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    Offshore SoCal Offshore Kayak 2015- BLUEFIN

    :appl:1 yt, 1 bft, 0 gas!:notworthy
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    Yellowtail at the shoe 11-8

    My favorite local cattle boat! Victory!! Good work
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    Diving Point Loma

    AWESOME lobster pic!!
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    Any one ever fished the lake off goldenwest in huntington

    :smoking33:I've caught catfish using mackerel at night there when im bored during the winter:smoking33:
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    Mirage butts

    what lake was this at? lol nice video
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    Double Trouble, Seabass video!

    :appl::appl: priceless!
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    :lux: that bass makes that guy look skinny... good work!
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    Calico Bass Fishing

    :appl: kick ass!
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    Fun day with a personal best

    :appl::appl: Nice!
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    Gaff Cam

    why did you gaff his bait??:rofl: cool set-up but i hope you never lose "THE" big one because of the cam..
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    1/2 day CITY OF LONG BEACH 11-30-11

    :appl: thank you for sharing.
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    Local 11 / 16 Trip- Nice Ling, Reds, etc. w/Lotsa Fishy Pics

    Thank You for the report. I always look forward to read it. Wish i had a wed. off to fish w. you guys. Love that boat and Karl's the coolest. Thx again..
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    Wanna Get to your Favorite Fishing Hole Fast?

    i hope there's never a floating log in front of that green beast.
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    eel? better luck next time!
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    Pick a Sportfishing Trip/Boat to take?

    "Victory" or "Southern Cal" from Pierpoint landing in long beach are great operations. but rockfish season starts Mar. 1st, which is pretty easy for a newbie. my 2 cents.
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    will be in Cozumel in june

    So, the GF is taking me to Cozumel for 5 days in the beginning of june. I've never fished southern Mexico, so any advice/info from what gear/permits to bring if any would be appreciated. I cant afford to take a charter boat by myself so...thats outta the question. Again thank you for taking...
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    Any Plumbers here? I have a problem

    i wouldn't be surprised if the creepy landlord capped the vent pipe. If the vent pipe is capped/blocked and air flow is restricted; a sink will not drain. after all the draino and snaking fails it wouldnt hurt to check the roof. gl
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    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    IMO...kind of a slizzze ball way to try to get someone to take you fishing, with all the false info. So did you use those pink things that Mark used to catch those fish? LOL
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    09.12.10 Sculpin on the Pursuit

    not cutting off sculpin fins? scary... well done. good eats
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    Knot to Disappoint! -FISHWORKS-!
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    Fishing NPH 06-05...

    ghost shrimp, anchovies and some 4" halloween swim baits is what i usually use and do well with there.
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    Accurate BX2-500, Torsa 16N, Tyrnos 16II, Penn 965

    Accurate BX2-500 - NIB filled with 80lb green power pro (SOLD) Torsa 16N - New w/no box filled with 65lb green power pro (SOLD) Penn Int 965 - NIB $200 Tyrnos 16 II 2speed - NIB $200 Factory SS ULUA 93H - (SOLD) Any serious buyers please call me @ 714-552-9924 ask for Hai Local pick...