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    Phoenix Black Diamond PSW-C 809XHJ

    Hi, i sent a message. Thanks
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    Hi, if you want a shirt, its 20 plus, 5 shipping. Let me know Jeff
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    Hi, if anyone wants any more shirts, I need to place another order. I need a minimum of 12 items to place an order. Thats total, not 12 each. I can get ss teed, long sleeve tees, and hoodies. Let me know if your interested. Jeff 949-292-5273 3
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    trying to get another order together, what would you like?
  5. hookup66

    City of Redondo T shirts

    I can add some to an order i am having made next week. What size do you want, I need prepayment. they are $20 each plus shipping to your house. Jeff call or text me at 949-292-5273
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    Calstar 6480

    Sold. thanks
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    Calstar 6480

    hookup66 submitted a new listing: Calstar 6480 - Calstar 6480 Learn more about this listing...
  8. Calstar 6480

    Southern California Calstar 6480

    Hi, Im selling my Calstar 6480 in almost perfect condition. Custom wrapped with upgraded guides. Top half of grip is cork tape, bottom half is deck hand cord. (see picts). Very nice condition, almost no blems or marks. Selling for $250. Pick up in Misssion Viejo. I can meet you for free...
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    Last call for shirts, pm me or call or text me if u want some, my number is in a reply above
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    I have 2 xls left, do u want them? If so give me your address so I can figure out postage, Jeff 949-292-5272
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    To anyone interested, I only have two xls left. Im gonna leave this post up for a few days to get an idea of how many to order, once I do, it will take a week or two to get them from tshirt place. I’ll keep u Gus posted. I may order some with City of Redondo on front left breast, if I do...
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    Ok, call or text me, Jeff. 949-292-5273
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    City of Redondo T shirts

    I recently had a small run of City of Redondo T shirts made and they were quickly grabbed up by friends and family. My Dad use to take my brother and I on the boat when we were small kids and have fond memories of those days. Anyway, I was considering ordering some more shirts if there is...
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    City of Redondo T Shirts

    hookup66 submitted a new listing: City of Redondo T Shirts - City of Redondo T Shirts Learn more about this listing...
  15. City of Redondo T Shirts

    Southern California City of Redondo T Shirts

    I recently had a small run of City of Redondo T shirts made and they were quickly grabbed up by friends and family. My Dad use to take my brother and I on the boat when we were small kids and have fond memories of those days. Anyway, I was considering ordering some more shirts if there is...
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    Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH

    Price lowered, awesome rod, $225 obo.
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    Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH

    hookup66 submitted a new listing: Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH - Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH Learn more about this listing...
  19. Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH

    Southern California Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH

    Hi, selling my Seeker Black Steel 6455XXH Fishing Rod. Originally custom made for Dennis Erwin, a long time long range fisherman known as the guy who came up with the Erwin Knot. It is in very good condition. All Aftco guides and reel seat. Hyperlon grip, gimble butt. It has some scuff...
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    Seeker Rod Black Steel Graphite Composite 6460 XXH

    Hi, selling my Seeker Black Steel 6460 XXH Black Steel Graphite/composite rod. Perfect for large Tuna/Marlin etc. Custom wrapped. I am the second owner. The rod is in very good condition with only a bit of minor rod rash from the rail. Got this Rod from Dennis Erwin, who told me he came up...
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    Fishworks Jacket

    Jacket is sold, thank you.
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    Fishworks Jacket

    pms answered
  23. hookup66

    Fishworks Jacket

    If I dont get any other offers, I'll do it. I will let you know later today. Thank you.
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    Fishworks Jacket

    Selling my Fishworks Outerwaters Jacket, size XL. I got this jacket a several years ago as a gift and it's been im my closet ever since. Non smoking household. Like new condition. Never worn outside, only for these pictures. I'd like to get $65 for it. New is $169. $10 bucks shipping or...
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    Yuma dove where are they.

    I drove around and put in over 100 miles scouting the Yuma area last Monday. Hard to find any grain crops, lots of cotton and dirt fields. Found a couple of the ariz game and fish sponsored fields, but not a lot of birds. Lads
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    Crowley Lake DFW Proposed Reg Changes

    Crowley is one of the only public access lakes in the eastern sierra where you can catch quality size fish. It's because of the current regulations that Crowley can be so good. There are dozens of put and take lakes in the eastern sierra where people can fish with bait and keep a limit of 5...
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    Yuma Opener 2018

    Scouted Yuma and surrounding area on the 29th. Found a couple areas to try on opener. Very few grain crop areas that we were able to find. Got to our chosen field at 4am on the 1st and then remembered it was a Saturday opener. No shortage of other Dove enthusiasts to hunt with. Found a nice...
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    Yuma Dove Scout

    Heading down south on Wed, plan on doing most of the looking in the I.V. I may go east and look around Yuma. Hope the birds move in.
  29. hookup66

    Yuma report

    Drove around for 2 days before opener, Paid off. Good shooting. Lots of posted fields.
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    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    Thanks Jeff, Hope you enjoy it. Pleasure to meet you. Jeff
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    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    Emails responded to. Thanks for looking.
  32. hookup66

    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    Update: comes with 2 boxes of shells and a new shotgun cleaning kit.
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    Wooden Tackle Box

    Text me at 949-292-5273
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    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    I'm selling my Browning Citori 12 Gauge Over Under Shotgun. I had it listed awhile back and got cold feet and kept it. Now it's back and I will sell it. Classic Lightning Model, 28in barrels, 3 invector choke tubes (mod, imp, full). It comes with the original box and owner's manual. Gun is...
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    Wooden Tackle Box

    Selling my Wooden Tackle Box. Approximately 10 yrs old. Has wear and the brass could use some cleaning but totally functional and solid. Measurements are 11 3/4 long, 7 3/4 tall, 7 3/4 wide. Has one removable storage tray and 8 large jig slots. $40. Can be picked up in Mission Viejo or Irvine.
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  37. hookup66


    I have 3 gallons of West Marine 2 Cycle Oil for sale. Normal price is $19.99. Will sell all 3 for $40. Can be picked up in Irvine or Mission Viejo, Thanks, Jeff
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    Yuma opener 2015

    Scouted Yuma yesterday and hunted this morning. It was good, lots of w wings. The thing that has me concerned are all the posted fields. It seemed like anytime I found a good area, it was posted. It would be great if the city or chamber of commerce could work with the farmers to plant good...
  39. hookup66

    Doves: To Decoy or Not to Decoy?

    Decoy! When i first put out my mojo 5 yrs ago, my older buddies laughed at it. After our morning shoot my mojo had several pellet wounds from my buddies who were shooting the doves as they came in to it. It converted them. It's weird, sometimes it works, sometimes they ignore it. Can't hurt!
  40. hookup66

    Yamaha Generator EF2000iS

    Selling my lightly used Yamaha 2000 Generator. Approx 4 yrs old. Used for camping. Never in salt water environment. Just serviced at Yamaha Dealer. Runs Perfectly. Very Quiet and Reliable. $750. Original Owner. email with questions , [email protected]
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    Whatever happened to Capt. Jim Slivkoff from AA???

    I learned how to fish on the City. photo-13_zp s91e4f346.jpg
  42. hookup66

    Air rifle info anyone??

    Check ou network 54 airgun forum, tons of great info. Also pyramid air.
  43. hookup66

    16'7" Whaler re-purpose project

    Almost forgot, I've got a shakespeare vhf antennae that you can have for free if you like. Text me if you want it. Jeff
  44. hookup66

    16'7" Whaler re-purpose project

    Looks great. I think a 90 Yamaha would be perfect for your boat. Can't wait to see picts with the engine mounted. Did you ever sell the panga?
  45. hookup66

    King Harbor bones

    Hi, fished King Harbor today for a few hours. Didn't start fishing till 11:30. Got some nice chovies from fishkilr (thanks). Sounds like fishing had slowed from the day before, but still able to catch a few. Light line is key. Sea lions ate a couple.
  46. hookup66

    Crashing bones continue.

    I'll be there sat or sunday. Does the hoist still operate for private boater's?
  47. hookup66

    Crowley Lake - Late Video report

    What kind of boat or watercraft do you use?
  48. hookup66

    Custom Hobie Power Skiff by Anderson Custom Boats

    Congrats on the sale, what's next, Minivan?
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    Glad to hear that you did good. Talked to several folks who had slow hunting. Its amazing how the birds find the fields with food in them. Did a lot of scouting and finally found a good field. Can't wait till next year.
  50. hookup66

    Scouting paid off

    Went to yuma this year and got there 2days early. Put in a lot of miles scouting, it paid off and we had a good hunt. Talked to several guys at the motel who said they went to the same place as last year and they did poorly. Scouting is key.
  51. hookup66

    Dove Opener - Niland

    He should have given you a warning and moved on. - - - Updated - - - He should have given you a warning and moved on.
  52. hookup66

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    Sounds bad, probably best to stay home and enjoy your labor day weekend till things calm down.
  53. hookup66

    New Charter Operation at Crystal Cove

    Took the fam for a day at the beach at Crystal Cove yesterday. Looks like someone is starting a new panga operation there. The boat looks pretty nice, by the looks of it, I think it could comfortably accomodate 10 to 15 anglers. Didn't notice any bait tanks, rod holders or electronics yet...
  54. hookup66

    Custom Hobie Power Skiff by Anderson Custom Boats

    Been on this boat. It is super clean and rides great Completely turn key and ready to go.
  55. hookup66

    Gelcoat/Fiberglass repair

    Anyone recommend a good gelcoat fiberglass person in Orange County or North San Diego County. Co-worker wants to fix bottom of his boat from beaching it too often. Thanks, Jeff.
  56. hookup66

    Rattlesnake Reservoir in the OC

    They patrol it and have ticket writing ability.
  57. hookup66

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    Don't be "That Guy"
  58. hookup66

    Woodbridge Fish Dump

    Welcome to Irvine.
  59. hookup66

    WTB-15 hobie skiff, 15-17 triumph, or 15 radon

    My Friend has a super clean one with a new Yamaha 4 stroke. It is super clean.
  60. hookup66

    Daiwa Sealine SL20H

  61. hookup66

    Crosman Pellet Pistol

    Yes, I do. I'll shoot you a pm .
  62. hookup66

    Washing Machine tub

    Thanks for the help. I got one today. Jeff
  63. hookup66

    Washing Machine tub

    Looking for a washing machine tub. If anyone has one I'll pay $25 bucks. Want to use it for a fire pit when camping. thanks, Jeff.
  64. hookup66

    Leaning Post

    Sold. Thanks.
  65. hookup66

    Leaning Post

    Yes, its available, Pm me your number, Thanks, Jeff
  66. hookup66

    Leaning Post

    I thought I had it sold, but yes it's still available. Thanks.
  67. hookup66

    Leaning Post

    still for sale
  68. hookup66

    Leaning Post

  69. hookup66

    Raptor id

    While cleaning my boat this morning, I saw this guy catch and proceed to eat a pigeon. Way cool. Any of you bird guys out there know what kind of hawk this is. Thanks.
  70. hookup66

    Custom Anderson 15' Hobie Power Skiff

    Cool Painting Jeff. Did you create that? Chops looks cool with the dual Yamahas. I'm friends with Alex and Pete.
  71. hookup66

    Anchors (2), Bumpers, Dock Lines

    I can send a bigger picture if your interested.
  72. hookup66

    Anchors (2), Bumpers, Dock Lines

    Hi, I'm selling 2 Anchors, 2 Bumpers and 2 docklines. Selling as a group. The Bruce Anchor is made by Manta and is approx 5lbs. The Danforth Style Anchor is 10 lbs. Each bumper is 18" long. One dockline is 6ft and the other is 12ft. $40 for all.
  73. hookup66

    Right on time for dove season Storms Rock Yuma

    I spent alot of time worrying about the thunder storms prior to the opener this year. Yes, it was slower than last year, but after some thorough scouting tha day before, we were able to scratch out a limit by 8am. We were hunting near the Cali/ Ariz border.
  74. hookup66

    21'6" Mako SOLD!!!!!

    Who did your cover?
  75. hookup66

    Bluegill tips?

    Cooked shrimp cut up small works great under a bobber.
  76. hookup66


    Thanks for the great info. I'll check it out. Much appreciated.
  77. hookup66


    Looking for some starboard for a small dash project on my boat. Anyone know of a good place to get it in Orange County? I'm in Mission Viejo. Thanks, Jeff.
  78. hookup66

    City of Redondo

    FYI, I know there are alot of Redondo guys on Bloodydecks, thought I'd pass this info along. I learned to fish on the City and have fond memories of Doris Peters. She recently passed on.
  79. hookup66

    Pyramid Lake

    It seems like the lake is a little off so far this year. Lots of theories as to why. Let's hope it's just running a little late this year.
  80. hookup66

    Best electronics for inshore fishing???

    I don't need a sonar but this thread is loaded with great info. Thanks for sharing!
  81. hookup66

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    I especially like the pictures posted inside Bruce's Box of him fishing at lake Crowley. Nice.
  82. hookup66

    Box turtle wanted

    Looking for a box turtle for our backyard. If you have one that you no longer want, I'll give it a good home. thanks, Jeff
  83. hookup66

    Alisal Ranch Lake

    Is that the one and only Larry Ladera?
  84. hookup66

    Tiburon SST 30

    Reel has sold. Thanks.
  85. hookup66

    Guadelupe on the Vagabond 11/8-11/13

    Felt like I was there. Looks like you guys had a blast!
  86. hookup66

    Offshore My First Long Range Trip - Trip Report

    Great Report. A 200lber on your first long trip. Very fortunate!
  87. hookup66

    Remington 16 gauge

    Hi, thanks for the replys. I had a 16 when I was young and want to get one for old time sake. I understand the drawbacks with ammo prices etc. Jeff
  88. hookup66

    Chukar Report

    Went chukar hunting (should be called hiking) on saturday in the Mohave. Walked forever, fell on a rock and got banged up, I'm sore as hell, cracked my foregrip on my gun and still only managed to bag one bird. These bastards are hard to get. Anyway, lots of fun!
  89. hookup66

    Remington 16 gauge

    Looking for a good condition Remington 1100 style 16 gauge shotgun. Can trade for my 1100 12 gauge or cash. thanks, Jeff
  90. hookup66

    T-storms in IV

    All the doves flew away last night. They are all gone. Don't waste your time and gas on driving down there for the opener.
  91. hookup66

    Dove Scouting

    Wed, Aug 24 This wasn't really a scouting trip, but I was returning from a Trip to Arizona and got off the 8 in Holtville and did a quick loop thru the southern valley area. It was 10am (kinda late), and I saw singles and doubles almost everywhere, especially along the sides of the road...
  92. hookup66

    Trailer Tire, Spare Tire

    I'm selling this spare tire. It came off my jet ski trailer. It is size 185/80D13. Good Condition. $20. You can pick it up in Irvine or Mission Viejo. Thanks.
  93. hookup66

    .380 Ammo for sale

    I've got 3 boxes of .380 ammo for sale. Each box has 50 rounds. Two boxes are Remington, 1 box is Fiocchi. All are FMJ with Brass shells. Cleaned out the garage yesterday and found them. $25 for all 3. Can be picked up in Irvine or Mission Viejo. Thanks.
  94. hookup66

    ARIZONA Dove Hunt (Phoenix Metro Area)

    Wish I lived in the Phoenix area. Very generous offer. Hope you get em. Jeff
  95. hookup66

    .357 Revolver

    Thanks for all the great info. I was able to get a nice revolver from my cousin. Thanks again.
  96. hookup66

    .357 Revolver

    I'm in the market for a .357 revolver preferably a 4" barrel. Not too concerned with the brand. Just want a good functioning revolver. Thanks, Jeff
  97. hookup66

    For Sale: Primos Power Dog E-Caller

    Does it have any crow calls?
  98. hookup66

    Brake Controller for Trailer

    Anyone have an electric brake controller in good shape they want to sell? Need one for my 02 Silverado. Thanks.
  99. hookup66

    2006 17' BAJA BAYRUNNER

    What model tank and leaning pad is that? I'd like to get the same for my skiff. Thank you. Jeff
  100. hookup66

    Saw LoPresti Yesterday

    Atleast 10 yrs ago, I went on a 4 day trip on the Shogun that Frank ran. He went out of his way to try and learn each person's name on the trip. Frank called everyone into the galley and explained his reason for going where we went and why. Great trip.
  101. hookup66

    C R A N K B A I T kooktorial

    Great Vid. Do you mind sharing what type of rod (blank) you use. Thanks.
  102. hookup66

    1997 Wellcraft 190 CCF 19ft Center Console

    I need a cover. Your's looks good. Where did you have it made?
  103. hookup66

    Shimano Tiagra 16 2-Speed

    $250 and it's yours.
  104. hookup66

    Evinrude Outboard 70hp, 1996

    --I'm selling my 1996 Evinrude Outboard. I am re-powering my boat and want to sell my Evinrude 70hp 2-stroke outboard. It runs fine. Recent compression check had 140 in each cylinder. The carbeurators were rebuilt in 2010, (have receipt). It has VRO (automatic oil mixing). It comes with the...
  105. hookup66

    Seeker 665H Very Good

    I'm selling my Seeker 665H rod. It is 6.5 ft long and is rated for 30-80lb. It is in very good condition. I had an aluminum gimble rod butt added to it. $75 obo. No shipping. Can be picked up in Mission Viejo or Irvine. Send me a pm if interested. Thanks for looking.
  106. hookup66

    Seeker 6463 XXXX Wrapped by Yo's

    Price lowered to $300 obo.
  107. hookup66

    Seeker 6463 XXXX Wrapped by Yo's

    I'm selling this Seeker 6463 XXXX rod for my friend Dennis. Wrapped by Yo's in Gardena. It is beautiful in xlnt condition. It was used on 1 long range trip. It has oversize Aftco big foot guides and Aftco reel seat. Perfect for wind on leaders. This is an awesome Kite or bait rod for large tuna...
  108. hookup66

    Shimano Trinidad TN 40

    I live in Mission viejo and work in Irvine. Don't mind driving a bit to meet up with anyone interested. thanks, Jeff 949-292-5273
  109. hookup66

    Shimano Trinidad TN 40

    My email contact info should be working now. Thanks, Jeff
  110. hookup66

    Shimano and Fenwick Rod

    sold, thanks Nic
  111. hookup66

    Boat Prop, Evinrude, Johnson

    I'm selling this prop that came off my 96 Evinrude 70hp outboard. It is a 3 blade 14 x 17, 13 spline hub. $50, obo.
  112. hookup66

    Shimano and Fenwick Rod

    I'm selling these 2 rods. Shimano Triton 655, 6ft 6in long, 30-80 lb test, fuji seat, gimbal butt. Fenwick Pacific Stik, 670, 7ft, rated 30-50 lb. Both have wear and tear but work fine. $45 ea, or best offer. I live in Mission Viejo and work in Irvine. Jeff
  113. hookup66

    Dana Point Harbor

    Sorry about the boring post. Next time I'll post a pict.
  114. hookup66


    If you like reading the longest fishing reports in the world, the Star is for you!
  115. hookup66

    Dana Point Harbor

    Took a drive and walked around Dana Point Harbor this morning. It was impressive how much water was pouring into the ocean at Doheny. The Harbor was a mess. It looked like chocolate milk with tons of trees and assorted debris floating around. The highlight though was a lone guy paddling his...
  116. hookup66

    Saltwater Rods, Calstar, Sabre, etc.

    Is the 660h still available?
  117. hookup66

    Saltwater Rods, Calstar, Sabre, etc.

    Are the rod racks for sale also? They look very nice.
  118. hookup66

    Ford Expedition Wheels

    6 lug expedition wheels, like new, $40, you pick up.
  119. hookup66

    Ford Expedition Wheels

    Yes. pm sent
  120. hookup66

    Ford Expedition Wheels

    Need to sell quick. The wife wants these Ford Expedition Wheels out of the garage. They came off of our 04 expedition when it was new and have been in the garage since. They are stock 17" allow wheels. Brand new condition. 6 lug. They come with the center caps. I believe they also fit the Ford...
  121. hookup66


  122. hookup66

    Calstar Tuna Stick and Benjamin Pellet Rifle Combo

    Up for sale is my Calstar 6455H custom wrapped rod. It has all Aftco Roller Guides, Aluminum Aftco reel seat and a gimbal butt. This is a perfect rod for 60 to 100lb test. It is 5ft 6" long. Also included is my Benjamin 392, .22 cal, multi Pump Pellet rifle with Pellets, almost new, very good...
  123. hookup66

    Ruger GP 100, 357 Magnum

    I'm selling my Ruger GP 100, .357 Magnum Revolver. 4 inch barrel. It is in very good condition. You can also shoot .38 special ammuntion with this gun. Comes with padded soft case and ammuntion. $325, obo. Buyer must agree to transfer gun in his name. Transfer fees are approx $35.
  124. hookup66


    I'm selling my Benjamin 392, .22 caliber, multi pump, pellet rifle. Approx 5 yrs old, very good cond. A few minor scratches in the stock. Comes with a tin of Crossman Pellets. New is over $150. 75, obo.
  125. hookup66

    New DFG regulations could eliminate all private fish stocking

    First the MLPA's, now this. No wonder so many people are leaving California.
  126. hookup66

    Chukar Hunting Report

    Oct 28th, 2010. Well, I know why they call it hunting and not shooting. Wen't back to the spot where we got a few birds on opening day in Lucerne Valley. We hiked and covered lots of territory and never even saw one Chukar or heard any calls. Atleast I got a swollen knee and banged up...
  127. hookup66

    Tiburon SST 30

    Will include free shipping on this reel within the U.S.
  128. hookup66

    Tiburon SST 30

    I can throw in some extra items with this reel. I have several wind on leaders and 3 rigged marlin lures that I will include also.
  129. hookup66

    Tiburon SST 30

    I'm selling this Tiburon SST 30. The SST is a reel that shifts from high to low speed automatically during the fight. It is loaded with 80lb Spectra, ready for the top shot of your choice. I am selling for a friend who has health issues and can no longer go long range fishing. This reel was used...
  130. hookup66

    Assorted Jigs, Tady Salas Megabait UFO

    I think that's a fair price. I get paid on the 29th. If you still have them then, I'll pick em up.
  131. hookup66

    Help me identify this rattlesnake

    I've seen several adult mojave greens (never a small one like this). This one had no greenish color, tannish color. Anyway, it was cool to see this guy.
  132. hookup66

    Help me identify this rattlesnake

    It was my first time chukar hunting and I was fortunate enough to get 2 birds. Definately a 2 advil night for me. Man those guys are tough to get. At first, I thought the snake was a lizard because it was so quick and small.
  133. hookup66

    Help me identify this rattlesnake

    Saw this little guy today while hunting chukar in the mojave desert. Only about 10" long. Can any of you snake guys tell what kind of rattler this is. Sorry about the blurry pict. Thanks, Jeff
  134. hookup66

    Calstar 6455H, Aftco Rollers

    Up for sale is this Calstar 6455H custom wrapped rod. It has all Aftco Roller Guides, Aluminum Aftco reel seat and a gimbal butt. It is an older rod, but is in xlnt working condition. This is a perfect rod for 60 to 100lb test. It is 5ft 6" long. $85
  135. hookup66

    Calstar BT 970 Wrapped by Yo's

    $70, obo. Great functional rod.
  136. hookup66

    Calstar BT 970 Wrapped by Yo's

    Price Lowered. $75.00
  137. hookup66

    Penn 4/0 Yellowtail Special

    Reel still available. $90
  138. hookup66

    Penn 4/0 Yellowtail Special

    The Gear Ratio is 4 to 1.
  139. hookup66

    Penn 4/0 Yellowtail Special

    Not sure. Selling reel for a friend. I will contact him and get back with an answer. Thanks
  140. hookup66

    Calstar 765 light, Factory Calstar

    I'm selling this Calstar 765 (L). Rated 30-80, Factory Wrapped. Fuji Roller Guides, Fuji Alum Reel Seat. Very Good Cond. $150. More picts available. Jeff 949-292-5273, I live in Mission Viejo.
  141. hookup66

    Calstar BT 970 Wrapped by Yo's

    I'm selling this Calstar BT 970 for my friend. It is 7ft and was wrapped by Yo's in Gardena. It has hypalon grip and fuji real seat. $80, Very good condition, Jeff 949-292-5273 More picts available.
  142. hookup66

    Penn 4/0 Yellowtail Special

    Penn 4/0, Yellowtail Special with Accurate Frame. Very Good Condition. 8 of 10 cosmetic and 9 of 10 functionally. $100. 949-292-5273
  143. hookup66

    Eurasian Collared Doves

    We always have an early afternoon BBQ on opening day of mourning doves and White wings if were lucky enough to get some. What about Eurasians? I know there is no limit, but what about table fare? Are they similar tasting to the others? Thanks, and good luck on Sept 1. Jeff
  144. hookup66

    Upland Bird Fields

    Just saw this on the DFG website. I believe it's the updated map.
  145. hookup66

    UnionTrib editor is at it again

    Let's keep it on Sept 1st. I look forward to the weekday openers. Everything is so crowded in So Cal anyway, it's nice to have a few less hunters out. Last year's opener was plenty crowded.
  146. hookup66


    Is it legal to hunt Eurasion doves all year in Arizona? Is there a limit?
  147. hookup66

    Outdoors, Union-Trib

    That would suck!
  148. hookup66

    Crowley Report

    Just got back from a week in the Sierras. Fly fished Lake Crowley on Sunday and Monday (July 11 and 12). Crowley is off right now. Algae is bad and fishing is very slow. Try Bridgeport instead. We fished right next to the guides on both days and it was slow. Hopefully it pics up soon.
  149. hookup66

    catalina lobster,check by Fish and Game

    How easy are the bonito schools to locate? Are you trolling to find them?
  150. hookup66

    Recent Squid Reports out of Dana?

    Was planning on a squid trip this eve. Are they still around near Dana Point? Thanks.
  151. hookup66

    Squid Hunt - Dana Pt 2/4/10

    Thanks for the great reply. I appreciate it. Jeff
  152. hookup66

    Squid Hunt - Dana Pt 2/4/10

    On the party boats, does the crew care if you gaff and release? I only want to bring one of those bastards home. Had heard a rumor that you are required to have the crew clean all your squid? What's the deal?
  153. hookup66


    I'm sure the Westminster locals would like to get their hands on some of that local Coyote meat.
  154. hookup66

    Lobster 1/29

    Where can I get some of these? Thanks.
  155. hookup66

    City of Redondo being sold?

    Here is the link to the article which was printed in the Daily Breeze Newspaper. City of Redondo heads into the sunset - The Daily Breeze Sorry to see it go. I learned to fish on this boat when I was a kid.
  156. hookup66

    LA Harbor, Long Beach Harbor Map

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks, Jeff.
  157. hookup66

    LA Harbor, Long Beach Harbor Map

    Where can I get a map of LA and Long Beach Harbor? I'm looking for one that shows the speed limits and boat launching ramps etc. Thanks, Jeff
  158. hookup66

    Lots of doves, but tons of pigeons. Should I have shot?

    As far as I can tell from the regs, there is no limit and open season on those beautiful rock doves. Better bring some 6's if you plan on getting them. Jeff
  159. hookup66

    Who's going to Imperial for the opener?

    Planning on scouting for a day next week. I know it's early, but I can't wait to get a look around. Planning on hunting a little north east of el centro. Did good last year in that area. If I scout next week, I'll post a report. Jeff
  160. hookup66

    no eastern sierra reports?

    Fished aug 12 and 13 from my boat at Crowley. fishing was fair. The inlet at McGee was the best area. Also fish being caght in 13 to 15ft. Quality was great. I had a 22 and 21 inch rainbows. There were alot of mayfly's coming off as well as the midges. this year and last year seem a...
  161. hookup66

    I Won the Crowley Stillwater Classic!

    Im heading up there on wednesday. any tips or info on techniques and areas would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  162. hookup66

    Bright and Morning Star Pix

    A few years back at a fundraiser dinner, I won the second place raffle prize which was a 3 day trip on the BMS. The guy who won first place got a 1 day trip on the boat.
  163. hookup66

    Things I learned on my vacation

    Great report. Makes we want to get back into this Long Range thing again. Redondo rules! Jeff
  164. hookup66

    Second Season Doves

    Thanks for the reply. Im heading down next week to scout for doves and pheasants. Jeff
  165. hookup66

    Second Season Doves

    Wondering if anyone is seeing any decent dove numbers lately down in the Imperial Valley.
  166. hookup66

    Wedding Bells for Bruce and Shelly

  167. hookup66

    Dove Hunting - Relax People!!!

    Great Post! You said it all. For all the guys worried about the storms, etc. You should stay at home. Hunting will be very poor for openers.
  168. hookup66

    Crowley Lake Stillwater Classic

    Leaving tuesday morning, returning thursday evening. I heard it's been up and down. This has been a strange year at Crowley. How about you guys, anything planned?
  169. hookup66


    I've heard lots of rumors. Did Cali make the limit unlimited during the normal dove season? What have you heard? I love the smell of Dove Breasts on the Barbi. I can't wait. Jeff
  170. hookup66

    Need Some Help Planning A Dove Hunt

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe that Ca DFG held a meeting regarding Eurasions on Aug 08 to decide if they will be seperate from the normal limts. Unfortunately, I don't know the result of the meeting. In this unfriendly hunting state, I can only guess what the results were. We'll see. I...
  171. hookup66

    Crowley Lake Stillwater Classic

    Any info? Let's hear about it if you know. Thanks, Jeff.
  172. hookup66

    Big dry storm ,Imperial Valley

    The waiting game. I sweat the storms every year. Let's hope those birds stay put.
  173. hookup66

    Has anyone fished Crowley lately?

    As good as you and your dad are at fishing, I'm sure you will find em. Seriously, as soon as the algae bloom is over, the fish will start feeding heavily. With almost a week before your there, it should clean up by then. Good Luck. Jeff
  174. hookup66

    All American Canal- Dove ?

    As long as they have food, cover and water, there should be birds flying. I wish I could hunt here in Mission Viejo. My neighbor let her backyard go to hell with weeds and such and the doves come in there thick in the afternoon. Yesterday, I poked my head over the fence and a dozen birds...
  175. hookup66


    Do you have to chum them to get a bite? What are they feeding on? Jeff
  176. hookup66

    kings river in sanger,ca. mystery fish

    That looks like a sucker to me. Not sure of the specific name.
  177. hookup66

    East Walker River report

    Thanks for the updates. Much appreciated. Jeff
  178. hookup66

    Crowley Lake has plenty of fish

    Hi Corky, I won't be there. I rescheduled for the 12th. Good Luck on your trip. Jeff.
  179. hookup66

    Crowley Lake has plenty of fish

    What's your thought on Crowley this thurs and fri, or would you wait till next week when it's suppose to get warmer? Thanks, Jeff.
  180. hookup66

    Float Tube Choices?

    I'm Considering an Outcast Super Fat Cat Float tube. It looks like it will fit my needs well. Any feedback on this model or others is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff.
  181. hookup66

    Outcast Pontoon

    Outcast Oncilla. Regular Price $499, available on Ebay for $250, check it out. It's a discontinued model with Outcast's full warranty. Hope this helps.
  182. hookup66

    Winter Porn--Hog-a-licous

    The top fly looks like a copper john, what is the bottom one?
  183. hookup66

    Hey Tunafvr....OT but here's what Shelly did

    Hi Guys, how is the snowpack shaping up for the season? It sure would be nice to add a few feet of h20 to Powell and Mead. Jeff.
  184. hookup66

    Turd rollers

    I would have never thought of that.
  185. hookup66

    River fishing & Gallery Link 1/20/08

    I think it's time to pony up for a 4x4. I'm going fishing the next two days, report to follow. Jeff.
  186. hookup66

    I think I can stop pulling my hair out

    I was wondering where you had gone. Hope you get a high speed connection. I always enjoy reading your posts. Jeff.
  187. hookup66

    Happy New Year from Idaho

    I hate you! Stop posting picts about catching fish! Hey Bruce, when are you getting a four wheel drive? Jeff
  188. hookup66

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    Nice Garabaldi! Did you pan fry those or barbecue them? I can't tell the difference in taste between them and bald eagle. Congrats on a good day of fishing.
  189. hookup66

    Better than eating my own shit

    Security Sucks!
  190. hookup66

    Pyramid Shmyramid

    Hi Corky, I have not gone to Pyramid. Too much family stuff going on right now. I have a trip planned in March and April. Merry Christmas, Jeff.
  191. hookup66

    New connection method

    Come on, work can wait. Post it!
  192. hookup66

    Pyramid Shmyramid

    Wow, that's a huge trout. Where and how was it caught? Pyramid is overated. It sucks, don't go there. Plus the weather is always lousy.
  193. hookup66

    Pontoon boats?

    Can't go wrong with either of these. FishCat Cougar (made be Outcast) or Outcast Oncilla. Look em up online. Both nice boats for a reasonable price. I've owned the Cougar and liked it alot. I've got my eye on an Oncilla. Good Luck.
  194. hookup66

    Island Park 11/15/07

    It' nice to hear that he is checking out some other waters. Glad to hear that he is getting them. Jeff.
  195. hookup66

    Dove Report

    Got some free time, so I made a quick trip down to Imperial Valley to look around for doves and pheasants. Got there this morning around 6:30 and took alook around. We found a few small areas of doves and set up. We had to work at it, but I ended up with 6 birds and my buddy got 4. Nothing...
  196. hookup66

    November 12

    I am so Jealous. Nice to see that you are still pulling some nice ones out of Henry's. I'm looking forward to next September.. Jeff.
  197. hookup66

    Any Dove Reports from the Opener?

    The second season opener was Sat the 10th I was told.
  198. hookup66

    Any Dove Reports from the Opener?

    Let's hear it, anyone get birds today?
  199. hookup66

    Any thoughts?

    Just got back from a Pigeon Shoot on a friend's feedlot in the Imperial Valley. The pidgeon's were pretty thick, but not very easy to shoot. Those bastards are smarter than you would think. Anyway, we did see a decent number of doves in the area, but not as thick as the earlier season. There...
  200. hookup66

    Big Bear Fish Report 10/20

    Nevermind, next time I'll read the report more closely. Thanks.
  201. hookup66

    Big Bear Fish Report 10/20

    What landing did you rent the boat at? How much are they for the day? Do they also rent regular aluminum motor boats? Thanks.
  202. hookup66

    Imperial Valley Doves

    Looking forward to the second season in a couple of weeks. Has anyone in the area seen much in the way of numbers? Thanks.
  203. hookup66


    That's awesome.
  204. hookup66

    Bring on the brooks--

    Way to go. Thanks for the info. Tell Dennis I said Hello.
  205. hookup66

    Bring on the brooks--

    And you caught these beauties using??????
  206. hookup66

    Offshore 2 Day Brawl in the bunks.......Cops, high Seas......

    Too bad someone didn't punch his face for messing with the older guy. Can you imagine if your on the boat with your dad, and some drunk guy roughs him up? I can only imagine the hurt you could put on a drunk guy. Glad to hear he was arrested. Maybe, he'll learn from his mistake.:imdumb:
  207. hookup66

    Double Haul Report

    Way to go. How low is the lake? Who took first place? Thanks
  208. hookup66


    Awesome. Thanks for the update.
  209. hookup66

    Last day of the season

    Way to go! Glad to hear you got em. Did you shoot any eurasian doves?
  210. hookup66

    BDers clean up at Crowley Double Haul

    Who took first place? How was the fishing? Come on, let's hear a report.
  211. hookup66

    End of Season Dove Hunt

    Way to go!
  212. hookup66

    End of Season Dove Hunt

    What's the deal with the later season hunting? Is it any good then? What can I expect? Thanks.
  213. hookup66

    End of Season Dove Hunt

    Just got back. Found an area of Eucalyptus next to a small canal and worked for a limit of birds. Not as many birds as openers, but still pretty good. That was a long drive. Sorry, no picts.
  214. hookup66

    End of Season Dove Hunt

    Heading out tonight for a last minute Dove Hunt in Imperial Valley. Wish me luck.
  215. hookup66

    Yuma Doves?

    Looking to shoot a few birds before Sept 15th. Not looking for anyone to give up any spots, just wondering if there are still birds in the area. Thanks, any info is appreciated. Jeff.
  216. hookup66

    Rpt: Crowley Lake 9/1-9/3!!

    Midge fish or streamer action?
  217. hookup66

    Rpt: Crowley Lake 9/1-9/3!!

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had a blast.
  218. hookup66


    Hi Chris, how are you? Hope all is well. Did you hunt near Bakersfield? How was it? I hunted the Imperial Valley. It was pretty good. Lots of hunters. JEff.
  219. hookup66

    Got Peppered, alot!

    I should clarify my earlier post. I got peppered once, and shot rained down on me alot. It's all good. Next year, I'll just look to hunt a quieter area.
  220. hookup66

    Got Peppered, alot!

    We'll, thiis was my second opener and we had pretty easy limits. Last year, I was spoiled because we hunted a less crowded area. This year, we hunted a popular valley spot. Man, it was raining shot. Mostly mourning doves and 2 WW, and 1 eurasian. We had fun, but I think next year, I'll be...
  221. hookup66

    Dove Hunting Question

    I know everyone likes to shoot first thing in the morning on openers, but what about the afternoon? This is only my second time Dove Hunting and I won't be able to get out until sometime after noon or so. Is an afternoon shoot usually any good? What time would be a good time to start? Thanks.
  222. hookup66

    Went fishing......

    Beautiful Fish.
  223. hookup66

    Tried out my new Pellet Gun!

    Just got my hands on a new Sheridan/Benjamin 392 and boy do I like it. It is alot more accurate than my previous Crossman break barrel model. I got two neigborhood pests with wings with it this afternoon. Can't wait for Crow season to open up.
  224. hookup66

    Arizona Dove Forecast

    Anyone scout near Yuma lately for doves? Any eurasians seen? Just trying to get a feel for bird numbers etc. Thanks.
  225. hookup66

    Stream flexin.

    Those guys would be awesome in a fresh water aquarium. Nice Work.
  226. hookup66

    Crowley tournament results

    Tournament results here:
  227. hookup66

    Royal Star Pacific Edge 5 day report 8/5-10

    Great Report, Felt like I was there.
  228. hookup66

    A little concerned and frustrated.

    I'd be concerned also. With all the seiners wrapping up every tuna fish that swims, these trips are turning into yellowtail specials. Good luck, maybe you'll stumble across a few fish that haven't been wrapped yet.
  229. hookup66

    A Quick Report

    It's a real bummer for the San Diego Fleet regarding the Seiners. Gone are the days when you you had a decent shot at the bigger bluefin on 4 and 5 day trips. Luckily, they have had good fishing down below on the yellows. What happens when that fishery is over exploited? Let me guess...
  230. hookup66

    night walk at golf courses

    This is a great topic. Almost all golf course ponds have fish in them. Bass, bluegill, cats, etc. Growing up, my friends and I use to sneak in to all the local courses looking for fish. Here are some tips; Go there at sundown, or an hour before sun up. Wear dark clothes. Be...
  231. hookup66

    Rpt: Kirman Lake 5/27 Lots of Pics!

    Great Report. What patterns worked for you guys?
  232. hookup66

    Need your thoughts on this...

    Just got the package in the mail today. Thank you! They look great. I'll be giving them a try starting on April 23rd. I'll keep you posted. My bro and his son are fishing Crowley tomorrow and Sat. Thanks again, Jeff.
  233. hookup66

    Need your thoughts on this...

    They look great! I like midges with white heads.
  234. hookup66

    Idaho Trophy 'bows

    Looks like fun. Your net looks nice. What kind is it? Could you email me picture of it. Thanks.
  235. hookup66

    pyramid report April 11-15

    Nice Report. Nice to meet you guys. Hopefully, next time we can fish fish more with you guys. Jeff.
  236. hookup66


    Great Report. Felt like I was there. Thanks, Jeff.
  237. hookup66

    Report from Idaho Falls 3/26/06.

    Hope you get em.
  238. hookup66

    Report from Idaho Falls 3/26/06.

    Wish I was there. Sounds like a good time. Bruce, I'm expecting a call once you get to the land of Lahontan's. Jeff.
  239. hookup66

    For anglers who ride the Shogun

    Can't wait to see the video. I'm sure it is great. Jeff.
  240. hookup66

    Pyramid Alligators

    Thanks for the Great Report. We had a blast fishing with you guys. All 3 of us had our personnal best on this trip. I'm still dreaming of the fish that I hooked that spooled me before the hook pulled. Oh well, I'll get him next time. I'm already gearing up for my next trip in early April...
  241. hookup66

    Its true

    I heard the same thing from a buddy who was up there recently. That place sucks. Don't waste your time!
  242. hookup66

    Pyramid again this weekend

    Pass this place up. Fishing sucks there.
  243. hookup66

    Benjamin Sheridan Question

    I don't know how the word Crow got into my post? What I meant to say was ground squirrels. I would never dream of shooting such a cute bird. They are really smart. I especially liked it when they ate the baby sparrows out of the nest in my backyard last year. And the charming calls they...
  244. hookup66

    Benjamin Sheridan Question

    Thanks for the great info.
  245. hookup66

    Benjamin Sheridan Question

    Hey Guys, I need some input on a future air rifle. I really like the Benjamin/Sheridan type of pump air rifles. My primary target will be crows in my backyard. They come in .177, .20 and .22 caliber. What do you recommend for backyard sniping of crows? What scope would you recommend...
  246. hookup66

    Just got back from Pyramid.....

    Thanks for the update. I'll be there next weekend. I can't wait. Jeff.
  247. hookup66

    My Pontoon

    It's time to let a good friend go. I'm downsizing and selling my Pontoon. It's a FishCat Cougar, (Made by Outcast). It is in xlnt condition, ready to fish. It has an aftermarket fold down wheel for transporting from your car to the water. It also comes with a custom made stripping...
  248. hookup66

    where did you start fly fishing?

    Wow, that's a tough one. I'm pretty sure it was at Lake Mary (Mammoth Lakes). Once you try a fly you say bye bye to spin gear.
  249. hookup66

    H3 Maiden Voyage

    Nevermind, just saw the other thread. Jeff.
  250. hookup66

    H3 Maiden Voyage

    What kind of float tube is that?
  251. hookup66

    Pyramid this weekend

    Good Luck. Looking forward to a report. Hope you get em.
  252. hookup66

    Ferrari of the floattube world

    Nice ride. Are you bringing it to Pyramid?
  253. hookup66

    Pigeon Decoys

    Anyone know where I can get ahold of some pigeon decoys. I have a chance to hunt some feed lots next month and would like to get a few. Thanks.
  254. hookup66

    Where's the Woollys?

    Welcome Back! Dave and I are planning on an early march trip and a mid april one. Can't wait! Jeff
  255. hookup66

    GPS & Stillwater Fly Fishing

    I don't know about it's usefullness at Henry's, because I haven't fished there yet. (But I want to). Anyway, it is very helpful at Crowley Lake in California where I like to fish. I just have an inexpensive handheld that comes in very handy. Jeff.
  256. hookup66

    Mammoth open all year

    I've heard some of the locals are upset that these waters will be open to fishing year round. I'm sure there are pro's and con's to both. I wonder if they're upset because opening day might be slightly less of a draw due to the recent changes? Who knows.
  257. hookup66

    Red Rooster 3 FIVE OVER THREE

    Great Report. Nice B.F.H T-Shirt! Way to Go!
  258. hookup66

    Smile for the Camera

    Me and my Future Fishing Partner.
  259. hookup66

    Cow hooks

    The Eagle Claw hooks are very popular on the Excel. Personally, I like the owner ringed mutu's. A friend of mine lost two big fish when using the eagle claw circle hooks because they bent open. Just my opinion.
  260. hookup66


    Not under mine either. There is a chance for a long trip for me next year. We'll see. My bro and I are getting ready to schedule a March and April trip to Pyramid. Hope to see you both there. Jeff.
  261. hookup66


    Great News! Can't wait to see that video. Jeff
  262. hookup66

    Independence Trip?

    Just looked at the report for the current Independence trip. Looked like they had to deal with an emergency medical situation. Anyone have any insight as to what happened? I got the feeling from the report that they handled it in a very professional manner. Just curious. Thanks.
  263. hookup66

    gettin' em

    Wish I was there!
  264. hookup66

    Fall 2006 Hoodad Shogun trip

    Great Report, How did the Huntington Beach Guys Do?
  265. hookup66

    Royal Star 11-11 to 11-22

    A friend of mine was on a ten day in October on the Star and had similiar comments about the boat needing an overhaul. They had the same problems with the A.C. not working right and the food being marginal. I'm sure Tim and Randy will get on it and address these issues. They are great...
  266. hookup66

    Royal Star 11-11 to 11-22

    Great Report. Two Cows, nice! How long were you actually at the bank?
  267. hookup66

    San Diego Bonefish!

    My Brother and I decided to give a shot at Saltwater Fly Fishing on Wednesday, Nov 22 in San Diego Bay. We hooked up with guide Peter Pecconi. It was steady on Spotted Bay Bass. We also got some nice Yellowfin croaker. Near the end of our trip, I hooked and landed my first ever San Diego...
  268. hookup66


  269. hookup66

    Henry's Lake Oct 23rd thru Nov 1st 2006

    Finally. Thanks for the great report. I got cold just looking at the pictures. Nice Fish! Jeff.
  270. hookup66

    Colorado River Fishing and Gambling Report

    Just got back from Laughlin Nevada for a 2 day Birthday get away trip with my wife. We scored a baby sitter and made a quick trip out there. I managed to get away for a couple hours each morning to cast in front of our hotel. I was stoked to find a few trout swimming just out front. The...
  271. hookup66

    Cutthroat Fly Records

    Hey Bob, do you ever fish pyramid in November? If so, how was it. Jeff.
  272. hookup66

    Night before the DoubleHaul

    I predict you will be in the top ten. I hope you kill it. Good Luck and let me know how you do. Tell Bob I said hello. Jeff.
  273. hookup66

    Air Rifle Question

    I need some help with choosing an air rifle. I want to shoot crows primarily. I will be shooting from 20ft to 40ft. Im open to any suggestions. 22cal or .177? Spring action or a pump like a Benjamin? Scope or no scope? Thanks.
  274. hookup66

    Rpt: Crowley labor day weekend!!

    Thanks for the updates. Jeff.
  275. hookup66

    Colorado River???

    I've caught trout in the river up to 13" right in front of the casinos in Laughlin. I've fished for them in april and may. It's stocked on a reg basis but Im not sure how to find out when? If your fly fishing, I'd get up early when the water is low and fish the gravel bars, look for current...
  276. hookup66

    Doublehaul in the Fall?

    Unfortunately, I won't be at this years tourney, but I will be fishing there on the 8th and 9th. I'll update you when I get back. Good Luck. You should do well. Jeff.
  277. hookup66

    Crowley (8/12-8/14)

    Thanks for the report. Glad you had a good time. I'll be up there again on Sept 8 and 9. Hopefully, there biting. Jeff.
  278. hookup66

    Just in from Crowley... 8/15/06

    Hey Bob, the day we fished with you, the wind never really quit. We toughed it out till 4:30 and had a decent catch. We caught a few at Little Hilton, (My Bro got a 21.5" rainbow there). We went back to McGee for an hour at the end of the day and got a few more. The next day the morning bit...
  279. hookup66

    Just in from Crowley... 8/15/06

    Anxious to here it. I hope you guys got in on some of those nice ones. Jeff.
  280. hookup66

    Heading to the Big C next week.

    We'll be there fishing on thurs Aug 3 and Fri Aug 4th. Jeff.
  281. hookup66

    Heading to the Big C next week.

    We'll be the 3 clowns in the flat bottom rental boat. We're bringing a friend who is learning how to fish crowley. Anyway, if I see your boat, we'll say hello. Jeff.
  282. hookup66

    Heading to the Big C next week.

    Hi Bob, we'll be fishing there on thurs and friday. Will you be fishing that day?
  283. hookup66

    We are going to Crowley -We are going to Crowley

    I'll try and not catch all the fish up there when my brother and I go next week. It sure would be fun to link up with you guys, but I don't think I can pull off another trip when your there. Good Luck. ps. I had lots of grabs on chromies last trip, I'm experimenting with some new colors...
  284. hookup66

    Heading to the Big C next week.

    I can't wait to go. I'll post a report when I get back. Jeff.
  285. hookup66

    This years gig

    I use to stress out about where to hook baits in certain situations. Then I learned to watch what the hot stick on the boat was doing. Most of the time, they will gladly show you how they are hooking their bait. The other thing I learned was that the hot sticks know how to gently cast a bait...
  286. hookup66

    Crowley III

    When we were there last week, you couldn't even think about driving to Sandy Point. It was totally underwater. I'm stoked the lake is so full. It's got to be healthy for the lake in the future. Jeff.
  287. hookup66

    Crowley III

    Your killing me. I wish I was there! Im going to try and get up there in a week or so. Thanks for the update. Jeff.
  288. hookup66

    Oh Boy- Look at our new nets!

    What is the net material made of? Thanks, Jeff.
  289. hookup66

    Crowley, Just Got Back

    I'm trying to get up there at the end of the month. If I see you, I'll be sure to say hello. Jeff.
  290. hookup66

    Crowley, Just Got Back

    I know, I was just venting. Sorry, if I offended anyone. We had a blast. Mickey is a great guy, Actually, he wasn't who I was thinking about. , I think he has a couple of 200lbers under his belt. Im jealous of you that you can fish there all the time. Hopefully, I can meet you someday. Jeff.
  291. hookup66

    Crowley, Just Got Back

    Fished Crowley last Monday, then thursday and friday. We had a great time. Fished McGee with everyone else. Monday was pretty good, we got 2 fish over 18 by noon. Most of the fish are around 15-16" and fat and healthy. Thursday, the morning was just O.K., it seemed to turn on around...
  292. hookup66


    That sounds like music to my ears. Thanks.
  293. hookup66

    Big K Ranch Oregon Report, Warning, picts are big?

    My fingers and toes are all crossed. My Dad and step Mom are coming along. I sure would like to get my dad into some of those Crowley trout. We'll see.
  294. hookup66

    Big K Ranch Oregon Report, Warning, picts are big?

    Thanks for adjusting my picts. Someday I'll figure out this techno crap. I've got my fingers crossed for Crowley next week. I'll keep you posted. Jeff.
  295. hookup66

    Big K Ranch Oregon Report, Warning, picts are big?

    This is my first post with picts and for some reason, they are huge. Sorry. I need to consult with my technical advisor, (The Shark). Went on a trip to Oregon's Big K Ranch on June 23, with my Dad and Brother. Here is a picture of the the place and the rooms we stayed in. This is...
  296. hookup66


    Im always concerned when neither of the main guys have updated. If Crowley isn't on, you may want to consider giving bridgeport reservoir a shot. I remember last year that it was going off when Crowley was going thru it's slow phase. Give the trout fly a call in mammoth, they always have...
  297. hookup66

    Mammoth mounatin

    Many Options. If you have a float tube, your in luck. You can fish any of the mammoth lakes from a tube and do well either spin fishing or fly fishing. Any of the mammoth lakes are well stocked with DFG trout and Alpers as well. For spin fishing, use 4lb test and cast super dupers or thomas...
  298. hookup66

    Crowley Report

    Good Luck up there. I love that Lake. We never tried Green Banks, Leighton, or Sandy. The popular guides were in McGee. One of them anchored up right next to us when we were getting em good. I forgot to mention that we were fishing in 16 to 17ft of H2o. The quick release indicators worked...
  299. hookup66

    Crowley Report

    Here's a short report from Lake Crowley. Sorry, No Pics. Fished from a rental boat on thurs and fri. Thursday took 2 friends out for a day of chiromid fishing in McGee Bay. Had a short snap on a few trout at 7:30am, then Nada till 10. From 10:30 till 1:30 we had steady grabs on trout to 19"...
  300. hookup66

    Oh Boy - Here is an FYI -

    Good Luck. I hope it works out well for you. Jeff.
  301. hookup66

    Spring Road Trip 2006

    Awesome report! Felt like I was there! Im definately putting those lakes on my want to fish list. I'll be going to Mammoth on Wed for a few days. Hope to fish Crowley a couple days. I'll report when I get back.
  302. hookup66

    highlights of spring gadabout

    Sorry we missed you guys. Im anxious to see the full report.
  303. hookup66

    Report from the road- 5/23/06

    See you guys on Friday. I should be there around 4pm. Jeff.
  304. hookup66

    New Custom Fly Rod!

    Way to go Shelly, can't wait to get a look at it. See you in 2 weeks. Jeff.
  305. hookup66

    Pyramid Lake Lahontan Cutthroat

    Way to go. I fished with TunaFvr and had a blast. Glad to hear that you got em. I had great success with the red copper john. Looks like you had great weather. Great Pictures. Nice!!! Jeff
  306. hookup66

    A Crowley report

    Thanks for the update. My brother and his son are going up there next weekend. I'll give them your report. Jeff.
  307. hookup66

    The Search For SD Steelhead...

    That sounds like one heck of an adventure. Who cares if you didn't catch anything. Just getting away from the rat race is worth all the effort.
  308. hookup66

    Pyramid Round IV

    Man, it's a good thing I rinsed and cleaned off my reels when I got home! My ladder has a bunch of corrosion on it already. You weren't kidding when you said that lake has alot of salinity.
  309. hookup66

    Pyramid Round IV

    Great Report Bruce! We had a blast fishing Pyramid with you for the last few days. Here is my quick report. I had always wanted to fish that Lake but was intimidated by the whole ladder/shooting head deal that Pyramid is famous for. Once I had talked Bruce into going, my brother and I...
  310. hookup66

    Pyramid Bound!!

    Well I finally got some time, so I'm going to go to Pyramid tomorrow and give it a go. It's my first trip there and I can't wait to give it a try. Lucky for me , a guy (TunaFvr) that knows how to fish it, is meeting me and my brother up there. Hopefully, we get a few fish. I'll keep you posted.
  311. hookup66

    Big Browns

    Nice Work!!
  312. hookup66

    The B.F.H. strikes again! My First Large Mouth Bass! 4-15-06

    That's an awesome catch. Nice Bass!! What line type were you using? Did it jump at all? ps. I got my passport in the mail.
  313. hookup66

    23in. LM

    Who Cares how much it weighs, that thing is huge!! Especially satisfying that she got it on her fly rod! Nice Work!
  314. hookup66

    Colorado River Stripers

    Yes its just across the river from needles in Arizona. Anyway I just tied on the biggest hornberg I could find in my box with an intermediate clear camo line. Now if I could just get those 10 to 15lb carp to bite, i would be stoked! Maybe a bread ball fly or dog food fly would work. You...
  315. hookup66

    Colorado River Stripers

    Don't Laugh, but lately It's been extremely difficult to get away to wet a line. The family and I got to the river this evening for a couple of days and I just had to get out and make a few casts. We have a place between Havasu and Laughlin that we just put up for sale so were out here...
  316. hookup66

    yeah, lots of fish

    Im dying for a report!
  317. hookup66 of 4/8

    Thanks for the update. I'll be bringing my pontoon when I come up.
  318. hookup66

    For those who were asking- Shogun 4/02/06

    I can tell their having trouble with the picts, they posted a bunch from the RP.
  319. hookup66

    Crowley? Anyone ready???

    I think his name was John. He is the guy who is on the front cover of fly fisherman magazine with the carp. Anyway, a friend of mine is in the market for a new rod and reel and wanted to check them out. That's a nice shop with a friendly staff. Just got my Birth Cert, tomorrow Im at the Post...
  320. hookup66

    Crowley? Anyone ready???

    Just got back from the San Diego fly shop. That's a nice place! I'm so ready for Crowley, I can hardly wait. I've got a few new patterns in mind. It sounds like they have plenty of water to keep the water levels up. I can't wait!
  321. hookup66

    Orvis Rocky Mountain vs. Ross CLA

    I'm not familiar with the Orvis, but Ross makes awesome reels with smooth drags. Keep your eyes open on ebay and once in awhile you can pick up a rhythm for a good price. Either way, you should be happy. Good Luck.
  322. hookup66

    For those who were asking- Shogun 4/02/06

    Hopefully, they get em. Did you get enough people for your trip at the end of the month?
  323. hookup66

    Pyramid going off!!! 3/27/06

    Just got the green light on an april trip. No dates set yet. I'll be in touch. Jeff.
  324. hookup66

    Pyramid going off!!! 3/27/06

    You're killing me.
  325. hookup66

    I just have to bragggggg

    That's awesome. Hopefully you can get her up to Crowley this year. Is Bruce on his way up there already? Please post updates as you talk to him. thanks, Jeff.
  326. hookup66

    Pyramid Lahontan's!

    Just got back into town from Arizona and saw your report. Wow, that looked awesome! Here are a few questions. Once you get out and set your ladder, is the top step under water or just above it and how long do you fish before needing a break? On the way out, is the bottom muddy and...
  327. hookup66

    Bruce's Fish Count Pyramid Lake Week of March 8 thru 15 or so...

    It sounds like he might get snowed in there till spring! Nice to hear that he's getting fish in that weather. Look forward to his report when (and if) he gets out of there. Jeff.
  328. hookup66

    Pyramid report Feb. 12-Feb. 15

    Nice Report Bruce, how effective would it be to fish from your pontoon? Is it even an option? How far is Crosby lodge from the area that you fish? Thanks, Jeff.
  329. hookup66

    Fred Hall Show fly fishing

    I'll be ther thursday to check it out!
  330. hookup66

    Why no cows on the early October 10 day trips?

    My friend was on a 10 day last year in October on the Royal Star. There was a late season Hurricane last year that kept them from going down into the lower zone. Not long after his trip, the weather improved and the boats started getting the big uns. Don't forget that last year's 10 day trips...
  331. hookup66

    Fred Hall Show fly fishing

    I'll be going to the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach this year. Has anyone heard if there will be a fly fishing section there this year? What about Seminars? Thanks.
  332. hookup66

    Puerta Vallerta in May

    A friend of mine is taking his family to Puerta Vallarta in May of this year. He will have time to fish for one or two days. How is early May for catching the big Yellowfin? What are some of the other types of fish that might be caught that time of year? How much would I expect to pay for a...
  333. hookup66

    New cow record on the RP

    I don't have the Green light yet, but I'm working on it. I sure enjoyed my trip to Hurricane Bank 2 yrs ago.
  334. hookup66

    New cow record on the RP

    Unbelievable! Hey Chris are you going on a trip in December? Jeff
  335. hookup66

    OwensRiverReport 1-27/1-30

    I'm jealous again! Looks like you guys had a blast! Look forward to seeing you in Canada! I'll be in Mammoth in July and August if you guys want to meet up. Take Care, Jeff. I'll be thinking about you at tonight's concert!
  336. hookup66

    sunday tieing

    Those Seal Buggers look nice. What size are they? Can't wait to hear about you trip to the Lower Owens. If you haven't gone yet, good luck!
  337. hookup66

    newbie needs help

    Fly fishing is a blast once you get the hang of it. What type of fish does he plan to fish for? Does he want to fish in the fresh water or salt? Once you answer these simple questions, your on your way. Almost all good fly shops offer fly casting lessons through out the year. Bob...
  338. hookup66

    Trips planned for 2006

    I've got a condo reserved in Mammoth for a week in July and maybe a week in August. I'm definately interested in your October trip. JEff.
  339. hookup66

    End of the Season, Henry's Lake 2005

    Hey Fygoddess, is that a miniature schnauzer riding along with you on your pontoon boat?
  340. hookup66

    Kern River 12-25-05 w/pics

    Nice Going. We're you fishing the upper Kern or Lower. We're you above or below the Johnsondale Bridge? How high was the water flowing? Thanks, Jeff.
  341. hookup66

    Sage Xp, 5wt, 9ft, 6"

    Looking for feedback on this rod. I have a chance to get a new rod at cost and was considering this XP for float tubing for trout. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff.
  342. hookup66

    Shogun Big Fish 12-11-05

    My friend Ward recently went to Reno and visited some local shops. He's got some good info as well. Hopefully we can all get together on a Spring trip. Talk to you soon. Jeff.
  343. hookup66

    Shogun Big Fish 12-11-05

    Thanks for the updates Shell.
  344. hookup66


    Keep the Reports Coming! I Dig Reading them.
  345. hookup66


    That's Great News! Congrats to Bruce and all the Shogun Crew! NICE!!
  346. hookup66

    Royal Polaris Report?

    Anyone see the RP come in this morning? It sounded like they had a good trip. Any idea how many big ones they got?
  347. hookup66

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm thankful for alot of things. One of those things is Bloodydecks. This is a great website! I'd like to give thanks to whoever the person who set this thing up. Also thanks to tunafvr for turning me on to this site and to the shark who is a fishing fanatic. Have a great Day!
  348. hookup66

    Pyramid Lake next spring!

    In my quest to catch some decent size trout, I'm planning on fishing Pyramid lake in Nevada next spring. I've got some decent info so far, but I'm always looking for new tips etc. Anyone?
  349. hookup66

    DVL trout

    I've been reading all the reports of good trout fishing and can't see why they wouldn't eat a fly. When you get some time to fish it, let me know. We could split the cost of a rental boat. Congrats on what sounded like an xlnt 10 day. ps. I'm at a point now where I can get away for a day of...
  350. hookup66

    Dana Point Mackeral

    I want to take my nephew out of dana in our skiff and try for some macks. He's bringing his trout rod. It's been so long since I've been out, any tips on where to find em without going out too far? Thanks.
  351. hookup66

    Dana: 11/19..Box of Rocks

    The Baldwin Family has released this... This is just terrible... LAGUNA BEACH, CA (November 20, 2005) It is with deep sadness that the Baldwin family must share the tragic news that Jason Baldwin, a father, son and brother, died in a plane crash along with longtime family pilot, Dan...
  352. hookup66

    Meet #77 hookup66!

    I got the flyrod Yellowfin while on a Long Range trip last December on the Shogun. We were at Hurricane Bank. In the early a.m. the Skipper Bruce (aka TunaFvr) sees a school of Dorado hanging near the boat. He breaks out his fly rod and asks if I want to give it a try. I cast out and hooked...
  353. hookup66

    Shogun Pic's from last 10 day trip 11-03-05 thru 11-13-05

    I dig the Shogun . It was great seeing their catch. Congrats to Bruce for all the cows. Nice talking to you Shelly. Jeff.
  354. hookup66

    Captain Bruce's Shogun Report with Pic's 10/10/05

    Awesome! Are those things eating clouser minnows?, if so what weight rod are you getting em on? Wish I was there.
  355. hookup66

    Henry's Lake Report- 10-25-05 thru 11-02-05

    All I can say is WOW! Im going next year!
  356. hookup66

    Henrys Lake quick report

    I Hope you post a report with pictures soon. I'm Jones'n for a report.
  357. hookup66

    CONGRATS TO HOOKUP66!!! New Fisherman has arrived

    It's true! We're the proud parents of a bouncing new boy!, our first. He was 8lbs, 7 oz and his mom felt every bit of it during delivery. His Name is Dean and I can't wait to take him fishing. Now if I could only figure out how to post pics?
  358. hookup66

    John Pandelas

    What ever happened to John Pandelas? Anybody know? Thanks.
  359. hookup66

    Crowley Quick Solo Trip 10-2-05

    It's easy to get addicted to that place. Nice Going!
  360. hookup66

    Good Luck to TunaFvr and the Shark

    Good Luck to TunaFvr and the Shark at Saturday's Double Haul in the Fall tournament at Crowley. I couldn't make it this year but wanted to wish both of you good luck. I hope you both get em! Let me know how you do. Jeff.
  361. hookup66

    Heading Back to the Big C

    Here is my report. My brother fished wed Aug 31 at Green Banks but didn't get in the water till 6pm. We trolled around for zip and had only one hit. Oh Well. Thursday we rented a boat and went to McGee. We had heard about an epic streamer bite, so we took our tubes and launched near the...
  362. hookup66

    Heading Back to the Big C

    We'll be fishing on thurs and Fri and Crowley. My bro and me will most likely be renting a boat. Wed pm were going to fish a hike in lake and fish the surface for brookies. Look forward to seeing you there. If McGee is on, we will definately try out the north end. What color float tubes...
  363. hookup66

    Barracuda on the Fly, What Set Up?

    Thanks for all the great tips and ideas. Much appreciated!
  364. hookup66

    Heading Back to the Big C

    My brother and I are going to give Crowley a try one more time. We'll be up there next wed thru sat. Hopefully, they are still biting. If not, we have a couple of stand by spots. I'll post a report when I return. Jeff.
  365. hookup66

    Such a rad store!

    Nice to hear that your checking out what Fly Chucking has to offer. Marriott's is definately a one stop shopping place when it comes to Fly Fishing. Next time your there, ask Cory what happened to his Dread Locks. I almost didn't recognize him last time I was there. Have you been to the San...
  366. hookup66

    Crowley Report for Aug 7,8,9

    If I can figure it out, i"ll post picts to follow. Hey Shark, how do I post picts? thanks, Jeff.
  367. hookup66

    Crowley Report for Aug 7,8,9

    I can't believe I was able to make it up here again so soon to give Crowley a try! This time was special because I convinced my wife to come up and give it a go. We fished together on Sunday, Aug 7, from a rental boat. We went to McGee Bay where everyone else was and gave it a go. We stayed...
  368. hookup66

    Crowley Report for Aug 1 and 2.

    Crowley is fishing good right now. We had steady action in McGee Bay. The fish are spread out all over. We caught some in 9ft and some in 16ft deep areas. Compared to last weeks trip, I'd say we caught less, but had more quality fish. We got several nice Cuthroats and Browns. I think...
  369. hookup66

    Heading Back to the Big C

    I'm heading up to Crowley on Monday. I'll post a report when I get back. Jeff.
  370. hookup66

    CrowleyBound Report!

    It felt like I was back up there already after reading your report. I had a blast. It was great fishing side by side with you guys. I would have liked to have seen that big one that broke you off. Oh well, maybe you'll get him again in September. I may be going up again in a couple of...
  371. hookup66


    We had a great time fishing with you guys! It was fun seeing a first time fly tosser learning the ropes. Don't get spoiled!, that was some of the best action I've seen at Crowley. Without a doubt, the best part of the trip was watching Shelly the Shark Stripping right out in front of...
  372. hookup66

    I just found BD! I want in!

    We had a blast up there. For a first timer, you were doing great. It was nice to fish with you and Bruce up there. I'll try and send a couple pics to you later today. Jeff.
  373. hookup66


    I'm going to run up there and give bridgeport and Crowley a try next week. I've got a feeling that Crowley is about to turn around. I'll report my results.
  374. hookup66

    TunaFvr a Cook?

    Now I've seen it all! Last night while channel surfing, I came across the one and only TunaFvr, aka Bruce, cooking up YFT on the Food Network with Bobby Flay. They had footage of the Shogun fishing at Alijos and Bruce grilling up some tuna steaks. What's next, maybe TunaFvr vs Julia Childs...
  375. hookup66

    fly-tying site

    They were when I went in May. Hopefully, it stays that way.
  376. hookup66

    I just found BD! I want in!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm going to get along fine with all of you. Jeff.
  377. hookup66

    fly-tying site

    Bruce, I talked to the fish camp today and decided to hold off for awhile. They said the fly fishing has been really slow lately. I'll let you know when I plan to go up.
  378. hookup66

    fly-tying site

    Thanks for the info on the website. Some of those patterns look awesome. It might be a few days before I go to Crowley. It looks like lots of wind for tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Jeff.
  379. hookup66

    Please welcome Bruce Smith to the BD team!

    I know Bruce! He'll be a nice addition to this site. Bye the way, Bobbers Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  380. hookup66

    Barracuda on the Fly, What Set Up?

    I want to chase Barracuda off Newport this summer in a private boat. What set-up would work for the skinnies. Right now, I have an 8 wt. I need info on line, tippet, patterns, etc. Thanks.
  381. hookup66

    All your hogs are belong to us

    I just got a hall pass for Monday and Tuesday. I'll be giving it a go. If any one has fished Crowley lately, let me know. Oh, bye the way, Bobbers Rule!! Report to follow next week.
  382. hookup66

    I just found BD! I want in!

    I just got turned on to Bloody Decks by TunaFvr. This is a great site. I'm jumping in! Take it easy on a new guy. Thanks, Jeff.