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  1. noahfex

    Inshore Fish ID: What Have I Got Here?

    While is sorta looks like a gurnard, I don't think it is. I think it's one of the actual sculpin species (not the CA scorpionfish that we all call sculpin) that we find in so cal. While it might just be the angle of the pic, it looks like the snout isn't long enough and it's missing the "legs"...
  2. noahfex

    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 11/28/21

    Actually, both Vermillion and Sunset are lumped together in terms of regulations, so the limit is technically a 5 fish of a combo of both species. Frequently Asked Questions About the Vermilion Rockfish Sub-Bag Limit And if you want to get really nerdy, here's a link to the research paper...
  3. noahfex

    Re-shaping rod grips without rebuilding?

    Thanks for all the tips and help, I really appreciate it. I'll look into removing the x-rap and the foam underneath. Here are some pics of the rod as well as a pic of a stock handle (much more tapered and thinner overall). It still fishes perfectly, it's just less comfortable for me than it...
  4. noahfex

    Re-shaping rod grips without rebuilding?

    Hi, I have a question for the rob-building brain trust here: I had a reel seat put on a Teramar jigstick (TMC - J90HB) by a local shop and they did a pretty terrible job with the grips. They are super wide/thick and way heavier than the original deckhand Xrap grip. Unfortunately, I missed my...
  5. noahfex

    Salas, Candy Bar and Tady Yoyo and surface jigs

    noahfex submitted a new listing: Yoyo and surface iron jigs - Yoyo and surface iron jigs Learn more about this listing...
  6. Salas, Tady and Candy Bar - Yoyo and surface jigs

    Southern California Salas, Tady and Candy Bar - Yoyo and surface jigs

    $40 for all 6. All rings and hooks in good condition. Surface iron: 1. Salas 5x 2. Candy bar (similar size/shape as a Tady 45) 3. Tady C Heavy iron: 4. Salas 6x jr. 5. Salas 7x jr. 6. Candy bar (similar size but slightly heavier than a Salas 6x)
  7. noahfex

    LB Seeker 6485, Teramar 80MH $55, Lexa/Komodo 400 Tiburon clamp $40

    Seeker BSC 6485 - 8.5ft 15-40lb - Long Beach factory wrap, Tuna cord handle, shrink wrap reel seat padding. Good condition, clean guides, some scratches on the clear coat. Great local jig and bait rod. SOLD Shimano Teramar - TMC-X80MH - Definitely used, but still works great. Heavier swimbait...
  8. noahfex

    Avet LX6/3

    PMed about the Seeker inshore.
  9. noahfex

    what kind of fish this is?

    Definitely looks like an Island Jack/Trevally to me. Cool fish!!
  10. noahfex

    Daiwa Saltist BG 40H, Shimano Tallus 70HBBL

    Daiwa Saltist BG 40H in good condition with some boat rash on the sideplate. Internals are in great condition, well maintained, with upgraded carbontex drag washers, 2/3 full of 80lb, white, izor spectra with fresh 40lb big game (1 week old). Awesome local yo-yo, jig or bait reel with great...
  11. noahfex

    Hi, I'm interested in the 700ml. I'll be driving back to SD from NorCal tomorrow and can stop...

    Hi, I'm interested in the 700ml. I'll be driving back to SD from NorCal tomorrow and can stop by Carlsbad in the late afternoon on my way home to pick it up. If that can work, let me know, my number is 858-248-0884. Thanks! Noah
  12. noahfex

    Reels for sale - Penn Torque 300X and Daiwa Saltist 35H

    Saltist BG 35H - $130 Torque 300X - SOLD
  13. noahfex

    Reels for sale - Penn Torque 300X and Daiwa Saltist 35H

    Torque 300X - pending Saltist BG 35H - $130
  14. noahfex

    Reels for sale - Penn Torque 300X and Daiwa Saltist 35H

    Thinning the herd. These don't get used enough, hopefully someone can catch some fish with them! Reels are in good condition, with some surface scratches and upgraded carbon drags. More pics are posted in the C-list ads. Thanks! Daiwa Saltist BG 35H - $140...
  15. noahfex

    15' Gregor MX510, 28hp Evinrude

    1986 Gregor MX510 with an electric start 1986 28hp Evinrude SPL in good, working, condition. Wired and plumbed with separate bait and bilge pumps. Trailer was purchased new in 2012 and has permanent registration, boat is currently registered as well. I no longer have a place to store it so...
  16. noahfex

    Small Aluminum Skiff - Gregor, Lowe, Klamath, etc.

    I'm in San Diego and in the process of getting my 15' Gregor MX510 for sale. It's been an amazing local skiff, but I no longer have a place to store it, so it has to go. It's a 1986 hull with a 1986 evinrude 28 spl in good shape, decked with non-skid coated marine ply. The trailer is in good...
  17. noahfex

    Offshore Today report

    That's quite the run. Even though you didn't score, thanks for the report!
  18. noahfex

    Winter Yellowtail Tournament! 12/26 - 2/28/2014

    All Southern California anglers are invited to take part in the first ever San Diego Winter Yellowtail Tag and Release tournament! Cash prizes for the top 3 anglers with the most tagged fish during the tournament period (12/26/2013 - 2/28/2014). The pre-tournament meeting is this Saturday...
  19. noahfex

    Newport/Skiff Rental

    There's a half-off groupon for bay skiff rentals from Seaforth right now. $35 for the whole day. Have fun out there!
  20. noahfex

    Another fish ID.....

    Definitely looks like a green jack to me... Cocinero's usually have yellower fins and subtle stripes. Where around Manzanillo did you catch it?
  21. noahfex

    Fish ID help.....bottom fish...

    The snapper definitely appears to be a juvenile dog snapper (also known as cubera snapper). The second fish appears to be a "parrot sand bass" Paralabrax loro
  22. noahfex

    Bass Contest Winner for September is...

    Congrats to Jock. That's a great fish, and on the frog too.
  23. noahfex

    2011 Bass Contest September

    LJ Kelp, 9/23. I know the picture isn't the best quality, I was solo and only had my phone. You can see the tail extend past 22" if you look closely. If the picture quality isn't good enough to be considered for the contest, no worries. Catching 3 calicos over 20" on 3 consecutive casts that...
  24. noahfex

    9/24 Nados and rockpile

    Don't use ice on a sculpin sting, their venom is not like bee venom, it's much more similar to a stingray's. Stick whatever part got stung in as hot of water as you can stand for as long as you can (at least 15 minutes). The heat will break down the toxin, and other than the puncture wound, you...
  25. noahfex

    Float tubing in Glorrieta bay

    Anything in brown, chartreuse, orange, white, green, etc. tied with a lot of weight and flash. Also anything that rides hook-point up is a good idea too. I like clouser minnows, whistlers, and anything that looks like a crab/shrimp. I usually fish 250gr sinking line on a 7wt. rod. Here's a...
  26. noahfex

    Species I.D.?

    Because of the large eye and black on the tip of the tail, I'd call it a silver surfperch. If it had black tips on it's pelvic fins, then it could be a walleye surfperch. I don't think it's a shiner perch because of the lack of bars on the sides.
  27. noahfex

    Plastics In the Ocean

    Well said! Thanks for posting this reminder.
  28. noahfex

    7' Abu Garcia Veritas and 7'6" Shimano Clarus

    Lots of interest, but no takers yet. Rods still available.
  29. noahfex

    7' Abu Garcia Veritas and 7'6" Shimano Clarus

    bolodawg: PM sent all other PM's replied to...
  30. noahfex

    7' Abu Garcia Veritas and 7'6" Shimano Clarus

    Need to thin the herd a bit and this rod doesn't get used enough to justify keeping it. Abu Garcia Veritas, medium (VRC70-5, 8-17lb line). In great condition, only fished a handful of times, freshwater only. A couple scratches on the foam grips. $70 Also willing to trade (plus cash) for a...
  31. noahfex

    A boat before a car...this guy

    Check out the forum at, it has tons of information about fixing up and modifying aluminum skiffs. Good luck with the boat, it'll be a great project/fishing machine.
  32. noahfex

    LiQuId LiFe

    Sick underwater shots as always.... thanks for the post.
  33. noahfex

    Durable plastics

    I've fished the Rage-Tail toads and while they definitely catch fish, they rip really easily. The tails tend to rip at the bends and the noses rip where the first bend in the offset hook is. I usually have to glue the heads of the frogs back together after 2-3 fish at the most. In my opinion...
  34. noahfex

    dAY 46 the Streak continues

    Great reports...I'm rooting for you to keep this streak going for as long as possible! If the mouth extends all the way to (or past) the same line as the eye, then that fish looks to be a short-fin corvina (same family as corbina, but more closely related to white sea-bass or East coast...
  35. noahfex

    Solo Yakin Sunday afternoon

    Nice conditions and some healthy spotties, sounds like a great Sunday afternoon. That ray is a California butterfly ray. With everything else that flows into the back of Mission Bay, I don't think the fish would even notice a little extra radiation...might help the spotties get a bit bigger...
  36. noahfex

    Rig for prerigged soft plastics???

    If you're looking for heavy leadheads, I like the weedless WAR Slayer heads or their swimjigs. They're produced are up to 2oz and are really durable. They're a tad pricey, but definitely produce. Good Luck!
  37. noahfex

    Rig for prerigged soft plastics???

    Dropshot with a 3-6oz torpedo sinker.
  38. noahfex

    Quick Evening Mission...

    Had a meeting for work near Mission bay that finished early yesterday. 430pm, had an hour to spare, tide beginning to flow... for once had a rod in the truck, and a couple creature baits lying around. 40 minute shore sesh resulted. Second cast, this guy wanted to play. 2 casts later...
  39. noahfex


    Tehspork pretty much summed it up. Great post.
  40. noahfex

    Sand Bass population in severe decline? Catches down 90% in 10 years, and NEW DATA

    Thanks for posting this information. It's about time these figures were shown to the public. People need to understand that sportfishing does have an effect on fish, especially bass. Hopefully this will help get people on board with pushing for reduced bag limits as well as instituting slot...
  41. noahfex

    San Diego Bay

    I fished MB last night (7-10pm) on foot, also throwing creature baits....1 13" spottie on my last cast. There was no tidal movement at all, so I wasn't surprised at how slow it was. Give it a couple more days, the tidal swings should pick back up by Sunday. That, coupled with this warm...
  42. noahfex

    Please Help

    PM sent about the citica.
  43. noahfex

    Bass Slaying Machines

    What type of skiff did you get? I have a 15 foot Gregor, with a 28horse Evinrude on it. It works great for the kelp and the bays. It's a work in progress...the next purchase is a bow-mounted trolling motor. If you want pics, let me know and I'll post them.
  44. noahfex

    Castaic / Eldo Report 12/3 and 12/4

    At least you're getting out there. I'm just studying for finals, dreaming of fishing. After next week, though, its on. Time on the water always pays off, even if you don't catch anything.
  45. noahfex

    2 days, 2 bays....

    I've always been more of a lurker than a poster, but since there hasn't been a lot of reports lately (except for this morning....figures), it seemed like time to step up. With my brothers in town for Thanksgiving, we hit up SD and Mission Bays Wednesday and Friday last week, water was cold...
  46. noahfex

    What Kind of fish is this?

    Definitely a Lizard fish (California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Region, Marine Sportfish Identification: Other Fishes), but not a sable fish (aka Black Cod, Sablefish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) which are deepwater fish and not commonly caught in shallow water in So. Cal.
  47. noahfex

    They said there were no stripers in

    "quit playing with the muskellunge, cuz it's largemouth bass time" priceless....
  48. noahfex

    Dusky Shark in La Jolla?

    How many dorsal fins did it have? Or gill slits? (one dorsal fin and 7 slits= 7-gill (which is what the above picture is), 2 dorsal fins, 5 slits= most other sharks) If you're positive it wasn't a soupfin, then its probably large grey smooth-hound (Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology...
  49. noahfex

    Going off the Grid

    20 days with no poor, poor guy. By the way, I want to see a yellowfin on the plastic.
  50. noahfex

    Newport Harbor Fly Fishing

    I fish SD bay with my 7wt with a 250grain shooting head. Works really well for the spotties. The reason for the heavier rod is to handle the sinking line and pull bass away from structure. If you're after macks or jacksmelt or small barracuda, the 4wt should work. I usually use anything in...
  51. noahfex

    Oct 7-9 Cat report... Big Black Sea Bass

    Good job on the successful release, but you should know that it's illegal to remove black sea bass from the water. You have to release them without pulling them aboard. Lip-gaffing isn't a good idea either. In the future, stick to posting pics of black sea bass still in the water, less...
  52. noahfex

    Bocas Del Toro(18 days)

    I was there several years ago and fished the flats off the Northern tip of Isla Bastiamentos (in between Silverbacks and Wizard beach). I was using mainly smaller krocadiles and poppers on bass tackle (12lb line). It was pretty wide open on smaller snappers. There are also a lot of barracuda and...
  53. noahfex

    S P A C E D L E T T E R I N G

    great video, nice soundtrack...inspired.
  54. noahfex

    I did it!

    12wt.... that's quite a broomstick. I've chased trout and corbina with a fly-rod for years, but only started targeting bass this past year. That Simms video really got me stoked on it as well. Are you throwing spun deer-hair frogs/divers or foam-bodied type flies? Still an unreal catch, congrats.
  55. noahfex

    I did it!

    Unreal..... and super inspiring. CONGRATS!!! What weight rod were you using to throw those big flies?
  56. noahfex

    anything going on in the eastern sierras in december?

    The wild trout section of the Lower Owens is open, but that's probably pretty far from you.
  57. noahfex

    Best place to buy Swim Baits in SD

    I like Fisherman's Outpost in Poway. The owner, Frank, pours the Artifishable brand of swimbaits. They are a little less expensive (at least from my experience) and have worked really well for me in the bay and kelp when fished on weedless heads. They are more durable than BH, though not as...
  58. noahfex

    Well this is why

    Super funny video... I saw someone launch a jetski from the bed of a pickup at Shelter Island this past Saturday. He just backed down the ramp real fast and hit the brakes when his back tires reached the water. The ski hit the water so hard, the guy sitting on it went over the handle-bars. I...
  59. noahfex

    Offshore Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    :eyepoppin Only mildly inappropriate... and "Shoot to Kill"????
  60. noahfex

    4 Shikari rods for sale (bay and inshore)

    How long is the handle below the reel seat on rod #2 (7ft, black grips, titanium TiCh zirconium guides)? thanks.
  61. noahfex


    I want this... MY NEW SPACE INVADER - PROTO 1.0 MY HOUSE = down the street from my house, nice place to be, no? STEP UP YOUR GAME = :eyepoppin: Awesome pics, thanks.....
  62. noahfex

    Six Gill PL Kelp

    Dark spots, dorsal fin way back, definitely a seven-gill.
  63. noahfex

    Sitka, Alaska...And Bass There Are

    It definitely is an amazing place... Those black rockfish are super fun to catch and no one fishes for them up there.
  64. noahfex

    Rpt: Crowley, Kirman, Bridgeport

    Those are some chunky brookies....Nice work!
  65. noahfex

    Boys...look what I caught today. What is it????

    Definitely a baby sablefish... Anoplopoma fimbria, Sablefish : fisheries, aquaculture, aquarium
  66. noahfex

    4 lb bean at LJ shores

    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to fish off the beach at La Jolla Shores, most of the beach is within the reserve. Shore fishing isn't allowed until just South of Scripps pier. There certainly are corbina there, just don't get caught fishing for them...
  67. noahfex


    Props to the SBK for starting this.... Looked through my pictures from the last couple years and found some good ones. My spot...... Another spot... The view from my work on the job... on the way North... to this... (nothing better than fishing with your brothers) Breakfast of...
  68. noahfex

    Dolphin Half Day PM Aug-5-2010

    That's a nice fish. Good job on the release.
  69. noahfex

    rockin with spotties

    The pictures are kind of small, but I would say the rockfish look like either kelp or grass or possibly brown rockfish. Those are the most common shallow-water rockfish species in So-cal. They are hard to tell apart, but browns have a defined dark spot on the gill cover. The only way to tell...
  70. noahfex

    Mag Bay Secret

    I hope it never even gets off the ground. Sounds like a great plan to me: take one of the most remote, wild, amazing places in Baja and put in "Hotels, Villas, Private Bungalows, Custom Home Sites, Spas, Pools, Restaurants, and Shopping". I love how they put up a bunch of pictures showing the...
  71. noahfex

    New baits in da works

    Good luck with finishing the pours. I'm looking forward to checking them out. That sucks about the halibut, I guess you just have to get out there again (too bad, you have to go fishing).
  72. noahfex

    New baits in da works

    Frank, your baits are awesome. Are they for sale anywhere? I'd love to try some out for calicos in the kelp.
  73. noahfex

    12' Aluminum, 6hp Johnson - fun bay skiff

    2 buyers flaked.... $950 obo
  74. noahfex

    Phenix Rod,G-loomis

    I'm really interested in the Ultra MBX 707ML if the other deal falls through. thanks.
  75. noahfex


    I wish I would have seen your post earlier, I was fishing calicos at Point Loma kelp from my skiff and had an extra spot. If you ever want to fish around SD (SD bay, PLK, LJ, Mission Bay) send me a PM, midweek, weekends, whenever.
  76. noahfex

    need some advise

    Get a Saltist or a Torium or a Newell and match it to an appropriate Seeker or Calstar rod. That combo would cost you about the same as a Talica, and probably be more versatile. No need to buy a Ferrari to go to the grocery store....
  77. noahfex

    12' Aluminum, 6hp Johnson - fun bay skiff

    bump... $950.00 or best Thanks for looking.
  78. noahfex

    12' Aluminum, 6hp Johnson - fun bay skiff

    Boat is sold, thanks guys.
  79. noahfex

    Spainish Jack?

    Trachurus symmetricus, Pacific jack mackerel : fisheries, gamefish Pacific jack mackerel - Trachurus symmetricus family - Carangidae Scomber japonicus, Chub mackerel : fisheries, aquaculture, gamefish, bait Pacific mackerel/Greenback mackerel/Chub mackerel - Scomber japonicus family -...
  80. noahfex

    Best towing route from Ramona to SD

    That's the way to go. By far the easiest, fastest, way.
  81. noahfex

    Road trip to Loreto

    I did that trip July 2008. I had no problems at all except at the Pemex station in Santa Rosalia (in the center of town). The attendant there didn't zero the pump first and I forgot to check before he started pumping. Other than that I had no problems with police, federales, or anybody else the...