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  1. potuna

    Recent 10 Day

    I was on a 10 day that got back last week. We fished the entire Ridge, Alijos Rocks and the lupe. Ridge was not good except for wahoo, Raiders and bombs worked and my Tony the Tiger Hooker Intruder was 4 for 4 trolling. Otherwise small tuna, a couple yellows and a few dodos. Alijos was wahoo...
  2. potuna

    FN 30-06 1952 vintage

    I’ve got a nice vintage 1952 FN 30-06 bolt action rife. Very nice piece of wood except a gouge that I tried to get in the pictures. I showed it to a gunsmith and he said it could be ved out and a piece glued in but was too busy at the time and I didn’t follow through. I bought this many years...
  3. potuna

    Penn 16 vsx, Avet HX, Seeker SHS70H, Super Seeker 6470H

    I’m in San Diego to meet, I can ship reels on your dime. Please PM any questions or reasonable offers, spare me the low balls. Penn 16 vsx excellent condition, it’s been on one trip 178# yft. Full of 80 or 100 blue spectra. $old Avet HX 5/2 very good condition no mc, white spectra was serviced...
  4. potuna

    Jig stick set up

    Idea jig stick set up for yellows, rods and reels?
  5. potuna

    Excellent Torium 20hg, Seeker Captain Grabowski 6470H

    So I went through my gear and this is what I don’t use or need. I’m in San Diego to meet or I will ship on your nickel PayPal friends and family or you pay the 3%. Please message for pics, questions or reasonable offers, thanks. Shimano Torium 20HG with spectra, I bought this new and have used...
  6. potuna

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    Plano jumbo rolling rod case, 67” expands to 112”. Heavy duty $65picked up in SD, excellent condition was on one trip. Half price of new.
  7. potuna

    Mak 50 and 50W SEa, Avet Quad T-Rx 50

    I have some extra big reels for sale, meet in San Diego or I can ship usps priority mail for 25 Bucks. PM questions, reasonable offers or other pics. Low balls ignored. Mak 50 SEa gun metal just back from Ken’s service. Loaded with 130 threadlock, this reel has been on a couple trips mostly as...
  8. potuna

    Makaira 50W Blue, Avet 50 Quad, UC Invictus

    Mak 50W Sea limited addition blue, went on one trip. JB line one #200 on top of 130. $600 Sold Avet Quad T-Rx 50/2, box says blem, looks new unused to me. Need mega drag here you go, these list for 799. I,m going to load this with #200 seagaur threadlock hollow and May keep it, this on the...
  9. potuna

    Penn visx 16 and 30, 70vs

    Brand new in the box Penn visx 16 in silver, loaded with 100# hollow. It has up sized handle and original handle. $550 Sold Penn visx 30 used on one trip as a trolling reel, excellent condition. Spectra with room for a mono top shot, comes with box and clamp. $500 Sold Penn 70vs very good...
  10. potuna

    Sabre G540

    Sweet Sabre grafas 540 109” one of the finest jig slingers, $325 obro picked up. In SD can meet at any SD landing. Trouble loading pics, sendinfo for pics if serious, thanks.
  11. potuna

    Smallest line for fg knot

    How small can you go with fg and how many turns? Thanks
  12. potuna

    Awesome wood tackle box

    Here’s a awesome tackle box 19.5” wide, 14.5” deep and 17” tall. You need this box, a friend is building a box for me so this is up for sale. I paid 225 for it so that’s the price. I’m in San Diego, no shipping but can meet anywhere in SD
  13. potuna

    Seeker Black steel 665

    Spring cleaning, I will ship the reel, rods local pick up in San Diego all are used. Penn 50 visxs silver, excellent condition filled with 130 hollow. Comes with cover and box. $old Seeker OSP 4X rated 100-200, 30-50 lbs of drag. 7’3” $old Seeker SHS 70xh Hercules 50-100 7’ rod is light and...
  14. potuna

    Super long range tackle box price drop, price drop SOLD

    Awesome long range tackle box, African Mahogany. Dimensions without the rod holders 25” wide, 15.5” deep and 17.5” tall. You can fit 10 boxes five on either side with room in between. It came with aluminum racks which I will include but I found the current set up more functional. $500 picked up...
  15. potuna

    Sato starter crimp kit with toro tamer heavy needle kit

    Sato kit with needles, I don’t have the patience or skill to make this work for me. It has extra crimps and the only thing used is some of the tac glue. I’ve heard they don’t sell these anymore. I have over $250 into this, $200 drop to $175 or best offer. Will ship for $12 and have PayPal.
  16. potuna

    Calstar GG 690 J

    Excellent condition Calstar 690J, 9’ deckhand style jig slinger. It went on one trip only no fish hooked, rated 20-50. Picked up in San Diego $240 big drop $200
  17. potuna

    Shogun gets them.

    Rene and crew running a 13/7 fished the inner banks, cows and a super. Well done
  18. potuna

    The RP is getting them

    Checked their current conditions, good number of hos and 5 cows and a super for three days. 40 some yft day although half were small, I’d sign up for that fishing.
  19. potuna

    Makaira 50W

    Mak 50 wide gold loaded with 200 JB hollow, excellent kite rig. I had it serviced at Ken’s before my last trip, excellent condition. I will ship Priority Mail for $18 and accept PayPal f&f or you pay the fee. $old
  20. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    What I have is an Seeker osp 4x with a Mak gold 50 wide, 200lb hollow to a 200lb leader. Would a 70 or 80 be better? 130 hollow to a 100 yards of 200 hollow? Leader? Thoughts? Thanks happy new year
  21. potuna

    Mak 20 sea and Avet HXW Raptor

    Thinning some can meet in San Diego or ship usps Priority Mail for $15 PayPal f&f. Mak 20 sea gunmetal loaded with 100# Seaguar threadlock hollow. Comes with box and cover, this reel has been on three trips. It was serviced by Ken and had the left lug removed to better palm the spool, no fish...
  22. potuna

    Newell P 235-F

    Excellent condition P 235-F, box and clamp, $135 will ship for $12
  23. potuna

    Accurate 30 ATD, Okuma 16, Newell P338-F & P229-F

    Thinning some, no trades, can meet up in San Diego or ship for $12 Priority Mail, Friends and family or you pay this 4 percent. Accurate ATD 30 loaded with Seaguar threadlock, it’s been on a couple trips no fish caught. It’s been to Kens before last trip to remove left lug and get a tune up...
  24. potuna

    Okuma Makaira sea 16, Andros12Slla, Rainshadow RCJB84XXH

    0 Thinning the herd some more, I’ll ship the reels for 10 Priority Mail lower 48. I except PayPal f&f or you pay the 3.5%. The only trade is a new or near new Talica 16 two speed. Mak sea 16 gunmetal new in the box no line on it. Sold Andros 12Slla been on a couple trips, just back from...
  25. potuna

    Accurate ATD 30 & BV2-800

    So I went through my gear and I’m thinning out the herd. I’m in San Diego to meet up or I will ship USPS Priority Mail for $10. I accept PayPal f&f or you pay the 3.5%. Accurate ATD 30 excellent condition, it’s been on 2 trips no fish hooked on it. Full of 130 threadlock spectra, comes with box...
  26. potuna

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    What’s an ideal arsenal for a lupe trip? Not a minimalist but all the bases covered.
  27. potuna

    SKB 7200 large tackle box

    I have a large SKB 7200 box for sale. It’s been on 3 or 4 trips, great condition. I’m in San Diego, can meet at the landing.$200
  28. potuna

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Looking for a nice lr tackle box, I have a skb 7200. Not looking for 1000 show piece but a highly functional box without a ton of jig storage. Let me know what you have, I’m in SD. Thanks
  29. potuna

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Looks like the Dolphin is getting torn down this summer, to be replaced by something fancy and no doubt expensive.
  30. potuna

    Accurate 50 &Super 12, Trinidad 12a, METALOID 5Nll

    Thinning the herd, I can accept PayPal friends and family or plus 3 percent and ship priority mail on your nickel. I'm in San Diego for face to face. Spare me the low ball offers please. First up Accurate 50, I bought this used but had just been serviced at the factory. I had it loaded with 130...
  31. potuna

    UC Invictus, Seeker 3X Wahoodad, UC CP 70XH Sold

    Three great cow rods for sale, first a UC Invictus, 7'1" rated unlimited. Went on one trip and never got out of the rack, this was custom wrapped by Timmy D. He built me the same one in my colors. $395 orbro Seeker 3X Wahoodad factory rod, 7'3" rated 100(130)150 went on one trip never got out of...
  32. potuna

    Fitness for cow trips

    What fitness, excersizes do you guys do to prep for cow trips?
  33. potuna

    27 assorted jigs

    I have a lot of 27 assorted jigs many are unused, $120 picked up or $135 shipped priority mail in the lower 48, PayPal friends and family.
  34. potuna

    Late cow season trip?

    I'm hoping to go on April,May or June cow trip. I have a trip booked for next month so I need to space it out. Thoughts on boats and trips in this time frame. Looks like choices are RP, Indy, Excel and Rooster, I've been on Excel and the rooster on 8 day trips. Any thoughts?
  35. potuna

    Best phone app for texting from out to sea

    Guys what the best low data app to stay in touch texting? Thanks
  36. potuna

    Brand new SDS 3 speed locked up.

    I just got back from the buffer zone and Hurricane bank. I used my SDS 3speed for pl68s, first time dropped and wound in a half dozen times with no biters. Second time after a couple drops the reel locks up on me and a couple of fish are hooked on pl68s. So I get it freed up and wind up my jig...
  37. potuna

    The adventure begins

    Thirty some years of wanting to go and two years of preparation today I finally depart for Cabo to meet the Star and begin my big tuna adventure. I received a lot of good advise here and through others and I know Blake, Paul, Diego,Drew and Captain Tim will do there best to help, mentor and give...
  38. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    What would you guys that know bring on an up coming 15 day? How many and make up of yft rigs? Same for wahoo and what else? Thanks
  39. potuna

    Shimano TN 30 Cheap Sold

    I have a tn 30 sitting around collecting dust, good condition, normal wear. Half full of spectra, no clamp, I take PayPal and will ship in the US, $ 220
  40. potuna

    Calstar GFGR 770xxh, Calstar 655 TSS, Talica 25

    Some items that aren't fitting in the arsenal. I'm in San Diego and prefer a face to face but I have PayPal and could ship in the right deal. 1. New Calstar GFGR 770xxh rated 80-130, I bought this new at the Fred Hall show in LB. I tired to go factory wrapped but the custom bug got me. It's...
  41. potuna

    Newell P334-J and G447-F

    I've got two nice Newells for sale, I bought both new back in the day. The 447 has seen 5-6 8 day trips and the 344 the same but local fishing as well. I would service them before I'd take them fishing but both drags still seem ok. I think local pick up in SD would be best so you can check...
  42. potuna

    Shimano Gold Trinidads vs. the new ones

    I just got into Shimano reels, what do you think about the older gold Trinidads vs the new ones. Thanks
  43. potuna

    New Talica 25II,New Penn 975, Used GFDH 800-xl,Seeker BS G980eel

    **SOLD** Some items that don't fit or don't get used, local pick up only for the rods but I will ship the reels. I'm not looking for trades except a Mak 50 or 50 sds in at least excellent condition. Talica 25II new with the box and everything it came with, list on this is $619 plus tax. $560...