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  1. TFish760

    Is this normal?

    Yes, was out yesterday , same reading onnmine
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    Blue Water Bait Tank

    You have to pull the tank and check underneath to make sure it isn’t leaking. I’m pretty sure your bait sits over your fuel tank and the intake and drain run up through a pie hole in your deck. If it’s leaking , it’s leaking into the coffin box your fuel tank sits in and that would cause a mess...
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    Parker - new electronic package

    I’ve done it solo as well many times, but had to drive onto the trailer. Hand load solo there? Do you stop, jump into the water, and walk your boat onto the trailer?
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    Parker - new electronic package

    San Diego and Mission Bay you will not be able to load by hand.
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    Looking for Calstar 700MH

    Looking to buy, prefer factory wrap. Cash in hand, thank you!
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    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    bucc pipe, idle along it with a sabiki slow trolling. works really well
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    Bait pumps ...

    Surflo piranha, 2yr warranty, 2yr extended warranty for 8$ through west marine. I’m on my 3season on the same pump.
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    Parker Bait Tank,

    Pics added
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    Parker Bait Tank,

    Off of a Parker. Approx 30gallons, great shape, with nice sitting area and cushion. Off white color/sea foam gel coat. Comes with thruhull fitting with one raw water outlet, one bait tank outlet, and two new rule 800 tournament pumps. Also have the stainless deck screws. I cannot for the life of...
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    Pm sent
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    YETI Tundra 35 Brand New!! $150.00

    Yes brand new, unused. I can send pics
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    YETI Tundra 35 Brand New!! $150.00

    Trade for charcoal color? Same model 35q
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    Fileting Tuna - Japanese style

    Awesome, definitely learned a few things there.
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    Yeti 35q

    I have a brand new Yeti 35 quart charcoal color, looking to trade for the same cooler(35q) but white in color. Looking for near new condition. Thanks!
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    NSS12 Ram Mount?

    Wow, very nice.
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    Local YT

    Awesome fish! Funny guys saying they wouldn’t post while their checking a fishing report forum.
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    NSS12 Ram Mount?

    It’s a 2007, with the smaller dash
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    NSS12 Ram Mount?

    I have a 2007 2320 and picked up a NSS12. With the limited dash space, I was hoping to use a RAM mount on the side of the dash. This way I can swing the unit into position and out of the way when needed. Any ideas on which RAM mount to use? Any experiences with RAM and the NSS12?
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    Simrad nss evo 3 12” mfd

    Hey Ryan, give me a call or text, I tried to pm but was unable to. 760 756 8377
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    NIB Simrad NSS EVO3 12" with Platinum Navionics Card

    I tried to pm ya but it looks like your profile is private? Shoot me a pm if you get a chance.
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    Question for 2120 owners

    That’s abou the same planeing speed for myself, 2320 rev4 17p and permatrim.
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    Parker 2320 Fuel Economy

    Same exact setup, 1.8mpg loaded with gear 4 ppl and 60gallon bait tank. Inshore light load days around 2.4-2.7mpg.
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    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    eBay has kwells
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    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    Piranha 1100 from west marine, 2 year warranty with additional 2 years extended warranty for 8$. No questions asked, you hand them the pump and they hand you a new one. Mine is going on it’s 2 year now. I know there’s better out there but I’ve been more than pleased with this setup. Basically 4...
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    Props on the 2320?

    Standard mile
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    Props on the 2320?

    Very happy with results
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    Props on the 2320?

    Rev 4 17p The worst I’ve gotten with 4 guys, ice, 50 gallon bait tank was 1.7-1.8 mpg I would say ave is 4300rpm, 23-26 mph, 2.2mpg 2007 2320 F250 (raised the motor 2 holes)
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    Rod Sold Mod delete please

    I will take them, are you able to ship? I will pay for that as well
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    Battery replacement 2320

    What batteries are you guys running/recommending for your 2320’s ? It’s time to replace for me, I’ll be adding a battery isolator as well. Thanks for any input.
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    Single Engine mounting height on an older 2300 with a Yamaha 250

    I raised mine up two holes, 2007 2320 with Rev 4 17p. Love it!
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Cabela's said they made the mistake with their advertised price, figured it out on the 20th and had all orders sent back at and after that date, bummer
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Just got off the phone with Cabela's. She said they made a mistake on their advertised price, and had the shipper return the reel in transit. Refund was given. Lame.
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    Another east coast boat purchase question

    Went in person, sea trialed and took to certified Yamaha dealer to inspect the entire boat. Including matching motor serial numbers, hull numbers, and trailer number to those on the pink slip. Then we went to his bank where we did the transaction. I took the pink slip and sent for a transport...
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    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    On my 2320 I cruise at 22-25mph at 4000-4300rpm at 2.1-2.6 gpm based on load and conditions. I added a 4-blade prop and permatrim, raised the motor a bit with wonderful results. Best bet is to ride on a few. My friends same model rides much different without these additions. I’m will to bet...
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    Any news on the Avalon sewage spill?

    In Avalon now, all hotels and restaurants are open but the swim zone in Avalon is still closed. Not sure when the swim will reopen
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    Tuesday weather window???

    Tues looks good, that short period wnw looks to clean up
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    Yamaha 4 stroke f150 not peeing

    I had the same thing on my F250. Changed the thermostats and now pees on the hose connect flush. Definitely would do if it hasn’t been done in a while.
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    Parker Aluminum Engine Bracket Paint

    How do you apply the new paint, sand, then spray? I have a few scuffs on the bracket and am not sure how to touch up the marks.
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    Best option for boat hauling?

    I need a boat hauled from MS to CA San Diego (23' boat). Have been shopping around shipping websites but am weary of the uship bids being that most are from people who will be driving the trailer themselves . The trailer is in good shape but would feel more comfortable hauled on a flat bed/low...
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    Fighting a Jumping DoDo

    hahaha! love it
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    Metered crab with big schools under them. We tried chunkin thinking the fish were just lazy feeding but no luck with it yet.
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    Offshore Ridiculous tuna at 2.5 miles off Cbad 7/17

    Sat at terramar and watched the whole thing, tripping.
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    The one that got away. Same day video loss report

    Thats my program, every time I grab the gaff before color, snap!!!!
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    hotshots in Carlsbad worth a call
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    Penn Fathom 30 LD two speed

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    Offshore O'side sunday. "that guy"

    the best socal bite period¡¡¡¡¡
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    Offshore Oside daycare program Tuesday

    I remember those days, and remember learning a few new words from the radio too!
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    Offshore my friday at dana point

    We chunked our half scoop, chummed and used the chunk for bait, did really well. Hope this helps.
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    2008 custom Obx "blewbyou"

    Is the boat in Cardiff?
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    Fishing Rod and Halibut

    Unreal! great story there
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    How do you prevent seasickness?

    Bonine, and a tablet of Zophran in the pocket in case of emergency.
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    Offshore YFT and Dorado Video!

    75' sporty would be to small of a boat to fish with guy on. haha
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    23' Wellcraft Sportsman

    oh ronny smoothbore, you little boat sales man you.
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    White Shark spotted on a Patty

    "oh my shit!'' "I dont like how hes looking at us" haha! classic.
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    Blew the Boat Motor, Selling Most of my Stuff

    Hey Im in Oceanside as well, any chance to meet up today and check out you tackle?
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    Rod to pair with new reel?

    Just picked up Saltist LD40h and looking for a preferred rod. I will mostly be flylining from local yellowtail to 1.5 range trips offshore. Any thoughts? Budget up to 225$