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  1. Westend

    2.5hp Lehr propane outboard

    bought for bishop and ran like crap at elevation. $450. Can run motor for interested parties.
  2. Westend

    Penn 550 ss spools

    I have 3 spare spools, $10ea
  3. Westend

    Transducer p66

    I am not the most technical guy at this and I am selling this for a friend so I am unsure. I have the P66 Transducer with mounting bracket. As well as a Airmar Adapter Cable C47 (part number 33-396-01). everything is brand new. Make me an offer an I'll probably take it.
  4. Westend

    WTB airmar p66 transducer for lowrance

    I have one if you still need it.
  5. Westend

    Airman P66 Transducer and Adapter $150 obo

    Price Reduced $99! Help me get my garage cleared out.
  6. Westend

    Transducer p66

    I have an Airmar P66 Transducer, brand new. Is this the same thing that you need???
  7. Westend

    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

    Thank you. Hit me up if you ever need a fishing partner.
  8. Westend

    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

  9. Westend

    Catalina recovered nets

    My buddy lost a net on the 4th. Checking to see what his GO ID number is.
  10. Westend

    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

    Not for Sale.
  11. Westend

    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

  12. Westend

    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

    Includes: 6 full size crab pot doors (8'x2) and 1 modified half size crab pot (4'X4') with hanging rod. These would be great for display purposes as I have used them in the past or to decorate a man cave. Does not Include: Easy-up, Banners and Clothing These are the actual crab pot doors that...
  13. Westend

    1/4 scoop bait tank $60

    I'll be in Oceanside on Wednesday morning, San Diego the following Wednesday.
  14. Westend

    Cheap trolling rods (set of four) and gaff(s)

    I have pair of Custom Coastal Classic rods brand new and a bamboo gaff that I'll let go for $75 for all 3.
  15. Westend

    $75 Grundens Shoreman Large Bibs and Jacket set New

    I have a sale pending this evening. I'll let you know.
  16. Westend

    PRICE DROP $60 Sumo Tackle Ninja Fighting Belt

    Salesman sample used at shows only. Some small wear and tear but never used.
  17. Westend

    $80 Grundens Ragnar 1/2 zip Jacket New

    Undecided right now. I'll be working late those days.
  18. Westend

    Air Lift suspension kit

    Part number 59544 includes wireless remote kit 25870 as well. Bramd new, never used. $250 OBO.
  19. Westend

    2 Cannon Down Riggers

    1 easy troll and 1 mini troll $100 OBO takes both.
  20. Westend

    2 stroke oil gallons and qts

    Gone! Someone took them today.
  21. Westend

    2 stroke oil gallons and qts

    No longer needed. Pick up in HB.
  22. Westend

    10 Gallon Mako Matt Marine Bait Tank

    Are you around today? Where in Cyress? I can come by in a few.
  23. Westend

    Trailer bunk side guides

    See pics. I bought these and didn't read the dimensions. They're too small for my boat trailer. 15" max height and about 8-1/2" deep but adjustable both ways. $120
  24. Westend

    2 Promar Wire Bait Cages

    I use the seal proof cages since the seals are thick where I lobster fish. These came in the rigging kit from Promar and I used everything else but the cages. These are free to someone that will use them and not let them sit around in their garage.
  25. Westend

    2003 boston whaler outrage

    This looks fake. That is not a single 115hp 2-stroke motor and it does not have bottom paint... unless its clear bottom paint.
  26. Westend

    Deal of the century! HDS 10 and Radar Combo

    Radar is sold. Make me an offer on the HDS. Who knows, I might accept...
  27. Westend

    Deal of the century! HDS 10 and Radar Combo

    Original Lowrance HDS 10. 10 inch LCD color screen. Push button operation (non touch screen), 50/200 kHz sonar, chart plotter, includes GPS antenna and transducer. $1600 alone. Used Lowrance BR24 Broadband radar dome. Compatible with Lowrance HDS, HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3. Includes hardware...
  28. Westend

    Deal of the century! HDS 10 and Radar Combo

    Original Lowrance HDS 10. 10 inch LCD color screen. Push button operation (non touch screen), 50/200 kHz sonar, chart plotter, includes GPS antenna and transducer. Price drop to $750.00 Still Available as of 6/19/17. Used Lowrance BR24 Broadband radar dome. Compatible with Lowrance HDS, HDS...
  29. Westend

    I can't believe this ad

    Wait, does it need batteries?
  30. Westend

    Okuma Hosts Seminar by Dave Hansen at Sav-On Tackle

    Guys, Come out if you can make it. There will be raffle prizes (no purchase necessary), give-a-ways and lots of knowledge dropped by one of the most notable captains in the industry.
  31. Westend

    Makaira spinner

    Well over 25lbs of drag.
  32. Westend

    Metaloid goes boom

    Eddie's number is 909-218-3520
  33. Westend


    1) Juvenile Correction Officer 2) Largemouth bass fishing 3) 10.5lbs 4)YES. CSUB
  34. Westend

    6ft aluminum Gaff bent out

    Downey. mrwilson99 backed out
  35. Westend

    6ft aluminum Gaff bent out

    Bend this gaff on a Thresher. Let me know if anyone on here can use it.
  36. Westend

    Komodo 364 line capacity

    Depending on how tight you pack it on there, you should be able to fit 350-400yds.
  37. Westend

    CCA CAL L.A. Open Meeting Wednesday 11th @6:30pm

    Do they need anything from Okuma???
  38. Westend

    Offshore Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    ...and he uses all Okuma gear!
  39. Westend

    SCT Rods

  40. Westend

    SCT Rods

  41. Westend

    Rod clamp on the Cortez 5

    The part of the screws that has the threadlocker on it goes into the reel. Looks like you have a couple of extra 2 nuts and washers on the screws. Take those off. The rod diameter will determine which length bolt will be used. If you are using this on a large diameter rod such as a deck hand...
  42. Westend

    Boat Loans?

    Any credit union
  43. Westend

    2003 Tropy Fishing Boat 22'

    Nice boat, should go fast.
  44. Westend

    Makaira 80W TDC?

    With the TDC Cam you will have 39.4lbs at full and 26.1lbs max drag at strike.
  45. Westend

    Small Bait Tank

    what kind of reel are you looking for?
  46. Westend

    Tiburon 7530 for sale

    Sale is back on. Buyer thought it was an sst.
  47. Westend

    Tiburon 7530 for sale

    I agree it's worth more but this is not a smart shift. It's a Single speed.
  48. Westend

    Tiburon 7530 for sale

    All, I have an offer from bicol47 higher than all on this thread and am going to accept. If the deal falls through I will let everyone know. Thanks
  49. Westend

    Tiburon 7530 for sale

    Make an offer
  50. Westend

    1988 Grady White 204 Overnighter $3,300

    I Will buy it if you can get it to so cal
  51. Westend

    1987 MonArk Marine 19ft Center Console

    Is that the stock transom on that thing or was it upgraded?
  52. Westend

    advice on the Okuma azores???

    Fished them all last summer on local Bluefin, Yellowfin and yellows. Caught many Bone heads too. These reels are killer!
  53. Westend

    Makaira Handles

    Bill, Please call Ron at (909) 467-8112 and he will assist you with this handle situation. Thanks.
  54. Westend

    Local rock piles fishing was good

    What? No bounce balling?
  55. Westend

    Calm before the Storm...

    Should have called Jim. I was available!
  56. Westend

    10 lb. anchors - 3 of them

    All gone guys. Thanks.
  57. Westend

    10 lb. anchors - 3 of them

    If Rich does not show up tonight, Martin is next in line.
  58. Westend

    10 lb. anchors - 3 of them

    Martin, I will let you know. One of the guys is supposed to come by tonight now.
  59. Westend

    10 lb. anchors - 3 of them

    Gone pending pick up tonight. I will reply under this if one of the guys does not show up.
  60. Westend

    Fish are still biting at the island...

    Black Friday. Exactly one week from today. One of the calmest/smoothest rides to the island and back. We hit 27 knots coming home and were still comfortable in the Cabo.
  61. Westend

    Water Wolf Camera Bass Strikes Footage

    How about now? I clicked on it and it worked for me.
  62. Westend

    Water Wolf Camera Bass Strikes Footage

    Right at about minute 1:15 of this video is a quick shot of a yellow hitting the yoyo with a waterwolf attached.
  63. Westend

    Water Wolf Camera Bass Strikes Footage
  64. Westend

    Water Wolf Camera Bass Strikes Footage

    We already have this footage. Yellowtail hit the yoyo FAST! We are putting some vids together, stay tuned.
  65. Westend

    Cedros CJF55

    Yes, There will be a little tension on the spool and you can adjust that with the rear drag knob. If it is backed all of the way off, it should be pretty close to complete free spool with very little tension.
  66. Westend

    okay whats the difference between the..

    Andros "a" Reels Dual force Drag 6 corrosion resistant ss ball bearings External Cast Control Anodized aluminum gear shifter housing Stainless steel drag lever ratchet Metaloid Carbonite Drag system with Cal's drag grease 4 corrosion resistant ss ball bearings No Cast Control Graphite gear...
  67. Westend

    Got an mk12II

    I think you bought a Metaloid 12 (M-12II). Okuma does not make a MK-12II.
  68. Westend

    Okuma Website to include New Andros???

    We are currently working on this as we speak.
  69. Westend

    When on new Andros A's ?

    Hopefully in November.
  70. Westend

    Question about andros 12II

    Guys don't forget that we are Coming out with 2 different Andros 12's in two-speed. Regular Speed and High Speed. A12IIa 4.7:1&2.1:1 & A12IISa 6.4:1&2.1:1 Might just have to get both models...
  71. Westend

    Okuma's new Metaloid Reels catching local YFT

    That is the 5 size Metaloid. M-5S is the model number. We are getting stock of these around the middle of September, we will ship out the dealers that have ordered them at that point.
  72. Westend

    Okuma's new Metaloid Reels catching local YFT

    Took a trip out on Friday 7/25 to the 209 area with my new Metaloid reels from Okuma. The reels performed flawlessly all day with no problems handling YFT up 30 lbs.
  73. Westend

    Makaira SE, avalible in BLACK

    End of 2014.
  74. Westend

    Finally A Real Cast To Catch Fishing Camera Coming ICAST 2014

    Guys, If you click on the you tube video, there is a pic of the camera about 14-15 seconds in. Its a tubular camera a little thicker and longer than a tube of chap stick.
  75. Westend

    Andros 5NII Reel Clamp Lugs

    Hey Jeff, Call Ron at Okuma Fishing Tackle 909-467-8112 and he will assist you with this. If the ones that came with the reel do not fit, we can get some that will work for you and get you on the water and using this reel by this weekend. Thanks
  76. Westend

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod - Protective Butt Cap

    Glad we could help.
  77. Westend

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod - Protective Butt Cap

    Hey Timmo...The correct number is 909-467-8112.
  78. Westend

    CABO 216 or 226 - WANTED

    The one in the Seaforth parking lot is a Marlin
  79. Westend

    long beach area bait

    Nacho has been out of bait for some time now. His boat is in dry dock up in Oregon getting some work done on it right now. I talked to him this weekend and he said it will be another 3 weeks till he will have fin bait. If the LB Carnage has squid, they will usually bring him some to sell. That...
  80. Westend

    Makaira 130

    Icast intro. We should have stock in the Fall of 2014
  81. Westend

    talica 12ii equal?

    We are also coming out with our Andros 12II
  82. Westend

    WTB- Boat cover, 20 ft Mako w/ T top cover

    Carver covers make a cover that goes over the whole boat and t-top with zipper doors on each side. For a leaning post look at Taco Metals They make some...
  83. Westend

    Broken dreams in the LBC

    Now we just need to put a nice big Okuma logo on the side of that thing.
  84. Westend

    Okuma and Savage Gear Sponsored 1.5 Day Colonett Trip Aboard the Tribute 1/24

    80 Ocean Whitefish, 82 Vermilion Rockfish, 4 California Sheephead, 68 Rockfish, 56 Lingcod
  85. Westend

    Where to send for reel service?

    Okuma Fishing Tackle Service Dept. 2310 E. Locust Ct. Ontario, Ca 91761
  86. Westend

    Okuma and Savage Gear Sponsors 1.5 day Colonett Trip aboard the Tribute again!!!

    Hey Everyone, Okuma and Savage Gear are sponsoring another 1.5 day Colonett Ling Cod and Rockfish Freezer Filler trip, scheduled for Friday 2/21 on the Tribute out of Seaforth Landing. I'll be on board with lots of loaner gear, Savage baits, and some swag and raffle prizes. Its gonna be fun...
  87. Westend

    Where to get custom decals and lettering made?

    Garage Graphics. I think they're in HB.
  88. Westend

    Okuma and Savage Gear Sponsored 1.5 Day Colonett Trip Aboard the Tribute 1/24

    Looks like the trip sold out! Good luck Dave and everyone going.
  89. Westend

    So cal Offshore Boat Question on size needed for offshore fishing

    You didn't even give him the option of the boat that you own... How about a Cabo 216?
  90. Westend

    Ready to fish.

    Don't listen to these guys. Rockfish are now closed for fishing. Rockfishing is usually closed for two months out of the year January - February. Rockfish The recreational fishery for rockfish (Sebastes sp.) is open to divers2 and shore-based anglers year-round. This fishery is closed to...
  91. Westend

    Bugs on the craw sorta of

    That bug looks like it is another 18lber. Better call the OC Register!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  92. Westend

    SeaTow Automated Radio Check

    Ch. 27 out of Long Beach. Been using it for a LONG time. Everyone stop doing radio checks on all the fishing channels and especially Ch. 16, the coasties don't like that too much.
  93. Westend

    Weight question

    I make my own in my garage out of old tire weights.
  94. Westend

    need some major help!

    What he said!
  95. Westend

    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    you always seem to put things into perspective. Thanks One Leg.
  96. Westend

    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    Ours must have weight over 100lbs according to this guy. 18lbs, yeah right!
  97. Westend

    Suggestions for bait casting reel!!!!!

    Have you looked at Okuma reels?
  98. Westend

    Question about Makaira SEa handles

    The MK-30IISEa handle can fit on the MK-8IISEa, but you would have to replace the clutch shift drive pin assy.
  99. Westend

    Oil in the Mak Boxes?

    This is not the TSI-301 oil in the box. The oil in the box is just regular maintenance oil mostly for external parts.
  100. Westend

    Cedros 10S aftermarket gear set

    There are no lower gears offered for the CLD-8s or 20s. The Makaira is a completely different reel, the gears are not interchangeable.
  101. Westend

    Cedros 10S aftermarket gear set

    Sorry, no they are not interchangeable.
  102. Westend

    Cedros 10S aftermarket gear set

    Yes, we offer those gear sets here at Okuma. Please get a hold of our Customer Service Dept. 800-466-5862 ext 151 or 135 and they will be able to take care of you.
  103. Westend

    Gearing On Upcoming Andros 12II???

    Andros 12II - Low Speed 2.1:1 Andros 16II - Low Speed 1.3:1
  104. Westend

    Gearing On Upcoming Andros 12II???

    Both gear ratios for the Andros single speed 12 and 16 are 6.4:1. Andros two speeds (II) are 4.7:1 for the A-12II and 4.3:1 for the A-16II.
  105. Westend

    Cabo Cuddycon

    My dad, brothers and I were in one but that was 20+ years ago. Not sure that there is any anymore. We still have our cabo though.
  106. Westend


    9lbs is the max drag on the Red Isis
  107. Westend

    2011/03 26' Diesel Angler CC W/Trailer

    what happened to B.Counterman? Is he partners with you?
  108. Westend

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  109. Westend

    Frozen Squid at its best

    Pacific Edge and Fishermans Hardware in HB.
  110. Westend

    stained glass fish for sale

    mike what's your number? I need some of these.
  111. Westend


    posting ahs been deleted by the author
  112. Westend

    Accurate Reels?

    Maintenance is a bitch on Accurate Reels.
  113. Westend

    Ling Cod spinnerbaits.

    Lingcod, one word.
  114. Westend

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    California Department of Fish and Wildlife News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 20, 2013 Contacts: Lt. Wes Boyle, CDFW Law Enforcement, (805) 331-7051 Mark Michilizzi, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 996-9003 CDFW Wildlife Officers Stop and Cite Channel Islands Fishermen...
  115. Westend

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    DO NOT put those seats on this skippy, you will ruin it.
  116. Westend

    Big Thresher Shark : Miami, Fl

    Is that thing foul hooked?
  117. Westend

    Deep fryin a turkey

    I have reused my oil up to 4 times and still was fine. No need to freeze it, just store it in a cool dark area.
  118. Westend

    Deep fryin a turkey

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention no citrus stuff on the bird. Like lemon pepper or an orange juice injection. Citrus turns black instantly in the fryer and it will look burned.
  119. Westend

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Sweet! I am looking to do the same exact boat as a re-build project. Just need to get rid of my current boat first. I want to convert it to Outboard as well.
  120. Westend

    Deep fryin a turkey

    they sell 2.5 gallon containers at home depot of cooking oil with peanut oil in it. they say the peanut oil is not as flamable
  121. Westend

    Bimini Top for Cabo 216

    someone make me an offer or this thing is gonna end up on the free forum.
  122. Westend

    Quality Reds on Split Decision

    released the wolf eel not sure if they are even eatable. that is the second on that i have caught at this spot.
  123. Westend

    I need a boat

    good luck getting to the nados in a $1500 vessel. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  124. Westend

    Quality Reds on Split Decision

    hit some of our local rockfish spots. Got some nice reds, starrys, cabazon, copper rockfish and sheephead along with a wolf eel.
  125. Westend

    Want to buy: Cabo 216, 226, or Similar

    If anyone on this thread owns a Cabo and needs a Bimini top. I have one for sale, PM me. Bimini only, no esinglass.
  126. Westend

    Cabo cuddycon windlass

    yes, my pops put one on his 216 cuddycon. use it every weekend works great.
  127. Westend

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I have a sunbrella grey stainless bimini top w/boot off of a Cabo 216. Mounts to the rail that goes around the windshield aprox 38" wide. Excellent condition. Make offer. Some pics below of what it looks like on the boat. Its the bimini only, no esinglass.
  128. Westend

    WTGB..Cabo 216

    This one just went up on BD. Its a Marlin, Cabo sold them the mold, similar style to what you want.
  129. Westend

    Bimini Top for Cabo 216

  130. Westend

    alternative lobster bait

    The asian market in Cerritos, close to my house sells salmon heads for 79 cents a pound. we use those and left over sardines from previous fishing trips.
  131. Westend

    Skipjack Boat - Divorce Sale

    is the sale still pending? i sent you a pm.
  132. Westend

    Long Beach to the 209 or Bust!!!

    yea, workin outside sales for them Paso Robles down to LB as well as Big Bear and Castaic.
  133. Westend

    Long Beach to the 209 or Bust!!!

    FUCK YOU!!!!! :finger::finger::finger: Wheres the pics of your yellows? You fucking hater! shut the FUCK UP!
  134. Westend

    14 - 267 9/6

    Check out the post that I just put up. We found one after three with no one home and did pretty well. Same day as you too. 209 area
  135. Westend

    Hows the bait at long beach right now?

    the bait at Nachos is good. check out my post I just put up. we had one and half a scoop from nacho and two or three died all day running 40+ miles. If half of your bait is rolling guys, get a new bait tank! Pacific Edge is the way to go, not cheap but great tanks.
  136. Westend

    Long Beach to the 209 or Bust!!!

    Took a last minute trip for some offshore patties. Launched out of LB cuz we knew the bait situation was good there and ran and ran and ran til we found the right one and it was on for 15 football size yellows and 5 nice 15lbs dodos. Strike Zone pulled off another one.
  137. Westend

    Rpt-Sat-08-04-12 Local Bass'n!

    heard you out there on the radio. said you had 30 plus bass. nice going.
  138. Westend

    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    fuck people that poach spots and fish for boats instead of fish. The capt of the Native Sun did that to us today. Whoever the capt of the Native Sun is, he can suck my fat Dick.
  139. Westend

    Local Rockin' on Split Decision

    8/4 headed out of Davies at 5am for some squid from Nacho. Little bit of wind in the early morning but cleared up after a little. Hit some local stones for some quality Reds and Lings. Bait was Squid and Sand Dabs. Got two of my personal best, ling #16 and red #6.5. water temp 67.2. sorry...
  140. Westend

    la jolla

  141. Westend

    Coastal tankers etc

    tell joey to never take his shirt off, again!
  142. Westend

    95' Seaswirl striper with 175hp johnson

    so, what is the price? trying to sell my current fishing boat and this would be a great replacement.
  143. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    Still Available. price reduced to $5,750
  144. Westend

    ? Where to Car Park when meeting at Davies Launch Ramp?

    have them park next to joe's crab shack and you can pick them up after you launch near the 'shack.
  145. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    Price Reduced - $6,000
  146. Westend

    Jose Wejebe of Spanish Fly Dies!!!

    My prayers go out to his family.
  147. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    Hey john, Never heard from you again. She's still available.
  148. Westend

    Where is nochinges63

    I haven't seen any reports by him lately maybe the picture below may have something to do with it. :_diarrhea_:
  149. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    jon, here are the pics of the back deck.
  150. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    That's where I launch the boat, Long Beach, Davies Launch Ramp. The boat is in Downey right now.
  151. Westend

    SMB 3/10/12 on Split Decision

    1986 Cabo Cuddycon 216 with a custom hard top.
  152. Westend

    SMB 3/10/12 on Split Decision

    Headed out of MDR on Saturday at 6:30 ran up the line for some lings. ended the day with 30 rockfish and 3 legal lings, thanks to the new size limit. Rockfish ranged from 2-3 lbs and some smaller, catch included reds, browns, grass and copper rockfish.. Got tons of baby lings as well. a bit...
  153. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    :finger: old enough to eat :finger:
  154. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    1966 Lonestar completely redone in 2009. selling to invest in my next project. Looking for a 20ft open skipjack to fix up. I have a trolling motor for it that I am willing to sell as well for additional money. its a minnkota 55lb thrust transom mountIts not on it in the pics because the down...
  155. Westend

    Aluminum Center Console

    Aluminum center console boat for sale 18' comes with the following: 2000 90 HP Johnson OB with oil injection painted single axle trailer. both hubs just completely replaced Heavy Duty anchor with 15' of chain and 300' of rope Counter sunk Cooler in bow. Cooler seat with cushion in front of...
  156. Westend

    Best Rockfish Rig ?

    Lucanus jigs by Shimano work and work well for all kinds of rock fish. I was skeptical at first but tried it and caught fish almost every drop. They are expensive though. I even caught fish with the rod in the rod holder in gear.
  157. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    These are still available. Hit me up
  158. Westend

    Windy bounce balling Butt!

    Good going Gary. Next time no solo trip. You better hit me up!
  159. Westend


    I'm gonna start goin out every Saturday and just follow you around! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  160. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    Hey, I called and left you a message.
  161. Westend

    Dvl report

    I'm calling bullshit til I see a pic. Why buy an IPhone if you can't use it?:rofl:
  162. Westend


    good going on a monster
  163. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    these are still available. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  164. Westend

    Freshwater Fishing In Ventura County !

    Casitas is the closest to Ventura but there is a 10-day Quarantine on your boat before you can use it there and they put a lock on your boat so you can't take it anywhere else.
  165. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    I think it's a 115 hp and up. not too sure though. what hp do you have?
  166. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    3/4 of an inch isn't gonna make that much of a difference. We can test it out while we hit up some stones. let me know.
  167. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    13 3/4 x 17 and 13 1/4 x 18
  168. Westend

    3 Different Props all SS

    1. Mercury Tempest plus 26P 3-blade SS Vented, missing one vent plug, slightly use Great Bass Boat prop. Removable hub nothing in it now. $150.00 2. Mercury Trophy 17P 4-blade SS Vented, all plugs are there, one blade is scratched on the back side. Removable hub nothing in it now. $150.00 3...
  169. Westend

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    I cut my crab side off. so I would never make that mistake.
  170. Westend

    Halibut fishing in LBC

    Get out on a kayak and get a little deeper. soak a smelt or frozen squid as you work the swimbait. I like to use some sent like hot sauce or unibutter.
  171. Westend

    Todd Swingback Seat Brand New $250

    Not really. I have tons of saltwater reels. That said...any pics?
  172. Westend

    Todd Swingback Seat Brand New $250

    200 is my bottom line. Someone offered me 150 today and I turned it down. If you have 150 and some good trades I might be interested.
  173. Westend

    Todd Swingback Seat Brand New $250 this site has it for $425 This site has it for $529...
  174. Westend

    Todd Swingback Seat Brand New $250

    Still Available. Anyone interested?
  175. Westend

    Late Report, 12-29-11 on Split Decision

    When was the last time you caught anything let alone a big goat Chati?
  176. Westend

    Late Report, 12-29-11 on Split Decision

    Fished from sun up to 4pm got a nice mix of Sheeps and Brown rock fish. one nice sheep at 11lbs. Frozen squid for bait. Flat calm all day, lake-like conditions.
  177. Westend

    Fishing 12/23 on Split Decision

    Because I am for regulations not closures... You moron.
  178. Westend

    Fishing 12/23 on Split Decision

    Headed out at 6:30am, hit up Nacho for some live squid and headed to our local rock fish spot. Long story short ended up with a box full of Brown rock fish, Sculpin, tons of turds (released), sheephead (released), a blacky (released) and halibut. Pics below. Look closely at the Sheephead, he has...
  179. Westend

    Todd Swingback Seat Brand New $250

    I have a Todd swingback seat/cooler brand new in the plastic Model 1758-18A. Measures 35"W x 18"D x 19"H Overall height 32", 50Quarts of storage. PM me if you are interested SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
  180. Westend


    Great job Cowboy!
  181. Westend

    Kern River

    Thanks for the info. Just got back nothing on the river, still moving quickly. Hit up Lake Isabella this morning for one trount on the Powerbait Garlic flavored Salmon eggs. Long leader from the bobber to the hook and a small splitshot 6in up from the hook. Got it near the auxilary Dam
  182. Westend

    Long Beach Threshers Anyone?

    I almost forgot. Check out this video. This from back in 2008 when we as well as these guys got a bunch. You know back when fishing was excellent.
  183. Westend

    Halibut and Monster Sandie

    Congrats. That is a NICE catch!
  184. Westend

    Early Xmas, My 1st butt, 44" 34.5 lbs.

    Sweet catch Bart. Great going, for a day you might not have fished.
  185. Westend


    SWEET! way to go guys. I have some room in my freezer!
  186. Westend

    10 POUND SAND BASS 12-8-11

    WTG on the Calicos.
  187. Westend

    Lings and Bugs

    Good job and nice eats.
  188. Westend

    Long Beach Threshers Anyone?

    Slow Troll or drift live sardines. You can usually find them anywhere from the HB pier to the Belmont peir depending on the water temp. Chum bucket helps too. 30-40lb main line tied to a swivel to a 6ft wire leader 6/0 circle hook is fine. sometimes try putting a 2 oz egg sinker on the main line...
  189. Westend

    Kern River

    Heading up to my buddy's cabin in Lake Isabella and wanted to stop on the way up and fish the lower Kern. Anyone been up there lately? What are they biting on?
  190. Westend

    easy limits

    nice going. next time cut to the point.
  191. Westend

    Lake Irvine 12-3-11

  192. Westend

    Lake Irvine 12-3-11

    Trolled the lake lake today till 3:30pm with my buddy one leg, slow all day and lots of wind. Total we got three fish only one trout and two large mouth. Trolled everything in the tackle box but tough battling the wind. Heard other people did decent though, tournament 1st was a 12lb plus trout...
  193. Westend

    1/2 day CITY OF LONG BEACH 11-30-11

    Sweet. Once you eat that, you might start throwing back all those turds from the wall.
  194. Westend

    mucho calimari

    Nacho reported that the squid he has all came from Izors. The squid boats have been out on the reef lately. Also, while you are getting those, soak a couple of baits. Seabass don't stray far from the dinner table!
  195. Westend

    SMB 11.29.11

    Good going guys!
  196. Westend

    British T-bags.

    Great going on the T-Shark! Weight?
  197. Westend

    SMR fishing?

    Got till Jan 1st 2012. Go get as many as you can and do as much fishing as you can until then.
  198. Westend

    hooping it up

    A monster with a monster. Congrats.
  199. Westend

    Oddball Butt

    Yeah, what did the other side look like?
  200. Westend

    11/26/11 Rockfishing with Seasons Sportfishing

    I used that same Lucanus Jig this past weekend for the first time. I was skeptical using it, I put a squid tentacle on each hook and caught about 5 Sculpin on it. 110' ft of water, 60 degree water on a couple of local reefs off of HB.
  201. Westend

    WTF!! Wild adventures in th LBC !!! 11-28-11

    You guys always seem to find 'em! WTG.
  202. Westend

    Butt fishing

    Good goin' guys.
  203. Westend


    Got a late start 8 am, got some local rockfish. My bro got a nice goat. (released) his girl (wit) got more fish than him.Great day on the water warm and calm all day called it a day and back at Davies at 3:30pm.
  204. white fish whit

    white fish whit

  205. bros


  206. sheephead


  207. Westend


    Those Reds are good eatin for sure. Fish tacos?
  208. Westend

    sheep herding

    Sheepish! Good going. Like the Honda emblem on the motor too.
  209. Westend

    Another BUTT finish

    Good going, congrats!
  210. Westend

    How to catch the biggest bugs......

    Nice catch. WTG.
  211. Westend

    20ft skipjack fishing machine 6,500

    yeah, lets see some pics of the cabin and console.
  212. Westend

    WTF? Idiots @ Big 5 in Chula Vista

  213. Westend

    Warning MDR parking ramp

    That machine specifically says "no change given" on it. I did the same thing and read it just after the machine took my 20. I like using my ATM/Visa at Davis Launch Ramp and South Shores, its quick and easy, no coins to mess with when getting change.
  214. Westend

    FEDS SEIZE 881lb TUNA!

    Thought he had a big pay day comin'...NOPE.
  215. Westend

    Kayak Halibut fishing

    hell of a catch, congrats.
  216. Westend

    2011 Bass Contest November

    I am gonna try as well.
  217. Westend

    hooping and fishin

    We fish that spot there and always get a nice mix bag of rock fish, whites and sheeps. Produces every time. Good going Jay.
  218. Westend

    Amazing Cabo! 12-14 Nov

    Nice footage, good photos, even better eats.
  219. Westend

    Best Overall Pilothouse

    Davis but only because Harold is one of my customers. GREAT guy, GREAT boats. if you are ever in Paso Robles I suggest you stop by his shop.
  220. Westend

    22" halibut needed for Rocky

    Let's see your mount "Celery stick". Or can you not get out far enough in your pink canoe to catch one?
  221. Westend

    What is the best day to fish Lake Irvine?

    Closed on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday usually doesn't have big crowds, especially when they stock the week before and close on the weekend due to rain. Right now pretty much any day you will catch 'em. Troll, troll and troll some more. Brown trout colors are working right now.
  222. Westend

    Commercial squid boats

    Why don't you pull a Paul Watson and go chase them down in your kayak.
  223. Westend

    South Coast closures to go into effect Jan. 1

    Do you even know what the hell you are talking about, MPA works? I guess you can't get too far out in the ocean on your kayak to see what is really going on out there! Sportfishing only takes 3% of catches reported each year. Closures on these areas will have minimal, MINIMAL impact. What we...
  224. Westend

    20ft skipjack fishing machine 6,500

    I want this THING. Jeff, I will be calling you as soon as I sell my center console. Can't have 3 boats over here.
  225. Westend

    22" halibut needed for Rocky

    Here's a 22lber from Rocky above my fireplace and yes, that is my pic in WON below it.
  226. Mount


  227. Westend


    just about as big as my all time best. Congrats, makes you have a smile on your face for the rest of the night with one of those in the tank. NICE!!!
  228. Westend

    ***SOLD!*** skipjack 20 open (restored) $8200..OBO!

    Can the aft seats be removed easily?
  229. Westend

    Rpt-Finger Bank Reds, Shark, Halibut, Bass

    Nice post, good eats for sure.
  230. Westend

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    Did anyone see the cigarette in that kids mouth? WTF!?
  231. Westend

    Using Squid for Yellows

    5/0 - 9/0. If you can't get 'em on one,try two squid on a hook.