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  1. awasaro1

    Allen head bolts

    Looking to replace my factory reel studs on my assortment of Raptors with allen head bolts , any ideas on how long they need to be ? MXL,JX,LX,HX,HXW,EX30. I know the reel seat plays a part in the length i just dont want to buy a bunch of different sizes. Thanks.
  2. awasaro1

    Avet Hx Raptor in Orange

    Looking for a Avet Hx Raptor in the orange color
  3. awasaro1

    avet hx raptor in orange color

    Avet hx raptor in orange color
  4. awasaro1

    Dorado Shoot Out

    Don't know if this is the rite place for this but ... Three of us decided to get into the tournament after talking to the guys at both the Fred Hall boat shows , we went down a day early to do some pre tournament fishing and after getting on the boat we were told by the captain that the boat was...
  5. awasaro1

    Fathom long handle

    Duz someone make a longer handle for the Fathom or should i just make one at work ? THANKS ...
  6. awasaro1

    Shimano Shimano Fathom

    Is there a longer extended handle a can buy to replace the stock one for the Fathom or should i just take it apart and take it to work and make a custom one ? THANKS ...
  7. awasaro1

    HX and JX upgrades

    Went and saw Dave Rocchi (ROCKY) on Saturday to have my HX and JX Raptor upgraded and because of the fishing that i do , 8 day is my max trip so far , Rocky said that he could do it but it wasn't necessary cause what he duz is more in line for the BIGGER fish and longer trips so he said i should...
  8. awasaro1

    uc 7'6 viper

    getting ready to build a uc 7'6 viper for a rail rod and was wondering what reel to pair it with , i have a avet hx raptor and a ex30 raptor , any other ideas ? thanks ...