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  1. whaler

    WTB 209 Primer

    I’ve got some cheddite 209 primers located in Hoodsport.
  2. whaler

    Moving batteries to cuddy

    I moved my house batteries to the cuddy on my Parker last year. I left the starter battery And the ACR in the back so all batteries can charge with the motors. I also added another battery switch so I could run the house batteries independently or together. I can still start a the motor with the...
  3. whaler

    Saltwater South sound is a dead zone

    Nice fish Chris.
  4. whaler

    Shrimp Pots and Davit

    What are the dimensions of the davit?
  5. whaler

    Fishing closure statewide

    Just think of how healthy the Orcas will be next year with all the extra salmon to eat. Phase one of Orca recovery. Now if we can just get rid of those evil dams on the Columbia.
  6. whaler

    OP Derby

    Mooring in Port Townsend.
  7. whaler

    25hp Kicker

    The 25hp (154lb)weights 40lbs more than the 9.9hp(114lb)
  8. whaler

    25hp Kicker

    Anyone running a 25hp kicker on their 2320. I’m thinking about replacing my 9.9hp to get EFI and have a bigger backup for off shore trips. I don’t see anything on the kicker bracket about max hp. Thanks
  9. whaler

    Winter boat projects...

    Installing espar heater Larger trim tabs Electric over hydraulic brake controller 2nd bilge pump
  10. whaler

    Garmin radio and other stuff

    The top is 9 3/16 x 5 9/16. The bottom is 5 inch square bolt pattern. It slants forward 5 3/8 inches at a 70 degree angle. It is 10 inches tall.
  11. whaler

    Garmin radio and other stuff

    Lenco stuff sold
  12. whaler

    Garmin radio and other stuff

    Garmin 200 vhf and GHS 20 wireless remote $300 for both or $150 each. ACR EPIRB battery good until 04/2021 $150. Raymarine DSM 250 with cables $100. New Raymarine xducer extension cable $25. Seaview 10 inch radar mount $100. Lenco trim tab controller and switch $25. New Kodiak 13 inch disc brake...
  13. whaler

    Hi Gil, I would like to talk with you about transducer options for my Garmin units. Is there a...

    Hi Gil, I would like to talk with you about transducer options for my Garmin units. Is there a number I could call you at. Thanks Brad
  14. whaler

    NSS12 Ram Mount?

    I used D-111u with the 2.25 dia ball on my Garmin 1242 and 1042. The mount is very stable and doesn’t move even in rough seas.
  15. whaler

    Diesel heat

    That a good spot. I put my AP there.
  16. whaler

    Diesel heat

    Where did you mount the heater and fuel tank in your 2320?
  17. whaler

    Diesel heat

  18. whaler

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    I use barkeepers friend and a good scrub brush. Once it’s clean treat with Woody wax cleanup is easy after that.
  19. whaler

    trailer brakes, hubs, torsion bar and tires

    Thanks for checking. I looked at mine again and their welded to the axle not splined.
  20. whaler

    trailer brakes, hubs, torsion bar and tires

    What is the diameter of the spline on the torsion axle? I want to make sure they will fit my axles.
  21. whaler

    Raymarine 215 VHF radio

    Yes it’s still available.
  22. whaler

    Garmin Autopilot

    Did you mount it below the front steering? If you did is it noisy when the autopilot is engaged.
  23. whaler

    Garmin Autopilot

    I looking at installing a Garmin Reactor 40 with the 1 liter pump on my 2320 with 300hp Yamaha. Is anyone using this pump and is it working for them? Where did you mount the pump? I was thinking of mounting it at the rear helm. Thanks
  24. whaler

    Bowtech Guardian

    Like new 70lb Bowtech Guardian. Spot Hog 5 pin sight, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Stabilizer, and Quiver. This was my backup bow so it was only shot enough to make sure it was sighted in. $400
  25. whaler

    Powerstroke Mechanic

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'll give Matt a call.
  26. whaler

    Powerstroke Mechanic

    Anyone know a really good 7.3 Powerstroke Mechanic in the Olympia area?
  27. whaler

    Raymarine 215 VHF radio

    Raymarine 215 VHF radio works great. $100
  28. whaler

    Raymarine L770 and DSM250

    Upgraded my electronics last year. Time too sale the old gear. This is a color L770 display and DSM250 digital sounder module. $600.00
  29. whaler

    WTB TR-1

    I have one for sale. I took it off my boat before I sold it. It has the bracket and controls for a 2010 Mercury 15hp high thrust motor.
  30. whaler

    north west river updates

    Looking for any fishing reports on rivers in north west Oregon. Thanks
  31. whaler

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hi all, new to BD great fishing reports. See you in Westport this Saturday for Tuna.