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  1. cutcamp

    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Got back today from the annual Myers/Nakamura 7 day on the Star today and thought I'd share some experiences/opinions. Short version is good to very good yellowfin fishing for the 3 days we were at Guadalupe on fish from 60-145lbs with most in the 75-120 lb range. Longer version is we started on...
  2. cutcamp


    I have 1ea 25m spool of Blackwater 100lb and 2ea 25 meter spools of 130 lb. florocarbon. The line is approx 3 years old but has been kept in a wine cellar or a closet in my air conditioned house the whole time. Not sure what price to put on this or even if there is a market for it. I live in San...
  3. cutcamp

    Avet LX 6/3 2 Speed Reel

    Avet 2 speed. $150 Eric
  4. cutcamp

    Shimano Curado 300E

    Curado 300E. --SOLD-- Excellent shape. Looks and works great. Just serviced by Shimano. I'm in San Diego. $125 Eric
  5. cutcamp

    Royal Star Guadalupe Report Aug17-24

    Returned yesterday from Guad on a 7 day. Good to very good fishing for YFT 40-90 lbs with a couple just over 100. Sharks were ever present. We worked around them a little different this trip. We employed the team pulling technique. After the fish took its initial run the guy who hooked it pulled...
  6. cutcamp

    Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 03-20-19

    Calcutta 200TE. Probably an '8' cosmetically, but a '9.5' mechanically. Just serviced by Shimano. Runs great! For a final offer, I will include a fill up with either 20lb ,30lb, or 50lb Power Pro with purchase of this reel. I'm in San Diego and can deliver, but I also get to Riverside and OC...
  7. cutcamp

    Curado 200 i HG

    Curado 200 (I think its an "i") HG. 7.2:1 gears. Filled with 50 PP Super Slick. Just serviced by Shimano. Looks and runs great. Located in San Diego. Local dropoff possible. $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD THANK YOU Eric
  8. cutcamp

    Hotel Recommendations Near San Quentin Needed

    Headed to SQ July 24-28. I have rooms booked for the 5 in my group at Don Eddies for the nights of the 24, 25 and 26th, but am unable to find availability on the night of the 27th. I've tried Don Eddies, Old Mill and Jardines. I don't need secure parking for the boats in our group (I can Keep...
  9. cutcamp

    Need Some Advice on a Levelwind

    I'm looking at ordering a levelwind for the less skilled anglers in our group. I can't seem to find one to look at and hold in the San Diego area. I have a Fathom 25LD2 and love the size. My question is how does the overall size of a Fathom levelwind 25 star drag compare to the Fathom 25LD2...
  10. cutcamp

    Newell P440-F

    Newell P440-F 5:1 Gears. Very good condition. Runs great. Aluminum spool, frame and handle. Just serviced with new drags. $220.00. Not interested in trades unless its a Trinidad DC
  11. cutcamp

    FS Newell C220-5

    For Sale Newell 220-5. Excellent condition. Graphite spool and handle, but the clamp is aluminum . Just serviced with new drags.Located in San Diego. $120.00
  12. cutcamp

    FS Penn 113HL with 4:1 Gears

    Penn 4/0 113HL with Newell 4:1 Gears. SS Yoke, new drags, red alumn spool, and new left side bearing. This is a newer model with the 1 piece frame plus chrome top bar. Runs great. $60