need?
  28. bearinla

    Spectra to Mono

    Hi guys, I need help. I was filling out my new reel by connecting the Power Pro 50 LB spectra to 40 LB Yozuri Hybrid on my Accurate 270 reel. So I go uni knot 5 turns on the Yozuri then 11 times around and 10 time back, thru the loot then tighten. Once this was done I had my son pull on the...
  29. bearinla

    Ready to buy Trolling Reel

    Hi Guys, I am ready to buy a trolling rod/reel. Here is a list of my current arsenal: Abu Garcia Inshore Revo/G Loomis G2 Saltist 20/Seeker 270 Trinidad 14/Calstar GF 900L Avet MXJ/Phenix Blackdiamond 800? Avet LX/Calstar GF 800M Looking at my equipment, what is my natural progression...
  30. bearinla

    Which grease

    Hi guys, I disassembled, cleaned, greased then reassembled my reel for the first time. It took a couple of hours but I put it back together and guess what, it works. Surprise, surprise. I guess I don't have to pay $20 per reel from now on to get it serviced every year. After I put it back...
  31. bearinla

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Series to trade

    This right hand retrieve reel was voted the best baitcaster by Pacific Coast Fishing magazine 2009. The retail price on this is $229 that I bought one week ago and used once today, Friday. The reel is filled with 15 pound flouro of 125 yard that I just filled yesterday. Let me know if you...
  32. bearinla

    Overfishing easing in some areas

    Please someone take a copy of this report and take it to the MLPA meeting. "According Ray Hilborn of the University of Washington challenged Worm's original report, leading the two — plus 19 other researchers — to launch the study that led to the new findings. They're being published in...
  33. bearinla

    Puerto Vallarta fishing 8/15-8/22

    Hi Guys, First time poster here. I will be at Paradise Village for a week. I am going to take my family of four: wifee, a son 10, and a daughter 7, fishing. I don't know what my best option is: Pango, charter, if so who? I expect to fish for 6 hours. I will be renting a car there. I can...