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  1. 91mar709

    Year long pass alternative to bracelets...

    Hello I received this email from CONAPESCA Representative Office in San Diego: The bracelets to fish the Coronado Islands are not available online. They are available from the sport fishing landings in Point Loma in San Diego, such as at H & M Landing, Fisherman´s Landing or Point Loma...
  2. 91mar709

    Need to install a 2nd accessory battery for 2000 skip 2 6'...

    Hello was wanting to install a backup accessory battery (so three total) was wondering if any other skipjack owner has found a good way to do this thanks.
  3. 91mar709

    Looking to buy 9/16" 3-strand 200'+ anchor rode cheap!

    Looking to buy 9/16" 3-strand 200'+ anchor rode cheap! Thanks
  4. 91mar709

    Triumph boats discontinued...

    November 18th, 2016 Larson Boat Group will reportedly discontinue its Triumph fishing boat brand and close its Little Falls, Minnesota plant next year. According to a report published by International Boat Industry, production of the company’s Larson, Larson FX, Larson Escape and Striper...
  5. 91mar709

    24' Skipjack Rubrail

    Hello I need to replace about a 3' section of my 1980 24' Fly rub rail...I've looked thru various replacements listed on the Taco site and other places but they don't seem to be the same type...can anyone recommend a product; it's about an 1-1/8" high and ½" deep. I attached a cross section...
  6. 91mar709

    Cold fish box

    Question: Could there be any advantage to using frozen seawater (instead of fresh water) in an insulated in-deck fish box? I have a 26' Skipjack and am looking for ways to improve keeping the fish cold.
  7. 91mar709

    My year 2000 Skipjack insulated fish box...

    doesn't work very melts much quicker than in an ice chest...I think cause it sticks out into the engine area. Any suggestions how I might improve the insulation there thanks.
  8. 91mar709

    Squid Lights

    Thinking ahead and hoping to make some good squid hauls, Seadancer got out the old 70's era squid lights and gave them an overhaul. Covering the old steel pipe mounts with 4x layers of heat shrink (Harbor Freight) and replacing the old wiring...we expect to hook up 4x of these 500w lights to the...
  9. 91mar709

    Skipjack 26' stove

    When I bought this 2000 26' Skipjack the seller lifted the 2x electric Princess plate showing the 2 burner alcohol stove below it...I can't figure out how to lift the electric plate top to get to the alchold stove...there's a little tab there but it doesn't work for me when I lift up on it--like...
  10. 91mar709

    Skipjack windows

    I have a 2000 year Skipjack 26. I cannot slide open the side anodized aluminum frame windows, they are stuck shut. Any suggestions how to get the windows to slide open? Thanks.
  11. 91mar709

    Need a stainless shop recomendation in OC (boat is in Westminster)

    Hello Need to add some Stainless rod holders to a 26' skippy...any recomendations thanks.