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  1. 91mar709

    Davis Cortez 22

    How are the oil pan and engine mounts any rust?
  2. 91mar709

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna scale mystery - UPDATE !!!

    The Tuna Club of Avalon 100 St Catherine Way, Avalon, CA 90704 (310) 510-0079
  3. 91mar709

    Offshore BFT everywhere but my boat

    Thank you for the were able to get the poppers right on top of them and no bite? Are you fishing on a center console? thx
  4. 91mar709

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    Yes better read the fine Boat U.S. "Unlimited Gold" on-the-water-towing-service-agreement-2021 agreement--Section C line 3 states: 3. Unlimited Gold: The Unlimited Gold Membership pays 100% for towing benefits provided to a covered vessel within the responding TowBoat U.S.service...
  5. Skipjack FB stowable

    Skipjack FB stowable

    Off of a 1980 Skipjack worn but still usable. $20.
  6. 91mar709

    24' Skipjack flybridge w/ Hard top $price cut

    ...that model could have a stainless steel oil pan :) can check with a magnet.
  7. 91mar709

    24' Skipjack flybridge w/ Hard top $price cut

    The description says it's a 41"P" engine but picture looks like a 41"B"?
  8. 91mar709

    Rpt-12-09-20 SCI Fun!

    A shout-out to Gabe for an excellent job cleaning the boat deck on the return leg...there wasn't a single squid ink stain left anywhere... much appreciated! Gabe also had some useful fishing tips and great fishing stories when he fished his Glacier Bay 22' back in the day...Thank You Gabe!
  9. 91mar709

    Offshore Taking Doctors for some tuna

    ...ass gas or grass-nobody rides for free...?
  10. 91mar709

    SOLD- skipjack with 300 supercharged mercury

    wow very nice...does the motor tilt completely out of the water? Who did the repower looks clean. Thx.
  11. 91mar709

    Kad43 volvo penta 220 horse with outdrive

    thanks...who did the rebuild thx
  12. 91mar709

    Kad43 volvo penta 220 horse with outdrive

    would u consider selling just the outdrive thx.
  13. 91mar709

    Volvo Penta DP-E Outdrive.

    is there any warrantee thx
  14. 91mar709

    Grady White 282 Sailfish, BW 285 Conquest, Pursuit 2870 WA

    There's a 1999 diesel VP 44p grady 27 located in Sunset Aquatic the sign has a phone # 714-356-9288 good luck
  15. 91mar709

    Offshore Fishing butterfly

    Good report. How Is the GB as a fishing platform? Pros cons? Looks like a lot of deck space to control the fish. Do you tow it from L.A.? Thanks.
  16. 91mar709

    Offshore SCI 11/3-11/5—- China point Desperation

    you spent the night in pyramid? did you see any squid there...see any yellowtail or wsb caught in the AM? Thx.
  17. 91mar709

    24' Skipjack Flybridge - Turnkey!

    If someone out there wants to catch fish this might be the rig...$7k and you get a flybridge to spot fish no extra charge...radar, rod holders, updated trailer, he says cruise @ 20-22k get on it' man...
  18. 91mar709

    Year long pass alternative to bracelets...

    Hello I received this email from CONAPESCA Representative Office in San Diego: The bracelets to fish the Coronado Islands are not available online. They are available from the sport fishing landings in Point Loma in San Diego, such as at H & M Landing, Fisherman´s Landing or Point Loma...
  19. 91mar709

    87' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    ...I would issue a "buy" order on this puppy...I've owned a 24 and now a 26 the 24 is like a sports car--nimble and responsive. Also see there's a bench seat in the helm that is a big plus provides an extra sleeping spot.
  20. 91mar709

    2009 Parker 2520sld

    What is the gallons per hour fuel consumption...battery set up? is there a combiner thanks.
  21. 91mar709

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Hello year 2000 26' FB with Volvo 43p...was wondering how others are managing their anchor rode....I have ±300' rope with ±25' of chain and a Lewmar Pro-Fish. The area for rode storage below deck that came with the boat is too small to handle this without backing up and jamming the...
  22. 91mar709

    seating options for skipjack flybridge

    I have a came with bucket seats I had Olivo make a bench seat which is ok I never really fished with the buckets so I cant compare but the bench gives you some space to set stuff. With a 26' you'll find most people will sit in the cabin area rather than with you up in the helm. anyways I...
  23. 91mar709

    2012 Scout 245 Abaco: new boat arriving soon

    These are great, good-quality boats...what is the fuel burn, fuel capacity and beam width thanks
  24. 91mar709

    Need to install a 2nd accessory battery for 2000 skip 2 6'...

    Hello was wanting to install a backup accessory battery (so three total) was wondering if any other skipjack owner has found a good way to do this thanks.
  25. 91mar709

    Skipjack for sale, [email protected]

    what the... bottom paint looks ok....trailer looks ok...could be ready by July?! Have you tried starting it? Good opportunity here.
  26. 91mar709

    2007 Parker 2320 -SOLD

    When the mechanic replaced the lower unit in 2015 did he check for any signs of corrosion in the exhaust, present in some f200-f250 yamahas?
  27. 91mar709


    What is the fuel capacity... range?
  28. 91mar709

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    The engine diagnosis shows 4x overheat that a concern with a 150 Honda?
  29. 91mar709

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    How does the ride compare to your 20' whaler? ...these boats not too common in SoCal what is the boats history?
  30. 91mar709

    Looking to buy 9/16" 3-strand 200'+ anchor rode cheap!

    Looking to buy 9/16" 3-strand 200'+ anchor rode cheap! Thanks
  31. 91mar709

    Triumph boats discontinued...

    Would it be a mistake to buy one since they've stopped production or not an issue?
  32. 91mar709

    Triumph boats discontinued...

    November 18th, 2016 Larson Boat Group will reportedly discontinue its Triumph fishing boat brand and close its Little Falls, Minnesota plant next year. According to a report published by International Boat Industry, production of the company’s Larson, Larson FX, Larson Escape and Striper...
  33. 91mar709

    23' hydrasport walk around

    What's the boat long have you owned it? looks like it has a mid sleeping berth? what does the wire hanging there with the blue tape do? Looks like the battery switches and bus bars are located beneath a deck hatch? What is the maximum speed you've had it up it a dry...
  34. 91mar709

    Dan Hernandez Fishing Boat For Sale

    Nice rig who did the repoower and maintenance
  35. 91mar709

    24' Skipjack Rubrail

    The 4144 that Spear-Fish posted fits...West Marine had it in stock. Thanks
  36. 91mar709

    24' Skipjack Rubrail

    Hello I need to replace about a 3' section of my 1980 24' Fly rub rail...I've looked thru various replacements listed on the Taco site and other places but they don't seem to be the same type...can anyone recommend a product; it's about an 1-1/8" high and ½" deep. I attached a cross section...
  37. 91mar709

    Cold fish box

    Question: Could there be any advantage to using frozen seawater (instead of fresh water) in an insulated in-deck fish box? I have a 26' Skipjack and am looking for ways to improve keeping the fish cold.
  38. 91mar709

    Garmin 7600 xsv Series

    What about the GT51 thru hull pair?
  39. 91mar709

    My year 2000 Skipjack insulated fish box...

    doesn't work very melts much quicker than in an ice chest...I think cause it sticks out into the engine area. Any suggestions how I might improve the insulation there thanks.
  40. 91mar709

    Skipjack 25 Sport Cruiser Express- Diesel SOLD!!!!!!

    You fill the boat liner with fresh water?
  41. 91mar709

    Skipjack 25 Sport Cruiser Express- Diesel SOLD!!!!!!

    Seem to be a pretty good deal with some nice add-ons...What is the top speed and RPM at max throttle? Do you go thru fewer outdrive zincs with the boat liner?
  42. 91mar709

    2007 Parker 2320 SL

    What's the boat history...are you the original owner? Who did the service on the engine?
  43. 91mar709

    Farallon 24 walkaround

    Hello good luck with the sale also can you tell me how to contact John the mechanic thanks.
  44. 91mar709

    SOLD !1988 Blackman Outerbanks

    This sounds like a good deal...the mechanic, John Benson, is very good...does anyone know how to reach him or if he still works on Volvos? Thanks (apologies for hi-jacking the post).
  45. 91mar709

    "SOLD" Wellcraft 24 ft Diesel custom fishing boat $24,900

    This is a great buy on so many different levels--great economy with a Volvo diesel....smooth ride with air slot design.....looks like good electronics; that Furuno radar is an awesome piece of equipment--invaluble when heading out to the 209 at 4 am when there's no moon. . The boat looks good to...
  46. 91mar709

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    These are great boats and that is a good's got a bait tank, rod holders and looks generally ready to fish...a friend has an older 17" montauk and just landed 4x quality YFT out of Dana...if the bite slows down here take it to baja...would be a nice rig to own.
  47. 91mar709

    2004 Johnson 175 21' cc SOLD SOLD

    Looks like a good boat nicely equipped and good to go...there's plenty of fish out there go get em!
  48. 91mar709

    Squid Lights

    Thinking ahead and hoping to make some good squid hauls, Seadancer got out the old 70's era squid lights and gave them an overhaul. Covering the old steel pipe mounts with 4x layers of heat shrink (Harbor Freight) and replacing the old wiring...we expect to hook up 4x of these 500w lights to the...
  49. 91mar709

    1984 28' Skipjack twin diesel pilot house

    Nice...twin 41p's, an aft berth, flush cockpit, trailerable and a pilot house I don't think there are many boats out there that compare...why go big? these boats are very roomy inside. who did the repower...were the engines new when boat repowered?
  50. 91mar709

    Skipjack 26' stove

    When I bought this 2000 26' Skipjack the seller lifted the 2x electric Princess plate showing the 2 burner alcohol stove below it...I can't figure out how to lift the electric plate top to get to the alchold stove...there's a little tab there but it doesn't work for me when I lift up on it--like...
  51. 91mar709

    Skipjack windows

    I have a 2000 year Skipjack 26. I cannot slide open the side anodized aluminum frame windows, they are stuck shut. Any suggestions how to get the windows to slide open? Thanks.
  52. 91mar709

    25 Skippy

    Potentially awesome rig there. Must have an interesting history.
  53. 91mar709

    Need a stainless shop recomendation in OC (boat is in Westminster)

    Hello Need to add some Stainless rod holders to a 26' skippy...any recomendations thanks.
  54. 91mar709

    1970 Bertram Moppie 25ft w/ trailer - $3,500 OBO

    Years ago I recall making the crossing over to Anacapa with a friend and his 90 year old uncle from Florida. We were in a Whaler doing 5 knots--it gets rough there in the afternoon. Suddenly to port side what looked like a boat out of the 1960s passed us doing maybe 15. The uncle jumped up...
  55. 91mar709

    2004 Kencraft Challenger 220WA

    Kencraft makes a very good fishing boat...the 2006 yamaha f225 appears to be out of the range (years 2000-2005) of corrosion-plagued dry exhausts...but an INDEPENDENT examination by a qualified Yammie mechanic during the pre-buy inspection would make $ense...
  56. 91mar709

    Parker 2520

    ...what about the ginormous engine box on the 25'
  57. 91mar709

    Parker 2520

    ...How would you compare the ride on the 25' diesel with the Blackman you had...altogether different?
  58. 91mar709

    Hello what would you sell if for in Loreto; I'm thinking of making it my future fishing grounds.

    Hello what would you sell if for in Loreto; I'm thinking of making it my future fishing grounds.
  59. 91mar709

    28' Bertram Flybridge with Volvo D3-160 diesels

    These are great Mexico fishing boats...fuel capacity? who does the service on the engines? Why was the one engine rebuilt did it inhale any water? Thanks.
  60. 91mar709

    Some of my best captures

    Hello is the cliff spot in Perth?
  61. 91mar709

    25' Skipjack Flybridge - Diesel - 1988

    Does it use a lot of it difficult to there A LOT of smoke at start up or when engine is cold? How many hours does the engine have. I think that might be a 290 (not 280) outdrive..?
  62. 91mar709

    23 Blackman Outer banks

    I'm not so sure; two gasser engines on a 30+ year old boat. Something goes out on one of the engines one week then the following week some other component goes out on the other. Are these engines saltwater cooled?. Also, two outdrives... What shape is the electrical in? There's three fuel...
  63. 91mar709

    C-Dory 22' Angler 2009 For Sale

    Barely broken in...good luck with the sale.
  64. 91mar709

    Heading to Loreto for the 1st time - September 20th - 27th

    I was there in summer of 2010...stayed at La Mision Hotel right across from the little marina there...Hotel newer and very nice with a great saltwater pool and fantasic ocean views from the bar. Interesting sights/restaurants/views within easy walking distance. Loreto has a lot of history. Went...
  65. 91mar709

    24 ' Wellcraft volvo diesel

    That's an impressive rig. I'd give it a 10. What are you going to do with all that spare time after you sell her?
  66. 91mar709

    Here is a Deal on an Boston Whaler

    well it is a 17' Outrage...pretty rare boat in these parts.
  67. 91mar709

    2008 Triumph 170cc w/ New 2011 Yamaha f75 ONLY 35hrs.

    What's the trailer length with the swing-arm folded? thanks
  68. 91mar709

    21' Sea Fox center console

    Sea Fox makes great boats...economical with a lot of range.
  69. 91mar709

    Maybe Selling 2009 Century 18' Yamaha 115

    Cool...Angels red. Nice boat.
  70. 91mar709

    2000 Hydro Cat diesel with custom trailer

    is that a boat or a floating fortress...what do you tow that beast tall are you guys?
  71. 91mar709

    1983 26 Blackman

    looks like maybe a year 2003 41p volvo??
  72. 91mar709

    Boat grotto

    This guy didn't know me from adam but spent an hour with me once on the phone discussing a boat I was going to buy.
  73. 91mar709

    57 hawthorne giveaway price.

    Anyone interested in a partnership?
  74. 91mar709

    Boston Whaler 27 foot Walkaround 1991

    For some reason I'm curious as to what the 5th photo is...
  75. 91mar709

    Looking for boat in La Paz- Baja Sur

    maybe consider this boat... Take on 4 or 5 partners and have a boat that can fish anywhere having a 1600 gallon fuel supply and 3x engines. the boat's in good shape as well. The parthers would...
  76. 91mar709

    Looking for boat in La Paz- Baja Sur

    Interesting... thanks for the update.
  77. 91mar709

    Looking for boat in La Paz- Baja Sur

    Dry dock is good :) do u think a marina will ever be built at muertos?
  78. 91mar709

    Looking for boat in La Paz- Baja Sur

    -Are you in La Paz? Where are you going to keep your one of the la paz marinas or at your home on a trailer? Whereabouts is your home? To get from La Paz over to where the fish are at El Bajo or Cerralvo can be quite a long haul by water...what exactly are your plans with the boat need...
  79. 91mar709

    Seaswirl 2901 Pilothouse

    I recall a yamaha service bulletin for that year's 225 which addressed that issue...a service advisor never suggested you make the repair? I think it was around $650...just curious...nice boat ).
  80. 91mar709

    awesome deal on a 28 foot parker diesel

    ...That listing has been around for a looonggg time...nice boat though.
  81. 91mar709

    40 ft SPORT BOAT

    What's the top speed and where again is it located to look at I'm in HB. thanks.
  82. 91mar709

    1986 Skipjack 24

    Nice skippy you put a lot of time/$ in upgrades.
  83. 91mar709

    2007 Boston Whaler Montauk 15

    Hi what is the end-to-end length of the trailer/boat (my garage is 20' deep). how many hours and fuel cap. thanks.
  84. 91mar709

    trade for diesel pusher

    what's a "diesel pusher"?
  85. 91mar709

    30ft Armored Hull Bottom Liner for sale

    What is the approx width of the liner?
  86. 91mar709

    2007 Parker 2520XLD 135 hours **SOLD**

    What does the 100 hour service cost for that boat. also, where is the tackle storage appears from the photo to be part of the bait tank?
  87. 91mar709

    NEW DIESEL 24' Skipjack 24 BEAUTIFUL BOAT!

    ...anyways I have a 1980 skippy which I repowered new with the same 2003 41-p engine. Some thoughts: it's a pretty good combo and is economical on fuel. Loaded up I can top out pretty close to 30 mph and it uses 3-5 gph. A new fuel tank is a nice feature. I would be curious to know why the stock...
  88. 91mar709

    NEW DIESEL 24' Skipjack 24 BEAUTIFUL BOAT!

    wasn't the lower-profile engine box and aft cabin window in 1980 and later models?
  89. 91mar709

    2006 2520 Parker

    I was wondering about the deadrise too; the parker web site shows the 25 dv with min 2-150 yamahas or a single 350 configuration. the 25 mod v hull comes with a single 250.
  90. 91mar709

    2007 Parker 2120 SC

    Is this a 4 stroke yamaha?
  91. 91mar709

    2007 Parker 2120 SC

    Is this a 4 stroke yamaha