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    2005 Davis 25' Bahia - Half Cabin Pilothouse with Rebuilt Diesel KAD43 (0 hours)

    Boat is sold. New baby and a 2nd one planned, COVID-19, job losses, no small business support for chartering, etc, etc. It's been the year from hell and I'm going to have to sell my boat, already closed my business, and am back working in accounting for a few years. Praying to rebuild this...
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    WTB Calstar 800XL, 800L and 900XL

    WTB used but GOOD condition Calstar 800XL, 800L, 800ML and 900XL Have cash, thanks!
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    CALSTAR 800L - Have CASH Hit me up!

    Looking for "good to great" condition Calstar 800L in either deckhand or with reel seat. Please send me a PM, thanks! Mason
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    23' Edgewater Center Console - Custom Built for SoCal!! (Back on the market!!)

    **EDIT as of 4/20/2019 - Reposting my Edgewater for sale. I ended up holding onto the boat for a few months to use and now listing it for the upcoming season!!! 2002 Edgewater 225cc on an aluminum I-beam tandem trailer 2013 Yamaha F200 with 580 hours Asking $40,000 OBO Make an offer! I'm...
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    Offshore 24 Hours in LA - Fly fishing for Mako Sharks, Calico Bass, and Carp

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    Offshore Two days of Local Tuna and a Marlin - 10/08 & 10/09

    Hey guys, I haven't made a post in a while, but have been working hard to be on the fish all year in my skiff. After landing my first giant bluefin earlier this year, I couldn't imagine the season getting any better. That fish came from the 499 off the backside of Catalina, no boats in sight...
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    Catalina Yellows - July 3rd

    Ran out to Catalina in search of yellowtail this morning and found them in a handful of spots along the east end. Conditions were good with water temps around 68-70 deg, good water clarity, and lots of water movement from the mid-morning high tide. Best times were doing the incoming and...
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    Catalina 5/9

    Tough conditions, started around Farnsworth and worked our way to church rock in the morning. Scored some small calicos fishing white/black clousers and sculpin patterns. Seems like the rain and cold water really pushed the yellows a lot deeper. Saw tons of bait on the meter, but didn't see...