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    WANT TO BUY - Accurate bx-500

    snookabuser submitted a new listing: WANT TO BUY - Accurate bx-500 - WANT TO BUY - Accurate bx-500 Learn more about this listing...
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    Trinidad 30a for sale!!!!!!!

    Up for sale I have a used but in good condition Trinidad 30a, it has a few scratches from normal use but works perfectly fine. Smooth drag, smooth reeling, and free spool spins forever. Only caught a few nice fish on it so there's no worries. This reel was $499.00 brand new from cabelas. Looking...
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    ACCURATE Bx2-500 for sale

    Up for sale I have an accurate bx2-500 in good condition. Has some scratches from normal use but works PERFECTLY. It has 300 yards of red 40lb power pro. Then filled the rest with 30lb mono and this thing stops fish. Asking $400 shipped to anywhere in the con us. Call or text is best method...
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    Accurate bx2-500 !!!! Cheap$$$&

    For sale I have an accurate bx2-500 with 300 yards of 40lb power pro. The reel is in good condition with a few scratches from typical use. This is the 2 speed model with the blue power handle. Still have box and everything. It was $589. + tax from bass pro so easily over 600. I'm asking 400. I...
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    Avet 50w or 80w

    Sup everyone. Looking for either an AVET 50 or 80w for the right price. Pm me or text me with what you got 954 536 2241
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    Accurate BX2-500

    For sale I have an accurate bx2-500 reel. Yes the 2 speed with the blue T bar handle. Only been used a handful of times in perfect working condition. A few scratches. Text me for more info asking 400. 954 536 2241
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    Avet ex 4/02

    Just bought an Avet pro ex 4/02. in beautiful like new condition. truly a flawless reel. I bought it from the guy then immediately went to fill it up with line. put 300 yards of braid on it and that was done. brought the reel in my room and was just messing with it. I put the clicker on and was...
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    Accurate Boss Extreme BX-500X 6:1

    For sale i have a brand new in box accurate bx 500 6:1 gear ratio. its never used never fished perfectly clean, no flaws nothing wrong with it. bought 2 of them only really needed one. has 300 yards of braid which i believe is 50 lb. Email [email protected] or PM me. Call or text 954 536 2241...
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    AVET PRO EX 4/02

    Looking to buy an avet pro ex 4/02 NOT THE WIDE!! Preferred color blue. no need for line i have lots of braid and mono at my house. in good condition please. let me know what you have you can text anytime 954 536 2241 or email me pics and stuff @ [email protected]
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    Accurate BX-500 NEW IN BOX

    For sale i have a brand new accurate bx500 in box not registered yet ready to fish. no line on the reel. comes with lube and reel clamps. never fished bought it about a month or two ago and now i really just need the money. Looking to get about 375 for it. Text me at any time if you want actual...
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    Up for sale i have a black avet mxl with the MC system spooled wiith 300 yards of 40 lb power pro backing and about 100-150 yards of Cabelas Multicolor Proline monofilament. Reel is physically 9/10 mechanically 10/10. Great all around reel for pier, bridge, or boat fishing. Casts great and very...
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    Accurate BX-400N

    Reel is in great condition with few scratches, thing is a true beast, great pier bridge bottom boat road whatever. very versatile. one of the smallest most powerful reels ive ever used. Lightweight and very fun to fish with. looking to get $300 shipped. PM or txt/call me 954 536 2241
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    Red Avet SX MC

    For sale i have the newer red avet sx mc with 150 yards of 40 lb power pro backing. Its $230 new on charkbait + braid. 160$ + shipping txt me 954 536 2241. I live in florida.
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    Saltist LD 50 2 speed

    I have for sale a like new Daiwa Saltist 50 Lever Drag 2 speed reel with 300 yards of 50 lb Jerry Brown spectra with a few hundred yards of 40 lb mono topshot. This reel was my own christmas present and has only been fished about 3 times. Reel also comes with box and paper work. A reel...
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    Red Avet SX MC!

    Got an Avet sx with the magnetic cast system RED IN COLOR. The red is an extra 40$ and myself if i spend money on a fishing reel i would prefer a color of my choice, a total of 240$ spent on this reel looking to get 200$ the reel is brand new, only mounted on a rod and cast at my lake. a few...
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    WTT Red Avet sx with mc for-- Red avet Mxl

    I have a red avet sx with the magnetic cast system for a RED OR BLACK avet mxl or if the mxl has the MC system i will pay extra
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    Shimano Spheros 14000 FB

    Im selling a shimano spheros 14000FB loaded with 500 yards of 50 lb braid that i really dont use much, was planning to use at the pier for snook/tarpon and i really dont need that big of a reel. The braid is in mint condition. The reel has I believe one small scratch but works perfectly fine...
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    RED AVET 50 EXW!

    Looking to sell my red avet 50 exw which has been used two times at the beach for shark fishing, kept in great condition!! 500 yards of 130 lb jb hollow core and a 200+ yard topshot of 100 lb mono.
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    Red Avet 50w

    Looking to trade my red avet 50w which has been used two times at the beach for shark fishing, kept in great condition!! 500 yards of 130 lb jb hollow core and a 200+ yard topshot of 100 lb mono. looking for an avet 80w
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    conventional 9' rod.

    Looking for a one piece 9' rod 20-40 lb to match up with an avet sx to use off piers and beaches. Any for sale let me know. text: 954-536-2241 email: [email protected]