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  1. cutcamp

    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Steve, I’ve experienced the opposite. When the fish is straight up and down and sees the shark coming it heads towards the boat. Crewman Blake was quick enough on one of my brothers fish to slack up on the fish when this happened and allowed the tuna to juke the shark. We actually got that fish...
  2. cutcamp

    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Like Tom said, using the rail is a great way to keep pressure on the fish, but it’s not active enough. At Guadalupe you need to keep pulling and winding, no rest or pause. Hence the team pulling method.
  3. cutcamp

    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Some guys had some early knot, hook and gear failures. This is not a place to experiment with a new connection. I have used the Bob Sands (I think thats the right name) knot for years ( 4 turn uni knot in the floro and 12 wraps of spectra up and 12 wraps back over itself) and had zero breaks...
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Added a few pics including a PB 43 lb yellowtail for me
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    edited the title... Eric
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Yep, Aug 21-28. sorry for the confusion
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    Royal Star Aug 21-28 7 Day Guadalupe Report

    Got back today from the annual Myers/Nakamura 7 day on the Star today and thought I'd share some experiences/opinions. Short version is good to very good yellowfin fishing for the 3 days we were at Guadalupe on fish from 60-145lbs with most in the 75-120 lb range. Longer version is we started on...
  8. cutcamp

    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    Fished Clipperton in 03 with my brother and dad on a bucket list trip on the Royal Star. Met the boat in Manzanillo on their way up from Panama. The boat was late because they got stopped on the way up by some country's (I don't remember which) coast guard equivalent and taken in to port. Story...
  9. cutcamp

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Matt, We're headed down the 28th also, fishing the 29th,30th, and 1st with Joel Prieto. Not sure if we're going down the 1 or the 5. Eric
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    Thanks for the report! Headed down on the 28th. Can't come soon enough!!
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    Offshore Access Updates from friday reopening

    We launched out of Shelter Island Sat midday for a bay tour. They were only allowing 4 boats on the ramp at a time but otherwise no restrictions. I was surprised they did not check that we were from the same household etc. The guy manning the ramp did let slip that they would not be there during...
  12. cutcamp

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    Zboy, Not sure about November, but the chunk has been pretty good at Guad the last 2 Augusts. I keep a combo ready to drop a chunk down at all times. Either the 600N or the Tac 20 would work well for this. Eric
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    Sold the 100 lb for $50. I still have 2 spools of 130 lb. I would take $70 for ea Eric
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    I have 1ea 25m spool of Blackwater 100lb and 2ea 25 meter spools of 130 lb. florocarbon. The line is approx 3 years old but has been kept in a wine cellar or a closet in my air conditioned house the whole time. Not sure what price to put on this or even if there is a market for it. I live in San...
  15. cutcamp

    Seeker BCSW 858

    I am thinning out my rod inventory and have 1 I plan to sell if you're still interested. I can send pics. Right now, it has 1 busted guide that I just haven't fixed but is simple to do. I get up to Santa Ana and the OC every week or so and could meet up with you to look at it. Let me know Eric
  16. cutcamp

    Avet LX 6/3 2 Speed Reel

    Avet 2 speed. $150 Eric
  17. cutcamp

    Shimano Curado 300E

    SOLD. Thanks Eric
  18. cutcamp

    Shimano Curado 300E

    Price Drop. Now $125...also changed it in the original post
  19. cutcamp

    Shimano Curado 300E

    Curado 300E. --SOLD-- Excellent shape. Looks and works great. Just serviced by Shimano. I'm in San Diego. $125 Eric
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    Royal Star Guadalupe Report Aug17-24

    Yes. Fished there the whole time. Eric
  21. cutcamp

    Royal Star Guadalupe Report Aug17-24

    Returned yesterday from Guad on a 7 day. Good to very good fishing for YFT 40-90 lbs with a couple just over 100. Sharks were ever present. We worked around them a little different this trip. We employed the team pulling technique. After the fish took its initial run the guy who hooked it pulled...
  22. cutcamp

    Tranx 300 or Tranx 400?

    I have the Tranx 300 and 400. Love them both but for WSB and YT would go the Tranx 400. I have caught 51 lb YFT at Guadalupe as well as big lings in SQ in 300' of water on it. Great reel.
  23. cutcamp

    Don Eddies San Quintin

    Tim When are you planning on going to SQ? I have several trips down there is my boat this summer. Also, I have had luck recently contacting Tony at Don Eddies at [email protected] Eric
  24. cutcamp

    Mexican money

    Just left Costco Chula Vista. The exchange rate was 18.65 to 1 Eric
  25. cutcamp

    Mexican money

    There are 2 Costco's listed in Chula Vista. The one with the Peso exchange is at 1130 Broadway, Chula Vista 91911. (619) 205 1501 is the store phone Eric
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    Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 03-20-19

    For a final offer, I will include a fill up with either 20lb ,30lb, or 50lb Power Pro with purchase of this reel Eric
  27. cutcamp

    Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 03-20-19

    Price reduction to $150.
  28. cutcamp

    Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 03-20-19

    Calcutta 200TE. Probably an '8' cosmetically, but a '9.5' mechanically. Just serviced by Shimano. Runs great! For a final offer, I will include a fill up with either 20lb ,30lb, or 50lb Power Pro with purchase of this reel. I'm in San Diego and can deliver, but I also get to Riverside and OC...
  29. cutcamp

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    JW, How far do you commonly tow? The further you tow, the more truck you would need, IMO. For the shorter trips, a 1/2 ton truck would do just fine, but the more powerful suspension, engine, brakes and transmission of a 3/4 ton is hard to beat when you need it. Remember you could be doing...
  30. cutcamp

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Gregory, I think I may have been the guy who caught the wahoo on your trip, but I remember the details a little different. The trip I caught my 124 lb wahoo on was a 12 day in 1995 on the Excel skippered by Randy and was a Carl Newell trip. Bill Roecker was on the trip too. It was my first LR...
  31. cutcamp

    Guadalupe Clarity

    The Tac 10 did great...but I never would have put it in the water if the ave. grade of fish was much higher
  32. cutcamp

    Guadalupe Clarity

    Returned from Guadalupe on a 7 day trip on RS on Aug 25th. 4 1/2 days fishing. We were the only boat there. Fishing was relatively slow the first couple of days...tough current and small bait. The bite picked up as the trip went on. Really good the last day. Glad we had the amount of time...
  33. cutcamp

    Curado 200 i HG

    Price drop to $75 Eric
  34. cutcamp

    Curado 200 i HG

    Curado 200 (I think its an "i") HG. 7.2:1 gears. Filled with 50 PP Super Slick. Just serviced by Shimano. Looks and runs great. Located in San Diego. Local dropoff possible. $75 SOLD SOLD SOLD THANK YOU Eric
  35. cutcamp

    Hotel Recommendations Near San Quentin Needed

    The Mission it is. Thanks for the help Eric
  36. cutcamp

    Shimano TranX 200!!!!!!

    I know I'll be buying at least 1
  37. cutcamp

    Hotel Recommendations Near San Quentin Needed

    Headed to SQ July 24-28. I have rooms booked for the 5 in my group at Don Eddies for the nights of the 24, 25 and 26th, but am unable to find availability on the night of the 27th. I've tried Don Eddies, Old Mill and Jardines. I don't need secure parking for the boats in our group (I can Keep...
  38. cutcamp

    What's your preferred length for a wire Wahoo leader?

    No expensive tools. Just 2 nails in the end of a small piece of wood (1 to hold the tag end steady and the other to wrap the wire around to make the loop) and a pair of needle nose pliers. The tools i've seen in action make the haywire twist way too long for my liking. I like a very short...
  39. cutcamp

    What's your preferred length for a wire Wahoo leader?

    I tie single strand leaders semi professionally using the haywire twist (almost 3,000 leaders in the last 3 years). I start with 24" of wire and usually end up with an 18" or 19" completed leader. I've had wahoo swallow almost the whole leader at times. I agree that the single strand leader is...
  40. cutcamp

    Extended summer trips

    The summer 7 days are the way to go for sure. Saturday to Saturday. Only miss a week of work, but so may more options. We went to Alijos in August last year and had 1 1/2 wahoo around in a day then moved on to the other species. The trips before and after our had completely different trips...
  41. cutcamp


    Great report. I really appreciate your reports, especially the ones from San Quentin
  42. cutcamp


    Its a little longer of a trip, but the Shogun has some 3 days starting in Feb I think. Leaves at noon Fri, get back Mon early so I can still get to work after dropping my boy off at school.
  43. cutcamp

    Wahoo leader question

    Yes, the finished product is about 18"-19"
  44. cutcamp

    Wahoo leader question

    I tie single strand leaders semi professionally (3,000 in the last 3 years combined) and I always start with 24" of wire. Wire is cheap, no reason to scrimp on length Eric
  45. cutcamp

    Where To get an FFM Visa at the Tacate Entry

    We went to San Quentin through TJ Sept 15 and got the free 7 day tourist card without a problem. Eric
  46. cutcamp

    Need Some Advice on a Levelwind

    Thanks for the info guys... Eric
  47. cutcamp

    Need Some Advice on a Levelwind

    I'm looking at ordering a levelwind for the less skilled anglers in our group. I can't seem to find one to look at and hold in the San Diego area. I have a Fathom 25LD2 and love the size. My question is how does the overall size of a Fathom levelwind 25 star drag compare to the Fathom 25LD2...
  48. cutcamp

    Shimano TN 40 fans, parts

    Steve, Thanks for the info! I have 2 I never want to replace. Eric
  49. cutcamp

    Shimano Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    Torium 14HG. Otherwise, if the Albies come this year or next as some predict, us regular joes will have to look elsewhere the fill that niche
  50. cutcamp

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    I would definitely recommend you get a guide or at least follow someone in the know out of the bay and start a route on your GPS from the launch ramp to the mouth of the bay. The channel is totally unmarked and very winding, cutting across the bay and back to the other side at least once. If...
  51. cutcamp

    Penn 349 Newell

    My memory is a little rusty, but I believe that's what Newell used to call a 'wahoo special.' It's a wide Penn 349 (master mariner?). 3.25:1 gears and a tall spool with huge drags made it a popular reel for wahoo in its day. They used to command a very good price. Eric
  52. cutcamp

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    Bill Roecker was kind enough to forward this photo of a wahoo I caught on a 113H 4/0 with old school Newell 4:1 gears on the Excel in 1995. It weighed 124.8 lbs
  53. cutcamp

    First Baja Mission!

    Not sure where you're headed, but in many trips to San Quentin I have never needed mine. That said, I go south across the border at TJ. I have a friend who goes south at Tecate and he has his checked pretty regularly. I would recommend getting one long term. Its been a while since I bought...
  54. cutcamp

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    Classic! post 2x and try to fix it then end up posting 3X!! how do I delete my duplicate posts? Eric
  55. cutcamp

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    I'll be fishing my boat in SQ Aug6-8, returning home on the 9th. Try to post a report by the 10th. Eric
  56. cutcamp

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    I'll be fishing my boat in SQ Aug6-8, returning home on the 9th. Try to post a report by the 10th. Eric
  57. cutcamp

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    I'll be fishing my boat in SQ Aug6-8, returning home on the 9th. Try to post a report by the 10th. Eric
  58. cutcamp

    WTB: Newell p440 reels

    I have a P440 for sale with 1 full drag washer under the main gear and 3 inside the gear. Asking $220.00 Eric
  59. cutcamp

    Creating your own Wahoo Jigs

    I like a 4oz egg sinker. Used it almost 20 years ago out of desperation because I ran out of the heads I brought. It was good enough to fool a 124 lb hoo on that trip. I haven't seen a need to change.
  60. cutcamp

    Newell P440-F

    Newell P440-F 5:1 Gears. Very good condition. Runs great. Aluminum spool, frame and handle. Just serviced with new drags. $220.00. Not interested in trades unless its a Trinidad DC
  61. cutcamp

    FS Newell C220-5

    For Sale Newell 220-5. Excellent condition. Graphite spool and handle, but the clamp is aluminum . Just serviced with new drags.Located in San Diego. $120.00
  62. cutcamp

    FS Penn 113HL with 4:1 Gears

    I'm in San Diego. Yes, willing to ship. prob best plan would be to use USPS. let me know Eric
  63. cutcamp

    FS Penn 113HL with 4:1 Gears

    Penn 4/0 113HL with Newell 4:1 Gears. SS Yoke, new drags, red alumn spool, and new left side bearing. This is a newer model with the 1 piece frame plus chrome top bar. Runs great. $60
  64. cutcamp

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Here's another one. My dad and his 'old man and the sea' pose from the Star in 2010
  65. cutcamp

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Bill Roecker at was kind enough to send me a photo of my wahoo caught 20 years ago this coming fall on the Excel with Randy. Weighed 124.8
  66. cutcamp

    Is a tourist visa required on land south of Ensenada?

    I have heard (I believe it was from one of the baja travel companies) that if you get in an accident on the roads, then the police ask for your tourist card. This has been backed up by a resident of Campo Lorenzo's in San Quentin. I used to go to San Quentin without one, but now I always get...
  67. cutcamp

    Old Mill contact info

    Try [email protected] or 1(855) 690 9272 is the current # Eric
  68. cutcamp

    Old Mill Hotel San Quintin Info

    Javier at the Old Mill just gave me this # that he said is their new one: 855 690 9272. I haven't tried it yet. You can also try [email protected] They usually respond in a day or so. Eric
  69. cutcamp

    Road Conditions

    We were in SQ for Presidents weekend. I live in San Diego. We came down thru TJ and did the go around for the toll road closure. The detour is around 25 miles, but the surface is good and we didn't have any probs, even towing a boat. They are working on the road in several places south of...
  70. cutcamp


    Not sure of the website, but the e mail I use is [email protected] Eric
  71. cutcamp

    San Quintin over the holiday. Anyone headed down there to fish? Need buddy boater

    We're headed down on the 3rd from San Diego and staying at the old mill. The 2 guys with me are too green to make that trip, but would love to share info with you. Find me at the hotel or let me know where to find you. eric
  72. cutcamp

    Excel to Clipperton

    The Star has a 21 day trip for $6995 in 2014. For all you mathematically challenged anglers out there in BD land, that's $1k less! Keep in mind, the Star goes there almost every year. That said, the place is truly magical. If your goal is a cow however, a buffer zone/HB trip prob offers you...
  73. cutcamp

    San Quintin 9/17-9/21

    Thanks for the report. We're taking our boat down Thur the 4th. Hope the WSB holds! X2 on Kelly and his boys, they've offered fishing tips and assistance on several occasions. SQ is having an epic year.
  74. cutcamp

    San Quintin Smorgasbord - WFO

    Thanks for the report. We're headed down Thur to fish Fri - Sun. With every new report, I keep adding another plano box full of tackle to my pile. We're going to need a bigger boat! I can't wait.
  75. cutcamp

    What was your best wahoo trip?

    Back in 1995 on the Excel. Randy was running the boat. We didn't have a great trip, but the wahoo fishing was what made the trip for us. I think we had 160 or so for the boat, but for only 17 or so anglers that wasn't a bad score. I was on fire though. I could do no wrong. If we caught 2...
  76. cutcamp

    Travel on Volaris to Cabo

    Glenn, You still need a tourist visa AND a passport. Eric
  77. cutcamp

    Travel on Volaris to Cabo

    My wife and I have flown Volaris out of TJ several times. This is not a "you get what you pay for" deal. Its much better than that. We live in San Diego, so we usually have someone drop us off at the Otay Mesa border crossing and walk across and get a cab right there. Remember, you'll need a...
  78. cutcamp

    Royal Star 12/26

    Myself, my dad and brother are all on this trip. All from San Diego, so getting there on time should be no prob. Sure glad its a 12 day and not a 10. With the 3 of us going, getting enough big gear is a bit of a challenge, but I think called in enough favors to make it happen. Can't wait!
  79. cutcamp


    My wife and I have flown to Puerto Vallarta three times and to La Paz once on Volaris out of TJ. Always a great price and we've never had a problem. Just booked PV again with these prices!
  80. cutcamp


    I fished there in 2003. Always love seeing pictures of the place. My dad, brother and I had a terrific trip on the Star. Thanks