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  1. Shogunsc4

    New UC 76 CENTUAR

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: New UC 76 CENTUAR - New UC 76 CENTUAR Learn more about this listing...
  2. New UC 76 CENTUAR

    Southern California New UC 76 CENTUAR

    Brand new with tags still attached. This is the 7’6” model. $500 local pick up. Thank you. PENDING PAYMENT
  3. Shogunsc4

    47" LG 3D LED TV

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: 47" LG 3D LED TV - 47" LG 3D LED TV Learn more about this listing...
  4. Shogunsc4

    Southern California 47" LG 3D LED TV

    Just upgraded to a new SONY OLED. Trying to get rid of this unit. TV is in excellent condition. Or was wall mounted so I'll have to see if I can find the stand. Model is LG 47LM6700. It's a 47" LED backlit 3D TV. The 3D is amazing. I couldn't find a single scratch on it. No dead pixel. 100%...
  5. Shogunsc4

    Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new

    Sorry already have that reel
  6. Shogunsc4

    Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new

  7. Shogunsc4

    Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new - Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new Learn more about this listing...
  8. Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new

    Southern California Penn Fathom 40 NLD2 brand new

    I bought 2. Selling 1. Brand new in box. $280
  9. Shogunsc4

    LG 3D TV 47" LM6700

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: LG 3D TV 47" LM6700 - LG 3D TV 47" LM6700 Learn more about this listing...
  10. Shogunsc4

    Southern California LG 3D TV 47" LM6700

    Just upgraded to a new SONY OLED. Trying to get rid of this unit. TV is in excellent condition. Or was wall mounted so I'll have to see if I can find the stand. Model is LG 47LM6700. It's a 47" LED backlit 3D TV. The 3D is amazing. I couldn't find a single scratch on it. No dead pixel. 100%...
  11. Phenix Axis rail rods

    Southern California Phenix Axis rail rods

    Near New condition for both rods. Axis 720X2H ----PENDING---- Axis 780X2H ----SOLD---- $250 each
  12. Shogunsc4

    Phenix Axis rail rods

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: Phenix Axis rail rods - Phenix Axis rail rods Learn more about this listing...
  13. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Lexa HD 400 HS-P trade

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: Daiwa Lexa HD 400 HS-P trade - Daiwa Lexa HD 400 HS-P trade Learn more about this listing...
  14. Daiwa Lexa HD 400 HS-P trade

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa HD 400 HS-P trade

    Reel is brand new in box. Looking to trade for fathom 25nld2 or tersoro 10 in same condition.
  15. Shogunsc4

    Bass stuff

  16. Shogunsc4

    Bass stuff

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: Bass stuff - Bass stuff Learn more about this listing...
  17. Bass stuff

    Southern California Bass stuff

    Impulse purchases… brand new in box: Shimano Vanford 2000HG $220 Shimano Vanford 2500HG $220 Okuma Helios SX20 loaded with spectra $80 used: Shimano Calcutta TE200DC. Recently serviced from Shimano under the vip program and replaced most of the internals. Haven’t been fished since. Loaded with...
  18. Shogunsc4

    Tranx, Lexa, Vanford

    Shogunsc4 submitted a new listing: Tranx, Lexa, Vanford - Tranx, Lexa, Vanford Learn more about this listing...
  19. Tranx, Lexa, Vanford

    Southern California Tranx, Lexa, Vanford

    Brand new in box: Shimano Tranx 400 (5.8:1) $260 Daiwa Lexa 400 HD HS-P $260 Shimano Vanford 2000 $220 message me if interested.
  20. Daiwa Saltiga LD40 2 speed

    Daiwa Saltiga LD40 2 speed

    This reel is in excellent condition. Loaded with 500 yds of 60# Seaguar spectra. Smooth as butter. I upgraded into the new model hence the reason for selling. $375
  21. NIB Okuma Andros 16ii

    NIB Okuma Andros 16ii

    New in box. Loaded with 500yds 80# jbraid. Handle upgraded with the makaira t-bar handle. $325
  22. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Scorpion DC LEFTY

    please let me know if anyone have one for sale in new condition. Thanks.


    looking to trade for same or similar reel in left hand retrieve. reel is brand new in box loaded with 30# jbraid
  24. Shogunsc4

    Brand New Tranx 500HG cheap

    lol that person deserved it. That was very fast
  25. Shogunsc4

    Shimano chronarch 150HG

    Brand new with box. Never used. Looking to trade for left handed version or tranx 201 plus money. Reel is loaded with 30# jbraid
  26. Shogunsc4

    MINT Phenix black Diamond PSW 700H

    Mint condition. Took on one trip can caught a few wahoo. $200
  27. Shogunsc4

    Shimano scorpion dc (left)

    Anyone selling a Shimano Scorpion DC left handed model, please let me know. Thanks
  28. Shogunsc4

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    Let’s find out and see if you can make it home with your butthole still intact
  29. Shogunsc4

    Phenix HAX780XH almost new

    Rod is practically brand new. Pending
  30. Shogunsc4

    Practically new Andros 16IIa

    Practically new. I have 2. Selling one of them. Reel has upgraded Makaira T-bar handle. Fully loaded with new 80# jbraid and 80 seaguar flurocarbon leader. Took on boat but didn’t fish it. $350 and trades welcome.
  31. Shogunsc4

    UC VIPER practically new

    All pm’s replied
  32. Shogunsc4

    UC VIPER practically new

    Practically brand new. UC viper 7’0. Took on boat once. No fish on it yet. Person that was supposed to pick it up disappeared. Sold
  33. Shogunsc4

    NIB Penn Torque 40NLD2 silver

    Looking to see if anyone wants to trade. I’m looking to trade one of my brand new silver torque 40 for a new saltiga 2 speed 55 or 60.
  34. Shogunsc4

    Dobyns Sierra 703MH Casting

    I would totally take it but not going to sd any time soon. Hell of a deal
  35. Shogunsc4

    Accurate BV-2 400

    Brand new in box accurate bv2 400 and fully loaded with 50# yozuri super braid. Looking to trade for a brand new talica 10 ii with spectra as well. Let me know if anyone is interested
  36. Shogunsc4


    Looking to trade something in equal value around $200. This reel is brand new in box loaded with 40# izorline. Interested in vanford, ballistic, tatula elite, left handed baitcasters...etc in same condition. Pm me if interested.
  37. Shogunsc4

    Phenix, shimano, okuma inshore rods

    Wide open short bites here... wind them up!
  38. Shogunsc4

    🦄 🦄 DC20 MAG95

    Time for me to bust out my unicorn jigmaster 500L
  39. Shogunsc4

    Misc daiwa, penn , shimano, shikari, calstar, uc viper

    You are absolutely correct. My mistake. It’s the 300hd
  40. Shogunsc4

    Misc daiwa, penn , shimano, shikari, calstar, uc viper

    Sorry at the moment, local pick up only
  41. Shogunsc4

    Phenix, shimano, okuma inshore rods

    Custom phenix PSW908MH with SIC guides. Excellent condition. $175 reduced to $160 Brand new with tags okuma PCH INSHORE PCHi761M. $160 reduced to $150 Shimano Clarus 6’6” medium. excellent condition. $40 Phenix mislabeled inshore rod. Excellent condition j60ml. $50 interested, text me...
  42. Shogunsc4

    Misc daiwa, penn , shimano, shikari, calstar, uc viper

    NIB Penn battle 2500 ... SOLD NIB Daiwa LEXA 300HD ... $200 no spectra or $215 loaded jbraid Excellent condition Shimano Stradic 3000FI w/ new spare spool ... SOLD Used custom shikari BB805 (original blue blank) good condition with fuji reel seat and sic guides ... $160 (last 4 pics) Used...
  43. Shogunsc4

    Okuma PCH xxxh

    I have a brand new one if you're interested
  44. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    Lol pretty funny dude
  45. Shogunsc4

    Bass gears (reduced)

    Sorry local pick up only
  46. Shogunsc4

    Shimano chronarch G 150 HG

    I have a brand new in box chronarch G150HG. Loaded with jbraid. Looking to trade for a left handed version in same condition or possible trade for speedmaster 12, fathom 40nld2, phenix psw 760
  47. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    Last bump. $375 or I’m keeping lol
  48. Shogunsc4

    Mint Avet JX RAPTOR BLUE

    I have a mint (near new) JX RAPTOR in blue filled with 65# pp and short 50# topshot. $350 pending
  49. Shogunsc4

    Okuma Andros 16

    Mak 15t is a better reel. I love the Andros 16 as i have 2 myself. But the mak is a different animal
  50. Shogunsc4

    BV2-600 question

    thanks. I didn’t want to wait so i went back today and did an exchange to the bv2 600n.
  51. Shogunsc4

    BV2-600 question

    also, the studs would be the last place i check on a fishing reel when i buy a reel...
  52. Shogunsc4

    BV2-600 question

    I didn’t even know it was like that until i started checking it out when i got home. I left work early to get to the nearest turners by 6pm and had to wait in line to get in with this whole COVID guidelines. I literally had 5 mins to make a decision and i took the display one. I will very likely...
  53. Shogunsc4

    BV2-600 question

    It’s such a great deal I’m going to hang on to it and send to accurate when I get a chance. Just not sure why the studs were tilted... I ended up going back to turners today and picked up another bv2-400. This one is straight.
  54. Shogunsc4

    BV2-600 question

    I just purchased a valiant bv-2 600 from the turners sale. This is my first ever accurate reel is it normal for the studs to be tilted like 10 degrees to the left like this in the pics? And also when the reel is in low gear, i reeled while applying pressure on the spool, there’s a rattling noise...
  55. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    Sorry local pick up only
  56. Shogunsc4

    NIB Lexa HD 300HSP

    This reel us loaded with 40# spectra. Never used. Looking to trade for Torium 14, Tranx, phenix psw
  57. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    It’s very nice. I might just keep it and get the rcx76 as well
  58. Shogunsc4

    Size 20 2sp reels for cheap

    Ocpoacher you are first in line. Please pm me if interested. I’m located in Glendora
  59. Shogunsc4

    Size 20 2sp reels for cheap

    I have a okuma cavalla 20ii in Good condition. Sold i also have a topless tib’d tld 20ii with upgraded drag (30+ pounds @Strike while maintaining 60+ sec freespool) and T-bar handle. Loaded with 80# spectra and a short topshot. Sold
  60. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    Reduced to $385 firm.
  61. Shogunsc4

    Phenix psw 700h for psw 760h or psw760xh

    Bump. Also if someone is selling one, I’d be interested
  62. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Lexa 300HD NIB

    Glendora. This is the blue hd model. Not the 2020 gray model.
  63. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Lexa 300HD NIB

    Brand new in box Lexa 300HD loaded with 40# powerpro $200. Or trade for maybe a phenix black diamond rod in good/new condition.
  64. Shogunsc4

    Phenix psw 700h for psw 760h or psw760xh

    I have a near new phenix black diamond psw700h looking to trade for a near new condition psw760h or xh. Please let me know.
  65. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    Bump... had a few short bites so far
  66. Shogunsc4

    UC Viper literally brand new

    Bought the rod and realized it was the wrong model. This is the rcx70 viper. Excellent 100-130 rail rod. Bought it last week and went on trip without any use. Literally brand new. PENDING
  67. Shogunsc4

    Looking to buy two 2-speed reels.

    I have an extra Andros 16ii. Let me know
  68. Shogunsc4

    Looking for Okuma Makaira 20 SEA

    Please let me know if anyone is selling a mak20sea. Thanks.
  69. Shogunsc4

    Jerky drag pressure

    Exactly what I'm experiencing no matter what I do. I have degreased the washers and regreased. It's not necessary "rough", it is just a smooth but jerky feel to it. Heavy drag pressure or goes away. Up to around 5 pounds, it gets jerky.
  70. Shogunsc4

    Jerky drag pressure

    Exactly what I'm experiencing no matter what I do. I have degreased the washers and regreased. It's not necessary "rough", it is just a smooth but jerky feel to it. Heavy drag pressure or goes away. Up to around 5 pounds, it gets jerky.
  71. Shogunsc4

    Jerky drag pressure

    I have a question about this as I received a brand new Penn fathom 40NLD2. The reel has jerky inconsistent drag pressure is it's set light (less than 5 pounds of pressure). Once it gets to higher drag setting, it goes away and becomes very smooth and consistent like it's supposed to. I've taken...
  72. Shogunsc4

    Bass gears (reduced)

    Last price reduction.
  73. Shogunsc4

    Bass gears (reduced)

    I have some good to mint condition bass gears that I do not use anymore. Excellent condition Shimano curado cu201 recently serviced with new carbontex drags...Sold Great condition team daiwa advantage 153h7 recently serviced with new carbontex drags...Sold Penn battle II 2500 NIB $70 reduced...
  74. Shogunsc4

    used spottie rod

    I have two Bay Bass rods and they are brand new. But I'm in Los Angeles. Let me know. A Shimano Compre 10-17 and a Clarus 8-15
  75. Shogunsc4

    Shimano inshore rods

    Bump with reduced price
  76. Shogunsc4

    Shimano inshore rods

    i have two brand new rods that is just sitting around. Shimano Clarus 6'6" 8-17. Brand new with tags. $60 REDUCED TO $50 Shimano Compre 7'0" 8-15. Brand new with tags $80 REDUCED TO $70 Let me know if interested. 626.646.8662
  77. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 1.5 4/26

    Aztec is class act. Great Captain and crew. Super fishy. Very informative prep talk on every trip and these guys hustles. IMO, the best short range boat in the fleet.
  78. Shogunsc4

    Awesome Inshore Action - Tampa Bay Gator Trout, Redfish, Snook, and Grouper

    I'll be in fort Lauderdale for a week and was thinking about spending the weekend fishing. What do you recommend?
  79. Shogunsc4

    Powell max 3d

    looking for a Powell max rod if anyone have one to sell or trade. Please let me know 626.646.8662
  80. Shogunsc4

    Calstate, seeker, pacbay, GUSA, grafech, penn

    From left to right: -Seeker 6460xh all rollers. Reduced to $65 -Seeker blacksteel G6465H. SOLD -Calstar BT210 (excellent condition) SOLD -GUSA URS70XH (Original GUSA excellent condition) all SIC Guides. SOLD -Graftech GJS80M (excellent condition) SOLD -PacBay RF2SC 1027 alconite guides...
  81. Shogunsc4

    13 fishing Omen 2

    What is the length?
  82. Shogunsc4

    Dobyns fury

    looking for a 7' Dobyns in medium action. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  83. Shogunsc4

    13 fishing Omen 2

    I'm looking for a spinning and a casting 13 fishing Omen rod. Around 7' medium to medium heavy action. Let me know if you have one you want to let go. Thanks.
  84. Shogunsc4

    Seeker Blacksteel G6465H

    Fin fan disappeared.... Next in line
  85. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Coastal 153H drag feels 'bumpy'?

    The stock drag is sticky. Carbontex fixed the problem for me. You might have oil in the drag causing it to slip
  86. Shogunsc4

    Seeker Blacksteel G6465H

    bump. Reduced to $100
  87. Shogunsc4

    Seeker Blacksteel G6465H

    i have an used condition seeker Blacksteel G6465H for sale. Priced to sell. Reduced to $85
  88. Shogunsc4

    ViSX16 or Tac20ii

    Tac20 > VISX for casting bait VISX > tac20 for raw power Depending on what you are looking for.
  89. Shogunsc4

    Phenix Axis 720 HX (30-80)

    I have a 780xh with a talica 16ii when I went to Guadalupe last year. I had other legit 80# set ups but I decided have some fun and fished it on 80# pushing it to the limit. Definitely not ideal but the rod handled it just fine until deep color on the 135# yft. However the talica beat my ass...
  90. Shogunsc4

    Penn 16 VISXS and Phenix Axis 720X2H

    I recently fished the Lupe for tuna up to 140# on that setup. You will like it. Fishes 80# line perfect
  91. Shogunsc4

    Okuma Andros 16IIa

    i have an Andros 16IIa in great condition, just serviced. The reel has 350 yards of 80# J braid and upgraded to a makaira T-bar handle $300 If without the T-bar upgrade $285
  92. Shogunsc4

    JRI Custom Lures Vagabond 5.5 to the Lupe

    It was great fishing with you again John. Guadalupe is a very special place. Here's a few pics of mine on the trip
  93. Shogunsc4

    FS: Seeker Blacksteel G6465H

    bump and reduced price
  94. Shogunsc4

    FS: Seeker Blacksteel G6465H

    i have a used seeker black steel g6465h for sale. Condition is 7/10. Light corrosion on foot of the guides from normal use. Reduced to $140 If interested 6266468662
  95. Shogunsc4

    Canon Camera and camcorder

    final reduction to $80
  96. Shogunsc4

    Video: PENN International VI series reels

    Wow...I just got the 16VISX and this thing is amazingly smooth and better free spools than the Mak. I can nearly get 80-100yds of 100# more on the this reel. And feels lighter. Good job Penn
  97. Shogunsc4

    Canon Camera and camcorder

    bump with new reduced price
  98. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Definitely not what I meant. I fished with lots of good Asians before and I'm Asian myself. I stated the Asian group on the trip was bad.... Never have I said "asians" in general are bad. It's just this particular group was really bad to the extreme. Trust me, they knew enough English to get...
  99. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    They fish we got were not line shy. I was fishing 40# flouro and a 1/0 circle hook. Use an outfit you can cast with. I nose hooked all my sardines. Hope this help
  100. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Lol I like Asians too but obviously they don't like me here lol
  101. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Lol I don't understand why some people are so butt hurt at me saying "Asians". So racially sensitive. The post is about what happened on the trip and the word Asians was used as description for the group. Poking fun at a threat directed to me... Now I'm a macho man? And chicken shit...? Ok lol...
  102. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    It's just a report with details of what happened... It's not about race....
  103. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Lol you are a funny guy. I respect that you came up and apologize. I wasn't the guy nagging. The entire boat and crew saw what happened. Your buddy (I thought was your family) was the one trying to remove my reel for the second time and that's when I told him not to touch my gears again or this...
  104. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Sorry, did the report from my phone. All fixed.
  105. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Short report: 24 passengers, around 70 bft (25-45#) and around 25 yellows (20-25#). It was an afternoon bite at SCI. Entire fleet was there. Long version: Got to the landing adding 6:30pm and greeted by the phenix crew. Nice and friendly bunch but there was two separate groups of idiots that...
  106. Shogunsc4

    UC 800 mag, mega or monster..

    I have the old school gusa 80megamag and that's my go to 30# bait stick
  107. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    The OP's avatar says it all about what kind of fisherman he is. A true fisherman will not b!tch and whine about a slow day of fishing. Instead of wasting time complaining, spend more time at the rail and fish then maybe you will catch a tuna bigger than your avatar. Cry me a river. It's fishing...
  108. Shogunsc4


    PM'd you but no response
  109. Shogunsc4


    i have an excellent condition rare old school shikari 7050 with SIC guides and aluminum gimbal SOLD. Also an OC HALE7HF 20-50# in excellent condition $100 REDUCED to $80. And an older Graftech GOF70XH $80 REDUCED to $60. If interested, text me at 626.645.8662
  110. Shogunsc4

    2 dayer aboard Aztec - Aug 5-6 (spots available)

    Very interested. May be in for 2
  111. Shogunsc4

    Canon Camera and camcorder

    Bump. Canon camcorder lowered to $125
  112. Shogunsc4

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    105# bft on 40 seaguar fluro
  113. Shogunsc4

    Mak16 noise

    The reel is brand new and haven't been fished yet. The retrieve is smooth like it's supposed to be just making a lot of rattle noise. Thought about opening it up and do it myself but it's a brand new reel I rather have Okuma check it out first.
  114. Shogunsc4

    Mak16 noise

    I just received my new Mak 16II, for whatever reason, the reel is making lots of noise as if something is loose inside. Anyone have this issue?
  115. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Proteus rod questions

    I have 3 Proteus rods. Awesome rods for sure. Caught bft last year 60-100 pounds on the 80hf on 40#
  116. Shogunsc4

    4.5 on the Constitution, Feb 22-27, 2017

    John, Vlad's pic, reading his lips, looked like he was still trying to explain "twitch" twitch bang lol.
  117. Shogunsc4

    4.5 on the Constitution, Feb 22-27, 2017

    Twitch twitch bang was some funny shit for sure. Keith's imitation was hilarious
  118. Shogunsc4

    4.5 on the Constitution, Feb 22-27, 2017

    Another great John Jordan charter. The Constitution is a major upgrade from the Maximus. All costs are up front... You use you pay deal. Hardcore fishing crew. It's all about expectations. If you expect to get a cow everytime and gets free gears, this is not a trip for you. Great operation...
  119. Shogunsc4


    Yes if you pay shipping
  120. Shogunsc4


    Sorry my mistake. It's a single speed. Typo. My mistake
  121. Shogunsc4

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Wow. Last year was my first time fishing the maximus and I must say that everything was black and white, straight up. For the fact that all you have to take are clothing and terminal tackles and a fly down and you will be fishing cow town the next day intrigues me...for about $1540 plus air...
  122. Shogunsc4


    Bump with reduced prices
  123. Shogunsc4


    I have a mint condition daiwa saltist LD35 single speed loaded with 65# white PP. Asking $140. Reduced to $125 Have box. I also have a good condition graftech offshore series 70h. Asking $100 reduced to $90. Trade offers welcome. I also have a mint condition Canon camcorder Legria HFM52...
  124. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    There is always "that guy" on every trip
  125. Shogunsc4

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree!

    Penn Torque 40LDII for the Lupe
  126. Shogunsc4

    Canon Camera and camcorder

    Bump with new low pricing
  127. Shogunsc4

    Fortune Monday 12-5 any advise ?

    I learned to pre-mark my spectra at 25 fathom, 35 fathom and 50 fathom using a sharpie. It's important for fishing pv and these big deepwater bft
  128. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    Lol it's a business.... Not a charity. These guys with their asses off and work extra long hours. So you want to fish longer than the trip advertise but you are tripping for paying a little extra to do so? If this trip they limited out on bft, you guys wouldn't be complaining. In the customer...
  129. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    Lol is this from your one time experience with them and you skunked out? It's always somebody else's fault
  130. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    Aztec was the first boat to explore different zones and found the larger yft earlier this fall. They take risk and most of the time, it pays off big
  131. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    Lol people are getting spoiled nowadays. Aztec is a stand up operation. Too bad they can't guarantee catching.... Bummer
  132. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Which Talica 2 speed?

    Talica 16 ii and load it up with 80# spectra and a short 60# fluro
  133. Shogunsc4

    Canon Camera and camcorder

    I have a like new Canon Legria HFM52. 10X optical zoom. Image stabilizer. HD. Wifi. Built in 32gb memory. REDUCED AGAIN TO $80 I also have a like new Canon Powershot S5 IS. 8.0 mega pixel. Image stabilizer. Great camera. $100 reduced to $60 SOLD If interested, let me know. 626.646.8662
  134. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Talica 16II speed backing.

    I have 400yds of 80# spectra and a short 50# flouro topshot on my tac16ii. Got two bft over 100 pounds last trip. IMG_1814 by Shogunsc4 posted Nov 8, 2016 at 8:55 PM
  135. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Dead squid and BFT! 11/19

    Congrats on a great day. Those are beautiful bft. Most of those so called "100 pounders" are not really legit hundred pounders unless they were weighed or measured. You will see lots of "100 pounders" posts here but It's funny how some real hundred pounders look so much bigger than some "hundred...
  136. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec tanker BFT at Tanner 11/7

    It was great fishing with you too bro. Good karma to you for helping the older folks getting their fish in.
  137. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec tanker BFT at Tanner 11/7

    Hey Joel! It was nice fishing with you. These bft kicked our asses lol. That bft on 40 was fun lol
  138. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec tanker BFT at Tanner 11/7

    Thanks. I did the slider setup with a Carolina keeper 3ft up to keep the sinker away from the hook. On the dolphins, we got the yft on squid. Flyline and slider. No jig fish, just captain finding the dolphins (yft), meter marks on bft.
  139. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Tanner Bank 11/3

    To be honest, I just got off the Aztec and the cook was awesome. I ordered late and was no issue. There was three of us just sitting in the galley chit chatting and Capt Greg came in and asked if we needed anything to eat. I'm pretty sure it was done kind of miscommunication
  140. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec tanker BFT at Tanner 11/7

    The fish were not line shy at all. Most were fishing 60 and at that depth, visibility is not an issue. I personally like to fish the lighter set up as my 60# rig was a tib'd TLD 20II. Too bulky to fish all day. The bluefin were strictly on live squid... Only live. As for bait supply, there was...
  141. IMG_1817


  142. IMG_1742


  143. IMG_1728


  144. IMG_1789


  145. IMG_1744


  146. IMG_1779


  147. IMG_1804


  148. IMG_1746


  149. IMG_1814


  150. Aztec tanker bft

    Aztec tanker bft

  151. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Aztec tanker BFT at Tanner 11/7

    Just came back from the Aztec 1.5 day trip. Flat grease calm out there with biting jumbo bluefin tuna and extremely light load of 13. Weather forecast was supposed to be rough but it was flat calm. On the way out, Capt Greg gave us a prep talk/ detail seminar. We got there around 7:30 to join...
  152. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Talica 12II or 16II

    just make sure you stored the reel in freespool after cleaning and leave it in high speed
  153. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Talica 12II or 16II

    I have both talica 12 and 16. The talica 12 is very versatile and will fish both 40/50 with ease. Fill it to the brim with 65# spectra and just change the top shot. For typical 2.5 day around here, it will handle almost anything. The talica 12 is much more balanced reel IMO.
  154. Shogunsc4

    ATC SW 966 9'6" 10-17lb custom rare

    These atc rods are basically shikaris... Super rare and sweet rods. Bump for ya.
  155. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Talica II bearing issues?

    Pack them with grease. I rinse mine all the time and no issues. How do you store the reel? Make sure you back down to freespool when storing the reel
  156. Shogunsc4

    CalStar 800m?

    I fish 40# on mine. Plenty of backbone
  157. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Tn 16a or 20a?

    It's pretty much the same reel except the width. I prefer the 20 for line capacity in case you go on longer trips and also having more line on the reel is better for inch per crank on the yoyo or wahoo.
  158. Shogunsc4

    hi guys i need your opinion about

    Sx raptor is more like a 40# reel
  159. Shogunsc4

    Offshore El Capitan 2.5 day 15-18

    Went on the el Capitan two weeks ago. I had a different experience. Food was actual good, of course you cannot compare it with the LR fleet. But as far boats it was good. Alan is very fishy and got us on the fish as we limited out on the bft. We did better then the fleet. The crew was nice but...
  160. Shogunsc4

    which reel?

    Get yourself a used saltiga 30 and call it a day. I load mine with 400yds 65# spectra and fish topshot of 25-40#. Killed A LOT of fish on it. One of the best casting/freespool in the market. The spool is LIGHT and the reel is very strong and smooth. Best star drag on the market
  161. Shogunsc4

    Saltiga 2 Speed Reviews

    It's a great reel. I have the LD20II and fish 300yds 50# spectra and 40# flouro topshot and killed a few of those big bft this year. I also have a LD40II that has 400yds 65# spectra and 50# flouro topshot. Very smooth reel and amazing castabilty. Plenty of drags. No thrust bearing though, but it...
  162. Shogunsc4

    FT: Okuma metaloid 12s

    800xl, 700h, 765xl
  163. Shogunsc4

    FT: Okuma metaloid 12s

    i have a NIB metaloid 12S. Never used it and never seen water. Selling for $180 but prefers a trade for a torium 16hg or 20hg. Also looking to trade for terez rods, phenix rods, calstar rods. Please let me know.
  164. Shogunsc4

    Flouro top shot length?

    Lol that guy.... Mike is a great captain and a great fisherman. Mike has years of experience on the water compared to your.... Nevermind.... It's that guy.
  165. Shogunsc4

    FS: Okuma metaloid 12

    One last bump... Lowered to $175.
  166. Shogunsc4

    FS: Okuma metaloid 12

    Bump. Price dropped to $185 Will trade for calstar 700h, heavy terez rod, phenix...etc
  167. Shogunsc4

    FS: Okuma metaloid 12

    Yes, what do u have?
  168. Shogunsc4

    FS: Okuma metaloid 12

    Brand new in box Okuma metaloid 12 (single speed). Lowered to $175
  169. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 70lb plus Yellow Fin all you want

    Wide open? I was at SCI yesterday and there was no yft to be seen. The reports say otherwise as well. Interesting....
  170. Shogunsc4

    FS: NIB Okuma Mak 16 SEA

    Have a NIB Okuma mak 16 SEA in silver fully loaded with JB 100# $450 obo
  171. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Shogun 1/12 day returning 4/14

    lol so much negativity....just go fishing. It's call fishing not bitching. Most boats do boat limits and will hook and hand off to the less fortunate. If you don't catch one, go again...and if your pride is that important then dont take the hand offs or the fish. Plain and simple
  172. Shogunsc4

    NIB Okuma Metaloid 12S

    I have a NIB metaloid 12 single speed that never seen water or line put on. $220 or trade for a two speed with money on my end.
  173. Shogunsc4

    FS: Graftech GOF70H

    I have a good condition graftech offshore 70h. Action is very similar to a clastar 700h. $90
  174. Shogunsc4

    Maximus Report (3.5 days of Fun and Fish).

    May have to pull it on the maxium fb page
  175. Shogunsc4

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    Hey john, how are you packing your stuff just curisous since this is my first time. We bring a cooler?
  176. Shogunsc4

    TV for your rod or reel

    Its been sitting in my bedroom. Used once in a while on the weekends. Its in excellent condition. Im looking for cousins rods, cbass rods, saltwater bait casters or torium hg.
  177. Shogunsc4

    TV for your rod or reel

    i have a new condition 32" toshiba 3D led tv 240 hrtz motionflow. Not a single scratch on it. Looking to trade for rod or reel. Let me know!
  178. Shogunsc4

    Phenix Rods

    Where are you located? I am interested in the cousin rod
  179. Shogunsc4

    Looking for a Graftech GOF70XH SD area

    I have one but im up here in la
  180. Shogunsc4

    Acoustic resonance ar60

    i have a brand new set of a acoustic resonance ar60 2.1 surround sound soundbar...first $250 takes it Kept my yamaha so got to sell this HD 3D sounds Satelite speakers + sound bar 2000watts MSRP $2000+
  181. Shogunsc4

    For trade: acoustic resonance sound system

    i have a brand new in box set of Acoustic Resonance AR60 2.1 surround sound soundbar for trade for. This is similar to the Bose Trade for: Metaloid 12II AVET JX Baitcasters Or similar. 626.646.8662
  182. Shogunsc4

    Mint condition torium 14

    i have a barely fished shimano torium 14 for sale. $90 obo. The reel is mint. 626.646.8662
  183. Shogunsc4

    JRI 8 Day Vagabond

    Very nice report! Mike is always amazing on putting us on the fish when others are scratching. Looks like John killed it again. Too bad I couldn't do the trip this year...missed out on the good time
  184. Shogunsc4

    New samsung galaxy s5

    New from samsung factory. Still have factory seals on phone. Have box and all factory accessories. $350 626.646.8662
  185. Shogunsc4

    WTT for talica andros trinidad

    Tmobile. Straight up trade depending on what reel and condition
  186. Shogunsc4

    WTT for talica andros trinidad

    I have a new from factory Samsung S5 that I'm looking for a possible trade for: Andros 5ii Talica 10ii 12ii Trinidad 16a The phone retails msrp over $600. Let me know if interested.
  187. Shogunsc4

    WTT for Avet Shimano Penn Phenix...

    Hello guys, I have a pair of brand new Balenciaga sneakers size 44 retails for $800+ (ebay for around $500) and an used Bose Sound dock (retails new for $350) if you are interested... I am looking for fishing reels and rods for trade. Let me know what you have! 626-646-8662. Thanks!
  188. Shogunsc4

    FS: Shimano Talica 16II

    I have a great condition Shimano Talica 16 2 speed for sale. Cosmetic condition 8/10. Have box. Fully loaded with 80# spectra. $425. Willing to trade new version andros 12ii or 16ii.
  189. Shogunsc4

    Saltist, Grafighter, Graftech , Calcutta 400B

    if the 7' graftech is still available, I'll take it
  190. Shogunsc4

    Which boat has the best skipper?

    Mike on the vagabond x4.
  191. Shogunsc4

    Calstar GFGR 700H-factory-$160

    I'll take it out falls thru
  192. Shogunsc4

    JRI 8 day on the Vagabond is done.

    Great trip, great fishermen on this JRI trip. The trick is to do whatever John is doing and you will do well. Lol.
  193. Shogunsc4

    JRI 8 day leaves in 7, who is going?

    lol this is awesome
  194. Shogunsc4

    JRI 8 day leaves in 7, who is going?

    See you there John. Locked and loaded
  195. Shogunsc4

    Saltiga Lever Drag 40 2 speed

    I'll take the saltiga, what's your number?
  196. Shogunsc4

    for trade: torium 14

    Either, but preferred the star bg
  197. Shogunsc4

    for trade: torium 14

    Looking to trade a mint condition torium 14 for any of the following: -torium 16 -torium 20 -Saltist 35 -saltist 40 -fathom 25 Please let me know if you interested
  198. Shogunsc4

    Rods and Reels for sale

    bump with final reduced prices and updates
  199. Shogunsc4

    Rods and Reels for sale

    BUMP and updated w/ reduced pricing
  200. Shogunsc4

    Talica 16 II

    Yes, reel is still available. BUMP
  201. Shogunsc4

    Talica 16 II

    for sale is an excellent condition 9/10 Talica 16II fully loaded with 80# PP slick8 spectra w/ box...$425 reduced to $410. 626-646-8662
  202. Shogunsc4

    Rods and Reels for sale

    Daiwa Saltiga 40 w/ carbontex new drag washer and fully loaded with 80# izor spectra...condition 9/10...REDUCED to $275 Avet JX 6/3 Raptor fully loaded w/ spectra (I think 450yds of 65#) 9/10 condition...REDUCED to $410 Penn 15KG 2-speed...9.5/10 new condition...SOLD Calstar...
  203. Shogunsc4

    Vagabond 9 day 11/2-11/11

    Months of preparation and anticipation...11/02/13, here we go! Spent over $1k for gears...I'm now ready to do this =) or am I? Friday 11/1 as soon as I closed my branch, I hauled ass home as Frank will come pick me up at 9pm and nothing was even packed yet lol. It was definitely not wise to...
  204. Shogunsc4

    American Angler 10 day fish report Nov 3-13

    I was on the Vagabond and we missed it by one day lol. Great report and congrats on your JP
  205. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    bump, reduced prices
  206. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    bump. All pm replied
  207. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    yes, I'll shop on your dime. let me know want you want.
  208. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    brand new Trinidad 40 never brought on a boat...pending used daiwa saltist 40 2 speed excellent condition loaded with spectra...$280 reduced to $250 used Penn 15 kg 2 speed excellent condition...$125 reduced to $110 graphite usa sw70xh sic guides, aluminum seat and gimbal, new...
  209. Shogunsc4

    FS: Penn 15KG for CHEAP

    MINT Penn 15KG 2 speed reel $125
  210. Shogunsc4

    FS: Penn 15KG

    for sale is an excellent condition Penn 15KG. $150 if interested call/text 626-646-8662 or PM me
  211. Shogunsc4

    Enterprise Job opportunities

    If anyone or know someone or a family member is interested in a career with Enterprise (one of US fortune 500 firm) please contact me thru PM or email resume to [email protected] Requirements: -bachelor degree -customer service and sales experience Thanks! Shek Chun
  212. Shogunsc4

    Blue Horizon

    Has anyone here fished the Blue Horizon for offshore? Feedback? Going on a 2 dayer coming up and was wondering. Thanks!
  213. Shogunsc4

    Wtb shikari and pac bay rods

    I have an excellent cond Shikari 8025 if you are interested $150
  214. Shogunsc4

    For sale: Shikari 8025; Calcutta TE400

  215. Shogunsc4

    Pride - Seabass Special -- any info on these trips??

    Definitely rest up and go! Rail time is Very important on these trips. Greg fishes harder than anyone I have ever fished with.
  216. Shogunsc4

    For sale: Shikari 8025; Calcutta TE400

    I have an excellent condition Shikari 8025 for $175 REDUCED TO $150 I also have an excellent condition Calcutta TE400 with Trinidad handle upgrade and 250yds spectra sold! if interested, text me 626-646-8662
  217. Shogunsc4

    Shikari and G.USA Rods

    I will take the shikari 8030
  218. Shogunsc4

    Avet HXW Raptor

    Anyone have an avet hxw raptor that they are looking to sell at a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks!
  219. Shogunsc4

    Complete Tackle Set

    thanks! congrats on the great deal
  220. Shogunsc4

    Complete Tackle Set

    Still trying to see if i can buy the lot?
  221. Shogunsc4

    Complete Tackle Set

    is it still available? I will take it
  222. Shogunsc4

    whats a good 2 speed reel for a phenix abyss psx 809

    a rod this light...I would rather stick with a smaller good casting star drag...saltiga 30 (not the 30t).
  223. Shogunsc4

    Shimano TLD 20 II Tib Topless

    I would take it if you were closer...good deal
  224. Shogunsc4

    Vagabond (the boat)

    Been fishing with Mike for a few years now (4-6 dayers) and just recently booked their 9 dayer in November. Excellent crew and cook and best of the best skipper. Fishes hard and always have a great attitude. You can learn a LOT if you talk to Mike. I'm sticking with the Vag...dont really need...
  225. Shogunsc4


    are these the older original dual helix? or the newer batch?
  226. Shogunsc4

    Graphite USA (GUSA) RODS

    The older GUSA are the best rods ever made...thats why I'm keeping all of mine.
  227. Shogunsc4

    Saltist 35 2sp

    Thanks for the offer but i already have a LD40II
  228. Shogunsc4

    Saltist 35 2sp

    Anyone have a Saltist 35 2sp they are looking to get rid of at a reasonable price...please let me know thanks!
  229. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    NIB Gold Avet JX 6/3 SOLD Practically new ProGear 282 SOLD Thanks Rob!
  230. Shogunsc4

    Raider Lures

    interested in 4 or 5 of them
  231. Shogunsc4

    Just ordered Andros 5ll

    Phenix PSW 700H
  232. Shogunsc4

    Phenix Rod & New Okuma Andros

    I have the same exact setup and absolutely love it...very well balanced
  233. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    NIB gold JX 6/3 loaded 65# spectra $280 Used once with box ProGear 282 loaded with 65# spectra $220 PM if interested, lowballers will be ignored
  234. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Local wahoo?

    2 wahoo landed @ about 260 miles from the point on the Vagabond off a kelp. There was quite a few free swimmers chasing bait. I got chewed off three times on that stop within 10 minutes.
  235. Shogunsc4

    Avet LX 6/3

    I have a gunmetal color Avet LX 6/3 (newer model) like new condition for sale...$280 or TRADE for a phenix black diamond 700H
  236. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2.5 Day labor Day trip on FORTUNE

    I was on this trip and I must admit this was the most intense fishing trip I ever wasn't the boat's fault. It was ruin from the get-go when you have this fat guy with anger manangement issue screaming, yelling, verbally abusing, and picking fights with everyone on this trip...
  237. Shogunsc4

    Avet J.X 6/3 or Avet J.X 6/3 MC

    I have a bnib gold jx 6/3 mc if you are me
  238. Shogunsc4

    New Avets

    I have for sale: BNIB Gold Avet J/X 6/3 MC .... $310 MINT GUNMETAL LX 6/3 loaded with new Izor 40# ... $290 Text 626-646-8662 if interested
  239. Shogunsc4

    How is the Fortune ?

    i just booked it lol
  240. Shogunsc4

    any labor day weekend trips?

    Anyone have openings available on their charter for labor day weekend? Looking for 2 day, 2.5 day or 3 dayers. Please let me know THANKS!!
  241. Shogunsc4

    overnighter aztec or outer limits ?

    havent fished the Aztec yet but fished the OL numerous is my favorite short range boat...Paul knows his shit
  242. Shogunsc4


    you get what you pay for...john's right...100 miles on a 2.5 dayer...smh
  243. Shogunsc4


    It's funny how people that never fished on the options disses how they run the operation...get a life...these guys work their asses off to find fish for their customers. All these's always somebody else's fault...funny how things work...internet tuff guys lol. There are few...
  244. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    lol seems like we hear el nino predictions every year...just saying
  245. Shogunsc4

    sgaf fo hcnub

    WOW REALLY?! WOW!!! Wes is legit. If you ever fished on the Options, you would know better....thanks for playing.
  246. Shogunsc4

    pac voyager or outerlimits

    fished both...cant go wrong with either one. Both Mark and Paul will get you on fish. I personally prefer fishing the longer trips myself and fish down south are better quality. I fish the OL quite a bit...always had fun and top notch operation.
  247. Shogunsc4


    pacific voyager from seaforth; outer limits from seaforth; new lo-an from point loma
  248. Shogunsc4

    freedom or channel?

    go up north if you want consistent quality...those bottom grabbers are huge up north
  249. Shogunsc4

    Your Favorite Set-up

    Saltiga 20 mounted on a Graphite USA 711H
  250. Shogunsc4


    Looking to trade my NIB Gold Avet JX 6/3 MC for a NIB BLUE JX 6/3 MC
  251. Shogunsc4

    Best choices based on boat&price for 2.5 &3.5 days trips Jun-Jul-Aug

    I love the Pacific Star for rockfishing, they are second to none but... if you want brainer...Vagabond Most boats will get u on fish if they are abundant out there BUT when bite is sketchy, an experienced captain like Mike Lackey will make a world of a difference
  252. Shogunsc4

    Question re: Top Gun 80 and Vagabond

    Vagabond hands comparsion IMO. Mike is very fishy. Just booked a 6 day LUPE trip #29 and looking at another one
  253. Shogunsc4

    Factory Calstar GF765XL

    IF anyone have one they are willing to part that is in great condition and reasonable price...let me know
  254. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 9/15 - 9/18/11 - 2.5 day trip Report

    lol...this boat loves rockfishing...thats why I never choose this boat for offshore runs
  255. Shogunsc4

    Reels for sale

    I have an Avet JX 6/3 (blue) in mint condition loaded with 80# powerpro and a short topshot of 40# XXX.....$240 Daiwa Saltist 20H (silver) in great condition with box, 300yds 50# powerpro and a topshot of 20# XXX...$100 Daiwa Saltist 30H (silver) in great condition with box, no line...$85...
  256. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    Everybody can catch fish and have a "good" when fishing is red hot...when fishing is slow thats when a good fisherman/good operation separates themselves from the rest...thats why there are only a few boat I go on repeatedly.
  257. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits 2 Day Trip 7/27-7/28

    Congrats on the the outer limits...paul is a very fishy captain...the OL has always been my short range "go to" boat in sd
  258. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Vagabond 4 day offshore

    There are electrical outlets and yes they work
  259. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Vagabond 4 day offshore was nice fishing with u too. Hope to see u again on our next trip. Brent...thanks! I remember you and your dad on that First String trip....good times!
  260. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Limits of YF 105 miles

    they are actually decent size yft....15-35#
  261. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 6 Day on the Excel 7/21-27

    I've heard that the Royal Star just fished there for their recent 5 day trip and caught some yft...from what I heard the yft fishing was scratchy 60-90 pound fish.
  262. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Vagabond 4 day offshore

    The squid were left-overs from San Martin Island...I rigged it just like the way i fish the WSB at the islands...sliding egg 3/8 oz 3/0 hook with a short fluro leader
  263. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Vagabond 4 day offshore

    Short Version: I got limits of bluefin tuna up to 40 pounds and more...reports to follow...excellent trip! Long Version: I booked this Vagabond 4-day offshore trip about 6 months ago anticipating a good season on albacore and bluefin tuna. Late July is traditionally the prime time for these...
  264. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quests 2 day trip

    good fishing with u Juan
  265. Shogunsc4

    06.17.11 - 16.19.11 Pacific Star - White Sea Bass

    I was on the Pacific Quest and we did get into a short fury on Saturday afternoon when the current changed from uphill to downhill. We hooked 6 in that short fury...all nice 30-40 pounders. I was one of the lucky one to hook up to one but the fucking Hayabusa 4/0 live bait hook broke in half at...
  266. Shogunsc4

    Fish Works jacket

    i'll take it if still available
  267. Shogunsc4


  268. Shogunsc4


    BUMP price reduced to $210
  269. Shogunsc4

    Top Gun 80

    fished both...both good operations but I prefer the First String
  270. Shogunsc4

    Saltiga 30T with Tiburon clamp

    good reel at a good price...i would pick it up if wasnt for the 100+ miles drive
  271. Shogunsc4

    Cracked Saltiga Frame

    double checked all my saltigas and they are all fine...knock on wood.
  272. Shogunsc4


    I have a brand new Shimano Tyrnos 20 2spd for $225 REDUCED TO $200 FIRM...don't have pix but the reel is brand new without a single scratch. post here or pm me if interested.
  273. Shogunsc4

    Talica 12 II

    Anyone have a Talica 12 II that they want to sell at a reasonable price let me know.
  274. Shogunsc4

    Calstar 800XL and Cardiff 400A

    i'll take the combo if still available
  275. Shogunsc4

    Reel Recomendations

    Saltist 30T or the new BG35
  276. Shogunsc4

    Saltist 20 Pontential?

    you will be fine. the reel has more than enough beef to handle island stuff. I fish my ST20 offshore all the time and landed tuna to 40# with ease and had fun doing it.
  277. Shogunsc4

    tuna at Cedros?

    I was on the Vagabond October 2009 and Mike found us a good schools of YFT 25-50# in between Cedros and Benitos under the porpoise.
  278. Shogunsc4

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    lol...that stern DOES look familiar.
  279. Shogunsc4

    advice on 1st 3-4day trip?

    i recommend the vagabond for these shorter trips. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from the crew and captain on these trips if you talk to them. Advice would be bring a camara, seasick patch, sunglasses, and a shitload of flourocarbon. AND have fun!
  280. Shogunsc4

    Vagabond 9day

    Good luck John....go kill'um.
  281. Shogunsc4

    Bay bass rods but that could be used to fish calicos

    an ideal bay bass rod would be about 6' rated light to med action thats fishes 6-8# line...however an ideal inshore calico rod would be 8' xtra fast action fishes 20# or heavier...
  282. Shogunsc4

    "NEW" TLD 30A 2 speed

    Great price Ben...should move quick
  283. Shogunsc4

    PG Albacore Special 282/540

    I have a mint (used once) PG282...what saltiga do you have for trade?
  284. Shogunsc4

    Best Star Drag Reels

    no comparsion...saltigas!
  285. Shogunsc4

    Talica 10 II

    bump for a good deal....fucking cheap retards here keep lowballin' people and gets pissed off for getting
  286. Shogunsc4

    Saltiga 2 speed or Talica II?

    saltiga star drag vs Trinidad....Saltiga ALL DAY! saltiga lever drag vs Talica....its a toss up...never fished the saltiga LD but fished a talica 12 that talica was sweet.
  287. Shogunsc4

    Penn torque 200

    BUMP...reel is still available...reduced to $235 firm
  288. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 10-8 On the Eclipse

    The Eclipse is a large 65 footer with lots of fishing space. Bunks better on the Eclipse as they are super wide.
  289. Shogunsc4

    Penn torque 200

  290. Shogunsc4

    Saltiga 20

    Looking for a reasonable priced saltiga 20 in good condition... Please let me know if you have one you want to let go.
  291. Shogunsc4


    killed many albies and bft on my 400te thru the years...never worried a thing on this reel.
  292. Shogunsc4

    Offshore New Lo-An 09/24-09/25

    one of the many reasons for so many followers...class operation!
  293. Shogunsc4

    Offshore local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    Are you admitting that you are that dumb 20%? :rofl:
  294. Shogunsc4

    Offshore local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    Markus is one of the best out there, total class favorite boat Outer Limits also have a very mellow captain. On our 2 dayer, we got fucked over so many times by private boaters but capt Paul did not even yell once and opted to locate another school. Vice versa on the issue, most...
  295. Shogunsc4

    Offshore local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    VERY VERY well said Markus! I had similar experience last time out at the hidden bank on another sportboat when this asshole trolled up our lines in a developing plunker bite. However, we got in the cedar plug though. I had a post on that as well. From my observation, these 20% fuckers would...
  296. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 days on the Eclipse 9/20-9/21

    Don't downplay the operation just because the fish didn't bite for you...I mean, I checked the counts for Friday 9/17 and the ONLY overnight boat that did well was the Pac Voy. I saw 2 other that did well but they were 1.5 dayers. This year has been a tough year for everybody in the sportfishing...
  297. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    Wtg dude! Looks like I missed it by one day
  298. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Tuna TRI-FECTA onboard the OUTER LIMITS

    for sure and good fishing with you and your bro
  299. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Tuna TRI-FECTA onboard the OUTER LIMITS

    I want to go again for sure but supposedly this is my last offshore trip of the year...but I've said that since If I do go, it will very likely be a weekend trip. When is your next trip?
  300. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Tuna TRI-FECTA onboard the OUTER LIMITS

    Nice fishing with you too Bart!
  301. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Tuna TRI-FECTA onboard the OUTER LIMITS

    Finally landed a job after two weeks of searching and decided to reward myself by spending my first paycheck on a fishing trip. With the tuna bite finally materialized, I decided to hop on my all-time favorite boat….the OUTER LIMITS out of Seaforth Sportfishing. It was a bummer not being...
  302. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 09.04.10 - 09.06.10 Two days of Tuna on the Endeavor

    great report...I know how it feels not to get a bite...happened to me all
  303. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 130 lb bft aboard the freedom!

    Good job on the BFT and FUCK those seiners:2gunsfiring_v1:
  304. Shogunsc4

    OPALEYE WFO!!!!!

    i caught a 25 pounder the other day ;-)
  305. Shogunsc4


    Frank said they scratched away for 40+ mixed tuna...quality 25-40 pounders. They had only 5 fish by noon then the fish came up in the afternoon. He said he saw u guys on the Ultra in the afternoon. He said Joe told them there was a shitload of fish in the area.
  306. Shogunsc4


    very cool except for the last picture...
  307. Shogunsc4

    Black Saltist bg20H/shikari 8025 (blue blank)

    lol...I'm not complaining since I got a great deal...:rofl:you are the one that's bitching like a woman...someone please get her a tampon:rofl: If I got no got no stones.:finger:
  308. Shogunsc4

    Black Saltist bg20H/shikari 8025 (blue blank)

    lol..I was the first one to communicate with Russell and I have what he wanted (quality stuff)...I don't know why Leo is complaining....maybe he's on his period...who knows.
  309. Shogunsc4

    Black Saltist bg20H/shikari 8025 (blue blank)

    WTF r you talking about? Fuck off if you dont know shit
  310. Shogunsc4

    Black Saltist bg20H/shikari 8025 (blue blank)

    thanks and good dealing with you Russell!
  311. Shogunsc4


    there's always "that guy" in every trip...just in different ways to screw everyone over. But my guess is that he got the wrong interpretation of a "bloody" deck...
  312. Shogunsc4

    Black Saltist bg20H/shikari 8025 (blue blank)

    lol...the combo you have is not even in the same league (costs maybe 1/2 of just the saltist 20)...he's looking for a reel to fish spectra for yellows... RUSS, pm'ed u. Please let me know.
  313. Shogunsc4


    thanks Chris for the intel!
  314. Shogunsc4

    Gear for San Martin

    heard the bite dried up a bit at San MArtin Island with the the high boat at 50 yellows...bring some rockcod gear just in case...good luck! I'm too thinking about a 2.5 dayer...but we'll see
  315. Shogunsc4

    Capt Markus Rocks!!! Drew Ford Charter 8/20 guys killed them! Markus being Marcus again...outfished the entire fleet! Nice report!
  316. Shogunsc4

    Help me to choose a 2 days trip

    Outer Limits or New Lo-An
  317. Shogunsc4

    question? best reel for fly line set up?

    Pure casting...Newell 220. The entire package...Daiwa Saltist 20H. My go-to 20# rig is ST20H/Shikari BB805.
  318. Shogunsc4

    Greased vs Dry Drag

    TLD star reels have drags that are bigger than 6/0 reel. They can generate more than enough drag pressure even when greased. All my reels have greased drags. Most reels nowadays have oversized drags and can generate 15+ pounds drag easily. Smoothness is very noticable between a dry vs wet...
  319. Shogunsc4

    June WSB video

    nice video....what rod was the last fish on? sweet action on it
  320. Shogunsc4

    08.18.10 Helen Solo on the Pursuit

    To Helen....great report and good job on the JP bonito
  321. Shogunsc4

    08.18.10 Helen Solo on the Pursuit

    X2 Davis...that guy is a joke for talking shit... It's the fishing experience that matters...not how cheap the ticket is...75 people is combat fishing...IMO not worth it. We dont need to hang with 70+ nor to stay home...we'll just pay a little more, enjoy real fishing LR style! No need to...
  322. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Bluefins off the Producer

    I think these are the bft boats had been seeing and not biting for the past 3-4 weeks...
  323. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Pacific Star - Sunday Report

    the yellows were caught at san martin island? are the trips you posted 2.5 dayers?
  324. Shogunsc4

    Greased vs Dry Drag

    always grease
  325. Shogunsc4

    I need a reel run down for 3 day trips or less.

    1) sounds good 2) you NEED to spectra back the does not hold enough 30# mono for any kind of long soak and if you get bit by a bigger're done. One tangle on a long soak, the entire outfit is useless for the trip. I'd fish a short 40# flouro topshot rather than 30# 3) ok... 4)...
  326. Shogunsc4

    How important is an 80# bait rig?

    100# for night time dropper loop fishing
  327. Shogunsc4

    I need a reel run down for 3 day trips or less.

    If I were you, save the money for more fishing trips. Why waste money for trolling steup when every boat in the fleet provides them free of charge. For 3 day trips or less, you will use mainly 30# and 40#. All you need is a shit load of flurocarbon. Accurate reels have their niche in the market...
  328. Shogunsc4

    i want to buy a new luna

    I have a CVZ300 which is the same reel as the luna. The reel is in mint condition. PM me if interested
  329. Shogunsc4

    Avet SX vs. Saltist LD20.

    The saltist casts a lot better than the SX. Material used...SX is anodized machined aluminum while saltist is painted cast aluminum. Drag is stronger on the Saltist. Saltist feels smoother on the crank. I have those reels and fished those reels...prefer the saltist myself for performance.
  330. Shogunsc4

    Another Anti reverse thread. saltiga

    X2 Owner of 3 saltiga 30 and a 40 myself and NEVER had an issue. Hands down the best star drag reel on the market. If I recall correctly, Alan Tani tested the roller bearings and they can withstand 16# before slipping. 16 pound of drag is a lot of drag and you don't even need that much drag...
  331. Shogunsc4

    Ranger 85 August 24, 2010--- 2.5 day trip----

    if it is a 2.5 dayer...Frank should be heading to San Martin Island. Now getting enough to go is a different story.
  332. Shogunsc4

    Condor out of Fisherman's Landing

    nothing but good things for the Condor...if any tuna is around, Scott will find them. I think Steve Thompson is the second least he was and used to run the Tracer.
  333. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Voyager 2-day 8/13-8/15 late report

    Sounds like a great trip Brian! Too bad I could make the trip...I'll speak with John to see if I can do the labor day trip.
  334. Shogunsc4

    Shortage of 2.5-3.5 day trips?

    Eclipse has a 2.5 dayer leaving wednesday
  335. Shogunsc4

    Shortage of 2.5-3.5 day trips?

    shortage of fish causes the shortage on trips...actually most trips now are 2.5 dayers to 3 days since all the yellows are down at San Martin Island. Some yellows are being caught at SCI now...
  336. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Legend 2-day 8/13-15

    Good job! It was like this last year in July...good to know that it is finally happening.
  337. Shogunsc4

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    lol....when they say 15....good's more like 48 when you get there.
  338. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Ranger 85 Chasing Tail!

    lol...looks like the entire fleet
  339. Shogunsc4

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    Thumbs up! My post wasn't directed to you nor your friends...just fish reports in general. You have 600+ you probably know better than me...some party boats and some on this board generally like to exaggerate/hype everything up. Those yellows your guys got are quality fish and glad...
  340. Shogunsc4

    What to bring to fish san clemente

    40-50# dropper loop setup is all u need for the bigger yellows. 5/0-6/0 hooks...8-12oz torpedos. 25# for bass later in the day.
  341. Shogunsc4

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    see now...those are legit claim of 30+ pounders....for some very odd reasons I've seen a lot of those smaller 30+ pounders here on BD....
  342. Shogunsc4

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    lol...let see some pictures of what they CLAIMED 30+ pound yellows...then we'll talk. Very likely the typical 20-25# fish with "maybe" a few 30 pounders mixed many times have we seen people post their 50 pound tuna and their 45 pound yellows here that are actually true to size...
  343. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Ranger 85 finds the Yellows!

    ??? What have they done to u?
  344. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Big Game 90 2 1/2 Day Late Report

    realistically no...I believe it is an 18 hr ride...extend the 2 dayer by leaving at around noon then yes.
  345. Shogunsc4

    Graphite USA and Daiwa CVZ

    BUMP... GUSA $140 CVZ 300 $100
  346. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltiga 30

    looks pretty good condition to me
  347. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Finally A Bluefin

    BD front page material!
  348. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits 2 Day Report 8/6 - 8/8

    what do you expect....obama is in office...
  349. Shogunsc4

    Nobody wants to go fishing? 2 day $150 bucks (Or Trade) this weekend BG Game

    I have a mint GUSA 70XH or a mint Daiwa CVZ 300 if you are interested
  350. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits 2 Day Report 8/6 - 8/8

    Never had a bad trip on the OL...the OL has a RSW behind the bait tank. Good job on the yellow!
  351. Shogunsc4


    Patriot...John is just as good and the boat has a much lighter crowd
  352. Shogunsc4

    El Capitan or Pacific Quest?

    Josh on the P Quest is an excellent choice but Alan Fay is very fishy as well...between the two I would go with the P Quest!
  353. Shogunsc4

    Graphite USA and Daiwa CVZ

    hey davis! LOL, I got that rod last year before my vagabond trip. As for fishing, I did a 1.5 dayer offshore and an overnighter out to santa rosa for seabass...thats it though. you?
  354. Shogunsc4

    Graphite USA and Daiwa CVZ

    yes it is at the moment
  355. Shogunsc4

    Graphite USA and Daiwa CVZ

    I have a MINT condition GUSA 70XH wrapped in mexican flag color and SIC guides. Worth well over $300....selling for $160...FINAL DROP TO $140. THIS IS AS MINT AS AN USED ROD CAN BE!!! I also have a MINT condition Daiwa CVZ300...used twice. $120...FINAL DROP TO $100 If...
  356. Shogunsc4

    Anybody ever fished on the Eclipse?

    huge is set up like the vagabond IMO. Great captain and crew. The boat feels a lot bigger than 70 feet. If I remember correctly, 2 heads with the shower in the starboard head. There mignt be one on the port side too....not sure.
  357. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Inverse 1.5 dayer onboard the Eclipse

    It was nice to meet you Vance! Food was mucho tasty!!!
  358. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Inverse 1.5 dayer onboard the Eclipse

    First, I want to thank Mark and Chris for offering me this trip on their dime. The Eclipse is a great platform...the most spacious 70 footer I've ever fished. Thanks again! Got to the landing by 6:15 am anticipating an 8 o'clock departure but the word was that the boat won't be back until...
  359. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits 2-day Report

    good job on the JP...Capt Paul is very fishy! Love the OL
  360. Shogunsc4

    Offshore freedom on a 1.5 got 30 albies

    you get what you pay SD!
  361. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Ranger 85 1.5 day July 9-11

    I'm sure Paul will get you on shitload of fish...good luck
  362. Shogunsc4

    Success vs. Ultra

    havent fished the Success yet but heard good things about them. Fished the Ultra quite a few times and you cannot go wrong with Brian and Doug. We killed them last year on the Ultra.
  363. Shogunsc4

    ULTRA 2day Seabass Slaying

    thats a classic picture of fred holding a toad seabass and having the BG90 gaffing a seabass on its port side and bendo fest at the stern.
  364. Shogunsc4

    ULTRA 2day Seabass Slaying

    trip of a lifetime...
  365. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quest Overnight 6/5

    yes we all do...if not, we all have shit coming out from the other
  366. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quest Overnight 6/5

    Thanks for the info...and nice seabass X2
  367. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quest Overnight 6/5

    I thought it was the other way around...I always thought it was against the regulation to fish/target the same species once the person's limits have been reached....if thats the bad.
  368. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quest Overnight 6/5

    I understand "boat limits" and it is very cool he gave away one of his seabass...however FYI it is not wise to post on here because you techically broke the DFG regulation.
  369. Shogunsc4


    Nice Jamie! Too bad I couldn't swing it that Saturday. I knew you would get them.
  370. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quest Overnight 6/5

    WOW! you got 2 seabass on an overnight when the limit is one and you are posting it here to tell everyone you went over limit? Other than that...nice seabass and yes, Josh and the P Quest is the shit!
  371. Shogunsc4

    Seasons Sportfishing *Open Party Dates* June 4th & 5th (CATALINA)

    Sorry Jamie...I was unable to get my buddies to swing it this Sunday. Next time for sure...I would love to do a 4 pack on your boat. I guess I will have to live with the wsb itch for a little longer....working 6 days a week with a new job really leave me not much windows to fish. Good luck out...
  372. Shogunsc4

    Seasons Sportfishing *Open Party Dates* June 4th & 5th (CATALINA)

    I'll let my buddies know about this trip and see if we can get it off the dock..I want my seabass
  373. Shogunsc4

    Seasons Sportfishing *Open Party Dates* June 4th & 5th (CATALINA)

    I tried taking Saturday off but my new boss think otherwise...I've got the WSB sickness in me right now =)
  374. Shogunsc4

    WSB 2 day Leaving San Pedro Friday Evening for 5th -6th Fishing

    not able to do a 2 dayer but if u decide to run an overnighter on Sunday please let me know
  375. Shogunsc4

    Looks Like Tuna Season Is Here

    if its true...the fucking seiner"S" will be all over them
  376. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa CVZ 300

    I have a MINT condition Daiwa CVZ-300 for sale. Retails $219.99+tax. I took this reel on the boat twice and havent caught a fish on it yet. I mainly use my Calcutta TE400 for the same application. This is a better reel comparing to the regular (non-TE) calcuttas. Asking $125 picked up. If...
  377. Shogunsc4

    PRedictions For This Weekend???

    i know what the seabass are thinking..."fuck you wind!"
  378. Shogunsc4

    1.5 Day Recommendation for 18 people in July

    Jody Morgan = Voyager Mark Oronoz = Pacific Voyager
  379. Shogunsc4

    1.5 Day Recommendation for 18 people in July

    HIGHLY recommend the Pacific Voyager and the Outer Limits!
  380. Shogunsc4

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    I personally like 1.5 dayers because an overnight is just too short and most of the WFO tuna bite I have witnessed happened in the late afternoon to just before sundown. The regular 1.5 dayer gives you the best in both world in terms of being able to fish the early morning bite and the late...
  381. Shogunsc4

    5/1 SFR overnight charter on the Outrider

    How did you guys do on the Star?
  382. Shogunsc4

    5/1 SFR overnight charter on the Outrider

    Great boat and crew, great group of fishermen, great bait but SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW fishing. We anticipated slow fishing since the wind was gusting with gale force warning for 3 consecutive days and slowed to just over 35 mph an hour before our departure. At the landing, there were people going...
  383. Shogunsc4

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Ultra and Pacific Quest
  384. Shogunsc4

    Need some charter advice please!!!

    Ultra!!! but it is a 10-pak...I think they're down in SD at that time
  385. Shogunsc4

    Seahorse tomorrow night 2day first of year

    last time they call for similar condition...I said fuck it and went anyway....turned out to be flat calm cloudy day. Tino joked about it afterwards...again...go to Jackie Johnson!
  386. Shogunsc4

    Mardiosa Limits

    Very nice Tony... Good job on the WSB Darrin...let me know if you have openings for your charters
  387. Shogunsc4

    Offshore it aint Christmas, but it was all ho ho ho from San Nic was off the hook! I posted a report w/ pix here...
  388. Shogunsc4

    2 days @ San Nick onboard the Pacific Star

    Dang Stew...that WSB you got was a tanker. Looking at 976tuna, looks like you got them both days. Gotta hop on the Options again soon. Yea, Michael Bolton killed them too. LOL
  389. Shogunsc4

    2 days @ San Nick onboard the Pacific Star

    I'm going to keep this short... Excellent fishing with flat calm conditions....started off slow but went WFO on quality reds and chuckles in the afternoon. Full limits for everyone onboard. Spent second day fishing the kelp lines for quality sheephead. JP for first day was a 13 pound ling and...
  390. Shogunsc4


    like mentioned above...a slow pick on cbass here and there. Was on the Options last weeks when they boated 2 cbass, both caught on fresh dead squid...but the cbass's stomachs were full of sardines...
  391. Shogunsc4

    Full day on the Pursuit just have to realize that if you are fishing on a sport boat, have some courtesy for others and don't fish like you own the boat....especially when the boat is crowded. But in this case, it is ok since the original poster said the load was light.
  392. Shogunsc4

    3.5 Day on the Ranger 85 in August

    what does the price include? what is the load?
  393. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Torium 16

    last drop....$130 takes it.
  394. Shogunsc4

    Full day on the Pursuit

    dude, you will get your ass tossed overboard fishing 6# line on that, that boat NEVER a light load.
  395. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Torium 16

    bump and price reduced.
  396. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Torium 16

    I have a Shimano Torium 16 in excellent condition (used 2 times), the reel is loaded with over 300 yards of 65# spectra and a new topshot of 30# izor XXX. REDUCED to $130.
  397. Shogunsc4

    Saltiga 30

    thats a great deal...if i didnt own 3 SA30 myself I would jump on this deal.
  398. Shogunsc4

    Shimano rod and reel

    im interested in the shikari as well...what is the model #?
  399. Shogunsc4

    SKB tackle box with rod holders

    Looking to buy a smaller SKB tackle box with rod holders...please let me know if you have one for sale at a reasonable price. Thanks
  400. Shogunsc4

    Shimano teramar TMC 90H

    he said "come get it"
  401. Shogunsc4


    I operated on many of these when I worked in a tackle John said...good for light stuff. Don't use it for spectra
  402. Shogunsc4

    Guides NOT to use for spectra?

    I have a Jaws 7604 custom-wrapped last year with these black-plated perfection style guides (I'm not sure what kind they are but my rod wrapper recommended them). After a year of use, I noticed the inside area of the tip where line contacts the surface started this normal? Also...
  403. Shogunsc4

    Catalina 03-25-10

    sheephead sashimi!
  404. Shogunsc4

    3/4 San Diego 3/25/10

    nah, he would be pissed off anyway since they are not fishing for rockfish. yoyo fishing is for winders and whiners...
  405. Shogunsc4


    Outer Limit is one of my favorite boat in SD. Captain Paul is a quiet guy but really knows his shit and the service from the crew is second to none. My best trip was on the OL. Boat is quite fast and rides great. Fish handle is superb (tunas are spiked and all fish are RSW'ed almost...
  406. Shogunsc4


    pre-season warmup...BD style
  407. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    differences between winders and whiners...winders get the yellows.
  408. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    ehh....that's the game in town right now...yoyo fishing for the yellows and the yellows are constantly moving...sounded like the capt did exactly what was needed to be done...chasing down the school of yellows. It's not his fault the fish didn't want to bite. And rockfish eats the dines just to...
  409. Shogunsc4

    2 less thieves out there!!!

    ??? second chance so they can steal yours? No matter what it is....stealing is wrong and should be punished.
  410. Shogunsc4

    First White Seabass on the SPECTRA

    WTG! Early season wsb takes talent to find.
  411. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Constitution 1.5 Day

    that was random...
  412. Shogunsc4

    anybody ever fished on the vagabond?

    FISH IT! you are missing out if you don't. Mike is the shit! Talk to him during the trip when you get a will learn A LOT!
  413. Shogunsc4

    This Friday on the Dominator

    how much? and what is included? looking to hop on a 1.5 or 2 dayer this weekend
  414. Shogunsc4

    San Clemente Report - Eclipse / Daveys

    you guys fished clemente? how deep did you guys fish? looks more like catalina-grade of rockfish...
  415. Shogunsc4

    4/5 day help?

    July would be your best bet then. Prime albie season, hitting up the offshore scene for albies on the way to the lupe/cedros. Once you guys load up of the albies then you guys get a chance to load up of yellows at cedros...maybe some yellowfin at the lupe.
  416. Shogunsc4

    4/5 day help?

    If the lupe is open....a 5 dayer in October, you'll get a chance a a yft over 100# and a visit with taxman. I did my first 5.5 dayer on the Vagabond...despite the lupe closure...still hell of an experience!
  417. Shogunsc4

    how would you use the talica 8/12?

    talica 12...80 spectra all the way to the rim (close to 400 yds) with a short 50# 20' top shot.
  418. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 Days onboard the Pacific Voyager

    perfect example of a dumb fuck trying to make smart ass comments...
  419. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 Days onboard the Pacific Voyager

    I caught mine on 6X JR in scramble egg.
  420. Shogunsc4

    Saltist_ 40LD ll

    hey John, so you want one too?
  421. Shogunsc4

    Berkley/Penn Voyager 1.5 day charter 2/19-2/21

    I wish I could go...had to cancel with Jodie due to schedule conflict. Weather looks good for this weekend. I was on the Paccific Voyager this past weekend and Jodie called us in for a good yellowtail bite at Todos Santos.
  422. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 Days onboard the Pacific Voyager

    Caught a 20# yellow on it...never had a chance to put in low gear. I felt that it wouldn't be fair to the yellow...hahaha. Got the fish in like 3 minutes and it was hot as hell...had to wait like 10 minutes for it to calm down to remove the jig.
  423. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 14 Mile Bank

    I like chicks fishing or fishing for chicks kidding aside, l'd say flylining bait for pelagics
  424. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 Days onboard the Pacific Voyager

    The trip departed sharp at 6pm with destination: Colonet in everybody's mind. The crew were top notch with Capt. Mark and Greg, Jeff in the gally, and Kyle and Todd on deck. Capt. Mark Oronos gave us the scoop of what he thinks will happen and the best available options. With the previous...
  425. Shogunsc4

    spectra line

    like mentioned above, it is the natural color. It is also easier to can be PITA sometimes.
  426. Shogunsc4

    What happened to the Accurate "durability" posts?

    Allcoast is a joke...the only real man there is HAWK. Motherfuckers there think they are mission from God or something. I stopped using that site after getting grilled by these "wanna-be righteous" mofos because I tried to prevent fellow members from getting scammed by describing a scammer that...
  427. Shogunsc4

    Need reel suggestion for rod?

    top of my head...Saltist 30T, Saltiga 30T. I personally like the 40 size mainly due to the crappy clamp design of the 30T.
  428. Shogunsc4

    Calcutta 440TE or saltist 30TH ?

    I have both...different animal. Like mentioned above...irons = ST30TH, swimbait = CT400TE. For 30-40#, ST30TH would be a better choice. The Calcutta 400TE is a hell of a reel and I killed shitload of albies on it...BUT do yourself a favor and swap the handle to a trinidad 12 handle. After the...
  429. Shogunsc4

    Which reel?

    The 15/30 is a great low-maintenance reel. Just replace the left plate bushing to a ball bearing and you're good to go. I just didn't like how loud the clicking-dog anti-reverse sounded. Like mentioned above though...get the SL-X instead (if you don't mind the gear box position). Way better reel...
  430. Shogunsc4

    JX, Tyrnos 10, or Saltist 20 for 30lb?

    You can easily fish the JX with 25-50# even though the reel's sweet spot is at 40#...just got to keep in mind the original poster is mounting the reel on a Phenix 868.
  431. Shogunsc4

    JX, Tyrnos 10, or Saltist 20 for 30lb?

    Not at all...all reels mentioned have one-piece aluminum frame of some sort...the daiwa saltist LD has a one-piece cast aluminum frame...more rigid then anyone ever needs for a 30# reel. A few guys that fished the smaller saltist LD said they have massive torque.
  432. Shogunsc4

    oceanside 95 -vs- pacific star

    fished brainer...Pacific Star! You must hate yourself to fish on the O95
  433. Shogunsc4

    Offshore We Killed Whitey!

    LMAO....BD at its best
  434. Shogunsc4

    JX, Tyrnos 10, or Saltist 20 for 30lb?

    stick with a lighter reel like a saltist...phenix 868 is a lightweight 25-30# rod...IMO the JX and tyrnos 10 are too heavy and will make it feel unbalance on your hand. I have a JX 6/3 and it is an awesome 40# reel. A better match would be a MXJ but I would stick with the saltist.
  435. Shogunsc4

    Offshore We Killed Whitey!

    i love white-bitches too...i meant whitefish you guys made it out to colonet? I heard it was rough as shit out there...
  436. Shogunsc4

    Need Opinions-Right reel for Yoyo & Wahoo?

    X2...I told Mike I would get a Newell just for
  437. Shogunsc4

    Newell Fans..... narrow 20lb reel?

    sizes comparsion to daiwas: newell 220 = saltist 20 newell 229 = saltist 30 newell 322 = saltist 30T newell 332 = saltist 40 stick with the saltist 20 you have Danny...Newells are...well...feels funny the only reel I have fished that is narrower than a 220 is a saltiga 20...bitchin'...
  438. Shogunsc4

    Castaic Lake 3/02/10 The Pigs came out to play. WFO!

    good catching! i heard 3/4...the wind picked up really badly and beat the shit out of anyone that was on the water.
  439. Shogunsc4

    Yellow Tail Coronado's 3/5

    nice early yellows!
  440. Shogunsc4


    3 yellows combined at 35lbs?
  441. Shogunsc4

    Fred Hall Show 2010 Found some good deals!

    These trips will most likely have 40+ people on them...
  442. Shogunsc4

    the drags in a 220 and a 229 are the same right

    same internal and drags....only difference is the frame width b/w the 220 and 229
  443. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    lol...interesting thread
  444. Shogunsc4

    Shimano Talica

    lol...go handle both and then try to tell us there is no differences between the two. The talica is soooo much more refined.
  445. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    suggestions: -a line of reels b/w GS series and the torque (~$200) -metal body with a comfortable T-bar style handle -small/compact, beefy guts (double dog) for spectra fishing -lighter spools something like a GS525MAG with a light metal frame and a trinidad handle would be nice...clicking...
  446. Shogunsc4

    Website for Pro Gear Reel Specs

    I wouldn't worry about PG's blowin' up...your CS625 can easily handle 40# with spectra backing. BTW, nice BFT! LEt's hop on the First String again this summer.
  447. Shogunsc4


    Saltiga 40, Saltist 40, 113HN, JX 6/3
  448. Shogunsc4

    thursday at the fred hall show

    Thanks Alan! I love the 30T but hate the clamp and sold it and got the 40 because of that reason. Thanks again for making our reels da man!
  449. Shogunsc4

    thursday at the fred hall show

    I was curious about this too...I know the trinidad/torium total failure was due to slipping roller bearing and inferior material used on the anti-reverse dog...had one happened to my trini 30.
  450. Shogunsc4

    thursday at the fred hall show

    I know I'm asking for a quick death here for arguing with the master of reels...but wouldn't a properly maintained roller bearing hold its anti-reverse function if the drag is set at less than 15#? As the single ambassador style dog is only a backup. For 40# test, most we need is 12# of...
  451. Shogunsc4

    thursday at the fred hall show

    it is already available a long time ago...the saltiga 40!
  452. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    Baja Special is one of the best all around reel for the price. For $249...hell no. But the reel were everywhere at around $150 brand new when they were discountinued a few years ago. I don't think you can find a better reel at this price. One piece aluminum frame, 5 or 6 bearings, carbon fiber...
  453. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    finally got around "tuning up" my STTLD40II...the right spool bearing is different than the LD20 and i bent my swiss army knife before I got the RIGID shields is not the type with the retainer ring. I opened up the two spool bearing and did the ReelX treatment...packed all non-spool...
  454. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    Does the STTLD20II have a roller bearing along with a backup dog anti reverse? I was playing with my STTLD40II and it appears that you have to turn the handle counterclockwise a bit to shift into high or low gear.
  455. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    I agree with the reel money can buy. As for the LD's anti-reverse....Daiwa did mention that the 2 speed units have the "precision ratchet" anti reverse different are these from the single speed dog design? Alan Tani did say that the single speed LD has the...
  456. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    the additional roller bearing is only available for the single-speed units. Two speed models do not have a roller bearing.
  457. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    very cool Danny, I'll hit u up b4 the colonet trip. Thanks
  458. Shogunsc4

    Okuma CEDROS CLD10S

    X2...for $70-$90 more you can find a brand new Accurate BX2 on the classified section.
  459. Shogunsc4

    Daiwa Saltist LD40II

    Well...I just received the Daiwa Saltist LD40II in the mail this evening. Played around with the first impression was WOW...this reel is SMALL! It is way smaller than my Saltiga 40. The size is closer to a 99-width Saltiga 30 (not the 30T). The frame is "thin" especially the two...
  460. Shogunsc4

    shimano tyrnos 20 2sp.

    I heard they are very reliable reels...the Vagabond fishes straight Tyrnos for their boat trolling stuff...must mean something.
  461. Shogunsc4

    Castaic Lake 2/23/10 Another fantastic fishing day

    awesome as usual. You guys kill'um.
  462. Shogunsc4

    okuma makaira 50 II rebuild - 2/16/2010

    damn're the king of reel-designs! The fishing reel industry should be paying you big bucks to design the "real deal"
  463. Shogunsc4

    Colnet advice

    typically I fish with 14-15# drag for 50# test....I just thought that it needs to be buttoned down because of the structure there at colonett.
  464. Shogunsc4

    Colnet advice

    when yoyo at you guys fish normal drag or full drag?
  465. Shogunsc4

    40#-50# 'lupe reel choice

    The decision is becoming more difficult... Daiwa STTLD40II is smaller, lighter, smoother, cast better (a must at the lupe). 17# max drag at strike...I would most likely run 14-15#. I have owned a lot of Daiwas and all have served me well. To me Daiwas are more of a performance reel. Downside...
  466. Shogunsc4

    40#-50# 'lupe reel choice

    I am looking to load it up 65# izorline spectra wit ha short 20 yd 50# Izorline XXX. FC leader will be used if needed (very likely). Connection would be albright. Rod to match the reel would be either a GUSA 70XH or Jaws 7604 (rated 40-60).
  467. Shogunsc4

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    Well, the raptors and the talicas are in the $500 level while the saltist II is roughly around $350. A more fair comparsion would be a saltiga II (if they ever come out)
  468. Shogunsc4

    Tyrnos 10 II

    that a hell of a deal
  469. Shogunsc4

    What to spool an Avet LX 4.1:1 with???

    I'd say 65# spectra and 40# topshot is what the reel is designed for.
  470. Shogunsc4

    What to spool an Avet LX 4.1:1 with???

    I personally think 50# is pushing it for the LX. It will work but will shorten the lifespan of the bearings. This is the reason I am currently looking at the HX.
  471. Shogunsc4

    Do we need another 4/0 reel?

    it depends...if $249 for a baja special then no thanks but it is $129 (IIRC, last year's fred hall price) then hell yes. The baja special is a hell of a reel.
  472. Shogunsc4

    Do we need another 4/0 reel?

    Well put. When Avet first came out, their market was targeted as "accurate-like" at a more affordable price point. The raptors pricing is right up on there with the accurates. I can see the use of MX/LX/JX/HX being raptorized...but an sx?
  473. Shogunsc4

    best conventional under $250?

  474. Shogunsc4

    40#-50# 'lupe reel choice

    if i remember correctly, i had it set at 15 pounds for fishing 50#. I never had an issue fishing 40# on the JX/LX...just 50#.
  475. Shogunsc4

    40#-50# 'lupe reel choice

    currently I have a Saltiga 40 for 40#, 113HN for 50#, and a JX 6/3 for 40# and 50# depending on the situation....very likely I will end up with the new saltist LD 40 II
  476. Shogunsc4

    40#-50# 'lupe reel choice

    Hi wahoodad, with your LR experience, what reel would you recommend for this style of fishing without breaking the bank?
  477. Shogunsc4

    40#-50# 'lupe reel choice

    I'm currently debating on which one to get as a better 40-50# 'Lupe reel. I've tried the LX 6/3 with 50# on the last lupe trip and it just didn't feel right with heavy handle binding (for bait fishing). I currently have a JX 6/3 for 40# and occasionally 50# for yoyo and it is ok. I'm looking to...
  478. Shogunsc4

    Avet HX vs. Daiwa STTLD40II

    I'm currently debating on which one to get as a better 40-50# 'Lupe reel. I've tried the LX 6/3 with 50# on the last lupe trip and it just didn't feel right with heavy handle binding (for bait fishing). I currently have a JX 6/3 for 40# and occasionally 50# for yoyo and it is ok. I'm looking to...
  479. Shogunsc4

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    hands down saltiga 30!
  480. Shogunsc4

    Avet HX or LX 6/3

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced HX or LX 6/3. I want the newest version. Please let me know.
  481. Shogunsc4

    Berkley/Penn Voyager 1.5 day charter 2/19-2/21

    Jody called me this morning
  482. Shogunsc4

    Berkley/Penn Voyager 1.5 day charter 2/19-2/21

    trip has been cancelled and re-scheduled for 3/20 due to weather...looking at the report, looks like 13'+ swells on late Saturday
  483. Shogunsc4

    Advice on a GOOD 15-25LB Rated Rod to Buy for Calico Bass

    if you can find one....shikari 8020.
  484. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Legend 1.5 day Feb12th-Feb14th

    wait until you hear the voyager coming back this weekend w/ 100 colonet yellows....
  485. Shogunsc4

    Berkley/Penn Voyager 1.5 day charter 2/19-2/21

    UPDATE: just spoke to Jody and he said the yellows are biting really good at colnett right this morning.
  486. Shogunsc4

    Any advice...3 and 1/2 Day Trip versus 1 and 1/2 Day Trip

    mid July, you guys would probably be chasing albies with rest of the fleet and hit San Martin for the last day of fishing. Usually people behaves better on the longer trip as they are not as "desperate" trying to land their limits in one day.
  487. Shogunsc4

    Castaic Lake 2/9/10 Excellent fishing but I am more happy I made it back alive!

    glad you made it back safe....never thought condition of a lake would get that nasty. when are you going again?
  488. Shogunsc4

    Black Pearl Feb12 to Feb 14

    bring 40#/50# and some heavy yoyo iron for the yellows at colonett, 12-16 oz. torpedos for rockcod. Rick will put you on shitload fish. The key is to use spectra.
  489. Shogunsc4

    Berkley/Penn Voyager 1.5 day charter 2/19-2/21

    just booked with Jodie, 8 spots open before I booked for 2 so....6 more left. Should be a great trip, let's hope the weather cooperate w/ us.
  490. Shogunsc4

    Berkley/Penn Voyager 1.5 day charter 2/19-2/21

    how many openings left? I might book 3 spots....need to check with my buddies.
  491. Shogunsc4

    Castaic Lake 2/3/10 Plenty of nice grade of fish

    thanks for the info, i'll give it a try again soon.
  492. Shogunsc4

    Castaic Lake 2/3/10 Plenty of nice grade of fish

    nice catching! I fished there last saturday and it was slow. The best boat managed 8 stripers and we only got one. We had wind problem and I was wondering if 2 200' anchors are required to fish that lake. One of the regular said it is a must. It was my first time fishing taht lake.
  493. Shogunsc4

    Looking for a good 3 day boat.

    X4 for the Vagabond...Excellent captain and great crew.
  494. Shogunsc4


    is this the 2-speed or a single speed version?
  495. Shogunsc4

    Vagabond 5.5 day Adventure

    No problem....any day bro. I too had a shitload of sashimi the first and second night. We gotta jump on Mike's boat along with Frank next season. Mike Lackey is the shit!
  496. Shogunsc4

    Vagabond 5.5 day Adventure

    Crew: Captain Mike Lackey, 2nd Captain Gordon, Cook Dan, Deckhand Tim, Matt, Paul, Joe. After months of preparation, anticipation and excitement, the day has finally arrived. October 4th, 2009. After spending over $500 on terminal tackles; selling, buying and trading rods and reels on...
  497. Shogunsc4

    Guadalupe Riggin'

    I'm bringing: 2 30# 4 40# (2 2speed, 2 single speed) 2 50# (1 2speed, 1 single speed) 1 80# 2speed Shitload of 2/0, 4/0 ringed hooks, flourocarbon 30-50.
  498. Shogunsc4

    Guadalupe Riggin'

    I'll be on the Vagabond, good luck and see you guys at the island.
  499. Shogunsc4

    Guadalupe Riggin'

    i'm going to the 'lupe as well in a few days...which boat are you on?
  500. Shogunsc4

    60# rod

    Any one have a good 60# rod for sale at a reasonable price...let me know.
  501. Shogunsc4

    Xtra Tuff's in-soles

    thanks for the info!
  502. Shogunsc4

    Xtra Tuff's in-soles

    Where can I get those in-soles...those deckboots are getting to me on the longer trips and I need to get them for me up-coming 5.5 dayer. I heard they are very supportive and comfortable. Thanks.
  503. Shogunsc4

    Kencor , ANY Kencor

    How much for Kencor QNZ 7x3080 LR?
  504. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 3/4 offshore on the freelance

    pretty good grade of tuna too for a 3/4 dayer...good job.
  505. Shogunsc4

    Avet LX 6/3

    I have a MINT condition Avet LX 6/3 in purple...$250. SPECTRA NOT INCLUDED.
  506. Shogunsc4

    Rods and Reels

    BUMP...SW70H sold! Prices reduced for the other stuff.
  507. Shogunsc4

    October 5.5-day advice

    I will be on my first-ever long range trip (5.5 days) this early October. It will be on the Vagabond. Can some of you veteran-anglers offer me some tips and advices on what to look out for and what type of equipments to bring? What sizes of hooks? Reels I have (planning to bring): Daiwa...
  508. Shogunsc4

    BigGame90 or Islander

    islander hands down.
  509. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 Day on the Grande

    you gaffed your own fish? WOW
  510. Shogunsc4

    Rods and Reels

    I have: *** a used once mint condition Daiwa CVZ-300...$130 REDUCED TO $120. *** a brand new GUSA United 78ML with DP guides custom wrapped in blue over gold...$150 REDUCED to $130 *** a used GUSA SW70H in great condition factory wrapped in blue over silver...SOLD. PM me if interested.
  511. Shogunsc4

    Leaving on 1.5day tonight 9/17.

    fish are still here but more down south. water cool off like 3-4 degrees last weekend but i think it is picking back up again. 1.5-2 day trips are still killing is a matter of finding that golden kelp. good luck!
  512. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Eclipse Overnite 9/16

    most of us fish for fun...some people fish as if their life is at stake...I have been on trips where these fuckers yell and shove people becasue they are fighting a small 3-5 pound yellow. that's why I opted not to go on open party trips...let alone 36+ people on a boat.
  513. Shogunsc4

    RSW on 1.5?

    a lot of them have RSW holds in SD. Pacific Quest for sure has RSW. Can't remember all the others though
  514. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Fish Counts not so good...

    water cooled down a bit this past weekend due to wind...but it is still at 71 degrees (down from 73-74)
  515. Shogunsc4


    we were next to you guys on the 1.5 day Orion chasing the porpoise in the morning along with the International Star.
  516. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Overnighter on the Black Pearl

    65'...and Rick is the shit!
  517. Shogunsc4

    Offshore New Lo-An * Second Ticket Travis Does Not Suck

    lol...small? your fish is far from small....nice fish. It looks way bigger than that 50 lb BET on the other post. Your fish looks like a legit 50-60 lb tuna. The fish made you look small for being 6'8".
  518. Shogunsc4

    Sportboat cleaniness

    I was recent on a party boat where the blankets on the bunk bed smelled like a dead rat...just absolutely unbearable. I was wondering how often do they clean or wash those blankets? DO they change the pillow cases at all?
  519. Shogunsc4

    Eldorado or Amigo???

    you will have a better chance at the tuna down in SD.
  520. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 50 pound Bigeye on the Point Loma 3/4 day

    hey bro, it's 50 pounds...okay? this makes me more happy as most of my catch this year has been similar size. I first thought they were all 25-30# fish but after reading this post, I guess all of my fish were all 50-60 pound plus range too. LOL
  521. Shogunsc4

    Ultra? Good Things?

    just go, Brian will get you on fish. One of the better boat + crew I have fished with. Fishing with 8 is a big plus for WFO tuna bites. I limited out last time I fished with them.
  522. Shogunsc4

    1.5 day Sept 11th - 13th

    just let me know if it falls thru...i can pay right now.
  523. Shogunsc4

    BG90 scores limits 8/24

    I just don't get why anyone would even swing on their rod if you got tangled up with the guy next to you who is hooked up into a good fish and you can see the fish at color....doesn't take a genius to figure that out! Imagine if that happened on the Legend when Shawn is running. lol.
  524. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2-Day Outer Limits

    congrats, great catch...Capt Paul knows his shit!
  525. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 300 miles for 4 -1/2 Tuna aboard RTA

    nice tuna Calvin. I'm dying to go right now...the albies busted wfo. Bradley limited out today on the String.
  526. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Pacific Star - 8/22

    damn, that's a great deal for a two day trip! Too bad I have to work. Good luck guys.
  527. Shogunsc4


    smart people loves to learn and that is how they become smarter...hardcore dumb-asses think they know it all and tries too hard to prove their stupid point and end up screwing the trip up for everybody.
  528. Shogunsc4


    Pacific Star is top notch...was Mike Bullard running the boat? Captain on the radio talking to other boats is totally normal. Fishing is tough recently and the fleet is all spread out trying to find fish. They are just keeping eachother informed of what is going on. As for trolling, these guys...
  529. Shogunsc4

    Pegasus or Ultra Info?

    how many people do you want to fish with?
  530. Shogunsc4

    Pegasus or Ultra Info?

    I haven't fished the Pegasus BUT always wanted to. Heard nothing but excellent things about them. However, I have fished the with just 8 other people kicks ass. Brian, Doug and Jesse are the shit!
  531. Shogunsc4

    Overnight Gear

    fluoro is the key.
  532. Shogunsc4

    1.5 day boat

    I agree...Bradley Phillips is one of the best out there. But it is very difficult to find any openings on that boat since it is mainly charters. I haven't seen the String do any 1.5 dayer anyhow. Just some overnighters and mainly longer trips.
  533. Shogunsc4

    1.5 day boat

    at this is not the matter of which boat is is more like which boat is available to hop onto. The better "typical" 1.5 day boats are the New Lo-An, Pacific Voyager, Ultra, Grande, Pacific Queen, Black Pearl. If you want long range comfort then it is the Searcher, Islander...
  534. Shogunsc4

    Offshore FIRST STRING 2 DAY 8/7-8/9

    just booked the 6 day leaving 10/17.
  535. Shogunsc4

    Offshore INDIAN 2.5 DAY TRIP

    Great report on these big bft. Sorry to hear about the lost on the big ones. Every trip, there is always "THAT GUY" on the boat to screw people over...Was "THAT GUY" on the boat and was that the reason for the tangles? I smell a lot of slack lines....
  536. Shogunsc4

    Bluefin Questions

    On our 2 day trip, all of our jig fish hit it on the sink. Blue/White and Blue/Chrome being the hot ticket. The bft were biting quite well once chummed up. Majority caught on a hot sardines with 25# flourocarbon. Fish were VERY picky! IF you use sunscreen, make sure you wash your hand thoroughly...
  537. Shogunsc4

    Offshore FIRST STRING 2 DAY 8/7-8/9

    lol...were you on the trip? We actually have bananna pancakes for breakfast.
  538. Shogunsc4

    Offshore FIRST STRING 2 DAY 8/7-8/9

    First off, thanks to Chuck for saving the charter to make it a go. At $320, this is a hell of a 2 day trip on the FIRST STRING. Food, permits, jackpot were all included at the price. For those who doubted Chuck, you just missed out on a great trip. On Friday 8/7, my stupid boss decided to cut...
  539. Shogunsc4

    Planning trip to San Clemente - Advice Please

    Bait of choice is live squid. Fish Pyramid Cove for the bigger yellows. Heard it has been pretty rough out there the past few days. Get there early as it has been a gray bite. Fish dropper loop 40# test, 6/0 hook. Fish 1/4 oz slider if you see breezing yellows up at the surface. Use your...
  540. Shogunsc4


    lol...75 people on that boat...people probably catch their seizure from breathing in eachothers' sweats standing shoulder to shoulder :rofl:
  541. Shogunsc4

    Labor Day Weekend??

    the Toro and Freedom are both running some cheap 2.5 day Labor day special for around $400 up in LA. But I rather fish down in SD myself
  542. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Holiday getsum

    I heard they were at around 160 miles...away from the crowd.
  543. Shogunsc4


    sounds to me like you got your money's worth on this
  544. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Confessions of my first tuna trip

    Light line tuna fishing is fun but only if the boat is cool and gives you the ok....or you are asking for trouble. I was once on the Outer Limit in a absolute ripper bite on the albies. Almost everybody has their 2 day limits, Captain Paul gave me a go-ahead to fish UL and I landed a 22 pound...
  545. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Confessions of my first tuna trip

    better be safe than sorry....I bring minimum of 5 rigs (15, 20, 30, 40, 50), sometimes 2 30#. And you did a great job for a first tuna trip.
  546. Shogunsc4

    Pegasus a good choice?

    they have weekend openings??? WOW!
  547. Shogunsc4

    2 day on First String has openings Aug 7-9

    Chuck, like I told check was sent out this morning...please let know when Gary receives the check. Thanks.
  548. Shogunsc4

    Pacific Quest?

    no doubt Bill Cavanaugh on the Queen can find fish....but he was asking about the PACIFIC QUEST which is run by Josh Walton.
  549. Shogunsc4


    Fuck! We got an earthquake down below the border....last time we went out with an earthquake the bite turn to shit. Hope it recovers by this weekend.
  550. Shogunsc4

    Offshore YELLOWFIN ON THE WAY least you got $33.33....considering Chris got $5 between him and the deckhands. Next time when they make reservation...ask them where they are from...if they are from Utah, tell them the boat departs at
  551. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits overnight....YFT galore!!!!

    It was full before I can even make up my But I was fortunate enough to jump on the first string this weekend.
  552. Shogunsc4


    I usually tip 15%-20% of the boat fare....depends on the quality of service.
  553. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Holiday

    WFO style YFT fishing...similar to last year but better.
  554. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits overnight....YFT galore!!!!

    i almost booked that 1.5 day pacific voyager trip too.
  555. Shogunsc4


    $5.00 tips for 2 people on a 2 day trip and all that trouble??? Chris, you should have gave him the $5 back and kick his drunk ass off the boat...just saying.
  556. Shogunsc4

    Offshore Outer Limits overnight....YFT galore!!!!

    WTG Danny. The Outer Limit crew is the shit! 95 miles on an overnight trip...that tells you a lot aboat Paul. I'm on a 2 day this weekend...we'll see what happens...
  557. Shogunsc4

    2 day on First String has openings Aug 7-9

    I totally agree and I hope it stays at 23 ONLY!
  558. Shogunsc4


    damn right...the Outer Limits with 17 people catching 70 YFT AND 8 yellows on an overnighter.
  559. Shogunsc4

    2 day on First String has openings Aug 7-9

    i rather fish with 23 at $320 and will pay more if necessary keep it light...make the payments non-refundable so you will not be stiffed last minute.
  560. Shogunsc4

    2 day on First String has openings Aug 7-9

    this is a legit deal guys...whoever lagged just missed out on a good deal. See you at H&M on Friday Chuck.
  561. Shogunsc4

    Offshore 2 Day Trip Aboard The Outer Limits

    nice yellows...Paul and co is the shit!
  562. Shogunsc4

    2 day on First String has openings Aug 7-9

    just spoke to the chartermaster....decided to limit the load to 20...$360 includes food and permits. We need 4 more to go! This is a 2 DAY TRIP GUYS!!!
  563. Shogunsc4

    2 day on First String has openings Aug 7-9

    like I said I'm down for 2 for me the number for the chartermaster?
  564. Shogunsc4

    yellows & dodos

    there is a shitload of bft out there right now ready to bust WFO anyday. We saw schools of crashing bft the last 2 trips we were out. My guess would be the day after the full moon the bft will chew. Good luck!
  565. Shogunsc4

    yellows & dodos

    flylining a hot sardine on 30# is your best bet. Yoyo works for the bigger yellows. It is a matter of finding the right kelp. What boat are you going on?
  566. Shogunsc4

    Fishing Gear for 2 days

    hey MArkus, setup more of those 2 day weekend trip.
  567. Shogunsc4


    75 peeps = 99% in a clusterfuck and 1% fishing...
  568. Shogunsc4

    Fishing Gear for 2 days

    Very interesting point Markus. I personally have had a lot of success with the gamakasu ringed hooks. I find that the bait swims a bit more in its natural form with ringed hooks and the results were more bites...but I might just be lucky. As for the barbs, I do notice that japanese hooks have...
  569. Shogunsc4

    Fishing Gear for 2 days

    In general, Gamakasu hooks are smaller to comparable Owner hooks. I personally find the Gamakasu 2/0 hooks the perfect hook for flyline sardines on 30#. Everyone has their favorites...You're good to go and go kill 'um. Markus is one of the best in the game.